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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Shaningwa confirms Swapo fisticuffsShaningwa confirms Swapo fisticuffs Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa says she has received a report about an alleged physical altercation between two senior party members over the Easter weekend, which is also being investigated by the police.

    Swapo regional coordinator Elliot Mbako finds himself in a pickle after reportedly assaulting Team Swapo sympathiser Dr Panduleni Itula, who opened a case of common assault.

    Shaningwa confirmed she received a report into the matter, but pointed out this was merely “an administrative issue” and she will deal with it in time.

    Itula declined to comment yesterday. Khomas police crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas, confirmed an investigation had been launched into the matter.

    “It is being followed up. We have traced some of the witnesses; it is just two who are outstanding. Hopefully we can trace them in the course of the week. Then we have to first compare the witness statements and investigate the matter before we can approach Mr Mbako,” he said.

    According to Mbako it was not an assault but merely “a politically motivated incident”.

    According to him, the incident was provoked by Itula's alleged interference in party matters.

    “After every regional executive meeting he writes letters left, right and centre to complain about problems. I just went to confront him about it and he said I do not have any proof,” said Mbako.

    He added an independent committee has been set up to investigate the problems that were mentioned in the letters written by Itula.


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    Life sentence for killer DausabLife sentence for killer DausabA danger to society The man who stabbed a student from Botswana 27 times will serve at least 25 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole. FRED GOEIEMAN

    High Court Judge Naomi Shivute yesterday imposed a life sentence on the murderer of a student from Botswana about four years ago, saying he was a danger to society.

    Andre Fidel Castro Dausab did not show any emotion during the sentencing but indicated that he planned to appeal.

    Dausab will be eligible for parole after serving 25 years of his sentence.

    “This is not automatic but is subject to certain considerations,” Judge Shivute added.

    Dausab (37) was convicted of murder with direct intent for the killing of his girlfriend, student Motlamme Gotaone, on 22 February 2014. Gotaone was stabbed 27 times with three knives.

    Summing up the nature of the crime, Judge Shivute said it was committed within a domestic setting and was premeditated, as he stabbed Gotaone 27 times with three knives, locked her up in a room after the stabbing and left her to die.

    “These are aggravating circumstances and call for a deterrent sentence,” Shivute said and emphasised that the court found that the interests of society outweighed Dausab’s personal considerations.

    “[Dausab] is a danger to society and there is a greater need to remove him from society,” she said.

    Referring to Dausab’s insistence that he was innocent even after his conviction, the judge said he did not accept the consequences of his actions and showed no remorse.

    She informed Dausab of his right to apply for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court within 14 days.

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    No new loan agreement with China- CalleNo new loan agreement with China- Calle STAFF REPORTER

    Namibia and China did not enter into any new loan agreement during the latest state visit to the Asian country.

    Finance minister Calle Schlettwein in a post-visit statement said an envisaged financial corporation would entail grants and concessional loans or blended instruments, public and private investments and cooperation in tax and customs administration. Loan and grant agreements will be project specific and need to be agreed upon on a project by project basis, he said.

    In his Wednesday statement, Schlettwein said the conditionalities and loan terms, empowerment provisions, skills and technology transfers as well as sourcing and procurement rules must be given due consideration for a win-win impact.

    “For now, no new loan agreement has been entered into, he said, adding that as part of the comprehensive, strategic partnership between Namibia and China, strategic consultations in bilateral as well as multilateral financial matters will be conducted regularly.

    “On the one hand, Namibia’s developmental need to diversify and grow an export oriented economy was recognised while, on the other hand, China’s ability as the second largest economy to not only provide a significant market for finished goods and commodities, but also the provision of skills, technology and capital is obvious.”

    He said during the visit , it was agreed that Namibia can benefit from deepened financial cooperation targeted towards industrialisation and improved productive capacity, economic diversification and infrastructure development in both the productive and social sectors and especially in agriculture and skills and technology transfer.

    China in turn can utilise Namibia’s strategic geographical location and market access into SACU, SADC, Africa and beyond to serve these markets, he said.

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  • 04/05/18--16:00: China eyes airport upgrade
  • China eyes airport upgrade  China eyes airport upgrade ELLANIE SMIT

    Namibia and China are discussing the possibility of Chinese financing for upgrading Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport.

    President Hage Geingob briefed China about the planned airport upgrade during his weeklong state visit to that country.

    According to transport minister John Mutorwa, China showed interest in the project and was eagerly awaiting detailed development plans and designs before making a decision.

    “The interest from Namibia to develop the airport is there and we are sharing it with others and there was great interest on the part of China,” Mutorwa said at a press conference yesterday.

    He said although the airport project was on hold, the construction of the first phase of a two-lane highway between Windhoek and the airport was going ahead.

    According to Mutorwa this road project is being funded by the Namibian government.

    He added that China had indicated willingness to assist with funding of the second phase of this project.

    Mutorwa said the airport upgrade was part of the country’s infrastructural development plan aimed at establishing Namibia as a logistical hub for SADC.

    The minister of international relations and cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, said Geingob briefed Chinese President XI Jiping on Namibia’s strategic plan to position itself as a regional logistical hub and the Chinese leader assured him of his government’s support in that regard.

    “The improved mutually beneficial and financial cooperation between the two countries was discussed,” she said.

    On the one hand Namibia’s need to diversify and grow an export-oriented economy was recognised. On the other, China’s ability as the world’s second largest economy to provide a significant market for finished goods and commodities, but also to provide skills, technology and capital, was also recognised.

    She said Namibia could benefit from deepened financial cooperation targeted towards industrialisation and improved productive capacity, economic diversification, infrastructure development in the productive and social sectors, agriculture and skills and technology transfer.

    “China in turn can utilise Namibia’s strategic geographical location and market access into SACU, SADC, Africa and beyond.”

    The airport construction deal, which was valued at N$7 billion in 2015, was cancelled because of allegations of corruption and bribery in which over N$100 million allegedly ended up in the pockets of senior government officials.

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    N$20m to salvage stranded shipN$20m to salvage stranded ship OTIS FINCK

    In the region of N$20 million has been spent so far on trying to salvage the stranded Japanese vessel Fukuseni Maru, which ran aground north of Henties Bay.

    Paul van der Merwe, the owner of Walvis Bay Diving, one of the subcontractors involved with the salvage, confirmed the figure spent in the past two weeks.

    Approximately 20 people - crew members of the two vessels Amandla and Sea Raker, a diving team of four, a pump operating team consisting of six, and four engineers from Nippon Salvage - are involved.

    “It is an extremely difficult and tedious process due to the rough condition of the sea. All the equipment needs to be moved to the stranded vessel and has to be delivered by helicopter since it’s difficult to reach the vessel by boat,” said Van der Merwe.

    “The Sea Raker (a 20-metre steel catamaran) is a perfect working platform and is pumping fuel via a pipeline from the stranded vessel to lighten the load and prevent any pollution.”

    Van der Merwe said the vessel was carrying approximately 100 tons of fuel when it ran aground and added that the freezers stopped functioning, causing 70 tons of tuna to start defrosting.

    “Some of the fuel leaked into the ocean because when the vessel was grounded the bottom fuel tanks were breached and as a result, marine gas oil (MGO) leaked into the sea. There is, however, no risk of pollution. The risk to the marine and coastal environment is low since it is not heavy fuel oil (HFO). MGO is a light concentrate, non-persistent fuel which will evaporate especially in the sea zone where the vessel is lying and before it reaches the shore.”

    The salvaging crew also pumped 25 tons of fuel from the vessel on Wednesday and another 10 tons on Thursday.

    According to Van der Merwe it is difficult to establish whether the ongoing salvaging effort would be executed successful.

    “Two of the double-bottom fuel tanks are compromised but this does not mean the vessel will sink. It actually floats on the tanks located at the top layer. We have to lessen the on-board load in order to pull it from the rock it is wedged on.

    “If we do not manage to remove it over the weekend the owners will most like halt the salvage operation which will then become a wreck removal.”

    Once it becomes a wreck removal, options involve pulling the vessel from the rock, towing it and scrapping it in Walvis Bay.

    It could also be partially cut up but due to its position no one can reach it.

    The last option is to leave the vessel as is and to ensure that there is no chance that any pollution will occur.

    The spokesperson for the works and transport ministry, Julius Ngweda, confirmed that efforts to salvage the MFV Fukuseki Maru, which ran aground on 22 March near Durissa Bay, south of the mouth of the Ugab River, some 200km from Walvis Bay, were ongoing.

    “Unfortunately, salvage efforts have not been successful to date, mainly due to the rocky area on the seabed, the extreme state of the ocean along with weather conditions. The engine room and other compartments, including the cargo hold, are also flooded and pumps have been installed to control the flooding.”

    If salvage efforts fail, the owners and their underwriters could declare a constructive total loss as this would mean that the cost of salving the vessel would exceed her value.

    If this happens, the operation would transition from salvage to wreck removal.

    “The leakage has since been contained. Due to the distance between the troubled vessel and the beach, fishing spots and recreational beaches adjacent to the vessel have not been affected by the incident. In fact, accommodation facilities and other local suppliers of goods and services are benefiting from the ongoing recovery operations,” Ngweda said.

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  • 04/05/18--16:00: Centre of power
  • Centre of powerCentre of powerShaningwa refutes claims Geingob has replaced Swapo The Swapo SG says some members are simply unable to accept defeat and are now making up stories that the head of state has replaced the party as the centre of power. JEMIMA BEUKES

    While alienated Swapo members insist there has been a shift in power away from the party to President Hage Geingob and his Harambee gospel, the Swapo secretary-general has called these assertions “sour grapes”.

    This follows a nasty congress battle last year, which a local constitutional expert argues has left Swapo reeling, torn and unable to correct itself.

    In an in-depth interview with Namibian Sun this week, Swapo secretary-general Sophia Shaningwa said accusations implying that Geingob and his Harambee Prosperity Plan had replaced the party as the centre of power were just “sour grapes”.

    She said in every race there would always be winners and losers and it was human that some might not be able to accept defeat.

    “But we cannot sit and cry foul and stand still because some are suffering from a hangover. Perhaps it will take time for these wounds to be healed. All of us had an opportunity to pronounce ourselves on the outcome (of last year’s congress),” she said.

    She insisted the internal party election process was transparent and should be accepted by party members.

    “I was not expecting to see this unhappiness - the commotions. No one was ambushed. There is nothing like two centres of power. There is no way that Geingob can put Swapo aside and start doing his own things,” she said.

    Team Swapo members, who contested Geingob and his slate, had ferociously pushed the narrative that the party should be the centre of power and that it had been overtaken by Geingob and his Harambee Prosperity Plan.

    Geingob, who was the acting Swapo president before the congress, has also been accused, along with his supporters, of flouting the Swapo constitution.

    These accusations were repeated in an official complaint laid by Swapo members following the congress, amid calls for an independent audit.

    During the campaign Geingob had been accused of deliberately surrounding himself with yes-men and yes-women in an effort to assert himself as the main centre of power in the party.

    Driven by their so-called quest to revive and restore the party, Team Swapo in an unprecedented fashion hurled insults at Geingob, whom they blamed for the country’s economic downturn and deepening poverty.

    Despite the party accepting the outcome as a united front, following a landslide win by Geingob and his slate, these accusations have persisted on social media and the so-called ‘Breaking News’ updates posted by anonymous sources.

    Former Swapo youth leader Elijah Ngurare, who was an outspoken Team Swapo member during the run-up to the congress, said yesterday he maintained that there must be a separation between party and government structures.

    “The narrative pushed by Team Swapo was that if you have the same leaders in the party and government then there is the possibility that they will become arrogant and fail to implement the policies of the party. And no one can hold them accountable. The party must be able to tell you when you are on the wrong path,” he said.

    According to him, the current state of affairs will lead to an absolute abuse of power and people “can even kill people”.

    He believes that parliament is not in a position to hold the executive accountable, who are also MPs, as they are “afraid to bite the hand that feeds them”.

    “Now you find a situation where people amend legislation to appoint their friends as vice-presidents. Parliament blindly supports these legislations because they have been appointed in certain positions, that’s why,” he said.

    He questioned the removal of Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Jerry Ekandjo from cabinet, who had expressed themselves strongly against the president.

    Geingob fired the two as the home affairs and sport ministers, respectively, barely two months after the congress outcome.

    Ekandjo and former prime minister Nahas Angula had stood against Geingob, while Team Swapo members Helmut Angula and Iivula-Ithana had unsuccessfully challenged international relations minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah for the party vice-presidency.

    After the congress, former vice-president Nickey Iyambo was replaced by Geingob’s biggest supporter, Nangolo Mbumba, who is the former Swapo SG.

    “They (Ekandjo and Iivula-Ithana) expressed themselves strongly in parliament. But parliament should be a completely different and independent branch,” Ngurare argued.

    Meanwhile, constitutional expert Nico Horn believes the contrary and said the removal of Iivula-Ithana and Ekandjo was expected.

    In fact, he said it was surprising that Geingob did not do it earlier.

    “When you work in a cabinet you need some kind of loyalty and unison, which was broken up by the different teams that was formed during the run-up to the congress. I do not think the problem was with the Harambee plan but predominantly with the campaigns, which were very democratically done, but it caused a lot of harm to members,” he said.

    Horn emphasised that Geingob had always been a loner who did his own thing, but added he believed that the party was perhaps now beyond repair.

    “What I see is a very deep wreck… A real rift. And it looks as if they cannot come to grips with fighting a very vicious campaign and come together again.”

    Horn raised the decline of the Swapo youth league, saying it appeared as if the current leaders were not as vibrant as their predecessors.

    “We have never seen the new leaders take the centre stage or grip the attention of people like their predecessors. There doesn’t seem to be tension between them and president. Is it that the president is oppressing them or are they just not vibrant leaders?” he asked.

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  • 04/05/18--16:00: No checkout date for cheques
  • No checkout date for chequesNo checkout date for cheques NDAMA NAKASHOLE

    Three months after failing to phase out cheques as a payment instrument by 31 December 2017, Namibia still has not announced a new deadline.

    The Payments Association of Namibia (PAN) in 2015 came up with a cheque reduction strategy aimed at reducing the value of cheque payments and eventually phasing out the usage of cheques before 2018.

    PAN, which is constituted by the Bank of Namibia (BoN) as payment system management body, reduced the maximum amount of cheque payments from N$500 000 to N$100 000 as from February 2016. At the time, PAN said cheques would be phased out completely by 31 December 2017 and be replaced by electronic payments.

    The payments association confirmed to Market Watch yesterday that the deadline had been extended and consumers could still use cheques as payment to the limit of N$100 000.

    PAN said no new deadline had been set.

    During the launch of the central bank’s 2017 annual report last week, BoN governor Ipumbu Shiimi reiterated the ongoing usage of cheques when handing over a N$213.1 million dividend to the government.

    “You can see this is a card, and not a cheque,” Ipumbu said, referring to the ceremonial payment of the dividend to a finance ministry representative.

    “The current maximum amount that one can pay using a cheque is limited to N$100 000,” said Shiimi.

    Slow death

    According to the BoN 2017 annual report, cheque volumes and value, which have been declining over the past years, decreased by 39% and 42% respectively in 2017 relative to 2016.

    In 2017, a total of 660 (1.1 million in 2016) cheques to the value of N$6.2 billion (N$10 billion in 2016) were processed. The decrease was attributed to a shift to electronic payments.

    In its 2016 annual report, the central bank mentioned that cheques were anticipated to be phased out on 31 December 2017, but the latest report did not mention a date.

    Statistics show that PAN’s cheque reduction strategy has had a huge effect. While the value of cheque payments dropped annually between 0.2 and 7.9% between 2012 and 2015, it plunged 60.1% in 2016 when the N$100 000 limit came into effect. The number of cheques issued dropped by 32.9% last year.

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    Trusto investigated for insider trading, market manipulationTrusto investigated for insider trading, market manipulationPracticed between Nov '17 and Feb '18 The Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa is investigating Trustco for illegal practices on the stock exchange. “Once we have finished our investigation and are of the view that Trustco is guilty we will make a recommendation to the FSCA Exco to impose an administrative penalty,” - Solly Keetse, head, FSCA market abuse department NDAMA NAKASHOLE

    Trustco Group Holdings is being investigated for alleged insider trading by South African authorities.

    The Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Namibian company is accused of the illegal practice of using access to confidential information to its advantage in trading on the stock exchange - a practice known as insider trading - in November 2017.

    The company is further accused of manipulating its share price.

    The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, formerly the Financial Services Board, confirmed the investigation to Market Watch yesterday.

    The head of the market abuse department at FSCA, Solly Keetse, said they lodged the share price manipulation case against the company on 31 January 2018.

    He could not go into any detail, citing the confidentiality provisions of the Financial Markets Act of 2012.

    Keetse could also not state when the investigation would be concluded.

    “Once we have finished our investigation and are of the view that Trustco is guilty we will make a recommendation to the FSCA Exco to impose an administrative penalty,” he said.

    The JSE’s senior manager for surveillance in its market regulation department, Jacob Shayi, told Market Watch that they could not comment further on a press release issued by the JSE on 29 March 2018.

    In the press release, Trustco is named in a list of 12 companies, including Steinhoff and Capitec, with ongoing cases of possible insider trading.

    The Namibian company is also on a list of ten companies accused of prohibited trading practices (market manipulation). Trustco is said to have committed the market manipulation practice between between December 2017 and February 2018.

    According to Wikipedia, market manipulation is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operation of the market and create artificial, false or misleading appearances with respect to the price of, or market for, a product, security, commodity. Trustco's spokesperson Neville Basson did not provide comment on the matter by the time of going to print.

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  • 04/08/18--04:03: New NRU board elected
  • New NRU board electedNew NRU board elected The new Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) board was elected on Saturday at the Annual General Meeting in Windhoek.
    Corrie Mensah was elected as president, while president for governance is Etienne Coetzee and the vice-president for rugby is Ivan Gaya.
    Hardap rugby will be represented by Johan Ockhuizen, Khomas by James Camm, Auas by Edwi Coetzee, the south by David van Kradenburg and the west by Chandler Plato.
    The northern board member post is still vacant.
    Jacky Husselman is in charge of the Namibia Rugby Referee Society (NRRS), while Namibian Secondary Schools Rugby (NSSR) will be represented by Abie van Wyk, the Tertiary Institutes Sports Association of Namibia (TISAN) will be led by Werner Jeffery and Corné Powell will be in charge of the Namibia Rugby Players Association (NARPA).

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    Zim drills ball-watching GladiatorsZim drills ball-watching GladiatorsMissed chances, lack of fitness cost Namibia dearly The Brave Gladiators lost the first leg of their 2018 Africa Women Cup of Nations first round qualifier against Zimbabwe on Thursday. The Mighty Warriors of Zimbabwe taught Namibia's senior women's football side a lesson on Thursday night, winning the first leg of their Africa Women Cup of Nations first round qualifier 2-0 at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.

    A small crowd of supporters gathered to chant the team to victory, but left disappointed as the team failed to secure a win.

    In the first 12 minutes the home side could have scored but Spain-based Zenatha Coleman's corner-kick was missed by Lovisa Mulunga.

    Zimbabwe saw absorbed the threat and opened the scoring in the 22th minute after Marjory Nyaumwe drove home the ball from outside the box, after a free-kick by Felistas Muzongondi, leaving Gladiators goalkeeper Melisa Matheus wondering how the ball hit the back of the net.

    With Zimbabwe in the lead, the Namibians tried to play long balls to Coleman but their plan did not work well. Coleman tried to lift her teammates but they could not match her fitness or standard and kept making silly passing mistakes in the first half of the game.

    Coleman continued to create scoring chances and was awarded free-kicks, which she could not capitalise on, as she tried desperately to put her team back in the game.

    The halftime score was 0-1 in favour of the visiting Mighty Warriors.

    In the second half Namibia was again force to defend, as their opponents controlled the midfield and attacked from all corners.

    The crowd screamed for a substitution and Anna Shikusho was swapped for Poly Babes player Lorraine Jossob, who also seemed out of sorts, as she tried to find her feet.

    The Zimbabweans were again rewarded for the efforts, when Mavis Chirandu found the back of the net and sealed her team's victory.

    Brave Gladiators coach Brian Isaacs said his team found the going tough due to a lack of match fitness and concentration, which cost them dearly.

    “Zimbabwe was the better team and they were better prepared than us. Our game plan did not work out as we had planned, but we plan to have a better game plan than we did when we face them again,” he said.

    The Brave Gladiators were due to play the second leg yesterday in Harare, but there was no result at the time of going to print.

    The winner over the two legs is expected to advance to the second round, where either Tanzania or Zambia awaits.


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  • 04/08/18--16:00: Chippa United derail Chiefs
  • Chippa United derail ChiefsChippa United derail ChiefsTitle hopes fade for Amakhosi The slim hope Kaizer Chiefs may have had of winning the South African premiership was extinguished by Chippa United over the weekend. Chippa United have all but put an end to Kaizer Chiefs' title campaign, as they triumphed 3-0 in an Absa premiership match played at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon.

    Coming off the back of a 91st-minute only-goal-of-the-match win against Free State Stars in Bethlehem midweek, Chiefs would have fancied their chances of keeping themselves in the title race, in hot pursuit of log leaders Mamelodi Sundowns and second-placed arch-rivals Orlando Pirates.

    However, that plan suffered a major setback in the 25th minute when Chippa' striker Thabo Rakhale managed to escape from the defensive marking of home team centre back Eric Mathoho, before firing a low shot in at the near post, past Chiefs goalkeeper Itumuleng Khune.

    Try as they might, the Amakhosi attack lacked the confident finishing touches of days gone by, and the three points were sealed in the 78th minute.

    With Chiefs having made all three of their substitutions, Mathoho picked up an injury and spent much time receiving medical attention. This allowed midfielder Mxolisi Macuphu to take advantage of a ball played into vacant space near the penalty spot, to double the lead.

    Mathoho eventually succumbed to injury leaving the Soweto giants to finish the game with 10 players on the park, and Chippa substitute Edward Manqele latched on to a cross from the left to finish off the scoring in second-half injury time.

    Chief's best chance of the match came in the 79th minute when Hendrick Ekstein set up second-half substitute Dumisani Zuma, whose diving header just went wide of the target. Chiefs remain on 39 points from 26 games and with only four league fixtures left, find themselves seven points behind Sundowns, and also having played two matches more. The Amakhosi's next league encounter will be a home fixture against bottom-of-the-log Platinum Stars next Saturday.

    The win over Chiefs was Chippa's second triumph since Vladimir Heric took over from Tebogo Moloi as coach, and the Port Elizabeth-based side now move into the top eight on the league table with 33 points from 26 games.

    Their next league fixture will be a home match against relegation-threatened Ajax Cape Town next Sunday.


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  • 04/08/18--16:00: Mwiya crushes US opponents
  • Mwiya crushes US opponentsMwiya crushes US opponents Karate sensation Freddy Mwiya Junior recently returned from the United States, where he won four gold medals at the just-ended 2018 USA Open and Junior International Cup in Las Vegas.

    The g karateka won in all four of his events, bringing home four golds - three in kata and one in elite kumite. Two medals came from the junior championship, while he scooped the other two in the USA Open. This is the first time a Namibian athlete is ranked by the Work Karate Federation (WKF). Now the karateka has set his eyes on competing in the Zone 6 championships, which will be held in Botswana next month, as well as the Youth Games scheduled for Croatia in June. The 17-year-old Mwiya, who is a grade 11 learner at Jan Mohr High School, said the competition in the US was very challenging and different from all the competitions he has previously taken part in. “It was intimidating and scary at the same time, but I managed to top the list. My plans for the future are to study geology after high school and with my performance I'm sure I will land a scholarship to study and continue achieving in karate,” he said. The young athlete travelled to the competition without a coach and competed with the Botswana team. His performances ensured that obtained a WKF ranking, with the result that he can start accumulating points that will help him prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games. Mwiya is also an undefeated nine-time national champion in both kata and kumite, and is a Region Five kumite champion and silver medallist in kata.


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  • 04/08/18--16:00: Cowboy whips Malawian
  • Cowboy whips MalawianCowboy whips Malawian It was a bad day in the office for Malawian boxer Limbani Masamba at the Salute Boxing Academy's 'The Showdown' boxing bonanza, when he was stopped in the sixth round by Vakufilapo 'Cowboy' Wilhelm.

    Wilhelm successfully defend his World Boxing Federation (WBF) Africa super welterweight title on Saturday at the Windhoek Showgrounds.

    The visiting boxer quit the fight in the sixth round, as Wilhelm's punches became too much for him to handle.

    Wilhelm was not fazed by the threats made by his opponent before the fight and increased his win tally to seven with six knockouts.

    Before the fight Masamba said he had lost his previous fights in Namibia because the judges were against him and that he would floor 'Cowboy' to prove a point.

    “I have been here four times already and lost three times because of the judges. I learned from those loses and have to knock out my opponents.” However, that was not the case, as the Namibian had other plans up his sleeve to disappoint the optimistic Malawian, who came at the last minute to face him.

    Wilhelm was meant to fight South African-based British boxer Roarke Knapp, who could not get a visa in time to travel to the country for the fight. “I was supposed to face a different opponent but then Masamba came through so for that I have to respect him.

    “I was fully prepared for the fight because I was in camp for three months. I had to readjust to my new opponent's way of fighting, but that is expected in boxing.

    “He has a lot of experience and power. His reach is great but he underestimated me because I look small,” said Wilhelm.

    He further said plans for his future will be communicated soon, but for now he will rest and recuperate.


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  • 04/08/18--16:00: Zuma goes to war
  • Zuma goes to warZuma goes to warFinances could hamper multipronged strategy Former South African president, Jacob Zuma, is planning a long, drawn-out battle to fight corruption charges - a battle that will take place inside the courts and on the streets. An increasingly dire financial situation could hamper the multipronged strategy that Jacob Zuma and his supporters launched last week, in their bid to up the political pressure around his prosecution for corruption.

    City Press learnt that up to R1 million had to be hustled together to foot the bill for buses, posters and T-shirts. This bled the shoestring budget that had been put together.

    Zuma finally had his day in court on Friday after eight years of exhaustive, but failed, legal challenges to fend off the charges. He now plans a fresh round of applications and appeals that could indefinitely delay the start of the trial, which the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) wants to begin in November.

    Zuma's legal representatives said they would lodge a review application against the NPA's decision to reinstate charges against him which, they said, would be completed by the end of May.

    That application - should it fail - is likely to be followed by an application for a permanent stay of prosecution. The case was postponed to 8 June but the state said it was ready for the trial to begin on 12 November.

    One of the options previously considered by Zuma's defence team was to raise as a defence the legal principle of double jeopardy - which provides that a person cannot be charged for the same crime more than once.

    'Down with Ramaphosa'

    The pro-Zuma campaign has acquired a distinct anti-Ramaphosa tone.

    When it kicked off on Thursday night with a night vigil at a park in central Durban, there was denunciation of President Cyril Ramaphosa and the new ANC leadership.

    A speaker from the Umkhonto weSizwe Veterans' Association (MK) chanted: “Down with Cyril Ramaphosa, down,” to which the crowd responded in affirmation.

    The speaker, who was not identified by name, boasted that although he was not educated he was trained to use guns. He said he rejected the directive of the ANC's national executive committee (NEC) not to associate the party with Zuma's trial.

    Urging the crowd to defy directives from the “rotten” NEC, which served the interests of the “Ruperts and Oppenheimers”, he called for an urgent national general council (NGC) which would remove the current leadership. NGCs are normally called halfway through the term of the leadership to assess the implementation of the resolutions of the last conference.

    The MK man said Ramaphosa was not talking radical economic transformation and was instead talking concepts such as “new deal” and “new dawn” that were not known in the ANC. “How can such a person lead us?” he asked.

    The defiance of Ramaphosa and his executive was apparent by the presence of several NEC members at the court hearing.

    Even the ANC's elections head, Fikile Mbalula, appeared to be privately backing the Zuma cause. Mbalula was heard in an audio recording on Friday - the authenticity of which was verified - questioning the ANC's stance on Zuma.

    “The only thing which is the problem is the ANC's new leadership is actually involving itself in a case that they do not know by making stupid calls and many other things,” Mbalula said in a discussion.

    He said it was wrong for the ANC to say that people must not go to court and even treat Zuma as if he is convicted when he is just an accused.

    Money woes

    City Press has learnt that despite determined fundraising efforts “funders are not as easy to come by as they were in the past and that's quite a major issue”.

    Zuma supporters are now planning to revive the Friends of Jacob Zuma campaign platform - which was the central portal for pro-Zuma messages and fundraising efforts before he became president in 2009.

    Zuma suffered a blow on Friday when the presidency took a decision to withdraw an appeal against a judgment for which he personally will carry the costs for his attempts to have former public protector Thuli Madonsela's state capture report set aside.

    Adding to Zuma's legal woes is the DA's Pretoria High Court application for the state to stop funding his lawyers. DA federal executive chairperson James Selfe said Zuma had at least two weeks to file responding papers to its application.

    “They have not lodged their papers yet so we will know only in a week and a half what their [Zuma's legal team] defence will be,” Selfe said.

    Zuma camp insiders said delays in the filing of his court papers were as a result of uncertainty about whether the state will continue to pay his legal fees.

    Taking the battle to the streets

    The loose groupings surrounding Zuma – which include taxi associations, funeral undertakers and charismatic churches – intend to stage a fierce fight back to intensify the “street battle” that began this week. Speaking to thousands of supporters outside the court on Friday, Zuma signalled that the fight would take place on many levels. He raised questions about whether he would have a fair trial given that these charges had been in the public domain since 2005.

    He led the crowd in singing Sengimanxebanxeba, a famous Zulu song associated with regiments and which talks of betrayal by one's own comrades. Zuma said that Judge Chris Nicholson had found correctly in 2008 that there were political manoeuvres behind the case, despite the fact that his ruling was overturned on appeal.

    In his speech Zuma said he would defend himself. He said several times, to loud cheers, that it was a pity that beating up people was no longer allowed otherwise he would have resorted to that.

    He launched into a famous Zulu war song Ngimanxeba nginje, which talks of betrayal by one's own comrades.

    'Discredit the judiciary'

    Zuma's corner includes seeking a judicial review based on allegations locally and abroad in the UK that the South African judiciary is compromised and cannot give him a fair trial.

    The argument regarding the credibility of the courts is focused on the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), a public interest and human rights law clinic. Many of South Africa's judges have at some point or another been associated with the LRC, serving as trustees or doing pro-bono work for the nongovernmental organisation (NGO) when they were practising lawyers.

    The LRC, according to Zuma supporters, is funded by the same organisations that fund a number of NGOs that have taken government to court and in most cases got favourable judgments.

    A United Kingdom citizen named Justin Lewis has written to Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and Ramaphosa calling on them to cease the Zuma trial pending finality of investigations in the UK courts and a UK parliamentary inquiry into “corruption in SA affecting UK institutions”.

    Zuma's son, Edward, told City Press that he was aware of the UK investigations and there was a cooperation agreement between him and those behind the cases to support the charges of state capture that he had laid against business tycoon Johann Rupert.

    'No fair trial'

    Close Zuma ally Carl Niehaus said: “The most important argument is that you need to have a free and fair trial, which is provided for in the Constitution and everyone is entitled to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    “The legal argument for me that is the strongest is that after 15 years of negative publicity and attacks against Zuma, how did that poison the general atmosphere and how does that influence the possibility of a fair trial?”

    Niehaus said: “The judiciary has to address this issue.”

    He said there had definitely been political interference from the beginning of the case in 2003.

    “We seem to have forgotten what (former NPA head) Bulelani Ngcuka did when he held a special briefing with journalists and tried to convince them that there was a prima facie case to influence the whole event.”

    Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama said that “the first big question that must be overcome by the state is the question of justice delayed is justice denied”.

    “It is clear that they have a very weak case and this is just political persecution.”

    He questioned the NPA's flip-flop on the decision to prosecute, saying “it is political pressure and I think Zuma will make a big point about that”.


    Setumo Stone and S'thembile Cele

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    Clinical Lions roar to big winClinical Lions roar to big win Young winger Madosh Tambwe scored four tries to help steer the Lions to a comprehensive 52-31 Super Rugby win over the Stormers on Saturday evening in Johannesburg.

    On Friday morning the Sharks suffered a heart-breaking 38-37 loss to the Hurricanes in Napier after they conceded a converted try in the fourth minute after the final hooter.

    Although the coastal side can be proud of their effort, they will be disappointed at their failure to close out the match.

    The Bulls, who defeated the Stormers in last week's clash in Pretoria, had a bye over the weekend. Meanwhile in the remaining South African conference match played on Saturday in Buenos Aires, the Jaguares went down 40-14 to the Crusaders.

    The Lions put a difficult few weeks behind them with Saturday's outstanding performance against the Stormers, who struggled to match their forward dominance and pace on attack. They increased their points tally to 25 at the top of the South African conference, 11 points more than the second-placed Sharks while the Stormers are now 12 points behind the local log leaders.

    Tambwe, 20, scored a blitzkrieg 13-minute hat-trick of tries as the Highveld team raced into a comfortable early lead against their Cape rivals. He scored his fourth shortly after the restart before leaving the field because of a leg injury.

    His outstanding individual performance landed him the Man of the Match accolade.

    The Gauteng outfit suffered home defeats against the Blues and the Crusaders, but they bounced back in splendid fashion against the visitors who fell to their second successive away loss on the Highveld. Springbok wing Ruan Combrinck celebrated his return from a long injury spell by grabbing one of the hosts' other eight tries. The win comes as a timely boost for their four away matches against Australian and New Zealand opponents.

    eading by nine points with just three minutes to play on the clock, the Sharks conceded a penalty and then a last-gasp converted try which condemned them to a cruel loss to the Canes.

    The match was a thrilling affair and the side from Durban was in control for a big part of the game thanks to some excellent attacking play, good defence and accurate kicking from flyhalf Robert du Preez, who contributed 17 points with the boot.

    Ruan Botha's team were 27-19 ahead at halftime, but they did concede a number of penalties in the second stanza as the Hurricanes came fighting back. With replacement hooker Franco Marais off the field with a yellow card, centre Ngani Lamaupi went over for the deciding try in the last movement of the match to grab the win for a jubilant home side.

    The two sides scored four tries each in a high-tempo match.

    In next weekend's round nine fixtures the Sharks entertain the Bulls in Durban on Saturday, while the Stormers, Lions and Crusaders each have a bye.


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    Aanafaalama ya taalela oshipongaAanafaalama ya taalela oshipongaOmpumbwe yomuloka ya etitha omaso giimuna Okuniwe omukumo kutya omuloka ngoka gwa tameke omasiku ngaka, otagu ka etitha ehupitho lyiimuna mbyoka tayi si omolwa ompumbwe yomahala guulithilo miitopolwa yimwe po oshowo ompumbwe yomeya. Onkalo ndjoka oya etitha aanafaalama yamwe, ya tameke okupalutha iimuna yawo noshimongwa oshowo olusiyana.

    Uuyelele mboka owa pitithwa molopota tayi ithanwa

    Crop Prospects and Food Security Situation Report nonkalo ndjoka oya dhidhilikwa unene miitopolwa yomuumbugantu nuuninginino woshilongo.

    Onkalo yuulithilo moshitopolwa sha

    //Karas okwa lopotwa yankundipala noonkondo unene momudhingoloko gwaBondelswarts oshowo Warmbad townlands.

    Momudhingoloko gwaAroab onkalo yuulithilo oya li nga yi li hwepo ihe hayo lela tayi nuwa omeya, pauyelele mboka wa pitithwa molopota.

    Okwa lopotwa kutya onkalo yuulithilo momudhingoloko gwaBerseba oya yambukapo omolwa omuloka ngoka gwa dhidhilikwa momudhingoloko ngoka. Omolwa onkalo ndjoka ya nkundipala, aanafaalama momudhilongoko ndhoka otaya palutha iimuna yawo noshimongwa oshowo olusiyana. Shoka oshi li uupyakadhi kaanafaalama mboka itaya vulu okulikola iipalutha mbyoka, opo ya vule okupaliutha iimuna yawo, omolwa ompumbwe yiiyemo.

    Oshitopolwa sha tumbulwa osha lopota woo omwaalu gwiimuna ya si omolwa oshikukuta, unene momudhingoloko gwaKarasburg.

    Olopota natango oya tsikile kutya ompumbwe yomeya natango omukundu omunene gwa taalela aanafaalama yomomudhingoloko ngoka, iimuna yomomudhingoloko ngoka hayi pewa omeya gomoomboola ihe ondjele yomeya moomboola ndhoka hadhi longithwa oya shuna pevi.

    Olopota oya tsikile kutya moshitopolwa shaHardap, onkalo oyili ya dhigupala momudhingoloko dhimwe poo manga mu dhimwe onkalo yi li hwepo. Omudhingoloko ngoka gwa dhidhilikwa gu li moshiponga, omudhingoloko gwaMaltahöhe. Momudhingoloko ngoka omwa lopotwa omwaalu ogundji gwiimuna gwa si omolwa ompumbwe yuulithilo nomeya.

    Omidhingoloko ngaashi Aranos, Maltahöhe, Hoachanas oshowo Gochas odho unene dha gumwa noonkondo konkalo yoshikukuta nenota, omanga Amperbo, Vlakplaas noKalkplato mwa dhidhilikwa unene oshikukuta. Onga omukalo gwokuyanda ekanitho enene lyiimuna, aanafaalama unene momudhingoloko gwaMaltahöhe oya longitha omukalo gwokushunitha pevi omwaalu gwawo gwiimuna muule woomvula dha piti.

    Oombola dhimwe momudhingoloko odhi na ondjele yomeya yi li nawa, kakele ope na aanafaalama mboka taya ende iinano iile taya kongele iimuna yawo omeya, nonando iimuna oya nkundipala nale.

    Moshitopolwa shErongo, aanafaalama oye li momalimbililo omolwa uulithilo wankundipala nompumbwe yomeya, na otaya popi kutya ngele inaya mona omuloka nena iimuna yawo oyi li moshiponga oshinene, na otaya ka kanitha iimuna oyindji. Uulithilo wankundipala owa dhidhilikwa woo moshitopolwa shaMaheke, niimuma oyindji okwa lopotwa ya taalela ondjala onene nuumvo. Moshitopolwa shaKunene, onkalo oya dhigupala noonkondo konyala moshitopolwa ashihe, kakele momudhingoloko gwa Outjo, moka mwa dhidhilikwa omuloka, ngoka gwa hupitha iimuna.

    Moshitopolwa sha Otjozondjupa onkalo yuulithilo oya yambukapo kashona, sho oshitopolwa sha dhengwa komata gomvula muJanuari, kakele moshikandjohogololo shaKakarara oshowo Gam, moka mwa lopotwa onkalo yuulithilo yadhigupala.

    Miikandjohogololo mbyoka ya tothwamo, okwa lopotwa mu na omeya omashona ngoka itaga vulu okuhupitha iimuna, ngele inaku lokwa.

    Okwa lopotwa onkalo yoshikukuta natango oya dhigupala mOvitoto.

    Oshitopolwa shaKunene nOmaheke oyo ya lopota kutya oya taalela onkalo yadhigupala noonkondo na okwa lopotwa omwaalu omunene gwiimuna ya si koshikukuta, nomwaalu omunene gwiimuna natango otaku tengenekwa tagu si mOmaheke ngele omvula inayi loka.

    Olopota ya tsikile kutya iimuna miitopolwa yomonooli nuuzilo oyi li monkalo yi li nawa. Uulithilo nomeya miitopowa mbyoka inawu gumwa konkalo yoshikukuta ndjoka tayi dhenge iitopolwa yimwe po moshilongo.

    Onkalo ombwaanawa yuulithilo oya lopotwa miitopolwa ngaashi Oshikoto, Ohangwena nOmusati.


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    Shaningwa a koleke ontseyo yoshikumungu shaMbako naItulaShaningwa a koleke ontseyo yoshikumungu shaMbako naItula Amushanga gwongundu yoSwapo, Sophia Shaningwa okwa popi kutya okwa yakula olopota yolugodhi lwaakokele yaali mboka yeli iilyo yoSwapo, lwa ningwa mehuliloshiwike lyaPaasa.

    Olugodhi ndoka otalu konaakonwa woo kopolisi.

    Omukwatakanithi gwongundu yoSwapo, Elliot Mbako okwiiyadha momeya omapyu konima sho a tulilwa mo oshipotha kutya okwa dhenga omuyambidhidhi gwoTeam Swapo Dr Panduleni Itula.

    Dr Itula okwa tula mo oshipotha mehuliloshiwike lyaPaasa.

    Shaningwa okwa koleke kutya okwa yakula olopota moshiningwanima shoka, na okwa popi kutya otaka ungaunga nasho nethimbo.

    Itula okwa tindi okutya sha koshikumungu shoka.

    Omupeha Komufala, Abner Agas, ngoka e li omunambelewa omukwatakanithi gwiimbuluma moshitopolwa shaKhomas okwa koleke oshipotha shoka koNamibian Sun, na okwa popi kutya okwa tamekithwa omakonaakono moshiningwanima shoka.

    “Otashi landulwa. Otwa kongo oombangi, na oombangi owala mbali ndhoka inadhi monika. Ondi na omukumo kutya otatu dhi kongo muule woshiwike.

    Uuna twe dhi mono otaku ka tala koolopota dhawo opo nduno tu vule okuya kuMbako.”

    Mbako okwa li a popi kutya oshinima shoka osha hwahwamekwa kopolotika na kapwali olugodhi.

    Okwa popi kutya okwa li owala a ningile Itula omapulo molwaashoka: “Konima kehe yomutumba gwelelo lyiitopolwa, oha shanga oombaapila ta nyenyeta kombinga yomaupyakadhi.

    Onda yi owala ndi ke mu pule na okwa popi kutya kandi na uumbangi,” Mbako a popi.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya okomitiye yiithikamena oya totwapo opo yi konaakone omanyenyeto ngoka ga shangwa kuItula.


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    Simbine eases into semi-finalsSimbine eases into semi-finalsSprinter makes strides in Australia Sprinter Akani Simbine has comfortably secured his spot in the 100m semi-finals at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. South Africa's Akani Simbine eased through the first round and into the semi-finals of the men's 100m at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, in Australia on Sunday.

    Going off in heat three, Simbine was the only one of seven athletes to have a sub-10 seasons best, his 9.94 seconds a full 0.24 quicker than the next best in the field. He won at a canter, clocking 10.21. “I'm happy to just go through nice and comfortably. I just wanted to do enough and keep the body healthy and comfortable.”

    Henricho Bruintjies was off in heat six and his time was just a tad slower than Simbine, as he hit the line in 10.23 to join Simbine in the next round (the first two finishers in each heat qualified automatically).

    “It's great running in front of such a big crowd for afternoon heats.

    My aim was just to get out of the blocks quickly because quite a few of those guys have very quick starts. So I got out quick and then the last 30m or so I was cruise control.”

    In the men's 20km walk, it was an early morning start and it didn't quite get off on the right foot, as Lebogang Shange and Wayne Snyman ended ninth and 14th respectively in the race-walking along the Southport coast line.

    Shange, especially, would have been quietly fancying his chances of standing on the podium, but his time of 1 hour 23 minutes 27 seconds was 3:53 down on gold medal winner Dane Bird-Smith. The Aussie, who often links up with Shange for training camps, clocked 1:19:34 for a games record. Snyman clocked 1:28:09. Shange was up in sixth position just after halfway but slipped back in the second half. He was in the early lead bunch but couldn't move up from 14th from the halfway mark.

    In the men's hammer, Tshepang Makhethe was competing at his first Commonwealth Games and the 22-year-old missed out on the top eight, his 67.99m in front of a bristling Carrara stadium putting him ninth, as England's Nick Miller won in a games record 80.26.

    Makhethe had earlier opened with a 67.05m effort.

    “It just wasn't my day,” he said. “I felt good in the warm-ups but I couldn't nail the big one. I was aiming for around a 70m to make the top eight cut.

    In bowls, in the Mixed M2/B3 Pairs, Section A, in Round 4 Princess Schroeder and Philippus Walker beat England 19-8.

    In the women's fours, semi-final South Africa (Elma Davis, Esme Kruger, Nicolene Neal, Johanna Strydom) ousted Malta, winning 14-8.

    In the women's singles, semi-final Colleen Piketh went down 21-17 to Jo Edwards of New Zealand. Piketh was due to play Canada's Kelly McKerihen in the bronze medal play-off later yesterday.

    In boxing, in the men's 64kg round of 16, Sinethemba Blom defeated Guyana's Colin Lewis. Fighting out of the blue corner, 25-year-old Blom won 4-1. Of the five judges only Algeria thought that Blom hadn't done enough for the win.

    He'll now take on Ghana's Jessie Lartey in Tuesday's quarter-final.

    In shooting, in the men's 10m air rifle, qualification round neither of the South African team's two shooters were able to progress to the evening's final.

    Barto Pienaar was best of the two in the 18-strong field, shooting a score of 612.7 and placing 11th, just 2.4 points away from making the final which features eight shooters.

    Compatriot Pierre Basson was 15th with a return of 604.7.

    In weightlifting, in the women's 69kg final Mona Pretorius wasn't able to add a second medal for this code after claiming bronze on Saturday.

    Celestie Engelbrecht, though, gave a good account of herself.

    Engelbrecht ended seventh of 13 lifters, with a total of 193kg in the snatch and 110kg in the clean and jerk. India's Punam Yadav dominated with a gold medal winning total of 222kg.


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    Du Plessis hat-trick sends Blitzboks to semisDu Plessis hat-trick sends Blitzboks to semis SUPERSPORT

    South Africa's young side secured their spot in the semi-finals of the Hong Kong Sevens tournament Sunday, as they dispatched tournament surprises Spain 38-5 in their quarterfinal.

    The Spanish side, which beat Australia in a shock defeat on day one of the three day tournament to qualify for the Cup tournament, were tough and physical, as they took the game to the Blitzboks side. But despite two yellow cards, the Blitzboks still had enough power and pace as 18-year old speedster Muller du Plessis scored a hat-trick to see them into the semi-finals. They will now face Fiji, who have won the Hong Kong Sevens three consecutive times and are bidding to become the first side in history to win four consecutive titles in the former British colony.

    Du Plessis scored in the first, seventh and eighth minutes and should have had a fourth but was tackled without the ball by Marcus Poggi, which earned the Spanish player a yellow card and the Blitzboks a penalty try in the process. Pol Pla scored Spain's only try, briefly getting the score even before the South Africans powered away, with Dewald Human and Selvyn Davids scoring the Blitzboks other tries.

    The result keeps the Blitzboks unbeaten but they will have their work cut out for them against Fiji, who has their full-strength side at the tournament, as opposed to the South Africans, who are fielding a team of mostly Academy players, while the first-choice side sits at the Commonwealth Games.

    Fiji demolished Argentina 40-14 in their Cup quarterfinal.

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    Hurd defeats Lara in epic battleHurd defeats Lara in epic battleUnifies junior middleweight world titles Jarrett Hurd has beaten Erislandy Lara by split decision to unify the junior middleweight world titles. BOXING SCENE

    Unbeaten Jarrett Hurd got the knockdown he needed to beat Erislandy Lara with just 37 seconds left in their highly competitive 154-pound title unification fight on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

    The knockdown gave Hurd a 114-113 edge on the scorecards of judges Glenn Feldman and Dave Morretti and a split decision victory over the skilful Cuban southpaw. Judge Burt Clements scored the 12-round fight for Lara 114-113.

    The bout would've resulted in a majority draw had Hurd's left hook not dropped Lara late in the 12th round.

    The bigger, stronger Hurd's constant pressure, perhaps combined with the 34-year-old Lara's age, made Lara fight differently than he usually does throughout their bout.

    They often fought from the inside and Lara moved less than he normally does, but the five-feet-nine Lara landed regularly with his left hand as the 6-feet-1 Hurd moved forward.

    Ultimately, though, two of the three judges favoured Hurd's aggression and work inside against Lara, who suffered swelling and a cut around his right eye.

    The 27-year-old Hurd from Accokeek, Maryland also dealt Lara his third close loss of his nine-year pro career. Before Saturday night, Lara had lost a controversial majority decision to Paul Williams in July 2011 and a debatable split decision to Canelo Alvarez in July 2014.

    Hurd hammered Lara with overhand rights and right uppercuts, as he wore him down during the 12th round. He finally floored Lara with a left hook that sent him to his knees with 37 seconds remaining in the fight.

    Lara appeared to buy himself a few extra seconds to recover by not responding promptly to referee Kenny Bayless' commands once he reached his feet. But once the action resumed, Hurd couldn't hurt Lara again and he made it to the final bell.

    Hurd seemingly stung Lara with a right hand with less than 10 seconds left in the 11th round. That shot left Lara holding on near the ropes.

    The 10th round concluded with terrific back-and-forth action. Lara and Hurd landed their fair share of shots in those exchanges – Lara largely with his left hand and Hurd with his right.

    Lara and Hurd fought from close distances throughout the ninth round. Hurd hit Lara with body and head shots in those three minutes, but Lara often fired back with left hands.

    Hurd snapped back Lara's head with a right uppercut around the 1:40 mark of the eighth round. About a minute later, Hurd backed Lara into a corner and connected with an overhand right.

    Hurd hit Lara with a hard, short right hand just before the seventh round ended. Lara took that shot well and had plenty of his own success earlier in the seventh, when he fired combinations at Hurd, as his opponent pressed forward.

    With his back to a neutral corner, Lara cracked Hurd with a hard left uppercut at the 55-second mark of the sixth round. That shot woke up Hurd, who kept pressing forward to let Lara know he wasn't hurt.

    Hurd tried to batter Lara's body in the first half of the fifth round, but Lara blocked most of those shots with his elbows. Later in the fifth, Hurd wasn't able to land any flush punches once he switched to a southpaw stance.

    Lara also caught Hurd with a counter left hand earlier in the fifth.

    Hurd kept pressuring Lara throughout the fourth round. He was willing to take left hands to attack Lara's body and landed a solid right hand when there were 15 seconds remaining in the fourth.

    A willing Lara stayed close to Hurd during the third round and it paid dividends when he was able to connect with lefts. Hurd had some success during the third as well, most notably with a hard, short counter right hand that Lara took well.

    The first and second round the boxers tested each other, with both throwing punches.

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