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    5 shortlisted for Nust top job5 shortlisted for Nust top job Five candidates have been short-listed for the position of vice-chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust), with final interviews expected to be held by the end of next week, university council chairperson Esi Schimming-Chase has said.

    This will mark the end of the tenure of founding and outgoing Nust vice-chancellor Tjama Tjivikua.

    The list, which has remained a closely guarded secret, is made up of international and local candidates.

    “The joint search committee of council and senate has completed shortlisting of candidates for the position of Nust VC. A total of five candidates, both Namibian and international, have been invited to attend the interview process with the joint search committee of council and senate along with key stakeholders. This interview process is expected to reach its conclusion by the end of next week,” said Schimming-Chase.

    The recruitment process, which kicked off in July 2018, was delayed because it was difficult to choose a successor to Professor Tjivikua. Explaining the time taken to select and appoint a new VC, Schimming-Chase said it was not a simple process.

    “The recruitment of the VC to strategically guide Nust is not a simple process. Furthermore the university must abide by approved procurement policies, and the recruitment process is quite extensive,” said Schimming-Chase.

    “The recruitment agency assisting Nust in this process must also be given an opportunity to properly interview and screen candidates along with preparing candidate profiles for consideration by the joint search committee of council and senate,” she added. The University of Namibia (Unam) recently conducted interviews for the selection of its newly appointed VC, Associate Professor Kenneth Matengu, in public. Nust would not be conducting a similar public process, Schimming-Chase said.

    “Our statutes require us to protect the identity of all candidates for any position,” she said.

    The new VC is expected to hold a doctorate in natural science, technology, engineering or mathematics from an internationally recognised university, with at least ten years of executive leadership experience in higher education and a deep understanding of the operations and affairs of a university.

    The new VC will take over from Tjivikua, who has been at the helm of Nust since 1995 when it was established.


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  • 01/30/19--14:00: The season of promises
  • The season of promisesThe season of promises It seems like Christmas has come early this year for those who get delusional when a politician starts promising them the sun, the moon and the stars, all neatly wrapped with a bow.

    Yes, the season of promises has started, and you best buckle up, because it’s gonna be a hectic ride into the land of sunshine, rainbows, ice cream cones for each of your hands and of course, continued adamancy that this or that party or politician is the answer to your prayers.

    Look, we accept that this is part and parcel of the political game; politicians promise jobs, houses and a chicken in every pot for every night. And if you happen to think “wait, I don’t want to eat chicken every night”, they promise you a cook book on how to prepare chicken 365 ways or simply throw in lamb, pork and beef.

    We really can’t win with politicians. Somewhere during the course of history someone, somewhere had this ‘brilliant’ idea of having a social contract between the ruled and the rulers, and now we are stuck. This rut manifests itself in a fairy-tale dance every five years in most countries, where politicians open their mouths, tell us everything and anything under the sun their spindoctors whisper in their ears, and then expect us to slurp it up like that soup Esau sold his birthright for in the Bible.

    Hey, we’re used to this; nothing surprises us anymore. We know we are going to be promised all sorts of things, and then once we cast our ballots and return to our shacks, villages and poverty, which is the continued fate of the majority of Namibians, we get that final dose of delusion during acceptance speeches after the champagne is popped and the winner is announced, be it a party or president or both.

    The sad truth though is that there comes a time in every nation that empty promises, hopelessness and poverty ignites an explosive powder keg that burns all.

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  • 01/30/19--14:00: Alleged CBD shooter in court
  • Alleged CBD shooter in courtAlleged CBD shooter in courtBail denied The man accused of shooting two women in their office on Monday has been remanded in custody. JEMIMA BEUKES

    Simataa Simasiku (33), accused of shooting two of his colleagues in the Windhoek city centre on Monday, briefly appeared before the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

    Simasiku was denied bail. He is charged with the fatal shooting of Global Fund employee Sarah Mwilima and the attempted murder of her colleague, Ester Nepolo.

    Simasiku told Magistrate Vanessa Stanley that he planned to hire a private lawyer, but if unsuccessful, he would apply for legal aid.

    Prosecutor Sylvia Kauluma said the State opposed bail because of the nature of the crime and the high level of public interest in the matter.

    According to the charge sheet Simasiku stormed into an office on the eighth floor of the City Centre building in the heart of Windhoek just before noon on Monday. He shot two female colleagues, killing one and wounding the other critically with a 9mm Makarov pistol.

    The shooting brought the central business district to a standstill.

    Simasiku and the two women worked for the Global Fund under the ministry of health and social services.

    Simasiku later handed himself over to the police at Wanaheda.

    Investigations into the matter continue.

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    I didn't lose veteran's battle - Ya NangolohI didn't lose veteran's battle - Ya Nangoloh Phil ya Nangoloh is continuing his fight for veteran status, having applied to the High Court to re-enrol his first court challenge against a decision of the Veterans' Appeal Board.

    High Court Judge Harald Geier last week struck the case from the court roll on the grounds that it had become “inactive”.

    In his fresh application lodged on 28 January, Ya Nangoloh maintains that the High Court registrar must re-enrol the case and allocate a new date for its hearing.

    He said contrary to earlier media reports he had not lost his battle to be recognised as a veteran of the liberation struggle, but was not given the opportunity to appeal his case in the High Court.

    Reasons for non-appearance

    Ya Nangoloh said he “unintentionally” failed to appear in court on 23 January because he was “never personally given or served” with a notification issued by the court on 17 January.

    The 17 January notification stipulated that Ya Nangoloh must appear before the court on 23 January to explain why there had been no activity in the case for six months and why it should not be struck from the roll.

    While maintaining that he was not served with the notification, Ya Nangoloh also contended that the timing of the notice was “unreasonable and unfair” because it was issued at such short notice – barely four days prior to the hearing date when the matter was summarily struck from the roll and considered as finalised.

    Ya Nangoloh said he did not know that a managing judge had been assigned to his case and that he had patiently been waiting and hoping to be notified, which did not happen.

    He said he only became aware of the court date when a journalist called him on the date of the hearing – 23 January – to enquire about the case.

    The hearing was set down for 08:30 on that date, and upon hearing about it around 10:30 he said he rushed to the registrar's office where he was put in telephonic contact with Judge Geier's secretary, who then informed him that his case had been struck from the roll.

    “I was obviously very shocked, speechless and devastated at this manifestly drastic decision,” Ya Nangoloh states in his affidavit.

    Revive appeal

    Ya Nangoloh further asks that the court allow him a revival of his appeal against the Veterans' Appeal Board.

    He argues that a reinstatement order should mean that the entire appeal, including the original notice of appeal and the record, is revived and reinstated on the court's roll.

    He said the appeal should be considered as if it had never lapsed.

    Ya Nangoloh had lodged an appeal with the High Court against a decision by the Veterans' Appeal Board that his application for veteran status be dismissed.

    The board argued that Ya Nangoloh had “deserted” the liberation struggle when he left Swapo in 1980.

    Ya Nangoloh, however, argued that Swapo should not be equated with the liberation struggle, and that the veterans' board's decision was “politically driven, arbitrary and unreasonable”.

    He maintains that he never abandoned the liberation struggle, which he was “consistently and persistently involved in”.


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  • 01/30/19--14:00: Stray cow crash in court
  • Stray cow crash in courtStray cow crash in court In what is predicted to be a watershed case, and the first of its kind in Namibia, G4S Cash Solutions Namibia is suing the Roads Authority (RA), along with Brigitte Goases as second respondent, for a road accident that occurred between Windhoek and Rehoboth.

    In its particulars of claim, G4S says its Iveco armoured truck crashed into a dead cow lying in the road at 22:57 on 19 November 2015.

    The company says an earlier collision had occurred “between an unknown truck and Goases's cow, which was roaming the B1 national road.”

    “As a result of the first collision, the cow was killed and remained on the road.”

    The collision with the dead cow caused the armoured truck to swerve into oncoming traffic, crashing into a Scania truck tractor belonging to WP Transport.

    As a result of this crash, G4S says it suffered damages of N$300 065 for damage to its vehicle, assessor's fees, tow-in costs and the cost of an expert to reconstruct the crash.

    Moreover, it says WP Transport instituted proceedings against it for damages of N$1 228 436.86, along with 20% interest and costs, for damage to its truck.

    For this amount, G4S seeks indemnification, saying the RA and Gaoses should be held responsible. The WP Transport matter has been consolidated with the case against the RA and Goases, G4S said.

    According to G4S, Goases was the owner of the cow and by law had a legal responsibility to ensure that the animal did not stray onto the main road by keeping her fences in good order and her gates closed.

    She had a “statutory obligation to maintain the fence in terms of the Roads Ordinance of 1972”.

    This, the security firm says, Goases did not do.

    G4S told the court that the Roads Authority has a “statutory obligation to maintain and repair the cattle grid gate of the D1320 road near Groot Aub”. The RA should have ensured that the fencing around the cattle grid was properly maintained and that the grid did not fill up with sand and stones, G4S argues. It also had to ensure that no stray animals could escape and gain access to the B1 national road.

    Both the RA and Goases deny any culpability and in their pleas put the onus of proof onto G4S.

    On Monday, Judge Herman Oosthuizen postponed the matter to 18 February for case management. Francois Erasmus appears for G4S while Francois Bangamwabo appears for the RA and Trevor Brockerhoff for Goases.


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    Shacks 'election ploy' blastedShacks 'election ploy' blastedPresident, mayor catch flak The president has been slammed for his 'sudden' concern about informal settlements. President Hage Geingob and Windhoek mayor Muesee Kazapua have both come under blistering attack following a media briefing at State House on Tuesday dealing with the hundreds of thousands people living in slum-like conditions throughout Namibia.

    Geingob was even chided on social media for his decision in 2002 to quit former president Sam Nujoma's cabinet, after he had been demoted from prime minister to local government minister, where could have contributed to solving Namibia's housing crisis.

    The head of state's bona fides were also questioned, given that it is an election year, and he has only lately chosen to speak out about the shack “humanitarian crisis”.

    Geingob has denied that Tuesday's media briefing was an election ploy.

    Kazapua, on the other hand, was blasted for calling for a forensic audit to determine whether the shacks actually belonged to those living in them, saying that many of the so-called elite own shacks.

    City of Windhoek officials estimate that at least 131 000 residents live in slum-like conditions in Windhoek's informal settlements, while data from the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia for 2018 indicated that there are 995 000 people living in shacks in 308 informal settlements across the country.

    Former journalist and vocal Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) supporter Nico Smit Junior said on Facebook: “Did you know? In 2002 when former president Sam Nujoma demoted Hage Geingob from prime minister, he (Nujoma) appointed Geingob as minister of regional and local government, housing and rural development, but Geingob believed this post to be beneath him and he then left for the United Nations.”

    “So if informal settlements are so important to Geingob, why did he not take the job that Nujoma gave him in 2002 and back then declared the issue a crisis? It is an election year, and we must be mindful of 'leaders' trying to score cheap political points.”

    Social activist Abes Kaibeb said the president's concern was an election gimmick.

    “What I do not understand is that those corrugated-iron shacks have been standing around Namibia for years, but Geingob was not bothered. He was minster of so many portfolios and in the prime minister's chair for how long, and he did nothing,” he said.

    According to Kaibeb the president paid no special attention to informal settlements during his tenure as head of state so far and another five years will change nothing.

    “How do they want to get rid of the shacks? The mass housing they started was the biggest mess. And we know the government has no money to pay for schools; where will they get the money to replace the shacks?” he asked.

    Political commentator Dr Henning Melber tweeted: “Shacks existed when Geingob became prime minister in 1990 and informal settlements grew ever since then.

    “It took him quite a long time, including close to four years as president, to feel 'offended' by their existence.”

    Geingob, who declared informal settlements a humanitarian crisis his New Year's message, repeated this statement on Tuesday.

    “We have a crisis where human beings are staying in conditions that are unbearable. Some are even security officers who come and guard us in the luxury areas where we are staying. A person who would come from that condition, how will their mental state be? And they also have guns,” Geingob said.

    Responding to Kazapua's call for a shack audit, Melber tweeted: “Well, the rich folks in the posh suburbs may own the shacks but they certainly do not live in them! This simply testifies to the class society in which the haves exploit the have-nots at the margins unscrupulously even further. Does the mayor not get that? It's disgusting.”

    Affirmative Repositioning (AR) leader Job Amupanda suggested that the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) be called in to acquaint the mayor with the findings of a publication titled 'Poverty Dynamics in Namibia'.

    According to AR the mayor's comment revealed his ignorance of the conditions in which the poor live.

    Amupanda is perturbed that the City plans to spend millions on a forensic audit instead of using the money to solve the actual problem and provide housing to shack dwellers.

    He added that the cost of such a forensic audit could easily build more than 100 low-cost houses for the poor.

    “This is not surprising because it is clear that the City of Windhoek did not come with any clear solution to engage, but merely went to State House like congregants going to the church, waiting to receive the holy words from a charismatic reverend.

    “Such is the extent to which the state of land and housing in the country in general and in Windhoek in particular has degenerated. It is very clear that there is no clear solution in sight from these self-serving and self-glorifying elites. We are not idiots and we understand that all these are mere political gimmicks in an election year,” Amupanda said in a statement.


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  • 01/31/19--14:00: Samaria faces Mbakera test
  • Samaria faces Mbakera testSamaria faces Mbakera test The 2018/19 MTC Namibia Premier League (NPL) continues this weekend when Tigers step up to face African Stars at the Sam Nujoma Stadium tonight at 20:00.

    Tigers, coached by Mervin Mbakera, will face the defending NPL champions, coached by Bobby Samaria.

    Stars have a lot of work to do after losing 0-2 to Unam on Wednesday night.

    The team failed to capitalise on their chances, with Samaria saying Stars had performed better in their CAF Champions League preliminary against South Africa's Orlando Pirates and in their recent narrow defeat to Morocco's Raja Casablanca.

    He, however, seems unbothered by Wednesday's display and said they have their eyes set on winning tonight.

    “We need the supporters to lift the team, the boys need you the most,” he said.

    Tigers, who are currently seventh on log, compared to Stars 11th place, are hoping to secure maximum points.

    In other weekend fixtures Okahandja United will face Blue Waters on the home-ground at 16:00, while Julinho Sporting will cross swords with Mighty Gunners at the same time at the Rundu Sport Stadium.


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  • 01/31/19--14:00: Rössing on the horizon
  • Rössing on the horizonRössing on the horizonMarathon event set for 9 February Rössing Uranium is collaborating with Swakop Striders Athletics Club to make this year's event an even more spectacular success. Marathon runners are gearing up for the annual Rössing Marathon, which is slated for 9 February at Swakopmund.

    The event will see Namibia's elite athletes stretching their legs in order to win top prizes.

    Athletics Namibia has given the uranium mine the go ahead to once again stage this important athletics event on the country's sporting calendar.

    The event will consist of various distances, including a 42.2km full marathon race.

    The other distances include a 21km half-marathon and a 10km relay race.

    A 10km run has also been organised, while those willing to walk for fun can participate in the 5km walking category.

    Mathews Mutanya of Zambia won last year's race in a time of 2 hours, 16 minutes and 52 seconds.

    The first Namibian athlete over the line was Tomas Rainhold from the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) sport club. Anna Amutoko won the female category in an astonishing finish at the coastal town.

    The total prize money for the event in 2019 amounted to more than N$100 000.

    The first prize for the marathon is N$10 000 each for the men's and ladies open winners.

    Namibian winners (male and female) will each receive an N$20 000 in-kind as a development bonus, in support of their sporting careers throughout the year.

    Anyone breaking the current records in the male and female open categories will earn an extra

    N$1 000.

    The men's record of 2:11:23 was set by Luketz Swartbooi in 1992.

    The mine is inviting the general public join a scenic 5km fun walk to the beach on the day, with all proceeds going to the Cancer Association of Namibia.

    “The 5km fun walk follows a new, scenic route from the Pro-Ed Akademie sports fields to the beach this year.

    “The coastal community is invited to come out and support the event, which has become popular with social athletes, families and corporate entities for teambuilding and a bit of light exercise in support of a good cause,” the organisers said.

    The fun walk includes a competition for best themed/most original costume, funniest hat, youngest walker (excluding toddlers in prams and pets), oldest walker, tallest walker and cutest pet walker.

    Invited uranium companies in the region will once again compete in a 10km uranium relay event, which is aimed at building friendships among the industry's employees.

    Early entry fees up to 6 February for the marathon and half-marathon are N$80 and N$60 for the 10km run.

    The uranium relay event entry fee is N$100 (per team of two runners).

    Late registration will take place on 8 February 2019 at the venue, from 16:00 to 20:00.

    Jess Jackson Kauraisa

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    KASU Valentine's Cup around the cornerKASU Valentine's Cup around the corner The Katutura Sport Union (KASU) has set aside a total of N$30 000 to host the fifth annual edition of its Valentine's Cup competition slated for 9 February in the capital.

    The tournament is aimed at celebrating the day and promoting sport in Katutura.

    KASU chairperson Kuveri Tjonga told Nampa on Wednesday that of the N$30 000, N$10 000 is for netball, while N$20 000 is for the soccer categories.

    The netball winner will take home N$5 000, a trophy and 12 gold medals, while runners-up will walk away with N$2 500 plus 12 silver medals.

    Each semi-final loser will take home N$1 250.

    The winning team in soccer will pocket N$10 000, a trophy plus 20 gold medals.

    The runners-up will get N$5 000 and 20 silver medals, while the semi-final losers will each pocket N$2 500.

    According to Tjonga, this is an open tournament and all teams are invited to participate except Namibia Premier League (NPL) teams.

    “We will only allow three premier league players per team to boost the morale of the other players,” the chairperson said.

    The registration fee for the tournament is N$1 800 and teams have until 5 February to pay, which is also the date of the draw.

    The draw will take place at Namibia English Primary School at 19:00 in Katutura.

    Chief Keja Football Club from Okondjatu are the defending champions in the football category, while Windhoek-based Truck Team won the netball category last year.

    Khomasdal Stadium and the Katutura Youth Complex are the venues for this year's competition.

    Established in 1992, the KASU aims to develop sport in Katutura through various local sport codes that engage young people in and around Windhoek.


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    Volleyball for All to enthralVolleyball for All to enthralAll systems go for tomorrow's annual spectacle The event is perfectly aligned with Windhoek Draught's brand essence, which is to give and enjoy 100%. The 36th annual Windhoek Draught Volleyball for All tournament will take place at the DTS Club in Olympia tomorrow.

    Windhoek Draught has committed itself to sponsoring the competition which is expected to attract 240 teams.

    Radiowave is still the media partner while Namibia Health Plan (NHP) came on board as the co-sponsor.

    “We are excited to have our main sponsor Windhoek Draught on board again, as well as Radiowave as our media partner, and NHP who decided to continue their co-sponsorship.

    “It is all about sport, fun and having a good time, be it with your family, friends or colleagues. Hartlief with their catering, as well as several other food stalls, will make sure that all the players and supporters are well taken care of,” Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) said in a statement.

    Tasneem Klazen, brand manager of Windhoek Draught, said that NBL, under various brands, has been supporting the tournament for more than 18 years. Windhoek Draught has been the main sponsor for 10 years, helping to shape the tournament into the successful event that it is today.

    “We are proud and very excited to once again be a part of this sought-after event which year after year fills its quota of 240 teams. This event is perfectly aligned with what Windhoek Draught stands for. Our brand essence is to give and enjoy 100%.”

    Klazen said the tournament is an opportunity for Namibians who have a passion for fun and teamwork to challenge one another.

    “It has proven to be an incredible teambuilding tool and the perfect opportunity for corporates to kick off 2019 with a bang or for individual entrants to simply breakaway from a work-loaded mindset and have fun.”

    Klazen added that this year Windhoek Draught brand ambassador, Gazza, will be joining in the fun, having entered his own team to play at the event.

    Also as per each year, Windhoek Draught will be having promotions to reward consumers, as well as specials on Windhoek Draught at the bar.


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    Aalimi yomahangu ya pewa ompito yotango moshilongoAalimi yomahangu ya pewa ompito yotango moshilongo Ehangano lyoKavango East Regional Farmers Union (KERFU) olya tothamo omaupyakadhi ngoka taga ka indika nokuya moshipala aalimi yomahangu opo ya vule okulanditha omahangu gawo koAgro-Marketing and Trade Agency’s (AMTA).

    Kwa indikwa elando lyomahangu okuza pondje yoshilongo


    Omunashipundi gwoKERFU, Adolf Muremi okwa popi ngaaka, pethimbo a ningwa naye oonkundathana konzokundaneki yoNampa kombinga yetokolo lyoAMTA okulanda po omahangu gaanafaalama.

    AMTA, okupitila moNational Strategic Food Reserves, okwa tseyitha oshiwike sha piti kutya otaka landa po omahangu gaanafaalama okuza keteyo lya piti.

    Muremi okwa popi kutya etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa okuya oshipala eeto lyomahangu oshilongo okuza pondje yoshilongo ewanawa noonkondo, molwaashoka otali gandja ompito kaanafaalama yomoshilono opo ya vule okulanditha po omahangu gawo.

    Okwa popi kutya nonando ndyoka etokolo ewanawa nompito ombwaanawa kaanafaalama yomoshilongo, okwa popi kutya ope na omaupyakadhi gamwe po ngoka taga ka ya moshipala aanafaalama yomoshilongo opo ya vule okulanditha po omahangu gawo kuAMTA, unene mboka ye li kokule noompungululo.

    Okwa popi kutya iiyenditho yokufala omahangu koompungulilo ndhoka oyo tayi ka kala omukundu omunene.

    Muremi okwa gandja omayele opo AMTA a kale nomahala gopakathimbo mpoka aanafaalama taya vulu okufala omahangu gawo, na okwa tsu omukumo aanafaalama mboka ye na iiyenditho opo ya longithe ompito ndjoka nokukalanditha po omahangu gawo kehangano ndyoka.

    AMTA okwa tseyitha woo kutya uuministeli wuunamapya owa gandja kehangano ndyoka iimaliwa mbyoka ya pumbiwa opo yi vule okulanda ko omahangu kaakwashigwana, go ga vule okupungulwa, moompungulilo dhuuministeli ndhoka tadhi silwa oshisho kehangano lyaAMTA.

    Nonando ongaaka ehangano olya tseyitha kutya aanafaalama mboka taya landitha po omahangu gawo naya kwashilipaleke kutya oga yela go kage na uupuka.

    Uuministeli owa tula miilonga eindiko lyokulanda omahangu pondje yoshilongo sigo kwa landwa po omahangu ngoka ge li mokati kaanafaalama yomoshilondo, naamboka haya tsu nokulanditha omausila oya pulwa opo ya lande omahangu gawo okuza kaanafaalama yomoshilongo.

    Omunambelewa gwa AMTA e na oshinakugwanithwa shokusila oshisho iitopolwa yaKavango, Thomas Konstantin, okwa popi kutya omahala gopakathimbo ngoka taga popiwa otashi vulika gaka kale itaga vulu okuningwa omolwa omvula, molwaashoka kape na iinima yokupungula iilya mbyoka.

    “Otwa pumbwa iinima yokupungula omahangu getu.

    Nonando ongaaka okwa popi kutya aanafaalama otaya vulu okuya pomahala ngaashi Omega, Shadikongoro oshowo Shitemo Green Scheme mpoka pe na oompungulilo.

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    Roads Authority a falwa kompanguRoads Authority a falwa kompangu YANNA SMITH

    Moshipotha shoka tashi ka kala shotango sholudhi ndoka mondjokonona yaNamibia, ehangano lyoG4S Cash Solutions Namibia olya tokola okufutitha ehangano lyoRoads Authority (RA), opamwe naBrigitte Goases omolwa oshiponga shomondjila shoka sha holoka pokati kaVenduka naRehoboth.

    G4S okwa popi kutya ombesa ye yoIveco oyiidhenge mongombe ya sa ndjoka ya li ya lala mondjila pokati kotundi onti 22:57 momasiku 19 Novemba 2015.

    Ehangano olya popi kutya okwa li kwa ningwa oshiponga shotango moka ololi yiidhinge mongombe yaGoases ndjoka yaadhika tayi enda enda mondjila yoB1 na oya dhipagwa moshiponga shoka ihe oya kala owala yeethiwa yi kale mopate.

    Oshiponga oshitiyali osha etitha ohauto ndjoka yiidhenge mohauto ya li komeho yawo yehangano lyoWP Transport.

    Onga oshizemo shoshiponga shoka, G4S okwa popi kutya okwa futu oshimaliwa sha thika poN$300 065 omolwa eyonagulo kohauto yawo ndjoka mwakwatelwa iifuta yokunana po ehauto okuza pehala lyoshiponga.

    Natango WP Transport ota pula ehangano ndyoka opo li mu fute oshimaliwa sha thika pooN$1 228 436.86, mwakwatelwa iishoshela yoopresenda 20, omolwa eyonagulo lya ningilwa eloli lyawo.

    G4S ota gandja uusama kuRA oshowo Gaoses kutya oyo ya pumbwa okupewa uusama moshiningwanima shoka.

    Pahapu dhaG4S, Goases oye mwene gwongombe ndjoka nompango oye mu pa oshinakugwanithwa shokukwashilipaleka kutya iimuna ye inayi kala mopate yaayehe paku kaleka oloogolo lwe monkalo yi li nawa.

    Oya popi kutya shoka otashi uthwa kompango yoRoads Ordinance yomo 1972.

    G4S okwa lombwele ompangu kutya RA oku na oshinakugwanithwa shokupangela omweelo gokamba yiimuna mondjila yo D1320 popepi noGroot Aub.

    Ehangano ndyoka olya popi kutya RA oku na oshinakugwanithwa shokukwashilipaleka kutya oloogolo ndoka olya longwa nawa niimuna itayi vulu okuza mo opo yi ka kale mondjila yaayehe.

    Ayehe RA oshowo Goases oya tindi okuzimina ondjo moshiningwanima shoka.

    Momaandaha omupanguli Herman Oosthuizen okwa undulile oshipotha shika komasiku 18 gaFebruali. Francois Erasmus ota kalelepo paveta G4S omanga Francois Bangamwabo ta kalelepo RA na Trevor Brockerhoff ota kalelepo Goases.

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    Pohamba ta nkondopeke aakiintuPohamba ta nkondopeke aakiintu ILENI NANDJATO

    Omunyekadhi nale gwaNamibia, Penehupifo Pohamba okwa popi kutya ekondjo lyokuyambulapo aakiintu oli li oshinakugwanithwa shomuntu kehe.

    Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust (PPCT) otayi kongo kuume gwopangeshefa moshikondo shokulonga iinima yokwiimumaamumitha komalutu, opo ya totepo ofakitoli yokulonga iilongomwa mbyoka mondoolopa yEenhana.

    Mwene gwehangano ndyoka, Penehupifo Pohamba, okwa tseyitha ngaaka mEtitatu lyoshiwike shika mEenhana omanga a tambula omagano okuza kaanangeshefa AaChina. Aanangeshefa mboka oya gandja omagano giikwanipangitho yomoombelewa gongushu yooN$15 130.

    Chinam Agriculture Development, Jerson Audio Manufactures, B.H. Complex China oshowo Sport Man Complex China Shop oya gandja omagano ngoka oshowo ekutu li na oshimaliwa taku fekelwa shooN$4 000, ihe omwaalu gwolela inagu tseyithwa.

    Erickson Mwanyangapo okwa gandja omagano gomiti mbali dha nuninwa oombelewa dhehangano ndyoka lyomunyekadhi nale.

    Omunambelewa Omukuluntu gwOndoolopa yEenhana, Walde Ndevashiya oshowo Omunashipundi gwehangano ndyoka, Vilho Nghipondoka oya kala poshituthi shoka she gandjo lyomagano.

    Pohamba okwa popi kutya ombelewa yoPPCT oya patululwa omvula ya piti, ihe kayi na iikwathitho yomombelewa.

    Oya pula nduno ekwatho okuza kookume kawo AaChina mboka ya yamukula.

    Pohamba okwa popi kutya elelo lyondoolopa ndjoka, olya gandja ehala mpoka tapu tungwa ofakitoli ndjoka onkene otaya kongo nduno ookume mongeshefa opo ondjodhi ndjoka yi ninge yoshili yo ya vule okutidhila kokule oluhepo nokutotapo oompito dhiilonga.

    Pohamba okwa tsikile kutya oshi li oshinakugwanithwa shomuntu kehe opo a yambulepo aakiintu omolwa einekelo kutya ngele okwa nkondopekwa aakiintu nena okwa nkondopekwa oshigwana.

    Okwa ti elalakano kali shi we shilwe kashi shi okuyambulapo oonkalo dhaakwashigwana paliko naashoka osho shi li oshilalakanena shotango shehangano lyawo.

    Iizemo ya hugunina okukwashilipaleka kutya aathigona oshowo aakiintu oya mona oompito ombwaanawa nokumona omauwanawa okupitila moonzo dhopaushitwe.

    Okwa pula woo opo ya pewe omayambidhidho opo ya manithe ombelewa yawo.


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    Tjivikua says he was threatenedTjivikua says he was threatenedSoured land deal leads to 'slander' A land development deal that turned sour has ended up in a defamation matter in the High Court. The defamation matter between Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) vice-chancellor Tjama Tjivikua and businessman Tommy Tjaronda, emanating from a soured City of Windhoek land deal, made another turn in the High Court Wednesday.

    Tjivikua claims that Tjaranda not only badmouthed him on social media, but intimidated and threatened him to extort money.

    Tjivikua and his wife, Neavera, filed for an urgent court order last year to stop Tjaronda from further damaging their reputations on social media.

    The parties appeared on Wednesday before Judge Harold Geier for a status hearing after mediation failed last year.

    Demanded N$2m

    Tjivikua indicated he will bring a defamation action against Tjaronda ten days after the status hearing, while Tjaronda said he will launch a counterclaim.

    Tjivikua said Tjaronda is demanding N$2 million for a deal that has not been fully realised.

    According to Tjivikua's founding affidavit, Waterberg Investments submitted a tender to the City of Windhoek around 2015 to purchase and develop a property in Khomasdal measuring 10 301 square metres.

    The company, owned by Tjivikua, was allocated the property, which has a purchase price of about N$20 million. The company proposed to develop the property in phases - residential units (phase 1), commercial units (phase 2) and a service station (phase 3). According to Tjivikua, sometime after the land allocation Tjaronda approached him to inform him he had financiers.

    He said no terms of payment were initially discussed.

    According to him, Tjaronda introduced him to two promoters of Convic, a property development company that was willing to fund the project.

    He said towards the final stages of the negotiations with Convic, Tjaronda approached him to discuss payment for his middleman services.

    It was agreed that Tjaronda should be paid 7% of the profit, due and payable to him after the completion of phase 1. The estimated profit after phase 1 was N$8 million.

    Deal collapsed

    According to Tjivikua the land purchasing deal collapsed, but upon engaging his lawyers, he won back the land from the City.

    Tjaronda then introduced him to a certain I-Chaun Kuo and others as financiers, who own Dynotronics Property Investments.

    With regard to the new agreement Tjaronda would be paid a 3% commission.

    However, Tjivikua claims that the financing agreement did not go ahead as planned and he had to provide the N$8 million to transfer the property from the municipality.


    “Once more this agreement collapsed because Dynotronics did not provide all the funding necessary to acquire the property from the City of Windhoek, nor did they commence with phase 1 as agreed. Instead, Waterberg Investments was obliged to partly fund the acquisition of the project (sic).” Tjivikua said phase 1 one did not proceed as agreed and sometime in February 2017, Tjaronda began demanding money.

    “I informed him at that time, that the agreement was still in the process of being implemented and that he must, at the very least, wait until the property is transferred and the construction of phase 1 is initiated,” said Tjivikua.

    “Towards the middle of 2017 the telephone calls from Tjaronda intensified, followed by episodes of complete lunacy and rudeness.”

    According to Tjivikua, Tjaronda started demanding 10% of the property's purchase price, approximately N$2 million.

    “Tjaronda became extremely rude on the phone and would often swear at me. He became very aggressive and forceful on the phone, demanding an upfront payment, which made no sense at all.”

    Tjivikua said he blocked several of Tjaronda's numbers, as he had resorted to using other cellphones.

    Threats and intimidation

    He said towards December 2017, it became apparent that the financier did not have sufficient funding and the entire deal collapsed.

    “He continued to intimidate and threaten me and tried to extort money out of me. He would contact politicians and others and inform them that I had cheated him out of money.”

    Tjivikua also claims that Tjaronda behaved rudely towards his wife and spread rumours, while trying to get the transfer of the property cancelled. In a Facebook post on 6 October last year Tjaronda is said to have accused the Tjivikuas of being crooks, who resorted to bullying tactics “with their perceived political power”.

    Tjivikua was also allegedly warned that he would be dealt with politically. He said Tjaronda's slanderous and defamatory Facebook and Twitter posts had gone viral.

    The Tjivikuas want the court to order Tjaronda to remove all the defamatory statements he posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    In his answering affidavit, Tjaronda said the statements he had made are fair comments under the circumstances. He further denied that any of the statements made on social media are unfounded, untruthful or defamatory.

    He said his statements are a reproduction of what had been carried in the media and online reports.

    He said he had been introduced to Tjivikua by his uncle at a time when he (Tjivikua) was struggling to raise funds to secure the erf.

    “Together with my partner (Diego Majiedt), we saw an opportunity to structure a deal for the applicants and also earn fees for our efforts.

    “Unfortunately, the applicants did not turn out to be persons on whose word one can rely. The applicants have sought to cheat myself and my partner,” Tjaronda claimed.

    The matter has been postponed to 13 February. In 2016 the High Court issued a gagging order against Tjaronda and his then girlfriend, who had taken to social media to accuse M&Z of ignoring their complaints.


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    Swapo elders condemn youth league behaviourSwapo elders condemn youth league behaviour The Swapo Party Elders' Council (SPEC) said it is disturbed by the improper behaviour of some of the party youth league members who use inappropriate language towards elders and others on various media platforms.

    SPEC secretary Mukwaita Shanyengana issued a press statement and said the youth's behaviour is unacceptable.

    Shanyengana said he wished young people could use their acquired skills to improve the economic situation in the country and not resort to hate speech and insulting elders.

    “We wish that our youth will use their education skills like the PhD degrees and others to tirelessly research on the much-needed industries of manufacturing, skills transfer and value addition to our raw materials to counter the economic challenges,” said Shanyengana.

    He said the party cannot entertain “entrepreneurs of derogatory behaviour, divide and rule, swearing at elders and other people as if the party mandated them to do so”.

    “Elders and other people are not the real enemy but most of the time are people with well-deserved experience and who want to transfer that wisdom and accountability with the blessings of good discipline and mutual respect for others,” explained Shanyengana.

    He added that Swapo members should conduct party business in line with the party constitution organs and structures.

    “People should distinguish between democracy, discipline and accountability whilst respecting the rights of other citizens with limitation, as per our constitution,” stressed Shanyengana.

    He further noted that all elders are expected to continue giving guidance and advice to the youth as part of their obligation to mould them as future leaders.

    Shanyengana is also the special advisor to the vice-president on elders, veterans, marginalised communities and the disabled.

    RESPECT ALL: The secretary of Swapo Party Elders Council, Mukwaita Shanyengana. PHOTO: NAMPA

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  • 01/31/19--14:00: Auntie Nangy
  • Auntie NangyAuntie Nangy Looking for love

    ?Dear Auntie Nangy, Please help me. I am looking for a lovely man to be in a relationship with. He must be between 28-30 years working and have his own place.

    ?Hi there. Please know that Auntie Nangy does not hook people up. Auntie Nangy is here simply to listen to your problems and find possible solutions. Helping you find a partner is however not one of the things I can help with.

    There are alternatives such as going to a coffee shop, restaurant or hangout spots where you can find a companion. There are also apps that one can use to connect with other people in similar situations. Please be careful with all these methods, don't show that you are desperate and don't just take any men that approach you. First learn about them and do all the necessary background checks before you commit. I wish you all the best.

    Side-chick, let go

    ?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am in love with a guy who I dated for about a month now. He told me that he has a girlfriend before we started dating. I'm very in love with him but it seems like he is no longer interested. Luckily we did not have sex yet but I was planning to do that though. Should I let him know about my feelings or what should I do? I'm confused. Please help.

    ?Oh dear me. So you, in your right state of mind, dated someone who you know is in a relationship? What was going through your mind not to think that this man will go back to his main eventually?

    Well, now that it has happened you can only know better for next time. Telling him about your feelings will make you weak against him and he can play with your feelings. There is no guarantee that he will leave his other girlfriend for you if he has not done it already. I say let go. Try to get a life and go and live it. You will find someone more deserving.

    In love and scared

    ?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am 18 years old and I have a guy I found on Facebook but he is not a Namibian.

    He is from Germany and he told me that he has fallen in love with me too. He is coming here. Do you think I should meet him?

    ?I know there are many people who met online and the romance ended in a permanent relationship or marriage.

    However, many more have fallen in love online and have become rape or even murder victims. The internet is now a platform for the commission of many heinous crimes. Just make sure a relative or friend of yours is with you when he comes and that you tell them about your every move.

    There are criminals searching the internet every day. You have to be very, very careful. Otherwise treat him with caution. He could be in a human trafficking gang and is that what you want?

    Don't want to be alone

    ?Dear Auntie, I have problem with my life. I'm 26 years old, I don't drink smoke or use drugs. I'm a smart man, I do every buy myself and I am good in bed too.

    I am failing to understand why no woman wants to be with me. What must I do?

    ?Put in the work, ask yourself whether you are approachable, do some soul-searching to see whether you are confident or arrogant, because there's a difference.

    Then ask yourself what your type is. What Auntie knows for sure is that everyone is attractive; some just learned to hide that, or cover it with often unattractive tendencies.

    Too much love

    ?Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a young man of 18 and I have a problem. I have proposed to a girl who is also 18 and she did not want to me. What can I do so she agrees to date me?

    ?First of all, you sound very creepy. Secondly you can't force someone to like you and date you. Looking at how aggressive your text is, you probably came off too strong and scared her.

    You need to go back to the drawing board and reassess your approach. Try to charm her while you are being yourself.

    I'm sure she will change her mind and like you back. This is supposed to be fun, so relax a bit.

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    Jussie Smollett assault possible hate crimeJussie Smollett assault possible hate crime Two men attacked African American actor Jussie Smollett in Chicago, Illinois, placing a noose around his neck and yelling homophobic and racist slurs.

    Smollett, 36, was attacked at around 02:00 on Tuesday, according to reports.

    Police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

    The attackers allegedly beat Smollett and then poured a chemical substance on him, placing the rope around his neck as if they were going to hang him, according to police.

    As of 10:00, 29 January, detectives canvassed and reviewed hundreds of hours of video and have now expanded the search area along the Chicago riverfront hoping to find video to be able to release a public description of the offenders, police said in a statement.

    “Unfortunately, thus far we have not found any helpful information on a suspect or a suspect's vehicle to be able to share.” Chicago police added, “Given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime.”

    Smollett, who is gay, stars on the Fox show Empire as character Jamal Lyon, a singer songwriter who is also gay. The actor said that his attackers screamed 'MAGA country' as they got away, a reference to US President Donald Trump's slogan 'Make American great again'.


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  • 01/31/19--14:00: Bigger and better in 2019
  • Bigger and better in 2019Bigger and better in 2019Big Ben concert date and venue set A musical concert by Namibia's greatest, aimed at sending away the Janu-worry blues. Big Ben, hailed as one of the top live performing artists in Namibia, is once again throwing a concert to welcome music lovers to 2019. The aim of the concert is to help keDezemba lovers forget their Janu-worry blues. The talented and versatile musician, who hosted his concert last year at the Warehouse Theatre, says this year's event will be different in many forms, making it bigger and better.

    “It's a different year and people will be coming for different reasons too. Some will come because they have issues they want to forget just for the night whilst others will come just because they want to dance for the night,” he said.

    Last year, due to limited space in the Warehouse Theatre, some fans who had bought tickets missed out. This year, he opted for a bigger venue, Zoo Park, which can accommodate more people. Another difference from last year's concert is him having comedian Slick the Dick to perform and MC the event, something rarely done at musical events.

    “At some point we have to be able to collaborate across industries and be able to have designers, poets and actors at a concert instead of the many more artists.

    “I have not yet tried this and I am very excited to cross-collaborate with Slick the Dick,” said Big Ben.

    Other acts to be featured on the night are duo Ethnix who will share the stage with Big Ben, his legendary band and the latest addition his dancers, Selina Ashipala and Marshia Weendama.

    Big Ben, who released his latest album titled 102, will also use this platform to officially launch it as well.

    “The dream is to make the concerts a tradition at the beginning of every year. Namibians are hungry for entertainment every season of the year whether it is the beginning of the year or the end of it,” he said.

    Tickets are selling for N$100 on Webtickets and for N$150 at the gate. The concert is on 2 March at Zoo Park.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 01/31/19--14:00: Celebrating a legend
  • Celebrating a legendCelebrating a legendOliver Tuku Mtukudzi - a tribute concert in Windhoek Join the best of the best in music as they send off a star in style. Windhoek residents will officially be saying goodbye to legendary Zimbabwean artist Oliver Mtukudzi next week Friday as local artists will be hosting a tribute concert.

    This week, tjil caught up with singer Slickartie who had personal encounters with Tuku, as he was affectionately known as, and speaks about the kind of person he was and the legacy he leaves behind. The concert will be at the Warehouse Theatre and artists such as Ashwyn Mberi, Elemotho, Jackson Wahengo and Ras Sheehama will join Mashura on stage with Slickartie.

    tjil (j): What was your first encounter with Oliver Mtukudzi like?

    Slickartie (S): My first encounter with Oliver was at my uncle's wedding. I met him again at a book cafe where he had a gig. I had been hearing him on the radio ever since I was kid; I was raised by his music then met him in person later.

    t: From who Oliver Mtukudzi was, what would you say is the role of an artist in society?

    S: The role of an artist in the community is to be the voice of the voiceless, to speak for those who are not listened to. An artist has a very big role in society and one has to take this seriously because you have to address problems and teach morals through your art. Oliver ended up being a national hero because of his teachings.

    t: What lessons do you treasure from him?

    S: Him being a mentor. Tuku never saw himself as a superstar, he was forever teaching and when he saw young artists doing well he always gave free advice.

    The memory I will always cherish was when I opened at his concert at Zoo Park and having to sing before he came on stage was very special. It so happened that I finished and people wanted me back on stage and he was already standing behind with his guitar but he said I should continue. That was phenomenal.

    t: Why should anyone come out to the concert?

    S: Who wouldn't want to come celebrate his music? The show is free because he was a free man, his music didn't have a border so why not give him a beautiful send-off and celebrate his wonderful music with his fans? His music will stay for generations to come so I believe if anyone loved Tuku they will come.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Namibian trio slay once again at the Sun MetNamibian trio slay once again at the Sun Met Celebrities turned out in their numbers for the 157th annual Sun Met that took place last weekend.

    The theme for the extravagant event, held at the Kenilworth racecourse, was precious metals. Usain Bolt returned this year after making headlines last year when he arrived in a helicopter.

    Namibian firecrackers and fashion lovers Reinhard Mahalie, Jay Aeron and Rumano Fabrish were amongst the attendees of the prestigious event. Attending the Sun Met for the second year, the three slayers say they look forward to the day Namibia hosts a similar event.

    “It's a horseracing event but it gets overpowered by fashion and everybody rocks up in garments that turn heads. It's basically going to play poker, showing up in style and in slay. It would be amazing to have something like this here but most of the Namibian clan are not risk takers within the fashion sphere,” said Aeron.

    The theme was precious metals and although some celebrities were dressed accordingly, many others seemed to be out of place. This year, the trio where draped in House of Cyndie purple garments. South African media personality Minnie Dlamini-Jones turned heads in a dress by Gert-Johan Coetzee, while former Miss South Africa and Miss World Rolene Strauss wore a gold dress. Other celebrities who attended the event included Boity Thulo, Mafikizolo and Tamaryn Green.

    June Shimuoshili

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