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    Namibian Sun to cost N$1 moreNamibian Sun to cost N$1 more Namibian Sun would like to inform its esteemed readers and advertisers that the newspaper cover price will increase by N$1 to N$4 on 3 January 2017.

    The increase was necessitated by a number of factors, including high distribution and production costs.

    We understand the tough economic times that everyone is experiencing, but rest assured that Namibian Sun is committed to achieving excellence in journalism and will continue to “tell it all”. The increase will also allow us to pay our street vendors, who are vital to our street sales distribution strategy, 25% more than our competitors do. It will allow us to continue distributing our newspaper to all current destinations, while six new points of delivery will be added soon.

    Online access

    In addition to the price increase, our readers will also be able to access the full edition of Namibian Sun online. Effective 3 January 2017, the newspaper will carry a code, which will give readers the opportunity to read the entire newspaper content online. The newspaper content will be available for all readers from 12:00 every day. Readers will also have access to all our community newspapers and news via the MyInfo app.

    Christmas special

    Namibian Sun and Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) are running a special Christmas offer for all our subscribers.

    All they need to do is subscribe to Namibian Sun and its sister publications Republikein and Allgemeine Zeitung and pay for 11 only months. The 12th month is our Christmas gift to you. Readers may also subscribe before 24 December to avoid the N$1 price increase, which comes into effect on 3 January 2017.

    See advertisement on page 20 of this edition.

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    Nama and OvaHerero claim they were insultedNama and OvaHerero claim they were insulted German Special Envoy Ruprect Polenz has reportedly told the Nama and OvaHerero technical committee members that the Holocaust cannot be compared with the 1904-1908 Nama and OvaHerero genocide because the killing of the Jews was more extreme.

    This prompted committee members to angrily storm out of what would have been the first meeting between Polenz and the affected communities.

    Nama Technical Committee secretary Paul Thomas charged that the Germans are arrogant but that “they forget that the land is here, we can go into the German-owned farms and reclaim it.”

    Technical committee member Clinton Swartbooi said Polenz''s utterances were a sign of blatant racism.

    “Polenz arrogantly said the Holocaust was more extreme and global and the Jews were persecuted from country to country. So does that mean killing a Nama and OvaHerero is nothing compared to killing a Jew? This again comes to black lives don''t matter,” said a furious Swartbooi.

    He added that the remarks by Polenz revealed that Germany''s approach towards the negotiations was not genuine but only a public relations stunt to show the world they are a responsible state.

    “This is the same racist Germany than before, these negotiations under the leadership of Nickey Iyambo are a mess,” he said.

    Swartbooi also accused the government of playing games and right into the hands of the Germans.

    “Germany only came to offer us bribes in the form of training centres, vocational schools and big and small trusts,” he said.

    When contacted for comment on Polenz''s alleged remarks, the deputy head of the German mission to Namibia, Ullrich Kinne, declined to comment because it had been agreed that the negotiations would be kept confidential.

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    PPP framework presented to NAPPP framework presented to NAAll systems go for public-private partnerships The finance minister explained the nitty-gritty of the planned public-private-partnership framework this week. The formalisation of the public-private-partnership framework is at an advanced stage, says the minister of finance, Calle Schlettwein.

    He made the announcement at an event hosted by auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers and Standard Bank Namibia.

    “Government has made steady progress towards the public-private-partnership agenda. In line with the policy, the Public-Private Partnerships Directorate has been set up at the Ministry of Finance since April last year,” Schlettwein said.

    “The formulation of the PPP legislation is also at an advanced stage. The draft bill, as many of you would know, is now before the National Assembly.”

    Schlettwein emphasised that the aim of the bill was to ensure that best practices would be followed during all phases of a public-private-partnership project development cycle.

    To ensure this, he said: “The legislation contemplates that a sequence of reviews are made and corresponding approvals or disapprovals are provided by a public-private-partnership committee that is constituted as per provisions of the legislation.

    “For instance, at the feasibility stage; the review will assess if the planned project is likely to provide positive value for money; the project is likely to be affordable both to the end consumers and to the government; and the project is likely to generate sufficient returns for a private sector investor.

    “Only if such conditions are satisfied at the feasibility assessment stage, will the relevant project be allowed to proceed to the procurement phase,” the minister explained.

    “We are cognisant that public-private partnerships are a relatively new discipline in Namibia, and for this reason, the PPP Unit facilitates a number of capacity development initiatives. This is done through a combination of structured training programmes, knowledge sharing discussions with both public- and private-sector organisations, as well as forum presentations and media publications.

    “Through these capacity-building initiatives, we have attempted to emphasise that core principles of value for money, affordability, and competitive procurement must be adhered to in order to ensure public-private partnerships that are successful and are in the public interest. “We also frequently provide feedback in cases where public-private partnerships may not be a suitable mode of project development,” Schlettwein said.


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  • 11/24/16--14:00: Wife killer gets 38 years
  • Wife killer gets 38 yearsWife killer gets 38 years The Oshakati High Court has sentenced a man convicted of killing his wife to 38 years imprisonment.

    Johannes Shipanga, 59, shot his wife Justina Shipanga twice in the head and burned her body beyond recognition in her new Toyota Hilux bakkie at Onalulago in the Oshana Region on 17 June last year. She was 51 years old.

    Shipanga later handed himself over to the police and confessed to the murder.

    Two weeks ago, Shipanga told the court during cross-examination that while seated in the car he asked his wife when she would return home.

    Her response angered him, leading to the killing, the court heard.

    When sentencing Shipanga, Judge Marlene Tommasi said women and children deserve to feel safe and protected at all times.

    Tommasi said although Shipanga was a first-time offender, he committed a serious crime with no mercy.

    Shipanga was sentenced to 35 years for the murder and three years for obstructing the course of justice, which will run concurrently with the main sentence.

    Shipanga''s lawyer had asked for an 18-year jail term, while the State wanted a harsher sentence of 40 to 45 years in prison.

    Tommassi said Shipanga denied the deceased the chance the right to life, the right to help her family, the right to have a full life and the right to old age.

    Tommassi further said the manner in which Shipanga killed his wife indicated that he had no mercy. “The accused ripped the deceased from her loved ones,” she said.

    However, Tommasi said the court will not turn a blind eye on the fact that Shipanga showed remorse after he handed himself over to the police and pleaded guilty.

    Family members of the late Justina yesterday welcomed the sentencing. “If he did not burn her body, it would have been something else, and the car which he burnt her in was even a brand new Toyota VVTI,” one of the deceased''s siblings said.

    The couple had four children together.

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  • 11/24/16--14:00: Kora dirty dealings exposed
  • Kora dirty dealings exposedKora dirty dealings exposedPayments continued despite misgivings The Namibia Tourism Board is suing the organisers of the Kora All-Africa Music Awards for N$23.5 million plus 20% interest. The veil of secrecy surrounding the missing Kora millions has finally been lifted.

    Details have emerged of the payments that were made by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) for the lavish promotional package that was promised.

    Court documents raise questions as to why payments were not stopped sooner, when there was clearly no evidence that the promised promotional material would be delivered.

    The Kora All-Africa Music Awards have been mired in secrecy and controversy, especially after reports emerged accusing Ernst Adjovi of being a charlatan who uses the awards show to milk money from the host country''s government.

    The High Court has scheduled mediation between the affected parties for 6 December, when it will be decided whether a legal battle will ensue in the courts or whether a settlement will be reached.

    Judge Kobus Miller ordered that the mediation must be concluded by 13 December and that a final decision on the matter be brought to him on 26 January.

    The Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) has sued Mundial Telecom Sarl, Adjovi and Tonata Shiimi for N$23.5 million – the sum it paid for the purchase of a ''Platinum Tourism Package'' which it never received. Mundial Telecom owns the rights to host the Kora Awards while Adjovi is the president of the company and Shiimi was the national director of the awards.

    According to court documents the NTB concluded a written agreement on the tourism promotion package on 4 December with Mundial Telecom Sarl. The All-Africa Kora Music Awards ceremony was scheduled to be held on 20 March 2016 in Namibia.

    The show was initially scheduled to take place on 13 December 2015, but was postponed.

    Under the contract the NTB had to pay the N$23.5 million on or before 10 December.

    However, the first payment of N$5 million was made on 22 December and a second payment of another N$5 million was made on 23 December. On 7 January 2016 another N$5 million was transferred and on 17 February N$8.5 million was transferred.

    The money was paid into the bank account of Mundial Telecom in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

    The agreement guaranteed that the promotional television clips featuring Namibia would be delivered to all participating African countries'' television stations by at least 20 January.

    And, even though there was no evidence of these promotions taking place two months before the scheduled awards ceremony, the NTB continued to make payments on several occasions.

    The court documents go into the details of what the promotional package entailed.

    According to the agreement between NTB and Mundial Telecom the package consisted of 26 promotional video clips that were to be televised in all the participating countries.

    These clips were supposed to be 60 seconds in duration and were to be shown two months before the awards ceremony. Therefore it should have been done in January at the latest.

    The package also guaranteed that each promotional television clip would showcase the NTB with five-second visuals on the awards ceremony''s promotional television clips, while Mundial Telecom was to make available the promotional clips to at least 30 participating African countries.

    The contract states that Mundial Telecom was to provide a report 60 days after the awards ceremony on the coverage of the ceremony and that was to include the number of countries in which the ceremony was broadcast.

    The package also had to include six promotional clips of 30 seconds each that were to be aired during the live broadcast of the ceremony. These clips were to be produced and provided by the NTB.

    Furthermore NTB was promised a prominent presence on the Kora website, with links to the NTB''s website. Five verbal mentions were to be made by the hosts during the live broadcast of the ceremony.

    It was also agreed that NTB would be allocated two full pages in the Kora magazine and that it would receive about 300 seats at the Kora Awards for important guests.

    According to the agreement, in the event that the ceremony did not take place in Namibia Mundial Telecom was to refund the amount paid by the NTB within 60 days.

    The NTB charges that Mundial Telecom failed to deliver the promotion package, failed to hold the Kora Awards in Namibia or anywhere else, and used the funds paid for purposes other than those intended and agreed to between the parties.

    According to the NTB it suffered contractual damages it is therefore claiming N$23.5 million plus 20% interest.

    It says all the respondents are jointly liable to pay the contractual damages of N$23.5 million.

    It is also asking for alternative relief and for the cost of the suit to be paid by the respondents.

    Meanwhile, on the Kora Awards website it seems that Mondala Equatorial Guinea is being advertised as the country to be hosting the ceremony next year. However, no other information could be found about that.

    It also appears that information about the 2016 Kora Awards has been deleted from the site. An error page is displayed when clicking on the relevant link.


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  • 11/24/16--14:00: Swapo pulls back Land Bill
  • Swapo pulls back Land BillSwapo pulls back Land Bill JEMIMA BEUKES

    The Land Bill has been withdrawn from the National Assembly following a string of criticisms and complaints that it is riddled with shortcomings.

    Lands minister Utoni Nujoma yesterday informed the House that he was compelled to withdraw the bill in the light of the many questions raised by parliamentarians during the debate.

    “The bill will be back next year, we need to have proper consensus on the bill,” he said.

    The withdrawal follows calls by opposition members of parliament that the bill be reconsidered and only tabled after a land conference is held that will take all viewpoints in consideration.

    Swanu’s Usutuaije Maamberua this week said the bill could never be effective if it did not address the question of ancestral land.

    According to him, the government has failed communities because it does not explain in the bill what mechanism or plans are in place to address the dispossession of land.

    Nujoma said yesterday that the bill had nothing to do with ancestral land, as it was only an administrative bill.

    “Most of the things raised here do not have anything to do with the Land Bill. I have noted all the questions and will reply to each one when we discuss the bill again next year,” he said.

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    Peri-Peri has a bantamweight dreamPeri-Peri has a bantamweight dreamReady to take on the world Amateur boxer Simon ‘Peri-Peri’ Mathews has revealed that it is just a matter of time before he turns professional. Many upcoming boxers face a bumpy road towards success because of having to endure obstacles when they are growing through the ranks.

    Alcohol and drug abuse has often hampered the careers of many talented sports men and women.

    However, one of MTC Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy prospects, Simon ‘Peri-Peri’ Mathews is prepared to go as far as moving mountains to achieve greatness.

    As I went into the Tobias gym, I saw a soft-spoken young man working out with some of the boxing legends.

    Surrounded by Julius Indongo, Wilberforce Shihepo, Paulus ‘Hitman’ Moses- not for once did it cross my mind that Mathews was just an armature in the gym.

    I could see determination written all over his face as he wiped off the sweat caused by the heat inside the gym.

    His movement during training was one I could not help but admire as I watched him observing how the big boys were sparring at the Katutura Youth Complex.

    I was very curios to find out what could have brought this young fella to a gym and a profession where chances of being sent down to the canvas are so high.

    Well, the 21-year old from Grootfontein explained to me why he chose boxing as a career.

    Mathews developed a love for throwing punches on flesh since he was just a child.

    He then decided to embark on a journey to realise his dream.

    His first step towards achieving what many would call an impossible dream of becoming a world boxing great given the many talented boxers around the world, came in 2013.

    “I used to watch the likes of Harry Simon, Paulus Ambunda and Paulus ‘Hitman’ Moses on television.

    “My heart told me that this was something I should consider taking as a profession. I was in Grootfontein when Paulus Moses won the WBO lightweight world title for the first time.

    “That moment served me as a motivation to actually follow my dreams and that is why I came to Windhoek in 2013 and met boxing trainer SBK Kaperu,” the shy Mathews says.

    The young boxer joined the Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias and Fitness Academy and began training with many young other amateurs.

    The boxer has already earned accolades which include gold medals from regional and local competitions.

    “My plan is to turn professional by next year, so that I can start fighting in the junior bantamweight division at a professional level.

    “I want to win the world title and I am going to do anything in my power to accomplish that dream.”

    He feels that one day boxing will earn him a big house and a nice car if he just commits himself wholeheartedly.

    Mathews is optimistic that walking from Ombili where he stays to the Katutura Youth Complex will pay off one day.

    His trainer SBK Kaperu also spoke highly of the talented young man from Grootfontein.

    “He is as good as they come because of his commitment to training and the fact that boxing is a game which lives in his heart.

    “I have no doubt that he will follow in the footsteps of many talented boxers who graced the boxing ring.

    “It is just a matter of time before he turns professional given that we have noticed that the time is almost right for him to take the next step in his career,” Kaperu said.


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    Arandis welcomes solar power plantArandis welcomes solar power plant Arandis Solar Energy announced its planned construction of a three-megawatt solar energy plant in the town last week.

    The plant will supply electricity to ErongoRED and was formed as a joint-venture between O&L Energy, Cronimet Mining Power Solutions and the Women of Destiny Trust. The solar plant is expected to be completed by and feed into the national grid by June 2017.

    Welcoming the development, governor of the Erongo Region Cleophas Mutjavikua said, “This activity is evident of the possibilities in great partnerships. Innovation is key to the future of this country''s economy and breakthrough leadership is critical in driving this nation to greater heights and stronger economic growth - not only for the benefit of the country''s coffers, but also for that of each and every Namibian. This region and the country at large are hungry for more growth and development, and there is so much room for more.

    Hence, initiatives such as the one we are launching today, are highly valued, welcomed and appreciated.” He urged Namibians to become less dependent on imports, and to produce everything we need at home. In his view, this would make a “huge difference to the future of the nation”. “The sooner we get to a place where we are no longer dependent on other suppliers beyond our borders, the faster we will be able to take complete control of where we are headed. This solar power plant is a big step in that direction. I look forward to even brighter days and a future embraced with even more innovations,” Mutjavikua added. O&L group executive chairman, Sven Thieme said: “We are relentless in our pursuit of creating a sustainable future for all. Our aim is to contribute to improving Namibia''s energy situation and to increase the supply of renewable energy generated locally, decreasing our dependency on electricity imports from neighbouring countries. We are thrilled to have found in Cronimet Mining Power Solutions, a Namibian partner that shares our vision and enables us to reach our goals by contributing their experience, technical expertise in photovoltaics, and their commercial competency when managing the development process.”

    He also revealed that O&L Energy would construct the first biogas plant in Mariental. Mutjavikua congratulated the partners, O&L Energy, Cronimet Energy, and the Women of Destiny Trust for embarking on the initiative. “I believe this will add immensely and richly to the town of Arandis in particular, the Erongo Region, and the Namibian nation at large.

    We look forward to even further growth and more innovations once the construction of this plant is completed and running. And I trust this will be the beginning of even greater things coming our way.”


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    Mallet ready for sack after Boks'Mallet ready for sack after Boks'Coetzee gives up South Africa coach Nick Mallet accepted the sack was a real possibility after overseeing a woeful 2016 for the Springboks. But he insisted he alone was not responsible for a desperate run of results that culminated with Saturday''s 27-13 defeat by Wales in Cardiff.

    It was South Africa''s eighth Test loss of 2016 -- the most they had ever suffered in a calendar year -- with the season yielding just four wins from 12 full internationals.

    On the way they suffered their heaviest home defeat of all time, going down 57-15 to world champions New Zealand in Durban in October, while last week''s 20-18 reverse in Florence was their first loss to Italy.

    Although Coetzee was appointed on a four-year contract after succeeding Heyneke Meyer following last year''s World Cup, it is hard to see how he will remain in post for much longer.

    "I don''t fear anything, to be honest," said Coetzee.

    "Collectively, we''ve got to understand that it''s not just one person that can take responsibility for that.

    "If I''m solely held responsible for that, then I will walk away."

    Former Springboks coach Nick Mallett said better national coaches than Coetzee had been fired.

    "I feel dreadfully sorry for Allister because he is a decent guy, but better Springboks coaches than him have been fired," said Mallett, an influential and respected TV analyst.

    Meanwhile outgoing Springbok captain Adriaan Strauss promised he would be "ruthless with the truth".

    The hooker, who had already announced his international retirement, bowed out of Test rugby against Wales.

    "I''m not here for a ''pity party'', I am responsible," Strauss told reporters.

    "I did everything I could this year," added Strauss, thrust into the leadership after the retirements of Jean de Villiers, Fourie du Preez and Victor Matfield following a 2015 World Cup where the Springboks came third.

    "I made a lot of mistakes, I knew I would. But in every situation I put the Springboks first and really gave it my all."

    Minutes after the final whistle, SA Rugby president Mark Alexander announced plans for a wide-ranging review, where the "number one priority is a turnaround strategy for the Springbok team".

    The 65-times capped Strauss responded by saying: "I will be ruthless with the truth... When I get my opportunity at the right places I will make honest contributions."

    Coetzee, paying tribute to Strauss, said: "The big thing for me is that there wouldn''t have been any other captain currently playing in South Africa that could have handled the pressure he has handled."

    Amid calls for a reduction in the number Super Rugby franchises in South Africa and a clamp down on overseas-based players'' availability for Test rugby, Coetzee said: "We need to get the standards up.

    "The Springbok stands for excellence. We need to make sure that whatever systems we put in place will give the players a platform to achieve excellence."

    Southern hemisphere nations provided all four semi-finalists at last year''s World Cup.

    But three of those four teams lost to northern hemisphere countries on Saturday, with Australia and Argentina beaten by Ireland and England respectively.

    "You cannot take it for granted that the southern hemisphere team will just win," said Coetzee just shows again there''s hardly any difference. There''s no gap."


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  • 11/27/16--14:00: Australia on high
  • Australia on high Australia on high Cricket-Smith hails new recruits Australia captain Steve Smith said the players drafted in for the third-test victory over South Africa energised the team and contributed to a "good start" to the new era of test cricket in the country. Smith went public with his feelings of humiliation at the innings and 80-run defeat in the second test in Hobart, which gave South Africa an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series and triggered an overhaul of the side.

    New caps Matt Renshaw, Peter Handscomb and Nic Maddinson came into the batting order and Matt Wade was recalled at wicketkeeper in place of Peter Nevill.

    Although none had outstanding matches in the seven-wicket victory in Adelaide, which Australia wrapped up with a day to spare on Sunday, Smith said they had made a difference.

    "I felt a bit of a switch straight away, in energy and presence around the group," he told reporters.

    "In our first training session at Adelaide Oval, everything felt like it was running smoothly. When we got our chance to get out on the field, I felt we had good energy and presence.

    "We were able to take some good catches in this test match, probably part of our game that has been a bit disappointing. It''s been great to have these guys come in and bring that energy."

    The victory ended a run of five defeats for Australia, who next face Pakistan in another three-test series in the traditional fixtures around Christmas and the New Year.

    "You don''t grow overnight, I think it''s a good opportunity for this side to play together, I guess improve and know each other''s games and get better as a team," Smith added.

    "It was a good start but still plenty of work to do."

    Smith hailed Man of the Match Usman Khawaja as "magnificent" for his innings of 145, Australia''s only century of the series, particularly as he was forced to step in as an opener for David Warner after South Africa''s sudden first-day declaration.

    "It shows a lot about his character and what he wants to do and I guess that''s kind of a template for what we''re looking for," Smith added.

    Smith will next lead the test side out against Pakistan in another day-night match at the Gabba on Dec. 15 and admitted he would retain some unhappy memories of the South Africa series.

    "(It''s) a little bit bittersweet, we were outplayed in the first two tests by South Africa but I''m really proud of the way the team came back in this game," he said.

    "New players came in and we showed some fight and some character and that''s what I want us to do."


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     English FA to investigate alleged sexual abuse at soccer club English FA to investigate alleged sexual abuse at soccer club The English Football Association (FA) has launched an internal review to examine allegations of children being sexually abused at professional soccer clubs.

    English soccer''s governing body said on Sunday that it had appointed Kate Gallafent QC as leading independent counsel to oversee its investigation after former soccer players told British media on Friday that they were sexually abused as children at English clubs.

    British police are already investigating mounting accusations of paedophile activity in youth teams, which victims say has gone unreported for decades.

    After accusations this month from former Crewe Alexandra player Andy Woodward, saying he was molested as a boy by talent spotter and convicted paedophile Barry Bennell, other former youth players have gone public with allegations.

    Fourth-tier Crewe is looking into the allegations, while Premier League Manchester City are investigating whether Bennell had any association with the club.

    Bennell has made no public comment on the allegations.

    The FA''s internal review will look into what information the association and clubs were aware of at the time of the alleged offences and what action was or should have been taken.

    Former Manchester City youth team player Jason Dunford was one of four former players who waived their anonymity to appear in a BBC television programme on Friday to say they were abused by Bennell.

    A statement from Manchester City on Thursday said: "The club is aware of allegations that Barry Bennell had an association with Manchester City Football Club in the 1980s. As a result, the club is currently undertaking a thorough investigation of any past links he might have had with the organisation."

    Crewe issued a statement on Tuesday after Woodward''s allegations.

    "When things come out of the blue like this, you first want to make inquiries and reflect from within. That is the process we started last week," the club said.


    The FA said last week that criminal record checks were required for all individuals working with children and more than 35,000 people went through an awareness workshop or tailored training every season.

    On Sunday the FA said that the Child Protection in Sport Unit, which has assisted the association with its safeguarding procedures since 2000, will also carry out an independent audit of the FA''s current practices.

    A statement from Cheshire police in northwest England said that allegations had been made against "more than one individual" in relation to past abuse of young footballers.

    London''s Metropolitan Police said on Friday that it had received information relating to "non-recent sexual abuse in football clubs in London". Police in Hampshire also said they were investigating a case of child sex abuse within football.

    Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers'' Association (PFA), said on Friday that the sport had to respond to the allegations.

    "The police need to be at the vanguard of investigations, because these are criminal acts, but football has a duty of care and must also grasp the nettle and take responsibility," he said in a telephone interview with Reuters.

    "What we don''t want is people thinking they couldn''t let their youngster go into football, when the positives can outweigh the negatives by so much."

    Bennell served three years in a U.S. prison for the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old British boy while on a soccer tour of Florida in 1994 and was jailed for nine years in Britain in 1998 after pleading guilty to 23 specimen charges of abuse.

    In 2015 the same British court found Bennell guilty of four counts relating to the sexual abuse of boys.

    The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said it received 50 calls within two hours of setting up a hotline on Thursday. Additional reporting by Simon Jennings in Bengaluru.


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  • 11/27/16--14:00: Namibia bags a win
  • Namibia bags a win Namibia bags a win South Africa won the 5 test series 3-2 against Nam.

    1st test, SA won 3-2. 2nd test, SA won 5-2. 3rd test, SA won 3-1. 4th test Nam won 3-2. 5th test, Nam won 4-1.

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  • 11/27/16--14:00: SA shines
  • SA shines SA shines Du Plessis praises young South Africa squad after series win Faf du Plessis reckons he''ll forget about the booing, eventually and his enduring memories of the Australian tour will be about South Africa''s against-the-odds series win. South Africa''s depth was tested when its inspirational captain was ruled out before the tour because of injury, and leading paceman Dale Steyn broke down on the second day of the series.

    "Obviously there were a lot of questions asked. We lost A.B., which is a massive player. We lost Dale," Du Plessis said Sunday, summing up the 2-1 series win after Australia rallied to claim the third match by seven wickets.

    "Before the series, if you told the South Africa team they''d lost those two players, they would say to you we had no chance to beat Australia."

    The South Africans were in dire trouble at 81-5 on day one in Perth, but recovered with an innings-reviving partnership between Quinton de Kock and Temba Bavuma to reach 242. Australia raced to 158 in reply, until Steyn dismissed David Warner for 97. It turned out to be Steyn''s only real contribution to the series.

    And it proved to be a turning point - in South Africa''s favour.

    Enter Kagiso Rabada, in his ninth test, who took two big wickets in the first innings to back up Vernon Philander, the new leader of the attack, who took four. Rabada returned to take five wickets in the second innings of a 177-run win.

    In Hobart, Philander was unplayable on the first morning, taking 5-21 as Australia was skittled for 85. Kyle Abbott, coming into the XI to replace Steyn and playing his eighth test, took three wickets in the first innings and 6-77 in the second, when Rabada chimed in with four as South Africa won by an innings and 80 runs to clinch the series.

    In the meantime, Dean Elgar and J.P. Duminy posted centuries in Perth, where de Kock scored two half-centuries. In Hobart, where the Australian batsmen made the wicket appear unplayable, de Kock scored a century and shared another important partnership with Bavuma that helped set South Africa on course for its massive victory.

    Du Plessis scored an unbeaten 118 in the first innings in Adelaide - South Africa''s first experience of a day-night test - before making tactical declaration at 259-9 on the first night. That will stay with him as a lesson in the pink ball format.

    Australia replied with 383 and was on top, but Stephen Cook prolonged South Africa''s resistance with a gritty 104 in the second innings - his highest score since a century on debut against England in January.

    "I said before the series this will be a great tour for young guys to make names for themselves, and the guys did that," du Plessis said. "Everyone stepped up - everyone put their hands up at different stages."

    Philander was voted player of the series for his 12 wickets and 136 runs with the bat, including a high of 73. Rabada was second in the bowling ranks with 15 wickets - in between established Australian pair Josh Hazlewood with 17 and Mitchell Starc with 14. Abbott was a constant threat in his two tests, taking 13 wickets at an average of 14.84.

    Du Plessis had a tumultuous last week, being found guilty by the International Cricket Council of ball tampering, after he was seen putting his fingers in his mouth while he was sucking a mint, then shining the ball in Hobart.

    Cricket South Africa appealed the verdict, and du Plessis said he''s been unfairly made a scapegoat for doing something that cricketers all over the world have long done.

    It dominated headlines in Australia the day before the test, and du Plessis was loudly booed as he walked out to bat. Some in the crowd booed when he reached his century.

    "The last couple of days there was a little bit of huff and puff," du Plessis said. "From a cricket point of view, what will stick me is winning this series.

    "From a personal note, to overcome everything that happened and to score a hundred in that first innings is something I''ll remember forever."

    NAMPA / AP

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    Cricket Namibia celebrate 2016 accomplishmentsCricket Namibia celebrate 2016 accomplishments2016 a good year Cricket Namibia CEO Donavan Zealand is delighted with the way the cricket under-19 has played in international competitions. As sport codes are wrapping up their yearly activities, Cricket Namibia is already celebrating their achievements from this year.

    Cricket Namibia''s CEO Donavan Zealand said 2016 was in general a “good” year for the association.

    He outlined the activities that cricket Namibia embarked on this year, and has managed to complete them.

    Zealand mentioned that the FNB Kwata program made reached an 80% improvement, with coaching at schools and getting more school on board.

    “FNB Kwata program campaign the was very successful in the North, Central, South and West Namibia,” he said, adding that, instruction to hardball was even more successful, especially in Windhoek, Khomasdal and Katutura who fielded 4 x Under-11 and 4 x Under-13 teams.”

    He explained that the top two teams from each age group have then progressed to the central inter school league and the Khomasdal Western Suburb Under -11 were crowned runners up in the plate finals.

    He further explained that the national interschool league tournament which took place in and around the country was also a success.

    The tournament took place in Walvis Bay for the Under-11 and Under-13 at the Salt Refiners Cricket Festival, while the Momentum tournaments and leagues were in Otjiwarongo for the Spar Festival.

    According to Zealand, Cricket Namibia''s Central Western and Northern U-11 and Under-13 tournaments, helped the Namibia Under-19 improve their performance at the Under-19 World Cup when the team ended seventh in the World

    He mentioned that the Women''s Cricket club league formed part of Cricket Namibia fixtures in T20 and 30 over formats, hosting local franchise T20 tournaments.

    The Women''s Under-19 then won the Botswana eight nations tournament 2016.

    Meanwhile, Namibia recently hosted English cricket team Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

    Zealand pointed out that the opportunity to have played the MCC was a good learning curve for the Namibia''s A and U-19 teams.

    “Playing quality spin bowling was the highlight for all our players, taking note that we have depth in Namibia cricket if the A and Under-19 sides can play more matches and opponents like the MCC,” he said.

    Before wrapping up the year, the Namibia national still have three CSA fixtures to complete playing KwaZulu-Natal Inland in Walvis Bay and then the next two fixtures in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg before going for a slight break.


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    Grassroots coaches get training at EenhanaGrassroots coaches get training at Eenhana The northern town of Eenhana hosted a five-day FIFA/NFA Grassroots Coaches Course aimed at improving the knowledge of football mentors at foundation levels of football.

    The course that started on Monday and ended on Friday after covering topics such as trends in youth football today, coach education system at NFA, role of youth coaches, principles of training and competition, warm ups, teaching and learning in youth football.

    The course saw 34 teachers who aspire to be grassroots coaches from Ohangwena region schools.

    Conductor Timo Tjongarero was assisted by the seven grassroots football instructors: Salome Iyambo, Roy Hambira, Frederick Sitali, Matias Haundjodjo, Elemu Agnus, Wilbard Shitaatala and Michael Nalukaku.

    The group was also taken through how to organize small-sided games, team tactics, team leading, the coach as well as preparation and management of youth tournaments. Football for Life sessions and the power of football to reach life skills were also incorporated in the sessions.

    The course was opened last week Monday by the director of education in the region Isack Kamatwi and NFA deputy regional chairperson Sammy Mushelenga.

    The Eenhana leg was the first of series of courses that will be done in the region as part of the project with 15 schools benefiting from the pilot phase of this highly significant course.

    All participating schools will get sport materials from the programme to advance sports at their respective schools.

    Some of the participants: Sem Nahoto, Israel Elizabeth, Medusalem Hambongo, Leonard Nangobe, Shilongo Teofeles, Mulife Mulife, Lucas Haludilu, Sakaria, Nambwele, Diakas Kawana, Lotto Nambandi, Aludhilu Tomas, Cornelius Sholingo, Fillipus Hamutenya, Justa kamanya, Robert Nandobe, Kalimbo Matheus, Angula Gerhard, Toivo Hamunime, Muahafa Nestor, Selma Shimpanda, Petrina Hailonga, Frans Nghilalulwa and Ileni Ndeuyema.


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    How much can we expect from a leader?How much can we expect from a leader? It is that time of the year again, when sport codes are electing new leadership and reflecting on their achievements during the year.

    It is always interesting to know what sport code has changed its leadership and who remains in what position. As we have seen rugby retaining its president, the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) president is also retaining his position as well as Cricket Namibia president, while Athletics Namibia has a new president. Let me go through my expectations from a few.

    So much can be expected from a leader of a sport code but so much is also expected from all stakeholders to achieve the best from a sport code.

    Dear sport code presidents, firstly, I urge you to continue fighting for the best for Namibian sport lovers and refrain from using the positions for self-enrichment while you steer the ship.

    Namibian sport has come to a point where, if we opportunists in these important positions, then we should forget about prospering in sports. At this juncture, you need to grab every opportunity that we get to build whatever sport code you are leading.

    We have all seen and heard about the lack of funding for sport in the country. Given the current funding dilemma, and speaking to new leadership, the first thing you should do is to lobby for sponsorship.

    It is high time that sport codes in this country take sport as a lucrative industry, which can benefit millions when all opportunities are explored.

    We cannot go on with doing sport for the sake of it and deriving no benefits from it. And, I am just broadly thinking about the recent Invest in Namibia Conference and if any sport leader took time to just engage with delegates that attended the conference, maybe some leaders would have shared ideas about how we can grow this sport industry and how learn from how it is done in other countries.

    Basically, we are kind of starting from what we tried building and all things seem to be falling apart. And for any sport code president, it is your responsibility together with your leadership to ensure that at the end of your tenure, followers of your sport code can celebrate what you have achieved.

    It would probably not serve any good, to set lofty targets for the sport codes but it is only when we have a certain plan that we are able to move an inch from where we are now.

    Let us map out strategic plans that clearly outline what the leadership is hoping to get done and ensure that it is being implemented.

    It is wise to remember that those who have elected you to that position expects a lot from you but only when there is some sort of cooperation and communication will you be able to celebrate you achievements.

    Sport code leadership should at all levels speak out against racism in sports and make sure that sport is inclusive of everyone.

    We have heard about racism claims in some sport codes but now that you are probably starting with new leadership, please ensure that such claims do not come up again.

    Please aim for bigger competitions and not aim to participate but to win. To Athletics Namibia, look back and let the new leadership revolve challenges faced with athletics in the country and let us bask in the sunshine of our glorious days of yester year.

    Athletics Namibia seriously needs to go an extra mile to reach out for the talent in the rural areas. To be frank, sometimes we deny ourselves the best because we do not reach out to the rural folks.

    You need to extensively reach out to your regional representatives and they should ensure that talent in their regions are identified and groomed, and let us have a full representation for this nation.

    Olympics Committee: It’s great that you have kept your leadership with little changes. This is just an acknowledgement and our expectations. When there are major competitions that you oversee, please work on your communication channels and if that is hard to do, please outsource.

    This is a friendly plea, that we do not hear and experience the kind of communication we had this year.

    Dear presidents and your leadership, the nation is looking upon you, we have high expectations of you so, do all that you can to retain the hope of a Namibian sport lover.



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  • 11/27/16--14:00: NAFPU case thrown out
  • NAFPU case thrown out NAFPU case thrown out Kahiriri sees red The case between Namibia Football Association and Namibia Football players union has been dismissed Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) secretary-general is angry about the judge''s decision.

    The Namibia Labour Commission on Friday dismissed the case of the Namibia Football Players Union (NAFPU) against the Namibia Football Association with regard to the outstanding case of players'' salaries and jurisdiction of the labour Commission on the matter.

    Commissioner Nicolas Mouers, presiding over the arbitration case on Friday, ruled that the players'' union request to engage the NFA in relations to players'' outstanding payments by their clubs was irregular and unprocedural.

    Commissioner Mouers, handing down the judgment said “I''m not satisfied that the mere affirmation of recognition of the applicant (NAFPU) by the respondent (NFA) as the only bargaining agent in football under the respondent''s jurisdiction warrants the existence of an employer/employee relationship between the applicant and the respondent.”

    He added that the employee/employer relations exist only between NAFPU and the respective Namibia Premier leagues clubs, whom the players ply their trade for.

    “Based on the findings on the first preliminary issue, I thus find it irregular and unprocedural to rule a finding on the remaining two issues, namely the position of the NAFPU in Namibian Football and the legal standing of the National Executive Committee of NAFPU. This would result in bestowing upon myself jurisdictional authority which I do not posses. Thus the matter is accordingly dismissed,” Mouers said.

    NFA President Frans Mbidi says that he hopes NAFPU will take heed and truly represent their members'' interest in accordance with all the procedures available.

    “It is unfortunate that we had to go this route with them, but today the legitimacy of their case is dismissed and we urge them to now consider the right platforms for the benefit of the players,” Mbidi said.

    NFA Secretary-General, Barry Rukoro, added: “The matter has served as a learning curve for all of us and we hope the game will emerge stronger and united from this debacle”.


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    World mourns, celebrates CastroWorld mourns, celebrates Castro Cuban leader''s death elicits mixed response While Cuba will officially mourn the death of Fidel Castro for nine days, not all the country''s citizens are sad at his passing. The Cuban government has declared nine days of national mourning for the death of Fidel Castro, ending when his remains are interred on 4 December.

    Public activities and events will be cancelled, and the Cuban flag will fly at half-mast. The Council of State says state radio and television “will maintain informative, patriotic and historic programming”.

    Cuba''s government says the remains of Fidel Castro will be interred in the eastern city of Santiago that was key to his early life and his revolution.

    State media say Cubans throughout the country will be invited to pay homage to Castro on Monday and Tuesday by signing a “solemn oath of complying with the concept of the revolution.”

    There will then be a mass gathering in Havana''s Plaza of the Revolution, where Castro often addressed huge crowds.

    His ashes will make a cross-country tour starting Wednesday from Havana to Santiago, retracing in reverse the route Castro took when the revolution triumphed in 1959.

    He''s to be interred in a Santiago cemetery on 4 December. Castro grew up near Santiago and attended school there as a youth.

    Elsewhere in the world, his death caused a mixed reaction. It prompted celebrations among the country''s exiles in Miami, and expressions of sorrow from some world leaders.

    Cuba libre

    Within half an hour of the Cuban government''s announcement of the death of the 90-year-old revolutionary leader, cheers were heard in Miami''s Little Havana. Thousands of people banged pots, waved Cuban flags and whooped in jubilation. “Cuba si! Castro no!” they chanted, while others screamed “Cuba libre!”

    “Feels weird,” said Gabriel Morales, a 40-year-old financial executive in Miami, whose parents left Cuba after Castro came to power.

    “Been waiting to hear this news all my life. Seems unreal,” Morales said in a text message to an AP reporter.

    However, Castro was mourned by some national leaders including President Hage Geingob.

    Salvador Sanchez Ceren, the president of El Salvador, said he felt “deep sorrow ... of my friend and eternal companion, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz.”

    Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted that “Fidel Castro was a friend of Mexico, promoting bilateral relations based on respect, dialogue and solidarity.”

    “India mourns the loss of a great friend,” Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi said on Twitter.

    The country''s president, Pranab Mukherjee tweeted: “Heartfelt condolences on sad demise of Cuba''s revolutionary leader, former president & friend of India, Fidel Castro.”

    Peter Hain, a former member of the British Cabinet and anti-apartheid campaigner, tempered praise for Castro with criticism of some aspects of his long rule.

    “Although responsible for indefensible human rights and free-speech abuses, Castro created a society of unparalleled access to free health, education and equal opportunity despite an economically throttling USA siege,” Hain said. “His troops inflicted the first defeat on South Africa''s troops in Angola in 1988, a vital turning point in the struggle against apartheid.”


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    Two lesbians on trial in MoroccoTwo lesbians on trial in Morocco Two teenage girls allegedly caught kissing on a roof appeared in court in Morocco''s Marrakesh on Friday charged with homosexual acts, one of their lawyers said.

    The girls, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old, were charged with “licentious or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex”.

    The two girls were arrested on October 28 after being reported by their families. They had allegedly been caught kissing and hugging on a rooftop.

    Detained for a week, they were released on bail.

    The girls face between six months and three years in prison if found guilty.

    “They denied what was in the police report, namely that they had a homosexual relationship, and said their relationship was friendly,” lawyer Rachid al-Ghorfi told AFP.

    Ghorfi said the court will issue a verdict on 9 December.

    They have been charged under Article 489 of Morocco''s penal code, which criminalises what it calls “sexual deviancy” between two people of the same gender.

    Human rights groups have called for the article to be scrapped.

    “These two girls could go to prison for simply expressing affection for each other,” said Sarah Leah Whitson of New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW).

    “Moroccan authorities should drop charges against them and stop prosecuting people for private consensual acts.”

    Arrests for alleged homosexual acts are not uncommon, although HRW said this was the first such case involving two girls.


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  • 11/27/16--14:00: Shot of the day
  • Shot of the dayShot of the day HERE TO HELP: Members of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent search for victims as fire spreads behind them following an airstrike on the rebel-held town of Douma, on the eastern outskirts of the capital Damascus. Douma, the largest town in the Eastern Ghouta area with more than 100 000 residents, is surrounded and regularly shelled by regime forces. PHOTO: NAMPA/AFP

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