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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Eskom faces fresh strike threatEskom faces fresh strike threatUnions hold the cards Eskom has accused unions the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) of stalling and condoning ill-discipline among their ranks. This demand was that the company must agree not to discipline any employee who engaged in the second round of five days of unlawful industrial action- Eskom Tension remains over potential discipline of members who participated in an illegal strike.

    The two unions are yet to sign the latest wage offer of a 7.5% increase for 2018 and a 7% increase for the next two years. Solidarity has accepted the offer.

    Eskom has complained of poor conduct on unions' part, signalling that the parties may still be far from reaching an agreement.

    Last week, the two largest unions agreed in principle on the latest offer, but did not sign. The disciplinary action of members who engaged in illegal strike action last month remained a key point of contention.

    "Eskom employees desperately awaiting the implementation of the agreement, the unions raised a new demand as an absolute precondition for signing the agreement at the meeting of 8th August 2018," the company said in a statement.

    "This demand was that the company must agree not to discipline any employee who engaged in the second round of five days of unlawful industrial action."

    The company says its employees are prohibited from engaging in industrial action or obstruction of operations.

    Eskom lamented that the strike "placed the entire power grid system at risk and again enforced load shedding alerts and necessitated gas-fired turbines to be initiated at great expense to the nation".

    The cash-strapped power utility has maintained that workers, who engaged in a violent protest action that included acts of sabotage at power plants, must face disciplinary action.

    It accused unions seeking protection against discipline of being complicit with the actions of their members.

    However, Numsa maintains the power utility had initially agreed that no action would be taken again the workers, only to renege on this agreement as the talks continued.

    In a defiant statement, Numsa warned that Eskom’s hard-line position could force its members to embark on a strike.

    "We do not rule out the possibility of protected industrial action, something which others may see as irresponsible...and might prove disastrous for the economy and the country," the union said.


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    Dungeons boil must be fully lanced Dungeons boil must be fully lanced One can only fathom what immense courage it must have taken for Oiva Angula to pen his harrowing account of the Lubango dungeons, which remain a puss-filled and largely unlanced boil in the country’s history.

    Angula’s tell-all exposé on life as a Swapo captive is not simply about his suffering and that of others, who were falsely accused of spying.

    It once again raises the spectre of motive.

    It has been alleged over the years that certain Swapo members reportedly used the dungeons to eliminate or terrorise suspected dissidents or even for petty reasons, like personal differences. Perhaps they even foresaw leadership battles on the horizon.

    Angula’s book will remain a critical contribution to Namibia, long after his detractors’ voices have gone silent.

    It goes to the very heart of the political discourse in our nation. It slaughters holy cows that have for too long been hidden in dank, stinking stables.

    We are not talking about the individuals mentioned in the book, but rather the reality that the liberation struggle has no angels.

    And when the history books were written, they were varnished bright, while beneath the veneer lies a truth - ghastly and terrible.

    Typically there are those, who in their haste, have derided the book.

    Among their arguments is that the apartheid regime wanted to destroy Swapo by all means possible, including through spies infiltrating its ranks. However, the spy trick could have simply been used to bring out the worst in Swapo. This would have been the ultimate dirty tricks campaign.

    The former apartheid apparatus, with links to the CIA and M16, as many have opined, had as its prime targets the higher-ups in liberation movements and their circles. Many didn’t even know they were passing on information. And yet, bright-eyed men and women, who only wanted to liberate their country landed up in the dungeons.

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  • 08/14/18--16:00: Namvet backs off on party
  • Namvet backs off on partyNamvet backs off on party Despite having provisionally called off their demonstration to parliament to hand over a petition to Speaker Peter Katjavivi on Monday, Namvet says it will continue with other protests planned for this week.

    The former SWATF and Koevoet soldiers decided to defer the handing over of a petition to Katjavivi, who will be engaged at the SADC Summit under way in Windhoek.

    However, they said they would still go to parliament today to petition the nine opposition parties that hold parliamentary seats, and to the South African High Commission tomorrow.

    Namvet said it would also go ahead with a mass meeting on Saturday, when it expects thousands of its members to gather in Windhoek.

    Namvet spokesperson Jabulani Ndeunyema said the organisation's interim committee had met at the weekend to discuss the week's activities after purportedly having been tipped-off that all regional commanders of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) and NamPol had been ordered to send forces to Windhoek to “prevent” Namvet's seven-day campaign.

    This claim was vehemently denied by the chief of police, Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, and the NDF.

    “That is not true. That is totally fabricated information and it is distorting the truth,” countered Ndeitunga.

    NDF's spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Petrus Shilumbu, responded: “That is news to me. There is no truth in this claim. Why should NDF call in troops as if there are not troops around the Khomas Region? People should stop spreading rumours and the Ministry of Defence is not aware of any such instruction or directive from higher authority issued to its members.”

    Ndeitunga did request Namvet to reconsider its protests during the SADC Summit from 13 to 20 August, but added: “I will never prevent them from marching as long as they are well organised and peaceful.”

    Ndeunyema claimed that Ndeitunga had engaged the South African High Commission on Namvet's behalf, giving it the assurance that the march would not continue.

    “Ndeitunga has no right to act on our behalf. This makes us believe that he is a politician in uniform,” Ndeunyema said.

    Ndeitunga denied this and also denied a claim by Namvet that a platoon had been patrolling the perimeters of the Commando Hall in Katutura where the ex-soldiers have been camping out for more than two years to get their voices heard.

    “I do not have the time or the resources to deploy anyone there,” said Ndeitunga, adding: “Their camping out there is anarchy. Why can they not express their views and go home?

    “They have become a public nuisance; the conditions there are not hygienic. The municipality has to come in. Their right to express themselves should not infringe on the rights of others. It is time for them to go. They can express their views from their homes. We want to meet them halfway.”


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  • 08/14/18--16:00: Rubbers coming for inmates
  • Rubbers coming for inmatesRubbers coming for inmatesHaufiku 'confident' about discussions with prison authorities The health minister, who has long fought for condoms to be distributed to inmates, says ongoing discussions with prison authorities are proving fruitful. JANA-MARI SMITH

    Namibia’s health minister, Dr Bernhard Haufiku, says he is confident that discussions with prison authorities could soon lead to the provision of condoms to prisoners.

    Haufiku has long fought for condoms to be distributed to inmates, not only as a human rights issue but in order to contain the HIV epidemic.

    “We are in discussions with the ministry of safety and security as well as the ministry of justice regarding condoms for inmates. I believe we will resolve the matter very soon,” he said yesterday.

    Haufiku emphasised that providing key populations, including young incarcerated men, with condoms could help Namibia achieve its goal of epidemic control.

    “HIV affects everyone, everywhere. Prevention services must therefore be made available to everyone, everywhere,” he said.

    But the commissioner-general of the Namibian Correctional Service, Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, stuck to the argument that distributing condoms in prisons would be illegal.

    “In Namibia, anal sex between two males (sodomy) is a criminal offence under common law, therefore handing out condoms would be tantamount to promoting an illegal act,” Hamunyela responded yesterday.

    “The issue of whether HIV is spread within correctional facilities is still based on assumptions that are not supported by reliable evidence or data. Hence, it would be helpful if a research study was to be conducted by a renowned and reliable organisation to prove these assertions and thereafter the government has to decriminalise sodomy,” Hamunyela added.

    He said any change in the prison service’s position on the distribution of condoms hinged on three things: decriminalising sodomy, evidence that HIV transmission is taking place in prisons, and the implementation of a law that would allow for condom distribution.

    A basic human right

    Over the past decade several health and legal experts have called for condoms to be distributed in Namibian prisons, linking the issue to fundamental basic human rights as well as public health.

    Toni Hancox, director of the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), this week emphasised that sex was a reality in prisons.

    “The moral objections must also be balanced against the greater public health issue, given that those incarcerated will for the most part return to society,” she said.

    She said the Correctional Services Act, in conjunction with the Standard Minimum Rules of Treatment of Prisoners - an international convention to which Namibia is a signatory, could be argued to mean that inmates have a right to health protection, including from being infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases as far as reasonably possible.

    Further, treating inmates with dignity in line with international standards includes encouraging their reintegration into society and ensuring they are released “as dignified persons”.

    “It should be remembered that inmates go back to their homes and communities and it is in the public health interest to ensure that any sexual activity while incarcerated is done in a protected manner,” Hancox said.

    “The right to access condoms can also be seen as having a direct bearing on the right of prisoners to sexual health, which is the right to access health and health facilities as an inmate.”

    She said the LAC would argue that allowing an inmate to choose healthy sexual alternatives while in custody does nothing more than allowing inmates to exercise their dignity as human beings.

    Repeal, amend, abolish

    The director of the Office of the Ombudsman, Eileen Rakow, told Namibian Sun recently that new HIV infections in Namibia were the highest among sex workers, drug users and men having same-sex sexual relations.

    “From a human rights point of view it is clear that all humans are entitled to the same treatment. Therefore, if I agree that the best way for persons to prevent being infected from HIV when they have male-female sex is to use a condom, then I will be discriminating when I say that male-male sex or female-female sex should not have the same protection,” she said.

    She said under international human rights laws, refusing someone access to condoms based on sexual preference was viewed as discrimination.

    In a report on human rights published in 2013, Ombudsman John Walters wrote that HIV in prisons was a “public health and human rights issue”.

    He said the refusal to provide condoms to prisoners was a significant impediment to controlling HIV transmission in prisons.

    The ombudsman’s report on racism and other forms of discrimination published in 2017 demanded that the prosecutor-general impose a moratorium on the prosecution of sodomy to allow for the distribution of condoms in prisons.

    The same publication said the provision of condoms in prisons could boost efforts to contain the spread of HIV/Aids. It recommended that the sodomy law be repealed.

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    Sordid details emerge in sex-trafficking trialSordid details emerge in sex-trafficking trial The Windhoek High Court is hearing shocking evidence of human trafficking and exploitation, in a case in which a girl was lured under false pretences from the north, before being sold to men for sex.

    The Oshakati state hospital's principal medical officer, Dr Ester K. Gideon, testified yesterday that her examination of the victim had proved inclusive.

    “I cannot dispute that the rape victim was sexually active prior to the incident. There were no wounds, either in the form of lacerations or trauma found inside her private parts. No discharge was observed,” she testified before Judge Naomi Shivute. She conceded there was no evidence of rape.

    The hymen was already broken, as the girl might have sexually active prior to the incident, Gideon said.

    Tuufilwa Jonas, 32, is standing trial for the three counts of trafficking, four counts of rape and one count of the contravention of provisions of the Riotous Assemblies Act.

    She allegedly received N$250 from clients in exchange for selling the girl and would pocket N$50 for herself.

    She recruited the victim from Okahenge village in Omusati in April 2012 and lured her to Farm Ravensberg near Gross Barmen in the Okahandja district, under the pretext of offering her a job opportunity.

    At the farm the girl was allegedly subjected to sexual exploitation by a certain John Puariune from May to July 2012.

    The State also alleges that Jonas also allowed “Nico and Phillip” to sexually exploit the victim, who cannot be named.

    Jonas was arrested after the victim informed her mother what had happened, who reported the matter to the police.

    When the victim arrived at Okahandja in May 2012, Jonas allegedly informed the girl she had been recruited at the request of Puariune and was forced to stay with him.

    The State alleges when the girl refused to have sex with Puariune, he demanded N$200 for her transport costs to Okahandja.

    It is also alleged that Puariune asked Jonas to help him threaten and coerce the girl into consenting to have a sexual relationship with him.

    The girl allegedly stayed with him for two months before Jonas collected her and forced her to live with two other subsequent men.

    The State further alleges the victim was not Jonas' only sex trafficking victim.

    Another victim “also fell for her scam and was assigned” to another man. This victim allegedly fell pregnant.

    Felistas Shikerete-Vendura appears for the State, while Milton Engelbrecht is representing Jonas.


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  • 08/14/18--16:00: South Africa's rand rebounds
  • South Africa's rand reboundsSouth Africa's rand rebounds South Africa's rand gained more than 2% on Tuesday, bouncing off a two-year low struck a day before, when investors dumped emerging market assets because of fears over the Turkish economy. PHOTO NAMPA/REUTERS

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    BoN keeps interest rates steadyBoN keeps interest rates steady The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has just announced that its monetary policy committee decided to keep the central bank’s repo rate unchanged at 6.75%.
    That means that the prime lending rate of local banks will also remain the same at 10.5%.
    Analysts who spoke to Market Watch yesterday all expected the move.

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    Inflation at highest level this yearInflation at highest level this year Data released by the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) shows the annual inflation figure for July at 4.5% - up from 4% the previous month.
    The main driver for the increase was the spike in annual transport inflation, which increased from 7.2% in May to 8.9% last month.
    Overall food inflation dropped from 4% to 3.2%.

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    Recession slightly worse than expectedRecession slightly worse than expected Namibia’s economy grew by -0.9% in 2017, the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) said in its Annual National Accounts released today. In its preliminary report released earlier this year, the NSA estimated the contraction at 0.8%.
    The tertiary sector overall was responsible for the lower figure. The sector grew by -1.4% compared to the -1.1% estimated in the preliminary accounts.

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    Namibia still stuck in ‘junk’Namibia still stuck in ‘junk’ Fitch Ratings has affirmed Namibia’s Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating (IDR) at 'BB+' with a Stable Outlook. In layman’s terms, it means the government’s creditworthiness is still regarded as junk.
    Motivating its latest decision, Fitch, among others, mentions that “fiscal consolidation is advancing only slowly as the government strives to protect economic growth amid pressures to tackle high inequality and unemployment”.
    Fitch first downgraded Namibia to junk in November last year.

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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Trophy tours kick off
  • Trophy tours kick offTrophy tours kick off The Under-17 Skorpion Zinc Cup trophy tour kicked off at the Skorpion Zinc Mine in Rosh Pinah last Friday.

    Cup Ambassador Congo Hindjou has called for larger turnouts at the remaining events lined up, before the tourney takes place in Grootfontein from 24 to 27 August.

    Speaking at the Tsau //Khaeb Secondary School in Rosh Pinah last Friday, Hindjou hailed Skorpion Zinc and the local organising committee, and called on locals to support the events by turning up in huge numbers to rally behind their favourite region.

    “This cup competition is very dear to my heart, as it gives young boys the opportunity to showcase their football skills at such a tender age. Many of the players who play in these youth competitions tend to make it to national team level and reach great heights.

    “Namibia has Prins Tjiueza, a young talented player who was the top goal scorer at the Cosafa u-17 championship and he played in last year's edition of the cup,” Hindjou said.

    He further emphasised the importance of education in relation to the social ills of alcohol and drug abuse.

    “Education is all you left with when your legs can no longer carry you or kick balls.

    “As much as you love football, love school ten times more; education has the ability to transform you into a better person, provide for all your needs and take you places.

    “Therefore, you should study as much as you can and stay away from alcohol and drug abuse.”


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    Tjiueza hails Skorpion Zinc tourneyTjiueza hails Skorpion Zinc tourney Namibia's under-17 attacking midfielder and star of the 2018 Cosafa junior championships, Prins Tjiueza, has hailed Skorpion Zinc for its continued support of youth football.

    The U-17 Skorpion Zinc Cup is slated for 24 to 27 August in Grootfontein and will have a massive impact on the development of players like Tjiueza.

    The midfielder played in last year's tournament and believes it creates future stars.

    His performances last year caught the eye of national u-17 team scouts and he was selected to represent the country at junior level.

    He became the first Namibian player to win the golden boot at the Cosafa tournament, helping his country to a third place finish at the competition held in Mauritius.

    “Besides playing street football and school tournaments, I never participated in major competitions.

    “Playing the Skorpion Zinc Cup in Windhoek last year was the first time I played in a professional tournament. It was nerve-racking but exciting at the same time. Unfortunately, we lost at the final but I was able to show my skills and was awarded the player of the tournament trophy,” Tjiueza said.

    The skilful player is a grade 10 learner at Tutaleni High School in Swakopmund and started kicking a football at a tender age of four.

    Although his team was defeated 7-0 in the Cosafa semifinals, the talented Tjiueza made a name for himself after scoring six goals in the five games played.

    In the third-place playoff match against hosts Mauritius, Tjiueza and teammate Penouua Kandjii netted goals in a 2-1 win.

    “I was on TV for the first time and it felt great; I feel like greater achievements are coming my way and I will continue to work hard and try to remain grounded and humble.”

    He urged fellow youngsters to remain positive, to dream big and never stop working hard towards achieving their dreams.

    “Not every learner is book smart and so when you have a God-given talent, you work hard; you work 100 times harder to be recognised and for you to make a living out of it.

    “But of course education is important, because once you retire from playing your favourite sport, you need to find a regular job and it will be tough to do you if you don't push yourself academically as well.”

    Tjiueza further lauded Skorpion Zinc and the Namibia Football Association (NFA) for coming up with the U-17 Skorpion Zinc Cup.

    -Additional info by the NFA

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Johannes recognised
  • Johannes recognisedJohannes recognisedMarathoner named as ambassador for Old Mutual competition Commonwealth gold medallist Helalia Johannes has been named as the Old Mutual Victory Races ambassador. The Old Mutual Victory Races series, now in its 18th consecutive year, has a new ambassador - Commonwealth gold medallist Helalia Johannes.

    The biggest road running competition in the country attracts thousands of runners from across the country each year and is widely regarded as a premier event on the Namibian sporting calendar.

    Johannes, who has been a regular competitor, has won the event eight times.

    Her performances have spilled over to the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon held annually in Cape Town, South Africa where she has won the title five times.

    The runner's achievements in athletes have not gone unnoticed, with the organisers of the Old Mutual Victory Races rewarding her for her hard work and participation.

    The athlete is currently in prime form, following her triumph at the Commonwealth Games earlier this year, where she claimed the gold medal.

    She also won a bronze medal at the 2011 World Military Games, as well as the All-Africa Games Half Marathon championships in Maputo in the same year.

    The MTC Sportswomen of the Year award is also her playground, as she won it five times - in 2006, 2011, 2012 and 2017.

    She is tipped to walk away with the award again this year, after her awesome performance at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

    Johannes announced she will retire from international competition after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, which she is looking forward to.

    The final of the Victory Races series will take place this weekend in the capital.

    The first leg was held in Swakopmund in June and the second in Keetmanshoop.

    The first leg of the 21km race was won by Mynhardt Kauanivi, who clinched the men's race, and Johannes in the ladies section.

    The Keetmanshoop race was won by Kauanivi and Sophia Nambabi.

    Marathoners Kefas Kondjashili and Josephine Dumeni won the third leg held in Oshakati.

    According Old Mutual's Shekutaamba Nepembe, the company committed over N$1 million to make this year's event a success.

    Nepembe further urged all competitors to participate in the final leg, as it is compulsory.

    He said the club with most participants will receive N$2 500 and the disability group with most participants will take home a laptop to assist with administrative duties.


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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Gladiators' in top gear
  • Gladiators' in top gearGladiators' in top gearBut Coleman will miss out on Cosafa battle The Brave Gladiators' preparations for the 2018 Cosafa Women's Championship has gone smoothly, but they will be without star striker Zenatha Coleman in South Africa. Namibia's senior women's national football are chomping at the bit to get cracking in the 2018 Cosafa Women's Championship, slated for Port Elizabeth, South Africa from 13 to 26 September. Brave Gladiators coach Brain Isaacs said he is impressed by the competitiveness of the girls, as well as their commitment to training.

    “Those that are employed were given letters by the association, which helps them secure their release for training,” he said.

    Isaacs added that compared to last year's preparations, the team is in a much better position this year. The team is currently playing matches against under-17 boys teams based in Windhoek on Fridays and Sundays, as a way of boosting their match fitness. The team has so far played four matches in the past two weeks - twice against SKW's u-17 boys and twice against Swallows' u-17 team.

    “The girls are not playing in the league, hence the need to have them play as much as possible. Their fitness is also improving very much.” Isaacs said for this year's Cosafa tournament, the team will have to do without their top striker, Zenatha Coleman, who recently joined top Spanish side, Valencia.

    The weekend the team leaves for Port Elizabeth, is the same weekend that the Spanish women's premier league kicks off; hence the decision to allow Coleman to stay in Spain and establish herself in her new team.

    The Cosafa tournament draw is scheduled for today in South Africa.


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    Onkalo yuuyogoki oya nayipala moNamibiaOnkalo yuuyogoki oya nayipala moNamibiaOopresenda owala 15 dhaakalimo yokomikunda moNamibia dhina uundjugo Aakwashigwana yokomikunda moNamibia okwa hololwa taya lumbu monkalo yanayipala noonkondo kokutala konkalo yuuyogoki muSADC, sho oopresenda o 75 kadhi na uundjugo. Olopota yuuyogoki mIilongo yomUumbugantu waSADC oya holola kutya oopresenda owala 15 dhaaNamibia yokomikunda ye na uundjugo wawo yene omanga oopresenda 3 hadhi longitha uundjugo waayehe noopresenda 7 dhoka dhili monkalo tayi lunduluka kashona.

    Olopota ndjoka oya ngongwa po shalandula omapekaapeko ga ningwa kehangano lyoWaterAid, ehangano lyaashi lyopapangelo ndyoka tali tala unene konkalo yuuyogoki waakwashigwana, okuza komeya ga yogoka, oshowo uuyogoki wonkalo yesiku.

    Oku tala kiilongo yilwe yaSADC, olopota ndjoka oya holola kutya Botswana oku na oopresenda 62 dhaakwashigwana mboka kaye na uundjugo, Lesotho okuna oopresenda 60, Mozambique (50%), Madagascar (42%) oshowo Zimbabwe (40%) niilongo ayihe mbyoka oyi li hwepo okuyeleka naNamibia.

    Iilongo mbyoka ya hololwa yi na onkalo yuuyogoki yi li nawa ongaashi, Zambia ngoka a lopotwa e na oopresenda owala 25, Malawi (20%), Swaziland (15%), oshowo South Africa (10%).

    Miilongo ayihe mbyoka mwa ningwa omapekaapeko oyi na iilalakanenwa ya nuninwa ekalekepo lyuuyogoki, moka mwa kwatelwa omilandu ngaashi uundjolowele, omeya, elongo oshowo oondya dhi na iitungilutu.

    Namibia naye oku na omalalakano ngoka ngaashi taga tothwa mo mondungethaneko yoHarambee Prosperity Plan ya nuninwa omvula yo 2016/17 sigo omvula yo 2019/20, ndjoka ya kwatela mo okutunga uundjugo komikunda wa thika po 50 000, mboka wa nuninwa okuhulitha po omukalo gwokulongitha omahemele onga uundjugo.

    Omupresidende Hage Geingob pethimbo lyoshipopiwa she shopashigwana shoka a ningi nuumvo okwa popi kutya onkalo yuuyogoki oyi li esimaneko lyuuntu.

    Mokati kuundjugo womahemele wu li 1 856 mboka wa dhidhilikwa miitopolwa ngaashi Hardap,

    //Karas, Otjozondjupa oshowo Omaheke uundjugo wu li , 876 owa pingenwa po nuundjugo woshinanena omanga uundjugo wuli 533 tawu tungwa, pahapu dhaGeingob.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya uundjugo owala 447 woludhi ndoka tawu kalapo.

    Lwopokati mpoka olopota yoWaterAid oya tula Namibia momusholondondo gwopevi miilongo yaSADC mbyoka yi na omeya ga yogoka momagumbo.

    Olopota oya holola kutya omagumbo ogendji unene gomiitopolwa yomuushayi kage na omeya gomominino.

    Geingob okwa li a popi omathimbo ga piti kutya epangelo otali lalakanene okugandja omeya ga yogoka koopresenda 100 dhaakwashigwana okuya momvula yo 2020. Okwa holola kutya omapekaapeko goInter-censal Demographic Survey 2016 oga holola kutya oopresenda 92.9 dhAaNamibia odhi na omeya ga yogoka okuza poopresenda 80 momvula yo 2011.

    Oopresenda 99.6 dhaakalimo yomoondoolopa odhi na omeya ga yogoka omanga aakalimo yokomikunda mboka ye na omeya ga yogoka ye li poopresenda 85.

    Olopota oya holola kutya okwaahena eutulemo enene okuza komalelo mekalekepo lyuuyogoki mokati koshigwana, osho unene tashi etitha onkalo ndjoka moNamibia.

    Namibia okwa lopotwa kutya okwa li oshilongo shoka kashi na uuyelele kombinga yonkalo yoompangela dhuuyogoki. Olopota oya tsikile kutya Botswana okwa hololwa a tsu kumwe nokutula miilonga ompangela yiiyemo yuuyogoki.

    “E yo komesho mekalekepo lyuuyogoki tali ende kashona miilongo yaAfrika, oli li omukundu omunene gwa taalela aakwashigwana nonkalo ndjika otayi etitha omaupyakadhi gopaundjolowele ga yooloka,” Chilufya Chileshe, ngoka e li menindjela gwoWaterAid, mUumbugantu waAfrika, a popi.


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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Omaumbangi taga halutha
  • Omaumbangi taga haluthaOmaumbangi taga halutha Ompangu yoPombanda otayi pulakene omaumbangi taga halutha noonkondo moshiputha sheyako lyaantu nemonitho lyiihuna, moka okanona kokakadhona ka kuthwa momukalo gwiikengelela okuza monooli yoshilongo omanga inaka landithwa po kaalumentu nokukala taka yi wa nako miihulo.

    Omunambelewa omukuluntu gwuunamiti moshipangelo shepangelo shaShakati, Dr Ester K. Gideon, okwa gandja uumbangi oshiwike shika komeho yomupanguli Naomi Shivute kombinga yomakonaakono ngoka ga ningilwa oshihakanwa shoka.

    “Itandi vulu okupataneka kutya nakuninga oshihakanwa ka li hayi nale miihulo pethimbo lyomakwatonkonga ngoka a ningilwa. Ina adhika niilalo muukiintu we.”

    Gideon okwa popi kutya nakuninga oshihakanwa kali okakadhonakadhona, pethimbo iiningwanima mbyoka ya ningwa.

    Tuufilwa Jonas, 32, ota tamanekelwa iipotha itatu yeyako lyomuntu, iipotha ine yekwatonkonga oshowo oshipotha sheyopondje yompango yoRiotous Assemblies Act.

    Okwa hololwa aniwa a pewa oshimaliwa shooN$250 okuza komuyakulwa gwe mepingakanitho lyokulanditha po okanona hoka, taka ka pewa oshimaliwa shooN$50.

    Okwa kutu okanona hoka okuza momukunda Okahenge moshitopolwa shaMusati muApili gwomvula yo 2012, na okwe ka fala kofaalama yaFarm Ravensberg popepi noGross Barmen moshikandjo shaKahandja, kohi yethano kutya ota gandja iilonga kokanona hoka.

    Mofaalama moka okanona hoka oka ningi oshihakanwa sheyomiihulo nomulumentu gwedhina John Puariune okuza momwedhi Mei sigo oJuli mo 2012.

    Jonas aniwa okwa pitika woo aalumentu yomadhina Nico oshowo Phillip ya ye miihulo nokanona hoka itaka vulu okutumbulwa kedhina.

    Jonas okwa tulwa miipandeko konima sho nakuninga oshihakanwa a tseyithile yina kombinga yaashoka sha holoka po, nayina yokanona okwa lopota kopolisi.

    Okakadhona hoka sho ka thiki mOkahandja muMei gwomvula yo 2012, Jonas okwe ka lombwele kutya oka kutwa miilonga keindilo ndyoka lya ningwa kuPuariune na okwa kondjitha opo ka kala haka zi pamwe nomulumentu ngoka.

    Okwa hokololwa kutya sho okakadhona hoka ka tindi okuya miihulo naPuariune, okwa pula aniwa a shunithilwe iimaliwa ye yooN$200 mbyoka ya longithwa molweendo lyokanona hoka okukeeta mOkahandja na okwa hwahwameke Jonas a ningile okanona hoka omatilitho ngele otaka tindi okuya miihulo naye.

    Okakadhona hoka aniwa oka kala nomulumentu ngoka uule woomwedhi mbali, omanga Jonas ine ke katalako nokukakondjitha ishewe ka kakale naalumentu yalwe yaali.

    Epangelo olya holola kutya okanona hoka hako owala oshihakanwa shaJonas. Nakuninga oshihakanwa gumwe okupitila momukalo ngoka gwekengelelo okwa li a pewa omulumentu gumwe, na okwa ningi etegelelo.

    Felistas Shikerete-Vendura ota kalelepo epangelo moshipotha shoka omanga Milton Engelbrecht ta kalelepo Jonas.


    0 0

    Aakiintu natango oye li konima muSADCAakiintu natango oye li konima muSADC Omapekaapeko guuthike pamwe miilongo yomUumbugantu waAfrika ngoka ga ningwa, oga holola kutya aakiintu ya kalela po oopresenda owala 28 mboka ye li poompito dhokuninga omatokolo gopaliko moNamibia, okuyeleka noopresenda 36 moBotswana oshowo oopresenda 23.5 moSouth Africa.

    Shimwe sha monika mo omaiyuvo gaantu moka oopresenda 55 moshitopolwa ya holola kutya aantu naya ihumbatelwe sha faathana inaaku talika kuukashike kookantu omanga oopresenda 56 tadhi popi kutya aakiintu naya simaneke nokulandula omalombwelo gaasamane yawo.

    Nonando aakiintu otaya pula komeho mokuninga omalunduluko ngele tashi ya kuuthike pamwe, ope na omaimbo gamwe ngaashi omiyonena dhopamadhilaadhilo nodhokomalutu oshowo okatongo miilonga nokatongo woo kopaliko.

    Aahwahwameki yuuthike pamwe mUumbugantu waAfrika, oya gongala pamwe pondje yaVenduka, mEtiyali, opo ya vule okutula miilonga oshikando oshitimulongo oSADC Gender Protocol Barometer.

    Sha landula omapekaapeko, osha monika mo kutya aagandji yiilonga miilongo yaSADC 15 ohaya futu aakiintu ondjambi yi li pevi okuyeleka nondjambi ndjoka hayi futwa aalumentu.

    Omukomeho gwoGender Links, Colleen Lowe okwa popi kutya koonkambadhala adhihe dha ningwa dhe yo komeho, oya dhidhilike eshuno monima nonkatu yimwe.

    “Ethimbo olya thikana aakiintu ya pule shoka shawo yo ya ninge omatokolo kombinga yomalutu gawo, iilonga yawo, omakwatathano gawo noonkalamwenyo dhawo.”

    Olopota oya tsikile kutya iilongo 11 menenevi oya ningi omalunduluko momakotampango gawo muule woomvula omulongo dha piti, ihe oBotswana owala naSeychelles, mboka ya hwahwameke uuthikepamwe pandondo yopombanda.

    Papolotika, oopresenda 26 dhaanapaliamende aakiintu moshitopolwa shaSADC, naashoka oshi li e yo pevi nopresenda yimwe okutala kiizemo yomo 2009, omanga shi li oopresenda mbali okuya pombanda okuyeleka moshitopolwa shasub-Saharan shoka shi li poopresenda 24.

    Ekalelepo lyaakiintu moompito dhokabinete oli li pevi noopresende 20.

    MoNamibia oopresenda dhi vulithe po 31 mokabinete odhi li iilyo yaakiintu.

    Namibia oku li shimwe shomiilongo 13 muSADC mboka ye shi pondola okwaadha omwaalu guthike pamwe metamekeo lyooskola dhopevi pokati kaakiintu naalumentu.

    Iilongo ihetatu okwa hololwa yaadha omwaalu guthikepamwe metameko lyoosekundoskola, okuyeleka pokati kaakiintu naalumentu. Namibia naye okuli oshitoolwa shiilongo mbyoka.

    Gumwe gwomaakiintu yatatu okwa ninga oshihakanwa shomiyonena momake gookuume kawo kopaihole.

    Emonitho lyiihuna pamadhilaadhilo oshimwe shomomiyonena ndhoka ihadhi lopotwa unene komalelo pauyelele mbyoka wa hololwa.

    Omiyonena dhopaihulo oshowo dhopamamonitho giihuna komalutu ohadhi lopotwa kashona menevi nando haunene naamoka omwa kwatelwa Namibia.

    Miilongo ayihe 15 yaSADC, South Africa naMozambique oyo owala yi na oompango tadhi pitika omakuthemo gomategelelo naashoka osha ningwa oonkambaadhaala dhokushunitha pevi omwaalu gwomaso pethimbo lyepulumutho, ngoka gu li pombanda noonkondo na otagu shuna pevi pandjele tayi ende kashona natango.


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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Hyundai is heating things up
  • Hyundai is heating things upHyundai is heating things upi30 Fastback N to be unveiled at 2018 Paris Motor Show Here's all you need to know about the fiery 'N' performance hot hatches. Thomas Schemera, executive vice-president of Hyundai’s High Performance Vehicle and Motorsport Division - “We aren’t here to simply build cars, we want to create emotions, feelings, and desire." Hyundai motor company’s Thomas Schemera and Albert Biermann have unveiled the ‘N’ brand philosophy and vision at the Nürburgring in Germany. The carmaker is set to create high-performance vehicles that adhere to high standards of excellence, while giving drivers vehicles that are as fun to drive as they are practical.

    "The i30 N, Veloster N and i30 Fastback N have the same performance gene and share a strong character,” said Thomas Schemera, executive vice president and head of High Performance Vehicle and Motorsport Division.

    "They are equipped with sophisticated technology and design elements. At Hyundai, we always accept new challenges and try different things to deliver groundbreaking experiences for our customers. We aren’t here to simply build cars, we want to create emotions, feelings, and desire."

    Hyundai N’s name and reputation were established in global motorsports. Since its inception in 2015, the N series has performed at the highest level, racing with success in the FIA World Rally Championship, the Nürburgring’s VLN series, the TCR International Series, Pirelli World Challenge, and the gruelling Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race.

    Hyundai’s competition-honed N vision and philosophy come to life in a systematically structured product portfolio of world-class consumer and competition vehicles including halo models built around high performance powertrains and chassis that deliver outstanding vehicle dynamics.

    N models including the i30 N and Veloster N offer exclusive engine performance and dynamic technology innovations to satisfy performance-oriented enthusiasts. The introduction of the latest N car, the i30 Fastback N, completes the first phase of the N performance vehicle rollout.

    The new N Line, characterised by N-specific design and performance-enhancing elements, further widens the range of choices available to customers. These vehicles will be instantly distinguishable by their differentiated design elements. Finally, N Options will offer N-produced customisation parts for drivers who desire improved performance and uniqueness.

    Rather than focus on outright performance numbers, the N experience is built to get the driver’s heart racing. Beats per minute (BPM) are prioritised over revolutions per minute (RPM). With this fun-to-drive nature as its defining characteristic, the N models deliver the agile cornering ability you expect from a sports car combined with everyday drivability and race track capability.

    "We aren’t afraid to do things differently here", said Albert Biermann, president and head of Vehicle Performance Division. “Our N cars balance performance and practicality so that they are fun to drive every day.

    "Every N car loves cornering, hence the nickname we have given to their character: ‘Corner Rascal.’ Whether it’s urban commuting or track driving, N handles it beautifully.”

    Biermann used his extensive knowledge and experience developing high-performance production cars to spearhead the Hyundai N Brand’s development.

    The name ‘N’ represents two important elements. First, the Namyang district in South Korea where Hyundai Motor Group’s global R&D centre is located and the N brand was first born. Second, the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany, which is home to Hyundai’s Technical Centre and used to hone the N vehicles. Finally, the 'N' logo itself is also a graphical representation of a classic racetrack chicane; a tight serpentine turn in the road.

    Veloster N

    The Hyundai Veloster N is the first US-market N performance model. It offers a comprehensive degree of exterior, interior and mechanical differentiation beyond the Veloster Turbo.

    Veloster N features an exclusive N-design front fascia and grille with dedicated forward air ducts for enhanced brake cooling. The design and technical elements that define Veloster N, including the N Power Sense Axle, upgraded turbo, tires, brakes and interior features, have ultra-high performance at their core, and set it apart from its competitors.

    Veloster N offers a range of driver-controlled performance parameters via its N Grin Control drive mode selection system. The custom mode allows comprehensive driving character preferences via uniquely customisable settings for each tunable driving attribute. Every drive in the Veloster N is an exciting ride built to delight and engage the driver.

    i30 Fastback N

    The i30 N and i30 Fastback N share the same blueprint: create a thrilling driving experience that emphasises “BPM (Beats Per Minute)”. The new i30 Fastback N extends the lineup of Hyundai high-performance models as the second N vehicle to be offered in Europe. This builds on the successful launch of the i30 N.

    The i30 Fastback N is unique in its segment, combining the sophisticated design of the i30 Fastback with the emotional thrills of the five-door i30 N. The i30 Fastback is the only five-door coupe in the mainstream C-segment, and the new N model enhances its unique design with model-specific performance and styling upgrades. More details on this model will be announced later this year, closer to its launch.

    Initial sales of Hyundai N products are going beyond expectations. Almost 3000 i30 N units were sold in the first half of 2018 in Europe. 100 units of the i30 N First Edition in Germany were sold out in just 48 hours, purely online, and are still on a hot streak. In the UK, i30 N sales were 190% over expectations in the first half of the year and are on target to reach 1000 units by the end of 2018.

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  • 08/15/18--16:00: Company news in brief
  • Company news in briefCompany news in brief South Deep lay-offs "last-gasp measure"

    Gold Fields' plan to potentially cut up to almost 1 600 jobs at its struggling South Deep mine in South Africa is a "last-gasp measure", chief executive Nick Holland said yesterday.

    The company made the announcement on Tuesday, citing mounting losses and a "consistent failure to meet mining and production targets" among the reasons for the move that could see a third of its labour force trimmed.

    "The choice is between this and serious risk to the future of South Deep and its many shareholders," Holland wrote in an article for the Business Day newspaper.

    "In the past 12 years, shareholders have received no return at all on their initial investment of R22 billion, having seen only an outflow of funds," Holland said of South Deep.

    South Deep is Gold Fields' last South African asset and has been beset by problems as the company has tried to mechanise the operation in the face of challenging geology 3 kms below the surface. – Nampa/Reuters

    LG to launch 5G smartphone in 2019

    Sprint Corp said Tuesday it has partnered with phone manufacturer LG Electronics Inc to launch a 5G smartphone in the first half of next year, marking the first 5G device deal for the No. 4 US wireless carrier.

    Sprint is working to persuade antitrust regulators to approve its merger with larger rival T-Mobile US Inc in a US$26 billion deal, which the companies say will help them more quickly build the next-generation wireless network. That network is expected to eventually pave the way for new technologies like autonomous cars.

    The LG phone will be customised to Sprint's planned 5G network, and will be compatible with T-Mobile only on that carrier's existing 4G network, John Tudhope, Sprint director of product development, said in an interview.

    Tudhope said Sprint will continue to use content as a way to "bring to life the value of 5G," as one of the benefits of the 5G network will be faster download times of video content on smartphones.

    The company had previously announced it would initially launch its 5G network in nine cities in 2019, including New York City and Los Angeles. – Nampa/Reuters

    Tinder founders sue parent IAC

    A group of founders, executives and early employees of popular dating app Tinder on Tuesday sued IAC/InterActiveCorp, claiming the parent company deliberately undervalued Tinder to avoid paying them billions of dollars.

    The lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan stated that IAC and its subsidiary Match Group Inc deliberately prevented the plaintiffs from cashing in stock options they could exercise and sell to IAC. They are seeking damages of not less than US$2 billion.

    IAC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    IAC owns over 80% of Match, which owns Tinder.

    IAC shares dipped 0.5% to $190.25. – Nampa/Reuters

    Coca-Cola bets on Kobe sports drink

    Coca-Cola Co is buying a minority stake in a sports drink brand backed by basketball star Kobe Bryant, it said on Tuesday, seeking to mount a stronger challenge to PepsiCo's Gatorade.

    Coca-Cola's investment in BodyArmor - which will make it the brand's second largest shareholder - comes as its Powerade drink steadily cedes market share to Gatorade. Coke has also been rattled by falling demand for its trademark fizzy drinks.

    While Coke says there is "much work to be done" at Powerade, PepsiCo said last month that Gatorade was seeing higher demand after launching zero-sugar versions.

    Gatorade and PepsiCo's other sports drinks account for nearly a third of a $20 billion US market, according to Euromonitor International. Monster Beverage and Red Bull follow close behind, with Coke trailing in fourth place with a 7% share. Coca-Cola also has a 16.7% stake in Monster.

    BodyArmor is also backed by Dr Pepper Snapple - now part of Keurig Dr Pepper - which made a US$20 million investment in 2015 and boosted its ownership to 15.5% in 2016. – Nampa/Reuters

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    Oysters and mussels are unsafeOysters and mussels are unsafe The fisheries ministry has warned the public not to eat oysters and mussels from the Walvis Bay Aquaculture Production Area 1, as it is currently unsafe.

    According to the ministry, oyster and mussel samples from the Walvis Bay Aquaculture Production Area 1 are regularly tested for biotoxins by the Namibian Standards Institution as part of the National Shellfish Sanitation Programme.

    The latest test results indicated the presence of Diarrhoeic Shellfish Poisoning (DSP) at a level higher than is permissible.

    Therefore, it is unsafe to consume these shellfish products until further notice.

    In May this year DSP was also detected in oysters and mussels from Walvis Bay Aquaculture Production Area 1.

    The ministry further stressed that marine biotoxins are not destroyed by cooking and freezing.

    DSP is one of four recognised symptom types of shellfish poisoning. The others are paralytic shellfish poisoning, neurotoxic shellfish poisoning and amnesic shellfish poisoning.

    As the name suggests, DSP manifests itself as intense diarrhoea and severe abdominal pain. Nausea and vomiting may also sometimes occur. There is a risk of dehydration. As no life-threatening symptoms generally emerge from this, no fatalities from DSP have ever been recorded.

    Symptoms usually set in within about half an hour of ingesting infected shellfish and last for about one day.

    The ministry said should any of the above symptoms occur after eating shellfish, people should seek immediate medical assistance.


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