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    Sport and music intersect for the greater good Sport and music intersect for the greater good Windhoek Charity Cup back for its third instalment Lioness, ML, Slickartie, Asserdeep, Blackboxx, Jeiyo, Adora, and several other equally important artists are donating their time for the cause by performing live. Windhoek Charity is a formalised non-governmental organisation that hosts an annual charity event known as Windhoek Charity Cup. The tournament is now in its third year and is seeking sponsors, donations and corporate teams to enter the annual Windhoek Charity fundraiser sports event. The third annual event will be hosted tomorrow at Unam Stadium.

    The first-ever Windhoek Charity event was held in 2017 at the Unam Stadium and was attended by well over 1 200 people. The event raised well over N$200 000 worth of sponsorships and donations. With the help of companies like Omualu Fishing, NDTC, Coca-Cola, Pupkewitz Megabuild and Ready Bites, the children from four children’s homes located in the poorest areas of Katutura benefited from the initiative.

    The second event, held in 2018 at the same venue, was attended by over 2 500 people and raised well over N$200 000. Sponsors included EMH Prescient, Coca-Cola and Ready Bites, and the ONE Economy Foundation.

    Having raised over N$400 000 and receiving over 3 800 attendees in the last two annual events, this year the event hopes to attract more attendees and to raise more funds for the chosen children’s homes which have been supported. The 2019 Windhoek Charity event aims to make a more sustainable impression on the lives of these children with changes which will continue to benefit the homes long after the event is done. This year the tournament will once again include a combination of social and corporate 7-A-Side soccer, and netball and volleyball teams competing for first place in a fun filled family oriented environment.

    Food and drinks will once again be provided by different Namibian companies with the organising committee inviting a few SMEs to exhibit at the event and those the proceeds also going to charity. A kiddies section which includes face painting and jumping castles etc., will also be set up at the event.

    This year the event hopes to attract over 4 000 Namibians. All proceeds from the 2019 event will once again assist children from the same three children’s homes the charity has been working with for the past two years. In addition to the food, clothes, appliances, and furniture, the aim is to build small libraries at these homes and fund tutors to be able to help the kids with their tests and homework. This is driven by a need to be more sustainable instead of just being someone who drops by once a year.

    Entities or persons who wish to donate old clothing, blankets, food, toiletries and sanitary products for the children’s homes can donate via the website at www.windhoekcharity.com or call Eben at 081 643 5972 or contact Windhoek Charity at hello@windhoekcharity.com


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  • 04/04/19--15:00: Maven of the turntable
  • Maven of the turntableMaven of the turntableBroadening her footprint Known for her electrifying sets at social events, DJ Alba Nalo's star continues to rise. Being able to DJ is a skill, and it can be learned and mastered like using a computer or baking cake. Mixing songs may require a lot more creativity but it is a skill nonetheless. That is why when it is said and done; it is not necessarily the ones with the latest collection of music who headline at events. That thing comes down to passion and zeal; that is the driving force of most inspiring stories. Something this week's tjil cover star has an abundance of. After about eight years of handling the decks, DJ Alba Nalo is now wearing the artist's hat with the release of her debut single Cymatix. In an interview with tjil, the vibrant DJ Alba Nalo said that she never thought she would be releasing her own music when she first started DJing years ago. All she wanted to do was make people listen to the music that she listens to. “I never thought I would reach the point I'm at in my DJing career, so I was like, I am here now and I felt it was only right that I explore the next stage as a DJ. I have nothing to lose and it is a great way to share my crazy ideas,” she said.

    As a DJ, her impulse is driven to make music that is able to rock a crowd. She mentioned that Cymatix was inspired by her wanting to penetrate multiple music markets simultaneously. She noted that she was exposed to different sounds growing up and that is reflected in her single.

    Cymatix is a combination of different music genres. If you listen to it you will notice that it has a trap, Afro-house and electro feel to it,” she said, adding that you can play it somewhere in Europe and people will relate to it, or you can play it at Monaco Lounge and people will still resonate with it. With the positive response Cymatix has received, it is only right that she follows it up with another banger, or better yet, a full-length body of work. She told tjil that people can expect that body of work from her this year and it is going to carry features from the likes of Bobby VDK, King Elegant and more. “I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the end of this year for that musical project from me.” For the longest of times there has been an on-going debate, or backlash rather, among music fans where they accuse DJs of prioritising their own music first instead of breaking new acts. It is for this reason that tjil asked what DJ Alba Nalo's agenda is when playing sets. “I don't think there is anything wrong with putting your music first. It all depends on the type of event you are booked for. For example; a club event set is totally different from a festival performance so that is a determining factor for your set.” She believes the role of a DJ is to keep the crowd on their feet and also to educate the audience. “Two DJs can play the exact same songs but your delivery needs to be what sets you apart,” she said. Sharing the secret to the continuous growth of her career, the DJ simply said it's the passion she has for music. She shared that music has gotten her through some of the hardest times in her life.

    She said she has witnessed how a song can change her mood from zero-to-hundred within seconds and she now strives to create music that will have the same effect on her audience. “Imagine your music having such an impact on people? Just imagine that! That is what drives me.

    “I feel like the universe has given me a responsibility to inspire someone out there to do whatever they put their soul into no matter how hard it is going to be,” she added.

    She mentioned her mother as another source of her inspiration, narrating that she has always been her biggest reason why she works hard. “She has sacrificed so much for us so everything I do is to be able to make her proud.”

    In December last year, DJ Alba Nalo was also one of the four facilitators and mentor DJs chosen by Modzi Arts to offer classes to aspiring female DJs from Malawi, South Africa and Zambia. “The workshop was a five-day initiative by Modzi Arts in collaboration with the British Council and it was one of the most amazing initiatives I have been a part of,” she said.

    Besides music, the disc jockey also owns an accessory line called House of Nalo that trades in bracelets and neckpieces. She maintains that House of Nalo is her creative space that lets her express her other artistic side. “I'm still amazed at how the brand was received and I'm excited to announce that we will be adding women's earrings, the collection will be called Emprss and it is due for release end of April,” she announced.

    Closing off the conversation with tjil, DJ Alba Nalo shared that she is on a mission to complete her degree. “I'm not going to give away too much information on this, but education for me is really pivotal and if you are able to get a qualification do it, no one can take it away from you,” concluded DJ Alba Nalo.

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  • 04/04/19--15:00: Costly fire on B2 highway
  • Costly fire on B2 highwayCostly fire on B2 highway A refrigerated truck was destroyed after it caught fire near Swakopmund early Wedneday morning.

    According to the crime investigations coordinator in the Erongo Region, Erastus Iikuyu, the Scania truck belonged to Dikwils Transport Company.

    “A 47-year-old Namibian man was the only occupant of the truck, which was on its way from Mariental to Walvis Bay in order to offload its cargo [of meat].”

    “While travelling on the B2 road between Arandis and Swakopmund, approximately 30 km from Swakopmund, the trailer's right wheel burst and the driver lost control of the truck.

    “However, he managed to get it back onto the road and brought it to a standstill. The driver got out of the truck to investigate and found the wheel as well as the trailer already burning,” said Iikuyu.

    The driver managed to uncouple the truck from the trailer and drove it a safe distance from the burning trailer.

    The refrigerated trailer and its contents, with an estimated value of N$500 000, were completely destroyed.

    The driver was unharmed.

    The police also announced that a 27-year-old man, Kalipiwe Aron, had committed suicide by hanging himself in his garage in Kuisebmond, Walvis Bay. According to his family, Aron had financial problems.


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  • 04/04/19--15:00: Tucna slams spending cuts
  • Tucna slams spending cutsTucna slams spending cutsSays increases are paramount Mass meetings will be held soon by trade unions in Namibia regarding the “humiliation” of civil servants. Trade unions are planning mass meetings across the country to decide on a response to what they describe as the government's continued “humiliation” of public servants.

    Trade Union Congress of Namibia (Tucna) secretary-general Mahongora Kavihuha claims that this year's budget speech is proof that the government does not listen to workers.

    He has urged independent trade unions to engage all workers, especially those in the public sector, through mass meetings.

    Kavihuha said the first of these meetings would take place in the Khomas Region next week.

    The planned meetings will discuss the doubling of civil servants' medical aid fund contributions, among other things.

    Tucna also objected to the classification of compensation for work rendered as “wasteful expenditure”.

    Kavihuha said that included subsistence and travel allowances, “which were unilaterally terminated by the government”.

    He said finance minister Calle Schlettwein did not even mention salary increases for civil servants in his budget speech.

    “It means he did not give it a thought one way or the other,” the unionist claimed.

    He said Tucna agreed with economists who described this year's budget as electioneering.

    According to Kavihuha, billions of dollars will be spent on “ill-defined, unplanned grand projects” aimed at stimulating economic growth and reducing the budget deficit.

    He said that was no different from the billions spent on mass-housing projects, the Neckartal Dam and numerous other “grand schemes that resulted in nothing”.

    “How are we to be assured that these billions, like other billions before them, will not end up in the pockets of a few oligarchs, only to be syphoned off to some offshore tax haven in the Caribbean again?”

    Kavihuha further said if the government really wanted to boost development that would improve people's lives, it should not spend money that the country doesn't have and then call it a development budget.

    “In actual fact it is nothing short of a knee-jerk reaction in an election year meant to buy us votes that we incidentally already have anyway.”

    He said wage-led growth was the way forward for Namibia, and not the “economic morass” that the country found itself in.

    “We have noted a slight reduction in unemployment by 0.6%, however we have serious reservations about that reduction [based on] the contradiction between the preliminary national accounts and the 2018 Labour Force Survey.”

    Kavihuha said the preliminary national accounts that were released on the same day as the Labour Force Survey clearly showed that both the secondary and tertiary industries had recorded declining growth rates, while the primary industries grew by 22%.

    “The national accounts show an unequivocal report that the primary sector and water and electricity in the secondary sector performed better, however the employment performance contracted,” Kavihuha said.


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    I'm a language teacher - KatrinaI'm a language teacher - KatrinaMarking compositions taught her how to pick up copying The education minister says striking similarities in witness statements point to a plot by the ACC to incriminate her. Education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has emphasised she is a language teacher and it was because of this she was able to identify striking similarities in witness statements, which she said pointed to “connivance engineered and manufactured by the Anti-Corruption Commission”.

    Hanse-Himarwa stands accused of corruptly using her former office as Hardap governor for gratification, and has been implicated by state witnesses of having giving a directive that two Mass Housing beneficiaries Regina Kuhlman and Piet Fransman be removed because of their political affiliation, to make way for two of her relatives.

    However, she has since the start of the trial profusely maintained that this was devoid of any truth and in fact a brutal campaign by the ACC to discredit and incriminate her.

    To point this out she read out the paragraphs in state witness statements which she believes were “carefully crafted lies” by the ACC to incriminate her.

    “I was marking compositions of learners and I could always pick up when they copied. So when I laid my eyes on the similarities of the witness statements, which are 99% similar, it told me that there was an intention to build a case against me that would sound real and convincing in the eyes of the court,” she said.

    State advocate Ed Marondedze asked her to explain why reference was made to other suspects when she insists the ACC was bent on incriminating her, and her alone.

    He asked her whether this does then not refute her argument that she was targeted by the ACC.

    Hanse-Himarwa answered: “I guess they were perhaps seen as part of that.”

    Marondedze then put it to her that “if you were not the governor you would not have been in a position to change the list of beneficiaries”.

    “You only managed to do that because of your position.”

    She, however, said she did not go beyond the parameters of her mandate as governor.


    Judge Christie Liebenberg told Hanse-Himarwa he finds it peculiar that she knew nothing about the housing allocations.

    The defence then called Hanse-Himarwa's former personal assistant Carl Christians, who worked for her during her time as governor.

    Christians told the court he wrote a letter to Mariental CEO Paul Nghiwilepo asking that the former governor be kept abreast of developments relating to Build Together housing projects.

    He pointed out he was prompted to write the letter after he was approached by three women, whose names he could not recall, who had complained that people who have applied after them were already approved as beneficiaries. It was a Build Together project that ultimately became the Mass Housing project that is under scrutiny.

    Christians also told the court he also wrote a letter to the regional chief officer requesting frequent patrols at the Mass Housing units.

    The case continues today.


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  • 04/04/19--15:00: Mutumba's DBN post frozen
  • Mutumba's DBN post frozenMutumba's DBN post frozen Jerome Mutumba's position at the Development Bank of Namibia has been frozen until he returns from his posting as deputy head of mission at the Namibian embassy in Washington, DC.

    This was confirmed by DBN CEO Martin Inkumbi following a scathing letter from activist Job Amupanda. Mutumba was the head of communications at the bank before his diplomatic posting to the United States. Inkumbi said the bank had a policy governing the secondment of DBN staff members to external organisations.

    “I can confirm in the instance of Mr Mutumba, policies and procedures were followed to the letter.

    I will not discuss details of personnel matters as they are confidential,” he said. Inkumbi added that seconded employees remained DBN employees for a specified time. Inkumbi said the bank was prepared to provide information on Mutumba's secondment to any authority authorised to investigate the matter. According to him, the bank also ensured that it had sufficient capacity to carry out the functions usually done by those on secondment. In the letter to Inkumbi, Amupanda said Mutumba was being allowed to “gallivant” in the United States while in the employ of the DBN. “I understand, as is characteristic of [the] shebeen our country has since become, that you and the politicians have organised something special for Mr Mutumba the politician. Unlike other politicians in Namibia who had to resign from their jobs, Mr Mutumba is allowed to gallivant while remaining an employee of the DBN,” Amupanda wrote.

    He further asked why no other DBN employee with the necessary qualifications and experience had been appointed to take over Mutumba's position.

    “I further understand that while Mr Mutumba will be in America on his political holiday for years, no qualifying and deserving Namibian will be appointed substantive DBN head of communications because you and the politicians have decided that while Mr Mutumba is gallivanting in America his former position will be frozen,” Amupanda wrote.

    “You and the politicians are abusing the term 'secondment' for this corrupt arrangement of keeping a politician as an employee of the DBN and freezing his position so that no Namibian [can] apply and occupy this position for years,” he lashed out.

    According to Amupanda, such arrangement between a commercial bank and a political appointment must be explained.


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    Nujoma entitled to privileges - SwapoNujoma entitled to privileges - Swapo Swapo yesterday reminded Namibians that founding president Sam Nujoma is entitled to certain privileges befitting a retired statesman.

    The party also rejected talks that there is a rift between Nujoma and President Hage Geingob, saying they have been comrades for years and even “shared trenches and fought side by side.”

    This follows recent media reports that government has spent N$43 million on upgrades to Nujoma's house on the outskirts of Windhoek along the Hosea Kutako International Airport road.

    Swapo spokesperson Hilma Nicanor held a media briefing yesterday to address the issue.

    She said the politburo held a meeting on 1 April and “noticed with concern the agenda-based, unwarranted, systematic and choreographed attacks” on the founding president of the party and father of the nation.

    “Swapo emphasises that the funds used to renovate the residence of the founding president were released in line with applicable laws and policies of the Government of Republic of Namibia,” Nicanor said.

    She also reminded the nation that Nujoma's image and persona represents and reminds people of heroism, inspiration, victory and freedom. The politburo also rejected that there was a 'rift” between Nujoma and Geingob.

    “Such is an imagination of confused minds who know the long cordial relations between the two leaders, but deliberately write these things in the hope they will create such a rift.

    “Geingob enjoys the undivided support of the founding president as usual, and the founding president enjoys the support and respect of the sitting president.

    Those who pray for chaos must continue doing so, but it will never happen,” Nicanor said.


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    Stop pussyfooting around xenophobiaStop pussyfooting around xenophobia Xenophobic attacks targeting Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals have once again reared their ugly head in South Africa. The attacks on fellow Africans are unfortunate and cannot go unchallenged. News reports emanating from South Africa say the xenophobic violence has been partly fuelled by political campaigns ramping up anti-immigrant sentiments, as the country gears up for elections next month. It has also been widely reported that such attacks and threats usually target Zimbabweans, Malawians, Somalis, Mozambicans, Congolese and Nigerians. In this day and age, it is despicable that some Africans still harbour feelings of hatred and resentment towards others, to the extent of meting out violence. These feelings of inferiority and superiority, which have led to violent attacks and threats on fellow Africans, is a brazen betrayal of the legacy of Ubuntu as well as pan-Africanism, which was championed by our continent's founding fathers. Xenophobia in South Africa should called out for what it is. The spirit of Ubuntu as well as the ideology of pan-Africanism should always encourage solidarity and unity among Africans, wherever they find themselves. Despite our unique challenges in our respective nations, we should never lose each other along the way and weaken this unbreakable bond of humanity. Many of these African countries laboured to free South Africa from the yoke of apartheid and white minority rule, and should never be repaid in such a brutal inhumane manner. Xenophobic attacks have a huge impact on various sectors of our economies and we can ill-afford to be hostile to each other. As chair of the SADC regional bloc, Namibia must come out strongly and condemn this heinous crime against humanity, without fear or favour. What we want to see is a strong message of condemnation against this brutality, which if not widely addressed, has far-reaching consequences for our region. The time to act is now; we should no longer cow-tow and break kind words, while our African brothers and sisters are being maimed and murdered.

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    Bank guns for RCC headquartersBank guns for RCC headquartersBeleaguered parastatal could lose its headquarters Bank Windhoek would neither confirm nor deny whether it had set its sights on the property. Bank Windhoek is said to be eyeing the attachment of the Roads Contractor Company's headquarters to recover about N$80 million owed to it. The building in question is said to have a value of N$2 billion.

    While the bank did not confirm or deny the planned attachment, local weekly Confidente reported it was considering the attachment of the property located in Windhoek's southern industrial area along Lazarett Street.

    When approached for comment, Bank Windhoek said it had a pending High Court matter against the beleaguered parastatal and would neither confirm nor deny whether it had set its sights on the property.

    “Bank Windhoek does have a pending High Court matter against RCC and it is under judicial consideration, therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere. Regulatory guidelines on client privacy further prohibit us from sharing client details,” it said. Judicial consideration and judicial management are two different concepts,” it added.

    Nedloans, which is reportedly said to owe the RCC N$400 000, also did not respond to a query.

    It will not be the first time the bank has tried to attach the RCC's building. In June 2018, former acting CEO Seth Herunga had to write to transport minister John Mutorwa informing him that the bank had given it 30 days to pay approximately N$80.2 million.

    “Lawsuits have worsened the company's dire situation for the non-payment of creditors' obligations,” he stated in the letter.

    Public enterprises minister Leon Jooste, who at one point advocated for the beleaguered parastatal to be placed under judicial management to avoid its assets being attached, did not respond to a query when contacted.

    Government ditched Jooste's proposal in favour of implementing a turnaround strategy at the RCC. The turnaround strategy is being formulated under the watch of the executive directors of the finance, works and public enterprises ministries, according to Mutorwa. He further confirmed that the RCC risked losing its building.

    It is not the first time that the RCC's assets have been attached. In 2018, Namibia Protection Services managed to attach its assets in Keetmanshoop over a N$4 million debt while the RCC's plant and machinery have already been auctioned at Keetmanshoop and Ondangwa in forced disposals, for far below the market value of the assets, Nampa reported last year.


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    Thieme takes aim at 'illegal' NCCI northern branchThieme takes aim at 'illegal' NCCI northern branch The president of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Sven Thieme, says the NCCI northern branch under the chairmanship of Tomas Koneka Indji is illegal.

    Thieme says the NCCI has branches in towns, but no regional structures such as the NCCI northern branch.

    Indji refused to comment before the NCCI's annual general meeting (AGM), to be held later this month.

    “There is no such thing as an NCCI northern branch. Something like that does not exist in the NCCI constitution,” Thieme said.

    “This is something we will sort out very soon because now every town and region wants to create their own structure,” he added.

    “NCCI branches operate in towns and not as regional structures or entities. The NCCI is one united organisation that strives at all times to represent Namibia's business community in an efficient and effective manner.”

    Thieme said periodically branches in a geographical region might come together and pool resources, skills and expertise to better represent the enterprise sector in that part of the country, or to stage events more cost-effectively.

    “However, as a membership-based organisation the autonomy of a branch is never compromised or negated,” Thieme explained.

    According to a source, the NCCI northern branch was established as a representative committee for the northern regions of Oshana, Ohangwena, Omusati and Oshikoto following a board decision in 2008.

    It was established with representatives in the towns of Ondangwa, Ongwediva, Oshakati, Eenhana, Helao Nafidi, Omuthiya and Outapi to facilitate service provision to the Chamber's members.

    Iindji has been elected as chairperson of the branch's executive committee three times since its establishment.

    Linda Naikaku and Malakia Katumbo Patrus are the branch's vice-chairperson and treasurer, respectively.

    Sion Sheehama, Cornelia Shilunga, Fenny Nanyeni and Juliana Nepembe-Haimbodi are additional members of the executive committee.

    Thieme said the NCCI is a voluntary, membership-based body guided by a constitution. It has elected leaders at all levels, who are supported by a secretariat comprised of employed managers and staff.

    “The Chamber's leadership, at national level, is comprised of an elected president and a board of directors, who are all volunteers. They give generously of their time and energy to ensure that the NCCI represents Namibia's business sector in a constructively dynamic manner and in the spirit of partnership with the public sector, labour and civil society,” Thieme said.

    “The same applies at a local level, where the leadership of NCCI branches are also elected volunteers working diligently and for no remuneration or personal gain, within the parameters of the Chamber's constitution.”


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  • 04/04/19--15:00: 'No cause for alarm'
  • 'No cause for alarm''No cause for alarm'Namibian govt says SA is safe, despite chilling warning to foreigners A social media message has gone viral in which foreigners residing in South Africa, legally or illegally, are warned to leave the country before 13 May. International relations executive director Selma Ashipala-Musavyi says it is safe to travel to South Africa, as calm has since returned to Durban, following a wave of xenophobic attacks against Africans.

    The ministry also said it has received no report of any Namibian having been attacked in KwaZulu-Natal during the latest spate of attacks.

    According to Ashipala-Musavyi the situation in the affected area has since calmed down and there is no cause for alarm.

    She says it is safe for any Namibian to travel to South Africa.

    “The ministry, through the Namibian High Commission in Pretoria, will continue to monitor the situation and inform the public accordingly.”

    However, according to a message circulating on social media, foreigners residing in South Africa, legally or illegally, must leave the country before 13 May.

    Attacks against immigrants were reported in Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal last week when protests targeting foreign-owned shops turned violent.

    At least two people were killed. Some 300 Malawians were displaced from their homes and dozens have asked to be repatriated.

    Low-level xenophobic violence is a continuous reality in South Africa, peaking in 2008 with a spate of attacks that left at least 67 people dead.

    The author of the latest message imploring foreigners to leave the country says the South African government has been ignoring their demands to get rid of foreigners.

    The message warns that come 13 May, roads will be closed, all taxis will be stopped and all foreign nationals will be “dealt with mercilessly”.

    The message reads: “What happened in KZN are just highlights of what we are going to do on the 13th of May. We are kind enough to give you more than a month time to pack yours and go to your own countries peacefully. We will stop all cars, taxis, busses, trains, we are going to enter work places, contract sites, security sites, searching everyone. Anyone found without a South African ID will be dealt with mercilessly (sic).”

    The message says further foreigners should save themselves and their families in time, as they have been warned.

    “We don't want any kwereweres anymore. We are tired. Enough is enough. Be warned.”

    The author of the message asked people to share it, “as many will die”.

    South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has issued a call for all South Africans to cease xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans.

    Threat to regional tourism

    Namibia's tourism ministry has described the recent spate of xenophobic attacks in South Africa as a threat to the SADC region's economic development, particularly the lucrative tourism sector.

    The spokesperson for the tourism ministry, Romeo Muyunda, told Namibian Sun that the xenophobic attacks and threats in South Africa were unfortunate and undermined the political stability of the entire SADC region.

    Muyunda said tourism indexes were to a large extent affected by political instability, particularly now that SADC was moving towards regional tourism marketing.

    “This will affect such efforts and our arrivals,” he said.

    Most of Namibia's tourists came from, or through, South Africa, Muyunda pointed out.

    Given such threats and attacks on foreigners, tourists may not wish to travel to the SADC region and, consequently, to Namibia.

    “We are observing the situation in SA as it unfolds, hoping that the authorities will address it amicably as we do not wish to have lives lost as a result,” said Muyunda.


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     Ondonga throne heirs seek interdict Ondonga throne heirs seek interdict Two heirs apparent to the Ondonga throne yesterday sought an urgent application in the High Court to interdict fellow aspirant Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo from acting as if he is the appointed successor to the late Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas. Oscar Sheehama and Konisa Eino Kalenga have applied for an urgent High Court interdict to restrain Nangolo, who was in 2002 named as successor to Elifas, from purporting in any way to be the successor of the late king. Among the 18 respondents is Nangolo, the Ondonga Traditional Authority and the ministry of urban and rural development. Elifas died on 26 March and will be laid to rest next weekend at Olukonda.

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  • 04/07/19--16:00: 'There's no goalie crisis'
  • 'There's no goalie crisis''There's no goalie crisis'Kanalelo defends current crop of goalies Ronny Kanalelo says he does not believe there is a goalkeeping crisis in the Brave Warriors squad. Former Brave Warriors goalkeeper and current Maritzburg United goalkeeper coach, Ronny Kanalelo, has defended the current goal-minders in the senior national team squad saying there is no crisis, apart from inconsistency.

    Kanalelo, who is part of the Warriors technical team, said they are all good shot-stoppers with good techniques, and that he is not worried.

    This is after some football fans complained that Maximilian Mbaeva was a flop during their final Afcon qualifier against Zambia recently, which ended 4-1 in favour of Chipolopolo. Mbaeva, who plays for South African club Golden Arrows, was called up together with Virgil Vries (Kaizer Chiefs) and Edward Maova (University of Pretoria).

    Vries and Maova, however, both picked up injuries. Loydt Kazapua (Highland Parks), who is also a regular in the squad, was not called up.

    “Mbaeva was not a mess against Zambia in the Africa Cup of Nations. Three out of four goals came from set-pieces. How often do we see goalkeepers all over the world conceding those goals?

    “It is easy to have a go at the goalies when the losing margin is high, but we forget the starting point,” Kanalelo said.

    He further elaborated that a bad goalkeeper is one with a poor technique and who makes mistakes consistently.

    He gave an assessment of how he rates goalkeepers, saying one bad performance in five matches equals a poor squad player, one performance in 10 games is average, while one bad performance in 15 matches is above-average. He said above-average goalkeepers belong in a national team. “One bad performance in 20 games is a quality player and he should be a national team player,” he said.

    Football pundit Isack Hamata also gave his two cents on the goalkeeper debate, saying Kazapua, who has done well for Namibia previously, could also be considered if Vries and Mbaeva are not available.

    “Vries is itching to prove a point. He owes it to himself in the next opportunity that he gets. There are rumours from that his club (Kaizer Chiefs) want to put him on a free transfer. “Therefore, he will need to do outstandingly well for Namibia in Egypt to prove to his detractors that he is still a good goalkeeper.

    “Despite having had a poor game against Zambia, Mbaeva did well for his club a week later. However, the question to ask is whether he has confidence in himself and whether he will not go through some psychological drama if he pulls the Namibian jersey over his head again,” Hamata said.

    Maova is nursing an injury and it is not known whether he will be ready for action when the Afcon finals start in June.

    However, Hamata added a solution if all four foreign-based goalies - Vries, Mbaeva, Kazapua and Maova - are unavailable for one reason or another.

    “Mannetti can throw in Ratanda Mbazuvara, who has been impressive for local club African Stars. It is partly because of him that Stars are second in the Namibia Premier League (NPL) and are in the upcoming final of the Standard Bank Top 8 Cup. “He should be considered for a call-up. The NPL has many other young goalkeepers, but I doubt they are ready to be thrown into the lion's den just like that.

    “They should be tested during international friendlies and possibly the Cosafa Cup. Otherwise we would be killing our youngsters if we don't prepare them psychologically for big games,” said Hamata. Unam head coach Woody Jacobs said fans should not read too much into Mbaeva's performance against Zambia. “I think the whole team was poor on that day.

    “Vries is injured, yes, so now Kazapua can stand up. He played well at the Total African Nations Championship. We have a great pool of goalkeepers in the country and there is no reason for us to panic,” Jacobs said.

    He also mentioned the likes of Calvin Spiegel (Okahandja United) and Tigers Immanuel Immanuel who can be considered in the future. Warriors head coach Ricardo Mannetti offered to respond in May on issues around goalkeeper selection.

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    Warriors drop in Fifa rankingsWarriors drop in Fifa rankings ?

    The Brave Warriors have dropped three places in the latest Fifa world rankings released last Thursday by the world football governing body.

    Namibia are now ranked 113th globally, after falling from 110th. They are now ranked 28th in Africa, down from 26th.

    The rankings come after the Warriors only played one match so far in 2019 - a recent 1-4 defeat to Zambia in their final Afcon qualifier in Lusaka.

    In Africa, Senegal remains the top-ranked team, while Tunisia are in second place.

    Globally, Belgium remains the top-ranked team, followed by world champions France, while Brazil are third. In women's football, the Brave Gladiators are ranked 16th on the continent, while Nigeria remains the top-ranked African team, followed by Cameroon in second and South Africa in third. The United States are the highest ranked women's team in the world, followed by Germany and England. The women's rankings were released on 29 March.

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  • 04/07/19--16:00: Suarez, Messi lead the way
  • Suarez, Messi lead the waySuarez, Messi lead the wayBarca closer to title after beating 10-man Atletico Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid to inch closer to the La Liga title and build momentum ahead of a Champions League clash with Manchester United. Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi scored twice in two minutes, as Barcelona broke the resistance of 10-man Atletico Madrid on Saturday to go 11 points clear of their La Liga title rivals.

    Diego Costa was sent off in the 28th minute at Camp Nou after insulting referee Gil Manzano, but while Atletico held on for almost another hour, Suarez and Messi struck late to seal a pivotal 2-0 win.

    The victory leaves Barca almost out of sight with seven games left to play and maintains momentum ahead of Wednesday's trip to Manchester United in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

    “It is three crucial points,” coach Ernesto Valverde said. “We are a little closer.”

    “It gives us a big margin,” said Suarez. “We've taken not just one, but two steps forward.”

    United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was in the crowd along with his assistant Mike Phelan, but this was a familiar story of Barcelona's deadly duo delivering when it mattered most.

    Costa's early and needless dismissal left Atletico needing snookers just to avoid defeat, let alone pull off the win that their coach Diego Simeone had said last week was the only result to keep their challenge alive.

    “I asked the referee and he told me Costa said something to him,” Simeone said. “Other players have said things and not been sent off, but that does not justify what Costa did.”

    Suarez intervened with a superb long-range strike in the 85th minute, before Messi added a second in the 86th.

    The pair has now scored 53 league goals between them this season while for Messi, this was a record 335th La Liga victory.

    Only a monumental collapse could now bring Atletico back into contention and it is more likely that Barca have earned themselves the luxury of resting players, around an even greater focus on success in Europe.

    Antoine Griezmann, who decided against joining Barcelona last summer, was whistled as his name was read out before the kickoff and he struggled for chances in what quickly became, after Costa departed, a contest of attack against defence.

    Atletico seemed to be finding their way into the game when Manzano showed a red card to the Spaniard, who had pursued the referee and seemingly insulted him after a tangle with Philippe Coutinho.

    A fuming Costa was escorted away by Gerard Pique and Barca took control. Jordi Alba had already hit the post after defence-splitting pass by Messi and Coutinho should have scored after a brilliant backheel by Suarez.

    Messi came alive at the start of the second half as one shot was saved by the excellent Jan Oblak and another mesmeric run ended with a feathered pass to Suarez, but again Oblak saved, this time with his foot.

    Finally, the resistance of Atletico and their goalkeeper was broken as Barca scored twice in two minutes. The first was a peach as Suarez lined up a shot from 25 yards and whipped it past the left hand of Oblak into the bottom corner.

    The second was a display of Messi magic, his weaving run from the right leaving both Jose Gimenez and Diego Godin on their backs. A tucked finish found its way in to finish off the game and, probably, Atletico too.


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  • 04/07/19--16:00: Gadaffi's 'missing millions'
  • Gadaffi's 'missing millions'Gadaffi's 'missing millions'Swazi King tells Ramaphosa he has the cash The South African president has been asked to help recover millions of dollars belonging to the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, which government sources say was hidden at former president Jacob Zuma's Nkandla residence. Libyan military authorities have asked South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to help recover a stash of cash, estimated to about R442 million, belonging to the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, that is now believed to be in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), according to The Sunday Times.

    The newspaper reports that the money was secretly moved to Eswatini earlier this year from former president Jacob Zuma's Nkandla residence where it had been hidden.

    A high-ranking intelligence source told the Sunday Times that its investigations had revealed that the money had been moved in five tranches from Nkandla and transported to Eswatini.

    King Mswati III reportedly confirmed the existence of the money to Ramaphosa last week during a meeting at OR Tambo International Airport.

    According to the Sunday Times' sources, Zuma travelled to Libya in 2011 with then intelligence minister Siyabonga Cwele, where the delegation offered the Libyan leader safe passage to SA as rebel forces closed in.

    Good lawyer

    According to an insider, Gaddafi gave Zuma the cash, saying that if he was captured Zuma must find him a good lawyer to represent him at the International Criminal Court.

    Gaddafi died while being chased by rebels in Tripoli in October 2011.

    The Sunday Times was unable to get comment from Zuma's spokesperson, Vukile Mathabela.

    Ramaphosa's spokesperson, Khusela Diko confirmed that the president had travelled to Eswatini last month but would not confirm what transpired at that meeting with the King or at the subsequent meeting at the airport.

    In 2013, IOL reported that Zuma told the National Assembly he knew nothing about the billions of dollars of Libyan money that Gaddafi and his family were believed to have stashed in South Africa and neighbouring countries during his 42-year rule.

    This is after he was approached by officials from the Libyan government.

    Soon after Gaddafi's death, the new Libyan government had embarked on a large-scale mission to recover legal and illegal assets in South Africa, the rest of Africa, the US and Europe.

    In 2014, it was revealed that as much as R2 trillion in US dollars as well as hundreds of tons of gold and at least six million carats of diamonds in assets belonging to the people of Libya was been kept secretly in various warehouses across the country.

    This was separate from the R260bn, held legally in four banks in the country, according to IOL.


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    Rwanda begins 100-day mourning for genocide victimsRwanda begins 100-day mourning for genocide victims Rwanda yesterday began 100 days of mourning for more than 800 000 people slaughtered in a genocide that shocked the world, a quarter of a century on from the day it began.

    President Paul Kagame started off a week of commemoration activities by lighting a remembrance flame at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where more than 250 000 victims are believed to be buried, mainly from the Tutsi people. They are only some of those killed by the genocidal Hutu forces, members of the old army and militia forces called the “Interahamwe”, that began their bloody campaign of death on April 7, 1994, the day after the assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu. Some were shot; most were beaten or hacked by machetes.

    The killings lasted until Kagame, then 36, led the mainly Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) into Kigali on July 4, ending the slaughter and taking control of the devastated country. Kagame, now 61 and who has been in power ever since, is leading the memorial to the dead.

    After lighting the flame, accompanied by his wife Jeanette, African Union chief Moussa Faki and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Kagame is expected to make a speech. He will speak at the Kigali Convention Centre, a dome-shaped auditorium in the centre of the capital, a modern building emblematic of the regeneration of Rwanda since the dark days of 1994. Kagame will then preside over a vigil at the country's main football ground. The Amahoro National Stadium - whose name means “peace” in Rwanda's Kinyarwanda language - was used by the UN during the genocide to protect thousands of people of the Tutsi minority from being massacred on the streets outside. In past years, ceremonies have triggered painful flashbacks for some in the audience, with crying, shaking, screaming and fainting amid otherwise quiet vigils.

    For many survivors, forgiveness remains difficult when the bodies of their loved ones have not been found and many killers are still free.

    A quarter of a century on, the east African nation has recovered economically, but the trauma still casts a dark shadow. Kagame has kept an authoritarian hold as he steers the small, landlocked East African nation through economic recovery. Growth in 2018 was a heady 7.2%, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB).


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  • 04/07/19--16:00: Jaguares stun hapless Bulls
  • Jaguares stun hapless BullsJaguares stun hapless Bulls The Jaguares overturned a 10-point deficit in the dying stages to claim a stunning 22-20 victory over the Bulls in Pretoria on Saturday.

    Prior to this clash, the Bulls had opted to rest key backs Handre Pollard and Jesse Kriel as part of SA Rugby's resting policy for Springbok players, while Schalk Brits was unavailable due to suspension.

    Considering this weakened squad, the Bulls would have valued a win against the Jaguares as much as a piece of gold, but they squandered such an opportunity as they faded in the final few minutes to concede 12 unanswered points.

    Domingo Miotti scored two crucial tries for the Jaguares, who punished the Bulls during a dramatic final few minutes when the hosts had seen two men sent to the sin bin.

    The Bulls had made a steady start to the clash in the opening exchanges, with Manie Libbok kicking the hosts into a 9-0 lead as the Jaguares' ill-discipline let them down.

    However, the Argentine side would strike back with an important try in the 27th minute, as Pablo Matera went over for a stunning solo try that suddenly brought the visitors straight back into proceedings despite seeing very little of the ball.

    It was, unfortunately, the only real highlight in what had otherwise been a pretty lacklustre opening half from both sides, although the Bulls would have been particularly disappointed to lead by just two points at the break.

    Nevertheless, the Bulls made an ideal start to the second half when a break from Burger Odendaal ultimately set up a try for Jade Stighling in the 43rd minute.

    With the Jaguares' discipline continuing to let them down, they then saw Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro sent to the sin bin for a dangerous tackle, which further denied them an opportunity to begin building momentum.

    Instead, the Bulls just continued to build their lead, with Libbok knocking over two more penalties to see the hosts move into a 20-10 advantage.

    Just as it looked as if the Bulls might cruise to victory, though, the Jaguares launched a late comeback to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


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  • 04/07/19--16:00: City reach FA Cup final
  • City reach FA Cup finalCity reach FA Cup finalQuadruple dream still alive Manchester City have stayed on course for a possible quadruple of trophies this season. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insisted completing a quadruple of trophies is still “almost impossible” for the English champions despite progressing to the FA Cup final with a 1-0 win over Brighton on Saturday.

    Gabriel Jesus' solitary early goal was enough as City failed to hit top gear against the Seagulls, but still stretched an incredible run to 22 wins in 23 games.

    Guardiola's men will return to Wembley to face either Watford or Wolves on 18 May.

    City trail Liverpool by two points in the Premier League title race but have a game in hand and retained the League Cup in February.

    But ahead of the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final at Tottenham on Tuesday, Guardiola insisted it will still require a “miracle” to claim all four trophies.

    “I will tell you something. It is almost impossible to win the quadruple,” said Guardiola.

    “Surviving in this stage of the competitions is already a miracle. Still we are there. That's why it's incredible what these players have done.

    “Every game we lose players but that is normal when you play a lot of games. We are going to try until the end every game.”

    Brighton was left to rue a controversial decision not to send off Kyle Walker just after the half-hour mark for a clash with Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

    “I have seen it a few times and my opinion is it is a red card,” said Brighton boss Chris Hughton.

    “We ask for players to be honest and with Alireza, if he goes down clutching his head it would have been a different outcome.”

    With City staying in London until their trip to Tottenham's new stadium in midweek, Sergio Aguero had travelled south on Friday but was not risked after a minor muscle injury.

    Jesus stepped up in the Argentine's absence by stooping to head home his 18th goal of the season, but the Brazilian's opener owed much to a wonderfully inviting cross from Kevin De Bruyne.

    That was the third time in as many games City had struck inside the first five minutes, but unlike in cruising past Fulham and Cardiff in the Premier League, they failed to put the game out of Brighton's reach before the break.

    “Do you believe we can play 60 games in a season and win 5-0 and have a good performance in every game?” Guardiola argued.

    “I think when (former Manchester United manager) Sir Alex Ferguson won the treble, in that case not all the games were fantastic and winning 4- or 5-0.

    “Normally the semi-finals, final, are games like this. You can analyse how many chances we create, but people expect from how good we are that we have to score I don't know how many goals. In this game, in this job, it doesn't work in that way.”

    The Seagulls grew into the game and were left furious when Walker escaped a red card that could easily have changed the course of the game.

    The England international was unhappy that Jahanbakhsh stood on his trailing leg as the pair jostled at the back post and went head-to-head with the Iranian.

    However, after a VAR review, the yellow card shown to Walker by Anthony Taylor was deemed sufficient.

    Despite Brighton staying in the game, neither side created many chances and City goalkeeper Ederson was not even forced into a save until four minutes from time.

    Jose Izquierdo stung the Brazilian's palms from long range, but City held on to take another step closer to history.


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  • 04/07/19--16:00: Penindje iilonga!
  • Penindje iilonga!Penindje iilonga!A tokola okumanitha eilongo lye nonando ota lumbu nuulema Omulumentu gwoomvula 31 ngoka ta lumbu nuulema na okuli momusholondondo gwaailongi mboka ya manitha omailongo gawo moshiputudhilo shaUnam moRundu, ota pula epangelo li mu pe iilonga. Androvia Mainga okuli momusholondondo gwaantu ye li po 461 mboka ya manitha omailongo gawo moUnam moRundu na okwa mono uulongelwe wodiploma moHIV/Aids management and counselling.

    Mainga okwa popi konima yoshituthipito shawo, shoka sha ningwa mEtine lyoshiwike shaa piti kutya okwa tegelela nomukumo okumona ompito yiilonga mepangelo, sha landula sho a manitha eilongo lye ndyoka.

    Okwa hokolola kutya emanitho lyeilongo lye ndyoka olya za puudhigu unene okutala monkalo moka e li.

    Mainga okwa popi kutya uuna a mono iilonga itashi ka kwathela owala onkalo ye ihe otashi ka yambidhidha woo keliko lyoshilongo.

    “Ngashiingeyi onda hala owala nokumona iilonga nokutopola uunongo wandje naantu mboka ye li mompumbwe.”

    Okwa yelitha kutya konima nkene a manitha eilongo lye okwa konga iilonga pomahala gontumba noku ninga natango omaindilo giilonga poompito ndhoka tadhi pula aantu mboka ye na omaulema ya ninge omaindilo, ihe nonando ongaaka ina vula okumona iilonga.

    Mainga ngashiingeyi okwa wayimine engungo enene lyaanyasha yaNamibia mboka ya manitha omailongo gwo okuza kiiputudhilo ya yooloka oshowo komandiki gomadheulo gopaungomba ihe oye li pomagumbo molwaashoka kaye na iilonga.

    Inamu teka omukumo

    Mainga okwa tameke onkalamwenyo ye moshiputudhilo shopombanda momvula yo 2011 moUnam, sho iishangitha tango nokumona onzapo ye yoHIV/Aids management and counselling.

    Okwa tsikile neilongo lye na okwa tokola okwiishangitha opo iilongele odiploma mo 2012.

    Okwa kwatwa kuuvu na okwa thiminikwa konkalo a kale pegumbo sigo omvula yo 2016.

    Okwa popi kutya konima sho a ti p o nawa momvula yo 2017 okwa tokola okushuna koskola opo a manithe shoka a tameke nomomvula yo 2018 okwa mana iilongwa ye ayihe.

    “Kasha li oshipu ihe molwaashoka onda hala okupondola sha ondi na okumana.”

    Sho a pulwa kutya omashongo gashike a li a tsakaneke pethimbo lyeilongo lye, Mainga okwa popi kutya shimwe shomomashongo ngoka a tsakaneke omudhingoloko gwaashi gwopankalo moka yeli, ta popi kutya osha li oshidhigu kuye opo iinyenge a manguluka moshiputudhilo unene okuya momatungo gamwe po.

    “Kasha li oshipu kungame moshiputudhilo nonando eilongo lyandje kalya li lyomiipundi, ihe sho nda kala handi yi koskola okuninga omapekaapeko nomakonaakono osha li oshidhigu okuya komatungo gontumba. Oshiputudhilo kashi li monkalo ombwaanawa naantu taya lumbu nuulema.”

    “Onkalamwenyo oyo ya thiminikendje opo ndiishangithe noshiputudhilo shaUnam nokuninga sha monkalamwenyo yandje.”

    Okwa tsu omukumo aanyasha mboka kaye na uulongelwe wa sha opo ya kambadhale okwiimonena uulongelwe wontumba nokwiimonena iilonga.


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