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  • 03/11/18--15:00: Africa Briefs
  • Africa BriefsAfrica Briefs Russia eyes Zim diamonds, platinum

    Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday met with Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa and discussed possible military co-operation as well as plans to boost economic ties.

    Lavrov, who is on a tour of Africa, is the first high-profile Russian official to visit Zimbabwe since veteran ruler Robert Mugabe's resignation in November last year.

    "We emphasised the implementation of the joint project of exploring the Darwendale platinum deposits," he said.

    The project is one of the largest of its kind in the world and is run by a Zimbabwean-Russian joint venture.

    "[We] also had a good conversation about the good prospects of cooperation in the diamond industry."– Nampa/AFP

    Angola to launch big oil block

    The first vessel that will pump and store oil for Angola's 230 000 barrels per day (bpd) Kaombo project is en route to the West African nation, operator Total said.

    The Kaombo oil block will produce its first oil this summer, Total said on Thursday. Once it is fully up and running, it will add roughly 14% to the OPEC member's average 2017 output of 1.632 million bpd.

    The US$16 billion offshore project will add a significant amount of oil to Africa's number two exporter at a time when it is bound by output limits under a deal orchestrated by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

    A source close to the project said the block was expected to pump roughly 100 000 bpd by August.

    OPEC is reducing output by roughly 1.2 million bpd as part of a deal with Russia and other producers that began in January 2017 and was extended until the end of 2018.

    So far, Angola has complied comfortably, pumping even less than the maximum agreed. Last month, its output of 1.6 million bpd amounted to 194 percent of compliance with promised cuts of 78 000 bpd. – Nampa/Reuters

    Egypt reviews airline incentives

    Egypt is reviewing a system of incentives for airlines that were put in place to bring back foreign visitors, the new tourism minister said on Thursday.

    Egypt's tourism industry, a crucial source of hard currency, has suffered in the years of turmoil that followed the 2011 uprising, as well as from the suspected bombing of a Russian plane in Sinai in 2015, which killed all 224 people on board.

    Cairo has been offering airlines such as easyJet and tour operators such as TUI and Thomas Cook incentives to bring in more tourists.

    Egypt currently pays US$4 000 for every flight to Hurghada or Marsa Alam that is at least 80% full, and for flights to Sharm el-Sheikh on which at least 65% of seats are filled.

    Airlines receive higher incentives if they offer many flights to an Egyptian destination. The programme is due to expire in October. – Nampa/Reuters

    Tunisia central bank can't defend dinar

    Tunisia's central bank cannot defend the dinar with foreign reserves that now cover less than 80 days of imports, while some of the country's economic indicators are "frightening", the bank's new governor Marouane El Abassi said on Thursday.

    Tunisia has dropped into a deep economic slump since its autocratic leader, Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, was overthrown in 2011. Since then, nine governments have failed to cut the budget deficit and the country needs US$3 billion in foreign loans this year alone.

    By Thursday, foreign reserves covered 77 days of imports, compared with 112 days in the same period last year. The dinar has dropped more than 40% against the euro and dollar since 2011.

    Tunisia's current account deficit also hit 10% for the first time, reflecting "frightening" economic indicators that show the depth of the country's troubles, Abassi said.

    Tunisia has been praised as the only potential success story among the nations where "Arab Spring" revolts took place in 2011. But successive governments have failed to trim deficits and create economic growth, and the country is under pressure from international lenders. – Nampa/Reuters

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    //Karas coastal stream kickoff postponed//Karas coastal stream kickoff postponed The kickoff of the //Karas second division coastal stream, which had been scheduled for this past weekend, has been postponed to 17 to 18 March due to renovations taking place at the Lüderitz Sports Stadium.

    Speaking to Nampa last Thursday, the region's league administrator Colin Motinga said the postponement was necessitated by the unavailability of the stadium.

    “We were forced to postpone the games as the stadium is under renovation and we could not secure another venue on time,” Motinga said.

    He also said the games involving Real Fighters Football Club will be postponed to a later date, as they were involved in the Debmarine Namibia Cup regional playoff final against Atlanta Bucks at Rosh Pinah this past Saturday.

    Fighters were also due to play Spiders and Orange Rangers.

    Both the inland and coastal streams were scheduled to kickoff this past weekend in Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz respectively.

    NAMPA//Karas coastal stream kickoff postponed

    The kickoff of the //Karas second division coastal stream, which had been scheduled for this past weekend, has been postponed to 17 to 18 March due to renovations taking place at the Lüderitz Sports Stadium.

    Speaking to Nampa last Thursday, the region's league administrator Colin Motinga said the postponement was necessitated by the unavailability of the stadium.

    “We were forced to postpone the games as the stadium is under renovation and we could not secure another venue on time,” Motinga said.

    He also said the games involving Real Fighters Football Club will be postponed to a later date, as they were involved in the Debmarine Namibia Cup regional playoff final against Atlanta Bucks at Rosh Pinah this past Saturday.

    Fighters were also due to play Spiders and Orange Rangers.

    Both the inland and coastal streams were scheduled to kickoff this past weekend in Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz respectively.


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    The wannabe Guptas of footballThe wannabe Guptas of football Limba Mupetami

    I'm sure many of you know about the Gupta brothers by now. They are the wealthy Indian-born South African family who own a business empire spanning across computer equipment, media and mining, which has been the focus of widespread scrutiny in the neighbouring country, because of their close ties to recently deposed President Jacob Zuma.

    Now in Namibia, there are certain individuals who want to imitate this group of individuals and their way of doing things when it comes to sport.

    People want to take resources and use them for their own benefit, knowing very well that that's not what they signed up for.

    They want to exploit resources whether they serve voluntarily in certain post or not, and this is not right.

    The thing is, there are two sides two every story, and then there is the truth, but some people fail to take the opportunity to tell the truth even when they are standing on hot coals.

    They will spew half-truths or rather tell full lies till their pants catches on fire.

    We all know lies always catches up with us. Let me explain. Everything we do has rules and regulations. When you serve as an executive member of any sport league in the country, you answer to people, especially when money is involved. A lot of people love football. Many invest their time and money to see their clubs competing in local leagues, whether it's the first, second or third division or the premier league.

    Now, when we are not transparent about how money is being used then we all know what that tells the next person, if not the rest of the country.

    When we do not provide proof about what activities were paid for, or not paid for, it becomes an issue.

    We have people amongst us who decide they are above the governing body of football and do as they please.

    These very individuals have been occupying public office for years.

    We know there are club owners, whether in the first or second division, who squeeze these particular clubs into tournaments or leagues to play at the expense of others who are playing by the rules.

    There are also people who are giving these particular people the go ahead in dark corridors to perform dirty tricks that tarnish the game because they need votes at certain congresses.

    Tell me this is not true and I will apologise, but until then the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    We do these things and it's all fair and square, but we are killing the game many sacrifice their time and energy for. We do this because we gain a seat, but think about everything that's going wrong in the name of greed.

    Think of the leagues which are halted because of personality clashes. Think of the players who do not see the artificial pitch at the Sam Nujoma Stadium where they could most probably have played for the national team.

    Think of all the other players who grin on fields that look like landmines exploded in them.

    These people are killing the dreams of players. You are taking so much away from clubs with skilful players because your greed is short-term.

    Think about the long-term damage caused when we ignore rules and cook stories amongst ourselves to tell journalist lies, in order to avoid transparency.

    We may aspire to be Guptas, but we should all remember that they too thought that they were untouchable.

    The football is round; let's do things by the book and if we make mistakes, let's admit that we are wrong and let those who are more capable take charge.

    The Guptas are now facing the wrath of the law because of claimed corrupt practices. For big and small fish, the arm of the law is very long. That arm may not reach you now, but it certainly will.

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  • 03/11/18--15:00: Oil spill clean-up begins
  • Oil spill clean-up beginsOil spill clean-up beginsProbe continues into origin Efforts to clean up a heavy fuel oil spill detected on the beach between the Afrodite residential development and the Dolphin Park recreational facility commenced last Thursday. Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) and marine resources ministry officials, including those from its Directorate of Maritime Affairs (DMA), with the assistance of the Namibian Dolphin Project (NDP), the army, the navy, the fire department and a shipping company are involved in an oil spill clean-up operation at the coast.

    A team of commercial divers were deployed to survey the area and to put up a boom. The divers also commenced with an investigation to determine where the oil could possibly have originated from. The investigation is ongoing.

    This is not the first oil spill in Namibia or in Walvis Bay. Oil spills are health hazards to the environment and humans. Only trained personnel with the correct gear can help to contain and clear them up.

    If a crew reaches a spill within an hour or two after its detection, it may choose containment and skimming to clean up the slick.

    They deploy long, buoyant booms, which float on the water, and a skirt that hangs below to contain the slick and keep the oil from spreading.

    A coastal resident noticed the washed up oil on the beach in the area between the Afrodite Beach development and Dolphin Park (near Long Beach) and posted a short video clip on social media on Thursday.

    The clip was widely viewed and shared. It stirred numerous comments as well as speculation that the oil could have leaked from one of the vessels anchored in the bay. Heavy fuel oil or residual fuel oil is used as a source of combustion in the marine diesel engines of ships.

    Namport officials visited the scene to determine the extent of the spill and immediately acted to contain and clear it up.

    The NDP also reported on their social media page that the organisation was alerted to a minor oil spill noticed at Pelican Point on Saturday.

    “The video clip does not show the extent and broader aspect. This was luckily not a major event, but still unfortunate and harmful. We would like the public to let us know if any oiled seabirds are seen or found, so they can be treated. None so far were found at Pelican Point yesterday,” commented Jelly Jellytich, a NDP field officer.

    The NDP drove from Walvis Bay up to Pelican Point along the beach and also to Long Beach to conduct stranding surveys.

    “From what we saw the worst spill is located around Aphrodite Beach as was found by Namport and members of the public on Wednesday afternoon. This is, however, a small spill. It is not huge and does not cover a large area. The DMA and Namport is however doing their best to contain and clear it up. The residual oil could however remain there forever.”

    Jellytich said the NDP has not been made aware of the same amount of oil washing up anywhere else along the coastline.

    “We found heavy fuel oil residue, presumably from the same source, washed up along the beach at Pelican Point and then along the beach starting at Independence Beach to the Dolphin Beach waterslides, but not in the same amount as was found at Aphrodite Beach.”

    The NDP thanked Namport and the marine tour guide community for raising their concerns and investigating the issue. The organisation said it would take a while before the oil spill is completely cleared up and there is a concerted and professional effort to deal with this issue.

    It also encouraged locals and fishermen in particular to report any oil spills they notice to the relevant authorities, without delay.

    Namport Walvis Bay port captain Lukas Kufuna refused to comment on the issue and said an official statement from the marine resources permanent secretary or Namport CEO Bisey Uirab would shed more light on the incident.


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  • 03/11/18--15:00: Hell driver doctor suspended
  • Hell driver doctor suspendedHell driver doctor suspended A medical doctor employed at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital has been forced to take leave after a video went viral allegedly showing him driving recklessly and dangerously on the road between Otjiwarongo and Okahandja.

    In the cellphone video recorded last Thursday, a Mercedes-Benz is seen swerving dangerously into the oncoming lane and driving in it. An oncoming truck was even forced off the road and several lives were put in danger.

    The car is also seen leaving the road before being steered back, as oncoming traffic approaches.

    This past Friday, Dr Yevai Chiradza was issued with a letter from the health ministry in which it forced him to take leave for an unspecified period of time. “In reference to the video on social media and your previous incidences concerning substance abuse, this office on the directive from the permanent secretary is requesting you to take vacation leave for an unspecified period until further notice,” the letter says.

    The letter further requested Chiradza not to enter any ministry health facility or attend to any patient-related duties. It was also circulated on several media platforms.

    Acting health permanent secretary Petronella Masabane told Namibian Sun yesterday the matter is a staff issue and that she is therefore not going to comment.

    However Nampa reported that acting Otjozondjupa health director, Frieda Stefanus, on confirmed issuing the letter asking him to take leave.

    Chiradza was not arrested as there was no alcohol found in his blood.

    It is understood he was apprehended in Otjiwarongo after traffic and Nampol officials were contacted.

    He is allegedly a controlled substance abuser. The matter is being dealt with by law-enforcement and it was reported that the police's traffic sub-divisional head in Otjozondjupa is busy obtaining statements from witnesses in order to formulate a charge against the doctor.

    Otjozondjupa's traffic coordinator, Inspector Joseph Severus, confirmed the doctor was charged with negligent and reckless driving, but said he was not arrested.

    He said no alcohol or other substances were found in his blood.

    Otjizondjupa Nampol Deputy Commissioner, Katrina Andreas, told Namibian Sun she was unable to provide any details on the matter and that the newspaper must contact her on Monday.

    She was not willing to confirm whether there were any charges laid or whether the driver was arrested.


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    !Naruseb cracks whip on grain imports!Naruseb cracks whip on grain imports It is unacceptable that Namibia continues to import over 50% of its maize and 80% of its wheat to supplement domestic shortages.

    This is according to agriculture minister Alpheus !Naruseb who added this is an unhealthy situation for the national agenda and food security.

    Speaking at AgriBusDev's annual general meeting last week at which the company's annual report for the year ended 31 March 2017 was presented, !Naruseb said notable progress could be seen, including putting in place a sound governance structure at the public enterprise.

    He applauded the company for the significant improvement in turnover, with a 73.4% growth being recorded for the period under review.

    !Naruseb said it was observed that the output for staple food, particularly maize and wheat, had decreased due to the impact of the invasion of fall armyworms on the maize crop and the huge costs involved in transporting wheat, particularly from small-scale farmers, to the market.

    !Naruseb therefore directed the board to identify appropriate crops that can be fully integrated into the crop rotation system at all farms.

    He also called for the intercropping of maize with other crops that are not good hosts to fall armyworms.

    “I strongly believe that by adopting some of these measures we can break the lifecycle of these worms, thereby mitigating the situation.”

    He said further to that the ongoing construction of the wheat milling plant at the Shadikongoro green must be completed by at least the first quarter of the 2018/19 financial year. “Once this is completed farms particularly small-scale farmers in the northern areas would have access to the market at their doorsteps. This would consequently stimulate the production of wheat.”

    !Naruseb said the fact that Namibia continues to import over 50% of its maize and 80% of its wheat to fill the gap in the domestic production system does not present a healthy situation. He said to address this situation, investment needs to be mobilised in order to develop more irrigation-based projects. “It remain our collective responsibility as a government, private entities and individuals alike to mobilise the required investment in the order to transform approximately 15 000 hectares into irrigation-based production between now and the year 2030. Doing so would enable us to reach our target of putting 27 000 hectares under irrigation as per our Vision 2030 target.”

    !Naruseb added investment opportunities into the country's green schemes are available at Kavango West, Katima/Liselo in the Zambezi Region and Neckartal and Tandjieskoppe in the //Karas Region. “The call for the expression of interest shall be running sometime this year. At the moment we are awaiting for the clearance of these projects by the ministry of finance since our intention is to develop them on a public-private partnership basis.”

    According to !Naruseb apart from mobilising the required investment, in order to succeed in putting the 27 000 hectares under production, more arable land also has to be availed.


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  • 03/11/18--15:00: Assassination twist
  • Assassination twistAssassination twistApartheid minister accused of 'ordering hit' New details have emerged about the death of liberation struggle icon Anton Lubowksi, which implicate former South African apartheid minister Pik Botha in the “ordering” his assassination. A new book titled Incorruptible, which will be launched this week in South Africa, sheds new light on the deaths of Namibian liberation icon and anti-apartheid lawyer Anton Lubowksi, as well as senior African National Congress (ANC) members Chris Hani and Dulcie September.

    The book fingers former South African foreign affairs minister Pik Botha for having played a key role in Lubowksi's death.

    In the evening of 12 September 1989, Lubowski was shot by a group of assailants in front of his house in Sanderburg Street in central Windhoek.

    He was hit by several shots from an AK-47 automatic rifle and died from a bullet wound to his head. Although there has been much speculation about who was behind his murder and the arrest and release of a foreign hitman, Lubowksi's murder was never solved.

    Donald 'Dolan' Acheson, who had previously served with the Rhodesian Army, was connected to the killing through the car he allegedly rented for the operation, which is said to have involved apartheid's infamous Civil Cooperation Bureau.

    When Acheson was arrested in Windhoek, police found a piece of paper with numbers that led them to his handlers. Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Acheson was released after eight months in detention.

    In her book, journalist Evelyn Groenink details how the late trio of Lubowski, September and Hani were keen to expose corrupt dealings in the run-up to independence in both South Africa and Namibia.

    On Lubowski's murder, Groenink alleges that a former member of the SA Special Forces Brigade, known as the Recces, killed the Swapo lawyer – allegedly on Botha's orders.

    Speaking to Namibian Sun, long-time friend of the late Lubowski, Judge Dave Smuts, said although no official investigations linked Botha to his death at the time, if the possibility exists that Botha was involved, information detailing the former apartheid regime's covert operations would need to be exposed.

    “I want to first read what she wrote before I can comment. None of our research during the inquest showed that Pik Botha was involved. It is something new to me [but] a book on this issue needs to be written. South Africa's covert operations at that time need to come out,” Smuts said of the book.

    Speaking on behalf of the family, Lubowski's son Almo said they would be engaging with their family attorney on the matter to get legal advice on whether there were grounds to pursue an investigation, owing to the revelations contained in the new book.

    “We are not sure if it is grounds for a new investigation, but we will discuss with the family's current advocate,” Almo said, before adding, “The interesting question is if Anton Lubowski was in the way of these mafia and arms dealer individuals and then who in Swapo was open to be corrupted?”

    Aside from having his father's remains moved to the Heroes' Acre, Almo said Swapo had not shown much support to the family since the liberation icon's death.

    “Apart from the fact that my father was moved to Heroes' Acre and the part Swapo played in that, which we are very grateful for, Swapo has never really shown much support towards us as a family,” he said.

    According to Almo, the family was in support of getting the book published and would be attending a launch in Cape Town in the coming days. He added the book also contained similar themes to those published by his mother, Gabrielle.

    “We are very much in support of the book. It in fact confirms many of our theories that were in my mother's own book - On Solid Ground,” said Lubowski.

    Efforts were made by Namibian Sun to get comment from Botha but he did not respond at the time of going to press. SMSes were sent to his and his wife Ina's cellphone numbers

    Groenink compiled her book after an investigation spanning 30 years. The publication of the book was halted 13 years ago because of legal and physical threats made against the then publisher Jacana Media.

    Groenink has now published the book on her own.

    She details how September, Lubowski and Hani tried to prevent their organisations, the ANC and Swapo, from being corrupted by powerful international interests and various mafias.

    She writes that alleged mafia kingpin Vito Palazzolo tried to involve Lubowski “in acquiring a stronghold in Windhoek – a casino – where Palazzolo intended pursuing his favourite hobby, laundering money from drugs and diamond transactions”.

    Lubowski had not played along.

    When Groenink and her former publishers sent Botha requests for comment, he responded with “phone calls that lasted for hours”, a 20-page letter denying wrongdoing of any kind as well as detailing arms deals with the French and a number of threats, including “the world is a dangerous place you know”.

    In his foreword to the book, newly appointed South African public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan writes that Groenink “has unearthed how these comrades were murdered to make way for unscrupulous business deals, self-enrichment and political and military power”. “There are glimpses of a different species of state capture. Evelyn Groenink's research shows us, firstly, that state capture is indeed not new; that unethical people in the public and private sector have collaborated for a long time for the purpose of removing or sidelining those who stand in the way of their hunger for power and wealth,” wrote Gordhan.

    Incorruptible will be launched at the Wits University Graduate Centre in Johannesburg tomorrow.

    -additional reporting by City Press


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  • 03/11/18--15:00: Indongo humiliated
  • Indongo     humiliatedIndongo humiliatedPrograis barely breaks a sweat Former triple world champion Julius 'Blue Machine' Indongo was demolished by Regis Prograis in their interim WBC super lightweight title fight on Saturday morning. LIMBA MUPETAMI

    American Regis Prograis made mincemeat of Julius Blue Machine' Indongo in the early hours of Saturday.

    The 29-year old powerful southpaw, who was supposed to have been nervous because he was facing a former triple world title holder in Indongo, passed his test with flying colours in Deadwood, South Dakota live on Showtime.

    Prograis left no room for debate or doubt when he knocked the 34-year old Indongo down at the end of the first round with a jab.

    A stunned and vulnerable Indongo got up and answered referee Ian John-Lewis' count after the bell sounded to end the round.

    In his corner Indongo looked out of breath and when the second round started Prograis send him to the ropes with body bunches. The Namibian was sent to the canvas three more times before the fight came to an end and it looked at any stage that he could recover from the pummelling he was receiving.

    The end of the fight came at 2:54 in round two, when the referee called an end to the proceedings right at the end of the round, with Indongo not being able to withstand a single punch.

    Despite dominating the night, Prograis wasn't completely satisfied.

    The boxer who is from the same boxing stable as Indongo, DiBella Entertainment, said he felt Indongo's punches but they did not have any effect on him.

    “I felt his punches, he couldn't punch, and he couldn't hurt me. I got a little reckless, but I got the job done, I can't complain,” Prograis said.

    “I haven't been able to show my full arsenal yet. I haven't had an opponent that can bring it out of me. I get paid the same thing for the first round or the 12th round, so I might as well get them out early.”

    Prograis now holds the interim WBC title, with the full belt to be decided this coming weekend between Jose Ramirez and Amir Imam in an ESPN-televised fight.

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    President urges clean-up campaign on May Day President urges clean-up campaign on May Day President Hage Geingob this morning proposed that the upcoming 1 May 'May Day' celebrations be dedicated to a nationwide clean-up campaign, with everyone urged to chip in.
    Speaking to members of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) and associated unions at State House today, Geingob was quoted as criticising the unclean state of many Namibian towns.
    May Day, also known as International Worker's Day, will officially be marked in Khorixas this year, Geingob said.
    He suggested that every Namibian should set time aside on 1 May, to clean up their respective neighbourhoods or areas.
    Geingob’s call for a cleaner Namibia follows hot on the heels of a similar proposal by Namibian singer Ees who suggested that instead of celebrations on Independence Day, the money and day could be better used to clean up the country.
    While many said a clean-up campaign itself was not a bad idea, the suggestion of commemorating it on Namibia’s Independence Day, was widely panned and criticised.

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  • 03/12/18--15:00: SKW tourney rocks
  • SKW tourney rocksSKW tourney rocks The annual SKW tournament concluded over the weekend with Swallows winning the under-17 category.

    The youth football tournament was once again sponsored by Retirement Fund Solutions to the tune of N$48 000.

    SKW chairman Vincent Molzahn was happy with the standard of football and the number of spectators. The SKW Soccer Division thanked all the helpers, referees, players and parents who gave of their time. “It is not all about winning, it is about making sure that the players get as many playing minutes as possible and to see as many happy faces as possible,” a SKW youth said.

    List of winners


    1) Ramblers

    2) DTS

    3) SKW


    1) SKW U/9

    2) DTS

    3) SKW U/8


    1 Falcons

    2 Swallows

    3 SKW


    1) Ramblers

    2) Otjiwarongo

    3) SKW


    1) SFC

    2) SKW

    3) Ramblers


    1) Swallows

    2) SKW

    3) SFC


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    Big guns back in Debmarine CupBig guns back in Debmarine CupFive NPL clubs boycotted tournament last year The Debmarine Namibia Cup is likely to have all the Namibia Premier League teams in action this time around. Namibia Football Association (NFA) secretary-general Barry Rukoro yesterday hinted that the five clubs that were not part of the Debmarine Namibia Cup last year would be included this year.

    Black Africa, Orlando Pirates, African, Tigers, Chief Santos and Blue Waters all refused to play in the competition.

    Last year, the five clubs refused to take part in the competition because the NPL was not active yet.

    The clubs dragged their feet on the competition, citing a lack of preparation and players as their reason for withdrawing from the competition.

    At that time, the NFA and Debmarine Namibia had threatened to ban the clubs from playing in the competition for a period of three years.

    “I am sure that the situation will be resolved amicably and these teams will be allowed back in the competition. “The tournament is for the teams and I do not see any reason we can hold them back,” Rukoro briefly said.

    The final decision on whether the clubs would be allowed to participate was to be made later yesterday.

    Namibia diamond company Debmarine came to the rescue of Namibian football when it committed N$14.1 million to the tournament in 2016 for over a period of three years. Young African were crowned champions of the competition after beating Mighty Gunners 3-2 in the final which took place in Gobabis last year.

    Young African bagged N$500 000 for winning the tournament.

    Individual efforts were also recognised.

    Itamunua Keimuine of Tura Magic was awarded N$20 000 for being the top goal scorer of the tournament.

    Young African's Himeezembi Hengombe was voted player of the tournament and was rewarded with N$20 000.

    Young African coach Maleagi Ngarizemo was the coach of the tournament and was handsomely rewarded with N$15 000 and goalkeeper Mata Mbemutjiua of Young African won the Golden Gloves Award and was given N$15 000.

    This year, the Round of 32 draw will take place in Windhoek on 15 March.

    The Round of 32 will allow regional second divisions and first divisions to compete with the Namibia Premier League teams.


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  • 03/12/18--15:00: NTA tennis thrills
  • NTA tennis thrillsNTA tennis thrillsPlayers perform well The game of tennis in the country has been experiencing growth with some of Namibia's young stars emerging victorious. The Sanlam Namibian Tennis Association (NTA) Junior Open Tennis Tournament took place over the weekend, producing some fine results.

    The event attracted 54 players aged from 10 to 18 years old from all around Namibia and abroad.

    The round-robin format was designed to maximise playing time for the competitors, with every participant playing at least four matches over the two days.

    These were followed by knockout semi-finals and finals.

    The competition was for both singles and doubles, broken down into groups for boys and girls of under-10, 14, 16 and 18.

    More than 160 matches were played at two venues, the Police Club and the National Tennis Centre (Central Tennis Club).

    The players were supported by a good crowd of parents and spectators who were treated to some wonderful and intense tennis competition.

    The medallists were


    Under-10 Girls: Winner Hayley Kidd, Runner-up: Karla Terblanche

    Under-10 Boys: Winner Liam Forster Runner-up: Abraham Alemu

    Under-12 girls: Winner Raica Coelho, Runner-up: Sytisha Gaogoses

    Under-12 boys: Winner Ruben Nel, Runner-up:Juan Kuhn

    Under-14 girls Winner Hendrina Apollus, Runner-up Elze Stears

    Under-14 boys: Winner Adam Diggle, Runner-up: Dian Calitz

    Under-16 girls: Winner Lisa Yssel, Runner-up: Megan Lombardt

    Under-18 boys: Winner Chando Hollinrake, Runner-up: Daniel Jauss


    Under-10 girls: Winners Hayley Kidd and Simone Steenkamp, Runners-up: Karla Terblanche and Carla Jauss.

    Under-10 boys: Winners Abraham Alemu and Ruben Yssel, Runners-up: Brian Edwards and Lian Kuhn

    Under-12 girls: Winners Raica Coelho and Sytisha Gaogoses, Runners-up: Cari Stears and Jamila Hungamo

    Under-12 boys: Winners Ruben Nel and Dian Calitz Runners-up: Timothy Salt and Ruan Kuhn.

    Under-14 girls: Winners Hendrina Apollus and Elze Stears Runners-up: Vimbayi Musavengana and Larushka Kruger

    Under-14 Boys: Winners Sarel Janse van Rensburg and Dian Calitz, Runners-up: Philip Jauss and Brendon van der Merwe

    Under-16 girls: Winners Megan Lombardt and Tammy Lombardt Runners-up: Lara Hanstain and Sute Tjombe

    Under-18 boys: Chando Hollinrake and Joshua Barnard Runners-up: Gerhard Barnard and Christopher Jans.


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  • 03/12/18--15:00: NASA falls apart
  • NASA falls apartNASA falls apart Kenya's main opposition alliance was cast into disarray after its leader Raila Odinga broke ranks and agreed to a truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta following a seven-month standoff over disputed elections.

    Odinga said 9 March he was abandoning a campaign aimed at toppling Kenyatta and will work with him on fostering national unity instead - an announcement that caught the other three main leaders of his National Super Alliance by surprise. The ructions in the opposition will help Kenyatta consolidate power during his second and final term and are a boon for the ruling Jubilee Party as it gears up for the next elections in 2022.

    “Nasa is now dead and its epitaph written,” thanks to Odinga's decision to strike his own deal, said Peter Kagwanja, chief executive officer of the Africa Policy Institute, based in the capital, Nairobi. “The ideological discordance is clear and its leaders have fallen apart.”

    The truce may be good news for East Africa's largest economy, which has been weighed down by political uncertainty and violence that has cost dozens of lives. Growth slowed to an estimated 4.8% in 2017, from 5.8% a year earlier.

    Founded in February last year, Nasa united Odinga's Orange Democratic Party, Kalonzo Musyoka's Wiper Democratic Movement, Musalia Mudavadi's Amani National Congress and Moses Wetang'ula's Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-Kenya. Isaac Ruto's Chama Cha Mashinani joined the alliance in April, but realigned itself to the ruling party five months later.

    While Kenyatta, 56, was declared the winner of 8 August presidential elections, Nasa rejected the results as rigged and the Supreme Court nullified the outcome. Nasa then boycotted an 26 October rerun, saying the shortcomings identified during the first vote hadn't been addressed. Kenyatta secured 98% support on much lower turnout and the court upheld his victory, which the opposition took to the streets to protest. Divisions within Nasa's ranks became evident on 30 January, when Musyoka and Mudavadi missed a mock ceremony in Nairobi where Odinga declared himself the so-called people's president. Nasa said they'd been caught up in traffic, but some of Odinga's fellow ODM leaders branded his coalition partners cowards for not attending.

    Local newspapers cited Wetang'ula as saying he'll contest the presidency in 2022 and Mudavadi announced he was considering a run of his own. Musyoka plans to announce his next move after a meeting on 16 March with his supporters. Odinga, a 73-year-old former prime minister who has now failed four times to secure the presidency, had warned the ODM would go it alone if pushed.

    Kenyatta and Odinga plan to jointly address rallies in a nationwide tour aimed at boosting national cohesion, the Nairobi-based Star newspaper reported on Monday. The trip will begin in Odinga's strongholds in southwestern Kenya, it said.

    Odinga gave no prior indication of his meeting with Kenyatta, and Wetang'ula, Mudavadi and Musyoka said they weren't privy to their discussions. The four Nasa leaders plan to this week to chart a way forward.

    “This is Odinga acting alone,” said Robert Besseling, executive director of political risk advisory firm EXX Africa. “The Nasa coalition partners will be the ones who need to reform a credible opposition without Odinga.”

    Nasa's founding agreement precluded Odinga from running again as its presidential candidate and the coalition will be dissolved in February 2022 unless its leaders agree to renew it, according to Barrack Muluka, Amani's secretary-general.

    “There is very little incentive, if any, for ODM if they stayed in the coalition,” Muluka said. “That is why they will kick up a fuss and make you look bad, so that they have a valid reason, excuse or legitimising factor to get out of the coalition. Raila is looking for an exit - that I cannot hesitate to state.”

    Herman Manyora, a political analyst at the University of Nairobi, said Odinga's party is the biggest component of Nasa and that while he stands a chance of securing the presidency in the 2022 election, Nasa's other leaders are unlikely to win if they strike out on their own.

    “They have limited options,” Manyora said. “Where can they go? They may find a hostile environment out there.”


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  • 03/12/18--15:00: All eyes on Grace
  • All eyes on GraceAll eyes on GraceWhile Mugabe seeks more cash Things appear to be going awry for the former first couple of Zimbabwe as they adjust to being ordinary citizens. State media in Zimbabwe on Sunday rounded on former president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace, suggesting in one editorial that the military operation that removed Mugabe from power be extended to his Harare mansion.

    “How about Operation Restore Legacy at Blue Roof Mansion?,” said the headline on a column by Sunday Mail columnist, Bishop Lazarus.

    In it the writer suggested that Mugabe had been “taken hostage in this rebellious house” and put “in a tight corner with the greedy and insecure former First Lady”.

    The army denied its operation that put Emmerson Mnangagwa in power was a coup; instead officials said the move aimed at targeting target “criminals” around the president, a likely reference to Grace Mugabe and her allies.

    In recent days Mugabe and his wife have been accused of backing a new political party led by former army officer and cabinet minister Ambrose Mutinhiri.

    The Sunday Mail columnist said emissaries should be sent to Mugabe's “Blue Roof” mansion “to make the former president understand what is going on.

    These people should make the former first lady understand the trouble she is putting herself into. All this is likely to end very, very bad for her.”

    A cartoon in the same paper showed Mugabe staring out of a blank space with the word “mischief” written instead of a moustache.

    State newspapers now only refer to Mugabe as “Mr”, stripping him of his decades-old title of “Comrade”.

    In the meanwhile, new reports have emerged that former president Robert Mugabe doesn't want to join cash-starved Zimbabwe's bank queues: he wants to get his money out in cash - just like he's always done.

    It's appears as though the 94 year-old was getting $20 000 a month in cash while he was president - while telling ordinary citizens they should adopt plastic money.

    Lump sum

    Now he's asking for a lump sum pay-out of nearly half a million US dollars plus his monthly pension of more than US$13 000 in cash, reports the Sunday Mail.

    Public Service Commission Chairperson Mariyawanda Nzuwah wrote in a letter to central bank chief John Mangudya:

    “The former president was being paid his salary in cash and he has requested that the same arrangement be maintained.”

    “We are kindly requesting you to avail cash amounting to US$467 200 and monthly cash amounts of US$13 333 for us to pay the former president of Zimbabwe his pension benefits,” the letter said.

    The news will fuel anger in a country where chronic cash shortages have plagued ordinary Zimbabweans for nearly two years.

    A source in the office of the president said Mnangagwa recently turned down an attempt to be paid in cash like his predecessor.

    The president is reported to have told a visiting government bank official “that if he needed cash he would queue for it like everyone else because the cash shortages affected all Zimbabweans and he would demand no such preferential and irregular treatment.”


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    Honouring our leaders in styleHonouring our leaders in style Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba

    Independence Day has been an annual celebration at Delta Secondary School Windhoek. Every year it gets bigger and better, with a little more spark added to it.

    The History Society, which is made up of several Deltarians of all grades and the founder, a history teacher Mrs Kapolo. This year’s celebrations shall not disappoint as we celebrate Independence Day which is an important day, because it gives learners knowledge on what actually happened during apartheid and why it is so relevant in today's times.

    Learners are thus able to appreciate what they have today, because of the struggle that took place. The History Society prepares various cultural performances, dramas and even poems just to keep the crowd on their toes.

    Hage !Nou-/Gawaseb, a matriculant from our school who also serves as the chairperson of the society tells us that “Independence Day celebrations are important, because on this day, we are able to thank our heroes who made it possible for us to be sitting in a free country as they did not only liberate us, they gave black people their own identity as human beings”.

    “The preparations have already kicked off and the History Society is prepared to give it their all like they usually do. Rehearsals are going well with just a few logistical issues we need to solve before the big day," says Hage.

    The event will take place on 16 March, as that is the last Friday before the midterm break. It usually takes place during school hours and the learners are always dressed in their respective cultural attire. A cake is also served on this day; after all we are celebrating the birthday of the nation.

    The teachers including the principal, Ms Jacobie and the rest of the learners always look forward to this day as it's such a remarkable one. "Looking back at the previous years, the celebrations were never disappointing," according to a 10th grader, Auguste Iyambo.

    So let's all unite and celebrate together!

    *Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba is grade 10 learner at Delta Secondary School Windhoek.

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    Bank Windhoek recognises NAMCOL’s top achieversBank Windhoek recognises NAMCOL’s top achievers On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, Bank Windhoek’s Katutura Branch supported the Namibian College of Open Learning’s (NAMCOL) Prize Giving Ceremony for Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) and Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC), recognising achievements in six categories including: Best Overall Performances in JSC Mathematics, Best Overall Performance in NSSCO Mathematics, Best Overall Performance in NSSCO Physical Science, Best Overall Performance in Agriculture, Best Overall Performance in Technical, Vocational Education and Training Programmes (TVET) Candidate Per Trade, Best Overall Performance in JSC and Best Overall NAMCOL Candidate.

    Andreas Kangungu from Khomas Region, walked away with the biggest award, Best Overall NAMCOL Candidate. “Thank you Bank Windhoek for this generous gesture, I am so thankful. This award will make me work even harder to achieve my educational goals,” said Kangungu.

    Bank Windhoek’s Katutura Branch Manager, Josef Sheehama, congratulated the learners. “As a responsible corporate citizen, Bank Windhoek congratulates all the learners that did us proud today. You have shown that your hard work and dedication was all for a good cause. As a catalyst of sustainable opportunities, be assured that Bank Windhoek will keep on supporting our educational sector. All the best of success,” said Sheehama.

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  • 03/12/18--15:00: Welcoming our minions
  • Welcoming our minions Welcoming our minions Taimi Nghishongwa

    * Taimi Nghishongwa is a grade 12 learner at Kuisebmond High School in Walvis Bay. She enjoys writing poetry and listening to music.

    In order to allow people to come witness our minions which are “our babies of the school”. We held a grade 8 concert at the heart of Kuisebmond location at the community hall on 20 February

    Our target market was the youth and parents would come support their kids. The prices for the winners were not too expensive from the entrance tickets to refreshments. Profit was definitely not the main aim but rather joy, laughter and entertainment.

    It is a well-known tradition for all schools to welcome their grade 8s in epic style. The Kuisebmond Secondary School learners and teachers just do it in a more relaxed manner. Welcoming a group of kids to the real world is quite stressful as you see a bunch of minions running around asking questions to find out where the toilet is.

    The school of excellence is indeed full of entertainment. Our way of welcoming the grade 8’s is not a secret. We held a concert for them where they get to interact with their classmates and the school representative council helped them with the preparation for this concert.

    This is one of the phenomenal moments that helped the learners to be exposed to and learn more about their hidden talents. Learners perform drama scenes, musical plays, dances, poetic sessions and many more.

    To all the grade 8 learners of this year, we welcome you to high school and always remember that intelligence and respect is a two way street.

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    Air Namibia a pewa oomiliyona 740Air Namibia a pewa oomiliyona 740Omahangano ngoka onkene taga hupu mepangelo omvula nomvula Nonando epangelo olyiimanga epaya ngele tashi ya kelongitho lyiimaliwa, ehangano lyomatukodhila moshilongo lyoAir Namibia olya pewa oshipambu oshinene shoshimaliwa, pethimbo kwa pitithwa omutengenekwathaneko gwelongitho lyiimaliwa yoshigwana. Air Namibia okwa pewa oshipambu shoka, pethimbo Ominista yEmona yaNamibia, Calle Schlettwein ya tseyitha omutengenekwathaneko gwelongitho lyiimaliwa yepangelo, moshikako shomvula yo 2018/19. Oomiliyona 740 ndhoka dha pewa Air Namibia, odha kalela po oopresenda 50 dhiimaliwa mbyoka ya pewa omahangano ngoka ga yama kepangelo.

    Ehangano lyoTransNamib olya pewa oomiliyona 171 omanga Namibian Broadcasting Corporation a pewa oomiliyona 140.

    Omahangano gamwe ngoka ga yama kepangelo ongaashi oNamibia Statistics Agency ngoka a pewa oomiliyona 94, Development Bank of Namibia oomiliyona 80, National Youth Service oomiliyona 36, Road Contractor Company oomiliyona 21, National Council for Research, Science and Technology oomiliyona 11, Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency oomiliyona 15, New Era Publications oomiliyona 15, Namibia Press Agency oomiliyona 15 omanga oshikundaneki shomuhanga pokati kepangelo lyaNamibia naZimbabwe (Namzim) sha pewa oomiliyona 10

    Sho a popi kombinga yegandjo lyiimaliwa kiiputudhilo mbyoka, Ominista yiiputudhilo ya yama kepangelo, Leon Jooste okwa popi kutya onkalo ndjoka oya pumbwa okupandulwa.

    Okwa popi kutya egandjo lyiimaliwa ndyoka nali dhalapatelwe kukehe, mwakwatelwa iiputudhilo mbyoka opo yi vule okutula po omilandu yo yi kale tayi vulu okwiimonena iiyemo, nokuyambulapo ongushu yomaliko gawo

    “Iiputudhilo oyindji oyiikolelela owala okumona omayambidhidho okuza kepangelo onga omuniipambuluko omunene na itayi kutha oshinakugwanithwa opo yi kale tayi imonene iiyemo yoyeye,” Jooste a popi. Klaus Schade okwa popi kutya oshindji osha pumbwa okuyelithwa opo oshigwana shuuveko kutya ohaku talwa koshike uuna taku gandja iimaliwa mbyoka komahangano ngoka.

    Okwa popi kutya epangelo olya pumbwa okukala tali kondolola muule omahangano ngoka opo li kwashilipaleke kutya ogeli tuu pokantu yokugwanitha po shoka giinekelelwa.

    “Iimaliwa ya kala nokupe omahangano ngoka oya londa pombanda okuza poobiliyona 6.4 mo (2015/16) okuya poobiliyona 12.8 billion (2017/18).

    Iimaliwa mbyoka okwa tegelelwa yi ye poobiliyona 14.8 momvula yo 2018/19 oshowo okuya poobiliyona 17.4 mo 2020/21, nomwaalu ngoka otagu ka kalela po oopresenda 7.9 dhiiyemo yoshilongo.

    Osha simana noonkondo opo ku kondololwe iilonga yomahangano ngoka, nokutala kutya oga pumbwa ngaa aluhe iiyemo okuza kepangelo,” Schade a popi.

    Herbert Jauch, okwa popi kutya okwa li kwa pumbwa okuningwa oonkambadhala nale opo ku shunithwe pevi egandjo lyiimaliwa oyindji noonkondo komahangano ngoka.

    Okwa popi kutya etetulo lyoondjambi oonene dhaaleli yomahangano ngoka, olya li lya pumbwa okukala lya talika nale oomvula dha piti.

    Roman Grynberg okuuvite kutya oshikumungu shomahangano ngoka taga pewa iimaliwa kepangelo omvula nomvula, inashi talika nawa.

    Uuministeli mboka tawu kwatele komeho omahangano ngoka owa pewa oshimaliwa shoobiliyona 1.47 moshikako shomvula ndjika.


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    Omundohotola a pulwa a ye mefudho omolwa okuhinga nuuhashaOmundohotola a pulwa a ye mefudho omolwa okuhinga nuuhasha Omundohotola gwopaunamiti ngoka ha longele moshipangelo shepangelo mOtjiwarongo okwa thiminikwa a ye mefudho, shalandula sho okavideo ka topolwa komapandja gomakwatathano gopainternet, moka omundohotola ngoka uulikwa ta hingi nuuhasha nokutula moshiponga oomwenyo dhaalongithindjila oshowo omwenyo gwe mwene, pokati kondjila yaTjiwarongo naKahandja.

    Mokavideo hoka ka kwatwa nongodhi yopeke oka ulike ohauto yOmashete tayi pungauka nondjila sha etitha nokuli eloli limwe li ze kopate nokutula moshiponga oomwenyo.

    Ohauto oya monika woo tayi hala okugwako kopate nokushuna kopate, hoka ya kala tayi hala okwiidhenga moohauto ndhoka tadhi zi komeho.

    Etitano lya piti, Dr Yevai Chiradza okwa pewa omukanda okuza kuuministeli wuundjolowele, ngoka gwe mu pula opo a kuthe efudho lyuule wontumba.

    Omukanda ngoka ogwa popi kutya omolwa okavideo hoka oshowo iikumungu yilwe ya holoka monakuziwa ombelewa oya mono elombwelo okuza kumaushanga guuministeli opo omundohotola ngoka a kuthe efudho.

    Omukanda ngoka ogwa pula woo Chiradza ka ye momatungo guuministeli nenge a gandje ekwatho lyopaunamiti kaayakulwa.

    Amushanga guuministeli, Petronella Masabane okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya oshikumungu shoka oshili pokati kuuministeli nomuniilonga, onkene ita ti sha. Nonando ongaaka onzokundaneki yoNampa oya koleke kutya ngoka ta longo pehala lyomukomeho guundjolowele moshitopolwa shaTjozondjupa, Frieda Stefanus, okwa koleke egandjo lyomukanda ngoka komundohotola opo a ye mefudho.

    Chiradza ina tulwa miipandeko molwaashoka mombinzi ye inamu adhika oalkoholi.

    Okwa hololwa kutya okwa li a mangwa po konima sho aanambelewa yegameno lyomoondjila oshowo opolisi ya tseyithilwa.

    Omukwatakanithi gwekondololo lyomoondjila moTjozondjupa, Inspector Joseph Severus, okwa koleke kutya omundohotola ngoka okwa tulilwamo oshipotha shokuhinga nuuhasha ihe ina tulwa miipandeko molwaashoka mombinzi ye inamu adhika oalkoholi nenge iingangamithi ya sha.

    Omupeha komufala gwopolisi yaTjpzundjupa, Katrina Andreas, okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya ita vulu okugandja uuyelele wiihwapo okutya sha koshikumungu shoka.


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    Aaniilonga nale yombaanga yoSME Bank taya pangele okutulamo oshipothaAaniilonga nale yombaanga yoSME Bank taya pangele okutulamo oshipotha Aaniilonga nale yombaanga yoSME Banka otaya dhilaadhila okutula mo oshipotha, sha landula ekanitho lyiilonga yawo omvula ya piti. Aaniilonga mboka otaya pangele okutulamo oshipotha okupitila mehangano ekalelipo lyawo lyoNamibia Financial Institutions Union (Nafinu), ndyoka tali kwatelwa komeho kuAsnath Zamuee.

    Pahapu dhaZamuee, okwa lombwele oshifokundaneki shoNamibia Sun kutya oshikumungu shoka oshili momake goohahende dhawo.

    Nafinu okwa li a holola nale owino yawo opo ya tulile mo oshipotha aakomeho yombaanga ndjoka.

    “Otu na omaiyuvo kutya epato lyombaanga ndjoka olya etithwa kuuhasha nokwaahenako nasha kwaamboka ya pewa oshinaakugwanithwa shokukwatela komeho ombaanga nokugamenena po iimaliwa yoshigwana mbyoka ya pungulwa mombaanga,” Zamuee a popi.

    Nafinu okwa holola kutya oku wete sha simana okutula mo oshipotha shoka omolwa ekanitho lyiilonga enene ndyoka tali pelwa ombedhi elelo lyehangano ndyoka.

    Omunashipundi nale gwelelo lyombaanga ndjoka, na okuli amushanga kokabinete kaNamibia, George Simataa, okwa li nale a popi kutya ye okwa yela na ke na mo olunyala moshikumungu shoka.

    “Ondi na ombili nangame mwene, ihe nonando ongaaka onga omukwashigwana e na oshinakugwanithwa, ondiivute nayi omolwa aantu ya thika po 200 mboka taya kanitha iilonga yawo pethimbo lyonkalo yopaliko ya nayipala, na otaya kanitha iilonga yawo omolwa onkalo moka mwa ungaungiwa oshikumungu shombaanga.”

    Ompangu yoPombanda oya gandja elombwelo opo ku totwe okakomisi komapulaapulo hoka taka ka konaakona etekepo lyombaanga ndjoka oshowo ekano lyiimaliwa ya thika poomiliyona 175, mbyoka dha pungulwa owina moSouth Afrika.

    Omupeha omupresidende gwOmpangu yoPombanda, Hosea Angula, okwa gandja elombwelo ndyoka opo ku totwe po okakomisi hoka kwiikwatelelwa kompango yomahangano yomo 2004. Okakomisi hoka otaka kwatelwa komeho komunaveta Natasha Bassingthwaighte, ngoka e li oshilyo shoSociety of Advocates of Namibia.

    Ombaanga onene yaNamibia oya kutha ko ekondololo lyoSME Bank momasiku 2 gaMaalitsa mo 2017, konima sho she ya polweela kutya oshimaliwa shili pokati koomiliyona 181 oshowo 196 osha pungulwa momapungulo inaga inekelwa moSouth Afrika. Ombaanga oya patwa momasiku 11 gaJuly noku e ta ekanitho lyoompito dhiilonga kaaniilonga ye li po 208.

    Ombaanga oya tulwa koshi yelelo lyaanambelewa mboka haya ungaunga nekwatelo komeho lyoongeshefa dha patwa, Dave Bruni na Ian McLaren.


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