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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Chess Federation gets a boostChess Federation gets a boostBank Windhoek donates chess boards Besides the Bank Windhoek Junior Open and Closed Championships, the Namibia Chess Federation will host a Monday league every week for the next 18 weeks. The Namibia Chess Federation received 100 chess sets from Bank Windhoek recently to support the growth of the sport throughout the country.

    Riaan van Rooyen, head of corporate affairs at Bank Windhoek, said the bank was excited to support the Namibia Chess Federation in its efforts to grow and promote chess across Namibia.

    “Chess is the best sport to exercise the most important organ in our bodies: the brain,” he said.

    Chess sparks creativity, trains both sides of the brain, increases problem-solving skills, improves reading skills and optimises memory improvement.

    The president of the Namibia Chess Federation, Otto Nakapunda, said the chess boards would ensure the smooth running of the Bank Windhoek Junior Open and Closed Championships, which started this month.

    “This support is much appreciated. These sets will be used to empower the federation and its members in different towns across Namibia. We have seven chess zones in the country and will give ten sets to each zone,” said Nakapunda

    The Namibia Chess Federation will host a Monday league every week for the next 18 weeks to encourage participation by chess players.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Seven-a-side to entice crowd
  • Seven-a-side to entice crowdSeven-a-side to entice crowd Seven-a-side football tournaments have become popular social events, attracting young and old footballers to the field of play.

    On Saturday, the first Champions League seven-a-side tournament will kick off at the DTS soccer field in Windhoek.

    The tournament is organised by Jannis Janser and Curtis Stoffel, football fans who spent their own money to make the event possible.

    Janner says hosting the tournament is an initiative they have been planning for some time.

    “It's the best way to give back to our community and since it is a long weekend, it will give people who will not be travelling out of town something to enjoy.”

    The tournament will pit teams from various corners of the city against one another in a bid to inspire regular exercise and strengthen sport relations.

    Curtis says building confidence in the game, while staying fit and active, is an ideal way for people to enjoy sport.

    “Sport in general brings the community together and keeps young people away from drugs and alcohol, so they should come and be part of this.”

    He encourages teams to register and show their capabilities in the tournament.

    He adds that the event is open to all and that there will be a jumping castle for children as well as food available.

    The first edition of the tournament is expected to draw many spectators to cheer on the 24 teams that have entered the competition.

    Eight spots are still available for teams interested in taking part. The entry fee per team is N$2 000. Registration closes today at 18:00. The entrance fee is N$ 10 for adults. The games start at 08:00 tomorrow.

    The winners will walk away with N$10 000 and gold medals. The runners-up will take home N$6 000 and silver medals, and the third-placed team N$2 000 and bronze medals.


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    Hamilton determined to avoid 'screw-up'Hamilton determined to avoid 'screw-up' Lewis Hamilton will arrive in Sochi ahead of this weekend's Russian Grand Prix determined not to lose any more ground in his tightly-contested battle with Sebastian Vettel in this year's title race.

    The three-time world champion knows that even the smallest of errors, by driver or team, can decide the outcome after revealing that he suffered from a minor issue in Bahrain that may have cost him pole in qualifying.

    The Briton said his Mercedes car had a slight problem with the engagement of its Drag Reduction System (DRS) during the decisive session and this may have handed his team-mate Valtteri Bottas his maiden pole position.

    “It's painful,” said Hamilton, talking about his realisation that just a fraction of a second may have been so costly in that race.

    “I lost two tenths from Turn 10 to 11 when the DRS didn't engage in qualifying and I lost half a tenth out of the last corner. So, I should easily have been on pole.”

    Hamilton's pain was moderated by the knowledge that four-time champion Vettel was faster in the race in his Ferrari, even though his advantage was only marginal as the Englishman stormed after him in the closing laps.

    “I lost position at the start, solely my fault,” added Hamilton.

    “Then you've got the time lost in the pit-lane and you practice and practice and practice and practice and practice - and you only have 20 opportunities this year.

    “So when you screw up, man, it's painful. There's no other way of saying it. When you guys mess up in your job, I don't know how you feel about it, but particularly when it has big consequences, potentially, I'm sure you feel gutted as well.

    “And so I try to handle it the best way I can, but it eats you up a little bit inside and you've just got to end up trying to cope and move forward.”

    Hamilton's DRS failed to engage on the back straight in Bahrain and, he hopes, he can avoid a similar weekend of frustration back at the Sochi Autodrome, a part-street circuit built around the Olympic Park that hosted the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, by the Black Sea.

    History suggests he should start the race as favourite as Mercedes won all three of the previous contests in 2014, 2015 and 2016, Hamilton triumphing in the first two and retired champion German Nico Rosberg last year.

    The Mercedes team also enjoyed one-two finishes in 2014 and 2016 while Vettel can point to one podium finish with Ferrari, taking second place in 2015.

    It is expected to be a very different contest this time with Ferrari a greater threat in race trim even if Mercedes can maintain their run of three pole positions at the circuit.

    After three rounds this year, Vettel and Ferrari have won twice and Hamilton and Mercedes once, an outcome that has put Vettel on 68 points ahead of Hamilton on 61 ahead of the Russian race.

    A rueful Hamilton added: “I don't remember thinking it was necessarily my fault we did not win in Australia, not in the sense that I ran out of tyres and had to pit...

    “But in Bahrain there were certain things and if they were perfect, I would have been in a far better position to fight for the win.... And I didn't put myself in that position.

    “It's only a small percentage, which is what racing should be all about, but we want to operate at the top end.”


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Bayern to secure last title
  • Bayern to secure last titleBayern to secure last titleWolfsburg next for Ancelotti Bayern Munich's hope is to win the German league after an appalling week for the former European champions. After a season that promised so much, Bayern Munich have been sent packing from two Cup competitions in the space of eight days and Carlo Ancelotti's side are determined to take a step closer to the league title when they travel to VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday.

    A Bayern win combined with defeat for second-placed RB Leipzig against relegation candidates Ingolstadt would give them an unassailable 11-point lead with three games remaining.

    After crashing out of the Champions League quarter-finals to Real Madrid and then losing to Borussia Dortmund in Wednesday's German Cup last four, the feel-good factor from Ancelotti's first season in charge has largely dissipated.

    Bayern are without a win in their last five matches in all competitions.

    They have drawn their last two league games and won just one of their last four, seeing a 13-point lead a few weeks ago shrink to eight with four games left.

    “After wasting our chances against Dortmund and having gone out of the Cup we want to make sure of an early Bundesliga title with a win at Wolfsburg,” Bayern defender Mats Hummels said.

    “It is going to be a difficult game for us mentally but we want to do everything possible not to let any excitement back into the title race.”

    Ancelotti has his work cut out to get his team in the right frame of mind. What could have been a brilliant treble-winning season may quickly turn into a nervous title run-in.

    “It's too early to talk about the overall season,” said the Italian. “We have four games and we are fighting to win the Bundesliga. Of course we are disappointed to go out of the Cup. It was an important competition.

    “We have to focus on the next game and try to win the Bundesliga as soon as possible.”

    Wolfsburg will be no pushovers though, with the 2009 champions hovering a point above the relegation playoff spot.

    Coach Andries Jonker, a former Bayern interim manager, rested nine players early this week to keep his team fresh for the relegation battle and closed off Thursday's training to the public and media ahead of their big game.

    Promoted Leipzig, in second place on 62 points, can make sure of an automatic Champions League spot next season with a win over visitors Ingolstadt.

    Borussia Dortmund, in third (56 points), host European hopefuls Cologne while Hoffenheim, in fourth (55 points), entertain German Cup finalists Eintracht Frankfurt on Sunday.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Eat the flu away
  • Eat the flu awayEat the flu awayImmune-boosting foods to keep you tip-top. Winter is here and flus and colds are part and parcel of the season… here is how to stay fit and healthy. Keeping your immune system healthy is very important, no matter the season. Naturally, what you eat can influence your immune health. Certain foods may actually decrease your chances of getting sick, while others can help you recover more quickly if you do get ill.

    There are great foods out there full of essential minerals to keep the colds and flu at bay. One of these is iron. Iron is a mineral that plays an important role in immune function. A diet containing too little iron can contribute to anaemia and weaken the immune system so optimise your intake of iron-rich foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, beans, nuts, seeds, leafy veg like spinach vegetables and dried fruit.

    Combining iron-rich foods with a source of vitamin C can help boost your absorption even further.

    Foods that are rich in probiotics are thought to help enhance your immune function. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut and help stimulate your immune system. They also help maintain the health of your gut’s lining, which may help prevent unwanted substances from “leaking” into the body and provoking an immune response. Studies also show that when people do get sick, those who regularly consume probiotics are up to 33% less likely to need antibiotics. Great sources of probiotics include sauerkraut, naturally fermented pickles, yogurt, buttermilk and so on.

    Fruits like oranges, grapefruits and tangerines are high in vitamin C, a well-known immunity booster.

    Vitamin C is recognised for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps maintain the integrity of your skin, which acts as a protective barrier against infection.

    Other foods high in vitamin C include bell peppers, guavas, dark leafy greens, broccoli, berries, tomatoes, papaya and snap peas.

    Ginger is rich in gingerol, a bioactive substance thought to help lower the risk of infections. Ginger’s effects may be especially potent if the ginger compounds are already present in your body before the infection occurs.

    Add a sprinkle of fresh or dried ginger to your dishes or smoothies. You can also sip on a fresh ginger infusion or use pickled ginger as a probiotic-rich palate cleanser between dishes.

    Garlic also contains active compounds that may help reduce your risk of infection. Garlic also seems to have antimicrobial and antiviral properties that may help it fight bacterial and viral infections. To maximise garlic’s immune-boosting effects, aim to eat one clove two to three times per day.

    Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), a category of fats with antimicrobial properties. Researchers report that coconut fats may help fight off the types of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, sinusitis, dental cavities, food poisoning and urinary tract infections.

    Researchers also believe that coconut oil may be effective against the viruses responsible for influenza and hepatitis C. Consuming up to two tablespoons (30 ml) per day should leave enough room to continue including other healthy fats in your diet, such as avocados, nuts, olives and linseed oil.

    Liquorice is a spice made from the dried root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra plant. Studies show that liquorice has the ability to fight some fungi and bacteria, including E. coli, Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.

    Nuts and seeds are incredibly nutrient-rich. They’re rich in selenium, copper, vitamin E and zinc, among other nutrients. All of these play a role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

    Sesame seeds and almonds are particularly good sources of copper and vitamin E, while pumpkin seeds and cashews are rich in zinc.

    As for selenium, you can meet your daily requirement by eating just a single Brazil nut per day.

    Nuts and seeds are also great sources of fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats, all of which are beneficial for health.

    Sweet potatoes are not only delicious — they’re also rich in vitamin A. Not consuming enough foods rich in vitamin A can lead to a deficiency, which studies link to a weaker immune system and a higher sensitivity to infections.

    Besides sweet potatoes, other foods that are high in vitamin A include carrots, dark-green leafy vegetables, squash, romaine lettuce, dried apricots, red peppers, fish and offal.


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    Omunaskola a monika ondjo moshipotha sheponokelo lyaheOmunaskola a monika ondjo moshipotha sheponokelo lyahe Ompangu yamangestrata gwaShakati oshiwike shika oya hanganitha omunamimvo 19 omunaskola pamwe nahe omunamimvo 70, konima sho omukokele ngoka a tulilemo omona oshipotha.

    Ompangu oya ningi ombangi sho Ismael Amupolo Samuel omunaskola gwomondondo onti-9 ngoka a tulilwe miipandeko momasiku 17 gaApilili, ta gandja ombili kuhe Ekonia Samuel ngoka a ponokelele nekende lya tatuka megumbo lyawo momukunda Okatha-kiingondjo moshitopolwa shaShana momasiku 16 gaApilili.

    Magistrata Vivian Ndlovu okwa mono Samuel ondjo moshipotha shiimbuluma yomahepekathano go momagumbo mokuponokela he nelalakano lyokumweehameka.

    Ndlovu okwa gandja lyokukala mondholongo uule woomwedhi hamano ndyoka lya kuthwa po konima sho a zimine ondjo moshipotha she.

    Egeelo lye olya kuthwa po uule woomvula ndatu inuuvikilasha shafaathana naashoka.

    “Ngoye omunaskola naasho wa tulwa miipandeko momasiku 17 gaApilili owa faula omakonaakono goye gopokati komumvo. Kutya nee oshike sha holoka po kwa li wu na okuponokela ho ngoka oye omusilishimpwiyu goye. Owa li wa pumbwa okuya ontuku molwaashoka ita vulu okutondoka e ku kwate. Onda tegelela wu tameke okwiihumbata nawa molwaashoka omaihumbato gonawa ohaga tamekele pegumbo. Otwa tegelela ngiini wu simaneke aantu yalwe ngele ito vulu okusimaneka aavali yoye,” Ndlovu a popi.

    Okwa lombwele Samuel kutya emangepo nepangulo lye oshowo sho a monika ondjo, oshi na oshilanduli oshiwinayi konkalamwenyo ye monakuyiwa.

    “Okuza kesiku lyonena owa talikako onga ongangala na otashi kulandula sigo oto mana oskola. Ondjokonona ombwiinayi nuuna toka tameka okukonga iilonga otashi ka gandja ethano ewinayi, kape na omuntu taka hala okukuta miilonga ongangala. Okuza mpaka kala to dhimbulukwa aluhe iinima mbyoka tandi ku lombwele mpaka.”

    He yaSamuel Ekonia okwa lombwele ompangu kutya ina tula mo oshipotha opo omona a tulwe mondjeedhililo ethimbo ele ihe okwe shi ningi onga omukalo gwokumulondodha. Okwa popi kutya omona okwa li tiihumbata nayi naasho a kambadhala okumu ganda okwa kutha ekende te li tatula e te mu dhenge nalyo.

    “Ondi uvite nayi molwaashoka omumwandje mwene okwa kanitha esimaneko nasho nda hala okumuganda okwa ponokelendje. Onda taamba ombili ye na onda tegelela a ye kegumbo nokukala tiihumbata nawa,” Ekonia a popi.

    Samuel okwiikalelepo ye mwene moshipotha omanga Michelle Jagger a kalele po epangelo.


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    Ngoloneya nale e Ii monkalo ombwiinayiNgoloneya nale e Ii monkalo ombwiinayi Aafekelwa yatatu oya dhitikwa nale Omunamimvo 92 Leonard Nangolo Mukwiilongo, okwa ponokelwa nokumonithwa iihuna koongangala hamano ndhoka dhe mu ponokele pegumbo lye nokupula iipatululo yoshiketha shokupungula iimaliwa.

    Pahapu dhomonamati , Tshatipamba, aalumentu mbaka oya ponokele Mukwiilongo ongula yomasiku 11 gaApilili lyopotundi onti-11 na oya adha Mukwiilongo a kuutumba pondje pamwe nomuniilonga gwomegumbo.

    Oongangala ndhika odhe ya thiminike opo ya ye megumbo no ku pula opo dhi pewe iimaliwa.

    “Oya manga tate pamwe nomuniilonga gwomegumbo komeho na oya tameke taya pula iipatululo yoshiketha shiimaliwa. Tate okwa tindi okugandja iipatululo kookalyamupombo. Oya tema oonayilona na oya tameke taye mu nyenyepaleke nayo nelalakano opo a popye. Nokonima oye mu dhenge nondjembo yombistoli momutse.”

    Okwa tsikileko ta ti oongangala ndhika odha patele he pamwe nomuniilonga gwe mondunda na odha kambadhala okuya ontuku noshiketha shiimaliwa ihe oshiketha osha li oshidhigu nomuniilonga okwe shi pondola okwiimangulula nokumangulula omukokele, nokumona ompito yo ku pitamo mondunda a pitile pekende no kumatuka opo a ka konge ekwatho. Sho aayugi ya mono omuniilonga tamatuka nayo oye gatanga no kuthiga po oshiketha. Omupopiliko gwopolisi yaMusati, Anna Kunga okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya aafekelwa yatatu oya tulwa miipandeko na oya holoka mompangu yamangestrata gwaShakati. Aalumentu mbaka oya tindilwa omboloha na oya tumbulwa kutya omunamimvo 41 Wilhelm Nakale, Stefanus Namupala (35) na Abraham Ashipena (26). Oshipotha shawo osha undulilwa komasiku 31 gaMei nuumvo. “Omakonaakono gopolisi otaga tsikile na otatu kongo natango aafekelwa yakwawo yatatu,”Kunga ta ti. Omonagona gwaMukwiilongo, Epafras Mukwiilongo, okwa popi kutya hekulu okwa pumbwa egameno lyopapangelo ethimbo kehe. “Mboka aantu ya simana moshigwana na oya pumbwa egameno ethimbo alihe. Shoka osha holoka omolwaashoka epangelo olye ya ekelahi,” Epafras ta ti.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: AB InBev's christening
  • AB InBev's christeningAB InBev's christeningNot all beer and skittles for AB InBev Following the acquisition of SABMiller by the world's largest beer producer, AB InBev is confident about long-term growth. October 2015 may not have been the best time for the world's largest beer group to launch a take-over bid for the second-largest beer producer, SABMiller. But if AB InBev is suffering any buyer's remorse, its frontman in Africa is keeping it well hidden.

    Brazilian-born Ricardo Tadeu (40) says he and his company are very happy they took the leap into Africa.

    “We're confident about the mid- to long-term perspective,” said Tadeu, who arrived in SA in October 2016. “Of course we didn't expect volumes in Africa to drop, but that doesn't change our confidence in the region.”

    It helps that Tadeu and the 3G Capital team behind the 30-year project to create the largest beer group the world has ever seen are all from Brazil, a country that competes with South Africa in the political turmoil scales.

    “Political uncertainty is what we know. On a 20-to 30-year perspective, Africa is where the opportunities lie,” said Tadeu.

    What the AB InBev management team, and the rest of the world, are far less familiar with is the level of political uncertainty in previously stable countries. The United States, the European Union and Britain are all looking a little less familiar now than they were 15 months ago.

    The drama around the unexpected outcome of the Brexit vote in June 2016 added several billion dollars to the already steep cost of the SABMiller purchase because of a decision to hedge against possible weakness in the dollar while the deal was being finalised.

    All of this adds to the challenge facing AB InBev management as it tries to repeat the same sort of performance notched up after every acquisition since Brahma in 1989. The most spectacular performance was achieved following InBev's acquisition of Anheuser-Busch in 2008.

    Word is that SABMiller suppliers are already feeling the chill winds of change caused by this challenge. Certainly, SABMiller did not have a reputation as an easy customer. With a virtual monopoly in the beer market it was able to dictate terms to most of its suppliers. Now word from some is that those terms are about to be made even tougher. Those who can't manage are apparently being offered access to finance from an international bank.

    But it looks as though talk of 150-day terms has more to do with AB InBev's tough-as-nails reputation than reality.

    Tadeu says while the group's scale gives it the opportunity to negotiate favourable payment terms, only a small percentage is on more than 120 days.

    The new head of AB InBev Africa says the opportunity to supply the group does provide companies with an ability to scale up, and some are prepared to concede payment delays for large orders.

    “But we're not here to destroy businesses; we're building something in South Africa,” said Tadeu, adding that as part of the agreement with the competition authorities, AB InBev is helping to develop small suppliers.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Freeda goes to Hollywood
  • Freeda goes to HollywoodFreeda goes to HollywoodA dream comes true for a songstress Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day Freeda started her music career a long time ago and worked herself up to signing partnerships with USA media company Hollywood Unlocked. Here is her story. If you are a close follower of songbird Freeda on social media you may have noticed that for some time now, she has been giving little hints about greater things coming her way in her posts. The singer has confirmed to tjil that indeed huge career-changing deals have come her way and soon the world will be her playground.


    Freeda came to the music scene over a good 15 years ago when she was a member of pop group Gal Level with Oteya. The two have won multiple awards from Channel O, Kora and the NAMAs under Ogopa Butterfly from their hit songs like ‘Speel Ons Saam’ and ‘Shake it’ just to mention a few. Freeda however felt it was time to spread her wings and fly solo after being with Ogopa Butterfly and Gal Level for a good 10 years. Her solo career under Westcoast D.O.C. has seen her develop into a vibrant artist whose well-choreographed performances and sweet melodically cultured voice have won the hearts of her fan base. “When you have a team that is committed and wants you to achieve as much as you do, wonders happen and I’m grateful for Westcoast D.O.C. being by my side,” said Freeda.


    Freeda released her hit album Chronicles in 2015 which broke many records in the country and abroad. She managed to make one of the first albums which have successfully shot music videos for every song on the album. Chronicles has been a resounding succeeds indeed as it has one of the widest distributed on channels in the world. “You can literally buy the album in any country in the world. The album is available in 15 000 brick and mortar stores globally and 1 500 online stores and the sales are remarkable,” said Freeda. To top it off, socialbakers.com, Freeda's YouTube channel, is the most viewed channel in Namibia with close 2.4 million viewers. In total, Freeda’s hit song Mutjaka has over 7.7 million views on the internet. As much as this is good there are those that try to cheat artists out of their hard work by not giving credit where its due. “You have to stand up and protect your work. If you use our video content with our song that's you helping us promote our work but if you take out our music and put your own then that's stealing our work,” she said.

    Another millstone achieved by Freeda is when her music videos aired on American music channels like MTV, Jams and BET. This got her a profile on the MTV artist page where A-listers like Beyonce and Drake are featured.


    With all these achievements it is only right that it must be put to use greatly. Westcoast D.O.C. signed a partnership with USA-based marketing and artist profiling company Hollywood Unlocked to be Freeda’s official marketing and brand ambassadors. This makes Freeda one of the first Namibian artists to have made it to the land of glitz and glamour. Hollywood Unlocked is a media company owned by Jason Lee (of the Love and Hip Hop fame) and the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. The partnership with Hollywood Unlocked is anticipated to open numerous opportunities for Freeda including recording her music and music videos in the USA, and to have collaborations with international artists from USA. “When my manager informed me about the deal with Hollywood Unlocked I was like ‘what and who? Isn’t Maywather a boxer? Why and what does he want… to be my brand ambassador?’ This is just God’s work. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I learned about the company and it is just what I needed in my career,” she said. Other than producing and marketing her music in Hollywood, Freeda will also feature as a television personality on a number of TV channels in USA. The singer will also have access to major USA based concert organisers like NuCom and Tranriq.

    What’s next

    The singer said the news is still sinking in and a lot of paperwork needs to be done. Asked whether she will be relocating anytime soon Freeda said all is yet to be confirmed. “I will have to see what will work for me financially but if it means I have to move then I will. Home will always be home but one needs to explore. There is very little offered for artists in Namibia. The world is our playground. We should never limit ourselves,” she said. Freeda added she will not change her style completely as that is what got her the deal in the first place. “Nowadays everyone sounds the same, my style is different and I’ll stick to it,” said Freeda.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Leave toxic relationships
  • Leave toxic relationshipsLeave toxic relationships Sometimes ladies put up with a lot of things. We are strong, beautiful and very caring. But at times we should not allow things to get into our tough nature. One thing we should not tolerate is cheating. It devalues us and the other person, and it is just completely wrong.

    I've seen women get cheated on and still remain in those relationships. The excuse is that they cannot throw away so many years with their cheating partners. These kinds of women do not know that they deserve better. When someone does not treat you right - especially in cases where your partner is not faithful to you, you need to take the highway. You deserve to be treated with respect, love and care and you should never surrender your happiness for someone who is only going to lie, disappoint and be dishonest with you.

    First, I have to say that getting over any man you love obviously won't be easy. The first thing to think about is the likelihood of it happening again. We've all heard the saying, “Once a cheater, always and a cheater”. It all comes down to your principles; do you believe you can change someone? Even if they really don't cheat on you again, are you willing to live with the constant paranoia? Because you and I both know, no matter how many times you think or say you've gotten past it, you know what's going to be in the back of your mind when you're not there with him on a business trip or out with his buddies. Do you really want to be that girl making Olympic lunges to get to his phone before it locks once he leaves the room to go to the bathroom?

    Truth is, whatever the setting, whoever cheats on you does not respect you or your relationship enough to be loyal to you – it is not on. Period!! If you're in denial, it will take a while to accept this, but you cannot make excuses for their actions. You need to face this fact and come to terms with the truth before you can assess whether or not you want to leave the relationship.

    Reclaim your happiness and make yourself a priority and do not cheat yourself of your peace of mind. Let go of the negative energy and let go of men who cheat on you. It's not going to be easy but you will get over it because that's what makes you who you are. Don't tolerate things that compromise the way you live and behave, cheating is wrong and should not be accepted at all.

    June Shimuoshili


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: The Miss Teen Pink Bash
  • The Miss Teen Pink BashThe Miss Teen Pink BashWomen empowerment taught at a young age June Shimuoshili

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    Zuma moves to meet business leadersZuma moves to meet business leaders South African president Jacob Zuma will meet with business leaders to discuss the country's credit-rating downgrades and a surprise cabinet reshuffle that saw the ouster of former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, according to a person familiar with the matter.

    Zuma, 75, will meet members of the CEO Initiative on Friday to assure them of the government's willingness to bolster investor confidence, said the person, who asked not to be identified because a public announcement hasn't been made.

    S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings cut South Africa's sovereign credit rating to junk after Zuma's decision to fire Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas. He also made 18 other changes to his administration shortly after midnight on 31 March.

    The CEO Initiative, a body representing leaders at some of South Africa's largest companies, last month criticised the ouster of Gordhan and Jonas, describing it as an “ill-timed and irrational dismissal of a trusted and well-respected minister of finance and deputy finance minister.”

    Zuma appointed Malusi Gigaba, a former home affairs minister with no experience in finance, as Gordhan's replacement. He also named Sfiso Buthelezi as deputy finance minister.


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    ID4Africa conference underwayID4Africa conference underwayHome Affairs embraces technology Namibia, through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, is the third country to host the conference after Tanzania in 2015 and Rwanda in 2016. The third ID4Africa conference started in Windhoek on Wednesday and ends today.

    The three-day conference is being attended by delegates from 50 African countries, more than 90 international identity solution providers and more than 20 regional and international development agencies.

    The forum featured comprehensive engagements by delegates to identify issues that include applications of identification systems to reinforce democracy, support healthcare, and build inclusive financial platforms and institutions as well as reinforcing civil registration and e-government initiatives.

    ID4Africa executive chairperson Joseph Atick said the expo was happening at a time when the continent was experiencing record engagements by governments, development agencies and industry.

    “We are pleased to report that African government attendance has doubled from last year, with 90% of the delegates being nominated by their governments,” said Atick.

    International identity solution providers exhibited their technologies on identification cards, passports and border control systems.

    Speaking at the opening of the event on Wednesday, Minister Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana said her ministry had a proven track record in terms of innovative system development and implementation, and aimed to remain a leading agent in the field.

    “We have in the past 10 years strived to digitise all our civil registration and immigration processes in order to enhance customer service delivery, identity management and migration facilitation,” said Iivula-Ithana.

    Their first system to be digitalised was identification document (ID) production in 1996.

    She also emphasised on the web-based and integrated National Population Registration System, which was designed in 2009 to build on the existing ID production system.

    The ID4Africa movement was motivated by the need to change the current situation with identification systems in Africa, where large segments of the population suffer from lack of robust and accessible IDs.


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    Crayfish festival celebrates 10 yearsCrayfish festival celebrates 10 years The Lüderitz Town Council will this year honour Crayfish Festival patrons Dr Libertina Amathila and mayor Hilaria Mukapuli for their dedication and commitment over the last ten years.

    The council has lined up a lot of activities for the tenth anniversary of the festival, which is so popular that people travel from all corners of the country to attend it and sample the local delicacy.

    The CEO of Lüderitz, Aunie Gideon, describes the event as a unique festival with a lot of activities to entertain the participants.

    “We have beach parties that will be held throughout the festival and we have also added new activities. We will even have fireworks this year for the first time,” she said.

    One of the new activities on the programme this year is a display of live crayfish after the official opening for visitors who have never seen a crayfish.

    “This is an exciting initiative for us. We will be giving out interesting facts about live crayfish and this is a spectacular event not to be missed,” Gideon said.

    The town council says the Lüderitz Waterfront Harbour Square will be filled with local exhibitors selling food and promoting their brands. The seafood delicacies that will be for sale include pickled fish, fresh oysters and lobsters.

    For entertainment, the council has planned a Miss Crayfish beauty pageant featuring contestants from the region.

    “We are also glad to announce that we will be screening the film shot in Lüderitz titled 'Fish Out Of Water'. It makes us proud that out of all the places in Namibia, they found our town suitable to tell their story.

    “We will have local artists performing on both nights,” she added.

    Other forms of entertainment will include soccer matches, boat cruises and visits to the historic town of Kolmanskop.

    The Crayfish Festival will take place from today until Tuesday at the waterfront.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Green Scheme project praised
  • Green Scheme project praisedGreen Scheme project praisedIyambo impressed by progress of irrigation schemes Vice-president Nickey Iyambo says Green Scheme projects can help achieve food security if all 27 000 hectares are under irrigation. Vice-president Nickey Iyambo described his six-day visit to the Kavango West and East regions as a resounding success.

    Iyambo, accompanied by the minister of agriculture, water and forestry, John Mutorwa, and deputy minister of environment and tourism, Tommy Nambahu, undertook the visit to acquaint himself with issues such as human-wildlife conflict, armyworms decimating crops, and unemployment.

    He was impressed with what he had seen, saying he was under the impression that the army worms had done a lot of damage to irrigation schemes and elephants had finished all the crops.

    “Yes, they have done some damage, but there are prospects of a good harvest,” Iyambo told Nampa before he left for Windhoek on Tuesday afternoon.

    He was confident that if the government put 27 000 hectares of the agriculture schemes under irrigation, Namibia would be food self-reliant by 2030. About 12 000 hectares are currently under irrigation.

    “Of course, we should be mindful of natural occurrences such as prolonged droughts, floods as well as armyworms try to waste our development efforts.”

    Iyambo said he had instructed Mutorwa to do a crop assessment in the two Kavango regions and estimate the cereal shortfall that would have to be covered by imports.

    He commended the Green Scheme managers and small-scale farmers for producing food despite the challenges.

    The main challenge at the moment is waterlogging because of the high rainfall received this year, which forced replanting on some fields, while other fields were too wet for replanting.

    Other challenges include cash-flow problems that resulted in late planting, and human-wildlife conflict.

    On the meetings with local communities, Iyambo said all went according to plan. Young people, women, farmers, people with disabilities and church leaders came together and discussed issues peacefully.

    “We interrogated issues guided by the fact that we as Namibians are equal partners and investors in the shared destiny of an inclusive and prosperous Namibian house,” he said.

    Iyambo assured the community that the government would continue to distribute food aid and relocate people trapped by floods.


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    SA court rules nuclear deal illegalSA court rules nuclear deal illegal The Western Cape High Court's ruling on Wednesday that the nuclear procurement process has been unlawful and unconstitutional won't necessarily scupper government's plans to expand nuclear energy. It means the procurement process will have to begin with a clean slate.

    Judge Lee Bozalek ruled in favour of applicants Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute (Safcei) on Wednesday, significantly derailing current attempts to proceed with the construction of 9,600 MW in nuclear plants and issue binding proposal requests in June.

    Bozalek said the state's section 34 determinations, allowing it to procure nuclear power, are “unlawful and unconstitutional” and must be set aside. Any steps taken since the 2013 and 2016 determinations must also be set aside. The court also found that the inter-governmental agreements reached with Russia, the United States and Korea regarding the deals were also unlawful and unconstitutional and should be set aside. The energy minister was ordered to pay the applicants' legal costs.

    Safcei and Earthlife argued that any future nuclear procurement attempts from the energy minister should be subject to a public participation process, which Bozalek did not order. He did, however, go into detail about the requirements for the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) to consult the public. “The finding that it is under such a duty is central to this judgment,” he said.

    Adrian Pole, legal representative for Safcei and Earthlife, said: “Before any nuclear procurement can proceed, the Minster of Energy (in concurrence with Nersa) will be required to make a new determination in accordance with a lawful process that is transparent and includes public participation. This will necessarily require disclosure of relevant information that to date has been kept from the public, including critical information on costs and affordability.”

    Makoma Lekalaka from Earthlife Africa said the judgment was a win for justice and the rule of law, showing the government cannot overrule regulation and legislation. “I think the events of the past few weeks shows this nuclear deal was about to bring a lot of turmoil in the country,” she said.

    There has been speculation President Jacob Zuma's recent Cabinet reshuffle aimed to push the nuclear deal, which at an estimated cost of R1-trillion has raised fears it might cause rampant corruption. “The arms deal was a drop in the ocean (in comparison),” said Lekalaka.

    “Basically if the government wants to go ahead they would have to start afresh and it would have to be a process South Africans are involved in,” she added on the impact of the judgment.

    Government's 2010 Integrated Resource Plan calls for the building of 9,600 MW in nuclear power, while the draft 2016 version estimates the country will only need nuclear plants by 2037. Eskom, which was set to lead the procurement deals, issued a request for information in December and was expected to issue requests for proposals from suppliers in June.


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    Procurement Board and review panel sworn inProcurement Board and review panel sworn in The Procurement Board was sworn in by Judge President Petrus Damaseb in the High Court yesterday.

    Also present at the ceremony was finance minister Calle Schlettwein who said the board was important in order to make sure that public funds are spent accordingly. “We want to make sure that those funds achieve the best outcomes,” said Schlettwein.

    The new board has taken over from the outgoing Tender Board as from 1 April this year, and is responsible for handling government contracting as the primary authority.

    The board is the main governance body and consists of nine members, of which Patrick Swartz was appointed as chairperson and the deputy chairperson is Lischen Ramakutla. Both will hold their positions, full time for five years, while the other seven members will be employed on a part-time basis on three-year contracts.

    Swartz said for the board to start the procurement process various public entities should start the procedure. “I should make it clear that we do not start a procedure on our own… it needs to come from various public entities,” said Swartz.

    Shona Ngava

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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Inmates share child porn
  • Inmates share child pornInmates share child porn Five inmates serving sentences for child pornography used contraband cell phones and removable storage cards to share child pornography with others inside a prison, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

    The inmates at Fort Dix in New Jersey face charges of conspiracy and distributing, selling and possessing child porn on federal property.

    The men were involved in the sales of the removable storage cards to government informants in recent months, prosecutors said. The cards included videos involving children as young as infants and toddlers and depictions of child sexual abuse.

    The five defendants are all serving lengthy prison terms for trafficking in child pornography. They face sentences ranging from 15 to 40 years if convicted on the new charges.

    “Anyone who sexually exploits children, whether incarcerated or not, will be relentlessly pursued and brought to stand trial for their heinous crimes,” said Timothy Gallagher, special agent in charge of the FBI's Newark field office.


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  • 04/27/17--16:00: Kony manhunt ends
  • Kony manhunt endsKony manhunt endsUS withdraws troops without success For five years, American Special Forces have been hunting Joseph Kony in the Central African Republic, a hunt which has now come to an end without success. US Special Forces on Wednesday began to pull out from Central Africa, ending a five-year hunt for brutal LRA warlord Joseph Kony, who is wanted for crimes against humanity.

    The departure of the troops sent in to support an African Union regional force “will be completed a short while after it begins on 26 April”, Charles Prichard, spokesperson for the US Africa Command (Africom), told AFP.

    “A small contingent of US military personnel will continue to work in the area to complete logistical tasks... such as removing equipment. Those tasks will be completed by September 2017,” he added. In late 2011, Washington deployed about 100 Special Forces to the Central African Republic to back up Ugandan soldiers tracking Kony, and 150 Special Forces airmen were added three years later.

    One of Africa's longest-surviving rebel groups, the Lord's Resistance Army has terrorised parts of central Africa for 30 years.

    Since being set up by Kony in 1987, it is accused of slaughtering more than 100 000 people and abducting 60 000 children who were forced to become sex slaves and soldiers. After counting several thousand fighters a few years ago, it now has fewer than 100 dispersed across parts of the CAR, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and South Sudan.

    Last month AFRICOM said it would wrap up the operation, which has cost US$600m to US$800m, even though Kony remains at large.

    “The time has come to move forward because the organisation itself is really in a survival mode,” said General Thomas Waldhauser, head of Africom.

    Ugandan troops began to withdraw on 19 April, saying that the mission to neutralise the LRA had been “successfully achieved” and that Kony “no longer poses any significant threat”.

    A self-styled prophet, Kony launched his bloody rebellion in a bid to overthrow the Ugandan government and impose a regime based on his own version of the Ten Commandments.

    He is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity, where one of his commanders, Dominic Ongwen, is currently on trial.

    Analysts as well as residents of eastern CAR fear that the departure of US and Ugandan forces will leave a security vacuum, enabling the LRA to resurface.

    Although there are UN peacekeeping forces from its MINUSCA mission in Central Africa, very few of them are present in the east of the country.

    “This withdrawal will lead to a renewal of LRA attacks in the southeast,” warned Thierry Vircoulon, a specialist on central Africa at the French institute for international relations IFRI.

    But US spokesperson Prichard said “Africom remains committed to our partners in the region and will continue to work with them to find solutions to security challenges in the region.”


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    Elemotho - the lifetime achieverElemotho - the lifetime achieverPassion driven artist award at the NAMAs Special awards, special artist, special life – catch it all tonight. The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) 2017 will honour Elemotho Gaalelekwe with the esteemed Lifetime Achiever’s Award. The prestigious tribute will be handed over to Elemotho tonight in Walvis Bay.

    The legend and arguably immortal Elemotho is a remarkable star who bestows light onto the Namibian music industry since he started doing music in 1997. From then, his career grew with a perpetual momentum which gained him national and international recognition and gigs. For someone who would rather have been a priest, a farmer or a lawyer, Elemotho’s shot at music grew tremendously quickly. He performed extensively across Africa and Europe, extending the reach of his music to a much wider audience.

    His deep and yet diverse songs give food for thought and are highly appreciated by the music lovers. In 2006 his international career started to move forward, with the invitation to the Durban Awesome Africa Music Festival as well as to participate in the 5th African Movie Festival in Tarifa, Spain, which led to a two-month Spanish Tour where he played in international festivals such as Territorios in Seville and Festizaje in Jaen.

    “We are glad and proud to confer this special award to a great and deserving artist. A true artist that does African contemporary music and is celebrated across Namibia, Africa and Europe,” said NAMA executive chairman, Tim Ekandjo. Ekandjo further added that Namibian music is not something which has recently started, but instead Namibians have been dancing to the tunes of their very own music since the 90s. This enjoyed and appreciated reality is owed to the artistically gifted and talented artists and one of them is Elemotho Gaalelekwe.

    The NAMAs will take place this weekend in the coastal town of Walvis Bay.

    Staff Reporter

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