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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Lourenco's clean-up
  • Lourenco's clean-upLourenco's clean-upDos Santos grip on Angola removed It appears as though the presidency of the new president Joao Lourenco was vastly underestimated if Angolans expected it to be more of the same. The start of the clean-up operation did not take long. Within three months of taking control of Angola, President Joao Lourenco sacked his predecessor's daughter as head of the state-run oil company and set about dismantling the empire built by Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

    A presidential decree in mid-November swiftly ended the reign of Isabel dos Santos - Africa's richest women - as boss of Sonangol, the country's troubled economic flagship which supplied three-quarters of its revenue.

    A little over a year ago, the 44-year-old 'princess', was named by her father as head of the company, sparking outcry among the opposition.

    But despite her standing, Lourenco dismissed her, later saying: “Sonangol is Angola's golden goose, we are going to take care of it very carefully.”

    A long-standing pillar of the regime, the new president had promised to distance himself from the dos Santos family during his successful campaign ahead of the August 23 poll.

    “No one will be above the law... I will be the only president,” he said, although few took him seriously.

    But they were mistaken, because as soon as he took the reins of the south-western African nation, Lourenco kicked off a raft of appointments.

    'Pact broken'

    Within a few weeks, the bosses loyal to dos Santos heading critical institutions and sectors - including the central bank, oil, diamond industry and the media - were replaced by allies of the new leader.

    “Joao Lourenco is setting up his team,” the journalist and opponent Rafael Marques said.

    “What is out of the ordinary is that he is demonstrating that he is the president, not the MPLA (People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola),” the ruling party since independence in 1975.

    The police and the army did not escape the clear-out either.

    Before retiring, dos Santos took care to freeze by law the hierarchy of the security forces for several years. But Lourenco replaced the chiefs of police and military intelligence anyway.

    “He's tearing up the original compromise government that he negotiated with dos Santos around the time of his inauguration as head of state,” said Alex Vines, an analyst at the British think tank Chatham House.

    “He has demonstrated that the dos Santos family is no longer protected.”

    The initiatives of Angola's new boss have sent shockwaves through the MPLA, where “Comrade Number 1” dos Santos has kept a number of supporters.

    His other daughter, Welwitschia, herself a member of the central committee, complained publicly about the treatment of the family.

    “In Angola, citizens who promote the image of the motherland... are persecuted and stripped by the president,” said Welwitschia, who made her fortune as the head of a television production and advertising company.

    'Same gang'

    A lawmaker of the ruling party, Joao Pinto, warned the new head of state, telling Radio Ecclesia: “We must avoid witch hunts and revenge.”

    The opposition and civil society are observing the clan war with interest, but remain sceptical.

    “The president wants to win the trust of global financial institutions and foreign governments by pretending that he is attacking corruption,” said journalist Mussa Garcia.

    Stripped of Sonangol, the dos Santos family still retains control of another jewel in the crown, the sovereign wealth fund of the country, led by the former ruler's son Jose Filomeno.

    But rumours of his resignation are already well under way, especially since he was implicated in the “Paradise Papers” offshore tax scandal.

    And now another question is forming, that of the fate of Jose Eduardo dos Santos himself.

    Aged 75 and weakened by sickness, the former head of state announced he will retire from politics in 2018, until then keeping the presidency of the powerful MPLA as a guarantee of his protection.

    “Once he is no longer MPLA president, or his health worsens further, additional political pressure could be brought upon the dos Santos family,” Vines said.


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    Kenyan opposition warns police ahead of mass memorialKenyan opposition warns police ahead of mass memorial The Kenyan coalition opposition party, the National Super Alliance (Nasa), has warned the country's police that they will be held responsible for any harm caused to its supporters during a mass memorial service, Kenya's East African reports.

    The commemoration to be held at the Jacaranda grounds in Embakasi, Nairobi, today will be attended by Nasa leader Raily Odinga and coincides with the swearing-in of President Uhuru Kenyatta, raising fears of more violence.

    The memorial will commemorate, and pray with the families of those killed in election-related political violence and unrest, between 17 and 21 November, as police and what Nasa described as “regime-sponsored gangs”, clashed with opposition supporters.

    “Our clients shall hold a memorial on 28 November for the innocent Kenyans who met their untimely deaths at the hands of the police and regime-sponsored killer gangs in the past few weeks,” said a letter signed by Nasa lawyer Edwin Sifuna.

    Nasa further urged its supporters to stay away from the swearing-in of Kenyatta, describing it as a “despotic coronation”, adding that it would not recognise the leadership of the incumbent president.

    In response the police have said that they oppose the memorial service and will not provide permission for it to go ahead.

    Nairobi county police commander, Japheth Koome, said the only meeting that was going ahead was the presidential swearing-in.

    Sifuna then countered that they didn't need permission, before once again warning that they had served notice on the police.


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    Omulumentu a monika ondjo medhipago lyoyanaOmulumentu a monika ondjo medhipago lyoyana Jonas Shinana okwa monika ondjo mEtitano lya piti moshipotha shedhipago lyoyana yaali, sho a kala ta pangulwa kwiikwatelelwa kOmpango yOmiyonena dhOmomagumbo.

    Shinana okwa monika ondjo medhipago lyoyana ye naRosalia Antonius, ya tumbulwa kutya Matheus Shinana (6), Emilia Naatye Shinana (3), sha ningilwa momudhingoloko gwaOkuryangava mOvenduka ongulohi yomasiku 23 gaDesemba mo 2009. Aanona oya adhika ya hulitha megumbo moka mwali hamu zi Shinana, ongula yomasiku 24 gaDesemba mo 2009, ya tetwa omiligu. Shinana okwa adhika mondunda moka mu na omidhimba dhoyana e na ongodhi mothingo, omanga ombinga yimwe yongodhi yaadhika moombuli dhondunda.

    Omupanguli Nate Ndauendapo sho a gandja etokolo lye moshipotha shoka okwa popi kutya Shinana okwa zimine kopolisi kutya okwa teta oyana omiligu nombele.

    Lwanima mompangu okwa popi kutya megumbo omwa li mwe ya omuntu ngoka a tete oyana omiligu na okwali a kambadhala oku mu mangeleka.

    Omupanguli okwa popi kutya ombashu oya li ya patwa nekumba meni, na kape na ngoka ta vulu oku egululila pondje ekumba ndyoka.

    “Ombashu kayi na omakende. Omutamanekwa okwa a dhika a lala kombanda yombele yi na ombinzi oshowo ongodhi mothingo ye omanga ombinga yimwe yongodhi ya mangelwa moombuli dhondunda,” Ndeutapo a popi.

    “Sho ombashu ndjoka kayi na omakende otashi ulike kutya aanona mboka oya dhipagwa komuntu e li meni lyombashu nomuntu ngoka omutamanekwa molwaashoka kapu na we ngoka a li ta vulu okuya meni.”

    Oshipotha oshuundulilwa komasiku 24 gaJanuari omvula twa taalela moka Jonas taka pewa egeelo lye.


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    Uukwamuhoko tawu dhana onkandangala moNamibiaUukwamuhoko tawu dhana onkandangala moNamibiaOshigwana sha holola omaiyuvo gasho kombinga yonkalo yuukwamuhoko Nonando Namibia okwa manguluka oomvula 27 dha piti monena, onkalo yuukwamuhoko oyi li shimwe shomiinima tayi teya po oshigwana sho oshigwana natango shi li tashi tongolathana. Uukwamuhoko, okatongo, okatongo taka ningilwa akiintu, aantu mboka ya kala inaya talika monakuziwa oshowo aantu taya lumbu nomaulema iinima tayi dhana onkandangala onene natango moNamibia.

    Shoka osha hololwa kolopota ya ngongwapo kaatseyinawa mOmbelewa yOmbudsman sha landula sho kwa li tamekithwa omitumba dhomapulaapulo kombinga yuukwamuhoko moNamibia ndhoka dha ningwa miitopolwa ayihe moshilongo kombelewa yOmbudsman. Olopota ndjoka oya holola kutya Namibia okuli a topoka nuukwamuhoko owuli moshilongo konima yoomvula 27 oshilongo sha mangulukangashiingeyi.

    Aashangi yolopota ndjoka okwa pulakene nokulesha omahokololo gaamboka ya ningi iihakanwa yuukwamuhoko nokatongo ngele opomahala giilonga, miiputudhilo yelongo, momaudhano, muundjolowele nenge meyagandjo lyomayakulo.

    Aashangi yolopota ndjoka oya kwatelamo Advocate John Walters, Toni Hancox, Linda Baumann oshowo Nico Horn, na oya popi kutya gumwe otashi vulika ta dhilaadhila kutya uukwamuhoko oshonima sha pita moNamibia na ke wete ngele otashi dhana onkandangala sigo onena moshilongo, ihe oshili oondjoka kutya omidhi dhuukwamuhoko nonena otadhi adhika mokati koshigwana shaNamibia.

    Olopota oya holola kutya onkalo yuukwamuhoko ethimbo limwe ohayi tameke kegumbo, nonkalo ndjoka oya pumbwa okuhulithwa po meendelelo.

    Okomitiye ndjoka pethimbo ya ningi omahwahwameko moshilongo ashihe okuuva ngele onkalo yuukwamuhoko otayi adhika natango moshilongo, oya hololelwa kutya uukwamuhoko omo wuli moshilongo. Omukiintu gumwe okwa lombwele okomitiye ndjoka kutya omanga a li ina monika ombuto nokuninga etegelelo okwa li e li nawa, ihe konima sho a monika ombuto na okwa ningi etegelelo onkalo oya lunduluka na okwa pulwa kutya omolwashike a hala okanona omanga ta lumbu nombuto.

    Omukiintu gumwe eshenge okwa lombwele okomitiye kutya okwa tongolwa sho a li a yi kopolisi opo a ka lopote oshipotha shekwatonkonga. Opolisi oye mu lombwele kutya okwa lata mokulopota oshipotha she molwaashoka kape na uumbangi mboka tawu vulu okulandulwa.

    Yamwe oya popi kutya okatongo otaka ningwa petopolo lyoonzo dhoshilongo nomaliko, ngaashi kegandjo lyuuthemba wokukwata oohi. Anuwa uuthemba mboka otawu pewa owala aantu mboka ya za monooli yoshilongo omanga aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwAaNama itaya pewa uuthemba mboka.

    Iitya yoluhoko ngaashi “Basters, Bushmen, Coloureds, Damaras”, natango otayi longithwa moshilongo, pahapu dhaWalter.

    Olopota ndjoka oya pewa opaliamende oshiwike sha piti, naashangi yolopota ndjoka oyiinekela kutya opaliamende otayi nongonona olopota ndjoka nokugandja omalombwelo kwaamboka ye na oshinakugwanithwa shokutota ooveta nokudhi tula miilonga, ya tule miilonga oompangu kwiikwatelelwa kwaashoka sha monika po, sha landula omaiyuvo ngoka goshigwana.

    Iikondo ya yooloka oya pewa woo oomwedhi hamano opo yi gandje omayele kutya omagwedhelelo ngoka otaga tulwa miilonga ngiini.

    Aashangi yolopota ndjoka oya pula woo opo omagwedhelepo ngoka ga ningwa kiiputudhilo yIigwana yaHangana, moka Namibia e li oshilyo noshitopolwa ga tulwe miilonga meendelelo. Okomitiye ndjoka oya holola kutya omilandu ndhoka dhili miilonga monena itadhi gamene uuthemba womuntu oshowo uuntu womuntu nemanguluko lyokumona omakwatho koompangu.

    Oya pula epangelo li tule miilonga oompangu tadhi vulu okulongithwa kukehe gumwe a manguluka na otadhi gandja omayakulo pwaahena ondjoolola nuukwamuhoko kutya omuntu ota lumbu nuulema, oku na ombuto yoHIV, oomvula dhe, ongundu yopolotika ndjoka ta landula, uukashike kookantu noshotuu.


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    NASE ta pula a yelithilwe uulongelwe womupresidende gwoECNNASE ta pula a yelithilwe uulongelwe womupresidende gwoECNVon Jeney otayi moshipala aniwa aanyasha ooindjinia ya shangithwe onga aanashilonga muuindjinia. Ehangano lyoNamibian Society of Engineers olya popi kutya omupresidende gwoEngineering Council of Namibia, Markus von Jeney ita vulu okukala omukomeho gwoshiputudhilo shoka molwaashoka ke na uulongelwe wodegree muuindjinia. Ehngano lyoNamibian Society of Engineers (NASE) oya tseyitha kutya otali ka ningila omakonaakono uulongelwe womupresidende gwoEngineering Council of Namibia (ECN) Markus von Jeney.

    Momukanda ngoka gwa pitithwa mEtitano, amushanga gwoindustrial relations and institutional liaison moNASE, Kefas Kanyungule okwa pula a pewe omushangwa gwuulongelwe waVon Jeney, oshowo oondokumende ndhoka tadhi yambidhidha euliko lye onga omupresidende.

    Kanyungule okwa popi kutya omaiyuvo ngoka oga hwahwamekwa pethimbo ndyoka AaNamibia oyendji taya pulaapula nkene iilonga yoshiputudhio shoka tayi longwa nokukwatelwa komeho, kwiikwatelelwa woo eshangitho lyaanashilonga muuindjinia moshiputudhilo shoka.

    Shimwe shomiifokundaneki yokoshiwike moshilongo, osha kundaneke kutya Von Jeney okwa zimine kutya ke na uulongelwe wodegree muuindjinia, mboka tawu mu pitika a tothwemo kutya omunashilonga muuindjinia.

    Ontopolwa onti 6 (5) yo Engineering Professions Act yomo 1986 oya holola kutya oshilyo shoshiputudhilo shoka, shoka kashi na uulongelwe mboka wa tumbulwa ita vulu okushangithwa onga omunashilonga muuindjinia na ita vulu okuhogololwa onga omupresidende nenge omupeha presidende gwolutu ndoka.

    Ompango oya tsikile kutya uulongelwe mboka tawu pitikwa owoomvula ne okuza koshiputudhilo shopombanda sha ziminwa kolutu ndyoka.

    Sho a ningilwa omapulo, Von Jeney okwa yamukula kutya ita popi we niikundaneki.

    Pauyelele mboka tawu adhika kepandja lye lyoLinkedin, Von Jeney okwa ilongo moshiputudhilo shoUniversity of Pretoria pokati ko 1962 sigo 1963, nokonima okwa kala omukomeho gwoNamPost pokati ko1994 no 2000.

    Okwa longa woo onga omukomeho gwoNamWater pokati ko 2006 no 2010 oshowo komufala gwoNational Commission for Science, Research & Technology (NCRST) pokati ko 2011 sigo 2015.

    Pauyelele wepandja lye lyoLinkedin, Von Jeney ota longo ngashiingeyi onga omukomeho gwoshikondo shiilonga yomatungo nomawapaleko gomatungo muuministeli wEgameno oshowo omunashipundi gwoNamibian Standards Institution Impartiality Committee.

    Kashi shi oshikando shotango olutu ndyoka talu kala nuupyakadhi naVon Jeney, ngoka ta ku popiwa kutya otayi moshipala owina aanyasha aailongi yuuindjinia ya shangithwe onga aanashilonga muuindjinia.

    Okwa hololwa kutya aanyasha mboka otaya thiminikwa ya shangithwe pondondo yopevi nonando oya adha iipumbiwa ayihe okushangithwa onga aanashilonga ooindjinia.


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    Omiyonena dhuukashike kookantu dha londa pombanda moshilongoOmiyonena dhuukashike kookantu dha londa pombanda moshilongo Oyendji yomwaamboka ya ningi iihakanwa yomakwatonkonga oyeli yoomvula dhili kohi yo 18, omanga natango aantu yoomvula 15 sigo 49 ya ningilwa omiyonena dhomomagumbo moshilongo shika.

    Uuministeli wUuyuki owa tseyitha kutya oopresenda 70 dhiipotha yomiyonena odha lopotelwa Ompangu yoPombanda, niipotha mbyoka oya kwatathana nomiyonena dhopaukashike kookantu.

    Iipotha yi vulithe po 3 200 yomiyonena dhomomagumbo oya lopotelwa opolisi yaNamibia pokati ko 2015 sigo 2016, neyopombanda ndyoka olyoopresenda 23.

    Oolopota odhindji odhaakiintu ya tetagulwa, ya yahwa nenge ya tuswa noombele noyendji oya kwatelwa momakwatathano gopahole gaahe na ombili, na oye na uutile pahapu dhaSalatiel Shinedima, Omunambelewa omukomeho gwoWomen's Action for Development (WAD).

    Okwa popi kutya aakiintu oyendji otaya lumbu muutile na itaya vulu okukonga omakwatho molwaashoka oya tila kutya ngele osha uvika kookume kawo nena otahi vulika ye ya dhipage. Shinedima okwa popi kutya nonando Namibia ota kutha ombinga na okuli oshitopolwa shiilongo mbyoka tayi gwanitha po ooveta kombinga yuuthemba negameno lyaakiintu iinima oyindji tayi sitha ohoni otayi ningilwa oshigwana unene aakiintu naanona.

    Omiyalu ndhoka odha tseyithwa pethimbo kwa ningwa omahwahwameko guule womasiku 16 ge na sha nehulithepo lyomiyonena dhuukashike kookantu.

    Omukwatakanithi gwoUn oshowo UNDP moNamibia, Anita Kiki Gbeho okwa popi kutya opo ku vule okukandekwa omiyonena ndhoka nena okwa pumbwa okutseyika omiyalu.

    Okwa popi kutya omiyalu odho tadhi ka vulitha okukondopeka oompango nomilandu menkondopeko lyokulundulula omaihumbato. Oshitiyali okwa popi kutya aakiintu naanona oya pumbwa okulopota iimbuluma mbyoka taya longelwa kutya ne oshikando shotango nenge otayi ningwa komuntu yemu shi. Ominista yUuthike pamwe nOnkalonawa yAanona, Doreen Sioka, okwa tsu kumwe kutya aantu oya pumbwa okutameka okupopya ngele otaya ningilwa omiyonena. “Ngele omuntu okwa tameke teku dhenge nenge te ku hepeke nomalaka nena iha hulitha po omukalo ngoka. Ope na ngoka e na okuya ya moshipala, nomuntu ngoka ongoye ngele owa popi.”

    Gbeho okwa popi kutya okugamena uuthemba waantu nokuya nkondopeka oshinima oshiwanawa keliko lyoshilongo oshowo pankalathano moshilongo. Okwa tsikile kutya natango okwa pumbwa okuningwa omalunduluko kombinga yomukalo moka tamu tekulilwa aanona yaamati. Okwa popi kutya aanona yaamati otaya ningi oombangi dhomiyonena tadhi ningilwa aakiintu kehe esiku okuza pepupi eshona nongele nena momagumbo kamu na ombili, oshigwana itashi kala nombili.

    Okwa tskile kutya omiyonena dhomomagumbo odha ninga ngashiingeyi elyenge ndyoka lya pumbwa okutokolwa, kiiputudhilo yelongo, oongeleka oshowo iiputudhilo yopankalathano. Iikolitha niingangamithi nayo otayi dhana onkandangala onene .

    Okwa popi woo kombinga yoonkundathana dhiinima yomithigululwakalo mbyoka ya nika oshiponga.

    Sioka okwa popi kutya omahwahwameko ngoka oga nuninwa okutidhila kokule omiyonena dhopaukashike kookantu moshilongo oshowo okuhwahwameka egandjo lyomayakulo.

    Okwa popi kutya ekondjitho lyomiyonena inali hula ngele omasiku 16 ga piti, ihe otali tsikile uule womasiku 365 kehe omvula, sigo olugodhi ndoka lwa sindanwa.


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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Welwitschias at Sea
  • Welwitschias at SeaWelwitschias at SeaA floating school From October the 30th till the 3rd of October, while our classmates were studying the traditional way, the Welwitschia Travel and Tourism learners were learning aboard the MSC Cruise liner; Sinfonia. Cassandra Andries, Amy Engelbrecht and Faith van Wyk

    The entire trip was really a privilege. Getting to meet extraordinary people from all over the world was truly the highlight of the trip. The world class crew were kind and helpful, and always willing to teach us about their home towns and fascinating cultures.

    The ship itself was like nothing we had ever experienced before. It was enormous, with loads of restaurants, spacious pool decks and many other activities. Each night, at 21h00 we all attended the live theatre performances, which included incredible acrobatics and unbelievable magic shows. We were always kept busy.

    In the mornings we gorged on a large variety of breakfast foods available free of cost all over the ship, while in the afternoons we lounged at the pool and bathed in the sunlight. At night we gathered together to feast on the exquisite cuisine offered. After dinner was when the ship truly came alive. We spent our nights singing karaoke and competing in quizzes.

    When we finally docked in Mozambique at the Portuguese Islands we were beyond excited! Our excitement leads us to break out into dance, learning from the locals on the island as we went.

    There we experienced fun filled activities like snorkelling, wake tubing and paddle boarding. We all felt very adventures as it was the first time for many of us. We also had the opportunity to visit some of the markets where we were able to buy a few souvenirs to bring along with us so we would always be reminded of our wonderful adventure to the Portuguese Islands.

    To experience all these adventures as a teenager alongside your schoolmates is more amazing than we could ever put into words.

    On behalf of the Travel and Tourism learners of grade 10 and 11 we would like to thank our parents and generous teachers who made this life changing experience possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will always be grateful; for this opportunity and we really appreciate all the effort that you have put in to making this trip a great success.

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    Anglican Students’ Federation Anglican Students’ Federation Timo Haiduwa

    Who are we? We are the Anglican students’ federation, An organisation of diverse students,

    united by the word of God, to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to serve the needs of students. We are also united to produce mature Christian leaders in church and community.

    It is a home away from home, so everyone feels at home and it is a body of Anglican student societies. We are in all tertiary institutions in Namibia to worship God is our objective, spiritual growth and development is our vision.

    With strict pastoral guidance and supervision, this is our beloved federation, we have it all drama team give us self-confidence and promote empathy, communication skills are highly improved, debate provides you with multi-faceted knowledge and developing effective speech composition and delivery. In choir we praise the most high God, Jesus Christ as teamwork guarantees us success. Executive portfolios form, sharpen and enrich our leadership skills. It is an inclusive federation; no one is left out, regardless of one’s religion, ethnic group or political affiliation.

    All Christian students are welcome and our bible studies is our mandate to live for God alone is all we know. Worshiping together is a lifestyle, in workshops and conferences we share wisdom and widen our knowledge and community outreaches is a caring hand to the helpless and needy. I ask everyone to join the federation today and no one should be left out as legitimate members are registered students and associate members are high school learners who are the future leaders of the federation. Coming together as a group is a milestone and joining is a goal reached, so do not miss out.

    *A member of Anglican students’ federation in Namibia, Haiduwa is a media project officer, currently a third year student at the University of Namibia, studying toward honours degree in education and is interested in living a real and Christian life.

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    Festive season… it’s actually here.Festive season… it’s actually here. Teopolina Shikulo

    It feels like it was just a while ago when January refused to end and now December is a few days away. The year indeed passed by fast and our favourite time of the year is here.

    To many, the festive season is a time that families come together and have a great time, there is laughter and joy spreading like wildfire. It is smiles, hugs and a whole lot of love. To some, it is also a time of sorrow as they remember and reminisce on past holidays with loved ones that are no longer with them but are watching from Heaven.

    This is the time of the year where the Namibian roads are expected to be very busy as everyone is travelling to their festive destination. With that said, to all the drivers should please drive safely and cautiously. Drive in consideration of other road users and their safety as you will yours. Keep our roads safe, please do not drink and drive and most importantly, do not speed.

    As much as it is the season of love and thanksgiving, there are people out there who have made it the season of high crime. Be careful, when going on holiday leaving no one home, it is advised that you leave the outside lights on to give the impression of the house being watched. If your neighbours are staying in town, ask them to watch the house here and then.

    Most importantly, do not forget to save! The festive season can be overwhelming and you may lose track of the money you spend, which a terrible thing that is considering the fact that January soon arrives and lasts forever. Separate your finances, plan for January, set money aside and do not touch it. They do not call it Ja-now-worry for nothing. You will thank me later.

    With all that said, have an amazing and blessed festive season. A merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018 to all.

    *Teopolina Shikulo is a medical student at Cavendish University of Medicine in Lusaka, Zambia. She aims to inspire and motivate the youth.

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: The role of education
  • The role of educationThe role of education Daniel Lusianu

    Education is a tree that produces knowledge. The mind is the field unto which the tree grows. Depending on the education that one gets, the mind which is the field has the ability to produce a tree which is of good knowledge or bad knowledge. The field in which the tree of good knowledge is planted produces good fruits. Its fruits are truth, love, kindness, uprightness, sound morals, service and integrity, all these fruits yields to health and life. Good trees are in their very nature able to give life by the very fruits they produce. The more you eat of their fruits the more you become healthy. The knowledge that one gets from education should be liberating and life giving. It should set one free and give you a sense of inner freedom. In essence the education one gets should be able to cultivate the very best behaviours in you such that it can help you as the receiver of it and fellow men.

    If the education you are pursuing does not help you to become a better person in the society, then you need to question the source of it. I challenge you to question your education. Has the education that you received helped you to become better person or has it only helped you to become an educated fool; without integrity, love, honesty and moral uprightness. I should be quick to point out that the society is feasting upon the fruits of the tree of bad knowledge;--when there are so many doctors in the society yet so many are dying. When there are lot of teachers yet only few school learners in the society progress in their learning. When there are so many police officers yet pedestrians don’t feel safe in their own homes or streets. When there are so many professed man of God, yet so much moral decadence in the society. When there are many homes yet so many street kids.

    When there is much agricultural produces yet many are hungry. It is undoubtedly that if these uncertainties are eminent in the society then one should question- Is the education that you are receiving producing the tree of good knowledge or the tree of evil knowledge? For a better society- Namibian education system should strive to have fields (minds) which can be cultivated to produce good trees of knowledge! The tree of good or evil knowledge is also found in the Garden of Eden and the historian of the law and creation story Moses, wrote that Eve ate of the fruit of the tree, and the result was the confusion we see today in the world. There are so many trees of knowledge, yet you have to choose one--I choose the tree of good knowledge that leads to eternal life.

    *Daniel Lusianu is currently serving as a the faculty representative of Education at the University of Namibia. He believes in sensitizing the youth to make well-thought out decisions.

    Bottom of Form

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    A new celebration of Namibian CultureA new celebration of Namibian CultureAppreciating culture The project aims to strengthen the collections of the Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) through collaboration with the European Union (EU). Luca Milanesi

    Yesterday, The Zone saw the launch of the museum development as a tool for strengthening cultural rights in Namibia. The event was held at JoJo’s Café in Windhoek and saw foreign and local dignitaries come together in the name of culture.

    This comes after a review of the human rights bill, in which the importance of cultural rights and access to those rights were identified. Subsequently, a delegation from the EU, led by her excellency Jana Hybaskova, have decided to initiate this project in which 237 025.00 Euros will be provided by the EU in order to support the openings of new and regional museums.

    According to Jeremy Sylvester, the director of MAN, “we should hold our thumbs for 2019 as hopefully the first museum should be ready by then”. This is the first of four components that the project has identified as being of importance, and includes the Museum of Namibian Music. Other projects include a museum focused on the links between the environmental resources and the cultural rights of local communities in Katima Mulilo. Furthermore, there are at least two further mobile exhibitions being planned in collaboration with the Namibian San Council and the Nakambale Museum in Olukonda.

    Yesterday’s launch also served to officially announce a new competition in collaboration with the upcoming launch of the Museum of Namibian Music. “It’s not us, it’s not you; it’s all of us together in Namibia building the first ever Museum of Namibian Music,” said Hybaskova when introducing this competition, which aims to draw on all Namibians for participation. The competition incorporates two aspects, one being a call to all Namibians to submit what they understand as Namibian Music to MAN in order to gain a wider understanding and to allow for a fully encompassing museum on Namibian Music. The second aspect concerns the logo of the new museum, and MAN has called upon all Namibians to submit their designs for a logo for the Museum of Namibian Music. The deadline for the submission of the logo is on the 31 January 2018, and the winner can claim a prize of N$2200.00. All submissions must be made to the Museums Association of Namibia, where more details can also be found.

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Om beter te kan sien
  • Om beter te kan sienOm beter te kan sien Octavia Tsibes

    Sanlam en Torga Optics het 'n samewerkingsooreenkoms onderteken vir 'n maatskaplike verantwoordelikheid-projek genaamd die Sanlam Visie vir Verandering.

    Daarmee sal minder bevoorregte kinders by bepaalde sekondêre skole en diegene met kritieke behoeftes van voorgeskrewe brille voorsien word.

    Die projek het ten doel om die regering, spesifiek die ministerie van onderwys, kuns en kultuur asook die ministerie van gesondheid en maatskaplike dienste, te ondersteun in hul pogings om gehalte onderwys en gesondheidsdienste aan alle Namibiese kinders te verskaf.

    Die projek takel drie uitdagings: Sigprobleme (gesondheid), finansiële behoeftes en verbeterde onderwys.

    Navorsing toon dat 80 persent van kinders oor die hele Afrika heen sukkel om te leer weens behandelbare oogprobleme.

    Die projek is by drie skole van stapel gestuur, naamlik die Sekondêre Skool Jan Jonker Afrikaner, Hoërskool Hage Geingob en Windhoek Hoërskool, en Sanlam wil dit 'n jaarlikse instelling maak.

    Sanlam se hoofbestuurder van openbare en korporatiewe ondersteuning, mnr. Evans Simataa, het gesê: "As 'n verantwoordelike korporatiewe burger is Sanlam daartoe verbind om 'n verskil in die lewe van Namibiërs te maak. Alhoewel dit die eerste van sy soort vir Sanlam is, hoop ons om so lank as moontlik met hierdie projek voort te gaan. Ons weet daar is 'n groot behoefte aan hierdie soort diens en baie ouers en voogde kan dit nie bekostig nie. Dit veroorsaak dikwels dat hul kinders nóg erger oogprobleme en leerprobleme ontwikkel.”

    Torga Opticial se eienaar, me. Jana Kotze, het gesê hulle is ook daartoe verbind om minderbevoorregtes te help. "Ons ploeg met graagte terug en wil ons deel vir ons gemeenskappe doen."

    Torga Optical sal vir twee dae mobiele toetsstasies by die skole hê en leerlinge se oë toets. Diegene wat 'n bril moet kry, sal 'n koepon ontvang wat hulle na enige Torga Optical in Windhoek kan neem vir verdere toetse waarna die bril verskaf sal word.



    1. Eet wortels - dit bevat vitamien A wat goed is vir jou oë.

    2. Doen oogoefenininge. Rol jou oë, kyk af, op, en heen en weer. Sprinkel minstens drie keer per dag 'n bietjie water op jou oë. Dit sal jou oë laat ontspan.

    4. Maak jou oë toe vir ’n minuut of twee om dit 'n ruskans te gee.

    5. As jy 'n bril dra, haal dit af vir ’n paar minute elke dag om die tyd wat jy dit dra te verminder.

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    Inspireer om 'n visie te volgInspireer om 'n visie te volg Octavia Tsibes

    Old Mutual het op 15 Oktober sy jaarlikse Principals Academy-gradeplegtigheid by Rock Lodge, Okahandja, aangebied.

    Die geleentheid is 'n inisiatief van die Afrika Leierskapinstituut. Dit is 'n nie-winsgewende organisasie wat sedert sy ontstaan in 2005 verskeie akademiese en nie-akademiese opleidingsprogramme aanbied met die ondersteuning van die ministerie van onderwys, kuns en kultuur.

    Old Mutual se betrokkenheid dateer van 2007, toe die Principals Academy ingestel is met die doel om regeringskoolhoofde van bestuur- en leierskapvaardighede te voorsien ten einde doeltreffend te wees in die bedryf van hul skole. Oor die afgelope 10 jaar het die Old Mutual-stigting ongeveer N$3 miljoen belê in dié program waaruit meer as 200 skoolhoofde sedertdien voordeel getrek het.

    Deur middel van ander soortgelyke inisiatiewe wat fokus op onderwys - soos die jaarlikse toekennings vir uitnemende onderwys op skoolvlak - het Old Mutual in samewerking met die stigting ook die afgelope vyf jaar N$1,8 miljoen belê.

    Tydens die gradeplegtigheid het mnr. Ndangi Katoma, Old Mutual se bestuurder van bemarking, transformasie en kliëntestrategie, die leiers aangemoedig om ander te inspireer om 'n visie te volg.

    "As opvoeders en leiers in die onderwys het jul rol ontwikkel en dalk nou meer as ooit tevore. Daarom bedank ek die Afrika Leierskapinstituut vir sy deelname om hierdie transformasie-leierskapopleiding tot stand te bring en die nodige gereedskap vir leiers te bied wat nie net ons onderwysers, studente en skole wil transformeer nie, maar ook die Namibiese volk as geheel," het hy gesê.

    Old Mutual sal voortgaan om die program in die 2018-’19-boekjaar te ondersteun en het 'n bedrag van N$300 000 vir die Principals Academy bewillig.

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    Comparison test: Golf GTI vs Golf GTDComparison test: Golf GTI vs Golf GTDVW GTI 7.5 goes up against oil-burning sibling Volkswagen South Africa has introduced, for the very first time, a car they say is a diesel performance hatchback every bit as potent as its ubiquitous GTI. “Both are fast cars, but the GTI is more Usain Bolt while the GTD has a Wayde van Niekerk pace about it.” –Wheels24 Choose a car. Choose a hatchback. Choose a Volkswagen. Choose the GTI... or should you?

    Volkswagen South Africa has introduced, for the very first time, a car they say is a diesel performance hatchback every bit as potent as its ubiquitous GTI - the new GTD.

    At the same time we thought it was a good opportunity to drive VW South Africa's best-selling Golf derivative, the GTI, back to back with the less expensive (by N$ 35 000) GTD.

    On paper, the GTD's 2.0-litre diesel engine produces 130 kW and 350 Nm, while the GTI has 169 kW and the same torque figure. Both are front-wheel drive but the GTI has a trick up its sleeve: dynamic chassis control. More on that later.

    The GTD wears smart 18-inch alloy wheels, while the GTI was fitted with optional 19-inch Santiago alloys. Despite having bigger wheels it didn't hamper the GTI's excellent ride quality.

    Both cars feature body kits that millenials will call 'lit' and while the GTD nameplate doesn't have as big a following as the GTI it managed to turn a few heads while on test.

    Midrand men will know that the GTI has fat twin tailpipes located at each end while the GTD has smaller twin exhaust pipes on the left hand side.

    In terms of spec, both cars were fitted with keyless entry, panoramic sunroof, a rear camera, sat-nav, blind spot detection, an upgraded sound system. VW's active info display which gives the driver a myriad of information was also specified, the 31 cm screen houses five different 'modes'. It's a nice touch but you could do without it.

    The main infotainemt screen located centrally on the fascia is a 23 cm unit that's touch sensitive and even has VW's gesture control. One blight is the location of the USB port (deep-set in a binnacle just below the screen). It's simply too small to fit one's hand in and plug in the connector.

    Apart from that, I had no qualms about the cabin and both are expertly finished.


    Let's get to what really sets these two cars apart: their engines. The GTD doesn't sound as gruff or agricultural as some diesel-powered cars do. The GTI has a smoother tone to its engine note (when it Sport mode) it emits a lovely vrrphaa noise when changing gears.

    Both are fast cars, but the GTI is more Usain Bolt while the GTD has a Wayde van Niekerk pace about it.

    The GTI takes 6.4 seconds to reach 100km/h from standstill while the GTD has a claimed time of 7.4 seconds.

    The oil-burner is not a slouch and it'll search for grip in first and second gears. The steering is nicely weighted and only in extreme circumstances can you cause understeer.

    It feels markedly agile for a turbodiesel car in its application as a performance hatch. The six-speed DSG (also holds the gear nicely to extract the 130 kW from 3600 r/min.

    The engine really does make sense: powerful, torquey and economical. Is this all the Golf you need and more importantly does it deserve the GTD badge or is it actually a tarted up 2.0-litre TDI model?


    I've driven the 7.5 GTI extensively in 2017, from its launch in the Eastern Cape to testing it on some of the Western Cape's best roads. Is it better to drive than the GTD? Yes.

    The GTI, fitted with 'dynamic chassis control', is a well-sorted hatch that possess all the ingredients that feels alive.

    The driving experience is bang on perfect, there's enough urge, good feel from the steering and confidence, so much confidence from the front wheels that you're in control of one of the world's most complete cars.

    Top speed is claimed at 248 km/h while the GTD runs out of puff at 230 km/h according to the automaker.

    The sweet spot is tackling twisty asphalt and even when pushing hard into a corner you'll be reigned in by the electronics working their magic.

    It's difficult to really get into trouble with the GTI, it's so composed and well balanced that you almost feel it shouldn't be driven like a hooligan.

    Which one should you take?

    The GTI (in test specification) commands a N$ 39 100 premium over the GTD. There's an argument to be made that the GTD is simply a spruced top-of-the-range 2.0-litre TDI model festooned with GTD badges.

    I think it's a hatch with genuine hot credentials, something you can even chuck around a race track and still go home without refueling.

    The addition of the N$12 700 dynamic chassis control option makes a big difference to the GTI and I'd implore potential buyers to tick that box.

    In the end, both cars feel remarkably similar but the GTI is a sharper, more nimble and responsive than the GTD primarily because of that excellent engine.

    These are two high-quality products, and the GTI in '7.5' form is arguably one of the best cars in the world. The GTD simply can't match it. –Wheels24

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    Rampant consumerism is not democracy or successRampant consumerism is not democracy or success Dear leaders,

    It is clearly safe to state, and justified to ask for, an immediate stop to the self-congratulations and backslapping. Just to clarify, for it seems there is confusion or, things are not very clear: What is going on in Namibia at the moment is not successful democracy, but simply über-successful consumerism, in this case unfortunately, fuelled by rampant corruption and the stealing and looting of public resources.

    It also seems that the future path, along current lines of progress, will unfortunately not be one of further success or bettering democracy - if you weigh up 'development' for the few, against real social progress for the many.

    Driving flashy cars and wearing flashy clothes are not symbols of success, but rather, utter failure because it is now very clear, that for the money spent on every flashy car for instance, there has to be at least several hundred people going hungry and without shelter or basic medicines for a long time, in order for the books to balance.

    This is the sad, but also dangerous bit - judging by the way you are failing the people, which is the exact opposite of what is supposed to be your objective.

    Evidence against you is as devastating as the devastation out there, every single day, in real life where people try and eke out a living - without food, medicines and proper education, for that money has already been 'channelled' for or 're-allocated' to unnecessary, wasteful consumerist things.

    It is also worthwhile to remember that all shiny things will eventually turn into junk (like a country's credit rating can) if you don't look after it, while people can be incredibly productive assets - providing they are looked after.

    All of this, of course, does not bode well for the future either - with young people coming through the system seeing and experiencing this first hand.

    At the current rate, the only legacy that you are going to be leaving behind is that you laid the foundations and set up future generations for abject failure - a far cry from what you set out to achieve, so long ago, and a bit like our neighbour in a country close by.

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Shot of the day
  • Shot of the dayShot of the day CULTURE: An Indian child dressed as Hindu god Lord Hanuman waits to perform during a fancy dress competition at a school in Amritsar on 26 November 2017. Photo: NAMPA/AFP

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    Toeka se ruggraat, nou se kombinasieToeka se ruggraat, nou se kombinasie Lee-Ann Lowe

    My pa het altyd gesê: “Die enigste graad wat mens nodig het, is ’n ruggraat.”

    En alhoewel ek meestal saamstem, moet ek ook in eerlikheid sê: Jou ruggraat help deesdae niks as jy nie ’n graad het nie.

    Met die graad 11-eindeksamen wat my nou dubbel en dwars in die oë staar en harder as ooit tevore aan my deur klop, kan ek nie help om vlak asem te haal en hierdie eksamen te sien as my “laaste eksamen van hoop” nie. Miskien is ek bietjie te pessimisties of miskien is ek te melodramaties, maar ek word om elke hoek en draai herinner aan presíés hoe belangrik die graad 11-eksamen vir my toekoms is.

    Een van my gunstelingdigters, William Henly, skryf in sy gedig Invictus ’n sinnetjie wat gedurig in my gedagtes herhaal: “I am the master of my faith, I am the captain of my soul.” En alhoewel ek dit relatief onregverdig vind dat een jaar tentatief jou hele toekoms kan bepaal, weet ek: Dit wat ek hierdie jaar - veral met hierdie laaste eksamen - insit, sal bepaal hoe dinge in my toekoms lyk.

    Ek bepaal of ek plek in die universiteit gaan kry. Ek bepaal of ek keuring in my gekose rigting sal kry. Ek bepaal of my sogenoemde suksesvolle toekoms ’n realiteit of fiksie gaan wees.

    Die gedagte daarvan laat my hart vinniger klop en maak my hande effens sweterig, want in vandag se tyd móét ons tog net gaan studeer by een of ander universiteit om sodoende vir onsself ’n beter kans te gun tot ’n suksesvolle toekoms. Maar dan kom die volgende dilemma: Dit help nie jy het ’n hoogs gekwalifiseerde universiteitsgraad, maar nie ’n ruggraat nie. Met ’n ruggraat bedoel ek dat jou graad jou niks gaan help tensy jy jou werk doen, geleenthede aangryp en deursettingsvermoë toon nie, want niemand is meer so moeilik om te vervang nie.

    In die ou dae kon jy nog nesskop en goeie geld verdien, sonder ’n universiteitsgraad, solank as wat jy net ’n ruggraat het. Maar in vandag se tyd moet jy albei kombineer om relatief verseker te wees van ’n suksesvolle en volhoubare toekoms. Miskien is dit nie so sleg om deesdae kliphard te werk om ’n graad te kry en dit dan met ’n ruggraat, ons uithouvermoë en innerlike drang om sukses te behaal, te kombineer nie.

    Wanneer ek na die groter prentjie kyk, my perspektief bietjie verbreed en dit vergelyk met waar ek nou in my skoolbank sit, maak dit bietjie meer sin hoekom ons van jonk af so gevorm word om hard te werk en uit te hou. My pols raak rustig en my asemhaling keer terug na normaal, want ek besef nou dat hierdie een belangrike jaar, hierdie laaste belangrike eksamen, eintlik net die grondslag lê vir ’n suksesvolle toekoms.

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: B2Gold beveilig laerskool
  • B2Gold beveilig laerskool   B2Gold beveilig laerskool Borg muur, sekuriteitsheining Op 10 November is die Primêre Skool Namibië in Windhoek se nuwe muur en sekuriteitsheining ingewy. Dít danksy die geldelike steun van B2Gold Namibië deur middel van sy MVO-program om sodoende die regering se pogings te ondersteun om 'n veilige leeromgewing vir die Namibiese kind te skep. Octavia Tsibes

    Die maatskappy se program vir korporatiewe sosiale verantwoordelikheid (MVO) het ten doel om verantwoordelike mynbou- en volhoubare inisiatiewe te bevorder wat ’n langtermynimpak op sy vier fokusareas, naamlik onderwys, omgewingsbewaring, lewensontwikkeling en gesondheid, sal hê.

    Die skool is geleë langs 'n winkel wat snags bier verkoop. "Daar was gate in die heining wat veroorsaak het dat diewe die skoolterrein binnegekom het wanneer hulle wou. Ons het 'n groot verlies gely toe die diewe die kopieërmasjien en rekenaar van die biblioteek gesteel het," het mnr. Johannes! Nauiseb, die skoolhoof, gesê.

    Die diewe het ook gereeld die gloeilampe, deure en diefwering gesteel wat groot ongerief veroorsaak het. Die gate in die heining het ook beheer oor leerlinge se klasbywoning en aanwesigheid bemoeilik, aangesien hulle daardeur van die skoolterrein weggeglip het.

    "As 'n skool moet jy 'n begroting vir strategiese beplanning saamstel en die skoolmuur was een van ons planne. Ons het kwotasies van verskillende plekke aangevra om te sien hoeveel geld ons werklik moet insamel om 'n muur te bou. Die bedrae sou miljoene beloop, waarna ek besef het dat geldinsamelings jare sou neem," het Nauiseb gesê.

    Hy het vervolgens briewe aan verskeie maatskappye gestuur waarin die omstandighede beskryf en om hulp gevra is om die skool 'n veiliger plek te maak. B2Gold het binne 'n week gereageer.

    Me. Laura McLeod-Katjirua, goewerneur van die Khomasstreek, het tydens die inwyding gesê:"Die skenking deur B2Gold is 'n ware toonbeeld van die private sektor wat die regering tegemoetkom om te verseker dat Namibiese kinders niks anders as die beste onderwys ontvang nie."

    Mnr. Mark Dawe, besturende direkteur van B2Gold, het gesê alhoewel B2Gold 'n goudmyn in 'n klein geografiese gebied in die Otjozondjupastreek bedryf, sal sy maatskaplike beleggingsprogram voortgaan om by te dra tot nasionale verandering ten einde alle Namibiërs te bevoordeel.

    "Om terug te gee aan gemeenskappe en om die lewe van die mense te verbeter, is waaroor B2Gold gaan, en ons doen dit met passie, toewyding en vasberadenheid."

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Eksamenkind
  • EksamenkindEksamenkind Wiaan Louw

    “Eksamen, eksamen, eksamen,” sug ek.

    Ja, dit is al weer hierdie tyd van die jaar, die einde is amper in sig. Tog so naby. Tog so ver.

    In hierdie tyd van moedeloosheid en angs dink ek aan Ingrid Jonker se gedigte. Dit spoel in my kop, laat my met ‘n slag onthou van die realiteit, en hartseer keer ek terug na my geografie-leerbundel. “In my slaap sien ek klein hande en snags die wit vuur van jou tande: Wonder ek sidderend oor en oor - Het jy die kind in my vermoor?”

    Waar is die dae toe ek die maaltafels vir wiskunde moes leer en nie die driehoeke van sin, kos en tan nie? “Dit is die laastes vir die jaar!” moet ek myself herhaaldelik herinner.

    Maar in die middae wanneer die see my roep ”Kom! Kom swem in my, ek sal al jou stres ver weg spoel!” dan moet ek mooi met myself praat om eers ná behoorlike leer in te gee en myself in die koue Atlantiese Oseaan te gaan laaf.

    Ek kan nie help om te wonder nie - waar is die dae toe ek naweke om op my negende rugwerwel gelê en lees het? Dit laat my dink, die kind in my is werklik vermoor. Vervang met stres en angs, vraestelle en onverstaanbare snelheidgrafieke. O, so min tyd vir lag en vriende. Waar is die kind in my dan nou?

    Ek hoop die res van my medeskoliere stem saam met my dat eksamens nie die fraaiste tyd van die jaar is nie. Hopelik wag julle ook in afwagting vir die Desembervakansie. Dink daaraan - dit is al deur wetenskaplikes bewys dat jou brein beter funksioneer as jy aktief is; dus kan dit geen skade aanrig as jy ná ’n strawwe leersessie ‘n draffie vang nie. Dit help ook jou brein ontspan; dus moet jy asseblief nie dink hoe gaan jy jou drafroetine op ’n snelheidgrafiek teken nie. Dit sal egter help as jy ’n vriend of twee saam nooi – om te lag maak nooit seer nie.

    Elke dag is ’n dag nader aan die einde! Dit is die jongste wat jy ooit gaan wees en die oudste wat jy nog ooit was! Maak die meeste van jou dag, want wat jy vandag doen, bepaal jou môre en jou oormôre. Soos my voormalige koshuismoeder altyd gesê het:” Waar daai sug val, groei niks!” So, glimlag eerder en dink aan Desember se branders. Vat die boeke vas om vinniger daar uit te kom.

    Die kind in ons is nie dood nie, hy slaap net. Hy wag in afwagting vir wanneer die laaste skoolklok lui en hy weet - nou is dit vakansie! Dan, met hernude energie baljaar ons in die strate en vergeet van die plooie wat hierdie eksamen vir ons gegee het.

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  • 11/27/17--14:00: Company news in brief
  • Company news in briefCompany news in brief South32 to reduce interest in SA

    Australian miner South32 Ltd said its South Africa Energy Coal (SAEC) business would be run as a stand-alone unit, with the goal of widening its ownership and possibly listing it on the JSE.

    "This will present opportunities for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment entities, employees and communities," the company said in a statement.

    The South African government made changes to the country's Mining Charter in June, raising the threshold for black ownership of mining firms to 30%, from 26%, despite protests from the Chamber of Mines, an industry body. – Nampa/Reuters

    Brands pull YouTube ads over images of children

    Cadbury chocolates maker Mondelez, Lidl, Mars and other consumer goods marketers have pulled advertising from YouTube after The Times newspaper found the video sharing-site was showing clips of scantily clad children alongside the ads of major brands.

    The UK arm of German discount retailer Lidl, Diageo, the maker of Smirnoff vodka and Johnnie Walker whisky confirmed they had pulled advertising campaigns from YouTube.

    The Times investigation alleged that YouTube does not do enough to pro-actively check for inappropriate images of children and instead relies on software algorithms, external non-government groups and police forces to flag such content. – Nampa/Reuters

    Allianz to buy rest of Euler Hermes

    Germany's biggest insurer Allianz plans to buy the shares in French credit insurance firm Euler Hermes it does not yet own for around 1.85 billion euros (US$2.2 bln).

    Allianz said yesterday that it struck a deal to buy 11.3% of Euler Hermes' stock for 122 euros per share in cash, taking its holding to 74.3% of shares.

    It plans to make a public takeover offer for the remaining stock, excluding treasury shares, at the same price, a 21% premium to Friday's closing price.

    Allianz said the takeover offer would have no impact on its 2 billion euro share buyback programme. – Nampa/Reuters

    Uber execs travel world to reassure regulators

    Uber executives are travelling the globe to reassure regulators that the company is changing the way it does business, after a string of controversies hurt the ride-hailing firm's reputation, its Asian head said yesterday.

    These comments come on the heels of Uber's disclosure last week that it covered up a 2016 data breach which compromised data of some 57 million customers and drivers, prompting governments around the world to launch probes into the breach and Uber's handling of the matter.

    A stream of executives have left Uber in recent months amid controversies involving sexual harassment, data privacy and business practices in Asia. The board also removed Travis Kalanick as its chief executive in June. – Nampa/Reuters

    AstraZeneca steps up China push

    Drugmaker AstraZeneca plans to turbo-charge its already substantial Chinese business through a new drug development joint venture with a state-backed private equity fund.

    The stand-alone business, Dizal Pharmaceutical, will be owned equally with the Chinese Future Industry Investment Fund (FIIF), which is part-owned by the China State Development & Investment Corporation.

    By getting into bed with a local player, AstraZeneca aims to ride a wave of regulatory reform in China's pharmaceuticals sector and get new drugs to market more quickly.

    China is now the world's second-largest drugs market after the United States. – Nampa/Reuters

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