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Jobless turn trash into cash

Jobless turn trash into cash Jobless turn trash into cash KENYA KAMBOWE

Impoverished Grootfontein residents scavenging at dumpsites say they are struggling to find odd jobs and are left with no alternative but to survive on trash.

On a recent visit to one of the dumpsites Namibian Sun observed how a number of people were sorting through the rubbish, in the hope of finding something to sell at a scrapyard in town.

One of them was preparing soup.

This was later served with mouldy bread found at the dumpsite.

They said they have no alternative but to rummage through the trash in order to survive.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a 30-year-old man said it is the only way he survives.

“Ever since I was a boy, I had to go to the various dumping sites and look for food and scrap materials, which I sell at the scrapyard to earn an income to survive,” he said.

He said he was forced to leave school at an early age because of the conditions at home, saying his family faced extreme poverty and he had no choice but to find ways to survive.

“Back then school was not free like it is now and my family could not pay for my school fees. I had no school uniform and going to school on an empty stomach made me decide to leave school, and the only place I could survive at was at the dumping sites,” he said.

He added that scavenging is also not easy.

At times he finds nothing to eat or sell at the scrapyard, saying there are too many of them looking for food and other items.

“You must ensure you come as early as 06:00 in the morning because if you come later than that others would have made the discoveries.”

Another young man, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said the suffering at home forced him to come to the dumpsites.

Before he started frequenting the dumpsite, he used to work with his uncle doing odd jobs.

“My uncle used to get me from our house so we could go look for odd jobs, such as assisting at construction sites, but when he got paid he would give me very little money and in some cases nothing; that’s why I stopped working with him and ended up here.”

An elderly woman, who was sorting through garbage, said she was a resident of Blikkiesdorp informal settlement.

Asked what she was doing at the dumpsite, she said she survives by collecting items to sell, so she can earn some money for her children, who live with their grandmother.

“I am here just like anyone else looking for stuff to sell and provide for my children who are living with my mother,” she said.

She explained she refuses to accept her fate, like many fellow impoverished residents have done at the town.

“As much as people laugh at us for living off the dumping site, little do they know that we make an income from the waste, and with that money we buy our necessities in the same shops the rich people buy in,” she said.

“When you buy your bread with money from your salary in Pick n Pay and Shoprite, I also buy my bread there. Money is just money; the only difference is that how you get it. Unfortunately we get ours from the dumping site.”

Asked whether they are not concerned about their health, as they are cooking in the middle of dumpsite, the scavengers said they have been doing it for years and their health has not been compromised.

Attempts to get comment from Grootfontein municipality spokesperson Luke Salomo since last Wednesday proved futile.

Plot thickens in Ondonga game of thrones

Plot thickens in Ondonga game of thronesPlot thickens in Ondonga game of thrones ILENI NANDJATO

The ugly Ondonga succession battle is reaching unprecedented heights, following the death of Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas.

Last week two heirs apparent to the throne, Oscar Sheehama and Konisa Eino Kalenga, launched an urgent application in the High Court to interdict Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo from acting as if he is the appointed successor to the late king, who is yet to be laid to rest following his death on 26 March.

The duo want to restrain Nangolo, who was named as Elifas’ successor in 2002, from purporting in any way to be the heir apparent.

King Elifas will be laid to rest this weekend at Olukonda.

Among those who have submitted affidavits in the court application are dismissed Ondonga Traditional Authority senior headman Boas Mweendeleli, the late king’s wife Sesilia Ndapandula Elifas and royal family elders Aili Kazimo Petrus and Selma Gwanandjokwe Sheyavali.

Mweendeleli (78), a former senior headman for Oniimwandi, was dismissed by Elifas in 2011.

He indicated in his affidavit that Nangolo was appointed as Elifas’ deputy and not his successor.

He claimed this appointment was not done by Elifas, and that it took place in 2004 and not 2002.

“I confirm that I authored the letter dated 5 October 2004. In addition, I point out that with regard to that letter, the appointment of Nangolo did not come at the instance of the late Omukwaniilwa. I assert that it was not the late Omukwaniilwa that decided on his own to appoint Nangolo. Senior traditional councillors, including myself, are the ones that initiated the appointment,” Mweendeleli said in his affidavit.

“We initiated the appointment on the basis that there was a vacant seat that was left vacant when the late Andreas Josef died.”

He said the councillors had approached the late king to endorse the appointment.

“I am not aware of the alleged nomination of 2002. I was the full-time secretary of the council at the time and did not come across such a nomination or appointment,” explained Mweendeleli.

Sheyavali (73) indicated that on 14 April 2017 a meeting was held by prominent royal family members Neema Nakale Andreas, Kandali Auala, Esther Kwedhi, Kalenga and Aili Kazimo Petrus.

The meeting, which was witnessed by Nepando Amupanda and Sakaria Kanzi, endorsed Elifas’ decision to revoke the appointment of Nangolo.

“The decision to revoke Nangolo’s appointment was brought to my attention shortly after the traditional authority resolved to bring an urgent application against the king.

“I submit that royal family structures gathered to discuss the underlying factors of the court bid and the royal family elders present collectively agreed to revoke the appointment,” said Sheyavali

“The revoking was done due to what is considered as a betrayal by the late king’s supposed royal deputy (Nangolo), resulting in an irreparable breakdown of trust between him and the late Elifas.”

Sheyavali said she is aware that the revocation was signed and stamped by the late king on 13 April 2017, for the purpose of endorsement by the elders a day later.

She added the succession process is primarily approved by the royal family members and not the senior headmen

“The decision of the elders of the royal family is final. Furthermore, Ondonga customs dictate that succession must be from the top to bottom, from the eldest to the youngest of the same level (generation) and not otherwise.

“With regard to the current issues regarding the alleged right to the succession of Nangolo, he is three generations from the late King Elifas; there is a generation between him and the late King Elifas. The level of eligible successors to the late king in terms of our customs are the members of second generation, not the third generation,” Sheyavali argued in her affidavit.

Among the 18 respondents are Nangolo, royal family members, the traditional authority and the ministry of urban and rural development.

Sheehama and Kalenga also want the court to interdict and restrain Nangolo from “performing or participating in or from continuing with or from giving effect to any ritual or any preparatory step that is regarded under Ondonga customary law or that has that effect under Ondonga customary law to be a ritual or preparatory step to be installed or to be coronated as a king or as a successor to the late king of the Ondonga nation, in contravention of the provisions of section 4(1)(a) of the Traditional Authorities Act”.

The faction supporting Nangolo is expected to oppose the application.

Geingob’s fixers under fire

Geingob’s fixers under fireGeingob’s fixers under fireExperts say new economic panel is ‘bloated’ While President Hage Geingob has pinned his hopes on an economic revival led by his 22-member advisory panel, commentators have already voiced concerns that it is bloated and could easily become a lobbying ground for business interests. OGONE TLHAGE

President Hage Geingob’s announcement of an economic advisory panel, which he hopes will facilitate much-needed jobs and economic growth, is being met with some reservation by analysts.

As if predicting some sustained fallout from the appointment of his panel, Geingob last week already moved to defend the body.

“Some have questioned the need to establish a high-level panel on the economy. The single-minded intent for reconstituting this panel is to solicit evidence-based recommendations, strategies and interventions that will prove effective in reviving and accelerating inclusive economic growth and employment-creation through private sector-led investment,” Geingob said following the establishment of the panel.

Economist Omo Kakujaha-Matundu said he feels the 22-member panel, which will serve a one-year term only, is bloated.

He said the panel could also easily become a platform for lobbying.

“Perhaps what the panel will do is to highlight to the president the things that government already knows and fails to implement. Finally, the panel is just too big to come up with anything meaningful,” he said.

“It could also easily become a lobbying platform for diverse business interests and rent-seeking. So I don't have high expectations for the panel.”

Geingob recently appointed the 22-member panel chaired by EOS Capital chairman Johannes !Gawaxab.

It also includes South African chartered accountant Vuyo Jack, Nigerian telecommunications businessman Joseph Okpaku and Guinea-Bissau economist Carlos Lopes.

Kakujaha-Matundu said any attempt to fix the economy should be applauded.

He, however, said the economic problems are known to government already.

“Any attempt to fix our economy must and should be applauded. However, the appointment of the panel begs the question: What is it that is not known as far as the bottlenecks in the Namibian economy are concerned, which the panel is going to find out?” he asked.

“Much work has been done at ministerial level; what is lacking is implementation. What is lacking is accountability and consequences for the non-implementation of government projects and policies.”

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani said the panel’s existence meant there was little space for the National Planning Commission (NPC) to advise government.

“One has to question what is the National Planning Commission doing in terms of advising government on economic policies which need to be pursued, that we need a panel of 22 persons, with three international experts,” said Venaani.

He also wanted to know if the creation of the panel was as a consequence of former presidential economic advisor John Steytler resigning.

“It means we have replaced John Steytler’s economic advisory job with the other 22,” said Venaani.

“What needs to be questioned is how much is this panel going to cost the country? I am sure many of these people will not come for free; their flight tickets need to be paid, they need to sit on boards, so how much is this panel going to cost us? Is it the same salary as Steytler’s?” he questioned.

“We wait for what this panel is going to produce, but one year in my view is very short, but let’s see how it goes.”

Labour analyst Herbert Jauch questioned the size of the panel and said it would be difficult for it to reach consensus.

Jauch had served on a presidential economic advisory committee under former president Hifikepunye Pohamba.

“I think the panel can only work if it is a smaller group of like-minded people. If you have a large group, it is almost impossible to agree,” Jauch said. The group, he argued, should also have members with “strong macroeconomic knowledge”.

Jauch added he was surprised to see some members on the panel who have business interests.

Gladiators on the back foot

Gladiators on the back footGladiators on the back footReturn leg against Botswana to take place tomorrow The Brave Gladiators will head into the second leg of their 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifier against Botswana on the back foot tomorrow. The Brave Gladiators suffered a 0-1 loss against the Zebras of Botswana on Saturday, after Refilwe Tholakelo left a sour taste in the mouths of the Namibians by scoring the only goal of the match in the last ten minutes of the second half.

The first half of the match was goalless despite both sides creating chances as the action flowed from end to end.

Despite the loss, Gladiators coach Brian Isaacs believes his side has what it takes to turn around the qualifier when they face Botswana tomorrow at the Sam Nujoma Stadium. The match will kick off at 18:30 and the winner over the two legs will face South Africa's Banyana Banyana.

“We are still in it and we will have home advantage and the ladies will surely be more confident and inspired,” Isaacs said.

On the defeat in Botswana, Isaacs said the home side surprised them as they came out and played way better.

“They kept the ball better and restricted our play deep. We were under pressure and they really surprised us with their game plan. We created about three good chances that we failed to put away, but now we know better,” he added.

Tholakelo scored from the halfway line after catching Namibian goalkeeper Mellissa Matheus off-guard.

Despite the fact that the Gladiators created chances to score, it just wasn't their night, with Thomalina Adams also picking up a knee injury. This means that she will miss the match tomorrow.

Malawi have seemingly already sealed their place in the next stage with a 11-1 home win over Mozambique in the first leg of their clash, while Zambia are through after Angola withdrew from the qualifiers.

The Zambians will now take on Zimbabwe in the next stage, while South Africa awaits the winner of the tie between Botswana and Namibia. Malawi will meet Kenya.


BA, Stars register wins

BA, Stars register winsBA, Stars register wins Namibia Premier League (NPL) defending champions African Stars and current log leaders Black Africa (BA) continued where they left off in the first leg of the premier league by collecting three points each on Friday night.

Round two of the 2018/19 MTC NPL season kicked off at the Sam Nujoma Stadium with BA thrashing Rundu-based outfit Julinho Sporting 5-0.

BA, who is currently in the driving seat, opened the scoring as early as the sixth minute through their new signing Donald Gaiseb. Derl Goagoseb netted in their second goal in the 19th minute, before Lucky Heita and Wendell Rudath scored in the 24th and 45th minutes respectively.

The halftime score was 4-0 in favour of the home team.

In the second half a hapless Julinho Sporting still couldn't contain Black Africa, who took just 17 minutes to score their fifth when Emilio Martin found himself unmarked in the box and headed in a corner from Rudath.

With the win BA maintain the seven-point lead at the top of the log standings. They are now on 38 points, while their closest rivals African Stars are on 31 points.

Stars, who played earlier at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Friday night, battled it out with Otjiwarongo-based Life Fighters. Stars opened the scoring in the first half but Life Fighters' fighting spirit paid off on the night as they equalised later in the game. As the game headed for a draw, Stars managed to find a winning goal in the closing minutes of the match. In other matches played elsewhere on Friday night, Unam beat Mighty Gunners 2-1 in Otjiwarongo, while Eleven Arrows thrashed Civics 5-0 in Walvis Bay.

Karasburg-based Young Brazilians managed to collect a point in Walvis Bay after their 3-3 draw against Blue Waters. Eleven Arrows managed to win their match against Civics 5-0, while Mighty Gunners went down 1-2 to Unam. On Saturday Orlando Pirates managed to draw against 1-1 with Tura Magic, while Tigers and Okahandja United played to a 0-0 draw.


Unam run riot against Reho Falcon

Unam run riot against Reho FalconUnam run riot against Reho Falcon Unam thrashed Reho Falcon 78-0 in their second match of the Namibia Rugby Premier League match at the Unam Stadium on Saturday.

The students led 24-0 at halftime after running in four tries and converting twice.

In the second half the university ran in eight more tries, converting seven times from the spot as they continued with the onslaught on Reho Falcon.

The university team have now won their first league matches, with the first one being a closely contested league opener against Kudus, who they beat 24-22 in Walvis Bay last week.

On Saturday, Unam's try scorers were Lorenzo Louis (two), Paolo Andrews (two) and Shareave Titus (two), while Sunday Haitembu, Milaan van Wyk, Clyde Besser, Jay-C Clievier, Kami Mieze and Buruxa Geiseb ran in a try each.

Louis converted nine out of the 12 spot-kicks he took.

With their second win of the season, Unam are now top of the table but level on 10 points with United, as only points' difference separates the two teams.

Western Suburbs, who lost their second match of the season 7-39 against United on Friday night, have four points, as do Wanderers who played their first league game on Saturday against Kudus.

Kudus are now fifth on the log after collecting two points from their two defeats, as they lost both their matches within a seven-point margin.

The two Rehoboth clubs, Rehoboth and Reho Falcon, each have one point.

Falcon lost their first match of the season 31-34 against Trustco United, while Rehoboth has only played one game against Western Suburbs, which they lost 22-23, collecting one point from the defeat.


Rhino poacher crushed by elephant, devoured by lions in SA

Rhino poacher crushed by elephant, devoured by lions in SARhino poacher crushed by elephant, devoured by lions in SA A suspected rhino poacher was trampled to death by an elephant and his body devoured by lions in South Africa's Kruger National Park, officials said Monday.
South African rangers have recovered the skull of the man in the vast Kruger sanctuary, which has born the brunt of much of the country's poaching crisis.
According to a park spokesman, rangers were alerted after the victim's alleged accomplices told his family that he had been crushed to death by an elephant.
The man's remains were discovered on Thursday after a two day search involving aircraft and rangers on foot, with the help of the victim's accomplices.
"Our field rangers looked around the area and made the unfortunate discovery of a skull. That was the only remaining part of the deceased," Kruger national park spokesman Isaac Phaahla told AFP.
He said a pride of lions was thought to have been in the area and were believed to have devoured the man's remains.
"But the family were grateful that at least they have the bone to go and bury and they know what happened," Phaahla said.
Four of the man's accomplices have since been arrested and are expected to appear in court this week.
The demand for rhino horn has placed Africa at the epicentre of a global poaching and trafficking crisis.
South Africa, which is home to about 80 percent of the world rhino population, has been hit hardest, with much of the poaching concentrated on the Kruger park.
In 2018, 769 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone, according to the country's environment ministry. More than 7 100 animals have been killed over the past decade.


Keeper signing illegal - Ngarizemo

Keeper signing illegal - NgarizemoKeeper signing illegal - Ngarizemo Young African boss Marley Ngarizemo has accused African Stars of signing his team's goalkeeper Mbemutjiua Mata without consultations with the club.

Stars recently unveiled the signing of two players, Marcel Papama (from Unam) and goalkeeper Mbemutjiua Mata, from Young African.

Ngarizemo, however, accused African Stars and its chairman Patrick Kauta of stealing Mata.

Young African claim Mata has not been released by the club and therefore still remains their player. “We have learned with shock that our first-team goalkeeper Mbemutjiua Mata has signed for African Stars. “Young African want to state it clearly that this news is not true, as our club has not released the player and African Stars did not approach us either,” Ngarizemo said. He claimed this latest move by African Stars was a personal vendetta, which Kauta had against him.

The latest accusations by Ngarizemo come months of an ugly dispute he had with Stars and the NPL led to Young African's demotion from the premier league.

They were demoted after being found guilty of registering Zimbabwean player Tapiwa Musekiwa under a false name during the 2017/18 season.

The player, who ended up playing several matches for African Stars after serving an alleged ban, is currently nowhere to be found.

“This is again a sign that Kauta is trying to bring Young African down. First, he instructed the NPL secretariat that they should not schedule our league matches in the NPL, after an appeal application with the NFA.

“Now again, his club goes on and announces that they signed a player that is not theirs,” Ngarizemo fumed.

African Stars and Kauta confirmed they have heard about the complaints, but were unable to comment.

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

Hunger needed

Hunger neededHunger neededIsaacs says Gladiators need to score early Brave Gladiators head coach Brian Isaacs says they plan on attacking and scoring early in the second leg of their 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifier tonight against Botswana. The Brave Warriors need to overturn a 0-1 to Botswana at the weekend if they are to continue on their quest to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The second leg of the qualifier takes place at the Sam Nujoma Stadium tonight.

Head coach Brian Issacs said the home side had three clear chances to score last Friday in the first leg, but did not make use of them.

They eventually lost to a late goal by Refilwe Tholakelo.

Isaacs, however, believes the Gladiators still have a chance to turn things around today if they score early.

He said the players were nervous when they faced Botswana on their home turf, but that they need to build confidence this time around and take the game to the Zebras.

“The players must be hungry to succeed. Last week the defence was excellent, but numbers were lacking in attack.

“They were more offensive, playing with three attackers. We were scared to open up and enjoy our game,” he said. Isaacs added most of the players are fit, except for vice-captain Emma Naris, who picked up a knock, but will be available today.

Enterprising midfielder Thomalina Adams also picked up an injury on Friday and was sent for X-rays, which proved that she doesn't have any fractures. There is a 50-50 chance that she will make an appearance on the field today.

The match will not be easy one for the players, as they need to win by two goals.

However, captain Zenatha Coleman urged the nation to turn up in their numbers as they need their support.

“Please forgive for the loss in Botswana. We tried our best but it wasn't our day. We will now go out and fight to collect points. Please come in your numbers because with your support we can overcome Botswana,” she added. Tickets for the match cost N$10 and are available at Computicket. The match will kick-off at 18:30.


Camp call-up for Baby Warriors

Previous Hunger needed
Camp call-up for Baby WarriorsCamp call-up for Baby Warriors The Namibia Football Association (NFA) has called up 30 players for a Baby Warriors training camp that starts tomorrow.

This is in preparation for two friendly matches against the Westphalia German regional team, who are expected to arrive in the country on Friday. Namibia, through the ministry of sport and the Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia, have over 20 years of football history with the German region.

This time around, the German side will be in the country to play three matches from 13 to 20 April in Gobabis, Windhoek and Mariental.

The team will have two training sessions per day at the NFA Technical Centre. Westphalia will play their first match at the Legare Stadium in Gobabis against the Omaheke under-19 team on Saturday, 13 April at 16:00. Twenty Baby Warriors will be selected to take on their Westphalia counterparts in a friendly match at 18:00 on Tuesday, 16 April at the NFA Technical Centre.

The final match will be on 20 April at the Mariental Sports Stadium at 20:00, again against Baby Warriors.

The German team will return home on 21 April.

“We are focusing on boys born in 2003 and 2004, as we want them (the Germans) to play a top-quality side, in order to gain the necessary experience as we await the Cosafa u-17 championships later in the year. “For some players it will be the first time in the national team set-up, but we also have experienced players such as captain Prins Tjiueza and others,” Baby Warriors coach Pauhl Malembu said.

The following players are urged to report for the training camp today at 20:30: Pascal Matende, Promise Gurirab, Steven Damaseb, Tyron George, Jarule Awaseb and Prins Tjiueza (Erongo), Ikuaterua Mungendje, Bradley Hanixab, Tjipee Kaputjaza and Friedman Goraseb (Otjozondjupa), Denzil Narib, Edmar Kamatuka, Ndjiharine Katjivena, Giagino Geiriseb, Romin Berndt, Sven Gunzel, Zander McClune, John-Pall Beukes, Owen Damaseb, Xavier Mcclude, Murphy Naobeb and Filippo Micheletti (Khomas), Vicenco Ganeb and Amazing Kandjii (Omaheke), Byron Eiseb and Gonzalec Tsuseb (Kunene), Djorkaef Stein and Prince Apollus (//Karas), Erastus Ambambi (Omusati) and Shamu Samunzala (Zambezi).


Vorster, Hahn and Miller impress

Vorster, Hahn and Miller impressVorster, Hahn and Miller impress Michelle Vorster, Hugo Hahn and Alex Miller put up impressive performances at the Nedbank Namibia Cross-Country (XC) International Cycling Union championships held at Farm Windhoek on Saturday.

Vorster, who represented Namibia in the mountain bike event at the 2016 Olympic Games, finished third out of the 12 female riders who started the race. Countries that were represented in the elite women's category were host nation Namibia, Botswana, Mauritania, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The Namibian rider came third after South Africa's Mariske Strauss and Cherie Redecker, who finished first and second respectively.

Strauss crossed the line in one hour, 25 minutes and 48 seconds (1:25:48), while Redecker was just a minute behind her with a time of 1:26:35.

Vorster had to fight off Candice Lill from South Africa, who was just seconds behind her when she crossed the line. She was behind Redecker by more than two minutes and 30 seconds as she crossed the line in 1:29:07. Lill came fourth in a time of 1:29:19, just 12 seconds behind the Namibian.

In the elite men's category Miller finished fifth after the youthful Namibian rider had a flat tyre and had to fight his way back from 27th position.

He was six minutes behind South Africa's Wessel Botha, who won the race in a time of 1:26:12, followed by his fellow countrymen Julian Jessop (1:28:10) and Stuart Marais, who was third with a time of 1:28:27.

Miller finished the race in a time of 1:32:09. Fellow Namibian rider Xavier Papo finished ninth in a time of 1:35:02.

In the junior category, Hugo Hahn did Namibia proud by finishing second.

Luke Moir from South Africa was first in a time of 1:16:55, while the Namibian rider was just seconds behind him in 1:17:21.

South Africa's Hennie van Wyk finished third in a time of 1:18:3.

In the women's junior category Cindy Rowland finished third for Namibia.

Zandri Strydom and Frances Janse van Rensburg, both from South Africa, finished the race in first and second place respectively.

The event is used as a warm-up by all countries expected to compete in the 2019 African Continental Mountain Bike Championships, which will be held here this coming Saturday.


Mane steps out of Salah's shadow

Mane steps out of Salah's shadowMane steps out of Salah's shadow Sadio Mane has grown used to playing second fiddle to Mohamed Salah in the two seasons since the latter joined the Senegalese at Liverpool.

However, the fact Jurgen Klopp's men top the Premier League, in their quest to end a 29-year wait to win the title, and face Porto in the first leg of a Champions League quarterfinal at Anfield on Tuesday, is largely thanks to Mane. As Salah's goals dried up in an eight-game drought prior to Friday's 3-1 win at Southampton, Mane assumed the mantle as chief goal-getter with 11 in his last 13 Liverpool appearances, taking his tally for the season to 20. That run included a double away to Bayern Munich last month that eased the five-time European champions past the German giants, as they eye another shot at Champions League glory.

His first goal in particular at the Allianz Arena was a demonstration of the 26-year-old's pace, skill and calmness in front of goal.

Mane controlled a raking, long pass from Virgil van Dijk, rounded Manuel Neuer and then dinked the ball into an unguarded net.

“I'm going to have to watch that 500 times,” admitted Klopp after the game. “It's astounding what he did.”

Mane scored 10 Champions League goals in all last season, including in the final. However, his brave header in Kiev to bring Liverpool level was quickly forgotten amid the furore over Salah's early shoulder injury that saw him hobble off, aiding Real Madrid's route to a third straight European title. While Salah now carries himself with a swagger from the star status he has earned over the past two years, Mane's humble nature means he often remains under the radar for a player of his quality.

In September he was filmed helping to clean the toilets at his local mosque just hours after scoring in a vital away win at Leicester.

Last week in an internal interview with Liverpool's club media, he detailed a daily routine that consists of healthy eating, prayer and early nights. “That's how a normal day for me looks. This is my dream, this is something I've always wanted to do, and I am so grateful that I am able to do it now,” he said.

“My dream came true, to play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe with a great team, a great manager.”

Porto are already very aware of the threat Mane poses.

When the sides met in the Champions League last season, he scored a hat-trick in a 5-0 first leg rout in northern Portugal that killed the tie as a contest even before it even returned to fortress Anfield.

This time round, Liverpool will be keen to get the job done in the first leg on home soil.

Klopp's men have not made life easy for themselves in recent weeks on league duty, requiring late goals to see off Fulham, Tottenham and Southampton to keep their title dreams alive. However, just by keeping pace with quadruple-chasing Manchester City all season, they have shown a maturity and mental strength that has evolved from the kamikaze matches that carried them to last season's Champions League final.

“The boys are mentality monsters - I love that,” said Klopp after their victory at Southampton.

Moreover, unlike when Sergio Ramos' takedown of Salah seemed to suck belief from Liverpool against Madrid almost a year ago, they now have a cast of characters capable of stepping up.

Goalkeeper Alisson Becker and talismanic centre-back Van Dijk have strengthened the defence.

And, at the other end, Mane has shown he can be counted on at the business end of the season.


DHPS: The place I want to be

DHPS: The place I want to beDHPS: The place I want to be Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) will be celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. Etietop Akpabio

It has been 110 years of raising, teaching, preparing students, and then sending them off into the world to make a difference.

It is hard to believe the school was started so many years ago, as a small house made of clay, but today it is truly one of the best in Namibia.

With all the new renovations and offices, it’s hard to believe that the offices we have now used to be classrooms in the good old days, and that there were chalkboards in every class, where smartboards are now the in-thing.

Additionally, a place as big as the E Block was completely non-existent; it was just a big, wide and empty space were children used to play in.

The South African school system was used at DHPS until 1990. So what we now know as grades, were actually called standards then and they went from sub A (grade 1) to standard 10 (matric).

During the 1970s to 1980s, when Namibia and South Africa were still under the apartheid regime, and although they used the South African school system, DHPS was one of the first school to allow students of all colours and backgrounds. The proprietors believed that anyone who was interested in the German language was free to come to the school. This example was followed by other prominent schools around the capital.

The school uniforms were also very different then. They used the traditional grey pants and white T-shirts that most schools used, but today we have our very own polo shirts with the school logo.

In an exclusive interview with the head of the middle school (grades 5 to 9), Carola von Blottnitz, she told us all about the history of the school.

Von Blottnitz has been in the employ of the DHPS since 2005, but more impressively, she also schooled here from the first grade in 1979, completing her matric in 1990.

Among other teachers who also attended the school are Frauke Stubenrauch, Christiane Reiff, Thorsten Horenburg, Annette Starke and others, who now work at the Kreutzberger-Gebäude.

Von Blottnitz remembers the school always having a very vibrant atmosphere.

However, she acknowledges that students nowadays are different because they do not identify with the school as much as they did in the past. But it is something she would like to see revived again.

She also remembers that the grades (or standards) did not have NSSC and DIA branches like they have now. One of the reasons the school has decided to remove these divisions from grade 5 onwards under the motto ‘Local roots, global minds’, is to allow intercultural exchange that incorporates the multitude of traditions, cultures and backgrounds represented within the DHPS fabric.

Obviously the school is very different now, yet somehow has retained some of the nostalgia for over a century. With state-of-the-art classrooms, teachers, sporting equipment and being home to the best gymnasium in Namibia, we look forward to the next 110 years with anticipation.

“That’s DHPS, the place where I want to be,

A special spot in Africa, a school for you and me!

That’s DHPS, footloose and fancy-free,

Where friendships last forever - come and see!”

DHPS as a partner in the Special Olympics

DHPS as a partner in the Special Olympics DHPS as a partner in the Special Olympics The Namibian basketball team won bronze and provided many touching moments. During the eventful days of competition, around 7 500 athletes from almost 190 countries grew together to form a large community. Experiencing joy, showing courage, strengthening self-confidence, building friendships between people with or without mental disabilities, developing skills and improving fitness - these are just a few of the goals of the Special Olympics.

There is also a national committee in Namibia - Special Olympics Namibia (SON) founded in 1998 - which works to strengthen the participation of young people and adults with mental disabilities and their social involvement through sport.

An exemplary integration project was launched as early as 2016, based on the most important Special Olympics goals - bringing people with and without disabilities together, learning from each other and overcoming barriers together - Môreson School athletes, two selected teenagers without a disability and an employee from Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) were selected to participate in basketball in Special Olympics 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

For the DHPS learners, Sarah Shivute and Hilton Swartbooi, the event was a unique experience.

"I benefited immensely from this trip and got to know many interesting personalities, languages, cultures and sights in Abu Dhabi - and I learned to appreciate the basketball court as a second home,” says Sarah.

"That was the highlight for me - being part of this family," Hilton said.

In addition to the exciting supporting programme - for example a visit to the German International School Abu Dhabi, the Burj Khalifa or the Warner Brothers Movie World - basketball was of course clearly in the foreground, especially for DHPS head boy Hilton.

"The competition was very tough and we were the only mixed team against the men's teams. But despite various injuries, we gave our utmost and believed in ourselves!

And the strenuous training paid off.

Knowing ‘the gentle way’

Knowing ‘the gentle way’Knowing ‘the gentle way’ Sheney Mwetako

Namibia is no stranger to sport and neither is Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS).Judo is translated as “the gentle way” from Japanese.

The martial art created in 1882 has taken the world by storm. Judo, which was only a recognised sport in Japan, is now an Olympic sport with 204 official international judo federations.

It is a combat sport, which requires throwing one’s opponent to the ground and quickly subduing and immobilising one’s opponent with many different grappling methods. This gentle way relies on flexibility, balance, leverage and movements while performing throws. Judo increases your speed, improves your reaction time and strengthens your flexibility and coordination. As far as physical pain goes, judo is one of the roughest sports out there, which places an emphasis on safety and discipline. Judo can be taken and applied to all areas of your life, as it can also be used in self-defence.

Judo is not a new sport at DHPS, as it has been there ever since the early 2010s. Judo coach Sylvia Konzmann introduced this sport at DHPS and has been the coach ever since. Her hard work, dedication and patience has brought back many medals and trophies to the school, as she sees opportunity and potential in all her athletes. She offers her free time for her passion and offers classes every day of the week.

Age does not play a huge factor in joining the classes, as the school successfully introduced a parent-teacher group this year that takes place in the afternoons. The school also introduced an all-girls group this year, because not everyone feels comfortable training with the opposite sex.

The school competes in different competitions annually, including the South African Open Championships that take place at the end of June to the beginning of July. Different counties come to gather and compete against each other, representing their schools or clubs. Last year alone the judo team brought back 30 medals, as they proved all their hard work and training had paid off.

Everyone from different age groups are encouraged to join and be part of this fantastic sport with its many health benefits. For example, judo is a form of stress relief. It makes people feel more confident and safer, as they walk out of their houses knowing how to quickly defend themselves in dangerous situations. As that famous quote says: “You never know what you can do until you try it yourself.”

Ramabolu gets cold feet

Ramabolu gets cold feetRamabolu gets cold feetNew fighter to face hard-punching Kautondokwa The MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy is 11 days away from staging one of the biggest fight cards of the year so far. Walter 'The Executioner' Kautondokwa will now have to face a new opponent in his comeback fight after his scheduled opponent withdrew from the bout, promoter Nestor Tobias said.

Kautondokwa was scheduled to fight France Ramabolu of South Africa in the Independence Celebrations boxing bonanza slated for 20 April.

Tobias said the stable has, however, managed to secure another opponent for the hard-punching Namibian.

Kautondokwa will now trade leather with Jacob Maganga from Tanzania.

“All I can say is that the fight with Ramabolu was confirmed and they now informed us that he is not ready and cannot fight Walter anymore.

“Our conclusion is that the camp got cold feet and that is why they pulled out of the fight, but we are glad to announce a new opponent who is experienced and ready to fight Walter,” Tobias said.

Maganga has a record of 26 fights with 12 wins, nine losses and five draws in his professional boxing career. Kautondokwa expressed disappointment but said he was relieved he still will be in action against a different opponent on the night.

“I am a bit disappointed that I cannot fight Ramabolu anymore, but I am ready for any opponent and I am looking at starting my journey to winning ways again,” he said.

The bonanza will also see WBO Africa junior lightweight champion Jeremiah 'Low-key' Nakathila headlining the event in a 12-round fight against Zoltan Kovacs of Hungary.

The two boxers will fight for the WBO global junior lightweight title.

In another fight, WBO Africa welterweight champion Mike Shonena will defend his title against Shadrack Ignas of Tanzania.

Harry Simon Junior is also in the mix and will be challenging Andreas Nghinananye for the national junior welterweight title.

Tickets are available at Computicket at all Shoprite and Checkers outlets countrywide. VIP tables cost N$10 000 and standard tickets N$200.

The other fights on the card are as follows:

1. Welterweight six rounds - Emmanuel Mungandjela (Namibia) vs TBA.

2. Featherweight six rounds - Onesmus Nekundi (Namibia) vs Lazarus Namalambo (Namibia).

3. Super bantamweight six rounds - Timoteus 'Remember' Shuulula (Namibia) vs Niikoti Johannes (Namibia).

4. Middleweight eight rounds - Paulinus Paulus (Namibia) vs Limbani Masamba (Malawi).

Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

A night to remember

A night to rememberA night to rememberGlitz and glamour and a whole lot of intelligence on display during the Mr and Miss Nust First-Year pageant. The event took place this past Friday at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre, with a huge and excited crowd in attendance. Evany van Wyk

The event was organised by the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) SRC for 2019.

They managed to organise an amazing night filled with jaw-dropping musical performances by various Namibian artists.

The judges included Marvellous Shilonga, a former Nust SRC member, Miss First-Year 2015 and Miss Nust 2016; Willem Moonde, Tutaleni presenter and fitness and health fanatic; and Miss Namibia 2019, Selma Kamanya.

Wellem Kapendah and international model Meriam Kaxuxwena were also on the panel.

The shows presenters were Christine van Wyk and Johannes Erastus, who did an amazing job keeping the crowd excited and wanting more.

The theme of the evening was classic 90s and the contestants really put a lot into wearing time-appropriate outfits in their 90s section.

Big names such as Adora, Sunny Boy, Oteya and many more had the crowd on their feet.

SRC president Juno Angula said he was really impressed with the amount of stamina and energy their organising team had while executing the show. “I also have to give praise to our trainers; I can only imagine how exhausting it can be keeping all the models in check,” Angula said.

The tension was high when the additional titles were announced. The titles of Mr and Ms Photogenic was voted for by the photographers and were awarded to Oscar Arnold and Cassandra Cloete, respectively. Mandume Nekongo and Jasmin Amid Eldin were awarded the titles of Mr and Ms Personality, a section that was voted for by the contestants themselves.

The highlight of the event, however was of course the crowning of Mr and Ms Nust First-Year.

There was a bit of a Steve Harvey moment when Tangeni Konis was first announced as the First Prince and was later called back to take up his rightful place at Mr First-Year 2019.

Motjaritje Tjamuaha was crowned as Miss First-Year. The First Prince and First Princess were Averill Mundia and Albertina Haimbala, respectively. The Second Prince and Second Princess was Vitjitua Karamata and Cassandra Cloete, respectively.

According to Tjamuaha the most important thing she learned was never to doubt herself or her abilities.

“When I heard them announce my name as the winner I suddenly felt dizzy and I kept telling myself ‘please don’t fall’. It still feels like a dream,” she said.

She would like to assist where she’s able and brighten up the world, one face at a time.

“The feeling that swept over me was inexplicable,” said Konis.

He is glad he will be able to have an influence and help students grow.

It certainly was a magical night full of beautiful people and experiences.

Rugbyseisoen is hier

Rugbyseisoen is hierRugbyseisoen is hier Pupkewitz Haval het Dinsdag sy borgskap van rugbytruie en -drag aan Elnatan Privaatskool se eerste rugbyspan in Windhoek oorhandig. Pupkewitz is vir die tweede agtereenvolgende jaar die amptelike borg van die span. Van links is D.P. de Jager, onderkaptein, mnr. Schalk Burger, handelaarshoof van Pupkewitz Haval, en Corné Esterhuyzen, kaptein. Foto Mariselle Stofberg

AR a hala okukatukila elelo lyaVenduka oonkatu dhopaveta

AR a hala okukatukila elelo lyaVenduka oonkatu dhopavetaAR a hala okukatukila elelo lyaVenduka oonkatu dhopaveta Ehwahwameko lyoAffirmative Repositioning (AR) olya hala okufala kompangu elelo lyOshilandopangelo, omolwa otendela yongushu yoomiliyona 10, ndjoka tayi ka gandjwa kehangano tali ka pewa oshinakugwanithwa shokuhanagula po oombashu ndhoka kadhi li paveta.

Nonando ongaaka omupopiliko gwoshilando shaVenduka, Lydia Amutenya, okwa popi kutya otendela ndjoka oyongushu yooN$360 000 ihe kayi shi yoomiliyona 10.

Omukomeho gwoAR Job Amupanda, okwa popi kutya shoka otashi ulike kutya elelo lyoshilando shoka itali kwathele aantu ihe otali hepeke unene aathigona.

Muni gwaVenduka, okwa tseyitha otendela yuule womvula yimwe ndjoka tayi ka pewa ehangano tali ka kala nokukutha po omatungo ngoka ge li pomahala ga muni shaaheli paveta.

Kwiikwatelela ketseyitho ndyoka, omutumba gwotendela ndjoka otagu ka ningwa momasiku 15 Apilili moombelewa dhoKatutura property management nesiku lyahugunina lyokuninga eindilo omomasiku ga 7 gaMei.

Pauyelele wa gandjwa koAR, okwa tseyithwa kutya ehangano ndyoka otali ka longitha omambakumbaku gokuhanagula.

Amupanda okwa popi kutya AR itaka kala a mwena nokupitika muni gwaVenduka a hanagulepo omagumbo gaathigona, na oya tseyithila nale oohahende dhawo tadhi kwatelwa komeho kuKadhila Amoomo, opo ku pataneke otendela ndjoka.

AR okwa pula woo aanangeshefa opo kaya kale owala taya lalakanene iimaliwa nokweetha ya longithwe mokuhepeka aathigona.

Amutenya okwa popi kutya ota vulu owala okugandja uuyelele owundji kombinga yotendela ndjoka ngele a shuna mombelewa.

Omwedhi gwa piti, AR okwa gandja oomwedhi hamano kelelo lyoshilando opo li yamukule komaindilo gomahala gomagumbo ngoka ga li ga ningwa nenge li taalele ehololomadhilaadhilo enene lyaantu taya ikuthile evi. Momusholondondo gwomanyenyeto ngoka ga li ga ningwa, omwa kwatelwa ehulithepo lyehanagulo po lyomagumbo gaakwashigwana.


Sho mOndonga itashi hulu we

Sho mOndonga itashi hulu weSho mOndonga itashi hulu weTa ya nanathana nonando otaku lilwa omukwaniilwa gwawo Konima sho omananathano gomoshitunda shaNdonga ga li ga loto po manga, okwa lopotwa ga tukuka ishewe sha landula eso lyomukwaniilwa gwAaNdonga Immanuel Kauluma Elifas. Oshiwike sha piti yamwe po yomezimo lyaakwaniilwa, Oscar Sheehama oshowo Konisa Eino Kalenga, oya ningi eindilo lyomeendelelo mOmpangu yoPombanda, taya pula opo ompangu yi indike Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo a longe onga omulanduli gwomukwaniilwa, ngoka a hulitha momasiku 26 gaMalitsa.

Mboka itaya popile Nangolo, ngoka a li uulikwa onga omulanduli gwomukwaniilwa momvula yo 2002.

Omukwaniilwa ota fumbikwa mehuliloshiwike twa taalela mOlukonda.

Mokati kaamboka ya ningi eindilo omwa kwatelwa elenga enene nale lyaNdonga, Boas Mweendeleli, omukulukadhi gwomukwaniilwa gwaNdonga, Sesilia Ndapandula Elifas, aakwanezimo yezimo lyaakwaniilwa ngashi, Aili Kazimo Petrus oshowo Selma Gwanandjokwe Sheyavali.

Mweendeleli (78), ngoka a li elenga enene lyaNiimwandi, na okwa kuthwa miilonga komukwaniilwa, Elifas momvula yo 2011.

Okwa holola meindilo lye kutya Nangolo okwa li owala ulikwa onga omupeha gwomukwaniilwa ihe ha nga omulanduli gwe.

Okwa popi kutya euliko ndyoka inali ningwa kuElifas mwene na olya ningwa mo 2004 ihe ha momvula yo 2002.

Mweendeleli okwa popi kutya euliko ndyoka oli li oshiyetwa po shookansela yelelo lyaNdonga, ye shi e ta po sha landula eso lya Andreas Josef, ihe inali za komukwaniilwa yemwene ngaashi tashi popiwa kutya omukwaniilwa oye uulik Nangolo a ninge omulanduli gwe.

“Kandi na sha owino yeuliko lyomomvula yo 2022. Onda li amushanga okuudha gwelelo ndyoka pethimbo ndyoka ihe inandi nongela ehogololo ndyoka nenge euliko ndyoka,” Mweendeleli a holola.

Sheyavali (73) okwa holola kutya momasiku 14 gaApili momvula yo 2017, oya ningi omutumba naakwanezimo yezimo lyaakwaniilwa ya tumbulwa komadhina kutya pNeema Nakale Andreas, Kandali Auala, Esther Kwedhi, Kalenga oshowo Aili Kazimo Petrus.

Omutumba ngoka omwa monikila uumbangi shoNepando Amupanda oshowo Sakaria Kanzi, ya tokola okukutha oonkondo euliko lyaNangolo.

Sheyavali okwa popi kutya etokolo ndyoka okwe li tseyithilwa konima sho Nangolo ya yi kompangu taya pataneke ekutho miilonga lyawo.

Okwa tsikile kutya etokolo ndyoka olya ningwa aniwa omolwa omaihumbato gaNangolo ngoka ga teya po einekelo pokati ke nomukwaniilwa.

Sheyavali okwa popi kutya oku na ontseyo kutya etokolo ndyoka olya shainwa nokudhengwa oshihako komukwaniilwa momasiku 13 gaApilili mo 2017, nelalakano lyokugandjwa kaakokele esiku tali landula.

Momusholondondo gwaayamukuli 18, komaindilo gompangu ngoka ga ningwa omwa kwatelwa Nangolo, iilyo yezimo lyaakwaniilwa, elelo lyopamuthigululwakalo oshowo uuministeli weyambulepo lyoondoolopa.

Sheehama oshowo Kalenga oya hala woo ompangu yi indike Nangolo ka longe iilonga yelelo lyopamuthigululwakalo.

Ongundu ndjoka tayi yambidhidha Nangolo okwa tegelelwa yi ka pataneke eindilo ndyoka lya ningwa.

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