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    Kashihakumwa establishes security academyKashihakumwa establishes security academy The former commander of the Namibian police in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa has established a security academy under his Tobias Hainyeko Trading Enterprises company.

    Kashihakumwa confirmed this in an interview with Nampa at his home village, Edimba, near Eenhana in the Ohangwena Region this week.

    The academy offers security and intelligence training to private security firms, individuals and members of the Men and Women Network against Crime.

    “Private security companies are our prime target, because their guards are entrusted with the duties at strategic government points such as hospitals where safety is paramount,” said Kashihakumwa.

    He said he will not train lawless people, therefore the names of interested persons will be screened by the police for criminal records.

    Training will for the time being be conducted at his plot at the Edimba village, where a shooting range has already been created, and it is where the trainees will be accommodated in tents.

    Prospective security guards will receive one-month training in security guard ethics, self-defence without using a firearm, dress code, drilling, saluting and how to handle a firearm.

    “Individuals who want to be trained on how to handle a firearm, are also welcome to receive training at our academy here,” the ex-Oshana police commander said.

    The training is offered at a fee of N$2 000 for one month. Retired commanders of both the police and Namibia Defence Force will serve as instructors.

    Four private security companies have already shown interest in bringing their guards for training to the academy.

    The date for the first intake will be determined once the academy has acquired 250 to 300 interested persons who passed the criminal record screening.

    Kashihakumwa obtained his first security experience in exile during the struggle for Namibia's independence from South African colonisers.

    The former police officer said he consulted many people about his idea to establish a security academy. These include Founding President Sam Nujoma, former President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Presidential Affairs' Minister Frans Kapofi, Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa and police chief Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga.

    Kashihakumwa retired from the police force at the age of 57 after being instrumental in the reduction of crime in the Oshana Region, where he served as regional commander from 2006 until towards the end of 2015.

    Kashihakumwa was appointed at the dawn of Namibia's independence on 21 March 1990 as a senior security officer at State House during Nujoma's reign. He was entrusted to bring Nujoma home from exile in 1989, and established the police unit that provides protection to very important persons in 1996.

    Kashihakumwa also served as a lieutenant in the NDF and an investigating officer at the Ministry of Works and Transport.

    -Additional reporting by Nampa

    Mathias Nanghanda

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    Social media to work for govtSocial media to work for govt The government's communication plan includes unlimited access to information by members of the public, according to information minister Tjekero Tweya. He made these remarks in parliament last week when discussions centred around the government's policy over the use of social media.

    The minister said that according to the Harambee Prosperity Plan, there is a focus on accountability and transparency to promote better service delivery to members of the public. Therefore, he said, the duties and functions of public relations as well as those of spokespersons and media liaisons should be adapted and adjusted in line with this vision.

    He is of the view that unlimited access to public information will help the government and its agencies to manage information sharing with the public.

    Government's communication plan includes making the duties of officials who work with information and the public clear so that a generic point of view can develop as to how they must do their jobs, Tweya said.

    “In this regard, all ministries, offices and agencies of the government, as well as local authorities, must ensure that public information is disseminated to the public within a reasonable time. It is expected of them to be proactive when communicating information about our programmes, policies and projects.”

    As a result, these officials will have to make use of available technologies and communication instruments to effectively share information with the public and further to that, to also ensure that factors which may have a negative impact on government's image are identified and corrected as soon as possible.

    Guidelines have been established for the implementation of the plan and these include action steps, key performance indicators as well as a timeline.

    In this regard, the information ministry has a policy on the use of social media by government officials as well as plan to implement it.

    “As government it is expected of us to use all available channels to ensure that our citizens have access to information, and useful information, so as to make decisions about their quality of life. Therefore, social media is one of the tools that government will use to disseminate information and through this, improve service delivery to our people,” Tweya said.

    However he added that these tools would not replace traditional media channels but would rather complement them and he called on the National Assembly members to support the new communication policy.

    Estelle de Bruyn

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    Students left out in the coldStudents left out in the coldWaiting for their allowances to pay for basics Allowances to students studying in Russia are delayed and the students say it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet basic needs during their exam time. More than 200 Namibian students studying in Russia on scholarships are struggling to survive after government failed to send their living allowances for nearly seven weeks.

    The 213 students who are on a full-bonded scholarship from the health ministry last received their living allowances in February.

    By yesterday afternoon a student confirmed that they had still not received any money.

    “We demand transparency. We deserve the right to know what is going on and whether our scholarships are in jeopardy, whether we need to make alternative plans for living allowances,” students said.

    The students that are studying in different courses ranging from Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medical Technicians and Medical Engineering at the First Moscow State Medical University and the People's Friendship University of Russia.

    The students arrived in different groups in Russia with the first group of students having arrived in October 2013 already, while the last group was sent in February 2015.

    According to the students the last allowance that was received from the ministry in February covered the period for February, March and April.

    The next payment was due in the first week of May for May, June and July, but has still not been received.

    “This is very alarming since we are in our final month of our second semester and its exam time,” the students say.

    “No student under a fully bonded scholarship should experience this, nor should any of us ever contemplate whether we should use our last 100 rubles (roughly N$22) to buy bread to eat, or to pay for a transport ticket enough only for a single day. We can't even buy essentials such as soap, deodorant or washing powder. We never signed up for this,” they said.

    The students say they are also unable to afford medication. “Our medical aid only covers consultations with doctors at our respective university clinics. All medication prescribed is 100% payable by us at the pharmacies,” they said.

    Originally, the scholarship provided by the ministry included a return ticket from Russia after completion of studies, the study permit and registration fees. Accommodation and meals were provided by the training institution but books and stationery formed also formed part of the scholarship as did the medical care.

    However, amendments had to be made to the agreement since the students all live in self-catering hostels.

    The ministry therefore now pays for the registration, tuition and accommodation fees at the start of every academic year, commencing on 1 September.

    Meanwhile, students receive a living allowance every three months, which is used to pay for food, transport to and from classes, books and stationery, training kits, toiletries and clothes, renewals of student visas and medication.

    Currently students are unable to attend classes since they have no funds to pay for these.

    According to the students they have resorted to making turns to attend classes or exam consultations by lending personalised student transport cards, which usually are credited for a month without having a limit on rides.

    “This practice, however, is illegal,” the students say.

    Students opened their accounts at the First National Bank upon the request of the ministry and have also been informed that the bank will close any current account that has not been used either in the form of a deposit or withdrawals within 90 days.

    Some students' accounts were already closed because of the late payments made by the ministry and this resulted in these students not being able to receive any eventual payments made.

    “Our allowances started off being a week late, then two weeks and now currently it has been seven weeks,” they said.

    While the students have lodged complaints about the late payment of allowances, these have only been met with excuses, they say.

    “We are in the dark about the future of our scholarships, and whether or not there will be sufficient funds to pay for our tuition and accommodation in the next academic year. All of this has us all anxious and restless about the future.

    “If there is no money, then they should not play hide and seek with us. They need to tell us the truth. This will help us in determining what we should do concerning our future.”

    The ministry said it is in the process of paying the monthly living allowance for May, June and July 2017 and says it will be received this month. According to the ministry, the students receive about N$6 600 per month.


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: Farm 37 confusion cleared
  • Farm 37 confusion clearedFarm 37 confusion cleared Walvis Bay residents have blamed the municipality for creating false hope when it announced the acquisition of Farm 37 for the establishment of a residential area.

    According to the residents, when they were told about Namibia Planning Advisory Board (NAMPAB) approval of the acquisition of farm 37 by Walvis Bay's municipality, they thought council would immediately service the land for the construction of residential houses.

    The 2 000-hectare piece of land is located opposite the granite factory, in the vicinity of Maxulili monument and is adjacent to the road to Walvis Bay airport.

    Deputy mayor Hilka Erastus told the residents at a public meeting on Tuesday that Farm 37 is a reality and council expects to complete the outstanding processes soon.

    “The development of Farm 37 is definitely on its way. Council officially received ministerial approval from NAMPAB last week and commenced with the designing and layout of the township which is the next stage of the process. Once this is completed, the plans will be submitted to NAMPAB again for approval. The timeline for completion of the remaining processes can be anything between two to five years and we are looking at shortening this. One of the steps being considered to ensure this is the possible unification of NAMPAB and the Township Board,” Erastus said.

    Erastus explained that the first phase of the process, which involves obtaining approval from NAMPAB that could have taken up to five years, was fast-tracked significantly.

    She further said a number of other due processes including the obtaining of the approval for plans from the surveyor-general and the line minister for the opening of a township, government gazetting and other formalities, including in legal formalities and consultations, still have to be completed before the development materialises. She gave the assurance that this would however be done in less than five years, adding that the outstanding processes would in no way derail the establishment of an envisioned Green Village township at Farm 37.

    Walvis Bay CEO, Muronga Haingura, added that council would identify processes that can run concurrently to further speed up the process.

    “Various ministries were consulted to see if the place is appropriate for the establishment of a township and we were given the green light. There are still a range of other processes that need to be followed. We still need to conduct geo-tech studies and workout how many blocks to accommodate residential erven can be established. The presence of stone would for example determine the location of the blocks and have financial implications,” Haingura said.

    An undertaking was given that council would call community meetings to explain the entire process of establishing a township and in order to bring a better understanding and remove any misconceptions created and those that currently exist regarding the process.


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: The #Festival is here
  • The #Festival is hereThe #Festival is here For a number of years, Namibia has seen a growing decrease in sport activities at school level. Namibia Media Holdings Group is of the view that it is high time to get out of that void and rekindle the spirit of togetherness and teamwork, while developing natural leadership skills among children throughout Namibia.

    It is the company's belief that the country needs the youth to become part of the Namibian team and the #Festival will aim to involve as many school children as possible to take part in the first of such an event. The festival will be held in Windhoek from 7 to 9 September at the SKW sports grounds. Career advice and planning will form the main focus on Thursday when children can visit information stands and attend presentations from various businesses, universities, colleges and vocational training facilities. Children and parents will have the opportunity to find out which educational opportunities are available in Namibia and beyond, and embassies are invited to introduce their countries' educational institutions and study requirements.

    The financial sector will present student loan offers and will offer advice on financing a small student vehicle while car dealerships will attend and display their choice of vehicles for the younger generation.

    The business sector has also come to the party already, and Bank Windhoek, Deloitte, Intouch, King Price Insurance, Newsprint, Paratus Telecom, Prosperity Health, Shoprite and NMH have all committed financial support to one of the following teams: Arabian Nights, Canyon Rangers, Coastal Dolphins, Delta Lions, Etosha Ravens, Highveld Cheetahs, Oshona Patriots, Pioneer Warriors and the Windhoek Saints. These teams comprise of members from different schools from different regions, to enable the young guns to interact, compete and have fun together.

    The sports activities will include rugby, soccer, netball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, sprints, swimming and a cheerleader's competition. Saturday's final highlight will be a huge party, with local musical talent as well as musicians from beyond the country's borders performing until late.

    Frank Steffen

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  • 06/18/17--16:00: Ndeitunga blasts child rape
  • Ndeitunga blasts child rapeNdeitunga blasts child rapeSeeks heftier sentences for crimes against children The Inspector-General of the Namibian police Sebastian Ndeitunga expressed horror at the increase in the rape of children at the Day of the African Child commemorations. Following the commemoration of the Day of the African Child, the chief of the police, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, has spoken out about the surge in child rapes in Namibia, also saying that traditional practitioners must be investigated in this regard.

    Ndeitunga said that it is sickening to receive reports of babies and young children being raped and killed by adults, especially family members who are meant to protect them.

    “This is totally unacceptable in a nation such as ours and is leading to a moral collapse of our society.”

    According to Ndeitunga, it is understood that witchcraft is involved in some of these child rape cases and he said that the police should therefore also investigate the traditional practitioners that are involved.

    He said that some men are of the belief that if they have sex with babies, it can cure diseases or illnesses.

    “It is sick to rape babies or virgins. We are very worried about what is happening.”

    He further stressed that parents and caregivers must make sure that they leave their children in the hands of a person they can trust, someone who will not take advantage of the child.

    “It is immoral what is happening in family homes,” he said regarding family members raping children. “This is your own blood. How can you treat your own family like that?

    “What is wrong with their heads? They do not even have 5% brains. They have 5-1!”

    He continued to say that people like this do not belong in society. “They belong in jail.”

    According to Ndeitunga, should suspects be found guilty of such a crime, a heftier sentence should also be introduced.

    He urged members of society, neighbours and churches to help protect children and if anything is suspected they should report it.

    Meanwhile the deputy agriculture minister Anna Shiweda said the “barbaric behaviour of children being raped and killed by adults and family members is a serious concern for government” and must end immediately.

    She made these remarks at the commemoration of the Day of the African Child which took place on 16 June.

    Shiweda said that it is shocking to see how adults, and especially family members who are supposed to take care of children, are the ones raping and killing them.

    “This barbaric behaviour remains a serious concern for government and it must be stopped without delay!”

    She said that children deserve the security of a stable family, and caring and loving parents.

    “Children need appropriate feeding and education. The welfare of our children is our collective responsibility. Parents, that is, fathers and mothers, teachers, pastors, business people, and the entire community, but most importantly the government.

    She said that the safety of children remains the prime concern of the government. “It remains our responsibility to ensure that our children receive the best opportunities in life by classifying their wellbeing as our highest priority.”

    According to her it is imperative that as partners in the education, protection and maintenance of children's rights, stock should be taken of the commitments to this call of duty.

    At the start of June, Namibian Sun reported that 16 child rape cases were opened since 17 April. The complainants include two five-year-olds, one of six, seven and nine years old, a 12-year-old as well as a 13-year-old, three 14-year-olds and two 15-year-old children. Four 17-year-old teenagers also reported they were raped.

    Out of the 16 cases, one case involves a 14-year-old boy who alleged that he was raped by an 18-year-old male perpetrator.


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: 'Youth makes land political'
  • 'Youth makes land political''Youth makes land political'Governor says youth is not fighting for the people At the public consultations held in Outapi, farmers expressed concern over the available space in communal areas while the governor lashed out at the youth for politicising the land issue. The governor of Kunene, Angelika Muharukua, says that the youth who claim to be fighting for land are not doing it in the interest of landless Namibians, but rather for their own “selfish political agendas” which she said must come to an end.

    She was speaking to Namibian Sun on the sidelines of the consultative workshop on the Revised National Resettlement Policy held in Outapi in the Omusati Region on Friday.

    Muharukua is of the opinion that the youth are not sincere when they ask questions about land because they are discussing urban land and not rural, farmland.

    She also made reference to this during the meeting where the majority of attendees were elders. She questioned why the youth, whom she says are insulting elders labelling them as illiterate and uneducated on social media platforms, are not present when policies of this nature are to be discussed by members of the public.

    “I know the Namibian youth and those that say they are fighting for land, they are not doing it for the people, they are doing it for positions…. If you look around why don't you see them here? It is because they are fighting for Windhoek land only,” Muharukua said.

    “They are there de-bushing in Windhoek. Why can't they also go to their hometowns and villages and de-bush there? This is why I say they are not fighting the land issue the way they should. The youth wing of Swapo used to fight for development and not what we are currently seeing. They must stop politicising the land issue,” she added.

    Muharukua warned that if Namibians are not careful of being misled and used by those who claim to be doing things in the peoples' interest, Namibia will turn out like South Africa where peace is not guaranteed.

    “If you look at the situation in South Africa, Namibia is better off but if we are not careful we will end up like them and we know how it happened there,” Muharukua said.

    “We should first develop our minds and then we can talk of development,” she reiterated.

    Revised policy

    The consultation presented the revised policy for resettlement to the public and forms part of a series of meetings being held across the country. The new policy aims at redressing the imbalance pertaining to land distribution as a result of the 2001 policy. Many members of the public at the meeting raised a number of concerns pertaining to the objectives of the document.

    After the consulting firm Kabbe Investments had presented the document, they asked for inputs from the attendees. Muharukua indicated that it was unfair for a document to be made available on the day it should be discussed saying proper preparations were supposed to be done.

    “This document is thick and people were supposed to have been given this document earlier for them to come prepared which will see meaningful contributions made,” she said.

    She therefore suggested that the people take along the policy and if they have any concerns they should submit them to the correct authorities following the proper channels.

    Her point was well taken as the consultant indicated that the deadline for inputs is 23 June.

    Meanwhile, there were some that shared their thoughts including the king of the Ongandjera Traditional Authority, Johannes Mupiya, who indicated that there is no more communal land above the red line.

    He said that those with a high number of livestock should be resettled in other parts of the country to give space to those farmers that are just starting out or have a smaller number of animals.

    “Even if you decide to give 7 000 hectares to farmers for resettlement in the north, it will not work, because there are farmers with too many livestock. In fact, there is no land in the north for farmers anymore,” King Mupiya said.

    Another concern raised was the fact that farmers are required to sell their livestock if they are to be resettled on the southern side of the red line. The farmers say this is wrong and causes them to incur huge losses.

    “I want to know what does this policy have to say regarding the sale our livestock here if one is to be resettled because if they can be quarantined and be declared disease free, why can't I transport them to where I am to be resettled?” a former councilor asked.

    Suggestions were also made that in the future when documents need to be scrutinised by members of the public, they need to be distributed in advance for constructive contributions to be made.


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: No place to call home
  • No place to call homeNo place to call homeSquatting in the CBD A group of 25 have made an abandoned and dilapidated government house their home with some living there for longer than they can remember. On an abandoned government property in Robert Mugabe Avenue, some 25 homeless have made their home, babies and children in tow. The house is run-down and has suffered severe fire damage and there is running water, but no toilets or electricity.

    Cynthia Goagus, 27, a long-time resident, shares her small space and mattress with her six-month-old baby. She told Namibian Sun she is tired of living on the streets.

    Goagus, who was preparing herself for church on Sunday morning, said she lived a normal life before her mother died in 2004.

    “Life was good before my mother died. I had everything I needed but my life changed in a few seconds after she passed away,” said Goagus. She said she continued to stay at her mother's house with her aunt but they used to argue a lot. She said she was forced to leave. “After my mother died, my aunt and I used to argue about a lot of things, one day I just had enough and I just opted to go to the streets. My aunt then sold my mother's house so there was no place for me to go back to,” she said.

    She says she fends for her baby by begging for money on the streets or by doing house work for people who employ her on an ad hoc basis. “I struggle a lot, but I am not ashamed because I have a baby at home I need to feed him. I beg in front of shops for money and sometimes I clean houses so I can make money to feed my baby,” shared Goagus.

    She admits the place is not ideal or safe but she has no place to go. “It is not really a safe place, but I stay here because there is no other place for me.”

    It gets very cold at night and people sometimes fight here but I have nowhere to go,” shared Goagus.

    The father of the baby, who said his name is Foudenu Fudario says although it was Father's Day there was nothing for him to celebrate. “My heart bleeds. I bleed for my son because I am not happy. There is nothing to be happy about here. We've been complaining for years and years and our complaints fall on deaf ears. The government only gives help to the struggle kids but we also are struggle kids and we need help as well,” he said. He added he has been on the streets for 27 years and has since lived from one place to another. “Independence found me here on the streets. I voted for our government but I haven't seen change. I lived under the bridge and I was moved from there. Everywhere I go I've been moved. The government has wronged us,” said Fudario.

    Goagus adds she is constantly in fear of being thrown out of the house they now call home. “We are not really sure how long we are going to stay here until the City Police officials throw us out. You don't sleep comfortably because you are worried about what is going to happen next,” said Goagus.

    The mother says she does not ask for much from the government but just a place she can call her own and for any Good Samaritan who can give her a job so she can take care of her baby. “The government should provide us with a piece of land where we can stay since they always move us from the places we stay. And I plead to anyone out there to give me a job so I can take care of my baby,” implored Goagus.

    The City Police is aware of the squatters and on Friday evening during the Copps radio show on Kosmos 94.1, discovered the two babies in the house. Superintendent Kolokwe, from the City Police, confirmed that she would attend to the matter today with officials from the gender ministry. “We need to get those babies to safety,” she said.


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    Top Henties official bust for stock theftTop Henties official bust for stock theft A high-level Henties Bay municipal official was arrested this weekend in connection with stock theft.

    His identity is known to Namibian Sun, but he cannot be identified as he will only appear in the Swakopmund Magistrate's Court today.

    According to the Erongo Region police's Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, on Friday at about 21:30 the 54-year-old suspect accepted one full cattle carcass without any documentation or identification on delivery and then sold it for N$4 000.

    The incident allegedly took place at Erf 195, Omaruru Drive in Henties Bay.

    The full carcass is valued at N$8 000 and was recovered from the buyer as well as some cash that was received.

    Meanwhile the Namibian police have urged road users to exercise extreme caution saying that motorists have “no respect for police officers” following an accident where a police officer was killed while manning a traffic checkpoint.

    According to the police, in June last year a similar incident occurred where a member of the police was killed while manning a police checkpoint on the Windhoek/Okahandja route.

    “It seems like motorists are really losing it; no respect whatsoever for police officers nor for other motorists; hence road accidents continue to occur,” said spokesperson of the Namibian police, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi.

    “Road users must earnestly start to exercise caution. We are appealing to all motorists to uphold the road rules and regulations.”

    “Please respect life and exercise extreme caution when on the road and when approaching the police checkpoints and or any other roadblock.”

    On Thursday at about 19:30 at Oshiko Road traffic checkpoint, a 22-year-old man, who was also an unlicensed driver of a white Toyota Hilux hit and killed a police officer who was on the road manning the checkpoint.

    The driver immediately fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. He was subsequently arrested and police investigations continue. The deceased is identified as 41- year-old Sergeant Iileka Aina.

    The suspect has been charged with culpable homicide, failing to stop after accident, failing to report accident to the police and failing to render assistance to the injured person.

    At Okatope on Thursday at about 06:19 at Okaputa village in Omuntele constituency an elderly, 80 year-old-man was repeatedly assaulted on the head with a hammer by his grandchild.

    It is alleged that on 14 June the 27-year-old suspect arrived at the homestead from Oshakati to visit his grandfather.

    On Thursday morning at 06:00, the suspect went to his grandfather's room, where he was sleeping and for no apparent reason started to assault him with a hammer.

    According to the police the victim screamed and people in the house rushed to his room where they found him helpless and in a pool of blood. The victim was rushed to Onandjokwe Hospital admitted in a critical condition. The suspect is expected to appear in the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court today.

    In a separate incident on Friday at 03:00 a 30-year-old man was killed after he turned unconscious on a railway line and train ran over his legs.

    Ricky Nickson Gariseb, who was employed at Total Service Station in Karibib, was reportedly drunk, when crossing the railway track near Engen Service Station heading towards the location.

    He allegedly fell and dozed off with his legs on the train tracks. While he was asleep the train ran over him and as a result he lost both his legs. He was rushed to Usakos State hospital in a critical condition and died later


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: Gumede backs McCarthy
  • Gumede backs McCarthyGumede backs McCarthy Tshepo Gumede says Benni McCarthy needs to be given time to prove himself as Cape Town City coach

    Cape Town City defender Tshepo Gumede says it would be unfair to judge new coach Benni McCarthy before he even begins his tenure at the Mother City club.

    McCarthy's talents during his playing days were undeniable, with the UEFA Champions League winner and former Bafana Bafana international still the country's all-time leading goalscorer.

    However, his appointment as Citizens coach on Wednesday drew varying opinions from the local football fraternity, with the majority of concerns stemming from the former Porto, Blackburn, West Ham and Orlando Piratews striker's lack of actual coaching experience.

    Gumede, though, believes in first affording one the chance to prove themselves, before making any sort of judgements.

    “He [McCarthy] has the knowledge of football so I think it's a good choice,” Gumede told KickOff.com.

    “[In life] we all have to be given a nod in order to see what one can do. Plus, look at coach Eric's [Tinkler] tenure as head coach in his career.”

    Gumede also warned that, like Diego Maradona, being a great footballer does not necessarily mean you will be a great manager.

    “It differs from person to person so we can't judge from that [legends of the game failing to make it in coaching].”

    The former Platinum Stars and Orlando Pirates player says although he doesn't know what to expect from McCarthy's approach to coaching, he is looking forward to working with the South African legend.

    “I have not worked with him before so I can't say what's unique, though I'm excited.”


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    AUSC Region Five marathon launchedAUSC Region Five marathon launchedCoast awaits fierce races Long-distance runners are preparing to flex their muscles at the anticipated event. The third edition of the African Union Sport Council (AUSC) Region Five marathon was launched in Windhoek on Thursday, with over 200 athletes expected to compete in the event.

    The marathon, which will see athletes from the AUSC Region compete amongst each other, will be held in Swakopmund on 24 June.

    During its maiden year in 2015, the marathon was held in Malawi and in 2016, Mozambique became the second country to host the event. The AUSC Region Five is the sports arm of the African Union, which aims to use sport as a tool to achieve peace, integration and unity in Africa.

    The AUSC Region Five consists of Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

    Speaking at the launch, AUSC's head of projects and marketing Siyabonga Sangweni said the event in Namibia will be used as a qualifier for the World Athletic Championships that will be held in London later this year.

    Ten athletes per AUSC Region Five member states will compete, but Namibia is urged enter as many athletes as possible.

    “We want Namibians to flock to this event. This will be one of the biggest events since its maiden edition, as we will raise the bar and make it very difficult for another country to drop it when they host the event in 2018.

    “Our objective as the AUSC is to make this competition the next big thing in the region,” he said.

    Speaking at the same occasion, Namibia Sports Commission chairperson Joel Matheus said this year's marathon will incorporate the Confederation of Southern Africa National Olympic Committee Olympic Day celebrations and he therefore called on Namibians to support the event.

    “We look forward to 250 runners to engage in a full marathon and at the same time, the introduction of para-athletics in some of the track events,” he said.


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  • 06/18/17--16:00: Namibian boxers in Congo
  • Namibian boxers in CongoNamibian boxers in Congo A Namibian boxing team is in Congo Brazzaville where they are participating in the African Boxing Championship slated for 17 to 25 June.

    Three boxers Jonas Junias (64kg), Mateus Kasolo (60kg) and Mattias Hamunyela (49kg) are led by coach Damien Ndengu who said the team will try their level best in the competition.

    Junias, the country's 2016 Olympic flag-bearer, said that they did not prepare well for the tournament because they were unsure if they will travel. “We didn't have a training camp and trained from home. Hopefully we will put up a great performance in Brazzaville in order to make everyone proud,” he said.

    The chief administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, Freddy Mwiya warned the boxers to follow the code of conduct at all times and to remember to represent themselves and the country well.

    He also said that they should win convincingly and not give excuses if they lose. The African Championship serves as a qualifier for the internal Boxing Association (AIBA) world championship slated for August and September 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.

    Four quota places will be awarded at the African Championship per weight class and 40 in total will be up for grabs.

    Limba Mupetami

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  • 06/19/17--07:13: Horrific crash on B2
  •  Horrific crash on B2 Horrific crash on B2 A terrible accident on the Swakopmund-Arandis road, involving a truck and a Mahindra pickup, claimed the life of a motorist this afternoon. It is reported that the driver of the Mahindra died after his bakkie collided with a truck. The truck driver escaped with injuries.

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     Ya Toivo memorial service in Keetmans tomorrow Ya Toivo memorial service in Keetmans tomorrow The //Karas Region will remember the late struggle icon Andimba Toiva Ya Toivo in a public memorial service at the Suiderlig High School in Keetmanshoop Tuesday afternoon.
    Ya Toivo died in Windhoek on 9 June at the age of 92.
    The service is expected to be attended by Ya Toivo’s widow, Vicki, their two daughters Mutaleni and Nashikoto and other family members.
    The region’s Governor Lucia Basson will open the programme, followed by a poem delivered in honour of Ya Toivo by Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor Elias !Kharuxab.
    The Southern Youth Choir will pay respects with song while messages will be delivered by friends of Ya Toivo, veterans and ex-prisoners of Robben Island.
    Ya Toivo was incarcerated at this notorious South African prison for 16 years in 1968 after being tried under the Terrorism Act by the colonial authorities.
    Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maureen Hinda will deliver a message on behalf of the National Leaders Assigned to //Karas, while Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa will deliver a message on behalf of government.
    Swapo Party regional coordinator for //Karas Matheus Mumbala will present a message on behalf of the ruling party and Ambassador Eddy Amukongo will deliver an eulogy.


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  • 06/19/17--16:00: Welwitschias lose to Russia
  • Welwitschias lose to RussiaWelwitschias lose to Russia The Namibian rugby national team suffered their second defeat in the World Rugby Nations Cup after losing 10-31 to Russia on Sunday.

    The team has so far won one game and lost two in the competition in Uruguay.

    Russia took a 5-0 lead in the first minutes of the match and went on to double their lead to 12-0 before the Welwitschias scored their first try to make the score 5-12.

    However, the Welwitschias's deficit was increased to 14 points after Russia scored yet another try in the first half. The Russians took a 19-5 lead going into halftime, leaving the Namibians with plenty of ground to cover. In the second half, Russia continued where they left off in the first half, scoring another try to stretch their lead to 24-5.

    The Russians then waved yet another attack which resulted in yet another try to make the scores 31-5.

    Namibia's talented winger Gino Wilson proved his worth to the Namibians with a try of his own.

    Wilson's try brought the score to 31-10 as Russia edged closer to a victory over the Welwitschias.

    The score-line remained the same until the final whistle of the match.

    Other results saw host Uruguay losing 14-24 to Spain, while Argentina narrowly defeated Italy 15-10.

    The Namibian team will now return home to start preparations for their Africa Gold Cup competition.

    Namibia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda and Kenya will battle to win the competition which will enable them to secure a place in the in 2019 Rugby World Cup qualifiers.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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  • 06/19/17--16:00: Mixed reactions over VAR
  • Mixed reactions over VARMixed reactions over VARGoseb criticises new video system Football analysts in Namibia have voiced different opinions regarding the new referee video system. Namibian football experts are not in support of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system that is currently being tested at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.

    Others feel that the system will be good for football all over the world.

    The VAR reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and headsets for communication.

    The system has not been fully implemented yet, but is being trialled in several competitions.

    The VAR reviews whether there are any violations during a build up to a goal and penalty decisions.

    It also reviews the awarding of red cards or mistaken identities if the referee issues a yellow card to a player.

    However, Namibia Football Association (NFA) referee coordinator Absalom Goseb felt that the VAR is breaking the spirit of the game.

    “My point of view is that the system is good for technology and maybe for the future generations.

    “However, the negative side of it is that it delays the game because it almost takes two minutes off the match.

    “It also breaks the spirit of the players given that they have to stop and wait for a review just after scoring a goal,” Goseb said.

    The former referee also maintains that the system is changing the meaning and tradition of football.

    Goseb admitted that it will take time for the old and technologically challenged referees to adapt to the system.

    The system has already been criticised by real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane who called it “confusing” during the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup final in Japan.

    Meanwhile, Namibia's award-winning coach Brian Isaacs insists that the new system will bring justice to the game.

    He cited the fact that various football nations have lost world cups because of wrong decisions as the reason why he chose to back the system.

    Isaacs however felt that certain incidents outside the box are not really a necessity to require the VAR.

    “The only problem I see with it is the delay made by the announcement through the mic which is not good.

    “To be honest I am in support of this new system because many clubs will not be robbed of their victories.

    “I have seen countries losing big competitions because of wrong decisions and that is why I am there for the new system,” Isaacs said.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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    Ronaldo painted on Russian muralRonaldo painted on Russian mural Cristiano Ronaldo has been honoured with a large mural with his image in the Russian city of Kazan, but it was painted on the facade of a private building that is only visible to hotel guests where Portugal's team is staying for the Confederations Cup football tournament.

    Ronaldo and his teammates can see the huge colourful depiction of the Portugal forward, but the public has no access to it.

    The image used was one of Ronaldo winking to his teammates when former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney was sent off in a game between Portugal and England at the 2006 World Cup.

    “People are talking about this and I wanted to see it and take a photo of it,” said Artem Maltsev, a 23-year-old Kazan resident standing outside the Portugal hotel. “Maybe they will let us see it after the tournament ends and the team leaves, I don't know.”

    The mural is in a gated private courtyard, and fans and the media have not been allowed inside to view it. Players and hotel guests can see it perfectly because many of the rooms overlook the courtyard.

    Police officers outside the hotel did not say why the public was not allowed near the building. A security guard at the courtyard's entrance said she couldn't allow anybody in because it was a private area.

    The building was painted by a local collective called Supernova after a call from the city of Kazan to create murals in different parts of the municipality to celebrate the start of the Confederations Cup.

    Dmitry Kudinov, a member of the collective, said they finished the mural in five days, using about 300 cans of paint.

    Handouts of the artwork have been distributed and published by local media, attracting the public's attention.

    Ronaldo, the reigning world player of the year, is the biggest star at the Confederations Cup. He has been attracting headlines after a report by a Portuguese newspaper said he wants to leave Real Madrid because of allegations he defrauded Spanish tax authorities.

    Portugal drew 2-2 with Mexico in their Group A opener on Sunday in Kazan.


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  • 06/19/17--16:00: Oscar sparks mass brawl
  • Oscar sparks mass brawlOscar sparks mass brawl Brazilian international Oscar triggered a mass brawl in the Chinese Super League as players and staff from his Shanghai SIPG side and opponents Guangzhou R&F scrapped on the pitch.

    After the former Chelsea midfielder appeared twice to fire the ball deliberately at Guangzhou players, he was rushed by several opponents. Oscar fell to the ground and a melee broke out.

    One player from each side was sent off as the opening of the CSL transfer window was marked in rambunctious style.

    The fight erupted just before half-time in Sunday's CSL clash at Guangzhou R&F, where Andre Villas-Boas' SIPG were attempting to keep up the pressure on league leaders Guangzhou Evergrande.

    Oscar cost SIPG a whopping 60 million euros (US$67 million) in the last transfer window, the biggest such deal in Asian football history.

    He sparked the confrontation when he lashed the ball twice at R&F players.

    The home side's Chen Zhizhao retaliated, pushing the 25-year-old Brazilian to the ground. Then players, coaching staff and substitutes poured off the benches and waded in as Oscar lay face-down on the pitch.

    When order was restored after pushing and shoving, R&F's Li Tixiang and Shanghai's Fu Huan were dismissed and three others were booked.

    Oscar was unhurt and the fiery encounter finished 1-1 to leave SIPG four points behind reigning champions Guangzhou Evergrande.

    Villas-Boas defended Oscar, saying he was “just being passionate”, and Oscar denied he purposely twice aimed the ball at R&F players.

    “Disrespect the opponent? It is not true. I am a very dedicated player and respect sportsmanship,” Sina Sports website quoted him as saying.

    Another Brazilian international, the forward Hulk, equalised for Shanghai after being set up by Oscar just before the fisticuffs.

    R&F players were incensed that the goal was allowed to stand since Oscar appeared to have been offside before his assist.

    Villas-Boas told Shanghai's official social media: “Our goal should be offside and it was unlucky for Guangzhou.”

    R&F apologised after the home side racked up five yellow cards in addition to the one red.

    “We are sorry about the infringements during the game and hope the players can adjust their attitude and prepare for the following game,” the club said in a statement.


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    SWSL hosts pre-season tournamentSWSL hosts pre-season tournamentPrepares for league The African Child Day Soccer Bonanza event was used as early preparation for some of the teams that will compete in the league. The Swakopmund Women's Soccer League (SWSL) held its pre-season tournament at the Mondesa Sports Stadium in Swakopmund on Saturday.

    Five of the eight teams that compete in the league competed against each other.

    Dragon City, Namib Daughters, Dream Team, African Queens and Kavetu Football Club (FC) competed in the one day pre-season competition.

    Chelsea, Swakopmund FC and Kavetu FC B side were the only sides that did not compete in the event.

    In the opening game, African Queens beat Dream Team 2-1, while 2015/16 women soccer league champion Namib Daughters showed their dominance once again when they beat current league champions Dragon City 5-2 in the second game of the day.

    Arandis-based Kavetu FC beat African Queens 2-0 and the last game of the bonanza saw Kavetu FC going down 4-0 to Dragon City.

    League chairperson, Wilson Nguvauva told Nampa after the games that the tournament was a good test for teams to see how prepared their squads are with all the new signings they acquired.

    “Our league is growing and we wanted to see what we have with all the teams that signed new players. We still believe in our goal of keeping young women off the streets and we believe playing in the league has helped a lot of young women do just that, which is a good thing for us as league administrators,” he said.

    The amateur women's football league was established in June 2015, with eight football teams based in Swakopmund and Arandis.


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    Hulitheni po okukwata aanona onkonga-NdeitungaHulitheni po okukwata aanona onkonga-NdeitungaA hala omageelo geli pombanda kaalongi yiimbulumambyoka Omukomeho gwOpolisi yaNamibia, Sebastian Ndeitunga okwa holola ehaluko lye omolwa e yo pombanda lyiipotha yomakwatonkonga gaanona mbyoka tayi londo pombanda kehe esiku, pethimbo kwa dhimbulukiwa Esiku lyOotate. Sha landula edhimbuluko lyEsiku lyOkanona kaAfrika, Omukomeho gwOpolisi moshilongo, Sebastian Ndeitunga, okwa popi kombinga yoshitangalalo shekwatonkonga lyaanona shoka sha londa pombanda noonkondo moshilongo.

    Ndeitunga okwa popi kutyaotashi uvitha nayi noonkondo okuuva oolopota dhaanona taya kwatwa onkonga na okwa popi kutya oongangala dhopamuthigululwakalo odha pumbwa okukonaakonwa moshinima shoka.

    Ndeitunga okwa popi kutya otashi uvitha nayi noonkondo sho oolopota ndhoka tadhi holola kutya aanona mboka otaya kwatwa onkonga woo nokaakwanezimo yawo mboka yali ye na okuya gamena.

    Pahapu dhaNdeitunga, omaulodhi nago otaga kwatakanithwa niipotha mbyoka yimwe po ta popi kutya opolisi oya pumbwa okukonaakonona oonganga dhopamuthigululwakalo dhimwe.

    Okwa popi kutya aalumentu yamwe oye na eitaalo kutya ngele okwa yi miihulo nokanona okashona, nena ota vulu oku aluka okuza komikithi dhontumba.

    Okwa popi kutya aavali oya pumbwa okukwashilipaleka kutya oya thiga uunona wawo momame gaantu mboka taya vulu okwiinekela.

    “Omukalo nguka gwa sa otagu ningilwa momagumbo getu.”

    Ndeitunga okwa popi kutya aantu mboka taya longo omiyonena ndhoka inaya pumbwa okukala moshigwwana ihe oya pumbwa okukala modholongo.

    Nditunga okwa popi kutya okwa hala opo ku kale taku gandjwaomageelo omanene kwaamboka taya monika ondjo miipotha mbyoka, na okwa pula oshigwana nongeleka opo yi gandje ekwatho megameno lyaanona, nokulopota kehe shoka tashi holoka.

    Omupeha Minista mOshikondo shUunamapya, Anna Shiweda okwa popi kutya omukalo ngoka gwaanona taya kwatwa onkonga nokoofamili dhawo oguli omukundu omunene gwa taalela epangelo na ogwa pumbwa okuhulithwapo meendelelo.

    Okwa popi ngaaka pethimbo kwa dhimbulukiwa Esiku lyOkanona kaAfrika mEtitano lya piti.

    Shiweda okwa popi kutya otashi halutha sho aakokele mboka yali ye na okukala taya gamene aanona oyo taya kwata onkonga aanona.

    Okwa popi kutya uunona owa pumbwa egameno okuza kaakwashigwana ayehe moshilongo, negameno lyaanona lyo oshilalakanena shotango shepangelo.

    Petameko lyomwedhi Juni, oNamibian Sun oyalopota kutya okwa patululwa iipotha 16 yomakwatonkonga gaanona okuza momasiku 17 gaApilili. Momakwatonkonga moka omwa kwatelwa okanona koomvula ntano, oomvula 6, oomvula 7 oshowo omugoyi.

    Okanona koomvula 12 nako okwa lopotwa ka kwatwa onkonga, oshowo omunamimvo 13, aanona yatatu yoomvula 14 oshowo aanona yaali yoomvula 15, nomunamimvo 17.

    Mokati kiipotha mbyoka 16 omwa kwatelwa oshipotha shokamati koomvula 14 hoka ka kwatwa onkonga komunamimvo 18 omulumentu.


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