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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Doping jokes backfire
  • Doping jokes backfireDoping jokes backfireSportsbet defiant over advertisement An Australian betting company has refused to back down after an advertisement featuring disgraced Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson prompted complaints. A sports betting company has defended its decision to use the drug cheat Ben Johnson to promote its new Android app, insisting that there are no plans to pull the advertisement from the air despite strong criticism from the sports minister, Greg Hunt, other politicians and anti-doping authorities.

    The minute-and-a-half Sportsbet ad, which launched at the weekend, features the disgraced Canadian sprinter and a series of doping-related puns. The new mobile phone betting app, the ad claims, puts “the roid into Android”.

    The campaign, which aired during free-to-air sports telecasts at the weekend, drew criticism from the government, with Hunt saying the use of a “known drug cheat” such as Johnson to advertise the product is “utterly inappropriate”.

    Senator Nick Xenophon said: “It is just wrong on so many levels, glorifying a drug cheat, tying it in with gambling and promoting it to kids in a lighthearted way.”

    The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (Asada) lodged an official complaint over the ad on Monday.

    “This advert makes light of the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport and sends the completely wrong message that the use of drugs in sport is normal,” an Asada statement read. “This advertising campaign belittles the achievements of clean athletes and denigrates those who work to protect clean sport across the world.”

    Sportsbet remains unrepentant and a spokesperson said the company made no apologies for “injecting some humour into advertising”.

    “Sportsbet have no plans to pull the adverts from air – we've received overwhelmingly positive support from the public and they see it for what it is, a tongue-in-cheek joke,” the spokesperson said.

    Johnson, who was stripped of the 100m gold medal after testing positive for anabolic steroids at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, is introduced in the clip as someone who “really knows his stuff” about performance enhancement.

    Sportsbet said the advert had been approved and rated by Commercials Advice, and had been permitted to air at the same times as all their other product and retail advertisements. It added that it does not condone the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    Xenophon, who on Monday lodged complaints with the Independent Gambling Authority and the Advertising Standards Authority over a possible breach of their standards, told Guardian Australia the company was in “total denial” about making light of the illegal use of drugs in sport.

    The ad's premise is that the new “juiced-up” app gives the average punter an “unfair” advantage over others, in much the same was as doping does for athletes.

    As well as Johnson, the ad features a muscular Chinese swimmer, an indefatigable US cyclist sporting a yellow jersey and an impossibly strong eastern European athlete, all of whom advocate the use of the new app, which delivers “lightning-fast results”.


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    Hamilton claims Spanish GP victoryHamilton claims Spanish GP victory Lewis Hamilton won a strategic Spanish Grand Prix thriller on Sunday to cut Sebastian Vettel's overall lead in the Formula One championship to six points with a quarter of the season completed.

    The Mercedes driver's 55th career win was hard-fought and tense, with Ferrari's Vettel seizing the lead from Hamilton at the start and in the hunt all the way as the tyre strategies played out.

    Hamilton took the chequered flag 3.4 seconds clear of the German, who did all he could to beat him with a thrilling move to pass the Briton's teammate Valtteri Bottas that will be replayed for some time to come.

    “That's how racing should be and I loved it,” said a happy Hamilton, who raced side by side with Vettel at turn one after the German's final pitstop.

    “This is what the sport needs to be every single race...to have that close battle with him, a four times champion, is awesome,” added the triple champion.

    Vettel now has 104 points to Hamilton's 98.

    The Briton, who made the move stick seven laps later and then made his tyres last to the finish, had sounded strangely breathless during the race when fretting about a strategy that turned out to be spot on.

    “Lewis saved the race with an incredible drive. The strategy was great, but it was the driver who won it,” said Mercedes F1's non-executive chairman Niki Lauda.

    Poor start

    The win was Hamilton's second in Barcelona and ended a run of 10 different winners in 10 years.

    “I was eight seconds ahead and I don't know how we managed to lose that,” said Vettel, who made the most of Hamilton's poor start.

    On an afternoon that saw the two multiple world champions in a battle of their own with the rest so far behind they might as well have been in another race, Daniel Ricciardo finished 75.8 seconds behind the winner.

    Ricciardo was the only driver not lapped by the top two in a race after inheriting third, and his first podium of the year, from Bottas after the Finn's engine expired.

    On a day of Finns failing to finish, Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen went out at the start after a collision with Red Bull's 2016 winner Max Verstappen.

    Bottas, who celebrated his first career victory in Russia two weeks ago, made glancing contact with his compatriot and the impact pitched Raikkonen into Verstappen on the other side, smashing the suspension on both cars.

    The 19-year-old Dutch driver, with a legion of fans around the Circuit de Catalunya, shook his fist as the field disappeared in front of him and Raikkonen stopped.

    Stewards investigated the incident and decided to take no further action.

    Bottas retired 38 laps later, having started with an engine that had already done four races and was hurriedly shoe-horned into the car overnight on Friday after a water leak was discovered.


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    Angola ta longekidha okuninga omahogololoAngola ta longekidha okuninga omahogololo Omukwiita nale gwepangelo lyaPortugal moAngola na okuli omumwayinagona gwomuleli nale gwoNational Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Jonas Savimbi ngoka a kala ta lumbu moNamibia, uule woomvula 56 okwa popi kutya aakwashigwana yaAngola oya pyakudhukwa okukutha ombinga momahogololo ngoka taga ningwa momasiku 23 gaAguste moshilongo shawo.

    Omunaimvo 82 Abilio Chipanga okwa lundulula uukwatya we nokuninga Salomon Sandondo Sanders sho e ya moNamibia momvula yo1961. Okwa ningi omulanduli gwongelela yaElcin monooli yaNamibia.

    Ye pamwe ya yakwawo yalwe oya yi ontuku yaakwiita yepangelo lyAaputu okuza moshilongo shaandjawo hoka a li a pewa omadheulo guukwiita

    Okandindate kongundu yoMPLA Joao Lourenco oshowo okandindate kongundu yoUNITA Isaias Samakuva okwa tegelelwa ya ka kondjele oshipundi shuuleli woshilongo pethimbo lyomahoglolo ngoka taga ningwa.

    Angola okwa tegelelwa a ninge omahogololo ge gotango gopaundemokoli momasiku 23 gaAguste nuumvo noNamibian Sun oya yi moonkundathana naSanders mehuliloshiwike pegumbo lye momukunda Omaalala. Sanders opo e ya moshilongo sho a li a ka ningila omakonaakono onkalo yomahwahwameko gomahogololo ngoka geli metifa moshilongo shawo.

    Okwa tseyithile oNamibian Sun kutya ye okuli omuyambidhidhi gwaUNITA konima nkene ya totwa po mo-1989.

    “Opo owala nda galuka koAngola, ihe omalongekidho gomahogololo oge li metifa. UNITA okuli e na aayambidhidhi oyendji ethimbo ndika, na ondi wete kutya ngele okwa dhengwa mo momahogololo nena moshilongo otamu kala epiyagano. Itamu kala iita yopashigwana ihe itamu kala ombili,” Sanders ta ti.

    “Oomvula adhihe ndhika onda kala moNamibia na onda kala tandi landula onkalo yopolitika yaAngola, paku pulakena moradio sigo onena naantu oyendji otaya popi kutya onkalo yeliko lya gwa pevi moka mu na Angola monena oya etithwa kongundu yoPeople's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) kohi yelelo lyomupresidende Jose Eduardo dos Santos, naantu ngashiingeyi oya loloka. American okwa hulitha po okugandja omakwatho kuAngola molwaashoka otaga gandja owala omauwanawa kaantu yamwe po.”

    Okwa popi kutya ngashiingeyi UNITA oshowo MPLA odho oongundu dha kola moAngola, nongele omahogololo oga ningwa pauyuuki nena UNITA ota sindana po omahogololo ngoka.

    Olweendo lwe okuya monamibia

    Sanders okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya ye okwa valwa momvula yo-1935 momukunda Kassisa moNharea (Bie Kwitu) na okwa longwa kaatumwa yaAmerika moChiresso pamwe nomumwayinagona Jonas Savimbi.

    “Savimbi okwa li mongundu yi li komeho gandje. Sho a mana eilongo lye moChiresso mo- 1953 okwa yi kouniversiti ihe omvula ya landula Aaputu oye ya moAngola. Oya lundulula omusindalandu gwelongo na otwa thiminikwa tu tamukulule ishewe . Onda mana elongo lyandje mosekundoskola yaInstituto Ondodi Missionary mo1957 na onda ningi omulongiskola.”

    Sanders okwa popi kutya okwa dhigipo iilonga na okwa wayimine etanga lyaakwiita yaPortugal mo-1958 na okwa pewa omadheulo guukwiita moRegimento Huambo military base na okwa ningi omukwiita gwepangelo ndyoka.

    “Mo 1960 omanga MPLA a totwa nale na ota longele okuza koCongo Brazzaville pethimbo ndyoka Patrice Lumumba okwa tameke ta kondjtha Aangola, ngame onda tameke tandi unganeke aakwiita opo tu kondjithe epangelo lyaPortugal. Mo-1961 MPLA okwa tameke iita moAngola nomadhina getu oga tothwa mo opo tu tulwe miipandeko.”

    Okwa popi kutya oya yi ontuku nokuya moNamibia okupitila moKavango mo-1961. Sho ye ya moNamibia moRundu okwa lundulula uukwatya we nokulundulula edhina lye omanga inaka ka konga iilonga momina moJohannesburg, hoka a kala owala oomwedhi dhontumba. Mo-1962 okwe ya mOndangwa moka a tsakanene naakondjelimanguluko yamwe po yaAngola oshowo yaNamibia ngaashi Herman Andiba Toivo yaToivo ngoka e mu pe ehala lyokukala megumbo lye omanga Johaness Shihepo e mu yambidhidha opo a mone iilonga.

    “MuJuni gwo1973 omanga tandi longo mOshakati, Aangola yamwe oya lopota ndje kutya ondili mOshakati. Oya popi kutya otandi landitha iilwitho nokawe na onda tulwa miipandeko ihe molwaashoka inandi monika ondjo oya mangululandje na onda kala moNamibia sigo onena.'

    Okwa popi kutya ke na ohokwe yoku ka kala moAngola, ongele owala taka talela po ofamili ye


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    Okalinika kaNujoma otaka ka gandja omayakulo kaantu omatheleOkalinika kaNujoma otaka ka gandja omayakulo kaantu omatheleOkapangelo otaka ka gandja omayakulo unene kaakwashigwana yomomudhingoloko Omuleli nale gwaNamibia Sam Nujoma okwa hogolola opo a tyapule oshituthivalo she shegwanitho lyoomvula 88, pakugandja momake gepangelo okapangelo okape hoka ka tungwa mofaalama ye mEtunda. Nujoma okwa gandja ooshapi dhokapangelo hoka kominista yUundjolowele nOnkalo, Bernhard Haufiku, pethimbo lyoshituthivalo she shoka sha dhimbulukiwa mOlyomakaya pofaalama ye.

    Okaklinika oshowo oskola yopevi yEtunda oopoloyeka dhomukokoli presidende ndhoka a tamekele oomvula dha piti, onga omukalo gwokukandula po omukundu gwompumbwe yendiki lyuunamiti oshowo oskola mokati kaakwashigwana mboka yeli aakalimo popepi nofaalama ye, unene aaniilonga yomoofaalama momudhingoloko ngoka.

    Nujoma okwa popi kutya okwa tameke opoloyeka ndjoka, omolwa onge naaniilonga yomoofalama pamwe naanona yawo. Okwa popi kutya aavali yomomudhingoloko ngoka oya kala taya lili ya hala elongo lyaanona yawo unene sho oyendji yomaaniilonga yomoofaalama moshilongo aanona yawo ihaya yi kootundi omolwa ompumbwe yooskola momidhingoloko ndhoka haya longele.

    Nujoma okwa popi kutya okwa tokola okukwatela mo okaklinika mopoloyeka ye, molwaashoka okuuvite kutya aakwashigwana oya pumbwa omayakulo guunamiti ga kale popepi nayo. Monena etungo limwe lyoongulu dhoskola, omagumbo gaali gaalongiskola oshowo etungo lyoombelewa moskola ndjoka olya manithwa omanga kokaklinika omatungo gaali gokaklinika oshowo omatungo gaali natango gomagumbo gaapangi noondokotola ga manithwa.

    Omatungo ngoka otaga adhika moshitopolwa shevi tashi adhika mofaalama yaNujoma, shoka a gandja po opo ku vule okutunga oopoloyeka ndhoka mbali dhopashigwana.

    Okaklinika hoka okwa tegelelwa opo ka kakale taka patuluka owala omasiku gamwe po manga sigo kwa manithwa omalongekidho gokutulamo aaniilonga taya kalele, otaku kala aapangi oshowo oondokotola tadhi ningi omalufo mokati koshiwike nokugandja omayakulo kaapangwa ayehe taya pumbwa omayakulo gopaunamiti mwakwatelwa aakalimo yomOtavi, oshinano shookilometa 30 okuza monooli. Haufiku okwa popi mOlyomakaya kutya, okwa pula aanambelewa yuundjoowele moshitopolwa shoka, opo okapangelogona hoka ka pewe ehauto lyoambulansa.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya okwa gandja woo omayele opo okapangelo hoka ka kale taka patulula omasiku agehe goshiwike mwa kwatelwa omasiku gomafudho gopashigwana, opo ka vule okugandja omayakulo gopaulumomhumbwe. Haufiku sho a taambako oshaapi dhokaklinika hoka okuza kuNujoma okwa pandula noonkondo omolwa omagano ngoka omanene. Oshituthi shoka sha ningwa mOlyomakaya osha gandja ompito koohandimwe oshowo kaanangeshefa ya vule okugandja omayambidhidho metungo lyoshitopolwa oshitiyali shoskola yEtunda.

    Okwa pondolwa okugomgelwa oshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 7.

    Amushanga gwoSwapo, okwa gandja ocheque yoshimaliwa shoomiliyona 5 pehala lyongundu.

    Omagano ga yooloka negandjo lyomayakulo goshali gongushu yoomayovi ogendji oga gandjwa pethimbo lyoshituthi shoka.

    Omagano ngoka oga kwatelwa mo egandjo lyiikulya komuhandjo, iitungithi oshowo iimuna nomayakulo moskola nokapangelo hoka.

    Okapangelo hoka oke na iikwaniipangitho yopaunamiti yopamuthika gwopombanda yongushu yoshimaliwa shoo N$600 000, ayihe ya gandja omagano kehangano lyOhorongo Cement oshowo ehangano lyaashi lyopapangelo shaGerman Support Ulm e.V. Ohorongo natango oya gandja omagano gokugandja omatheulo kombinga yelongitho lyiikwaniipangitho mbyoka, oshowo okuyikaleka monkalo ombwaanawa.

    Ohorongo natango oga gandja ootona 34 dhoosamende metungo lyoshitopolwa shokaklinika, na oya uvaneke taya ka gandja natango oosamende metungo tali landula.

    Oshitopolwa shetungo tali landula omwakwatelwa omuhandjo gwaanona yaamati naakadhona oshowo oshinyanga shokulila nomagumbo gaaniilonga oyo tayi landula okutungwa.

    Oshitopolwa shetungo etiyali otashi ka pula oshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 15 inamu kwatelwa iishoshela yokongulu netungo ndyoka otali ka kwatelwa komeho kehangano lyomatungo lyoDirect Construction and Design Lab, melongelokumwe noTweya Consulting engineers, Tom van Wyk quantity surveyor oshowo Asher consulting engineers.

    Molyomakaya, Mungolo Lukas gwoDirect Construction okwa popi kutya ehangano lyawo olya tokola okugandja omayakulo miilonga pakwiiyamba. Li Nan, gwombelewa yomukalelipo gwoRepublic of China, okwa gandja ocheque yoshimaliwa shooN$100 000 onga omagano gemanitho lyopoloyeka oshowo omagano gopaumwene kuNujoma nomukulukadhi gwe.


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    Aailongi yaUnam  taya tamanekelwa okwiikuthila eviAailongi yaUnam taya tamanekelwa okwiikuthila evi Oshiputudhilo shoUniversity of Namibia (Unam) mEtitano osha tulile mo oshipotha aaiilongi yamwe po moshiputudhilo shawo mOshakati, sho ya tokola okudhengela oombashu dhawo pevi lyoshiputudhilo.

    Aailongi otaya tamanekelwa iipotha yokuya mehala lyaantu, okuya mehala lyaantu niilwitho oshowo okudhengela oombashu mehala lyaantu.

    Konyala aailongi ya thika po-50 oya kutha ombinga medhengelo lyoombashu lyopotundi onti-08:00 ongula yEtitano.

    Ngoka omukalo gwa longithwa kaailongi, opo onkugo yawo yokutungilwa omuhandjo yuvike kelelo lyoshiputudhilo sha Unam. Mboka oya li ya ningi ehololomadhilaadhilo muKotomba gwo-2016 taya pula opo ya tungilwe omuhandjo molwaashoka oya ninga iihakanwa yoongangala oshowo oondando dhohiila ndhoka dha londa pombanda noonkondo.

    Omanga taya imbi omaimbilo gekondjelomanguluko, aailongi mboka oya shanga edhina lyaUnam vice-chancellor Lazarus Hangula, kiipeleki yawo. Konima yoowili ne iipeleki mbyoka oya kuthwa ko sho opolisi yaShana ya ithanwa.

    Oshifokundnaeki shoNamibian Sun inashi vula okumona omadhina agehe gaamboka ya tulilwa mo iipotha kakele owala kaakalelipo yaali yoStudent Representative Council (SRC), Junias Shilunga naEino Kangombe.

    Shilunga oku li omupeha presidende gwo SRC omanga Kangombe e li omupopi mopaliamende yoshiputudhilo shomOshakati.

    Pahapu dhomupopiliko gwoshiputudhilo shaUnam mOshakati, Linus Hamunyela ope na natango omadhina ngoka taga gwedhwa mo momusholondondo gwaamboka taku fekelwa kutya oya kutha ombinga moshinima shoka.

    “Oshipotha osha patululilwa mboka ya dhimbululwa ihe otamu vulu okugwedhwa natango yamwe po.”

    Hamunyela okwa popi kutya Unam okwa thiminikwa opo a patulule oshipotha molwaashoka elelo lyaailongi tali kwatelwa komeho kuShilunga olya tindi okukaatumba nelelo lyaUnam opo ya vule okukandula po omukundu ngoka.

    Namibian Sun okwa nongele woo kutya SCR oya tindi okuya moonkundathana naKomanda gwOpolisi yaShana Rauha Amwele.

    Kombinga yokutungila aailongi omuhandjo, Hamunyela okwa popi kutya oshiputudhilo osha ninga oonkambadhala dhokumona omutungi, ihe omukundu ogu li pomalunduluko ga ningwa moGovernment procurement Act, naashoka osha etithwa opo ku kale inaku shainwa natango etsokumwe.

    Sho a ningilwa omapulo, Shilunga okwa popi kutya ke na ontseyo ngele okwa tulilwa mo oshipotha ihe okwa popi kutya okwa pyakudhukilwa kehe shoka tashi ya.

    “Itatu tilithwa kiinima ya fa mpoka, shoka tatu kondjele oshili mondjila. Uuwanawa mboka tatu kondjele kawu shi owala wetu ihe owomapupi ngoka tage ya, opo kaga mone iihuna nga mbyoka tatu mono,” Shilunga ta ti.


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    SPYL ina hala Geingob a kale nomukondjithiSPYL ina hala Geingob a kale nomukondjithiSPYL otaka ninga okongressa ye muAguste Ewawa lyAanyasha mOngundu yoSwapo, oli li moontamana nomakondjithathano ngoka ga etithwa kokwaahatsa kumwe kombinga yeyambidhidho lyawo lyaHage Geingob onga omupresidende gwongundu tayi pangele. Swapo Party Youth League oya hala Omupresidende Hage Geingob a kuthe ombinga methigathano lyomahogololo gomupresiende gwongundu ndjoka, ke na omukondji, sho kwa tegelelwa omahogololo gomuleli gwongundu ga ningwe okuya pehulilo lyomumvo nguka.

    Ngoka ta longo pehala lyamushanga gwoSPYL , Veikko Nekundi okwa popi kutya ngoka ogwamwe gomomagwedhelepo ga ningwa pethimbo lyomutumba gwokomitiye yelelo lyewawa ndyoka ngoka gwaningwa mOlyomakaya.

    Omutumba ngoka ogwa ningwa na inagu kaliwa kiilyo yimwe po yelelo lyewawa ndyoka, ngaashi Elijah Ngurare.

    Yamwe po yomiilyo mbyoka inayi vula okukala momutumba ngoka oya longitha omapandja gomakwatathano gopainternet okuholola omaiyuvo gawo. Yamwe oya popi kutya omutumba ngoka gwa ningwa kagu li pakotampango na otagu vulu okukondjithwa mompangu.

    Omutumba ngoka pahapu dhaNekundi gwa kaliwa kiilyo yelelo lyoSPYL 37 yomiilyo 47, ogwa ningi omahogololo gookandindate yaaleli aape yelelo ndyoka ngaashi amushanga nomupeha amushanga sho omahogololo gelelo lyewawa ndyoka kwa telelwa ga ningwe momwedhi Aguste.

    Omunashipundi gwoNational Youth Council, Mandela Kapere okwa ulikwa a ninge okandindate momahogololo gamushanga pamwe naEphraim Nekongo oshowo Mirjam Nghidipo.

    Christine Haindaka, Mogale Karimbue naImmanuel Shikongo oya hogololwa ya ninge ookandindate dhaapevi amushanga.

    Gumwe gwomiilyo yelelo ndyoka, ngoka a pataneke eningo lyomutumba ngoka, oSioni Iikela, ngoka a nyenyeta kutya omutumba ngoka kagu li pampango. Iikela monakuziwa okwa holola ohokwe ye yokukutha ombinga methigathano lyuumuashanga.

    “Kape na oondjila oofupi nenge omakengeleo taga ningwa sho twa taalela okongressa onti-6 yoSPYL nuumvo . Omolwashike ookandindate tadhi ulikwa omanga omulandu aguhe inagu ningwa. Nena ongiini ngele iitopolwa oya tokola okuhogolola ookandindate dhilwe? Shoka sha ningwa pethimbo lyomutumba ngoka kashi li mondjila,” Iikela a popi momushangwa gwe ngoka a shanga koFacebook.

    Iilyo yimwe po yoSPYL oya popi kutya otayi ka pataneka omutumba ngoka omanga Ngurare a popi kutya omutumba ngoka kagu li pakotampango.

    “Itashi vulika wu ninge omutumba omanga Elelo lyopombandambanda inali kaatumba. Opwa li pe na okuningwa tango omutumba gwelelo lyopombanda. Omutumba gwelelo ogwa ningwa uunake? Eyamukulo ndyoka kali po na kashi li mondjila sho to e ta owala aantu momutumba omanga inaku ningwa omutumba gwelelo lyopombanda. Oya pumbwa okuninga tango omutumba gwelelo lyopombanda ngaashi shi na okuningwa ,” Ngurare ta ti.

    Sho a pulwa ngele omutumba ngoka gwa ningwa ogu li tuu pakotampango, Nekundi okwa yamukula kutya omutumba gwokomitye yawo oshi li oshinima shomeni, onkene ita vulu okuyamukula omapulo ngoka okupitila miikundaneki.

    SPYL otaka ninga okongressa ye momasiku 24 sigo 26 gaAguste moshitopolwa shaZambezi, moka taka hogolola elelo epe lyewawa ndyoka.

    Efudho lyaNujoma

    Ewawa lyaanyasha natango olya pula opo omasiku 12 gaMei ga ninge esiku lyefudho lyopashigwana onga omukalo gwokusimaneka Omukokoli Presidende Sam Nujoma.

    Nujoma okwa valwa momasiku 12 gaMei mo-1929 nomehuliloshiwike lya piti, okwa tyapula oshituthivalo shegwanitho lyoomvula 88, pofaalama ye mEtunda pondje yondoolopa yaTavi.

    Nekundi okwa popi kutya oya kundathana opo omasiku gevalo yaNujoma li ninge efudho lyopashigwana, mokusimanekaa oshilonga shoka sha longwa kuNujoma.

    Shoka kashi shi oshikando shotango SPYL ta ningi omagwdhelepo ngoka. Mo-2015, omuleli gwaanyasha,

    Elijah Ngurare okwa li a pula omupresidende Hage Geingob opo esiku lyomasiku 12 gaMei li kale esiku lyefudho mondjokonona yaNamibia.

    “Ngele itatu simaneke omapenda getu kape na we ngoka te ke ga simaneka pehala lyetu. Otatu vulu okusimaneka omapenda ogendji muuyuni ihe ope na owala ependa limwe ndyoka lyetu mangulula,” Ngurare a li a popi.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Greenback buckles
  • Greenback bucklesGreenback buckles The rand firmed yesterday along with other emerging currencies as the dollar took a hit from geopolitical fears following North Korea's missile test and by a batch of weak data.

    The greenback was pinned back after North Korea said it had successfully tested a new mid-to-long range missile able to carry a large-scale nuclear warhead.

    The news triggered an uptick in demand for emerging currencies and safe-haven securities like gold and other metals.

    The rand was also propelled by weaker-than-anticipated US inflation and retails sales data deep into Friday's local trade session, with demand for the unit spilling over into Monday trade.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Barclays pulls out of Africa
  • Barclays pulls out of AfricaBarclays pulls out of AfricaBarclays plans to divest Barclays is learning the hard way that Africa is not for sissies. The British banking behemoth, which holds shares in ABSA, has long mulled pulling out of Africa. Barclays Plc is weighing selling a 16% stake in its Africa unit on the market once it gets regulatory approval to separate from the business, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

    The sale could raise as much as US$1.5 billion based on the current share price of Barclays Africa Group Ltd., said the people, who asked not to be named because the matter is confidential.

    The stock will probably be sold via an accelerated book build offering, they said. Barclays could decide to amend the size of the sale after receiving the go-ahead, the people said.

    Barclays is seeking to sell down its remaining 50.1% stake in its African business to less than 20% in order to deconsolidate the unit from its accounts, releasing capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business.

    Chief executive officer Jes Staley, 60, decided to reduce the lender's presence on the continent in favour of supporting a trimmed-down investment bank focused on London and New York.

    The latest phase of the sell-down was delayed after South African President Jacob Zuma on March 31 fired finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who had given provisional approval on a separation agreement that involves the UK lender paying its subsidiary US$983 million, and replaced him with Malusi Gigaba, one of the people said.

    The bank does not know when Gigaba will formally sign-off on the transitional arrangement, one of the people said.

    “This story is speculative and wrong,” a spokesman for Barclays said. A spokesman for National Treasury couldn't immediately comment when contacted by Bloomberg News.

    Barclays on Feb. 23 said it had applied for permission for its stake to drop below 50% from South African bank regulators and the finance ministry.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Old Mutual in selling spree
  • Old Mutual in selling spreeOld Mutual in selling spree Old Mutual Asset Management (OMAM) completed the first tranche of a two-step sale of its shares to HNA Capital US, it announced yesterday.

    “The first tranche consisted of 9.95% of OMAM shares at a price of US$15.30 per share in cash, resulting in gross proceeds of approximately US$175 million,” the company said in a statement.

    The second tranche consists of 15% of OMAM shares, to be sold at a price of US$15.75 per share.

    “Completion of this tranche is subject to receipt of certain additional regulatory approvals in various jurisdictions and is expected to take place in the second half of 2017,” it said. Following the completion of the first tranche, OMAM is no longer a “controlled company” within the meaning of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual, it said on Friday in a statement.

    As a result of the transaction, OMAM CEO Peter Bain has been appointed directly by OMAM's board and accordingly is no longer an appointee of Old Mutual.

    “The closing of this first tranche recognises a major step in our separation from Old Mutual and we look forward to taking the business to the next level as an independent company,” OMAM chairperson said James Ritchie.

    OMAM is a global, multi-boutique asset management company with US$249.7billion of assets under management.

    Four businesses - Old Mutual Emerging Markets, Nedbank, Old Mutual Wealth and OMAM – are undergoing a separation process that will involve ongoing regulatory and stakeholder engagement.

    “The group has a range of options available to it and the feasibility, sequencing and timing of each element will be affected by a mixture of market, regulatory and other factors,” the group explained on its website.

    “We expect that the managed separation will be materially completed by the end of 2018 and will update the market periodically on our progress.”


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Curro plans Stadia listing
  • Curro plans Stadia listingCurro plans Stadia listingStadia to be separated Unbundling from parent into separate company will ensure that there is a dedicated management focus to grow and manage Stadia, Curro is telling jittery investors. Hopes are high for the coming unbundling of Curro Holdings' tertiary education operations but questions are being asked about the fledgling division's ability to reproduce the rapid growth of the schools division.

    JSE-listed private education business Curro announced its intention to unbundle the tertiary education division, called Stadia, into a separately listed company in February.

    Nico de Waal, an executive at leading shareholder PSG, said the unbundling and separate listing would ensure there was a dedicated management focus to grow and manage this specialist business.

    The education group, run by CEO Chris van der Merwe, first invested in the tertiary sector in 2013, when it acquired Durban-based teacher-training college Embury.

    The college was initially acquired to provide training for Curro teachers, but this subsidiary now forms the operational base for a more diversified tertiary offering.

    The tertiary division is a small contributor and the schools division still informs sentiment. The new tertiary division would offer courses in education, commerce and information technology, while increasingly focusing on distance learning to augment its predominantly contact-learning offering.

    Curro's share price seems to reflect investor uncertainty around the unbundling as well as the performance of Stadia.

    Mergence Investment Managers equity analyst Nolwandle Mthombeni said the tertiary division was a small contributor and the larger schools division still informed market sentiment.

    Mthombeni said management had indicated it would deploy similar growth strategies to those of Curro schools: list the business, embark on a few rights issues to fund growth and move towards the J-curve profit effect.

    He believed the tertiary thrust would not achieve the same scale as Curro's fast-growing schools business.

    “Through the unbundling, they will list a brand-new separate entity and then scale up and grow the division,” Mthombeni said.

    Curro's growth strategy has helped boost the market value, from about N$100 million before listing in 2011, to more than N$18 billion. In six years, the share price has increased more than 300% to N$44.70, with pupil numbers rising 14% to 47 589 in 2016.

    Curro is no stranger to fundraising.

    The private school group has had six rights offers in six years. The subscription price of new shares in Stadia and the size of the fundraising will provide an indication of how much enthusiasm there is for the offshoot at not only major shareholder, PSG, but also institutional investors who were late in assessing Curro's potential.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Prioritise debit payments
  • Prioritise debit paymentsPrioritise debit payments In an effort to consistently educate customers, FNB Namibia shares some advice with customers about honouring debit orders.

    “It seems as if some customers are unaware of the financial implications of not having enough money in their accounts for monthly debit orders,” says Elzita Beukes, FNB's spokesperson.

    “If a customer does not have enough money in his or her account when the debit order is due, the debit order will not be paid and banks have to charge a penalty fee.

    Customers should also be aware that bounced debit orders are recorded against your credit profile information.

    If it occurs often, it can affect your chances of getting credit in the future.

    It is important that we exercise prudence during these difficult financial times.”

    Beukes highlights the benefits of using a debit order, such as the convenience it offers without the customer having to manually make each monthly payment.

    “Paying by debit order is a simple and reliable way of making sure you keep up to date with your financial commitments.

    You'll never miss a payment and will be able to manage your budget better.

    A debit order is a way for a third party, that you have given permission, to collect money from your bank account. It's typically used to collect monthly subscriptions, insurance premiums or loan repayments.

    “Arrange for your debit orders to go off on or soon after payday to ensure you have enough money available to pay them.”


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    Improvements at Okaukuejo, TerraceImprovements at Okaukuejo, Terrace Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) has undertaken to improve its Terrace Bay resort, in addition to modernising Okaukuejo's restaurant.

    The upgrades are aimed at bringing the facilities up to the standard of its other renovated establishments and to ensure customer satisfaction.

    These upgrades will in no way hamper the resorts' daily operations. “When it came to the restaurant in Okaukuejo, the organisation felt the need to give it a facelift considering that the last time it was renovated was more than 10 years ago. In Terrace Bay, the upgrades are meant to improve the rooms with the sole aim of boosting guest experience. The renovations in Terrace Bay are currently at an advanced stage and all rooms should be completed in the coming week,” said Zelna Hengari, NWR's managing director.

    “Our guests are the number one priority and we want to assure them that we do appreciate their business and will always strive to enhance their experience at our facilities,” said Hengari.


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    Import costs expected to riseImport costs expected to rise Inflation may well be driven by the threat of two interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, an anticipated Moody's downgrade for South Africa and a weakening rand.

    This is the opinion of PSG analyst Michele Arnold following the release of the inflation numbers for the month of April.

    The inflation rate declined to 6.7% year-on-year (y-o-y) in April, from 7.0% y-o-y in March and 7.8% y-o-y in February, according to the Namibia Statistics Agency.

    Said Arnold: “April marks the third straight month that inflation has subsided thanks to lower food price inflation, which has begun to ease following good regional rains that have lowered maize contract prices. Food inflation has fallen from a high of 13.5% (y-o-y) in January to 5.3% y-o-y in April. The headline inflation rate is expected to decline slowly over the course of 2017, driven by lower food inflation.

    “However, housing, utilities and fuel prices will keep inflation relatively high. Regarding electricity prices, the Electricity Control Board announced on Tuesday that it approved NamPower's submission for an 8% bulk tariff increase, effective July 1.”

    Of any expected fuel price increments, Arnold said: “Regarding fuel prices, we expect the Brent crude oil price to average US$51.7 per barrel this year and for the Namibian dollar to weaken further to N$14/$ by year-end, which would raise the country's cost of importing fuel.”

    PSG were also expecting one more domestic rate hike. “Our base case remains for the Bank of Namibia to raise interest rates once in the second half of 2017 (H2),” Arnold said.

    “The recent moderation in inflation and the worse-than-expected slump in economic growth could have been reasons to change this view to one which assumes the policy rate will remain stable throughout 2017.

    “However, the credit rating downgrades of South Africa's sovereign debt to so-called 'junk status' by two credit rating agencies in the wake of South African President Jacob Zuma's midnight cabinet reshuffle on March 31 gives us pause to alter our base case.

    “We expect further South African ratings downgrades and two more US interest rate hikes this year will put pressure on the South African rand in H2, which would raise Namibia's import costs and filter through to inflation. Given that concerns over the economy may recede this year thanks to a mining-led rebound in economic growth, we still think one interest rate hike in 2017 is on the cards,” Arnold concluded.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: AfDB to study projects
  • AfDB to study projectsAfDB to study projectsNamibia ranked favourably The African Development Bank (AfDB) might provide some N$3 billion for the 2018/19 financial year if it is satisfied with the infrastructure projects the government will present. The African Development Bank (AfDB) will after due consideration make a decision as to whether it will avail N$3 billion for infrastructure projects.

    This follows an announcement by the ministry of finance that it had secured a programme based operation loan of N$6 billion, with the first tranche totalling N$3 billion already released to the ministry out of an envisaged N$6 billion.

    Providing clarity on the matter, finance minister Calle Schlettwein said: “What was approved by the board [of the AfDB] on 10 May 2017 is the first tranche of N$3 billion of the Programme-based Operation for the financial year 2017/18, out of the envisaged amount of N$6 billion over a two-year period. The remaining tranche of N$3 billion for the Programme-based Operation, and the envisaged total amount of N$4 billion for infrastructure financing over a two-year period, will be considered by the [AfDB's] board on a case basis during the ensuing period.”

    Wide ranging media reports suggested that the AfDB had provided a loan totalling N$10 billion of which N$4 billion would be geared toward financing the fiscal deficit while the remainder would be channelled toward infrastructure projects of which tranches equalling N$3 billion would be made available in the current financial year and the remainder in the proceeding financial year [2018/19].

    Explaining the rationale behind providing the loan facility, the AfDB vice-president Charles Boamah said: “The Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP) is designed to address emerging vulnerabilities undermining macroeconomic stability and support the Government's ongoing bold structural reforms aimed at driving long-term job creating growth and reducing income equality.”

    The EGCSP was well received by the AfDB's board that commended the quality of the operation and was satisfied with the Namibian government's strong commitment to the implementation of reforms.

    The programme will support the strengthening of public financial management and improve the quality and efficiency of public sector spending, while laying a solid foundation for industrialization through support to critical business environment reforms, Boamah said.

    Meanwhile, the board of directors of the AfDB on an earlier visit this year had said: “Namibia is increasingly becoming an active beneficiary of the Bank's projects with an ambitious portfolio to strengthen the country's aspiration to be a top emerging economy in the southern region. The country envisages becoming a regional transport logistics hub given its growing potential in the transport sector.”


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    The crème de la crème of WorldSkills NamibiaThe crème de la crème of WorldSkills Namibia Vocational trainees from different vocational training centres will represent Namibia at the 44th WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi.

    Namibia, through the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), is a member of WorldSkills International (WSI). WSI is a non-political organisation that promotes skills excellence through the staging of bi-annual international skills competitions and establishing networking and sharing platforms for members to learn from and with each other. The bi-annual competitions also provide a means of exchange and comparison of competency standards in the industrial trades and service sectors of the global economy.

    Its mission is to promote, through the corporative actions of members, a worldwide awareness of the essential contribution that skills and high standards of competence make to the achievement of economic success and individual achievement. Though competition held bi-annually, WSI attempts to raise awareness about opportunities that exist in skilled profession and encourage young people to explore such opportunities.

    The Namibia Training Authority (NTA), through its WorldSkills Namibia Secretariat, staged Namibia's successful, first ever National Skills Competition (NSC) from the 14th to the 17th of September 2016 at the Ramatex Complex in the capital. The NSC addressed a multitude of objectives, including the negative perception of TVET in Namibia and encouraging more young Namibians to take up technical and vocational career paths. Furthermore, the event provided an opportunity for industry and business community to share opportunities that are available for the sector and how the sector can maximally contribute to economic development as articulated in the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).

    The inaugural event was a key deliverable for the TVET sector under the Harambee Prosperity Plan and featured about 120 competitors from public and private training institutions, agencies and industries across Namibia, competed in ten different skills areas. Apart from the competition, the event brought together representatives of various SADC countries and members of various industries who participated in the orchestration of the National Policy for Apprenticeship as well as a number of exhibitors, from both the SME sector and TVET providers.

    Most importantly, the event served as a platform to identity young Namibians who will represent Namibia at the upcoming World Skills Competition in ABU DHABI late in October this year. Namibia initially intended to send a total of 10 competitors to Abu Dhabi, covering all the 10 skills areas (Bricklaying, Carpentry, Cooking, Electrical Installations, Joinery, Plumbing & Heating, Wall & Floor Tiling) that formed part of the first ever National Skills Competition. However due to strict WorldSkills International age requirements which limits competitors to be younger than 22 years of age at the date of the competition, Namibia will only send participants in 7 skills competition areas.

    As WorldSkills Namibia embarks on the intensive journey of sharpening representative competitors that will do Namibia proud in Abu Dhabi this year, do not miss the next edition to learn more about the Competitors and how you can become a future participant.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Honouring nurses
  • Honouring nursesHonouring nursesUnam celebrates International Nurses Day The School of Nursing at the University of Namibia (Unam) celebrated the International Nurses Day in Windhoek last week Friday. International Nurses Day is a global event initiated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1965 and held each year in recognition of nurses' valuable work. It is celebrated on 12 May, the day of Florence Nightingale's birth.

    At the celebration Juliet Kavetuna the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) described International Nurses Day as very important because it is the day the world pays tribute to all the nurses who give their best every day to save lives and take care of their patients. “I applaud all nurses on this important day, you deserve our admiration and respect for the dedicated work that you all perform within your workplace,” said Kavetuna.

    The International Council of Nurses has selected “Nursing: A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) as the theme for International Nurses Day 2017.

    Benjamin Manetti, a final-year student nurse at Unam shared that there is less recognition for the work that nurses do thus it is good to see people once in a while taking time off to recognise the role of nurses in society. “Nurses sacrifice so much time that they are supposed to spend with their families and their own well-being to care for others,” Manetti said.

    Michael Kakonda a student nurse at International University of Management (IUM) told The Zone that International Nurses Day is a special day for him because the world pays tribute to the work done by nurses. “I am delighted that there is a day reserved to honour the work that nurses do,” said Kakonda.


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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Online hazards
  • Online hazardsOnline hazardsChild online protection: Watch what you do there The online environment has opened up a world of information but, there are pitfalls and dangers too. The Digital Forensics and Information Research Cluster shares tips on how you can be safe online.

    Many young people have access to a phone these days yet they are too young to comprehend the consequences that come with technology.

    Meet Tom, a 14-year-old boy who is inseparable from his smartphone; it is his connection to a vast online world. He is connected all the time and can surf the web at any time. He has recently made some new online friends and chats with them regularly. They want to send him cool free apps, but to do that they need him to share his personal details, and maybe his friends and family would also like some cool free stuff so he should send their details too.

    Unfortunately this is not just a hypothetical scenario, any child or teenager with a smartphone can easily find themselves in a similar situation.

    As part of a Child Online Protection campaign, the Digital Forensics and Information Security Research Cluster, under the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) has started a series where they share tips on how children can protect themselves online. These tips can also help parents and guardians to monitor their children's action online.

    Tip no. 1: Do not share personal information with online friends whom you do not personally know. This opens up doors for anyone to hack your phone/device and use that information without your knowledge or consent. Identity thefts are real. Someone masquerading as you and committing crimes on your behalf will be difficult to disprove and erase. Additionally, anyone with access to your phone/device will likely have access to your pictures and social media platforms. Embarrassing leaked videos and photos are also a real danger.

    Tip no. 2: Because nothing is ever completely fool proof, having a healthy dose of paranoia is never a bad thing. Hence, do not save inappropriate photos of yourself on your phone or on any devices you share with others. Privacy and safety on the World Wide Web is not a guarantee either so think about what you share before clicking that button. And if you are going to share anything with friends make sure you post on their private spaces.

    Tip no. 3: Not everyone is who they claim to be. Some pervert or criminal out there will use and say anything to lure you. So be careful whom you befriend. Stay safe.

    Kumbi Chitenderu

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  • 05/15/17--16:00: Dundee sweetens education
  • Dundee sweetens educationDundee sweetens education Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb recently presented 880 Cadbury PS chocolates to learners from all 11 schools in the Tsumeb district for academic excellence and good behaviour.

    The unorthodox gesture is one of the company's ways of motivating learners to do better in school. Four chocolate bars each were handed to 20 learners from each school. The initiative is meant to improve the quality of education and motivate learners in Tsumeb to play their part in a strategy to increase the percentage of Grade 10 and 12 learners to get a pass-mark of 24 and 30 respectively and a better the symbol in English, as well as up the pass rate from 55% to 60%.

    Motivating learners to strive for academic excellence will have long-term benefits for the country according to the Harambee Prosperity Plan. One of the factors hampering the country's economic competitiveness is an inadequately skilled workforce. A solution highlighted was an improvement of productivity levels through strengthening educational institutions and harnessing technology. These, according to President Hage Geingob “will enable us to self-govern when the time arrives.”

    St Francis Primary School Acting Principal, Hoa-Khaos Maria Petronella commended Dundee for the sweet gesture. “It is a pleasant surprise and although small, this matters towards motivating our learners,” she said. Opawa Junior Secondary School Principal, Hermien Benjamin, was thrilled with the gesture. The learners who received the chocolates shared them with some of their peers, teachers and their families.


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    More support needed to provide sanitrary padsMore support needed to provide sanitrary pads The education minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, has called on private companies and individuals to contribute towards the sustenance of the sanitary pad programme that the ministry is facilitating.

    Hanse-Himarwa said her ministry has made funds available through the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWENA) to ensure that girls have access to sanitary pads. Hanse-Himarwa was speaking recently at a donation ceremony by Morca Fishing Company to a number of beneficiaries. “This N$50 000 FAWENA is receiving today from Morca Fishing willould be utilised and dedicated for the sanitary project that will benefiting our girls in schools throughout Namibia.”

    She called on private companies and individuals to support the sanitary pads project. “All the other Namibians that may be in a position to help should join us through FAWENA and the education ministry to come on board so as to ensure the sustenance of the sanitary pads project that we are engaged in,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

    She said that her ministry has dedicated itself to securing funds to get sanitary pads for girls who need them. “My ministry and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare have dedicated and committed ourselves to take up the challenge of procuring, providing and soliciting funds to make sanitary pads available around the country for the marginalised and disadvantaged girls of Namibia,” shared Hanse-Himarwa.

    In addition to the FAWEMA donation, Morca Fishing also donated N$10 000 to the Khaibasen Blind Group, N$10 000 to the Ecumenical Social Services, N$50 000 to the Physically Active Youth group and N$10 000 to the BDP Development Fund.

    Shona Ngava

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    And the award goes to social mediaAnd the award goes to social media The average daily routine of a typical teenager usually starts off with a look at their screen to see if they have any notifications with likes on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram being the most popular ones. In addition to the three, it appears that a relatively new one, Qooh.me, has emerged. After glancing at our cell phone screens with massive expectation that somebody would “need” us, one of two things always follows: You either find one or more notifications and consequently feel a temporary sense of validation, or you find that there are no new text messages or “Qoohs” and begin to feel ignored and shut out by the world.

    Another harmful by-product of social media is self-evaluation through the number of photo likes on Instagram or views on your Snapchat. In some instances, a little amount of followers comes with a little amount of self-esteem and you start to wonder if something is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you, society has the disease... the disease of holding on to a general assumption that it is acceptable to use superficial elements as a metric for assessing your worth as an individual.

    The illegitimacy of using the aforementioned as a metric measure is that no social media site can ever truly give you an indication of even a fraction of your value. Instagram does not see the beautiful thoughts that you think and the big dreams that you dream. Snapchat can never capture your phenomenal soul and Facebook can never measure your intellectual capacity to show you how much potential you have to change things.

    The real emotion that can be evoked by happenings on social media is an indication that all these sites have become more than just sites. We have replaced many real gratifying relationships for 30 seconds of what feels like appreciation from people who are usually strangers to us. The reality is that once you log off the very site that you were ignoring your loved ones for, you have to face them again and start from scratch with nurturing meaningful relationships. This media we call social is anything but social given the isolation and social division that it brings.

    I can testify to the fact that social media has psychological effects that should not be taken lightly. I too am guilty of sometimes neglecting family and friends to scroll through pictures on Instagram, in search of a fleeting sense of inclusion.

    Engaging in a congenial activity is not wrong in itself. It does, however, become dangerous when the possibility of that particular aspect being taken away from your daily life makes you feel anxious or incomplete.

    Dear youth, go out, explore your talents or maybe play a sport. Just do something worthwhile with yourself. Don’t slowly rot away behind a screen on which you interact with people who constantly make you feel like you have something to prove.

    Look up and share yourself with those who already love you for who you are and not who you make yourself out to be.


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