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  • 07/26/17--16:00: Swartbooi loses NA seat
  • Swartbooi loses NA seatSwartbooi loses NA seatSwift action seen as unfair Swapo says it cannot have someone making controversial statements while representing the party in parliament. The Swapo Party politburo on Monday evening decided to withdraw Bernadus Swartbooi as member of parliament after the young firebrand made controversial comments about the ruling party at a dinner of the Landless People's Movement (LPM) in Keetmanshoop over the weekend.

    Swartbooi was not expelled from the party, but it is expected that he will announce his resignation from Swapo today.

    Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba said Swartbooi was withdrawn from parliament after he had reportedly remarked: “I am 99.9% not Swapo. The moment they withdraw me from the National Assembly or parliament, in 30 seconds I will resign from Swapo.”

    Swartbooi yesterday would not comment on these developments but emphasised that he had said he was “99.9% not OPO trading as Swapo”. OPO was the former Ovamboland People's Organisation, the precursor of Swapo.

    “We are not quarrelling with anybody who is demanding that our land issue should be dealt with,” said Mbumba. “But you cannot be a member of Swapo in the National Assembly making these types of statements.”

    Mbumba said while Swartbooi was free to express his opinions on things, he could not “just say anything while he is representing the party in the National Assembly making laws and yet in his own words he is not even Swapo”.

    Asked whether Swapo was concerned about losing support because of the ousting of Swartbooi, Mbumba said: “It is not the first time someone decides to leave the party with his family and supporters. We'll see. They, like us, will have to explain ourselves to the voters. We are one family. We do not want family breaking windows.”

    The fallout with Swartbooi and others in the LPM is making ripples within the party.

    A member of the party's politburo and central committee, Kazenambo Kazenambo, described Swartbooi's withdrawal from parliament as a leadership crisis in the party.

    Kazenambo said it was indicative of an autocratic leadership where voicing divergent opinions was not allowed.

    “Swartbooi is raising pertinent issues and he got fired [as deputy minister of land reform] for nothing. This is a man prepared to sacrifice for the values of Swapo and I am ready to go down with him. I am more than prepared to go down with him,” Kazenambo said.

    Next in line

    Mbumba did not say who would replace Swartbooi in parliament but did mention that the person next on the party list is “next in line”.

    The next person on the party list is Paula Kooper after Gothard Kasuto replaced Asser Kapere and Karina Hanse-Himarwa and Jerry Ekandjo were presidential appointees.

    Mbumba said he would first have to announce the name to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Peter Katjavivi.


    The swiftness with which Swartbooi was kicked out of parliament has led many to question why the party is not taking similar steps against Omaheke governor Festus Ueitele and Omusati governor Erginus Endjala, who were asked to apologise after making unsavoury and tribal remarks about others.

    Mbumba said at the time of this week's politburo meeting the party was unaware of Endjala's remarks. He added, however, that there would be consequences for erring party members.

    “There are times when people say things immediately and sincerely apologise, but certain attitudes are fundamental to our character; that we do not go around and say bad things about other people. Some are brave enough to say it and say it openly. Eventually everything is out in the open and the consequences one way or the other, whether through elections or decisions taken by party structures, will come,” said Mbumba.

    No disciplinary process preceded Swartbooi's recall from parliament.

    “Whatever Chief [Vekuii] Rukoro has said or done, he was not representing us in a place that makes laws,” Mbumba said about Rukoro's accepted apology for remarking that the Swapo-led government was an “Oshiwambo government”.


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  • 07/26/17--16:00: Fishing blues for anglers
  • Fishing blues for anglersFishing blues for anglers Recreational and commercial anglers at the coast are facing serious hurdles after a sudden announcement by the fisheries ministry of steep price hikes of up to 10 000% for permits and levies on landed fish.

    Many say that the impact of the price hikes could be far-reaching, forcing some fishing companies to relocate and crushing tourism at the coast.

    For recreational fishing, including sports angling, the ministry has implemented a more than 10 000% price hike. The monthly angling permit now costs N$1 500 instead of N$14.

    A concerned Namibian who declined to be named, but who has reached out to the ministry for clarification on the issue, said the sharp price hikes could likely “kill all recreational fishing on our coast and severely impact on coastal tourism, both domestic and international. It also discriminates against all but the wealthiest people in Namibia.”

    Amateur anglers have expressed concern about how the new fees will affect popular angling competitions at the coast and a letter asking anglers to “keep a cool and calm head in this darkest hour of our fishing industry” told members of the Namibian Rock and Surf Angling Association (NRSAA) that all avenues are being pursued to resolve the issue and settle the fears of the sector.

    In addition to the levy, anglers will also have to pay levies per kilogramme of fish landed, depending on the type of fish. All landed fish must be inspected and certified by a ministry official.

    Critics of the new levies and regulations argue that the additional bureaucracy of getting all caught fish certified by someone appointed by the ministry, plus the monthly fees and the additional landing fees, could effectively” destroy recreational fishing at the coast.

    More bad news

    Small and medium commercial fishing operations will also be hit hard if the new levies per ton of fish landed and levies on quotas remain in place.

    According to sources some fishing companies “are already struggling to make ends meet … and now have to pay a massive levy increase and that, together with other fees” could force these companies to relocate, or take other measures, affecting local economies.

    A source in the fishing industry told Namibian Sun this week that the latest government levies will cripple the horse mackerel industry, which faces increases between 500% and 2 900% for levies per ton of fish landed and levies on quotas.

    The source said the fees are “simply unaffordable” and the industry is discussing the way forward.

    The ministry this week confirmed that subsistence fishermen would not be affected by the new levies.

    Ministry spokesperson De Wet Siluka yesterday said: “Government has taken into consideration those who are not able to afford … and we are going to register them for that matter. In the past anyone could claim to be subsistence fishermen but we have considered registering them so that they can be differentiated from those fishing for recreational purposes.”

    Siluka added that the process of adjusting the levies was undertaken in terms of section 44(3) of the Marine Resources Act in consultation with the Marine Resources Advisory Council and the approval of the minister of finance for the benefit of the Marine Resources Fund.

    The fund is used to defray expenses for research, development, training and education relating to marine resources.

    Cancel the fishing trip

    Many people have bombarded the ministry with requests for clarification and possible amendments to the fees.

    They asked why the public and members of the fishing industry, professional and amateur, were not consulted or involved in the process.

    The increase in fishing permits will affect businesses at the coast, such as shops selling fishing tackle and tourism hot-spots, including Terrace Bay and Torra Bay, popular angling spots run by Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR).

    “NWR has taken note of the latest developments. It is for this that we look forward to engaging with the ministry to see if an amicable solution can be found,” Mufaro Nesongano, spokesperson for NWR, told Namibian Sun yesterday.

    Many have suggested that instead of imposing a single option of a N$1 500 monthly fee, the ministry should consider introducing daily permits or at least reducing the high monthly fee and the extra costs for landed fish.

    For every fish that is caught, an amount of N$30 per kilogramme for steenbras, kob and blacktail, and N$45 per kilogramme for galjoen, must be paid to the ministry seven days before the end of the month in which the fish was landed.

    Ministry spokesperson Siluka said the new regulations would help “strengthen our coastal patrol, in a way that we will be able to cover the S&T as well as overtime cost to our inspectors”, insisting that the ministry was equipped to ensure that enough officers were at hand to ensure compliance with the new rules.

    Siluka yesterday added that while there has been much protest around the new fees, the previous N$14 monthly permit translated to “46 cent a day for a person catching a minimum of ten galjoen or kabeljou, which was way too little compared to neighbouring South Africa.”

    He said the N $1 500 levy translates to N$50 per day.

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    ACC arrests former NSC employeesACC arrests former NSC employees The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested two former employees of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) for alleged financial irregularities.

    Namibian Sun understands that the two former employees were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly misappropriating N$4.9 million at the NSC.

    The investigation started in 2011. It found that cheques made out to various sport bodies were cashed by the two officials, usually for the maximum allowed amount of N$100 000 per cheque.

    The cash never reached the sport organisations and no supporting documentation could be found for the expenditure.

    Information was provided to the ACC that one of the suspects intended leaving Namibia for Ghana.

    The names of the employees are known to Namibian Sun but cannot be published before they appear in court today.

    One of the employees was attached to the finance department while the other was in human resources.

    It is believed that both employees worked for the sports commission for longer than five years.

    ACC chief investigator Nelius Becker confirmed that the ACC had arrested the two, a man and a woman.

    “One former employee and one current employee (who resigned for the end of July 2017) of the National Sport Commission were arrested on corruption charges,” Becker said.

    Becker could not disclose any other details pertaining to the case, stating that the two had yet to appear in court.


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    Mustang's faster than the 911Mustang's faster than the 911 Ford says its 2018 Pony Car beats out Porsche's 911 Carrera. You have already seen what Ford's updated 2018 Mustang looks like, and you should know all about its advanced gizmotronics in Ford's world-reveal story published in January.

    But what's more important in a Pony Car, especially one intended for world distribution, are the ponies under the bonnet. Now Ford has released details of the 2018 Mustang powertrains - and, on paper at least, they are really impressive.

    Ford is quoting a 96km/h blast-off time for the flagship GT variant of less than four seconds in Drag Strip mode, making it the most powerful and fastest accelerating Mustang GT yet; it's also quicker to 96km/h than a Porsche 911 Carrera, which takes 4.4 seconds according to claims.

    The GT's five-litre V8 has been revised to combine high-pressure direct fuel-injection and low-pressure intake port injection, to give you the best of both worlds: Improved torque and response at low revs as well as more top-end power.

    The result, according to chief engineer Carl Widmann, is an 18kW improvement in peak power, from 325 to 343kW, and a 5.7% increase in torque, from 540 to 570Nm.

    New 10-speed transmission

    The previous model's six-speed 'box has been replaced by a new 10 speed paddle-shift transmission - designed and built in-house - with direct-acting hydraulic controls and real-time adaptive shift scheduling. It has specific mappings for each of the five selectable drive modes - Normal, Sport, Track, Drag Strip and Snow/Wet - including skip-shift and direct downshifting.

    And lastly, Widmann gives credit to the specially designed Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres that come with the new Performance Pack, for improving traction off the line (and everywhere else).

    EcoBoost also boosted

    The 2.3-litre turbopetrol four has also been retuned; power is unchanged at 233kW, torque is up 40Nm to 470Nm. In Drag Strip mode, with Performance Package, 0-100 time is quoted at 'under five seconds'.

    Ford SA has yet to confirm when the facelifted and beef-injected Mustangs will be released in South Africa - as soon as we hear, so will you.


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  • 07/26/17--16:00: Keeping it clean
  • Keeping it cleanKeeping it cleanHere's what you should know about Turbodiesels Turbodiesels are great, fuel-efficient and green… but, can our diesel match up? Motorists were rather late to arrive at the performance/economy party that is the modern turbodiesel engine.

    Whilst Europeans, with the benefit of handsome diesel pump price fuel subsidies, have always preferred turbodiesels over petrols for all but the most committed high-performance applications, the local market only started accepting truck fuel in passenger cars at the turn of the millennium.

    There were two cars crucial to this turbodiesel awakening: Golf IV Tdi and BMW's E46 320d. With 0-100km/h acceleration times the equal of most similarly priced petrol rivals, and vastly superior range, these oil-burning Golf and 3-Series sedans convinced South Africans that turbodiesels were a very viable alternative to their petrol-powered siblings.

    Immense research and development resources were deployed during the first decade after 2000, with increasingly powerful injectors and Piezo ceramic charge technology extracting terrific torque outputs from turbodiesels. All the time, constant throttle fuel economy remained about 20-30% better than any equivalently petrol engine, and for locals and their long-distance driving habits, turbodiesels started making an awful lot of sense.

    Unfortunately, there's been a dark secret to the promotion of turbodiesel. And no, we're not talking emissions and the related VW issue in the US. We're talking diesel quality. And in southern Africa, it's terrifying.

    Fuel is the one issue which can potentially convert your creditworthy turbodiesel ownership experience into one of junk-rated ruin.

    Pressure is the problem

    Turbodiesel engines available for decades, but they lagged embarrassingly in performance compared to similarly sized naturally-aspirated petrol engines. The breakthrough moment for turbodiesels came with the high-pressure, common-rail, injection systems - with fuel delivery precisely controlled by piezoelectric valves.

    These piezo valves, when charged with electricity, expand and contract, allowing for incredibly precise high-pressure fuel atomisation. How high are the pressures involved? Up to 3 000-bar, which is ridiculous, but also the reason that comparable 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines have on average notably more torque than similarly-sized turbopetrols.

    There is a tremendous risk with these high-pressure injection systems, where tolerances are minuscule and any contaminant sourcing from your fuel, is accelerated under 3 000-bar of pressure, and sure to damage the tiny opening it's forced to travel through.

    It's the reason there have been above-average turbodiesel failure rates in the South African market. Our diesel fuel is dirtier than Europe's. In South Africa, diesel is still primarily refined and legislated as an industrial fuel: for heavy transport and farming use. Those engines run much lower injection pressures and can withstand higher volumes of contaminants present in the fuel delivery system.

    Your modern turbodiesel car engine, cannot.

    How do I protect my engine from a costly failure?

    By being conscious of what you are paying for each time your turbodiesel passenger car, bakkie or SUV is running low on fuel. The pump standard is divide into two options: 500- and 50ppm. Obviously, the latter should be your choice, with its greatly reduced sulphur content.

    It's not merely buying the lowest ppm-rated fuel which is crucial, it's where you buy it too. Service stations which appear old, with a forecourt that is filthy, will likely have fuel bunkering infrastructure that is similarly maintained. Poorly. And it's during the stowage and re-circulation from delivery truck to pump, and eventually into your tank, that additional environmental contaminants can be added, escalating injector failure risk.

    The choice advice is to frequent popular service stations with new infrastructure and a high-customer throughput. These outlets receive their fuel on short haul deliveries. Why is that important? Because as a fuel tanker travels, it heats up, and if it delivers after sunset, having started drive in warm daytime temperatures, the cooling affect will cause condensation – and excess water build-up in diesel, is death to injectors.

    Service stations which are modern and exhibit the discipline of good housekeeping will have lower dust risk – and South African dust is particularly damaging to diesel engines, because it contains Silica, which clogs the injection system, or can destroy it under pressure.

    A fuel-stop which has a tidy forecourt, is one which will serve you quality fuel. It's also one which is less likely to be purchasing fuel from a bulk reseller, and often it's in this intermediate logistically supply chain where Paraffin is added to diesel, after the core product has been siphoned off, dangerously reducing the lubricity properties of the tanked supply.

    Sasol does produce some phenomenally clean diesel for South African passenger car users on the Reef. It's rated at 10ppm, but fuel of that quality is the exception, as the transport and bulk stowage of diesel is often afflicted by ill-disciplined housekeeping.

    The principle you should apply? Always fill-up when you see a smart service station. Don't roll into a dust-swept rural one, with analogue pump gauges – and expect them to sell you fairy-fuel diesel which won't damage your high-pressure engine.


    Lance Branquinho

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  • 07/26/17--16:00: BMW denies collusion
  • BMW denies collusionBMW denies collusion German luxury automaker BMW has denied any collusion with industry rivals on emissions from its diesel engines, saying none of its models had been “manipulated” or violated industry regulations.

    As revelations about polluting exhaust continue to buffet Germany's all-important auto sector, the Munich-based giant sought to distance itself from what it called the “scandalisation of diesel motors”.

    The company said in a statement: “The fact is that automobiles from the BMW group are not manipulated and comply with the relevant legal requirements.

    This of course also applies to diesel automobiles. This is confirmed by the relevant results from tests by national and international authorities.”

    Five German automakers involved

    Der Spiegel magazine had reported Friday that German carmakers Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler had secretly worked together from the 1990s onwards on issues including polluting emissions from diesel vehicles.

    Volkswagen, which is facing tens of billions of dollars in compensation and fines after admitting in 2015 to cheating on diesel emissions, had reported the cartel to German competition authorities in a letter seen by the weekly, as did Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler.

    According to the report, carmakers held “innumerable meetings” from 2006 onwards about diesel exhaust processing systems designed to reduce emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

    Carmakers agreed to install only small tanks of a treatment solution, AdBlue, used to convert the gases into harmless water and nitrogen, as larger tanks would have been more expensive.

    The size of the AdBlue tanks agreed on was too small to clean exhaust gases by the necessary amount-- “laying the foundations for the diesel scandal,” Spiegel reported.

    However BMW said it “firmly dismissed the accusation” that its AdBlue tanks were insufficient, meaning that any “recall or retrofitting for the Euro 6 diesel cars is unnecessary”.

    Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 to installing software in 11 million cars worldwide that reduced NOx emissions when it detected that cars were undergoing regulatory tests.

    More recently, authorities' suspicion fell on Mercedes-Benz and Smart maker Daimler, with investigators raiding sites belonging to the group in late May.

    The firm recalled some three million cars last week for a software update designed to reduce emissions.

    Meanwhile, VW subsidiary Audi on Friday recalled up to 850 000 cars fitted with its diesel engines for a similar software update.


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  • 07/27/17--04:18: Swartbooi quits Swapo
  •  Swartbooi quits Swapo Swartbooi quits Swapo Bernadus Swartbooi has resigned from Swapo a day after he was withdrawn by the ruling party as member of parliament. Swartbooi made the announcement today. He said he was leaving “OPO” and has no plans to form or join another political party. Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba said Swartbooi was withdrawn from parliament after he had reportedly remarked: “I am 99.9% not Swapo. The moment they withdraw me from the National Assembly or parliament, in 30 seconds I will resign from Swapo.”


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     Corruption accused ex-NSC officials appear Corruption accused ex-NSC officials appear
    Two former senior officials of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC), who were arrested this week for alleged corruption, appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court this morning. Walter Haseb a former acting chief administrator and Ivone Nande, who was a development officer, were remanded in custody and the case postponed to 20 October 2017 for further investigations. In the meantime the accused will lodge a formal bail application on 18 August 2017. They were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly misappropriating N$4.9 million at the NSC. Read the full story in tomorrow’s Namibian Sun.


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    Legare set for Debmarine showpieceLegare set for Debmarine showpieceCivics and Magic face off The town of Gobabis is set for a memorable football showpiece as clubs gear for a push into the semi-finals tomorrow. Tomorrow's match between Tura Magic FC and Civics is billed as the main attraction of the NFA Debmarine Namibia Cup quarterfinals at the Legare Stadium in Gobabis.

    The game follows a match between Mighty Gunners and Try Again FC, who will open the competition at 12:00.

    Civilians will battle Magic at 14:00 in an all-premier-league affair, with both teams plotting for a place in the semi-finals.

    Arguably the match expected to attract thousands of people will be between Young Africans and Rundu Chiefs at 16:00.

    The pressure will be on Young Africans, who are playing at home, while Rundu Chiefs attempt to spoil the party in Gobabis.

    So far, the Gobabis-based side has played attractive football, scoring quality goals during the competition.

    They come up against a team with premier league experience, though.

    Rundu Chiefs have their sights set on making it to the semi-final and are therefore expected to give it their all in the contest.

    Young Chiefs boss Marley Ngarizemo said his men are prepared to give the home crowd something to celebrate about. He acknowledges the strength of his opponents, however, stating that the game will not be easy.

    Eastern Chiefs and Young Chiefs close the quarterfinals under the floodlights of the Legare Stadium at 18:00.

    Also from Gobabis, Eastern Chiefs are likely to give the Oshakati side a torrid time.

    Young Chiefs, on the other hand, are also prepared to produce an emphatic performance away from home.

    “We admit that it is going to be a very difficult game given that Eastern Chiefs are at home.

    “We have been preparing well for this encounter and now will be the time to prove that we can do better than people expect us to,” Young Chiefs' Nicky Kapuka said.

    The last eight clubs in the Debmarine Namibia Cup each received an increased amount of N$20 000 to prepare for the matches. The same amount will be given in the semi-finals.

    The two finalists will each receive N$30 000 to help prepare for the title-deciding match on 25 November.

    The last games of the competition at Mariental and Walvis Bay produced a total of 36 goals.

    Tickets are available for N$20 from Computicket and at the gate tomorrow.


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    Mourinho pleased with Afcon changesMourinho pleased with Afcon changes Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho on Wednesday welcomed the decision to hold the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in June and July, calling it “perfect” for Premier League clubs.

    “If that's the change it's perfect for us obviously,” he said. “Because it's hard in the middle of the season to lose players like we do ... It's not good for the clubs, it's not good for the competition, and it's not good for the players.”

    The Confederation of African Football announced on Thursday plans for the 2019 edition of the tournament to be held in June and July, rather than in its traditional slot in January and February.

    Mourinho was forced to do without the services of Eric Bailly halfway through the 2016-17 season when the defender departed to represent Ivory Coast in the tournament.

    “So if we can do that, if we manage to move the Africa Cup during the European break it's a fantastic change,” Mourinho said.


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  • 07/27/17--16:00: We are ready for war
  • We are ready for warWe are ready for warHurricanes will bring out the best in us – Kwagga The Emirates Lions are ready to face Vodacom Super Rugby defending champions Hurricanes on Saturday in the semi-final clash. All of New Zealand may have already written off the Emirates Lions' chances of making this year's Vodacom Super Rugby final, but they may well change their mind if they listen to Lions flanker Kwagga Smith.

    While the Lions are sure to face their moment of truth against the defending champions, the Hurricanes, at Emirates Airline Park this weekend in their semi-final clash, Smith was one of the few in the side that missed both defeats last season, including the 50-pointer at the same venue.

    But Smith is one of the key differences in the team, a 100-mile-an-hour flanker who doesn't give up easily, and who has already gathered no fewer than five Man of the Match awards in the season as the Lions have moved forward.

    The soft-spoken former Springbok Sevens star knows about being written off and believes the Lions are up to the challenge, despite doubts in some quarters of them being able to take a step up in terms of intensity this weekend.

    “It's one of the games in the season that counts. You only have one chance and you have to give it your all, otherwise you might be disappointed afterwards and it will be too late to rectify it,” Smith says openly about this weekend's match.

    And what about the fact that they haven't faced a Kiwi team just yet? Does that incite fear in any way in the team? Not according to Smith, who believes that the challenge will bring out the best in the Lions.

    “It is a huge challenge to face a New Zealand team but that will also bring out the best in us as a team, you know when you play against a great team you also perform great. For us to perform against them and for them to come to us on our home turf – they are used to cold and wet weather at this moment, it will be great for us to play in the sunshine at 14h30.

    “It is always a great challenge but that is where you want to measure yourself.

    “It might be difficult to play against them, but if we stick to our structures, we play like a New Zealand team anyway. If we stick to our structures we can see what the intensity can bring, it can be quite high but I believe that can suit us a lot as well because of the way we play.

    “After the scare they had against the Sharks last weekend, Smith said the team have already put the performance behind them and know exactly where they went wrong. They don't expect the performance to repeat itself this weekend.

    “We got back and we worked hard to be better than we were. We couldn't finish the opportunities that we had and we had a lot of them. I had an off day but that happens to any of the best players. For us we put that behind us already on Monday and started working hard again because we know it wasn't too our standard, although there were opportunities, we should have finished them.”

    One of the challenges Smith is relishing is coming up against All Black Ardie Savea and Brad Shields, both key members of the Hurricanes side this season.

    “I enjoy playing against them. I've played against Ardie a few times in the Sevens and at SA Under-20 level as well, and played with Brad Shields in the Barbarians team. It's great for me to play against them, and those are the loose forwards that you want to measure yourself against. They've also proven to the world that you don't have to be the biggest guys, because they aren't but they perform brilliantly.”

    Either way, Smith may not be a man of many words, but he is a determined one, and given the stakes on Saturday, the Lions will know exactly what to expect.

    If they want to be Super Rugby champions, a good place to start is to beat the current defending champs.


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    Local athletes off to world stageLocal athletes off to world stageNSC sends off athletes Athletics Namibia and the Namibia Canoe Federation received national colours on Wednesday in Windhoek. The athletes will participate in the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) World Championships from 4 to 14 August, while the under-16 boys' canoe polo team will take part in the World Canoe Polo Championships in Ireland from 2 to 6 August.

    Speaking at a capping ceremony, the chief administrator of the Namibia Sports Commission, Freddy Mwiya, said July was a good month for Namibian sport.

    Mwiya said football, rugby, athletics and para-athletics did extremely well.

    “We saw the rugby and football teams beating Zimbabwe, while our junior athletes did well in Kenya. We also received our para-athletes on Tuesday from London, where they also did extremely well and brought medals home. Go out and emulate them,” he said.

    Mwiya urged Namibian teams to compete in a spirit of fair play and behave in a manner befitting athletes from the 'Land of the Brave'.

    Benjamin Rebang, sport commissioner for athletics and canoe polo, shared Mwiya's sentiments and told the athletes to do their best.

    “Sport is about winning and losing. Try again if you lose but do your utmost best and we hope to welcome you back with your medals,” he said.

    The five athletes and two officials travelling to London are: Beata Naigambo, Helalia Johannes, Lavinia Haitope, Paulus Iiyambo, Reonard Namupala, Pieterse Xenia (manager), and Robert Kaxuxuena (coach).

    The canoe polo team consists of Wikus Nell, Rino Snyman, Rehaoto Snyders, Andrea Steyn, Antony Jacobie, John Redman and John Rudolf Dreyer.


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    Welwitschias clear favouritesWelwitschias clear favourites The Welwitschias are clear favourites to win their match against Kenya in the Rugby Africa Gold Cup this weekend.

    Namibia will cross paths with Kenya in the Rugby Africa Gold Cup final test match at the Hage Geingob Stadium on Saturday.

    The team is enjoying an unbeaten streak since the start of the annual rugby tournament leading the championship log with 20 points off four bonus-point wins while Kenya lie second with 16 points off three wins and a draw.

    Kenyan coach Dominique Habimana, speaking after the team's first training session on Tuesday afternoon, said: “We arrived safe and sound from Zimbabwe, and have just had our first pitch session that's going on well. The mood in the camp is positive and upbeat.

    “We are well aware that Namibia are clear favourites for this competition but we are working hard to put up a good show.”

    Last weekend's 41-22 away win over Zimbabwe in Bulawayo has seen the Simbas, as the Kenyan team is known, climb one place in the latest World Rugby rankings.

    They have another chance to improve their ranking when they play 21st-ranked Namibia on Saturday.

    The last time the two sides met was on 15 July 2016, when the Namibians built on a 42-7 lead at the break to take home the 56-21 result en route to winning last year's competition.

    The tournament will be played again next year and the winner in 2018 will automatically qualify for the 2019 Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan.

    The match kicks off at 15h00.

    –Additional reporting Kenya Rugby Union


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    Omutumba gwoSwapo mOshikoto inagu ningwaOmutumba gwoSwapo mOshikoto inagu ningwa Elelo lyongundu yoSwapo, kali shi natango kutya omutumba gwopashitopolwa gwongundu ndjoka moshitopolwa shaShikoto, ngoka guundulilwa komeho iikando ya thika pu ine ngashiingeyi otagu ningwa uunake.

    Esiku lyahugunina lyomitumba dha faathana miitopolwa ayihe olya li omasiku 30 gaJuni nuumvo ihe mOshikoto omutumba ngoka ogwa kala nokuundulilwa komeho. Konima sho omutumba ngoka guundulilwa komeho oshikando oshitine momasiku 11 gaJuli, elelo lyoSwapo olya utha eningo lyomakonaakono kongundu ya thikamapo muNgoloneya gwaKhomas , Laura McLeod-Katjirua onga omunashipundi, Minista Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, Alpheus !Naruseb oshowo Charles Namoloh.

    Sho a ningilwa omapulo oshiwike shika, Mcleod-Katjirua okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya oya galuka okuza mOshikoto ihe inaya manitha natango olopota yawo ndjoka tayi ka utha kutya omutumba ngoka otagu ningwa uunake.

    Amushanga gwoSwapo, Nangolo Mbumba naye okwa popi oohapu dha faathana naandhoka dha popiwa kuMcleod-Katjirua kutya itaku vulu natango okutseyithwa kutya omutumba ngoka otagu ka ningwa uunake.

    Momasiku 12 gaJuli, omukwatakanithi gwoSwapo, moshitopolwa shaShikoto, Armas Amukwiyu okwa tseyithile aakuthimbinga mboka ya li ya thikana mOmuthiya opo ya tamekithe omutumba gwawo kutya omaundulilo komeho ngoka otaga ningwa owina. Okwa holoka woo omapopyo kutya ongundu inayi hala Amukwiyu onga omukwatakanithi mOshikoto.

    Oonkambadhala okumona Amukwiyu inadhi pita sho ongodhi ye inayi yamukulwa.


    0 0

    Omiyalu dhuukongo waali paveta tadhi limbilike Omiyalu dhuukongo waali paveta tadhi limbilike Aantu ka ye vulithe po-80 ya tulwa miipandeko Oshikondo shEgameno lyOmidhingoloko osha pititha omiyalu dhiimbuluma yiiyamakuti okutameka omvula yo-2014, ndhoka itadhi tsu kumwe nomiyalu dha li dha pitithwa petameko lyomvula. Oshiwike sha piti, Uuministeli wOmidhongoloko owa pititha omwaalu gwaantu mboka ya tulwa miipandeko omolwa iimbuluma yiiyamakuti mbyoka ya longwa pokati ko-2014 no 2017 moNamibia.

    Omiyalu ndhoka dha pitithwa itadhi tsu kumwe nomiyalu ndhoka dha pewa oshifokundaneki shoNamibian Sun muFebruali nuumvo.

    Sho ya ningilwa omapulo, uuministeli owa popi kutya owa gandja omiyalu omipe molwaashoka opwa kala omalimbililo megandjo lyuuyelele mboka.

    Omiyalu ndhoka dha gandjwa ngashiingeyi odha popi kutya aantu omathele oya tulwa miipandeko omolwa uukongo waaheli paveta omvula ya piti, omanga omiyalu ndhoka dha pitithwa nale dha holola kutya mboka ya tulwa miipandeko omvula ndjoka, aashona paafekelwa 80.

    Omiyalu dhaFebruali odha holola kutya mboka ya tulwa miipandeko omvula ya piti oyendji okuyeleka naantu mboka ya tulwa miipandeko pokati komvula yo-2014 sigo 2017 pauyelele mboka wa pitithwa oshiwike sha piti.

    Omiyalu ndhoka dha pitithwa petameko lyaFebruali odha holola kutya aantu 231 oya tulwa miipandeko okutameka petameko ly-2016 sigo oJanuari gwonuumvo.

    Mokati kaantu 231 mboka ya tulwa miipandeko 222 oya tulwa miipandeko omolwa iipotha yuukongo waali paveta, ihe omiyalu omipe odha holola kutya pokati komvula yo-2014 naJuni gwonuumvo aafekelwa 246 oya tulwa miipandeko.

    Omiyalu dhoshiwike shika odha holola kutya aantu owala 78 ya tulwa miipandeko mo-2016, mo-2015 96, 2014 29 nonuumvo 43.

    Omiyalu dhaFebruali odha li dha holola kutya omvula ya piti AaNamibia 83 oya tulwa miipandeko omolwa uukongo, 8 Aachina, 17 Aazambia oshowo Aangola yaali.

    Opu na woo 100 mboka uukwashigwana wawo inawu tumbulwa.

    Okuza mo-2014 sigo omwedhi Juni nuumvo, AaNamibia 180 oya tulwa miipandeko omolwa uukongo, 19 Aazambia, omuZimbambwe gumwe, Aangola 23, Aabotswana ya-6, Aakongo yatatu, omuTanzania gumwe oshowo Aachina 13.

    Mo-2016 AaNamibia 53, Aazambia 11, Aangola 8 nAachina 6.

    Namibian Sun okwa ningi omapulaapulo omolwa omiyalu ndhoka itadhi tsu kumwe nuuministeli owa yamukula kutya omiyalu dhonale odha li dha pukithwa.

    “Konima sho twa tala nawa otwa mono kutya okwa ningwa omapuko. Pamwe iipotha mbyoka ya patululwa, kwa popiwa kutya omatulo miipandeko ga ningwa.”

    Uuministeli owa popi kutya owa wapaleke omapuko ngoka, nokupititha omiyalu omipe.

    Omiyalu omipe, aantu 252 oya tulwa miipandeko okutameka omvula yo-2014. Nuumvo 49, omanga 78 ya tulwa miipandeko omvula ya piti. Aantu 96 oya tulwa miipandeko mo2015, omanga mo-2014 aantu 29.

    Aakwashigwana yaChina 14 oya tulwa miipandeko okuza mo-2014, mwakwatelwa yatatu nuumvo. AaNamibia 185 oya tulwa miipandeko okuza o-2014 mwakwatelwa 33 omvula ya piti.

    Aakwashigwana yaAngola 23 oya tulwa miipandeko, yaheyali omvula ya piti, yahamano aakwashigwana yaBotswana, mwakwatelwa yaali omvula ya piti, Omukwashigwa gwaTanzania gumwe oshowo aakwashigwana yaCongo yatatu.


    0 0

    Oombola 104 dhoka dha longwa mo-2014 itadhi longo natangoOombola 104 dhoka dha longwa mo-2014 itadhi longo natango Oombola itadhi longithwa ndhoka dha lopotwa koshifokundaneki shoNamibian Sun oshiwike sha piti, inadhi mboolwa kwa longithwa iimaliwa yoomiliyona 100 ,mbyoka ya pewa Namibia omagano kuSouth Afrika.

    Egandjo lyomagano ngoka olya kwatelamo owala epangelo lyiikwaniipangitho yoomboola ndhoka dhili po nale.

    Shika osha hololwa komupopiliko guuministeli wuunamapya, Margaret Kalo, a yamukula komapulo ngoka a ningilwa koshifokundnaeki shoNamibia Sun.

    Kalo okwa popi kutya etata lyiimaliwa mbyoka olya li li na okulongithwa moomboola ndhoka dha tungwa po miitopolwa ngaashi Zambezi, Kavango East, Kavango West, Ohangwena, Kunene nOmaheke.

    “Omulandu gwomagano ngoka ogwa li kutya iimaliwa otayi longithwa owala mokulonga oomboola ndhoka ihe kakushi mokudhi tha po. Oomboola dha thika po-104 okwa tegelelwa dhi ka tameke okulonga kohi yopoloyeka ndjoka: 25 moZambezi, 14 Kavango East, 17 Kavango West, 16 Ohangwena, 21 Kunene oshowo 11 mOmaheke,” Kalo a yelitha.

    Kalo okwa popi kutya oombola ndhoka odha mboolwa po kuuministeli wuunamapya melongelo kumwe nombelewa yomuprima minista.

    Kuyele omukomeho gwombelewa yomukalelipo gwaSouth AFrika moNamibia, Eli Bitzer, okwa li a popi kutya omagano ngoka goomiliyona 100 ga pewa Namibia ogeli piitopolwa iyali, na oshitopolwa owala shotango sha manithwa.

    Oshitopolwa shotango osha kwatela mo omagano goombuto, uusila wepungu mboka wa gandjwa mo-2015, omanga oshitopolwa oshitiyali sha kwatelamo egandjo lyomeya koshigwana, ekalekepo lyuundjolowele neyambidhidho muunamapya kaakwashigwana yiitopolwa mbyoka ya gumwa noonkondo koshikukuta.

    Ewapaleko nepangelo lyoomboola olya gwile moshitopolwa oshitiyali shomagano ngoka.

    Uuyelel mboka owali wa gandjwa pethimbo lyomutumba gwa ningwa kOhangwena Aquifer Steering Committee mEenhana moshitopolwa shaHangwena omwedhi nguka.

    Pethimbo lyomutumba ngoka, omupeha omukomeho gwomayakulo gomuushayi melelo lyoshitopolwa shahangwena,

    Natalia Ndaitwah, okwa holola okuuva nayi kwe omolwa oomboola 16 dhoka dha thewa po mOkongo nomOshikunde ihe inadhi tameka natango okulongithwa.

    Okwa popi kutya oombola ndhoka odha ningwa po a ndola onga omukalo gwomeendelelo gwokugandja omeya kaakwashigwana mboka taya si enota momahala ngoka ihe akwashigwana natango ina ya tameka okulongitha oomboola ndhoka molwaashoka inadhi tulwa natango oopomba.

    Omupeha amushanga gwiikumungu yomeya muuministeli, Abraham Nehemia, okwa li a popi kutya oomboola ndhoka odha ningwa onga oshitopolwa shomagano goomiliyona 100 ngoka ga pewa Namibia kuSouth Afrika mo-2013 opo a vule okwiikwatha omolwa oshikukuta shoka tashi dhenge oshilongo.

    Okwa popi kutya etsokumwe lyomagano ngoka, ewapaleko nelongo lyoombola oli na okuninga komahangano ga South Afrika.

    Okwa popi kutya omahangano oga tameka nale okutula oopomba koomboola dhomoZambezi, naandhoka dhomOhangwena otadhi ka longwa mbala.


    0 0

    Swartbooi a kuthwa mo moPaliamendeSwartbooi a kuthwa mo moPaliamendeSwartbooi a tindi okutya sha Ongundu yoSwapo oya tokola okukutha mo oshilyo shawo momutumba gwopaliamende omolwa omapopyo ngoka sha ningi taga nyana ongundu ndjoka. Elelo lyongundu yoSwapo olya tokola ongulohi yOmaandaha opo li kuthe mo mOmutumba gwoPashigwana Bernadus Swartbooi omolwa omapopyo ngoka a ningile ongundu pethimbo lyuulalelo wa ningwa kehwahwameko lyoLandless People's Movement (LPM) moKaiti mehulilo shiwike lya piti.

    Swartbooi ina tidhwa mo mongundu ihe okwa li kwa tegelelwa a tseyithe eikutho mo lye moSwapo, mEtiyali.

    Amushanga gwoSwapo, Nangolo Mbumba okwa popi kutya Swartbooi okwa kuthwa mo moPaliamende omolwa oohapu ndhoka a popi kutya, “Ngame kandi shi omukwaSwapo noopresenda 99.9 uuna ya kutha ndje mo moPaliamedne, otandi thigi po ongundu.”

    Swartbooi okwa tindi okupopya sha sha landula etseyitho ndyoka lya ningwa na okwa tsu omuthindo kutya ye okwa popi kutya keshi oopresenda 99.9 oshilyo sho OPO. OPO oya li nale ongundu yo Ovamboland People's Organisation, ndjoka ya pingenwa po kuSwapo.

    “Itatu nyenyeta nomuntu ngoka ta pula oshikumungu shevi shi kandulwepo ihe ito vulu okukala oshilyo shoSwapo momutumba gwopaliamende ihe oto popi oohapu dha tya ngaaka,” Mbumba a popi.

    Mbumba okwa popi kutya Swartbooi okwa manguluka okupopya omaiyuvo ge ihe ita vulu owala okupopya kehe shimwe omanga ta kalelepo ongundu momutumba gwopashigwana nokuninga oompango, ye ta popi niitya yewmene kutya keshi omukwaSwapo.

    Sho a pulwa kutya inaya tila okukanitha aalanduli, omolwa oshikumungu shoka, Mbumba okwa yamukula kutya kashi shi oshikando shotango taya kanitha oshilyo pamwe nofamili yasho oshowo aalanduli, ihe otaya vulu okuyelithila aahogololi.

    Oshilyo shoPaliamende nale, Kazenambo Kazenambo, okwa hokolola kutya ekutho lyaSwartbooi moPaliamende otashi ulike kutya uupyakadhi wuli mongundu.

    Mbumba ina popya kutya olye ta pingenepo Swartbooi moPaliamende ihe okwa popi kutya omuntu ngoka a landula ko momusholodondo oye ta pingenepo Swartbooi.

    Omuntu ngoka ta landula ko momusholondondo gwiilyo yomutumba gwopashigwana moSwapo, oPaula Kooper.Mbumba okwa popi okuna tango okutseyithilwa omupopi megumbo lyopashigwana Peter Katjavivi.

    Etokolo ndyoka lya ningilwa Swartbooi olya etitha omapulo ogendji kutya omolwashike ongundu itayi katukile oonkatu dha faathana Ngoloneya gwaMaheke Festus Ueitele oshowo Ngoloneya gwaMusati, Erginus Endjala, mboka yali ya pulwa ya gandje ombili omolwa omapopyo guukwamuhoko ngoka ya ningi.

    Mbumba okwa popi kutya pethimbo elelo lya ningi omutumba kalya li li na ontseyo kombinga yoohapu dhoka taku popiwa dha popiwa kuNgoloneya Endjala.


    0 0

    Itaku pitikwa okutungwa mOmatando sigo omvula twa taalelaItaku pitikwa okutungwa mOmatando sigo omvula twa taalela Aakwashigwana yomOmatando itaya pitikwa okutunga pooplota dhawo sigo omwedhi Januari omvula twa twaalela, sho elelo lyondoolopa yaNgwediva tali pangele okweendelelitha eyambulepo lyomudhingoloko ngoka.

    Uuyelele mboka owa landula oshigongi shoka sha ningwa kelelo lyondoolopa naakwashigwana momasiku ga8 gaJuli moka aakwashigwana ya pula opo ya lombwelwe kutya itaya pitikwa okutunga omahala gawo sigo uunake.

    Epulo ndyoka olya pulwa kaakwashigwana oyendji mboka ya holola kutya oyendji oya landa nale iitungithi yawo omanga yamwe ye wete kutya otaya koko na oya pumbwa okutunga omahala gawo.

    Yamwe oya popi kutya otaya thiminikwa ya kahiile niimaliwa mbyoka taya longitha oyali ye na okuyi longitha mokutunga omahala gawo. Elelo inali vula oku yamukula kepulo ndyoka pethimbo lyomutumba sha etitha aakwashigwana yamwe yiitekemo moshigongi.

    Omupopiliko gwondoolopa yaNgwediva, Jackson Muma okwa popi kutya opo elelo li vule okuyambulapo nokuninga ehala ndyoka oshitopolwa shondoolopa yaNgwediva, nena omatungo oga pumbwa okukalekwa.

    “Elelo itali ka pitika etungo mOmatungo sigo omwedhi Januari gwomvula twa taalela opo ondoolopa ndjoka yi vule okuyambulwapo. Okuya muJanuari iinima ayihe otayi kala ya manithwa, noshigwana otashi ka pitikwa shi tunge uuna oompangela dhomatungo dha ziminwa kelelo lyondoolopa,” Muma ta ti.

    Muma okwa popi kutya nonando ohashi kutha ethimbo opo omudhingoloko gu vule okuyambulwa nokuningwa oshitopolwa shondoolopa yontumba, elelo lyaNgwediva otali ka kwashilipaleka kutya ethimbo olya ningwa efupi.

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    Swapo okuli mehalakano- KazenamboSwapo okuli mehalakano- KazenamboSwartbooi ta ningilwa omatilitho Ominista nale yokabinete koshilongo oya kondema nomuthindo ongundu yoSwapo, sha landula omapopyo ga ningwa ku amushanga gwongundu ndjoka. Kazenambo Kazenambo okwa nyana omapopyo gaNangolo Mbumba, ngoka a popi kutya otaya ka ungaunga noshilyo shopaliamende, Bernadus Swartbooi omolwa omapopyo ngoka a ningi mehuliloshiwke lya piti.

    Pethimbo lyuulalelo mboka wuunganekwa kehwahwameko lyoLandless People’s Movement (LPM) moKaiti, Swartbooi okwa popi kutya aantu mboka yomonooli yoshilongo kaye na uuthemba wokundungika aantu kombinga yevi lyuuthiga nokupopya kutya ongundu yoSwapo otayi gandja owala omauwanawa kaantu yamwe po.

    “Muudemokoli ito vulu okupopya kutya oto ka ungaunga nomuntu, oto ka ungaunga nomuntu ngoka ngiini?” Kazenambo a pula.

    Kazenambo okwa popi kutya omapopyo goludhi ndoka okuza komuleli gwongundu otashi ulike kutya ongundu oyi li muupyakadhi nomehalakano.

    Mbumba ina yelitha kutya okwa hala okutya ngiini sho a popi kutya otaya ka ungaunga naSwartbooi omolwa omapopyo ngoka a ningi.

    “Onda lombwele iikundaneki yimwe kutya ‘itandi ti sha’ tashi ti itandi popi sha,” Mbumba a yamukula.

    Kazenambo okwa fekele kutya omapopyo gaMbumba otashi vulika ga hala okutya otaya ka tidha Swartbooi momutumba gopaliamende omanga ina ningilwa omutumba gwomautho.

    “Swartbooi okwa tidhwa miilonga ye keena shoka a ningi. Shoka ta ningi okukalela po aathigona ihe ngashiingeyi ota ningilwa omatilitho, kutya otaka ungaungiwa naye. Omulumentu ngoka ota holola nokweeta plweela ongeyo yoshigwana , kutya omushi hole nenge kamu shi hole.”

    “Katu li we moshilongo shuudemokoli, ihe otu li moshilongo shuudemokili wiifundja. Ethimbo olya dhikana opo oshigwana moshilongo shi dhimbulule. Inatu taalela owala onkalo yopaliko yanayipala ,ihe otwa taalela woo onkalo yopapolotika yanayipala,” Kazenambo a popi.

    Okwa tsikile kutya Swartbooi okuli omutumwa gwoshigwana na ota gandja owala omaiyuvo goshigwana ihe ngashiingeyi aantu oya hala oku mu mweneka.

    Okwa popi woo kombinga yetidho lyomukomeho gwoNamibian Institute for Public Administration and Management (Nipam)

    Dr Joe Diescho oshowo etidho lyaakomeho yoAffirmative Repositioning (AR) movement okuza mongundu tayi pangele.

    Okwa popi kutya ngoka omukundu omunene molwaashoka Swapo otayi lelwa onga ongundu yuukayamukulwa.

    Okwa tsikile kutya ngele Swapo okwa hala okukalekapo elandulathano nena okwa pumbwa okukala ta lambalala oohandimwe nokuninga omakonaakono moshilongo kombinga yuukwamuhoko, nokumona kutya uupyakadhi owu li peni.

    Okwa tsikile kutya aantu otaya ningile Swartbooi omatilitho omanga pe na iimaliwa tayi kana moshilongo ngaashi iimaliwa yoSME Bank, iimaliwa yoomiliyona 47 ya longithwa owina moshipotha shoka tashi ungaunga nomadhipago ga kiinahenda ga ningwilwa AaNamibia kuGermany, iimaliwa yoKora Awards, GIPF oshowo iimaliwa oyindji ya kana ihe kape na ngoka uungaungiwa naye.

    Okwa pula ngele Swapo ngashiingeyi okwa nuninwa okukalekapo uuwanawa woshigwana nenge owoohandimwe.

    Swartbooi okwa holola kutya ke na ohokwe okuthiga po ongundu yoSwapo nokutota ongundu, ta yelitha woo kutya LPM kayi shi ongundu yopolotika.


    0 0

    Oonakwiikuthila evi taya pataneke etokolo lyompangu Oonakwiikuthila evi taya pataneke etokolo lyompangu Konyala aantu yeli pomulongo mboka ya tindi okukuthapo omalugumbo gawo ngoka ya dhike shaali pamulandu moNa?aJaqna Communal Conservancy muKotomba gwo-2016 inaya kutha po natango omaloogolo gawo, sho taya ningi oonkambadhala okupataneka etokolo lyompangu ndyoka lya ningwa muAguste gwomvula ya piti.

    Nonando Ompangu yoPombandeelela moshilongo oya tseyithile aaningi yeindilo mboka kutya ethimbo lyawo lyokuninga eindilo olya puko muDesemba gwomvula ya piti, aakalelipo yopaveta yaantu mboka oya holola kutya natango otaya ka ninga eindilo.

    MuDesemba ompangu oya tseyithie Isaacks & Associates, kutya nonando oya tula mo eindilo itali vulu okutalika molwaashoka ethimbo ndyoka yuuthwa okutulamo eindilo olya pita.

    Braam Cupido, hahende a za kehangano lyoohahende lyoIsaacks & Associates ngoka ta kalelepo oonakuninga eindilo ndyoka okwa popi kutya aaayakulwa ye oya pewa elombwelo opo ya thigepo ehala ndyoka, ihe natango otaya ningi eindilo.

    Oonakutulamo eindilo ndyoka ongaashi Hilda Nakashole, Andreas Haashela, Onesmus Valombola, Nghidinwa Hamunyelwa, Axel Nambahu, Michachu Muulu, Leonard Paulus, Sakaria Handiya, Fillemon Kapula naWilhelm Kafidi.

    Mboka oya tokola okupataneka etokolo lyompango nomatompelo kutya oye li pehala mpoka shi li paveta.

    Inaku gandjwa uuyelele kutya aaikuthili yevi yalwe 22 oya zi po ngiini pehala ndyoka sha landula etokolo lyompangu.

    MuApilili gwomvula ya piti, iilyo yehala ndyoka lya gamenwa meyambidhidho lyoLegal Assistance Centre (LAC) oya shanga oombaapila mbali, taya pula Elelo lyEvi lyAayehe li kwashilipaleke kutya aantu mboka oya tula miilonga etokolo lyompangu.

    Elelo lyevi olya ningi omutumba momasiku 22 gaJune nuumvo, niilyo mbyoka oya tegelela natango omayamukulo.

    Iilyo mbyoka oya popi kutya nonando okwa gandjwa elombwelo kompangu, aantu mboka natango oye li pehala mpoka ya dhike omalugumbo gawo, nokukalekamo iimuna yawo.

    Omvula ya piti, Omupanguli, Shafimana Ueitele okwa lombwele Elelo lyoPamuthigululwakalo oshowo Elelo lyEvi lyAayehe opo ya kwashilipaleke kutya omalugumbo ngoka oga kuthwa po.

    Ominista yOmidhingoloko, Pohamba Shifeta okwa popi kutya okwa lombwelwa kutya omalugumbo ogendji oga kuthwa po, naangoka inaga kuthwa po otaga kuthwa po mbala.


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