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    Doctor coughs up N$70 000 for car crashDoctor coughs up N$70 000 for car crash A medical doctor was ordered to pay a plaintiff damages occasioned to her motor vehicle during an accident more than two years ago.

    The High Court in Windhoek found that Dr John Rutabanzibwa was solely responsible for the accident by negligent driving and that as a result of such negligence, the plaintiff Susara Helena Wentzel suffered damages in the amount of N$70 316.

    These damages were incurred by a collision on 14 March 2015 at approximately 19:00 in Windhoek's Nelson Mandel Avenue.

    The plaintiff's vehicle was driven by her son Wayne who was travelling towards Hidas Shopping Centre, while Rutabanzibwa was driving out from Roof of Africa Hotel and Conference Centre into Nelson Mandela Avenue.

    Wentzel maintained that the collision was solely caused by the negligent driving of the doctor and had therefore claimed the N$70 316, being the difference between the fair and reasonable value of her motor vehicle prior to the collision.

    Rutabanzibwa defended the matter and maintained that the collision was solely caused by negligent driving of Wayne Wentzel.

    The plaintiff testified that the motor vehicle belonged to her but was driven by her son.

    She told the court when she arrived at the scene the doctor apologised to her and admitted fault.

    She said the damage on her vehicle was more severe than the damage on the doctor's vehicle.

    The police was not called to the accident scene.

    The Wentzels went to the police the next day.

    The doctor confirmed that his vehicle was slightly damaged in that the bumper was loose.

    He said he had some discussion with the plaintiff at the scene and that both agreed that each repairs his own vehicle and they parted ways.

    Judge Boas Usiku found that the probabilities favour the version of the plaintiff in that the driver of her vehicle drove on the correct side of the road in a southerly direction.

    “A motorist about to enter into a street like Dr Rutabanzibwa did, has a duty to stop before entering a street. He had a duty to wait until the traffic that was already in Nelson Mandela Avenue had passed before he could proceed into the avenue,” the judge said.

    The judge emphasised that the defendant failed to avoid a collision when he could have and should have done so by exercising reasonable care.

    “As a result of such negligence, the plaintiff suffered damages in the amount as set out,” he concluded.


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  • 07/20/17--16:00: Benchmark tariffs stay
  • Benchmark tariffs stayBenchmark tariffs stayCourt rules medical aid funds are not in it for the money In a move that many say will be to the disadvantage of patients, the Supreme Court reversed an earlier High Court ruling that medical aids fall under the realm of the Competition Act. In the highly-contentious and well-publicised matter over whether medical aids fall under the Competition Act and are essentially businesses, the Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in favour of Namibian Association of Medical Aid Funds (NAMAF) and several medical aid funds, that they are not undertakings within the meaning of the Act.

    On appeal, the court found that whilst medical aid funds are businesses in the form of enterprises and are statutorily enjoined to apply sound business principles in their operations, this is to protect their members' interests by ensuring the solvency of funds.

    The ruling follows an earlier High Court decision that medical aid funds do in fact all under the Competition Act. This ruling was reversed on Wednesday.

    “The funds fall within the definition of undertaking in the Act,” High Court had found. It had referred to the definition of a medical aid fund in the Medical Aid Funds Act (MAF Act) which states that a fund is a 'business' and found that a fund operates for 'gain' or 'reward' - even if its profits are not distributed.

    The High Court had also found that the activity of utilising a benchmark tariff is not excluded from the operation of the Act.

    The Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC), along with the Namibia Private Practitioners Fund, had approached the High Court to declare as illegal as well as cease the practice of the Namibia Association of Medical Aid Funds (NAMAF) members benchmarking tariff structures through the association.

    However, a full Supreme Court bench consisting of Chief Justice Peter Shivute, Deputy Chief Justice Peterus Damaseb and Acting Judge Dave Smuts, found that being a 'business' did not mean that a fund's economic activity is market-related for the purpose of achieving a gain or reward.

    The bench said the MAF Act precludes funds from distributing a surplus and renders them non-profit concerns.

    “The social solidarity nature of funds in the context of the protective legislation governing and tightly regulating them, and the statutory purpose of promoting funds, meant that funds are not businesses carried on for gain or reward for the purpose of the definition of undertaking in the Act, which was also considered in the context of the purpose of the Act to promote and safeguard competition to provide consumers with competitive prices and product choices.”

    The appellants were Namibian Association of Medical Aid Funds, Namibia Medical Care Medical Aid Fund, Namibia Health Plan Medical Aid Fund, Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund, BankMed Medical Aid Fund, NAMDEB Medical Aid Scheme, NAPOTEL Medical Aid Scheme, Roads Contractor Company Medical Aid Scheme and NamMed Medical Aid Fund.

    The Supreme Court concluded that medical aid funds are not undertakings within the meaning of the Act and that the Competition Commission does not have jurisdiction over them. As the constituent funds are not undertakings, it also followed that NAMAF also did not fall within that definition.

    The highest court upheld the appeal and reversed the High Court's decision.

    The Competition Commission had said it is convinced that NAMAF and its medical aid fund members are operating like a cartel by annually coming together to agree beforehand on medical aid tariffs to charge consumers, in violation of Namibian competition laws.

    The issue raised in the appeal in the Supreme Court was whether the Commission established under the Competition Act has jurisdiction over registered medical aid funds for the purpose of provisions of the Competition Act which prohibits anti-competitive conduct between undertakings as defined in the Act.

    The Commission had conducted an investigation under the Act and notified NAMAF and the funds that their conduct of setting prices for medical services by setting benchmark tariffs after collective negotiations, amounted to a contravention of the provisions of Competition Act which proscribes concerted practices between undertakings which directly or indirectly fix purchase or setting prices.

    NAMAF and the funds contended in their application that they are not undertakings as defined in the Act because they do not carry on business for 'gain or reward' as is presupposed by the definition in the Act.

    They maintained that they are precluded by the MAF Act from distributing profits to fund members or anyone else. They also claimed that the conduct of setting benchmark tariffs is designed to achieve a non-commercial socio-economic objective, thus excluding that activity from the Act by virtue of its provisions. They also argued that the issue of benchmark tariffs is authorised by the MAF Act and as a result excluded from the jurisdiction of the Commission by virtue of provisions of the Act.


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  • 07/20/17--16:00: Hamutenya lands plum job
  • Hamutenya lands plum jobHamutenya lands plum jobAppointed as substantive Namdia CEO Cabinet has finally approved the appointment of Kennedy Hamutenya as substantive CEO of diamond marketing parastatal, Namdia. After a long drawn-out battle Kennedy Hamutenya has landed the CEO position of Namibia Desert Diamonds (Namdia) on a full-time basis, Namibian Sun can reveal.

    Hamutenya's appointment at the newly formed parastatal is effective 1 July and runs until 30 June 2022.

    He received his letter of appointment this week from minster of mines and energy, Obeth Kandjoze.

    The diamond commissioner at the ministry of mines has been serving as an acting CEO of Namdia since the company started operating in April last year.

    Approached for comment yesterday, Hamutenya confirmed his appointment, saying it took about four years of negotiations to set up Namdia, even though it has been in the pipeline for some ten years.

    “It is a great relief, I have been in limbo for so long, it is not nice because you cannot plan nor do anything. It is emotionally and psychologically draining but I'm happy it is over and now I can concentrate on my mission and vision of the company,” said Hamutenya who has been a public servant for the past 21 years.

    He said being the first CEO of the company, he understands the challenge will be big, but is eager to get on with the job.

    He said the priorities include starting a management team, recruiting workers and getting the newly renovated building ready for business.

    “It took a lot of work finding the right building for our offices and we had to do a lot of work to secure it. It has to be safe for both diamonds and our people and we should be moving in by 1 October,” he said.

    An excited Hamutenya said Namdia is a 100% state-owned company that will enable the country, for the first time, to have sovereignty to sell her diamonds.

    “Our diamonds, our God-given heritage have been sold by De Beers all these years but we as Namibia are now going into the market, we have a strategic commodity, which belongs to us. We want to be able to sell our diamond directly. We want to create a brand, a Namibian brand that says Namibia and not De beers where anyone in the world can see it comes from Namibia. And Namdia is going to be the vehicle of this product. We are going to leave a footprint of our product in the diamond market,” he said.

    He said he has an amazing team at the moment, but he is looking forward to building capacity, especially within the country's youth to learn.

    “I am passionate about this job, selling the best diamonds in the world is my labour of love and I want our youth to be the ones who mine, cut, polish and negotiate prices of our diamonds. I am honoured and proud for the trust government has put in me but I have no illusions about the responsibility ahead of me. I know this organisation started off with some negative publicity but I can tell you this is a company Namibia will be proud of.

    “All I need is the support of my government, my board of directors as well as fellow Namibians.”

    The Namibian reported in May this year that the Namdia board was heavily divided over the appointment of a substantive CEO. According to reports, some members of the board preferred Hamutenya, while another camp was rooting for Alex Gawanab, an executive at Swakop Uranium, to take up the job on a full-time basis. The candidates were interviewed in November last year.

    The Namdia board is headed by Shakespeare Masiza, while ordinary members include Chris Nghaamwa, Tania Hangula, Bonny Konjore, Loretha Harases and Venondjo Maharero.


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  • 07/20/17--16:00: Government warns Shoprite
  • Government warns ShopriteGovernment warns Shoprite Labour minister Erkki Nghimtina has joined the fray against South African retailer Shoprite/Checkers, calling on the company to respect local labour laws.

    Nghimtina yesterday accused Shoprite of exploiting its workers, saying they were subjected to low wages and no fringe benefits.

    He labelled Shoprite as an “anti-union” organisation and added that his ministry's attempt to address the issue with the Shoprite management proved futile.

    “Apart from low pay and the absence of basic fringe benefits, such as transport allowance, Shoprite and Checkers employ a large complement of employees referred to as permanent part-time employees who constitute approximately 42% of the Shoprite and Checkers Namibian total workforce. These employees do not have fixed time schedules and are paid less per hour than full-time employees and normally do not work a full week,” said Nghimtina.

    The minister was speaking at a media briefing which dealt specifically with the Shoprite labour-related issues, which also includes disciplinary charges brought against its workers after participating in a 2015 strike.

    “In November 2015, I met with Shoprite officials to discuss the range of issues that impeded harmonious labour relations and decent work at Shoprite. To my disappointment the company only sent its local lawyer and a local human resource officer,” said Nghimtina. He urged the company to recognise the trade unions representing the workers.

    “It is my great concern that as of today, the unhappy state of labour relations and instability continues at Shoprite. The disciplinary hearings against approximately 100 workers have been dragged on for two years. The low wages and poor conditions of employment persist, including the permanent part-time employment without guaranteed hours of work. Shoprite remains anti-union,” said the minister.

    “My standpoint and I believe is a key factor that can improve the situation at Shoprite is the recognition of a trade union as the representative of the employees.” The minister was visibly uncomfortable when members of the media wanted to know how his ministry would deal with Shoprite if they continued to ignore his demands.

    “We can put all the facts together and then take them to court, that is all we can do,” said Nghimtina.

    In 2015, Shoprite workers were charged with violating several company regulations, including participating in an unlawful strike and gross insubordination.

    They were also charged with destruction of private property and for interfering with a company investigation. Over 100 workers at Shoprite in Windhoek were facing disciplinary charges for taking part in the 2015 strike. Shoprite had already dismissed 176 workers at Rundu and Gobabis.

    According to the labour ministry, Shoprite/Checkers employ over 4 300 employees throughout Namibia.


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  • 07/20/17--16:00: Nation weeps for Robbie
  • Nation weeps for RobbieNation weeps for Robbie Namibians reacted with shock to the death of Brave Warriors superfan Robbie Savage who died in the early morning hours of yesterday in a Windhoek hospital.

    He was 50.

    Messages of condolences and tributes flooded the Namibian Sun Facebook page following the announcement of his death.

    About two months ago, Robbie suffered a mild stroke and has since been in and out of hospital.

    Before his death, Robbie was discharged from hospital on Tuesday, but was readmitted again were he succumbed to his illness on Thursday, a close friend and former Namibian international, Costa Khaiseb said.

    The nation is mourning a man who was most admired and adored because of the love he had for football and sport in general.

    He has been described by many as a true legendary supporter who never wavered to choose what his heart really desired.

    Robbie was present when Namibia made their first appearance at the Africa Cup of Nations in 1998 in Burkina Faso.

    He also accompanied the team to the 2008 finals in Ghana.

    Khaiseb, who was at the hospital when Robbie breathed his last breath, shared with us his last moments.

    “It was a very sad moment for me to see a friend I have known since 1999 leave this earth,” he said. “Robbie was a very kind person, but sometimes people did misjudge him. The funny part is that we have been friends for so long even though he never supported the club I played for.” Khaiseb revealed the family was busy organising and old-age home room for Robbie before he died. Brave Warriors legends were also planning to take Robbie along to Germany next year for a tournament they have been invited participate in.

    'Best sport supporter'

    Deputy minister of sport Agnes Tjongarero also paid tribute to Robbie, describing him as one of the best sport supporters the country has ever produced.

    “It is very sad news to hear about the passing of Robbie Savage. It is indeed a great loss to sport and the nation because he was such a passionate sport lover. From football to rugby and many other sport codes, Robbie was always present. I do not think that the country will ever have another person like him,” she said.

    Football commentator Isack Hamata remembers Robbie as a man who instigated the rivalry of football clubs.

    “Robbie's death is a great loss to Namibian sport in general, and football in particular. Just the sight of Robbie at a [African] Stars or Brave Warriors game was enough to add the excitement and colour that any game needed.”

    Hamata added that Robbie was a socialite and celebrity in his own right.

    “He attended many social functions and high-profile sports events such as boxing and rugby matches. Apart from his African Stars and Brave Warriors association, he was also involved with rugby as a tee assistant (the person that takes the kicking tee onto the field during conversion and penalty kicks).”

    Hamata will remember and appreciate Robbie for many things but from a football perspective, it was his disdain for Black Africa.

    “I liked the rivalry between him and Black Africa supporters during their league or cup matches. It is one team he never wanted to lose against. For us, as neutrals, that rivalry only served to spice things up and let us look forward to the game. He has done his bit for Namibia and Namibian football.”

    NFA president Frans Mbidi said Robbie's passion for the game should be emulated.

    Namibia has lost an ardent football hero, said Mbidi.

    The former NFA president John Muinjo also took time to remember the iconic Robbie.

    “Robbie was a lively character at all times and when he was not happy with something he made sure everyone understands how he feels,” he said.

    Former Orlando Pirates player Lesley Shekupe said he remembers Robbie as a difficult rival.

    “If you are playing against Robbie's team, you knew that Robbie was going to make your life difficult. However, we did become good friends after I retired and he constantly visited me at my workplace. I was there at the hospital and I can say that one can wish his life could have been better if people had contributed resources.”


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    A pewa oomvula 38 konima yekumbaA pewa oomvula 38 konima yekumba Omulumentu omunamimvo 41 okwa pewa egeelo lyoomvula 38 mondjeedhillilo konima sho a zimine oshipotha shedhipago lyohonda ye.

    Omupanguli Christie Liebenberg okwa gandja egeelo lyoomvula 38 ku Plesie Gowaseb mOmpangu yoPombanda yaVenduka, omolwa edhipago lyaPetrina /Goagoses ngoka a dhipagwa oomvula ntano dha piti.

    Omupanguli okwa popi kutya oshimbuluma shoka sha longwa kunakupewa egeelo oshinene onkene otaku pumbwa okugandjwa egeelo enene moshipotha shoka. Pethimbo a lesha egandjo lyegeelo lyomulumentu ngoka, omupanguli okwa popi kutya ota gandja egeelo lyoomvula 34 omolwa edhipago lyomunamimvo 32 /Goagoses omolwa oshipotha shoka tashi kwatakanithwa nompango yokukondjitha Iimbuluma yomOmagumbo, oshowo oomvula 8 omolwa oshipotha shetomeko lyomulilo.

    Oomvula ne odha kuthwa ko, opo dheendele mumwe noomvula 34 ndhoka a pewa.

    Omutamanekwa okwa zimine kutya okwa longo oshimbuluma shoka muusiku womasiku 13 no 14 gaKotomba mo-2012 okwa tomeke omulilo egumbo moka mwa li /Goagoses.

    Mboka yaali oye na aanona yatatu.

    /Gowaseb okwa lombwele ompangu kutya momasiku 13 gaKotomba okwa yi kegumbo lyanakusa opo andola ya ka popye yo ya shune mekwatathano lyawo.

    Okwa popi kutya /Goagoses okwe mu tuku nokumu pula opo a ze mo maandjawo.

    Okwa popi kutya shoka oshe mu geyitha naasho aantu ya ka lala uusiku okwa shuna kegumbo hoka nokupata omakumba sho a pitile mekende lyegumbo.

    Okwa tile omahooli mondunda yanakusa nokutomeka ondunda omulilo, na okwa yi ontuku a pitike mekende.

    Nonando nakusa naye okwa li eshi pondola okuza mo mondunda okwa li a pya noonkondo na okwa hulithile moshipangelo konima yoshiwike shimwe omolwa iilalo yomulilo, pauhapu dhaLiebenberg.

    /Gowaseb okwa popi kutya okwa li a geya noonkondo na ina vula okukondolola ongeyo ye ndjoka ye mu ningitha opo a longe oshimbuluma shoka oshinyanyalithi shi li ngaaka.

    Liebenberg okwa popi kutya omutamanekwa okwa zimina ondjo ye na okwa holola egwo pevi omolwa oshimbuluma shoka a longo pethimbo a kala ta pangulilwa oshimbuluma shoka, ihe nonando ongaaka okwa monika ondjo nokupewa egeelo ndyoka.


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  • 07/20/17--16:00: Odikwa finally dropping
  • Odikwa finally dropping Odikwa finally dropping The album for everyone Long-awaited, hot, pumping and in demand… PDK’s new album is coming. The all-male trio PDK are at it again with their music and will soon deliver another promising and hot album. PDK, who usually release their albums around December, will be officially launching their 11th album in August. The artists caught up with tjil and here is what they had to share about their latest work.

    Apart from going into studio, looking for producers and sitting down to come up with the lyrics, PDK said there was hardly anything new with the preparations for Odikwa, their latest album. Odikwa is an Oshiwambo word for baby carrier and it highlights their journey in the entertainment industry. Described in one sentence, Odikwa is the album that will impact people ‘according to the mood’ one is in at a certain time when listening to a certain song. “It’s about having fun, enjoying your life and taking care of yourself. Humanity no longer prevails in our society so what we are saying in Odikwa is everyone needs to take care of them,” they said.

    PDK promises their fans that although the album is new and different, it is still the same old them. They say this is part of their growth from being in the industry for over 11 years. “If you follow our music you will realise that there is always something new from the production side. We follow what is trending and bring in our touch without losing ourselves,” said PDK. The trio slipped a few song titles from Odikwa including Oshike Naana featuring Castro, Kapena Onghenda and Odikwa.

    PDK completely shut down the rumour of them not doing music anymore saying that they will be a group until the end of time. “We have just worked together on Odikwa. This should already be an indication that we are not about to stop this journey, we have not separated and we are still together,” they said. Being one of a few original music groups that are still together from the early 2000s, the trio says it’s because of a natural yet inexplicable spirit of togetherness that binds them together with the goal of entertaining and… there is no limit to PDK. “We just want to make history. We are not doing this for us but for the future musicians. We want to leave a legendary name behind. Anything that has to do with entertainment we will get involved. From film to choreography, we will leave the footprints of PDK everywhere,” said PDK.

    The album launch will be in Walvis Bay as it will be an opportunity to meet and engage with their fans from the coast. “We will be having an album tour and will be introducing our music to our fans from different towns as we go. From Walvis Bay we will be heading Zambezi Region,” said the trio.

    June Shimuoshili

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     Angola still owes Namibia N$2.5 billion Angola still owes Namibia N$2.5 billion Bank of Namibia deputy governor Ebson Uanguta says Banco Nacional De Angola owes them approximately N$2.5 billion following a currency conversion agreement that was implemented three years ago.
    According to him, the Angolan central bank will fulfil its obligation to Namibia by the end of next year and have always made their payments to Namibia on a timely basis.
    He provided the update during a courtesy call by the Angolan monetary authorities to President Hage Geingob at State House this morning. “A schedule is being followed and there are still four payments to be done. What is remaining is about US$200 million (N$2.5 billion),” said Uanguta. The Angolan central bank still has two payments to be made this year and will settle the outstanding amount owed to the Bank of Namibia by the end of next year, Uanguta said. “We are still expecting two payments this year and two final payments next year.”


    UPDATE: Deputy governor of the Bank of Namibia, Ebson Uanguta.

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  • 07/23/17--16:00: Support pours in for Robbie
  • Support pours in for RobbieSupport pours in for RobbieBrave Warriors lead the way Football bosses have pledged to support the family of Robbie Savage during their difficult time. The Brave Warriors have contributed N$10 000 towards the funeral cost of their number one fan, Robbie Savage.

    Robbie died in a Windhoek hospital last week Thursday after an illness. He was 50. The team led by head coach, Ricardo Mannetti and team manager Cyril Isaacs, attended the first memorial service in honour of Robbie, where they pledged N$10 000 on behalf of the Brave Warriors.

    Mannetti remembered Robbie as a great motivator, saying his immense contribution to Namibian football will always be treasured. “Don't thank us for making time to come here. We owe this to Robbie, he put so much time into football since his young days.

    Robbie lived the game and it is only befitting that we honor him tonight. This money was collected by the players and we are sure the football fraternity will come and give more. Robbie touched us and we need to lessen the burden on the family by helping with funeral cost,” Mannetti said.

    Isaacs also paid tribute to Robbie while remembering their fond memories. “Even at memorial services such as this, he would cheer everyone on.

    There was never a dull moment with him, he was a straight talker and if you rubbed him the wrong way, he would surely make sure that you felt his wrath.”

    Cassius Moetie of Black Africa said he will engage other premier league clubs to make a financial contribution to the family. “We also recommended that the next football season honor his legacy with a minute of silence at the start of every match,” he said.

    “Robbie was a friend to all and supported the game with all he had. He always made an effort to be present at all national football games and indeed held the Brave Warriors in high esteem. He would get angry if supporters of a visiting team out sang the locals; he would encourage us to cheer louder.”

    Kiriata Kamanya of Salute Boxing Academy also pledged N$10 000 and said Robbie has always been at their events since day one and touched their lives. Former Tigers chairperson Kelly Asser also remembered his friend Robbie as a very considerate person.

    “I lost my two sons in 2015 and did not cry because I am not an emotional person, but today when I heard of his passing, I shed tears for the first time. It is just too much to handle, he was close to my family.” African Stars team manager Lesley Kozonguizi said the team will determine the contribution they will offer towards Robbie's funeral.

    “We have asked the family to include us in the funeral preparations. We want to contribute because, as much as he was the mascot for Brave Warriors, he supported our club too.”

    Rina Hearlen, Robbie's elder sister said they cannot pinpoint what they need, but the family appreciates and welcomes the help from the nation. “The arrangements for my brother's funeral are running smoothly and we really thank the nation for their well wishes,” she said.

    There will be a memorial service at the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday night at 18:30 and again on Friday at St Andrews Primary School Hall in Windhoek at 18:00. Robbie will be laid to rest on Saturday in Windhoek.


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    Ovenduka tayi kondjo mokukaleka po oonzo dhomeyaOvenduka tayi kondjo mokukaleka po oonzo dhomeya Elelo lyoshilando shaVenduka otali longo nuudhiginini opo li vule okuyambulapo oonzo dhomeya moshilando shoka shataalela onkalo yompumbwe yomeya, na osha hala okushunitha pevi omwaalu gwomeya ngoka hashi mono okuza kehangano enene lyeyandjakaneko lyomeya lyoNamWater.

    Oompangela ndhoka odha tulwa miilonga omvula ya piti, ihe aanambelewa yoshilando oya koleke kutya oshilando osha taalela omukundu omunene sho oonzo dhomeya dhoshilando shoka itadhi vulu we okugandja omeya ga gwana kaakalimo.

    Opo ku kandulwepo ompumbwe ndjoka, elelo lyoshilando otali toto po omikalo dhokwiimonena omeya omanga oshilongo tashi kambadhala okutala komikalo ndhoka tadhi vulu okukandulapo ompumbwe ndjoka.

    Omvula ya piti, oshilando osha the oomboola 12 ndhoka dha kwatakanithwa nomunino omunene gwokuyandjakaneka omeya moshilando. Nonando opoloyeka ndjoka oya manithwa muDesemba na oya patulukila aakalimo , oshilando natango otashi longo nuudhiginin sha manamo mokukwashilipaleka kutya okwa tulwa ishewe miilonga omikalo dhilwe ndhoka tadhi vulu okukandulapo uupyakadhi mboka.

    Oompangela oonene dhimwe ongaashi etulo miilonga lyoTransformational Strategic Plan 2017 and 2022, ndjoka yi li ompangela ndjoka ya nuninwa okutsikila nokugandja omayakulo geyandjakaneko lyomeya kaakalimo nonando ompumbwe yomeya otayi londo pombanda moshilando.

    Oompangela ndhoka odha kwatelamo enenepeko lyendiki lyokulongulula omeya lyoGammams.

    Oompangela dhoshilando natango odha kwatela mo eyambulepo lyiiyetwapo yilwe ngaashi oaquifer recharge scheme ndjoka tayi ka yambulapo eyandjakaneko lyomeya mokati kaakalimo nonkalo yuuyogoki unene mokati kaathigona, mwakwatelwa omauwanawa galwe.

    Moompangela moka omwa kwatelwa woo omahwahwameko gelongululo lyomeya oshowo ekwato nawa lyomeya.

    Opoloyeka yo aquifer recharge scheme project ndjoka ya nuninwa okuyambulapo onkalo yegameno lyomeya oshimwe shomiilalakanenwa yotango yelelo lyoshilando. Opoloyeka ndjoka otayi ka yambula po oWindhoek Managed Aquifer Recharge Scheme (W-Mars) nokuyanda ekanitho lyomeya, oshowo okupungula omeya ngoka taga vulu okulongithwa kaakwaashigwana pethimbo lyoshikukuta.


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    Aalongi yomomeya taya pula iifuta yolutayima yoowili 200Aalongi yomomeya taya pula iifuta yolutayima yoowili 200 Ombelewa yaKomufala gwAaniilonga mOmbaye, oya gandja omayele kaaniilonga yaali yomomeya Sam Frans naAbisai Katula opo kaya tulilemo oshipotha ehangano lyoMarco Fishing omolwa iifuta yawo yolutayima mbyoka inaya futwa yo taya tegelele sigo omasiku ga 5 gaAguste moka ehangano ndyoka lya uvaneke tali ka futa aaniilonga mboka.

    Frans naKafula oya li ye na okukala momutumba gwomautho mEtine lya piti molwaashoka momasiku gatano nagahamano gaJuni oya tindi okugwanitha po iilonga yawo.

    Aaniilonga mboka oya popi kutya oye na uuthemba okutinda okulonga sigo onkalo yegameno nuundjolowele ya kalekwa po mombauto ndjoka haya longele.

    Aniilonga mboka otaya pula opo ya futwe oowili 200 dholutayima ndhoka taya popi kutya oya longo pokati komasiku 26 gaMei sigo omasiku 23 Juni.

    Oya popi kutya omukomeho gwawo miilonga okweya kondjitha opo ya longe oowili 21 muule womasiku 21 nonando ookondalaka dhawo dhiilonga odha utha kutya otaya longo owala oowili 11 oshowo oowili 3 dholutayima.

    Okondalaka otayi utha woo opo aanilongaa mboka ya vululukwe uule woowili 8 muule woowili 24 taya longo mefuta.

    Ompango yaaniilonga ndjoka yaningwa omalundululo yomo-2007, oya utha aaniilonga yomomeya kaya longe oowili dhi vulithe pomugoyi oshowo oowili dholutayima dhi vulithe puntano mesiku.

    “Otwa hala epangelo li kuthe ko iipotha mbyoka nokukatukila oonkatu omahangano ngoka itaga gwanithwa po ompango yaaniilonga moshilongo. Omolwa onkalo ndjoka aalongi yomomeya natango yeli mekanka ihe onkalo otayi tsikile owala,” Omunashipundi gwoUnited Fishermen of Namibia, Mathew Lungameni, ta ti.

    Lungameni okwa popi momwedhi gwa piti kutya, onkalo yaaniilonga yomomeya inayi lunduluka nonando okwa ningwa omalunduluko mompango yaaniilonga, ta popi kutya aaniilonga otaya kondjithwa ya longe oowili oonde nokulonga kohi yonkalo yiilonga yanayipala.


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    Inaku tokolwa natango kombinga yoRCCInaku tokolwa natango kombinga yoRCC Ominista yoPublic Enterprises, Leon Jooste oya popi mEtitano lya piti kutya inaku ningwa natango etokolo kombinga yonakuyiwa yehangano lyoRoads Construction Company (RCC).

    Jooste okwa popi kutya inaku ningwa natango etokolo kombinga ngele ehanganp ndyoka otali patwa nenge otali yambulwa po paiyemo.

    Okwa lopotwa kutya okomitiye yiiyemo yokabinete otayi nyengwa okwaadha etokolo kombinga yoshikumungu shehangano lyoRCC.

    Okwa hololwa kutya Jooste okwa hala ehangano ndyoka li patwe omanga Ominista yIilonga nOmalweendo, Alpheus !Naruseb, ita tsu kumwe.

    Ehangano lyoRCC otali pula epangelo opo li likwathele oshimaliwa shoomiliyona 300, omanga Jooste a popi kutya otashi ka pula oshimaliwa sha thika pobiliyona yimwe opo ku hupithwe ehangano ndyoka.

    Omanga kwa tegelelwa etokolo kombinga yehangano ndyoka, okwa holoka omapopyo kutya otamu ka ningwa omalunduluko mehangano ndyoka nenge li tulwe mumwe nomahangano omakwawo ngoka ga yama kepangelo.

    Okwa holoka woo omapopyo kutya ehangano ndyoka otashi vulika li pate, ihe omapopyo ngoka itaga kolekwa. Nonando ongaaka aaniilonga ya thika po-400 mehangano ndyoka oye li muutile wokukanitha iilonga yawo.

    Catherine Sasman

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    Iilonga yolutenda ya kankama mangaIilonga yolutenda ya kankama mangaNgoloneya a tindi oohapu dhendopo lyiifuta Iilonga yelila lyolutenda yongushu yoomiliyona 125, ndyoka lyoshinano shookilometa 14 okuza mOmaalala okuya mOndangwa, oya kankama okutameka omweedhi Januari nuumvo, sho epangelo lya ndopa okufuta omahangano taga longo ondjila ndjoka. Uuyelele mboka owa pewa oshifokundaneki shoNamibian Sun konzo moshitopolwa shoka, ihe ngoloneya gwoshitopolwa shaShana, Clemens Kashuupulwa okwa tindi omapopyo ngoka kutya kage shi goshili.

    Onzo ndjoka ya gandja uuyelele mboka oya popi kutya ehangano ndyoka lyaChina olya tulapo iilongitho molwaashoka inaya futwa.

    “Epangelo olya ndopa okufuta onzapo ndjoka ya pewa kehangano ndyoka omolwa iilonga ya longwa omvula ya piti, onkene ehangano olya tokola okutulapo iilongitho petameko lyomvula ndjika. Otuuvite kutya epangelo olya fa lya kandulapo omukundu ngoka niilonga okwa tegelelwa yi tameke ishewe mbala.”

    Mo-2014 epangelo olyiikalekele oshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 300, dha nuninwa iilonga yelila lyeshina lyokolutenda lyoshinano shookilometa 35 pokati kaNdangwa nOshakati. Iilonga mbyoka oya pewa ehangano lyoNexus Engineering pamwe noChina State Construction Engineering oshowo Abland Engineering and Construction.

    Mo-2015, ehangano lyoRoadhart Construction Company olya tameke niilonga yoshitopolwa shotango shongushu yoomiliyona 120. Ehangano ndyoka olya longo elila lyoshinano shookilometa 14 okuza mOshakatisigo omOmaalala. Oya manitha iilonga petameko lyomvula yo-2016. Oshitopolwa oshitiyali shiilonga osha tamekwa kehangano lyoNexus Construction, niilonga mbyoka oyongushu yoomiliyona 40. Ehangano ndyoka olya tungu ontopa pokati kaNdangwa nOshakati, niilonga mbyoka oya manithwa petameko lyomvula ya piti.

    Oshitopolwa oshititatu shiilonga osha longwa kehangano lyoChina State Construction Engineering melongelokumwe nehangano lyoAbland Engineering and Construction, kongushu yoomiliyona 125, nondjila ndjoka yoshinano shookilometa 14 pokati kOmaalala nOndangwa. Iilonga mbyoka oya tameke petameko lyomvula tuli na oya thikama.

    MuJuni gwomvula ya piti, omukokoli presidende Sam Nujoma okwiiyamba kiilonga yopoloyeka ndjoka yolitenda uule woshiwike , ihe lwanima ehangano lyaChina ndyoka pamwe nookume kawo miilonga oya tula po iilongitho.

    Ngoloneya gwaShana, Clemens Kashuupulwa, ngoka a li woo pamwe nomukokoli presidende pethimbo a li a ka longa kopoloyeka ndjoka okwa popi kutya iilonga mbyoka oyali owala ya kankama omolwa epingakano lyiitopolwa yiilonga.

    Kashuupulwa okwa popi kutya oshigwana otashi gandja uusama mukehe shimwe omolwa onkalo yopaliko ndjoka ya taalela oshilongo omanga shaahena ontseyo kutya oshike sha holoka po.

    Ngoloneya okwa tsikile kutya iilonga oya kankama molwaashoka oshitopolwa shotango shiilonga osha manithwa noshitopolwa oshitiyali oshi na okutameka, moka kwa tegelelwa ku gandjwe otendela ndjoka komutungi ta landula.

    Okwa tsikile kutya epangelo olyiikalekela iimaiwa mbyoka ya nuninwa opoloyeka ndjoka, onkene itashi vulika iilonga yikankame omolwa iifuta.

    Kansela gwoshikandjohogololo shaNdangwa, Kawishiweni Abraham okwa popi kutya uupyakadhi mboka wa li wa etithwa opo iilonga mbyoka yi kankame owa kandulwa po, niilonga okwa tegelelwa yi tameke nena. Uuna kwa manithwa oshitopolwa shOmaalala-Ondangwa nena otaku ka tamekithwa oshitopolwa oshitine momukunda Oshandumbala mondjila yaShakati nOmpundja.

    Iilonga ayihe otayi pangelwa yi manithwe nuumvo.


    INAYI PWA: Ontopa yaKapya, ndjoka tayi adhika mondjila onene yaNdangwa nOshakati oya manithwa omanga ondjila ndjoka tayi tungwa kohi yontopa ndjoka inayi manithwa natango.


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  • 07/23/17--16:00: Rand firms slightly
  • Rand firms slightlyRand firms slightlyExchange rate holds steady SARB repo rate decision supports the Rand's come back The Rand firmed on Friday, recovering some of its losses after a surprise interest rate cut by the central bank on Thursday.

    The central bank unexpectedly cut its benchmark lending rate for the first time in five years on Thursday, citing weak growth and easing inflation. Most economists had expected the bank to keep rates unchanged.

    “Despite surprise move from the [South African Reserve Bank], the [rand's exchange rate to the dollar] continues to hold steady,” Nedbank CIB said in a note.

    Stocks inched higher, with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange securities exchange's benchmark Top-40 index gaining 0.2% to 47.992 points.

    Government bonds firmed with the yield for the benchmark instrument due in 2026 falling 4.5 basis points to 8.5%.

    Internationally, the euro held near two-year highs against the dollar on Friday after the head of the European Central Bank said tapering of its stimulus will be on the table this autumn, while a solid

    Global economic outlook kept Asian share prices near decade highs.

    On Wall Street, stocks ended little changed on Wall Street on Thursday as a deal between Sears and Amazon weighed on home improvement

    retailers while gains in Microsoft helped buoy the Nasdaq.

    In the commodities space, gold held steady on Friday near a three-week high and was on track for a second consecutive weekly gain, underpinned by a

    Weaker dollar and U.S. political uncertainty. A weak dollar helped lift copper

    prices above $6,000 a tonne in Asian trading on Friday, erasing

    an overnight dip and setting the stage for a strong start to the London market.

    The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against a basket of six major rivals, was priced near its lowest level since August 2016.

    A hobbled dollar coupled with a positive Chinese outlook for metals demand on Monday lifted copper above the psychologically key $6,000 mark for the first time since 2 March.


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    Banking sector to remain stableBanking sector to remain stableRatings agency slightly optimistic Flags highly-leveraged households as a threat to banks. Standard & Poor's expects the South African banking industry to remain stable in the face of sluggish economic growth and heightened political risks. But, it has flagged the highly-leveraged households and low wealth levels as a major threat to domestic banks.

    The ratings agency, in its latest Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment, said a significant deterioration in local banks profitability or funding profiles is unlikely. “If the banks become more reliant on more volatile funding, or change to a net debtor position, we could lower our assessment.”

    It downgraded the nation's banks to sub-investment grade in April 2017 following a sovereign downgrade, spurred by a late-night cabinet reshuffle which resulted in major changes at the National Treasury.

    It also labelled threats to the South African Reserve Bank's (Sarb) independence from political interference as negative for the institutional framework of banks but said that they were unlikely to materialise anytime soon.

    The market has perceived Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane's order that the Sarb's constitutionally mandated objectives be changed as well as calls, from the ANC National Policy Conference, for the Sarb to be nationalised as threats to the central bank's independence.

    Despite on-going low growth and political instability domestic banks continue to perform well. It said credit impairments improved to 1.26% of total loans in the year to March 31 2017, from 1.44%. Over the same period, capital adequacy in the banking sector improved to 16.05% from 13.88% while return on equity increased to 17.33% from 16.31%.

    “Nevertheless, [the] banking sector's growth has been low, mimicking that of the wider economy. We expect real GDP growth to be limited to 1% in 2017, but we think there will be a slight acceleration to an average of 1.5%-2.0% per year over 2018-2020,” it said.

    S&P research found that South Africa's economic risk profile is similar to that of its emerging market peers, including Brazil, India, Turkey and China.

    South Africa's relative weakness is underpinned by highly-leveraged domestic households, low wealth levels and lower than expected economic and GDP growth per capita.

    S&P continues to believe that households are “the most significant source of risk” for domestic banks. Household debt-to-disposable income fell from 85% in 2008 to 74.4% in 2016. But the ratings agency expressed concern about the changing nature of leverage from secured residential mortgages to increased unsecured and instalment credit. It said the relatively quicker deleveraging of the wealthy market compared with the middle- and lower-income markets coupled with a tightening of credit policies, which restricted access to long-term secured credit and favoured shorter-term, higher-margin loans, underpinned the change.

    “As a result of this and due to pressure on disposable income from slower real-wage growth versus inflation, we believe that general household affordability has weakened, despite the decline in household leverage.” S&P added that weaker household affordability has been driven by modest interest rates and inflation – two factors which, barring any shocks, are unlikely to rise over the next 12 to 18 months.

    Drawing on the mid-2014 failure of African Bank, “which caused limited market dislocation, with cost of funds rising moderately for around one week and then returning to normalised levels”, it said the oligopolistic nature of the banking industry underpins market stability. It added that African Bank's failure was isolated and largely due to the “questionable” purchase of a furniture retailer as well as aggressive loan expansion in a time of credit and liquidity stress and inadequate provisioning for high-risk loans.

    It counted improved provisioning by banks as well as limited exposure to non-domestic risks, very little exposure to external funding as well as South Africa's relatively broad and deep debt capital markets as positives for domestic banks.


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    Bannerman, Geingos foundation deal sealedBannerman, Geingos foundation deal sealed Bannerman Resources Limited announced the completion of the Namibian partner transaction last week.

    This sees Bannerman welcome the One Economy Foundation as a 5% shareholder in Bannerman Mining Resources. “The detailed process undertaken highlighted the One Economy Foundation as an ideal partner,” said Bannerman´s CEO Brandon Munro.

    “In addition to social programmes that closely align with Bannerman's corporate social responsibility vision, the One Economy Foundation's board and management demonstrate exceptional leadership across all facets of the Namibian economy.”

    The One Economy Foundation will be loan carried for all future project expenditure including pre-construction and development expenditure, with the loan capital and accrued interest repayable from future dividends. Bannerman Resources Limited owns the remaining 95% of Bannerman Resources.

    The transaction fulfils an emerging industry-wide requirement for a minimum of 5% Namibian ownership.

    The satisfaction of this requirement was also a specific condition to the July 2016 renewal of Exclusive Prospecting Licence 3345 on, which the Etango Uranium Project is situated.

    In August 2016, BMRN engaged investment bank RMB Namibia to undertake a process to identify Namibian investors and broad-based beneficiaries to meet the 5% Namibian ownership requirement.

    The One Economy Foundation was established as a Section 21 non-profit organisation by First Lady Monica Geingos last year May.

    According to her, the foundation exists to facilitate the full social and economic participation of identified communities to break aspects of the poverty cycle by highlighting the root causes, maximising the potential of as many Namibian people and to strengthen those who are already on track to become better.


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  • 07/23/17--16:00: Angola still owes Nam N$2.5b
  • Angola still owes Nam N$2.5bAngola still owes Nam N$2.5bNorthern neighbours honouring obligation Banco Nacional De Angola and the Bank of Namibia remain committed to fulfilling the currency conversion mechanism undertaken. Bank of Namibia deputy governor Ebson Uanguta said Banco Nacional De Angola owes them approximately N$2.5 billion following a currency conversion agreement that was implemented three years ago.

    According to him, the Angolan central bank will fulfil its obligation to Namibia by the end of next year and have always made their payments on a timely basis.

    He provided the update during a courtesy call by the Angolan monetary authorities to President Hage Geingob at State House on Friday.

    “A schedule is being followed and there are still four payments to be done. What is remaining is about US$200 million (N$2.5 billion),” said Uanguta. The Angolan central bank still has two payments to be made this year and will settle the outstanding amount owed to the Bank of Namibia by the end of next year, Uanguta said.

    “We are still expecting two payments this year and two final payments next year.”

    The authorities briefed the president on trade developments following the inking of a currency conversion agreement in November 2014.

    “We had brought the Angolan delegation to meet His Excellency. We just briefed the president about our relations,” said Uanguta adding that the visit was really not to discuss money matters.

    According to Uanguta, the monies received had helped bolster foreign currency reserves, something he welcomed.

    “The payments have always been coming. We received quite a sizeable amount with a recent payment and at this point in time it really helps to boost our reserves. It is an advantage at this time,” he said.

    He reiterated that Banco Nacional De Angola had never defaulted on its obligations.

    “The payments have always been received on time,” said Uanguta.

    With the current currency agreement expected to come to an end next year, Uanguta said the Bank of Namibia would reflect on any new arrangements with Angola it would plan to undertake in future.

    “It is something we can reflect on when the Namibian economy and the Angolan economy recovers. We should see a strong revival of this agreement,” he said.

    Banco Nacional De Angola representative, Filipe Da Silva, said his organisation remained committed to honouring its obligation to Namibia.

    “We will continue to honour the payments despite our financial difficulties,” Da Silva said.

    The two regulatory monetary authorities entered into a currency conversion agreement on 22 September 2014.

    The agreement enabled residents of the border towns of Santa Clara and Oshikango to exchange their Kwanzas for Namibia dollars to facilitate the payment of goods and services.

    The mechanism commenced on 21 December 2015 and saw upwards of N$3.6 billion at the end of May 2015, prompting monetary authorities to relook the arrangement.


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    Diamond League delivers impressive resultsDiamond League delivers impressive resultsBolt, Wayde, Caster shine in Monaco Sprint king Usain Bolt and his self-proclaimed successor Wayde van Niekerk stole the limelight at Friday's Diamond League meet in Monaco. Bolt produced a strong second half in the 100m, easing up over the line in a welcome season's best of 9.95 seconds.

    Bolt, winner of eight Olympic and 11 world gold medals, will bring down the curtain on his glittering career at next month's world championships in London, where he will compete in the 100m and 4x100m relay.

    But for the moment, it remains entertainment, and Bolt, as he has done consistently throughout his career, played to the sell-out 17 000 capacity crowd at the Louis II Stadium when introduced in warm, balmy weather.

    Starting in lane four, Bolt was second slowest out of the blocks, the 100m and 200m world record holder easily matched by American Isiah Young in lane two.

    But the afterburners were switched on in his drive phase to see Bolt home safely ahead of Young.

    “It was good,” Bolt said of his 53rd sub-10 seconds 100m. “I'm going in the right direction, although there is still a lot of work to do. Sub-10 is always good.

    “There are always mixed emotions, I'm happy for my career but sad that it is ending.”

    Van Niekerk was also made to work in the 400m, fighting off a late surge from Botswana rival Isaac Makwala.

    The world and Olympic champion, also the world record holder in the event, hared off down the back stretch in lane five and looked dead set for another straightforward victory.

    But Makwala, in the lane outside, battled back around the final bend into the home straight.

    Van Niekerk, however, dug deep and surged home in a meeting record of 43.73 seconds, Makwala setting a personal best of 43.84 in seconds.

    It was a great performance,” said the South African.

    “I'm feeling positive about it. My body feels to be in great shape and this win from behind gives me confidence.

    “We still are not peaking, we trained hard last week and all should be okay for London and my double 200 and 400m. I'm ready for the big plan,” he said.

    Van Niekerk's teammate Caster Semenya put in another fine performance in the women's 800m, timing a personal, meet and Diamond League record of 1:55.27 in a race where four national records were set.

    Semenya, the current Olympic champion and a two-time world gold medallist, turned the screws in the final 50m to beat out Burundi's Francine Niyonsaba by 0.20 seconds, with American Ajee Wilson rounding out the podium.

    “I showed my strength, it was a hard fight until the end,” said Semenya, whose world gold metals came in Berlin in 2009 and Daegu in 2011. “The girls surprised me how good they ran.

    “I think I can run really fast, we are training for that. Now we must decide what I'll do in London, if it's only the 800m, or also the 400m or 1 500m.

    “The main thing is to stay healthy and a top result will come.”

    Kenyan Emmanuel Korir, on his professional debut, set another season's leading best in the men's 800m with a time of 1:43.10.

    That best was matched by female teammate Hellen Obiri, who set a season's leading time of 8:23.14 in the 3000m as a startling eight of the top 11 racers set personal bests on the fast Monaco track.

    Kenya's reigning world silver medallist Elijah Manangoi surprised the field to win the men's 1500m, out-sprinting Timothy Cheruiyot to win in a season's fastest of 3:28.80. Triple 1500m world champion Asbel Kiprop finished more than 6sec off the pace in 11th position.

    Rio 3 000m steeplechase gold medallist Conseslus Kipruto was a late withdrawal, however, saying he did not want to risk anything before London.

    “It is a precautionary measure with my ankle,” the Kenyan said. “Running is going well but jumping is risky at this point. But no worries for the world championships, I will be there.”

    US women continued their domination of the 100m hurdles, world record holder Kendra Harrison ran 12.51seconds, leading home Sharika Nelvis, with Australia's 2012 Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson in fourth.


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    Nastase banned over Fed Cup tiradeNastase banned over Fed Cup tirade The International Tennis Federation on Friday banned and fined Ilie Nastase over derogatory comments about Serena Williams and a foul-mouthed Fed Cup tirade.

    The Romanian tennis great was in the ITF dock for his abusive behaviour as Romania's Fed Cup captain in a tie with Britain in Bucharest in April.

    The two-time Grand Slam winner is banned from all ITF competitions until December 2020, excluded from all ITF competitions excluding Grand Slams until December 2018, and fined $10 000.

    The controversial 71-year-old was kicked out of the Fed Cup tie in the Romanian capital on the second day for his irrational conduct, escorted from the court by security staff.

    On the opening day he was overheard making derogatory remarks about US superstar Serena Williams's pregnancy.

    “Let's see what colour the baby has. Chocolate with milk?,” he said in Romanian, remarks then reported widely internationally, including by a British female reporter who he then berated, describing her as “stupid” and “ugly”.

    He also asked British captain Anne Keothavong for her hotel room number.

    On the Saturday he was escorted from the venue after swearing at the umpire as well as the British skipper and a visiting player.

    The ITF in a statement described Nastase's comment about Williams as “highly inappropriate and racially insensitive”.

    It reported how “Mr Nastase made advances of a sexual nature towards Anne Keothavong, the captain of the Great Britain team”.

    The ITF judgement highlighted his “abusive and threatening comments to a member of the accredited press, match officials and to members of the Great Britain team”.

    The statement added that the disgraced Fed Cup skipper had “refused to leave the court and deliberately interfered with the opposing team”.

    Nastase, who was barred from the Royal Box at Wimbledon, and the Romanian Tennis Federation have 21 days to appeal.

    Days after his Fed Cup meltdown the eccentric Nastase apologised for his remarks about William's but said his behaviour at the tie “has been exaggerated by all”.


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  • 07/23/17--16:00: Chelsea embarrass Arsenal
  • Chelsea embarrass ArsenalChelsea embarrass Arsenal Chelsea played the pre-season friendly with the intensity more like the traditional London Derby on Saturday as the Premier League champions outclassed Arsenal 3-0 at the Bird's Nest in Beijing.

    Willian's curving shot and Michy Batshuayi's brace from each half gifted the victory for the Blues. While Arsenal, the FA Cup winners, looked less well prepared compared to the defending champions despite the newcomer Alexandre Lacazette started as the central forward.

    It might be a friendly but both sides were not holding back. Antonio Conte has not disappointed the Blues' Chinese fans as the Italian manager fielded a strong and familiar 3-4-3 line-up in front of 55,618 spectators on a cool summer weekend night.

    Chelsea took the lead four minutes before the break. The Brazilian international Willian cut in from the left wing and pings home in off the far post.

    Batshuayi doubled the advantage just one minute later. The Belgian striker struck the ball to the far corner on the edge of the box after meeting a through pass from N'Golo Kante.

    The Blues were far sharper despite the Gunners improved largely in the second half. Batshuayi scored his second just five minutes after the restart when he powered into a first-time finish from outside the area after Marcos Alonso's pass.

    The two London teams will meet again in the season-opening Community Shield in two weeks later at Wembley.


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