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  • 09/11/18--15:00: Oshikango still on its knees
  • Oshikango still on its kneesOshikango still on its kneesAngolan currency deal fails to revive ailing border town The Oshikango business community is now calling for a trade agreement to supplement the currency deal, which has failed to revive the ailing border town. The 2014 currency-conversion agreement between the Bank of Namibia (BoN) and the Angolan central bank has failed to revive the once thriving trade at the border town of Oshikango.

    The Oshikango business community is now calling for a trade agreement to supplement the currency agreement. Oshikango was once the busiest border town in the country but in the 2010s it became a ghost town as cross-border business with Angolans, which ten years ago generated about half a billion dollars a month, all but collapsed.

    This was a source of concern to the BoN. After doing research it found that trade between the two countries used to be conducted in US dollars, and that a shortage of that currency had caused a decline in trade.

    This prompted the Namibian central bank to negotiate the currency-conversion agreement with the Banco Nacional de Angola.

    The agreement allows people to legally export either Namibia dollars to Angola, or Angola kwanza to Namibia, and exchange them for local currency for trading purposes.

    The managing director of International Commercial and Oshikango Bonded Warehouse, Ayman Hijazi, told Namibian Sun that the economic slump at Oshikango had not improved in the four years since this agreement.

    “The situation remains the same and due to the current economic situation in the two countries very few people are buying, and also in less quantity, than in the past,” says Hijazi.

    “Due to this effect on the buying power many businesses are suffering and cannot pay employees' salaries and other business commitments.”

    Hijazi said there are some Angolan customers who are willing to buy their products, but they are being failed by their banking system which cannot provide enough cash. He said they had proposed to the BoN to consider a suitable electronic payment system between the two countries.

    The exchange rate has also gone down; N$10 can only buy 185.99 kwanza at the moment, he said.

    “There are customers coming in requesting quotations but once they go to their commercial banks in Angola to release money it becomes a problem. Their banking transfer system is a challenge and it frustrates, while their credit cards are also limited. We are losing out on potential buyers in that way,” he said.

    “This agreement must be revised. It must be a trade agreement instead of a mere currency-conversion agreement.”

    The chairperson of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) northern branch, Tomas Koneka Iindji, says although many Namibians also flock to Oshikango to buy goods, most of the items are destined for export and cannot be sold locally. “Many businesses at Oshikango, which falls under the Helao Nafidi town council, are warehouse bonded. That place is part of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) regime. Trading activities are aimed for the export and not the local market,” says Indji. Indji urges the business community at Oshikango to stay put while the NCCI and the Helao Nafidi town council explore alternative measures to rescue the local economy.


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    NIMT ­retrenchment letters recalledNIMT ­retrenchment letters recalled There will be no layoffs at campuses of the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), as there was never a resolution taken by the board on this matter.

    The 44 employees who received retrenchment letters by NIMT are to report back to duty.

    This is according to a statement issued by the higher education ministry following a visit by the minister Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi to the NIMT campus at Arandis and the northern campus.

    She will today visit the NIMT campus in the south to address management and staff on the issue of retrenchments. According to the statement Kandjii-Murangi informed staff that it was an unfortunate incident that 44 employees of NIMT were served with retrenchment letters.

    She said after reading about the retrenchments at NIMT, she approached some trustees of the NIMT board. The trustees confirmed that there had been no board resolution on layoffs, although NIMT management had presented to them the financial challenges the institution was facing, as well as a proposal on cost-cutting measures. “In principle the trustees accepted that given the current financial challenges the institution was facing, it was prudent for management to implement cost-cutting measures and get back to the trustees with more detailed cost-cutting proposals,” the ministry said. The statement said the minister directed management to reinstate the retrenched employees and to request them to report back for duty immediately. Kandjii-Murangi emphasised the important role institutions such as NIMT is playing in developing vocational and technical skills needed for Namibia to attain Vision 2030 and to address unemployment and poverty.

    She said the government would not allow institutions such as NIMT to go under.

    She assured management and staff that the ministry was aware of the financial problems at some of the agencies falling under the ministry, and that it was consulting with the finance ministry to see how the situation could be remedied.

    The minister appealed to management and staff to become more innovative and to cut costs at NIMT campuses.

    She said layoffs should be the last resort, adding that other institutions of higher learning were facing similar challenges.

    “The ministry is constantly in contact with all its institutions pertaining to funding to find an amicable solution,” said the statement.

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    Expropriation on land conference agendaExpropriation on land conference agenda The country's second national land conference will discuss the expropriation of commercial agricultural land in the public interest, as well as restitution for ancestral land claims.

    This was confirmed by Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila during the unveiling of the official conference logo on Monday.

    She said the conference, slated for 1 to 5 October, will in particular seek to address the structure of land ownership in Namibia.

    It will also deliberate on what government can do further to fast-track the implementation of the 1991 land conference resolutions and related issues stemming from its post-independence land reform programme.

    According to Kuugongelwa-Amadhila the logo represents Namibia as a living space for everyone, as well as its territorial boundaries.

    The national colours represent the vegetation, the fauna and flora, the blood of the country's heroes and heroines and its rich marine and aquatic natural resources, while Namibian sun rising from the east represents the source of energy that gives life to the country's natural environment.

    “The livestock and the cob of corn represent the agricultural potential of our land. The person working means whoever has access to land should work to contribute to the national economy; and the kudu represents our precious wildlife and reminds us to protect and conserve our environment for future generations and for the growth of our tourism sector,” the prime minister said.

    Other issues to be discussed includes the willing buyer, willing seller principle, urban land reform and resettlement criteria, as well as the veterinary cordon fence, known as the red line. “As we informed you earlier, the high-level committee was inaugurated and the preparations for the conference are underway. I am pleased to inform you that the government conducted regional consultation workshops between 19 and 27 July this year, to ensure broader participation and inclusivity on matters related to land reform and administration,” she said. According to Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, the reports from the regional consultations will serve as resource materials to inform deliberations.

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    Taxi union wants to challenge lawTaxi union wants to challenge lawNTTU starts raising funds for legal costs A union representing taxi drivers wants to challenge the transport­ law in court for a number­ of reasons. The Namibia Transport and Taxi Union (NTTU) will make a down payment to engage lawyers within the next two weeks to tackle a number of issues, including lack of regulations protecting taxi drivers and a transportation law they describe as unconstitutional and discriminating against taxi drivers.

    Union boss Werner Januarie says he has withdrawn N$2 000 this week and begun to scout around for lawyers willing to challenge what he deems are unconstitutional clauses in the Road Traffic and Transport Act, including phrasing that includes terms such as “servant” within the permit regulations.

    Januarie says another N$5 500 has been deposited into the NTTU account to pay for legal advice.

    “The biggest priority right now is to make sure that the 1977 Act is thrown out so that we can come up with new regulations in order to set the industry at higher standards. I think this will solve all the problems we face currently,” he says.

    Nevertheless, the union accepts that taking on a legal battle will be costly. To raise funds, it has compiled a comprehensive taxi fare pricelist reflecting the recent 20% increase, which includes details on the cost of transporting extra loads.

    The price list is being sold for N$95. According to Januarie about 100 drivers have bought it so far.

    He says it will help to avoid conflict over fares and is in line with regulations stipulating that taxi drivers need to have a list handy at all times.

    Januarie says if taxi drivers are serious about changing their lot, and agree to assist the union in their mission to take their issues to court, they all need to chip in.

    “Those not on the buyer's register, we will deal with them. The people who have been registered as having bought the list, they will receive additional benefits from the union.”

    As part of the legal battle, one or more taxi drivers with outstanding traffic fines will be selected. Their fines will be paid by the union in an effort to demonstrate the challenges faced by the sector.

    Januarie says one of their grievances is the fact that taxi drivers are fined, and not the taxi owners.

    He says the law and permit conditions refer to the “holders of permits”, who are the owners of the taxis.

    “What we want to do with the legal case is to have the traffic fines shifted from the driver and instead issued to the owners. The drivers will no longer be responsible for traffic fines, and the owners can deal with those.”

    He adds that the law and permit conditions refer to drivers as “servants”, instead of employees.

    “The court must find that to be unlawful. There is no law regulating servants. Drivers must be regarded and declared as employees.”

    He says servants are beholden to, and must obey, a master. “It's a master-and-servant relationship. The bosses can do whatever they please.”

    Januarie believes changing the way taxi drivers are legally described would help when negotiating better conditions of employment for taxi drivers.

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  • 09/11/18--15:00: Jobs, jobs, jobs
  • Jobs, jobs, jobsJobs, jobs, jobs As Namibia digests the N$10 billion funding facility offer put on the table by China, which will be paid over a five-year period, according to finance minister Calle Schlettwein, hope arises of a clear-cut economic rejuvenation plan.

    The country has been shedding jobs like a hairy dog on a couch, and the pain and suffering of ordinary Namibian families has become more and more tangible.

    Now that we have crept further into bed with the Chinese, and we have to accept that government will be taking them up on their funding offer, an economic recovery blueprint has become paramount.

    The pervasive fear is that large infrastructure projects will simply benefit our so-called benefactors, the Chinese and their state companies, as well as the usual tenderpreneur suspects, who are currently aligned with the powers that be.

    A reform package to spur growth must identify key sectors that government needs to stimulate.

    Namibia will remain with a begging bowl in its hands, if it continues to pay lip service to industrialisation.

    Value addition cannot simply remain a talk shop; we are being forced to borrow, because we are still shipping our resources overseas without secondary and tertiary industrial processing. We will never be able to compete or even negotiate on an equal footing, if we remain a basic provider of materials that other nations turn into products, which are then shipped back to us.

    About 60 000 jobs were lost across the economy during the 2016/17 financial year, according to a report submitted to parliament by the Employment Equity Commission in March.

    Unemployment continues to skyrocket, while we scrounge around for loans. Namibia’s days as a supplier of raw commodities must become numbered.

    The talk of economic recovery must be backed up with consultations around job creation and retention. The youth must be empowered with the Chinese billions on the table.

    This critical and challenging phase in our democracy needs to be underpinned by economic recovery and not just billion-dollar projects that enrich the few.

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    China seeks WTO backing for US sanctionsChina seeks WTO backing for US sanctions China will ask the World Trade Organisation (WTO) next week for permission to impose sanctions on the United States, for Washington's non-compliance with a ruling in a dispute over US dumping duties, a WTO meeting agenda showed yesterday. The request is likely to lead to years of legal wrangling over the case for sanctions and the amount. China initiated the dispute in 2013, complaining about US dumping duties on several industries including machinery and electronics, light industry, metals and minerals, with an annual export value of up to US$8.4 billion. It won a WTO ruling in 2016, which was confirmed by an appeal last year. China told the WTO last month that the deadline for the United States to comply with the ruling expired on Aug. 22. Photo Nampa/Reuters

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    Inquest into death of top spyInquest into death of top spy The police are investigating the death of a top intelligence official, whose body was found with a single shotgun wound to the head.

    Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi confirmed that an inquest docket was opened following the discovery of the body of Paulus Tshilunga (56) early yesterday.

    Tshilunga's body was found in his Toyota Land Cruiser near the Daan Viljoen roadblock.

    “A police officer who lives in the same area observed the abandoned vehicle and upon closer inspection he found the body of Tshilunga. He had shot himself with his own licensed firearm,” Shikwambi said.

    The Namibian Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) boss, Phillemon Malima, yesterday refused to comment on Tshilunga's death.

    Namibian Sun understands Tshilunga was the subject of an ongoing in-camera hearing into alleged fraud involving N$17 million.

    According to media reports he had been released on N$40 000 bail and was to appear in court again on 18 October.


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    Loans come with Chinese workers, materials, warns local economistLoans come with Chinese workers, materials, warns local economist Economics professor Roman Grynberg has sounded a warning regarding the N$10 billion loan facility being offered by the Chinese government to Namibia.

    “When similar levels of infrastructure were developed in America, Europe and Asia, it created demand for metals such as steel, copper nickel, etc. But all of these will be made in China, not in Africa and all the jobs will be for Chinese workers and Chinese construction companies. No backward linkages are the problem for Namibia and all of Africa,” Grynberg said.

    “The real issue is whether this and all the other infrastructure development occurring around Africa is intended to aid in China or Africa's development.”

    Grynberg said further government has no choice but to upgrade the ­Hosea Kutako International Airport.

    “We either upgrade or face a major loss of forex earnings.”

    Grynberg was responding to the confirmation of N$10 billion Chinese loan package offered to Namibia at the just-ended Forum on Africa-China Cooperation (FOCAC) summit.

    China has put on the table US$60 billion in total, to finance African infrastructure projects under its Belt and Road Initiative.

    Independent analyst Klaus Schade said there was a definite need to upgrade Namibia's infrastructure.

    “That does not only include transport infrastructure, but also water, electricity, communication, health and education (infrastructure), for instance,” Schade said.

    “The loans could have a positive impact on domestic economic growth, if the result is an increase in demand for domestic goods and services and creates additional employment. These are some of the factors that need to be taken into account when deciding whether to make use of the loans: the projects to be financed by the loans and the timing of the loans.”

    Finance minister Calle Schlettwein said on Monday at a State House briefing that government is yet to decide whether it would accept the loan package. According to him, the Chinese loan facility is very competitive in comparison to loans from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Eurobonds that Namibia has issued.

    Rating agency Moody's recently voiced its concern over the rate at which Namibia is accumulating debt.

    “Namibia's fiscal strength has weakened in recent years. Although government debt to gross domestic product, at slightly more than 40% in the financial year 2017/18, remains moderate relative to its regional peers, the pace of debt accumulation has been rapid in recent years,” Moody's said.


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  • 09/11/18--15:00: MPs face Facebook crackdown
  • MPs face Facebook crackdownMPs face Facebook crackdownYouTube, email also ‘abused’ Following a previous memo threatening that Facebook­ and YouTube would be blocked, MPs were yesterday­ again castigated for their abuse of parliament's­ internet bandwidth. MPs and parliamentary staff have been rapped over the knuckles for abusing bandwidth to surf Facebook and watch YouTube videos.

    They also stand accused of using their official email as socialising and chit-chat platform.

    Director of library and computer services, John Shimaneni, fired off an internal memo yesterday to all users of parliament's internet domain to alert them to the abuse.

    “Currently we don't know exactly who is using it. We will monitor to see who the culprits are,” said Shimaneni.

    In his memo, sent out to all parliament staff, managers, and MPs, Shimaneni cautioned there is too much surfing traffic to YouTube and Facebook, and that parliament is exceeding its internet capabilities.

    He added it may be costly to upgrade to a faster internet line.

    Shimaneni said a report on the internet activity will be handed to the relevant accounting officers, who will use their discretion to block certain sites on user computers.

    “The volumes of email use is also a burden to our server storage; we are currently operating under 5% on certain drives and have to continually do some cleaning up.

    “We discourage the following when it comes to the use of email: subscribing to links that the user do not use; socialising on official emails, for example, using it as a chat platform for unofficial business; replying to all when making simple comment; mass mailing of unofficial content, such as invitations to entertainment events, advertising of one's own or a friend's products, etc.,” he said.

    On Monday the internet services at the parliament were down and as a result, staff and MPs could not access their emails for some time.

    Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) chief whip, Jennifer van der Heever, said the culprits must be reported. She is, however, concerned about the announcement that emails will be monitored.

    “Which legislation allows them to monitor our emails? That really concerns me a bit. There was a previous memo to caution us that they will block Facebook and YouTube. Was this not done?” she asked.

    United People's Movement (UPM) MP Jan van Wyk said he feels compromised and said the party's digital information is no longer safe on the parliament premises.

    “They know exactly who the culprits are but now they want to use it to cut down on our freedoms. They even blocked my Gmail account and they go into our personal accounts just as they please. How can that be safe for an opposition party?” he asked.

    National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) MP Meundjuu Jahanika said he is struggling to send and receive emails.

    “I have tried to Google and research the land issue for the upcoming conference, but the information was not accessible,” he said.

    Swanu parliamentarian Usutuaije Maamberua said the internet is very slow, but added he is not aware that the internet can be abused.

    The Social Media Use Policy and Implementation Plan for 2016/17 to 2019/20 was tabled in parliament by then information Tjekero Tweya in June last year.

    The policy provides guidelines on conduct when government officials use social media networks for official purposes, with the aim of improving transparency and interaction with the public.

    The code of conduct also covers the use of social media for personal purposes.

    Tweya said at the time that government is required to deploy available resources and ensure that citizens have access to relevant information to make meaningful and informed decisions for the improvement of their livelihoods.

    He said social media is one of the tools that government intends to use in the dissemination of information and improvement of service delivery.

    The policy, Tweya said, was vital in the process of creating a transparent, effective and efficient government, in line with the national development plans, Vision 2030 and the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

    At the time critics said the policy seeks to caution public officials on their use of social media, and that it is a clear indication that how public servants conduct themselves online will be far more closely scrutinised, going forward.

    This was viewed as a double-edged sword.


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  • 09/12/18--02:44: Geingob off to Ghana
  • Geingob off to Ghana Geingob off to Ghana President Hage Geingob will fly out of the country this afternoon to attend the state funeral of former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan, who died on 18 August 2018 in Switzerland. The Ghanaian-born Anna will be buried tomorrow in Accra. “The loss of Kofi Annan, an exemplary son of Ghana, leaves a huge void for the African continent, and humanity at large, which he has served as a courageous humanitarian with immeasurable passion and distinction. Without doubt, Africa has lost a man of integrity and a hero of our continent who worked throughout his entire life persistently for a better humanity,” Geingob said.


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  • 09/12/18--15:00: Mbidi vows to step down
  • Mbidi vows to step downMbidi vows to step down'If' NFA constitution scuppers second term The NFA will not amend its constitution before its congress takes place in December, leaving its current president's future uncertain. Namibia Football Association (NFA) president Frans Mbidi has vowed to step down, “if” the constitution prevents him from running for a second term.

    With only three months to go before the congress, Mbidi's first term as president of the NFA will come to an end soon.

    “I am not hungry for any position and will not fight with people just because I want to stay as president of the NFA,” Mbidi said

    Article 33(3) of the NFA constitution states: “The president shall be elected by the congress for a period of four years. His mandate shall commence after the end of congress, which has elected him. A president may be re-elected for one consecutive term.”

    It has, however, been argued that Mbidi had already served one term as an NFA executive member and the other term as its president, meaning his term of office comes to an end at the NFA congress.

    In the beginning of the year, Mbidi called for a review in the NFA constitution, which would allow for an amendment.

    In February, Mbidi said: “The amendment of the constitution is not to suit me, but the entire staff and people who have been in the structures of the NFA. It is to enable people with experience to be in the executive structures of the NFA, in order to maintain experience within the association.”

    It, however, appears the NFA president has made U-turn and will not push further for any changes or amendments to the constitution.

    “We are not looking at amending the constitution and I am prepared to step down if the constitution does not allow me to run for re-election.

    “That is a very big 'if', but all I can tell you is that I am not hungry for any position.

    “I will respect the legal fundamentals that are in place,” Mbidi said yesterday.

    Mbidi was elected unopposed as NFA president in 2014, replacing John Muinjo in the hot seat.

    The president, however, came under fire from the NFA executive after he decided not to renew the employment contract of long-serving secretary-general Barry Rukoro in March.

    Rukoro has served in the position since 2007 and the news of his imminent departure was taken well by the majority NFA executive committee members, who felt Mbidi's decision came at the wrong time and should not be supported. Mbidi insisted it was solely up to him whether Rukoro's contract should be renewed or not, which seems to be contradicted by article (35)(i) of the NFA constitution that says executive committee members “shall appoint or dismiss the secretary-general”.

    However, article 38(d)(3) reads: “Only the president may propose the appointment or dismissal of the secretary-general.”

    Rukoro, who was subsequently kept in his post, has vowed to step down as NFA secretary-general at the end of the year.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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    Kautondokwa on the brink of WBO gloryKautondokwa on the brink of WBO glory Undefeated middleweight boxer Walter Kautondokwa, who is now ranked number two by the World Boxing Organisation (WBO), and his promoter Nestor Tobias, believe he will soon get the chance to fight for the WBO world title.

    The only boxer rated above Kautondokwa is American fighter Demetrius Andrade and the good news is that he is scheduled to fight WBO world champion Billy Joe Saunders on 20 October at TD Garden in Boston, United States. As soon as they step in the ring, Tobias expects the WBO to declare Kautondokwa the mandatory number one challenger, who will take on the winner. “I'm happy with the progress Kautondokwa has made so far; it has been a long journey and I'm confident that the WBO will declare him the mandatory challenger as soon as Saunders and Andrade step into the ring,” Tobias said. “Whoever wins will have no choice but to face Kautondokwa. They have been avoiding him for a long time now, but the time has now come that they will have to face him, whether they like it or not, and we are looking forward to that day.”

    Tobias also believes that such a fight could happen in the first quarter of 2019 and he is planning another tune-up fight for Kautondokwa to keep him in shape. “I know that Kautondokwa is the future of the middleweight division. His work rate and discipline has been incredibly high and I cannot wait for him to make the most of such an opportunity and become Namibia's fifth world champion.”

    Kautondokwa remains undefeated after 17 fights and is proudly promoted by MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions.

    He last fought in March, knocking out Argentinean Billi Godoy in the fifth round of their Legacy Fight boxing bonanza clash. Andrade is a two-time former light middleweight world champion, having held the WBO title from 2013 to 2015, and the World Boxing Association (WBA) regular crown in 2017. He has a total of 25 fights under his belt, and remains undefeated with 16 knockouts.

    Saunders has held the WBO middleweight title since 2015, and previously held the European, British, and Commonwealth middleweight titles between 2012 and 2015. He has 26 fights under his belt and remains undefeated, with 12 knockouts.


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  • 09/12/18--15:00: NFA to tighten security
  • NFA to tighten securityNFA to tighten securityStampedes a concern The fact that there are only two entry points for football fans at the Sam Nujoma Stadium has created potentially dangerous stampedes. The Namibia Football Association (NFA) will tighten security at Brave Warriors' next home match, in order to avoid stampedes and chaos.

    This is after a stampede by fans occurred at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, leading to the opening of the two entry gates at the facility during Namibia's 1-1 draw against Zambia this past weekend.

    Stampedes and chaos at the gates of the stadium have become commonplace whenever the national football team plays and many people have begun to fear for their safety.

    “Yes, we have noticed these issues and we are going to make sure that security is tighter next time. It is important that more security forces are deployed, in order to control the fans from causing havoc at the match,” NFA president Frans Mbidi said.

    Fans normally flock to the stadium minutes before kickoff and this is believed to be one of the reasons why commotions of this nature happen.

    It is also understood that many people fail to buy tickets on time and end up scrambling to purchase them at the stadium or force their way in without tickets.

    “It is a dangerous thing and can even result into CAF shifting our home matches to neighbouring countries.

    “It is, however, also the responsibility of football fans to make sure that they come to the stadiums as early as two hours in advance,” Mbidi said.

    Namibia will play their next Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifier against Mozambique away from home in October, before returning for the second leg to the Sam Nujoma Stadium in the same month.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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    National field hockey league heats upNational field hockey league heats up The second round of the Bank Windhoek National Field Hockey Premier League took place this past weekend in Windhoek.

    In the men's premier league, the Nust team lost 4-0 to rejuvenated BDO Wanderers.

    Jan Izak de Villiers scored twice and walked away as top goal scorer at the end of the match.

    Saints beat Deutscher Turn und Sportverein (DTS) 1-0, with Wian Schickerling scoring the solitary goal. Saints Angels showed why they were crowned Indoor and Night League champions, when they continued their good start to the season with a 6-0 drubbing of Nust.

    Fagen Hansen scored a brace during the encounter. Nust suffered another defeat against current champions Windhoek Old Boys (WOBSC). The final score was 6-0 in favour of WOBSC. Dylan Finch scored a hat-trick. DTS also faced Nust and once again inflicted another defeat.

    The students, however, gave a good account of themselves but eventually went down 5-1. Leanard Fick scored a hat-trick. In the women's premier league, BDO Wanderers' Bianca Muller and Michelle le Roux each scored twice to register a 4-0 win against DTS. Saints played Nust and showed why they are the current champions, with a definitive 12-0 victory.

    Anya Robberts scored six times to pencil her name in as the top goal scorer of the season. Saints beat WOBSC 3-0, with Kaela Schimming scoring twice. WOBSC then beat DTS in a closely contested match. The final score was 1-0. Captain Elzaan Erasmus scored the only goal of the game. BDO Wanderers played top-class hockey and won 6-0 against Nust. Muller scored two goals during the fixture. WOBSC played Nust and secured a 5-0 win. Saints took on BDO Wanderers and won the game 2-0. Azylee Phillander and Joanne van Rooyen scored for Saints. Saints played WOBSC and had to show their resilience and character, before securing a 1- 0 win. The next round of fixtures will take place this coming weekend at the Wanderers and Windhoek High School hockey fields in Windhoek.


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  • 09/12/18--15:00: Reddig wins gold in Zimbabwe
  • Reddig wins gold in ZimbabweReddig wins gold in Zimbabwe Namibian archer Quinn Reddig won a gold medal at the just-ended 2018 Zimbabwe National Championships in Zimbabwe.

    Reddig was competing in the recurve cadet women division.

    In the male division, 16-year old Dirk de Bod Jr came fourth in the men compound division.

    The youngster decided to compete against senior archers and proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

    “They faced very strong winds from all directions, but they manage to pull through and still have very good results,” said coach Frank Reddig.

    Namibia and Zimbabwe were the only two countries competing in the competition.

    Reddig will now focus on the Summer Youth Olympic Games to be held in Argentina from 6 to 18 October. The Archery Association of Namibia's' field division is using every opportunity to prepare for the championships, which will attract archers from all over the world. It is hosted every two years in a different country.

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    Okahandja spin event stopped in its tracksOkahandja spin event stopped in its tracksEvent was not approved by sport authorities Confusion over permits caused the event to go ahead without the headline entertainment. Okahandja Spins and Drags Motor club head, Elby Snyders - “As long as your paperwork is in order, all the safety measures are taken, required permits and approval from the NMSF, you can go ahead.” COBIE BOK

    The past weekend Street House Entertainment Family Theme Park hosted a Spring Party in Okahandja, where they wanted to introduce their new brand ambassador, Peter Opali aka Most Wanted. The Spin Amy was ready to burn some serious rubber, and the event looked to be one for the books as a massive crowd showed up to enjoy the spectacle.

    Entertaining the Okahandja community was Dj Spuzza and his crew and the energy was electric as soon as the gates opened at 10:00.

    The community was very excited to have joined the spring party, as Street House Entertainment Theme Park catered for activities for the whole family.

    However, things took a turn with the first roar of one of the assembled box BMWs competing. The police had arrived and the party was put on hold, on orders of the deputy mayor Sophia Upithe, as the mayor, Johannes Hindjoh, was out of town, leaving Sophia as acting mayor.

    According to documents in the possession of this reporter, the Namibian Motor Sport Federation (NMSF) had sent several letters to the municipality, informing them that the spinning event was not approved and instructed both the town council and the police station commander not to allow the event to take place.

    They said the correct permits were not applied for, the dates fell outside the set NMSF calendar and there were concerns about adequate safety measures at the site.

    The community was then refunded their entrance fees, the spin army was verbally warned that if they went ahead they would be fined.

    The spectators then blamed the owner of the Okahandja Spins and Drags Motor Club, Elby Snyders.

    “I tried to help them, it is not my call to stop a motor sports event, I will never stop anyone to spin, but you have to take the right channels. The call comes from the Sports Commission, I will love to work with Most Wanted and his team,” said Snyders.

    Snyders stated that it’s all about the money and that spinning is his career. “As long as your paperwork is in order, all the safety measures are taken, required permits and approval from the NMSF, you can go ahead. This is important, because if a child dies at an illegal event, who will be held liable,” Snyders added.

    Street House Entertainment Family Theme Park followed the wrong channels, according to Snyders. Street House Entertainment obtained consent from the surrounding business area and asked the mayor, who granted approval.

    Street House Entertainment Theme Park promised to bring more events of this nature to Okahandja and promised to host a free event once a month just to give back to the Okahandja community.

    “We are following the right channels, we are safe and we will not stand to fail the community of Okahandja,” said a representative of Street House Family Entertainment Theme Park.

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    Ofamili tayi pula uuyuuki omolwa eso lyaLaviniaOfamili tayi pula uuyuuki omolwa eso lyaLavinia Ofamili yomunamimvo 26, Lavinia 'Kalavi' Kagola, ngoka a hulithile moshipangelo shaVenduka konima sho a yahwa koholo yuumbwa kopolisi koongulasha dhesiku lyotango lyaSepetemba, otayi pula uuyuki omolwa eso lyomukwanezimo gwawo.

    Omunyasha ngoka okwa yahwa kopolisi omanga opolisi yali tayi ningi oshikonga shokupata oondunda dhomalovu moKatutura molukanda lwaBabylon. Lavinia okwa fumbikwa mehuliloshiwike lya piti momukunda gwaandjawo Omaalala moka aakuluntu ye ya popi kutya oya li yemu hole noonkondo. Yina yaLavinia, Johanna Victor oshowo Patrick Kagola oya popi kutya okamona oka kala nokuya yambidhidha miinima ya yooloka.

    Pethimbo lyoshikonga shoka, okwa tukuka iikolokosha sho aakwashigwana ya tameke taya umbu opolisi nomamanya. Opolisi oya umbu ooholo dhekunkililo. Victor okwa popi kutya esiku ndyoka okamona okali taka popi mongodhi na oka tokola okuya pondje taka popi mongodhi natango. “Onde mu uvu sho ta thikama a ye pondje na onda pula kutya omolwashike taka popila pondje. Konima owala yokathimbo sho a yi pondje onda uvu omitopelo dhoondjembo, na onga ondjodhi omuntu gumwe okwe ya kutse ta tondoka te tu lombwele kutya Lavinia okwa yahwa.” “Konima owala sho kwa monika kutya Lavinia okwa yahwa, opolisi oya yi mehauto lyawo nokuhinga tayi yi. Andola ngele oya li ye mu kutha po opo ye mu fale koshipangelo pethimbo otashi vulika a hupa,” Victor a popi. He yanakusa okwa popi kutya okamona oko kali oonkondo dhe. “Shika otashi kala aluhe uudhigu komapepe gandje sigo taya fala kompangu omudhipagi gwe. Uuyuni mbuka owuudha uukolokoshi ngashiingeyi naantu ngashiingeyi oya tila aantu yakwawo. Onda hala owala uuyuuki meso lyokanona kandje,” Kagola a popi. Omunambelewa omupopiliko gwopolisi, omupeha komufala, Edwin Kanguatjivi, okwa popi kutya omakonaakono otaga pula komeho natango. “Omakonaakono inaga manithwa natango. Ngele we ya pehala lyoshiningwanima kehe gumwe oku na ehokololo lye. Opwa li omahokololo ogendji ngoka itandi vulu okupopya pethimbo ndika.” Omunambelewa omukwatakanithi nomukonaakoni gwiimbuluma moshitopolwa shaKhomas, omupeha komufala Abner Agas, okwa lombwele iikundaneki kutya opolisi itayi vulu manga okupopya kutya oshike sha holoka po, molwaashoka opolisi oya li momudhingoloko gumwe omanga nakusa a li oshinano okuza mpoka pwa tukuka iikolokosha. “Shoka tu shi pethimbo ndika ooshoka owala kutya okwa yahwa mombunda na kakushiwike kutya oholo ndjoka oya zilila kondjembo yini.”


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    Taku longithwa pambambo omakwatathano gopamalungula mopaliamendeTaku longithwa pambambo omakwatathano gopamalungula mopaliamende Iilyo yopaliamende oshowo aaniilonga mopaliamende okwa popiwa taya longitha pambambo omakwatathano gopamalungula na otaku ka katukwa oonkatu opo ku tulwe miilonga ekondololo lyelongitho lyomakwatathano ngoka. Mboka okwa popiwa kutya otaya longitha nayi omalungula pakuya komapandja gawo goFacebook oshowo okukala taya tala uuvidio koYouTube.

    Uuyelele mboka owa holoka sha landula sho omukomeho gwoongulumambo oshowo omayakulo gopakompiuta, John Shimaneni, a pititha omukanda tagu popi kombinga yelongitho nayi lyomakwatathano gomalungula mopaliamende. “Ngashingeyi katu shi kutya oolye taya longitha pambambo omalungula ihe otatu ka kala nokukondolola nokumona kutya oolye,” Shimaneni a popi. Omukanda ngoka gwetseyitho ogwa tuminwa aaniilonga mopaliamende, oomenindja oshowo iilyo yomutumba gwopaliamende. Shimaneni okwa popi kutya elongitho lyomalungula okuya komapandja goFacebook oshowo oYouTube.

    Shimaneni okwa tsikile kutya olopota ndjoka yelongitho lyomalungula otayi ka pewa aanambelewa yomayalulo mboka taya ka ninga omatokolo opo ku tulwe oo oondjindilila kookompiuta dhimwe. Omunambelewa ngoka okwa popi kutya elongitho lyooemail nalyo oli li pombanda noonkondo.

    Momaandaha goshiwike shika, omayakulo gopamalungula mopaliamende kaga li taga longo noshizemo aaniilonga niilyo yopaliamende kaya li taya vulu okumona omatumwalaka gawo gopaemails.

    Omunambelewa gwochief of whip gwongundu yo Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Jennifer van der Heever, okwa popi kutya oonakulongitha pambambo omayakulo ngoka naya geelwe. Okwa holola woo omaiyuvo ge kombinga yetseyitho kutya omatumwalaka gawo gopaemails otaga ka kala nokukondolwa. “Ompango yini tayi ya pitika opo ya kondolole omatumwalaka getu gooemails. Shoka oshi li eipulo.

    Opwa li omukanda ngoka gwetu tseyithile kutya otaya ka indika elongitho lyoFacebook oshowo oYoutube ihe omolwashike shoka inashi ningwa?” omunambelewa ngoka a pula. Oshilyo shongundu yoUnited People's Movement (UPM), Jan van Wyk okwa holola kutya oku na omaiyuvo kutya uuyelele wongundu yawo inawu gamenwa we.

    “Oye shi kutya mboka taya ningi ngaaka lye ihe oya hala okukutha po emanguluko lyetu. Oya ningile oondjindikila oGmail yandje na ohaya yi mooakaunda dhetu dhopaumwene ngaashi yahala. Shoka otashi kala ngiini egameno kongundu yompilameno?” a pula. Oshilyo shongundu yoNational Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), Meundjuu Jahanika okwa popi kutya ota longo nuudhigu okutuma nenge okuyakula oemail.Jahanika okwa popi kutya okwa kambadhala okukonga omauyelele kombinga yiikumungu yevi komalungula omolwa omutumba gwevi ngoka tagu ya ihe ina vula okumona omauyelele. Omunapaliamende gwoSwanu, Usutuaije Maamberua okwa popi kutya omakwatathano gopamalungula otaga ende kashona, ihe ke na uuyelele ngele otaga vulu okulongithwa pambambo. Omusindalandu tagu ithanwa Social Media Use Policy and Implementation Plan gwomvula yo 2016/17 sigo 2019/20 ogwa tulwa poshitaafula mopaliamende kOminista yomauyelele nale, Tjekero Tweya muJuni gwomvula ya piti.

    Omulandu ngoka otagu gandja nkene aanambelewa yepangelo ya pumbwa okulongitha omakwatatahno gopainternet miilonga nelalakano okukalekapo ekwatathano noshigwana. Omulandu ngoka ogwa popi woo ombinga yelongitho lyomalungula ngoka miinima yopaumwene.Pethimbo ndyoka, Tweya okwa li a popi kutya epangelo olya pumbwa okugandja oonzo dhagwana opo ku kwashilipalekwe kutya aakwashigwaa oya mona omauyelele.

    Tweya okwa li a popi kutya omulandu ngoka otagu endele pamwe nekalekepo lyuuyuuki miilonga yepangelo okwaadha omalalakano goompangela dheyambulepo lyoshilongo oshowo oompangela dhoVision 2030 oshowo oHarambee Prosperity Plan.

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    PDM ta gandja uusama kopolisiPDM ta gandja uusama kopolisi Ongundu yoPopular Democratic Movement (PDM) oya popi kutya edhipago lyokanona komimvo 9, Cheryl Avihe Ujaha oli li edhipago etihetatu moshilongo moka inaku monika natango aalongi yiimbuluma mbyoka, na otayi gandja uusama kopolisi.

    Oshilyo shongundu yoPDM Nico Smit, osha popi kutya omadhipago ngoka otaga ulike kutya ope na aadhipagi taya longo moNamibia, nonkalo ndjoka sho oonakulonga iimbuluma mbyoka itaya kwatwa, otashi gandja ethano lyompumbwe yuunongo nontseyo mokati kaanambelewa aakonaakoni mopolisi yaNamibia. Okwa popi kutya opolisi otayi vulu okukala noshiputudhilo shomakonaakono giimbuluma dhopombanda shi na iikwaniilongitho oshowo iinima ayihe tayi pumbiwa ihe ngele aanambelewa aakonaakoni kaye na oonkondo nuunongo wokulongitha omauyelele ngoka nena iipotha otayi kala owala itayi manithwa.

    Pahapu dhaSmit, omadhipago ngoka ongaashi lyaMagdalena Stoffels, Natangwe Shikoyeni, Sana //Garoës, Melanie Janse, Juanita Mabula, Viola Swartbooi, oshowo yakwawo yalwe. “Onkalo kutya opolisi otayi dhilaadhila kutya iilonga yawo okupula owala oshigwana opo shi gandje omauyelele ngoka taga vulu okutulitha miipandeko oonakulonga omiyonena ndhoka, nena otashi holola kutya oshipotha shoka otashi ka wayimina omusholondondo omule gwiipotha yomadhipago mbyoka inayi manithwa natango.

    Smit okwa popi kutya oshi li oshinakugwanithwa shopolisi opo shi konaakone ihe haku kala owala ya tegelela omauyelele tage ya nuupu nokutula miipandeko aantu andola mboka taya adhika ye na oombele momake pehala lyiiningwanima.

    Omunapaliamende ngoka okwa popi kutya okwa pumbwa okukatukwa oonkatu, na otaka ka ningila ominista yoshikondo shopolisi omapulaapulo.

    Okwa popi kutya okwa kala oolopota miikundaneki kombinga yiipotha yiimbuluma mbyoka tayi kuthwa mo moompangululo omolwa omakonaakono gopolisi ga nkundipala nenge omapeko ngoka taga kana.

    Opolisi oshiwike shika ya popi kutya kape na natango ngoka a tulwa miipandeko omolwa edhipago lyaCheryl, na oya tula po olupandu lyoshimaliwa shooN$100 000 kwaangoka taka gandja uuyelele tawu vulu okutulitha miipandeko oonakulonga nenge nakulonga oshimbuluma shoka.


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    VW’s upcoming R420 spotted during testingVW’s upcoming R420 spotted during testingMore ballistic compacts soon on the scene Carmakers are in a new arms race for hot-hatch dominance. Sales and marketing manager Jurgen Stackmann - “Nobody needs a compact car with 400 hp, but is there a place for it? Certainly, and that’s the turf of the R.” YOCHANAAN COETZEE

    With production of the next generation Volkswagen Golf slated to commence in June next year, the carmaker is pushing to getting its prototypes tested and tweaked before giving them the final sign-off.

    Besides a number of derivatives planned to fit the needs and budgets of the different market segments, all eyes are on the new Golf R420, which is rumoured to be packing a manic 400 horsepower and 298 Kw, thanks to a mild-hybrid powertrain and the possible replacement of the outgoing model’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, for Audi’s 2.5-litre inline-5, borrowed from non-other than the RS3 Sportback.

    The 48 volt mild-hybrid system will not only improve fuel-economy, but will help the R achieve its lofty power goals.

    Speaking to British publication Auto Express, the brand’s sales and marketing boss, Jurgen Stackmann, didn’t reveal much on the specifics of what will power the new R, but did confirm its reportedly ravenous power-rating.

    “The R-brand is going extreme,” he said. “The role of the R is that it can go beyond the rational. Nobody needs a compact car with 400 hp, but is there a place for it? Certainly, and that’s the turf of the R,” he boasted.

    The beast of Wolfsburg, howling through the Green Hell

    Having been spotted doing undisguised testing at the Nurburgring recently, rumours are rife that that not only the engine has been ratcheted up, but so too its visual appeal, thanks to much more aggressive styling.

    One visual feature which has also gotten online forums buzzing is what looks to be the addition of circular exhaust tailpipes, much like that found on its equally carnivorous cousin, the RS3 Sportback.

    With this halo model sorely missed after its development was overshadowed, by the [i]Dieselgate-scandal, fans worldwide cannot wait to see the realisation of the naughty dream VW planted in their heads, when the concept was first unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show.

    While the world waits to see whether Mercedes’s upcoming A45 AMG will be the first to smash through the 400 hp barrier, no one can deny the R’s cult appeal will widen even further once this fire breather hits the streets, even if it comes at a premium.

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