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    Deloitte takes the lead and supports #FestivalDeloitte takes the lead and supports #Festival Auditing firms have long undergone substantial transformation from the traditional verification duty and assessment of business entities at the end of the financial year.

    They have ventured into giving advice to the customer long before the end of the financial year. In that way their duty – and thus the range of career opportunities – have both evolved to include financial and tax planning, business risk assessments and advice, as well as a wide range of consulting services in the fields of accounting, IT, and legal- and business practices. This mentality implies that you accept life as an on-going learning experience which is an important concept for young adults to grasp and it explains why Deloitte immediately supported the Hashtag Festival, which through its career expo, targets learners who would have finished high school with career guidance, students who want to change career paths and youth who want to enter the employment market. At the same time, it aims to create awareness of the importance of teamwork through community- and sports events where the next generation takes on challenges by joining hands with school colleagues who would under normal circumstances be their opponents on the sports fields. The Summer Festival is the third important component of the #Festival and aims to bring balance to the whole event. It should not only be careers, sport and challenges which occupy the Namibian youth. There is need to have fun too! And, that is the reason, why the #Festival will include exhibits such as vehicle dealership (your first car!), various music performances, and technology and culinary activities to tickle the taste buds.

    Staff Writer

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    Kasuto unfazed by legal threatKasuto unfazed by legal threat Under-fire unionist Ismael Kasuto is defending his position as National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) president and has reiterated that he will not abdicate despite a move by the federation to recall him.

    The opposing faction of the NUNW is threatening legal action against Kasuto and have approached lawyer Sisa Namandje to fight their cause.

    On Tuesday, Namandje wrote to Kasuto, requesting him to step down following a vote of no confidence that was reportedly passed against him at the weekend. Kasuto has rejected the request, labelling all attempts to remove him as a “circus”.

    “I still remain the president of the NUNW as elected by the national congress on 1 May 2015. I am happy to have served the workers and should they feel that I should vacate the noble office I would do so with dignity as I need to respect workers' democracy,” said Kasuto.

    He also encouraged those who had planned to remove him to make use of the legal channels available to them.

    “Should any party feel to the contrary, let them approach the court to determine the legality of such a decision. Until such a court order to legitimise the coup plotters illegal action is presented to me, I remain the NUNW president,” Kasuto said.

    “It is regrettable that a few individuals within the federation opted to protect their individual interests, in particular the non-disclosure of the books of the affiliates, and are preventing the federation to run efficiently and this cannot go on.”

    Those within the NUNW opposed to Kasuto's presidency, however, moved swiftly to block his signatory rights to the union's bank accounts.

    “You are removed from all structures, bodies and organisations where you represented the NUNW. You are herewith removed as signatory to all NUNW bank accounts. This resolution was taken by a two-thirds majority of the central executive committee,” acting NUNW president Albert Liswaniso wrote to Kasuto on Monday.

    A letter written by Namandje instructed Kasuto to renounce his presidency by the end of the business day yesterday.

    “We advise that you have no rights whatsoever to represent to any organisation or [the] public that you are still the president of the NUNW.

    “You are free to challenge your removal at any appropriate forum. We thereby place you on notice that any further action from your part will result in an urgent application,” Namandje wrote.

    Congress delegates

    Kasuto also asked Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba for patience, since the umbrella union is yet to forward its list of delegates for the ruling party's congress scheduled for November this year. NUNW is an affiliate of Swapo and 15 of its members will be delegates to the congress.

    “The federation attempted to have a NUNW central executive committee meeting. However, the NUNW central executive committee meeting was not constitutional as enshrined in Article 9 of the federation's constitution and thus the meeting was unable to take a constitutional decision on the matter,” Kasuto wrote in the letter to Mbumba.

    “I would like to implore you to please wait for me as the NUNW president on the outstanding NUNW congress delegates' list which shall be compiled by the federation's constitutional body scheduled for 16 September 2017.”

    Mbumba, who said he was out of the country, declined to comment on the NUNW infighting.


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    Police chief denies crime ratingPolice chief denies crime ratingNamibia 'not the tenth most dangerous country' The chief of police says people should rather focus on the police's success in arresting criminals after the crimes have been committed. Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga has rejected a recent rating of Namibia as the tenth most dangerous country in the world.

    Ndeitunga described the rating as “too extreme”.

    The data was collected by Numbeo, which also ranked Windhoek as the 17th most dangerous city in the world.

    “I feel that the situation is under control and that the necessary measures are being taken to contain the situation,” Ndeitunga said.

    He said the rating would put a “black spot” on Namibia's image and scare away potential visitors.

    “Every country has its problem with crime, but I do not agree with the rating.”

    Namibia's reputation as a peaceful nation has been tainted by several criminal attacks on tourists in recent months.

    Ndeitunga said the successes of the police should rather be recognised.

    “The police were able to arrest the culprits that attacked the tourists with the help of the public and keep our tourists safe. We should talk about this and praise the country. I am not denying that Namibia does have challenges and problems but we are doing everything possible to keep our tourists safe,” he said.

    He added that Namibians should fight against these ratings compiled by people who don't live in the country.

    “These trigger-happy ratings are done by people that write whatever comes to mind. It is sensational reports. We are still one of the safest countries in the world and I encourage the Namibia Tourism Board and other role-players to dispel this rating.”

    Windhoek in spotlight

    At the same time Windhoek has been rated among the top 20 most dangerous cities in the world.

    The city's police chief, Abraham Kanime, has urged for action in this regard, not reaction. Windhoek was rated as the 17th most dangerous city in the world from a total of 346 surveyed cities. It obtained a crime index score of 71.48 and was scored a safety rating of 28.52.

    Places such as Cape Town in South Africa and Luanda in Angola were rated as safer than Windhoek and ranked at 20 and 45 respectively.

    Kanime also told Namibian Sun that the situation was under control, adding that more needed to be done to ensure that crime did not spiral out of control.

    According to Kanime, it was time for action instead of defending the ratings all the time. He said the City Police were concerned about crime levels in Windhoek.

    “It is contained but there are certain crimes that are of a concern to the police,” he said.

    “We must strategise and see how we can deal with this. We must not always depend on a rating and then react and see how we can rectify it.”

    He said the problem areas for the city are housebreakings, street robberies, theft from motor vehicles and ATM robberies.

    “Another serious concern for us is alcohol abuse that contributes to crime.”

    The index is an estimation of the overall level of crime in a given city or a country. Crime levels lower than 20 are considered as “very low,” crime levels between 20 and 40 as “low,” crime levels between 40 and 60 as “moderate,” crime levels between 60 and 80 as “high” and crime levels higher than 80 as “very high.”

    With regard to crime recorded over the past three years, Windhoek scored very high at 83, while break-ins at homes and thefts were also rated very high at 84.3.

    Regarding muggings and robberies, the City was rated at 78.65 (high) while corruption and bribery were scored very high at 82.29.

    Johannesburg, which has a population of almost a million people, is ranked as the sixth most dangerous city in the world.


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    Murder suspect shot during arrestMurder suspect shot during arrest Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi yesterday confirmed that the primary suspect in the murder of elderly Swakopmund resident Manfred Hartmann was wounded during his arrest.

    The 25-year-old suspect was arrested at Outjo last Monday.

    “We arrested the suspect and he tried to escape. In this process, the police fired at him and he was wounded in the leg. He is being treated at the Katutura hospital, under police guard.”

    According to Deputy Commissioner Kanguatjivi the suspect is in a stable condition and he will appear in court today on a charge of robbery and murder.

    Hartmann (78) was bludgeoned to death in his house in the Vineta residential area of Swakopmund on Friday, 18 August.

    According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu of the Erongo police, the suspect forced Hartmann into an outside toilet and tied him up with a cable before hitting him on the forehead with two bricks.

    He said the suspect then tried to cut open a mounted safe in the house. A Lenovo laptop and a Samsung cellphone belonging to Hartmann were found in his possession when he was arrested.

    A post-mortem is being conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

    A second suspect was due to appear in the Swakopmund Magistrate's Court this week but was released due to a lack of evidence.


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    Boy (14) suffocates in OmusatiBoy (14) suffocates in Omusati A 14-year-old boy in the Omusati Region suffocated after a heap of sand fell on him on Monday.

    According to the Omusati police, the incident happened at Oshitukafitu village in the Outapi Constituency at around 11:00.

    The victim, identified as Titus Sersitus, was allegedly digging holes in the sand when it collapsed.

    In a separate incident, a 23-year-old man committed suicide at Onanguwo village in the Oshikoto Region.According to the police the man's employer found his body hanging from a tree.

    He had used his shoelaces to hang himself.

    No suicide note was found and police investigations continue.


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    Swanu insists on ancestral landSwanu insists on ancestral landParty advocates land expropriation Swanu recommends the establishment of a judicial commission of inquiry on land acquisition and allocation for the period between 1884 and 1990. Namibia's oldest political party wants the second national land conference to come up with methods that would ensure land taken by colonisers is returned to the descendants of the Ovaherero and Nama victims slain during the 1904-08 genocide.

    The second national land conference is set to review about 24 resolutions of the first national land conference, held in 1991, in an attempt to find solutions to the land question.

    In its position paper on land, Swanu urges the government to look at how these victims could be compensated in the event that land cannot be returned.

    The party also advocates land expropriation as a solution to land reform to grant communities permanent access to their sacred sites.

    “Land distribution structure must be made with the understanding that their implementation may initiate different long-term development trends. The existing land distribution pattern in Namibia is inefficient and therefore incapable of sustaining long-term diversified agricultural development,” the paper states.

    The paper further urges the government to resolve that the German, South African, British and Portuguese governments be requested to contribute to a fund that would be used to help address the skewed land ownership caused by their colonial governments.

    “It is recommended that a judicial commission of inquiry on land acquisition and allocation for the period between 1884 and 1990 be established to ascertain that land was illegally confiscated and legally expropriated by the Germans from Namibians and then alienated to the white settlers,” Swanu urges.

    According to the party's position paper the proposed judicial commission will establish the legality of private ownership or lack of it.

    “JCELAA 1884-1990 will also cast some light on legal instruments that were used in the land acquisition and allocation during the pre-independence era and on that basis to accept the provision of article 140 of the Namibian constitution if we have difficulties,” the paper states.


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    'Coup' at Namfisa left unreported'Coup' at Namfisa left unreportedAttempts at derailment alleged The theft of laptops and a computer during crucial investigations into some of Namibia's most daring corruption cases was not thoroughly probed, it is alleged. The forensic report by Ernst & Young (EY), led by chartered accountant Hans Hashagen, on alleged misconduct at the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) in 2009 reportedly left out information on security breaches that the regulator was given. It is alleged that several laptops at Namfisa, as well as from companies investigated or regulated by Namfisa during a crucial stage of investigation into the missing GIPF Development Capital Portfolio (DCP) and other major corruption cases, were stolen.

    Known cases to the media at the time were the disappearance of laptops in the Avid case, the GIPF DCP fiasco, as well as the inquiry into Insurance Company of Namibia (INSCON), which Namfisa had placed in curatorship. In the Avid matter, advocate Raymond Heathcote's laptop and advocate Andrew Corbett's offices were burgled and laptops were stolen in September 2005.

    Also in 2005, laptops were stolen from the South African auditing company Nkonki Sizwe Ntsaluba, which did a provisional forensic report on the GIPF DCP saga on behalf of Namfisa.

    And in June 2007, the curators of INSCON who moved into the company's offices found that there had been a break-in and laptops and a server were stolen.

    After the theft of the laptop from the Namfisa office, staff in 2005 were asked to complete declaration forms because it was suspected that the theft of the laptop was related to the investigation into the GIPF DCP missing N$660 million.

    Two senior managers, Boni Paulino (the then general manager of investment institutions) and John Uusiku (former manager of the pension fund department, which regulated the GIPF) refused to complete the declaration forms.

    Paulino is currently the deputy CEO at Namfisa; Uusiku is the manager of life insurance at the regulator.

    It is stated that Hashagen and EY were informed about this, but failed to do a thorough investigation and mention this in the forensic report to Namfisa.

    It is alleged that Paulino had direct personal interest in companies that received funds from the failed GIPF DCP matter because he was a beneficiary of DCP loans as a shareholder of Multiline Investments and director of !Uri !Khubis company.

    Paulino was also viewed as compromised because he had approved the registration of Avid Investment Corporation without clear statutory powers to do so when the then Namfisa CEO, Frans van Rensburg, was out of the office.

    While the Avid matter is still being heard in the High Court, there is general consensus that it was used as a laundering vehicle for N$30 million from Social Security Commission (SSC). It was suspected that the investigation into the GIPF DCP saga as well as the other sensitive investigations would always run the risk of internal interference and attempts to derail the investigations.

    A so-called “second coup” was reported after the theft of a computer from the Namfisa office.

    In early January 2009, the security breach at Namfisa was reported to the board, which was chaired by Rick Kukuri.


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  • 08/23/17--16:00: Govt must protect RCC jobs
  • Govt must protect RCC jobsGovt must protect RCC jobs National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) secretary-general Job Muniaro says any planned winding up of the Roads Contractor Company is warranted, as long as the public entity is not fulfilling the purpose it was created for.

    He was, however, quick to add that there is a need for urgent government action to protect threatened jobs.

    “The RCC was created for a purpose but if that purpose is not there any longer then it must be liquidated.

    It was not created just for job creation but for road construction purposes,” said Muniaro.

    He also said the liquidation, if it were to go ahead, would ultimately be unfair to the employees of the RCC and would further exacerbate poverty and unemployment.

    “Workers are the culprits when decisions are made to close businesses.

    The workers are just not losing their valuables.

    There are always consequences, there is also an issue of poverty and unemployment,” Muniaro.

    He called on the government to plan properly to lessen the effects on the economy.

    “We need to reorganise ourselves to protect jobs,” added Muniaro when contacted for comment yesterday.

    He had previously voiced his opposition to planned layoffs at public entities, which included the RCC.

    According to the minister of public enterprises, Leon Jooste, no decision on the future of the beleaguered RCC has been made.

    “It is not D-Day yet,” Jooste said in response to a news article which suggested that a cabinet committee would decide last Wednesday whether to recapitalise or liquidate the parastatal.

    “Very little that I can share on this item,” Jooste said when asked about the cabinet discussions. It was reported that the cabinet committee on treasury, which is deliberating on the RCC matter, could not reach consensus.

    It was stated that while Jooste propagated the closure of the RCC, the minister of works and transport, Alpheus !Naruseb, vehemently rejected this option.

    The RCC has sought a N$300 million bailout from the government. Jooste argues that it would take more than N$1 billion to rescue the parastatal.

    While the verdict is still not out on this matter, talk inside the RCC is that the RCC might be restructured “fit for purpose” or that it might be merged with other state-owned enterprises. A remodelled RCC would, according to these rumours, include the mandate to build and maintain roads – as is the current mandate – but then to “streamline” it to “make commercial sense and be competitive in the industry”.

    Rumours of the suggested closure of the RCC are reportedly “not so strong”. Whatever the future of the RCC is, insiders say the more than 400 employees at the parastatal are in a panic over possible job losses.


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     Ambunda dumps Sunshine Academy Ambunda dumps Sunshine Academy Former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) and International Boxing Organisation (IBO) world champion, Paulus 'The Rock' Ambunda has parted ways with the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy.
    Ambunda, who became a double world champion while at Sunshine, last fought in June 2016 when he lost his IBO Super Bantamweight world title during a unification fight against Mexican, Moises Flores at Ramatex Complex in Windhoek.
    He is now a new member of the Salute Boxing Academy.
    The boxer who made his professional debut on 30 June 2007 when he beat fellow Namibian Johannes Gabriel in Swakopmund told Nampa said his decision to move camps was motivated by his age.
    “I have no personal problems with the Sunshine camp, I just think the time has come for me to move on because I am not getting any younger and there are still more things I want to achieve in life as a boxer,” he said.
    He added that an official announcement for his decision to move camps will be made on Monday at a media conference.
    Ambunda is the second to move camps from the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy to Salute Boxing Academy.
    World Boxing Federation (WBF) Welterweight world title holder Bethuel “Tyson” Ushona was the first.
    Speaking to this agency on Thursday, chairperson, trainer and promoter of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy, Nestor Tobias said he was not aware of the boxer changing camps.
    “This is the first time I am hearing that Ambunda is not with our stable. But, let’s wait maybe there is more news that I am not aware of,” said Tobias.
    He promised to wait to hear if there were other reasons why Ambunda had left his camp before commenting on the matter.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: 2017 sports awards launched
  • 2017 sports awards launched2017 sports awards launchedNSC brings prestigious sports awards to the masses The MTC-NSC Namibia Sports Awards were launched yesterday with the theme 'Celebrating Our Sporting Heroes of Yesterday and Today'. Twenty two categories will form part of the 2017 Namibia Sports Awards. This is slightly more than the 15 categories of last year.

    However, four categories out of the 22; namely Coach of the Year, Umpire of the Year, Sports Journalist of the Year and Development Programme of the Year, are open for sponsorship. This is a total of N$300 000 which the organisers still need to search for.

    The chairperson of the marketing committee Monica Shapua, said corporate companies should come on board and sponsor a category, which will reward sports stars for their efforts in sports.

    The chairperson of NSC, Joel Matheus, who launched the event, said that coaches should nominate athletes fairly without victimising anyone and giving them a fair chance of winning at the award ceremony.

    The categories up for grabs include MTC Sports Star of the Year, MTC Sportsman and Woman of the Year, Nampower Sportsman and Woman of the Year with Disability, MTC Junior Sportsman and Woman of the Year, Nampower Junior Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year with Disability, Tafel Lager Sports Team of the Year, Coach of the Year, Umpire/Referee of the Year, Sports Journalist of the Year, Development Programme of the Year, Namibia Sports Commission Honorary Award.

    All these categories recognise individuals, males, females, sport personalities with disability, national and international participants, national federations, schools, and media and sport legends. All categories recognised and up for awards will be for the period from 1 October 2016 to 31 August 2017.

    NSC invites all sports federations and umbrella bodies to submit entries of their best athletes. Entry forms are available on request from the Namibia Sports Commission offices from today till 28 September.


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    Mayweather, McGregor get down to businessMayweather, McGregor get down to businessMoney fight is on In stark contrast to their lurid, trash-talking global press tour last month, a subdued McGregor and a stern-looking Mayweather spoke respectfully. A stony-faced Floyd Mayweather issued a warning to Conor McGregor on Wednesday as the two fighters faced off just days ahead of their money-spinning boxing duel.

    Mayweather, who bombarded McGregor with expletives and homophobic slurs during last month's frenzied publicity blitz, did not swear once during Wednesday's news conference.

    McGregor, the massive underdog for this weekend's bout, restricted himself to verbally abusing a heckler in the audience who predicted he would be knocked out.

    McGregor faces his first ever professional boxing contest against Mayweather, the undefeated former welterweight king who has come out of a two-year retirement to take on the Irish mixed martial arts star.

    However McGregor, the 29-year-old two-time UFC world champion from Dublin, insisted he was ready to stun the world of combat sports by upsetting Mayweather.

    “Been to a lot of these crazy press conferences,” said McGregor. “This is a lot more subdued. More business-like, the way I like it.”

    “We are prepared for 12 three-minute rounds of non-stop pace. We are prepared, I will put pressure on him and break this old man. Trust me on that.

    “I don't see him lasting two rounds. I feel I have the decision to end it inside one.”

    Mayweather, 40, looked relaxed throughout, even taking time to quietly admonish members of his entourage who had shouted at McGregor.

    And rather than the abuse of last month, Mayweather praised McGregor as a “helluva fighter, a stand-up guy and a tough competitor.”

    “It's not going to be an easy fight,” Mayweather said. “It's going to be blood sweat and tears. He's the best at what he do, I'm the best at what I do. It comes down to the two competitors going out there and displaying our skills.”

    But Mayweather's words came with a warning for McGregor.

    “After 21 years I've been hit with everything and I'm still right here,” Mayweather said.

    “And if you give it, you must be able to take it. There have been plenty of guys who talked a lot of trash, but when it's all said and done, I came out victorious.

    “I've said it's not going the distance and you can mark my words.

    “Anything and everything in boxing that can be done, I've done it. I was born a fighter, I will die a fighter.”

    McGregor is hoping his punching power can catch Mayweather out on Saturday. But the American veteran warned he had faced plenty of hard hitters before.

    “Manny Pacquiao got bombs, Canelo (Alvarez) got bombs, Shane Mosley got bombs. But remember this, I got a great chin. And the same way you give it, you've got to be able to take it.”

    McGregor meanwhile laughed off suggestions from his opponent earlier this week that he may struggle to make the 154-pound limit at Friday's weigh-in.

    “I've never missed weight in my life and it won't be happening this time,” McGregor said. “I've had my nutritionist practically living with me throughout camp.”

    The showdown between Mayweather and McGregor was confirmed in June after a protracted guessing game about whether the two fighters from different sports would ever meet.

    Saturday's bout could become the most lucrative fight in history according to Showtime Sports television executive Stephen Espinoza.

    Mayweather could add another U$200 million to his career earnings depending on pay-per-view sales while McGregor, who only four years ago was a struggling former plumber's apprentice living on welfare, could collect U$100 million.

    This will be the most widely distributed pay per view in history,” Espinoza said.

    “That's not hyperbole, that's fact. We are well on the way to a record-setting event.”


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    NPL clubs endorse constitutionNPL clubs endorse constitutionElections in September The Namibia Premier League (NPL) will have new leaders by the beginning of September. Member clubs of the Namibia Premier League on Wednesday endorsed the league's new constitution.

    This happened after the Namibia Football Association (NFA) completed the ratification process.

    All 16 clubs were represented at the meeting held at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek.

    It was also decided at the meeting that an elective congress will be held on 2 September.

    At the congress, member clubs will elect new leaders to run the Namibia Premier League.

    Legal practitioner Patrick Kauta and Black Africa chairman Boni Paulino have emerged as frontrunners for the premier league's top position.

    Kauta and Paulino's financial backgrounds and football knowledge are said to be the reason why many clubs believe they can successfully run the league.

    “We expect to have the names of all the candidates by 29 August this in order for the elections to take place.

    “The NPL is glad that the constitution has been endorsed and that there is progress,” NPL's Joshua //Hoebeb said.

    A lack of sponsorship for over a year led to the resignation of NPL leaders and infighting within the football fraternity.

    The problems of the league have affected more than 400 players, coaches and referees.


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    Welwitschias will be competitiveWelwitschias will be competitive The coach of Namibia's Currie Cup rugby team, Lyn Jones, says his team will be more competitive in the Currie Cup than they were in the SuperSport Rugby Challenge.

    The Windhoek Draught Welwitschias travel to Welkom in South Africa today where they will play the Griffons in their first Currie Cup match for the year.

    The Currie Cup First Division match will be played on Saturday at 16:00.

    “I do believe that we are better organised than we were in the SuperSport Rugby Challenge.

    “Last year, we lost against the Griffons and that is why we want to do better against them this year,” Jones said.

    He felt that the players he selected would carry the momentum that they had in the Africa Cup to the Currie Cup tournament.

    The Griffons trounced Namibia with a 101-0 score line at the Hage Geingob Stadium in Windhoek last year.

    The Namibian team played better rugby in their second game against the Griffons, going down 84-25 in Welkom.

    Jones is confident that the return of some of his star players will add value to the team.

    The team is expected to return on Sunday to start preparations for their next match.

    Namibia will host Eastern Province in the Currie Cup First Division at the Hage Geingob Stadium on 2 September.

    Full Squad:

    (15) Johan Tromp, (14) David Philander, (13) Janry du Toit, (12) Darryl de la Harpe, (11) Lesley Klim, (10) Theuns Kotzé (9) Eugene Jantjies, (1) Christo McNish, (2) Shaun du Preez, (3) AJ de Klerk, (4) Ruan Ludik, (5) Max Katjiteo, (7) Adriaan Booysen, (8) Joe Herman, Subs: (22) Gino Wilson, (21) Helarius Kisting, (23) Hauta, (16) Bigman Kaura, (18) Adries Rouseau, (20) Rohan Kitshoff or Roderique Victor.


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    Epangelo nali gamenenepo iilonga moRCC – MuniaroEpangelo nali gamenenepo iilonga moRCC – Muniaro Job Muniaro okwa popi woo kutya epangelo olya pumbwa okukatuka oonkatu dhomeendelelo opo li vule okugamenena po oompito dhiilonga yaaniilonga mehangano ndyoka.

    “RCC okwa totwa nomatompelo nongele nena omatompelo ngoka itaga landulwa nena ehangano otali vulu okupatwa. Inali totelwa owala okutota po oompito dhiilonga ihe okulonga woo oopate,” Muniaro a popi.

    Okwa tsikile woo kutya ngele okwa ningwa etokolo opo ehangano ndyoka li patwe nena shoka itashi kakala shi li pauyuuki kaaniilonga, mboka taya ka kanitha iilonga yawo.

    “Aaniilonga oyo haya mono iihuna ngele kwa ningwa omatokolo gokupata oongeshefa. Aaniilonga ihaya kanitha owala iilonga ihe ohaya gwile woo moshiponga sholuhepo. Otwa pumbwa okwiiyunganeka opo tu gamenepo iilonga.”

    Pahapu dhominista yomahangano ngoka ga yama kepangelo, Leon Jooste, okwa popi kutya inaku ningwa natango etokolo kombinga yehangano ndyoka lyoRCC.

    Jooste okwa yamukula sho a ningilwa omapulo kombinga yoshinyolwa shoka sha pitile miikundaneki kutya, Etitatu lyoshiwike sha piti otaku ka ningwa etokolo ngele ehangano ndyoka otali patwa nenge ahowe.

    Ehangano loRCC otali pula ekwatho lyoshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 300 okuza kepangelo naJooste okwa popi kutya otashi ka pula epangelo oshimaliwa sha thika pobiliyona yimwe opo ku vule okuhupithwa ehangano ndyoka.

    Okwa holoka omapopyo ngoka inaga kolekwa kutya ehangano ndyoka otali vulika li hengunukile mumwe nomahangano omakwawo gepangelo, ngele olya patwa aaniilonga ya thika po-400 otashi vulika ya ka kanithe iilonga yawo.


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    Kasuto ta kondjele oshipundi sheKasuto ta kondjele oshipundi she Omupresidende gwoNational Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW)Ismael Kasuto ngoka a kuthwa miilonga omasiku ga piti kelelo lyehangano ndyoka, okwa popi kutya ye otaka kondjela ehala lye ndyoka nonando ehangano olye mu kutha miilonga.

    Ongundu ndjoka ya kutha Kasuto koshipundi oya ningi omatilitho gopaveta na oya ka konga ekwatho kuhahende Sisa Namandje molugodhi ndoka. Metiyali, Namandje okwa shangele Kasuto ombaapila ta pula opo a ze koshipundi onga omupresidende gwehangano ndyoka sha landula sho kwa ningwa omahogololo moka iilyo yehangano ya hogolola opo a ze koshipundi.

    “Ngame natango ondili omupresidende gwoNUNW ngaashi nda hogololwa mokongressa yopashigwana ndjoka ya ningwa mesiku lyotango lyaMei mo-2015. Onda nyanyukwa okulongela aaniilonga nuuna ye wete kutya inaya pumba ndje we nena otandi thigipo oshipundi nesimaneko.”

    Kasuto okwa tsu woo omukumo mboka inaye mu hala ya longithe omulandu gwopaveta, na okwa popi kutya sigo uuna shoka sha ningwa, oye omupresidende gwoNUNW.

    “Owa kuthwa miilonga poondondo adhihe dhehangano lyoNUNW ndyoka wali tokalele po. Owa kuthwa oonkondo onga omushaini gwomayalulo gombaanga yehangano. Etokolo ndika olya ningwa pamahogololo ngoka ga ningwa kelelo lyopombanda,” ngoka ta longo pehala lyomupresidende gwoNUNW, Albert Liswaniso a shangele Kasuto mOmaandaha.

    Ombaapila ndjoka ya shangwa kuNamandje oya pula opo Kasuto iikuthe koshipundi shuuleli wehangano ndyoka mEtitatu andola. Ombaapila oya tseyithile Kauto kutya ke na uuthemba washa opo a kalelepo ehangano ndyoka onga omupresidende gwehangano.

    Kasuto okwa lombwelwa kutya okwa manguluka okukondjitha paveta ekutho lye koshipundi.

    Kasuto okwa pula woo amushanga gwoSwapo, Nangolo Mbumba opo iidhidhimike molwaashoa elelo lyehangano ndyoka natango okwa tegelelwa opo li tume omushlondondo gwaakalelipo yehangano ndyoka mokongressa yongundu yoSwapo, ndjoka tayi ningwa muNovemba.

    Ehangano ndyoka otali ka tuma aakalelipo yeli 15.

    Mbumba ngoka a popi kutya kemo moshilongo pethimbo ndika, okwa tindi okupopya sha kombinga yomananathano ngoka e li ngashiingeyi moNUNW.


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    Namibia a tulwa momusholondondo gwiilongo ya nika oshiponga muuyuniNamibia a tulwa momusholondondo gwiilongo ya nika oshiponga muuyuniOvenduka nayo na tulwa ponomola onti-17 Omukomeho gwOpolisi yaNamibia okwa tindi olopota ndjoka ya pitithwa kutya Namibia okuli momusholondondo gwiilongo mbyoka yili ya nika oshiponga noonkondo muuyuni. Omukomeho gwOpolisi yaNamibia, Sebastian Ndeitunga okwa ekelehi omapopyo kutya Namibia okuli momusholondondo gwiilongo yotango omulongo mbyoka ya nika oshiponga noonkondo muuyuni.

    Omauyelele ngoka oga gongelwa nokupitithwa kehangano lyoNumbeo, ndyoka lya holola woo kutya oshilandopangelo shaNamibia, Ovenduka oyi li ponomola 17 miilando ya nika oshiponga muuyuni.

    Ndeitunga okwa nyana etulo lyaNamibia ponomola ndjoka ta popi kutya kehe oshilongo oshi na omukundu gwasho ihe etulo lyaNamibia ponomola ndjoka otashi shundula ethano lyaNamibia, nokugandja uutile kaapashiyoni nomiyalu ndhoka kadhi li mondjila.

    “Opolisi oyeshi pondola okutula miipandeko oongangala ndhoka dha ponokele aatalelipo mekwathelo lyoshigwana, nokukaleka aapashiyoni yetu megameno. Otu na okupopya onkalo ndjoka nokuyitumbaleka. Itandi ti kutya Namibia ke na omaupyakadhi ihe otatu longo nuudhiginini okukaleka aatalelipo yetu megameno.”

    Omukomeho gwopolisi okwa pula oshigwana opo shi kondjithe omatulo goshilongo poondondo dholudhi ndoka, ngoka taga ningwa kaantu mboka ihaya kala moshilongo.

    Pethimbo lyafaathana oshilando shaVenduka osha tulwa momusholondondo gwiilando 20 mbyoka ya nika oshiponga muuyuni.

    Omukomeho gwOpolisi yOshilando shaVenduka,

    Abraham Kanime, okwa pula opo ku katukwe oonkau moshinima shoka. Ovenduk oya tulwa ponomola onti-17 miilando ya nika oshiponga muuyuni, pamwe niilongo yilwe 346. Oya mono iitsa 71.48 miilando mbyoka ya nika oshiponga oshowo iitsa 28.52 miilando mboka ya gamenwa.

    Omahala ngaashi Cape Town moSouth Africa oshowo Luanda moAngola oga tothwamo kutya ogo ge na egameno ge vulithe Ovenduka.

    Kanime okwa popi kutya ethimbo olya thikana opo ku kondjithwe iimbuluma pehala lyokupataneka omauyelele ngoka. Okwa tsikile kutya oshindji osha pumbwa okuningwa opo ku kwashilipalekwe kutya iimbuluma oya yiwa moshipala.

    Nonando ongaaka Kanime okwa popi kutya onkalo ndjoka oyi li kohi yekondololo nonando oshindji osha pumbwa okuningwa natango.

    Kanime okwa popi kutya uupyakadhi wiimbuluma mbyoka ya taalela oshilando unene omateyo gomagumbo, omiyeka momapandanda, uulunga neteyo lyiihauto oshowo omateyo guushina wokunana iimaliwa woombaanga.

    Okwa popi kutya shimwe natango elongitho nayi lyiikolitha ndyoka tali londeke woo pombanda iimbuluma.

    Muule woomvula ndatu dha piti, Ovenduka oya mono iitsa 83 omanga iimbuluma yomateyo gomagumbo nuulunga ya pewa iitsa 84.3.

    Iimbuluma yomiyeka kwahomatiwa Ovenduka oya pewa iitsa 78.65 omanga uulingilingi nefuto lyoombumbo ya pewa iitsa 82.29.

    Johannesburg, ngoka e na omwaalu gwaakwashigwana ya thika pomiliyona yimwe okwa tulwa ponomola ontihamano miilando mbyoka ya nika oshiponga muuyuni.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Samsung Note 8 launches
  • Samsung Note 8 launchesSamsung Note 8 launchesKorean tech firm bets on flagship product Samsung has been given a second chance by consumers and the company must not screw it up. The stakes are high for Samsung Electronics' roll-out of the Note8, after the previous model's exploding battery fiasco last year.

    Like the Note7, which was scrapped and cost the South Korean company an estimated US$6billion, the new smartphone sports a big screen and advanced features to make it a more versatile device compared with Samsung's main Galaxy S8 flagship product. Like its predecessors, it includes a stylus.

    By keeping the same brand name, Samsung is making clear that the Note8 is an iterative (and better) device, and signals that it thinks it's fixed the problems with the previous version. While the Note doesn't command as wide an appeal as the Galaxy S line, both are premium devices in Samsung's efforts against Apple in the battle for global smartphone supremacy. The Note also helps the Suwon-based manufacturer keep pressure on its rival just before the release of three new iPhone models in September.

    After the Note7 battery fiasco, Samsung has been given a second chance by consumers and the company must not screw it up

    “The Note8 is arguably Samsung's most important smartphone launch in its history,” said Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics. “After the Note7 battery fiasco, Samsung has been given a second chance by consumers and the company must not screw it up.”

    The most significant change in the Note8, unveiled on Wednesday in New York, is a larger display that curves at the edges like the S8. The 6.3-inch Amoled screen, a variant of the organic light-emitting diode display used on many recent high-end smartphones, is noticeably bigger than the Note7's 5.7-inch touchscreen and slightly larger than the Galaxy S8+'s 6.2-inch display. Although many phone makers are working on ways to get a fingerprint scanner built into the display, the Note8 — like many other models — will have one on the back.

    Longer screen

    The longer screen lets users view more content, such as text messages and e-mails, without having to scroll, Samsung said in a demonstration. The Note8 also has new features for the stylus: users can write notes without unlocking the device, draw animated pictures that can be shared with contacts and words can be highlighted to be translated into different languages. The bigger screen also lets users swipe from the display's edge to launch two paired apps at a time in a split view.

    The new smartphone from Samsung will also feature an upgraded camera system that sports two lenses on the back for the first time. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, the advanced optics let users take pictures that can determine depth so that the background behind a person's profile can appear blurred. The Note8 will also support gigabit LTE, a faster networking technology for browsing the Web and downloading content, which the next iPhone won't have, Bloomberg News reported.


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    Google is planning smart headphonesGoogle is planning smart headphones NAMPA/REUTERS

    Google's next major hardware product may be designed to bring the company's smart assistant closer to your ears. Code in one of the company's Android apps indicates that it may be building, and getting ready to launch, smart headphones that offer direct access to the Google Assistant, according to a report from 9to5Google.

    Traces of the new product, code-named Bisto, first surfaced in April in the Google app for Android. They were subsequently removed, but recently reappeared, and now give us a pretty good idea of what Bisto will be about. Among other things, the app now contains the following description:

    "Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google, always ready to help."

    Google didn't respond to a request for comment.

    Additional lines in the app suggest that Bisto may not just be a simple pair of earbuds or anything similar to Apple's Airpods, but instead a pair of over-ear headphones with external buttons that offer access to a variety of functions. The device will be able to read notifications, and users will be able to access the Google Assistant and ask questions, similar to the way they can do with their phone, or a Google Home speaker.

    It also appears that Google didn't include an always-on microphone with the product, which means that users won't be able to talk to the assistant with a wake phrase like "Okay Google." Instead, input is being triggered by physically pressing a button on the left earcup. This may be due to privacy concerns, but foregoing the always-on mic should also help to conserve the device's battery.

    It's likely that Google would introduce Bisto later this year when it also officially unveils the next version of its flagship phones. Last year, Google held a hardware event in October to officially unveil the Pixel phone as well as the Google Home and Google Wifi products.

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Sony plans big game launches
  • Sony plans big game launchesSony plans big game launches Sony on Monday showed off its rich, action-packed new PlayStation 4 video games, some for virtual reality, as it defended its crown as the top-selling new-generation console.

    The company focused on blockbuster games and intriguing new titles for PS4 at a press event on the eve of the opening of the major Electronic Entertainment Expo here.

    There was no mention of the Xbox One X console unveiled a day earlier by rival Microsoft in a heightened challenge to PS4.

    “PlayStation is home to all the biggest and best game franchises in the world,” Sony Interactive Entertainment worldwide studios chairperson Shawn Layden said during a rapid-fire presentation of video trailers.

    The line-up included the first 'Uncharted' game to feature a heroine in place of the Nathan Drake hero, a 'God of War' sequel with a mighty father-son theme, and a pulse-pounding title starring Spiderman of Marvel Comics fame.

    The event also unveiled a version of the hit fantasy role-playing game 'Skyrim' tailored for play on PlayStation virtual reality gear.

    “It's all about gaming,” Layden said.

    “Every year, we continue to push the envelope of imagination, storytelling, and technology.”

    PlayStation has had success in keeping the focus on gamers and what they like.

    PS4 models include a Pro console for powering ultra-high definition 4K graphics, and the entire line of consoles syncs with PlayStation VR gear.

    Sony has sold more than 60.4 million PS4 consoles since they hit the market in November of 2013, the company revealed on Monday.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: From Russia, with love
  • From Russia, with loveFrom Russia, with loveFirst trials kick off in Guinea Responding to Guinea’s plea for help, Russian experts developed a vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus which is now being tested in that country. On 9 August, the first trials of a Russian-created Ebola vaccine kicked off in Guinea. The Russian health ministry made the announcement on the same day.

    The vaccine, Gam Evac Combi was designed by Russian health experts after the country responded to an international plea by the Guinean government.

    In a statement by the Russian health ministry, the said, “On 9 August, the Republic of Guinea launched post-registration clinical trials of the Russian Ebola vaccine Gam Evac Combi. The National Ethics Committee for Health Research of Guinea’s Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (MOHPH) issued a permit to conduct clinical trials of the vaccine on 2 000 Guinean citizens in July 2016.”

    The early 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa eventually turned into an epidemic and primarily affected three countries: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. According to the WHO, the Ebola virus infected 28 600 people and killed over 11 300 of them.

    Russian researchers were among the first in the world to respond to Guinea’s plea for help in combatting the Ebola outbreak. In response to the official request from the Guinean leadership, Russia sent a group of specialists and two laboratory modules of a mobile complex of specialised anti-epidemic teams by an aircraft of its Emergencies Ministry in August 2014.

    UC Rusal, a Russian aluminium company, ensured the deployment of a field hospital for 200 patients donated by Russia and organised and funded the training of qualified military medical personnel for its operation. During the epidemic, the hospital rendered free medical aid to over 4 500 people. Today it is the main field medical unit of Guinea’s armed forces.

    On January 14, 2016, the Russain health minister, Veronika Skvortsova, announced that the Gamaleya Federal Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology developed Gam Evac Combi, a combined vector vaccine against the Ebola fever. The vaccine was registered and permitted for use in medical practice on the territory of the Russian Federation in December 2015.

    On February 15, 2016, Skvortsova presented the Russian vaccine in Geneva to WHO director-general Margaret Chan and other WHO officials. An extensive presentation was also held in the Palace of Nations, as well as at round table discussions in March and May 2016 in Moscow and Geneva.

    The vaccine develops long-term immunity and has no serious side effects. It must be stored at -20°C but now researchers are developing a vaccine that will work even at +4°C. The Russian Ebola vaccine is the only duly registered medicine against Ebola at the national level.

    Guinea chose to test the vaccine in the Centre for Epidemic and Microbiological Research and Treatment (CEMRT) in Kindia built by UC Rusal to fight the Ebola epidemic in 2015. The Russian company invested over US$10 million in its construction.

    CEMRT represents a complex system of medical, diagnostic, logistics, guarding and dwelling buildings. Its main functions are to diagnose the presence of the Ebola virus, organise the treatment of infected patients, take part in anti-epidemic measures, conduct research related to the virus, search for treatment measures, train personnel and consult local medical workers.

    The Kindia centre is designed for 40 beds but stores enough materials and equipment to double this number. It has its own diagnostic and clinical biochemical lab. In cooperation with the MOHPH, UC Rusal held contests to select and train medical personnel for the centre. Following qualification exams, each of the centre’s medical workers received a certificate and a working permit from the Guinea’s National Ebola Coordination Committee and the WHO.

    The centre has 90 employees: 45 medical workers (seven doctors, 15 paramedics and 23 medical nurses), 18 technicians and 27 security guards. The centre trained over 100 medical specialists that continue working in other anti-Ebola facilities in Guinea.

    During the working visit of the Russian delegation (representatives from the health ministry and the Gamaleya Centre) to Guinea last April, the sides signed a trilateral memorandum on cooperation between the Russian and Guinean healthcare ministries and Guinea’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and addressed practical aspects of vaccination efforts in Guinea.

    Last July, the Gamaleya Centre sent Russian equipment and over 1 000 vaccine doses to Guinea for initial vaccination. Guinea started mobilising its volunteers. Its health minister issued an order to create the national committee to promote the Gam Evac Combi vaccination that included both Russian and Guinean researchers and experts that are organising studies and research at the local level and enlisting volunteers.

    The trial programme includes the vaccination and health monitoring of volunteers, especially their development of immunity over the course of a year. Success of the programme will make it possible to use the Russian Ebola vaccine all over the world.

    The vaccination of 2 000 Guinean volunteers and post-registration clinical trials in Guinea are expected to last until the end of 2018. – Additional reporting by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Namibia


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