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    Police forget about court datePolice forget about court date The case against a Rundu state hospital nurse, who was arrested in December last year for allegedly drugging and raping a patient, has been postponed to next month.

    Shintango Mbambi (35), who is in police custody, did not turn up for his scheduled hearing before the Rundu Magistrate's Court last Thursday, and Magistrate Sonia Samupofu had to postpone the matter to 23 May.

    The regional police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Melanie Mburu, explained why Mbambi was not present on Thursday.

    She said officers at the Ndiyona police station were so preoccupied with cases before the Ndiyona Periodic Court that they forgot to transport Mbambi to Rundu on time.

    After consulting with the prosecutor handling the case, they agreed that the matter be postponed to 23 May.

    Mbambi last appeared in the Rundu Magistrate's Court on 26 February and the matter was postponed 25 April in order for him to secure legal representation.

    The case stems from an incident on 6 December last year in the state hospital's tuberculosis ward, where the complainant was receiving treatment.

    The complainant told other hospital staff what had allegedly taken place.

    Mbambi was arrested on 14 December 2018, eight days after the alleged rape, following an internal investigation by the hospital's management.

    A case was opened by the police on behalf of the complainant.

    During his first court appearance on 18 December last year, Mbambi was denied bail. He indicated that he would apply for legal aid.

    The State opposed bail on the grounds that Mbambi was charged with a serious offence.


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    PektraNam's environmental report outPektraNam's environmental report out Pektranam Logistics, one of the South African companies intending to trans-ship manganese ore via Lüderitz harbour, has called for comments on its environmental impact assessment report.

    Consultants for Petranam, Geo Pollution Technologies, said all written comments submitted by 10 May would be included in the final submission to be made to the environment ministry.

    A resident who has done a cursory reading of the 164-page document, Crispin Clay of the Lüderitz Foundation, said the report is a “brilliant” piece of work.

    “They have done their homework; that is what we expect from TradePort [the other South African company intending to trans-ship manganese],” Clay said yesterday.

    Nevertheless, Clay still has reservations about the entire operation: “Why should Lüderitz be a conduit, a pipeline for raw stuff from South Africa? What will the carbon footprint of this be?”

    Lüderitz residents were up in arms when TradePort Namibia arrived at the coastal town in late December to offload manganese ore without proper documentation.

    TradePort had to remove the manganese ore from the open concrete slab where it had first dropped it. It has since stored it at NamPort's warehouse facilities at the harbour.

    Residents expressed concern over the anticipated huge influx of traffic and possible toxic pollution.

    They petitioned for an immediate moratorium on all movement of manganese ore to and from Lüderitz harbour until sufficient environmental research had been done.

    The environment ministry issued TradePort an environmental clearance certificate (ECC) for the “importing and exporting of manganese ore and other commodities” on 7 February.

    Pektranam's report

    Pektranam plans to transport, handle and temporarily bulk-store 30 000 tonnes of manganese ore per month at an abandoned storage yard of the Roads Construction Company (RCC).

    The manganese is mined in the Kalahari Manganese Field in the Northern Cape and is currently exported through South Africa's Port Elizabeth and Saldanha Bay harbours.

    Pektranam wants to switch to the port of Lüderitz because of problems with road transport to the two congested harbours in South Africa.

    After public consultations with Lüderitz residents Pektranam said it became clear that it had to change its transport methods to reduce environmental damage and adverse impacts on the town's tourism and historic buildings.

    It has been calculated that it would take 833 truckloads per month to transport the 30 000 tonnes of ore to the storage yard.

    From there, Petranam intends to use 12 trucks with air suspension instead of conventional suspension to move the ore to the harbour. The aim is to reduce the volume of traffic and the noise the trucks would generate.

    It would take three full days to load the ore onto a ship. Pektranam says it plans to use bags or skips which would be lifted by crane into the ship's cargo hold.

    It says about 12 people would be directly employed if the operation is approved.


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  • 04/29/19--16:00: The press faces reality test
  • The press faces reality testThe press faces reality testTough times for newspapers The traditional media are struggling with the rapidly declining print advertising market, resulting in media houses cutting staff. The mainstream media find themselves between a rock and hard place and this has made them vulnerable to exploitation by market or government forces in a bid to survive in their traditional form.

    These were some of the observations made at the launch of a media sustainability study in Windhoek yesterday.

    Mail & Guardian editor-in-chief Khadija Patel emphasised that journalists should hold holy the ideals of media freedom, adding that there is a need for governments and politicians who are invested in the freedom of the media to be in power.

    She also said tension between journalists and governments is healthy, but it is crucial that elected leaders understand that press freedom is intrinsic to freedom itself.

    “Any real threat of news media business being in trouble is predatory ownership. What we are then most in danger of is being captured by the state or becoming vehicles to either gratifying the egos of business people or being used by state actors, people close to the state or people in the state,” she said.

    “What we have to do is to stand firm. Success, we must accept, will not come easily or quickly but we must somehow be able to motivate our newsroom to be able to not just do the work of the day but do the work of the future.”

    At the same time, the media must get their house in order not to be caught off-guard when the digital transformation hits gains momentum.

    Patel observed that no one has the answer regarding the post-print future of the media.

    She emphasised that there is no miracle cure and that media houses must innovate and find new ways of doing journalism.

    The Namibian's editor, Tangeni Amupadhi, added: “We must not 'do something for the website' we must work on the website.”

    The common view is that the challenge is immense and the cost of failure is intolerable.

    The modern newsroom has to tell the news of the day but also has to secure the future of the news industry.

    The Institute of Public Policy and Research's Dietrich Remmert pointed out that there is a need for media to accept digitalisation as a reality.

    He added that the Namibian media needs to innovate, experiment and find synergies to survive and prosper.

    Another challenge observed is a shortage of staff, which has resulted in clickbaiting and superficial reporting.

    According to Republikein news editor Ronelle Rademeyer, Namibia Media Holdings has expanded its offerings onto digital platforms.

    It changed the environment and as a result print journalists have been turned into broadcasters overnight.

    She also mentioned that cost-cutting measures led to editorial vacancies not being filled.

    The media sustainability study found that the number of Namibians using social media had increased by 8% last year.

    The study found that the crucial issue for media in the country is that most have so far failed to reap the financial benefits of online media.

    “Moreover, media houses have failed to capture a decent share of digital advertising revenue with their online product. Instead large technological companies such as Google and Facebook have reaped most of the financial benefits due to the rapid global growth in digital advertising,” the study says.


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  • 04/29/19--16:00: Halt army crackdown
  • Halt army crackdownHalt army crackdown There were mixed feelings last year when President Hage Geingob launched Operation Hornkranz - a campaign initially meant to curb crime and road fatalities during the festive season. During the launch of this operation, deputy police chief, Major-General Anna-Marie Nainda, said the president directed the police on 12 December to increase law-enforcement visibility during the festive season. “The plan entails the participation of not only the members of the Namibian police, but also those from other sister organisations, such as the Namibian Defence Force, Namibian Correctional Services, the City of Windhoek, the municipal police services, as well as anti-crime structures such as police reservists, neighbourhood watches and women and men networks,” Nainda said at the time. Defence force members were immediately deployed to maintain law and order during the festive season. However, this did not sit well with many people who alleged defence force members were employing increasingly violent tactics towards civilians. These fears appeared to have been confirmed at the weekend, when soldiers viciously beat a hapless woman and fractured her skull at a bar in Katutura. It was reported that a police officer, attached to the VIP protection unit, was not spared the rod and was also attacked by the uniformed men. It is true that this country has been hit by unprecedented levels of crime in recent years and it is critical that law enforcement is optimally strengthened. However, maintaining law and order should never be the job of the army. This is the job of the police and assistance of the army is only required in exceptional circumstances. The authorities must stop this slide into anarchy because the widespread impunity of defence force members is encouraging rights abuses that threaten our democracy. The authorities must swallow their pride and recall the army from the streets. Government must rather implement new plans to increase the number of policemen and -women on the streets as a deterrent of crime.

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  • 04/29/19--16:00: Speed (and impatience) kills
  • Speed (and impatience) killsSpeed (and impatience) kills Mariselle Stofberg

    The smell of gasoline. The screeching of tyres. Glass breaking. People crying. Lives lost. A cycle we keep seeing and we will continue to see if we don’t change. The change starts with you.

    We see the tragedy, but we refuse to acknowledge what our country is facing every day.

    This weekend I was astonished and quite frankly speechless at the behaviour on our roads in Namibia. Our country has one of the highest road deaths and I had first-hand experience again this past weekend on why we have earned this title. Coming home from a lovely Easter weekend at the coast I was once again forced to acknowledge the harsh reality of our roads in Namibia. Reckless drivers, impatience, and so much speed are inherent parts of our roads.

    We have so many campaigns on how speed kills. We have seen countless videos and read so many stories on lives lost on the roads, yet we remain immune to the tragedy that surrounds us. Whether this is due to ignorance, being desensitised to the horror, or simply not caring, we keep adding to the statistics.

    We read of people dying on our roads, we see the pain in the faces of the loved ones who will never have the chance to celebrate another birthday, another Christmas, another Easter, and the list continues. We attend funeral after funeral and still we exceed the speed limit, drive under the influence, take risks and put others at risk because we cannot simply wait five minutes to double check that the road is clear.

    We use cars as toys, but these toys cause so much havoc. We become impatient with those who want to keep to the speed limit and we take chances. We get frustrated with sitting behind the endless trucks and we take chances. We become enraged with those taking chances and we lose focus. All it takes is one second. One second and everything changes. One second and a family is ripped apart. One second and a horrible chain reaction is started that we can’t stop.

    We think that because others continue to disregard the rules, why should we keep to them? What can I do if an entire country is driving recklessly and irresponsible? Why should I care or change if others are not willing to change? This is the mentality that adds to problem. This is the fuel that adds to the fire burning through our country. You have the option to make a change. You can be the change you would like to see. Starting with your actions and your reactions you have the opportunity to create change. You are not always able to control the actions of others, but you are able to control the way you react to them.

    I get frustrated with the actions of others and I lose focus. Instead of shouting, honking and using your headlights as a method to express your feelings, try to change the way you react. Don’t allow others to break your focus. Don’t allow others and their actions to ruin your day. Control and compose. Easier said than done, but the key is practise. Don’t allow others to steal your happiness, because you devote your entire day to raging about the reckless drivers and that person is completely unaware that he has done anything wrong. Stick to the speed limit. If you are afraid of being late or getting stick in traffic, leave earlier. Give yourself enough time to allow you to be diligent on the road. When we are stressed and panicked we tend to act irrationally. Don’t create an environment where you would be tempted to break the rules.

    If you are stuck in traffic, turn on your radio and sing along to the music. Use the time to self-reflect, to pay attention to your surroundings and to simply relax and take five minutes to just be and not be in this continuous rush we are all caught up in.

    Adhere to the road markings and speed limit. They were created for a reason. Just because your car can go up to 200 km per hour does not mean you need to use that speed. Going fast is great, but trying to control a vehicle at that speed when someone suddenly brakes, a tyre bursts or an animal runs across the road becomes that much more life-threatening if you are not able to safely bring your car to a stop due to speed.

    Rather be late than to never arrive at all. Don’t be a part of the problem. Actively choose to do something and be the change you wish to see.

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  • 04/29/19--16:00: Violence, death mar weekend
  • Violence, death mar weekendViolence, death mar weekendMore child victims The bodies of two babies were found around Windhoek over the weekend. Police are investigating the discovery of a newborn baby girl's body found next to the B1 road on Friday and the decomposing body of another newborn girl found tucked inside a box at the Kupferberg dumpsite on Sunday morning.

    The police said yesterday they have opened a case of illegal abortion of a “female foetus” in each case.

    So far no one has been traced or arrested in connection with the abandonment of the babies.

    The Namibian police in Outjo reported an attack on a police officer and the stoning of two police vehicles by angry bystanders in the early morning hours of Saturday at a bar during a crime-fighting operation.

    The knife-wielding suspect subsequently sustained a gunshot wound “on the left buttock” after he refused to heed several warning shots by other officers attempting to defend their fellow police officer, who was being chased by the suspect.

    The incident took place at around 02:00 on Saturday morning at the Herero Mall bar in Outjo.

    Angry protestors began pelting two police vehicles, denting the vehicles and shattering windows. An investigation into the incident is being carried out by the police's internal investigations division.

    A Gobabis woman was arrested over the weekend and charged with murder and arson, after she was accused of setting a shack alight, in which her partner, Paul Engelbrecht (37), was asleep.

    The police say they are investigating claims that an argument about the ownership of the shack had preceded the arson and murder.

    A 28-year-old woman sustained serious injuries after her husband attacked her with a panga at Omutwewondjaba village near Eenhana on Sunday morning at around 01:00.

    A 36-year-old man, who was attempting to protect the woman during the violent attack by her husband, lost an ear when the husband turned the panga on him.

    The police stated that the victim and the suspect, both who have not yet been identified, are married under customary law.


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    Maltas club members constituted Maltas club members constituted Matching potential with expertise Founded by Dr Wilfred Isak April, this non-profit organisation was established to develop and instill entrepreneurial skills in students, as well as assist them and guide them in reaching their full potential. Ester Kamati

    Through his personal experience, Wilfred Isak April came to the realisation that being an intellectual and having a multitude of qualifications does not singlehandedly get you where you need to be professionally. He therefore established the Maltas club in order to give students a platform to grow as individuals and develop the necessary skills such as communication. Another aim is to match them with other youth and business associations in order for them to network and get themselves noticed for the skills they possess and what they can offer the business world.

    Mainly focusing on exposure, the Maltas club is very focused on giving back to the community in the form of charity. “This teaches you a lot of other skills that you may not necessarily learn in a classroom,” said April. It also gives people a sense of purpose and belonging, knowing they have impacted somebody’s life according to April. Included in the club’s activities is the sanitary pad project, regular visits to local schools to give motivational talks to learners, as well as regular networking sessions with sponsors and other organisations.

    Club members are scheduled to take an educational trip to Stellenbosch University to socialise with and learn from other students who are used to a different way of living. Furthermore, an international trip is scheduled for the end of the year.

    With all these trips and travels, high costs are incurred which can be a bit much for an individual’s pocket. Local sponsors thus came on board and have funded the local trips to high schools and other projects taken on by the club. Some of their sponsors include FNB, Dinapama, Shoprite Checkers and more. The international trips however will be a financial responsibility of the club members and their relatives to finance. April explained that since the club takes pride in entrepreneurial skills development, this is a platform for the members to prove their entrepreneurial dedication.

    In prior years, Maltas was formed of up to 25 members but the numbers have been decreasing gradually to date where only five members are now part of the group. The founder of the organisation has highlighted that commitment is a key characteristic for club members and the brand will not carry any dead weight in the form of people who only want to travel. Individual attention is now easily given to club members and April finds it easier to manage a smaller group compared to large numbers.

    The board members of the club comprise of some of the sponsors, past members, Vice-president Nangoloh Mbumba and a handful of Unam students. Shane Husselmann, the secretary-general of the club said that he understands that the club exists to make students realise that they need to work for what they want and push them to achieve better.

    Experiences of club members

    Husselmann was personally approached by April, who is his lecturer, because he identified the potential in the young student. His role is to keep track of what happens in the Maltas club and keep record of their discussions in meetings and ensure that everybody knows their duties. The group will be travelling to Tsumkwe in May to motivate the grade 10 and 12 students to further their studies after high school. This trip will be fully funded by the sponsors. “We had a similar trip to Keetmanshoop earlier this year which was actually our bootcamp. We spent the entire Friday at Suiderlig school speaking about university life,” said Husselmann.

    The group had a series of challenges to undergo before they could be selected for membership. These included an entrepreneurial challenge, a scavenger hunt as well as costume challenge, in addition to behavioural attributes and dedication. Husselman mentioned that he was confident throughout the challenges because he knew what he was working towards. “My highlights include added confidence and a changed approach towards people.”

    The president has the duty to organise their next trip as well as set a programme and book their accommodation. This year, that is the job of Kemano van Wyk, who was the winner of the entrepreneurial challenge as well as the scavenger hunt. He is excited about their trip to Dr. Lema High School where he wants to make the teachers that once taught him proud once they see how well he has transformed into a well-groomed young man.

    Van Wyk explained that for his entrepreneurial challenge, which was for the youth to make a turnover of N$200 from N$10 starting capital in one week, he cleaned his peers’ shoes for a cost of N$10. He chose this activity because he knew that selling snacks would be an easy route and he didn’t want to take the easy way out.

    Benita Strauss, who was the president of the club in 2015, is now on the board along with the founder and some of the sponsors of the club. She expressed that she is honored to be a Maltas alumni and now being part of the board. The young woman voiced that being part of the club has boosted her confidence and made her independent. She added that through this club, she was able to complete a certificate in African leadership at the University of Stellenbosch.

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    Defence  'shocked' by army brutalityDefence 'shocked' by army brutality The ministry of defence says it was shocked to read about a violent crackdown by Namibian Defence Force members on civilians in Windhoek at the weekend.

    Unruly soldiers were accused of assaulting a woman in Katutura, a newspaper reported yesterday.

    In a brief statement, the ministry said it did not order its members to assault members of the public and was investigating the matter.

    “The MoD did not order soldiers to assault members of the public and this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

    In this regard, the MoD (ministry of defence) will investigate the case and those found guilty will be dealt with according to military discipline code,” the statement read.

    The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) yesterday also responded with alarm to multiple accounts of heavy-handed tactics, including at least one assault of at the hands of Namibian soldiers and police during raids under the crime-fighting operation Hornkranz.

    They urged the government to address these issues “lest we return to that sordid part of our history where institutionalised violence was the order of the day. There is no place for this lawless behaviour in an independent Namibia.”

    Further, the authorities were urged to provide public feedback about any disciplinary action taken in response to these claims.

    The LAC noted that reports of “indiscriminate assaults by the Namibian police and the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) have increased of late and deserve immediate and urgent attention from the inspector-general of the Namibian Police as well as the chief of the Defence Force.”

    The Legal Assistance Centre is already tackling a number of civil claims that are linked to allegations of against civilians by the Namibian Police and members of the NDF.

    The LAC confirmed yesterday that they had received requests for legal assistance arising from the alleged assaults over the weekend.

    The statement said if these civil cases were successful, they would come at the cost of the taxpayer.

    One widely reported assault took place on Saturday night.

    Luise Mwanyangapo (31) reported on Sunday that she had sustained serious injuries, including a fractured skull, on Saturday night after she had been severely assaulted in a bar by soldiers raiding the establishment.

    “Out of nowhere NDF soldiers came out to beat us and punch us, unprovoked. My cousin and I had no idea what was going on. I was beaten unconscious and admitted to the Roman Catholic hospital.”

    Namibian Sun was unable to reach Mwanyangapo, a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow and a project manager for FES Media Namibia, the media project of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, for further comment.

    Several further reports of assaults, shots fired and harassment by the NDF members of Hornkranz, including photos supporting the claims, made the rounds on social media on Sunday and Monday.

    Another claim was that a Windhoek resident who had witnessed multiple assaults by NDF soldiers at a bar “tried opening a case [yesterday], but the police refused”.

    The LAC underlined yesterday that although NDF soldiers can be deployed “in the preservation of life, health or property or in such other service as may be determined by the president, the emphasis should be on 'preservation' and not 'violation' of rights.”

    The non-profit legal centre further noted that these services must be provided in terms of the Police Act, which stipulates that “force may only be used as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of an offender or suspected offender or persons unlawfully at large.”

    These, the LAC stressed, are the “only instances when force can be utilised, and then only as is reasonably necessary.”


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  • 04/29/19--16:00: Mother mourns baby's death
  • Mother mourns baby's deathMother mourns baby's death Members of the Windhoek City Police are working closely with social workers to ensure the best way forward for the three surviving children and their mother whose three-month old baby died shortly after she and her siblings were found locked up alone in a shack on Friday night.

    City Police spokesperson Fabian Amukwelele confirmed yesterday that the mother, who is in her late thirties, has not yet been arrested or charged and is receiving counselling and support from social workers. He said she is grieving the loss of her daughter and is in an emotionally fragile state. “She will be charged. She is mourning the death of the baby. The fact is that she lost a baby. We've decided to take her through a process of counselling. We also have to consider she comes from a background where she struggled severely. So we are first trying to counsel her, talk to her, and to advise her.”

    He said she is “not in a good state, she has no appetite and is emotionally and physically drained.”

    He said at this stage, the woman needs support and to regain her strength. Her three surviving children, aged one, three and five, remain under observation at the Katutura hospital.

    Meanwhile, funeral arrangements are underway for the baby girl who died mere hours after being taken to Katutura hospital on Friday night after she was found wrapped naked in a sheet, showing signs of malnutrition and dehydration.

    A doctor who was at the scene, said all the children had all shown symptoms of malnutrition, dehydration and general neglect.

    The mother was found shortly afterwards and a breathalyser test revealed a blood-alcohol level at 0.80.

    Long-term benefits

    Dr Veronica Theron, technical advisor in the Office of the First Lady, yesterday said she understands the public outrage in response to this case, but said from a social worker's perspective, the merits of the case need to be investigated and understood before further action is recommended.

    In a case like this, she said, social workers have to “analyse each and every piece of the puzzle. I would consider the best interests of the other minor children involved to prevent further traumatisation. Then I would consider the mental state of the suspect and then we would investigate the factors that might have led to the offence,” she explained.

    Theron added that if the presence of the biological mother poses a threat to the surviving children, immediate removal of the children concerned is necessary. She added that further, social workers now have to consider the different options to safeguard the wellbeing of the minor children, such as a place of safety, foster care or institutional care.

    She said in a majority of cases where abandonment, neglect or infanticide are involved, “you will see that the mother is also often a victim, of physical, emotional or psychological violence”.

    Charlemaine Husselman, programme manager at LifeLine/Childline explained that “offering psycho-social support to the mother provides a platform for her to deal with the grief of losing a child and being removed from her other children amid the socio-economic factors she faces.”

    She said the counselling will further help the mother “come to terms with what is happening and to make decisions that is within the best interest of her remaining living children.”

    She added that the approach taken police on such a difficult and sensitive case, and their willingness to work closely with social workers, indicates “that change is occurring in a positive way, highlighting the important relationship between the police and social workers.”

    She noted that by recognising the difficulties, including financial and other issues, the mother could have faced, is a recognition of the fact “that these types of incidences are not always by choice.”


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  • 04/29/19--16:00: No joy for workers
  • No joy for workersNo joy for workersJob losses continue unabated This year's Workers' Day will be celebrated at Walvis Bay amid a gloomy labour outlook in many sectors. Labour commentators have decried massive job losses across most sectors of the Namibian economy, adding that the state of affairs was a putting a damper on tomorrow's Workers' Day celebrations.

    The secretary-general of the National Union of Namibian Workers, Job Muniaro, said he saw no hope for the construction sector, where hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. According to him, construction remains in turmoil because Chinese contractors have taken over the sector, shutting Namibians out. He also questioned whether there was a need for the Namibian government to accept “destructive” loans from China.

    “How do you charge these people taxes when they import their material but our own Pupkewitz has building materials? Even those workers will be retrenched because there are no buyers because only the Chinese are building.

    “The question is, why we should bind ourselves to loans that are killing our economy in the interest of China because money is going out and no money is coming in,” said Muniaro, who represents the largest trade union federation in the country.

    The Namibian Employers' Federation (NEF) boss Tim Parkhouse agrees that the unemployment situation in Namibia is very worrying. He said, however, that fewer companies had contacted him about retrenchments compared to 2017.

    “Unfortunately we have little to celebrate; if you have a job be grateful you have one. Even if you are not happy, be grateful that you have a salary because there are far too many people out there who have nothing coming in,” said Parkhouse.

    He further believes there is an immediate need to develop the private sector in order to move away from being so dependent on the government for tenders.

    Trade Union Congress of Namibia (Tucna) secretary-general Mahongora Kavihuha has criticised President Hage Geingob for appointing only “capitalists” to his high-level panel on the Namibian economy.

    Geingob in early April announced a 22-member advisory committee chaired by veteran economist Johannes !Gawaxab.

    “It is completely out of thought and a clear indication that the president has no intention to involve those on the ground but rather be advised by the capitalists who are exploiting workers. The solution of unemployment and retrenchments is found when you involve the affected people which are the workers,” Kavihuha said.

    He added that the government has completely failed workers because of a weak parliament.

    “Parliament has officially failed to hold the executive accountable. And so we witness the poor behaviour and non-implementation of policies because the executive do not care because no one is holding them accountable,” he said.


    Labour minister Erkki Nghimtina said in his budget motivation in the National Assembly that there was a need for employers and trade unions to consider a “shift system to give unemployed people an opportunity to earn a wage”.

    He also highlighted that very few jobs had been created despite the government's efforts to create a favourable environment for investors and for economic expansion to create jobs.

    The minister also pointed out that only 711 of the 8 613 job seekers registered on the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) had found employment.

    “This is a clear indication that the economy is unable to absorb the high numbers of jobseekers. If the economy cannot grow and cannot create the necessary job opportunities, then it should be redesigned and remodelled,” he said.

    Nghimtina predicted that unemployment rates would soon hit the agricultural sector of the SADC region too because of droughts and cyclones.


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  • 04/30/19--02:28: Petrol up by 70c
  • Petrol up by 70cPetrol up by 70c Namibian motorists will see a 70c increase in petrol and a 20c increase in 50ppm diesel as of midnight tonight. The mines ministry announced the increase late yesterday afternoon and said it was necessitated by a 37% surge in oil demand which spiked the price of Brent crude oil to roughly US$80 per barrel during April. Coupled with a weak exchange rate of around N$14 to the US dollar, an increase in fuel prices had to be made. Moreover, the fuel levy has also increased by 6c to N$1.30 per litre.
    The ministry said under-recoveries at 25 April were roughly N$1.14 per litre for petrol and 33c for diesel.
    The new fuel prices, at Walvis Bay, will be N$12.75 a litre for petrol and N$13.33 for a litre of diesel.

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  • 05/01/19--04:25: Semenya loses IAAF case
  • Semenya loses IAAF caseSemenya loses IAAF case Caster Semenya has lost her case against athletics’ governing body, the IAAF, The Guardian reports. The ruling means she will have to medicate to reduce her testosterone if she wants to keep running on the international stage.
    According to the newspaper, “The surprise decision, which was announced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport after three judges had spent more than two months deliberating over the complex and highly contentious case, came even though the court agreed that the IAAF’s policy was discriminatory to athletes with differences in sexual development (DSDs) such as Semenya.”
    Semenya’s legal team, the court said, was not able to prove that the governing body’s policy was invalid, ruling instead that its policy was in fact “necessary, reasonable and proportionate” to ensure fair competition for females.
    It added: “The panel found that the DSD regulations are discriminatory but that, on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the restricted events.”
    The Guardian writes that the panel of judges however, “expressed some serious concerns as to the future practical application of these DSD regulations, leaving open the possibility of future changes in regulations.”
    The sports scientist Ross Tucker, who was part of Semenya’s team of experts at the court last month, believes it will mean the South African will run the 800m around seven seconds slower.
    Semenya had taken the IAAF to court over its plans requiring female athletes with differences in sexual development (DSDs) – who are often born with male testes – to take hormone suppressants, arguing that the policy was discriminatory, unfair, and potentially posed a health risk.

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    Ouseb backs Hotto for Kick Off awardOuseb backs Hotto for Kick Off awardDriven to be the best in PSL Namibian football maestro Deon Hotto is in the running for the Kick Off Player of the Season award and has also received backing from a former local winner. Former footballer and 1998 Kick Off Player of the Season Mohammed 'Slice' Ouseb is backing Deon Hotto to take the award this season.

    Mohammed Ouseb, who was a force to be reckoned with in his heydays as a defender, says Bidvest Wits's Deon Hotto has been doing incredibly well in the South African Premier League and deserves every accolade that comes his way.

    The 28-year-old Hotto has been a key cog in the new-look Wits side that is one of the best-performing teams in the top flight. Wits are third on the log with 48 points. Orlando Pirates lead with 53 points, with Mamelodi Sundowns in second place with 50 points.

    Ouseb says he is very proud of Hotto, as he has always wanted a local player to step up and follow in his footsteps.

    “The fact that he is nominated means that he is doing something unique. I'm following the voting process and I see he is leading the pack. Best of luck to him and I hope he continues working hard,” said Ouseb.

    He further said Hotto has a good chance to scoop great awards now and in the future, like the PSL Player of the Season as the season nears its end.

    The PSL Footballer of the Year in South African football is awarded to the most outstanding player of the season across the domestic league, the South African Premier Division, and the three major cup competitions, the MTN 8, the Telkom Knockout and the Nedbank Cup.

    “This award puts him in the right path so he should continue to impress as we are supporting him full force,” added Ouseb.

    Hotto is in the running for the award together with seven others, namely Hlompho Kekana (Mamelodi Sundowns), Thembinkosi Lorch (Orlando Pirates), Lebohang Maboe (Mamelodi Sundowns), Jabu Maluleke (Polokwane City), Gift Motupa (Bidvest Wits), Mwape Musonda (Black Leopards) and Mothobi Mvala (Highlands Park).

    By yesterday Hotto was leading the votes.

    The Namibian footballer, who joined Wits in June from Bloemfontein Celtic, has so far started 27 times for Bidvest, was substituted four times, and has six goals and 14 assists.

    That is a good return on investment for a player who joined as a free agent.

    To vote for Hotto, go to the Kick Off website. Voting opened on April 29 and will run till May 13.


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    Transformation debate rages onTransformation debate rages on Local sport commentators have given their perspective on the lingering debate around sport transformation.

    Outspoken secretary-general of the Namibia Football Players Union Kahiriri feels that Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) chief Freddy Mwiya spoke in anger rather than addressing the issue of discrimination in sport.

    Mwiya on Tuesday warned local federations and umbrella bodies to stop avoiding and rejecting the immediate introduction of transformation policies.

    The NSC chief administrator was displeased about the slow implementation of policies aimed at transforming sport in the country.

    Mwiya hopes for the introduction of a quota system that would bring a balance in the way races and tribes are represented in national teams. Kahiriri felt that Mwiya's statement could create further division in the sport fraternity.

    “I don't support his stand as he is opening a can of worms, as you can't talk about racial discrimination in 27 years without taking about tribalism.

    “To sustain such actions of quotas is a pathetic move as it invites incompetency to national teams.

    “We have to build strong sports administrative arms and sports umbrella bodies which are financed to train and introduce marginalised communities in certain sports codes,” Kahiriri said.

    He said Mwiya had spoken in anger.

    “He is to my understanding speaking out of anger and lack of knowledge of the sports industry.

    “You must study how the likes of Frank Fredericks made it and find a sustainable model, period.”

    Namibia has often been faced with racial challenges as several officials came under fire for selecting teams based on racial and tribal favours.

    It is for this reason that Mwiya felt the need for transformation in order to have fair representation of all races and tribes in the country.

    Kahiriri advised decision-makers in the sport fraternity to seek help from knowledgeable people before speaking about certain matters.

    “I went to school for these things but they don't want to consult people like us. They then take hasty decisions that will divide people in the game,” he said.


    Veteran sport journalist Carlos Kambaekwa pulled no punches, saying he has been advocating for radical transformation within Namibian sport.

    “This issue must be addressed because certain groups are systematically using codes to keep black athletes grounded,” said Kambaekwa who recently retired.

    “Junior development teams especially rugby and cricket are dominated by whites and this should change. Most of these athletes attend private schools and can afford to be trained by the best coaches, but what about the rest who attend public schools?”

    He added that the playing field should be levelled and that sportsmen and -women should not be kept in the dark because certain parents can afford to buy places for their children in teams at the expense of talented and equally deserving poor athletes.

    “The government should tackle these issues and provide facilities and the schools should implement various sport codes in order to ensure that athletes excel,” added Kambaekwa.

    Also sharing his two cents on the issue is Namibia Rugby Union president Corrie Mensah who said the country was in reverse gear when it comes to sport transformation.

    Mensah said that transformation should not automatically mean the introduction of the quota system, but it should be about training and development.

    “This whole system goes back to history. In the past, whites built proper infrastructure at their schools, till these days the structures are standing and are being used by the current children attending these schools,” he said.

    “Now you need to go to Khomasdal alone, not even to rural areas and see if they have these structures and find out how many schools actually play rugby or cricket,” Mensah added.

    Mensah also added that athletes in rural areas should be exposed to training and development because it is only then that transformation will take place.



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  • 05/01/19--16:00: Vries, Chiefs part ways
  • Vries, Chiefs part waysVries, Chiefs part ways Namibian international goalkeeper Virgil Vries has parted ways with South African glamour club, Kaizer Chiefs, after spending a mere season at the Soweto outfit.

    “Kaizer Chiefs would like to announce the departure of goalkeeper Virgil Vries. His contract with the club has been terminated and is effective immediately. The club wishes him all the best in his future endeavours,” the club announced yesterday.

    “The club confirmed that negotiations with the Namibian goalminder were concluded on Tuesday afternoon... Virgil Vries joined Chiefs on 1 July 2018 and with immediate effect (30 April) entered into a mutual termination and release agreement.

    “The club thanked Vries for his contribution and wished him all the best in his future endeavours as he prepares for the upcoming Cosafa and Africa Cup of Nations tournaments with the Namibian national team.”

    Vries has played just five times for Chiefs this season. He particularly enjoyed game time when first choice goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune was ruled out with a long-term injury. However, a number of uninspiring performances saw the Namibian goalie dropping further in the pecking order.


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    City well on their way to win leagueCity well on their way to win leagueStones says City experience key in Premier League race John Stones says the experience in the Manchester City dressing room will be vital as they aim to finish ahead of Liverpool in the thrilling race for the Premier League title. Log leaders Manchester City will retain the Premier League crown if they win their final two games against Leicester at home and Brighton away, but with Liverpool just a point behind there is no room for error.

    It is a totally different scenario from last season; when City romped to the title with five games to spare and went on to finish a record 19 points clear of nearest challengers Manchester United.

    “Last season the league was done by now,” said defender Stones. “It's a strange situation because some of us haven't been in this situation before.

    “I think Vinny (Kompany) said that these are the times when it brings the best out of you as a player, but him as a player, David (Silva), Sergio (Aguero) and a few of the others have been in this situation before. They know what the feeling is, how to get the best out of it.

    “We've got to be guided by those and try to take everything in. It makes everything exciting, keeps everyone on our toes.”

    The England player said the tightness of the race was “making us hungrier to keep winning, keep the pressure on and keep fighting until we can't any more. It's exciting to be part of it”.

    Stones feels winning this year's title would be more special than last year's success because it would make City the first team to win two in succession for a decade.

    The 24-year-old said: “It will be special because it will be back to back, not because we've been pushed by Liverpool.

    “I think it's better for the football fans in general that it's gone so late in the season and nobody has won it yet.”

    City have won their past 12 Premier League games and Stones realises there is still no room to ease up.

    He said: “Nobody in our dressing room will take these last games lightly and say these are easy wins.

    “Never underestimate any team that's lower in the league than you are, that's when you start to become complacent and slip up yourselves.

    “I think as players we go in and attack the games as difficult, respect our opponents and try to play our game,” added Stones.


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    Waratah Holloway cops three-week ban for elbow hitWaratah Holloway cops three-week ban for elbow hit Waratahs lock Jed Holloway has received a three-week ban for elbowing an opponent in the head during his team's loss to the Coastal Sharks last weekend.

    Holloway was shown a red card over the incident, which occurred early in the second half when he attacked Thomas du Toit after the South African grabbed his jersey, preventing him chasing a ball.

    It proved a turning point in the match, which had been evenly poised at 10-10, with the Sharks going on to win 23-15 and notch their first victory in Sydney since 2000.

    A SANZAAR judicial committee hearing handed Holloway a three-week suspension, meaning he will miss matches against Northern Bulls, Golden Lions and Queensland Reds.

    In a decision released late Monday, the judiciary said Holloway was facing a six-week ban before his previously clean record, guilty plea and remorse were taken into account.


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    Executioner itching to fight againExecutioner itching to fight again Namibian middleweight boxer Walter 'The Executioner' Kautondokwa has a 10-round fight set for 10 May against Simeon Tcheta from Malawi in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Kautondokwa's much-anticipated return to the ring in a non-title Independence Legacy Fight Part 2 was cancelled at short notice after his opponent, Jacob Maganga from Tanzania, failed the medical examination.

    Kautondokwa is a former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) Africa middleweight champion and has 18 fights with 16 knockouts and one loss.

    His opponent, Tcheta, has a record of 12 fights, nine wins, two losses and a draw.

    “I'm happy to have a new fight confirmed so quickly after the last setback. I know so many fans came out to see my return to the ring but it was not to be.

    “I'm facing Tcheta away from home and I quickly need to shift my focus and attention to this fight,” Kautondokwa said.

    His promoter, Nestor Tobias from MTC Nestor 'Sunshine' Tobias Academy, said the boxer was ready and they would show what they are made of.

    Kautondokwa last fought in October last year after seizing the opportunity as a late replacement to battle Demetrius Andrade of America for the vacant WBO middleweight title in Boston. The Namibian lost the WBO middleweight title.

    Tcheta last fought in March, knocking out Lewis Nkhata.


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    Oshiputudhilo shoNakayale VTC tashi nenepekwaOshiputudhilo shoNakayale VTC tashi nenepekwaOpoloyeka ndjoka tayi manithwa omvula yo 2021 Ehangano lyoNamibia Training Authority (NTA) olya tamekitha iilonga yokulongulula nokunenepeka oshiputudhilo shopaungomba shaNakayale Vocational Training Centre (NVTC) popepi nOutapi moshitopolwa shaMusati. Opoloyeka ndjoka yongushu yoomiliyona 37.80 otayi longwa kehangano lyoKamau Architects and Associates onga omukwateli komeho gwopoloyeka omanga elelo lyoCentral Procurement Board of Namibia (CPBN) lya ulike ehangano lyoAfrica Civil Engineering, melongelokumwe noChina State Construction Engineering Corporation, onga aatungi yopoloyeka. Pahapu dhOmunambelewa Omukomeho gwoNTA, Jerry Beukes, opoloyeka ndjoka oya kwatelamo etungo lyongulu yiilonga yopautekinika kwalukehe, onguluyiilonga yomatungo yopautekinika, ondunda yokuzalela aadheulwa, oongulu dhomadheulilo dhili ndatu, dhi na endiki lyoonzo oshowo otenda yomeya.

    Iilonga mbyoka oya tameke mOmaandaha na okwa tegelelwa yi kale ya manithwa okuya momvula yo2021.

    Oshiputudhilo shoka osha totwapo momvula yo 2011 muAguste na osha kala tashi gandja omadheulo mookoosa ngaashi omayakulo gaayenda, omatalelepo, iilonga yomoombelewa oshowo okoosa yiikwamalusheno.

    Beukes okwa popi kutya elelepeko lyoshiputudhilo otali ka kwashilipaleka kutya osha ningwa endiki lyomadheulo guuindjinia momalusheno oshowo omauyelele nomakwatathano gopautekinika.

    Ngoloneya gwoshitopolwa shaMusati, Erginus Endjala okwa pandula oNTA oshowo uuministeli welongo lyopombanda sho tawu yambulapo oshiputudhilo shoNakayale VTC.

    Okwa popi kutya konima nkene sha totwapo momvula yo 2011 oshiputudhio osha kala tashi nana aadheulwa oyendji ihe uupyakadhi owa kala pomadheulo ngoka ga ngambekwa.

    Okwa tsikile kutya konima sho sha totwapo momvula yo 2011 muAguste, oshiputudhilo osha li owala shi na aadheulwa ye li po 40, na osha kala tashi gandja omadheulo gopaali mokoosa yomayakulo gaayenda oshowo iilonga yomoombelewa, omadheulo ngoka ga kala taga gandjwa kaadheuli ye li yatano.

    Monena oshiputudhilo shoka oshi na aadheulwa yeli po 284, mokoosa yiikwamalusheno ndjoka opo ya tulwa iilonga momvula yo 2016.

    Endjala okwa popi kutya elelepeko nelongululo lyoshipitudhilo otali keetelela elelepeko lyomadhelo nokugandja ompito kaadheulwa ya kale ye na ehogololo, na otali ka gandja woo ompito kaanyasha ya vule okumona omadheulo ngoka taga pumbiwa moshikondo shiilonga moshilongo.

    Endiki ndyoka olye shi pondola woo okutula miilonga ondondo onti 3 yomadheulo gawo agehe nomoonkambadhala dhokugandja ompito kaadheulwa oyendji endiki plya tungu po oongulu ndatu dhokulongela ihe omolwa omwaalu gwa londo pombanda, NVTC oya tameke otayi hiila ehala mondoolopa opo ya vule okugandja omadheulo kaailongi miikwamulusheno oshowo miilonga yomombelewa.

    Ominista yelongo lyopombanda, Itah Kandjii-Murangi, naye opo a li poshituthi shetamekitho lyiilonga mbyoka.


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    Gazza ta futitha omuwapeki gwomagumboGazza ta futitha omuwapeki gwomagumbo Omuhikingalo OmuNamibia, Lazarus Shiimi, a tseyika nedhina Gazza, ota futitha pahofa Lesley Fourie, omuwapeki gwomagumbo omolwa iilonga mbyoka ina gwanitha po megumbo lye nonando okwa futwa oshimaliwa oshindji.

    Fourie ota futithwa sho a ndopa okugwanitha po etsokumwe lyawo naGazza opo a tule omalapi gopomakende megumbo lye lyomoHochland Park.

    Moombaapila dhOmpangu yoPombada, Gazza Music Productions, tayi ka lelwapo kuLazarus Shiimi, oye omufali gwoshipotha kompangu omanga House Hopping Investments CC, tayi kalelwapo kuLesley Gail Fourie, oye omwiipopili moshipotha shoka.

    Gazza okwa popi kutya yo naFourie oya ningi etsokumwe lyopakana opo a tule omalapi gopomakende miinyanga ye yokukuutumba pevi nopombanda yegumbo lye , mondunda yaayenda oshowo mondunda yawo yokulala. Okwa li woo e na okuwapeka mondunda yaanona yaaamaati yokulala oshowo okutula omathano golwaala olumbulawu mokandunda kokwiiyogela. Etsokumwe ndyoka olya kwatelamo woo okunawapeka iikwaniiwapeki yomegumbo yimwe po, na olya li lyongushu yooN$273 153, ihe olya ningululwa nokuya pomwaalu gwooN$87 026.25.

    Gazza okwa lombwele ompangu kutya okwa futuko oshimaliwa shooN$80 000 onga odeposita e shi ningi miifuta yopaali.

    Momasiku 15 Decemba 2017, okwa futuko oN$50 000, omanga momasiku 2 gaMaalitsa 2018 a futu ko oN$30 000.

    Okwa popi kutya iilonga inayi pwa. Gazza okwa popi kutya okwa longitha ishewe iimaliwa yemwene opo a tule omalapi gopomakende mondunda yawo, molwaashoka iilonga inayi manithwa kuFourie naambyoka a longo oyongushu yopevi.

    Meindilo lye ndyoka a ningi momasiku 16 gaNovemba omvula ya piti, Gazzza okwa holola kutya iilonga miinyanga ye yokukuutumba oshowo mondunda yaanona yaamati oya thikama natango. Okwa pula ompangu opo yi pule Fourie a manithe iilonga nenge a shunithe oshimaliwa shaantu shoo N$80 000 shoka a futwa pamwe niishoshela yoopresenda 20.

    Fourie okwa ningi eindilo lyokwiipopila moshinima shoka momasiku 9 gomwedhi nguka, na ota kalelwapo paveta kuHannelie Duvenhage. Matti Mwandingi oye ya kalelepo Gazza moshipotha shoka sha li sha pulakenwa tango kOmupanguli Shafimana Ueitele.


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