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    Community owes NamWater N$1 millionCommunity owes NamWater N$1 millionBroken pipe has been spouting water since August A small village in the Oshikuku Constituency faces a huge water bill, while water has been going to waste for at least five months. A village in the Omusati Region is likely to lose its supply of clean drinking water because of a water debt of over N$1 million.

    The community of Omagalanga okathima kaNangolo in the Oshikuku Constituency will have to revert to getting water from earthen dams and oshanas if they do not settle their debt to NamWater, which increases by more than N$30 000 every month.

    At the end of November 2017 the water bill stood at N$1 011 542. 54. That amount had increased to N$1 041 264.34 by the end of December 2017 and it is likely to have increased by more than N$30 000 since then.

    The villagers blamed the situation on the rural water supply directorate under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, saying that they do not respond to calls when they experience problems such as water leaks.

    Yesterday when Namibian Sun visited the area, water was spouting from a damaged water meter, which was said to have been broken for months.

    According to the Omagalanga okathima kaNangolo water committee chairperson, Timoteus Kombala, the leak was reported in August 2017 but nothing has been done to prevent thousands of litres of water going to waste.

    “We have reported this matter a lot of times but nothing is being done to rectify it. Whenever we call them they keep on saying that they will come but up until today nobody came to work on it,” Kombala said.

    Kombala admitted that the water debt was not entirely the result of water leaks, but also because people did not pay their monthly water bills.

    In 2012, non-payment led to the public tap that served the entire village being shut off.

    “Our water debt is already high because it led to the closure of the public tap and people had to get their own water meters in their houses,” Kombala explained.

    Not all the villagers applied for water connections, though. Some rely on their neighbours for clean water if they do not want to use water from earthen dams and oshanas.

    Kombala stressed that the unpaid debt was not the most important matter, but that the waste of water deserved immediate attention.

    “Water is life, that's why I want this issue to be addressed. Why is it difficult for those who are responsible to maintain and fix this issue to come here and do the repairs?

    “We reported this matter to them a long time ago but they do not come here to fix the problem,” Kombala said.

    When contacted for comment, Oshikuku constituency councillor Modestus Amutse said he was aware of the situation and would soon meet with the rural water supply directorate.

    “I always inform my community to let me know if they informed the officials and those officials don't turn up on time or don't respond as required, then I intervene,” he said.

    “In this case I intervened. I have also called the responsible officials about the situation because I believe whatever happened they still have the duty to maintain such services,” Amutse said.

    Amutse said he was also more concerned about the waste of precious water.

    “My main concern is the water which is being wasted because it is provided at a cost and this cost is coming from taxpayers and it is concerning me a lot,” Amutse said.

    The Omusati Region's head of rural water supply, Petrus Martin, could not be reached for comment.


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    Ondonga factions smoke peace pipeOndonga factions smoke peace pipeDismissed top aides to be reinstated The ailing King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas has decided to reinstate the senior traditional councillors that he had fired last year. In a dramatic twist of events, the warring factions within the Ondonga Traditional Authority have reportedly buried the hatchet and this could lead to the reinstatement of senior councillors fired by King Immanuel Kauluma Elifas last year.

    Tension has been mounting within Ondonga after the royal family rejected Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo as heir apparent and possible successor to the ailing Elifas.

    That led to the firing of long-serving top aides of Elifas, who included the traditional authority chairperson Peter Kauluma and former secretary Joseph Asino. Several senior and ordinary councillors were also fired and replaced with officials close to the royal family.

    The standoff divided the people of Ondonga and at one point the fired headmen dragged Elifas to court. However, it has now emerged that the royal family is now united on the succession issue and is backing Nangolo.

    A senior member of the family and acting traditional councillor for Onethika district, Selma Gwanandjokwe Shejavali, yesterday told Namibian Sun that the fired councillors would soon be reinstated.

    She also confirmed that Nangolo, who ironically had been handpicked by Elifas in September 2012, has now received the blessings of the royal family in order to restore order and unity within Ondonga.

    Elifas first suspended the senior officials in April last year before dismissing them two months later.

    Apart from Asino and Kauluma, the fired senior councillors included heavyweights such as John Walenga (Ondangwa district) and former Oshikoto governor Vilho Kamanya, who was in charge of Omuteya district.

    The other three ordinary councillors that were fired are Kashona kaMalulu, Tonata Ngulu and Fillemon Nambili.

    Shejavali said the royal family was sorting out the matter and it was only a matter of time before they were reinstated.

    “It is true that the councillors will be reinstated but we have not finalised it yet, however, so far so good. The royal family came together to get to the bottom of the succession issue in order to restore peace and unity among the Ondonga community. Once we finalise everything we will inform the public,” she said.

    Namibian Sun understands the decision to reinstate the fired councillors was made by the king on 14 January this year at his Onamungudo palace.

    Naeman Amalwa, who was named as one of the new councillors and apparent spokesperson of Elifas, also confirmed yesterday that discussions were at an advanced stage to reinstate the fired councillors.

    “The royal family has reunited and they would like the Ondonga community to be united as well. Discussions are being led by Nangolo and Shejavali,” Amalwa said.

    Amalwa, who is the senior councillor for Oniimwandi district, said the talks also included reinstating the former OTA spokesperson and Oniimwandi district senior councillor Boas Mweendeleli, who was fired in 2010.

    “If they reinstate Mweendeleli, I am ready to vacate the leadership for him to resume his district. I have nothing against him since he is my father-in-law,” he said.

    The deputy chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders in Namibia, Chief Immanuel /Gâseb, said it would be a good move if the Ondonga Traditional Authority reinstated the fired leaders, owing to their experience in handling traditional authority affairs over the years.

    It was reported that when these councillors were suspended from all Ondonga Traditional Council and related traditional duties and positions in Ondonga in April 2017, disciplinary hearings were held to determine whether or not there were grounds for dismissal based on the suspended councillors' alleged misconduct.

    Only one councillor, Josef Akawa, attended the disciplinary hearing, while the other seven failed to attend the hearing.

    According to sources privy to the affairs of the royal family, Ondonga village headman Oscar Sheehama has reportedly been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring a smooth transfer of power, while Nangolo has been the middle man between the royal family and the soon to be reinstated leaders.

    The current OTA secretary, Nepando Amupanda, pleaded ignorance when contacted for comment, saying he was unaware of the new developments. He said he only knew about a committee that was tasked to deliberate on OTA leadership issues.

    Some of the fired councillors, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that they were consulted on the royal family's decision and they would follow whatever Nangolo instructs.

    If finalised, this means that the appointment of Erastus Mvula, Paavo Amweele, Rainhold Nepolo, Naeman Kambala and Amupanda, who replaced the fired councillors, would be declared invalid.

    The appointment of Uukwanambwa district's senior councillor, Ester gwaShamba Nepando, will be put on hold until Wilbard Lidker's court case is finalised.


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    State House security questionedState House security questioned It is “utterly irresponsible” to put foreign entities in charge of the construction and security systems of buildings such as State House, says local political commentator Ndumba Kamwanyah.

    Responding to international media reports about China's alleged spying on the African Union headquarters, which it had built as a “gift”, Kamwanyah said it came as no surprise. According to a Morocco World News article, an investigation conducted by Le Monde Afrique exposed the Chinese espionage efforts. It stated that for five years, computer servers were reaching a peak in data transfer activity between midnight and 02:00. A computer scientist noticed the strange happenings.The organisation's technical staff later discovered that the AU servers were all connected to servers located in Shanghai. It was reported that every night, the secrets of the AU were being backed up more than 8 000km away in China. The issue was reportedly picked up in January last year, compelling the AU to acquire its own servers and encrypt its communications. According to Le Monde, China offered to assist with the configuration of these servers, which the AU declined. Kamwanyah yesterday emphasised that certain things must be kept sacred, particularly a country's security.

    “I am not saying they [China] did it. But we need to be able to do it ourselves. I even suspect the security of our State House is still manned by North Koreans because our people are not yet equipped to do it,” he said.

    He pointed out that there are “no permanent friends in politics” although Namibia regards China as a friend. The North Korean Mansudae Overseas Projects constructed not just State House but also the Okahandja Military Museum, and the NDF's munitions factory, amongst others.

    “First and foremost, these countries have their own interests; they come here for their economic and political interests. Entrusting them with our security is irresponsible and we should be concerned,” he warned.

    Presidential affairs minister Frans Kapofi rejected Kamwanyah's suspicions, saying he is “anti-Namibian”.

    “Any person who makes such destructive comments must come and show us. There is nothing like that. North Koreans are not manning our security,” he said angrily.

    The minister of information, Tjekero Tweya, would not comment, saying he was on leave and was unaware of the media reports.

    International relations permanent secretary Selma Ashipala-Musavyi yesterday said she had read the article but was yet to receive formal information and feedback.

    She therefore declined to comment on the issue, saying she needed to acquaint herself with the facts.

    State House was built by Mansudae Overseas Projects of North Korea, which was also building Namibia's military headquarters until it was sent packing because of United Nations sanctions.

    The Chinese embassy in Namibia said it could only comment once it received an official response from China.


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  • 01/30/18--22:17: Geingob bans foreign trips
  • Geingob bans foreign tripsGeingob bans foreign trips President Hage Geingob has issued a directive against the lavish travels abroad of public office-bearers at least for the month of February in an effort to rein in expenditure. In a statement, the presidency said the directive is with immediate effect. "The directive is specifically in the interest of curtailing public expenditure, no request for outbound travel for ministers, deputy ministers, and other political office bearers will be considered until the end of February 2018."

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  • 01/30/18--22:20: Geingob bans foreign trips
  •  Geingob bans foreign trips Geingob bans foreign trips President Hage Geingob has issued a directive against the lavish travels abroad of public office-bearers at least for the month of February in an effort to rein in expenditure. In a statement, the presidency said the directive is with immediate effect. "The directive is specifically in the interest of curtailing public expenditure, no request for outbound travel for ministers, deputy ministers, and other political office bearers will be considered until the end of February 2018."

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  • 01/31/18--03:04: Papso heads to NAC
  • Papso heads to NACPapso heads to NAC The chairman of the Namibia Airports Company, Rodgers Kauta, has confirmed that they are waiting for the approval of the secondment of presidential press secretary Albertus 'Papso' Aochamub to take the reins of the NAC for the remainder of the year. According to a statement, Kauta says the secondment was necessitated by the resignation of the acting CEO Lot Haifidi, and Aochamub would be appointed in an acting capacity until a permanent CEO for the NAC is appointed. This position will be advertised in the fourth quarter of the year. Haifidi will stay on until Aochamub's secondment is approved.


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  • 01/31/18--05:31: Gome joins Platinum Stars
  • Gome joins Platinum Stars  Gome joins Platinum Stars Namibia senior national team and former Bidvest Wits player Wangu Gome has joined South Africa Premier Soccer League (PSL) outfit Platinum Stars on a season’s contract.
    See more details in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Indongo's promoter hits back
  • Indongo's promoter hits backIndongo's promoter hits backTrouble brewing between promoters Former triple world champion Julius Indongo's new trainer, Larry Brown, has hit back at the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing Academy after they sued the boxer. The academy is suing its former boxer for an alleged breach of contract.

    Indongo left for the USA to join a new boxing promoter after a fallout with his former bosses.

    Speaking from the USA, Brown said Tobias owed the boxer money and that they would prove that to the Namibian nation.

    Brown accused Tobias of being driven by greed when sharing the prize money earned by Indongo.

    “He has created a hot mess for himself. Indongo was willing to walk away despite being owed money, thus giving Tobias the opportunity to also walk away from the whole situation.

    “But lo and behold, the man wants to keep digging a deeper ditch for himself when he was clearly given the opportunity to do so.

    “They say a hard head makes a soft behind every time. We are coming at you so fast you won't even know what flew past you. By the time we catch up to you, you will be picked up and dropped off at your final resting place and that is incarceration and the fact you're going to have to pay Indongo every red penny you owe him and that will amount to at least N$1.4 million and more for defamation of character and the list goes on,” Brown said.

    Tobias maintained his silence on the matter, saying it was in the hands of his lawyer, Sisa Namandje.

    Last year, the lawyer informed Indongo in a letter that he was legally contracted to the stable.

    According to the letter, Indongo's contract ran from 4 February 2015 to February 2018, with a clause that another year's extension was compulsory.

    The stable felt that Indongo had dishonoured the contract.

    Indongo is being blamed for abandoning the Tobias gym for Dibella Entertainment in the US right after he lost his fight to Terence Crawford and despite the fact that he was owed close to N$1.1 million after defeating Ricky Burns of Scotland last year.

    A well-placed source alleged that Indongo abandoned Tobias after discovering that Tobias had been dishonest about the value of international contracts.

    Various media reports suggested that the feud was instigated by the fact that some contract details were allegedly forged by the promoter.

    The source said that the promoters of Edward Troyanovsky, whom Indongo had fought in 2016, would send the original contract to the lawyer and that would be evidence enough.


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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Mbidi remains in Morocco
  • Mbidi remains in MoroccoMbidi remains in Morocco Namibia Football Association (NFA) president Frans Mbidi has stayed behind in Morocco to attend a Confederations of African Football (CAF) meeting.

    One of the things to be discussed at the meeting is the endorsement of Morocco to bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Speaking in a telephonic interview from Morocco, Mbidi said: “Yes I have remained in Morocco for a very important meeting.

    “The meeting will take place in the coming days and I will possibly return to Namibia by Sunday.

    “There are plenty of things including the possibility of endorsing Morocco to bid for the hosting of the 2026 World Cup.”

    Mbidi left Namibia about two weeks ago to be present at the African Nations Championship (CHAN) in Morocco.

    Namibia lost 2-0 to Morocco in the quarterfinals after winning two matches and drawing one in the group stage.

    The NFA president lauded the national team for the performances they put up despite losing to the host nation in the last eight of the competition.

    “The tournament was really great from a Namibian perspective given that we managed to reach the quarterfinals.

    “I do believe that Africa has now seen what Namibia is capable of seeing that they shocked some of the best African nations.

    “It is now up to us as an association to help this team prosper in other competitions.

    “I do believe that we do stand a good chance of qualifying to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations with the coach and the number of players we have,” Mbidi said.


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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Gome joins Platinum Stars
  • Gome joins Platinum StarsGome joins Platinum Stars Namibian senior national team and former Bidvest Wits player Wangu Gome has joined South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) outfit Platinum Stars on a season's contract.

    Gome joined Wits in the 2015/16 season, but was underutilised by the club during his spell with the South African giants.

    He got his first taste of cup success in South Africa when Bidvest Wits powered to an emphatic 3-0 win over Mamelodi Sundowns in the MTN8 final last year.

    The South African club however released the player at the end of last season after an injury-prone campaign.

    The player last appeared for the national team during the 2017 Cosafa Cup played in South Africa.

    Gome also missed out on the opportunity to play for the national team at the Africa Nations Championship because he was still searching for a club.

    “I thank God for the opportunity. He brought me here for a reason and I have to work hard to play my part in the team,” Gome said.


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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Chess elects new board
  • Chess elects new boardChess elects new board The Namibian Chess Federation (NCF) elected its new management team on 27 January in Windhoek.

    Israel Shilongo is the new president, Rowan van Wyk the vice president, Jonas Iipinge the treasurer, William Kamberipa the secretary, Mclean Handjaba the technical director, Fremantle Kuhanga the development officer and Frieda Lukas the public relations officer.

    Shilongo is experienced in Namibian chess administration and served as the outgoing technical director.

    Shilongo applauded outgoing president Otto Nakapunda for a job well done during his term of seven years and with this year's theme being 'Chess on the Rise', Shilongo emphasised the need to uplift the standard of tournaments and leagues.

    “The league has in the past been used as a good preparation for our strong chess players and improvement from the previous year and I have a mandate to ensure that the standards remain high,” Shilongo stated.

    Since the introduction of different open tournaments, the NCF has committed to cover the whole country and recently introduced chess clubs at Oranjemund, Katima Mulilo, Lüderitz and Opuwo to allow NCF to carry out its mandate of establishing chess in all the regions by 2020.

    Following a successful all-women tournament during 2017, Shilongo promised that this year the focus was on expanding the number of participants from 50 to 100, including more women participants.

    “At the moment one of the biggest challenges that the federation is facing is long-term sponsorships. This means we need to work hard to rebuild relations with our previous sponsors and ensure that more new sponsors come on board,” Shilongo said.

    He added that the acquisition of office space for the NCF needed to be tackled soonest.

    Shilongo urged his new team to work together with transparency for the good of the sport.

    “Publicity and marketing are key areas that will ensure the image of chess in Namibia and that people are aware of the federation's work,” he said.

    At the same occasion, Shilongo announced that Namibia will host the African Youth Chess Championship in 2019.

    “We need to ensure that our teams will do well by giving them the necessary resources to compete rather than just participate. As the host country, much is expected from us and we should be ready,” he said.

    The new NCF management team will serve for the next four years.


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    Legacy bonanza to honour presidentsLegacy bonanza to honour presidentsAcademy kicks off with bonanza MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy announced yesterday that they will host a Legacy Independence Day boxing bonanza on 30 March in Windhoek. The boxing bonanza will be held in honour of the first president of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, second president Hifikepunye Pohamba and current president Hage Geingob.

    The boxing bonanza will have 14 undercards in total with development fights kicking off before more premier fights end the night.

    On the night Walter 'Executioner' Kautondokwa will defend his Middleweight WBO Africa title against Billy Facundo Codoy of Argentina in the main bout.

    The Namibian enjoys an unbeaten record of 16 fights and is yet to be tested in the ring. The Argentinean boxer has 40 fights, 36 wins and 4 losses to his name.

    Kautondokwa said his opponent will yet again record a loss as he plans to win the fight.

    “In March I will step in the ring and do what I do best. I thank all my fans for their support and encourage them to come and watch the fight,” he said.

    Jeremiah 'Low-key' Nakathila will contest in the WBO Africa Junior lightweight title against Patrick Okine of Ghana. Okine has 23 fights, 19 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Nakathila has 15 fights, 12 wins and one loss.

    On the night he too wants to record a win and said that he is preparing thoroughly for the fight with his sparring partners.

    “I have a big team with me. I have great sparring partners and everyone should come and support us,” he said.

    Nestor Tobias, the promoter, said victory would improve Kautondokwa's ranking and allow him a chance at a world title fight.

    “He is power and speed. I'm not saying it will be a knockout but do come early to support,” he encouraged boxing fans.

    He also said he wants his boxers to fight locally but there is no one to challenge them.

    “If there is anyone who wants to take up the challenge please come forward,” Tobias said.

    Stanley Simataa, deputy minister of information who was also present at the launch, said 2018 will be a year of reckoning in boxing. He said the boxing bonanza speaks volumes, hence the fact that presidents are being honoured.

    “The transition of the former presidents to the current one has been smooth, orderly and peaceful. It's a great sign and I would like to see a knockout from you boxers.”

    He also encouraged them to show the nation what they are made of.

    “Namibia is a factory of world boxing champions. I encourage all boxing stables in the country to keep on producing world champions. The rest of Africa is looking to Namibia to produce champions,” Simataa said.

    The event will take place at Ramatex and will start at 15:00.

    Ticket will cost N$500 for VIPs and general tickets will sell for N$50.


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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Cycling season kicks off
  • Cycling season kicks offCycling season kicks off The Nedbank Cycling Challenge was launched on Tuesday with a fun relay cycle challenge event held at Grove Mall in Windhoek.

    Nedbank Namibia officially launched the 2018 edition of the Cycle Challenge at an event that saw Nedbank staff, co-sponsors Namibia Health Plan (NHP), Coca-Cola and Windhoek Express as well as members of the media compete in a fun-filled relay cycle challenge.

    Four-person teams took to the upper parking to participate in the exciting event. To add to the delight, Namibian professional cyclists Vera Adrian, Dan Craven, Xavier Papo and Denzal de Koe raced alongside the teams.

    Speaking at the event, Nedbank Namibia's head of marketing and communication, Gernot de Klerk, reiterated Nedbank's commitment to the development of cycling in Namibia.

    “This will mark the 34th anniversary of the Nedbank Cycle Challenge, which continuously proves to be Namibian's largest mass sporting event.

    “This year a portion of the proceeds from the entry fees will go to furthering the development of cycling in Namibia in honour of the late Namibian cyclist Costa Seibeb, who was an extremely talented cyclist who passed away at the prime of his career.” Themed the 'Greatest Ride Under the Sun', the 2018 Nedbank Cycle Challenge road race will take place on 11 February and will once again start in front of Nedbank branch on Independence Avenue.

    The route will take the cyclists through the city centre out onto the Western Bypass and back again.

    The entry fee is N$160 per cyclist for the 100km race and N$120 per cyclist for the other distances. The closing date for entries is 7 February, with registration taking place on 10 February at the Mutual Tower Building on Independence Avenue. The Nedbank MTB Challenge will take place on 25 February, over 15km, 30km and 60km routes, starting and finishing at Eagles Restaurant at Avis Dam. The entry fee is N$160 for the 60km race and N$120 for the other distances. The closing date for entries is 21 February, while registration will take place at Eagles Restaurant, Avis Dam on 24 February.

    The Kids Challenge, which is open to children between the ages of three and 13 years, will take place on 24 February and also start and finish at Eagles at Avis Dam. Entries can be done until the day. Entries for the Nedbank Cycle Challenge Series 2018 are open and forms are available online at: http://www.today.com.na/2018-nedbank-cycle-challenge. Participants can also download the form and submit it to any Nedbank branch.

    The race is open to anyone, from the professional to the amateur cyclist.


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    How the world covered the black-outHow the world covered the black-out The Kenyan government's shutdown of television stations for defying a directive not to cover the live swearing-in of the country's opposition leader Raila Odinga, was the biggest story in international media on Tuesday.

    The BBC reported that the Kenyan authorities shut down television stations to prevent live coverage of a swearing-in event by Raila, who disputed last year's presidential election results.

    The election was annulled following allegations of irregularities. Uhuru Kenyatta won a repeat election in October, but Raila did not take part and Uhuru was sworn in for a second term last November.

    The president is reported to have warned the media not to cover the event and the country's attorney-general said holding such a ceremony amounted to treason. Speaking to a local Kenyan television network KTN, Raila said the media ban “confirms we have descended to the level of Uganda”, which stopped media coverage during elections in 2016.

    Three privately owned television stations - NTV, KTN and Citizen TV - went off air from around 21:00. Citizen TV told the BBC the government authorities had forced them off the air because of the station's plans to cover the gathering. KTN viewers watched their screens fade to black as the news presenter read a statement confirming that the Communications Authority of Kenya was switching off transmission. But all three broadcasters provided live coverage online, on YouTube and social media. Al Jazeera reported that the TV networks were gagged ahead of Raila's “inauguration”. It reported that authorities took the independent broadcasters off air over plans to cover the ceremony. The AFP reported that Raila's supporters gathered in Nairobi ahead of a ceremony to swear him in as an alternative president, while the government cracked down on the media. The international news agency reported that the planned “inauguration” three months after an election Raila claimed was stolen from him had sparked fears of violence.

    However, police did not block the thousands of supporters from gathering at the Uhuru Park venue. “The government has come under fire after the Editors Guild revealed media managers had been summoned by President Kenyatta and warned not to broadcast the event live,” AFP reported. Reuters reported that authorities shut down private televison and radio stations as Raila's supporters gathered in a Nairobi park where he was due to take the presidential oath in an act of protest.

    The agency reported Raila's supporters insist that he, not Uhuru, is Kenya's legitimate leader.


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  • 01/31/18--14:00: Reaction on social media
  • Reaction on social mediaReaction on social media Kenyans on social media are reacting to a political situation that has 'blessed' the country with two presidents.

    The constitutionally recognised president is Uhuru Kenyatta who took office in November 2017 after winning a presidential poll rerun ordered by the court in September 2017.

    But on Tuesday, Uhuru's main rival and former prime minister, Raila Amolo Odinga also took a presidential oath of office in the capital Nairobi amid a government ban.

    So where is the presidential power of Odinga emanating from? Barely an hour after taking his oath, he has changed his titles on his verified social media pages.

    His Twitter bio reads: “This is the official account of His Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga, President of the Republic of Kenya.” On Facebook: “Welcome to the official page of His Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga, President of the Republic of Kenya.”

    Kenyans are reacting to it partly with political lenses, others are seeing the fun side of it while for some, it is a sign of things to come.

    Tweeted @teddyeugene, I was alive when Kenya had two presidents. #NASAOathDay, #RailaSwearingIn.

    Another tweet read 'Raila Odinga's social media accounts and Wikipedia pages updated to “President of the Republic of Kenya”.'

    'Kenya is truly a record breaker, first they nullified election results and now they have two presidents, lol, tweeted @ElinasPeter while @JFJustice asked, 'Can we ask @Twitter to at least settle who gets to call themselves the President of #Kenya on their platform?'

    Another Twitter user said, 'The shortest swearing in in history. Took about four minutes to swear in and left the venue. He was sworn as the People's President not the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Kenya. See the joke? Raila is not interested in taking power from Uhuru Kenyatta.'

    Something else that #NASAOathDay demonstrated: It is GoK that brings the violence. When cops don't interfere, events tend to go off peacefully. How many lives would've been spared if that had happened on @RailaOdinga's return from the US or during the demos against the elections?

    The Gambia landed itself in a similar situation a little over a year ago when Adama Barrow who beat long serving Yahya Jammeh took an initial oath of office in Dakar at a time Jammeh was still holding on to power in Banjul.

    Google ended up “officially” giving both Barrow and Jammeh the title of president until Jammeh agreed to fly into exile before Barrow got the singular mention of President of the Gambia.

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  • 01/31/18--14:00: The tale of two presidents
  • The tale of two presidentsThe tale of two presidentsWorld looks on in awe as Odinga claims office In a surprise move, Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga swore himself in as president of the people amid violence and threats of treason. Former Kenyan deputy president Kalonzo Musyoka yesterday said gunshots were fired at his home and a grenade detonated in what he described as “an assassination attempt”.

    Musyoka told The Associated Press by phone yesterday the attack occurred hours after his police security was withdrawn and he had been blocked from attending a mock inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday in protest of President Uhuru Kenyatta's new term after months of deadly election turmoil. Musyoka was to take the oath as Odinga's deputy president in the mock inauguration. “The motive was clearly political,” he said describing as “shocking” the 01:00 blast.

    He said after his police security was withdrawn he felt vulnerable and hired a private security firm. “I knew we were vulnerable but I didn't think they would strike that fast,” he said. He said the private security firm vehicle parked in front of his gate may have dissuaded the attackers from getting in the house. No one was hurt.

    On Tuesday, the government cut live transmission of the country's top three TV channels as a huge crowd of tens of thousands gathered in a Nairobi park for the mock inauguration. Kenyatta had “expressly threatened to shut down and revoke the licenses of any media house” that aired live broadcasts, the Kenya Editor's Guild said in a statement.

    The 73-year-old Odinga took an oath holding a Bible over his head, amid cheers. The opposition leader called the ceremony a step toward establishing a functioning democracy in Kenya, East Africa's economic hub.

    “We are seeing the return of an authoritarian, imperial presidency in our country and rule by fiat, and this must be resisted,” he told the Kenya Television Network ahead of the ceremony. Afterward, he updated his Twitter profile to call himself “President of the Republic of Kenya.”

    Hours later, the government outlawed the opposition's National Resistance Movement (NRM), with Interior Minister Fred Matiangi declaring it an organised criminal group.

    This came a few hours after NASA leader Raila Odinga was sworn in as the People's President, in a brief ceremony at Uhuru Park.

    “In exercise of the powers conferred by section 22 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 2010, the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government declares the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to be an organised criminal group for the purposes of the Act,” reads the gazette notice.

    Membership in such a group can lead to imprisonment up to 10 years under Kenyan law.

    Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has in the recent past come out strongly describing himself as the NRM 'General'.

    On Tuesday, he stood by Odinga as he took the oath as the People's President.

    Some of the gazetted organised criminal groups in the country include the Mombasa Republican Council, Mungiki, and Gaza among others.

    While this was happening, President Uhuru Kenyatta was en-route from Ethiopia where he represented the country at the African Union summit. He returned to the country on Tuesday evening.

    The mock ceremony came after months of political uncertainty. Kenya's Supreme Court nullified the August election after Odinga claimed that hackers infiltrated the electoral commission's computer system and changed results in favour of Kenyatta.

    The ruling was the first time a court had overturned a presidential election in Africa. The court cited irregularities and illegalities and said it ruled against Kenyatta because the electoral commission refused to open its computer system for court scrutiny.

    The court ordered a fresh election in October that Kenyatta won and Odinga boycotted, claiming a lack of electoral reforms.

    Last week the opposition released what it called “authentic” election results showing Odinga won the August vote, but it refused to say how it obtained the information from the electoral commission's computer servers. The electoral commission called those results “fake.”

    Police at first had vowed to block opposition supporters from attending Tuesday's ceremony, leading to fears of violence. Kenyatta had yet to make a statement with regards to Tuesday's events.


    0 0

    Omananathano mOndonga taga thiki pehuliloOmananathano mOndonga taga thiki pehuliloYa hala ombili yi pangele Elelo lyaNdonga okwa lopotwa tali hulithapo omananathano ngoka ga kala melelo ndyoka uule woomvula dha piti, na otashi vulika aaleli mboka ya li ya tidhwa miilonga ya shunwe miilonga. Omananathano ngoka oga li ga tukuka sho ofamili yomukwaniilwa yali ya tindi Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo onga omulanduli gwomukwaniilwa Elifas Kauluma, nonkalo ndjoka oya etitha etidho miilonga lyookansela yelelo ndyoka, mboka ya longa uule wethimbo, mwa kwatelwa omunashipundi gwelelo ndyoka Peter Kauluma oshowo amushanga Joseph Asino. Aanambelewa yopombanda melelo nayo oyali ya tidhwa miilonga okupingenwapo naanambelewa aapopepi nofamili ndjoka.

    Omananathano ngoka oga e ta uutondwe netopoko mOndonga nopompito yimwe aanambelewa mboka ya tidhwa oya fala kompangu omukwaniilwa ihe ngashiingeyi okwa lopotwa kutya ofamili ndjoka oya ya kumwe na otayi yambidhidha Nangolo.

    Oshilyo shelelo ndyoka mofamili na okuli ta longo pehala lyakansela gwoshikandjo shaNethika, Selma Gwanandjokwe Shejavali, okwa lombwele oNamibia Sun kutya mboka yali ya tidhwa miilonga otaya ka shunwa miilonga mbala.

    Okwa tsikile kutya nangolo ngoka a li a hogololwa komukwaniilwa mo 2012, okwa pewa omayambeko kofamili yomukwaniilwa onga omukalo gwoku e ta ombili melelo lyoshilongo shoka.

    Omukwaniilwa okwa kutha miilonga pakathimbo manga aaleli mboka omanga ine ya tidha konima yoomwedhi mbali.

    Kakele kaAsino naKauluma yamwe mboka ya tidhwa John Walenga (Ondangwa) ngoloneya nale gwaShikoto Vilho Kamanya, oshikandjo sha Omuteya. Kashona kaMalulu, Tonata Ngulu oshowo Fillemon Nambili.

    “Oshili kutya ookansela mboka otaya shunwa miilonga na inatu manitha natango omalongekidho, ihe ofamili yomukwaniilwa oya gongala nokukandula po uupyakadhi mboka onga omukalo gwoku e ta ombili mokati kaakwashigwana yaNdonga.”

    Nambian Sun oya nongele kutya etokolo lyokushuna miilonga aaleli mboka ya li ya tidhwa olya ningwa komukwaniilwa momasiku 14 omwedhi nguka, momutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mombala yaNamungundo.

    Naeman Amalwa, ngoka a li uulikwa nokuningwa gumwe gwomookansela aape nomupopiliko gwaKauluma, okwa koleke kutya oonkundathaa odhi li pankatu yopombanda opo ku shunwe miilonga ookansela mboka ya tidhwa.

    “Ofamili yomukwaniilwa oya hangana na oya hala aakwashigwana yaNdonga ya hangane. Oonkundathana ndhoka otashi kwatelwa komeho kuNangolo naShejavali,” Amalwa ta ti.

    Amalwa, ngoka e li elenga enene lyoshikandjo sha Oniimwandi okwa popi kutya oonkundathana otadhi ningwa opo ku shunwe miilonga omupopiliko nale gwelelo ndyoka nelenga enene lyoshikandjo shaNiimwandi, Boas Mweendeleli, ngoka a li a tidhwa miilonga mo2010.

    “Ngele oya shuna miilonga Mweendeleli nena ngame onda pyakudhukwa opo ndi thigepo elelo ngame ndi mu pe ompito a tsikile niilonga ye. Kandi na uupyakadhi naye molwaashoka otatemweno.”

    Omunashipundi gwelelo lyaaleli yopamuthigululwakalo moNamibia, ano Council of Traditional Leaders in Namibia, Chief Immanuel /Gâseb, okwa popi kutya ndjoka otayi ka kala onkatu ombwaanawa ngele elelo lyaNdonga otali kandulapo omaupyakadhi ngoka ga kala melelo ndyoka uule woomvula.

    Osha lopotwa kutya ookansela mboka sho ya kuthwa miilonga, okwa ningwa omutumba gwomautho, ihe oyendji inaya kalamo momutumba ngoka gwa ningwa muApilili gwo 2017. Kansela owala gumwe, Josef Akawa, oye a kala momutumba gwomautho ngoka omanga yakwawo ya heyali ya ndopa okukala momutumba. Panzo yimwe oya holola kutya Oscar Sheehama okwa ulikwa nokupewa oshinakugwanithwa shokukwashilipaleka eshuno miilonga lyaamboka ya tidhwa omanga Nangolo e li omupokati pokati kaamboka ya tidhwa nofamili yomukwaniilwa.

    Amushanga gwelelo ndyoka monena, Nepando Amupanda, okwa popi kutya ke na ontseyo yomalunduluko ngoka, na okwa tseya owala kutya ope na komitiye ndjoka yatotwapo opo yi e te pehulilo oontamanana nomananathano melelo ndyoka.

    Ookansela yamwepo mboka ya li ya tidhwa oya koleke kutya oya ningwa nayo ekwatathano kombala nokutseyithilwa oompangela ndhoka tadhi ningwa , na otaya ka landula omalombwelo ngoka taya ka pewa kuNangolo.

    Ngele shoka osha tulwa miilonga, nena omauliko gaaleli ngaashi Erastus Mvula, Paavo Amweele, Rainhold Nepolo, Naeman Kambala na Amupanda, mboka ya pingenepo ookansela mboka ya ya li ya tidhwa otaga kuthwa oonkondo.

    Euliko lyelenga lyoshikandjo shUukwanambwa, Ester gwaShamba Nepando, otali kala manga miilonga sigo oshipotha shaWilbard Lidker sha manithwa.


    0 0

    US ta gamene iiyamakuti moshana shOmulonga gwaKavangoUS ta gamene iiyamakuti moshana shOmulonga gwaKavango Aatoti yoompango moUS oya tula miilonga ontotwaveta ndjoka ya nuninwa okuhwahwameka omayambulepo nokukondjitha uukongo mOkavango River Basin, shoka shi li woo oshitopolwa shaNamibia.

    Jeff Fortenberry, ngoka e li oshilyo shongundu yOmupresidende gwaUS, Donald Trump, okwa gandja momutumba gwatotiveta yoshilongo shoka ontotwaveta tayi ithanwa, Defending Economic Livelihoods and Threatened Animals (DELTA) Act.

    Okavango River Basin ohayi yambidhidha aantu ya thika pomiliyona yimwe miilongo ngaashi Angola, Namibia oshowo Botswana na oyi li egumbo kiiyamakuti yomaludhi ga yooloka mwakwatelwa omwaalu omushona gwoondjamba dhoka dha hupu muAfrika.

    Pahapu dhaFortenberry ontotwaveta ndjoka oya nuninwa okugamenena po iiyamakuti mbyoka.

    Ontotwaveta ndjoka yo DELTA oyi na omalalakano gatano ga nuninwa okuyambulapo onkalo yeliko miilongo mbyoka itatu yaAfrika oshowo momudhingoloko gwoshana shOmulonga gwaKavango.

    Omalalakano ngoka oga kwatelamo elongelo kumwe nomapangelo giilongo itatu, Namibia, Angola naBotswana opo ku totwepo omudhingoloko gwagamenwa mekalekepo lyiiyamakuti. Oga nuninwa woo okuhulitha po etembuko lyoondjamba oshowo iiyamakuti yimwe mbyoka tayi lumbu momudhingoloko ngoka.

    Ontotwaveta ndjoka otayi kondjitha woo uukongo neyakelo lyiiyamakuti miilongo yilwe oshowo okukwathela muundjolowele waantu noopoloyeka dhomayambulepo gaakwashigwana mboka taya adhika momidhingoloko dhopopepi nomulonga gwaKavango. Ontotwaveta otayi ka dhana unene onkandangala mokutula po ooprograma dha nuninwa ehulithepo lyuukongo wiiyamakuti neyakelo lyiiyamakuti miilongo yopondje opo ku gamenenwepo iiyamakuti mbyoka, nokuya moshipala iimbuluma mbyoka.

    Ontotwaveta ndjoka oya totwapo megumbo lyokutota oompango lyaUS kaakalelipo yegumbo ndyoka na oya ukithwa kokomitiye yiikwapondje yegumbo ndyoka.

    Omulonga ngoka ogu na uunene woosquare kilometres 323 192 na otagu topolwa kiilongo itatu muumbugantu wAfrika, Angola, Namibia naBotswana. Omulonga ngoka ogumwe gwomomilonga ne omileeleka mUumbugantu waAfrika na oguli woo onzo yomeya kaakwashigwana yomiilongo mbyoka.


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    Omukwaniilwa gUukwanyama a ningi omutekuli guunonaOmukwaniilwa gUukwanyama a ningi omutekuli guunona Omukwaniilwa gUukwanyama, Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu okwa ningi po ombala ye egumbo lyokusila oshisho aanona mboka kaye na aasili shipwiyu.

    Pethimbo lyomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa niikundaneki pombala yoshilongo shoka mOmhedi oshiwike sha piti, Nelumbu okwa popi kutya ota sile oshisho nokutekula aanona oyendji mboka kaye na omagumbo oshowo mboka kaye na aavali.

    Nelumbu ina gandja omwaalu gwanona mboka ta tekula ihe okwa popi kutya ombala ndjoka oyuudha uunona woomvula ntano.

    Okwa popi kutya aanona mboka mombala oya falwa mo kaaniilonga omanga yamwe ya falwa mo kaantu yopomudhingoloko.

    “Omukalo gwokukala aantu otaya sile oshisho aanona oshi li oshinima tashi londo pombanda monooli yoshilongo. Aakokele yamwe mboka ya dhigilwa uunona ohaya longitha iikolitha na ihaya sile oshisho aanona mboka, nokuya tula monkalo tayi pumbwa ekwatho,” omukwaniilwa a popi.

    Omupopiliko gwelelo ndyoka, Ndjeimo Popyeninawa, okwa popi kutya elelo lyoshilongo shoka ohali sile oshisho aanona mboka, na ohaya landelwa iipumbiwa yawo kehe omwedhi.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya ngele aanona mboka ya gwanitha omimvo dhokuya koskola, otaya tameke oskola, mokinda ndjoka tayi adhika pondje yombala ndjoka. Mo 2015, Nelumbu okwa pula aakiintu aanyasha mboka inaya hala uunona wawo opo ye wu fale kombala ye, pehala lyokudhipaga uunona mboka noku wu ekelahi. Monena oohanana owala mbali dha falwa kombala ye.


    0 0

    Aakwashigwana ye na oondjo dhaNamWater dhoomiliyona  1Aakwashigwana ye na oondjo dhaNamWater dhoomiliyona 1 Omasiku ogeli pokuthikana opo aakwashigwana yomomukunda guli moshitopolwa shaMusati ya kale ka ye na omeya ga yogoka, sho ye na oongunga dhaNamWater omolwa omeya ngoka inaga futwa.

    Aakwashigwana yomomukunda Omagalanga okathima kaNangolo moshikandjohogololo shaShikuku okwa lopota tashi vulika ya ka shune komukalo gwokukutha omeya moondama dhomevi nenge miishana ngele inaya futa oongunga dhoka ye na. Opo ya vule okufuta oongunga dhaantu okwa tegelelwa ya ka kale taya futu oshimaliwa shooN$30 000 kehe omwedhi.

    Okuya pehulilo lyomwedhi Novemba mo 2017, oongunga dhomeya ngoka odha li pooN$1 011 542. 54 ihe odha londo pombanda sigo opooN$1 041 264.34 okuya momwedhi Desemba. Aanamukunda mboka oya gandja uusama kutya oongunga ndhoka otadhi londo pombanda omolwa oshikondo shorural water supply moshitopolwa shawo, shoka ihashi ya yamukula uuna taya lopota omeya taga ziya.

    Oshifokundaneki shoNamibian Sun osha talele po ehala ndyoka, na osha mono owili yomeya ya teka na otayi zi ya omeya ogendji noonkondo, na okwa hololwa kutya omukundu ngoka ogwa ningi ethimbo ngashingeyi.

    Pahapu dhomunashipundi gwokomitiye yomeya momukunda Omagalanga okathima kaNangolo, Timoteus Kombala, okwa popi kutya oya lopota uupyakadhi mboka muAguste gwomvula ya piti ihe kape na shoka sha ningwa po.

    Nonando ongaaka Kombala okwa popi kutya oongunga ndhoka otadhi etithwa woo kaakwashigwana mboka ihaya futu omeya gawo. Onkalo yokwaahafuta omeya oya etitha epato lyopomba yaakwashigwana mo 2012.

    Okwa tsikile kutya oongunga ndhoka odha etitha epato lyopomba yaakwashigwana naantu oya tula momagumbo gawo oopomba.

    Omunashipundi ngoka okwa pula opo ku ningwe oonkambadhala meendelelo opo ku kandulwepo omukundu gwomeya ngoka taga heap.

    Sho a ningilwa omapulo, kansela gwoshikandjohogololo shaShikuku, Modestus Amutse okwa popi kutya oku na ontseyo yonkalo ndjoka na okwa kundathana naanambelewa yoshikondo shorural water supply mboka taka tsakanena nayo mbala, opo ku kandulwe po uupyakadhi mboka.

    Okwa popi kutya aluhe oha pula aakwashigwana ya ninge ekwatathano naye ngele oya dhidhilike uupyakadhi womeya gawo, na okwa popi kutya okwiikwata noonkondo omeya ngoka taga hepa.

    “Ondi na uupyakadhi nomeya ngoka taga hepa, molwaashoka otaga gandjwa niimaliwa tayi futwa koshigwana naashoka oshi li uupyakadhi kungame noonkondo,” Amutse ta popi.

    Oonkambadhala okumona omayamukulo okuza komukomeho gwOmusati Region rural water supply, Petrus Martin odha hulile muunyengwi.


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