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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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  • 04/19/18--16:00: If goats could talk...
  • If goats could talk...If goats could talk... Namibia is not only a land of contrasts, but also a land of wonders. For a native, everything in the land of the brave may appear normal, but to an outsider, it is nothing short of extraordinary!

    For instance, I have always thought of goats to be those white creatures some of us claim to farm with, but what transpired of late might change my perception of reality regarding them.

    These creatures, which I mainly came to know as being natural herbivores, surprised me recently when I stepped out of Shoprite Oshakati and saw one chewing on a 'stokkie lekker', or lollipop as they are often referred to!

    I was stunned; it is a goat and is not supposed to be chewing a stokkie lekker. The goat even had the stick of the lollipop sticking out - just like a real person, I mean goat, would do.

    It was all happening in full view of the shoppers who just passed by without even blinking when seeing this ram, who later introduced itself to me as 'Billy', chewing on a stokkie lekker. Oh yeah - it could talk too - or was that just my imagination?

    I must admit it could be fun if 'Billy' and I could spark up a conversation.

    “Hey Billy, what's cooking today”, I would ask.

    “Hey Charlie … what is it you want from me this time around? The last time you greeted me was when you attempted to put one of those green rubber rings around my scrotum, apparently because I am ugly and you would not want me to father offspring. Had I not run away, I would have probably lost my manhood - or goat-hood!” Billy would say.

    “But Billy, let's face it….you are not as handsome or 'goat ramsome'… sorry, am still catching up on your vocabulary … you are not all that for a ram.”

    The goat would look at me once and probably say;

    “Oh yeah, like you are handsome? Sorry to break it to you Charlie - but you are not exactly Brad Pit yourself! Are you sure Shrek was not a gardener at your house around the time your mom had you?”

    Phew! Its a good thing 'Billy' could not talk, for I prefer the version of me I see every morning in my bathroom mirror. Ja, that image I could live with.

    Trust me, I have heard a lot of those 'Petrus-meneer-miesies' stories. Let's just say - I know how the cookie crumbles!

    Back home in my native Omaheke, nothing amuses me more than when I see my grandmother about to answer the cell phone! You see, my granny was born before the advent of technology and having her own cell phone was a whole new world to her.

    Mind you, this is the same granny who thought Bluetooth and Apple and Blackberry were real fruits.

    The other day she received a call from one of my distant cousin - yes, a female one - an Otjiramue for those dying to know, and yes, I intend to marry her as a second wife. My granny spend the first ten minutes of the telephone conversation asking my cousin about how her mother, father, aunts and uncles were doing. She even had time to inquire on how the family dog, which was renowned for hunting, is doing!

    “Granny, that was very impolite. You do not do such a thing over the phone granny,” I said after the conversation has ended.

    “What are you talking about? Of course I had to know how they were all doing,” she responded.

    “Yes, but granny, we do not do that kind of thing over the cell phone. And you were shouting granny, why would you shout?

    “I was shouting because Tjipenandjambi is far. He is in Okakarara. If my neighbour over that homestead can hardly hear me when I speak on the phone, how will Tjipenandjambi hear me?

    I left it at that. I mean, I also wanted to inform my granny that what the beloved family dog of Tjipenandjambi's parents does is not hunting, but poaching! But then again, I recalled the story of what the lion did to his subjects who were opinionated.

    Until then…


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    'Loan sharks' found guilty of fraud'Loan sharks' found guilty of fraud High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka has convicted three owners of an unregistered cash-loans business on 256 of the 513 fraud charges against them.

    They were found guilty of having defrauded unsuspecting members of the public of N$7 million.

    The judge ordered that Charles van Niekerk, Melanie Grace van Niekerk and Jesaja Jeremia van Niekerk be kept in custody until their sentencing.

    The judge found that large amounts of cash were unlawfully and fraudulently procured from members of the public.

    In the summary of the 256 counts against the accused, the judge said they had conducted banking business without being incorporated as a public company under the Companies Act. The accused operated a micro-lending business without being registered as micro-lender by Namfisa.

    Judge Siboleka said the accused, unlawfully and with intent to defraud, entered into written investment contracts wherein implausible promises of high returns were made by Melanie Grace van Niekerk as manager of West Coast Financial Aid and as owner of Mias Micro-Lending, but were not fulfilled.

    “The evidence of drawing up and issuance by the three accused of differently worded contracts to their investors credibly shows how carefully, subtly the unsuspecting investors, some of whom were frail, ended up being fraudulently robbed of hard-earned money,” Siboleka stated.

    He added that it was also very clear that the investors were conned by the false promises of high interest that were from the beginning unlikely to be fulfilled.

    “I reject outright the evidence of Charles van Niekerk and Jesaja Jeremia van Niekerk that they were unaware that West Coast Financial Aid CC did not have a banking business licence from the Bank of Namibia that allows it to receive or accept cash or cheque deposits from members of the public,” he said.

    According to him they were legally obliged to have the business licensed for banking business before appointing Charles van Niekerk as the principal officer to run it on their behalf.

    The same applied to Mias Micro-Lending, which was also an unlicensed, fraudulent scheme.

    “The businesses were solely meant to con investors, cheating them out of their money,” Siboleka said.

    He found that the doctrine of common purpose had been satisfied as evidence credibly showed that all three accused acted in unison regarding the formation and operations of West Coast Financial Aid.

    The case was postponed to 4 June for pre-sentencing submissions.

    Ingrid Husselman prosecuted while Johan van Vuuren and Christie Mostert represented the accused.


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  • 04/19/18--16:00: Mosquitoes a global focus
  • Mosquitoes a global focusMosquitoes a global focusNamibia has turned the tide on malaria Speaking at the Malaria Summit alongside the 25th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, President Hage Geingob highlighted several interventions. Over the past 28 years the Namibian government has managed to reduce malaria cases by almost 90%, down from half a million cases reported in 1990.

    President Hage Geingob told delegates at a malaria summit in the United Kingdom this week that the significant reduction in malaria cases was partly thanks to budgetary commitments to combatting the deadly disease.

    He said a total of US$10 million was allocated to efforts to fight malaria over the past five years.

    A further grant application for more than US$2.3 million to the Global Fund was recently approved to fund Namibia's national malaria strategy and strategic gaps that had been identified, Geingob said.

    Geingob said the support of development partners added to the success.

    The president nevertheless admitted that progress in the fight against malaria had stagnated in many regions of the world.

    The upswing in malaria cases in recent years formed the basis for the summit in London this week.

    The organisers explained that the November 2017 World Malaria Report showed that progress made against malaria had stalled.

    “This is a dangerous place to be, it means all the work that's been done so far could be undone, at worst, a resurgence could occur,” they said.

    As a result, the malaria community united to put on the Malaria Summit London.

    The event aimed to unite leaders of government, business, science, and the global health community during the week of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to renew their commitment to beat malaria once and for all.

    Geingob summed up the steps taken by Namibia to deliver on the promise of ending malaria by 2023.

    At a national level, authorities have aligned the national strategy to the global technical strategy, which was approved during the 66th session of the World Health Assembly (WHA), as the global guiding strategy for malaria control and elimination.

    Namibia is also in the process of adapting relevant programmes to help fill the gaps to help implement the national strategy on malaria.

    Geingob vowed that Namibia was keen to increase national resources to meet the gaps that were currently being experienced in the battle to reduce and eliminate malaria.

    Delegates heard that a major challenge was the spread of the illness in districts that border malaria-endemic neighbouring countries.

    Geingob said the Global Fund support would enable Namibia to address this issue.

    Research forms part of Namibia's efforts to end malaria transmission.

    The president told summit attendees that the University of Namibia, supported by the University of California in San Francisco, were conducting research to gather local evidence that would further guide Namibia's programme strategies.


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    Namibia leads in climate change fightNamibia leads in climate change fightCountry lauded for meticulous work Namibia has been praised not only for its exemplary efforts in fighting climate change but, has been named a leader for precision in reporting. Namibia has been praised as a leader for taking action against climate change and has shown its commitment to meeting reporting targets on time.

    The environment ministry yesterday signed the third biennial update report project document for Namibia to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

    The agreement was signed between the environment ministry, the National Planning Commission (NPC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

    The permanent secretary in the environment ministry, Malan Lindeque, said Namibia as a signatory to the UNFCCC was obliged to report in accordance with the convention.

    Namibia is also a signatory to the Paris Agreement.

    Parties to the convention are obliged to submit national communications every four years and biennial update reports every two years.

    The difference between the two reports is that national communications have an adaptation component whereas biennial reports are concerned mainly with greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation actions.

    To meet its reporting obligations Namibia has submitted three national communications: the initial communication in 2002, the second communication in 2011 and the third national communication in 2015. It is currently busy with its fourth national communication to be submitted in 2019.

    Namibia submitted its first biennial update report in 2014 and the second one was submitted in 2016.

    “Namibia is one of the few countries to have so far fully complied with reporting obligations,” said Lindeque. He said the project document that was signed would kick off Namibia's preparation of its third biennial update report.

    The ministry will coordinate the preparation process but the successful implementation of the project would require efforts from all the key stakeholders.

    The third biennial update report will build on work and achieve in the previous two reports in terms of greenhouse gas inventory covering the year 2014; the mitigation measures and their effects and the associated domestic monitoring reporting and verification system, institutional arrangements and national circumstances and on constraints, gaps and associated technical and financial needs.

    The outgoing UNDP country representative Kiki Gbeho said Namibia had for years shown its commitment to climate action and was a leader in fighting climate change.

    “Signing this agreement is in line with our global agenda.”

    Gbeho said she was looking forward to working with Namibia in the future.

    “You must make sure that these plans translate into some form of action. It has been an incredible run here in Namibia and we have done incredible work here.”

    Ghebo said she still believed that a difference could be made in the lives of the 18% of Namibians who were considered extremely poor, and that environment could play a role.

    The NPC permanent secretary, Annely Haiphene, said that Namibia too wanted to reach its targets of eliminating poverty.

    “We also want to see our people out of poverty and reach the goals we have set. We hope that by 2025 if you should return there will be a difference in the numbers and it has declined.”


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    Okahandja councillors must goOkahandja councillors must go Over 400 Okahandja residents on Wednesday marched to their municipal office, demanding the removal of town councillors.

    This follows a demand made a few weeks ago where they set the deadline for Wednesday, 18 April.

    They handed over a petition to deputy urban and rural development minister Derek Klazen.

    In the document, seen by this agency, the community committee members accuse the councillors of corruption, poor service delivery and inflation of water bills, amongst others.

    Delivering the petition on behalf of the committee, spokesperson Hidipohamba Vatilifa said they would like the ministry to send a team to investigate the allegations.

    “The councillors that are implicated in the corruption scandal must leave or vacate the offices until investigations are completed,” said Vatilifa.

    He further suggested that those employees of the municipality who are also implicated, must be suspended so as not to interfere with the investigations, and that the ministry should delegate a team to run the town's affairs while investigations are carried out.

    “Residents have lost trust in the councillors they elected,” they said. Klazen, who received the petition on behalf of line minister Peya Mushelenga, said it is not that easy for the minister to remove, suspend or recall councillors from office.

    “Whatever allegations are there, people need to be proven guilty, so it needs to be investigated first,” he said, adding that while he understands their plight, laws and procedures need to be upheld.

    He said feedback on their petition will be given in due course.


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     Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of season Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of season Arsene Wenger will bring his 22-year stay in charge of Arsenal to an end at the end of the season, the Frenchman announced on Friday. "After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season," Wenger said in a statement posted on the club's website.

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    DeBeers to clean up Sierra Leone diamond supply chainDeBeers to clean up Sierra Leone diamond supply chainRolls out app De Beers will now have small miners in Seira Leone certify that the gems they get from the soil are legal. “The app we developed to address some of the key challenges in logging and validating, to allow artisanal production to be traced from the mine site all the way through to export." - Feriel Zerouki, DeBeers’ vice-president for ethical initiatives Global diamond giant De Beers is rolling out an app to help small-scale, artisanal diamond miners in Sierra Leone certify that gems they pry from the soil are legal, the Anglo American unit said on Thursday.

    The initiative is the latest attempt by the industry to clean up its image and expunge the scourge of “blood diamonds” blamed for financing conflict, chaos and criminality in poor African countries, such as Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    More widely, small-scale mining is often tainted by alleged links to insurgents or child labour, casting a cloud over supply chains for commodities such as cobalt, which is produced mainly in the conflict-prone Democratic Republic of Congo, and gold.

    Called Gemfair, the De Beers’ pilot app project is a partnership with Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), an NGO, and will target several small-scale mine sites in Sierra Leone in a meeting of high technology and pre-industrial mining methods.

    Miners enrolled in the project must be licensed, adhere to certain environmental standards, work sites that are free of violence and meet other requirements.

    The app is on a tablet and has a software application that shows the GPS location where the diamonds have been extracted, allowing for a record of the production process. The software can work online or offline in remote areas.

    The miners are also provided with digital scales to weigh their diamonds and a tamper-proof bag where they can be deposited and then passed safely through the supply chain.

    “The app we developed to address some of the key challenges in logging and validating, to allow artisanal production to be traced from the mine site all the way through to export,” Feriel Zerouki, DeBeers’ vice-president for ethical initiatives, told Reuters in an interview.

    According to DDI, up to 20% of global gem-quality diamond supplies are produced by artisanal miners, who typically wash gravel by hand in conditions that are often unhygienic and dangerous.

    Illicit diamonds were linked to funding civil wars and insurgencies in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Angola and the issue was popularised by the 2006 movie “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

    The main initiative to keep such gems from reaching the market is a regulatory programme called the Kimberley Process but its focus is on conflict diamonds and does not directly address issues of poverty and exploitation.


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  • 04/20/18--16:00: Frisbee comes to town
  • Frisbee comes to townFrisbee comes to town Several frisbee enthusiasts joined hands in 2012 and formed the first of its kind social club called Ultimate Frisbee Windhoek, which competes at the University of Namibia every Sunday.

    The group consist of locals who want to break a sweat during the weekend in a social environment and now consist of close to 120 members, both male and female.

    One of the founders of the group Oskar Oskar said the sport is athletic and gives participants the chance to work on their respiratory and circulation system.

    “The sport gives agility, increases concentration and offers a chance to network with like-minded people. At the moment we are just a social club but the members are working towards being registered with the Namibia Sport Commission,” he said.

    More about the sport:

    Ultimate, originally known as Ultimate Frisbee, is a non-contact team sport played by players with a flying disc (frisbee).

    Ultimate was developed in 1968 by a group of students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey.

    Although Ultimate resembles many traditional sports in its athletic requirements, it is unlike most sports due to its focus on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition.


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     Toddler’s lifeless body found Toddler’s lifeless body found The body of the three-year-old toddler who drowned on Monday evening was found this morning. Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi confirmed to Namibian Sun that the lifeless body of Jason Shindinge was found at around 10:30. Shindinge was reported missing after their shack was swept away by a flash flood following heavy rain on Monday evening. His mother, Saima Thomas, also drowned on the night, and her body was found about two kilometres away from where their shack had stood. Jason’s body was reportedly found a few metres from where the body of his mother was found. Thomas's partner managed to survive the tragedy, along with their three-day-old baby girl. The incident took place at the Abraham Iiyambo informal settlement on the outskirts of Hakahana in Windhoek.

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  • 04/22/18--16:00: Uutoni wants sport fund
  • Uutoni wants sport fundUutoni wants sport fund The minister of sport, Erastus Uutoni, has proposed that a sport fund be established immediately in order to assist local athletes.

    He said successful sporting nations such as Australia and South Africa have already similar initiatives in place.

    Uutoni, who was speaking during the National Youth Games sponsorship handover ceremony of more than N$800 000, said the fund must be prioritised in order to assist federations and athletes who usually struggle to compete abroad.

    “We need to organise ourselves, and propose this suggestion to cabinet so that everyone, even ministers can put in money for this to materialise,” he said.

    Uutoni also emphasised that local companies are more than welcome to sponsor athletes.

    Asked how this fund would be managed and implemented without amending the current Sports Act of 2003, the ministry's permanent secretary Emma Kantema-Gaomas explained that the revised Sports Act will be finalised soon following extensive consultations with various stakeholders, including government.

    Kantema-Gaomas said part of the delay was due to the change of leadership at the ministry and at the office of the attorney-general. “We are confident that in the near future this will be looked at very fast.

    The rewards policy for athletes who return from international competitions was also finalised and it will handed over to cabinet for approval soon.

    When you formulate these things time is needed as it is a process. But as for the sports fund stakeholders can go ahead and establish it, as it will not be affected by the act,” she said.

    The permanent secretary added that Namibia still lags behind many countries as far as sport investment and funding is concerned. “We want to make an impact and to organise ourselves in order to help the sport fraternity,” she said. In the current financial year, government has allocated a measly N$44 million towards sport promotion and support from a total of N$288 million allocated to the youth and sport ministry.

    The Namibia Sports Act 12 of 2003 is meant to provide for the establishment of the Namibia Sports Commission as well as for the establishment of the Sports Development Fund.

    The Act also makes provision for the registration and regulation of national sports bodies and national umbrella sports bodies; to provide for the doping control tests as well as for incidental matters. Sport administrators have over the years criticised government and corporate Namibia for overlooking the sport sector, while calls have also been made in the past to amend the current Act. Countries such as Australia and South Africa have made significant inroads as far as development of sport is concerned.

    For example, the Australian Sport Commission implemented a funding strategy called Australia's Winning Edge.

    This approach projected a top-five finish on the medal table in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. Winning Edge prioritises funding toward sports that have the greatest chance of success or those that can demonstrate a capability to deliver results.

    In neighbouring South Africa, the focus is also on ensuring that by 2030 sports facilities will be rolled out to township schools all over the country, amongst others.


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    Gatlin wins his first race of the seasonGatlin wins his first race of the season Reigning world champion Justin Gatlin clocked 10.05 seconds to win his season opening 100 metre race at the Grenada Invitational track meet on Saturday.

    The 36-year-old American beat runner-up Isiah Young, who finished in 10.11 seconds, while Mike Rodgers ran 10.17, as the Americans swept all three podium spots at the Kirani James Stadium.

    Gatlin missed competing in the inaugural Grenada meet last year because of an injury.

    The sprinter, who was twice suspended for doping, upset the legendary Usain Bolt to claim the 100 metre title at the 2017 World Championships. Bolt took the bronze.

    Last month, he competed at the Athletix Grand Prix in South Africa, where he finished fourth in the 150 metres behind winner Anaso Jobodwana.


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    Komphela quits after cup chaosKomphela quits after cup chaosUnwanted coach throws in the towel Kaizer Chiefs announced the immediate resignation of coach Steve Komphela after spectators wearing Chiefs colours smashed television equipment and set fire to seats after their team lost. Steve Komphela resigned as Kaizer Chiefs coach after three seasons at the helm following their shock 2-0 defeat against Free State Stars in a Nedbank Cup semi-final clash at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday night.

    The club first tweeted “Breaking News” after the match before posting another tweet which confirmed Komphela's resignation.

    “Breaking News: Steve Komphela has resigned with immediate effect as head coach of Kaizer Chiefs. More news to follow,” the club announced.

    The match was marred by unsavoury scenes at fulltime as the supporters stormed the field, which forced the players to hastily run off.

    The disgruntled pitch invaders caused severe damage to the TV equipment and sound system around the field, leaving the club facing hefty punishment from the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

    When commenting on the violence that followed the encounter, the coach said: “What we saw today is not good for football. It calls for reflection, also from my side, about this club and about the future.”

    He then followed with a statement that suggested he was quitting. “If I'm the trigger for this (violence), then maybe one has to say 'maybe step aside. Just stop the switch'.”

    His resignation was then confirmed by Chiefs boss Bobby Motaung, who immediately addressed the press after the coach. “We have had to do a lot of reality checks. Players are not safe. People are not safe. The coach is not safe. The coach is stepping down with immediate effect,” Motaung was quoted by the PSL on Twitter.

    Komphela's tenure has been a difficult one, as the former Bafana Bafana captain failed to bring any silverware to the glamour club of South African football.

    He had inherited a championship winning squad from his mentor, current Bafana coach Stuart Baxter, who had ended his reign at the Naturena-based side with a league and cup double.

    Chiefs lost two successive cup finals in Komphela's first season at the helm, losing to Ajax Cape Town and Mamelodi Sundowns in the MTN8 and the Telkom Knockout, respectively.

    Known as cup specialists in South African circles, they failed to reach any other cup final in the following two years with Komphela in charge.

    His contract was about to come to an end after the current season. While no official word had been made about his future, Chiefs were not expected to extend the coach's stay.


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  • 04/22/18--16:00: African rivalries renewed
  • African rivalries renewedAfrican rivalries renewed The draw of the group phase of the Total CAF Confederation Cup 2018 was headlined by East African trio Rayon Sport (Rwanda), Young Africans (Tanzania) and Gor Mahia (Kenya), who are all drawn in the same group.

    The trio, which has Rayon and Gor Mahia as first-timers at the group stage, are joined in Group D by Algerian giants, USM Alger.

    The regionals rivals, will battle each other for a place in the knockout stage of the second-tier continental club championship.

    In attendance for the draw held on Saturday, at the CAF headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, was CAF president Ahmad.

    Former African champions, ASEC Mimosas (Cote d'Ivoire), Raja Club Athletic (Morocco) and AS Vita (DR Congo) were drawn in Group A, completed by Ghana champions, Aduana Stars.

    Group B has RS Berskane (Morocco), Al Masry (Egypt), UD Songo (Mozambique) and El Hilal (Sudan), with two-time African champions Enyimba (Nigeria), debutants Williamsville (Cote d'Ivoire), CARA (Congo) and Djoliba (Mali) housed in Group C.

    The full draw is as follows:

    Group A - ASEC Mimosas (Cote d'Ivoire), Raja Club Athletic (Morocco), AS Vita (DR Congo) and Aduana (Ghana).

    Group B - RS Berkane (Morocco), El Masry (Egypt), UD Songo (Mozambique) and El Hilal (Sudan).

    Group C - Enyimba (Nigeria), Williamsville (Cote d'Ivoire), CARA (Congo), Djoliba (Mali).

    Group D - Rayon Sports (Rwanda), USM Alger (Algeria), Young Africans (Tanzania) and Gor Mahia (Kenya).


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    First clues emerge about Cuba's future under new presidentFirst clues emerge about Cuba's future under new president Miguel Diaz-Canel has been the presumptive next president of Cuba since 2013, when Raul Castro named the laconic former provincial official to the important post of first vice president and lauded him as “neither a novice nor an improviser,” high praise in a system dedicated to continuity over all.

    Castro said nothing about how a young civilian from outside his family could lead the socialist nation that he and his older brother Fidel created from scratch and ruled with total control for nearly 60 years.

    Exiles in Miami said Diaz-Canel would be a figurehead for continued Castro dominance. Cubans on the island speculated about a weak president sharing power with the head of the communist party, or maybe a newly created post of prime minister. No one who knew was talking. And no one who was talking knew.

    The first clues to the mystery of Cuba's future power structure were revealed early Thursday when Raul Castro handed the presidency to Diaz-Canel, who took office when the 604-member National Assembly said 603 of its members had approved the 57-year-old as the sole official candidate for the top government position.

    With Castro watching from the audience, Diaz-Canel made clear that for the moment he would defer to the man who founded Cuba's communist system along with his brother. Diaz-Canel said he would retain Castro's Cabinet through at least July, when the National Assembly meets again.

    “I confirm to this assembly that Raul Castro, as first secretary of the Communist Party, will lead the decisions about the future of the country,” Diaz-Canel said. “Cuba needs him, providing ideas and proposals for the revolutionary cause, orienting and alerting us about any error or deficiency, teaching us, and always ready to confront imperialism.”

    Perhaps more importantly, Castro's 90-minute valedictory speech offered his first clear plan for a president whom Castro seemed to envision as the heir to near-total control of the country's political system, which in turn dominates virtually every aspect of life in Cuba. Castro said he foresees the white-haired electronics engineer serving two five-year terms as leader of the Cuban government, and taking the helm of the Communist Party, the country's ultimate authority, also for two five-year terms, when Castro leaves the powerful position in 2021.

    “From that point on, I will be just another soldier defending this revolution,” Castro said. The 86-year-old general broke frequently from his prepared remarks to joke and banter with officials on the dais in the National Assembly, saying he looked forward to having more time to travel the country.

    State media struck a similar valedictory tone. The evening newscast played black-and-white footage of Castro as a young revolutionary, with the soundtrack of “The Last Mambi” a song that bids farewell to Castro as a public figure and was written by Raul Torres, a singer who composed a similar homage to Fidel Castro after the revolutionary leader's death in 2016. The plan laid out by Raul Castro on Thursday would leave Diaz-Canel as the dominant figure in Cuban politics until 2031.

    “The same thing we're doing with him, he'll have to do with his successor,” Castro said. “When his 10 years of service as president of the Council of State and Council of Ministers are over, he'll have three years as first secretary in order to facilitate the transition. This will help us avoid mistakes by his successor, until (Diaz-Canel) retires to take care of the grandchildren he will have then, if he doesn't have them already, or his great-grandchildren.”

    Diaz-Canel pledged that his priority would be preserving Cuba's communist system while gradually reforming the economy and making the government more responsive to the people.

    “There's no space here for a transition that ignores or destroys the legacy of so many years of struggle,” Diaz-Canel said.

    Diaz-Canel said he would work to implement a long-term plan laid out by the National Assembly and Communist Party that would continue allowing the limited growth of private enterprises like restaurants and taxis, while leaving the economy's most important sectors such as energy, mining, telecommunications, medical services and rum- and cigar-production in the hands of the state.

    “The people have given this assembly the mandate to provide continuity to the Cuban Revolution during a crucial, historic moment that will be defined by all that we achieve in the advance of the modernization of our social and economic model,” Diaz-Canel said.


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  • 04/22/18--16:00: Bulldog versus CIC
  • Bulldog versus CICBulldog versus CICMalema and Nel prepare for battle The Julius Malema-led EFF has hit back at accusations against its leader, and the threat of private prosecution announced by AfriForum as “a nonsensical attempt of the ultra-right wing formation of white racists”. It could turn out to be the battle of the decade: The Commander-in-Chief versus the Bulldog‚ namely EFF leader Julius Malema against former public prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

    Both sides appeared battle-ready on Thursday after AfriForum said it would pursue a private prosecution against Malema for corruption and fraud. AfriForum said it was nothing personal.

    “If the NPA did their job‚ we would not come into the picture. Mr Malema cannot cry...We will continue taking him on without apologising for it‚“ said AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel.

    Charges against Malema and his co-accused were struck off the roll on August 4 2015.

    His co-accused was said to be ill at the time. AfriForum has now indicated to the National Prosecuting Authority that it wants to privately prosecute Malema if the NPA decides not to go ahead with the case.

    “We are planning to prosecute Mr Malema on charges of corruption and fraud. If somebody portrays himself as somebody that fights for the poor‚ when such a person goes and steals taxpayers' money...we believe such a person should be held accountable. That is why we are going ahead with this case‚“ Kriel said.

    Malema was also ready for a fight.

    “Bring it on bloody racists‚ you don't scare me at all. I'm born ready! No white man will decide my destiny‚ the poor masses of our people will‚“ Malema tweeted on Thursday. EFF chairperson Dali Mpofu told eNCA that there was no legal basis for AfriForum's action against Malema.

    He dismissed it as nothing more than a “political tantrum” in response to the EFF's land expropriation drive.

    Nel‚ who famously grilled Oscar Pistorius during his murder trial‚ will lead the private prosecution.

    He said the original Malema indictment contained two charges of racketeering‚ five corruption charges‚ four fraud charges and 40 counts of contravention of Section 6 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.

    Nel said their general search showed that Malema's co-accused was later in good health and was even seen at public events.

    The case stems from a tender won by On Point Engineering to advise the Limpopo government on infrastructure projects.

    Malema was a director of On Point but later resigned.

    In March AfriForum submitted a written inquiry to establish if and when the NPA intended to put the matter back on the court roll. But AfriForum were informed that the matter had moved from its original prosecution team to the Priority Crime Litigation Unit‚ Nel said.

    The head of the unit‚ Torie Pretorius‚ said the NPA would indicate on or before August 2018 whether there would be a prosecution.

    Nel said it was peculiar to take the matter to the PCLU.

    “What we know is that a very senior prosecutor in the NPA was allocated the matter. He drafted the charge sheet and indicated to court that the matter was court-ready and the state was ready to proceed‚“ Nel said.


    0 0

    Aaniilonga yepangelo ya pulwa ya longithe omasiku gawo gomafudhoAaniilonga yepangelo ya pulwa ya longithe omasiku gawo gomafudhoOmasiku ngoka taga ka kala inaga longitha, otaga ka kana Ombelewa yOmuprima Minista oya ningi etseyitho kutya aaniilonga ayehe yepangelo otaya ka kala nokukutha omasiku gawo gefudho 24 muule womvula, nokuhulitha po omukalo gaaniilonga ye na omwaalu omunene gwomasiku gefudho. Aaniilonga yepangelo oya kunkililwa opo ya tameke okulongitha omasiku gawo gomafudho muule womvula, nenge ya kanithe omasiku ngoka.

    Omupeha Amushanga mOmbelewa yOmuprima gwoshiongo, Tuyakula Haipinge okwa tseyithile ngaaka aaniilonga yepangelo, momukanda ngoka gwa pithithwa omasiku ga piti, shalandula omalunduluko ngoka ga ningwa moPublic Service Act of 1995.

    Haipinge okwa popi kutya aaniilonga yepangelo otaya ka pewa uule woomwedhi hamano opo ya kuthe omasiku gawo gefudho, naangoka inaga longitha otaga ka kana.

    “Ontopolwa onti 23(2) yEkotampango lyAaniilonga oya utha kutya efudho lyokomvula nali kuthwe muule woomwedhi 12. Ngele opwa holoka sha shoka inashi pitika omuniilonga ngoka a kuthe efudho lye, nena na kale a kutha efudho lye ndyoka muule woomwedhi hamano, dha landulako,” Haipinge a yelitha.

    Haipinge okwa tsu omuthindo kutya omasiku ngoka taga ka kala inaga longithwa otaga ka kana.

    Okwa tsikile kutya aaniilonga oyendji itaya kuthaa omasiku gawo, nokweetitha ya kale ye na ondumba yomasiku, nonkalo ndjoka otayi kanithitha ekondololo lyomasiku gomafudho mepangelo.

    Oohamushanga miikondo ya yooloka okwa popiwa kutya otaya ka kwashilipaleka kutya aaniilonga oya uvako omulandu ngoka omupe.

    Haipinge okwa popi natango kutya oohamushanga naya kwashilipaleke kutya aaniilonga aape oya uvako omulandu ngoka, oshowo naku kwashilipalekwe kutya ogwa tulwa miilonga.

    Omupopiliko gwOmbelewa yOmuprima, Saima Shaanika, okwa popi kutya elombwelo ndyoka otali endele pamwe nelondwelo ndyoka lya pitithwa kOmuprima Minista Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, momasiku 18 gaFebruali nuumvo. Pahapu dhaShaanika, okwa tulwa miilonga omulandu omipe ndhoka tadhi ka kwashilipaleka kutya omilandu ndhoka dha tulwa po otadhi tulwa miilonga, na otadhi ka gwanithwa po.


    0 0

    Ookansela yaKahandja ya nyenyetwaOokansela yaKahandja ya nyenyetwa Ongundu yaakaalimo yomondoolopa yaKahandja ya thika po400, oya ningi ehololomadhilaadhilo mEtitatu lyoshiwike sha piti, taya pula opo ku kuthwe miilonga ookansela yondoolopa ndjoka. Shoka osha landula eindilo ndyoka ya ningi iiwike ya piti, na oya li ya gandja omasiku 18 gaApilili, onga esiku lya hugunina.

    Oya gandja omukandanyenyeto gwawo komupeha minista gweyambulepo lyoondolopa niitopolwa, Derek Klazen.

    Momukandanyenyeto ngoka, aakwashigwana oya nyenyeta kutya ookansela melelo moka otaya longo uulingililingi, otaya gandja omayakulo gankundipala, oshowo iifuta yi li pombanda noonkondo yomeya, oshowo omaupyakadhi galwe ngoka ya tothamo.

    Omupopiliko gwongundu ndyoka, Hidipohamba Vatilifa, okwa popi kutya oya hala uuministeli opo wu ka ninge omakonaakono gomanyenyeto ngoka ya ningi.

    Okwa popi kutya sho taku ningwa omakonaakono aaniilonga mboka naya kuthwe manga miilonga, opo kaya idhope momakonaakono nokuholeka omaumbangi. Vatilifa okwa popi kutya oya kanitha einekelo melelo ndyoka ya hogolola.

    Klazen, ngoka a yakula omukandanyenyeto ngoka, pehala lyaminista Peya Mushelenga, okwa popi kutya kashi shi oshipu opo minista a kuthe miilonga ookansela, ta gwedha po kutya aantu oya pumbwa okukonaakonwa taku landulwa ompango, nongele oya monika ondjo, opo owala taya vulu okukatukilwa oonkatu.

    Okwa popi kutya omayamukulo komanyenyeto ngoka otaga ka gandjwa muule wethimbo efupi.


    0 0

    Aanapaliamende yahala ehala lyomaidheulilo mopaliamende ompeAanapaliamende yahala ehala lyomaidheulilo mopaliamende ompeOonkundathana kombinga yetungo lyoPaliamende ompe, dha tameke ishewe Omupevi Minista moshikondo shAaniilonga okwa tamekitha oompata dhetungo epe lyomutumba gwopashigwana, ta popi kutya metungo moka namu tulwe ehala lyomaidheulilo. Tommy Nambahu okwa popi kutya omahala gokwiidheulila ngoka geli po moshigwana kage na egameno lyawo, ta popi kutya egameno lyawo nali kale oshinima shotango.

    “Oshitsa ooshika kutya ngoye omusimanekwa. Ngele wa popi oshinima shoka inashi pandulwa komuntu gumwe omanga to ningi omadhewo goye golutu, nena oto vulu okugwila moshiponga. Aantu mboka yeli po ngoye ku yashi, ehala ku li shi, na kushi kutya aantu mboka oya hala shike,” Nambahu a popi.

    Omaiyuvo gaNambahu oga ekelwahi kiilyo yongundu yoPDM.

    Oshilyo shoPDM, Elma Dienda okwa popi a geya kutya iilyo yopalimanedne inayi kala ya tala kuyoyene ihe nayi tale kaakiintu naanona mboka taya kwatwa koonkondo nokudhipagwa kehe esiku momapandanda, omanga Vipuakuje Muharukua a pula Nambahu opo a wayimine omahala gokwiidheulila ngaashi aakwashigwana ayehe.

    Ominista yOkukondjithaa Oluhepo, Zephania Kameeta okwa popi kutya opalimende moka yeli ngashiingeyi oya kulupa, nethimbo olya thikana opo ya tungilwe opaliamende ompe.

    Kameeta ngoka a li nale omupeha omupopi moNational Assembly, okwa pula woo opo etungo lyoTintenpalast, li lundululilwe moshiputudhilo shopaungomba, sha nuninwa okugandja omadheulo kaanyasha.

    Oompagela dhokutunga opaliamende ompe kongushu yoshimaliwa shoomiliyona 700, mwa kwatelwa oombelewa 400 oshowo ehala lyomadheulo golutu, odha nyanwa koshigwwana mo 2014.

    Konima yomvula, Omupopi mOmutumba gwoPashigwana, Peter Katjavivi okwa li a lombwele oNamibian Sun, kutya epangelo otali pangele okutunga oPaliamene, etungo li li molupe lwoshimeno shoWelwitschia mirabilis.

    Mo 2014, amushanga nale gwoNational Assembly, Jakes Jacobs, okwa popi kutya omapekaapeko noompangela yetungo oya holola kutya etungo ndyoka otali ka pula oshimaliwa shoomiliyona 700, okuza pomwaalu gwotango gwoomiliyona 127.

    Ondando ndjoka oya nyenyetwa koshigwana shoka sha pula epangelo li longithe iimaliwa mbyoka meyambulepo lyoshigwana, pehala lyokutunga opaliamende.

    Oshigwana osha pula epangelo li tunge iipangelo, nuuklinika, nokuyambulapo onkalo yegandjo lyomayakulo moshigwana.

    Aanyasha ya kwatelwa komeho kehwahwameko lyoAffirmative Repositioning Movement oya ningi ehololomadhilaadhilo muJuni gwo2016, ye li ompinge noompangela ndhoka.

    Okuya mo 2016 epangelo olya longitha nale oomiliyona 20 miifuta yoompangela dhetungo lyopaliamende.

    Nonando oshigwana itashi popile etungo ndyoka, okomitiye tayi kwatelwa komeho unene kiilyo yongundu tayi pangele oya pula komeho noompangela dhokutunga opaliamende ndjoka.

    Omupresidende Hage Geingob okwa ikutha mo moshinakugwanithwa shoka mo 2016 na okwa lombwele aatotiveta kutya iikaha ye oya mangwa moshinima shoka, te ya pula ya konge omukalo gwokupula komeho.

    Katjavivi okwa popi kutya momutengenekwathaneko gwo 2017/2018 oNational Assembly oya pewa oshimaliwa shoomiliyona 110, sha nuninwa iilonga momutumba ngoka, omanga oomiliyona 24 odha nuninwa eyambulepo.

    Omolwa onkalo yopaliko ndjoka tayi shongola, oomiliyona 10 odha kuthwa ko nokushunithwa koshiketha shiimaliwa yepangelo. Momutengenekwathaneko gwonuumvo, oya pewa oomiliyona 112, omanga oomiliyona 5 dha nuninwa omayambulepo.

    Sho epangelo lya taaalela ompumbwe yiimaliwa, okuniwe omaipulo ngele ondjodhi yokutunga opaliamende ompe, otay ika tsa tuu moomvula twa taalela.


    0 0

    Omulandu gwiilonga tagu ka talululwaOmulandu gwiilonga tagu ka talululwa Oopresenda owala 20, dhaakongi yiilonga ye li 15 569 mboka ya shangithwa noNamibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) moshikako shomvula yo2017/18 ya mono iilonga.

    Uuyelele mboka wa pitithwa kOminista yIilonga, Erkki Nghimtina owa hololwa kutya aantu owala 3 116 yomongundu ndjoka ya mono iilonga.

    Minista okwa popi ngaaka pethimbo, a popile omutengenekwathaneko giimaliwa mbyoka ya pewa uuministeli mboka moshikako shokomumvo shonuumvo.

    Nghimtina okwa popi kutya oya taaalela omashongo ogendji meshangitho nekongelo lyiilonga aakwashigwana mboka. Okwa popi kutya omashongo gamwe ongaashi eshangitho lyanuundipala lyoompito dhiilonga okuza kaagandji yoompito dhiilonga moshilongo.

    Okwa tsikile kutya aantu oyendji itaya mono iilonga okupitila komaishangitho goNIEIS, ihe omokupopya owala, omakwatathano gopaumwene, okuza kaaniilonga yakwawo nenge muuyelele taya mono kuyakwawo okuza momapandanda nenge woo komakwatathano gopainternet.

    Okwa popi woo kutya ompumbwe yuunongo notseyo otayi etitha egwo pevi lyeliko lyoshilongo, oshowo sho kape na owino nehalo lyokwiilonga.

    Nghimtina okwa popi kutya nonando epangelo olya tula miilonga omusindalandu omuwanawa ngoka gwa nuninwa okukongela aakwashigwana oompito dhiilonga, omusindalandu ngoka itagu gandja iiyimati iiwanawa ngaashi sha tegelelwa.

    “Ngele eliko itali koko opo andola li totepo oompito dhiilonga nena omukalo ngoka tagu longithwa ogwa pumbwa okutalululwa.”

    Okwa popi kutya opo ku yiwe moshipala omupyadhi ngoka ya taalela omusindalandu ngoka guuministeli, nena otaya ka ninga omalunduluko moNIEIS opo ya kwashilipaleke kutya kehe oompito yiilonga ndjoka yi li po oya shangithwa nepangelo.

    Okwa tsikile kutya uuministeli otawu ka tota po oprograma yelongelokumwe naKorea yuule woomvula ndatu okutameka muMei, opo kuyambulwepo omusindalandu ngoka gwoNIEIS.

    Uuministei mboka owa tamekitha omapekaapeko neyambidhidho lyoInternational Labour Organisation (ILO) opo ku vule okutulwa miilonga omalolelo goNational Minimum Wage for Namibia.

    Nghimtina okwa popi kutya shoka osha pumbiwa unene moNamibia, sho natango moshilongo mu na aaniilonga oyendji mboka haya futwa oondjambi dhi li pevi noonkondo okuyeleka niilonga mbyoka haya longo.


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  • 04/22/18--16:00: Arsenal eye Enrique
  • Arsenal eye EnriqueArsenal eye EnriqueGunners' hunt for Wenger replacement Arsenal is on the hunt for a new coach after Arsene Wenger announced last week Friday that he is stepping down at the end of the season. Celtic's Brendan Rodgers has distanced himself rumours that he will replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal coach, amid reports that Luis Enrique was being lined to succeed the veteran Gunners' manager.

    Wenger, whose position has long been under intense scrutiny, announced on Friday he would be bringing down the curtain on his near 22 years in charge of the north London club at the end of the season.

    Rodgers has been touted as a potential successor but the former Liverpool boss told BBC Scotland: “There's nothing really in it. I have always said I'm extremely happy here.”

    Rodgers has revived his reputation in nearly two years in Scotland after a troubled end to his three-and-a-half years at Liverpool in 2015, leading Celtic to the brink of back-to-back domestic trebles in Scotland.

    “I have three years left on my contract. I'm loving every minute of being at Celtic from a professional perspective, but also my life up here,” he said.

    Arsenal have not won the Premier League title since 2004 and now face a second successive campaign where they will finish outside the top four.

    They'll also likely need to win the Europa League, where Wenger's men are in the semi-finals, to qualify for Europe's elite Champions League tournament.

    Wenger had faced repeated calls to quit from frustrated Gunners' fans but the 68-year-old Frenchman had remained steadfast in wanting to carry on. After having won three Premier League titles and a record-breaking seven FA Cups, the pressure caused by more than a decade without the English title, and the more recent failure to qualify for this season's Champions League, finally appear to have taken its toll.

    Getting Arsenal back among a top four now featuring Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham would be a feather in the cap of whichever Gunners manager achieves the feat.

    “They want to get back towards Champions League football,” said Rodgers. “It's a fantastic club, but for me, my only focus is on Celtic and doing the very best I can for them.”

    Another possible contender, former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira, also ruled himself out of the running.

    The manager of MLS side New York City told US media: “I'm always flattered to hear my name linked with different football clubs. That is good for your ego but at the same time, I'm happy here.”

    Meanwhile the Daily Mail reported Enrique was being lined up to replace Wenger,” saying only an “unexpected glitch in talks that are “well-advanced” could derail the appointment of the 47-year-old former Barcelona boss.

    Enrique, who played for both Barcelona and arch-rivals Real Madrid, is currently on sabbatical in Spain.

    The Mail said Arsenal's new director of football relations, Raul Sanllehi, who forged a close relationship with Enrique at Barcelona, had made an approach, with the two men recently having been seen having dinner together at an exclusive London club.

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis refused to mention specific candidates to succeed Wenger during a press conference on Friday, although he did say he wanted the club to continue to play a similar brand of football.

    “We are not going to find a replacement for Arsene Wenger for a variety of reasons,” said Gazidis.

    “It's going to be a condensed summer with a World Cup in the middle and a shortened transfer window, so I think for all of us having that clarity sooner is better,” he explained, with Germany coach Joachim Loew also linked to the job.

    “It is important to me we continue the football values that Arsene has instilled in the club.”

    Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright, who played under Wenger, found it hard to believe his old boss had resigned with a year left on his current deal.

    “Arsene Wenger is a man of principle, honesty and integrity that is why I'm convinced he has been sacked and not resigned,” Wright told Saturday's edition of The Sun tabloid.

    “For all the vitriol and abuse thrown at him, Arsene has never been a man to walk out before the end of a contract.”

    Despite the tense nature of his relationship with Arsenal fans in recent years, Wenger was expected to get a warm reception yesterday as the Gunners host West Ham.


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