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  • 10/11/17--15:00: Red Line can go - Alweendo
  • Red Line can go - AlweendoRed Line can go - AlweendoAngolan border fence needed instead The economic planning minister has called for a border fence between Namibia and Angola to prevent the spread of animal diseases and allow the removal of the veterinary cordon fence further south. A new approach is needed to allow the removal of the veterinary cordon fence as a way of incorporating all Namibians into the mainstream economy, says economic planning minister Tom Alweendo.

    “To achieve disease-free status, there is a need to expedite the erection of a fence on the northern border to eliminate the pockets of infection in the livestock populations in the Northern Communal Areas,” Alweendo said in a speech read on his behalf by deputy minister Lucia Iipumbu at the annual congress of the Namibia Agricultural Union.

    Alweendo said the removal of the veterinary cordon fence also known as the Red Line, needed to be handled carefully and in a responsible manner considering the fact that it ensures control over sporadic outbreaks of diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease.

    He emphasised the need to ensure that Namibia's laws, regulations, and inspection regime are of a world-class standard to avoid disrupting Namibia's exports to external markets if the fence is removed.

    According to him, access to markets, together with land tenure security, has been one of the biggest barriers to upward mobility for many communal farmers.

    He said the communal farming in the northern communal area directly sustains the livelihoods of close to half of Namibia's population, and remains their main source of household income.

    “With such a high density of the population in the northern communal area dependent on communal farming, there is a real need to turn rural areas into commercially viable zones,” he said.

    According to him, for rural development to take hold, the transition from communal farming towards commercial production will eventually be determined by access to markets.

    Alweendo said the Namibian economy is highly dependent on agriculture, from the employment it generates and its contribution to GDP.

    “Although in Namibia agriculture contributes only about 4% to GDP, the sector remains one of the most important and strategic sectors employing over a third of the workforce.”

    Due to agriculture's strategic importance in addressing food security and improving livelihoods, the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) emphasises the need to increase productivity in agriculture, especially for smallholder farmers.

    “It is our belief that smallholder and communal farmers have an important role to play in enhancing food production and ensuring food security.”

    Increased production from smallholder farmers will create opportunities for value addition, income generation and the development of agro-business, said Alweendo.

    Government and all stakeholders must strengthen agricultural extension services to smallholder and communal farmers by ensuring supportive infrastructure for small-scale farmers including increased access to markets, access to credit; quality control support and better seeds. Furthermore, Green Scheme projects should also be expanded.

    One of the strategies the government will employ to support smallholder and communal farmers will be through the procurement of locally sourced produce in bulk for prisons, army barracks, hospitals and schools.

    The government's procurement system will also be used to favour local producers.


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    N$50 000 bail in Air Nam theft caseN$50 000 bail in Air Nam theft case The Windhoek Magistrate's Court yesterday heard that N$190 000 was still missing from the N$1.1 million attempted theft at Air Namibia on 4 October.

    A second co-accused, Tangi 'Mox' Namwandi, 33, appeared before court along with Air Namibia employee Penna Munyunda, 31, who was arrested last week.

    The two were granted bail of N$50 000 each by Magistrate Vanessa Stanley.

    Last year in June, Namwandi was arrested for possession of four rhino horns during a sting operation. He is still out on bail of N$50 000 in that case.

    He is said to be the nephew of murder convict Lazarus Shaduka, currently serving a 20-year prison term.

    Both Munyunda and Namwandi yesterday brought a formal bail application, which was granted under stringent conditions.

    Sisa Namandje, representing Namwandi, had requested bail of N$5 000 for his client while Christian Nambahu, appearing for Munyunda, had requested N$10 000 bail.

    The lawyers argued that only N$190 000 was missing. “The other amount is in the bank. There is no loss except the N$190 000,” they argued.

    Namandje argued that his client could not pay N$50 000 but could afford N$5 000. “Bail can never be used as some kind of punishment,” Namandje stressed.

    Both men must report to the investigating officer at the police's commercial branch in Ausspannplatz every Monday.

    Furthermore, they were ordered to hand in all their travel documents to the investigating officer and were informed they were not allowed to apply for new travel documents, pending the finalisation of their fraud and theft case.

    The two were also ordered not to leave the district of Windhoek without informing the investigating officer.

    Prosecutor Rowan van Wyk strongly objected to the defence lawyers' bail reduction requests, arguing that N$50 000 was a reasonable amount given that N$1.1 million was involved in the matter.

    Magistrate Stanley agreed with Van Wyk and fixed the bail amount at N$50 000.

    Namwandi and Munyunda are accused of attempting to steal N$1.1 million from Air Namibia by trying to divert a payment to Standard Bank.

    The bank alerted the airline that an illegal diversion of money meant for the Namibia Airports Company had been received. The case was postponed to 8 February for further investigation.


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    'Paragonuptas' Amunyela, Jacobs fight back on rumours'Paragonuptas' Amunyela, Jacobs fight back on rumoursSilence means refutation of allegations Two prominent businessmen say they have never asked any favours from President Hage Geingob. Businessmen Desmond Amunyela and Lazarus Jacobs say they will “go after” those spreading rumours that they have attempted state capture by unduly influencing President Hage Geingob to advance their business interests.

    “We are going to direct our attention at those people so that they can tell us where they are getting such information,” said Amunyela.

    “These things are coming from people who are the president's apologists, who are speaking on his behalf publicly and whatever.”

    The two former friends of Geingob instructed their lawyer, Kadhila Amoomo, in August to write a letter to the president in which they demanded that he either confirm or refute such allegations.

    “We are saying we have never, and people say we have, while the president remains quiet. The president has an obligation to come out and say that he has indeed severed his relationship with us because of A, B, or C,” Amunyela said.

    They have sent copies of the letter to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), police inspector-general Sebastian Ndeitunga and the ombudsman.

    “State capture is a very serious allegation. That is why we felt it is necessary to copy in those other instruments of the state so that they can be aware of the allegations. Some of these allegations can have an existential threat to our businesses because people can say one way these guys can make money is through corrupt means, by capturing the president,” said Jacobs.

    “We also gave the president the option to respond within a legally reasonable time [of 14 days].”

    Amunyela said: “We have gone to our lawyers to ask the president with all due respect to help us out of that quagmire because it is affecting us.

    “That is what we have gone to the president for. We did not go there to take him to court. We went there to seek clarity. We are hoping that he will come out and help us.

    “This has nothing to do with the president but it should be easy for him to come out and say 'I was never captured or there was never an attempted capture'. But if we did, he can tell Namibia 'yes indeed they tried and that is why I am no longer with them'.”

    They have given President Geingob 14 days to respond but so far State House has remained mum on the matter. Presidential spokesperson Albertus Aochamub has not responded to questions put to him.

    Amunyela and Jacobs say no response from the president means that he agrees that there never was an attempt on their part to capture his largesse, or that he is unaware of the allegations.

    “If the president does not respond we will assume that he has no knowledge of us having attempted to capture him or asked him to be corrupt with us. That is our understanding of his silence. End of story,” said Amunyela.

    The business partners and co-owners of Paragon Investments said they never went to Geingob with a business plan or asked him to help them in business.

    “We have never attempted to capture him; we do not even know what it is to capture. It is unfair that the public is being conditioned and made to believe that such is true,” insisted Amunyela.

    Yet, they feel they have been unfairly tainted in media reports and on social media.

    President Geingob during the 2016 independence celebrations made a declaration against poverty and corruption and cautioned local and foreign businesspeople and entrepreneurs not to “try to negotiate” with him on “tenders and deals”.

    According to Amunyela and Jacobs, there have subsequently been thinly veiled suggestions in the newspapers that they are some of the businesspeople Geingob referred to since mention was made of the soccer match in Brazil in 2014 they flew the then president-elect to.

    Another piece published as commentary in a weekly more brazenly referred to them as “failed Paragonuptas” – referring to their company Paragon Investments and their souring friendship with Geingob.


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    Union protests 'peanut wages'Union protests 'peanut wages'Manwu not ready to accept 2.5% offer The union representing construction workers is demanding a 13% pay hike plus a long list of benefits despite the crisis that has led to massive job losses in the industry. The union battling for a 13% pay raise for construction workers has slammed arguments from the other side of the table, saying the economic woes facing the construction industry should not be used to undercut decent wages.

    “The country's economy must not be misused by capitalist benefit, but to a 50/50 benefit (sic),” the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu) said in a statement yesterday.

    Manwu said the offer of a 2.5% pay increase for construction workers was “an insult” and that their mandate was “to get a fair deal, not a peanut deal”.

    Last week, the consulting general manager of the CIF, Bärbel Kirchner, said the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) was disappointed that Manwu had made this demand at a time of crisis and mass retrenchments in the industry.

    “Revenues in the industry are extremely low, if not non-existent. Many employers keep their teams employed with the hope of work and projects in the near future.

    If minimum wages were to increase even further, then many will not be able to keep members of their teams employed.”

    She said research conducted by the CIF in June showed that nearly 50% of construction workers had lost their jobs.

    “The situation is likely to have worsened since then. Yet, despite large-scale retrenchments since September 2016, the CIF, for now, very reluctantly made an offer of an increase of 2.5% of the minimum wage, in response to the outrageous demand of 13% by Manwu and their very extensive list of demands,” Kirchner said.

    In the statement this week, Manwu claimed not to “understand the cry from the CIF team.”

    Manwu acknowledged that the wage negotiations were taking place at a challenging time for the industry.

    Manwu pointed a finger at the government, which it said “decided to put most of its projects on hold without consulting us workers and employers”.

    “We have witnessed massive retrenchments from direct contractors and their supplies and these uncalculated decisions by government made workers victims to poverty and unemployment (sic),” Manwu stated.

    In response to the strong headwinds facing the industry, Manwu approached several ministries and local authorities, including the finance and works ministries, the Roads Authority and the City of Windhoek, to share its concerns and identify solutions.

    “These engagements were fruitful and we now have a working committee in place between us and these key ministries and authorities.”

    It said one of the issues discussed was the government's non-payment of contractors, which had led to the job losses.

    The fact that major capital projects were awarded to “foreign investors, especially the Chinese” was also highlighted, Manwu stated.

    “We strongly condemn this practice and we requested that the big local contractors should be given preference when mega capital projects are awarded.”

    Manwu charged that many foreign contractors exploit their workers and “have no intention to create decent jobs … they are here to make money and leave our workers poor and the country with no money.”

    Manwu said the new Procurement Act would hopefully address these issues.


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    Donkey saga: Fu Hai claims it has green lightDonkey saga: Fu Hai claims it has green light JANA-MARI SMITH

    A notice asking for help to process blood and organic waste from a planned cattle and donkey abattoir in Outjo strongly suggests that the Chinese and Namibian owned company has been given pre-approval by the ministries of agriculture and environment and tourism for its planned operations.

    This week, Namibian Sun was shown a notice, signed by a Namibian owner of Fu Hai Trading Enterprise, Shane Hangula, which states that the company has received the “go ahead from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Veterinary Services and Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET).”

    However, MET denied this week that an environmental clearance certificate (ECC), the only formal or informal input the ministry is entitled to give, had been issued.

    “No! There is no ECC issued for such activity,” environmental commissioner Theofilus Nghitila told Namibian Sun.

    Svenja Garrard of Quivertree consulting, who is conducting the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the project, told Namibian Sun that to date, “no approvals have been given, as the legislated EIA process has not been completed.”

    The response applied to both the agriculture and environment ministries.

    It is not clear in what way the notice will, or already has been, distributed to parties.

    However, a second form drafted by Fu Hai Trading provides possible interested parties a handy form containing pre-drafted text that they can simply date and sign.

    The form states that the person declares that their company “will use a portion of land on our farm to set up an irrigation plant of blood and organic waste from Fu Hai Trading Enterprise exporting abattoir for fertiliser production. We will be accountable for all the blood waste handling and composting.”

    The notice asking for assistance to process “organic waste and blood” introduces Fu Hai Trading Enterprises as a “Namibian company aiming to set up a state-of-the-art multi-species abattoir in Outjo.”

    To date, only two partners have been identified as owners of Fu Hai Trading, including Shane Hangula who signed the recent letter and a Chinese national identified by the Outjo municipality earlier this year only as “Mr Chengdabiek”.

    The main aim of the notice is to plead with companies to agree to be supplied with organic waste, free of charge, from the abattoir that “can be used to produce blood meal known as one of the best fertilisers for crop farming or a deterrent to some animals (sic).”

    The document explains that in order to be able to provide EIA consultants with “valid information on how the disposal of blood from our abattoirs slaughtered animals will be handled”, Fu Hai Trading needs companies to provide details on how organic waste materials will be processed.

    Fu Hai Trading Enterprises is keen to find the “best ways possible to have an environmentally friendly project” that will benefit the Namibian market the letter tells potential fertiliser companies.

    In exchange for accepting and processing the waste, Fu Hai Trading Enterprise promises to provide the waste material at no cost and indicate they will set up “a fertilisation plant on a piece of your land with all the waste management and treatment included. All costs will be covered by our company and will then assist you to set up the operations to run the proposed project as your 100% business (sic).”

    Experts, who spoke to Namibian Sun on condition of anonymity, said that it is not unusual for companies to dispose of organic waste via secondary partners.

    However, experts warned that before businesses could agree to such a deal, it would be crucial to first determine the volumes of blood and other organic waste that need to be processed and to investigate possible water and other natural resource contamination.

    Moreover, considering the large quantities of organic waste output from an abattoir that plans to slaughter hundreds of donkeys and cattle a week, sufficient processing space would be crucial.

    Several attempts to contact Hangula on a cellphone number attached to the notice were unsuccessful by time of going to print.

    Hangula is a real estate broker in Swakopmund.

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    Geingob, running mates secure nominationsGeingob, running mates secure nominations
    At the Swapo politburo meeting today at the Swapo headquarters in the capital, only President Hage Geingob’s candidates were nominated and seconded. The other members, Jerry Ekandjo, Helmuth Angula and Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana deferred their nominations to Sunday’s central committee meeting. Ekandjo will contest the position of party president while Angula will stand for vice-president as will Iivula-Ithana.
    The special meeting was called for the purpose of the nominations of candidates for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary-general and deputy secretary-general of the party.
    All eyes will be on Sunday’s central committee meeting in Windhoek.

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  • 10/12/17--15:00: NPL to start next weekend
  • NPL to start next weekendNPL to start next weekendDomestic football resumes The Namibia Premier League will start next week despite some teams complaining that they are not ready. The Namibia Premier League Board of Governors meeting confirmed on Wednesday that the local league will kick off on 20 October.

    At the meeting, fixtures and a budget for the 2017/18 NPL season were adopted, but NPL chairman Patrick Kauta could not confirm the prize money and monthly grant allocation to the competing clubs before they officially sign with the sponsors.

    The opening game of the league will be played by Orlando Pirates and African Stars.

    Orlando Pirates coach Woody Jacobs said his team had not been training because of the uncertainty about the league kick-off.

    “We trained for a week and then stopped as it was not clear when the league would start. I don't know if we are going to play next weekend,” he said.

    Marley Ngarizemo, owner of Young African Football Club and a member of the NPL executive committee, told Nampa yesterday that all 16 clubs were informed of the kick-off date.

    “We do not want to say anything when it comes to sponsorship. The sponsors have asked us to leave that to them so they can announce what they are giving and for how long by early next week,” Ngarizemo said.

    He added that all NPL teams attended the meeting.

    “The majority of the teams went into that meeting positive that the league would kick off. Nobody showed that they are not going to play football,” he said.

    Ngarizemo said clubs that missed their first three games would be expelled from the league, so it would be wise for teams that had any administrative issues to communicate with the league administrators.

    The NPL found itself without a sponsor following the expiry of a three-year sponsorship deal with Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) last year.

    The league then presented a N$24 million budget, but MTC sponsored only N$15 million on condition that the NPL sourced the extra N$9 million.

    Efforts to source the extra money proved futile, leading to the abandonment of the start of the 2016/2017 league.

    - Additional information NAMPA


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    MTC Sunshine celebrates young William SmithMTC Sunshine celebrates young William Smith MTC Sunshine Promotions are celebrating the recent achievements of 17-year-old William Smith, who recently won gold at the South African Junior Boxing Championships.

    Smith studies in Cape Town and trains with MTC Sunshine Promotions during university holidays. He fights in the amateur heavyweight class.

    Smith is from a sporting family. His father, Eben Smith, played for the Namibian rugby team from 1996 to 2003 and took part in the 1999 World Cup in France.

    “We are excited about William's recent achievements, and our goal is to get him gold at the next Olympic Games. He is well built, disciplined and strong, and definitely a talent for the future,” said trainer Nestor Tobias.

    “I am excited about winning the gold in South Africa recently. The competition was tough but I am tough too. I am looking forward to pursuing a boxing career in Namibia with MTC Sunshine Promotions once I have completed my studies,” said Smith.


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    Bok assistant to coach MunsterBok assistant to coach Munster Springbok forwards coach Johann van Graan has been released from his contract to join Munster as head coach, South Africa Rugby and the Irish province announced on Wednesday.

    Van Graan has been part of the South Africa coaching set-up since 2012, working under head coaches Heyneke Meyer and Allister Coetzee.

    “I was fortunate to be part of the Springboks set-up for six years and 69 tests and it was an incredible journey,” Van Graan said in a statement.

    “Some of the words I associate with Munster Rugby are passion, excellence, ambition and integrity, and I feel very fortunate to be handed this opportunity.

    Van Graan still needs to be given a work permit but this appointment had been widely expected.

    “Rugby was the focal point of this process, and in Johann we are getting a recognised rugby intellectual with a proven track record and extensive experience working with a national side,” said Munster chief executive Garrett Fitzgerald.

    The 37-year-old son of a Pretoria-based senior rugby official experienced highs and lows while part of the Springboks coaching staff.

    South Africa lost by just two points to greatest rivals New Zealand in a 2015 Rugby World Cup semi-final thriller in London.

    But the debut season of Coetzee last year was disastrous with eight losses in 12 tests - a calendar-year record for the Springboks.

    “Johann is highly competent, extremely hard working and attention to detail is one of his great strengths,” said Coetzee.

    SA Rugby chief executive Jurie Roux added: “The Munster appointment is an excellent opportunity for Johann to prove himself in a very competitive European environment.”

    Van Graan moving to Munster continues a South African link with the Limerick-based team as Johan 'Rassie' Erasmus is director of rugby there until December, when he returns home.

    Munster have been European champions twice and runners-up twice and won the Pro12, now Pro14 competition for Irish, Italian, Scottish and Welsh sides three times.


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    Liverpool clash 'just another game'Liverpool clash 'just another game'Bitter rivals cross paths Manchester United will approach Saturday's high-profile Premier League meeting with bitter rivals Liverpool as they would any other match, manager Jose Mourinho has said. United have made a strong start to the season and are second in the table behind Manchester City on goal difference. They have scored 21 goals and let in only two to sit on 19 points.

    Ahead of a tricky test against seventh-placed Liverpool, who have struggled to plug leaks in defence but have shown plenty of attacking intent, Mourinho played down the importance of the clash at this stage in the season.

    “When you are in a big club, when you are a big player, when you are a big manager, every game is important,” Mourinho was quoted by the club website on Wednesday as saying in TV interviews with British media.

    “You cannot look at some matches as cup finals and other matches differently. For me, every match is a cup final and I've been like this all the time,” he added.

    “It's three points not four. If we are at a moment in a season where the duel between the two teams ensures the result will mean more than three points, then yes.

    “Sometimes a draw or even to lose by a certain goal difference is important. In this case, it is not important. It's just a three-point match. That's the way I approach it.”

    Mourinho has a good record against Liverpool and won his first trophy in English football by beating the Merseyside club to win the League Cup with Chelsea in 2005.

    He has suffered some painful lows, however, against the Anfield outfit including Champions League semi-final defeats in 2005 and 2007.

    The Portuguese said he was happy to travel to Anfield without any added pressure or emotion and looked forward to the clash.

    “Do I like to go to Anfield? Yes, I love it. Do I like to play against Liverpool? Yes. I like amazing stadiums, the best opponents but the preparation is not different,” he said.

    United will be without midfielder Marouane Fellaini who injured his knee while playing for Belgium, while Liverpool will miss the services of Sadio Mane, who is out for up to six weeks with a hamstring injury he picked up on international duty.


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    Scholes in line for Oldham manager's jobScholes in line for Oldham manager's job Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has been interviewed for the vacant manager's job at English third-tier club Oldham Athletic, British media reported on Wednesday.

    The 42-year-old is a life-long Oldham supporter, but has never held a fulltime coaching job.

    The northwest club declined to comment on the reports they had spoken to the former England midfielder about the job.

    Scholes has been working as a television pundit and co-owns non-league club Salford City with some of his former United teammates.

    He won 11 Premier League titles, three FA Cups and two Champions League crowns during a 20-year playing career at Old Trafford before retiring in 2013.

    Former Oldham player Richie Wellens has been in interim charge since John Sheridan left last month and the club are 19th in League One, a point above the relegation zone.

    Ex-Netherlands midfielder Clarence Seedorf also held surprise talks with Oldham, but is now out of the running.


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    Boko Haram victims will need 10 yearsBoko Haram victims will need 10 years People made homeless by Boko Haram's brutal insurgency will need years of support to help rebuild their lives, even if security improves, the head of the Norwegian Refugee Council said on Wednesday.

    “We will be here for the next 10 years. Donors need to stay the course. It's a marathon,” Jan Egeland told AFP by telephone from Maiduguri in northeast Nigeria.

    “(The Boko Haram conflict) is now in its ninth year. That's two years more than the Syrian war, double the First World War. This is a long-term thing.” Egeland was speaking as the NRC unveiled new research about the intentions of the 1.8 million people who are still internally displaced in remote northeast Nigeria.

    Of 27 000 people surveyed, 86% said they were not ready to return to their homes while 60% said insecurity was their main reason for staying put for now. Boko Haram's quest to establish a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria has left at least 20 000 dead and threatened security across the wider Lake Chad region.

    The state government in Borno, of which Maiduguri is the capital, has estimated damage to homes, schools, businesses, power, water and other infrastructure to be worth $5.9bn.

    Since early 2015, counter-insurgency operations comprising troops from Nigeria and its neighbours Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin have pushed Boko Haram out of captured towns and villages.

    But attacks - particularly suicide bombings - remain a threat to civilians, including farmers in the mainly rural northeast who are trying to return to their fields.

    In early September, jihadist fighters even fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) protected by the military at Ngala, near the border with Cameroon.

    Seven people were killed and several others injured.

    Egeland said emergency assistance from local and international aid agencies had transformed the northeast over the last year, averting a much-feared famine.

    But hundreds of thousands of children are still fighting severe acute malnutrition, even after repeated appeals for international funding to run feeding and other programmes.

    Aid agencies scrambled to tackle a major outbreak of cholera in the camps in September.

    Egeland accepted that aid agencies will have to be on the ground longer and adapt their approach from emergency assistance to rebuilding livelihoods and development.

    “We are here for the long haul,” he added.


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  • 10/12/17--15:00: No DRC vote before 2019
  • No DRC vote before 2019No DRC vote before 2019Electoral commission says it needs 504 days Elections in the DRC have been pushed back again and will only be held in 2019, a situation some commentators say will exacerbate the violence in the country. The election to pick the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) next president will not happen before early 2019, the electoral commission said on Wednesday, a delay that raises fresh security worries in the vast African nation.

    Polls were due this year under a transitional deal aimed at avoiding fresh political bloodshed after President Joseph Kabila refused to step down when his second mandate ended in December.

    But the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) said on Wednesday it would need another 504 days to prepare for the vote after the completion of an electoral census, which is far from accomplished in the restive Kasai region.

    The delay could be reduced “if we accept to use voting machines and if we change the electoral law”, a commission spokesperson told AFP.

    The polls have been repeatedly pushed back and CENI said in July it would not be possible to hold a nationwide vote this year due to ongoing security issues, particularly in the Kasai area.

    Activists in the natural resource-rich nation of about 70 million immediately called for resistance to the delay.

    “There can be no more waiting. To the Congolese people... it's now or never,” pro-democracy group LUCHA reacted on Twitter.

    Following a meeting of the UN Security Council in New York on Wednesday, French Ambassador Francois Delattre called on Kinshasa to quickly release a full timetable for what he said must be “credible” elections.

    “The council expects a speedy publication of the electoral timetable and the implementation of the confidence-building measures. There is a consensus on this very important point,” Delattre told reporters.

    The Security Council called for elections to be organised this year in the DRC, in line with a political agreement struck in December between the government and opposition groups.

    Under the deal, Kabila was allowed to remain in office pending the elections, ruling in tandem with a transitional watchdog and a new premier, to be chosen within opposition ranks.

    But diplomats privately acknowledged that holding polls in the vast African country in the coming three months would not be possible due to logistical hurdles.

    Diplomats said they did not consider the latest statement from the electoral commission as a formal timetable, which they stressed must contain specific dates for the vote.

    The head of the UN's peacekeeping mission in DRC, Maman Sidikou, said on Wednesday that journalists, opposition supporters and activists in the country are the targets of intimidation and violence.

    “In this context of political uncertainty, the security situation has gotten worse in several regions,” he said. Kabila was first propelled into office after his father, Laurent-Desire Kabila, was assassinated in January 2001, during the Second Congo War.

    In his address to the United Nations in September, he said he was “most certainly moving towards credible, transparent and peaceful elections” and that a timetable would be announced “soon”.


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  • 10/12/17--15:00: Caption
  • CaptionCaption SHA KOLEKWA: Uuministeli wOmidhingoloko nOmatalelepo owa koleke kutya omukithi gwombulwa ogwo gwa dhipaga oondjambameya oshowo oongalangombe moshikunino shiinamwenyo shoBwabwata National Park. Monena oondjambameya 110 oshowo oongalangombe 20 odha si omolwa omukithi ngoka. Aanambelewa okuza kUuministeli wOmidhingoloko oshowo Uuministeli wUunamapya otaya longo neitulemo opo ku vule okukandeka etaandelo lyomukithi ngoka.


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    Aatamanekwa moshipotha shuulunga wiimaliwa yoAir Nam ya pewa omboloha  Aatamanekwa moshipotha shuulunga wiimaliwa yoAir Nam ya pewa omboloha Ompangu yaMangestrata gwaVenduka, oyuuvu mEtitatu kutya oshimaliwa sha thika pooN$190 000 osha kana okuza moshimaliwa shoomiliyona 1.1 shoka sha kambadhalwa okuyakwa okuza mehangano lyaAir Namibia momasiku gane gaKotomba.

    Omutamanekwa omutiyali moshipotha shoka,

    Tangi ‘Mox’ Namwandi, 33, okwa holola mompangu pamwe nomuniilonga gwaAir Namibia Penna Munyunda, 31, ngoka a tulwa miipandeko oshiwike sha piti. Ayehe mboka oya pewa omboloha yoshimaliwa shoo N$50 000 kehe gumwe kuMangestrata Vanessa Stanley.

    Omvula yapiti muJuni, Namwandi okwa a li a tulwa miipandeko sho aadhika nooniga dhoompanda dhili ne, na okuli pondje yodholongo komboloha N$50.

    Otaku popiwa kutya okuli omwanagona gwomulumentu ngoka a monika ondjo moshipotha shedhipago Lazarus Shaduka, na okuli mondholongo omolwa egeelo lyoomvula 20 konima yekumba ndyoka a pewa.

    Ayehe Munyunda naNamwandi oya ningi eindilo lyomboloha ndyoka lya gandjwa pamwe noompango dha kwata miiti.

    Sisa Namandje, ngoka ta kalelepo Namwandi, okwa pula opo omuyakulwa gwe a pewe omboloha yoshimaliwa shooN$5 000 omanga Christian Nambahu, ngoka ta kalelepo Munyunda, a pula opo omuyakulwa gwe a pewe omboloha yooN$10 000.

    Oohahende ndhoka odha popi kutya oshimaliwa owala shooN$190 000 shoka sha kana omanga iikwawo natango yi li kombaanga.

    Namandje okwa popi kutya omuyakulwa gwe ita vulu okufuta oshimaliwa shooN$50 000 ihe ota vulu owala N$5 000, ta popi woo kutya omboloha inayi kala omukalo gwokugandja omageelo.

    Aalumentu ayehe mboka otaya kala nokwiilopota komukonaakoni gwoshipotha shawo kehe Omaandaha, na oya gandja omikanda dhawo dhomalweendo na oya tseyithilwa kutya inaya pitikwa okuninga eindilo lyomikanda dhimwe, sigo oshipotha shawo sha manithwa.

    Natango inaya pitikwa okuthigapo Ovenduka inaya tseyithila omunambelewa omukonaakoni gwoshipotha shawo.

    Omukalelipo gwepangelo moshipotha, Rowan van Wyk okwa pataneke eshunitho pevi lyomwaalu gwomboloha, ta popi kutya ooN$50 000 odhili pauyuuki okutala koshimaliwa shoomiliyona 1.1.

    Mangestratra Stanley okwa tsu kumwe na Van Wyk opo omboloha yi kale pomwaalu ngoka.

    Namwandi naMunyunda otaya tamanekelwa onkambadhala yuulunga woshimaliwa sha thika pomiliyona1.1, okuza mehangano lyaAir Namibia, sho ya kambadhala okufuta iimaliwa mbyoka komayalulo gombaanga yaStandard Bank.

    Ombaanga oya notheleko ehangano ndyoka lyomatukodhila kutya iimaliwa mbyoka ya nuninwa ehangano lyoNamibia Airports Company oyuukithwa keyalulo lyombaanga ndjoka.

    Oshipotha osha undulilwa komasiku ga 8 gaFebruali omvula twa taalela.


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    Aatungi ya loloka oondjambi dhi li peviAatungi ya loloka oondjambi dhi li peviManwu ita tamba omagwedhelo goopresenda 2.5 Ehangano lyaaniilonga tali kalelepo aaniilonga mboka haya tungu, olya popi kutya olya hala omagwedhelo goopresenda 13, oshowo omusholondondo omuleeleka gwomauwanawa nonando oshikondo shoka osha taalela onkalo yekanitho lyiilonga moshilongo. Ehangano tali kalelepo aniilonga yomatungo olya ekelehi omaipopilo okuza kombinga onkwawo, tali popi kutya onkalo yeliko inayi kala omaipopilo gokufuta aaniilonga oondjambi dhili pevi.

    “Onkalo yeliko lyoshilongo inayi longithwa pambambo, ihe aantu ayehe naya mone uuwanawa shi thike pamwe,”

    Ehangano lyoMetal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu) lya popi momukanda ngoka lya pititha mEtitatu.

    Manwu okwa popi kutya omagwedhelo gaaniilonga moshikondo shomatungo noopresenda 2.5 oshi li etukano enene kaaniilonga mboka, na kashi li payuuki.

    Oshiwike sha piti, Menindjela gwoCIF, Bärbel Kirchner, okwa popi kutya oConstruction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) oya uva nayi molwaashoka Manwu ota pula omagwedhelo ngoka geli pombanda pethimbo ndyoka oshikondo shoka sha taalela oshikukuta, oshowo ekanitho lyiilonga li li pombanda.

    Okwa popi kutya iiyemo momahangano goshikondo shoka oyi li pevi noonkondo nopoompito dhimwe kayi po nokuli.

    Okwa tsikile kutya omahangano gamwe oga kaleka owala natango aaniilonga yawo nomukumo kutya otaga ka vula okulonga oopoloyeka monakuyiwa, noondjambi ndhoka ngele odha tulwa pombanda nena omahangano ogendji itaga ka vula okufuta aaniilonga.

    Okwa popi kutya omapekaapeko ngoka ga ningwa koCIF muJuni gwonuumvo oga ulike kutya konyala opresenda 50 dhaaniilonga yomomatungo oya kanitha iilonga yawo.

    Onkalo ndjoka okuniwe uutile kutya otayi kaya pombanda naaniilonga oyendji otaya ka kanitha iilonga yawo, sha landula omwalu omunene gwaaniilonga ya kuthwa miilonga muSepetemba gwo-2016, nehangano lyoCIF oya tokola omagwedhelo goopresenda 2.5, lya yamukula koopresenda 13 ndhoka tadhi pulwa koManwu.

    Momushangwa gwaManwu ngoka a pititha oshiwike shika, okwa popi kutya ita pulakene komalilagano goCIF.

    Ehangano olya zimine kutya epulo lyomagwedhelo ngoka otali ningwa pethimbo ewinayi sho oshikondo shoka sha taalela onkalo ya piyagana na olya ulike omunwe epangelo ndyoka lya kaleke oopoloyeka ondhindji pwaahena oonkundathana naagandji yiilonga oshowo aaniilonga.

    “Otwa mono omakanitho giilonga ogendji omolwa omatokoo inaga kundathanwa ngoka ga ningwa epangelo, na oga tula aaniilonga moshiponga sholuhepo.”

    Manwu okwa kongo ekwatho kiikondo yepangelo, oshowo omalelo goondoolopa mwakwatelwa oshikondo shemona lyoshilongo, uuministeli wiilonga oshowo ehangano lyoRoads Authority mwakwatelwa woo elelo lyoshilando shaVenduka, opo ya konge ekandulepo lyomukundu.

    “Oonkundathana ndhoka odha e ta iiyimati iiwanawa nomonena otu na okomitiye yili miilonga pokati ketu niikondo oshowo omalelo goondoolopa.”

    Ehangano olya tsikile kutya omukundu gumwe, epangelo ndyoka inali futa omahangano gokutunga naashoka osho sha e ta woo ekanitho lyiilonga, oshowo oopoloyeka odhindji ndhoka dha pewa omahangano gaazaizai, ngaashi AaChina.

    “Otatu kondema nomuthindo omukalo ngoka na otatu indile aatungi yomoshilongo ya kale taya tulwa ponomola yotango uuna taku gandjwa ootendela dhoopoloyeka.”

    Manwu okwa popi kutya omahangano ogendji gaazaizai otaga monitha iihuna aaniilonga na kage na omalalakao gokugandja iilonga iiwanawa kaakwashigwana. Otaya thigi aaniilonga moluhepo oshowo oshilongo kashi na iimaliwa.

    Manwu okwa popi kutya oku na einekelo kutya ompango ompe yoProcurement Act otayi ka kandula po omukundu ngoka.


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    Uukwathitho otawu kaleke aanona yaakadhona mooskolaUukwathitho otawu kaleke aanona yaakadhona mooskola Ominista yElongo, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa okwa popi kutya kape na omatompelo kutya omolwashike aanona yaakadhona yethimbo lyongashiingeyi ye na okutaalela omaupyakadhi gonakuziwa.

    Minista okwa popi kutya ope na iinima mbyoka hayi yi moshipala omalongo gaanona pamukalo guukilila naangoka inagu ukilila. Himarwa okwa popi ngaaka pethimbo poshituthi shegandjo lyomagano guukwathitho waanona yaakadhona mboka haya hiti ooskola, pehala lyoForum for African Women Educationalists in Namibia (Fawena) mOvenduka.

    Oshituthi shoka osha endele mumwe netyapulo lyEsiku lyAanona yAakadhona.

    “Nonando aanona yaamati oya taalela omashongo ogendji, aanona yaakadhona oya taalela eshongo enene ngele ya koko. Otashi etitha ohenda onene sho aanona mboka ya za moofamili dha hepa taya hupu nuudhigu mokumona uukwathitho. Onkalo ndjoka otayi yi moshipala omukumo gwaanona yaakadhona,” minista Himarwa a popi.

    Minista okwa tsikile kutya ngele onkalo ya nayipala aanona mboka ohaya thiminikwa konkalo opo ya faule kootundi, nokuyanda esithahoni okuza kaanona yakwawo.

    “Onduuvu kutya aanona ohaya thiminikwa konkalo ndjoka opo ya tete omatalashe nenge oombaapila onga ekwatho lyawo.”

    Uukwathitho mboka wa gandjwa omagano, owa landa noshimaliwa sha thika pooN$50 000 shoka sha gandjwa omagano kehangano lyoMorcar Fishing oshowo oshimaliwa shooN$250 000 okuza kuuministeli welongo.

    “Okupitila mooshali ndhika, Fawena ota tsikile nokukwashilipaleka ongushu yelongo mokati kaanona yaakadhona moNamibi,” Himarwa ta ti.

    Ehangano lyoForum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) ehangano lyaashi lyopapangelo lya totwapo momvula yo-1992 na otali longele monena miilongo yaAfrika, 34.

    FAWE Namibia's (Fawena) okwa patulula omiyelo dhe mo-1999, meyambidhidho lyUuministeli wElongo. Elalakano lyehangano ndyoka okugandja elongo lyongushu kaanona ayehe yaakadhona oshowo aakiintu moNamibia.


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    Angelina Jolie poses with cheetahs in NamibiaAngelina Jolie poses with cheetahs in Namibia As Harper's Bazaar celebrates its 150th anniversary, Jolie shares her thoughts on women's rights and our responsibility toward the environment.

    In an essay in celebration of the magazine's 150th anniversary, the 42-year-old actress and director champions environmental and women's rights spent some time in Namibia. She also modelled in clothing from Atelier Versace, Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren Collection and other labels while posing with cheetahs and locals at a nature reserve in Namibia's Namib Desert.

    “There is a lot we can't predict about the world 150 years from now, but we do know that our great-grandchildren will be living with the consequences of decisions we make now, just as we can trace the origin of problems we are dealing with today to their roots in earlier centuries,” Jolie says.

    The reserve where she stayed is run by the N/a'an ku sê Foundation, led by Jolie's friends, Marlice and Rudie van Vuuren. Jolie's daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, was born in the country, and the family has worked with Rudie and Marlice on conservation in that country over the past decade.

    “For me, Namibia represents not only ties of family and friendship but also the effort to find the balance between humans and the environment so crucial to our future. The N/a'an ku sê Foundation works with Namibia's San people, who are considered to be the world's oldest culture,” said Jolie.

    Jolie hopes her essay will inspire others to take a stand.

    “What we do, each in our own small way, matters. The hopeful thought is that it is in our hands. Over the next 150 years, technology is going to give us more and better means of communicating, fighting poverty, defending human rights, and caring for the environment. But it is what we choose to do with the freedom we have that will make all the difference. If my life experience has taught me anything,” she says, “it is that what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, are what defines you.”


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  • 10/12/17--15:00: The battle of voices
  • The battle of voicesThe battle of voicesA victorious round two for Old Mutual Old Mutual National Gospel Choir Festival grand finale was a resounding success with more choirs from the regions taking part. The competition saw 20 choirs from different congregations across the country competing for the grand astounding prize of a whooping N$40 000. Choral music, in turn, is music written specifically for such an ensemble to perform. The festival is a platform to provide for Namibians to celebrate their love for choral music and for the different churches to showcase their talent and passion for singing.

    All choirs gave a captivating performance for the youth and mature categories. The choirs were required to perform two songs, the prescribed song as well as the song of their choice. The CEO of Old Mutual Group stressed on the importance of choral music and retaining roots in society.

    “This festival is important in fostering the existing relationships with churches, our customers and the broader community we serve,” said Kosmas Egumbo, the CEO of Old Mutual.

    The conductor of the winning choir in the youth category spoke about the importance of choral music as an important genre in the music industry.

    “Many overlook choral music but most of your great and successful artists started in school or church choirs. It's where you learn the elements of music. It deserves more admiration and recognition,” said Dezil Hanse.

    The winners for the evening were; Youth Category first prize: N$40 000 - //Ae - //Gams Youth Choir; second prize: N$20 000 – St John Apostolic Faith Mission; 3rd Prize: N$15 000 – Sion Youth Choir.

    Mature Age Category 1st Prize: N$40 000 – Sion Mass Choir 2nd Prize: N$20 000 – Ephesians Parish Choir 3rd Prize: N$15 000 – Alpha Choir .

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 10/12/17--15:00: Thembisa tells all
  • Thembisa tells allThembisa tells allHow to be the perfect host with Thembisa Mdoda It's not every day one gets advice from those who have successfully nailed and excelled in a certain field but when you do, you grab the opportunity with both hands. This week tjil had a one-on-one interview with Our Perfect Wedding's (OPW) host with the Thembisa Mdoda who shared all her tricks on how one can be the perfect TV host.

    Thembisa Mdoda is a South African former radio DJ, actress, singer, writer and presenter best known for being the host of the sixth season of the Mzansi Magic reality series OPW which is about telling the story of a couple about to get married. In the season, Thembisa kept true and real to herself and to her fans and she says this is an important part of being a host.

    “All people need to see is that you can be a host and not just a presenter. Once that is done then you are good,” she said.

    The difference between hosting and presenting according to her is when hosting, one is able to tell a story from the heart compared to presenting which goes with the flow.

    “When you are hosting you need to have Ubuntu, personality and you need to care so it's not just a job anymore.

    “So, you need to have emotional intelligence,” she said.

    Thembisa says the importance of such TV shows is to preserve culture and showcase how different tribes celebrate weddings. The show is relatable to everyone and the fact that couples from different backgrounds can be taken and put on TV brings unity. “People need to realise that they are as important as the actors they watch who play fake lives, you know. Love also needs to be told every day and if we don't push love stories on such platforms then we are doing something wrong,” she said. Thembisa says her best moments whilst filming are when the bride and groom have made it through their wedding and everything has worked out. Her worst moments are always leaving the couple after getting connected to them.

    Thembisa was recently awarded the Best TV Personality at the first Mzansi Viewers' Choice Awards and was the Most Voted For award. “For people to vote for me in these economic times just means that I'm doing something right. It simply means people relate to my work and the support and love from the public is overwhelming.

    Moments like these make me realise that I chose the right path,” she said.

    Thembisa is currently shooting a film that will be in cinemas next year and she will be back in theatre and radio.

    “My film will be touring and I hope I will come to Namibia too. For those aspiring to be hosts on anything just be unapologetically you,” she concluded.

    June Shimuoshili

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