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  • 07/18/17--16:00: Housing remains priority
  • Housing remains priorityHousing remains priorityCity of Windhoek promises over 4 000 affordable houses Up until 2022, the City of Windhoek has undertaken to place a firm focus on housing, promising more than 4 000 units. The City of Windhoek aims to provide 4 043 affordable houses in the next five years through projects such as National Mass Housing and the Build Together schemes.

    According to the City's strategic plan for 2017 to 2022, during the current financial year, 470 affordable houses will be provided with the support of local government, while by 2020/21, the City aims to have built 1 311 houses.

    In the next five years, it has set a target to have availed 2 087 serviced plots in all land-use categories and out of this, 430 serviced plots will be availed during this financial year and 1 474 serviced plots during 2019/20 financial year.

    In 2016/17, there were 300 serviced plots availed for all use categories which include residential, commercial and institutional uses.

    According to the strategic plan, the City will also avail 2 167 serviced plots through private partnerships in the next five years. A total of 529 plots will be made available during this financial year and 900 plots in 2019/20.

    According to the strategic plan, to address the current demand for serviced land, the City of Windhoek will require 500 hectares for future land delivery and development during the strategic period.

    The strategic plan says housing and land delivery have been identified as a top priority by the municipality.

    “However, it must be noted that the City's targets are purposefully conservative during this strategic period given the current financial, human and capital, technological and expertise constraints.

    “Nevertheless the City remains committed to achieving its targets given the critical nature of housing and land delivery. Our challenge is thus to be innovative, think out of the box and foster a platform for creative consultative and cross-functional pollination of ideas from all stakeholders,” according to the CEO of Windhoek, Robert Kahimise.

    According to the City's housing and land delivery objective, a single integrated waiting list for housing and land delivery will be compiled, while new housing developments will encourage urban densification and require all housing units to be designed to be adaptable, extendable and able to densify over time.

    Furthermore, vacant land inside the urban edge is to be utilised through infill initiatives, while unused land owned by state entities should be released for new housing developments.

    The City of Windhoek says the promotion of mixed-use retail and residential development along key nodes and transport corridors should be considered, while housing developments should be directed towards transport routes so that residents can have easy access to public transport, employment and social amenities.

    Meanwhile the City says its Spatial Development Plan (SDF), which sets out future areas for expansion of residential areas, community facilities, industrial business, resort development and other activities, will cease to exist by the end of 2017.

    A new SDF is targeted to be completed by 2018 and will include the densification in existing townships, the further infill of existing vacant lots and the redevelopment of older buildings before new areas for town expansion are considered.


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    DTA mourns defining character PretoriusDTA mourns defining character Pretorius The DTA has paid a glowing tribute to retired politician Kosie Pretorius who died in his Walvis Bay home last weekend.

    The party's secretary-general, Manuel Ngaringombe, in a statement yesterday called Pretorius a “character of enormity”.

    Ngaringombe also commended the contributions the late Pretorius made to Namibia's constitution during his time as a member of the first parliament post-independence.

    “The history of Namibia's transition from a South African colony to a fully-fledged independent state is one that has recently been written and talked about extensively. Suffice it to say that whatever viewpoint you may take, one thing that remains undeniably true is that the late Pretorius was at the centre of much that occurred in the long and difficult build-up to Namibia's independence. An analysis of Namibian history can only conclude that Kosie, as he was affectionately known by both his friends and foes, is one of the defining characters in Namibian history,” the statement stated.

    Pretorius led the whites-only National Party in pre-independence Namibia from 1981. In the 1989 election, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly under the banner of a conservative alliance, Action Christian National, which won three seats in the 72-member assembly. After the National Party transformed itself into Monitor Action Group (MAG) in 1991, Pretorius led the new party until his retirement from active politics in June 2013.

    From 1995 to 2005 he was the sole MAG parliament member before retired teacher Jurie Viljoen succeeded him as MAG's only MP from 2005 to 2010.


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    Councillor in alleged brawl with community memberCouncillor in alleged brawl with community member Rehoboth Urban East Constituency Councillor and Chairperson of the Hardap Regional Council, Edward Wambo allegedly ripped the shirt of a man during a community meeting on Sunday.

    The meeting was held in Bahnhoff to address the illegal selling of plots at the settlement some 10km from Rehoboth.

    An argument erupted between Wambo and Ritchey Bostander, who according to an anonymous source had asked the councillor where he had been all along and if he was at the meeting to lie again.

    The alleged brawl resulted in Wambo allegedly ripping Bostander's shirt.

    Bostander told Nampa on Monday he drank a few beers before the meeting.

    “I drank a few beers and asked Wambo why he only came now and lie to us. I only spoke the truth about him only coming during campaigns and he grabbed me on my chest and ripped off my shirt,” Bostander said.

    Contacted for comment, Wambo said he did not attack the alleged victim as speculated and simply prevented the drunken man from falling on him.

    “I can tell you now that I did not tear off anyone's shirt. The guy was drunk and he almost fell on me. I only stopped him from falling and that's when I accidently ripped his shirt,” Wambo said.

    A report in The Namibian newspaper in June said a group of Hardap Region residents handed a petition to Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa in which they demanded the removal of Wambo on grounds of alleged incompetency and for having failed them.

    The 100-member group described Wambo as allegedly corrupt, incompetent, dishonest and deceptive.

    They said under Wambo's leadership, several development projects at Rehoboth had failed.


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    Zuma's drought relief aid pausedZuma's drought relief aid pausedBoreholes covered by donation not operational There has been a lapse in the completion of the N$100-million donation from South Africa to Namibia, granted in 2013 with unfinished work the primary complaint. The N$100 million drought relief aid offered to Namibia by South Africa President Jacob Zuma in 2013 has not been utilised completely.

    The deputy head of mission of the South African High Commission, Eli Bitzer, confirmed to Namibian Sun that only the first phase of the donation consisting seed and maize meal from South Africa was delivered in 2015. The second phase of the relief covering provisions in water, health and agriculture sectors to drought-stricken communities has not yet been completed.

    During the Ohangwena Aquifer's Steering Committee media briefing at Eenhana in Ohangwena Region last week, the deputy director of rural services, Natalia Ndaitwah expressed her disappointment over 16 boreholes that were drilled in Okongo and Oshikunde constituencies in 2014 to provide water to people and animals that were hard hit by the drought, saying to date, these boreholes are not functional.

    She said the communities intended to benefit from the donation cannot use the boreholes because they are not fitted with pumps.

    “These boreholes were drilled as an emergency during the crisis to provide water to people and animals heavily affected by drought in 2013. They were drilled in 2014, but cannot be used as no pumping equipment was installed. Even though we received better rainfall this year, the people and animals in those areas are still suffering,” Ndaitwah said.

    The deputy permanent secretary of water affairs in the agriculture ministry, Abraham Nehemia, reiterated that the boreholes were drilled as part of the N$100 million drought relief aid offered to Namibia by the South African government in 2013.

    He explained that as part of the agreement, drilling and installation of the borehole pumps were supposed to be done by South African companies.

    “These boreholes were funded by the South African government which also said their companies would do the work. After the boreholes were drilled, the South African government did not identify companies to do the installations. Currently, this has been resolved and they will be installed soon,” Nehemia said.

    He also explained that the companies have started installing borehole pumps drilled under the same programme in Zambezi Region and very soon they will be doing the pump installations in Ohangwena Region.

    Bitzer, who said he is still seeking clarity on the debacle, told Namibian Sun that “the first phase of the drought relief programme relating to the provision of seed and maize to the value of N$50 million was concluded some time ago. Rehabilitation of boreholes falls under the second phase of the programme.”

    Namibian Sun also learned that N$45 million of N$100 million was allocated to financing the drilling of boreholes, provision of water tankers and acquisition of technical skills to support the installation of boreholes in five of Namibia's 14 regions.

    The agriculture ministry could not provide information about the number of boreholes drilled thus far and the regions that benefitted.


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  • 07/18/17--16:00: Child rapist gets 12 years
  • Child rapist gets 12 yearsChild rapist gets 12 yearsPlans to appeal The Otjiwarongo Regional Court has sentenced Natangwe Shishiveni to 12 years in prison for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. A 29-year-old man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl at Otjiwarongo more than three years ago was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years behind bars last week.

    Natangwe Shishiveni's legal aid lawyer told Namibian Sun that they planned to lodge an appeal, based on their arguments during the trial that the complainant had fabricated the rape allegation as a way to avoid being punished for breaking a strict curfew.

    Otjiwarongo Regional Court Magistrate Marelize du Plessis in her judgment last week found that the evidence presented by the State, including the results of a medical examination done shortly after the rape, confirmed the girl's version.

    “There was clear sexual intercourse proven by the State through the production of the medical report,” Du Plessis stated.

    “If the accused is to be believed, it would logically mean that the complainant, be it through consent or not, engaged for the first time in her life in sexual intercourse, leading to the broken hymen, and then coincidentally was confronted by the threat of the accused telling his mother of the complainant's absence from home, giving her the perfect opportunity to exact revenge on the accused,” she added.

    During the trial a doctor confirmed that he had examined the girl after she had reported the incident to the police in January 2014. The doctor testified that there had been recent penetration as presented by a “broken hymen” that showed “fresh tears”.

    Weak and strong testimony

    She also added that Shishiveni's “defence is clearly one of bare denial of all the facts against him.”

    Du Plessis said “although it seems likely that there was forced penetration as evidenced by the medical report”, the accused only stated that he was falsely implicated as the rapist of the 12-year-old “because she was afraid of his that that he would report her absence from home.”

    She added that while the court must treat the testimony of the young complainant “with caution on both the grounds that she was a single witness and the fact that she was youthful”, her testimony “did not waver and remained consistent” and she was not “swayed during cross-examination.”

    During cross-examination, the defence focused on the fact that the complainant had failed to tell the police and the court during her evidence in chief about her coming home later that night and arguing with the accused, whose mother she was living with at the time.

    The defence argued that her failure to reveal this was an attempt to cover up the fact that she had made up the rape allegation as a way to avoid being punished for breaking curfew.

    However, Du Plessis said that “given the magnitude of the episode the complainant went through, it is reasonably believable that she thought her transgression to be irrelevant to what happened thereafter.”

    Siambango argued that the accused's version was that after the exchange he went out and came back later that night and immediately went to his room, and that he never touched the minor girl.

    Ben and Shishiveni's absences

    The magistrate also noted the absence of a key witness, who was cited by both Shishiveni and by the complainant as being able to corroborate their accounts of the night of 27 January 2014, had been suspicious.

    The witness, Ben, whose last name was never provided to the court and who was named as a brother of Shishiveni, was called at least three times by the State as a witness, and failed to show up despite three remands.

    The magistrate said that during his evidence in chief Shishiveni “became visibly uncomfortable when asked whether he knows where his brother is and stated that he does not know and that he lost the phone on which Ben's number was saved.”

    The magistrate also stated that the lengthy search for Shishiveni, a builder, before his arrest, was suspicious.

    “It is very suspicious that the accused departed for Windhoek on exactly the morning when the police came to his house to arrest him.”

    She said his defence that he was called to another town for work, and could not be reached by his mother between the period of the incident and when he was arrested months later, was “very suspicious”.

    She added that “his behaviour has all the characteristics of someone evading arrest for as long as possible”.

    Du Plessis said that if he had been innocent of the crime “it begs the question why he did not report to the police himself in order to at least clear his name.”


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  • 07/18/17--16:00: Two seasons, one time zone
  • Two seasons, one time zoneTwo seasons, one time zone Sunday, 3 September, will be the last time that Namibians will adjust their clocks after the five-month winter time period.

    The National Assembly has accepted a parliamentary standing committee report that supports the Namibian Time Bill providing for the abolition of winter and summer time.

    In accordance with the Namibian Time Act of 1994, Namibia enters summer time at 02:00 on the first Sunday in September, and switched to winter time, one hour back, at 02:00 on the first Sunday of April.

    The repeal of that Act means that next year, the Zambezi Region will be in the same time zone as the rest of country. Zambezi had been exempted from winter time under the 1994 Act.

    The reasons put forward by the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security to support one standard time include the impact the time change has on trading between Namibia and neighbouring countries.

    According to the report, adopting one standard time zone may improve productivity during winter and ensure speedy provision of goods and services, which in turn would improve the country's economy.

    The report further states that consultations with various stakeholders suggested that four hours of trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange are lost in winter.

    Participants argued that Namibia, whose main trading partner is South Africa, loses about four business hours a day during winter time: one in the morning, two hours during the lunch break and one in the afternoon, at the close of business.

    It was also stated that winter time disrupts the opening and closing times of border posts with neighbouring countries.

    “Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration at Namibian border posts are sometimes prompted to adjust their time of work with that of the neighbouring countries. Customs officials are thus required to work longer overtime hours in winter time,” the report stated.

    The original debate in the National Assembly was started by former DTA member of parliament Anna Frank in 1992.

    She was concerned about children having to walk to school in the dark during the winter months, making them vulnerable to robbery and assault.

    In recent discussions, the education sector expressed concern about the safety of schoolchildren and students in the evening.

    The standing committee therefore recommended that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture regulate school hours in consultation with parents and stakeholders.

    It also recommended that the education ministry consider reintroducing four school terms, with specific focus on providing a proper winter school holiday, preferably from the middle or end of June to the end of July.

    The standing committee was chaired by Leevi Katoma.


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    Karasburg schools without waterKarasburg schools without water The water supply to four schools at Karasburg in the //Karas Region has been suspended, Namibian Sun has learned.

    There are strong suggestions that the electricity supply to these schools may be cut too.

    The permanent secretary in the education ministry, Sanet Steenkamp, could neither confirm nor deny this but admitted that the ministry was facing serious challenges as a result of budget shortfalls.

    She said the education ministry had held a meeting with the finance ministry yesterday to discuss the availability of money.

    “If we cannot reach an amicable solution with Cenored and other suppliers then we will have to go through the painful experience that children will not have water at their schools,” said Steenkamp.

    According to her the ministry, like the rest of the government, works on a Treasury Authorisation Warrant (TAW), which means they receive a specific ceiling within which they have to operate.

    This means utilities such as water and electricity supply can only be paid after staff salaries are processed. Thorough verification of invoices is done before payments are made.

    A well-placed source at Karasburg, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the schools' water had been disconnected yesterday morning.

    “We do not know how long this will be. They did not tell us when it will be on again. Early this month it was for a few hours, but it was the entire town but I think now they are targeting the individual defaulters,” she said.


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  • 07/18/17--16:00: Murder accused cop on trial
  • Murder accused cop on trialMurder accused cop on trial'Had made threats to kill lover' Former police constable Elbertus Ganeb is accused of stabbing his two sons to death at Gobabis three years ago. FRED GOEIEMAN

    A policeman who killed his two small sons, had threatened to kill their mother next, and wanted to commit suicide afterwards, the Windhoek High Court heard yesterday.

    “I have done what I have done. Next is my girlfriend and thereafter I will finish myself,” the former constable, Elbertus Ganeb, 32, allegedly said on the phone to the police before he was arrested for the murder of his sons, four and seven years old, in April 2014.

    On the night of 25 April 2014, Ganeb’s two sons were in his care at house 99 in Tswana Block, Gobabis. He is alleged to have attacked the seven-year-old, Tertius Romeo Shaun Swartz, and stabbed him at least four times in the head. The boy died of multiple skull fractures.

    Ganeb allegedly then stabbed Gregory O’Grady Holmes Swartz, aged four, six times in the body and head. The boy received hospital treatment at Gobabis and was later transferred to the Katutura State Hospital, where he died of his injuries on 1 May 2014.

    Ganeb faces two murder charges, read in conjunction with the provisions of Combating of Domestic Violence Act. He also faces a charge of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm for the assault of Romilly Swartz during 2013 and 2014. They were in a relationship and were the parents of the two murdered boys.

    Detective Warrant Officer Gayle Shitumbuleni, who was attached to the Criminal Investigation Department at Gobabis at the time of the incident, yesterday testified that Ganeb had threatened his colleague Festus Nekongo after accusing him of having an affair with Swartz.

    She testified that Nekongo had complained to her about threatening phone calls and text messages from Ganeb.

    She said in an attempt to bring the two officers together to peacefully resolve the issue, she phoned Ganeb from the charge office at Epako, Gobabis, and informed him about the complaints.

    Ganeb allegedly told her that he did not want to see her because it was his girlfriend who had instructed her to call him, but she told the court she had informed him that Nekongo had made the complaint.

    She further testified that after she had instructed Nekongo to go home, she, in the company of other police officers, went to Ganeb’s house. They found the house open and called him but there was no answer.

    According to her when they looked into the house they saw a boy lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

    “We called additional manpower and an ambulance, surrounded the house and later observed that another boy was lying in a pool of blood on the bed. We observed that the boy on the bed was still moving,” Shitumbuleni said, and added that Ganeb had been on duty the previous night.

    The police officer further testified that Ganeb later called her and said she had made a mistake by searching for him and that she would not find him.

    “I have done what I have done. My girlfriend is next and thereafter I will finish myself,” he allegedly said and ended the call.

    The police searched for him and later arrested him. At the time of his arrest, it was reported that Ganeb looked sober and normal.

    Last year, during a bail application, he claimed that he had been intoxicated and had taken painkillers on the day of the killings, and consequently could not recall anything about the incident.

    The trial continues before Judge Dinnah Usiku.

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    Govt starts emptying police mortuaryGovt starts emptying police mortuary JANA-MARI SMITH

    The ministries of health and safety, together with the City of Windhoek, have begun cremating some of the hundreds of unclaimed bodies that have been stuck in a no-man’s land for years while authorities scrambled to address the problem, particularly at the police morgue in Windhoek.

    This week, the health ministry confirmed that since April, when the ministry met with morgue and City officials, they agreed on the way forward and on how and when to dispose of the bodies.

    “The process of laying to rest the unclaimed bodies already started and this is in line with the governing Namibian laws and regulations,” the health ministry’s permanent secretary, Andreas Mwoombola said.

    He said the City of Windhoek, the safety and health ministries had agreed on the way forward, although he did not go into detail.

    “Due to the sensitivity surrounding the issue and the fact that dignity and respect for the deceased need to be maintained, we are unable to divulge any further information,” Mwoombola said.

    City spokesperson Lydia Amutenya confirmed that “the process has started and is ongoing.” She said the Windhoek crematorium was currently closed for repairs and maintenance but would reopen at the beginning of August.

    In April, the health ministry told Namibian Sun that 390 unclaimed bodies at the state and police mortuaries needed to be cremated.

    At the time, the expected costs would have been N$164 700, the ministry said.

    Mwoombola did not provide details to Namibian Sun this week on how many of those bodies have been cremated to date, although reliable sources said that no more than 20 were cremated from the stockpile of unclaimed bodies at the police morgue.

    In July 2016, Namibian Sun reported that due to no money budgeted for unclaimed body disposals in the police budget, morgue officials had pleaded with their bosses and colleagues at the health ministry for assistance.

    At least 10 post-mortems could not be performed at the time, because the overcrowded cold room - designed to hold 24 corpses as well as a few smaller, bagged bundles of human remains – made it difficult to carry out scheduled tasks.

    At the time, as many as 180 bodies were reportedly stored at the morgue, with no relatives or family having shown up to claim their missing family members.

    Among the remains were the bodies of babies that had been dumped. Some of the bodies had been in the mortuary since 2009.

    In March, officials confirmed that approximately 120 unclaimed bodies remained at the police morgue.

    Since then, the issue of responsibility for the unclaimed bodies has been at the centre of several months’ delay on how to deal with the problem.

    Agreements on the table

    In March, the health and safety ministries had not yet reached agreement on who was responsible for unclaimed bodies.

    The health ministry told Namibian Sun at the time that although they would assist the police when possible it was not their responsibility.

    On the other hand, the head of the National Forensic Science Institute, Dr Paul Ludik, said in terms of the Public Health Act, the responsibility for unclaimed bodies, and their disposal, lay with the local authority or the health ministry.

    Nevertheless, sources confirmed that meetings held over the past months, and this month, concluded with agreements on the matter, although details have not been made public to date.

    Last week, the police’s Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga said he could not comment on whether a final solution to the problem has been found, but said the three parties have reached an agreement to map the way forward to ensure a permanent solution.

    Reliable sources told Namibian Sun recently that even if the dozens of bodies at the morgue were cremated over the next few months, a permanent solution was critical.

    “Every month, bodies come in and some are not claimed. The situation will not improve unless we can regularly dispose of unclaimed bodies.”

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    Hospital plan takes new twistHospital plan takes new twistOshana council resolution 'not binding' There is a possibility that the much-talked-about referral hospital project will not be built at Ondangwa as recommended by northern politicians. There is a fresh twist to the planned referral hospital for the north, with Oshana governor Clemens Kashuupulwa saying a recent resolution by the Oshana regional councillors, who recommended Ondangwa as the preferred location for the project, is not legally binding.

    Recently the Oshana Regional Council unanimously approved the construction of a referral hospital at Ondangwa.

    It has now emerged that the resolution is not binding, as the Oshana political leadership went against a resolution taken in May during a consultative meeting with the minister of health, Bernhard Haufiku, which invited bids from Ondangwa and Ongwediva after the region got the nod.

    The ministry would then dispatch experts to determine the suitability of the identified pieces of land.

    It seems only Ongwediva submitted a proposal for the construction of the state-of-the-art 1 000-bed hospital, while Ondangwa argued that the land initially offered to the ministry for a district hospital should still be good enough for a referral hospital.

    The plans to build a district hospital at Ondangwa were shelved for a bigger referral hospital project.

    “A decision was taken for Ondangwa and Ongwediva to allocate suitable land. However, it was disputed by Ondangwa and some councillors,” Kashuupulwa said.

    “A second meeting under my chairmanship, including the affected towns, was held at the council building and again we reached deadlock.

    “Councillors decided to take the issue to their regional council meeting, to which I objected, but they went ahead and passed a resolution for the hospital to be built at Ondangwa,” explained Kashuupulwa.

    “The councillors passed a resolution for the referral hospital to be constructed in Ondangwa, but that resolution is not binding. Sometimes we do not follow procedures as we are supposed to.

    “During the regional council meeting only members of the council gave their input without considering the local authorities involved. I understand Ongwediva Town Council went ahead and made their submission.”

    The chairperson of the Oshana Regional Council, Gerson Hanu Kapenda, said there was no policy in place that allowed for regional and local authorities to jointly make official decisions.

    “We are the decision-making body of the region and that is why we decided to take the matter up to the council meeting and pass a resolution, which is a legal document. The decision was based on the development needs of the region, and was supported by all eleven regional councillors,” Kapenda said.

    Approached for comment recently, Haufiku emphasised that Ondangwa had breached a resolution passed during the May consultative meeting.

    “We already put a dead stop to that. I heard that Oshana Regional Council has taken a resolution that is not related to what we initiated earlier,” Haufiku said.

    He declined to comment further on the issue, ending the call by wryly wishing Ondangwa good luck.

    Plenty to choose from

    Ongwediva mayor Angelina Angula confirmed to Namibian Sun that they made their submission on 29 June this year, saying Haufiku acknowledged receiving their proposal.

    “We allocated them the whole land behind Oshana Mall. It is a big portion of land that went up to the railway line and stretch up to Efidi Proper. We gave them an option to choose where they want,” Angula said.

    Ondangwa mayor Paavo Amwele said they would stick with the initial offer of land for a district hospital and did not make any new submissions.

    “There is no need for us to make new submissions. That land was too big and the ministry was only taking a portion for the district hospital. We went to defend our position at State House and since then nothing was communicated to us. If they want us to add more land we can just do it on their request,” Amwele said.

    The project will be financed through a public-private partnership, Namibian Sun understands.

    The project will also have a maternity unit and a cardiac unit for children.


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    Nambala wins silver medal for Namibia Nambala wins silver medal for Namibia Johannes Nambala won a silver medal at the International Paralympics Committee (IPC) World Athletics Championships in the 200-metre final on Tuesday night. The 2016 Paralympics silver medallist clocked 21/81 seconds behind Jason Smyth of Ireland to win Namibia’s second medal at the games, with Ananias Shikongo having already won a silver medal at the same competition in London over the weekend.
    Sport Reporter

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    NFA administration course under wayNFA administration course under way The Namibia Football Association (NFA) is hosting an administration course at Eenhana.

    The course, which is part of the Ohangwena Schools Project, kicked off on Monday with nine education circuits participating.

    Similar to the instructor's course that was held two weeks ago, the administration course also looks to improve sport development and infrastructure through training of coaches and physical education teachers, while focusing on administrative issues and development programmes.

    Present at the opening was NFA administration instructor Roger Kambatuku, who is excited about the course.

    “As long as building capacity is concerned, this is not our first or our last interaction in Ohangwena Region,” Kambatuku said.

    He added that he was pleased with the feedback the NFA had received in terms of support and commitment.

    He praised the deputy education director in Ohangwena and the assistance received from that office.

    Kambatuku said he hoped to get the same assistance from other regions with the aim of achieving greatness in football and sports development.

    The deputy director of education in Ohangwena Region, Pashila Ngulu, said they were delighted to be beneficiaries of such a programme, while urging the participants to take the training seriously and make every minute count as they are not only representing Ohangwena Region, but every other colleague that failed to make it to the course.

    “You are here on official duty, where you were supposed to be at school.

    “Ensure that you represent your schools and continue to share what you have learned here with other beneficiaries,” Ngulu said.


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    Wenger insists Sanchez 'not for sale'Wenger insists Sanchez 'not for sale' Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remains adamant that Alexis Sanchez is not for sale after the Frenchman dismissed the Chilean forward's comments about wanting to play in the Champions League as meaning he is pushing to leave.

    The 28-year-old's current deal at the Emirates expires in 2018 but Wenger says the Chile international will not be sold despite little sign of a new contract being agreed.

    “The decision has been made and we will stick to that,” Wenger told reporters during the club's pre-season tour in China. “The decision is not to sell.”

    British media reported on Sunday that Sanchez, who was the club's top scorer last season with 30 goals, would leave North London after saying he wanted to play in and win the Champions League.

    Arsenal did not qualify for the competition following their fifth-placed league finish last season and Wenger believes that Sanchez's quotes were mistranslated when he spoke to Chilean radio station Radio Sport.

    “I don't give too much importance to things that are translated, you know,” Wenger added. “The whole interview that I got didn't really mean that.

    “The main focus for us is to concentrate on the Premier League and the Premier League for me today is more important than the Champions League.

    “We played 20 years in the Champions League, that's 17 years before Sanchez arrived and three years with him so he can get us back in there.”

    Wenger added that the transfer of striker Robin van Persie to Manchester United during the final year of his contract in 2012 shared no similarities with Sanchez's situation.

    “Every case is different, Van Persie was going from 30 to 31, when he left he had one year on his contract,” Wenger said.

    “Sanchez is younger.”


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    Mourinho targets 15-year stayMourinho targets 15-year stayCoach ready for long-term deal Mourinho, who previously won league titles in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England, has never been in charge for more than three seasons at his previous clubs. Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho wants to stay at Old Trafford for the next 15 years but concedes the pressures of managing at the top level make a long tenure difficult.

    “I am ready for this,” Mourinho told ESPN. “I am ready for the next 15, I would say. Here? Yes, why not?

    “I have to admit that it is very difficult because of the pressure around our jobs, everybody putting pressure on managers, but in reality only one can win and every year it is getting more difficult.

    “In my vision, my job is much more than what I do on the pitch and the results that my team gets at the weekend.”

    Mourinho said long-term stability could bring great benefits at the club as he hopes to emulate Alex Ferguson, who led United to 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies during his 26 years in charge.

    “This club, for so many years, was Sir Alex,” Mourinho added. “People got used to it; people understood the great consequences of that stability.

    “After David (Moyes) and Mr. (Louis) Van Gaal, I come to my second year and hopefully I can stay and give that stability that the club wants.”

    Mourinho, who was sacked months after Chelsea won the league title in 2015, took charge as United's third full-time manager in three years at the start of last season.

    Despite winning the League Cup and Europa League in his first season, Mourinho is aware he will be under scrutiny again during the upcoming season.

    “You have huge success in one year, the next year you don't have success and you are out,” said Mourinho. “It happened to me at Chelsea, it happened to (Claudio) Ranieri at Leicester, it will happen to many others. Nowadays, people look much more on the short term.”

    United, who finished sixth in the league last season, host West Ham in their first game of the campaign on 13 August.


    0 0

    Ennis-Hill to receive gold medalEnnis-Hill to receive gold medal Jessica Ennis-Hill will be presented with the heptathlon gold medal from the 2011 world championships at this year's event in London after the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed Russian Tatyana Chernova's appeal against her doping ban.

    Briton Ennis-Hill was runner-up to Chernova in Daegu six years ago but the Russian was stripped of her medals last November and received a lengthy ban for blood doping violations.

    There were concerns about when Ennis-Hill, 31, would receive her medal as Chernova appealed the ban and questioned the jurisdiction of the original hearing.

    The CAS dismissed the appeal on Tuesday and stuck with the original judgement.

    “The panel found there was a valid arbitration agreement. The athlete's submission concerning the jurisdiction of the CAS first-instance decision failed,” CAS said in a statement.

    “As this was the only issue raised in the appeal, the panel dismissed the appeal and confirmed the initial CAS award.”

    Retired Olympic champion Ennis-Hill, who also won the world title in 2009 and 2015, will be presented with her record-equalling third world heptathlon title at a special ceremony at the London Stadium.


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  • 07/19/17--16:00: The full Monty
  • The full MontyThe full MontyMerc's luxury bakkie is here The long-awaited bakkie from Mercedes-Benz was launched – to much fanfare – this week in Cape Town. The next big step in the gentrification of the once-humble pick-up is upon us. Mercedes-Benz pulled the covers off the showroom version of its X-Class in Cape Town on Tuesday night and, just as you would expect, its game plan is to offer a posher alternative to one-tonne favourites like the Hilux and Ranger.

    Available only as a double cab, and due in South African showrooms in early 2018, the X-Class is based on alliance partner Nissan's Navara, and is also built in the Japanese carmaker's Spanish plant, but Mercedes has added its own flavour in numerous ways, including swankier exterior styling and a redesigned cabin with plusher trimmings and more features.

    And yet the fanciness quotient is variable, with Mercedes offering three trim grades, in the form of Pure (rugged and functional), Progressive (extra style and comfort) and Power, which is just downright lavish.

    Like the Navara, the X-Class trades the leaf spring rear suspension that you usually find beneath one-tonne bakkies, for a smoother-riding coil-sprung, multi-link solid axle.

    The X-Class will have a braked towing capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes and the vehicle will be offered with diesel power only in most markets. Initially this will be limited to two versions of the Nissan-sourced 2.3-litre oil burner: a 140kW/450Nm twin-turbo in the X 250d and a 120kW/403Nm single-turbo unit in the X 220d. A small selection of markets, mainly in the Middle East, will also get a 122kW petrol engine option.

    Later in 2018 Mercedes will play its best engine card with the introduction of a V6 turbodiesel, rated at 190kW and 550Nm.

    The four-cylinder models will be available with rear-wheel drive or part-time four-wheel drive as per one-tonne bakkie tradition, with six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic gearbox options, but the V6 will be mated to a more sophisticated permanent all-wheel drive system together with the 7G-Tronic Plus autobox. The flagship will also be available with Merc's Dynamic Select system, allowing drivers to configure the engine and gearbox characteristics through five selectable driving modes, including one for off-roading.

    However, all 4x4 versions will have low-range gearing and Downhill Speed Regulation to facilitate serious bundu-bashing, while a rear diff lock will be optional. Mercedes says the ground clearance on models sold outside of Europe will be 222mm.

    The X-Class will have decent workhorse credentials too, with a payload of up to 1 100kg, within a loadbay that's wide enough to accommodate a Euro-pallet. The load area also offers LED illumination to help you out when loading at night and there's a handy 12-volt socket for power tools.

    It may have the work ethic of a proper bakkie then, but Mercedes-Benz has gone the full luxury car Monty inside with premium materials and gadgets that you'd normally not expect to find in a load-lugger. And there will be plenty of ways to personalise the cabin as Mercedes says it will offer the widest selection of materials and colours in the segment, including six different seat upholstery options and two roof-liner colours.

    The X-Class has a free-standing central screen as per the V-Class, and measuring up to 21.3cm in vehicles fitted with the Command Online infotainment system. Versions equipped with this, or the Audio 20 CD system, will also feature a console-mounted touchpad, as offered in the brand's passenger cars.

    Mercedes claims that the X-Class is the most connected pick-up in its class, thanks to its 'Me Connect' system that allows customers to view vehicle information remotely via their smartphones or set-up door-to-door navigation although it appears that these features will be limited to European markets.

    On the safety front, the X-Class boasts a full suite of active driving aids, including Active Brake Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Trailer Stability Assist and Traffic Sign Assist. Furthermore, it'll be the only vehicle in its segment fitted as standard with internally vented brake discs on all wheels.

    The X-Class is set to arrive locally later in 2018. Mercedes says its new X-Class will be “the first bakkie you can access via your smartphone” courtesy of its new technology.

    And the price?

    According to the automaker: “The Mercedes-Benz pick-up is attractively priced in the segment and is available in Germany from €37 294. Further market-specific prices will be made known successively.”

    Given the current Euro/Rand conversion, its price tag is the equivalent of R556 800 (this doesn't include import costs, rand strength, etc.). The most expensive bakkie in SA is the VW Amarok double-cab 3.0 V6 TDI at R748 000. We'll have to wait closer its local launch date for SA prices and specifications.

    According to Mercedes-Benz: “The X-Class is aimed at very different customer groups: land owners and farmers in Argentina, business owners and building contractors in Australia, families with an affinity for premium products in Brazil, trend-conscious individualists in South Africa and Great Britain as well as sporty adventurers in New Zealand and Germany.”

    WHEELS24 & IOL

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  • 07/19/17--16:00: New Picanto arrives
  • New Picanto arrivesNew Picanto arrives New design, enhanced technology, improved interior space... Kia has launched its new third-generation Picanto.

    The new city car will be on sale from July 14 2017. It's available with two petrol engine options (1.0-litre and 1.2-litre) and three specifications (Start, Street and Style). Prices start from N$134 995 in South Africa for the 1.0 Start Manual.

    The new Picanto is no larger than the model it replaces; 1.4m tall, 3.5m long and 1.5m wide. Built on a new platform, the new city car boasts a longer wheelbase and longer rear overhang (the front overhang is reduced by 25mm, to 675mm).

    In terms of design, it gains strong straight lines that run horizontally across the front of the car, emphasising its “tiger-nose” grille and new wrap-around headlights. It also gains lines along its flanks, shoulder and wheel arches.


    The 1.0- and 1.25-litre naturally aspirated multi-point injection (MPI) petrol engines are carried over from the outgoing Picanto but feature a range of enhancements to improve efficiency and overall responsiveness. Both engines are paired with a five-speed manual transmission delivering power to the front wheels. An optional four-speed automatic is available.

    The 1.0-litre MPI produces 49kW/96Nm while the 1.25-litre MPI engine is rated at 61kW/122Nm.

    Start or Smart?

    The entry level Start has manual aircon, tilt-adjustable steering, a radio (with RDS and MP3 capability), Aux and USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and two speakers.

    Street versions add power front windows, steering wheel-mounted controls, remote central locking with an alarm and immobiliser and driver's seat height adjustment. Style versions gain front projection foglights, daytime running lights, auto light control, a rear window wiper and front seat back pockets.

    Top-of-the-range Smart derivatives are fitted with bi-function projection headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED rear combination lights, electrically-folding, heated side-mirrors (with integrated LED indicators), aluminium pedals, two-tone cloth and leather upholstery, a leather-upholstered steering wheel and gear knob, the 7” colour infotainment system, Bluetooth with Voice Recognition.

    Lower specification derivatives feature a 3.8” monochrome TFT LCD audio system while high-spec variants sport a 7” full-colour touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity. The 7” touchscreen supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Auxiliary and USB ports are located at the base of the centre console.

    The Picanto is available in a choice of 11 colours and depending on the model can be fitted with either 13” or 14” steel wheels with stylish wheel covers, or a choice of 14” and 15” aluminium alloy wheel designs.

    More space

    Luggage capacity grows from 200 litres to 255 litres and is available with a two-step boot floor, which can be raised or lowered by 145mm. The rear-seat bench can be folded down increasing cargo capacity to 1010 litres.

    All models bar the entry-level variants are fitted with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), as well as a driver and passenger airbag. All versions have ISOFIX child seat anchors.

    A sunroof is available as an option on the Smart versions. Adding even further value to the Kia Picanto package is KIA's class-leading 5-year or Unlimited Kilometre Warranty, inclusive of 3-years or Unlimited Kilometres Roadside Assistance, as standard.

    WHEELS 24

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    A pewa oomvula 12 mondjeedhililoA pewa oomvula 12 mondjeedhililoTa pangele okupataneka egeelo ndyoka Ompangu yaTjiwarongo oya gandja egeelo lyoomvula 12 kuNatangwe Shishiveni ngoka a monika ondjo moshipotha shekwatonkonga lyokanona koomvula 12. Omulumentu gwoomvula 29 ngoka a kala ta pangulilwa oshipotha shokukwata onkonga okanona kokakadhona koomvula 12 mOtjiwarongo oomvula ndatu dha piti monena okwa monika ondjo moshipotha shoka, na okwa pewa egeelo lyokukala modholongo uule woomvula 12.

    Omukalelipo gwopaveta gwaNatangwe Shishiveni okwa popi kutya otaya ka pataneka egeelo ndyoka kwiikwatelelwa komaumbangi ngoka ye na po pethimbo lyepangulo, kutya nakutula mo oshipotha okwa toto omalundilo onga omukalo gwokuyanda egeelo.

    Mangestrata mompangu yopashitopolwa yaTjiwarongo, Marelize du Plessis pethimbo lyegandjo lyegeelo okwa popi kutya okwa mono kutya omaumbangi ngoka ga gandjwa kunakuninga oshihakanwa oshowo sha landula ekonaakono lyopaunamiti ndyoka lya ningwa otaga tsu kumwe.

    Pethimbo lyoshipotha shoka, omundokotola okwa koleke kutya okwa ningila okanona hoka omakonaakono konima sho kwa tulwa mo oshipotha shoka muJanuari gwo-2014, nomakonaakono ngoka oga ulike kutya okanona hoka oka yiwa nako miihulo.

    Pethimbo lyoshipotha shoka, omukalelipo gwopaveta gwomutamanekwa okwa popi kutya nakutulamo oshipotha okwa gandja omaumbangi giifundja omolwa uutile wokugeelwa megumbo, sho a yi kegumbo uusiku esiku ndyoka na yina yokanona oyali ye na oontamanana nomufamanekwa ngoka.

    Okwa tsikile kutya konima yoontamana, omufekelwa okwa zi mo megumbo na okwa galuka mokati kuusiku nokuya mondunda ye yokulala na ina guma okanona hoka.

    Mangestrata okwa popi woo kutya endopo lyoombangi mbali ndhoka dha tumbulwa kuShishiiveni na nakuninga oshihakanwa, opo dhi holoke komeho yompangu otashi limbililike.

    Gumwe gwomoombangi a tseyika nedhina Ben, ngoka aniwa e li omumwayinamati gwaShishiiveni okwa ndopa okuholoka nokugandja uumbangi nonando okwa ithanwa kompangu iikando itatu.

    Mangestrata okwa popi kutya Shishiiveni okwa ndopa okugandja uuyelele mpoka tapu adhika mumwayina ngoka, na okwa holola kutya onomola yongodhi yamumwayina okweyi kanithila mongodhi ye yimwe ndjoka a li a kanitha.

    Natango okwa tsikile kutya olukongo lwaShishiiveni ngoka e li omutungi, omanga ina tulwa miipangeko otalu limbililike.

    “Otashi limbilike kutya omutamanekwa okwa yi kOvenduka ongula yesiku ndyoka opolisi ye ya oku mu konga.”

    Omutamanekwa okwii popile kutya okwa li iithanwa opo a ye niilonga kondoolopa yilwe, nayina ina vula okuninga ekwatathano naye muule wethimbo ndyoka sigo osho a tulwa miipandeko konima yoomwedhi dhontumba.

    Du Plessis okwa popi kutya omutamanekwa okwa kala ta holola omaihumbato gomuntu ta yanda okutulwa miipandeko nokuya ontuku yopolisi, na okwa pula kutya omolwashike iniigandja kopolisi opo a yeleke edhina lye.


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    Epangelo tali kandula po omukundu gwendumbakano lyomidhimba mokila yopolisiEpangelo tali kandula po omukundu gwendumbakano lyomidhimba mokila yopolisi Uuministeli wUundjolowe oshowo Elelo lyoshilando shaVenduka, oya tameke okufumbika omidhimba omathele ndhoka inadhi ka talwa ko kokila yomidhimba yopolisi mOvenduka.

    Oshiwike shika Uuministeli wUundjolowele owa popi kutya okutameka omwedhi Apilili sho uuministeli wa yi moonkundathana naanambelewa yelelo lyoshilando oya tokola okwaadha etsokumwe lyokukandulapo omukundu gwendumbakano lyomidhimba inadhi ka talwako mokila ndjoka.

    Etsokumwe ndyoka olya kwatelamo efumbiko lyomidhimba ndhoka, ndyoka lya tameka nale kwiikwatelelwa kompango yoshilongo, pauyelele mboka wa pitithwa kuamushanga gwuundjolowele, Dr Andreas Mwoombola .

    Okwa popi kutya uuministeli nelelo lyoshilando oya tsa kumwe nkene taku kandulwapo omukundu ngoka, nonando inaya muule wetsokumwe ndyoka onga omukalo gwokugandja esimaneko lyopauntu koonakusa.

    Omupopiliko gwoshilando shaVenduka, Lydia Amutenya okwa kolele etsokumwe ndyoka ta popi kutya olya tulwa nale miilonga.

    MuApilili uuministeli owa lombwele oNamibia Sun kutya ope na omidhimba dhili 390 mookila yoshipangelo oshowo yopolisi, nomidhimba ndhoka odha pumbwa okufumbikwa, nomafumbiko otaga ka pula oshimaliwa sha thika N$164 700.

    Mwoombola ina gandja uuyelele kutya omidhimba ngapi dha fumbikwa monena nonando onzo yimwe oya yakeleko oshifokundaneki shika kutya omidhimba ndhoka dha fumbikwa inadhi pita po-20.

    MuJuli gwo-2016,oNamibian Sun oya lopota kutya kape na iimaliwa yiikalekelwa ya nuninwa efumbiko lyomidhimba ndhoka inadhi ka talwa ko kokila yopoisi, nonando aanambelewa yokila ndjoka oya ningi eindilo kaahona yawo opo ya yambidhidhwe. Omatando gokumona iiyetithi yeso geli o-10 inaga vula kuningwa pethimbo ndyoka omolwa ehala ndyoka kali mo mokila ndjoka yuudha noonkondo nonando oya nuninwa owala okukala nomidhimba 24 poshikando.

    Pethimbo ndyoka okwa li kwa lopotwa okila ndjoka yi na omidhimba 180 nomidhimba dhimwe ndhoka odha kala mo okutameka omvula 2009. MuMaalitsa aanambelewa oya koleke kutya omidhimba ndhoka inadhi ka talwamo mokila yopolisi odhili 120.

    Okuza mpoka opwa kala oontamanana kutya olye e na oshinakugwanithwa shokukandulapo omukundu ngoka.

    Uuministeli wUundjolowele owali wa popi kutya ope na omathimbo ngoka tashi vulika ohaya gandja ekwatho kopolisi mokufumvika oonakusa mboka, ihe shoka kashi shi andola oshinakugwanithwa shawo.

    Omukomeho gwoNational Forensic Science Institute, Dr Paul Ludik, okwa li a popi kutya oshi li oshinakugwanithwa shelelo lyoshitopolwa muuministeli wuundjolowele okukutha ko oshinakugwanithwa shoonakusa mboka inaya ka twalwa ko kookila dhomidhimba.

    Oshiwike sha piti, omukomeho gwopilisi yaNamibia, Sebastian Ndeitunga okwa popi kutya ita vulu okukoleke ngele okwa a dhika etsokumwe ndyoka tali kandula po omukundu ngoka, ihe okwa popi kutya oombinga ndhoka ndatu odha a dha etsokumwe moku ya moonkundathana dhekandulepo lyomukundu ngoka.

    Onzo yimwe oya popi kutya nonando omidhimba ndhoka odhi fumbikwe ngashiingeyi, ekandulepo lyomukundu ngoka itali kalelele molwaashoka okila ndjoka otayi yakula omidhimba ndhoka ihadhi ka talwa ko kehe omwedhi.


    0 0

    Oohapu dhetungo lyoshipangelo monooli dha tameke isheweOohapu dhetungo lyoshipangelo monooli dha tameke isheweOpeni tapu tungwa oshipangelo shoka pokati kondoolopa yaNdangwa nOngwediva? Ope na ompito onene kutya oshipangelo oshinene monooli yoshilongo shoka tashi pangelwa okutungwa, otashi vulika shi kale inashi tungwa mondoolopa yaNdangwa. Okwa tukuka oohapu oompe kombinga yetungo lyoshipangelo oshinene monooli, sho ngoloneya gwoshitopolwa shaShana, Clemens Kashuupulwa a popi kutya okatokolitho ka ningwa kaaleli yomOshana opo oshipangelo shoka shi tungwe mOndangwa, kake na oonkondo dha sha.

    Okwa hololwa kutya aniwa okatokolitho hoka ka ningwa pomutumba gwa kaliwa woo kominista yuundjolowele muMei, Bernhard Haufiku, kakeli paveta, sho kwa pulwa opo oshipangelo shoka shi tungwe mOndangwa nenge mOngwediva.

    Uuministeli owa li wa tumu aanambelewa opo ya ka konaakone omahala ngoka tapu vulu okutungwa oshipangelo shoka, ihe Ongwediva oyo owala ya gandja ehala mpoka tapu vulu okutungwa oshipangelo shoka shoombete 1 000, omanga Ondangwa ya popi kutya oshitopolwa shevi shoka yali ya gandja opo pu tungwe oshipangelo shopashitopolwa natango oshiwanawa ngele opo tapu tungwa oshipangelo shoka oshinene.

    Kashuupulwa okwa popi kutya okwa li kwa ningwa etokolo opo oondoolopa ndhoka mbali dhi gandje iitopolwa yevi mpoka tapu vulu okutungwa oshipangelo shoka ihe etokolo ndyoka olya ka piyaganekwa kOndangwa oshowo ookansela yamwe po.

    Kashuupulwa okwa tsikile kutya natango okwa ka ningwa omutumba omutiyali, ihe natango ogwaadha okwena kwa thita kombinga yetokolo ndyoka.

    “Ookansela natango oya pititha okatokolitho opo oshipangelo shoka shi tungwe mOndangwa, ihe okatokolitho hoka itaka ti sha. Ethimbo limwe ohatu ningi omatokolo inatu landula omilandu ngaashi dhi na okulandulwa.”

    Omunashipundi gwOshana Regional Council, Gerson Hanu Kapenda, okwa popi kutya kape na omulandu guli miilonga ngoka tagu pitika omalelo giitopolwa nomalelo gondoolopa ga ninge omatokolo gopambelewa gopamwe.

    “Otse elelo lyoshitopolwa naashoka osho sheetitha tu fale oshikumungu shoka momutumba gwelelo nokupititha okatokolitho, hoka keli omukanda gwopambelewa. Etokolo olya ningwa kwa taliwa kompumbwe yeyambulepo lyoshitopolwa na olya yambidhidhwa kookansela ayehe 11 moshitopolwa.”

    Sho a ningilwa omapulo, Haufiku okwa tsu omuthindo kutya Ondangwa oya ya pondje etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa pethimbo lyomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa muMei.

    “Otwa kaleka nale etokolo ndyoka. Onda uvu kutya elelo lyaShana olya tula miilonga okatokolitho hoka inaka kwatathana naashoka twa eta po,” Haufiku ta ti.

    Okwa tindi okugwedhapo, na okwa halele Ondangwa elago.

    Mayola gwaNgwediva, Angelina Angula okwa koleke koNamibian Sun kutya oya gandja omukanda gwawo momasiku 29 gaJuni nuumvo, naminista okwa holola kutya okwa mona omukanda gwawo.

    “Otwe ya pe oshitopolwa tashi ashika konima yoShana Mall. Oshitopolwa oshinene shoka shuuka sigo okelila lyeshina lyokolutenda sigo okEfidi Proper. Otwe ya pa woo ehogololo opo ya hogolole mpoka ya hala.”

    Mayola gwaNdangwa, Paavo Amwele okwa popi kutya yo oya gandja oshitopolwa shoka ya li ya gandja nale opo pu tungwe oshipangelo shopashitopolwa na inaya gandja oshitopolwa oshipe.

    “Inatu gandja oshitopolwa oshipe, ehala ndyoka enene noonkondo nuuministeli owali owala tawu kutha po oshitopolwa shimwe mpoka andola mpoka tapu tungwa oshipangelo shopashitopolwa. Otwa li twa fala oshikumungu shetu kegumbo lyepangelo na kape na shoka sha kundathanwa natse. Ngele oya hala tu gwedheko koshitopolwa shoka otatu vulu okushininga shiikolelela keindilo lyawo.”

    Opoloyeka ndjoka otayi ka kala oshitopolwa sho public-private partnership.


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