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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Warriors hunt Bissau's scalp
  • Warriors hunt Bissau's scalpWarriors hunt Bissau's scalpBrave Warriors hungry for Guinea encounter The Brave Warriors return to the international football scene with most of their players raring for game time. The Brave Warriors and Guinea-Bissau begin their quest in the Afcon qualifiers when they cross paths in Guinea-Bissau on Saturday.

    The national team spent a few days training in Ghana as they prepared for their first biggest assignment of the year.

    It will be the first time the two nations face-off on international level in what promises to be a cracker of a game.

    Namibian players who ply their trade in neighbouring countries and could not travel with the team to Ghana for training have finally joined the team according to gaffer Ricardo Mannetti. “Players like Petrus Shitembi, Willem Mwedihanga and Benson Shilongo have joined the team. They trained with the team after joining late following their club commitments over the weekend,” Manetti said.

    “Wangu Gome also joined the training session after he sat out the friendly matches that we played in Ghana and Captain Ronald Ketjijere will join the team on Friday.”

    The 2015 Cosafa Cup-winning mentor expressed his satisfaction with the players saying that spirits were high and that players were eager to face their opponents. Opponents whom he re­gards as the big­gest threat to the extension of his employment contract, consider­ing that his performance is tied to whether or not he will get Namibia to the 2019 finals.

    Mannetti, who spoke from Guinea, said they expect a tough game but remained focused on a favourable result and will put in 100% as it is a once-off game for the team. “They must not be taken light­ly and we have seriously studied them very well. It is important how we rally against them to get the necessary result.”

    He said that their rivals will be playing at home in front of their supporters, who will give them the extra edge but was again quick to note that his team is capable of handling the situation as they are experienced and know their duty.

    The Warriors are competing in Group K, against Zambia, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

    Mannetti's team is ranked 94th on the FIFA World rankings whilst Guinea-Bissau trails behind as they are ranked 116. After Saturday's match the team will again focus their energy on the annual cup in South Africa later this month.

    Limba Mupetami

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Kasu to warm up winter
  • Kasu to warm up winterKasu to warm up winter The Katutura Sports Union (Kasu) has been hosting local football and netball tournaments in Windhoek over a decade and will bring the second leg of the tournament over the weekend.

    The first leg saw the conclusion of the netball games with Truck netball team walking away with the first prize of N$ 5000.

    The aim of the tournament is to attract local players who do not have a chance to play premier league football and netball in the country, hoping that they will be scouted by local coaches.

    Kasu chairperson Kuveri Tjonga has been at the helm of the union for more than ten years and says that the tournament has been growing in leaps and bounds.

    “Kasu has grown and I can tell you that more teams have been registering to play in our competitions. So far this year, Kasu has hosted the Valentine's Cup which saw local teams challenging each other for top spot.

    Many of the teams playing in Kasu tournaments originate from rural villages, but the players are mainly based in the capital.

    The teams mostly originate from Aminuis, Otjinene, Ovitoto, Epukiro and resettlement farms around the country.

    Tjonga announced that Kasu would host more tournaments this year to entertain football-starved fans.

    Winners of the football tournament will walk away with N$10 000, second place holders will receive N$5 000 and third price holders will receive N$2 500.

    Local coaches are encouraged to turn up at the tournament as they might scout talented players.

    Limba Mupetami

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Time to shine
  • Time to shineTime to shineFresh feet for Welwitschias The Windhoek Draught Welwitschias will be packed with young blood in their encounter against the Xerox Lions on Saturday. Supporters of the Windhoek Draught Welwitschias will have the opportunity to see new players come to the foray as close to 15 senior players will not be available for the weekend's match.

    The senior players will be participating in the World Rugby Nations Cup qualifiers in Uruguay on the same day, also with the hope of making the nation proud.

    The team is now focused on putting up a positive display and to show supporters that they can grow and develop with their support despite their loss to Vodacom Blue Bulls last weekend in a one-sided Super Sport Rugby Challenge match.

    Team coach Lyn Jones said that everyone has their eye on the ball as always, and with improvement in fitness they plan to execute tactics they practiced.

    Jones said that by August he would like the team to be 10% fitter than they are now and that they will do by working hard and focusing on learning about each individual player's way of play.

    He also commented that the development plan which they have designed will help the team's world rankings. “Moving up in world rankings is every rugby team's dream, but that we want to do it with more speed than all the other team,” he said.

    The Welsh national also added that the team was disappointed by last weekend's game, but that there are many positive aspects to the game which they learned from. “We need to work hard, believe in ourselves and make each and every player better for the future.”

    Limba Mupetami

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: End of the road
  • End of the roadEnd of the roadDiego Costa says he has been told his club wants to sell him Chelsea striker Diego Costa says he has been told by manager Antonio Conte that he is no longer in the club's plans. The 28-year-old Chelsea striker Diego Costa scored 20 goals in 35 Premier League games to help the Blues win the title, but now appears set to leave Stamford Bridge.

    “I'm a Chelsea player, but they do not want me there,” Costa said.

    “Antonio Conte has told me by message that I do not follow at Chelsea and that's it. Conte said he did not count on me for next season.”

    Speaking after Spain's 2-2 draw with Colombia on Wednesday, Costa added: “My relationship with the coach has been bad this season. It's a shame; I've already forwarded the message to the Chelsea people to decide.

    Brazil-born Spain international Costa joined Chelsea from Atletico Madrid for a reported 32 million pounds in 2014.

    He spent four seasons at Atleti and suggested he might be open to a return, despite the La Liga club being banned from signing players until the January transfer window.

    “Being five months without playing? I do not know, it's complicated, but people know that I love Atletico a lot and that I love to live in Madrid,” Costa said.

    “It would be nice to go back, but it's difficult to be four or five months without playing. It's a World Cup year and there are many things to think about. I need to play, just that.”

    In January, Costa was left out of the Chelsea side for an away-match at Leicester after he was involved in a dispute with a fitness coach.

    It followed reports of an offer from China that would have been worth 30 million pounds a year in salary. At the time, Chelsea said they had no intention of selling him.

    Later in January, Tianjin Quanjian's owner said a bid to sign Costa had been scuppered by new rules over foreign players in the Chinese Super League.

    From next season, Chinese clubs will only be able to field three foreign players per game, instead of four as previously allowed.


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Special K faces legal action
  • Special K faces legal actionSpecial K faces legal action Cereal company Kellogg's has taken legal action to stop Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis from using his nickname 'Special K' commercially.

    It initiated court proceedings to defend the Special K trademark which it has owned in Australia for 59 years.

    Kokkinakis, 21, wants to use the brand on clothing and other merchandise, according to The Advertiser newspaper. A hearing in Adelaide at the Federal Court of Australia sent the case to a mediation conference to be held in August.

    A spokesperson for Kellogg's told the BBC: “The Kokkinakis company has applied to register Special K as a trademark and we are defending our trademark.”

    Tennis players including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have made multimillion-dollar businesses from merchandise using their names.

    Kokkinakis has been plagued by injuries over the past two years and last week made his grand slam return at Roland Garros using a protected ranking.

    He was defeated in round one of the French Open by Japanese eighth seed Kei Nishikor 4-6 6-1 6-4 6-4.


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Save your heart, get hitched
  • Save your heart, get hitchedSave your heart, get hitched Marriage appears to be good for your health, boosting your survival chances if you have a major heart risk factor such as high cholesterol, say researchers.

    A loving spouse might spur you on to look after yourself better, they told a heart conference, based on their study of nearly a million UK adults.

    All of these people had high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes.

    The married ones fared much better than those who were single.

    Wedded bliss?

    Dr Paul Carter and colleagues at Aston Medical School, who carried out the work, have already shown that marriage is linked to a better chance of surviving a heart attack.

    Their latest research, presented at the British Cardiovascular Society conference, hints at why this might be.

    They suspect marriage helps buffer against big heart disease risk factors, including cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    The study looked at deaths from all causes, including heart disease.

    Men and women in their 50s, 60s and 70s with high cholesterol were 16% more likely to be alive at the end of the 14-year study if they were married rather than single.

    The same was true for diabetes and high blood pressure, with married people having a survival advantage.

    The picture was less clear for people cohabiting, separated, divorced or widowed.

    Also, the researchers did not test if the wedded people were in happy marriages.

    They suspect having someone special in your life is what's important, rather than simply getting hitched.

    Dr Carter said: “We need to unpick the underlying reasons a bit more, but it appears there's something about being married that is protective, not only in patients with heart disease but also those with heart disease risk factors.

    “We're not saying that everyone should get married though.

    “We need to replicate the positive effects of marriage and use friends, family and social support networks in the same way.”

    Dr Mike Knapton, of the British Heart Foundation, said: “The take-home message is that our social interactions, as well as medical risk factors such as high blood pressure, are important determinants of both our health and wellbeing.

    “Whether you are married or not, if you have any of the main risk factors for heart disease, then you can call upon loved ones to help you to manage them.”

    There are many factors that increase the risk for heart disease but these are the most common: smoking; high blood pressure; high blood cholesterol; diabetes; being overweight/obese; being physically inactive; family history of heart disease and increased age.

    Diet is also very important. High levels of animal fats and red meat can also increase health risks which may lead to increased risk of heart disease.

    What is the final word? Get hitched and live a healthy lifestyle with great, healthy plant fats, lots of oils and fish, nuts and fruits. And get off your butt and exercise.


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Over 60 and vibrant
  • Over 60 and vibrantOver 60 and vibrantMaintain your health in your senior years Do you feel as good now as you did at age 40 or 50? Here are some tips to keep you in tip top shape. You might be able to feel as good as you used to (or even better) by picking up healthy habits. It may seem like more trouble than it's worth to start doing something new.

    However, even small changes can improve your health.

    Get active. Among older adults, falls are a common cause of injury and disability.

    Physical activity makes your bones and muscles stronger. When your muscles are strong, you're less likely to fall. Garden, walk, ride a bicycle, go dancing or fishing.

    It is good for your brain too as studies have shown that people who do simple exercises (for example, walking briskly) on a regular basis are better able to make decisions than people who aren't physically active.

    From diabetes to heart disease, many chronic health problems are improved by even moderate amounts of physical activity. For people who have these conditions, a lack of exercise is a bigger risk than an exercise-related injury.

    People who have started being physically active later in life say that exercising with a partner is motivation to stick with it.

    Some suggest starting or joining a walking group with friends or neighbours.

    Others suggest getting a dog that needs to be walked. When your muscles are strong, activities like getting out of a chair or holding a door open are much easier.

    If you don't have weights, you can use a can of soup, a book, or a full bottle of water.

    Keep your weights in the same room as your television and do a few exercises while you watch.

    Another way to build muscle is to use a resistance band (also called an exercise band).

    Resistance bands are flexible and come in different lengths.

    They are commonly used to strengthen upper arm and leg muscles.

    Eat more fibre! Fibre can improve your health in three ways: It helps your colon work better and helps avoid constipation; it reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer; it helps lower your blood cholesterol level. Men over 50 years of age should get 30 grams of fibre per day; women over 50 should get 21 grams per day.

    You don't have to change your diet all at once.

    Try making one small change at a time.

    For example, if you eat two slices of white toast for breakfast, replace one of them with a slice of whole grain bread.

    If you drink orange juice every day, eat an orange instead for three days a week.

    Eat whole fruit rather than fruit juices as much as possible.

    If you prefer salty snacks, try low-fat popcorn instead of potato chips. Or simply add some digestive bran to your plate of food – it is cheap, tasteless and highly efficient. How active you are and what you eat are habits.

    Adopting healthy habits can be tough at first.

    By starting small and rewarding yourself for each step you take, you can make a difference in how good you feel.

    You may find it easier to be more physically active and eat more fibre if you think of every day and every meal as a chance to do something good for yourself.

    One very important aspect to consider is your overall diet.

    The best one to follow is the Mediterranean diet.

    This way of eating emphasises eating healthy fats (like those in olive oil, nuts, and avocados), ocean fish, whole grains, and vegetables. Wine in moderation is okay and healthy activity is part of the lifestyle.

    Less red meat, sugary treats, and other refined carbohydrates are on the menu. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks and deaths from other causes by more than 50% in people 70 to 90 years old.


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    Omukulukadhi gwaKerina a hulithaOmukulukadhi gwaKerina a hulitha Ofamili nookuume yaNaomi Zauana Kerina (54) ngoka a hulitha ongulohi yOmaandaha oya dhengwa pomitima noonkondo omolwa eso lye.

    Naomi opo owala a hokanwa komunapolotika

    Mburumba Kerina (85) na okwa hulitha sha landula sho a hakukilwa koasthma poYangtze restaurant moKlein Windhoek.

    Kerina okwa simanekwa na okwa tseyika sho a luku oshilongo shika edhina 'Namibia' , na okuli omukwashigwana gwotango omuuludhe a shangele Iigwana yaHangana omukanda, ngoka tagu pataneke ekalo lyelelo lyaSouth Afrika moNamibia.

    Pauyelele mboka wa monika po, aahokanathani mboka opo ya hokana momasiku ga5 gaMei nuumvo oya li pehala lyiikulya lya tumbulwa, sha landula ehiyo lya ningilwa Mburumba ku kuume gwe gwomunangeshefa omukwashigwana gwaChina.

    Menindjera gwoYangtze restaurant, Eveline Shikongo okwa popi kutya Mburumba okwa fala Naomi pondje opo a ka mone ombepo, sha landula sho a adhika kuupyakadhi wokufudha konima yuulalelo wawo.

    Naomi okwa gandja ondjato ye kugumwe gwomaaniilonga opo a hadhe mo okapomba ke koasthma ihe kakali mo mondjato.

    Okwa ihatapo, nomundokotola ngoka a li pehala mpoka okwa kambadhala okumuyambidhidha sigo oambulansa tayi thiki, konima yowili yimwe sho ya ithanwa. Omupopiliko gwopolisi, Edwin Kanguatjivi okwa popi kutya Naomi okwa tseyitha a hulitha potundi 19:00 pehala ndyoka.

    Shikongo okwa popi kutya oya sikile olutu lwe nelapi lyoposhitaafula konima sho a hulitha nomusamane gwe okwa falwa koshipangelo shaMedi-Clinic hoka a ka mona epango omolwa ehaluko.

    Oonzo dhimwe odha popi kutya ofamili oya ithanwa opo yi ye yi wapaleke oombinzi okuza pehala mpoka pwa sile nakusa molwaashoka aaniilonga oya tindi, nofamili oya zimine kutya oya ka wapakela ombinzi ya nakusa okuza pehala mpoka a sile ihe inaya koleka kutya oye shi ningi molwa aaniilonga oya tindi.

    Oshikundaneki shimwe shomoshilongo osha li sha lopota kutya Naomi okwali a hakulilwa koasthma mo-2013 na okwali a taambelwa moshipangelo shaWindhoek Central Hospital moka natango ishewe a hakukilwa komukithi ngoka na okwa gandja uusama kutya osha etithwa kezimba edhigu ndyoka tali zi muundjugo womoshipangelo shoka. Konima sho a ti po hwepo okwa lopotwa a tokola okuwapaleka uundjugo mboka yemwene sho aaniilonga ya tindi.


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    Oshikumungu shaHelao Nafidi inashi potokononwa natangoOshikumungu shaHelao Nafidi inashi potokononwa natangoOmutumba ngoka gwa ningwa omasiku ngaka nago gwa ndopa Oshipotha shoka shi li melelo lyondoolopa yaHelao Nafidi moka oshilyo shoSwapo sha hogololwa sha pingenwa po nomonena otashi kondjo opo shi shunwe pehala lyasho osha hulile mokwena kwa thita. Shoka osha landula omutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mOvenduka oshiwike shika opo andola gu kandulepo uupyakadhi mboka.

    Oshikumungu shoka osha tameke momasiku ga 4 gaDesemba omvula 2015 sho Ester Ndatala Nghidimbwa a ganithilwa miilonga onga kansela pehala lya Lucia Nghililewanga sha landula omahogololo gelelo lyiitopolwa noondoolopa.

    Nghililewanga okwa kala ta pula opo ongundu yoSwapo yi mu kwathele opo a shune piilonga ye ngaashi a hogololwa ihe oonkambadhala dhe inadhi pondola sha nonando ongundu yoSwapo oya zimine kutya oya ningi epuko sho omuhogololwa ngoka a pingenwapo na oya li ya tokola okushuna miilonga Nghililewanga ihe Nghidimbwa naye ina taambako etokolo ndyoka na okwa tokola okufala kompangu ongundu tayi pangele nompangu natango okwa tegelelwa yi ninge etokolo moshikumungu shoka.

    Nghidimbwa natango oye ta longo pehala ndyoka na okwa kala nokukala miigongi yelelo mbyoka ya kaliwa koshifokundaneki shika.

    Oshifokundneki shika osha nongele kutya momutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mOmaandaha, Swapo okwa li ta kambadhala opo a kandulepo omukundu ngoka omanga etokolo lyompangu inali ningwa momasiku 21 gaJune ihe natango omutumba ogwa hulile muunyengwi.

    Namibian Sun oya yakelwa ko kutya oshiwike sha piti, amushanga gwoSwapo, Nangolo Mbumba okwa ithana Nghidimbwa, Nghililewanga, Omukwatakanithi gwoSwapo mOhangwena Hafeni Hatutale oshowo omuhwahwameki gwongundu ndjoka mOhangwena Tuyeimo Nathingo opo ya kale momutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mOmaandaha, gwa ningilwa poombelewa oonene dhongundu yoSwapo mOvenduka.

    Momutumba ngoka omwa kala Ominista yAaniilonga, Erkki Nghimtina, Ominista yOmidhingoloko Pohamba Shifeta oshowo Ominista yOompangela dhoPaliko, Tom Alweendo, naanambelewa yalwe yongundu.

    Otaku popiwa kutya Mbumba okwa longekidha omutumba ngoka opo ku vule okukandulwa po omukundu ngoka ihe oonkambadhala dhe odha hulile muunyengwi shoNghidimbwa na Nghililewanga ya tameke iita yopakana taya ulathana omalaka nokulundilathana. Onzo yimwe oya lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya omutumba ngoka ogwa yambidhidha Nghililewanga. Mbumba okwa laleke omutumba ngoka noshikumungu osha ukithwa kelelo lyopombanda.

    Elelo lyopombanda okwa tegelelwa li kuutumbe pehulilo lyoshiwike shika opo li vule okukundathana oshikumungu shoka.

    Oonkambadhala okuya mekwatathano naMbumba odha hulile muunyengwi omanga ongodhi yaHatutale inayi yamukulwa.

    Ngililewanga, sho a ningwa naye ekwatathano okwa zimine kutya okwa li iithanwa komutumba ihe okwa tindi okupopya kutya oya kundathana shike.

    Omukalelipo gwopaveta gwaNghidimbwa, Henry Shimutwikeni okwa popi kutya ke na owino yomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mOmaandaha.


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    Ondjambi yopetameko yoosekuriti tayi ka tulwa miilongaOndjambi yopetameko yoosekuriti tayi ka tulwa miilongaOndjodhi yoosekuriti otashi vulika yi tse Uuministeli wAaniilonga owa pula iilyo yoshikondo shiilonga yegameno lyomaliko opo wu gandje omaiyuvo gawo nomagwedhelepo kombinga yompangela yoondjambi dhopetameko dhaaniilonga aakaleli yomaliko ndjoka yi li pokutulwa miilonga. Ngele ayihe ya yi pomahala ngaashi tashi longekidhwa, oondjambi yaaniilonga yoosekuriti otayi gwedhelwa okutameka pooN$7 mowili oshowo pooN$8.75 kaniilonga mboka ya longa ethimbo ele, ngaashi etsokumwe pokati komahangano gaaniilonga gatatau oshowo Security Association of Namibia (SAN) tali utha. Etsokumwe ndyoka olya tulwa miilonga muDesemba gwo-2016.

    Momushangwa gwopapangelo ngoka gwa pitithwa mesiku lyotango lyaJuni, Ominista yAaniilonga olya pitithwa ehiyo ndyoka tali pula opo iilyo moshikondo shoka nenge oshigwana shi pataneke etsokumwe ndyoka lyoondjambi dhopetameko muule womasiku 30 omanga etsokumwe ndyoka inali tulwa miilonga.

    Nonando etsokumwe ndyoka olya li lyaningwa hugunina pokati komahangano lyoSAN, Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union (Natau), Namibia Security Guards and Watchmen's Union (NASGWU), oshowo Namibia Independent Security Union (Nisu) muDesemba gwomvula yapiti opo ku yandwe ekanka lyopashigwana ndyoka lya li tali longekidhwa, omahangano ogendji goosekuriti oga tindi okutula miilonga oondjambi ndhoka dhopetameko sigo onena.

    Omahangano ngoka oga tindi okutula oondjambi ndhoka miilonga molwaashoka inadhi tseyithwa natango pamushangwa gwopapangelo, nomupresidende gwoSAN

    Dries Kannemeyer, okwa popi kutya oya li ya kunkilile omahangano gaaniiilonga kutya omukundu guli ngaaka otagu ka holoka.

    MuMaalista Kannemeyer okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya nonando omahangano omagandji giilonga otaga tsu kumwe netsokumwe ndyoka opo ku yandwe ekanka omahangano ogendji otaga ka tameka owala okufuta aaniilonga oondjambi ndhoka oompe uuna dha tulwa pamushangwa gwopapangelo.

    Okwa tsikile kutya omananathano ga kala pokati kaamboka taya futu oondjambi ndhoka oompe naamboka taya popi kutya oya tegelela omushangwa gwopapangelo, ogwa etitha woo ekanitho lyiilonga.

    MuDesemba omahangano gatatu omakalelipo gaaniilonga pamwe noSAN oya tsu kumwe opo kugwedhelwe oondjambi dhaaniilonga dhopetameko noopresenda 25, omanga aaniilonga mboka ya longa ethimbo taya gwedhelwa noopresenda 40.

    Omagwedhelo ngoka oga tokolwa ga tulwe iilonga mulyotango lyaJanuari nuumvo kaaniilonga ayehe.

    Etokolo etiyali ndyoka lya ningwa olya nuninwa aaniilonga mboka ya longa uule womvula okuya pombanda opo ya futwe ondjambi yooN$10 mowili , naashoka osha li sha tokolwa opo shi tulwe miilonga mesiku lyotango lyaJuli nuumvo.

    Sho kwa tulwa miilonga etsokumwe ndyoka osha yelithwa kutya oondjambi ndhoka nadhi tule miilonga komahangano ageye kutya oongoka geli iilyo yoSAn nenge oongoka kage shi iilyo.

    Nonando ongaaka omahangano ogendji oga tindi okufuta oondjambi ndhoka nomatompelo kutya inadhi tseyithwa natango papangelo.

    MuMaalista gwonuumvo amushanga gwUuministeli wAaniilonga, Bro-Matthew Shinguadja okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya omahangano ngoka kage shi iilyo yoSAN inaga kwatelwa mo metsokumwe ndyoka lya shainwa sigo uuministeli wa tseyitha papangelo kutya etsokumwe ndyoka olya tulwa miilonga.


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    Ofamili ya adha omuholike gwawo mokila konima yomasiku gatatuOfamili ya adha omuholike gwawo mokila konima yomasiku gatatu Opolisi oya nyengwa okuyamukula omapulo kutya omolwashike ofamili ya kala molukongo lyomukwanezimo gwawo uule womasiku gatatu, na oye mu adha mokila yomidhimba yepangelo.

    Gerson Pohamba okwa hulitha sha landula oshiponga shohauto shoka sha ningilwa pondje yOvenduka lyopotundi onti-20:00 ongulohi yOlyomakaya.

    Otaku popiwa kutya okwa yengwa okupangela oshiyenditho na osha gu nokugalangata. Pahapu dhahegona, Kelly Nghixulifwa, opolisi oshowo aanambelewa okuza kehangano lyoMotor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund oya li pehala lyoshiponga.

    Pohamba okwa falwa moshipangelo shopaumwene moka kwa hololwa a hulithile nomudhimba gwe ogwa falwa kokila yopolisi.

    Ofamili oya tameke oku mu konga ongulohi yOlyomakaya sho inaya vula okuya mekwatathano naye.

    Pahapu dhaNghixulifwa, ofamili oya tameke oku mu konga komapandja gomakwathano gopainternet na oya kongo woo miipangelo nomoosasiyona dhopolisi.

    “Otwe mu kongo sigo omEtiyali na kape na ngoka e mu mono,” Nghixulifwa a popi.

    Nghixulifwa okwa tsikile kutya ofamili inayi tseyithilwa eso lyomuholike gwawo.

    Metiyali ofamili oya tokola opo yi tale mokila yopolisi na omo ya adha omudhimba gwe.

    Nghixulifwa okwa popi kutya Pohamba okwa li e na oondokumende dhe adhihe ngaashi ombaapila yokuhinga na osha li oshipu kopolisi opo yi konge ofamili ye nokuyi tseyithila kombinga yoshiponga.

    “Otwa kala owala tu na omukumo kutya okuli momwenyo naasho twa limbililwa unene otwa tokola tuye kokila hoka twe mu adha. Oshe tu dhenge pevi noonkondo.”

    “Katu shi ngele okwa dhipagwa.”

    Aaniilonga yomokila oya popi kutya okwa etwa mo okuza koshipangelo shaMedi-Clinic hospital nolwanima oya nongele kutya okwa etwa mo koambulasa yoMVA Fund.

    Sho ya ningi ekwatathano noMVA Fund omunambelewa gumwe okwe ya lombwele shoka sha holoka.

    Omupeha Komufala Jooste Mbandeka, ngoka e li omukomeho gwokila yomidhimba yopolisi okwa popi kutya oku na ontseyo kombinga yoshiningwanima shoka.

    Okwa popi kutya omudhimba ngoka ogwa etwa mo mokila ongula yOsoondaha.

    “Ohatu kutha omanyala opo tuga fale kUuministeli wIikwameni opo omuntu a dhimbululwe ngele kape na ngoka e ya oku mu dhimbulula.”

    Mbandeka okwa popi kutya aanambelewa oyali taya longekidha okufala omanyala ngoka ga vule okudhimbululwa sho ofamili ye ya.

    Sho ya pulwa kutya Pohamba okwa li nomauthemba ge na oshike inaya longitha omaudhemba ngoka okukonga ofamili, Mbendeka okwa popi kutya ihaya vulu okudhimbulula owala omuntu omolwa omaudhemba ngoka e na.

    “Nonando omuntu otwe mu adha nomauthemba ohatu kutha omanyala opo tu kwashilipaleke kutya omuntu oye.”

    Sho oNamibian Sun ya pula ngele omukalo ngoka itagu etitha okila yi kale nomidhimba odhindji, Mbendeka okwa yamukula kutya elalakano lyawo okukaleka okila yi na ehala.


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    Osona Village houses handed overOsona Village houses handed overDevelopers implored against poor workmanship The housing scheme situated about 55km north of Windhoek aims at providing affordable housing mostly for our uniformed citizens. The first nine completed houses at Osona Village just outside Okahandja were handed over to their owners by the patron of the development, Libertine Amathila on Wednesday.

    The houses are an initiative of the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), which entered into partnership with the local business, Preferred Investment Property Fund under its unlisted investment programme (UIP) for the construction of houses worth N$230 million at Osona Village.

    The project was launched by President Hage Geingob in September last year.

    Officiating at the handing-over ceremony, urban and rural development minister, Sophia Shaningwa, expressed concern that there are developers who build houses which start showing serious defects within a few months and they refuse to rectify the problems.

    She therefore called on property developers to correct the defects if there are any detected as stipulated by law within the prescribed retention period.

    Shaningwa noted that it is important that homeowners know this information upon receiving their houses, while contracts to be signed must be very clear on the retention period.

    Among the recipients was Hilaria Shiningayamwe, who received a three-bedroom house after renting accommodation for nine years.

    “I am very excited to own a house, it is a dream come true,” she said.

    Olivia Ndimufitu, who received a two-bedroom house, echoed similar sentiments, saying she plans to expand her house in the near future.

    GIPF CEO David Nuyoma informed guests during the launch of the project last year that the company has set a target to take up at least 30%, or 6 000 of the 20 000 houses, and 7 800 of the 26 000 new residential plots for the deliverables as prescribed in the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

    He added that the development will take place in phases and ultimately result in approximately 3 419 erven and 11 000 residential housings units. To date, the fund has committed N$3.3 billion through its unlisted investment programme, the majority of which has been earmarked for property development and financing of bonds on homes for civil servants, Nuyoma said.


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    Curro buys Africa's number one film schoolCurro buys Africa's number one film school Curro subsidiary Stadio has bought AFDA, the leading film school in Africa with four campuses across South Africa.

    Curro said the 100% acquisition of AFDA shares is subject to certain conditions being met, such as approval from the Competition Tribunal.

    Curro, which intends to unbundle and list Stadio separately in 2017, saw its share price dip by 2.16% at close of trade on Wednesday, with a market cap of R17.74 billion and a PE ratio of 97.93.

    AFDA is a registered higher education institution, with nine accredited programmes, primarily focused on the film, television and live performance industry.

    “It is rated as the number one film school in Africa,” Curro said in a statement on Thursday.

    Founded by Garth Holmes and Bata Passchier, AFDA grew from six students in 1994 to about 2 000 students in 2017, with campuses in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

    AFDA is in the process of seeking out opportunities to expand its offerings geographically, Curro said.

    “This strategy is aligned with Stadio's strategy of creating further access to tertiary education through the expansion and development of its core brands,” Curro said.

    Curro, which aims to have one major acquisition per year, invested R266m in acquisitions in its last financial year. “Acquisitions are carefully considered to ensure that the area still offers growth opportunities and the ethos of the target market is aligned with that of Curro,” it said in its 2017 annual financial report.

    Curro, which grew headline earnings per share by 55% in the last financial year, plans to invest R2bn in growth and expansion projects going forward.

    At the time of its annual report, it had 54 campuses with nearly 50 000 learners.

    “At the close of the 2015/16 financial year we were operating 115 schools on 49 campuses,” it said. “This year we invested R571m in the expansion of existing campuses by adding classrooms and cultural and sports amenities, and invested another R763m in the construction of nine new campuses.

    “We currently have 127 schools on 54 campuses across the country. If this is how we respond during the tough times, I have no doubt we shall reach our 2020 target.”


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Aunty Nangy
  • Aunty NangyAunty Nangy He is a sex maniac

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I'm in a relationship with a guy I don't love. Should I leave him since I love someone who loves me too? He always demands sex.

    You did not tell me how old you are because age would help me to give you an accurate response. To begin with, you have personally declared that you do not feel love for the dude you are in a relationship with. I don't know how you got involved with him in the first place. Or, is it a question of failing to keep the love flame burning? It could be the love bubble burst and there are no emotions binding the two of you. Many couples go through what you are going through and in most cases it is because couples often feign love to exploit the other partner materially, financially, or emotionally. When you start questioning whether you love your partner it is because the affair is no longer balanced. If a couple truly love each other, their love is reciprocal. Our hearts take cues from our senses and we will always know when things go wrong. There is no reason why you should waste your time and his time if you don't love him anymore. You are cheating on him and it appears you are the one with a problem. If you were sincere, you should have ended the relationship with him before falling in love with another guy.

    Indian girl

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am 20, and I have a problem with an Indian girl who claims she loves me. She used to call me and tell me that I am her boyfriend. But, when I tell her to meet me she is always telling me that she is busy. Is this true? Can you help me Auntie?

    Your Indian girl could be genuinely in love with you. I think her biggest challenge is the fact that you are not an Indian. Indians are very strict and they still have this culture of choosing husbands for their children. I have heard that girls who refuse to comply are disowned and are severely reprimanded. They even forbid marrying a man or woman from another culture. So, what it means is she is madly in love with you but cannot be seen in public with you because of these strict cultural restrictions. You may have to suffer in silence just like she is doing.

    No kisses

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with my boyfriend. He doesn't want us to kiss each other. What can I do?

    Is it just kissing that is missing in your romance? People have different ways of expressing their love and maybe your lover boy does not express his love by kissing. Assuming everything else is okay in your relationship I don't think the absence of kisses would really matter right? Have you tried to ask him why he is not fond of kissing? Maybe there is a very good reason why he cannot kiss you and just to ask him in a clever way why you don't kiss. I understand what you are missing and to many, a long sensual kiss is erotic and unlocks sensual fires that often overpower a woman's reasoning and judgement. Growing up in my teens I recall how we used to say a kiss in an application above for a vacancy below. Coax him to kiss you. Or, just go ahead and demonstrate lest he doesn't know how to kiss and good luck!

    What is wrong?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with all the guys I date. The relationships do not last and although we love each other it does not work out.

    When you say all, it doesn't give me an idea of how many. What I know for sure is finding the right man can be difficult and emotionally painful. For sure, it is not good and healthy to hop from one relationship to another whether it is your fault or your partner's fault. At least you have said what causes the breakups for me to be able to advise you properly.

    I have researched and found reasons why relationships fail and I hope this will be useful to you and I hope this will help you to find a lasting romance.

    When you are in a relationship do away with the checklist of qualities a partner must have. It is unrealistic. A lasting relationship is based in the heart and not the mind. Your heart's content is what will strengthen the foundation of a healthy relationship.

    Very often we become too critical of our partners and it lowers your partner's self-esteem. Making comments about your partner being overweight or too thin, height, appearance, friends or job can make one to feel worthless. Avoid it.

    We are all territorial. But, jealousy can ruin a relationship. Such behaviour includes demanding to know personal or private information, being angry if their partner talks to the opposite sex, or irrationally accusing them of lying or cheating. These are just some of the reasons relationships don't last.

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Meet your finalists
  • Meet your finalistsMeet your finalists36 years of crowning beauties with brains Meet the 2017 finalists of Miss Namibia who all have a passion to make Namibia a great nation. Every year, the Miss Namibia pageant celebrates beauty with a charitable cause, by crowning one deserving young woman to carry the title of Miss Namibia. This honour initiates her to serve as an example of purposeful living by the young and to bring honour and pride to our nation as a preventative of goodwill and an ambassador of Namibia. Here are the 12 finalists in no particular order. The annual crowning extravaganza of Miss Namibia 2017 will take place on 1 July at the home of Miss Namibia pageant, the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. Tickets to the crowning event are at Lana Dry Cleaners in Wernhil Park and Maerua Mall and at Biosculpture Namibia costing N$ 400 per person.

    Karen Beukes

    I am 23 years old. Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia. I work as an admin manager at Auto Care Centre. What makes Windhoek special is that we have the best biltong. Firstly to work with children, especially with orphanages and secondly to gain more self confidence and self esteem.

    Liandre Claasen

    I am 23 years old, currently working as a receptionist at KMS BoikineticsKhomas Medical Centre. I entered Miss Namibia is because I would like to share my history of where I from, where we have very little privileges of making something of our lives.

    Elizabeth Ipinge

    I am 24 and from Windhoek I have an honours degree in Fashion Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies. I entered Miss Namibia because I believe to invest in the mind of a child is to invest in the future.

    Suné January

    I am 23 years old and a Bachelors of Computer Applications graduate from Rehoboth. Rehoboth is known to have beautiful girls! We are also famous for our beautiful Oanob dam. I look up to all Miss Namibia's and am of the opinion that it is a wonderful platform to bring about change in our country!

    Martha Kamati

    I am 23 years old and currently a student doing my honours degree in Information Technology at the IUM. I took part in Miss Namibia to show Namibia and the world that pageants are not only about show casing the outer beauty of a woman but being the voice of the voiceless through pageantry.

    Romilly Mouton

    I am 23years old studying financial mathematics at the University of Namibia. I am from Swakopmund. My home town is so unique because of the amazing beach. In my journey to becoming Miss Namibia, I know what it's like to hate your body. I want to be a Miss Namibia that portrays joy, love and authenticity.

    Tessia MutwameziI am 23 and currently studying Marketing at the Nust. The reason I joined Miss Namibia is because as the reigning Miss Heritage Namibia I started a project called Save a Girl Child, as I strongly believe that it's better educating and empowering a young child from an early age.

    Sabina Samuel

    I am 23 years old and from the Omusati region. I am a recent graduate in marketing, from Namibia University of Science and Technology. I entered Miss Namibia to have a sense of achievement and fulfillment, to develop and boost my self-esteem.

    Delsie Somaës

    I am 22 years old from a coastal town of Walvis Bay. I am currently pursuing my honours degree in Accounting at the University of Namibia. I entered the pageant because I simply want to give back to the community and that alone will give me a sense of fulfillment.

    Zandria Swart

    I am a bare-foot-Kalahari child, 22 years old. I studied BCom law at the University of Potchefstroom. I entered Miss Namibia to be part of this awesome process, photo-shoots, dressing up and most importantly to launch a project called Beauty Box, where I wish to gather boxes which have necessary things in it for girls, for them to feel beautiful and just be a girl.

    Leone Van JaarsveldI am 21 years old and I a Human Resources Manager at Q Crete Ready Mix CC as well as QE Construction CC, I am from the awesome Swakopmund in Namibia. I entered Miss Namibia 2017 is to firstly grow as a young lady and to make a difference in my country, starting with the future which is our children.

    Sunet Van Schalkwyk

    I am 24 years old and a true country girl. I am from a small town called Leonardville and the reason why it's so unique is because it's a very small and is a close community and the whole town started with church that was build. I entered Miss Namibia to inspire young woman to always believe in themselves and to never give up on achieving their dreams.


    PHOTOS: Contributed

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: words
  • wordswordsFresh Prince of Okakarara Reloaded on tonight He is one of the few Namibian comedians who will do massively well given the Comedy Central platform on DStv channel 122 any time, any day. Being in the industry for 12 years as a comedian and two as a presenter, Mark shares his journey with tjil. A typical day in Mark's life as a radio presenter at 99 FM includes him waking up and being on time for his 10:00 to 14:00 show called Hitsville. He has to come up with content as one can't just get up and, in his words, “show up ndje”, because he has to keep his audience entertained and informed with real and quality news. “Radio presenting is a full-on job. I wake up and go to work like everyone else who has an eight-to-five job. You need to be consistent and you need to know what you are doing,” he says. Mark started his career at the Base FM community radio station two years ago when a friend of his tagged him in a post by the radio station looking for presenter. With no radio background as he was a working at a financial institute which he felt it wasn't his calling, he gave the radio audition a shot and got the job. After his first few days he realised that radio is more than talking a lot and being known. “No one wants to be famous, what is fame anyways? Radio is all about passion. I was recently stopped by someone and they said to me “so julle stap ook”, like when I'm in the hood, must I pop up with a Bentley to go buy bread at the cucashop or what now?” he said with a laugh. A month of being on air he was given his own show - the breakfast show - where he had to work hard as he was not only the presenter but the producer and news anchor too. Mark then broadened his horizons and recently took up the job with 99 FM. “When you are in radio, you are the voice of the voiceless. We have a lot of people listening and investing in you so one really needs to bring their A-game.

    I'm still learning and I'm not gullible. Even though not everyone will like what you are doing, at the end of the day is that you have to be unique and be you. People can tell a fraud these days,” he said. To upcoming presenters, Mark says discipline is key.

    Mark, who is a Free Your Mind comic, was awarded the Comedian of the Year 2017 award and hosted his first one-man stand-up show, Fresh Prince of Okakarara at the Warehouse which was a huge success and was sold out. He says the show opened so many doors. “There comes a point in a comedian's life where you have so much to share. The show was a hit but I do feel like I could have done better.

    It is because of that that I decided to host my second one-man show. It's titled Fresh Prince of Okakarara Reloaded,” he said. Mark hasn't performed in eight months as he has been observing and doing his research as a build up to the show that will take place tonight at the NTN. He says nothing will be off limits and it will be brutally honest. It will also cover what will happen after the show and he will define who Fresh Prince is.

    Mark has merchandise which is available on his recently launched website markkariahuua.com.na where his fans can stream into his shows, buy his branded clothes and keep up with him.

    June Shimuoshili

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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Manage your many talents
  • Manage your many talentsManage your many talents We are experiencing a new wave of entertainers who are multidimensional and multitalented. They are so skilled and make what they do look very easy. Some of them are talented and very interesting and have a refreshed take on the jobs they handle.

    In this day and age we have models that double as radio presenters, MC's, video directors, actors and dancers all under one roof. They are the people whom everyone runs to for almost every event. Some of them have become household names and are even respected for their handiwork. We can see that there is professional development in being a jack of all trades. The fact that many entertainers or those in the entertainment industry have many talents puts them on a competitive edge over their peers in the industry. They can do a variety of things without difficulty and are very expandable.

    As a multi-talented person you have a choice. Possessing numerous interests and essentially being capable of selecting one or more to follow is a luxury. Many generations before us didn't have a choice. Although it can be a burden for many people the jack of all trades have mastered the art of doing numerous things at once and some are even excelling in their careers. It is definitely a bonus but for some people it can also be a burn out. The pressure is too much and the cracks start to show. I understand a few people have taken full advantage of their talents but many have also become victims to their many talents. There are singers who are MC's and their masters of ceremony careers overshadow their singing careers. Sometimes even the public is confused about what some people are doing because they are involved in everything.

    People have a very short attention span and some entertainers have long been forgotten because they have involved themselves in way too many things. You become so popular it is very annoying for some people and then they eventually move on from you because they have been over exposed to your personalities already. Being multifaceted is not wrong but you need to manage the kind of things you are going to involve yourself in. Many people are in a rush to achieve success and they crash and burn because they are too impatient and can't wait to build their careers, before taking on new challenges.

    We can only appreciate you on your journey and will certainly applaud many of the multi-talented individuals, but they also need to keep in mind that having many talents comes with the good and the bad.

    June Shimuoshili


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Dj Seboa on the rise
  • Dj Seboa on the riseDj Seboa on the riseChasing the dream It is safe to say female Dj's are fully accepted in the previously known male dominated industry and are taking charge. This week tjil caught up with Dj Seboa on the rise to being Namibia's Dj Zinhle. Abby Rietz is an outgoing music lover and gym junky who has always had a passion of being a disc jockey. She describes herself as an entertainer whose job and responsibility is to make people happy. Her love for Djing sparked when she saw Namibian renowned female Dj's the Afroberries and decided to pursue her young dream. “They are my inspiration. When I saw them just freely do their job I decided to give it a try. Around last year November I finally started when DJ Kalipso offered to give me classes and I took it to the next level,” she said.

    Dj Seboa says whilst she was getting her classes and doing small gigs here and there she was approached by an event organiser who asked her what her stage name was and that is how she got her first gig. “A week later the organiser sent me a poster of a gig at Monaco Lounge and the funny part was that the gig was to happen on the first of April. He confirmed that it wasn't an April fool's joke and the rest is history,” she said.

    Dj Seboa says being a Dj is more than just having cool headphones and a laptop. She described being a Dj as someone that is able to read an audience, communicate through the music and to change their moods and eventually starting a party. “I often get comments from people on how they like the fact that I dance and sing along with them. It's not just about standing there and looking into your laptop. That's something that comes with passion,” said Dj Seboa. She officially started her career six months ago and her specialty is house music. She has since then been having gigs all over the country going far as Lüderitz.

    She says women who want to pursue a career in Djing shouldn't limit themselves or hide behind the fact that they are female. She says it's all about investing time into it and practicing nonstop for growth. “I have classes every day at the Warehouse where I'm learning detailed Dj skills. Female Dj's are now in demand so gigs are also available,” she said. She plans on having albums and music videos.


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: Cuba drills for own oil
  • Cuba drills for own oilCuba drills for own oilAs Venezuelan flow falters The economic crisis affecting its ally Venezuela has reduced the Cuban import of oil to 40% of the quantity available until 2014, forcing Cuba's Cupet state-controlled oil company to seek new ways of increasing its own meagre production. Near the Cuban seaside village of Boca de Camarioca, a giant drill runs into the ground and out to sea, probing for oil.

    Cuba once got most of its oil cheap from its socialist ally Venezuela, largely paid for by exporting medical staff and supplies - but economic crisis in Venezuela has stemmed the flow of crude.

    That has caused “instability” of supplies on the communist island, says Roberto Suarez, joint director of the state oil monopoly Cuba Petroleo (CUPET).

    “We are making every effort to explore and identify zones that might produce oil.”

    The island is being forced to look for alternatives at home as analysts warn that, without Venezuela, there are few available abroad.

    Cut-price oil from Venezuela helped rescue Cuba from the downturn it suffered in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, its most powerful patron.

    But Venezuela's oil exports have plunged by 40% since 2014, according to independent analysts.

    Cuban authorities have been regularly resorting to energy rationing since last year.

    Cuba consumes 130 000 barrels of oil a day but only produces 50 000 itself, estimates Jorge Pinon, a former oil executive and now an analyst at the University of Texas at Austin. Venezuela for years supplied more than 100 000 barrels of crude a day to Cuba, which refined and exported the excess.

    But that industry has declined too. UN statistics body Uncomtrade says output at the key Cienfuegos refinery plunged from US$500 million in 2013 to US$15.4 million last year.

    A total halt to Venezuelan oil imports would cost Cuba US$1.5 billion a year, Pinon estimates - a further blow to its already grim finances after it entered recession last year.

    Dressed in orange overalls, engineer Geisel Escalona supervises the work of the 58-meter drill, rented from the Chinese company Great Wall. CUPET hopes to drill a well dubbed “Varadero 1 008” to tap part of a reserve which it estimates to hold 11 billion barrels of oil.

    In the best case scenario for Havana, that would turn Cuba into a well-funded small power overnight - able to project the Americas' only Communist regime years into the future.

    But for now, there is no breakthrough.

    The company's on-shore oil platforms has run dry and attempts to drill in the Gulf of Mexico have been fruitless.

    Now, it is using a technique known as “horizontal drilling” in this village east of Havana, probing for possible off-shore oilfields with a drill that slants underground from an on-shore location.

    “We have reached down to 1 350 meters... and we hope to get down to 8 200 meters,” Escalona said.

    CUPET already has nine other wells drilled in the broader Varadero zone. Between them they account for more than 98% of Cuba's home oil production, Suarez said.

    Cuba also appears to be reaching out beyond its shores - it received 249 000 barrels of crude from Russian state oil firm Rosneft in May.

    That was part of a deal for 1.8 million barrels signed in March with a Cuban state metal company. Full terms of the deal were not made public.

    Pinon interpreted it as “a test for a lifeline while they wait for Venezuela's political and economic collapse.”

    However he judged that under the current political conditions, it was unlikely Moscow would return to supporting Cuba to the extent it did during the Cold War.

    Other traditional allies such as Algeria and Iran, he said, also appear economically unable to do much to help Cuba at the moment.

    “I know of no other country that has the financial strength, the level of oil production and the political alignment with Cuba which could replace Venezuela without it having an impact on the Cuban economy,” said Pinon.

    “Brazil, Angola, Algeria, China, Russia? I doubt it.”


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  • 06/08/17--16:00: SOE pay revision delayed
  • SOE pay revision delayedSOE pay revision delayedPay guidelines far from implementation The red-tape associated with the legislation process has bogged down SOE pay restructuring. The guidelines for the pay-scales in public enterprises has been finalised but its implementation is being held back because legislation for the introduction of the guidelines has not yet been finalised. This is what public enterprises minister Leon Jooste told heads of public enterprises at a CEO Forum held in the capital this week.

    According to him, there is need for law-making organs to now play their part in the implementation of these new guidelines, saying his ministry had done its part.

    Speaking at the forum, he said: “The remuneration guidelines have been finalised but the new guidelines can only be implemented if the legislation is amended. The current legislation only provides for certain categories and with the new legislation, there will be new categories.”

    Calling for support in the finalisation of the process he said: “We are done; the question is how far the amendments are. We are pushing as hard as we can and we need for other entities to play their part as well

    He also defended the pay structures of public enterprise bosses in response to criticism saying: “The impression is that public enterprise employers are part of the public service. That is part of the problem and is a misconception. Public enterprises are part of an extension of government.”

    Announcing the finalisation of the guideline process in December last year, Jooste said: “The new remuneration guidelines have been finalised and will herald the introduction of an integrated performance-based system for the first time. The new guidelines are incentivised with basic salaries with long- and short-term performance-based incentives. New performance agreements will be signed with individual board members and these contain measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). Jooste also used the platform to push for the idea for the creation of an institute that would help train locally skilled people to serve on boards of public entities. According to him, in his experience, he often found that many people held relevant qualifications necessary to serve at board level but often did not know the responsibilities that come with serving.

    “We need an Institute of Directors of Namibia. That will solve many of our problems. If we need to appoint someone to serve on a board, we will pull from our database, in that way, some of those people will meet some of the requirements necessary to serve on boards.” “The CEO Forum was established to promote, develop and encourage cooperation between public enterprises as well as establish business value-adding building blocks for public enterprises,” the Forum has said in its objectives statement.


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