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  • 05/18/17--16:00: FA bans diving
  • FA bans divingFA bans diving Players who dive in English football will face bans from next season under new Football Association regulations.

    Under the new rules, passed by the governing body at its annual general meeting yesterday, a panel will review footage from the weekend each Monday looking for cases of simulation.

    Any player unanimously found guilty of diving would be given a suspension.

    The FA also announced it has passed reforms it proposed in March, following criticism over the way it is run.

    The FA defines the new offence for which players will be punished as “successful deception of a match official”. The panel will consist of one former match official, one ex-manager and one ex-player.

    Only incidents that result in a penalty, a red card, or a yellow card that leads to a dismissal - either the first or second of two yellow cards - will be punished.

    The FA says it will act “where there is clear and overwhelming evidence to suggest a match official has been deceived by an act of simulation, and as a direct result, the offending player's team has been awarded a penalty and/or an opposing player has been dismissed”.

    The announcement follows what the FA describes as “a period of consultation with stakeholders over the past few months”.

    The rule change also required approval from the Premier League, the EFL and the Professional Footballers' Association.

    Speaking in December, Burnley manager Sean Dyche said he thought diving would be eradicated from football “in six months” if retrospective bans were introduced.

    Such bans have been in place in Scottish football since 2011. The Scottish Football Association compliance officer - Tony McGlennan reviews incidents in matches and determines whether or not notices of complaint should be raised.

    If a player is deemed to have dived during a game and the match officials did not recognise that at the time, the player will be issued with a disciplinary notice.

    The player can then either acknowledge guilt and accept the punishment offered by the compliance officer, or appeal.

    If it is the latter, a hearing is convened with an independent three-man panel - including people from legal and football backgrounds - who consider the case made by the compliance officer and the player before making a ruling.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Bidvest Wits win league
  • Bidvest Wits win leagueBidvest Wits win leagueGome lifts PSL trophy Brave Warriors midfield maestro Wangu Gome with his team Bidvest Wits Football Club won the 2016/17 PSL title on Wednesday. The Clever Boys, as they are dubbed, defeated Polokwane City 2-0 at the Bidvest Stadium on Wednesday to be crowned league champions.

    This is the first South African premier league title win for the midfielder who is currently preparing for the Cosafa Cup with the Warriors squad. However, some of his compatriots playing in the South African Premier league are not enjoying the same fate as Wangu.

    Peter Shalulile and Chris Katjiukua's Highlands Park face fears of relegation from the premier league and are slowly building momentum hoping to win their remaining games to guarantee safety from exiting the league.

    Other Namibian players like Dudes Mwedihanga and Benson Shilongo's Platinum Stars are number 10 on the log and Virgil Vries's Maritzburg are seventh.

    The coach of Bidvest Gavin Hunt struggled to contain his emotions as he talked of the “unbelievable” experience of leading Bidvest Wits to their first ever Premiership title.

    “We've done well away as well, but it's a culmination of hard work. It wasn't easy...Yoh! Can't really talk much! ”

    He added that it took time to make his mark on the side, having joined from SuperSport United, where he won three successive titles.

    He explained: “When I first came here, I looked at this squad and I said that I didn't think the team was good enough. And I've been here for four years now – third, third, second and now champions!

    “So, it's taken a long time to try and overhaul the team, change everything – change the mentality, how we want to do it, how we want to play. It takes time, and for a club like Bidvest Wits to win the league is unbelievable. I had so many players who phoned me this morning, guys who are legends of the club. It's a great achievement.”

    Hunt also praised title-rivals Mamelodi Sundowns for pushing his side all the way.

    “Tough luck on Sundowns. It's been a tough race and we wish them well. They are the African champions and that is our inspiration, where we want to get to.”

    On 60 points from their 29 matches played, Wits, claimed top honours with a game to spare.

    – Additional reporting SuperSport

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  • 05/18/17--16:00: National colours for hockey
  • National colours for hockeyNational colours for hockey PRIDE OF THE NATION: The Namibia Sports Commission awarded the two ice and inline hockey men's teams national colours ahead of their inaugural Africa Cup, which is scheduled for next week at The Dome in Swakopmund. The tournament is the first of its kind and aims to attract more potential players in the future. Photo: Andrew Poolman

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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Marathon race launched
  • Marathon race launchedMarathon race launchedVictory Races to attract more runners The popular Old Mutual Victory Race series was launched in the capital yesterday and aims to attract runners from across the country. The 17th edition of the race has grown by leaps and bounds, pulling in a sponsorship of more N$7 million from Old Mutual in the hope of promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting the development of Namibian athletes.

    The ministry of sport has taken note of the efforts made by Old Mutual and on behalf of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Jo-Ann Manuel said that a worthy platform had been created for aspiring and professional athletes alike to showcase their talents.

    “With an average of over 4 000 athletes per year the Old Mutual Victory series truly brings communities across the whole of Namibia together to participate in an event that evokes aspiration and a true sense of community pride.”

    She further said that the ministry had been mandated to develop and empower the youth and to promote sport throughout the country at all levels.

    “We are pleased to stand here today with such a committed partner to this mandate. I encourage other corporates to follow suit to create platforms where the Namibian community at large may benefit from sporting and culture initiatives.”

    Ndangi Katoma, executive for marketing, transformation and customer strategy at Old Mutual Namibia, said with an average of over 4 000 athletes per year the Old Mutual Victory Race series truly brought communities across Namibia together to participate in an event that evoked aspiration and a true sense of community pride.

    He further said that the race was the largest road-running event in Namibia.

    “This year alone, Old Mutual again made a financial contribution of N$1 million towards the hosting of the series in four centres of Namibia. This will once again create an opportunity for our athletes to showcase their exceptional running abilities across the country.”

    A participant in this year's race, Reinhold Thomas, said he had prepared well and hoped to win the 21-kilometre half-marathon.

    “I came a long way as I have participated six times in this race. I want to prove to myself that I can,” he said.

    This year's series will consist of four races, which will take place in Oshakati on 10 June, Keetmanshoop on 8 July; Swakopmund on 29 July and on 21 October the final will take place in Windhoek.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: 'Tis the season
  • 'Tis the season'Tis the seasonHello flu, colds and allergies Everyone thinks they have a cold or a flu when they start sneezing and wheezing… but it may just be an allergy. At a glance, the symptoms of a cold and allergy appear similar. You'll have a runny nose, nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, post-nasal drip, conjunctivitis and a sore throat. But there are distinct differences, particularly when it comes to cause and treatment plan.

    So how do you know if you've caught a cold or if it's just your allergies acting up?

    Duration of symptoms: Cold symptoms typically last between seven and 10 days, while allergy symptoms can last much longer – several weeks in fact if the allergen remains in the air.

    Learn to tell the difference: Symptoms of a cold typically develop over a few days, starting with a phase of sneezing and lots of clear nasal secretions. This is usually followed by a thick nasal secretion phase and blocked nose, which is often accompanied by tiredness, sore throat, fatigue and fever. Nasal allergies tend to follow a similar pattern in different individuals - for example you will start sneezing. Symptoms will change depending on what allergen you've been exposed to - for example being outdoors, time of year, pet exposure and so on.

    Ask yourself these questions: Did your symptoms appear suddenly? Cold symptoms usually appear gradually over a few days, while allergy symptoms occur suddenly. How long have you had symptoms? Cold symptoms generally last a week or two, while an allergy will last for as long as you're exposed to allergen. Are your symptoms predictable for the time of year that they appear? If symptoms appear like clockwork at the same time every year, you have an allergy.

    Treatment plans

    According to Associate Professor Jonathan Peter, head of the Allergology and Clinical Immunology division at UCT's Department of Medicine and the Allergy Clinic at the UCT Lung Institute, untreated allergies can predispose an individual to increased colds.

    Your treatment plan for a cold will differ vastly from an allergy. Although there isn't a cure for the common cold, Peter suggests taking nasal decongestants for a few days to unblock the nose and flu tablets, which usually contain a mix of simple pain medicine for a headache and some caffeine to keep you going.

    If your symptoms worsen or linger past two weeks, see your doctor.

    “When it comes to allergies, there are a number of approaches, you need to try and identify the triggering allergen(s),” he explains. “Avoiding the offending allergen(s) can help reduce will keep your symptoms under control. Intranasal steroids can help prevent further symptoms on allergen exposure. Antihistamines – nasal or tablets – also help.”

    What is a seasonal allergy?

    Seasonal allergies are caused by the pollens of grass, trees and some weed species, all of which are wind-pollinated. Springtime is the prime allergy season for sufferers, though increasingly people are experiencing allergic symptoms throughout the year.

    What are the symptoms of seasonal allergies?

    Winter allergies cause similar symptoms to spring and summer allergies i.e. an itchy nose and eyes, sneezing and watery eyes, and are generally triggered by the use of heaters or fireplaces. The mould spores and insect parts that are often trapped in these objects are released into the air and find their way into the nose, setting off a reaction.

    The problem with winter allergy symptoms is that they can easily be misdiagnosed as a common cold or flu.

    If symptoms persist for longer than 10 days, it is more likely an allergy than a cold or flu. If not treated and medicated correctly, allergies can linger for weeks or even months.

    Which medicines work best?

    Antihistamines are the most commonly used and effective anti-allergy drugs. Many of the newer products also have mild anti-inflammatory effects.

    Patients may respond differently to the different antihistamines. If one antihistamine does not work for you, your doctor may well substitute it with another one from the same or different class. Ask your pharmacist for a non-sedating, over-the-counter anthihistamine such as those that contain the antihistamine cetirizine.


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    Okanona koomwedhi hamano ka yakwa mOpuwoOkanona koomwedhi hamano ka yakwa mOpuwo Okanona koomwedhi hamano oka yakwa omanga kali ka lala pondje yegumbo lyaandjawo mEpupa mOlyomakaya ga piti mOshitopolwa shaKunene.

    Omunambelewa gwopolisi ngoka a tindi okutumbulwa kedhina, okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya, ope na ompito onene kutya okanona hoka oka yakelwa kondje yoshilongo.

    Aantu yatatu oya tulwa miipandeko na oya holoka komeho yOmpangulilo yaMangestrata gwaOpuwo mEtiyali.

    Oonakuholoka komeho yompangu oya tumbulwa kutya oDirk Ronovita (39), Ngombe Tjambiru (27) naTjiposa Tjikundi (goomvula kadhi shiwike), na otaya pangulilwa oshipotha shuufuthi womuntu oshowo eyakelo lyomuntu pondje yoshilongo. Mboka oya tindilwa omboloha kOmupanguli Leena Iiyambo. Oshipotha shoka osha undulilwa komasiku 27 gaJuni opo ku ningwe omakonaakono.

    Omufali gwiihokolola kompangu gwepangelo, Oberth Masendeke, okwa tindi opo aafekelwa mboka yapewe omboloha molwaashoka otashi vulika ya kiidhope momakonaakono ngoka taga ningwa.

    Omunambelewa omukwatakanithi gwiimbuluma moshitopolwa shaKunene, Omupeha Komufala, Rudolf Kanyetu okwa koleke kutya okanona hoka oka yakwapo omanga kali ka lala nayina pondje.

    “Yina yokanona okwa nongele kutya okanona kakepo sho a penduka mokati kuusiku opo andola a yamithe okanona ke.Okwa lopotele opolisi yEpupa nomakonaakono oga ningwa na oga etitha etulitho miipandeko lyaafekelwa mboka yatatu,” Kanyetu ta ti.

    Omunambelewa gumwe gwopolisi okwa popi kutya iipotha yeyako lyaantu moshitopolwa shoka oya londa pombanda.

    “Ope na omaumbangi ngoka ga gandjwa kaantu mboka ya mono ohauto yaatalelipo tayi zi pomudhingoloko ngoka yuuka kombinga yaOpuwo. Uupyakadhi owuli owala mpaka kutya aantu mboka oya ndopa okugandja uuyelele mboka pethimbo kopolisi. Iimbuluma oyindji otayi longwa kaatalelipo momudhingoloko nguka, ihe aantu naaleli yawo inaya hala okupopya molwaashoka otaya mono omauwanawa okupitila miimbuluma mbyoka,” onzo ya popi.


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    Aakwashigwana inaya holoka kiigongi  yokomitiye yoparliamentary standingAakwashigwana inaya holoka kiigongi yokomitiye yoparliamentary standingAanooli inaya holola ohokwe miigongi mbyoka tayi ningwa Okomitiye tayi ithanwa parliamentary standing committee oya kaleke omitumba dhaakwashigwana dhopatatu ndhoka dha Ii dha longekidhwa okuningilwa monooli yoshilongo molwashoka kape na ngoka a yi komitumba ndhoka. Omunashipundi gwoParliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Sebastiaan Karupu, okwa holola okuuva nayi kwe molwaashoka aakwashigwana oya ndopa okuya kiigongi mbyoka ya longekidhilwa opo ku vule okuningwa oonkundathana medhimbuluko lyesiku lyoGenocide Remembrance Day oshitopolwa shaKunene, Omusati nOshana.

    Kape na omuntu gumwe a yi komahala hoka kwa longekidhwa okuningilwa iigongi medhimbuluko lyomadhipago ga kiinahenda ngoka ga ningilwa aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwAaHerero nAaNama, pokati ko-1904 no 1908.

    “Opo omutumba gwopaliamende gu tule miilonga ompango yontumba nena oya pumbwa omaiyuvo goshigwana moshilongo ashihe. Otashi uvitha nayi kutya itatu ka vula okumona omaiyuvo goshigwana okuza miitopolwa yimwe po yoshilongo,” Karupu ta ti.

    Oshigongi shoka moKunene osha li shina okukalako mOlyomakaya yomasiku 13 gaMei omanga mOmusati nOshana iigongi yali yi na okuningwa mOmaandaha.

    Moonkundathana ndhoka a ningwa naye koNamibian Sun, Karuou okwa popi kutya kape na ngoka a yi kiiigongi mbyoka na osha etitha opo yi kalekwe molwaashoka osha li ehepeko lyomaliko gepangelo.

    “Omolwa onkalo yopaliko ondhigu ndjoka ya taalela oshigwana, itashi popilwa we opo tu galukile komahala ngaka nompangela dha faathana. Otashi pula iimaliwa yoshigwana.”

    Nonando okomitiye ndjoka oye shi pondola okuninga iigongi noshigwana miitopolwa yomuumbugantu woshilongo, okomitiye oya thiminikwa okuundulila komeho iigongi moKunene, Omusati nOshana.

    Momasiku 26 gaApilili omvula ya piti, oshilyo shoPaliamende, shoSwanu, Usutuaije Maamberua, osha pula opo omasiku 28 Mei ga ningwe efudho lyopashigwana mokudhimbuluka omadhipago gakiinahenda ngoka ga ningilwa AaHerero nAaNama, molwaashoka momasiku ngoka opo ookamba moka mwa li mwa edhililwa aantu mboka kwa gwandjwa elombwelo dhi patwe.

    Okomitiye oya tamekidha iigongi noshigwana muumbugantu petameko lyaMei niigongi mbyoka oya kaliwa kaakwashigwana oyendji, ihe monooli aakwashigwana inaya holola ohokwe okukutha ombinga miigongi mbyoka.

    Karupu okwa popi kutya iigongi mbyoka ya tameke momasiku 7 gaMei mo //Karas, Hardap, Omaheke, Otjozondjupa nErongo, oya kaliwa kaakwashigwana oyendji naaleli miitopolwa moka oya holola omaiyuvo gawo pamishangwa.

    Omunambelewa omukuluntu gwoshitopolwa shaShana, Martin Elago, okwa gandja uusama kutya okomitiye ndjoka oya ningi etseyitho lyiigongi mbyoka muule wethimo efupi, onkene ethimbo ka lya li lya gwana opo ku gandjwe ehiyo koshigwana.

    Nonando ongaaka omapopyo gaElago oga ekelwahi komunambelewa gwokomitiye ndjoka, Johan Frederick, ngoka a popi kutya etseyitho ndyoka olya ningwa momasiku ga8 gaMei, nethimbo olya li lya gwana opo aakwashigwana yapewe ehiyo ndyoka.

    Okomitiye ndjoka oya thikama po miilyo ya tumbulwa kutya oKarupu, Omupeha omunashipundi, Emilia Nuyoma Amupewa, Nauyoma Mandala, Margret Mahoto naLucia Nghaamwa, naamboka otaya tsikile niigongi yawo mOshikoto, Ohangwena, iitopolwa iyali yaKavango oshowo oZambezi. Oshitopolwa shaKhomas otashi kala sha hugunina okuninga iigongi mbyoka.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Air Namibia a gandja ombili
  • Air Namibia a gandja ombiliAir Namibia a gandja ombili Ehangano lyomatukodhila lyaNamibia, olya gandja ombili omolwa omaihumbato ngoka lyiihumbatele omunyasha ta lumbu nuulema na oya tindi opo omunyasha ngoka a londe modhila yawo molwaashoka okuli kokatemba.

    Oshifokundaneki shoThe Namibian Metitatu osha lopota kutya Anastasia Helao, ngoka okamonakadhona Victoria Martin taka lumbu nuulema uule woomvula mbali monena sha landula oshiponga shohauto shoka sha holoka mo-2015, okwa ningi oshilage shuutekete uwali wodhila, okuza mOmbaye okuya mOvenduka, oshiwike sha piti molwaashoka oya li ye na okuya komundohotola, ihe mboka inaya ya we nodhila nopehala oya hingi. Okwa popi kutya okwa futu oshimaliwa shooN$5 000 muutekete uwali Etitatu lyoshiwike sha piti, ihe oya shunithwa ko ongula yEtine molwaashoka aniwa ehangano ihali pitika aantu yeli kuutemba ya londe moondhila dhawo.

    Okwa popi kutya omukomeho gwokapale hoka okwe mulombwele kutya oya ninga epuko, sho ya pitika opo a lande okatekete . Metitatu, ehangano olya pititha omukanda kepandja lyawo lyoFacebook, kutya ehangano ohali longithwa oodhila ne dho ERJ 35 Embraer momatukodhila gomeni lyoshilongo oshowo oodhila ne dhonomola A319-100 momatukodhila gomenenevi omanga hali longitha oodhila mbali dho A330-100 momalweendo ngoka omale. Oya popi kutya omalweendo gomeni ohaga longithwa oondhila ndhoka dha pitikwa owala okweenda aafaalelwa 37, nodhila ndhoka inadhi longwa opo dhi vule okweenda aantu mboka taya longitha uutemba molwa ehala eshona oshowo oondjindikila dhiiviha.

    “Ootrapa dhodhila ndjoka odha pitikwa owala okulonda omuntu gumwe pethimbo na oshi li omulandu kutya kehe omufaalelwa ta londo mondhila ndjoka okwa pumbwa okulonda ootrapa kuyemwene pwaahena eyambidhidho,” ehangano lya holola. Olya popi kutya eshina ndyoka hali longithwa okulondeka aafaalelwa mboka itaya vulu okulonda kuyoyene ohali longithwa owala koondhila dhoka hadhi longele omalweendo gokuya pondje yoshilongo.

    “Oompangela dhetu dhomonakuyiwa opo tuvule okulongitha oondhila ndhoka tadhi vulu okulondeka aayakulwa yetu mboka taya lumbu nomaulema, omupya omunene oodhila ndhoka itadhi vulu okulongela muupale wetu wumwepo meni lyoshilongo omolwa iikwaniipangitho yimwe po mbyoka katu na pomaupale getu. Otatu gwanitha po nokulandula oompango dhiilongo negameno olyo oshilalakanenwa shetu shotango.”


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    Aakwashigwana yaaHai//Om taya ti kutya  Etosha olyawoAakwashigwana yaaHai//Om taya ti kutya Etosha olyawo Oompata kombinga yevi lyuuthiga odha tukuka ishewe pethimbo mpoka taku ningwa omalongekidho gomutumba gwevi ngoka tagu ningwa muSepetemba nuumvo.

    Aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwAayelele yoHai//Om oya ningi eindilo lyompangu mOmpangulilo yoPombanda mOvenduka taya popi kutya oshitopolwa shimwe shEtosha oshowo oofaaama 11 moMangetti evi lyawo lyuuthiga woohekulo nooyinakulu.

    Mboka otaya kalelwapo paveta kuAndrew Corbett (SC) naNatasha Bassingsthwaite kelombwelo lyoLegal Assistance Centre.

    Ongushu yopashimaliwa yevi lyEtosha otaku tengenekwa yi li poobiliyona 3.8 omanga oMangetti yi li poomiliyona 95.

    Evi ndyoka oli li oshitopolwa shevi lyaaHai//Om naashoka osha ulikwa mokaalita mo-1884, nonkalamwenyo, omidhugululwakalo, eitaalo, uundjolowele nonkalo yopaliko nuuntu wongundu ndjoka otayi kwatakanithwa nevi ndyoka okuza pethimbo ndyoka.

    Oonakutulamo eindilo ndyoka pehala lyaakwashigwana mboka oyo Jan Tsumib, Mannetjie Gabiseb, Bandu Komos, Dawid Willem, Anna Ais, EliasIaokoeon Guxab, Alexander Araeb naNikodemus Habue Hawaseb.

    Mboka okwa tegelelwa ya ka yamukule keindilo ndyoka pampangu, ongaashi Epangelo lyaNamibia, Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Hai//Om Traditional Authority, Namibia Development Corporation, Ehirovipuka Conservancy, Sheya Shuusona Conservancy oshowo King Nehale Conservancy.

    Meindilo lyawo ndyoka, aakwashigwana mboka yaaHai//Om oya popi kutya oyo ongundu onene yaakwashigwana yomuhoko gwAayelele moNamibia nomonakuziwa oyali ya kala poshitopolwa shevi lyawo lyuuthiga monooli nopokati kaNamibia.

    Mboka oya popi kutya oye na uuthemba wokukala pevi lyaawo nokutyapula uuyamba wevi lyawo pamuthigululwakalo gwawo.

    Oya popi kutya oya kuthwa uuthemba wawo mboka, sho aanafaalama aatiligane oshowo omihoko dhilwe dha kutha po evi lyawo, edhipago lyiiyamakuti kaakwiita yomapangelo guukoloni oshowo etulo momalugumbo lyevi lyawo na oshe ya ningile oshidhigu okuya momahala ngoka.

    Mo-1907 okwa ningwa eindiko lyuukongo wiiyamakuti yimwe po. Kohi yelelo lyuukoloni waSouth Afrika, aakwashigwana mboka yali taya longo momahala giinamwenyo nokuza momahala ngoka oya indikwa okukala pevi mpoka pe na Etosha monena.

    Ongundu ndjoka oya popi kutya, kohi yo1964 Odendaal Commission okwa totwa omahala gokukala aakwashigwana yoshipa oshiluudhe ihe inaku tulwa po ehala mpoka tapu kala aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwoHai//Om.

    Oya popi kutya epangelo lyokatongotongo olya hwahwameke aanafaalama yAawambo opo ya ninge oofaalama dhawo mevi lyaakwashigwana yaaHai//Om monooli yaMangetti na oya kutu miilonga aakwashigwana yomuhoko gwAayelele onga aaniilonga yawo. Oonakuninga eindilo oya popi kutya oya pumbwa okufutwa molwaashoka oya kanitha evi lyawo lyuuthiga, na oya popi kutya otaya pumbwa okufutwa oshimaliwa shoobiliyona 3.9.

    Oya popi woo kutya ya indikwa uuthemba wawo wokulikola omauwanawa okuza moonzo dhopaushitwe mevi lyawo oshowo miiyamakuti ngaashi tashi uthwa komuthigululwakalo gawo.

    Oya hala woo okukala haya mono oshitopolwa shiiyemo mbyoka ya likolwa kepangelo oshowo NWR, metotepo lyEtosha.

    Aakwashigwana mboka oya hala ompangu yi gandje elombwelo kepangelo oshowo NWR ya holole omushangwahokololo giiyemo ya monika okuza mEtosha, muule womwedhi hamano okutameka nkene Etosha lya totwa po mo-1958.

    Omupanguli Hosea Angula okwa undulile epwaakeno lyeindilo ndyoka komasiku 21 gaJuni nuumvo.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Rand extends losses
  • Rand extends lossesRand extends losses The rand extended its losses against the dollar early yesterday, in line with a slide in most emerging market currencies as the US political crisis pushed investors into safe-haven assets.

    The currency fell more than one percent in the previous session as the White House turmoil spoiled risk sentiment.

    Markets globally have been rattled by uncertainty over US President Donald Trump's future following reports that he tried to interfere with a federal investigation.

    Stocks were set to open slightly higher, with the JSE securities exchange's Top-40 futures index up 0.2%.

    In fixed income, the yield for the benchmark government bond due in 2026 rose 7 basis points to 8.75%.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Chrysler in trouble
  • Chrysler in troubleChrysler in troubleUS government plans to sue carmaker Fiat Chrysler has been found wanting over claims that its vehicles emitted excess diesel emissions, with a lawsuit pending. The US Justice Department plans to file a civil lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV over excess diesel emissions as early as this week if no agreement is reached with the Italian-American automaker, two sources briefed on the matter said on Wednesday.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency in January accused FCA of illegally using undisclosed software to allow excess diesel emissions in about 104 000 cars and SUVs, the result of a probe that stemmed from regulators' investigation of rival Volkswagen AG.

    The EPA and California Air Resources Board have been in talks with FCA about the excess emissions and whether the agencies would approve the sale of 2017 FCA diesel models.

    A federal judge in California has set a May 24 hearing on a series of lawsuits filed by owners of vehicles against Fiat Chrysler and the Justice Department is expected to file its action by then if no agreement is reached.

    FCA said on Wednesday it believed that any litigation would be “counterproductive” to ongoing discussions with the EPA and California Air Resources Board.

    The company added that “in the case of any litigation, FCA US will defend itself vigorously, particularly against any claims that the company deliberately installed defeat devices to cheat US emissions tests.”

    The Justice Department took the same procedural step in early 2016 against Volkswagen, nearly four months after the German company admitted using software to emit excess diesel emissions in nearly 500 000 vehicles.

    The Justice Department has had an ongoing criminal investigation into FCA's conduct since last year, Reuters reported in January. The probe has turned up internal emails written in Italian and other documents about engine development and emissions issues, sources briefed on the probe said.

    U.S. regulators said FCA failed to disclose engine management software in 104 000 US 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Ram 1500 trucks with 3.0-litre diesel engines.

    The European Commission has launched legal action against Italy for failing to respond to allegations of emission-test cheating by Fiat Chrysler in a procedure that could lead to the country being taken to court.

    The EPA has said the maximum possible fine against FCA could be $4.6 billion. In February, FCA said it had received requests for information and subpoenas from US federal and state authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, for diesel issues.

    In total, VW has agreed to spend up to $25 billion to address US claims from owners, environmental regulators, states and dealers and offered to buy back polluting US vehicles.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Auntie Nangy
  • Auntie NangyAuntie Nangy Can I get pregnant from anal sex?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, is it possible to have sexual intercourse using your anus? Will you get pregnant?

    Yes it is possible to use the anus or ass to have sex if you prefer to bend over. Some men prefer to have sex by using the anus. It is a question of preferences and I call it the alternative route. The anatomy of the human body is fascinating to me and I feel when God created a man and woman and the reproductive organs which are the male and female sex organs, he was at the epitome of his excellence. He wanted to make sure that a woman and a man enjoy sex and the tools he made for that, just make sex pleasurable and heavenly. The back door that you have asked about is used by other people especially men who have sex with other men. However, you will not get pregnant from anal sex because there is no link with the uterus where the sperm from the man fertilises the female egg in order for a woman to fall pregnant.

    Am I pregnant?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am an 18-year-old girl and I have a problem. Last month, I had a normal period but now I feel like a person who is pregnant. What can I do?

    Dearest, you have been having unprotected sex and so you are worried you may be pregnant. It may be delayed periods but the best advice that I am giving you is to go to the clinic for a pregnancy test and it is the only way that you will know whether you are pregnant or not. If your periods are late, there are many reasons for the lateness besides being pregnant. If you are stressing about something, this can delay your periods too. Maybe you are having eating disorders or have been trying to lose weight. This can also affect your menstrual cyclone. Being overweight can also affect your hormones and cause your periods to delay. There are also medical conditions such as diabetes that can affect hormones when the sugar levels in the body change. When your periods are delayed it is good practice to record them so that when you go to see the doctor he can make the correct diagnosis. You sound desperate. If you are not ready to have a baby now, please use protection. Condoms are issued free in Namibia so there is no reason why you must stress yourself. In fact family planning services are also free, so you can get the injection to prevent falling pregnant but it does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections including HIV. The clinic staff will explain to you the different family planning methods so please go there and stop worrying.

    She is a virgin and stingy

    Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with my girlfriend. She is a virgin but she doesn’t want me to get into her underwear.

    Your girlfriend is right. That you are in love with her does not give you automatic entry my dear. You didn’t tell me enough about your relationship with this girl, like how long you have been dating. Respect her preferences. There could be many reasons why she refuses you to get too close to the honeycomb. Your lady maybe feeling that she is too young to have sex or that she is just not ready to dish it out. Don’t assume that if you are in a romantic relationship with a lady, you are guaranteed sex. I feel sex is a privilege or an honour and the reason why God tucked the cookie away and between the legs. Besides, your lady is not sure whether she will be able to put out the intense romantic flames that you light in her body when you get into her underwear. Men are made stronger than women and for that reason your reasonable woman knows that if she allows you to get into pants you can overpower her and eat the fruit. Prevention is better than regret. She loves you and by refusing you entry she is putting your love to test. Take time to know her and delayed gratification is always the sweetest.

    Sex maniac

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I’m a 19-year-old lady in love with a 21-year-old guy. The problem is when we are together he just wants to have sex. We love each other so much. Help me Auntie Nangy. What can I do?

    You are both young at the peak age of virility. I mean at your age, the sex drive is huge and all you want to do when you see each other is to make love. At that age, the functionality of the body is Xa! You don’t need to take any pills or aphrodisiacs because your bodies are like a brand new car coming out of the manufacturing plant with a brand new engine that is ready to burn the fuel. This is how your man is and feels. At that young age his appetite is not strange but consistent with his age and urge. Liken your situation to an old man driving a Mercedes Benz to Okahandja. He will drive slowly because he is too old despite the car being new and classic. But you have seen how the young guys drive these brand new cars and how they can reach Okahandja and come back before the old man reaches the checkpoint.

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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Dancing for the dogs
  • Dancing for the dogsDancing for the dogsAnimal welfare matters Multi-talented Sascha Sampson is promoting belly dancing and using her shows to raise funds for the upkeep of domestic animals. Sascha Olivier Sampson, a teacher, choreographer and creator of 'Shimmy For Shelter' in partnership with the Windhoek SPCA, the Cat Protection Society, Namibia Dog Matters as well as the SPCAs of both Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

    Sampson has her own belly dancing studio called Moon Goddess Dance Studio. She is originally from Cape Town, but grew up in Namibia and she calls Windhoek her home. A strange thing is the fact that Sampson does not reveal her age. “My age is ageless, I live forever,” said Sampson. She was diagnosed with Myocarditis (a heart disease) in 2006 but she overcame her health challenges with her gift of belly dancing, helping the needy and motivating others to join her.

    The “Myths & Legends” dance spectacular in aid of animal welfare was held this past weekend and different dance studios were involved, including herself, Bohemian Magic Dance Company, Evolve Fire Entertainment from Swakopmund and other belly dancing enthusiasts. They will be performing at the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) 'Hats and Roses' in July later this year and they will be taking part in the Goddess Divine Festival in Johannesburg. The Namibian dance community is also looking forward to the Shimmy for Shelter 2018 show.

    To everyone's surprise, a male cast was involved at the show and Sampson says male dancers are also needed in the dancing cast because male belly dancers are still scarce in Namibia, “but are known to dance in South America and Egypt”. The next show is to be held on 27 May at The Dome conference centre in Swakopmund and tickets are available at The Funshop for N$100 and N$150 at the door.

    Contact Sascha on her Facebook page “Sascha belly dancer” and find her on Instagram as well. Alternatively, you can send her an email on sascha.ol.sam@gmail.com if you want to join.


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    Pros and cons of signing to a record labelPros and cons of signing to a record label For most up-coming musicians notching a record deal with a major recording label is at the top of their to-do list. tjil caught up with local signed musicians to find out the pros and cons of being under a record label.

    Speaking to tjil, Syclone, an Afro pop artist signed under 777 Records pointed out freedom to solely focus on making music and not worrying about handling administrative work, as one of the benefits of being signed to a record label. “As a signed artist the label takes care of the marketing and bookings and all you have to do is focus on making great music,” Syclone said. He added that being signed is less financially draining for an artist because you have financial backing from the label. Syclone maintains that it all depends on the artist and what works for them. “Teamwork is important to me, it motivates me to make good music knowing I have a team that supports and understands my goals,” he said.

    Award-winning traditional artist Christmas is signed under D-Naff Entertainment. Christmas maintains that signing to a record label comes with many advantages. “As musicians we have the talent but in most cases especially for up-coming artists there is no money to fund our projects on our own, this is when the record labels help us launch our dreams,” Christmas said. Christmas added that being a musician is supposed to be like any other job where there is a senior or boss that ensures that the work gets done. Christmas however cautions up-coming artists to read through their contracts before committing to something. “Contracts are normally not easy to comprehend so get a legal practitioner to help you understand what is stipulated in the contract before committing to something,” he cautioned. On the other hand DJ Glob, a member of the award-winning house duo Makurunganga, shares that it is more beneficial for artists to be independent than signing to a record label. “There are many advantages of artists being independent - they get to enjoy great artistic freedom, as we are not limited or controlled, nor are we pressurised to deliver per the terms and conditions of a label,” said DJ Glob. He added that independent artists have the freedom to decide when, where and how to go about producing and releasing their music, the freedom that signed artists do not necessarily have. “You have total control over your finances, unlike with music label where you only get a certain percentage as per your contract.”

    DJ Glob explained that another advantage of being independent is that lyrical content and genre choices are in the artist's hands, stating that independent artists are not owned by anyone. “For Makurunganga for example we started off with Kwaito but when we decided to change genres we had no one to consult just ourselves, and we make music that resonates with both young and old people,” he said.


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    D-Naff Entertainment brings Da TruthD-Naff Entertainment brings Da TruthChristian rapper promises to give an electrifying performance American Christian rapper Da Truth will be performing at the Night of Gospel Music, Inspiration and Motivation concert at Experience Koi in Windhoek tonight. Emanuel Lee Lambert better known by his stage name Da Truth is an award-winning American gospel rapper. And he is here, in Namibia.

    tjil caught up with the Christian rapper to find out what he has planned for his Namibian fans tonight. “I am so excited to be in Namibia, my Namibian fans can expect an electrifying performance from me on Friday night. We are going to honour and worship God through music,” Da Truth said. Local gospel musicians will also grace the stage at the concert.

    Speaking to tjil, gospel singer D-Naff, who is the organiser of the event, said people should come out in numbers and witness greatness. “We have been trying to get Da Truth to perform in Namibia for quite some time now, now he is finally here so people should come in numbers and witness greatness,” said D-Naff.

    Meanwhile D-Naff also revealed that his record label is working on grooming and strengthening new talent. “I recently worked with an up-coming artist called Devian Lee-Theron and plans are underway to sign her to the label. She is very talented but we are also being careful as we do not want interrupt her studies as she is still at university,” he said. He added that as an established artist he wants to provide a platform to upcoming artist and instil a good work ethic in them.

    Lee-Theron shared that it was very interesting working with an established artist like D-Naff and that she learned a lot from not only from him, but the producers as well. “I had fun recording the song and the people I worked with were very helpful, so I learned a lot,” she said.


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Hot mama!
  • Hot mama!Hot mama!Namibia's finest missus is on her way to China to shine Who said taking part in pageants is only for single and young women? A A graduate with a bachelor's in accounting who is currently pursuing and studying towards her Honours, Jeanette Tlhabanello is the current Mrs Globe Namibia, Mrs Africa Namibia and Mrs Africa Elegant, and she has been chosen to represent Namibia and the African continent at the Mrs International Globe pageant with national holders from all seven continents taking place in October in China later on this year. An outspoken Tlhabanello has a lot of fire in her and is passionate about her work. She explained what makes Mrs Globe a different pageant from the rest.

    The Mrs Africa Foundation is the official charity organisation of the Mrs Africa Pageant and is founded on the legacy of the past and present Mrs Africa titleholders who changed lives in their communities. “These phenomenal women graced various international stages and showcased the powerful, strong, gracious and beautiful African woman to the world. They work in some of the worst war-affected areas on our continent and are passionate about female development and education in Africa,” Tlhabanello said.

    Mrs Africa is a pageant for married women only as the founders believe most pageants and modelling competitions are limited to single women and thus singling out women with potential to make a change within their community. “Their passion and humanitarian work lasts longer than their year of reign and they have formed an African Sisterhood that will be talked about years to come,” said Tlhabanello as she explained her work. She added that Mrs Africa is a “unique and innovative” opportunity for mothers and married women to exercise their pre-existing care and nurturing way of living to work for the community. “As a mother and a wife, it comes naturally for me to show my love for different people. I am an active community member and this is something I have within me as I believe charity starts at home,” she added.

    Admitting that pageantry was never her cup of tea, she said it was her high school teacher who noticed her elegance and advised her to take part in the then Miss Jan Jonker Afrikaner pageant in 2002. “I was very against it at first as I was never the average girly girl. I liked hanging out with boys so you can imagine my reaction when my teacher approached me and told me to enter,” Tlhabanello explained. To her own surprise, she managed to bag the title. A few years down the line, she won other competitions including Miss Khomasdal, Miss Independence and Miss Windhoek Show. Her last participation in a conventional pageant was the Miss Namibia pageant where she made it to the top 10.

    When she found out about the Mrs Africa pageant, she thought it was a wonderful platform to show her passion and willingness to work for something she believed in. “I joined this pageant because I always dreamed that I will one day be in a position to be a Good Samaritan to unfortunate people, promote goodwill, be an example of gentleness, kindness and faith and most of all, be a tool of the Lord for spreading His will,” Tlhabanello said. Being part of this pageant, Tlhabanello is currently busy with two projects which are 'Dignity Dreams', a non-profit organisation that distributes washable feminine sanitary pads to underprivileged girls and women in all participating Mrs Africa countries and 'DeskBags' which are functional, eco-friendly school bags that are also a portable desk solution.

    “Sanitary pads should not be a luxury and no women or girl should have to use socks, newspaper, toilet paper, or miss school during her menstrual cycle because she cannot afford sanitary wear,” she said. Tlhabanello believes that will have a negative impact on their education, self-esteem and the cycle of poverty will continue to grow. Namibia is currently faced with many challenges affecting the education sector due to the lack of teaching staff and adequate classrooms in the country. Many children in the rural areas and in some cases in urban areas, are force to study in tents or under trees. The DeskBag allows the child to carry his or her school books and stationery safely to and from school, while the flap, which is reinforced with durable perspex, becomes an instant, durable desk when unfolded. Currently searching for funds to attend the pageant in China, Tlhabanello is calling upon individuals and stakeholders to help raise funds for her trip. “I really want to bring the title back home and prove myself to the community that I am willing to make a difference.”


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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Promote your albums
  • Promote your albumsPromote your albums Some Namibian artists need to stop with the culture of releasing an album and not promoting it properly. You find artists who release a 12-track album and only promote three songs, shooting only one music video. What happens to all the other songs on the album? Are they only there for decoration or what?

    The thing that has always bothered me as an ardent supporter of local music is when an artist decides to shelve the whole album. I have noticed over the years that many artists promote completely different “singles” just a few months after dropping an album and these singles are not even a part of the album. And you wonder why some of your fans and potential fans don't support you. Maybe there are a few behind-the-scenes things we do not know that you deal with, regarding your labels and managers. But you can't release an album and then just decide you want to promote a new single. Why even make an album then? Just make the hit songs and then promote them if that's the case. That's the reason why your album is at Antonio's collecting dust. Not enough is being done on the promotion end. We are still using the same promotion tactics from the early 2000s and we are not taking into consideration that times have changed.

    Instead of the usual tactics throw yourself onto the internet. Instead of the usual album launch event try having an album tour or signing session. Have album listening sessions because they are more intimate and you have better engagement from your audience compared to album release parties we've been having over the years. We've seen over the years that album-launch parties or events are getting emptier and emptier and we need to counter that with digital album releases -something which a few Namibian artists have done. Many artists have also released visual albums which are also another great initiative to promote your album. These days, album releases are becoming more digital. You don't need to worry about getting your album in the big stores and then going to signings on the day of release. Instead, you just have to press the upload button, send out a few tweets, and call it a day. However, just because you can release entirely online doesn't mean you should. The person-to-person experience is still extremely important in the music industry.

    Don't do the disappearing act!! The last thing you want to do is start working on your next album and disappear for a few months. After months of silence, when you finally come out with an announcement your fans may not be listening or looking out for your content anymore. Social media is one way you can engage your fans. We need more behind-the-scenes content and documentaries that shed light into your creative process as an artist. There are many ways artists can promote their albums and you need to tap into that.

    The way you promote your album plays a vital role especially with regards to whether people will buy or download it. Look for ways you can sell your album and put your energy into that.



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  • 05/18/17--16:00: Jaleel's era
  • Jaleel's eraJaleel's eraNew album is smooth as honey Exhibiting his vocal prowess, Jaleel's new album shows why he is the holder of the NAMA Best Newcomer award. Jaleel's debut album 'Ever Since Sins Eve' is an embodiment of sheer talent, musical diversity and is filled with great moments. The young music aficionado has a unique take on music and has made a name for himself for morphing a number of genres to come up with a beautiful sound.

    The album is very personal and the artist collaborated with a lot of other artists including Oteya and LMPC on his 15 track album. My favourite song on the album is titled is titled 'Up Town Down Town' and it features LMPC and Oteya. The song is a blend of RnB and Afro Pop with a very catchy and trendy hook laid down by LMPC. Jaleel and Oteya are very playful and flirty on the song which is sure to be a fan favourite because of the smooth and soaring vocals by the artists.

    On songs such as 'Wella' and 'Block Block' the artist flexes his musical abilities proving that he has the potential and skills to be Namibia's leading RnB artist. Jaleel has shown on these songs that he has the ability to hit the high notes and that he has great control and prodigious projection when it comes to his voice. It is pretty clear through songs like 'Wella' that the artist knows his voice is his most important asset which is a haze of rhythmic and harmonic firmness. Jaleel demonstrates that he is the full package through the use of cohesive beats that allows him to sound honest and vulnerable when he talks about his insecurities and his need for love in songs such as 'Making Moves', 'Only One' and 'Believe'.

    Another song that is guaranteed to catapult Jaleel into success is 'Hot'. The song sounds like it's an 80's Nate Dogg sample and has a nostalgic feeling laced with an impressive and impeccable flow from Jaleel who raps about how beautiful a certain lady is. The overall theme of the album is love, it's complexity, how difficult it is and how to make sure you make it work.

    Jaleel's versatility and his ability to work on many genres is a blessing and a curse. The album is filled with Afro Pop, RnB and Hip-Hop hits and although the artist can be praised for his distinct sound it can be very taxing and tiring listening to him. He should rather focus on the RnB because he sounds at his best and most comfortable when he hits those high notes and there is a level of connection to his music especially when he is singing. The Namibian artist scooped a NAMA for Best Newcomer this year and is experimenting with his music. He can only grow into a successful artist.

    The production on the album is also commendable, the quality and mastering of the songs on the album is outstanding. Jaleel has a good ear for music with a great song choice ability and he sounds very relatable except on songs like 'Rare' where he brags about being inimitable. The album will cater to every music lover because of the resounding character Jaleel is musically.

    Shona Ngava

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    Diamonds to drive growth - IMFDiamonds to drive growth - IMFIMF concludes Consultation IV visit to Botswana Positive prospects for the diamond sector could lead to somewhat higher rates of GDP growth in 2017-19, the IMF has said of its recent visit to Botswana. The International Monetary Fund says strong diamond sales could spur growth in Botswana following a recent visit to the diamond rich country.

    Reflecting on the IMF's visit, its mission head, Enrique Gelbard said: “Following a downturn in 2015, Botswana's pace of economic activity recovered in 2016, supported by improvements in diamond sales, fiscal stimulus, and an accommodative monetary policy.”

    The rate of inflation remained low, close to the lower band of the Bank of Botswana's inflation objective range of 3–6%, and the trade weighted exchange rate has been broadly stable. “Botswana's exchange rate regime of a managed rate of crawl against a basket of currencies continues to serve the country well and, at the moment, no changes are deemed necessary,” said Gelbard.

    “Looking ahead, positive prospects for the diamond sector could lead to somewhat higher rates of GDP growth in 2017-19. Fiscal projections envisage moderate deficits this year and the next, with surpluses thereafter. Tax revenue reforms need to be accelerated to protect public finances against any adverse developments and maintain the country's track record of sound fiscal management,” Gelbard said.

    The IMF also suggested that tax revenue reforms be accelerated to protect public finances against any adverse developments and maintain the country's track record of sound fiscal management.

    Calling for accelerated efficiency gains, Gelbard said: The authorities need to proceed with the privatisation process and reforms to improve the efficiency and financial viability of government enterprises, reduce bureaucratic procedures for private businesses, and improve education outcomes and the skills of the labour force.

    Commenting on Botswana's national development plan, Gelbard said: “It would be preferable to focus on a few sectors with growth and employment potential by designing and implementing development strategies with concrete goals, time-bound steps, and monitor able outcomes.”


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    International routes beneficialInternational routes beneficialInternational flights important to Namibia The local tourism industry benefits greatly because of Air Namibia's international flights, an Oxford economics researcher has said. Namibia stands to benefit greatly if Air Namibia continues to make outbound flights, says Oxford economics researcher Ian Mulneirn.

    He made the comment during a recent stakeholder engagement by the airline. According to him, a large number of visitors would be unable to travel to Namibia if the airline cancelled its international routes. It would also have ripple effects on not just the economy but the tourism sector as well. Giving an example of what would happen if Air Namibia cancelled its Johannesburg route, Mulneirn said: “In 2015-16, Air Namibia transported 136 746 passengers along its Windhoek–Johannesburg–Windhoek route. If Air Namibia did not exist, around 61 900 of these could have been accommodated on other carriers' direct flights, assuming they are filled to 100% load factor.”

    Mulneirn indicated that if Air Namibia were to cancel its Johannesburg leg, an estimated 74 800 passengers would be affected.

    “The remaining 74 800 passengers of Air Namibia's passengers would have to choose between a range of indirect route options. While the existing aviation network could have accommodated Air Namibia's near 475 000 passengers in 2015-16, they would have faced higher journey costs, especially in the case of indirect options,” he said.

    Giving examples of what would happen if Air Namibia were to cancel its Frankfurt route, he said only 313 passengers would be able to fly directly to Hosea Kutako International Airport while 117 913 passengers would be forced to fly indirectly.

    On the Cape Town route, only 1 589 passengers would be able to fly directly to Namibia while 98 058 passengers would be forced to fly indirectly. Of the 53 712 passengers who fly directly from Luanda, Angola, only 12 310 would be able to fly to Namibia directly.

    According to him, because Air Namibia operates, journeys into Namibia decline by nearly 50%. “We estimate that of these 475 000 passengers, fewer than 250 000 would undertake the same journey if the airline did not exist.”

    As a result, the tourism industry would take a serious knock if Air Namibia's international routes were to be scrapped, Mulneirn said.

    “The reduction in passenger numbers means fewer visitors arriving in Namibia, and a substantial drop in the economic impact of tourism facilitated by Air Namibia.”

    Because of its international flights, Air Namibia has also made notable contributions to the economy, Mulneirn attempted to show, with the airline making a N$704 million contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), generating 4 550 jobs and making payments of N$316 million in tax receipts.

    Said Mulneirn: “The airline's contribution to the economy extends far beyond this impact, the connectivity provided by Air Namibia boosted productivity by N$1.4 billion in 2015/16.Tourism facilitated by the airline contributed a further N$971 million to GDP, 4 400 jobs, and N$245 million in tax receipts.”

    Mulneirn also forecast good growth for Air Namibia, saying that because of international flights, it had the ability to generate up to 6 300 jobs while it could pay up to N$463 million in tax receipts by the year 2020.

    Of its estimated contribution to the tourism sector, Mulneirn said: “We see a further N$1.7 billion contribution to GDP, 7 700 jobs in the tourism sector and N$440 million in tax receipts from tourism facilitated by the airline.”

    Concluded Mulneirn: “This analysis underlines the importance of Air Namibia to the Namibian economy. A fact further highlighted by our estimation how the economy would suffer in the absence of Air Namibia.”

    Following Mulneirn's presentation, Air Namibia spokesperson Paul Nakawa said the research conducted by Mulneirn was unsolicited.


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