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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Killing of lions fires up debateKilling of lions fires up debatePredators exceed Etosha's capacity Farmers adjacent to Etosha National Park may see an increase in lions escaping from the area as there are simply too many for the park to sustain. Human-wildlife conflict involving lions is expected to increase around the Etosha National Park as the park's carrying capacity has been exceeded.

    This is according to environment minister Pohamba Shifeta, who told Namibian Sun that the park's carrying capacity is between 300 and 400 lions, but currently there are about 600.

    He says that is one of the main reasons why lions are escaping from Etosha, resulting in increased conflict with farmers in the surrounding area.

    Shifeta says this time of the year is particularly problematic, as competition increases in lion prides.

    “Those afraid of the more powerful males tend to move out of the park and seek relief.”

    Younger males, roughly two years old, have to start leaving the pride in search of their own females as they begin to compete with the alpha males.

    Shifeta warns that farmers should keep their livestock in kraals at night. “Once they get the taste of livestock they tend to always go back.”

    He says the ministry is struggling to finish the park's elephant-proof fence, which will also prevent other wildlife from leaving the park.

    According to him the fence is only 30% completed because of problems with the contractor which did not comply with tender specifications.

    “We want to do it professionally.”

    Local ecologist Peter Cunningham told Namibian Sun that game counts indicated a few years ago that there were between 250 and 450 lions in Etosha, however he could not confirm the current population.

    He says if the carrying capacity is exceeded it would not only cause conflict with farmers but would also have a higher impact on prey species such as wildebeest and eland.

    He adds that the social system of lion prides would also be affected, as they are very territorial animals. There would be an excess of males and therefore they would start moving into farming areas, causing human-wildlife conflict.

    “You can only have so many lions in an area and as the prey species decrease, more conflict will develop because these lions are competing with other predators as well.”

    He says the fact is that the ministry cannot allow these numbers to increase unimpeded in parks - they have to be managed.

    According to Cunningham the ministry should determine the exact number of lions and culling the Etosha lions is an option. Alternatively their prey animals can be culled, which would cause the lions to die of hunger. This would be a far slower option and could cause a further escalation in lion escapes from the park.

    Another option is to move lions to commercial areas to be used for trophy hunting, resulting in income for the country.

    Three lions were shot dead by farmers in the Ongandjera community in the Omusati Region in the past few weeks, with farmers claiming that they had escaped from Etosha.

    Shifeta warned that farmers should not put their lives and those of their workers in danger when confronted by a wild animal causing problems.

    He said sometimes farmers become “trigger-happy” and are not really threatened by a wild animal, but they shoot the animal anyway because they experienced problems in the past.

    Shifeta warned farmers that they should in these cases not shoot, but rather wait for officials from the ministry, adding that the farmers are not professional hunters and that it could be very dangerous.

    “This can be life-threatening. Simply because you have guns does not mean you should kill the animal. You are putting lives in danger. Be careful not to take the law into your own hands.”

    Shifeta explained that any protected wild animal that becomes a problem animal must first be reported to the ministry.

    The African lion is an Appendix One-listed animal on CITES.

    Shifeta said such an application will then be approved or disapproved by the ministry. In the application, the area, gender and age of the animal must be stated.

    According to Shifeta, if declared a problem animal the ministry will dispatch a team to kill the animal.

    However, in the case of immediate threat to life or property the animal can be shot. The person must be able to prove that it was self-defence. If proven otherwise a case of illegal hunting will be made. This counts for both communal and private land.


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    Ministry responds to false text messageMinistry responds to false text message The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has issued a statement regarding "false information being circulated informing parents and learners that schools are re-opening for the second trimester on 11 June 2017". According to Johanna Absalom, public relations officer at the ministry, the text being circulated reads:
    “I, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, MEAC, Act (2) of (2017), hereby giving information that the school with hostel are no more going to open on 29th May, THE DAY has been postponed to 11 June 2017. This is because the GVT is still struggling with costs and it will end up cutting too much from hostel schools i.e secondary schools. This information is available at our page on internet www.edu.com.na, an educational institution in Namibia.” (sic)
    According to Absalom, schools will reopen on Tuesday, 30 May.
    "It remains the first school day for the second trimester as per the approved 2017 School Calendar while the hostels (for boarding learners) will open on 29 May 2017," she said.
    Hostels will open on 29 May 2017 while school hostel personnel are expected to report for duty on 26 May 2017.

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  • 05/16/17--16:00: NALASRA Games end in chaos
  • NALASRA Games end in chaosNALASRA Games end in chaos The ninth annual Namibia Local Authorities Sport and Recreation Association (NALASRA) Games at Rundu could not be completed after the Walvis Bay municipal team interrupted the final in the soccer category.

    It is reported that players from the Walvis Bay municipality identified some premier league players in the Rundu town council team, who were not town council employees.

    Before Walvis Bay noticed this, Rundu was already disqualified from netball and volleyball for the same reason.

    Walvis Bay protested, but the NALASRA national executive committee (NEC) ignored them. Rundu Town Council was due to play Henties Bay in the final when Walvis Bay disputed the game pending their protest.

    NALASRA acting president Fredrick Ueitele could not be reached for comment as his cell-phone went unanswered. NEC member Gert van Wyk of the City of Windhoek said they would issue a press release on Friday.

    “Only local authority permanent employees are supposed to participate in the NALASRA games. Rundu town council used players who are not employed by the town council. It was also established that some employees issued fake employment contracts just for them to participate in the game,” said a source.

    It is reported that after team Walvis Bays protest, Eenhana and Oshakati, who had lost to Rundu also protested.

    Efforts to get comments from the Rundu town council and Walvis Bay municipality failed. Rundu CEO Romas Haironga was in a meeting when contacted on Monday and Tuesday, while Walvis Bay's public relations officer promised to get back to Namibian Sun, but did not do so before going to print.

    At last year's NALASRA Games in Oshakati, only 30 out of 54 local authorities could participate in the games and Uetele attributed it to lack of financial and political support from the central government.

    During the opening last year Ueitele said a directive had been sent to all 54 local authorities from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development informing them not to make any financial commitment toward NALASRA activities because sport was not their core function.

    “As NALASRA executive committee we disagree with this motion and feel that the wellbeing of employees is a responsibility of employers. There are many ministries, like safety and security, defence, education and many others that allow their employees to participate in national and international sport activities which are funded 100% by government. We also need the same political support,” Ueitele said.

    Hardap regional governor Essim Isaacks, who officiated at the event last year, shed some light on why the ministry is not supporting the event. She said some local authorities diverted from the objectives of NALASRA by using players outside the sector to compete under NALASRA's banner, something she said must be not tolerated.

    It was also reported that for the past years, local authorities used to get transport assistance from the Ministry of Works and Transport which is cheaper than renting cars, but this year such an arrangement was not approved. Thus 24 local authorities could not raise additional funds to attend the games.

    It is not known how many local authorities participated during this year's edition.

    NALASRA was established in 2008 with the aim of bringing Namibian local authorities employees together to network and share experiences while participating in sport.

    “We are not going to say anything now. We have to sit down and review everything first before we issue a media release on Friday,” Van Wyk said.


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    Boxing appointment causes a stirBoxing appointment causes a stirI have no vendetta, says Tjombe Boxing promoter Anita Tjombe has accused the newly appointed chairperson of the boxing board, Ellison Hijarunguru, of corruption. Namibia's only female boxing promoter, Anita Tjombe, came out guns blazing at a media briefing on Thursday, charging that Ellison Hijarunguru, the newly appointed chairman of the Namibia Boxing and Wrestling Control Board, is corrupt.

    Tjombe, of Iron Lady Boxing Promotions, said she wanted answers from sport minister Jerry Ekandjo regarding Hijarunguru's appointment.

    She claimed that Hijarunguru was corrupt and that he was only out to make money. “Since Hijarunguru has come into power, it's a mess at the boxing board,” Tjombe alleged.

    She said she had no personal vendetta against the newly appointed chairman but that he should resign if he has any integrity.

    “He is not good for boxing. If you look at the things which happened in boxing 20 years ago, you would see that it was better than it is now.”

    Tjombe further alleged that Hijarunguru beat up one of their referees, without giving a name, before his appointment and the referee resigned. “Is that someone you want to run the boxing board?” she asked.

    Tjombe also said that she never took any money from boxers whom she had promoted in the past and that she did her job for the love of the game, not financial gain.

    “I am concerned about the boxers,” she said.

    “How were the new board members appointed and on what grounds were the appointments done? Who was consulted?” she asked.

    Tjombe also questioned why the telephone lines and internet access at the control board's office were cut, and why NPBWCB secretary-general Joe Kaperu had been suspended.

    She also wanted to know what would happen to the sanctioning money for fights if the board's bank account was in the red.

    Tjombe alleged that Hijarunguru cancelled a boxing tournament organised by Iron Lady Promotions in October last year because she had refused to bribe him.

    When asked what steps she took in connection with these allegations, Tjombe said she and Kinda Nangolo of Kinda Boxing Academy had tried approaching sport minister Jerry Ekandjo, but to no avail.

    Hijarunguru was arrested and charged in October 2011 following an Anti-Corruption Commission investigation on the alleged corrupt use of tickets at Air Namibia. The case is still pending in court.

    Meanwhile, the Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board has hit back at Tjombe, describing her as an attention-seeking individual who is bent on tarnishing the image of boxing in Namibia.

    Responding to questions sent to the board after Thursday's press conference, Philip Mwandingi, the board's vice chairperson, rejected all the allegations as unfounded.

    Mwandingi said the boxing tournament organised by Tjombe was cancelled because she had not submitted any of the required documents.

    “There were no contracts signed by the boxers and the medical exams were done by a lab that is not recognised by NPBWCB,” he said.

    As for Kaperu's suspension, he said the board was finalising the matter and as soon as the case was finalised they would make their decision public.

    Mwandingi questioned the timing of Tjombe's accusations, asking why she had not notified the relevant authorities of the alleged bribery request by the board chairperson.

    He said the control board did not have the structural capacity and staff to handle boxing tournaments; hence board members were doing the work for compensation.

    He further said that the control board was is a government-funded institution experiencing the same cash-flow problems as other sport associations dependent on government funding, hence the cutting of some services such as telephones and internet.

    He denied that the board's bank account was overdrawn, saying Tjombe did not have access to the account and her information was incorrect.

    When reached for comment Hijarungu said he had no vendetta against Tjombe, “however, she should direct her grievances about my appointment to the minister as I was appointed by him, not her.”

    - Additional reporting by



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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Two new TV channels
  • Two new TV channelsTwo new TV channelsNBC unveils 24-hour sports programming The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation has expanded its digital offering with the launch of a premium sport channel, Kwesé Free Sports, as well as a music channel. LIMBA MUPETAMI

    The sports channel will broadcast daily and is Africa’s newest and most diverse 240-hour sports channel showing the best in international and African sports.

    Focused on premium sports programming, the channel boasts some impressive international and local sports content which will include the premier league, Cosafa, Formula 1 and many other leagues.

    The director-general of the NBC, Stanley Similo, stated that the partnership and introduction of the new sport channel, the broadcaster will be able to bring premium sport content and 70% local and regional music as well as international sounds to its loyal viewers.

    Prior to the signing ceremony, the NBC was able to broadcast international boxing fights on its DTT platform in light of the cooperation.

    Kwesé Sport provided the sub-licence to the broadcaster for the territory of Namibia for two sought-after fights: the Ricky Burns vs Julius Indongo fight on 15 April and the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko fight on 29 April.

    Commenting on the launch, the president and chief executive officer of Econet Media, Ben Amadasun, said Namibia was the 25th market where Kwesé Free Sports would be available.

    “We pride ourselves in offering world-class sporting action live and in some cases exclusively on our platform, making premium games available to sports enthusiasts across Africa. Now Namibian sports fans can also enjoy the best in sports live and for free 24/7,” he said.

    Together with the sports channel the broadcaster launched a 24-hour music channel on the DTT platform. The introduction of the music channel is to complement the current existing channels, to retain current audiences and attract more audiences to the NBC platforms and eventually to generate revenue.

    The NBC hosts these channels to promote international and regional content and provide free premium sport and music to the Namibian nation.

    According to the broadcaster’s audience research, about 59% of the audiences frequently watch sport on any given platform. In terms of music, research shows that local music is more preferred than international music.

    About 46% of the respondents indicated that they prefer local music and 31% prefers both local and international music. Only 23% of the respondents prefer international music.

    The NBC’s new business and research manager, Nico Mwiya, added that by introducing Kwesé Free Sports and NBC Music, the broadcaster sought to retain its sport and music-loving audiences.

    NBC Music is available on the broadcaster’s DTT decoder channel 105, while Kwesé Free Sport is available on channel 106.

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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Run to save a rhino
  • Run to save a rhinoRun to save a rhino STAFF REPORTER

    The third annual Brandberg Rhino Run and Ride will take place in Uis on Sunday, 11 June.

    The event, organised by Nico and Riana Scholtz under their family brand 'Touch and Go', will raise funds for the Namibian non-profit organisation, Save the Rhino Trust.

    Activities on the Sunday will include a 26km trail run, 13km trail run, a 7km fun run and walk, and a 31km mountain-bike ride.

    The mountain-bike event will start at 06:00, shortly followed by the running events. The start and finish will be at the Daureb Isib Campsite at Uis.

    The prize-giving will take place at 10:00 and will be preceded by a short run for children under the age of ten.

    As a prequel to the running and cycling events on Sunday, the Brandberg FKT Challenge will take place on Friday, 9 June. Athletes will try to improve the fastest known time (FKT) up and down Brandberg Mountain of eight hours and six minutes set by American Fred Zalokar in 2015. A select group of ten very fit and able athletes will take part in this event.

    Tobie Verwey, the Namibian trail athlete who finished in tenth place at the recent Four Deserts Sahara multi-stage ultra-marathon, will be among the hopefuls for the N$10 000 reward for a new FKT.

    One of the organisers of the marathon, Nico Scholtz, said all events will take place on trails and tracks within the Tsiseb conservancy with the Brandberg, a National Heritage site, as focal point.

    “The courses are unfenced, unspoilt and sensitive to human impact. The organisers enforce a strict policy racing ‘green’, to prevent impact on the environment while still enjoying the benefits of the natural outdoors.

    “Runners and riders will carry their own water and snacks, and are required to take out what they take in. No off-road driving will be permitted and spectators will only be allowed to support on national roads.”

    For the sake of conserving the environment of the Brandberg, only ten participants will be allowed to take part in the Brandberg FKT Challenge.

    Cash prizes will be awarded to athletes, male and female, who are able to improve on previous years' records for the same events.

    Scholtz further said that this is the first year the event will take place on a Sunday.

    “With most athletes travelling from the coast and far inland, this should allow them to attend the event without having to take the Friday off from work.”

    Race number pickup will be on the Saturday afternoon at the Daureb Isib Campsite at Uis. On the Saturday evening there will be an informal social braai at the same venue. An auction of luxury accommodation and adventure packages, as well as valuable collector’s items such as autographed books and photo prints, will take place during dinner.

    Race attendance is by pre-registration only and closes on 4 June 2017. The electronic entry form is available on www.touchandgo.com.na. For more information, contact the organisers on touchandgorun@gmail.com.

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    Chelsea captain to hang up his bootsChelsea captain to hang up his bootsJohn Terry to retire at end of season Chelsea captain John Terry said he could retire at the end of the season, after leading the champions in their 4-3 win over Watford at Stamford Bridge. BBC SPORT

    The 36-year-old Terry, who will leave the Blues in the summer, scored the opening goal on a night of celebration for the Premier League title winners.

    Chelsea host Sunderland on Sunday in their final league game of the season.

    "I've not ruled out Sunday being my last game and retiring from football," he told Sky Sports.

    "If the right offer comes along I will sit down and consider it with my family - whether that's here or abroad.

    "Genuinely I haven't made any decisions yet and I'm evaluating all my options at the moment."

    Reaction to Chelsea's 4 - 3 win over Watford

    'He needs four or five big signings' - five ex-Chelsea players on Conte

    Nevin: We've only scratched the surface with Conte

    Former England captain Terry announced last month he will leave Stamford Bridge after more than two decades at the club.

    The central defender is the Blues' most decorated player, with this season's title earning him a fifth Premier League winners' medal.

    He has also helped them win five FA Cups, three League Cups, the Champions League and the Europa League.

    The Londoner has made 716 appearances for the club since his debut in 1998 - 579 of them as captain.

    Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, who has restricted Terry to a bit-part role on the pitch this season, paid tribute to the player's influence.

    "He is a great man. He helped me a lot in my first season. He had a fantastic role on and off the pitch," said the Italian.

    "Against Watford he showed he can continue to play. I'm pleased for him, he scored a great goal.

    "I'm looking forward to seeing him lift the cup on Sunday. He deserves this."

    'I couldn't have written this farewell'

    Chelsea wrapped up their sixth English title with a win at West Brom on Friday, and the home fans were in a celebratory mood as they welcomed the champions back to Stamford Bridge.

    Terry, in what may be his final playing appearance at the stadium, lifted the atmosphere even more when he opened the scoring after 22 minutes.

    Watford threatened to dampen the occasion with a gutsy fight back before substitute Cesc Fabregas earned a thrilling win for a much-changed home side.

    The Spaniard's scuffed strike sparked joyous scenes among the home fans, while a fireworks display outside the stadium followed the final whistle.

    The Blues will be presented with the Premier League trophy when they host relegated Sunderland on Sunday.

    "If I could have written my story, this is how it would have panned out - to go having been crowned champions, and to leave the club in great hands with the manager, the owner and the players we have here," added Terry.

    "It is going to be sad and emotional for me on Sunday because I've been here 22 years - but I'm delighted for the experiences and opportunities I have been given."

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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Rematch on the cards
  • Rematch on the cardsRematch on the cards BBC SPORTS

    A rematch between unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko could take place at Cardiff's Principality Stadium in October.

    Briton Joshua stopped Klitschko at Wembley last month to add the WBA world heavyweight title to his IBF crown.

    The Wales rugby union team will play at the Principality Stadium for most Saturdays in November and December, but 28 October could be a potential date.

    "Talks are ongoing over venues," said Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn.

    Joshua's thrilling win over Ukrainian Klitschko was watched by a post-war record crowd of 90 000 at Wembley.

    Staging a rematch outdoors could be difficult in the autumn, but the 74 500-capacity Principality Stadium's retractable roof could make it a viable option.

    Hearn has said he believes a rematch "will go ahead" - even if it casts doubt over whether Joshua, 27, can retain his IBF title.

    The IBF has named Kubrat Pulev as a mandatory challenger, and says a fight with the Bulgarian must be next for Joshua.

    As such, the IBF appears obliged to strip Joshua should he opt for a return fight with Klitschko, but Hearn has indicated he will put in a mandatory exception request.

    Martyn Phillips, chief executive of both the Principality Stadium and Welsh Rugby Union, has previously said the governing body is "in conversations with various boxing promoters".

    The stadium has hosted speedway, rugby league, football and boxing, and Phillips says talks are continuing with the NFL.

    If Joshua were to fight at the Principality Stadium, it would be the fourth time Wales' national stadium has staged boxing.

    Welsh legend Joe Calzaghe beat Mikkel Kessler in front of an estimated 50 000 fans at what was then named the Millennium Stadium in November 2007.

    Calzaghe also headlined a bill against Peter Manfredo Jr in April 2007.

    The first major show at the stadium did not feature a Welsh fighter in the main event, with heavyweights Danny Williams and Matt Skelton headlining a bill also featuring Amir Khan.

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    Match fixing lands player in troubleMatch fixing lands player in trouble Japan's Junn Mitsuhashi has been banned from tennis for life after being found guilty of match-fixing offences.

    The 27-year-old, who asked players to underperform at ITF Futures tournaments in South Africa and Nigeria in 2015, was also fined $50 000.

    Mitsuhashi placed 76 bets on matches in 2015 and did not co-operate with Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) enquiries into the allegations, which are both offences.

    He was world number 295 in 2009 but had fallen to 1 997th by the end of 2015.

    In November 2015, he asked Joshua Chetty, who was banned in September 2016 after a separate TIU investigation, to underperform in a tournament in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

    He offered $2 000 to underperform in a singles match and $600 in a doubles match.

    In December 2015, he approached a different player at the ITF Futures F4 Tournament in Lagos, Nigeria, asking him to fix aspects of a match.

    His betting infringements came in October and November 2015. The ban from all professional tennis applies with immediate effect.


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    Cricketers hit by salary woesCricketers hit by salary woesAustralian cricketers could strike over contract dispute Australian cricketers are “prepared to strike” if a contract dispute is not resolved, which could have an impact on the Ashes at the end of the year. In March, Cricket Australia proposed salary increases for men and women, but this would mean players no longer receive a percentage of CA's revenue.

    The offer was rejected and CA said it would not pay players after 30 June.

    Ex-Australia captain Mark Taylor said the Australian Cricketers' Association “aren't negotiating at all”.

    Taylor, who is also a CA board member, told a sports chat show on Nine Network on Sunday: “I have had players say to me in January that we could well be on strike in July.”

    A letter from CA chief executive James Sutherland to the players' association said 2016-17 contracts would not be renewed without a new agreement.

    But the ACA said the proposal was “a win for cricket administrators but a loss for cricket”.

    ACA chief executive Alistair Nicholson added: “The point lost on CA is that the players will not respond to threats.”

    Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins tweeted on social media in response to the email: “Players are staying strong #fairshare”.

    Former Test paceman Mitchell Johnson added: “Players past & present will stay strong #fairshare”.

    If the dispute is not resolved, there would be uncertainty over what team Australia could field after 30 June, with a two-Test series scheduled in August in Bangladesh before a home Ashes showdown with England, which runs from 23 November 2017 to 8 January 2018.

    'Incoherence and aggression'

    In a letter sent by CA to the ACA, chief executive James Sutherland said “players with contracts expiring in 2016-17 will not have contracts for 2017-18” unless the Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) negotiates a new MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)”.

    The current MoU will expire midway through the women's World Cup, which starts in England and Wales on 24 June.

    “The Australian women's World Cup squad will be paid in advance of the June-July World Cup and will be employed until the end of the event,” Sutherland said.

    CA declined to comment further when contacted by Reuters. “There is incoherence and aggression in what we have experienced at the negotiating table from CA,” Nicholson said in a statement on Sunday.

    “However, despite these threats, the players affirm their offer to participate in independent mediation. “Quite simply, one side entered these negotiations in good faith with intent to provide a win-win result, and the other is trying to remove player unity and drive a wedge in Australian cricket.”


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    Flora ta palutha uunona uukwanaluhepoFlora ta palutha uunona uukwanaluhepo Omimvo mbali dha piti, Flora !Nanuses okwa patulula okombitha ndjoka ya nuninwa okupalutha aanona mboka taya lumbu moluhepo molukanda lwaTjiwarongo nokugandja oondya lwaali moshiwike kaanona yomomudhingoloko ngoka.

    !Nanuses okwa popi kutya okwa tokola opo a kale ta palutha aanona mboka a tala konkalo sho uunona owundji hawu ekelwahi kooyina molwaashoka itaya vulu osila oshisho aanona yawo.

    “Ondi wete kutya onda pumbwa okugandja ekwatho aanona mbyoka taya lumbu moluhepo opo aavali kaya mone omatompelo goku ekelahi uunona wawo.”

    Okwa popi kutya omolwa ompumbwe yomakwatho ngashiingeyi oha vulu okugandja oondya lwaali moshiwike kaanona yeli pokati ko-70 no 200 na oha kwathelwa kaaiyambi yane.

    Okwa popi kutya aagandji yooshali oya pumba nolundji oha longitha iimaliwa ye mwene mokulanda iikulya oshowo iinima mbyoka haya longitha okukwatela mokombitha ye.

    Okwa popi kutya oha longitha konyala iimaliwa ya thika po-N$10 000 momwedhi mokulanda iikulya oshowo moompangela dhe dhokumona omakwatho. Okwa popi kutya molwaashoka okombitha ye inayi shangithwa osha ningitha oshidhigu opo a vule okumona omakwatho.

    Iikulya mbyoka ha gandja kaanona oya kwatela mo iithima nonyama nenge olwishi, naanona ohaya pewa woo uukuki oshowo uunamunate.

    !Nanuses okwa popi kutya ethimbo limwe oha gandja woo iizalomwa nomakumbatha unene pethimbo lyuutalala.

    Omonamati gwoomvula 18 okwa popi kutya oonkambadhala ndhoka tadhi ningwa kuyina odhe mu longo eisimaneko oshowo esimaneko lyuuntu. “Ohandi mono shoka ha ningi na ondiilongomo oshindji.”

    !Nanuses okwa popi kutya oku na einekelo kutya oyana yatatu otaya ilongo mo oshindji mwaashoka ta ningi oshowo okukala nohokwe yokuhola aantu yalwe.

    Omusita gwomomudhingoloko ngoka, Lena Gaeses, okwal ombwele oNamibian Sun kutya okombitha ndjoka ohayi gandja omayakulo komudhingoloko na oya pumbwa noonkondo omayambidhidho.

    “Kaanona mboka haya mono oondya okuza mokombitha ndjoka oye shi shi kutya ope na omuntu ngoka e ya hole na otaya pandula omukiintu ngoka molwaashoka oku na ohenda.”

    Omusita okwa popi kutya omukiintu ngoka nonando oha kutha mondjato ye mwene mokulanda iikulya nomayambidhidho galwe, ota pumbwa omakwatho.

    Omimvo dha piti konima nkene a patulula okombitha ye yotango mOutjo mo-2013, !Nanuses ota kondjo opo a patulule ehala tali kalele lyesilo shisho lyaanona mboka taya lumbu moluhepo noothigwa, ndyoka a luku Obama Baby Place of Safety.

    Omvula ya piti okwa ningi eindilo kumuni gwaTjiwarongo opo a vule okupewa ehala mpoka ta tungu egumbo ndyoka, ihe eindilo lye olya tindwa molwaashoka aniwa kape na ooplota.

    Nonando ongaaka, !Nanuses oshiwike sha piti okwa popi kutya okwa ya mekwatathano nehangano lyontumba ndyoka lya zimine okugandja oshitopolwa shevi mpoka tapu vulu okutungwa egumbo ndyoka.

    Eindilo lye kUuministeli wUuthikepamwe nOnkalonawa yAanona natango opo tali talwa.

    Omukiintu ngoka okwa popi kutya mOtjiwarongo omu na ompumbwe onene yehala lyaanona mboka yoodhigwa naamboka taya lumbu moluhepo, sho aanona oyendji naatango taya pumbwa omakwatho.


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    Ofamili ya kanithile omaliko gawo moshiponga shomuliloOfamili ya kanithile omaliko gawo moshiponga shomulilo Konima yomulilo ngoka gwa hanagula po egumbo lye alihe, omunamimvo 59 omuniilonga gwomegumbo okwa popi kutya oku na owala omukumo kutya otaka tungulula egumbo lye nokupingena po ndyoka lya pipo, mEsiku lyaCassinga omwedhi nguka.

    “Inandi haluka we nenge nduuvite nayi andola molwaashoka kape na shoka tandi vulu okuninga,” Paulina Nihale ngoka ta gwanitha oomvula 60 muAguste a lombwele oNamibian Sun oshiwike sha piti.

    Ombashu yaNihale yomala gatano oya pipo momasiku ga 4 gaMei nuumvo omanga a li ta nu otee megumbo lyamumwayina gomukiintu molukanda mOtjiwarongo.

    Okwa popi kutya iinima mbyoka yi mu uvithe nayi ongaashi omambo goskola gokamonakadhona koomvula 14 oshowo omizalo dhoskola, oshowo onkalo kutya ngaashiingeyi okweedhiliwa kaantu.

    Nihale okwa kala megumbo lye nokamonakadhona oshowo uutekulu utatu sigo Etine lyoshiwike sha piti.

    Okwa kala megumbo lye ndyoka uule woomvula 25 , ndyoka ye a tungu po nomusamane gwe nakusa ngashiingeyi.

    Okwa holola kutya nonando oku na omukumo gwokwiilongela ye mwene, otaka taamba omakwatho kehe ngoka ta pewa opo a vule okutungulula egumbo lye.

    “Onda hala egumbo epe nonando oli na owala ondunda yimwe nenge mbali. Pamwe ope na ngaa ngoka ta vulu okukwathendje iinima yilwe ngaashi oombete molwaashoka oshidhigu okukala momagumbo gaantu.”

    Muule woomvula okwe shi pondola okulanda konyala iipumbiwa ayihe ya pumbwa megumbo lye ngaashi ooskopa, otiivi, oombete, ookila dhokutalalela oshowo eshina lyokuyoga neshina lyokuhondja. Iinima ayihe oya kanena momulilo ngoka na okwa popi kutya itaka vula we okulikola iinima mbyoka.

    Omulilo ngoka ogwa yonagula po woo oondokumende dhaakwanezimo ye adhihe.

    Esiku a ningwa naye oonkundathana noshifokundaneki shika okwa popi kutya iikutu mbyoka a zala oshowo iikumbatha oye yi pewa kaasihenda.

    Enyanyu lyaNihale pamwe nokamona oondyoka kutya okambishi kawo haka ithanwa Snoukie oka hupa momulilo.

    Nihale okwa popi kutya ota dhimbuluka esiku ndyoka sho okamona koomvula 14 ka uvu kombinga yomulilo oka pula ngele okambishi kawo oka hupa moshiponga shoka.

    Okwa popi kutya okamona hoka ka katalela po kOmbaye ngashiinyeyi okali ka limbililwa noonkondo sho kaya li ye wete okambishi kawo.

    Ongula yesiku lya landula, Nihale okwa tokola opo a shune kegumbo lye ndyoka lya hanagulwa po komulilo nokukakonga okambishi kawo natango na okwe ka mono.

    Monena Nihale ohaya zi megumbo lyomona gwosheeli .

    Okwa popi kutya sho a thiki pegumbo lyesiku ndyoka iinima ayihe oya pyapo nale. Okwa popi kutya nonando muni okwali a tumu aanambelewa ye opo ya dhime omulilo ngoka, aanambelewa oya li ya thigi po ehala ndyoka molwaashoka aniwa aakwashigwana oya li ya geya sha etitha ya dhenge eloli lyokudhima omulilo nokutatula ekende lyokomeho. Aakwashigwana yaali oya tulwa miipandeko na oya mangululwa lwanima sho ya pewa omboloha. Nihale okwa popi kutya keshi shoka sha etitha ongeyo ihe ota fekele kutya ngiika aakwashigwana oya geye sho muni ina tuma mbala aanambelewa ye yokudhima omulilo.

    Oonkambadhala okumona eyamukulo koshikondo shookadhimamulilo mondoolopa moka odha ponyo sho ongodhi yawo inayi yamukulwa.

    Nihale okwa popi kutya okwa gandja omushangwa gwopambelewa kopolisi opo ku konaakonwe kutya omulilo ogwa etithwa koshike ihe okwa popi kutya ina mona eyamukulo natango kutya oshike sha etitha omulilo nonando otaku fekelwa kutya okaketha kolusheno hoka ka kulupa.


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    Oompata kombinga yedhipago lyoonkoshiOompata kombinga yedhipago lyoonkoshiEtosha oli na omwaalu gwa pitilila gwoonkoshi ndhoka dhi na okukala moshikunino andola shoka Anafaalama mbyoka ye li popepi nOshikunino shIinamwenyo shEtosha otaya ka mona e yo pombanda lyoonkoshi tadhi iyaka moshikunino shoka molwaashoka mEtosha ngashiingeyi omu na iiyamakuti mbyoka oyindji. Okwa lopotwa kutya iikolokosha pokati kaantu noonkonshi unene pomidhingoloko dhopopepi nEtosha otayi ka londa pombanda molwaashoka omwaalu gwoonkoshi ndhoka dhili mEtosha ogwa pitilila unene nomwaalu ngoka gwoonkoshi ndhoka dha pumbwa okukalamo.

    Uuyelele mboka owa popiwa kOminista yOmidhingoloko Pohamba Shifeta ngoka a lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya Etoshaa andola olya pitikwa owala okukala noonkonshi dhili po-300 no-400 ihe monena oli na oonkoshi dha thika po-600.

    Okwa popi kutya shoka osho tashi etithwa oonkoshi dhi zemo moshikunino shoka nokweetitha iikolokosha mokati kaanafaalama yopopepi nEtosha.

    Okwa popi kutya ethimbo ndika olyo unene oonkoshi ndhoka ha tila oonkwawo dhoka dhi na oonkondo hashi dhigipo oshikunino nokuya pondje.

    Minista okwa kunkilile aanafaalama ya kaleke iimuna yawo miigunda molwaashoka uuna onkoshi dha lolo onyama yiimuna nena ohadhi galuka.

    Okwa gwedha po woo kutya uuministeli otawu kondjo opo wu tuleko kEtosha ondhalate ndjoka itayi pitika oondjamba dhi pitemo ndjoka tayi ka indika woo iiyamakuti yilwe opo yi vule okuthiga po ehala ndyoka.

    Okwa popi kutya ondhalate ndjoka oya longwa owala iilonga yoopresenda 30, omolwa nakulonga ngoka ina gwanitha po omilandu dhimwe po dhotendela ndjoka.

    Omunambelewa omutseyinawa gwiiyamakuti nomidhingoloko,

    Peter Cunningham, okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya omayalulo ngoka gali ga ningwa oomvula dha piti mEtosha oga holola kutya mEtosha omuna oonkoshi dhili pokati ko-250 no 450, ihe ina vula okukoleka omwaalu gwiiyamakuti mbyoka monena.

    Okwa popi kutya ngele omwaalu gwoonkoshi ogwa pitilila, nena otashi e ta owala iikolokosha pokati kiiyamakuti mbyoka naanafaalama ihe niinamwenyo woo yilwe mbyoka iishona.

    Okwa popi kutya onkalo ndjoka oya nika oshiponga molwaashoka uuna oonkoshi tadhi thigi po oshikunino itadhi li po owala iimuna yaantu ihe otadhi vulu woo okuponokela naantu.

    Okwa popi kutya uuministeli inawu pumbwa okupitika omwaalu gwiiyamakuti mbyoka gu pitilile miikunino yiinamwenyo na ogwa pumbwa okukondololwa. Okwa popi kutya edhipago lyiiyamakuti yimwe onga omukalo gwokushunitha pevi omwaalu gwiimayakuti mbyoka oshinima shili mondjila.

    Oonkoshi ndatu odha dhipagwa miiwike ya piti kaanafaalama moshitopolwa shaMusati mOngandjera, naanafaalama oya popi kutya oonkoshi ndhoka odhiiyaka mEtosha.

    Shifeta okwa popi kutya aanafaalama inaya tula oomwenyo dhawo moshiponga nodhaaniilonga yawo paku kondjitha iiyamakuti mbyoka.

    Shifeta okwa popi kutya aanafaalama mboka taya yonenwa kiiyamakuti inaya dhipaga iiyamakuti mbyoka, ihe naya tegelele aanambelewa, ta popi kutya oshi li sha nika oshiponga uuna aanafaalama ya tokola okukondjitha iiyamakuti mbyoka.

    Minista okwa popi kutya iiyamakuti mbyoka tayi pogola oya pumbwa okutulwa tango momusholondondo gwoAfrican lion is an Appendix One-listed animal koCITES. Ohaku ningwa tango eindilo ndyoka hali ziminwa nenge hali tindwa kuuministeli. Meindilo ndyoka ohamu tulwa uuyelele womudhingoloko ngoka mu na oshiyamakuti shoka noomvula.

    Pahapu dhaShfeta ngele okwa monika kutya oshiyamakuti shoka oshikolokoshi nena ohaku tumwa aanambelewa opo yeke shi dhipage.

    Moonkalo dhopaulumomhumbwe nena omuntu oha vulu okudhipaga oshiyamakuti shoka, ihe nakale e na uumbangi kutya okwe shi ningi onga omukalo gwokwiigamena.


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    Omutumba gwelelo lyoSPYL CC kagu li paveta-GanebOmutumba gwelelo lyoSPYL CC kagu li paveta-Ganeb Ngoka ta longo pehala lyamushanga gwoSwapo Party Youth League (SPYL) , Veikko Nekundi okwa pulwa opo a kaleke omatokolo ge oku hogolola ookandindate dhomahogololo guuamushanga oshowo omupeha amushanga gwEwawa lyAanyasha moSwapo, omolwa omahogololo ngoka taga ka ningwa pethimbo lyokongressa yewawa ndyoka, ndjoka tayi ningwa muAgste gwonuumvo.

    Sho a shangele ombaapila Nekundi, Sydney Ganeb okwa ningile omapulaapulo omutumba ngoka gwa ningwa mOlyomakaya tati kagu li paveta molwaashoka inagu ningwa pamulandu gwoNational Executive Committee (NEC) ngoka tagu utha opo ku ningwe omutumba gwocentral committee (CC).

    Pahapu dhe sho omatokolo ngoka ga ningwa inaga zilila kelelo lyopombandeelela lyoNEC, shoka osha hala okutya omatokolo agehe ngoka ga ningwa ngaashi okuulika ookandindate dhaahogololwa itaga vulu okulandulwa.

    “Elelo lyoNational Executive Committee [NEC] ndyoka li na iilyo 11 n aolya pumbwa okuninga omutumba uuna pe na iilyo itano kwa gwedhwa oshilyo shimwe kali na oonkondo okupula komeho nomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa momasiku 12 gaMei 2017, nokuninga omahogololo nomauliko ngoka ga ningwa.”

    “Onda tumu okuza poshitaafula shandje okuya kungoye oolopota dhiikundathanwa yoNEC. Moolopota moka omwa kwatelelwa omulandu gwomauliko ngoka gu na okulandulwa kuSPYL nomomaiyuvo gandje omukalo ngoka ogwali gu na okukundathanwa nokutulwa miilonga omanga inagu ningwa pethimbo lyomutumba gwelelo lyopokati. Oshi li kutya uuna kwa kundathanwa nduno omulandu ngoka momutumba gwoNEC oshowo CC nena omusindalandu ngoka opo nduno tagu vulu okutulwa miilonga. Omusindalandu ngoka inagu kundathanwa nokupatathanwa momutumba gwoNEC noNEC kaya li yi na iiyo ya gwana oku ninga omutumba.”

    Sho a yelithile Nekundi eningo lyomauliko gaahogololwa Ganeb okwa popi kutya: “Omauliko ngaashi wu shishi mondjokonona yoSPYL ohaga ningwa uuna omalelo agehe gopaitopolwa ga kala omutumba nokupewa ompito ga ulike aahogololwa yawo. Shoka otashi ningwa pakuhwahwameka uundemokoli nokugandja ompito kiilyo ayihe yi hogolole aaleli yawo mboka ya hala. Shoka wa ningi otashi yeke iilyo uuthemba wawo wokuhogolola aaleli yawo. Okomitiye yelelo lyopokati ohayi ningi etseyitho konima ya tsu kumwe nomauliko gookandindate nomilandu kutya ethimbo lyomauliko olya tameka nokutula po esiku lyahugunina lyokuninga omauliko, shoka inashi ningwa pethimbo lyomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa momasiku 12 gaMei nuumvo.”

    Okwa lombwele Nekundi opo a ninge iinima yomondjila nokulandula omilandu dhekotampango lyoSPYL opo omalelo gopaitopolwa mewawa ndyoka ga vule okukutha ombinga momauliko gookandindate ndhoka tadhi ka kutha ombinga momahogololo guuamushanga wewawa oshowo omupeha amushanga.

    Omunashipundi gwoNational Youth Council, Mandela Kapere naEphraim Nekongo oya ulikwa onga ookandindate momahogololo guuamushanga omanga aaulikwa yuupeha amushanga ya tumbulwa kutya oChristine Haindaka, Mogale Karimbue naImmanuel Shikongo.


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    Ramatlhodi spills Gupta beansRamatlhodi spills Gupta beansMolefe accused of helping Guptas Former South African minister of mineral resources Ngoako Ramatlhodi says disgraced Eskom CEO Brian Molefe favoured the infamous Gupta family. Former mining minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi has dropped a bombshell, alleging that Eskom CEO Brian Molefe and chairperson Ben Ngubane pressurised him to help the Guptas take over Glencore's coal mine in 2016.

    Ramatlhodi said he met with Molefe and Ngubane in 2015 at the chairperson's insistence, AmaBhungane reported on EWN yesterday.

    “At the meeting, they allegedly demanded that he suspend all Glencore's mining licences in South Africa, pending the payment of the R2.17 bn penalty,” AmaBhungane reported.

    “I said I'm not going to shut the mines,” Ramatlhodi told AmaBhungane. He was concerned that closing 14 coal mines would have added to the load shedding crisis.

    President Jacob Zuma removed him as mines minister shortly afterwards, moving him to public service and administration in 2015 and then removing him completely from his Cabinet along with former finance minister Pravin Gordhan in March 2017.

    Ramatlhodi was replaced by Mosebenzi Zwane, who allegedly had close ties to the Guptas and allegedly met with Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg in Zurich to facilitate the sale of the mine to Tegeta.

    Molefe and Ngubane were to deliver speeches at the African Utility Week in Cape Town yesterday and were to engage with the media afterwards, where the Guptas once again were expected to come into focus.

    Eskom spokesperson Khulani Qoma yesterday questioned the timing of the allegations.

    “He is making seriously allegations, but the timing is where it really gets stuck,” he told Fin24 on Tuesday. “If this is a question about morality, why does he have to choose a particular time? It is a convenient matter for him to come now.”

    The issue of Tegeta's acquisition of Optimum mine is the subject of the public protector's State of Capture report, which Zuma has taken to court under review as it instructs him to launch a judicial inquiry.

    Qoma said Eskom is desperate to “find a way to deal with these perceptions – they are very negative about us”.

    “The State of Capture report prescribes how the issues will be concluded,” he said.

    “It talks about remedial action, but this has been taken under review. A person has to wait for the process to be concluded,” he said.

    “It doesn't make it possible for Eskom to have a conclusion of the matter.”

    Molefe stepped down as chief executive in November 2016 to clear his name - as he was implicated as having close ties to the Guptas when the sale occurred - and in the interest of good governance. He returned to his position on Monday after a dispute over his R30m pension pay-out.

    Ramatlhodi did not answer his telephone when approached for comment, but was left a message to respond to media queries.


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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Medical equipment for Etunda
  • Medical equipment for EtundaMedical equipment for Etunda Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), in collaboration with Support Ulm e.V, furnished the Etunda Farm Clinic with locally procured medical equipment to the value of N$600 000.

    Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, managing director of Ohorongo Cement, witnessed the official handover of the clinic and medical equipment to the health ministry by Founding President Sam Nujoma on Saturday.

    Schütte said: “In order to ensure money remains in the country, the medical equipment was procured locally and will be installed according to the directive from the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

    “Local suppliers are important for servicing of equipment and the provision of consumables. However, without the input and fundraising by Support e.V. Ulm, this donation would not have been possible.”

    Genmed, the local supplier, will provide training on the equipment once the Etunda Clinic staff have been appointed.

    Ohorongo Cement also donated 34 tons of cement towards the construction of the Etunda Clinic.

    “We are supporting this project to assist our government's policy initiatives of Vision 2030, the Growth at Home strategy of Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Harambee Prosperity Plan, which is aimed at ensuring that Namibia becomes an industrialised nation. You have our assurance that Ohorongo Cement and OOCT will continue to direct its efforts to complement that of the Namibian government, as far as possible,” Schütte added.

    The medical equipment donation is a result of a technical co-operation agreement between Support Ulm e.V, OOCT and the Ministry of Health and Social Services, to deliver medical equipment as prioritised by the ministry, to ensure excellent medical care in public health facilities and the exchange of medical professionals.


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    US$120 million for Hwange, KaribaUS$120 million for Hwange, Kariba Standard Bank has finalised a US$20 million debt package with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) for the rehabilitation of existing power infrastructure at Kariba South Hydro Power Station and Hwange Thermal Power Station.

    As lead arranger for the facility, Standard Bank has partnered the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank) to deliver the financing.

    The transaction was a continuation of a previous funding arrangement with ZPC, which went towards their contribution into the 300-megawatt (MW) expansion at Kariba South Hydro Power Station.

    Access to energy remains critical to the future growth potential of sub-Saharan Africa, yet power supply remains extremely limited across large parts of the region. It has been well articulated that inadequate energy supply constrains economic growth and development on the continent.

    “This funding will assist in improving access to power for Zimbabwe and Namibia, and in the medium to long term, benefits of improved power supply and reliability will also extend to other Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) members. The proceeds will be applied to significant capital expenditure which will increase capacity and improve efficiency of the power stations,” said Tandiwe Njobe, regional head of investment banking at Standard Bank.

    “Without reliable access to power, industry and economic growth are negatively impacted,” she said.

    While raising finance remains a challenge in sub-Saharan Africa, this deal speaks to Standard Bank's ongoing commitment to use its on-the-ground presence and expert capabilities across Africa to finance the development of power and infrastructure projects throughout the continent. Standard Bank's local presence and its strong relationships with key stakeholders in the region were crucial to ensuring the positive outcome.

    “This is a landmark transaction in which we could leverage our sector and technical expertise in both markets, as well as our understanding of the regional power dynamics and local regulatory environments, to deliver value to ZPC and Namibia Power Corporation, (NamPower). To make this transaction work we engaged with four regulatory bodies and key policy makers in four ministries in Namibia and Zimbabwe,” said Njobe.

    The facility is cross border, placing reliance for repayment on a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) between ZPC and NamPower. ZPC has a long track record of delivering power to NamPower. The PPA provides a long term and sustainable cash flow stream to ZPC, enabling the entity to raise further funding for new projects and now for the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.

    Standard Bank has a long-standing relationship with ZPC as their primary banker, and with NamPower, which ultimately benefited all parties to the transaction.

    “It was important for us to support the regional power sector through this loan facility. The facility is significant in its contribution to increasing power generation in a region which has an on-going deficit and a clear need for dependable and sustainable power supply,” said Njobe.

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    Opposition to Basson's pay-outOpposition to Basson's pay-outQuestions raised about R1.8 billion package Shoprite CEO Whitey Basson might not get a R1.8 billion golden handshake, judging by the resistance of Shoprite's investors which include South Africa's Government Institutions Pension Fund. Back in 2011, when critics got into a flap about the R595 million that former Shoprite CEO Whitey Basson made when he exercised a chunk of the share options he'd received as part of his remuneration package, chairman Christo Wiese told the Financial Mail: “I would pay R1 billion in the middle of the night for another Whitey.”

    At Shoprite's AGM in late October 2016 Wiese again jumped to the defence of Basson's remuneration package. This time he told testy investors, who'd questioned the R100 million paid to Basson in 2016, “I would have been happy to pay him much more”.

    Shoprite's recent shocking Sens announcement about Basson's Put option is proof that Wiese was not exaggerating. Far from it. It seems Wiese actually understated the generosity he was prepared to heap upon Basson, who retired from the group in December. The Sens announcement released last Friday revealed the existence of a remarkable and hitherto unheard-of employment agreement that obliged Shoprite to repurchase any shares put to it by Basson.

    A few days earlier, on 2 May, Basson notified Shoprite that he was exercising the put option at the middle market price of R211. It turns out this was a five-year high for the share.

    If shareholders approve the transaction, Shoprite will have to repurchase 8.7 million of Basson's shares at this price, which means handing over R1.8 billion to the man who is largely responsible for building the group into the largest food retailer in Africa.

    Wiese's comment about being happy to pay Basson so much more will come back to haunt shareholders as they face an eye-popping R144 million per year in additional interest costs to fund his generous gesture.

    Some analysts have expressed concern that Basson's decision to sell all but 400 000 of his Shoprite shares is an indication that he believes the group is now ex-growth. Others say it's an appropriate move for someone who must walk away and let a new executive team put their stamp on the business.

    At this stage, despite Wiese's 45% voting bloc, it's not a dead certainty the transaction will get the necessary 75% shareholder approval. It's difficult to see why shareholders, particularly the Government Employees Pension Fund with a 16.3% holding, would vote in support. It's not as though Basson will ever do another full day's work for the group. A R144 million per year interest bill is a hefty thank you and not the sort of gesture hard-nosed investors are inclined to make. If it is blocked, it is unclear what happens to Basson's right in terms of the employment agreement. Presumably he could pursue the matter through the courts.

    It wouldn't be the first time this year Wiese failed to get his way with a controversial deal. In February a plan to combine Shoprite with Steinhoff's African brands was called off when key shareholders were unable to reach agreement on the share-exchange ratio to be applied.

    While there's little debate about the contribution Basson made to Shoprite during his 37 years in the driving seat, there is huge debate over the nature and origins of this little-known employment agreement. It's a debate that will grow in the weeks between now and when the shareholders get a chance to vote on it.


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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Be wary of malware
  • Be wary of malwareBe wary of malware FNB Namibia's IT risk manager Holger Bossow is cautioning the public to take extra precaution about the WannaCry malware that recently caused a ruckus.

    “On 12 May 2017, a malware began infecting computers worldwide. This was believed to be through a well-crafted phishing email or vulnerability within the network defences.

    “So far, more than 150 countries were attacked of which the UK National Health Service, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, Portugal Telecom, Deutsche Bahn, Renault, PetroChina are but a few organisations attacked so far. It is important to note that the spread of this malware continues,” said Bossow. Holger added that WannaCry was Ransomware by nature. “It executes itself on your computer and encrypts your entire hard drive, meaning all your information will be inaccessible to you. It will then display a Ransomware page, informing you to pay an amount of US$300 as way of a ransom to unencrypt your hard drive. “This specific malware spreads via emails and via vulnerabilities within the network. Once it has manifested itself within an organisation or company, it will exploit the vulnerability within the operating system to spread across an internal network.

    “Although the first round of the WannaCry attack seems to have passed, the chances are the creator, or some other hacker, will repurpose the malware and send it back onto the web again.

    “We wish to emphasise and caution our customers and the public at large not to open any suspicious-looking mails and not to click on any links within suspicious-looking mails. If you suspect your system is infected, immediately disconnect it from your network and shut it down and report the incident to your IT department or IT company immediately.”

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  • 05/16/17--16:00: Karibib finalises expo
  • Karibib finalises expoKaribib finalises expo All the blocks are in place for the successful hosting of the fifth Karibib Expo. This is according to Karibib town council CEO Lesley Goreseb, who recently spoke to Namibian Sun about his town's upcoming trade expo.

    “Preparations are going very well and we are very positive that this year's event will go well,” said Goreseb via telephone.

    According to him, the expo will run from 31 May until 3 June.

    “This year's expo will also see the introduction of the first Karibib Business Seminar, which is an attempt to connect decision-makers in various public enterprises such as the Government Institutions Pension Fund, the Social Security Commission and the new Public Procurement Board to local entrepreneurs from the surrounding communities which include Usakos, Omaruru, Otjimbingwe and host town Karibib,” he said.

    Explaining the concept behind the summit, he said: “The idea behind the summit is that we want to uplift local small and medium enterprises from our local communities. We want to provide a platform for them to learn how get their businesses into the mainstream. Trade fairs are not only for braaiing but also for SME development.”

    According to him, there has been a huge demand for stalls and he is confident that sufficient money will be raised for hosting the event.

    “Our corporate stalls have been booked to capacity. We have had fundraising events which brought in close to N$250 000. We will still need to add the money that we will get from the sale of the stalls but we should reach the budgeted amount set for the expo.”

    Although the expo has not yet attracted the interest of a headline sponsor, Goreseb said the expo was able to draw the support of various corporate entities including QKR's Navachab Gold Mine, FNB Namibia and Standard Bank.

    Added Goreseb: “I just want to encourage residents to attend the expo, especially the summit. We want to uplift business development ideas. They must get something out of this.”

    Although he said that it would be difficult to predict, upwards of 5 000 people are expected at this year's expo. “The number of visitors is usually unpredictable, but with this one, we might get across 5 000 visitors to this year's expo.”

    The deputy minister of public enterprises, Engel Nawatiseb, is the patron of the Karibib Expo.


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