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    Epangelo tali tulilemo oshipotha omukomeho nale gwoECNEpangelo tali tulilemo oshipotha omukomeho nale gwoECN Epangelo olya tokola okuninga eindilo li li ompinge nomukomeho nale gwOkomisi yoElectoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) Philemon Kanime oshowo yakwawo yalwe yaali mboka taya tamanekelwa uulingilingi pethimbo lyomaishangitho gomahogololo mo 2008.

    MuJanuari gwomvula yo 2014, Ompangu yoPashitopolwa yaKatutura oya mangulula kiipotha mbyoka, Kanime, oshilyo shongundu yoRally for Democracy and Progress, Magnus Nangombe oshowo omuniilonga gwoECN Nicodemus Mingelius omolwa iipotha yuulingilingi mbyoka ya kala taya tamanekelwa sha landula omahogololo gomalelo goondoolopa niitopolwa ngoka ga ningwa mOmuthiya moshitopolwa shaShikoto.

    Omukalelipo gwepangelo moshipotha shoka, Ed Marondedze okwa popi kutya itashi taambulwako kutya ompangu oya tokola ngiini okumangulula aatamanekwa mboka, ngele omaumbangi agehe otaga holola kutya oya kutha ombinga miimbuluma mbyoka.

    Nangombe naMingelius oya mangululwa woo kiipotha yuukeleleli neyopondje lyOmpango yOmahogololo yomo 1992 oshowo ekengelelo lyomikanda.

    Epangelo olya popi kutyaNangombe okwa ndopa okwiishangitha onga omuhogololi momahogololo gomOmuthiya muFebruali gwo 2008.

    Nangombe mekwathelo lyaMingelius, okwiishangitha onga omuhogololi sho omasiku gwokwiishangitha ngoka ga tulwa po ga pita nale.

    Okwa kengelele woo mofoloma yomaishangitho yonomola 2004305280 opo yi ulike a fa a shangithwa kuEster Nangombe, ngoka a li ta shangitha aantu momahogololo gomOmuthiya.

    Marondedze okwa popi kutya ope na omaumbangi ngoka taga ulike kutya mboka oya pumbwa okumonika ondjo.

    Okwa popi kutya ompangu oya zimine kutya eshaino lyaEster Nangombe olya kengelelwa nositamba yomunwe ndjoka yi li poombaapila ndhoka oyaNangombe.

    Okwa popi kutya oya ninga eindilo opo Ompangu yoPombanda moshilongo opo yi talulule etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa kompangu ndjoka yopashitopolwa. Oshipotha sheindilo ndyoka otashi ka pulakenwa muule womasiku twataalela, na Advocate Albert Strydom oye takalelepo oonakutamanekwa.


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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Clothing the youth
  • Clothing the youthClothing the youthWearing your personal brand In today’s world many youth use their fashion sense to express themselves and as an extension of their personalities. Brian Benza tapped into the youth’s desire to look and feel good and started his own local clothing line called Dripset. Shona Ngava

    The term Dripset is an acronym of what Benza hopes many young people want to achieve. He explains that every letter in the name of his brands stands for all the goals and aspirations that the youth set for themselves. The name for his brands is derived from terms such as Dreams, Realise, Innovate and Produce (DRIP), he explains that the youth have to apply the DRIP concept and then settle it in their lives. “If you take all your dreams, and make them a reality and then innovate them and produce something out of your life after settling all those qualities in life what you get is DRIPSET and that is the point of the clothing brand to motivate people to work towards their dreams,” says Benza.

    He started conceptualising his clothing brand this year and produced his first range of clothes a few months ago. “It is always something I wanted to do but I never found the courage until this year when I decided to put the idea into reality and that’s how the clothing line was started.,” he says.

    He explains that many fashion is just not about looking good at all times and that it has the potential of changing lives. “Fashion can bring people together. There are many benefits of fashion, for example when someone who is an introvert starts wearing fashionable clothes they can help them build their confidence making them more sociable,” he says. He says one of the challengers as a fashion designer is having to convince people to buy his local brand. “Many people are accustomed to buy international brands and are reluctant to buy local products because they don’t think highly of them and they are not ready to spend money on Namibian brands,” he explains.

    He advises other young entrepreneurs who would want to venture into the fashion industry to think clearly about the kind of things they want to produce. “If you are going to come up with your own fashion brand it should be able to represent who you are and what you potray. The industry is also not a money making scheme so you need to be creative and passionate about what you do,” he shares.

    The designer says that he has many plans for his brand and hopes it will become the go-to brand for many young people. “I want the brand to be the voice for all talents and young people. Poets, singers and writers and many other creative people should be able to relate to the brand. I want to create much more merchandise and to grow the clothing line,” he says.

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Get help
  • Get helpGet help Christopher Kantewa is an IT student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology

    Depression, defined by the Psychiatry.org is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. Sadness, on the other hand is defined as emotional pain. In simpler words, depression is extreme sadness. Depression is often said to be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression is a soul sucking, crippling disease that destroys people from the inside out.

    Now what I have seen is many social media using youth jump on the “depression badwagon” to appear cool or to seek more attention and to get more people to feel sorry for them. I am in no way a doctor to tell who is depressed or not but I can point out a social media attention seeker when I see one. Simple everyday tasks have been linked to depression by many people on social media, if they cannot find their favourite shirt they think they are depressed, if they fail a test they think they are depressed and sometimes even finishing their favourite chocolate to some can be depressing. You are not. You are disappointed, you are upset. You have been let down and maybe you are annoyed and disappointed in yourself.. What you feel are natural human emotions, not depression. On one side we have people who actually have it. They are the people who stop smiling mid-afternoon without reason, the people who have a harder and harder time getting themselves out of bed, the people who have thoughts of friends and family disliking them. On another side we have…I'm not sure what to call it, but let me describe it to you. These people brag about their mental illness. These people who fake their depression make it harder for others to come out and talk about their issues and make others really question the severity of their issues. Depression is not a cool thing it is a mental illness. Breaking up with your boyfriend is not depression; it is just you being sad and disappointed that you are out of a relationship, but I have seen many youth diagnose themselves with depression on social media just because they broke up with someone. Depression is not a trend that you can use to garner attention for yourself on social media, it is a serious mental issue. There are those who are genuinely affected by it and who go through it on a daily basis and many of them have shared their experiences on social media. There are those who have run to social media and used it as a way to call for help and to seek some kind of assistance with regard to their mental issue and those are the ones who deserve the attention and not those ones who simply do it because depression is a “trendy” thing.

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Save your money
  • Save your moneySave your money Elifas Helao, founder of the Students Against Crime (Nustsac) at the Namibia University of Science and Technology

    I am the go to guy for most of my friends when they need finance tips on how they can save their money and how best they can do so. I buy in bulk so I do not have to buy every time. I withdraw the whole amount of cash that I will need for a certain period of time because I do not want withdrawal charges from the bank mos. I am very inexpensive and very economical and I am proud about it. I do not buy branded items anymore; my friends buy those expensive things for me now. I know every nook and cranny when it comes to my finances. I know how much I will spend in the next two weeks , I know how much I will spend on my dates, I know how much I will be losing if I spend money on things I did not budget for this whole month hence I have a budget for over drafting on my budget. I’ve even spoken to my business connect about how the inflation may ruin all my financial plans this year. I have a “connect” at every shop you name it, retail shops, butchery and even the clothing ones. I do whatever it takes to make sure that I do not spend money recklessly but one thing I have made so far is not try to save that money. Sure I have had about the various accounts and how you can open them and use them to save some money but I have never been bothered to open one.

    I think the reason I do not have a savings account is because I have never needed one before. My friend tells me I’ll need one for “A rainy day or that day when there is just an emergency”. But I have a contingency and emergency budget plan already so I have never needed a saving account. But things have changed I have realised that I need to save a little more than I do. I need to save more because I want to travel and explore our beautiful country at some stage, even our continent and later the world. I have realised I will have to open that savings account to reach my travel and leisure goals. The problem though is that some of our financial advisors or sales agents do not really explain the terms and conditions of opening this accounts properly to me and I thus usually lose interest when they mention some of these investments accounts that I mention.

    There is a need for financial stability that I yearn for and I think I can only achieve that with a savings account. Many of the people who have these accounts themselves do not know the benefits of their accounts or how they work but they still opened them and I am not one to do that. That is why I need to ensure that I am knowledgeable about where my money goes and how it will benefit me in the near future. I know a few people who have fallen prey to dubious investments deals that involve around the buying and selling of stock and I do not want to end up like them, that is why I am so keen on saving.

    I will be dedicating the next few days trying to look for ways to save my money in such a way that it would be favourable to me. Maybe I will get enough tips and advice on how to cut down on my spending habits I will find myself somewhere enjoying my company on one of my planned travel adventures.

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    Major literacy and numeracy skills boost for disadvantaged youths and adultsMajor literacy and numeracy skills boost for disadvantaged youths and adults Staff Reporter - Green Enterprise Solutions (Green) together with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) and other important stakeholders launched the Adult Education Information Management System (AEIMS). The Directorate of Adult Education (DAE) is dedicated to the provision of literacy and numeracy skills to disadvantaged adults and out-of-school youth to enable them to contribute more effectively to national development in Namibia. Meeting educational challenges head-on.

    Green is a Namibian company that provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions and it developed the AEIMS for the Directorate of Adult Education. The Directorate’s mission is based on three programmes, namely the National Literacy Programme in Namibia (NPLN), the Adult Upper Primary Education (AUPE), the Adult Skills Development for Self-Employment (ASDSE), and Community Learning and Development Centers (CLDC). An essential mission for Namibia, as education is the foundation of the growth of the nation and to achieve the goal of being a knowledge based society by 2030, as stated in Vision 2030.

    This system was envisioned by the DAE to enable centralised and secure organisation; and retrieval of information. As well as reduce the time and effort the multiple offices needed to generate the statistics on the data collected from all the regions, districts and towns. Key to making this more efficient and effective was to automate their manual processes, storage, retrieval and the prevention of inaccurate and inconsistent information.

    The AEIMS Software Application is built on Microsoft technology and Green Enterprise Solutions created the bespoke solution for the DAE. Already 25 Directorate of Adult Education members of staff including regional personnel have been trained by Green’s Staff on the usage of the system with regards to entering statistics and generating reports. Having access to relevant information, knowing how and where possible challenges may arise and being able to analyse data anywhere in the country at any of the offices means that tweaks to the systems and methods of teaching can be implemented at lightning speed. With Microsoft’s very advanced technology putting AIEMS firmly at the forefront of Business Process Automation, Collaboration and Data Analytics, the DAE now has an extremely powerful tool to assist them in fighting numeracy and literacy deficiencies. Green ensured that all of DAE’s requests were met and they now have a durable platform, using a tailormade solution to last them far into the future. Mr. Beans Ngatjizeko, outgoing director of DAE said during his speech at the launch; “A water-tight AEIMS is foreseen – as an effective and efficient data system is critical to combating illiteracy and innumeracy in Namibia.”

    Not only does this system give a huge boost to the educational sector in Namibia, there’s another reason why it is a real milestone for the country. As Kehad Snydewel, MD Designate of Green said during his speech; “This System was designed and delivered by a 100% local team. As A Namibian ICT Services company, we believe in Namibia’s potential and this project is definitive proof that Namibia can deliver high tech solutions. Demonstrating that its ICT sector can become a pillar and driver of the economy providing solutions not only within Namibia but throughout Africa and beyond.”

    Green thanked the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture for believing in them and by doing so, the Ministry has contributed to the growth of Economy and skills development in the ICT Sector.

    The system is accessible in all Namibia’s regions. The Adult Education related information is now available within a matter of seconds instead of months. Serving the DAE, its mission and in turn the people who want to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and in turn empower themselves as well as Namibia.

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    Goodyear and Land Rover conquer PeruGoodyear and Land Rover conquer PeruMonth of exploring The 19 participating vehicles successfully completed the Land Rover Experience Tour 2017. “The tyres excelled throughout the entire tour, even on the most challenging surfaces.” Christian Uhrig, Head of Marketing Communications at JLR Germany After almost a month of exploring a wide variety of Peruvian roads, the Land Rover Experience Tour 2017 ended on November 9th.

    Goodyear’s Wrangler DuraTrac tyres were used to equip the 19 participating vehicles. The tyres proved their worth as the perfect off-road partner, withstanding even the harshest conditions, allowing participants to get the most out of their experience.

    With large sand dunes, narrow mountain roads and rocky riverbeds, Peru presented the participants with a seemingly endless variety of driving conditions. As the official tyre partner, Goodyear fitted the vehicles with a tyre specifically designed to handle this variety: the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac.

    Despite more than 3 500 km in extreme conditions, and altitude changes from sea-level to 4 800 m, none of the drivers experienced major challenges with any of their Wrangler tyres.

    “The Goodyear Wrangler tyres have truly proven their worth as perfect off-road tyres,” said Christian Uhrig, head of marketing communications at Jaguar Land Rover Germany. “The tyres excelled throughout the entire tour, even on the most challenging surfaces.”

    “Throughout the Land Rover Experience Tour, Goodyear has consistently shown its off-road leadership. The Wrangler tyres gave drivers the much-needed confidence to tackle even the toughest of terrains,” explained Nick Harley, managing director of OE Consumer EMEA at Goodyear. - Quickpic

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    Master of Africa powers aheadMaster of Africa powers ahead As the pinnacle of the Land Cruiser family, the Land Cruiser 200 encompasses everything that is Land Cruiser: outstanding quality, durability and reliability; unrivalled off-road performance and enveloping luxury and comfort.

    For 2017, the 200-series receives an injection of power, further bolstering its credentials.

    Power Infusion

    As before the Land Cruiser 200 is powered by a robust 4.5 litre, 32-valve DOHC, 8-cylinder turbodiesel engine in a V-configuration. A broad torque band is a hallmark of this powerplant, offering superb off-roading ability.

    Paying attention to the numbers, sees an increase of 22 kilowatts to 195, delivered at 3 400 rpm. The tractive force is also boosted by 35 newton meters to 650, available between 1 600 and 2 600 rpm.

    A 6-speed automatic transmission transmits the power to all four wheels, via a low-range equipped transfer case.

    Specification Injection

    The engine isn’t the only facet of the ‘LC200’ where enhancements have been made; as the convenience specification list is also expanded. As before two grades are available, the utility focused ‘GX’ and sumptuous ‘VX’ – now renamed to VX-R.

    GX models receive roof rails, centre console housed coolbox, rear tonneau cover as well as rear park distance control. VX-R versions also inherit roof rails and auto-folding power exterior mirrors, whilst an integrated tow hitch now completes the VX-R package. - MotorPress

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    Jongmense is vennote vir die toekomsJongmense is vennote vir die toekomsSaam is ons beter Die Duitse ambassade en die Goethe-instituut Namibië het op 7 November amptelik die Sekondêre Skool Otjiwarongo (OSS) as 'n lid van die PASCH-netwerk (Skole: Vennote vir die Toekoms) bevestig.Dit is nou een van 1 800 PASCH-skole wêreldwyd en is die sewende van sy soort in Namibië. Octavia Tsibes

    "Die idee agter die PASCH-inisiatief is om jongmense as vennote vir die toekoms te werf deur 'n blywende belangstelling in ons land, samelewing en waardes te ontwikkel deur die onderrig van die Duitse taal en kultuur," het die saakgelastigde van die die Duitse ambassade, mnr. Ullrich Kinne, in sy verwelkomingsopmerkings gesê.

    Instelling van PASCH

    PASCH-Schools is 'n wêreldwye program gemik op die ontwikkeling en bevordering van die Duitse taalonderrig in onderskeie skole. Dit is 2008 deur die destydse Duitse minister van buitelandse sake en tans federale president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, gestig.

    Die inisiatief bevorder interkulturele interaksie en die ontwikkeling van 'n internasionale leergemeenskap vir skole. Deur hierdie program word die Duitse taalklasse by PASCH-skole wêreldwyd bevorder.

    Die Goethe-instituut ondersteun 599 PASCH-skole oor die hele die wêreld heen deur middel van finansiële bystand asook bekendstelling en ontwikkeling van Duits as 'n skoolvak.

    "Die feit dat OSS een van twee Namibiese skole is wat die geleentheid gekry het om hierdie jaar by PASCH aan te sluit, wys hoeveel ons die pogings waardeer wat aangewend word om Duits as 'n vreemde taal in Otjiwarongo te ondersteun. Ek hoop hierdie ooreenkoms van samewerking manifesteer as 'n vrugbare inisiatief en ontwikkel in die toekoms," het die direkteur van die Goethe-instituut, mnr. Daniel Stoevesandt, gesê.

    Wat die PASCH-skool insluit

    Om 'n PASCH-skool te wees, sluit onder meer in die opknapping van die Duitse klaskamers,

    afbetaling van moderne onderrigtegnologie, die voorsiening van onderrigmateriaal wat ontwerp is

    vir effektiewe onderrig, en gereelde ondersteuning deur vaardigheidsoordrag en beurse vir

    onderwysers aan universiteite in Duitsland.

    "Opknappings by OSS se Duitse taal-klaskamer kos ongeveer N$400 000. PASCH

    gee toegang tot gevorderde onderrigtegnieke en interaktiewe inligting wat onderwysers toelaat om verskillende bronne te raadpleeg wanneer hulle Duits aanleer. OSS sal ook funksioneer as 'n hulpbronsentrum vir die Duitse onderwysers in die Otjozondjupastreek en stel personeel van ander skole in staat om toegang tot die onderrigmateriaal te verkry," het me. Corinna Burth van die Goethe-instituut gesê.

    Jaarliks hou die instituut en PASCH konferensies vir Duitse onderwysers om hulle toe te rus met die nuutste en mees gevorderde onderrigtegnieke.

    In sy toespraak by die oorhandiging het Otjozondjupa se direkteur van onderwys, mnr. Simon Tsuseb, gesê dat OSS onder die toptien op die nasionale ranglys van skole in Namibië lê.

    Trek uit - "Dit is 'n baie belangrike dag, want 'n groot droom van vyf jaar gelede

    om onderwysers geleenthede vir vaardigheidsontwikkeling te bied, word eindelik waar," het me. Rina Goldbeck, hoof van OSS, gesê.

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    Eksamentyd is vasbyttyd by WAPEksamentyd is vasbyttyd by WAP Sareez Basson

    Op 10 November 2017 het die eksamens vir die leerlinge van Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool (WAP) aangebreek.

    Dit sal drie weke duur en met ‘n gejuig eindig op 28 November wanneer die lang Desembervakansie sy opwagting gaan maak. Die graad 12's het reeds op 23 Oktober met hul eindeksamen begin. Hierdie is ‘n liminale fase in die leerlinge se lewens, want hulle almal is onseker oor die toekoms en veral oor dit wat buite die skool op hulle wag. Dis nou dat graad 12’s besef hul lewens gaan vir ewig verander.

    Caro Horn (16), gr. 9-toppresteerder van 2016, sê dat eksamens vir haar ‘n stresvolle tyd van die jaar is, maar dat sy ontslae raak daarvan deur Coke te drink en sjokolades te eet. Lida-Marié Calitz (18), gr. 12-toppresteerder van 2017, glo weer dat om te oefen met streshantering help. Bernhardt Wessels (17), Caro Horn, Anja Pretorius (18) en Lida-Marié Calitz glo dat om te blok, goed vir die leerders is - solank hul selfbeheersing het.

    Anja Pretorius leer heeldag vir haar eksamens en tot ‘n hele naweek lank vir Biologie. Sy skryf tans haar matriek-eksamen en beveel leerders aan om hard te werk in hul matriekjaar, nie werk uit te stel nie en op jou klasmaats vir ondersteuning staat te maak. Sy moedig leerders ook aan om hulle laaste jaar van skool te geniet en elke funksie by te woon. “Ek is bly ek was al die jare in WAP omdat dit ‘n IEB-skool is wat ‘n mens voorberei vir jou grootmenslewe deur jou te dryf om buite jou gemaksone te presteer. Dis baie hartseer om WAP te verlaat omdat dit voel asof ek my familie vir ewig groet,” het Anja ook bygevoeg.

    Die tyd is definitief nie net angswekkend vir leerders nie, maar ook vir hul onderwysers. Juffrou Joané Gouws, Engels Huistaal-onderwyseres, erken dat sy gespanne voel tydens eksamens omdat sy hoop haar leerders presteer goed en werk hard. Sy sê ook: “Hierdie jaar se groep matrieks is vir my besonders, want hulle was graad agt toe ek begin skoolhou het, so ons het regtig ‘n pad saam gestap. Ek is hartseer dat hulle nou die grootmenswêreld gaan betree, maar is ook saam met hulle opgewonde oor die opwindende tye wat nou vir hul voorlê en ek wens elkeen net die beste toe.”

    Daar is geen twyfel dat elke leerder, onderwyser en ouer senuweeagtig tydens eksamens voel nie, maar daar is hoop. Lida-Marié inspireer ons om volgens haar motto te leef: “Bid asof jy nie geleer het nie en leer asof jy nie gebid het nie.”

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Shot of the day
  • Shot of the dayShot of the day AIRBORNE: Gabrielle Daleman of Canada performs during the women's free Skating event of the Cup of China ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Beijing on 4 November 2017. Photo: NAMPA/AFP

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    Sport remains the greatest unifierSport remains the greatest unifier The unity we so much yearn for should be prevailing not only in politics, but in all facets of society. Namibia is definitely not a perfect country but it is also not all doom and gloom in our motherland. However, we still have deep economic and social divide challenges to overcome. In the midst of our problems, we have a moral obligation to reject and dismiss all enablers of division, exclusion and discrimination. Sport has proven to be the greatest unifier hence its inherent connection to national pride. Not even politics can unite Namibians, but sport brings people of different colour, race, tribe or creed together. It has the potential to transcend deep divides in fragmented societies. This was exactly the atmosphere at the Sam Nujoma Stadium during the Dr Hage Geingob Cup which featured the senior national men's soccer team and their Zimbabwean counterparts. Unity is priceless. About 15 000 fans turned up to support their favourite teams but most importantly, to present a united front. Sport contributes immensely to social solidarity and can definitely provide a lifeline to gifted and talented athletes from impoverished backgrounds. The sad part though is that despite numerous justifications to increase government's sport funding, there appears to be no political will to invest in developing the sector. This has heavily impacted the running of programmes which has seen many of our sportsmen and women pulling out of international events simply because they can't afford N$15 000 to travel abroad. It is disheartening when politicians can't get their priorities right. Until when will our government continue to treat sport as a neglected stepchild? When our athletes represent us abroad there is a massive weight of expectation for them to win medals and titles, yet we don't see generous budget allocations to help prepare these athletes against the world's best. There must be a broader development and funding plan starting at school level where the connection to sporting federations and talent searches must be unearthed.

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    The 370Z: An excercise in exhilirationThe 370Z: An excercise in exhilirationLife starts around the red line The new Nissan 370Z is the type of car that makes you happy when you open your garage in the morning to join the rat-race to work. “The heritage of Nissan’s Z-car series means unparalleled quality and performance, providing drivers with the quintessential sports car experience.” - Xavier Gobille, Nissan Group of Africa. Sometimes, a car is a perfect example of its genre.

    The sum of its parts results in a creation that other vehicles are measured against and while the pretenders may evolve to be more acceptable and easy to drive, this car stays true its heritage.

    As Nissan launched the stunning next generation Nissan 370Z, which builds on the iconic Z-car legacy that began in the Sixties, we are reminded that this is the quintessential sports car for the simple reason that it bears the attributes of an exhilarating vehicle that allows you to live life in the red.

    Rear-wheel drive coupé, a high-revving 3.7-litre V6 engine and a manual or automatic transmission. This is the essence of a sports car. The type of car that makes you happy when you open your garage in the morning to join the rat-race to work.

    The sort of car that blows your hair back even though it’s not a roadster. This is the new Nissan 370Z.

    Nissan took the wraps off the new 2018 model year 370Z at the Festival of Motoring which took place on in September at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.

    The enhancements create a contemporary new finish to the coupé’s classic design as well as dynamic improvements including a sports-clutch from well-known performance brand EXEDY®.

    “The heritage of Nissan’s Z-car series means unparalleled quality and performance, providing drivers with the quintessential sports car experience,” said Xavier Gobille, managing director of sales, marketing and aftersales at Nissan Group of Africa.

    “The Nissan 370Z MY18 is no different and is sure to provide a thrill for the Z’s cult following as well as new customers who are willing to explore living life in the red – when you rev the engine, the Z can really show what it’s made of.”

    Upgrades include metal chrome door handles and a black painted rear diffuser. The inside covers of the headlamps and rear combination lights have also been darkened – previously only available on the NISMO model – are now standard.

    Every MY18 car comes with distinctive new 19-inch alloy wheels and a stunning new Red Metallic exterior body colour is also available.

    Spectacularly Specced

    The new EXEDY® high-performance clutch in the manual version of the 370Z MY18 perfects the downshift and reduces driver pedal effort to deliver even greater levels of gear change precision and comfort.

    The Nissan 370Z’s premium infotainment system, featuring a seven-inch touch-screen, satellite navigation, DVD player, 9.3 GB music box system and rear-view camera, is standard.

    The 370Z MY18 retains all the features which have helped it become a highly desirable choice for performance car enthusiasts. Power comes from a 3.7-litre 245 kW V6, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic transmission.

    Optimum weight distribution and a refined suspension combine to deliver outstanding ride quality and dynamic handling for enthusiastic drivers. The 370Z remains the only car in the segment to offer Syncro Rev Control – the world's first fully synchronised down/up shift rev control system on a manual transmission.

    Nissan’s Z-car success story began in the early Sixties and gained momentum with the launch of the famed Fairlady Z / Datsun 240Z. Five generations of successors have remained true to its spirit of high performance, timeless design and affordability.

    Each model, from the original through the 280ZX and 300ZX, to the reborn 350Z and today’s 370Z, can be recognised by its distinctive long bonnet and short rear overhang.

    The classic Z-car interior is always dominated by a simple three-spoke steering wheel and three circular gauges.- MotorPress

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Klein Khomastura-familie
  • Klein Khomastura-familieKlein Khomastura-familie'n Klein skool met 'n groot hart Khomastura Hoërskool het begin as 'n projekskool by die Laerskool Khomasdal in Windhoek. Octavia Tsibes

    Die hoërskool spog nou met sy eie gebou, waar dit in die verlede die klaskamers moes deel met die laerskool.

    Die meeste van die leerlinge het weens omstandighede buite hul beheer die Hoërskool Khomastura beland, maar vandag is hulle is nie spyt om deel van die klein Khomastura-familie te wees nie.

    "Die skool is naby my huis en ek is sedert graad 8 deel van hierdie skool. Van ver af lyk dit asof dit 'n slegte skool is, maar sodra jy die uitsonderlike bande aanskou wat onderwysers met die leerlinge het, verander dit jou perspektief oor die skool. Die verborge potensiaal van die leerlinge sal binnekort ontdek word," het Mercy Oases, leerlingraadslid, gesê.

    "Ek het 'n verhouding met elkeen van die leerlinge. Die leerlinge waardeer dit as jy hulle op hul naam noem en hierdeur voel hulle belangrik. My werk verg baie individuele aandag en dit is wat ek die meeste geniet," het me. Isabel Schiefer, lewensvaardigheidonderwyser, gesê.

    Khomastura funksioneer soos enige ander regeringsskool. Die grootste uitdaging is die huishoudelike omstandighede van die leerling. 'n Onderwyser kan net soveel doen en die res is in die hande van die ouers of voog.

    "Die afgelope twee jaar het ek baie met baie kwessies te doen gehad, waarvan die grootste tienerswangerskappe is. Die swangerskapsyfer het oor hierdie tydperk afgeneem, en een van die redes kan die eieruitdaging-projek wees. Hierdie projek word in graad 8 gedoen waar leerlinge vir 'n week 'n eier moet ronddra. Hulle moet na die eier omsien, asof dit hul eie is, en dit help om die volle omvang van ouerskap aan die leerlinge oor te dra, “sê Schiefer.

    Daar is 'n groot behoefte aan motivering by die skool vir beide seuns en meisies. "Daar is 'n behoefte aan 'n seuns-klub. Ek dink ons moet met die seuns van die skoolgemeenskap praat, om die onderskeid tussen reg en verkeerd uit te lig en aan hul ook die nodige bystand te gee,” sê sy.

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    Verstaan jouself as 'n tienerVerstaan jouself as 'n tienerAvontuur en opvoeding Wilderness Therapy Namibië wat minderbevoorregte tieners toerus met lewensvaardighede, vier sy tiende bestaansjaar. "Ondanks groot finansiële uitdagings het die program jaar na jaar oorleef," sê Lynette Strijbis, voorsitter van die WTN-raad. Octavia Tsibes

    ont face="Verdana">

    Wildernis Therapy is 'n program wat begin is as 'n avontuurlustige en alternatiewe manier om aandag aan die behoeftes van die kwesbare jeug te gee.

    Dit het ten doel om leerlinge te help om bo hul moeilikhede omstandighede uit te styg en hulle tot 'n punt te bring waar hulle moed vind, in hulself glo en as produktiewe volwassenes bydra tot 'n beter samelewing.

    Wildernisterapie is 'n internasionale metode wat aangepas en gebruik word in kombinasie met verskillende elemente wat uniek is aan Namibië.

    Gedurende die afgelope jaar het baie betekenisvolle aktiwiteite, soos die aanbied van 'n loopbaanweek, 'n opvoedkundige toer na Suid-Afrika, die implementering van vier gemeenskapsprojekte en die aanbied van twee ouerleidingsessies onder leiding van professionele fasiliteerders en nege jeuggroepe, plaasgevind.

    Om by te dra tot hul gemeenskappe het die deelnemers besluit om die Angra Paquena-skool en die ouetehuise op Rehoboth en Keetmanshoop skoon te maak. Ses en sestig laerskoolkinders het gehelp met die skoonmaaktaak by Keetmanshoop. By die St. Mary's-hospitaal op Rehoboth het die tieners pasiënte met ’n paar kleiner take gehelp.

    "Die Wildernisterapieprogram help jong mense om te verstaan wie hulle is. Die staproetes skei die tieners van die wêreld wat hulle ken. Ons sien dit as die reinigingsfase," verduidelik Pikkie Hoffman, administrateur by Wilderness Therapy Namibië.

    Gedurende die oorgangstydperk word deelnemers gekonfronteer met hulself. "Die wandelaars reflekteer oor wie hulle is, wat met hulle gebeur het, hul gedrag en hoe dit hulle en ander beïnvloed het. Tieners maak lewensveranderende besluite, los die verlede en vernietigende gedrag agter en verander ten goede," sê Hoffman.

    Mentorskapsessies begin onmiddellik ná die staptogte. Die sessies strek oor ’n tydperk van 12 tot 18 maande. "Mentorskap is noodsaaklik omdat dit tieners ondersteun en leiding bied om die besluite wat hulle tydens die staptog gemaak het, deur te voer."

    Die organisasie se visie is om die jeug te bemagtig om hoop, vrede, vreugde en doelgerigtheid in hul lewe te bied sodat hulle verantwoordelike volwassenes kan word.

    Die Wildernisterapieprogram bied aan jongmense die geleentheid tot selfontdekking en -ontwikkeling deur middel van die terapeutiese program in die wildernis. Hulle keer terug na hul onveranderde lewensomstandighede met ’n beter selfbeeld, selfvertroue en bekwaamheid om die uitdagings van die lewe beter te hanteer.

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Company news in brief
  • Company news in briefCompany news in brief Tongaat Hulett posts rise in HY profit

    South Africa's Tongaat Hulett reported a 5% rise in half-year profit, boosted by recovered production after a two-year drought and income from land sales.

    Diluted headline earnings per share - the main profit measure in South Africa - rose to 573.8 cents per share in the six months ended Sept. 30 compared with 546.7 for the same period the previous year.

    Tongaat Hulett expects to increase its share of regional sugar production to 26% in 2017/18, from 22% in the previous season.

    The firm declared an interim dividend of 100 cents per share. – Nampa/Reuters

    Vodacom H1 earnings inch up 1%

    South Africa's Vodacom Group posted a 1.1 percent rise in half-year earnings on Monday, while net profit increased 7 percent, boosted by the acquisition of Safaricom.

    Headline earnings per share - the main profit measure in South Africa that strips out certain one-off items - came in at 445 cents in the six-months ended September, compared with 440 cents a year earlier.

    Vodacom, a unit of UK-based Vodafone, declared an interim dividend per share of 390 cents, slightly changed from the previous year.

    Vodafone consolidated two of its African interests in May with the transfer of a 35 percent stake in Kenya's Safaricom to majority-owned South African subsidiary Vodacom. – Nampa/Reuters

    Peugeot in JV to build cars in Algeria

    Peugeot maker PSA Group signed a joint venture agreement with three Algerian partners to build cars in the North African country.

    The French carmaker said it would invest around 100 million euros (US$117 million), equalling 49% of the joint venture's capital.

    The joint venture will set up a plant in the western Algerian city of Oran, where French automaker Renault opened a plant in 2014.

    The plant will start some production next year and be fully operational in 2019, PSA said. – Nampa/Reuters

    Alibaba takes record US$25 bn on 'Singles Day'

    Chinese online shoppers spent a record US$25 billion on this year's "Singles Day" promotion run by e-commerce giant Alibaba, up nearly 40% from last year.

    At the peak, 256 000 payments were being processed per second on Saturday, the firm said, more than 90% of them placed via mobile.

    The company's gross merchandise volume for its annual sales extravaganza known as "Double 11" representing November 11, came in at 168.3 billion (US$25.3 billion).

    The total sales were up 39% from last year's 120.7 billion yuan (US$17.8 billion) - a milestone this year eclipsed in under 14 hours, according to Alibaba. – Nampa/AFP

    Deutsche Bank picks IPO bookrunners

    Deutsche Bank has selected Barclays, Citigroup and Credit Suisse as senior bookrunners for the initial public offering (IPO) of its asset-management arm, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    Deutsche Bank, which will be the main bookrunner, said in March it planned to list the asset management arm, which could achieve a total valuation of around 8 billion euros (US$9 billion), within two years as part of an overhaul following costly lawsuits and trading scandals.

    It is expected to raise about 2 billion euros from listing about a quarter of the business.

    The junior bookrunners helping to market the IPO to investors will be BNP Paribas, Unicredit, UBS, Morgan Stanley and ING. – Nampa/Reuters

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Campaign goes into overdrive
  • Campaign goes into overdriveCampaign goes into overdriveTeam Harambee vs Team Swapo Candidates have intensified efforts in mobilising delegates to the upcoming Swapo elective congress. The campaign to become Swapo's next president has hit overdrive with presidential hopefuls holding rallies across the country in their bid to woo delegates.

    On Sunday, both Swapo camps under the banners of Team Harambee and Team Swapo held campaign events in Grootfontein and Walvis Bay respectively.

    Both events were relatively well attended much to the delight of the candidates vying for positions at the elective congress, billed for 23-26 November in Windhoek.

    Nampa reports that the Grootfontein Sports Stadium was packed with about 5 000 Swapo members in attendance.

    In his address, Geingob, who is campaigning for the position of Swapo president, said the purpose of the meeting was not to hold a political rally, but to meet with delegates to the congress.

    “However, the stadium is this full so let us celebrate the victory together, and thank you all for coming here to support us,” he said.

    Geingob is acting president of the party since April 2015 when Hifikepunye Pohamba resigned as leader of the ruling party, some 30 days after he handed over State power to Geingob.

    The other three candidates are Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Affairs Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, who is contesting for the position of vice-president; Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa, who is vying for the position of secretary-general (SG); while Swapo-party School Rector and former deputy Prime Minister (PM) Marco Hausiku will run for deputy SG.

    “These are all tested cadres of the party and are contesting for the internal Swapo party top positions, so go there and vote for them,” said Geingob.

    The four candidates, unofficially known as Team Harambee in reference to the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) launched by Geingob in May 2016, also delivered their campaign promises, including how they will handle internal affairs once voted into power.

    Meanwhile, in Walvis Bay, Team Swapo was also well received.

    The candidates, which include presidential hopefuls Nahas Angula and Jerry Ekandjo, vice-presidential candidates Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and Helmut Angula also paid a brief courtesy call to Founding President Sam Nujoma who was visiting in Walvis Bay.

    The four were joined by their fellow candidates for the secretary-general and deputy secretary-general positions respectively.

    Oshikoto coordinator Armas Amukwiyu, who is vying for the secretary-general position, told Swapo members that over 500 delegates have pledged to support him at the upcoming congress. Petrina Haingura and businesswoman Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun are the other candidates for the deputy secretary-general position.

    Team Swapo reiterated the need to strengthen the party, which they claim was being hijacked by some for personal gain. They also rejected the notion of one centre of power, saying the only centre of power should be Swapo.

    Team Swapo is campaigning under the mantra 'Revitalise, Revive, Restore'. Congress delegates are drawn from 121 Swapo districts, 14 regions, the central committee, women's council, youth league and elders' council.

    The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) is also represented as an affiliate of the ruling party. Delegates will also elect new central committee members during the congress.

    A total of 762 delegates will take part in the three-day event.

    -Additional reporting by Nampa


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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Helping the girl child
  • Helping the girl childHelping the girl childProviding sanitary padsThe Zone caught up with some organisations that provide sanitary pads to young girls about how they’ve been fairing so far. The Zone caught up with some organisations that provide sanitary pads to young girls about how they’ve been fairing so far.The menstruation cycle can be very daunting for many school going girls. “My ministry and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare have dedicated and committed ourselves to take up the challenge of procuring, providing and soliciting funds to make sanitary pads available around the country for the marginalised and disadvantaged girls of Namibia,” Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa Shona Ngava

    The menstruation cycle can be very daunting for many school going girls. There are a lot of school going girls who come from poor family backgrounds and thus cannot afford to buy sanitary pads to help them get through their menstruation cycle.For many of the girls who cannot get access to sanitary pads, they use mattress stuffing, newspapers and cloths when menstruating due to the fact that they could not afford disposable sanitary pads from the shops

    Left with no choice some girls rather choose to stay out of school because they fear being picked on, discriminated and bullied because of the embarrassment of not having sanitary pads when they are menstruating.

    Sister Namibia

    Women’s rights organisation, Sister Namibia say there are a lot implications brought when girls do not have access to sanitary pads when they are menstruating. This motivated the organisation to start an initiative to donate sanitary to girls in rural areas all over Namibia. Through their initiative started in 2014, My SisterPads, Sister Namibia have provided girls with safe and reusable sanitary pads. The sanitary pads were introduced by Sister Namibia as a means to improve the welfare and dignity of rural girls by enabling them mobility, access to education and an opportunity to excel, without having their menstruation limiting them.

    According to Elsarien Katiti, media officer at Sister Namibia, the sanitary pads they provide have impacted the lives of the girls in a positive manner and they are able to carry on with their lives without any hassles. “We are eliminating the barriers to attend school, girls are empowered and given an opportunity at excelling and completing their education. Sister Namibia believes that every girl deserves education and dignity. No girl should have to stay home from school because she can’t afford pads,” she says.

    She says the sanitary pads provided to girls give them the chance to excel in their communities and therefore empowering them to improve their lives. “We believe that the SisterPADS offer girls opportunity, allowing her to become an agent of change in her own life. By eliminating this barrier to attending school, girls are empowered and have the ability to excel and complete their education,” says Katiti.

    Men need to be involved

    Another young man who donates sanitary pads to girls is Peter Hatupopi through his My Sister’s Pads project. He believes that man normally shy away from the topic of menstruation because they are raised to believe it is a taboo to talk about it and how it affects women.

    He says he decided to donate sanitary pads to young girls in order to prevent them from dropping out of school. “We all have a role to play in society as men and we need to protect and nurture our women. We just need to understand the ladies situation and assist where we can and that is why I started donating pads because I wanted to help girls in rural areas,” he shares.

    He has donated over 2400 pads to 16 schools in Namibia through the Ministry of Education’s sanitary pads project since the start of the year. “Many schools girls are being bullied and teased because they cannot afford some of these sanitary pads in shops the aim to make sure that we empower them and give them the help they deserve,” he says.


    Patience Kavarii, a grade 11 pupil from Eldorado Secondary School says girls are usually shy about speaking out about menstruation because they are being victimised and would rather hide the fact that they do not have sanitary pads so that they are not embarrassed. “I know other girls who do not have access to pads and they stay away from school up to seven days because they are too afraid and shy about not having pads. Organisations that donate pads are really making a difference in the lives of many girls,” she shares.

    Sonia Namadiko started a non-governmental charity organisation in 2016 called Powerpad girls. The organisation raises funds to donate towards other organisation that give sanitary pads to girls through monthly events they host. Besides raising funds and donating sanitary pads the organisation also provides sexual reproduction health towards to girls around Namibia. “We raise funds through our quiz night and speed dating events and we give the funds we raise to Sisterpads Namibia. We also create awareness around the sexual reproduction of girls but that is not entirely limited to girls,” she says. She revealed that they will be travelling to Tsumkwe and Grootfontein in November to give sanitary pads to girls in that area.

    Assistance is needed

    Earlier this year, the Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa called on more people to donate to organisations that give sanitary pads because they play an important role in the girl-child’s education. The Ministry of Education gives sanitary pads to learners at different schools across the country thorugh the Forum for African Women Educationalists Namibia (Fawena). “All the other Namibians that may be in a position to help should join us through FAWENA and the education ministry to come on board so as to ensure the sustenance of the sanitary pads project that we are engaged in,” said Hanse-Himarwa

    She said that her ministry has dedicated itself to securing funds to get sanitary pads for girls who need them. “My ministry and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare have dedicated and committed ourselves to take up the challenge of procuring, providing and soliciting funds to make sanitary pads available around the country for the marginalised and disadvantaged girls of Namibia,” she shares.

    Fact box:

    · My Sister Namibia offers sanitary pads to girls all over Namibia

    · Powerpad girls is another organisation which offers pads and sexual reproduction health training to girls across Namibia

    · The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture provides sanitary pads to schools girls around Namibia through Fawena

    · My Sisters Pads has donated over 2400 pads to 16 schools across Namibia

    · Sister Namibia provides reusable and safe sanitary pads to girls in rural areas in Namibia

    · According to Sister Namibia one in ten African girls misses three to five days of school per month due to lack of sanitary materials. This amounts to a total loss of 15-25% of an academic year.


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    Ten finalists for WB Cash Bonanza drawnTen finalists for WB Cash Bonanza drawnMore than N$1 million up for grabs The final draw is schedule for 24 November. After 17 weeks of draws, 700 WB customers were drawn as semi-finalists for the grand prize of N$246 000 cash in the retailer's Cash­Bonanza competition.

    697 customers have already won N$1 230 each in weekly draws over the past 17 weeks, amounting to N$850 000 in total.

    WB is celebrating its 123rd birthday, hence the N$1.23 million amount for the WB Cash Bonanza 2017.

    Massive prizes have become synonymous with the group since Nazeema Brenner and Celine Usiku each won N$1 million cash in 2015 and 2016 respectively. A brand new Toyota Landcruiser also went the way of Lozenzo Gawaseb in July this year.

    Ten WB SmartBuy customers were drawn as finalists on Friday at WB Funkytown Hyper in a pumped atmosphere where loads of fun supplier activities kept everyone excited.

    All WB competitions are administrated under the watchful eyes of auditors to ensure that it is done properly. Patience Mhou Jacob from Stier Vente Associates also attended this draw.

    The final draw is schedule for 24 November where the following prizes will be drawn:

    1. N$246 000 – First place

    2. N$123 000 – Second place

    3. N$12 300 – Third place

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  • 11/13/17--14:00: Etunda turns to groundnuts
  • Etunda turns to groundnutsEtunda turns to groundnutsCrop rotation employed for armyworm fear Having suffered losses during last year's harvest due to the outbreak of armyworm, Etunda has planted 450 hectares of groundnuts this season. Fear of a repetition of last summer's loss of 90 hectares of maize to the armyworm infestation, the green scheme at Etunda will not plant maize this season but instead, aim for a large harvest of groundnuts.

    During a visit to the Etunda Irrigation Scheme in Omusati Region on Friday Namibian Sun observed that only a small section of the 1 200-hectare piece of land was planted with maize and other vegetables such as cabbage and butternuts.

    This is due to fears of a failed harvest. Last year the scheme fell prey to the fall armyworm, bollworms and the maize stalk borer and destroyed almost all of the maize harvest.

    The farmers hope that rotating from maize to groundnuts may break the cycle of the worms and either reduce their numbers or destroy them entirely.

    According to the Agriculture Business Development Agency (AgriBusDev) managing director, Petrus Uugwanga, they felt it prudent to introduce a different crop which not only improves the quality of the soil but also one which cannot be attacked by the worms.

    Uugwanga explained that 68 hectares of land was put out for asparagus, 300 hectares was given to small-scale farmers and roughly 450 hectares will be used to harvest groundnuts.

    Only a small portion of the remaining land will be used for maize.

    “We are using groundnuts in the hope that they break the cycle of the worms. What we realised is that the wheat and the barley we harvested last season were not attacked by the worms and now we want to see if the groundnuts will have the same effect,” he explained.

    “Groundnuts have a good advantage in terms of crop rotation because we want to break the cycle of worms. We are hoping they starve this season. Secondly, groundnuts are also good for the soil because we have been planting maize year in, year out, since Etunda started so we want to find a way to break the cycle of the worms with a different crop,” Uugwanga further explained.

    Markets, both local and across the borders, have been sourced for the nuts.

    “We have many people who want to buy the groundnuts, especially the vendors you see at the open markets, but large amounts will be exported to other countries,” Uugwanga said.

    When asked whether the Etunda will still have maize meal available for sale to its consumers, Uugwanga said they will secure maize from sister green schemes which they will mill and sell.

    “We have a strategy in place as the milling plant will continue to run until the next harvest. We have secured enough grains from other green scheme projects so the mill will be in full swing.”


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  • 11/13/17--14:00: WB finalists announced
  • WB finalists announcedWB finalists announced After 17 long weeks of draws, 10 Woermann Brock customers got lucky and were drawn as semi-finalists for the grand prize of N$246 000 in instant cash.

    The competition, which kicked off in July, is part of the 123rd birthday celebrations and a way for Woermann Brock (WB) to give back to their customers. These types of massive competitions have become synonymous with the group since Nazeema Brenner and Celine Usiku each won N$1 million in cash in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

    “Within these weeks we also drew a winner from each of our 42 stores nationwide. We are simply celebrating our growth in Namibia and the fact that we are Namibian too. This is the culture we stand for,” said Konrad Schwieger, WB's marketing manager.

    The finalists are MN Shigwedha from Keetmanshoop, L Imalwa from Ondangwa, F Halukolo from Oshakati, PM Muvangua from Gobabis, L David from Wanaheda, W van Reen from Katutura, J van Rooi from Otjomuise, E Makina from Arandis, LM Mooin from Rehoboth and K Thomas from Tsumeb.

    The final draw is scheduled for 24 November where the winners of N$246 000 as first prize, N$123 000 as second and N$12 300 as third, will be drawn and announced.

    June Shimuoshili

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