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  • 07/18/18--16:00: Unemployment misery
  • Unemployment miseryUnemployment misery Namibia’s high unemployment rate is well-documented and has fast degenerated into a crisis of epic proportions over the years. Joblessness remains one of the most challenging social problems currently facing our fellow countrymen and women, especially the young and productive citizens of this nation. Many unemployed graduates are drowning in their own misery and only have desperate tales to tell at the moment. This week a group of unemployed youth reminded us once more of the hopeless situation they find themselves in. They are not the only ones, as nearly 45% of youth are also sitting without jobs. The group is now contemplating a march to the Office of the Prime Minister, to air their grievances, hoping their plight will be addressed. Regrettably the current administration has failed to account for the high levels of unemployment, which has sadly seen large masses of frustrated youth sitting at home with university qualifications. The extent of joblessness in our country requires some sort of immediate intervention on the side of the authorities. But there seems to be little political will to address this crucial matter. The fact is that unemployment is a ticking time bomb, which is now perilously close to exploding, while the powers that be watch with folded arms, when they should rather be offering realistic solutions. We need a new political narrative in this country, which does not only revolve around increased economic growth. There is a need to ensure that perennial problems like unemployment and many others facing the youth are placed on the national agenda in a big way, while aligning government programmes to tackle these head-on. While it is true the economic downturn has resulted in an employment crisis, we are yet to see a substantive plan to get our economy growing and ultimately creating much-needed jobs.

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  • 07/18/18--16:00: State accused of ignorance
  • State accused of ignoranceState accused of ignoranceMurder accused's lawyer on the warpath The state had argued the court cannot proceed with plea and trial proceedings, because there are two defence statements that are in conflict with each other. An Oshakati High Court legal aid lawyer, who is representing a murder accused, yesterday argued in court the actions of the state in the matter are the result of incompetence and ignorance.

    Phineas Nsundano, who is representing Bester Matengu Lulatelo (44), said this after prosecutor Taodago Gaweseb asked the court not to proceed with plea and trial proceedings, because he discovered that two statements submitted by the accused are in conflict.

    Judge Johanna Taatsu Salionga is presiding over the matter.

    Gaweseb, who took over the matter from Johan Pienaar, said he discovered the content of Lulatelo's defence statement dated 22 February 2017 is different to a further statement he made on 21 September 2017.

    Lulatelo faces two counts of arson, a count of kidnapping, a count of murder, a count of common assault and a count of assault by threat, after he allegedly burnt down Lota Anna Kyuzimbuka's hut.

    She was burnt beyond recognition at Sikwekwe village near Kongola in the Zambezi Region.

    Lulatelo is also accused of setting alight his own hut.

    Gaweseb said in the statement dated 22 February 2017, the accused does not dispute the identity of the deceased, but says otherwise in his 21 September 2017 statement.

    “We cannot proceed with the plea and trial proceedings because there are two defence statements and there is a conflict. It is not ethical. The court should first rule on that and then we can continue,” Gaweseb argued.

    However, Nsundano attributed the state's argument to a lack of proper consultation between Pienaar and Gaweseb.

    “The problem with the state is that they are not competent and are ignorant on issues when it comes to the administration of justice,” Nsundano said.

    He told the court if Gaweseb had discussed the matter with him, he would have informed him why there are two defence statements with differing content.

    He then explained that Pienaar had disclosed seven more witness statements, after the defence had entered the first statement.

    “The state surprised us with seven new witness statements, when we had already submitted our defence statement, which was unfair to us and we took it up with the court,” Nsundano said.

    He said Judge Marlene Tommasi then made a ruling on 21 September 2017 in which she ordered that the defence could submit a new statement or make changes to the existing one.

    Salionga remanded the matter until Monday for judgement.


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    Kandjeke appointed to AU auditors’ boardKandjeke appointed to AU auditors’ boardTeam to work on the organisation’s external work While giving feedback on the recently-ended AU session in Parliament, international relations minister announced the appointment of Namibia’s attorney-general to the continental organisation’s board of external auditors. It is an opportunity for Namibia to contribute to good governance, accountability and transparency in the structures of the AU and its organs. – Junias Kandjeke, AG NDAMA NAKASHOLE - Auditor-general Junias Kandjeke has been appointed by the African Union (AU) executive council to represent the Southern African region on the AU board of external auditors for a two-year term.

    This was done during the recently concluded 31st Session of the African Union Assembly, which took place in Nouakchott, Mauritania. Kandjeke’s appointment was announced in parliament last Thursday by international relations minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.

    The role of the AU board of external auditors is to carry out external auditing of AU accounts, including trust, project and special funds, and ensure that the audit is in conformity with generally accepted auditing standards and guidelines.

    “We congratulate him and wish him success during his tenure,” Ndandi-Ndaitwah said.

    Kandjeke told Market Watch yesterday that it is an honour for him and his office as the supreme audit institution of the state to represent Namibia and the SADC region at the AU board of external auditors.

    “It is an opportunity for Namibia to contribute to good governance, accountability and transparency in the structures of the AU and its organs,” he said.

    He further expressed gratitude and appreciation to the ministry of international relations and cooperation, as well as the Embassy of Botswana, office of the dean of the southern region for the role they played in the process that lead to the decision of the AU to appoint Namibia as a member of the AU board of external auditors representing the SADC Region.

    “The experience gained through the audits of SACU (Southern African Customs Union), SADC Secretariat, SADCOPAC (SADC Organisation of Public Accounts Committees) and other regional audit engagements, will help in carrying out this new assignment,” he said.

    Namibian servants

    Kandjeke is not the only Namibian high-ranking government official to take up a responsibility at the AU level. Finance minister Calle Schlettwein is a member of the committee of 15 AU finance ministers that was established to provide an oversight role over the AU budget. During the recent gathering in Mauritania, the AU assembly approved the AU budget for 2019, amounting to US$681.5 million.

    “Namibia will continue to support the work of the committee of ministers to guarantee the highest standards of accountability and judicious utilisation of our resources,” Nandi Ndaitwah told the Namibian parliament on the day it closed for recess last week.


    About Kandjeke

    Kandjeke was born on 29 October 1963 and is a holder of an MBA degree (thesis on corporate governance); post graduate diploma in management studies; a BA degree in financial economy; diploma in development studies and management; and a certificate in principle of accounts.

    According to his profile on the Office of the Attorney-General’s website, the AG attended courses in prevention, analysis and detection of corporate fraud (systems and procedures).

    He was appointed auditor-general in 2003.

    Kandjeke chaired the SADC secretariat board of auditors for 2015.

    He is also the chairman of the public accountants and auditors board (PAAB) of Namibia.

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    /Uirab booted from Rehoboth council/Uirab booted from Rehoboth council The CEO of the Rehoboth town council, Christophe

    /Uirab, has been shown the door after he informed the municipality of his intention to resign in November this year.

    During March, urban and rural development minister Peya Mushelenga suspended the entire town council following reports of infighting and allegations of maladministration.

    /Uirab was the one who informed the ministry of the irregularities.

    The minister also appointed former Erongo chief regional officer Nathalia Goagoses to oversee the council's affairs in the interim.

    /Uirab, who was suspended following a string of witch-hunts at the time, was then reinstated.

    Namibian Sun is in possession of his letter of resignation to the council dated 20 June and effective end of November.

    Council eventually responded on 13 July, when Goagoses communicated to him they accept his resignation with 30 days' notice, starting the day he handed in his resignation, which was 20 June.

    The letter also stated that the council declines his proposed five months' resignation period, as resolved during a special council meeting that took place on 9 July. /Uirab would not comment when contacted, saying only he is considering his next move. Goagoses told Namibian Sun that /Uirab was advised to approach the council if he had second thoughts, but chose not to do so.

    She also pointed out he had tendered a voluntary resignation and that council resolved to accept it.

    She would not comment on a successor for /Uirab, but told Namibian Sun due processes and procedures will be followed.

    “But there is nothing like a five months' notice period. But if he wants to go to the media then he must know we are ready. We are ready for him,” she said.


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    Aquifer critical for thirsty northAquifer critical for thirsty north President Hage Geingob declared 2018 as a 'year of reckoning', and in light of this Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa has urged the agriculture ministry, along with NamWater, to ensure the Kalahari Ohangwena Aquifer (KOH-2) is fully explored and implemented.

    The aquifer reportedly contains an estimated 20 billion cubic metres of water and the region requires adequate sustenance for human and animal consumption, as well for agriculture.

    Nghaamwa expressed his concern over the slow progress on the aquifer after research started in 2009, during his State of the Region Address (SORA) this week.

    He said his region is experiencing a serious water crisis that forced him to equip eight extra boreholes for rural communities.

    Last year, Nghaamwa's office equipped the boreholes to supply communities that have to travel long distances for potable water.

    The governor said four boreholes were drilled and equipped with pumps at the Okanyandi and Omundaungilo satellite police stations, the Eembahu Rural Development Centre and Embwanyana village, while a new water pump station was installed at Omafo to increase water pressure to Eenhana.

    In an interview with Namibian Sun, Ohangwena chief regional officer Fillipus Shilongo said the aquifer does not benefit the region at the moment and many people are still living without water. Shilongo said the region is also currently not allowed to abstract water from the aquifer.

    “The KOH-2 aquifer, which contains freshwater is situated about 300 metres deep, below the KOH-1 aquifer, which contains salty water. The region is faced with a serious water crisis, but we are only allowed to drill up to the KOH-1 aquifer and this water is not fit for human consumption,” Shilongo said.

    He said only one borehole at Omundaungilo currently extracts water from KOH-2. However, it is only a limited volume of water a day.

    Nghaamwa last year equipped eight boreholes to the tune of N$714 000, which was donated to his office by the Sea Flower fishing company. The eight boreholes were among the 104 boreholes the agriculture ministry, in conjunction with the prime minister's office, drilled in 2013. There were 25 in Zambezi, 14 in Kavango East, 17 in Kavango West, 16 in Ohangwena, 21 in Kunene and 11 in Omaheke.

    These boreholes formed part of the South African government's N$100 million donation to Namibia in 2013. According to the South African High Commission, Rand Water, the largest water utility in South Africa and supplier of water to Gauteng, has been mandated to rehabilitate of these boreholes.

    All these boreholes are taking water from the KOH-1 aquifer and the region is still looking to the agriculture ministry to complete its studies, so that the region can fully benefit from the aquifer.

    The Kalahari Ohangwena Aquifer steering committee, at a meeting that was held at Eenhana, dispelled rumours that the aquifer has the capacity to supply water to northern Namibia for 400 years, but confirmed it contains an estimated 20 billion cubic metres of water.

    The committee reported the water in the area between Oshikango and Eenhana is high in fluoride, while water between Eenhana and Okongo contains less fluoride. Between Omundaungilo and Okongo, a fresh water table was found.

    Since 2009, up to 21 observation, production and monitoring boreholes have been drilled, but not all of them were successful. The NamWater production borehole at Eenhana fell in, in 2014 and was replaced.

    NamWater and the ministry are supervising the project with technical support from Germany, while the European Union has provided funding of approximately N$25 million.

    The meeting indicated the study is expected to be completed by September.


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  • 07/18/18--16:00: Tug-of-war
  • Tug-of-warTug-of-warNorah Appolus sues govt over 'abduction' of foster daughter The veteran journalist is suing the state for allegedly handing over her foster daughter to a “complete stranger”, while the ministry says she is the biological aunt. Norah Appolus is battling in the High Court to save her foster child, while alleging the child ministry forcefully removed her and placed her with a “complete stranger”.

    It was also revealed the biological mother is facing drug charges.

    Appolus, who described herself as a self-employed businesswoman in papers before court, argued her foster care of Lahassain Saeed Khalfan, also known as Zee, had been terminated without proper procedures being followed.

    She also says the termination is not in the best interests of the child.

    There is allegedly no proof the alleged person who took over the child's foster care is a blood relative.

    Appolus asserts she has been the primary caretaker of the child since 2012, when she was a three-year-old.

    The respondents in the matter are the child ministry, director of child welfare Helena Andjamba, Verivanga Wamona Kasume, who is an adult female resident of Windhoek and Assad Kempanje, an adult male social worker.

    Meanwhile, the ministry and Andjamba have also instituted legal proceedings for an order directing Appolus to comply with the revised transitional process.

    Appolus alleges the child was formally placed in her foster care by the commissioner of child welfare in Windhoek on 23 June 2015, by way of a court order and that she has solely taken care of Zee for the past six years.

    She is asking the court to order the return of Zee, who according to her was forcefully removed from Pionierspark Primary School by the respondents on 6 June 2018.

    This, according to her, was without due process or any notice to her and contrary to Zee's best interests.

    “As a result of her abduction, I have not seen or heard from her. I am extremely concerned about Zee's current physical and emotional welfare,” Appolus said, adding she doubts whether the child is still attending school.

    As a result, she brought an ex parte application, which is an application in which the other parties are not notified in advance, because of the extreme urgency.

    “I believe that if the this application is brought in the normal course, the respondents, especially, Verivanga Wamona Kasume, may well remove Zee from the jurisdiction of this court to avoid her being returned to me,” she argued.

    Kasume allegedly has Tanzanian roots and is frequent traveller.

    She also has contacts in Angola and did business there for a number of years.

    “She was also assisted by the other respondents to forcefully snatch Zee from my care whilst she was at school and I was in the north for business,” Appolus argued in her court papers.

    According to her Assad Kempanje also has Tanzanian connections and it is therefore essential that the interim order be granted on ex parte basis

    Louise Jacqueline Uiras, a chief social worker at the child ministry, confirmed that the order for Zee's transfer was issued on 31 July last year.

    According to her the applicant has known about the order since August last year and she failed to observe the trite principle of full and frank disclosure of all facts.

    Uiras said Appolus, after eleven months, is unduly and unjustifiably seeking a declaration, without resorting to an appeal or review process in respect of the 31 June 2017 order.

    Uiras alleges that Appolus approached the child welfare office in June 2013, seeking to adopt the child who was left behind by a certain Rose Ssali Mwangi, a Kenyan national who subsequently fled Namibia.

    Upon investigation, Jacky Kasume was located, who is the child's aunt.

    Uiras said Kasume had given them a full birth certificate and a copy of the passport of the minor's mother, Mariam Mohamedi Saidi.

    According to Uiras, they arranged a meeting with Appolus and Kasume, which was unfruitful due to the heated arguments that ensued between them.

    She said during another meeting it was agreed between the women that the child would visit Kasume every second weekend.

    However, this was cancelled after Kasume did not return the child to Appolus on the agreed date.

    Uiras said the children's court ordered on 23 June 2015 that the child be placed into Appolus' foster care.

    She said Kasume, who is indeed the child's aunt, has dual citizenship and the child's biological mother is in police custody facing drug trafficking charges.

    She said Kasume in August last year handed them a transfer order, relieving Appolus of her foster duties.

    However, Appolus presented a letter from lawyer opposing the transfer.

    Fred Goeieman

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    Baby Warriors destroy SeychellesBaby Warriors destroy SeychellesOpen Cosafa tourney with 8-3 win The Baby Warriors left the Seychelles under-17 team with red faces yesterday. Namibia's under-17 national football team trounced the Seychelles 8-3 in their opening match of the U-17 Cosafa Cup tournament currently underway in Mauritius.

    The Baby Warriors were unstoppable, as they gave a good account of themselves and lit up Group A, which also includes Botswana and hosts Mauritius.

    Their performance at the St Francois Xavier Stadium definitely got tongues wagging, as they launched their bid to reclaim the title they won in 2016.

    In that year, Namibia were crowned champions on Mauritian soil and they are on a mission to repeat their exploits again.

    Before yesterday's match, Baby Warriors head coach Paul 'Shakes' Malembu said his squad will take it one game at a time.

    Malembu said the team has settled in well in Mauritius and is adapting well to their new environment.

    “The team spirit is high and the boys are so excited to play, despite our main challenge being lack of experience at international level,” he said.

    He added yesterday's result will motivate the players.

    “We are headed back to the drawing board, because we will not let this result go to our heads. We will talk to the boys not to lose concentration,” he said.

    The coach added the team conceded three early goals, because they were nervous.

    “We created good scoring chances, but scoring is still a problem. We are not going to celebrate this result, because we want to concentrate on the tournament.”

    Prince Tjueza was voted man of the match, after scoring four goals. Tyrin George scored a hat-trick and Edmar Kamatuka scored one, to complete the rout.

    Tjueza is a player to watch, as Namibia chases a confrontation with last year's winners and favourites Zambia.

    Seychelles, along with the Baby Warriors, were absent from last year's tournament.

    They will be hoping to write a new page in their soccer history going forward in the tournament, as Seychelles have never secured a victory at the championship.

    Madagascar and the Comoros Island are missing from this edition, which serves as qualifier for the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) U-17 tournament in Tanzania next year.

    This year's winner will qualify directly for the Afcon tourney.

    The Afcon winner will qualify for the Fifa U-17 World Cup, which the Namibian team has never featured at.

    Namibia will play their second match on Saturday against Mauritius at 11:00.

    They will then clash with Botswana next Tuesday.

    The competition runs until 27 July.

    -Additional reporting by Nampa


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    Vries can be a Chiefs sensation - NausebVries can be a Chiefs sensation - Nauseb Former Kaizer Chiefs and Brave Warriors midfielder Robert Nauseb has advised new Chiefs signing Virgil Vries to be patient if he is to thrive at his new club.

    The 29-year-old shot goalkeeper recently inked a three-year deal with the Glamour Boys, replacing Brilliant Khuzwayo, who joined arch-rivals Orlando Pirates during the transfer window.

    Vries, who previously played for Baroka FC, Golden Arrows and Maritzburg United, is likely to endure most games on the bench, given the presence of top goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune.

    However, Nauseb believes Vries can become a sensation at the club if he uses every opportunity he gets to the maximum.

    “Look, it will all come down to his level and his work rate at end of the day.

    “He has to compete against South Africa's number one, but it is a fresh start for everyone, because there is a new coach.

    “But in reality Khune is the number one and that is why Vries need to be strong mentally to get his chance,” Nauseb said.

    Nauseb joined Kaizer Chiefs from Civics in 1997 and played for the Glamour Boys until 2001.

    During his time at Kaizer Chiefs, Nauseb made 87 appearances, while scoring nine goals.

    He then had a short spell with Cape Town club, Hellenic, during the 2001/02 season, before joining Ajax Cape Town for the 2002/03 season.

    The former midfielder also had a stint at Santos and Ikapa Sporting during his career.

    He represented the national team for 16 years, making 27 appearances and scoring two goals, before hanging up his boots.

    Nauseb hopes the Glamour Boys will have a better season than last year.

    Kaizer Chiefs finished third behind Orlando Pirates and champions Mamelodi Sundowns during the 2017/18 season.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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    //Karas division reaches boiling point//Karas division reaches boiling pointDates Eleven, Rush Ups in bitter battle Saturday's winners will represent the //Karas Region at the Southern Stream First Division playoffs. The //Karas second division winners will be crowned at Keetmanshoop on Saturday.

    They will then represent the region at the Southern Stream First Division (SSFD) playoffs.

    Coastal stream winners, Rush Ups, from Lüderitz and inland stream winners, Dates Eleven, from Naute Dam near Keetmanshoop, will lock horns in the regional playoff to determine which team will qualify for the SSFD promotion playoffs.

    The match, scheduled for 17:00 at the J Stephanus Stadium in Tseiblaagte, will be preceded by a third-place playoff between the runner-up of the inland stream, Real Fighters, and the coastal stream's Youngsters at 15:00.

    Dates Eleven won the league with two games to spare and collected 49 points, whereas Rush Ups left it late and won it on the last day.

    They tied on 40 points with runners-up Youngsters, but having scored more goals.

    Dates Eleven coach Andries Wimmerth said they know Rush Ups' weaknesses and will work on that.

    “Their backline is not comfortable with balls at their feet and we will play a pressing game to force errors from them and score. Our preparations have been good, as we have had a week to prepare. We are ready to go and win,” he said.

    Rush Ups coach Fannie Klaaste said they are hard preparing for the match.

    “We have been working on our strategies and match tactics since Monday. We only have one thing on our minds and that is to win the playoff and try and win the SSFD promotion matches,” Klaaste said.

    He said a few players are injured, but he believes they will recover in time to face Dates Eleven.

    Meanwhile, all regional winners to be involved in the SSFD promotion playoffs have been determined.

    The regional second division winners are Tura Cosmos from Omaheke, Eleven Champions from Khomas, Swakopmund Football Club from Erongo and Hardap Correctional Facility from Hardap.

    Three teams will be promoted to the SSFD for the 2018/19 season. SSFD acting league administrator Tovey //Hoëbeb said they are still waiting for a date from the Namibia Football Association.

    “As soon as we receive an indication from the NFA, we will communicate the dates and venues of the playoffs,” he said.


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  • 07/19/18--16:00: African Youth Games kick off
  • African Youth Games kick offAfrican Youth Games kick off The African Youth Games, which sees 54 African states participating in 30 sports disciplines, kicked off on Wednesday in Algiers, Algeria.

    Namibian girls hockey team captain Kiane-Che Cormack was the flag-bearer for team Namibia.

    The games is a springboard for the Youth Olympic Games, which will take place in Argentina in October.

    The 64 Namibian athletes will take part in 12 of the 30 disciplines, with the rugby team being the first to compete.

    Head of mission, Peter Wilson, told Namibian Sun the delegation is on a mission to leave with bags full of medals.

    “The coaches have said all their teams are ready and that they will leave with gold medals only. Namibia will be well-represented,” he said.

    International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach encouraged the athletes to show fair play and have fun, while they are at it. The games take place from the 18 to 28 July.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 07/19/18--16:00: NCF requests proposals
  • NCF requests proposalsNCF requests proposals The Namibian Cycling Federation (NCF) is inviting clubs and projects affiliated with the federation to submit proposals in order to receive funds.

    The NCF has set aside a total of N$200 000 for the development of Namibian cycling.

    The proposals should state the following: Name of the club or project, title of the activity or small project, the objectives of the activity or small project and the programme or schedule of activities to be carried out.

    Proposals should also include information about any equipment to be purchased, the person who will be responsible for the activity or small project and his or her contact details.

    They must also include the budget and a statement about how the success or failure of the activity or small project will be assessed.

    According to an NCF statement, monetary awards will be made at the discretion of the executive committee, as it will consider the proposals in terms of the following criteria: relevance of the proposal to cyclist development, the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposal made, probable impact of the proposal on cyclist development and the probable sustainability of the benefits achieved by the proposal.

    Proposals should be framed on Annexure A, which will be made available by the NCF.

    The annexure is titled 'Concept of Cyclist Development', and should be sent by email to gm@namcf.org by 17:00 on 31 July. Late submissions will not be considered.


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    Oprograma yOmake oye shi pondola – NdeitungaOprograma yOmake oye shi pondola – Ndeitunga Omunambelewa omukuluntu gwopolisi yaNamibia, Sebastian Ndeitunga okwa popi kutya oprograma ndjoka yali tayi wapaleke iihwa unene pomahala mpoka pwa dhidhilikwa kutya ohapu holama oongangala ngaashi momilamba, Operation Omake, oya thiki pehulilo, na oya li epondolo enene.

    Pahapu dhe, ngaashi konyala kehe shimwe monkalamwenyo, oshi na etameko nehulilo.

    Ngoka ta longo pehala lyomunambelewa omukuluntu mOpolisi yOshilando, Nathaniel Nendongo okwa pandula kutya omahwahwameko ngoka oga shunitha pevi ondjele yiimbuluma moshilando.

    Nendongo okwa popi kutya natango Opolisi yOshilando otayi wapaleke omahala ngoka taga konenenwa opo ku kalekwe po egameno lyoshigwana.

    Omunambelewa ngoka okwa kunkilile oshigwana shi kale sha kotoka nokuyanda okweeta momahala ngoka ga nika oshiponga.

    Operation Omake, oprograma ya nuninwa okukondjitha iimbuluma, ndjoka ya tulilwa miilonga mepandanda lyaMoses Garoeb moKatutura momwedhi Novemba gwo 2015, pehala mpoka pwa dhipagelwa aamwayinathana yaali aakadhona, Jacqueline (18) oshowo Cecilia Kuaseua (30).

    Oprograma ndjoka oya tseyithwa kOminista yOshikondo shOpolisi, Charles Namoloh mOmutumba gwoPashigwana, ngoka a popi kutyaoprograma ndjoka oyi li eyamukulo lya ningwa keindilo ndyoka lya ningwa kOmupresidende Hage Geingob, kutya okwa pumbwa okukatukwa oonkatu ku vule okuyiwa moshipala iimbuluma mokati koshigwana.

    Oshikondo shEgameno nUuhepelo oshowo Oshikondo shEgameno lyOshilongo pamwe niikondo yilwe mwakwatelwa Opolisi yOshilando oya kwatele komeho omahwahwameko ngoka, ga kwatelemo ewapaleko lyiihwa okuza pomahala ngoka ga dhidhilikwa haga holama oombudhi, eyambulepo lyoopatolola dhopolisi oshowo etulopo lyomalamba nomathano go (CCTV) systems.


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  • 07/19/18--16:00: Ohangwena ya taalela enota
  • Ohangwena ya taalela enotaOhangwena ya taalela enotaA popi kutya oshigwana she otashi mono iihuna kenota Ngoloneya gwoshitopolwa shaHangwena okwa pula Uuministeli wUunamapya oshowo ehangano lyoNamWater ya kwashilipaleke kutya oKalahari Ohangwena Aquifer (KOH-2) oya tulwa miilonga. Oonzo dhoka dhomeya gomevi okwa lopotwa dhi na oocubic meta dhomeya dha thika poobiliyona 20 na otaga vulu okukandula po enota lyaakalimo opamwe niimuna moshitopolwa shoka natango shi li sha taalela uupyakadhi wenota.

    Ngoloneya Usko Nghaamwa okwa holola okuuva nayi kwe, pethimbo a ningi oshipopiwa shopashigwana kombinga yoshitopolwa she oshiwike shika, omolwa opoloyeka ndjoka ya nuninwa okutula miilonga ekutho lyomeya ngoka gomevi tayi ende kashona, konima nkene ya tulwa miilonga sha landula omapekaapeko ngoka. Okwa popi kutya onkalo yompumbwe yomeya moshitopolwa she oya dhigupala noonkondo na oya etitha opo a longulule oombola dhomeya dha gwedhwapo dhi li hetatu moshitopolwa moka.

    Omvula ya piti, ombelewa yaNghaamwa oya longulula oombola dhomeya dha nuninwa aakwashigwana mboka haya ende iinano iile taya kongo omeya.

    Ngoloneya okwa popi kutya oombola ne odha longwa nokutulwa opomba yomeya poosasiyona dhopolisi mOkanyandi oshowo Omundaungilo, pEembahu Rural Development Centre oshowo momukunda Embwanyana. Osasiyona ompe yokupomba omeya oya tungwa mOmafo opo yi yambulepo etondoko lyomeya mEenhana.

    Sho a ningwa naye oonkundathana koshifokundneki shoNamibian Sun, Omunambelewa Omukuluntu gwOshitopolwa shaHangwena, Fillipus Shilongo okwa popi kutya oonzo ndhoka dhomeya gomevi itadhi gandja natango uuwanawa kaakwashigwana, naakwashigwana oyendji natango kaye na omeya.

    Shilongo okwa tsikile kutya natango oshitopolwa inashi pitikwa okukutha omeya moothiithiya dhoka.

    “Oonzo ndhoka dhoKOH-2 aquifer, odhina omeya ngoka taga adhika oshinano shometa 300okuya mevi, konima owala yoonzo dhoKOH-1 aquifer, ndhoka dhi na omeya goshimongwa. Oshitopolwa osha taalela enota lyomeya ihe otwa pitikwa owala okutha oomboola sigo opoonzo dhoka dhoKOH-1 aquifer ihe omeya ngoka kage shi omawanawa okulongitha,” Shilongo a popi.

    Okwa tsikile kutya ope na owala omboola yimwe ndjoka hayi kutha omeya moonzo ndhoka dho KOH-2 mOmundaungilo ihe ekutho lyomeya momboola ndjoka olya ngambekwa nondjele yomwalu gwomeya ngoka tagu vulu okukuthwa mo mesiku.

    Nghaamwa omvula ya piti okwa longo oomboola dhili hetatu, dhoka odha longwa noshimaliwa sha thika pooN$714 000 shoka sha pewa omagano oshiketha sha ngoloneya kehangano lyoSea Flower Fishing Company, niimaliwa mbyoka oya nuninwa okuyambulapo oopoloyeka. Oombola ndhoka dha pangelwa odhili oshitopolwa shoomboola 104 ndhoka dha li dhatungwa kuuministeli wuunamapya melongongelo kaumwe nOmbelewa yOmuprima momvula yo 2013 , ndhoka o25 dha tulwa moshitopolwa shaZambezi, 14 Kavango East, 17 Kavango West, 16 Ohangwena, 21 Kunene oshowo 11 Omaheke.

    Oomboola dhoka odhili oshitopolwa shomagano goomiliyona 100 ngoka ga pewa Namibia kuSouth Afrika momvula yo 2013. Pahapu dhomunambelewa omukalelipo gwaSouth Afrika moNamibia, okwa li lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya iilonga yoombola ndhoka oya pewa ehangano lyoRand Water, ehangano enene lyeyandjakaneko lyomeya moshilongo shawo oshowo omwaandjakaneki gwomeya moshitopolwa shaGauteng.

    Oomboola ndhoka dhihe otadhi kutha omeya moothiithiya ndhoka dhoKOH-1 aquifer noshitopolwa onkene sha ligamena koshipala shuuministeli wuunamapya opo ku manithwe omakonaakono sho oshitopolwa shi vule okukala tashi kutha omeya moothiithiya ndhoka dhi na omeya omawanawa.

    Okomitiye ndjoka tayi kwatele komeho opoloyeka ndjoka yoKalahari Ohangwena Aquifer oya li ya ekelehi omapopyo ngoka ga ningwa, pethimbo ya ningi oshigongi mEenhana kutya oothiithiya ndhoka otadhi vulu okugandja omeya konooli yaNamibia, uule woomvula 400, ihe oya koleke kutya oothiithiya ndhoka odhi na omeya taga tengenekwa geli poocubic meta oobiliyona 20.

    Okomitiye oya lopota kutya omeya ngoka taga adhika pokati kOshikango nEenhana oge na ofluoride yi li pombanda omanga ngoka geli pokati kEenhana nOkongo ge na ofluoride yi li pevi. Pokati kOmundaungilo nOkongo, opwa adhika omeya omawanawa. Okutameka momvula yo 2009, okwa ningwa omakonaakono geli po 21 okukondolola nokutala onkalo yoombola ndhoka dha li dha thewa ihe haadhihe dha monika dhi li nawa. Omboola yomeya yomalolelo ndjoka ya mboolwa kuNamWater mEenhana oya gupo mo 2014, na oya mboolululwa natango.

    NamWater nuuministeli otaya kwatele komeho opoloyeka ndjoka meyambidhidho lyaGermany omanga Iigwana yaEuropa tayi gandja ekwatho lyopashimaliwa shoomiliyona dhathika po 25. Omutumba ngoka ogwa li gwa holola kutya omakonaakono ngoka otaga manithwa muSepetemba.


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    Mutjavikua directs Gurirab airport pleasMutjavikua directs Gurirab airport pleas Erongo governor Cleophas Mutjavikua says if the community of /Uikrens want Walvis Bay International Airport to be renamed after late diplomat and liberation struggle stalwart Theo-Ben Gurirab, such requests will need to be forwarded to the right authorities.

    During his memorial service held in Usakos this week, a request was made to name the airport after Gurirab, who passed away last week, by the director of proceedings Matthew /Gowaseb.

    This, according to him was a request by the community of /Uikrens, which is said to be the village where the Gurirab family had initially settled before permanently moving to Usakos.

    Mutjavikua said that a formal request to his knowledge had not been received and advised the community to take the matter to the right authorities.

    “We have not received anything from the community,” he said.

    “We have the Swapo structures and the regional authority. Those are the people that can deal with that,” Mutjavikua said when asked for comment yesterday.

    This will not be the first time a call is made for an airport to be named in honour of a late politician.

    Cabinet recently approved a proposal to rename the Ondangwa Airport after struggle icon Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo.

    Monument request

    Meanwhile, the community also requested for a monument to be built in /Uikrens which would depict the late Gurirab. The community during the memorial service asked that government step in and pay for the construction of the monument.

    Gurirab served as the first foreign affairs minister.

    He also served as prime minister and later became the Speaker of the National Assembly, a position he held until his retirement from active politics in 2015.


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    PDM calls for Ohangwena probePDM calls for Ohangwena probe'SORA does not reflect state of affairs' The opposition party is accusing the regional council of poor financial control. Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) Ohangwena regional coordinator Hidipo Hamata has called on central government to investigate the financial affairs of the Ohangwena region council.

    Hamata made this call in a strongly worded media release yesterday, while claiming the recently delivered Ohangwena State of the Region Address (SORA) does not reflect the true state of how public funds are being used by the regional council.

    Hamata's accusations stem from the lack of financial reports being produced and sent to the auditor-general's office by the council for auditing purposes.

    He strongly believes the council is squandering public funds, which he alleged are used for self-gratification.

    “The PDM has noted the fact that the Ohangwena regional council does not produce financial reports for the auditor-general is an indication of high corruption activities within the council. This also reflects that the council has used up the public funds for their own benefit,” Hamata said.

    “As the PDM, we say this is unacceptable. We thus call on the government launch investigations, questioning their inability to produce the financial reports. This is despite their frivolous fabrications of challenges faced with the sitting accounting system, and the extended backlog, as their reasons for not producing financial reports.”

    Hamata said he was not impressed by the SORA delivered on Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa's behalf on Monday.

    “The regional governor can deliver a well-decorated SORA, but fails to explain why they have not produced financial reports to the auditor-general and failed to include it in his SORA report. The governor's SORA report proves to be meaningless and a mockery to the people of the region, if he still cannot explain to the nation what happened to the N$68.2 million for the 2012/13 financial year, which still remains unaccounted for,” Hamata said.

    “The PDM feels it is wrong for the council to continue spending money in the absence of financial records and any tangible development taking place in the area that benefits the populace. This is a serious insult to taxpayers and we urge the immediate release of the financial reports, as soon as possible.”


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  • 07/19/18--16:00: Auntie Nangy
  • Auntie NangyAuntie Nangy Is my lover too young?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a girl of 20 and I am dating a man of the same age as me. It is good to date a man of the same age Auntie?

    Child, of course! What could possibly be the problem? You see, you will find men who are 40 and have still not grown up and act like young boys. Then you will find young men of 20 who are mature. So if you and your man are happy and you share the same interests, hobbies and can have long conversations without getting bored, what could possibly be the problem? There are women who date men who are younger than them. There comes a certain point in life when, and this is especially for man, you equalise. So for example, if a man of 40 is acting like a man of 40, he can happily date a woman of say 45. There are no rules here lovie – it is all about how happy you are. Enjoy and go sparkle!

    What is a good age gap?

    Hi Auntie Nangy,

    I am 17 and I want to ask if it is wrong that I am a 21-year-old guy.

    What is it with these age questions this week? There is nothing wrong with dating a young man four years your senior. However, in your case, because you are probably in school, you need to be sure that you are ready for any sexual demands that he may make, or, in the alternative, and this is the better one, that the two of you have discussed sex and have decided to abstain. If your man is done with his education, he needs to understand that you have tests and exams. My hope is that he is also still in school or, that he is at college or university. In a nutshell my girl, if he understands that school comes first, keep him. If he does not and he is putting pressure on you to have sex, dump him.

    He wants a baby

    Dear Auntie Nangy,

    I am 19 years old and I have a boyfriend who is always telling me that he wants a baby with me but am not ready to be a mother. What can I do?

    Don't have the baby. I am going to say it again, do not have the baby. You are 19… barely more than a baby yourself! You have your whole life ahead of you. Are you done with school? Do you have access to tertiary education? I hope you do. Girl, you need to go and study. Qualify yourself. Build yourself up and work and create a life and a home. Get a driver's licence and find yourself a man who will embark on that journey with you before you have a baby. Do you realise the money a child costs? Can you imagine being tied to a human being that is your responsibility 24/7 at the age of 19? Live, be free and happy. Learn, study and build. Then, marry and have as many children as you want. Tell that man to go child, kick his proverbial arse to the kerb!

    Bleeding too often

    Dear Auntie Nangy,

    I am 16 and I go on my period two times in one month… is something wrong? What must I do?

    There is nothing really to worry about, but, you should see a doctor, not a nurse, a doctor. Your hormonal cycle could be out of sync and you could be ovulating twice a month. You need to get that under control. Also, the doctor must give you a pap smear just to make sure everything is okay in your uterus. As I say, do not fret but, do go and see a doctor as soon as you can.

    Took abortion pills

    Dear Auntie Nangy,

    I am 17 and I fell pregnant. I got a number for abortion pills on Facebook and I bought some. I took them but since then, I am bleeding all the time. It has been four weeks. Please help me Auntie.

    What have you done? Firstly, it is illegal but most importantly, it is very, very dangerous. Those pills can be made of anything. They force the lining of your uterus down and this is why you bleed. You do not say how far along you were in your pregnancy but, child, you are in danger now. Get to your nearest hospital and do not delay. I am very concerned not only for the amount of blood you have lost, I am very, very worried about the condition of your uterus and your fallopian tubes. This could cause you to become sterile and never have a child in your life. For all of you who are reading this, do not do this. Please ladies, take birth control and also, carry condoms. Learn to use both to protect yourself against not only pregnancy but also STDs and HIV. As for the letter writer, get to a hospital today.

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  • 07/19/18--16:00: That time of the month
  • That time of the monthThat time of the monthNew comedy slot starts next week Get ready to tickle your funny bone at the newest monthly comedy show. Friends of comedy shows can look forward to a regular new slot at the Kalabar, where the crème de la crème of the local stand-up comedy circuit are summoned to 'do their thing'. The aim is to offer a platform for stand-up comics, who have made their mark in the industry and who call a strong base of followers their own.

    Since the early days of 'Free Your Mind', the organisation which back in 2010 kick-started the funny trade in Namibia, the Namibian comedy scene has evolved tremendously. The line of reputed comedians has become longer, with new talent literally popping up on a quarterly basis. Slick, Iileka, Joe White, Taap The Guy and Weezil, who were the frontrunners once, are today household names and peers to many a new actor, daring to take on comedy as a performing arts genre.

    NAM Comedy Circle joins old and new talent into a rollercoaster of comedy shows on each last Wednesday of the month, starting on 25 July through 28 November and - if successful - may become a regular ongoing event at the Kalabar, which to date is known for its high class intimate live music events on Thursdays (Soul Affair) and Fridays (NAMJAMS).

    Opening on Wednesday evening, 25 July, will be Fernando Tafish, who one would categorise as a 'veteran stand-up'. Tafish participated at the Savannah Comics Choice Awards in Johannesburg in 2017 and was nominated for the Best Pan African Comedian of the year. He shared the stage with big guns on the African comedy circuit, the likes of Basket Mouth (Nigeria) and Salvador (Uganda). Next is a fairly new kid on the block, who goes by the name of Erich Nepembe. He, in his own words, aspires to improve his monthly budget through comedy, since his salary as a petroleum geoscientist (his profession in the real world) can hardly afford him to pay attention in the first place. Erich performed at the 'Free and Dom' comedy show (part of the unofficial Namibia independence celebrations in March this year) and opened up for the Fresh Prince of Okakarara at his recent Warehouse Theatre show Black & Adulting. Mark Kariahuua, AKA The Fresh Prince of Okakarara, will host the evening. Expect the one or other guest appearance!

    The organisers invite patrons to get comfortable at the Kalabar latest 19:30, with the show starting 20:00. The Kalabar is situated on the first floor of the Hilton Hotel. No entrance fees are charged.

    For any additional information do not hesitate to contact Ernst Herma @ 081 122 3709.


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  • 07/19/18--16:00: Look for the positive
  • Look for the positiveLook for the positive It seems like a lot of people in this game are too quick to judge others. Many also seem to be envious when there is prosperity in someone else's life. I'm referring to those that are too quick to say “Yeah, so and so wouldn't even be famous if they didn't sing trust song with x on it,” or statements like “Journalists are becoming the celebrities they are supposed to write about”. So what if they become celebrities? How many international journalists, presenters or radio DJs became the celebrities they spoke about? Ryan Seacrest, Bonang Matheba, heck Oprah guys! And do you know how people become celebrities or famous? It's because they are celebrated for what they have done or are doing! So if the public likes them and celebrate them now and then, what is wrong with that...?

    And if you see that so and so has worked with person x and that's the reason they are popping or have made it, why don't you too work with x and see what comes out? Lol, it's so hilarious.

    I am starting to believe that everyone who echos such words most likely do not want other people to prosper because they don't want them to grow.

    The person you were when you started is not the person you are seven years later in the game. You have grown and people have seen your work. What you have done and how you have done it will impact how you are looked at by the public.

    What I'm trying to say, in a nutshell, is that instead of looking at how other people are doing their job and complaining about it, look at it differently and think of how you can learn to do what they are good at and implement it in your own work. It's like how awesome photographs from negatives, do the same.

    June Shimuoshili


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    Only 200 VIP tickets up for grabsOnly 200 VIP tickets up for grabsDue to popular demand, 081Every1Fest to cater for the VIPs Coke comes to the party, the biggest music event of the year in fact, by supporting a worthy cause. Following high public demand, for VIP ticket, festival organisers have released 200 block tickets for sale at N$1 000 per ticket, show executive producer Tim Ekandjo, announced on this week.

    “Ever since we announced this line-up, we have been inundated with requests to avail a VIP ticket for purchase – as opposed to our original idea of strictly by invitation. We have heard the cries - and 200 tickets will now be available for purchase at N$1 000 per person,” explained Ekandjo.

    Tickets are available while stocks last, and are available in-store at Webtickets outlets in Pick n Pay or online at webtickets.com.na.

    The show takes place on 11 August 2018 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium and boasts a rich collection of international and local superstars – expected to perform for an estimated crowd of 15 000 people. Beside the VIP tickets, general tickets cost remain at N$25.

    Meanwhile Coke Namibia has come on board with the purchase of a two donation tickets valued at N$20 000. The donation ticket is not an access ticket to the show – but simply a charity ticket – displaying support to the cause of affordable housing.

    Maguire Mulder, marketing manager at Coke said his team is honoured to be part of this magnificent event – “but more so, we are thrilled to know that our support is going towards the worthy cause of supporting the less privileged and sharing in the feeling of opening happiness.”

    Corporates are called upon to emulate Coke by buying donation tickets. A donation ticket cost is between N$10 and N$10 000.

    The international line-up in­cludes Davido, Runtown, Jah Prayzah, Heavy K and Busiswa and the locals include a galore of Namibian Annual Mu­sic Awards (NAMA) winners namely, Gazza, Kalux, Oteya, KP Illest, Sally Boss Madam, Adora, One Blood, PDK, Afroberries and 4×4 Too Much Power.

    The 081Every1Fest is a charity concert initiated by MTC is to celebrate 100% popula­tion coverage, with the proceeds going to the Shack Dweller's Federation of Namibia (SDFN).


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    Doctatainment - a Namibian legacyDoctatainment - a Namibian legacyTalking events with the know-it-alls The founders of Doctatainment talk to tjil about building one of Namibia's biggest entertainment brands. Doctatainment is no doubt one of Namibia's biggest entertainment brands having hosted some major events since 2012. The brand has since elevated the standard of events and their Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA) trophy is proof of that.

    The brainchild of John Cloete and Ernest van Zyl, Doctatainment is an entertainment company that specialises in social events by bringing together people from all walks of life.

    These events include their annual Windhoek Spring Fiesta, an all-white party that won them the 2017 NAMA for 'Best Musical Event'. Their other events include the 'Hip-hop and Sneakers Festival', their popular 'Friday after Work' monthly parties as well as matinees.

    Cloete and Van Zyl both hail from Spokiesdorp in Khomasdal, Windhoek. They grew up in the same neighbourhood and have been friends for as long as they can remember, and that's one of the things they attribute to their strong partnership.

    The very first event they hosted was a 'Deep House Sunday Session' which took place at Mansion Bar in Katutura. While those in attendance had mixed reactions to the event, this was only to become a starting point for bigger, better events for Doctatainment.

    “Our inspiration comes from the passion we have for entertainment and seeing people socialise, interact and have a good time because of a platform we created… that just gives us satisfaction and joy,” Van Zyl says.

    They say that the entertainment scene has changed over the years and people are taking a different approach to event planning. “There are many more good quality events on a weekly basis and we've seen more individuals getting involved by starting their own entertainment-related businesses such as magazines, marketing and advertising firms as well as event companies, because they now believe (and know) that entertainment is no longer just a hobby, but a profession,” says Cloete.

    Today, Cloete and Van Zyl boast successful events headlined by Namibian superstars Gazza, with other major acts like Sally Boss Madam, KK, Paradox and the popular Afroberries also gracing their events. They have also brought in South African hip hop powerhouses like Khuli Chana at their 2017 'Hip-hop and Sneakers Festival'. The pair have consistently pulled big crowds and it can all be attributed to their passion for bringing people together.

    While the market is becoming saturated with many other companies in the same line of business, one thing sets Doctatainment apart – their insistence on prioritising Namibian musicians and entertainers at all their events. Windhoek Spring Fiesta for example has a 100% line-up of Namibian musicians and DJs. “Doctatainment firmly believes in local talent. What we're trying to do is give local content and local entertainment the best possible platform to showcase their talent,” says Cloete.

    While they've had successful runs with fully packed shows, good reviews and even the biggest award in the industry, there are some challenges in running the business. “Funding or getting sponsors is a major challenge in our country and now that we in a financial recession, things are worse. But we are fortunate to have worked with a few corporate companies for a while now, and they share the same passion and vision as Doctatainment,” Cloete says.

    But how do they juggle organising all the events throughout the year and still maintain a high standard at all of them? “We have a yearly calendar that we work on and you would also notice that our annual events are planned way in advance, but we've recently added Friday after Work, that we actually use as a build up to our bigger events,” says Van Wyk. They also use smaller events like 'Friday after Work' to work with musicians and DJs that they've never worked with before to get an idea of the latest trends in terms of music and what's currently trending.

    Both Cloete and Van Wyk are hopeful about the future of Namibian entertainment. They do however stress the need for more professionalism in the industry, more brand-building and more creativity in order to take the arts to greater heights.

    While trying to encompass all these qualities into their business, the men behind Doctatainment plan on continuing to grow their brand and take it onto an international stage while still giving their event-goers memorable experiences.

    The two are also very passionate about inspiring the youth, and advise anyone with plans on following in their footsteps to be persistent and passionate in order to establish and grow their brands.


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