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  • 05/01/19--16:00: Oshituthi shOmaludi mOkongo
  • Oshituthi shOmaludi mOkongoOshituthi shOmaludi mOkongo Elelo lyomukunda Okongo oshowo elelo lyoshitopolwa shaHangwena otaya ka ninga oshituthi shawo oshitiyali shOmaludi Festival, okuza momasiku 25 Mei sigo esiku lyotango lyaJuni. Aanafaalama okuza moNorthern Communal Areas (NCA) otaya ka ulika iimuna yawo pethimbo lyomauliko ngoka.

    Uulalelo wowina mboka wa ningwa mehuliloshiwike lya piti, owa gongele oshimaliwa sha thika pooN$197 620, shoka sha nuninwa elongekidho lyomauliko ngoka. Ombaanga yoFirst National Bank (FNB) oya gandja oshimaliwa shoo25 000, Nored oshowo Eenhana United oya gandja oshimaliwa shooN$20 000 kehe gumwe, Knight Wizard N$14 000 omanga Standard Bank a gandja oshimaliwa N$10 000.

    Omaludi ogeli omauliko gopamuthigululwakalo gwAawambo, moka aanafaalama haya ulike iimuna yawo nokutothwamo, omusindani ngoka e na iimuna ya lya nawa nenge ya paluka nawa.

    Omunambelewa Omukuluntu gwomukunda ngoka, Wodibo Haulofu okwa pandula aanangeshefa sho taya yambidhidha oshituthi shoka.

    Okwa popi kutya enenedhiladhilo lyawo okugandja ompito kaanafaalama opo ya vule okuulika iimuna yawo yo ya vule woo okulanditha.

    Poshituthi shuulalelo mboka, omunashipundi gwoNamibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), moshitayi shomonooli, Tomas Koneka Iindji, okwa popi kutya elelo lyomukunda gwaKongo otali longo nuudhiginini mokukwathela meyambulepo lyeliko lyoshilongo, nonando oli li limwe lyomomalelo omashona moshilongo.

    Indji okwa popi kutya uunafaalama owuli esipa lyombunda lyeliko lyoshilongo onkena osha simana noonkondo oku ya mbulwa po, ta pandula woo oshilonga oshinene shoka tashi longwa kaanafaalama moonkambadhala woo dhokupalutha oshigwana.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya iituthi yoludhi ndoka inayi simana owala meyambulepo lyaanangeshefa aashona naamboka yopokati, hie oya simana woo mokuyambulapo aanafaalama oshowo okuya pa ompito yokuyambulapo ongeshefa moshikondo shawo.

    Iindji okwa pula aanangeshefa yakwawo ya yambidhidhe aluhe omauliko ngoka.


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    Probe into CBD shooting ongoingProbe into CBD shooting ongoingSimasiku still in custody The police are not done with their investigation into the January shooting in the city centre this year. Police investigations into the case of a former Global Fund employee who allegedly shot dead a former colleague and wounded another in Windhoek in January this year, are not yet complete.

    The 33-year-old Simasiku Simataa Simasiku made another appearance before Windhoek Magistrate Vanessa Stanley on Monday on a charge of murder and attempted murder.

    His case was postponed to 13 June to allow the police investigating team to finalise all their investigations in connection with the killing.

    Prosecutor Precious Matali, who represented the State Monday, informed the court that two statements are still outstanding as well as the ballistics report from the National Forensic Science Institute of Namibia.

    The decision to postpone the case was decided upon by Simasiku's Legal Aid-funded defence lawyer, Henry Shimutwikeni and the prosecutor in court.

    The postponement was a final remand for further police investigations.

    Simasiku was again ordered to remain in police custody at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility with no option to post bail.

    On 28 January this year, Simasiku allegedly walked into the City Centre office building and shot the two women.

    One victim, a director of the Global Fund programme management unit, Sarah Mwilima, 58, died at the scene, while the other victim, Ester Nepolo, was wounded and received medical treatment at the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital over the past few months.

    Nepolo has now been discharged from hospital, according to the police.

    Simasiku previously worked at the programme management unit under the Global Fund Directorate based within the health ministry, along with the two victims, and was employed at the ministry's primary healthcare unit at the time of the incident.

    The accused handed himself over to the Wanaheda police shortly after the incident.

    The motive for the shooting is still unknown.


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    Man attempts to bribe traffic officerMan attempts to bribe traffic officer A Chinese national appeared on a charge of bribery in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court Monday.

    According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Ikuyu of the Erongo police, Bian Young Quan (39) attempted to bribe a municipal traffic officer on Friday.

    “He tried bribing the officer with N$200 after he failed to produce a valid driver's licence.”

    Quan was granted N$10 000 bail which he paid after his appearance and his case was postponed to 25 July for a decision from the prosecutor-general's office. He appeared before Magistrate John Liwoyo Sindano and was represented by Liesl Heyman. Fidel Wakudumo appeared for the State.

    Iikuyu also confirmed that a 33-year-old woman lost her life in a motor vehicle accident on the notorious B2 road.

    “The next of kin of Florida Talana Areses were notified and her body was taken to the Walvis Bay police mortuary for postmortem examination. A case of culpable homicide and reckless/or negligent driving is being investigated.

    According to Iikuyu the vehicle experienced a tyre burst 15 kilometres before Omaruru on Sunday afternoon.

    Two other passengers (a woman, 23, and a five-year-old child) sustained slight injuries. The driver escape unharmed.

    The Erongo police are also investigating a case of rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm. A 28-years-old cognitively challenged woman was raped during the early morning hours of Saturday.

    “The lady was about to go home from a bar in Usab location in Karibib when an unknown suspect allegedly invited her to another bar and offered to buy her a beer. The assailant, who is unknown and at large, pulled the victim to an area next to a railway line where he assaulted and raped her. She was taken to the Karibib clinic for medical treatment.”

    Anyone with information regarding the incident or the suspect can contact Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu at 081 246 4757 or Detective Warrant Officer Simson Nghiteeka at 081 348 6869.

    Leandrea Louw

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    Okongo ready for Omaludi FestivalOkongo ready for Omaludi Festival The Okongo village council in Ohangwena will host its second Omaludi Festival from 25 May to 1 June, where farmers from the Northern Communal Areas (NCA) will exhibit their livestock.

    A fundraising dinner that was held over the weekend raised N$197 620 for the event. First National Bank (FNB) pledged N$25 000, Nored and Eenhana United N$20 000 each, Knight Wizard N$14 000 and Standard Bank N$10 000.

    Omaludi is a traditional cattle show where Aawambo farmers parade their cattle in front of judges, who assess them to determine the best farmers and livestock.

    Village council CEO Wodibo Haulofu thanked the business community for their support, saying the event was growing in popularity.

    “Our main idea is to try and create an opportunity for communal farmers to gain access to the market to sell their produce. This will also be an opportunity for the role players in the agriculture industry to come and exhibit and present their products to the end users,” he said.

    At the fundraising dinner, the chairperson of the northern branch of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Tomas Koneka Iindji, said the Okongo village council had made significant strides towards economic development although it was the youngest local authority in Namibia.

    “Let me take this opportunity to reiterate that agriculture is the lifeblood of Namibia; it is in our bones, in our dreams and is our culture.

    “I personally acknowledge and find joy in farmers because most of them have embraced the responsibility, sometimes for generations, to feed Namibia.

    “To continue and develop the farming tradition in Namibia, it is imperative that education in the field of agriculture takes place at all levels,” said Indji.

    Indji said he could not overemphasise the importance of an event of this nature that is centred on bettering not only small and medium enterprises (SMEs) but creating room for development of farmers as well as creating a platform for them to market their livestock.

    “It is also not possible to talk of this festival without highlighting the importance of SMEs, which play an important role in the economic development of any country. It is no surprise that developed countries enjoying growing and booming economies attribute most of their achievements to a flourishing SME sector,” added Indji.

    “The potential of SMEs to promote domestic-driven growth of new and existing industries and to strengthen the resilience of the economy in a competitive and challenging environment is inarguable.”

    Indji urged his fellow business people to support the Omaludi Festival.


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    High Court rejects killer's appeal bidHigh Court rejects killer's appeal bidTaxi killer back to jail The judge rejected an application by Boois to condone a delay of six years and seven months in filing the notice of appeal. A convicted murderer's application to appeal against a 20-year prison sentence has failed in the Windhoek High Court.

    Judge Nate Ndauendapo last week dismissed the application brought by Josephat Boois (40), who had been sent to prison in 2010 for murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

    Regional Court Magistrate Dinnah Usiku had sentenced Boois and two accomplices to 16 years for the murder and four years for robbery.

    They had murdered taxi driver Fillemon Ndeshipanda Amadhila on a road in the Kupferberg area in December 2004.

    Ndauendapo also rejected an application by Boois to condone a delay of six years and seven months in filing the notice of appeal.

    Unless an appeal is filed within 14 days of sentencing, a convict has to apply for condonation of late filing.

    Boois, who is serving his sentence at the Walvis Bay Correctional Facility, previously blamed the delay on unsuccessful attempts to file his papers, which he said were not received and forced him to re-file several times.

    Boois claimed that after he had submitted a third notice of appeal, he opened a case against the clerk of the court and “that is how my notice of appeal dated 10 October 2016 was finally received”.

    Boois's intended appeal was based on an argument that he had already spent five years and three months behind bars before his conviction and sentencing, and that the court failed to take that into account.

    He further argued that he had played a crucial role in assisting the investigators after his arrest and had shown “genuine signs of remorse”.

    The State opposed the appeal and argued that his 20-year sentence was “quite lenient” given the serious nature of the crime.

    “The manner in which the offence was committed was brutal. The appellant and his two co-accused got into a taxi and brutally assaulted and stabbed the deceased,” the State submitted.

    Amadhila, still alive after he had been stabbed multiple times, was dumped on the roadside and left to die while the three drove away in his car.

    The State further argued that Boois only confessed and cooperated with the police after he had been arrested at a roadblock, driving the victim's blood-stained car. The murder weapon was found in the car.

    Boois's co-accused were brothers Naftali Eixab and Samuel Eixab, both of whom received the same sentence.

    Boois was represented by Trevor Brockerhoff while the State was represented by Marthino Olivier from the Office of the Prosecutor-General.


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    No deputy ministers under LPM ruleNo deputy ministers under LPM rule The Landless People's Movement (LPM) held its first official political rally as a registered party at Rehoboth on Sunday.

    It promised voters that in its first 100 days in power every person would be given a title deed to the land they were occupying at the time.

    The party also elected its political leaders for the Hardap Region at the weekend. At the same time, a group of defected United People's Movement (UPM) members who had joined the party were introduced.

    These members included the UPM councillor on the Rehoboth town council. During the rally LPM leader Bernadus Swartbooi said in just 29 years of governance Swapo had governed Namibia into the ground, while citizens were not even able to afford a piece of land.

    “In 29 years Swapo pushed close to one million people into poverty. Imagine if you give them another term? After another 29 years the two million Namibian population will then all be living in abject poverty. Is that what you want?” he asked. He emphasised that every Namibian citizen deserved a place to call home.

    “No person should be regarded as a citizen of a country without a piece of land,” Swartbooi said.

    One of the major changes the LPM would make if it was voted into power was to get rid of deputy ministers, he said. He described them as nothing but “handlangertjies” which means “little lackeys”.

    The money saved by abolishing these positions would be used to transform the education system, Swartbooi pledged.

    The LPM also promised to increase the monthly old-age pension to N$3 000 and to increase social grants for orphans.

    “We have a very big problem with the number of orphans and we need to address that as soon as possible. If that is increased then we know we have improved the living conditions of a child even if he lives in a shack,” he said.

    He also believes that the repayment holiday on Agribank loans should be extended from three to six years.

    “Many of our people bought land and they lost it because they could not repay that debt of the Agribank. Look at Botswana where the government invests in people. That is why you have young Tswana women and men that have farms that equal those that we only see with white farmers,” he said.

    Swartbooi accused the government of chasing black people from their land, plunging them into poverty, whereas the previous “white government” had bent over backwards for its people.

    “Because of that we have this big gap between rich white people and poor black people. Big subsidies were given to white people, jobs were kept exclusively for white people.

    And the government has done nothing to change this situation. Political leaders closed that gap only for them and their relatives,” he said.


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    Nakayale VTC gets N$38 million faceliftNakayale VTC gets N$38 million facelift The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has started renovating and expanding the Nakayale Vocational Training Centre (NVTC) near Outapi in the Omusati Region.

    This is a N$37.80 million project and the NTA appointed Kamau Architects and Associates as the principal agent.

    The Central Procurement Board of Namibia (CPBN) appointed Africa Civil Engineering, in a joint venture with China State Construction Engineering Corporation, as the main contractor. According to NTA chief executive Jerry Beukes, the project includes a general technology workshop, a building technology workshop, a changing room for trainees, a water tower, and a block of three classrooms with a resource centre.

    Site preparation, comprising earthworks, road works, water and drainage reticulation, started on Monday and is expected to be completed by early 2021.

    “The NTA, under the guidance of the higher education ministry, has adopted a comprehensive Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) transformation and expansion strategy, which prioritises both the construction of new public vocational training centres (VTCs) in regions where they already exist, as well as the expansion or upgrading of existing ones,” said Beukes.

    “This strategy assigns significant priority to diversifying current VTC programmes offering as well as capacitating them to offer programmes at higher levels on the National Qualification Framework, particularly Levels 4 and 5, that will enable trainees to begin specialising in specific trades or occupation.”

    The Nakayale VTC was established in August 2011 and is currently offering only hospitality, tourism and office administration and electrical general.

    Beukes said the expansion project would ensure that it became a centre of specialisation in electrical engineering and information and communication technology (ICT).

    Omusati governor Erginus Endjala commended the NTA and the higher education ministry for the expansion and upgrading of the Nakayale VTC.

    He said since its establishment in 2011 the centre had been in high demand but offered limited choice. He said when it started in August 2011, it had only 40 trainees and five trainers offering two courses, hospitality and tourism and office administration.

    Currently it has 284 trainees, with electrical general introduced in 2016.

    “This type of expansion and transformation of the VET sector shows that VET skills are one of the wisest career choices for anyone, and do not forget that it also opens the door to diverse and exciting career opportunities.

    “This will give young people the opportunity to acquire a qualification that is valued in the labour market because they learn by doing the real work that is expected by industry,” said Endjala.

    “The centre managed to introduce Level 3 to all its trades. In efforts to accommodate more trainees, the centre acquired a block of three prefabricated classrooms, but due to increased intake, the NVTC started renting space in town to accommodate the electrical general trainees and office administration Level 3.”

    The minister of higher education, training and innovation, Itah Kandjii-Murangi, was also present at the event.


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  • 05/01/19--16:00: Stop demanding praise
  • Stop demanding praiseStop demanding praiseKavango East Swapo members rapped over knuckles Kavango East Swapo members were told to serve the people who voted for them and not expect to be begged to do their jobs. Swapo's regional coordinator for Kavango East Ottilie Shinduvi has urged fellow party members, especially those elected into various leadership positions, to shy away from the trend of wanting the electorate to beg for services.

    Shinduvi made the remark on Tuesday during party's joint regional executive committee meeting which was held at Swapo's regional headquarters in Rundu.

    During her no-holds-barred speech, Shinduvi spoke against the practice by some party members who demand to be “praised” and “served” by the electorate.

    She indicated that there are party leaders elected into positions to lead at local authorities and regional councils who are not fulfilling their mandates, something she says should come to an end.

    “The Swapo Party is not an employment agency. You are elected into a position to serve the people and not for the people to serve you,” Shinduvi said.

    She said it is disturbing to see party leaders at different levels wanting to be “begged” by the electorate to provide services to them, saying that it is a result of party members who do not familiarise themselves with the needs of the people.

    Shinduvi also spoke on the issue of accepting criticism saying that a leader must always expect to be criticised and should learn from it.

    “Jesus was crucified for serving the people, who are you not to be crucified? We need to change. There is no comfort zone in leadership,” she said.

    The Swapo Party School's national coordinator, Charles Mubita, was also in attendance.

    The meeting was later closed to the media.

    Following the four-hour closed-door meeting, Mubita told Namibian Sun the purpose of his visit was an engagement on issues pertaining to the renewal of mandates at section, branch and district levels.

    He said he was invited by the party's regional office.

    “I engaged the members on what should be done as well as clarified some of the issues raised by the comrades,” Mubita said.

    Asked whether the meeting was a success, Mubita said that the success of the meeting will only be determined if the renewal of mandate happens successfully.

    The Swapo Party renewal of mandate is expected to be done by 30 May.

    Meanwhile in March Namibian Sun exposed how alleged ghost branches were created in the run-up to the 4 July 2015 Swapo Rundu Urban district conference, which were represented by delegates who have since disappeared.

    It was discovered that Rundu Urban constituency had 79 branches. Namibian Sun understands that the number will be reduced drastically following the current renewal of mandate exercise.


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  • 05/01/19--16:00: 'Marshall Plan' irks Namas
  • 'Marshall Plan' irks Namas'Marshall Plan' irks Namas The Nama Traditional Leaders Association (NTLA) has condemned the Namibian ambassador to Germany who said he would support a 'Marshall Plan' in lieu of reparations for the Nama and Ovaherero genocide by imperial German forces.

    The Marshall Plan, which was the official European Recovery Programme, was an American initiative passed in 1948 to aid Western Europe. The United States gave over US$12 billion (around US$100 billion in 2018) in economic assistance to help rebuild western European economies after the end of World War II.

    During an interview, Hans Jessen, a freelance journalist in Germany, asked whether Guibeb would imagine a combination of an apology for the genocide and a German Marshall Plan for Namibia.

    Guibeb responded: “Exactly. This could convince every person in Namibia and Germany that both nations have turned a page in the book of history. We cannot change the past. But as the living, we can provide a long-lasting just and peaceful future. I think that a German Marshall Plan for Namibia could lead to potential future lawsuits becoming obsolete.”

    The interview was published by Der Deutsche Kulturrat, which is the German culture council.

    The Nama community is not impressed by Guibeb's remarks and also questioned his authority, saying they do not understand how he features in the genocide negotiations.

    In a statement released by Sima Luipert on behalf of Gaob Johannes Isaack, the NTLA strongly disagrees with the notion of a Marshall Plan saying it would not go directly to the affected communities.

    “The Jews still pursued reparations despite the US Marshall Plan because it was within their legal and human rights to do so. The US Marshall Plan never targeted the Jewish victims of genocide per se. Therefore the US Marshall Plan never concluded the matter of the holocaust. Likewise, any plan which the two governments may have, will never conclude the matter of the Nama and Ovaherero genocide until they realise that they must return to the drawing board,” she said.

    “It is therefore irresponsible for the ambassador to create the impression that a Marshall Plan-styled negotiation process will bring closure. It would seem the development projects hailed by the Namibian president and Mr Polenz have been given a fancy name to create the false illusion of legitimacy. It never will and the Nama leaders stand firm in their conviction that no one, including the ambassador to Germany has any legal right to make any deals without their involvement. This would be in violation of our legal right to speak for ourselves,” the statement said.

    The Nama leadership also argued that Guibeb was irresponsible in making the remarks, and to create the impression that a Marshall Plan-styled negotiation process will bring closure.


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  • 05/01/19--16:00: Sport transformation crucial
  • Sport transformation crucialSport transformation crucial Our society in Namibia remains an unequal one, with high levels of poverty and inequality still prevalent, despite 29 years of independence. It is a disturbing reality for a nation of less than 2.6 million people and one endowed with abundant mineral resources.

    There is no doubt that a radical shift in policy is needed to transform our economy for the type of growth that leads to poverty alleviation. The lack of transformation is also a topical issue that Namibian sport has been grappling with for years. Although not widely discussed and debated, we feel the time is ripe for an honest talk on the issue.

    The Namibia Sport Commission has already indicated that it is considering introducing quotas or withholding national colours to force federations to promote inclusivity.

    Some federations have for years been accused of overlooking black players in their selections, while in some quarters, despite players of colour being selected, they hardly get the necessary game time. We have also seen how corporate Namibia is turns its back on sport codes that are not popular with certain races.

    The reality on the ground is that sport, despite sport being a pivotal factor to uniting Namibians, has not been transformed to a level where it is supposed to be – whether it is in football, rugby, cricket or athletics.

    The sport commission and critical stakeholders such as the Namibia Schools Sport Union (NSSU), should therefore put forward a comprehensive road map that places a huge premium not only on elite sport levels, but one that ensures there is tangible transformation taking place at development and grassroots level.

    We can no longer pussyfoot around the issue of sport transformation and the time has come to tackle the obstacles, including proper funding that has still seen our local sport trapped in victimhood.

    Politicising the issue won't help either. It is the wisdom of leaders and key stakeholders at different levels that will be the game changer.

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    Mueller and Hellwig laid to restMueller and Hellwig laid to rest More than 200 people said goodbye to the managing director of the Institute for Mining Technology (NIMT), Eckhart Mueller, and his deputy, Heimo Hellwig, on Tuesday.

    Mueller and Hellwig were shot dead at the entrance of the renowned training facility at Arandis on 15 April. By yesterday afternoon the police had not provided any new information about the murder investigation.

    At Tuesday's memorial service Mueller was described as a great man and a father to many Namibians. He was also praised for his hard work, discipline and punctuality.

    “As you all know, Mr Mueller always said 'ilonga, ilonga, ilonga' (work, work, work) and never 'kapena ilonga' (no work),” said NIMT principal Ralph Bussel.

    He described Mueller and Hellwig as people who “had an incredible love for NIMT and education and had a very high standard on all levels”.

    “They were murdered by hateful culprits. Two people were destroyed who believed only in quality,” he added.

    Former parliamentarian Anton von Wietersheim said there has been a decline in mutual respect and moral values in Namibia.

    “This heinous assassination has not only brought immense pain and suffering to the family, but also to the education of Namibia,” he said.

    “The questions of why and why are tormenting our minds. We have to send a strong signal that there is no justification for taking a human life.”

    Even Germany sent its sincere condolences, said the German ambassador to Namibia, Matthias Schlaga.

    He said he was deeply shocked and appalled by the murder. Schlaga recalled that Mueller had brought together numerous German-speaking organisations and was particularly committed to promoting German culture in Namibia.

    “His students will certainly lovingly remember him,” he said.

    Former German ambassador Egon Kochanke, who presented the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany to Mueller 10 years ago, also sent a message of condolence, which was read out during the memorial service.

    “If Namibia had more people like Eckhart Mueller 29 years ago, the country would be in an entirely different position,” said Tim Parkhouse, the secretary-general of the Namibian Employers' Federation (NEF).

    “To describe Mueller as being dedicated would be putting it mildly,” he added.

    Like many speakers before him, Parkhouse said Mueller always described all NIMT students as his children and as the future of Namibia.

    “We owe it to him that his legacy lives on,” he said.

    There were more than 20 speakers at the memorial service.

    Among them were Raimo Naanda of the NIMT board of trustees; Jerry Beukes, acting director of the Namibian Training Authority (NTA); Franz Gertze, managing director of the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA); Percy McCallum, chairman of the board of trustees of the Uranium Federation (NUA); Hilifa Mbako, first vice-president of the Chamber of Mines; Mark Dawe, managing director of the B2Gold gold mine; Frederik Andinde, a domestic worker employed by Mueller; and former NIMT student Nicolias Shikongo.

    Mueller's four children, Richard, Siegfried, Herrmann and Dietlinde, delivered the eulogy.


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    Union claims May Day sabotageUnion claims May Day sabotageCapital's celebrations a bleak event The National Union Namibian Workers' two May Day events were marred by alleged boycotts at the coast and weak attendance and long delays in Windhoek. The National Union Namibian Workers (NUNW) accused local authority and regional councillors who decided not to attend May Day celebrations in Walvis Bay of trying to sabotage the event. In Windhoek, a dampener was put on the union's May Day celebrations with the event poorly attended by roughly 200 people and the start delayed by two hours. Moreover, President Hage Geingob, who was on the programme as the keynote speaker, failed to appear and his speech was read by Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa.

    At the coast, the secretary-general of the Namibia Public Workers Union and member of the NUNW executive committee Petrus Nevonga told a packed Kuisebmond Stadium of more than 200 people that the mayor of Walvis Bay Immanuel Wilfred and Erongo regional councillor Hafeni Ndemula were invited to address the workers.

    “It is painful to see our leadership at regional and local authority level spreading rumours that our event should be boycotted. Wilfred and Ndemula both decided to not attend the event based on rumours that were circulated. They did not boycott the event organised by us, but boycotted the workers.”

    Nevonga said Ndemula should remember where he comes from.

    “He is a product of the NUNW and served the union in various capacities before becoming a regional councillor. We as the workers are not pleased with both leaders because they turned down the invitations due to cheap politics. It is a pity that they chose to conduct themselves in such a manner. We are however not deterred by this. We are an organisation of the workers, and this day is dedicated to the efforts of the workers.”

    A WhatsApp message circulated on Tuesday indicated that the event hosted in Walvis Bay was intended to boycott the main event in Windhoek, where President Hage Geingob was invited to be the main speaker.

    “As a union, we decide where May Day will be commemorated and do so without any interference. We do not ask permission from anyone how this event will be celebrated.”

    Nevonga said the unions decided on the leaders they wanted to come and address the workers.

    “We invited our president to address the workers in Windhoek, at the main event. We had no intention whatsoever of sabotaging the main celebrations. Those aiming for the president to fail, are not failing him, but the workers. We should rather join him in his efforts. It is important that we unite, and move together as a team.”

    In response Ndemula told the media that he informed Jakob Penda, the secretary-general of the Namibia Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU) that he will not be able to attend the celebrations.

    “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to travel and was only able to return late the afternoon. There was no one available to represent me at the celebrations.”

    Contacted via WhatsApp Wilfred said that he wishes to speak to the media in person. However, he later said that he is out of town and should be contacted today.

    Labour's executive director Bro Matthew Shinguadja, on behalf of the deputy labour minister Thomas Nambahu said that the workers “should not to be misled by what he labelled “briefcase unions who deliberately intend to mislead the workers”.

    “This results in members/workers losing their jobs at the end of the day. Keep up the good spirit and continue to stand together in unity of purpose.”

    In Windhoek, National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) president Albert Liswaniso addressed the small crowd and said unless corruption within the public and private sectors is tackled more decisively workers will continue to pay the price.

    “NUNW is repulsed by lack of action or no action against corrupt culprits,” he said, warning that the public has begun to lose trust in their leaders and legal instruments meant to tackle corruption.


    The unionist also called on government to remember its commitment, following the land conference last year, to ensure land is equitably distributed and managed.

    “Namibians should take priority in having access to land by all means, including giving effect to the constitution through appropriations,” he said, to loud applause.

    He said the NUNW is “highly disturbed” by recent reports that land continues to be dished out through private-public partnership deals, referring to a contract between Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) with a private entity to develop a resort in the south.

    He said private-public partnership deals are “costing the country dearly” by narrowing the competition in the tourism and hospitality industry.

    He said the NUNW does not approve deals where extremely “large portions of land” are sold to non-Namibians, pointing to the sale of Erindi.

    Liswaniso also took aim at the “increasing unaffordability of basic amenities such as food and shelter”.

    He said the NUNW is “dumbfounded” that already suffering employees in the public sector are pushed deeper into poverty as the state tries to turn the economy around, noting that the union condemns the increase of PSEMAS contributions.


    The NUNW president tackled the insecurity of mineworkers in Namibia, and lack of security in the fishing sector as well as the delay in allocating fishing rights.

    “Our fishing grounds have for too long now been exposed to pirate fishers who steal resources,” he said and called on the fisheries ministry to accelerate the process of granting rights.

    Liswaniso said the NUNW “is flabbergasted by the abuse of our workers” employed in the retail and wholesale sectors by large companies, and are exposed to unfair employment contracts with meagre wages, which ensure an increase in poverty and health challenges.

    “These companies employ people and offer them contracts that are not based on contracts regulated by Namibian labour laws,” he said.

    In Geingob's speech read by Shaningwa, he sang the praises of the Namibian worker, saying that May Day needs to be celebrated with a “sense of gratitude and appreciation” and one which should be viewed “with greater significance”.

    Geingob lauded Namibian workers for mobilising in the 1950s to form the first black labour movement, the Owamboland People's Congress (OPC) which was later transformed into the Owamboland People's Organisation (OPO) and then Swapo.

    Geingob said that wealth redistribution in the country is non-negotiable adding that the socio-economic challenges that came from the “structural imbalances of the past”.

    “There is no doubt that over the past several years, we have made progress, in multiple sectors. However, just as the contract labour system has left a scar on our society, so did the structural imbalances of the past also leave scars. To deny this fact is to shun the truth and a clear demonstration of blatant ignorance. All Namibians must embrace the culture of sharing and if they are unable to do so, they must be taught to do so.”

    Leandrea Louw & Jana-Mari Smith

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    The case of Gazza and the curtainsThe case of Gazza and the curtains Popular musician Lazarus Shiimi, also known as Gazza, is suing Lesley Fourie, an interior designer, for poor workmanship in installing curtains in his main bedroom and for failing to install curtains in other rooms of his Hochland Park home.

    In papers filed before the High Court, Gazza Music Productions, represented by Lazarus Shiimi, is listed as the plaintiff while House Hopping Investments CC, represented by Lesley Gail Fourie, is listed as the defendant.

    Gazza says he and Fourie had orally agreed on curtains for his upstairs and downstairs lounges, the guest room and the main bedroom. Furthermore, Roman blinds and fittings were to be installed in the boys' rooms and blue wallpaper in the bathroom.

    The original quote, which included the refurbishing of some furniture, amounted to N$273 153, which was amended and finally came to N$87 026.25.

    He told the court he paid a deposit of N$80 000 in two payments, the first on 15 December 2017, amounting to N$50 000, and the second on 2 March 2018, amounting to N$30 000.

    But, he said, the work was not completed.

    “Although (Fourie) supposedly installed the curtains and fittings in the main bedroom, (I) had to, at my own expense, complete the installations of the said curtains and fitting as the work done by (Fourie) was incomplete and done in such a manner that it amounted to poor workmanship.”

    In his claim filed on 16 November last year, he added that the curtains for both the lounges and the guest bedroom were still outstanding, as well as the blinds for the boys' rooms, the bathroom wallpaper and a set of double-volume curtains.

    He asked the court for an order compelling Fourie to complete her work or pay him N$80 000 with 20% interest, as well as costs.

    Fourie filed an intention to defend the matter on 9 April this year, and is represented by Hannelie Duvenhage. Fourie is set to file her plea and counterclaim, if any, and the matter will be referred to mediation.

    Matti Mwandingi appeared for Gazza and the matter was heard by Judge Shafimana Ueitele.


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     NamPower granted permission to decrease tariffs NamPower granted permission to decrease tariffs The Electricity Control Board (ECB) today granted NamPower a 2.5% decrease in the bulk tariff for electricity, for the first time in 36 years. The bulk rate for power will drop from N$1.69 per kilowatt-hour to N$1.65. The new rate is effective from 1 July until 30 June next year. The approved tariff decrease is applicable to all NamPower’s bulk customers including the regional electricity distributors, local authorities, regional councils and mines. The distributors will individually apply to the Electricity Control Board (ECB) for a review of their tariffs which when approved, will be applicable to end consumers. “The 2.5% tariff decrease would enable NamPower to recover its allowed operating costs and ultimately fulfil its financial obligations, including payments to the local Independent Power Producers,” ECB CEO Foibe Namene.

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    15 survive crash near Otjiwarongo 15 survive crash near Otjiwarongo
    Fifteen people were involved in an accident near Otjiwarongo yesterday when a sedan and minibus collided and left the road.
    Inspector Maureen Mbeha said both the 16-seater minibus and sedan were heading towards Otjiwarongo when they were involved in a side collision some 10 kilometres north of the town around 17:00.
    “Thirteen people, including the 33-year-old driver, were in the minibus, while the sedan had two occupants,” she said.
    Preliminary police investigations indicated that the 25-year-old driver of the sedan was attempting to overtake the minibus when he realised they were close to an oncoming vehicle.
    He reduced his speed and tried to pull the vehicle back into the left lane,
    He hit the trailer of the minibus while attempting to return to his lane.
    Both vehicles then veered off the road, causing the sedan to overturn once before coming to a standstill. The minibus drove through the bushes and came to a standstill about 100 metres from the road.
    All 15 people survived the accident and were treated for minor injuries at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.

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    Welwitschias up against Bulls at LoftusWelwitschias up against Bulls at Loftus The Windhoek Draught Welwitschias will play their second match in the SuperSport Rugby Challenge against the Vodacom Blue Bulls at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria tomorrow.

    The Welwitschias are looking to cause an upset after they failed to win their first match against the Xerox Golden Lions at Windhoek's Hage Geingob Stadium last weekend. The score was 40-23: a much better score-line and performance from the home side as they prepare for the upcoming Japan Rugby World Cup in September.

    In their first match last weekend the Bulls lost 29-21 against iCollege Pumas in a closely contested match. Both teams now look for their first win as the Bulls have called up Embrose Papier who will make a rare start for his side.

    Papier played in the competition three times last year before making his Springbok debut later in the year. He will replace André Warner, who was called into the Bulls squad.

    Coach Nollis Marais was forced in a number of changes to his starting team that came up short against the iCollege Pumas last weekend, due to other call-ups.

    Cornal Hendricks, Rosko Specman and Dylan Sage are all needed at the Bulls, which will see a brand new backline in action.

    Earll Dowrie will start at fullback, while Duncan Matthews moves from the back to wing and JT Jackson from flyhalf to centre. Cameron Hufke will make his senior debut on the wing and Theo Boshoff will start at 10. Erich Cronje is the only player who will wear the same jersey again.

    Up front, Nic de Jager will make a first appearance at flank while Marais also included a fit-again Roelof Smit on the bench.

    Vaughan Isaacs and Diego Appollis has also being called into action, with both playing off the bench.

    The changes are par for the course, said Marais. “There is always the danger of losing players to the Vodacom Bulls in Super Rugby and we have to cope with that. We also get players back at times and I am sure Embrose will enjoy the time on the field with us.

    “The Namibian side are well coached and will be a tough opponent, but we need to make sure we get on the winning track, starting this weekend,” he said.

    The match will kick off at 12:45.

    The Welwitschias squad is as follows:

    Props: Desiderius Sethie, André Rademeyer, Calla Freygang, AJ de Klerk. Hookers: Niël van Vuuren, Gerhard Thirion.

    Locks: Ruan Ludick, Max Katjijeko, Jandre Lamprecht.

    Loose forwards: Prince !Gaoseb, Christo van der Merwe, Thomasau Forbes, Leneve Damens (vice-captain), Adriaan Booysen.

    Scrumhalves: JC Winkler, Eugene Jantjies.

    Flyhalves: PW Steenkamp, Cliven Loubser.

    Centres, wings, fullbacks: Chris Arries, Darryl de la Harpe (captain), Janry du Toit, PJ Walters, Oderich Mouton and Mahco Prinsloo.

    The Vodacom Blue Bulls squad:

    Earll Douwrie, Duncan Matthews, Erich Cronje, JT Jackson, Cameron Hufke, Fiela Boshoff, Embrose Papier, Muller Uys, Nic De Jager, Ruan Steenkamp (kapt), Aston Fortuin, Marius Verwey, Mornay Smith, Werner Fourie, Nqoba Mxoli. Reserves: Joe van Zyl, Madot Mabokela, Ruan Nortje, Roelof Smit, Theo Maree, Vaughan Isaacs and Diego Appollis.

    –Additional info SuperSport


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    Nyambe to boost Warriors for EgyptNyambe to boost Warriors for EgyptMannetti arms himself for Afcon Footballer Ryan Nyambe is available to feature for the Brave Warriors in the Africa Cup of Nations. England-based Namibian professional footballer Ryan Nyambe will play for the Brave Warriors in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals in Egypt.

    This announcement by the NFA is a surprise since Nyambe had said in March that he would only be available next season because he has just recovered from a bad injury and wants to cement his place in Blackburn's starting line-up.

    Brave Warriors coach Ricardo Mannetti is ecstatic about Nyambe's decision to join the squad in preparation for the continental football showpiece after trying for several years to feature the Namibian in his squad. “I'm a big fan of the player and have been following his career and finally he has agreed to play for his country. It is the biggest dream for any player to don their national colours and I'm happy that he has decided to do so now. “Going to Afcon, we need all the players we can get and he is surely a player of a different dimension. I had a lot of conversations with him and it's clear that he weighed his options carefully,” Mannetti said.

    The coach believes the 21-year old right back will add tremendous value to the team at the Afcon finals given his pedigree and fine form during his sudden rise in the game.

    “I'm pleased to finally join the family. It has always been coming, I have been thinking about it for a while and now and I'm ready and raring to go. I feel honoured to play for my country and excited to meet the squad soon,” Nyambe said. “Expect me to give all in every game and hopefully I can make an impact that will help the team succeed. I would bring to the team the ability to defend and energy as a right back,” said the defender.

    Warrior's senior defender Teberius Lombard, who plies his trade for Lusaka Dynamos in Zambia, welcomed the player to the team, saying the more the merrier. Nyambe made his Rovers academy debut in the 2014-15 seasons, progressed through the academy system and into the development squad. He was included on the bench in two first team games during the 2014-15 seasons and was awarded a three-year professional contract in July 2015. On 11 August 2015, Nyambe made his first team debut in the Football League Cup against Shrewsbury Town.

    This month, Nyambe signed a new contract to keep him at Ewood Park until 2021. He has so far made 97 first-team appearances for the Championship side.

    He joined Blackburn's academy at the age of 13 and made his senior debut four years later. He can play in both defence and in midfield.

    The Brave Warriors are in Group D at the Afcon finals and will play Morocco on June 23 before taking on South Africa on June 28, both at Al Salam Stadium. They will play the final group game against Ivory Coast on 1 July at Cairo International Stadium.

    – Additional info nfa


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    Magic to conclude league in styleMagic to conclude league in styleThe Women's Super League wraps up Log leaders Tura Magic will face Gals & Goals tomorrow afternoon. The Skorpion Zinc Women's Super League will conclude this weekend with Tura Magic facing Gals & Goals in the final match of the season at the NFA Technical Centre at 12:00.

    Tura Magic are ahead on the log with 47 points and have already walked away with the title without any major threat from the rest of the clubs.

    On Wednesday at the NFA Technical Field the team cemented their place at the top by thrashing a nine-woman V-Power Angels team 12-1.

    V-Power could have done much better had they utilised all their players and with Fiola Vliete stealing one goal from Magic, but their coach Risto Shikomba said he started with nine players because the rest of his players had been poached by other clubs, giving him no choice but to use what he had.

    That unfortunate situation did not stop Magic from upping their tally as Anna Marie Shikusho scored six goals after coming into the match from the bench. Three goals came from Yvonne Kooper who initially started the match like a house on fire, blasting in goals. Juliana Blou and Millicent Hikuam scored two goals each.

    Since the beginning of the season Shikusho has cruised at the top and now has 28 goals overall with Beverly Uueziua of Nampol in second with 21 goals. In third place is Memory Ngonda from Tura Magic with 20 goals.

    “In second place is Khomas Nampol with 40 points, Galz & Goals follows in third on 38 points, V-Power Angels are fourth on 30, with the most improved team Unam Bokkies in fifth place with 21 points.

    The coach Shama Gure despite the fact that they have cemented the place at the top they will go into the final match with the same intensity they have played all matches.

    “We started strong and will end strong. After the final we intended to give players a two- to three-week break and start with training again just to keep the ladies busy as some will be needed for the Brave Gladiator squad,” he said.

    Gure further said that this should be the focus of most coaches as one never knows which player is being watched by the national team coach for a possible call-up.

    The final fixtures for the weekend will also see Namib Daughters take on Khomas Nampol at 9:30 (NFA Technical Centre) and again they will play Omaheke Queens at 10:30 at Legare Stadium in Gobabis on Sunday.


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    Ambunda, Lukas eye wins in upcoming fightsAmbunda, Lukas eye wins in upcoming fights Boxers Paulus 'El Jesus' Ambunda and Sakaria 'Desert Storm' Lukas from the African Connection Boxing and Fitness Gym are confidently preparing for their upcoming fights on 10 and 11 May.

    Ambunda will put his International Boxing Organisation (IBO) super bantamweight world title on the line against unbeaten American star Stephen Fulton in his home country, whereas Lukas will exchange leather in Zimbabwe against Ndodana Ncube in a non-title fight.

    Both boxers seem confident of returning home victorious.

    Ambunda says whoever is concerned about his age should not worry as age is just a number and that he has more to offer.

    “Fighting for the first time in America is just like fighting in my village. There is no way I can be scared right now. I'm a soldier, I'm going to war, so either he kills me or I kill him,” Ambunda said.

    He added that he would take care of Fulton from the first to the final round.

    “I watched a couple of his videos. He is young and hungry but he has never been tested by an African lion.”

    Asked whether he was match-fit, Lukas acknowledged that he has been inactive for a while but said that does not mean that he has not been training.

    “I have been in gym, there is a ring in the gym and I have been sparring with great boxers. What should I be scared of? The venue and date is set, and I will do what I always do,” said Lukas.


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    AakwaSwapo ya pulwa ya gwanithe po iilonga yawoAakwaSwapo ya pulwa ya gwanithe po iilonga yawo KENYA KAMBOWE

    Omukwatakanithi gwongundu yoSwapo moshitopolwa shaKavango East, Ottilie Shinduvi okwa pula iilyo iiikwawo yongundu yoSwapo unene mbyoka ya hogololwa pomahala guuleli opo yi hulithepo omukalo gwokukala ya tegelelwa aahogolili ye ya iheke mokupewa omayakulo, pehala lyokugandja omayakulo ngoka ngaashi ye shi inekelelwa poompito mpoka yeli.

    Shinduvi okwa popi ngaaka mEtiyali pethimbo lyomutumba gwelelo moshitopolwa shoka, ngoka gwa ningilwa poombelewa oonene dhongundu moRundu.

    Pethimbo lyoshipopiwa she, Shinduvi okwa popi e li ompinge naaleli yongundu yamwe po, mboka taya pula ya pandulwe nokulongelwa kaahogololi.

    Okwa popi kutya ope na aaleli yamwe po mboka ya hogololwa momalelo goondoolopa opo ya gandje omayakulo koshigwana ihe itaya gwanithwa po iilonga yawo, na okwa pula omukalo ngoka gu mone ehulilo.

    “Swapo kayi shi ehangano lyokugandja iilonga. Owa hogololwa opo wu kwathele aantu ihe haantu yeku longele,” Shinduvi a popi.

    Okwa tsikile kutya otashi piyaganeke noonkondo sho aaaleli yongundu poompito dhimwe, yahala aahogololi ye ya hehele opo ya gandje omayakulo kuyo, ta popi kutya shoka oshizemo shiilyo yongundu mbyoka ihayi tala koompumbwe dhoshigwana.

    Okwa popi woo kutya aaleli naya kale haya taambako omanyano nomanyenyetelo okuza moshigwana, nokwiilonga okuza komanyano nomanyenyetelo ngoka

    Omukwatakanithi gwopashigwana gwoskola yaSwapo, Charles Mubita, naye okwa li momutumba ngoka. Konima omutumba ogwa tsikile inamu pitikwa iikundaneki.

    Konima yomutumba gwomiyelo dhiidhila ngoka gwa ningwa uule woowili ne, Mubita okwa tseyithile oNamibian Sun kutya etalelepo ye okutala kiikumungu yi na sha nomilandu omipe, paitayi niikandjo yongundu.

    Okwa popi kutya okwa a li ahiwa kombelewa yoshitayi shoka.

    Swapo okwa tegelelwa a ka talulule omilandu dhe okuya momasiku 30 gaMei. Lwopokati mpoka oNamibian Sun oya nongele kombinga yiitayi mbyoka yali ya totwapo okuya momasiku ga 4 gaJuli mo 2015 momutumba gwoSwapo Rundu Urban district , mbyoka yali ya kalelwapo kaakuthimbinga mboka konima ya kana po.

    Osha nongelwa kutya oshikandjohogololo shaRundu Urban oshi na iitayi 79 mbyoka kwa tegelelwa yi ka shunithwe pevi uuna omilandu dha talululwa.

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