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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Maria raring for Grand Slam
  • Maria raring for Grand SlamMaria raring for Grand SlamSharapova determined to prove point on return The 30-year-old Russian was given a wildcard into the tournament by the US Tennis Association (USTA). Former world number one Maria Sharapova makes her first Grand Slam appearance next week since serving a 15-month doping suspension, bringing renewed passion and resolve to the US Open.

    “When it comes to tennis, good or bad there's really only one thing that I know for certain I've missed it,” Sharapova wrote on the Players' Tribune website.

    “Though these last two years have been much tougher than I ever could have anticipated, my passion for the game has never wavered. If anything, it has only grown stronger.”

    Sharapova was issued a two-year suspension after testing positive for the banned heart and blood boosting drug meldonium at the 2016 Australian Open, but the Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced the ban on appeal.

    She said that she had taken it for several years and did not know it had been placed on the banned list at the start of 2016.

    Sharapova made her return in April at Stuttgart, reaching the semi-finals as a wildcard, but such invitations sparked criticism from some WTA rivals, saying she should have to work her way back without such benefits, some suggesting a life ban.

    “I'm aware of what many of my peers have said about me and how critical of me some of them have been,” she wrote.

    “If you're a human being with a normal, beating heart… I don't think that sort of thing will ever fully be possible to ignore.”

    Sharapova was refused a wildcard by French Open organisers and missed Wimbledon with a thigh injury, so the US Open will be her first Grand Slam event since last year's Australian Open.

    Shaking off criticism after the French Open snub, Sharapova tweeted, “If this is what it takes to rise up again, then I am in it all the way, every day. No words, games or actions will ever stop me from reaching my own dreams. And I have many.”

    Sharapova has missed three of the past four US Opens, her last visit ending in the 2014 fourth round.

    The USTA defended its wildcard offer, saying, “Her suspension under the terms of the tennis anti-doping programme was completed and therefore was not one of the factors weighed in our wildcard selection process.”

    “Consistent with past practice, a wildcard was provided to a past US champion who needed the wildcard for entry into the main draw.”

    Former world number one Sharapova won the 2006 US Open as well as Wimbledon in 2004, the 2008 Australian Open and the 2012 and 2014 French Opens.


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    Blue Chip treatment for clientsBlue Chip treatment for clientsOnly the best for your wheels If your wheels are a little banged up, whether by a fender bender or, just a garage door that jumped out at you, Blue Chip will give her a facelift and make her sparkly new. It all started in his father’s garage 12 years ago when Ruan Visagie became fascinated by the fact that something that was once old could be given a facelift and showroom-new. His father started a workshop where Visagie would tinker at after school and in his free time, eventually leading him to working there after matriculating.

    “It was only me and one worker, who is still with me to this day. Then they became four, and then six until 2015, when I secured a business partner and today we have a full workshop,” said Visagie. Blue Chip, which means the ‘crème de la crème’, is a workshop that specialises in car body repairs including spray painting. Blue Chip recently moved to their new premises in Parson Street, Southern Industria, Windhoek, which has enabled them to put their customers first with top-notch service delivery.

    With more than 15 to 20 jobs done in a week on average, Blue Chip prides itself with a strong work ethic and fantastic customer service. Blue Chip renders services for all cars, including imported vehicles, which are usually turned down by other workshops. They are well known for their workmanship, passion for the industry as a whole, and their quality of service. Blue Chip stands out, head above the rest, because of the paint they use - from the colour consistency through to the paint’s durability quality.

    Blue Chip’s choice of paint is Glasurit, supplied by Hemco Paints.

    Mark Weiss, a technician from Hemco Paints, says that the technology used to mix the Glasurit paint is sophisticated and very precise and thus yields the best and most successful results when a paint job is done on a vehicle. “Every colour today is very specific. When you are mixing colours every little drop counts and makes a difference, and thus it can be very difficult to get the right colours. However, the Glasurit computer software helps us get the precise colour that we can apply on a car’s factory paint’s hue,” said Weiss.

    According to Visagie, the Glasurit paint supplied to them by Hemco Paints is very efficient and has improved the roll-out time for their clients. “The paint is a very high-quality product, especially the water-based paint. The colour reference and colour variance is also great.”

    Visagie added that getting qualified panel beaters and spray painters would improve the standards of the industry as a whole, urging the National Training Authority to recognise and endorse panel beaters. “I think every panel beater or spray painter would also be proud if they had a document that said they qualified for something. That would empower them to take ownership of their work because they learned ‘formally’ what they have been doing for years in practise,” said Visagie.

    The lack of spray painting and panel beating training facilities hampers production speed at any workshop and Blue Chip urges Namibia to invest into such institutions as many people are self-taught and not always up-to-date with the latest techniques. “There are no institutions that qualify panel beaters and I think they are needed to make the industry as whole, competitive,” said Visagie.

    The Glasurit paint supplied by Hemco Paints has been used by Blue Chip for the past two years and they say it is very convenient. “You can visit their app, go online and look for colour codes for cars on the app and that is very convenient,” said Visagie.

    “If we are unable to help a customer we always try to refer them to someone that can instead of shutting them down. If a client is unsatisfied with our work they know they can come to us in that regard,” said Visagie.

    Blue Chip will continue grow and reinvest in the company to be able to offer their clients so much more.


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Corolla was always there
  • Corolla was always thereCorolla was always thereAn iconic brand that keeps going on and on Having beat out VW Beetle sales in its day, the Toyota Corolla is with us still and we continue to rely on her because 'everything keeps going right…' Carmakers don't get a good reputation just by showing up, they develop one over years by delivering. No manufacturer is better known for building stalwart, reliable cars than Toyota. And the car that built that reputation was the Corolla.

    Just about everyone seems to have a Corolla in their past. Maybe it was the beater you drove during your early working years, never once changing the oil or cleaning the interior.

    Perhaps it was the first new car you bought with just 60 easy payments, or the car your grandmother drove when she decided to simplify her life in retirement. Corollas have been practically ubiquitous and never terribly exciting.

    Except for the Land Cruiser, the Corolla name is the oldest in Toyota's current inventory of American products. It's also the first car Toyota made in America. And with over 30 million Corollas sold worldwide, it's the most popular car line in history.

    First Generation (1968-1969)

    Extreme simplicity was at the core of the first Corolla's engineering. Introduced during 1966 in Japan, the first Corolla came to the United States in the summer of 1968 riding on a 90-inch wheelbase in two-door coupe, four-door sedan and two-door wagon body styles.

    A 60-horsepower, 1.1-litre overhead valve four-cylinder mounted longitudinally in the engine bay sent power to a four-speed manual transmission and then to a solid rear axle.

    There was nothing sophisticated about the first Corolla and it wasn't pretty, but it was so simple that there were almost no parts to break.

    Second Generation (1970-1974)

    As good a car as the first Corolla was, it was really too small and underpowered for North American tastes. The second Corolla showed up for the 1970 model year with a wheelbase stretched to 91.9 inches and power coming from a new 1.2-litre version of the OHV four making 73 horsepower. The strut front and leaf spring rear suspension carried forward. Slight though the nearly two-inch wheelbase stretch may seem, and with minimal styling changes, the 1970 Corolla was a significantly more comfortable and confident machine than the '69 version, and an automatic transmission was now offered to widen its appeal. It quickly became the second best-selling car on the planet.

    Third Generation (1975-1978)

    Rather bizarrely styled, the 1975 Corollas featured a raised centre section in the grille that carried back to more angular bodies. But then again, a lot of cars from the '70s were bizarrely styled.

    The third-generation Corolla played out its life virtually unchanged during the 1978 model year.

    Fourth Generation (1979-1983)

    With a new chassis, the 1979 Corolla was a more sophisticated and satisfying car than any Corolla before it. But before this generation was through, it would get better still. The 1979 Corolla finally dispensed with the rugged but primitive leaf spring rear suspension in favour of a more compliant coil spring system (the station wagon continued to use the leaves). The new unibody above that suspension was larger (the wheelbase was now 94.5 inches), stronger and more attractive in a boxy, clean-cut sort of way. A new 75-horsepower, 1.8-litre version of the OHV four powered the new Corolla with four- and five-speed manual and three-speed automatic transmissions available.

    Fifth Generation (1984-1987)

    Toyota finally succumbed to the emerging front-drive orthodoxy of the '80s with the introduction of the front-drive Corolla sedan for 1984. However, the SR5 Coupe and Liftback and the station wagon continued atop the previous-generation Corolla's rear-drive chassis.

    The front-drive Corolla was as conventional as it had been in a rear-driver layout. The same 1.6-litre, SOHC engine used in the rear-drive Corolla sat transversely in the front-driver's engine bay feeding either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. The rear was held up on coil springs. A few early fifth-generation front-drive Corollas were powered by a four-cylinder diesel.

    Sixth Generation (1988-1992)

    With the 1988 redesign, the rear-drive Corolla coupe and Liftback were replaced with a new front-drive coupe. While enthusiasts wept, the new Corolla coupe and Corolla GT-S were in fact significantly more refined and capable than the rear-drivers they replaced. They just weren't as much fun.

    All engines were DOHC, 16-valve inline four-cylinders — the sedans, front-drive wagon and SR5 coupe got a carburetted 90-hp motor; the All-Trac wagons got a fuel-injected 100-hp version and the GT-S won the day with a 115-hp EFI version. Transmission choices were familiar - a standard five-speed manual with the option of a three- or four-speed automatic, depending on the trim level.

    Seventh Generation (1993-1997)

    Significantly larger than the car it replaced (it rode on a 97.0-inch wheelbase), the 1993 Corolla sedan and wagon moved up a size classification from “subcompact” to “compact” according to the EPA. But there were no more Corolla coupes or all-wheel-drive wagons. Sedans were offered in standard, DX and LE trim, while a front-wheel-drive wagon was offered in DX trim only. All cars rode on a fully independent suspension, though DX and LE models benefited from an additional stabilizer bar in front. By the end of the 1997 model year, the Corolla had become the best-selling nameplate in automotive history, overtaking the VW Beetle.

    Eighth Generation (1998-2002)

    The Corolla grew again in its eighth iteration, but it managed to lose some weight and increase its fuel mileage thanks to a new engine and a generally more efficient drivetrain. The big chunk of that weight savings and drivetrain efficiency came in the form of an all-new, all-aluminium 1.8-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine rated at a healthy 120 horsepower — exactly twice what the engine in the first Corolla was rated back in 1968. Fuel economy was improved by 10% over the previous generation; with the standard five-speed manual, a Corolla could pull down 31 mpg in the city and 38 on the highway.

    This is also the Dankie Botswana model.

    Ninth Generation (2003-2008)

    While Toyota claimed its 2003 Corolla sedan was designed to attract younger buyers, it actually looked like a shrunken Camry. It could be argued that its inability to attract the youth of America led to the creation of Toyota's Scion brand.

    Like every Corolla before it, generation nine was built to provide years of trouble-free driving. It was more comfortable, powerful, spacious and built to a higher quality than before.

    Changes were few during this Corolla's lifespan. For 2005, the XRS trim debuted boasting a 170-hp 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine and sport-tuned suspension. That year also saw a minor exterior refresh, as well as side curtain airbags, stability control and a JBL upgraded stereo added to the options list. For 2007, the XRS trim was discontinued along with the LE's leather trim option.

    Tenth Generation (2009-Present)

    The tenth-generation Toyota Corolla was introduced for 2009 offering evolutionary changes from its predecessor. Toyota stayed the course with its bread-and-butter economy sedan, offering styling that blended into the crowd. Not only was it similar in appearance to its predecessor, but the 2009 Corolla was virtually the same size — only its added width provided a bit more hip- and shoulder room.

    Under the hood, the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine got a boost in horsepower up to 132. A five-speed manual was standard, while a four-speed automatic was optional. This new generation saw the return of the sport-tuned XRS trim level, although this time it came equipped with a 2.4-litre four-cylinder good for 158 hp. It came attached to a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission. While the tenth-generation Toyota Corolla will likely keep its status as the world's best-selling car nameplate — especially in these days of fuel-economy consciousness — its popularity won't necessarily be because it's the world's best compact sedan.


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    Otuntila yomukithi gwendambi tayi tameke moKavangoOtuntila yomukithi gwendambi tayi tameke moKavango Oshitopolwa shotango shotuntila yomukithi gwendambi otashi tameke miitopolwa iyali yaKavango momasiku 28 gaAguste sigo gatatu gaSepetemba.

    Omundohotola gwiinamwenyo gwepangelo, miitopolwa yaKavango, Dr Ludgerus Amushila okwa lombwele oNampa kutya otuntila otayi tameke pethimbo lyefudho lyoskola molwaashoka aanaskola oyendji oyo ooyene yuumbishi noombwa. Oondoolopa ngaashi Rundu, Divundu, Nkurenkuru odho tadhi talika. Oshitopolwa otashi tameke omasiku gahamano gaSepetemba sigo 28 gaSepetemba , moka omikunda adhihe tadhi ka talelwa po.

    Amushila okwa popi kutya osheendo shaanambelewa mboka taya ka ninga otuntila otashi ka talela po ooskola ethimbo lyongula, moka taku ka gandjwa elongo kaakwashigwana kombinga yendambi, omanga inaku ka tamekithwa notuntila komahala hoka taku ka ningilwa otuntila. Omahala ongaashi Sauyemwa Open Market; Sauyemwa Dam, Rainbow settlement, Millennium, Katutura, Kings Park; the Ndama Welding business, Rundu Senior Secondary School, Kaisosi Clinic, Sarasungu School oshowo Kayengona Market.

    Uuministeli wUunamapya, Omeya nIihwa owa tula miilonga omahwahwameko ga nuninwa okukeelela omukithi gwendambi, nokuhulitha po omukithi ngoka okutameka momasiku gahamano gaApilili nuumvo moshitopolwa shaMusati. Omahwahwameko ngoka oga kwatela mo otuntila oshowo elongo moshigwana. Omunambelewa mUuministeli wUundjolowele, Gabes Nakare okwa lombwele oNampa oshiwike sha piti kutya omukithi gwendambi ogwa londa miitopolwa mbyoka, sho mo-2015 aantu 15 ya si onga oshizemo shomukithi ngoka. Mo-2016 inamu lopotwa eso omanga nuumvo kwa lopotwa eso limwe. Omunambelewa ngoka okwa popi kutya ngele omuntu okwa holola omadhidhiliko gomukithi ngoka kape na epango noshizemo eso. Omukithi gwendambi ohagu kwata oombwa nuumbishi oshowo iiyamakuti yilwe.

    Edhidhiliko limwe ngele omuntu okwa kwatwa komukithi ngoka, ota kolola ihe ekololo ndyoka oli li molupe lyombwa tayi gwedha.


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    Kansela gwoshikandjo shEengondi a hulithaKansela gwoshikandjo shEengondi a hulithaSheyavali okwa li omunambili Oshigwana osha tameke okugandja omahekeleko nokuhokolola kansela gwoshikandjohogololo Eengondi, Walde Sheyavali, ngoka a hulitha kuyele oshiwike shika. Walde Sheyavali ota hokololwa nokudhimbulukiwa kaaniilonga pamwe naye onga omulumentu ngoka e hole ombili. Sheyavali okwa hulithile moshipangelo shomonooli yoshilongo moka a taambelwa mOlyomakaya, mepupi lyoomvula 60.

    Sheyavali okuli gumwe gwomaatotipo yelelo lyoshitopolwa shaShikoto oshowo kansela gwEengondi okutameka omvula yo-1992.

    Kansela gwotango gwondoolopa yaTsumeb, Nico Kaiyamo okwa dhimbuluka Sheyavali onga omuntu ngoka kiihole owala yemwene.

    Okwa hokolola kutya pethimbo sho kwa tamekwa eyandjakaneko lyolusheno miikandjohogololo, kehe kansela oya li tayi nanene owala koshikandjogololo shoka tayi lele ihe okwa dhimbuluka Sheyavali a pula kutya omolwashike itaku tamekwa owala iikandjohogololo momukweyo pehala lyokumanapo iimaliwa mbyoka ya tulwa po moku yandjaneka olusheno poshikando miikandjo ya thika po-10.

    Kansela nale gwoshikandjo sha Olukonda na okuli natango gumwe gwomaatotipo yelelo lyaShikoto, Phillemon Ndjambula okwa popi kutya ota dhimbuluka Sheyavali onga mulumentu omunambili, ngoka aluhe a kala iitulamo mokukandulapo oompumbwe dhoshigwana. “Okwa li omulumentu a mwena na kuume kandje. Okwa li omulumentu ngoka aluhe a hala okweeta omayambulepo kaantu ye.

    Otandi kala aluhe nokumudhimbuka.”

    Ngoloneya gwaShikoto, Henock Kankoshi, okwa popi kutya ota dhimbuluka Sheyavali onga omuntu aluhe e na uuwanawa woshigwana komutima.

    Sheyavali okwa za momukunda Onkumbula na okwa thiga ko omukulukadhi gwe oshowo oyana yeli omugoyi.

    Ompango otayi utha opo ku ningwe omahogololo gokuhogolola kansela omupe muule womasiku 90, nOkakomisi kOmahogololo otaka kwatela komeho omagohololo ngoka.

    Opo aahogololi ayehe ya pewe ompito, otaku ka ningwa omaishangitho gaahogololi mboka opo ya gwanitha oomvula 18.


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    Ekanitho lyiilonga olya londa pombandaEkanitho lyiilonga olya londa pombandaIilonga ya thika pe-100 ya kana moomwedhi ndatu Ondjele yokwaahena iilonga otayi londo pombanda noonkondo sho omahangano gamwe taga kutha miilonga aaniilonga omanga oostola dhimwe tadhi idhile omiyelo. Aaniilonga ya thika pe-1025 oya kuthwa miilonga komahangano lyomoshilongo muule woomwedhi ndatu dha piti, pauyelele mboka wa gandjwa kUuministeli wAaniilonga.

    Komufala gwaaniilonga, Henri Kassen okwa popi kutya omwaalu ngoka ogul ipombanda iikando iyali okuyeleka nomwaalu gwaaniilonga ngoka gwa kuthwa miilonga yeli 645, omvula ya piti pethimbo lya faathana.

    Amushanga gwoMetal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu), Justina Jonas okwa popi kutya, omiyalu ndhoka otadhi holola shoka tashi holoka moshikondo shaaniilonga omolwa eliko lyoshilongo ndyoka lya nkundipala, naaniilonga otaya futu ondjambi yuupyakadhi mboka wopaliko.

    “Ethano otali ulike omulilo omwiinayi noonkondo. Moshikondo shomatungo aaniilonga otaya kanitha iilonga kehe esiku ihe onkalo otayi nayipala nayi sho oshikondo shiitungithi nasho tashi kutha miilonga aaniilonga.”

    MuMei ehangano lyoConstruction Industries Federation (CIF) olya popi kutya ongele owala kwa gandjwa ootendela oompe moshikondo shomatungo nongele hasho omahangano ga kalela po oopresenda 63, otaga ka thiminikwa ga pate.

    CIF okwa popi kutya pokati kesiku lyotango lyaSepetemba 2016 sigo 31 gaMalitsa 2017, aaniilonga ya kalela po oopresenda 30 oya kanitha iilonga.

    Omupopiliko gwehangano lyo Ohlthaver & List group, Roux-Che Locke okwa koleke oshiwike sha piti kutya ostola yaPick n Pay kondoolopa yomukulufuta oya thiminikwa okukutha miilonga aaniilonga omolwa onkalo yeliko ndjoka ya nayipala.

    Graham Hopwood, omunambelewa omukomeho gwoInstitute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), okwa popi kutya omvula yo-2017 otayi kala omvula odhigu noonkondo sho onkalo yopaliko kwa tegelelwa owala yi ka hwepopale mo-2019.

    Omutseyinawa gwopaliko, Omu Kakujaha-Matundu naye okwa tsu kumwe naHopwood kutya otashi ka kutha oshilongo oomvula opo onkalo ndjoka yi ye kuuwanawa ishewe. Oshiwike sha piti, amushanga gwoNamibia Employer's Federation, Tim Parkhouse okwa popi kutya ombelewa ye otayi yakula oongodhi okuza komahangano ngoka taga pula omayelele kombinga yekutho miilonga lyaaniilonga.

    Parkhouse, okwa popi kutya omahangano otaga longitha woo omikalo dhilwe dhokushunitha pevi omwaalu omunene gwelongitho lyiimaliwa, pakulelepeka omwaalu gwoowili tadhi longwa kaaniilonga inaku gwedhelwa oondjambi omanga omahangano gamwe itaga pinenepo naaniilonga aaniilongamboka ya zi miilonga.

    Okwa tsikile kutya omahangano ogendji ngoka ga gwedhele oowili dhiilonga inaga gwedhela oondjambi dhaaniilonga,oga popi kutya itaga ka vula okufuta oondjambi dholupandu kehulilo lyomvula nuumvo.

    “Egwo pevi lyeliko olya guma aaniilonga yiikondo ayihe noshikondo shomatungo osho sha gumwa tango. Otandi dhengelwa unene oongodhi na otu na uumbanda kutya onkalo ndjoka otayi ka etitha aantu ya vule okukala itaya futu omikuli dhawo.”

    Parkhouse okwa tengeneke woo kutya ondjele yokwaahena iilonga ndjoka monena yi li poopresenda 34 na oya ya pombanda noonkondo, okuza poopresenda 28.


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    Epangelo olyo tali hwahwameke okatongo - ooindjiniaEpangelo olyo tali hwahwameke okatongo - ooindjinia Ehangano lyoNamibian Society of Engineers (NASE) olya taambako etokolo lyokabinete opo ku ningwe oonkundathana aanashilonga.

    AaNamibia, moshikondo shuuindjinia opo ya vule okukutha ombinga moshikondo shiilonga yepangelo.

    Ongundu ndjoka oya yamukula koshinyolwa sha pitithwa kOminista yOmauyelele nOmakwatathano goPautekinika.

    Tjekero Tweya, moka a kambadhala okuyelitha omalongekidho geshangitho lyaanashilonga aathaneki yomatungo naayalulo yongushu yiitungithi, aakwashigwana yaZimbabwe nooindjinia, sha landula etsokumwe ndyoka lya li lya shaina kepangelo nepangelo lyaZimbabwe mo-2012.

    Tweya okwa yamukula sha landula sho aanashilonga mboka aakwashigwana yaNamibia, ya nyenyeta sho Ominista yiilonga ya pula opo aakwashigwana yaZimbabwe o-29, ya shangithwe nolutu lwoNamibia Council of Architects and Quantity Surveyors inaku landula omulandu gwiipumbiwa yeshangitho lyaanashilonga shoka.

    NASE okwa yamukula kutya epangelo otali ipopile kutya aanashilonga mboka oya hala okutongola aazaizai.

    Okomitiye yelelo lyoNASE oya popi kutya epangelo olyo lya hala okuhwahwameka okatongo koludhi ndoka, sho taku tongolwa AaNamibia.

    Ehangano ndyoka olya popi kutya iilyo yawo itayi ka etha yi tongelwe ihe otaye shi ningi pamukalo gwomaihumbato gonawa.

    “Tse otu hole aantu ayehe mwakwatelwa AaZimbabwe na itatu etha aanapolotika ya lundulule omapopyo getu nokugatula papolotika,” NASE ya popi.

    Momapopyo ge, Tweya okwa popi woo kombinga yaanashilonga mboka AaNamibia mboka ya popi kutya otaya ka konga ekwatho lyompangu omolwa etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa ku Minista Alpheus !Naruseb.


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Policy tinkering at ECB
  • Policy tinkering at ECBPolicy tinkering at ECBDraghi against hasty policy interventions The European Central Bank faces gaps in understanding new realities, its governor Mario Draghi has said. Unconventional monetary policy is a success, but gaps in understanding the relatively new tools remain, European Central Bank president Mario Draghi said on Wednesday, cautioning against hasty policy responses to the new reality.

    Emphasising the need for rigorous research, Draghi said central banks need to carefully weigh their policy steps, giving up their defence of obsolete approaches while acknowledging gaps in their knowledge of how new policies work.

    Draghi's comments come as the ECB is confronted by an economy where robust growth is accompanied by anaemic inflation. It is a combination that has raised questions about the validity of older doctrines on inflation, its relationship to employment, and central banks' ability to affect price growth.

    “(John Maynard) Keynes is often quoted as saying, `When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?'” Draghi said. “Well, for policymakers, it is not that simple, and research helps us to decide whether a change in the facts deserves a policy response or, as we say, we should look through it.”

    “We must be aware of the gaps that still remain in our knowledge,” Draghi said in Lindau, Germany, in a speech that did not discuss current monetary policy.

    The ECB is not alone.

    The minutes the US Federal Reserve's last meeting showed some policymakers were concerned about the validity of their models, since inflation was failing to accelerate despite near-full employment and growth above the economy's potential.

    For Draghi, the dilemma will have to translate into concrete action this autumn.

    The ECB's asset purchases, aimed at boosting inflation, will expire at the end of the year, requiring policymakers either to extend purchases or start winding them down.

    Economic growth is at its fastest since early 2011 and unemployment recently hit an eight-year low, but inflation looks set to undershoot the ECB's target - just under 2% – at least through 2019.

    Draghi defended unconventional monetary policy, though, arguing that it has succeeded in the face of extreme shocks and proved that central banks remain potent even when interest rates bottom out.

    “Policy actions undertaken in the last 10 years in monetary policy and in regulation and supervision have made the world more resilient. But we should continue preparing for new challenges,” Draghi said.

    “A large body of empirical research has substantiated the success of these policies in supporting the economy and inflation, both in the euro area and in the United States,” Draghi said.


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    Trusting your financial institutionTrusting your financial institution Walvis Bay resident John Weber has been a businessman for the past ten years.

    He is the owner of West to East Coast Investments CC, which specialises in the clearing and forwarding of cargo as well as transportation services to all neighbouring countries.

    “At West to East Coast Investments CC we pride ourselves on being the fastest and most efficient clearing agencies in Walvis Bay, Namibia, on vehicles or containerised cargo. Some of our most frequent services provided to clients include clearing import vehicles off Ro-Ro vessels as well as containerised cargo destined for Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Angola, DRC,” Weber says. When it came to choosing the right financial partner for his business, Weber says he needed a bank that not only understood his business mission but also one that would run with this mission.

    “From a young age, Nedbank has always appealed to me as a professional banking institution. The fact that they don't have long queues has always been an added benefit,” he says.

    Weber says he has over the years enjoyed various banking products offered by Nedbank, and one of the joys has been working closely with his personal banker, Allan Hartung, who has helped him secure registered bonds, vehicle loans and guarantees at the bank.

    “As a business, we trust Nedbank simply because they are reliable. The Nedbank staff here in Walvis Bay have set very high standards for themselves in making sure that my business receives that elevated customer service which is what we enjoy most.”


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Youth converge in Addis
  • Youth converge in AddisYouth converge in AddisSOS, AU collaborate for youth conference The conference features high-level officials, private-sector representatives and young people from 47 African countries. The African Union Commission (AUC) and SOS Children's Villages International collaborated to host a Pan-African Youth Empowerment Conference under way in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    The conference will feature high-level officials, private-sector representatives and young people from 47 African countries to lead the process of formulating a roadmap that seeks to foster youth employability and entrepreneurship on the continent.

    According to recent figures from the African Development Bank, there are 480 million young people on the continent today, with 10 million to 13 million entering the job market every year. But only three million are getting wage employment.

    “Across Africa, young people are facing challenges finding decent employment and climbing out of poverty. With more than 65% of the population being under the age of 35, securing employability and self-employment for young people, achieved through innovative approaches, could be the best weapon to fight against poverty and the numerous associated challenges,” said Prudence Ngwenya, head of human resources and youth development at the AUC.

    “Active participation of young people in shaping their future is pivotal to put in place policies and strategies with sustainable solutions. The exchange will bridge the gap that exists between policies and young people's interest.”

    Dereje Wordofa, international director for the eastern and southern Africa region of SOS Children's Villages International, further explained: “The conference will allow young people to share their perspectives with key stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges they face, but also they will explore opportunities for job creation, entrepreneurship and self-reliance. This will enable them to be effective contributors to their communities and national development schemes, as well as to be competitive at a global level.”

    The three-day conference will form a basis for the African Union Commission, SOS Children's Villages and partners to address Africa's high levels of youth unemployment while contributing to goals set out in Africa's Agenda 2063 and the global Agenda 2030.


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    Katima, Windhoek councils twinKatima, Windhoek councils twin The Katima Mulilo town council and Windhoek city council signed a partnership and cooperation agreement on Tuesday.

    In their agreement, the two prioritise environmental management while also seeking cooperation in areas including the economic and tourism sectors, and human resources and technical capacity building expertise.

    At the moment, Katima Mulilo does not have a proper system and equipment to manage refuse removal and depends on individuals with bakkies not designed for such purposes.

    Katima Mulilo mayor Georgina Mwiya-Simataa said the cooperation is based on a shared conviction that local authorities are closer to the people and hence, they should meet their needs.

    Mwiya-Simataa said twinning with the Windhoek city council helped the smaller local authority to drive the most needed development agenda through.

    The mayor urged both parties to ensure that the administrations of both local authorities commit to delivering quality services to the people.

    Windhoek mayor Muesee Kazapua said as the biggest local authority in the country, there is a need for Windhoek to assist others in different areas.

    Kazapua observed that the assistance to smaller local authorities would improve the people's living conditions there and reduce the influx from towns to the capital city.

    He emphasised the need for local authorities to share ideas, resources, knowledge and expertise as they work towards creating better living conditions for the people they represent.

    This is the second agreement the Katima Mulilo town council has entered into with another local authority. It signed an agreement with the town council of Sesheke in Zambia earlier this year on matters of migration and health.


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: National budget on track
  • National budget on trackNational budget on trackMid-year budget review planned for October Preliminary data indicates that the revised budget for 2016/17 was fully implemented. Finance minister Calle Schlettwein says preliminary data indicates that the revised budget for 2016/17 was fully implemented with budget execution at about 100 percent while revenue came in at 99.6 percent.

    Schlettwein told members of the public and the business community attending his 2017 state of the economy and mid-year budget review in Walvis Bay last week that the budget deficit was estimated at the revised level of 6.3 percent.

    He said this was better than the 8.3 percent recorded for the previous year. Total debt stood at 41.9 percent which is generally in line with the median of upper income countries with similar characteristics than that of Namibia.

    During the past four months of the financial year, budget revenue performed better with about 40 percent of targets collected against the historical average of 34 percent.

    Government also decided to fast-track the payment of outstanding invoices on the basis of better budget revenue and other financing means such as the proceeds from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

    The minister stressed the fact that the loan facility from the AfDB was not an additional loan on top of the budget but rather a budget deficit financing mechanism to complement the domestic market and that it was realised at better competitive rates.

    Given better revenue performance with a consolidated budgetary framework, government anticipate the budget deficit to hover waround the budgeted level of about 3.6 percent.

    According to the minister the mid-year budget review is planned for October and the process has already commenced.

    “Apart from the current moderate growth environment in the economy we are commencing with the mid-year budget review for 2017 which I intend tabling at the end of October. The review considers the internal allocative efficiencies within the budget. It also articulates policy proposals and structural reforms for the next budget,” he said.


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    UN racism committee issues 'warning' over US tensionsUN racism committee issues 'warning' over US tensions A UN committee tasked with combatting racism has issued a formal 'early warning' over conditions in the United States, a rare move often used to signal the potential of a looming civil conflict.

    The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said it had invoked its “early warning and urgent action procedure” because of the proliferation of racist demonstrations in the US.

    It specifically noted the unrest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a woman was killed after an avowed white supremacist ploughed his car into a group of anti-racism counter-protestors.

    The racism committee, part of the UN human rights office, can issue a formal early warning to help prevent “existing problems from escalating into conflict” or to “prevent a resumption of conflict where it has previously occurred”, according to the rights office website.

    President Donald Trump has been widely criticised for his response to the Charlottesville clashes, after he said “both sides” were to blame for the violence.

    The UN committee urged Washington, “as well as high-level politicians and public officials, to unequivocally and unconditionally reject and condemn racist hate speech”, without mentioning Trump by name.

    “We are alarmed by the racist demonstrations, with overtly racist slogans, chants and salutes by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan, promoting white supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred,” committee head Anastasia Crickley said in a statement.

    The committee monitors compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, which the US ratified in 1994.

    The US warning marks the seventh such alert issued in the past decade.

    They mainly concern countries gripped by ethnic and religious strife, including Burundi, Nigeria, Iraq and Ivory Coast.


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    White Zim farmers seek paymentWhite Zim farmers seek paymentSay tribunal ruled in favour of compensation Evicted white farmers in Zimbabwe are now approaching SADC for compensation for the property they lost during the Mugabe administration's contentious land reform programme. Zimbabwean white commercial farmers, who were kicked out of their properties at the height of the southern African country's chaotic land reforms, have launched a fresh bid for “justice and compensation” amid violent invasions of the few remaining white-owned farms.

    The displaced farmers had since notified President Robert Mugabe's government, through a South Africa based civil rights group, Afriforum, of their intention to approach the Southern African Development Community (SADC) with a view to be compensated by the Harare administration.

    “On August 16 and 17, 2017 formal notice to initiate proceedings was served by the farmers' legal team on President Robert Mugabe, three of his ministers and the Zimbabwean government collectively under the Southern African Community Development Community (SADC) Finance and Investment Protocol,” read a statement.

    The three ministers were the Minister of State in the Office of the President, the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement, Douglas Mombeshora, and the Minister of Finance, Patrick Chinamasa.

    “Our dispossessed Zimbabwean white farmers have been wronged,” said SADC Tribunal Rights Watch spokesperson Ben Freeth.

    'Culture of impunity'

    “We have a final and binding judgment from the SADC Tribunal in 2008 which held that fair compensation should be paid by the Zimbabwe government for land it had taken and the government is in contempt of it,” added Freeth.

    The farmers could not seek the enforcement of tribunal's ruling after the regional bloc disbanded the tribunal following protests from the Zimbabwean government.

    “Unless the culture of impunity stops, no investment will take place in our country and the economic crisis will deepen. Without property rights and the rule of law, our negative trajectory as a failed state will accelerate,” warned Freeth.

    According to the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe, more than 4 000 white commercial farmers and their employees were displaced at the height of the land seizures embarked on by Mugabe's Zanu-PF government in 2000. Some of the farmers lost their lives during the chaotic land seizures.

    The latest bid came at a time when Mugabe had threatened all white farmers still remaining on their land that they would lose their properties to pave way for his supporters and ordinary Zimbabweans who had no access to land.


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    Swedish headless torso identifiedSwedish headless torso identified Police on Wednesday identified a headless female torso washed ashore in Copenhagen as that of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who they believe was killed by a Danish inventor on board his home-made submarine.

    Wall, who was researching a story on inventor Peter Madsen, went missing after he took her out to sea in his 17-metre submarine on 10 August. He denies killing her.

    Announcing the results of tests on the torso, discovered by a passing cyclist on Monday, police spokesman Jens Moller said it had suffered damage suggesting “an attempt to make sure air and gas inside should leave the body so that it would not rise from the seabed”.

    He added: “There was also some metal attached to the body, allegedly also to make sure the body would sink to the bottom.”

    The arms, legs and head had been sawn from the body. Analysis showed a match with Wall's DNA, which the police had gathered from a toothbrush and a hairbrush, and with blood found in the submarine, Moller said.

    Police still do not know the cause of death, and divers are searching for additional body parts.

    Madsen, 46, was initially held on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, though a police statement in Danish on Monday referred to a 'murder charge' against him. Asked for clarification on Wednesday, police told Reuters by email the charge was manslaughter.

    The macabre case has riveted Swedish and Danish media, and made headlines around the world.

    “It is with boundless sadness and dismay we received the message that the remains of our daughter and sister Kim Wall have been found,” Wall's mother Ingrid Wall said on Facebook.

    A day after taking Wall out to sea, the inventor was rescued after his UC3 Nautilus vessel sank. Police found nobody else on board. The submarine is one of three constructed by Madsen and one of the largest privately built ones in the world.

    Wall, 30, was a freelance journalist whose work had appeared in Harper's Magazine, The Guardian, The New York Times, Foreign Policy, the South China Morning Post, The Atlantic and TIME.


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Shot of the day
  • Shot of the dayShot of the day IMPRESSIVE: A woman dives into the water at a beach in Dinard, north western France, on 22 August 2017. Photo: NAMPA/AFP

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    Youth must champion the causeYouth must champion the cause The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) is holding its elective congress in Katima Mulilo, where Mandela Kapere is hugely expected to take over the reigns as secretary. Many have questioned the relevance of the youth league over the years and rightly so; it has struggled to re-establish itself as a powerful structure in local politics. There is clearly leadership lacking as one would have expected a dynamic group of leaders to champion the cause of their fellow youth. Unity of purpose is crucial for the SPYL to become a relevant force once more and for Pete's sake the young people should stop getting carried away with the games senior politicians play.

    The young people in this country are confronted by many socio-economic problems and most of them who are sitting at home want to know how the prospective candidates will endeavor to create jobs and tackle education and healthcare issues, among a myriad of other challenges. While the focus is on the SPYL delegates to choose wisely who should lead them and in charting a new way forward, the congress must come up with resolutions that will help the nation.

    SPYL leaders should not spend too much time on petty politicking and fighting the battles of the elders within the party. They should be reminded that they have an important responsibility towards the young people of this country and that greater energy must be channelled into development, youth empowerment and other critical issues. We need more young people to spell out a vision for a better Namibia, which reflects a transformed attitude.

    The SPYL must strive to become an inclusive body that encourages the participation of all young people, especially in public policy debates, even though we expect it to have its own political vision aligned to the mother body, Swapo.

    There must be a holistic approach to help improve the capacity of young people and to develop their potential in key areas such as education, employment and decision-making across all economic sectors. Political infighting will do us no good.

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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Authorities urge for safety
  • Authorities urge for safetyAuthorities urge for safetySay no lenience will be granted The MVA Fund has urged road users to adhere to the road rules this weekend while the police have warned citizens to abide by the law saying they will be out in full force. Road users have been urged to drive safely this weekend while the Namibian police will be out in full force doing vehicle searches and checking for other illegal activities.

    The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund has appealed for responsible driving on national roads during this year's Heroes' Day commemoration, which takes place in the north at Oshakati on Saturday.

    Drivers are urged to refrain from speeding, reckless driving, consuming alcohol while on national roads and to not allow themselves to become distracted while driving to reduce the carnage on the national roads over the upcoming weekend.

    Apart from the Heroes' Day commemoration that is taking place at the Oshakati stadium, many Namibians and tourists will be travelling north for the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair and the Olufuko Cultural Festival.

    The annual Red Flag commemoration is also taking place in Okahandja this weekend.

    Furthermore, with the schools that have closed, Namibians may also be heading to their favourite holiday destination for the school holidays.

    “In celebration of Heroes' Day which coincides with school holidays and the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair, roads are expected to be congested. Therefore the MVA Fund calls on all road users to embrace the principles of heroism – self-respect, altruism, devotion, duty, compassion and integrity as we all have a legal and moral obligation to wear seatbelts at all times, keep to prescribed speed limits, be mindful of pedestrians and avoid driving under the influence of substances,” said Kapena Tjombonde, chief corporate affairs at the MVA Fund.

    Namibian Sun reported last year that over the Heroes' Day long weekend, eight people died and 154 people sustained injuries in 59 crashes.

    The MVA Fund said in its statement yesterday that 14 lives were lost last year during the Heroes' Day weekend. The increase is likely due to later deaths recorded.

    MVA Fund statistics recorded during the Heroes' Day weekend of 25 August to 31 August 2015 indicate that 12 lives were lost in 94 crashes with resultant injuries of 193 persons.

    “This Heroes' Day, let us honour the memory of our gallant heroes and heroines by avoiding more bloodshed on our roads. Their sacrifices have made it possible for us to live in a country founded on effective governance, respect for the rule of law, dignity, unity and respect for human life,” said Tjombonde.

    Omusati police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Linekela Shikongo he said that the wrath of the law will be felt by those road users who are caught contravening traffic rules and regulations.

    Shikongo said this strict police measure has been put in place to maintain people's safety and security during the Olufuko festival which starts tomorrow and concludes on 5 September.

    “That story of people paying their bail before they appear in court is no more, the law has changed. What we will do is that we will lock the culprit up and release him or her only when they have appeared in court. This means if you are arrested on Friday you must just wait until Monday,” Shikongo emphasised.


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    Judgement reserved in murder trialJudgement reserved in murder trialAccused says he acted in self-defence Erwin Tebele, accused of the murder of his girlfriend, told the court she first stabbed him whereafter he accidentally killed her in a scuffle for the knife. The Windhoek High Court reserved judgement at the end of arguments by the state and defence counsel in the Gobabis murder case which claimed the life of Nina Katjatenja.

    The case was postponed to 20 October.

    The accused, Erwin Tebele, who is accused of murdering Katjatenja after a quarrel on 3 September 2013, in the Epako location of Gobabis, had told the court that he was defending himself when he stabbed his girlfriend.

    His lawyer Mbanga Siyomuinyi, in his arguments also claimed the fatal stab was inflicted in self-defence.

    Siyomuinyi told the court that his client was stabbed twice on the left arm with the same knife by the deceased and in the process of trying to wrestle the knife from her, she was stabbed. According to Siyomuinyo Tebele, on the fateful day he had arrived home late that evening and a quarrel ensued between the couple about where he had been before Katjatenja stabbed him.

    According to Tebele, he retaliated by stabbing her with the same knife that he had wrestled from her but he stabbed her without any intention to kill her, only to cause injury.

    “He did not intend to stab the deceased or to cause her death and he expressed remorse over what had happened,” Siyomuinji said in mitigation.

    Prosecutor Felisitas Shikerete-Vendura disputed the defence's version arguing that Tebele never said during trial that he had stabbed the deceased in self-defence, nor that the deceased had stabbed him twice on his left arm.

    According to her, the police testified that Tebele had told the police that the injuries on his left arm were the result of a fight he was involved in the previous Friday.

    “The accused had direct intent to kill the deceased and must be severely dealt with,” Shikerete-Vendura emphasised.

    Judge Dinnah Usiku postponed the matter to 20 October for judgement.


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    Rabies shots in the Kavango regions next weekRabies shots in the Kavango regions next week The first phase of the rabies vaccination campaign in the two Kavango regions will start on 28 August and end 3 September 2017.

    State veterinarian in the Kavango East and West regions Dr Ludgerus Amushila told Nampa the vaccinations will take place during school holidays to accommodate learners because many of them own dogs and cats. Major towns such as Rundu and Divundu in Kavango East, and Nkurenkuru in Kavango West are targeted. The second phase will take place from 6 September to 28 September, when all other villages will be visited. Amushila said during this phase, the vaccination team will visit schools in the morning where awareness and education on rabies will be delivered before heading back to vaccination points.

    Some of the vaccination points are Sauyemwa Open Market; residential areas: Sauyemwa Dam, Rainbow settlement, Millennium, Katutura, Kings Park; the Ndama Welding business, Rundu Senior Secondary School, Kaisosi Clinic, Sarasungu School and Kayengona Market.

    The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry recently launched the roll-out of the long-term rabies elimination strategy on 6 April 2017 in the Omusati Region.

    The strategy is aimed at reducing dog-mediated human rabies cases through mass vaccination of dogs, and education and awareness programmes for people.

    Ministry of Health and Social Services senior health and disease surveillance officer Gabes Nakare told Nampa last week rabies was very serious in the two regions in 2015 when 15 people died. No death was reported in 2016 and one death in 2017. “Once you contract rabies and it shows its signs and symptoms, there is no cure for it. It is about 100% fatal,” he said.

    He is not aware of anyone who contracted the disease and survived.

    Rabies is a virus that affects dogs, cats and can also be found in wild animals. “A sign in human beings is that they could be coughing but it will sound like they are barking. Humans might also suffer from hydrophobia, which is a fear of water,” said Nakare.


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