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    National pension fund hits new snagNational pension fund hits new snag The much-anticipated establishment of the national pension fund has hit another snag.

    Social Security Commission (SSC) spokesperson Unomengi Kauapirura told Namibian Sun that the pension fund task team is revisiting some of the design recommendations.

    “The revised policy is currently being updated by the national pension fund team for consideration and approval by the minister of labour and the management of the ministry,” said Kauapirura.

    “If all project deadlines are met, the national pension fund should be fully operational by the middle of 2019.”

    According to Kauapirura, the ministry has reviewed the documents and recommended further revisions of the recommended design, following a consultation and briefing session between the labour minister, ministry officials and the SSC board in March 2018.

    “Once the policy is approved, it will require the drafting of a Social Security Pension Scheme Bill to be submitted to parliament,” she said.

    Kauapirura said once implemented the national pension fund would act as a social protection tool.

    “The envisaged national pension fund will ensure income security in old age, help participants to maintain a decent standard of living and help lift participants and their dependents out of poverty.”

    According to the SSC, 391 469 employed people did not belong to any pension fund in 2016.

    Plans to establish a national pension fund go as far back as 1994, with the passing of the Social Security Act.


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    Massacre accused under observationMassacre accused under observationPolice wait for DNA results Jesaya Gabriel Chuhunda, accused of bludgeoning to death five members of his family, is being evaluated by psychiatrists in Windhoek. Murder accused Jesaya Gabriel Chuhunda remains under psychiatric observation while the police wait for the DNA results from the scene of the massacre at Rundu in which five people were bludgeoned to death.

    Chuhunda's case was postponed to 24 April in his absence yesterday, while he remains under the observation of doctors in Windhoek to determine his state of mind and the way forward for the case.

    The police continue to wait for the DNA results, the Rundu Magistrate's Court heard yesterday, and the police investigation into the deadly attack on Chuhunda's family, including his grandmother, mother and three nephews, continues.

    The court proceedings also noted that Chuhunda's application for legal aid remains outstanding, although he was advised to apply at his first court appearance in July last year.

    Chuhunda was arrested in July after he allegedly killed his grandmother, Ndongo Ntumba (77); his mother, Ndara Elizabeth Mpande (46); and his three nephews, Musenge Petrus Muruti (6), Hausiku Daniel Kapumburu (4) and Musenge Elias Tjingelesu (3).

    The murders took place on a weekend in the Ndama informal settlement at Rundu.

    According to the police, Chuhunda allegedly became violent after he was refused a loan by his sister.

    The police report which stated that the “motive behind the suspect's actions is allegedly that he demanded to be given money earlier during the day”.

    “However, the money was not given to him and as a result he assaulted the sister. The sister went to report the matter to the police and that agitated the suspect, who then assaulted his family, killing them instantly with a stick.”

    It was alleged that Chuhunda was a drug user and experienced psychiatric problems.

    Apart from the uproar relating to the brutality of the murders, the incident sparked countrywide outrage when it emerged that although the family had reportedly approached the police for assistance over the weekend, fearing the man's threats, no help was provided, allegedly due to a lack of police vehicles.

    An internal probe was launched and several officers were charged with negligence.


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    Stay off Gobabis land, CEO warnsStay off Gobabis land, CEO warns The Gobabis municipality has warned people against the illegal occupation of land, saying that those found guilty of such an offence would be punished severely.

    The municipality's chief executive officer, Ignatius Thudinyane, issued the warning during an interview with Nampa on Friday.

    He said the local authority was struggling to curtail a sudden surge in unlawful occupation, especially in informal areas.

    “People are seen clearing land on which they erect corrugated-iron structures for houses almost on a daily basis,” he said.

    The situation is worse in the Canaan C Informal settlement, where such unlawful occupation has become the norm, the CEO said.

    Thudinyane said the local authority lost a lot of revenue through these illegal acts, as such land could have been sold for profit.

    “We will not allow lawlessness to prevail in an environment where laws and regulations are in place. Those guilty of this practice are being dealt with and we will continue doing so until law and order is restored,” he said.

    Another worrying trend at Canaan C has been a rise in people with houses in more affluent residential areas demarcating land here and erecting structures which are then leased to the poor.

    Others use it to operate shebeens, with the community living around these structures exposed to noise pollution while the better-off retreat to their own homes in town and elsewhere, Nampa was informed. People from as far as Windhoek and other major towns are reportedly flocking to Gobabis to set up these illegal structures, Thudinyane said.

    The CEO said land in the informal areas is meant for the unemployed or those with meagre incomes for residential purposes, cautioning against it being leased.

    “We are aware of this practice. Gobabis cannot become a haven for every person to just grab land and do as he pleases; there are laws in place that need to be adhered to,” he said.

    Thudinyane added that the municipality had since September 2018 started removing illegal settlers, especially those that have exceeded the town boundaries.

    “At the moment we want to prevent new shacks from being built unlawfully on municipal land, while we deal with those that have been occupying the land illegally for years,” he said.

    The CEO said the lure of better employment prospects for locals have been a drawcard for many to settle in Gobabis, where they end up in informal settlements when such opportunities fail to materialise.


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    The logistics of a broken heartThe logistics of a broken heart Michelline Nawatises

    They say that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but life just keeps coming over and over again to knock you down from behind when you are least expecting it.

    When one relationship ends, clichés about how there are many other fish in the sea are all over the place, and yet we forget that in the end they are all fish - not mammals, reptiles or insects - just fish. Maybe I am not making much sense, but to a broken heart and a scarred soul, everything makes sense, except the fact that they have been abandoned by another heart - another other soul that really mattered to them.

    They say that love is like a drug. Inhale it and feel the bliss, but when the effects die off, your world comes crashing down. The sunglasses you are wearing are yanked from your face and the true nature of the sun is revealed to you. It scorches your eyes till they burn. Isn't there a saying that your eyes are the windows to your soul? Maybe that explains that heart-wrenching emotion that accompanies the tears that flow. Adele described it in her song 'Fire to the rain' when she sang the chorus: “And I set fire to the rain; watched it pour as I touched your face; well it burned while I cried 'cause I heard it screaming out your name.”

    They say that tears purge the soul of its bitterness. There is a truth to this. So tonight as I think about a person that does not treat me right, and my exes could star in my very own version of 'To all the boys I ever loved', bits of the bitterness are washed away. The first person met innocence at heart and bruised it, and the ones that followed nursed the bruises, tended the scars and added a few ugly marks of their own.

    Life has never been the same since that first time. And every new fish in the sea comes with their own promises - the usual political propaganda. They leave with long speeches too… as if that would soften the impact. They are just harsh words buttered with the dynamics of the English language. In the end, they represent the same thing - heartbreak. And the memories threaten to drive you crazy. In the middle of reality, you scream to yourself, “Stop it!”

    This is a simple plea to stop your mind from reminding you about all the reasons for your pain.

    They say many of the people who are in mental hospital ended up there because of love. And now that is your fear. The broken promises torment you, and what was, taunts you. The skies are grey, and smiles are just for society's prudish standards. You love him. You love her. You know you do! And yet they make you cry… it is their only detriment. With every tear that falls, a little bit of the love pales into the gloomy horizon. This has happened before. You know that soon - very soon - the love will morph into hate and hurt. You will tell yourself you deserve better, and yet the previous loves stain your heart. Is there a detergent to wash this away?

    They say that teenage relationships cannot be taken seriously because we do not understand what love means. If we do not, then why is the pain so real? And when we slit our wrists to drown the emotional with the physical, is that too an illusion? And when we hang ourselves or overdose or become drug addicts or very angry people who aim to hurt everyone else like we are hurting, is that too not defining enough for the power of our emotions? They want to know why we crumble and yet they do not find us capable of feeling what we say we feel. Who listens to us then? How do we drown the pain?

    They say that time heals wounds. Then again, they say time does not heal our wounds; it buries them with sand. That might explain why no matter how much time has passed, it still stings a little; every single time. After breathing in someone and being with them, we realise we have no choice but to wean ourselves off them like they are a drug. And in that fleeting moment, we come to understand, as we gather the shards of our broken hearts, that we are truly alone. Demi Lovato sings:

    “You ain't nobody till you got somebody.”

    And that somebody is yourself.

    You, you and you alone.

    No, wait, wait! I'm not done. Because still you hope and pray that they will come back, and that they see you in their dreams, as you see them in yours. These fantasies are what make it clear to you that love was the fine line between sanity and insanity, and now that it has thinned, there is no difference.


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    Towns struggle to provide landTowns struggle to provide landLack of serviced plots causes frustration A government moratorium on land sales has sparked anger at Okahandja, while Gobabis residents are grabbing land in an informal settlement. Frustrated Okahandja residents on Friday vented their frustration with a moratorium on the sale of unserviced erven at the town, saying it is unfair toward the community.

    The Okahandja Committee, a group that fights for social justice, said the ban also affected the town’s economy.

    A moratorium was placed on the sale of unserviced land in August 2015 due to irregular land transactions by the town council.

    In 2017, then minister of urban and rural development Sophia Shaningwa said the government would only lift the ban once an audit had been done.

    In an interview with Nampa on Friday, Patricia Hawaes, the group’s secretary, spoke out against the moratorium.

    “The moratorium is not fair towards the community. The community also votes for the leaders out there, so I would say the leaders who were elected should fight for the people, really!” she said.

    The moratorium has also put a strain on the municipality, as it has to do without income from land sales.

    A senior member of the Okahandja municipal council, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the council was equally affected.

    “We are actually being crucified for sins we didn’t commit. If you can’t sell or lease land, you can’t succeed as a local authority,” the councillor said.

    Urban and rural development minister Peya Mushelenga could not be reached for comment. Detailed questions sent to the ministry were not answered either.

    Illegal occupation

    At Gobabis, the municipality has warned residents against illegal occupation of land, saying that those found guilty of such an offence would be punished severely.

    The municipality’s CEO, Ignatius Thudinyane, said the council was struggling to curtail a sudden surge in unlawful occupation, especially in informal areas.

    “People are seen clearing land on which they erect corrugated-iron structures almost on a daily basis,” he said.

    The situation was worse in the Canaan C informal settlement, where such unlawful occupation had become the norm, the CEO said.

    Thudinyane said the council lost a lot of revenue because of illegal land grabs, as such land could have been sold for profit.

    “We will not allow lawlessness to prevail in an environment where laws and regulations are in place. Those guilty of this practice are being dealt with and we will continue doing so until law and order is restored,” he said.


    Another worrying trend at Canaan C is an increase in people who live in more affluent residential areas but erect shacks in the informal settlement which they lease to desperate low-income earners. Others operate shebeens in the settlement.

    People from Windhoek and other towns are reportedly also flocking to Gobabis to set up these illegal structures, Thudinyane said.

    The CEO said land in the informal areas is meant for the unemployed or those with meagre incomes.

    “We are aware of this practice [leasing]. Gobabis cannot become a haven for every person to just grab land and do as he pleases; there are laws in place that need to be adhered to,” he said.

    Thudinyane added that the municipality had started removing illegal settlers in September 2018.

    “We want to prevent new shacks from being built unlawfully on municipal land, while we deal with those that have been occupying the land illegally for years,” he said.

    The CEO said people from rural areas flock to Gobabis in the hope of finding jobs there, and end up in informal settlements when such opportunities fail to materialise. – Nampa

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    Lift Okahandja land sales moratoriumLift Okahandja land sales moratorium The Garden Town of Okahandja is well-known for hogging media headlines for all the wrong reasons. Service delivery protests at this town have reached an all-time high as councillors and community leaders continue to fight among each other. These never-ending squabbles have affected development at the town and this has been worsened by a government freeze on land sales. The land sales moratorium has been in place since 2015, while the urban and rural development ministry allegedly investigates irregular transactions. Interestingly, to this day, no action or detailed outcome of the government investigation has been made public while the ban on land sales remains in place.

    In an interview with Namibian Sun last year, former urban and rural development minister Sophia Shaningwa explained that the moratorium remained in place and that her ministry had instituted a forensic audit in collaboration with the office of the auditor-general.

    While a forensic audit may be necessary to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, it is unacceptable that government has allowed this issue to drag on for this long. Surely it can't take the authorities over three years to make up their mind and institute action against the guilty parties?

    The land sales moratorium has stalled development at Okahandja and despite pleas by community members and the local authority to lift this ban; their demands have seemingly fallen on deaf ears. If government investigators suspect corruption they must take the necessary steps against the culprits and allow development to continue unhindered at the town.

    And if government is really serious about tackling corruption, it would have already instituted similar sanctions in places like Windhoek where allegations of corruption in the allocation of land are well documented.

    There is a real thirst of land throughout the country and delivering on electoral land promises should be the hallmark of this government and not to stifle development when it suits them.

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  • 01/21/19--14:00: Designing his own future
  • Designing his own futureDesigning his own futureNamibian architecture graduate receives SA award Elao Martin has received a regional award in Johannesburg and will represent his university later this year in a national competition. Tunohole Mungoba

    Elao Martin, a 24-year-old architecture masters’ degree graduate from the University of Johannesburg, is the regional winner of the Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award, which honours the best masters’ level students in South Africa, based on their final thesis and/or dissertations.

    Martin received R10 000 and will be among eight young architects from major universities around the country who will be recognised for their talent and innovation throughout this year.

    The winners of each regional competition will then go head-to-head for the national Architectural Student of the Year Award and prize money of R70 000. The national winner will be announced in Johannesburg on 8 May.

    “The award has been running for 32 years and my masters’ thesis titled ‘Re-imagining Kitintale's landscape through clay brick making’, won the regional Corobrik award,” he said.

    Kitintale is situated in Kampala, Uganda.

    “I will represent the University of Johannesburg at the national awards against the other South African universities' top students later this year in Johannesburg,” Martin said.

    Born in Anamulenge village in northern Namibia, Martin was raised by his single mother in Windhoek.

    “I completed my secondary education at Concordia College in Windhoek, before beginning my studies in architecture at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), where I obtained bachelors and honours degrees. I then relocated to South Africa to pursue a masters’ degree in architecture at the University of Johannesburg’s prestigious Graduate School of Architecture,” he tells The Zone.

    According to Martin, he has always been passionate about architecture, long before he knew about the profession’s existence and this showed through his hobbies of model-making and drawing as a young child.

    “I hope my award will attract the interest of top architecture firms in Namibia and South Africa, possibly even further beyond. After completing the required training and statutory examinations to register as a professional architect, I hope to make a positive mark on the building environment,” he said.

    “I also want to work to create an international reputation in order to contribute to the export of Namibian skills and services, and potentially create job opportunities for other young Namibians in the field.”

    According to Martin, the biggest challenges he faced during his journey were the same faced by most young people pursuing a career in architecture, such as the high costs of education, and more recently, the negative growth in the economy.

    “This will mean fewer opportunities for graduates and young professionals. I do, however, look to the future with optimism and look forward to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the field, for myself and others.”

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    Hi-Tech comes calling at DavosHi-Tech comes calling at DavosSide pavilion looks at people and technology Private technology companies court World Economic Forum leaders this week. C. Vijayakumar, President and CEO of HCL Technologies: "Going forward, we believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will need the interface of technology.” HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company and the World Economic Forum's Strategic Partner, has announced its largest presence to date on the sidelines of World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

    The company will host a three-day event in a special pavilion that will feature a technology showcase, thought-leadership programmes, as well as a number of high-level networking and social events throughout the tenure of the conference.

    The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is a yearly gathering that brings together leaders of global society. The heads and members of more than 100 governments, top executives of the 1 000 foremost global companies, leaders of international organisations and relevant non-governmental organisations, prominent cultural, societal and thought leaders, and the disruptive voices of the Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Technology Pioneers come together at the beginning of each year to define priorities and shape global, industry and regional agendas.

    At the technology pavilion the overarching theme will explore how humanity's relationship with technology will evolve through the next decade of rapid innovation. HCL has partnered with Fast Company to develop a thought-leadership track that includes three panel discussion breakfasts.

    As part of the theme of Human-Machine Harmony, HCL is launching the HCL 2030 Platform, together with its ecosystem of partners and stakeholders, that will conduct in-depth explorations and discussions with leading innovators and future leaders driving change across digital technologies, disruption in banking and financial services, the human capital equation, and the future of product innovation.

    Fast Company will leverage the HCL Pavilion to host expert panels, conduct in-depth interviews, and share compelling stories focused on global innovation and solutions.

    The HCL Pavilion will also include a Tech Showcase Zone, representing transformational examples of how technology - such as AI, Automation, Machine Vision, and Brain Computing - has impacted human lives. HCL will use the Pavilion as a location for nightly special events, including celebrations of technology enabling diversity, technology's transformational role in sports, and global philanthropy.

    "HCL has been a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum for over a decade, and we have been working very closely with the Forum to contribute and collaborate on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing society and the global economy today. Hosting a series of dialogues around the Annual Meeting is a very exciting new step we are taking on this journey," said C Vijayakumar, president and CEO of HCL Technologies.

    "Going forward, we believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will need the interface of technology to solve some of the world's hardest problems, and, having worked closely on ways to close this gap in the human / technology equation, we welcome this opportunity to showcase our efforts among the world's leading minds gathering at Davos this year," he said. - Nampa/AFP

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    Deon delighted with his new Land CruiserDeon delighted with his new Land CruiserPupkewitz Megabuild customer wins big The winner of the Win-a-Pupkewitz-Cruiser has been announced. Deon Groenewald-Loots, Land Cruiser winner: “I cannot thank Pupkewitz Megabuild enough and can’t wait to go camping with my new Land Cruiser.” For the last three months of 2018, Pupkewitz Megabuild ran a Win-a-Pupkewitz-Cruiser competition where the customer needed to buy any of the selected products to enter.

    After receiving thousands of entries, the winner was finally announced on Thursday, 10 January 2019, and in a delightful coincidence, Deon Groenewald-Loots was shopping at Pupkewitz MegaBuild when he received the call.

    The official handover of the Toyota Land Cruiser took place at Pupkewitz Megabuild Lifestyle on Friday, 18 January, where Clarissa Räty, Pupkewitz Megabuild marketing manager and Johann Viljoen, Pupkewitz Megabuild Lifestyle Branch manager, handed the keys over to the ecstatic winner.

    “I am over the moon,” Groenewald-Loots said.

    “I always really enjoy shopping at Pupkewitz Megabuild, and never thought I would win anything this big. I cannot thank Pupkewitz Megabuild enough and can wait to go camping with my new Land Cruiser,” he said.

    “Pupkewitz Megabuild wants to thank all its customers for their participation in the Win-a-Pupkewitz-CrUISER competition and encourage them to partake in the next win-a-car-competition, commencing 1 February 2019 till the end of April,” said Räty.

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  • 01/21/19--14:00: Paper trail will cost N$160m
  • Paper trail will cost N$160mPaper trail will cost N$160mIndian company can't deliver in time Chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro says the ECN is sticking with its position that a voter-verified paper audit trail is out of the question for this year's general election. It will cost Namibia N$160 million to acquire voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) functionality for electronic voting machines (EVMs).

    However, it will not be possible to acquire the technology before the next general election because the Indian company that provided the EVMs used in the 2014 polls will be busy with the Indian elections later this year.

    This is according to chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro, who spoke to Namibian Sun recently.

    The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) also maintains its position that the EVMs with the current technology have served Namibia well despite an increasing demand for the VVPAT functionality.

    Namibia's use of electronic voting machines without a verifiable paper trail is set to once again become a contentious issue ahead of this year's general election.

    “Should Namibia want to go the DRC option then there is a price tag that comes with that.”

    I think it could be more than N$160 million,” Mujoro said.

    “There is the DRC voting technology and there is the VVPAT that we could get from India. Right now it is not possible, because India is holding its Lok Sabha elections in May.

    “The manufacturer of the EVMs and the VVPATS for the Indian Electoral Commission is commissioned to manufacturer solely for the Indian electoral commissions. They cannot at this time do jobs for any other country.”

    The ECN held a meeting with a parliamentary standing committee last month to discuss the issues around the EVMS.

    Mujoro said this is the position that ECN will put to political parties when they meet to discuss the issues surrounding the EVMs.

    “Our position we maintain that the EVM has served this country well. We will make it clear to them that the EVM has a paper trail functionality, however not a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) functionality.

    “What the VVPAT means is when the voter interacts with the voting machine and presses their selection, the VVPAT generates a small slip or glass screen. The voter is now able to verify and then once they confirm a small slip like a receipt will fall into the box,” he explained.

    With the current technology the court can ask for a certain machine if a vote is disputed.

    This is despite the VVPAT being used in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and India, which is the main manufacturer of the EVMs.

    Mujoro reminded Namibian political parties not to forget all the problems and issues with ballot papers that had resulted in court cases.

    “Let's not forget about allegations and suspicions of ballot paper stuffing, let's not forget about allegations of printing more ballot papers than required, and let's not forget about the tender vote problems because of manual ballot papers.

    “We strongly feel that the EVM has effectively dealt with these problems,” he said.

    Local commentator Frederico Links did not buy Mujoro's excuse.

    “What nonsense is that? Since when does a supplier say he cannot deliver?” asked Links.

    According to him, the ECN had ample time to sort out any issues related to the use of EVMs.

    “We had four years to sort this thing out, why are things being done in this way?” he added.

    According to him, this would create unnecessary suspicion.

    “The ECN is lurching from controversy to controversy and [this] does not reflect well. There are just so many questions,” said Links.

    Links also felt that it was time for the ECN to conclude the matter on the issue of a verifiable audited paper trail.

    The ECN was allocated a budget of N$66.9 billion for the 2018/19 fiscal year.


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    AMTA comes to Nepunda's rescueAMTA comes to Nepunda's rescue The Agro-Marketing and Trading Agency (AMTA) has come to the rescue of award-winning mahangu farmer Samuel Nepunda, who was left in the doldrums after being told that the government would not be buying his mahangu.

    This follows a recent Namibian Sun article that highlighted the plight of the mahangu producer, who has won Namibia Agronomic Board (NAB) awards.

    He told Namibian Sun earlier this month that he still had 1 800 bags left from last year's harvest and that the government was no longer buying mahangu or maize. Nepunda (84) confirmed yesterday that AMTA had bought 100 bags from him. “AMTA has bought 100 bags of my mahangu and I am happy.

    After learning that AMTA was not buying mahangu, I lost hope and I was at the point of not cultivating mahangu this year, because it will end up getting wasted as there are no buyers,” Nepunda said.

    “It is not yet too late, I am still going to cultivate, but not mahangu this time.

    After you published that story I received visits from private maize buyers, who promised to teach me how to produce maize and they will be buying it.”

    Nepunda, who started producing mahangu in 1990, farms on about 30 hectares at Okongo. AMTA did not receive any money from the agriculture ministry to buy mahangu from northern farmers last year.

    It is not clear where the money came from to purchase Nepunda's mahangu, as AMTA managing director Lucas Lungameni and its manager for national strategic food reserves, Wilhelmina Handunge, were reportedly in a meeting yesterday.

    AMTA is mandated to procure mahangu and maize on behalf of the agriculture ministry but last year the ministry did not allocate any money for this purpose. Farmers supplying mahangu to AMTA used to be paid N$5 400 per tonne, or N$5.40 per kilogramme.

    The agriculture ministry has not responded to several enquiries since last year.

    The ministry has silos for mahangu and maize managed by AMTA at Tsandi, Okongo, Omuthiya, Rundu and Katima Mulilo. AMTA bought 240 tonnes of mahangu in 2011, 742 tonnes in 2011, 504 tonnes in 2012, 175 tonnes in 2013, 486 tonnes in 2014, 61 tonnes in 2015 and 1 500 tonnes in 2017.


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    Nauyoma released on N$500 bailNauyoma released on N$500 bail JEMIMA BEUKES

    Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, who clashed with City Police officers over an alleged unlawful eviction in Okuryangava on Friday, has been released on N$500 bail.

    Nauyoma appeared before the Katutura Magistrate’s Court late yesterday afternoon and was released on bail on condition that he does not interfere with ongoing police investigations into the matter.

    He was also warned not to interfere with police and City Police officers during the execution of their duties.

    Nauyoma, who suffered injuries including broken ribs after a rough ride in a police van following his arrest, returned to a local hospital after his court appearance.

    A flock of AR supporters and sympathisers convened at the court yesterday in support of the activist, who has been described as a “political detainee”.

    AR had in fact successfully sought a High Court order on Friday evening which forced the police to take him to hospital for medical attention.

    Nauyoma is accused of instigating public violence, obstructing police officers while they performed their duties, unlawfully grabbing municipal land and erecting illegal structures on it.

    Four other activists and community members were arrested on Saturday. They were released yesterday on a warning.

    Nauyoma’s lawyer, Kadhila Amoomo, told the court that they would apply to the High Court to have the Squatters Proclamation 21 of 1985, under which his client was arrested, declared unconstitutional.

    Amoomo said this proclamation was an integral part of the apartheid state, which did not support any form of activism, while today Namibia is a democratic country, making this proclamation irrelevant.

    He also told the court he could not see why bail conditions were set, as in his view there was no investigation and no case against his client.

    Amoomo said he felt the bail conditions were included to censor his client, who is a land activist who deals with illegal evictions.

    He also felt these conditions gave the State the power to arraign his client again, and withdraw bail.

    Prosecutor Pieter Smit said the bail conditions were very general and it remained legal for the accused to move around as he wished.

    He said Nauyoma could not have been released on a warning, as it was a sensitive case that had drawn massive public interest.

    Magistrate Atutala Shikalepo presided.

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    More women embrace powerliftingMore women embrace powerlifting Plans to incorporate more women in weightlifting and powerlifting nationwide are gaining momentum.

    Namibian Powerlifting and Weightlifting Federation president Marius Johannes says women are more disciplined and focused in training and much more ambitious than their male counterparts, when it comes to the sport.

    In an interview with Namibian Sun he emphasised that powerlifting is no longer just for men, and more women are realising that becoming a better, stronger, more powerful and confident person is not just a male endeavour. According to him the number of female powerlifters have doubled worldwide since 2015 and this includes only those women who compete in the sport, and not the women who train without announcing that they are powerlifters.

    Johannes said most females are interested in CrossFit events.

    “This might be due to the effect of the group setting.”

    Johannes said further they will continue to grow the number of females participating in the sport, as they have been doing since 2016 and that there is a high possibility that they will earn medals and recognition this year.

    “In order to achieve that, an event such as the Arnold Sport Festival in Johannesburg in which five to six athletes will potentially enter will be the focus,” Johannes said.

    He added that the federation will focus on the African Championship in October and finally the Beast War powerlifting competition, in order to end the year on a good note.

    The first Beast War competition was held at the Tsumeb health and fitness centre and the second at Windhoek CrossFit Plus264. This year the federation has to again look for a gym to host the event.

    “I'm still brainstorming on ways to make it interesting. In-between there is the Dead Lift competition in April arranged by MaxQ supplements for athletes to look forward to,” Johannes added.

    In addition, Johannes said the world champs would have been an event to tick off on his calendar, but Namibia is not allowed to enter.

    “Our numbers make us competitive but do not put us in a winning position,” he explained.

    Johannes added that the federation recently became a member of the Namibia Olympic Commission, with the hope of attaining a centralised anti-doping and testing training centre.

    “It's just good governance and I see umbrella bodies taking the lead.

    “I did kit test training, but it's very limited. We need a lot of assistance to actually get someone trained and also work on getting a referee certified for international events,” Johannes said.

    He added that motivating athletes is very difficult and that competitors are all at different levels of development.

    “Train smart, stay away from steroids. Injury-free lifting is the best lifting; do not do ego lifts without back-up.

    “The quality of lift is above the amount of lift first. Get a coach if you can; if not, a good training partner. If you train alone, have online company. Grow on-the-go and eat healthy,” Johannes advised athletes.

    If you are interested in joining, don't hesitate to call Johannes at 081 822 9437 or email viadante.johannes@gmail.com


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  • 01/22/19--14:00: Katupose twins to clash
  • Katupose twins to clashKatupose twins to clashDouble trouble in tonight's NPL thriller There will be divided loyalties in the Katupose family tonight, when twins Tara and Muna face off against each other at the Sam Nujoma Stadium at 20:00. The Sam Nujoma Stadium will tonight see twins Tara and Muna Katupose clash for the first time in the Namibia Premier league (NPL) since they started their football careers.

    The Katupose twins have always played alongside each other at Epupa 11 Stars, Oshakati City, Eleven Arrows, African Stars, Black Africa and Unam, while bringing that dynamic twin power.

    But now for the first time since they joined the NPL they will be in opposing teams.

    Tara will play for Unam FC, while Muna will don the colours of the defending NPL champions, Tigers FC.

    “The first time we faced each other was back in the day in the Tertiary Institutes Sports Association of Namibia (Tisan) Games. He was playing for Teachers College, now Unam Khomasdal Campus, and I was with the Valombola Vocational Training Centre. Since then we have never played against each other, so it has been about 10 years,” said Tara.

    “He knows what will happen. They have good players on paper, but we can play football, and he knows that I will score and beat Tigers,” Tara said with a chuckle.

    Muna on the other hand said it will be an emotional match.

    “I don't want to lose against my former club so I'm looking forward to the match and for sure we will win,” he said.

    Tigers captain Rehabeam Mbango shared Muna's sentiments, agreeing that it will be an emotional occasion.

    “The twins have always been on the same side of war; now they are separated. It's evident that they would want to outplay each other and emerge victorious. The former teammates will definitely want to prove a point against each other.

    “It will be a gun-blazer because Unam's current coach Woody Jacobs is our former head coach. He knows a thing or two about us but we will surprise him and show him that we also have a great mentor and coach in Mervin Mbakera,” Mbango said.

    “Mbakera used to assist Unam's former head coach Ronny Kanalelo, so it's a battle of the formers.”

    Mbango urged fans to come in their droves to support them.

    “I want the fans staying in Shandumbala location to dress up in blue and come see us play, it's one of those matches you can't miss,” he said. Unam captain Heini Isaacks said due to last weekend's match results, most fans will support Tigers as they failed to collect points. “We have struggled with results, but today the fans will see a different and eager Unam team.”

    He added that he knows both Tara and Muna very well. “They are competitors with a win-or-die attitude, but in this case I'm behind my teammate, Tara,” Isaacks said.

    Tigers are currently in fifth spot on the NPL table with 13 points, while Unam occupy 11th spot on the log with seven points.


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    Leshabela joins Amajita squadLeshabela joins Amajita squad Leicester City midfielder Khanya Leshabela has arrived from England to join the South Africa under-20 (Amajita) squad ahead of the upcoming Africa Under-20 Cup of Nations in Niger from February 2 to 17.

    A few months ago Leicester handed Leshabela his first senior contract - a deal that runs through until the summer of 2022. At a training camp in White River, Mpumalanga, Leshabela said he felt honoured after receiving his first national junior call-up, adding that coach Thabo Senong played a part in helping him achieve his childhood dream.

    The 19-year-old midfielder is part of the u-20 provisional squad of players who will head for Randburg, Gauteng for their pre-competition medical assessment, required by CAF before any player can feature in any of their football tournaments.

    The purpose of this test is to identify any potential medical conditions, which might serve as a hindrance for any player to be declared fit to play.

    Amajita's 28-man provisional squad will be trimmed down to 21 players ahead of their trip to Niger on Wednesday.

    A top-four finish in the continental tournament will see them qualify for the Fifa U-20 World Cup in Poland later this year.


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    Bolt unimpressed with new cropBolt unimpressed with new cropSprint great says current Jamaican athletes have it to easy Usain Bolt is not impressed by the current crop of Jamaican athletes and has urged them to work harder. Sprint great Usain Bolt said on Monday that the current generation of Jamaican athletes has had it too easy and that they were not working hard enough to get to the highest level.

    The eight-time Olympic champion's last competitive meet was the 2017 world championships in London, where Jamaica managed just one gold and three bronze medals, including Bolt's third place in the 100 metres.

    “I think a lot of these athletes, I think it's much easier now for them,” Bolt told reporters on Monday. “When we were coming up it was a struggle.”

    Bolt, who still holds the 100m and 200m world records, said Jamaica had a deep talent pool but with athletes being handed lucrative contracts as soon as they leave high school there was a doubt about motivation.

    “They are happy with whatever, so for me hopefully these athletes can motivate themselves because we are not lacking talent, we have a lot of that and I've seen it a lot throughout the years,” he added.

    “But when they get to the senior level now, they are not motivated and they don't work hard enough to get to the level of a Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake or Shelly Fraser-Pryce, so it is all about the work and they need to motivate themselves.”

    Bolt also signalled that his hopes of playing soccer professionally were at an end. The 32-year-old was unable to agree to a contract with Australian side Central Coast Mariners late last year after a trial.

    “I don't want to say it wasn't dealt with properly, but I think we went about it not the way we should and you learn your lesson, you live and you learn,” he said.

    “It was a good experience. I really enjoyed just being in a team and it was much different from track and field and it was fun while it lasted.”

    Bolt, who won Olympic sprint gold medals in Beijing, London and Rio, said his focus now was on his business endeavours.

    “I'm just doing many different things.

    “The sports life is over, so I'm now moving into different businesses, I have a lot of things in the pipeline, so as I say, I'm just dabbling in everything and trying to be a businessman now.”


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    Renault to replace Ghosn on ThursdayRenault to replace Ghosn on Thursday French carmaker Renault said Tuesday that it would hold a board meeting Thursday to name a replacement for its boss Carlos Ghosn, who remains in custody in Japan over alleged financial misconduct.

    Sources close to the discussions told AFP that the company would put forward Thierry Bollore to replace Ghosn as chief executive and Michelin chief Jean-Dominique Senard as board chairman. Ghosn currently holds both roles.

    Renault, part of a powerful alliance with Japanese carmakers Nissan and Mitsubishi, officially declined to comment on Ghosn's replacement, beyond confirming Thursday's board meeting.

    Ghosn has already been stripped of his positions as chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi in the wake of the allegations.

    The French government, Renault's biggest shareholder with a stake of more than 15%, is particularly keen to see the company appoint a new leader.

    Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire had last week demanded a board meeting "in the coming days" to name Ghosn's successor.

    The Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian businessman, who was arrested on November 19, is set to remain behind bars for the forseeable future after a Tokyo court again denied him bail on Tuesday (22 January 2019).

    Prosecutors suspect he under-declared his income in official statements to Nissan shareholders between 2010 and 2015 to the tune of some five billion yen (US$46 million), apparently in an attempt to avoid accusations that he was overpaid.

    A separate but similar charge is that he continued to do this between 2015 and 2018, under-reporting his income by a further four billion yen.

    He also faces a complex charge of seeking to shift personal investment losses onto Nissan's books and transferring company funds to a Saudi contact who allegedly stumped up collateral for him. - Nampa/AFP

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  • 01/22/19--14:00: AMTA a yambidhidha Nepunda
  • AMTA a yambidhidha NepundaAMTA a yambidhidha NepundaA li a teka omukumo okulonga omahangu ge nuumvo Ehangano Agro-Marketing and Trading Agency (AMTA) olya katuka onkatu opo li yambidhidhe omunafaalama gwomahangu, ngoka aniwa a li a lombwelwa kutya epangelo itali vulu okulanda po omahangu ge. Shoka osha landula oshinyolwa shoshifokundneki shoNamibian Sun, moka mwa popiwa eindilo lyaSamuel Nepunda, ngoka omunafaalama gwomahangu na okwa li a sindana po ethigathano lyoNamibia Agronomic Board (NAB).

    Omunafaalama okwa lombwele Namibian Sun, kuyele omwedhi nguka kutya natango oku na ooshako dhiilya yomahangu dhi li 1 800 okuza meteyo lyomvula ya piti, na ke wete kutya ooshako dhoka otedhi ningi ngiini, sho epangelo itali landa we omahangu nenge epungu.

    Nepunda (84) okwa koleke kutya AMTA okwa landa ko kuye ooshako dhiilya yomahangu dhi li 100.

    “AMTA okwa landa ooshako dhi li 100 dhomahangu gandje na onda nyanyukwa. Konima sho nda nongele kutya AMTA kali we ta landa omahangu onda li nda kanitha omukumo, na onda li nda tokola kutya itandi limi epya lyandje nuumvo, molwaashoka iilya otayi kahepa owala sho kape na aalandi,” Nepunda a popi.

    “Onda tokola okulima epya lyandje nuumvo ihe itandi limi omahangu, konima yoshinyolwa shandje onda mono omatalelepo gopaumwene okuza kaalandi yepungu mbyoka ya uvaneke kutya otaya ka longa ndje nkene epungu hali longwa na otaya ka kala taya landa okuza kungame.”

    Nepunda, okwa tameke okulonga omahangu ge moomvula dho 1990, moofaalama yuunene woohecta 30 mOkongo.

    AMTA ina mona iimaliwa okuza kepangelo yokulanda omahangu nuumvo, na kakushiwike kutya iimaliwa mbyoka a longitha mokulanda omahangu gaNepunda oya zi peni, sho Omukomeho gwehangano ndyoka, Lucas Lungameni oshowo menindjera gwoompungulilo dhoondya moshilongo, Wilhelmina Handunge, ya lopotwa ya li momutumba mOmaandaha.

    AMTA oku na oshinakugwanithwa shokukonga nokupungula omahangu nepungu pehala lyUuministeli wUunamapya, ihe omvula ya piti uuministeli mboka inawu gandja iimaliwa yokulanda iilya nepungu kehangano ndyoka.

    Shito AMTA oha gandja oshimaliwa shooN$5 400 motona yomahangu nenge ooN$5.40 mokilograma yimwe.

    Uuministeli wuunamapya inawu yamukula komapulo ngoka wa ningilwa omvula ya piti.

    Uuministeli owu na oompungulilo dhomahangu nepungu tadhi silwa oshisho kuAMTA ngaashi moTsandi, Okongo, Omuthiya, Rundu oshowo Katima Mulilo. Momvula yo 2010, AMTA okwa landa ootona 240 dhomahangu, momvula yo 2011 ootona 742, momvula yo 2012 ootona 504, momvula yo 2013 ootona 175, mo 2014 ootona 486, mo 2015 ootona 61 omanga omvula ya piti ya landa ootona 1 500.


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    Aakwashigwana kaye na evi ya thigwa pomutenyaAakwashigwana kaye na evi ya thigwa pomutenya Epangelo olya pulwa opo li yelithe kutya omolwashike aaniilonga mofaalama yaSkaaprivier Valley ina ya talika ngele tashi ya komatulululo gevi momudhingoloko ngoka.

    Aaniilonga mofaalama yaSkaaprivier mboka ngashiingeyi taya lumbu mepandaanda lyaKhomas Hochland, oya ningi eindilo kOmupresidende Hage Geingob opo a tale konkalo yawo, opo aanona yawo kaya dhigulule onkalo ndjoka yo yeli muyo.

    Ongundu yaaningi yehololomadhilaadhilo ya thika pe 100, oya gongala oshinano shookilometa 20 muumbugantu waVenduka, moAris.

    Oya gandja omukandanyenyeto gwawo kukansela Penina Ita, ngoka a pula ongundu ndjoka yiimange kumwe nokudhimbuluka kutya epangelo lyaNamibia otali kwatha aantu ayehe.

    Gumwe gwomongundu ndjoka, Immanuel Karukuao, okwa pula opo epangelo li yelithe kutya omolwashike inaya talika sho kwa gandjwa omavi gomatulululo momudhingoloko gwawo.

    “Aavali yetu oya valelwa mpaka, otwa valelwa mpaka. Katu na we mpoka tatu vulu okuya. Otwa tidhwa mo mofaalama kumwene omupe.”

    Karukuao okwa popi kutya otashi ehameke noonkondo sho itaya vulu okuulikila aatekulu yawo kutya ndyoka evi lyawo, ngaashi hashi ningwa kaatiligane. Okwa tsikile kutya yamwe yomaafamaala momudhingoloko gwawo oya hanagulapo oombila dhoohekulu nooyinakulu.

    Omukwatelikomeho gwaahololimadhilaadhilo mboka, Lazarus Awaseb, okwa popi kutya shoka shi ya uvitithe nayi unene, osho inaya vula okukala ye na uuthemba kuya koombila dhoohekulu nooyinakulu moofaalama ndhoka na kaye na ehala mpoka taya ka fumbikwa uuna yo taya hulitha.

    Awaseb okwa popi kutya oofaalama odhindji momudhingoloko gwaSkaaprivier Valley, ooyene ihaya kala moshilongo na oya ulika owala aakwashigwaa mboka ye dhi kwatela komeho.

    “Ipula kutya otwa tameke okulonga moofaalama ndhoka omanga tu na oomvula 12. Otwa patululile aayenda yawo omiyelo, otwa tonatele iimuna yawo ihe ngashiingeyi sho twa kulupa otaye tu tidha.”

    Ongundu ndjoka ya popi kutya yo aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwoGugagub, na oya pula opo ya dhidhilikwe onga aakalimo yopehala ndyoka. Oya pula ya pewe evi yo ya vule okukala ye na omalukalwa ngaashi aantu ayehe.


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  • 01/22/19--14:00: Jeep's fastest 4x4
  • Jeep's fastest 4x4Jeep's fastest 4x4 Is the epic N$2.2-million Trackhawk worth it versus rival performance SUVs? Lance Branquinho, motoring journalist - “The all-American performance SUV has some very impressive numbers, but how does it compare to those European luxury SUVs which have dominated for nearly two decades?” LANCE BRANQUINHO

    Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is Jeep's priciest yet

    After a very quiet 2018, Jeep announced the pricing of its most expensive – and fastest – product for the Southern African market earlier this month.

    It’s the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and for N$2.2 million you can buy into the American dream of a very OTT performance SUV.

    There is no doubt that a N$2.2m Jeep is a strange proposition in Southern Africa, where the Grand Cherokee has traditionally always been a value offering in comparison to its European luxury SUV rivals.

    Although N$2.2m is hardly a price point which can be classed as affordable, there is some real value in what Jeep is offering with its Trackhawk SUV.

    For the price, you simply cannot go faster in an SUV than Jeep’s ultimate Grand Cherokee.

    The Trackhawk is powered by an immensely powerful supercharged 6.2-litre V8 engine. It dyno-checks at 522 kW and 881 Nm (Americans don’t round off in metric), which makes it – by quite some margin - the most powerful SUV on sale in Southern Africa.

    But exactly how much of a speed machine SUV bargain is the Trackhawk? Well, if we do the cost-per-kilowatt numbers, that value coefficient is tremendous. Jeep is only charging N$4 175 per kilowatt in its high-performance SUV. A vehicle which is also good for 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds, a number bested by no rival.

    So, the all-American performance SUV has some very impressive numbers, but how does it compare to those European luxury SUVs which have dominated for nearly two decades?

    Mercedes-Benz’s new AMG-engined Geländenwagen features a 430kW twin-turbocharged 4-litre V8 and retails for N$2 913 644. That’s N$6 775 per kilowatt. Which is also 62% more expensive than the Trackhawk. The Geländenwagen is way slower too, trailing the Trackhawk’s 0-100 km/h time by more than a second.

    Perhaps a British rival is more credible? Land Rover markets two high-performance SUVs in South Africa, both Range Rovers, and of these the Sport SVR is more affordable, at N$2 281 335. For that price you get a similar boost configuration to the Jeep Trackhawk, supercharging instead of a turbocharger, which helps the 5-litre V8 engine produce 423 kW. Crunch the numbers, and you are still paying N$5 393 per kilowatt. That’s 29% more than a Trackhawk.

    The near most powerful SUV to Jeep’s supercharged V8 Grand Cherokee is Lamborghini’s focused and sophisticated Urus. Powered by a turbocharged 4-litre V8, it boasts 478 kW – but the privilege of owning a Lamborghini gravel traveller can never come cheap. To secure an Urus order you are required to part with N$3 495 000. That calculates to N$7 311 per kilowatt. Better value than the AMG Geländenwagen, but still a 75% premium to power-output-per-price-unit offering from Jeep. – Wheels24

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