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    Netiquette for public figuresNetiquette for public figuresBetter to be safe then never A social media expert shares do's and don'ts for public figures on digital platforms. As the internet evolves and plays an ever-more important role in our lives, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become an effective way to get the word out about what you are doing. Tjil spoke to a social media whiz who preferred anonymity on etiquette for creatives.

    Over the last few years we have seen plenty examples of people and organisations who have found themselves in hot water over posts they made (Penny Sparrow) or ad campaigns that were deemed as racist (the Dove campaign).

    The expert acknowledges the fact that everyone has the freedom of speech but says dehumanising remarks can damage a brand - which is the most important thing to an artist.

    “Ultimately this can slow down your career because no corporate company will want to do business or be associated with you.

    “This you should keep in mind before clicking send,” he said.

    Social media platforms are created for people to express, market, advertise or advocate for whatever issue they feel passionate about.

    The expert says more especially for artists, social media platforms are great because they offer a space where artists can connect with their followers.

    “Each person's rights end where the other person's starts.

    “Under our constitution, freedom of speech is guaranteed even to artists.

    However when an artist uses words that are deemed as tribalistic or racist, this will get you into trouble especially in the Namibian context,” he says.

    The social media guru urges entertainers and the general public alike to think before they post and to be professional at all times.

    “If you as an artist want to be taken seriously, you need to learn public relations and this simply means learning what, when, where and how to express yourself on public platforms,” he concluded.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Joss Stone to come to NamibiaJoss Stone to come to Namibia The Warehouse Theatre is thrilled to welcome the Grammy Award winning star on 30 November; an auspicious date that launches the fifth year anniversary celebrations of the theatre's re-opening.

    Joss Stone has achieved a huge amount of success, whether solo or in collaboration with other international musicians. The barefoot beauty is probably best known for her hit singles 'Fell in Love with a Boy' and 'Right to Be Wrong'. Joss Stone's visit to the land of the brave forms part of her Total World Tour, with Namibia becoming the 130th country the songstress will be visiting. She will be accompanied by acoustic guitarist Leon Michael King for this duo set.

    Opening acts

    The versatile Namibian saxophonist, Suzy Eises, who is famed for her unique cross-genre collaborations, will be opening the night, followed by Sean K who has been making waves since 2011 with his beautifully crafted fusion of jazz, soul and funk.

    This exclusive event will have a limited number of tickets available, so fans are urged to book as soon as possible through the Events Today and the Airtime City Kiosks as well as the Warehouse Theatre. Tickets are between N$850 and N$950 and Joss Stone fans can enter the live Facebook feed competition for their chance to get tickets for N$100 only. Contestants will need to upload their video on the Warehouse Theatre Facebook page with the hashtags #jossstonenamibia and #warehousetheatrewhk, motivating why they should be the one qualifying for the N$100 tickets. The concert starts at 20:00.

    Staff Reporter

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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Paradox delivers again
  • Paradox delivers againParadox delivers againJive Zaak bringing arts together Award-winning artists make a hit video that could change the music industry as they feature comedian Mitch. Paradox's Toufi Ekandjo and Cassidy Karon have been the talk of town lately with their project and latest music video Jive Zaak.

    The video's production is so well put together and the uniqueness of them blending other forms of arts in the video shows their creativity.

    The artists believe that the power of the industry lies in all art forms working together to make their projects greater.

    The Jive Zaak music video has award-winning comedian Mitch starring in it to complete it, according to the artists.

    “This wasn't an accident; we knew what we were doing. We thought to ourselves why music is looked at as an industry on its own.

    “We decided to make our music with local runway models and movies in mind so that we can collaborate. That's how a comedian ended up on Jive Zaak,” said the artists.

    The artists say they get upset when great events and filmmakers don't look at local content when planning their projects as they prefer international artists. They believe that infusing arts is a way of creating awareness for both parties' projects and is a way of killing two birds with one stone.

    “We can work together in such a way that come tomorrow, when you are having your show, we could open for you. The industry is too small for us to think that individually we can infiltrate other countries alone.

    “Let's mix the arts. Imagine one song; you have a local designer's brand worn by a model.

    “These are three products sold at once,” said Paradox. The duo also says they would like to have future performances with live bands and have contemporary dancers on stage.

    They will also like to perform with portrait artists on the same stage where by the time the song is complete so the painting will be too.

    Paradox will be approaching different entertainers to work on future projects. They encourage all Namibians to support arts and stop waiting to be pushed or begged.

    “We want to make Namibian art a culture. Let's look at our work in the bigger picture. Let's push each other's talents.

    “We have so much talent that needs to be put out there as arts and not as music, acting or dancing but as arts,” they said.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Kavax - the untold story
  • Kavax - the untold storyKavax - the untold storyLessons from the Black Chinese Lewis Kavaamwa also known as Kavax Black Chinese is one of those artists that is not entirely visible in the industry of late. The artist explains his strategy of how to make it locally. Kavax referred to music being a very dirty game where one needs to know their end goal or they will get lost in the hype. From the age of 16, Kavax had already been working towards his career in the banking world, which he says helped him set the right path.

    “In my first year in university I was still working in the bank. By 2004 at the age of 24 I released by first album Skyf. The album was so successful I bought my first house from the album sales,” said Kavax.

    “He explains his choice to focus on building his name in the banking industry and kicking it off instead of 'chasing trade fairs and gigs' - as he put it. “I had seen it all.

    How artists easily squander their money and drink to please fans and show a lifestyle that they don't live. I had to make a choice and working in the bank really inspired me.

    “I saw how Wernhil and Gustav Voigts own the town and I wanted to become a millionaire at a young age through property. I had to leave music aside but I didn't neglect it entirely,” he said. He opted to keep his day job and by 2007 with his Maak Los album, he purchased more property in Windhoek and soon expanded to complexes in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

    “With all of these achievements I still get people when they see me in town saying 'look at Kavax, the wasted artist' but they don't know what they are talking about. I had to choose a path that will make me successful and I chose school and my investments.

    “That's what has been keeping me busy,” said the artist who has six albums under his belt with his latest, Black Chinese, released last year.

    Kavax says artists today have a lot of things to use to their advantage such as social media to promote their work, as opposed to the industry and era he started in.

    “Music is not easy. There are fewer opportunities for upcoming artists today to fail at it compared to those years.

    “The only way artists can thrive is to understand what the industry is and why they want to be involved in arts. It's not about the fame and the money. Artists need to attend workshops when the platform is given to help grow their brands,” he said.

    Kavax said for the past 10 years he has put his music career second and he is at the point where he feels he has achieved his goals and he is ready to give back to the industry.

    “I have a soup kitchen in Havana and I have donated over 100 wheelchairs in Namibia.

    “Just because I don't put it on social media doesn't mean it's not happening and this is the lesson. I also put kids back into school by all means even if it means paying for them.

    “Next year I want to buy a performing truck that upcoming artists can elevate their careers,” he said.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Don't procrastinate
  • Don't procrastinateDon't procrastinate Did you know that it has been proven that you do not love yourself if you keep pushing and extending due dates, or doing things at the last minute? Okay, I'm kidding but I honestly believe if you wait for the last minute to do things you really hate yourself because what the body goes through and all those ugly feelings, the heart beating fast and then it stops and then continues… it sucks. And I'm also talking to myself here. I just really feel like I want to get cured of this procrastination disease but then again, I kinda love the whole blood rush and the excitement, plus the little confusion, one experiences. I realised it was not fun anymore when I failed to meet a deadline that I have been pushing ahead (there were so many better things to do like just sitting there and doing nothing) and the consequences were heavy… I'm still not able to sleep peacefully until today. So from my experience I'm going to list a couple of reasons why we should all avoid pushing things to a tomorrow that maybe won't come.

    Imagine the feeling of freedom when you complete a task now, knowing that you don't have to worry about finishing anything or leaving a party early because you have to finish something else? I mean who likes leaving the party early anyways!? I would push things to later because I didn't know where and how to begin a certain task and I found a solution to this! Make a list of what needs to be done and break it down into segments for you to work on in units. With each completed unit you reward yourself with say a walk or a treat. You do the same for all segments until the task is completed. Another way of working on your procrastination issues is looking at the lifestyle of a person that delays tasks and ask yourself if you want to become that person. It's usually a turn-off, hence, an effective method. I also got myself a human alarm system that reminds me every now and then that I have incomplete tasks. The only difference is that this one can't be hit every time it goes off because it's your friend and people don't alarm punch their friends!

    Learn to take one task at a time. People that procrastinate are usually sort of disorganised so plan your time well and make sure it suits you. Give yourself a timeframe to accomplish things. Disappointing me is the most hurtful thing and it stings much more then another person's disappointment. That's a motivation factor on its own. A wise person once said the best way to get something done is by beginning. Instead of tweeting it, move and get it out of your way.

    June Shimuoshili


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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Copyright case postponed
  • Copyright case postponedCopyright case postponedShitana still fighting for his rights Due to lack of knowledge on copyright cases, the artist had his case postponed to next year. Last year, artist Lieutenant Shitana took a shop owner Salom Tangeni to court for copyright infringement of his albums, and many other artists. The case appeared in court this week however it was postponed to next year 3 August due to the limited knowledge of copyright by the magistrate. She has also indicated that she has limited knowledge on how to deal with these kinds of cases. The magistrate also indicated that the hearing could not go ahead as two witnesses, both artists, were not in attendance.

    Shitana has been vocal on social media about copyright violation when it comes to his property - the music he produces. Earlier this year, Shitana was arrested for impersonating a police officer in Walvis Bay still fighting against copyright infringement. The artist says he pours so much time, energy and money into making music and it is unfair that people think it is okay to pirate his music and benefit from his hard work.

    The issue of copyright has been stressed at the annual general meeting with the Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (Nascam) however there has been no lasting solution found. The Nascam CEO John Max urges the public to stop buying copyrighted music as it discourages artists to fight this battle right. “The delay of copyright infringement court cases discourages artists to attend court proceedings and the forces them to negotiate with the infringers and settle the matter out of court. It begins with the public. Stop buying pirated music so we can end this fight,” he concluded.

    The magistrate handling the case suggested that it could be good to have a special court deal with copyright cases. She has requested that Nascam provide more copyright information to her office.

    June Shimuoshili

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    MK, Miss Supranational contestantMK, Miss Supranational contestantSetting high standards in international modelling She is known for coming home for a few weeks before jetting off to another country for vacation or gigs. During one of her quick stops to fix her visa, tjil sat down with MK to talk about her busy life. “Modelling is a job, career and a business”

    This is what Meriam Kaxuxwena (MK) describes her lifestyle as. MK's career started with her taking part in beauty pageants in high school which led her to international runways and beauty pageant stages. Having been in the modelling industry for more than 12 years, the 25-year-old is a proud full-time model who lives off her talent. “If you are 14 years old and you want to start modelling the right time is now because as you grow older, it gets difficult. People will take you seriously if you have a history to tell. My mother is a fashion designer and she understood my dreams from the beginning. She has been designing my outfits from high school until today,” said the superstar.

    MK will be taking part in one of the top five biggest beauty competitions in the world, Miss Supranational 2017 which will be taking place in two countries, Poland and the Slovak Republic. She will be the first Namibian to represent the country on such a stage with 79 other models. “I like these kinds of competitions because the prizes are very good and also after such gigs one tends to make friends from different countries. I can safely say I have friends in all countries in the world,” she said. MK has been preparing for Miss Supranational from the beginning of the year and she is ready. She says part of her training included her winning Best Swimwear Model 2017 in India earlier this year.

    The Miss Supranational 2017 finals will take place on 1 December in the spa resort city of Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

    The reigning Miss Supranational, Srinidhi Shetty of India, will crown the 9th titleholder of Miss Supranational in a thrilling televised production, filled with glamour, fashion and entertainment, of the world's most spectacular pageant. MK looks forward to this as it is an experience of a lifetime. “There's money in pageantry all over the world except in Namibia. We have so much potential… I mean the talent is there but it's not appreciated. We should be having our own models on billboards and TV commercials instead of outsourcing from outside. I want to make sure that Namibian models are put out there. Watch me,” she said.

    MK is excited to being home next year to get her businesses off the ground. She will also be hosting her own fashion week. “I want to do big things like get my boutique running and finally my gym wear is done so I will be launching that too, and opening my modelling agency. The idea is to have my models assist diplomats when they come in Namibia professionally, we lack that service here. I will also have an MK fashion week,” She concluded.

    The airing time and channel are yet to be announced. The dates will be shared on MK's social media platforms in due course.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 11/16/17--14:00: How the mighty have fallen
  • How the mighty have fallenHow the mighty have fallen A week is indeed a long time in politics if one looks at the major twist in political activity unfolding in neighbouring Zimbabwe where the military has taken over key installations such as the state broadcaster, and detained senior politicians, including President Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe is now on the edge after the military seized power earlier this week in an operation that it claimed was targeting 'criminals' around the ailing 93-year-old leader. The events in Zimbabwe were met with mixed reactions across the world, while in Harare there was uncertainty and optimism over the army's takeover, which repeatedly emphasised there was no coup. Interestingly, the Namibian government also issued a very cautious statement, with no attempt to defend its long-time ally Mugabe. It also steered clear of condemning the military takeover. “Namibia notes that the Zimbabwe Defence Force has assured the Zimbabwe public and the international community at large that they have not overthrown the government of Zimbabwe and that they have no intention to take over the governance of the country,” read the statement issued by international relations minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah. Mugabe is now expected to relinquish power and hand it over to former vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the man he ironically got rid of last week. The expectation was that Mugabe's wife, Grace, will take over as vice-president and possibly succeed him as country president. Zimbabweans have endured the worst in the past years. Apart from a liquidity crunch, there has been untold suffering coupled by high inflation, shortages of water and electricity, while millions have left the country in search of better opportunities. Instead, the Mugabes and their cronies adopted an opulent lifestyle, with lavish spending, the world over, becoming the order of the day. The remarkable legacy of Mugabe, the freedom fighter, fell by the wayside when his administration oversaw rampant corruption, land seizures and the persecution of political opponents amid an economic turmoil. Surely the people of Zimbabwe deserve better and must be freed from spiralling political and economic challenges besetting this once-prospering country. Our sincere hope is that there will be a smooth and peaceful transition, but most importantly, for the country to regain its status as the breadbasket of the region.

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    I am an African and proud of itI am an African and proud of it Dear friends, there are only a few things in life a person can’t fake, and your true identity tops such list. When it comes to revealing who you really are, you may succeed in fooling some of the people all the time, or fooling all the people some of the time - but you can’t probably fool all the people all of the time. I, for one, could not have wished to be anything else than being an African. Oh, I love Africa and her people. You see, my friends, in Africa the price on the tag on a product is a mere indication of the range that you should be prepared to negotiate from, and you end up paying anything between N$100 and N$1 000 more or N$1 000 less depending on the strength of your negotiation skills. I am told Europeans would not really mind if you greet them or not before asking for directions. Aikona! Not in Africa. If you miss a greeting, you most certainly are going to camp in the jungle for the night! In Namibia for instance, you can lead a 20 minute conversation with a certain ethnic group starting with “Walelepo…!” and keep it going by replying “eeeeeehh…eeeeeh…eeeeeeh” in numerous different tone-levels for the next half an hour. Amazingly, the other person exactly understands what you are saying. I am told that such greeting is never complete without enquiring about the state of health of everyone and everything at home – including the livestock and garden implements. Anything short of that is half-cooked and would be ruled out as mere pretence. This, my dear friends, is the continent where every toothpaste is Colgate, every soap Surf and every soft drink is Coca-Cola or Fanta. You see, here we believe that choices, or rather the availability thereof tends to corrupt - so, the less choices you have, the better for you, your family and the entire human race. You may laugh now, but it is true; that is why I never settle for the first item I see on the street market. I look around for an hour or so before returning to pay for it. Come to think of it, isn’t it funny that I always come back for it anyway? Only in Africa would you pass by someone’s house and you know what they will be having for dinner from the smell that emanates from their house. You see, here you know well never to question what you’re eating (even if it tastes like cooking oil) because sometimes you just don’t want to know! Oh, I love Africa. Here, celebrities are not movie-makers or those who would set the lights of Hollywood alive, but soccer players. You see, everyone in Africa plays soccer - from the tiniest infant to a bent-back oldie across the street. Did you ever had to sit-in on a conversation among five men or more, each one claiming to be the best analyst of the last match between Chelsea and Manchester United? Or listen to them predicting, with innate accuracy, the coming weekend’s game between Liverpool and Manchester City? Our economist and mathematicians might not be winning international prizes, or acclaimed for the one or other project, but we are naturals when it comes to counting. Oh yeah, we may use a different approach but we get there anyway. How on earth do you think the old shepherd from your village, who cannot count to save his life, tells when a goat is missing from the herd? In Africa, you arrive at work on time as usual and your boss - making her rounds, peeks in and remarks with surprise, "Oh, you're here!" If you come late the next day, you will be told “You are always late…” After a staff meeting, your boss would suggest, "you need to work at making others more comfortable with you...why don't you smile more often?" That will, of course, be followed by the conversation on how many facial muscles you use when smiling as opposed to frowning. Only in Africa where after returning from a trip, a white co-worker would run to you on Monday morning and extend their arms to touch yours and say, "Hey I'm darker than you".

    Until then…


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    Pope receives one of a kind HuracánPope receives one of a kind HuracánBrutal, blessed and beautiful To be auctioned to fund Papal charity projects Automobili Lamborghini unveiled a one of a kind version of the Huracán RWD to be auctioned for charity as a donation to His Holiness Pope Francis.

    The car will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s on 12 May 2018 with all proceeds donated to the Holy Father who will allocate them accordingly:

    The reconstruction of the Nineveh Plain under the patronage of the Pontifical Foundation Aiuto alla Chiesa che Soffre” (Aid to the Church in Need). The aim of the project is to ensure the return of the Christian community to the Nineveh Plain in Iraq by rebuilding their homes, public edifices and places of worship.

    The Pope John XXIII Community, which is dedicated to helping women who are victims of trafficking and other abuses on the 10th anniversary of the passing of Father Oreste Benzi and the 50th anniversary (in 2018) of the founding of the Community, “Progetto Casa Papa Francesco” (Pope Francis House Project).

    Two Italian associations that carry out activities mainly in Africa: GICAM, headed by Dr. Marco Lanzetta, and “Amici per il Centrafrica” (Friends for Central Africa), have worked for many years in the region on initiatives dedicated primarily to aiding women and children in need.

    The Lamborghini Huracán RWD donated to the Pope was created in homage to the Vatican. The car was realized by Lamborghini’s customization department “Ad Personam”. The special edition model pays tribute to the colors of the flag of Vatican City, painted in Bianco Monocerus with Giallo Tiberino decorated alongside the Huracán’s silhouette.

    The ceremony of the vehicle presentation was held in the Vatican in the presence of Pope Francis and Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini. They were joined by a part of the Company’s Management Board and two technicians who built the special car.- TheNewsMarket

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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Khomas books a mess
  • Khomas books a messKhomas books a mess The chairperson of the parliamentary standing committee on accounts and the economy, Peter Kazongominja, has told the Khomas regional council's management that there is no excuse for not tabling a clean financial report.

    Kazongominja was responding to the council's chief regional officer Clement Mafwila, who had attributed a list of financial irregularities to a “serious staff turnover”.

    The council admitted that an amount of N$7.5million was erroneously recorded as revenue rather than as deferred income, which resulted in an overstatement of revenue for the 2015 financial year.

    The council's financial accounts for the 2015 financial year also show that the ministry of gender and child welfare mistakenly deposited an amount of N$647 500 into the council's account.

    Mafwila responded that the error was rectified and that a separate cashbook was opened for that account. The committee also questioned why the council had failed to provide the lease contracts of tenants of the Park Foods Shopping Centre in Khomasdal, which showed revenue of N$217 609 and outstanding debts of N$768 906.

    According to the committee, this failure prevented the auditors from running tests on the contracts.

    Mafwila explained that they had outsourced the management of the centre, which kept its own records.

    “All lease agreements are available and the council has appointed a debt collector for the arrears,” she said.

    The council was also asked to explain why it had failed to submit VAT returns for the 2015 financial year. According to Mafwila the outstanding documents were submitted and it was likely that they would receive a tax refund from the finance ministry.

    “Apart from correcting the backlog, we will now submit our VAT bi-monthly and we have also applied for amnesty with the ministry of finance,” he said.

    According to the financial report, the council has unrecorded liabilities amounting to N$1.5 million and a bill of N$1.3 for penalties and interest from the Receiver of Revenue. It is recommended that the council disclose all VAT liabilities in the financial statements and that VAT returns should be submitted to avoid penalties and interest. Mafwila explained that the outstanding amounts were in fact accumulated interest and promised that council would “deal with it once and for all”.


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    'Anti-Hage drive premeditated''Anti-Hage drive premeditated'Team Harambee claims agenda against Geingob Katrina Hanse-Himarwa says there has been a deliberate attempt to get rid of President Hage Geingob all along. Team Harambee on Wednesday claimed that an all-out attempt to get rid of President Hage Geingob after one term in office was hatched in 2013 already.

    Those blamed in the matter are the present-day Team Swapo or Team Masalad and so-called proponent of the endeavour, the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement.

    The allegation is contained in the campaign promise booklet of Swapo presidency candidate, Geingob; his vice-president candidate, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah; secretary-general (SG) candidate, Sophia Shaningwa; and deputy SG candidate, Marco Hausiku.

    Team Harambee chairperson and education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa read from the booklet at the group's Keetmanshoop campaign rally Wednesday. Hanse-Himarwa said in the aftermath of Swapo's 2012 congress where Geingob was elected vice-president, a blueprint to challenge and undermine his presidency was hatched to make the country ungovernable.

    “The blueprint was named Agenda 2017 in reference to Swapo's 2017 congress, where they would launch their last attempt to ensure a one-term presidency for Geingob,” Hanse-Himarwa declared.

    She said Agenda 2017 was premeditated, contradicting claims that Team Swapo was formulated to 'rescue the party'.

    Hanse-Himarwa said on the eve of the 2014 national elections, Swapo members in the form of AR attempted land grabs and engaged in what appeared to be incitement of violence.

    “Similarly, the vocal personalised critique of the president-elect then was unprecedented and difficult to fathom, but despite their best efforts to undermine the elections, Swapo and Geingob garnered the strongest electoral performance to date,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

    Agenda 2017 then metamorphosed into Team Masalad with the addition of some who may have been deeply disappointed by the strong push against corruption, name-dropping and influence-peddling, Hanse-Himarwa said.

    “Team Swapo at first supported Geingob's bid for the party's presidency, but later became unhappy when he indicated Nandi-Ndaitwah as his preferred candidate for vice-president,” she said.

    Team Swapo appears to be a formation of angry people who felt left out and are acting in defence of individual interests and not that of the party, said Team Harambee through Hanse-Himarwa.

    She called on congress delegates at the rally to vote not only for Geingob, but his slate too at the 23 to 26 November ordinary congress in Windhoek.

    “We should not only support him, but also those he has given us to support,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

    Swapo SG Nangolo Mbumba said it was a rule for an incumbent president to also become party president, “but there are those who want to compete”.

    He urged delegates to be calm as “Team Harambee has the most appropriate and well-composed slate”.

    Shaningwa and Hausiku said it was unfair for Geingob to campaign for the party's presidency, but promised to work towards reform and unity in the party.

    “All of us know each other for a long time and we will bridge this [disunity] and remind members again why Swapo is a family,” Hausiku said.

    Geingob, on his part, said Swapo is not in crisis as some allege, but assured delegates of improvements in the party should they vote for his team.

    “I promise if all of you go and vote for this team, I am telling you, you will see a change,” he said.


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    RFA raises possibility of toll roadsRFA raises possibility of toll roads The Road Fund Administration (RFA) has once again raised the possibility of introducing a toll system on national roads.

    The introduction of toll roads would help the fund broaden its revenue base, RFA CEO Ali Ipinge said at the launch of the parastatal's new five-year business plan.

    The RFA also intends to seek a 30 million euro loan from the German KfW development bank.

    These additional funds were necessary to help the RFA fulfil its mandate, Ipinge said.

    “The collection of sufficient and optimum revenue has been a challenge and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, resulting in a backlog of maintenance on the national road network,” said Ipinge.

    He said a number of options were now on the table, including tolling on national roads.

    The RFA would also be looking to borrow from the market, Ipinge noted, but would not go into the specifics of what that would entail.

    Its business plan for the period 2017 to 2023 shows the possibility of the RFA accessing a 30 million euro loan facility from the KfW development bank for the upgrade of the road network.

    “The RFA, supported by a government guarantee, is yet to confirm a loan arrangement with KfW for an estimated N$492 million, with a pledged amount of 30 million euro to be converted to Namibian dollars at the applicable exchange rate,” Ipinge said.

    The loan, the RFA said, would go towards funding the rehabilitation of a 87.8-kilometre stretch of the B1 road between Keetmanshoop and Mariental, contribute towards the maintenance of urban streets, and contribute towards the operation of the Namibian Traffic Information System.

    RFA executive Rianus !Gonteb said the fund would make sure that its resource allocation to town councils would be fair and equitable.

    Funding would be based on a set of specified parameters such as the population of a town, its vehicle population and traffic counts.

    !Gonteb also announced that regional consultants had been appointed to assist town councils to motivate their requests for funding to upgrade roads.

    “They will plan, design and prepare tender documentation as well as help with the budgeting,” !Gonteb said.

    The consultants will also assist with the monitoring and the evaluation of road maintenance works in the towns, !Gonteb explained.

    Consultants were assigned to five regions, namely the northern, north-eastern, north-central, central and southern regions.


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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Company news in brief
  • Company news in briefCompany news in brief Isabel dos Santos sacked at Sonangol

    Angolan President João Lourenço on Wednesday fired his predecessor's daughter from her influential post as head of the Sonangol state oil company.

    Her appointment to the oil giant last year was widely criticised as a symbol of the nepotism and corruption that flourished under Dos Santos.

    Known derisively as "the princess", 44-year-old Isabel became the public face of the Dos Santos business empire.

    She described herself as an "entrepreneur" on her Twitter account and the US-based Forbes magazine claims that she is Africa's richest woman. - Nampa/AFP

    Old Mutual wealth unit IPO on track

    Anglo-South African insurer Old Mutual said it was on course to list its wealth unit in 2018 and announced a series of planned changes to the brand.

    Once the separation from Old Mutual is complete, the wealth management company will become Quilter Plc, returning to a brand that dates back to 1771.

    It plans to list the wealth unit as soon as possible after the announcement in March of its annual results for 2017.

    Old Mutual, whose primary listing is on the London Stock Exchange, said it was splitting the wealth business into two divisions: Advice and Wealth Management and Wealth Platforms. – Nampa/Reuters

    BP begins share buybacks

    BP Plc said it would begin a share buyback programme, making it the first major European energy company to resume buybacks since the 2014 price slump in a sign years of austerity have paid off.

    The British oil company, which recently reported a doubling in third-quarter profit, said the buyback programme had been authorised for between Nov. 15 and the date of its 2018 annual general meeting, with the maximum number of shares not exceeding 1.96 billion. – Nampa/Reuters

    Tencent profit surges on games revenue

    Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd posted a 69% jump in quarterly net profit on strong smartphone games revenue.

    Net profit for the three months ended September rose to 18 billion yuan (US$2.72 billion). Monthly active users of the social media mobile app WeChat hit 980 million, up from 963 million three months ago.

    Revenue from smartphone games, helped by its popular title Honour of Kings, grew by 84% to 18.2 billion yuan in the quarter. – Nampa/Reuters

    Prudential's new-business profit up

    Prudential Plc's new-business profit for the first nine months of the year rose 17%, with a major chunk of it coming from Asia, and the British life insurer also saw growth opportunities in the United States, and the UK and Europe.

    New-business profit for the group was 2.47 billion pounds (US$3.25 billion), driven by higher sales and favourable economics. Seven countries including China, Hong Kong and Singapore clocked double-digit growth. – Nampa/Reuters

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    Kalkfeld Shack Dwellers buildKalkfeld Shack Dwellers buildPrivate sector steps in too The Shack Dwellers' Federation is on a roll and is now busy clearing land in Kalkveld for 95 new homes. Members of the Shack Dwellers' Federation of Namibia (SDFN) at Kalkfeld has started servicing land it had acquired from the Otjozondjupa regional council.

    Kalkfeld is a settlement situated approximately 70 kilometres south of Otjiwarongo.

    Otjiwarongo constituency councillor Julius Neumbo on Tuesday officially launched the land-servicing exercise, which had started two weeks ago.

    He said 95 houses for members of the federation were expected to be built on the five-hectare plot.

    The federation acquired the unserviced land for free from the regional council in 2016, Neumbo said.

    “I therefore urge everyone, young and old, to become a member of the federation for us to change the face of this settlement by constructing affordable and decent houses for everyone,” he said.

    He also called on the Otjiwarongo municipality and companies in the region to donate machinery like excavators to assist the federation in digging trenches for sewer and water pipes.

    The councillor said manually digging trenches took too long.

    He promised to write letters to the Otjiwarongo municipality, Otjikoto B2Gold Mine and Ohorongo Cement to request assistance on behalf of the Kalkfeld federation.

    Neumbo said the answer to the housing crisis in the country could be found in the Shack Dwellers' activities.

    “It does not discriminate on socio-economic or age differences, the only answer to the provision of decent and affordable houses is through the Shack Dwellers. Let us support this programme for our people in the country to build their own houses,” he said.

    D&M Rail Construction site manager Leon Steyn, who was present at the launch, donated hats, food parcels, tinned beans and drinks valued at over N$7 000 to members of the federation.

    Steyn said his company would continue to assist community members who are committed to improving their lives instead of waiting for government handouts.

    The SDFN's Otjozondjupa regional facilitator, Mariane Kasamane, told Nampa that activities such as mapping, land surveying and demarcation of plots on the piece of land, known as Ondundu-yo-vitenda, had been completed.

    Members were now busy digging trenches for the sewer and water lines. After that, construction of the houses could start, she said.

    Kasamane said members of the federation would buy building materials, manufacture bricks and use skilled builders among themselves to build their houses.

    A total of 44 one-bedroom houses with a kitchen, lounge and toilet will be built in the first phase at a cost of less than N$38 000 each, she said, adding that the remaining 51 houses would be built in the second phase.

    Federation members at Kalkfeld are required to contribute about N$350 towards the fund every year on top of a one-off registration fee of N$3 500.


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    Okarundu commemoration scheduled for SundayOkarundu commemoration scheduled for Sunday A remembrance ceremony for fallen leaders of the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority, better known as Okarundu, will be held on Sunday at the Okarundu cemetery at Opuwo in the Kunene Region.

    The authority's chief, Uziruapi Tjavara, said the annual commemoration is usually held in the first week of October, but was postponed following the death of the governor of the Kunene Region, Angelika Muharukua, on 1 October 2017.

    Tjavara said the traditional authority had invited all traditional leaders and members of the public to enable them to learn more about the traditional leaders who are buried at Okarundu.

    Ujeuetu Tjihange, a senior councillor, said that Okarundu was identified on 2 October 1995 after the death of Chief Mbumbijazo Muharukua.

    Tjihange said they would use the event to remember the brave men who have been laid to rest at Okarundu, including Mbumbijazo Muharukua, Jazemi Muharukua, Hijazomanga Muharukua, Uazenga Nderura, Josepha Kaumanuka Japuhua and Tjirizondana Kurooro.

    Risee Kakuva, one of the few female councillors of the authority, will also be remembered despite not being buried at the cemetery.

    The authority's spokesperson, Kavari Muharukua, said the arrangements for the commemoration are at an advanced stage, and he urged members of the public who are going to attend the event to behave themselves and avoid political division.

    Muharukua said the activities would start this morning with horse racing and traditional songs, among other activities.

    On Saturday, there will be speeches about the history of Okarundu and the buried traditional authority leaders.

    On Sunday, participants will ascend the mountain where the cemetery is situated, and traditional rituals will follow.


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  • 11/16/17--14:00: Blossom challenges NAMAs ban
  • Blossom challenges NAMAs banBlossom challenges NAMAs ban Local musician Ruusa Munalye, whose stage name is Blossom, has challenged a decision taken by the NAMAs executive committee to ban her for 12 months for allegedly making tribal utterances on social media.

    The comments, which were made last month, were reportedly directed at President Hage Geingob.

    In a letter of demand through her lawyers, Blossom claimed there was nothing derogatory about her statement nor was it directed to the head of state.

    She also challenged the decision to ban her from the NAMAs, saying she was never subjected to a hearing before such a decision was made by the organisers.

    Blossom was also asked to issue a public apology or risk getting an extended year ban.

    “Our client was never afforded an opportunity to be heard by the NAMAs executive committee regarding her version of the events that unfolded. The fact that you have sought to condemn our client without hearing is a clear indication of a preconceived and predetermined position against our client in participation in the NAMAs,” said the statement.

    She claims the omukwankara word used in her Facebook post was in no way reference to the current head of state.

    “There was and remains absolutely no proof that the statement was directed at His Excellency or at any tribe of persons but for unsubstantiated inferences and speculations made by your office which does not fall within the ambit of our client's responsibility.”

    The artist has threatened to drag the NAMAs organisers to court if her demand is not met with an unconditional retraction within seven days.


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    Here's how to be a great persuader in your careerHere's how to be a great persuader in your career Every professional needs to be able to persuade. If you want to negotiate, sell an idea or receive buy-in from your colleagues, you need to understand the art of persuasion. To advocate for yourself you need to persuade. Great persuaders do three things:

    1. They keep it simple.

    If you want to persuade, you need to be understood. Great persuaders are effective communicators.

    Think of the KISS principle: “Keep it simple, stupid.” Noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960, this design principle recognizes that systems work best when they are not complicated. Successful marketers and politicians translate the complex and communicate with clarity. Messages that are clear and understood are the ones that stick.

    If you are applying for a job or want to be considered for a promotion, make a clear case. Clearly communicate your accomplishments on your resume and in interviews. Don’t make others connect the dots for you because they won’t. They will give up or lose interest. The clearer and simpler you are with your language, the more likely you will persuade them.

    2. They are visual.

    Effective persuaders don’t tell. They show. They show with pictures or with visual language. Images are powerful. They make the abstract concrete.

    For instance, you have an idea for a product that you want to pitch to your manager. Don’t tell her about it. Show her. Sit next to your manager, and show her the prototype you created on your computer. Let her see it to believe it. Let her grasp the idea.

    3. They make it emotional.

    If you want to persuade, you have to identify what motivates the person you are trying to persuade. Greater persuaders make it about the other person, not themself. Listen more than you speak. Ask questions. Persuasion is about demonstrating to others that they are at the heart of the situation.

    For example, you want to ask your manager for a flexible schedule. Remind your manager that she shared with you how she dealt with competing professional and personal demands, and ask that she consider a similar solution for you.

    Helping people to remember their experience will allow them to understand your situation. Emotions have a profound impact on decision-making. When people can relate to you, you have the opportunity to persuade them. It is your job to construct the emotional bridge and illustrate that what you want is what they want, too.

    If you want to persuade, keep it simple, be visual and make it emotional. Focus on the other person, not yourself. Make it easy for others to say “yes.”


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    Corruption - A social disease (Part 125): Namibia's Governance and Corruption trend 1998-2016Corruption - A social disease (Part 125): Namibia's Governance and Corruption trend 1998-2016 Johan Coetzee - Transparency International (TI) is an international agency that rates countries annually based on perceptions about governance and corruption.

    The rating is out of 10. Ten is an indication of no corruption.

    Perceptions are not accurate because they tend be based on allegations that are not supported by facts and/or evidence. However, perceptions studies are popular because evidence about corruption is very limited. Evidence tends to be destroyed, for example in the Avid case where board members did not fulfill their fiduciary duties and approximately N$30 million seems to have been embezzled via risky investment agencies. According to court proceedings, supporting documents were shred and computers destroyed.

    One contributor to the fact that no minister, deputy minister and/or permanent secretary have served jail is that evidence is not readily available and money gained from corruption tend not be deposited in bank accounts and is channeled via a myriad of international accounts and used for opportunistic spending (Bekker).

    In the context of very limited evidence about corruption, consecutive perception indices provide indications of the comparative level of corruption and governance in a country relative to the international context. Investors apply perception studies in assessing a country’s investment potential. Numerous perception studies exist about governance and corruption. The most influential one is most likely TI.

    The graphic shows Namibia's rating by TI from 1998 to 2016.


    The overall trend is stable, however with no improvement.

    The mean/average for the previous 10 years is 5/10, and for the period 1998 - 2016, it is 4.8/10. The middle value is 4.2.

    The mode for the previous 10 years (the value that occurs the most) is 4.5/10. The mode is much more valuable than the average. The average is not of much value because it provides very limited indication of the skewness of a trend.

    What is positive - is that Namibia has improved during the previous five years and we demonstrate a relative stable performance over the whole period. However, compared to the rest of the world, Namibia has deteriorated.

    Other countries have improved while Namibia has become less competitive in terms of investment and governance. If we look at the entire trend, we observe that since 1998 we increased our rating consecutively for five years. Then we seem to free fall down a cliff during 2002/2003. Since 2004 we maintained our position for eight years until we started improving for four years since 2012.

    We seemed to have reached the summit during 2015 and is either stabilising or going slowly down based on the ratings of 2015 and 2016. It could be that we are going down in a second cycle of deterioration, hopefully less severe compared to the previous downward trend.

    Based on continuous mismanagement of public funds, very limited political motivation for reducing corruption and an increased risk of losing voter support if cutting off those voters that benefited from the spoils of corruption (because their lifestyles are dependent on corruption), signals are not positive for increased positive ratings during the next three years.


    Bekker, N. 2017. Personal conversation with the Chief Investigator of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia, 6 November, Windhoek.

    Transparency International. 1998-2016. Corruption Perception Indices.


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    PDM wants moratorium on foreign land ownershipPDM wants moratorium on foreign land ownership ELLANIE SMIT

    The official opposition Popular Democratic Movement wants a moratorium on the sale of farmland to foreigners.

    PDM member of parliament Nico Smit said this would be the best policy until Namibians have been granted a fair opportunity to clearly express themselves on issues pertaining to foreign land ownership.

    This follows recent media reports that a Russian billionaire is seeking to buy more land in Namibia.

    Namibian Sun recently reported that Russian billionaire Rashid Sardarov planned to expand his 28 000-hectare Dordabis farm by buying 18 000 hectares from neighbouring farms, bringing the total size of his property to 46 000 hectares.

    Smit said it was surprising that the lands ministry was even considering a proposal that would see a foreign national owning 46 000 hectares of agricultural land while the ministry was in the final stages of finalising legislative amendments that would limit farm sizes to a maximum of 12 000 hectares.

    “That limitation cannot simply mean that one person is then permitted to buy multiple farms the total size of which far exceeds the proposed cap,” he said.

    According to Smit the continued sale of land to foreigners was counter-productive and would ultimately defeat all the well-intentioned policies and programmes of the lands ministry.

    “It is therefore confusing that while it is well documented that the Ministry of Land Reform has encountered significant difficulty in implementing the ‘willing buyer – willing seller’ model, primarily due to a lack of willing sellers, even if accounting for the high prices at which land is offered to the ministry, it still continues to negotiate with foreigners and consent to the sale of scarce agricultural and farmland to foreigners. And this at a time when Namibians need for productive, arable agricultural land is plain for all to see.”

    He asked what safeguards would be put in place to ensure that if ministerial consent was granted and the sale went through, this land would not once again sit in the hands of a foreigner who would never be a willing seller.

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