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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Auntie Nangy
  • Auntie NangyAuntie Nangy I doubt his love

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a girl who is 19 years old. I am dating a 20-year-old guy. My problem is; whenever I text him, he sometimes ignores my text and even says he is busy when he is not. If I call him, he will answer but will not say anything else. I don’t know what to do?

    My dear, I have heard many women complaining who are in a situation like yours. The problem that I see with many relationships is that often it is the women who seem to dedicate their all in a romantic relationship and you are one such woman. In most cases, you find one partner is the one who is genuinely in love and is the one who keeps fanning the romantic fire while the other one does little or nothing to love back. I always warn women not to be the desperado in a relationship because when you become the desperado and your man dumps you for another chick, then you realise that your man was taking for a ride. It hurts for sure when your man does not reply to your messages and says nothing romantic when you call him. I wouldn’t like to be treated like a worn-out toy and at 19, you are too young to be put through this kind of emotional torture. Just pack your love bags and move on.

    Dating married men

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with my best friend who is 15 years old and she is dating two married guys and which is not good at all. Please help me how to advise her.

    I would like to thank you for showing concern about your friend. However, I am deeply concerned about the casual attitude that the girls of today have about their future. You are worried about your friend because you care for her future and wellbeing. When people become friends, it means that you were brought together by many common elements between the two of you and as friends we help each other to correct mistakes we make. Friends are frank with each other and I strongly believe when you sit your friend and talk to her about her undesirable and risky behaviour, she will listen to you and change her ways. What is worrying is that she is very young and at that age she is dating married men and that spells a very big problem for her and her parents. I advise you to find the right time and the right place to engage in a meaningful discussion with her. As friends I am sure you talk about your aspirations in life. You are both young and there is no reason why prostitution should derail your future plans. The fact that you have written and asked for advice makes me happy because you know what your friend is doing is very wrong. Besides exposing herself to the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, your friend also risks becoming a gender violence victim. She is being used by these married men as a sex toy and they will dump her sooner or later and if they find out she is cheating on them she will regret it all.

    I’m hot

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a 14-year-old boy. The girls at my school are always fighting over me and I don’t want this. What can I do?

    You must be hot. I have always warned teenagers like you not to lose your reasoning during this very delicate stage of your life. At this age of transformation from childhood to adulthood, the hormones can make you wild. There is nothing much you can do about the catfights to earn your slot because the girls have a crush on you. Keep your cool because if you lose your head like the girls you will find yourself entangled in puppy love hell. Stay clear and concentrate on your studies.

    My boyfriend raped me

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am 19 and I am dating a 25-year-old boy who forced me to have sex. I am at school so, what should I do?

    Praise God if you are not pregnant and have not contracted sexually transmitted infections because I do not think your man had time to wear a condom. Rape is a crime and if you did not agree then I advise you to ditch the rapist. Men of this character are the screw and dump type so you are in danger. If I were you then I would not meet this guy where he can repeat the act. Obviously he betrayed your trust in him by raping you. Concentrate on your schoolwork - there is need to rush it. Sex will forever be sweet and when you are done with your education and training you will still find it sweet and purposefully… God made it so.

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Pamper your taste buds
  • Pamper your taste budsPamper your taste buds The FNB Restaurant Week is a culinary experience where restaurants in Windhoek, Swakopmund and in Walvis Bay take part in different categories to be crowned the best restaurant in their field.

    The event's intentions are centred on contributing to uplifting and highlighting customer service in the hospitality industry. This year there are 52 restaurants participating in the categories of café/bistro and franchise as of 3 September within the three mentioned towns. “Dine out and explore Namibian restaurants at their best. This year's event promises to be a cut above the rest,” says Cohen-Velida the founder of FNB Restaurant Week.

    To celebrate Windhoek's culinary delights, tjil will be giving away two vouchers grabs to use at a restaurant of your choice during the course of the week. To stand a chance of winning, send as many SMSes as you like to 51500 at the price of N$3 each - voting for your favourite out of 52 participating restaurants in three different categories. Vouchers are valued from N$150 to N$300. Send your SMS along with your favourite eating establishment today until at 17:00 to qualify for the draw. Remember, your vote counts in deciding Namibia's favourite restaurants so let the eating, voting and winning begin.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Omarion speeding to Namibia
  • Omarion speeding to NamibiaOmarion speeding to NamibiaLive in Windhoek for the first time If you are a fan of Omarion this is your chance to meet and mingle with the 'Distance' singer without paying a hefty fee for a plane ticket. He has been in the music business since he was a teenager. Former B2K member, actor and songwriter Omarion has taken all of his life lessons and packed them into his next musical endeavours. Earlier this year he debuted his Tokyo-based video Word 4 Word from his fifth album and in a video has confirmed that he will be coming to perform in Namibia on 26 October at the Independence Stadium.

    The American-born artist, actor and dancer will be touring to the land of brave soon for the first time and promises a night to remember for those who attend. The event organisers Westcoast DC opted for Omarion after finding out about his huge fan base in Namibia. “We want to create an event that has never been done before. We want to bring Hollywood to Namibia. Omarion is a talented musician who currently is one of the most sought-after performers globally. He has just finished a month-long tour of Australia. His music is very popular in Namibia,” said Mondo from Westcoast DC.

    Although the organisers have received criticism for the artist line-up on social media, those due to perform are equally good and this brings about a diverse musical event. Amongst the names are Tate Butti, TKB, gospel songbird Maranatha, Young T, and Freeda. “We contacted a number of artists to take part in the event and this is the team that we could strike a chord with. They are very talented entertainers and we believe they have what it takes to wow a crowd,” Mondo said. More updates will be given in due course on the event's social media platforms.

    The tickets can be purchased at any Computicket outlet countrywide. The prices are N$250 for general tickets, N$450 for golden circle and N$1 000 for VIP.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Song Night wraps up for 2017
  • Song Night wraps up for 2017Song Night wraps up for 2017A successful year of music Doing it one last time for the year 2017, this Song Night is a must-attend. With a stellar line-up of 16 acts, Song Night is set to have an unforgettable African festival themed year-end bash on 30 August at the Warehouse Theatre.

    According to the director Lize Ehlers, the line-up is so crazy it will have you moving your heart and feet in celebration of a successful year.

    “Even though it's an African-themed event, only locals will grace the stage because we too are Africans, children of Mamma Africa so, let our music play on,” said Ehlers.

    Song Night is trying to decentralise but the costs involved are still halting the extension.

    “Equipment, trainers and bands have to be transported and accommodated during the process and this costs money. Song Night has uplifted and mentored new singers to gain newfound confidence and tools to improve their singing to make it into a part time or full time career,” said Ehlers.

    Although only showcasing three shows this year, 2017 has offered some of the most incredible shows on the scene this year. With February Song Night making waves and June Song Night being the biggest in the history of Song Night bring One Blood fans to the Warehouse Theatre for the first time. Various Song Nighters are set to launch singles before the year ends including the Song Night ambassador, Frans Marti.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Celebrating arts
  • Celebrating artsCelebrating arts The year 2017 brings with it the fourth iteration of the Bank Windhoek Triennial at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN).

    The nationwide arts exhibition and competition that takes place every three years started in 2008 and two other exhibitions were held in 2011 and 2014. The fourth event is thus on during September this year.

    The aim of the triennial is to celebrate visual arts in Namibia as well as to raise the standards and perception of arts in Namibia. This exhibition is also an opportunity to engage in dialogue around cultural diversity within our society to promote unity in celebrating diversity. All artists were invited to apply to be part of this exhibition.

    From over 350 entries, the judges chose 70 artworks by 60 artists and the panel of five judges made a selection of artworks for the exhibition as well as the prize winners.

    There are four cash prizes which will be awarded to the most exceptional artworks and will be announced at the opening.

    The exhibition officially opens on 1 September at 18:00 at the NAGN and closes on 28 October.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Taking one for Namibia
  • Taking one for NamibiaTaking one for NamibiaThe only Namibian film in the Jozi Film Festival The search for the winner for Discovery Channel's new award category at the sixth annual Jozi Film Festival has heated up after receiving over 200 entries from across Africa, but only 10 were chosen. The Discovery Channel recently announced the Top 10 finalists for the Discovery Channel 'Don't Stop Wondering' award and a Namibian film 'Another Sunny Day' has made it to the top 10.

    The idea of the film based on the harsh Namibian sun came as a joke. Tim Huebschle, the producer, was driving to his house from the gym and because he couldn't locate his shades he was avoiding the glare from the sun by dodging it and just like that, 'Another Sunny Day' was born.

    Imagine how difficult life must be for someone whose skin needs protection and who must suffer the heat from the desert sun. Now imagine living in a country with an average of 80% sunny weather in a year.

    Welcome to Paulus's life in Namibia. Shot in six days, edited and submitted, Huebschle says he didn't expect his little film to make it into top 10 of the Discovery Channel new award category at the sixth annual Jozi Film Festival.

    The movie follows Paulus Johannes, a man who lives with albinism.

    This means his skin is exposed for long hours to the scorching sun. Paulus's homeland is Namibia.

    This sunny weather adds to Namibia's beauty but imagine how Paulus feels and what he has to do to cope under such a harsh climate.

    'Another Sunny Day' provides a brief glimpse into how Paulus manages to endure life in this hot climate.

    Following the “Don't Stop Wondering” theme of the competition, the film sets out to make the audience experience the act of wondering as they watch the film.

    Why does this guy have to take so much care when exposed to the sun is the question that stays with the audience until the answer is revealed at the end of the three-minute film.

    Huebschle says the idea was to create a film that would touch the audience and leave them with an emotional connection with a person with albinism living in hot climate. “All of us have a relationship with the sun and most of us love the sunshine, but have we ever stopped for a moment and wondered what a person whose skin has no sun protection whatsoever must feel? If the film leaves you with that thought, and the next time you encounter a person with albinism, you should have a better understanding of one of the many challenges they face on a daily basis,” Huebschle wonders.

    Huebschle, who was born in Germany and raised in Namibia, started making independent short films in 2000 while interning at production companies in Berlin. In 2003 he returned to his home country Namibia, where he handled the production of a documentary TV series for the national broadcaster.

    Since then he has shot a wide range of short films, TV series, commercials and music videos, some of which garnered local and international acclaim at a few film festivals and award ceremonies.

    Asked how this nomination could positively impact some challenges that Namibian filmmakers face, Huebschle says there are many things that could change, including finance. “Generally I'd say all of us filmmakers struggle to find the necessary financial resources to realise our creative efforts. It's important to tell our stories so that future generations have the ability to understand what made us tick in the 2010s,” he said. Huebschle says it's already a great honour to be among the top 10 films from the African continent. Should the film bring the grand prize home, he hopes that finding funding for more such non-fiction shorts and other films about relevant and topical issues in Namibia becomes easier.

    Vote for “Another Sunny Day” on the Discovery website www.discoverychannelafrica.com before 10:00 28 August. “People should watch the movie. It's concise and offers a different perspective on the abundance of sunshine in our country. If you like the film, then please drop us a vote on the website,” said Huebschle.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Natural is lekker
  • Natural is lekkerNatural is lekkerCelebrating African hair and beauty The third annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo will once again bring vendors and revellers together to celebrate the diversity in African hair and beauty. Organisers have also invited bloggers and entrepreneurs with different focus points to document their experience at the expo from their perspective. Leah Misika, Lynn Komu, Lorna Mabuku and Varaa Hambira are expected to live blog at the event, giving their followers an insight into their different areas of expertise that range from fashion design, blogging, modelling and entrepreneurship.

    Taking place 9 September, at the (IUM) Dorado Park campus in Windhoek, the expo will offer a platform that will introduce different topics and activities to revellers in attendance. With an African-inspired theme, organisers are promising a beautiful setting that will celebrate everything African. As usual, vendors will be present to offer shoppers an array of beauty and hair products, food, beverages, home-made organic products, natural products for hair, skin and even beards! Others will bring in international hair care brands, handmade jewellery, local cuisine and so much more.

    Keeping to the high standards set in previous years, this year is expected to be bigger and better, and revellers of all ages can expect non-stop entertainment throughout the day.

    “We will have a local DJ to keep the beat going, and feature performances by musicians such as Michael Pulse and a few others, poetry, face and body painting, discussions on hair care, skin care, trending topics and activities for the kids,” said Gaseb one of the founders and organisers.

    The expo will take place from 10:00 till 17:00. Tickets are already on sale for N$100 via www.webtickets.com

    Staff Reporter

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    A festival that celebrates African artsA festival that celebrates African arts The African Music and Arts Festival (AMAF), a celebration of Africa's unity and culture through music and arts, is a unique arts festival expressing diversity and heritage.

    The event is the first of its kind in Namibia and includes music and visual arts performances by Namibian artists and some from across the continent.

    Mindscape Events, the organisers, believe that in a world of diversity where often values clash, music leaps across language barriers and unites people of different cultural backgrounds. The festival is called to celebrate unity and culture through music which the organisers feel is currently lacking in the entertainment industry.

    “The festival is to expose talent to the national and international music scene,” says Gordon Jay.

    The event promises to be a blend of fun and economic benefit for food vendors where one gets the opportunity to taste African cuisine, art and craft stalls from different cultures that will be on show.

    Award winning reggae dancehall artist and Disappear hit maker Winky D will be headlining the event and share the stage with Namibian talents including Sally and Savannah Afros.

    The AMAF will take place on 2 September at the Zoo Park amphitheatre from 14:00 until late. Tickets are N$200 for adults and N$35 for children.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Don't be a chicken
  • Don't be a chickenDon't be a chickenRealgood kitchen with real good cooks The Realgood Kitchen series is aimed to further encourage the use of the Namib Poultry product amongst Namibians. The search for six contestants across all cultures to cook live on TV and share their cooking tips with the public finally came to an end. The TV series by Namib Poultry is to encourage healthy eating and home cooking while at the same time to show off versatile it is to be in the kitchen with chicken. Using real Namibians that have a real passion for cooking with very little TV experience, the series also aims to show that the product is for any household that is pro Namibian.

    The kitchen series is comprised of 18 shows with each contestant having to use three different recipes to prepare their tasty meals. These are divided up into a budget recipe, special occasion recipe and cultural recipe and whilst cooking, the contestants will share their kitchen tips and secret ingredients. The series will be airing on NBC and One Africa in three-minute yet satisfying segments.

    The series will be airing as of 11 September and will also be available on Namib Poultry's YouTube channel and social media pages.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Who's your hero?
  • Who's your hero?Who's your hero? Namibia is regarded as a very small country especially when looking at the entertainment industry. We have made huge and successful strides in other areas such as sports and politics. We are celebrating Heroes' Day in Namibia this weekend and I had time this week to reflect on some of my favourite entertainment industry heroes as well.

    We have had heroes and heroines who have fought for the liberation and independence of our country and they were successful, and we owe a great deal of gratitude to them. These super humans I speak of made a lot sacrifices for our country. In the music industry we also need the same kind of heroes and heroines just like the ones who fought for our country. There is a need for continuous unity amongst our artists. The picture right now is such that artists are only concerned about their individual projects and not with one another. Everyone plays for a specific team or is a part of just one group and they are not trying to unite or join forces with each other to make a meaningful contribution towards the industry. If you are just going to support your own team and not the industry as a whole, our industry will only be developed in few areas.

    We need more heroes and heroines in the industry to stand together and fight for its betterment. There is still room for improvement in the industry. More established artists in the fields of arts, music, fashion and many others spheres need to make sure they mentor and guide upcoming artists. I have realised that many of our upcoming artist in the industry as a whole like to compete with one another, and, as well as with established artists. Instead what they should be doing is to make sure that they pull their resources together and collaborate with one another to add value to their careers and the industry in the long term.

    Think of the future and not of yourself only; think of the industry as a whole and not just about your individual career. If more artists and creative people unite with one another with the same vision for the industry the healthier the industry will be. There are a few people who have in the past fought for the industry that we find ourselves in. They have poured their hearts, money, blood, sweat, tears and passion into the industry. We need a few more people to take the baton from them and carry on progressing the industry just like the ones before them. For everyone who has contributed to the industry and has made valuable and tangible contributions your hard work is not in vain.

    And then, let's be safe this weekend on the roads.

    June Shimuoshili


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Swanky mall for Gobabis
  • Swanky mall for GobabisSwanky mall for GobabisCurrent centre to be revamped Residents of Gobabis will soon have a 9 300-square-metre shopping centre in their town. Gobabis deputy mayor Cornelius Tjizoo has called on local businesspeople to consider investing in the town to uplift residents' living standards.

    He was speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a planned 9 300-square-metre shopping centre by Safland Property Group, developers of the Grove Mall in Windhoek.

    “We will be fooling ourselves if we think the regional government can meet all its intended objectives without the active participation of the private sector. Simply put, without the private sector, we are nothing,” he said.

    The Gobabis Shopping Mall is expected to be fully operational towards the end of this year.

    The new mall, expected to be the region's single largest shopping venue, will be an extension of the current shopping centre housing South African retail giant Shoprite.

    The current centre measuring 2 966 square metres will be revamped and extended to accommodate tenants that are not yet represented at the town.

    Tjizoo said the town was open to any kind of investment, provided that such economic activity would not only offer a feasible business opportunity, but also put food on the table of residents through employment.

    “Our people are in need of services which can be provided by businesspeople, but more so, they are also in need of jobs in order to provide for themselves,” he said.

    He encouraged other business ventures to take advantage of the town's location as a gateway to Botswana and the rest of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) by setting up shop here.

    “We are ideally located to serve your business interest in SADC and beyond, and we are ready for business investors,” he said.

    Omaheke governor Festus Ueitele called for the private sector to play a more defining role in the economic development of the region.

    Ueitele said despite the good intentions of public-private partnerships, such efforts are yet to fully take shape and transform into tangible projects and programmes.

    Ueitele said the government cannot go it alone as far as development is concerned because of the mammoth responsibility that entails such processes.

    As such, it will be ideal if the private sector comes on board by complementing government programmes and projects to allow the nation to reap best results in service delivery.

    “The government is the mother of all development in the country, but such responsibility cannot be left to it alone. We welcome the private sector as a formidable partner in development,” he said.

    Referring to the envisaged shopping mall as an excellent example of public-private partnerships whereby the local municipality provided serviced land for the project, Ueitele said such acts need to be replicated in other projects.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: New fuel entrant
  • New fuel entrantNew fuel entrantNamcor plans mass retail fuel outlets Namcor says its new brand image is aligned to its business strategy. Namibia MD Immanuel Mulunga says Namcor is now ready to make its long-awaited entry into the retail fuel market.

    He was speaking at a brand unveiling in Windhoek on Wednesday evening.

    “The company will enter the market and roll out its retail strategy via organic and inorganic growth. An organic network development strategy entails the construction of retail fuel outlets while an inorganic development strategy entails the purchase of infrastructure of existing players in the market,” Mulunga said.

    According to him, Namcor will be targeting the central, northern and coastal areas to grow its network of service stations.

    Namcor's downstream strategy is to establish and secure strategically located fuel and lubrication distribution networks to provide services to customers across the country.

    Mulunga had initially announced that it would be rolling out service stations during the recent Interstate Committee meeting, the Namibia Economist reported.

    According to him, Namcor's current retail rollout strategy to enter the fuel retail sector is set to ensure uninterrupted supply of petroleum products into the country and ensure participation in the full value chain process of importation, storage, distribution and marketing of finished petroleum products.

    Mulunga said the roll out will start with the fuel retail outlets in towns where it has infrastructure such as storage containers and depots.

    “Renovation, upgrading and actual construction of essential infrastructure is ongoing and planned for in Ondangwa, Grootfontein, Gobabis and Otjiwarongo,” he said.

    The deputy minister of mines and energy, Kornelia Shilunga, announced at the ceremony that Namcor had transferred 56% of its stake in the Kudu project to BW Kudu, a subsidiary of BW Offshore.

    According to her, Namcor and BW Offshore remained poised to sanction the project by the end of the year while it was expected to get financial approval from interested parties, who she did not disclose, by the middle of next year.


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     Russian ambassador to Sudan found dead Russian ambassador to Sudan found dead Russia's ambassador to Sudan, veteran diplomat Mirgayas Shirinsky, was found dead in the swimming pool at his Khartoum home on Wednesday, Sudanese and Russian officials said.

    "The Russian ambassador died this evening at his Khartoum residence," the Sudanese foreign ministry said in a statement, without giving a cause of death.

    "He was found dead in the swimming pool of his residence at 19:05 pm," police spokesperson Omar al-Mokhtar told AFP.

    "Preliminary investigation shows that his death was natural," he said, as an embassy spokesperson said it apparently was caused by a heart attack.

    Russia's RIA Novosti state news agency reported the veteran diplomat's death, citing the foreign ministry in Moscow.

    "We grieve to announce that on August 23 in Khartoum the Russian ambassador to Sudan, M. Shirinsky, died," it said.

    The press secretary at Russia's embassy, Sergei Konyashin, said there were signs the ambassador had suffered a heart attack.

    "Mirgayas Shirinsky was found in his residency in a suburb of Khartoum with signs of an acute heart attack," Konyashin told Rossiya-24 TV.

    "Doctors were called but they didn't manage to save him."

    Mokhtar said Sudanese officials had taken Shirinsky's body to a morgue in the capital and were awaiting instructions from the Russian foreign ministry.

    A fluent Arabic and English speaker, Shirinsky had been a diplomat since 1977, the embassy said on its website.

    He studied at Moscow Institute of International Relations and had been appointed as ambassador to Khartoum in 2013, having previously served as ambassador to Rwanda.

    Shirinsky's long diplomatic career also included postings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Flooding kills 1 000
  • Flooding kills 1 000Flooding kills 1 000Thousands at risk in South Asia monsoon flooding About 1 000 people have been killed and 24 million affected following widespread floods across South Asia. The death toll from floods sweeping South Asia has climbed above 1 000, officials said yesterday, as rescue teams try to reach millions stranded by the region's worst monsoon disaster in recent years.

    Thousands of soldiers and emergency personnel have been deployed across India, Bangladesh and Nepal, where authorities say a total of 1 009 bodies have been recovered since August 10 when intense rainfall started falling.

    Twenty-six bodies were found Wednesday in Bihar, a hard-hit state in India's east, taking the death toll there to 367, said Anirudh Kumar, a top state disaster management official.

    "We still have nearly 11 million people affected in 19 districts of the state," he told AFP, adding 450 000 flood evacuees had taken shelter in government refuges.

    In neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, floods have swamped nearly half the vast state of 220 million, India's most populous.

    Disaster management agency spokesman T P Gupta told AFP said 82 people had died and more than two million affected by the disaster there.

    The state borders Nepal, where 146 people have died and 80 000 homes destroyed in what the United Nations is calling the worst flooding in 15 years.

    Nepal's home ministry warned the death toll could rise as relief teams reach more remote parts of the impoverished mountainous country.

    In the Himalaya region in India's northwest, landslides caused by heavy rain have claimed 54 lives, the vast majority in one huge avalanche of mud that swept two buses off a mountainside.

    The situation was slowly easing in West Bengal and Assam, two states in India's east and northeast where 223 people have died.

    Floods in Assam - the second wave to hit the state in less than four months - have wrought widespread destruction, killing 71 people and swathes of native wildlife, including a Bengal tiger and 15 rare one-horned rhinos.

    In the low-lying state of West Bengal, where 152 people have died, hundreds of thousands have escaped submerged villages by boats and makeshift rafts to reach government aid stations.

    Across the border in Bangladesh, water levels were slowly returning to normal in the main Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers.

    The government's disaster response body said Thursday the death toll stood at 137, with more than 7.5 million affected since flooding hit the riverine nation.


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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Cartoon
  • CartoonCartoon Cartoon for friday

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    How to do office work without lifting a fingerHow to do office work without lifting a finger There comes a time in every employee's working life when you just don't feel like working, yet since it's not your company – you have to anyway. The hood has its own tried and tested ways of how to get past a feat and still get your bonus at the end of the year.

    If these methods fail then…well, then you are just unlucky and ought to run for the hills at the nearest off-ramp!

    1 – Never walk without a document in your hands.

    People with documents in their hands look like hardworking employees on their way to important meetings. People with nothing in their hands look like they are headed for the cafeteria.

    Even better, make sure you carry a lot of stuff home with you, as it gives the impression that you work long hours at home. But only do this if you are single, else the Queen Bee will be angry and you do not want to endure the furry of a bee scorned!

    2 – Use computers to look busy.

    Any time you use a computer, it looks like work to the casual observer. You can send and receive personal e-mails, chat and generally have a blast without doing anything work related.

    Poke someone of Facebook, run behind another on Twitter (sorry, I meant 'follow') – whatever you can do on a PC, just do it to look busy.

    When you are caught by your boss – and believe me, you will get caught – your best defence is to claim you were teaching yourself how to use new software (thereby saving company training costs)!

    3 – Messy desk.

    Top management can get away with a clean desk. For the rest of us however, it looks like we are not working hard enough. Build huge piles of documents around your workspace.

    To the observer, last year's work looks exactly like today's work. If you know somebody is coming to your desk, bury the document you need in the middle of the stack and rummage for it when s/he arrives.

    In office terms, such a messy table is called an 'organised mess'. The logic is knowing where everything is at any given time. Quite a task – but nonetheless possible.

    4 – Build vocabulary.

    Read up on some computer magazines and pick out all the jargon and new products. Use the phases freely when in conversation with the bosses. Remember, they do not have to understand what you say, but you will sound impressive.

    There is no fun in saying 'We expect to save money when we go for option A.. .'. Put that in proper semantics and say “The Company will be able to expedite on the more affluent investments by learning more towards a sustainable monetary gain…”

    5 – Creative sighing for effect.

    Sigh loudly when there are many people around, giving the impression that you are under extreme pressure. Run amok like a headless chicken and throw your hand in the air every time you pass a friend's cubicle!

    Ok, to be honest, you may actually pass as a mentally disturbed person who belongs in the psychiatric ward of the hospital, but then again there is always a pretty good chance that it will work.

    6 – Leave the office late.

    Always leave the office late, especially when the boss is still around. You could read magazines and books that you always wanted to read until late before leaving. You could also be chatting on Facebook to your friends in the United Kingdom.

    Whatever you do, make it sound busy – hit the keyboard extra hard, yawn, gasp for air – whatever is necessary to convince the boss that you are tired, but because of your love for the company and the country, you will rise above challenges!

    Make sure you walk past the boss's office on your way out. Also, send those important e-mails at unearthly hours (e.g. 9:35pm, 7:05am, etc) and during public holidays.

    Well, if the formula in one of the above methods fails (and you end up with a black mamba instead of a nice cuddly teddy bear), then you probably ought to resign before you get fired!

    After all, bosses were at one or the other time subordinates and they too know how to play the game just too well.

    Until then…


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    The land conference does not have the answersThe land conference does not have the answers By Tulinane Obed Emvula (Snr).

    When people fear to face reality they tend to become mythical about that reality and hope that the myth would provide positive answers. That's why people sculpt images from wood, stone or metal and worship them to provide what they want. They give up power to something that does not in truth have power.

    This is what one sees happening with the land issue in Namibia. We want a land conference hoping that it would have more power to address the land challenges than us as a collective of individuals. But no – we have power to resolve the land-related challenges effectively. But, of course if we have hidden agendas to address through a land conference such as reverting to tribal land claims and racist denial of the reality of the situation, then let's call a spade what it is – a spade! This second conference tends to be a mythical projection of our unwillingness to face the issue head-on and is creating problems instead. If the willing seller and willing buyer has proven difficult – and obviously it should be so – then it should be abrogated. Is that the central point of the conference?

    To those who wish to use the conference for ethnic or tribal outbursts the following should be said emphatically – Namibia is a unitary state and a Republic, at that, and, this land by law is only one, without any other former appendages such as homelands. In Namibia there is no longer Ovamboland, Damaraland, Hereroland, Kavangoland and the like. It is like you are in a shop today and you are told something costs two rand and five cents. We understand what you mean, but those things no longer exist. So you may say I am going to Ovamboland, but in reality you are going to Oshikoto, Ohangwena or Omusati region.

    The first Land Conference had a purpose, because the situation and conditions required for it to be held. The situation was tense and uncertain, because of whom we were. We were SWAPO versus the 'DTA and the Boers' and so on. Distrust and fear dominated at the time. Today we have all the knowledge and understanding of our situation and are in total control as a united people. In spite of some errant individuals we are today one nation. Babies who were born at independence are the de facto owners of this land at age 27; whether they are white or black.

    The answer to the land challenge is available and it is according to the people's initiatives and the Government's positive and practical responses.

    The solution is this. Every Namibian – has the right to land use and occupation. The Creator of the land had a purpose for it – to provide everything the humans and other life forms need. Theologically, God has prohibited land from being commercialised; so did the wisdom of our ancestors until we accepted the European capitalist, poverty creating and class generating ideology at independence.

    Let everyone state clearly what they want the land for and let the land manager give the land as per the expressed needs. In that you have the obvious; that land cannot simply be occupied to do nothing with. Particularly us the previously indigenous people like to occupy land for doing nothing. No one should be given any land for not doing anything with it. The land must produce food, beauty and functional habitat. In that lie the land ownership solutions. Let us express and put it to Government what kind and how much land we want for our particular purposes. Let Government give that land and monitor compliance with the original intent to use that land productively. Namibia is big enough for all of us. But the land must be used or if not be taken away from anyone whosoever, and be given to those who want and can use it for the common good. A good warning for both foreign and local absent landlords!

    The second land conference could create more problems than answers. Problems are issues that our thinking has failed to address. When you stop thinking you become emotional. Do we need an emotional conference?

    The only thing that we must guard against is the shortsightedness that one observes in our Government practices that create long-term problems for posterity. Unlike challenges, problems cannot be resolved, because they probably have thematic and legal constraints. Namibia is too loose with allowing foreigners do all kind of things with our land for whatever incomprehensible reasons. One can only guess that it could be ignorance and lack of self confidence in doing our own things that make lawmakers accept foreign proposals that have far-reaching future consequences. We have a liberal Constitution, but we should not allow Namibia to become a free playing toy for all.

    The state of Namibia must strongly, consistently, persistently and eternally drill it into the minds of Namibians that we have a greater vision to establish – the unification of the African Continent to become the United States or Union of Africa. No one should be misled or allowed to entertain fantasies of reviving tribal kingdoms or homelands; or whatever divisive tendencies or deliberate instigation – such as those insinuations borne in concepts such as ancestral territory.

    This point could be the only one relevant to a land conference whereby we decide to stand together and develop our country, to become one of the African territories that are fast marching towards the African Union by way of managing our household well – by ourselves!

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Namibia's job crisis
  • Namibia's job crisisNamibia's job crisis The high unemployment rate, particularly among the youth, has for a long time been an issue of grave concern. The job crisis in our country has indeed deepened, with the labour ministry this week saying over 1 000 jobs have been lost in just three months. Many young graduates have joined the long queues of thousands of Namibians who are seeking employment in the public and private sector. The problems of our economy are deep-seated and the current economic outlook is indicative of the irresponsible and sustainable manner in which the economy has been managed over the years. Government cuts are now sweeping through all economic sectors and this has threatened thousands of jobs. Critical areas such as education, healthcare and sport have all been scaled back and there doesn't seem to be much hope on the horizon yet. Experts believe that the tough times will only be over by 2019. This stagnant growth of the Namibian economy also impacts heavily on all efforts by government to help alleviate poverty and the high levels of inequality still prevalent in our society. Reducing poverty and promoting broad-based growth while maintaining macro-economic stability remains a challenge for Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein and his team at the Fiscus building. Obviously job creation is not only the role of government, but the private sector plays a leading role and must also be at the forefront of driving solutions to the high unemployment rate. The construction sector, which has been the main private sector driver of the economy, is equally bleeding, with job losses amounting to plus, minus 10 000 feared. In its latest figures, the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA), noted that close to 350 000 Namibians out of an estimated labour force of 1.5 million are without jobs, resulting in a very high unemployment rate of 34%. Clearly these statistics pose a threat to the country's fragile political order and remains a ticking time bomb. We have enormous opportunities in this country and equally there is a need for us to support small businesses and social enterprises to spur job creation and much needed economic growth.

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  • 08/24/17--16:00: Red Flag confusion lingers
  • Red Flag confusion lingersRed Flag confusion lingersCommemoration site remains hot potato There is once again simmering tension between Ovaherero groups ahead of this year's Red Flag Day commemoration. Confusion surrounds the venue for the annual Red Flag commemoration slated for this weekend, with only a day left to the event.

    General Field Marshal of the Red Flag Regiment, Ismael Kamuhapita told Nampa this week the commemoration will be held at Plot No. 1756 in Nau-Aib, Okahandja.

    This plot, according to the Mayor of Okahandja Congo Hindjou, was leased to the Red Flag Regiment in 2010 for a period of two decades.

    However, head of the OtjikaTjamuaha Royal House Tjinaani Maharero said the gathering will be on Plot No.1755, which at the moment belongs to the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA).

    According to Maharero, a court order issued in 2014 states that the 'holy fire', which signifies hope and a site of communication with the ancestors, should be restored east of the corrugated iron structure at this plot.

    He said the order had never been challenged, which makes it still valid.

    This structure was however removed from this plot after the OTA bought the area and has now been re-constructed at Plot No. 1756, which is adjacent to 1755.

    “We stand by the court order and will be gathered at Plot No. 1755 as ordered by the court,” Maharero told Nampa.

    Not only is the interest in holding the commemoration at this plot driven by the court order, but Maharero further explained that this plot and the removed house were of sentimental value to the OtjikaTjamuaha clan, and entire Ovaherero community.

    He told this agency that when the remains of Samuel Maharero were brought from Botswana for reburial in Okahandja, it was done from this plot in the corrugated iron structure that was removed.

    This structure according to Maharero belonged to Tjihimangongo Maharero, a sister to Samuel Maharero.

    He also said all the late chiefs of the Ovaherero community buried in Okahandja had their funerals at this plot and in the very structure that was demolished.

    Asked about the significance of the holy fire, the chief explained that the fire signifies blessings and good luck and the site is a place of communication with the ancestors.

    “Like they light a torch during our independence celebrations it is customary for us to light the holy fire a few days before the commemoration,” he explained.

    The Red Flag Day also marks the remembrance of the life of Samuel Maharero and the great struggle against German troops.

    The day was introduced by the late Chief Hosea Katjikururume Kutako after the return of the remains of Samuel Maharero on 23 August 1923.

    Contacted for comment, spokesperson of the OTA Bob Vezera Kandetu denied receiving any communication from the Maherero clan with regard to holding this year's commemoration on plot 1755.


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    Rehoboth divided over land dealRehoboth divided over land deal The Rehoboth Town Council appears to be divided over an application from a joint venture between a Chinese brickmaker and a local resident, lobbying to occupy land outside the town.

    Rehoboth CEO Christophe /Uirab this week confirmed that his office had entered into a gentlemen's agreement with the company, which expires on 14 September.

    According to /Uirab, the company has, despite objections from the community, occupied the land for about six months but has not yet paid a cent of the proposed N$6 000 monthly fee.

    When asked whether the council can afford this kind of courtesy given its financial troubles, /Uirab said: “I do not think they will do funny things. I certainly do not believe the payment will be an issue.”

    /Uirab also argued the “many” objections from council and community members are simply “personal” and should not be given much thought.

    He added that he feels compelled to provide the company with an “ideal” piece of land to operate because it supplies bricks to government for the construction of a hostel in the town.

    “They were operating elsewhere but the previous owner evicted them. They are supplying material to a government project so we must make a plan to give them a site. The people from the ministry have also questioned the issue of payment, but if we do not give them land then the project will come to a standstill,” he insisted.

    According to United People's Movement (UPM) councillor, Lennie Pienaar, objections were tabled at a council meeting.

    “Some of the nearby businesses including the abattoir, the Hobasen Rest Camp and the community trust which includes a community garden submitted objections. The council objected but it was decided to call a meeting with the business owners, but this meeting never transpired,” said Pienaar.

    According to Pienaar, the company provides bricks to the Vooruitsig Primary School hostel, where the Rehoboth mayor Christina Blaauw is a principal.

    “In fact it is strange if you say now the agreement was not signed, she told us in a council meeting that she had signed it because it is her school,” Pienaar said.

    Attempts to contact Blaauw proved futile.

    Community outrage

    Firebrand community activist Abes Kaibeb said /Uirab's argument is an insult to the town's construction industry. According to him, there are plenty of brickmakers at the town that can supply the hostel construction with material.

    “We cannot allow the Chinese to operate and provide unskilled labour while Rehoboth is full of unemployed builders and artisans,” said Kaibeb.

    Meanwhile, Anti-Corruption Commission director-general Paulus Noa said an incomplete case of corruption has been registered against the company.

    He called on the community members to return to the commission and provide more details that can support the claim that the town council has operated corruptly.


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