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    RDP laments education budget cutsRDP laments education budget cutsGenuine aspirations exploited The RDP opposition party says the ruling party is playing political tricks with the future of Namibian learners. The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) says the Swapo-led government misled the Namibian public for political point-scoring when it announced free primary and secondary education.

    The RDP made this statement after the bombshell dropped by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture that government subsidies to learners at public schools would be cut by 50% from N$500 to N$250 per learner.

    The RDP said this cut showed that the announcement of free education was nothing more than hot air because it was done without proper consideration, research and feasibility studies.

    RDP secretary-general Mike Kavekotora said the cut in subsidies was a political move that compromised the quality of education and was detrimental to the future educational needs of Namibia's learners.

    “In fact, parents across the country were duped to believe that the education of their children will be free and qualitative such that they felt relieved from continuously digging deeper into their already depleted pockets,” said Kavekotora.

    He said the Swapo government was exploiting the “genuine aspirations of the nation, such as education, as political tools to trick the Namibian electorate to continuously return it to power.”

    The government earlier this year announced a 2.8% cut in the budget of the education ministry, from N$12 billion in 2016/17 to N$11.9 billion for the 2017/18 financial year.

    Affected parents asked how the budget cut could translate into a 50% cut in subsidies, which they feared would have a wide-ranging adverse impact on individual schools' budgets and public services to their children.

    The ministry announced that it would reduce the funding for textbooks, stationery and teaching aids. It also warned that schools would have to dramatically cut their usage of water and electricity.

    “If the ruling party believes that education is the key to a prosperous future, how will it consciously justify ill-planning and underfunding of the Namibian primary and secondary education and still hope to help this nation to advance and achieve Vision 2030 as promised?” Kavekotora asked.

    The RDP further questioned budget allocations amounting to N$1.4 billion to expenses listed as “other” under all the budget votes. It charged that the government was deliberately avoiding cutting the budgets of “non-essential” sectors.

    It said the government should rather have considered cutting the expenses of the bloated parliament and cabinet, local and foreign trips and “continuous commemorations and their associated pompous delegations, and the oversupply of advisors.”


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    Ruling on SME Bank saga next weekRuling on SME Bank saga next week A ruling on the urgency of an application by SME Bank executives and directors suspended by the central bank last month will be handed down in the High Court next week.

    The applicants claim the Bank of Namibia (BoN) acted unlawfully when it suspended them.

    Judge Shafimana Ueitele yesterday said he would make a ruling in respect of the urgency of the matter on Tuesday.

    At the start of the hearing on 7 April, South African advocate Vincent Maleka, representing the applicants, said the application was brought before court as an urgent matter because his clients had suffered irreparable reputational harm. He argued that their removal from their positions at the bank meant they would no longer be eligible for any other managerial position in Namibia.

    The BoN took charge of the SME Bank following the discovery of what appeared to be unsound investments of close to N$200 million allegedly made in South Africa.

    According to Maleka, the removal of the directors and executives was unfair and unlawful because his clients had not been given any opportunity to be heard in terms of the Labour Act.

    Maleka said the removal had life-altering consequences because his clients had lost their salaries and benefits without their prior knowledge.

    Deon Obbes, who is representing the BoN in the legal wrangle, argued that the central bank acted lawfully and in accordance with the provisions of the Banking Institutions Act.

    The applicants want the High Court to set aside the BoN's decision to remove them.

    They also want the court to set aside the BoN's decision to take control of the SME Bank.

    The applicants are SME Bank CEO Tawanda Mumvuma, finance manager Joseph Banda, general manager of treasury and investments Alec Gore, chairperson of the board George Simataa, vice-chairperson Enock Kamushinda and ordinary director Ozias Bvute.

    The Namibian government has over the past four years pumped N$477 million into the SME Bank and the 2017/18 budget includes a proposed allocation of N$15 million to the bank.

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  • 04/19/17--16:00: Beware online car scams
  • Beware online car scamsBeware online car scamsPolice warn against fraud Rather buy cars from registered dealers, the police advise. MICHAEL KAYUNDE

    The police have issued a public alert about online car sale scams aimed at defrauding the public.

    “This scam is currently in circulation and the Namibian Police Force is hereby strongly warning members of the public to refrain from making bank transactions to strangers,” a police press statement said yesterday.

    Fraudsters apparently advertise cars in newspapers and on social media platforms.

    They ask for deposits when prospective buyers contact them, before the buyers are able to inspect the vehicles in person. The fraudsters then pocket the money and disappear.

    Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi says these types of scams have been going on since last year.

    Kanguatjivi warns people not to hand over money before inspecting any car offered for sale, and advises that such transactions should rather be conducted via registered dealers.

    “Depositing money to someone you do not know, for a car you have only seen on the internet, puts you at a higher risk of being scammed,” he says.

    In the case of private transactions, prospective buyers are advised to ensure that they have the seller’s personal details.

    The latest people to fall victim to this scam are two Oranjemund residents who lost money in two separate incidents last week.


    Two people sustained injuries when a helicopter crashed on Môrester Farm in eastern Namibia last week Friday. The crash was only reported to the police on Tuesday.

    Yesterday, Nampol said the 27-year-old pilot sustained head injuries while his 29-year-old passenger was slightly injured. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, and investigations continue.

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    Training manoeuvre caused fatal crashTraining manoeuvre caused fatal crash YANNA SMITH

    A licence-renewal training flight in a Cessna 425 on 29 January last year crashed after stalling at low altitude during training for an engine failure during approach for landing at Hosea Kutako International Airport. This is the finding of the report by the Directorate of Aircraft Accident Investigations.

    There were three pilots on board the aircraft, V5 – MJW, for the purpose of the renewal of their commercial pilot’s licences and instrument ratings by an instructor.

    The aircraft, owned by Eros Air (Ohlthaver & List Group), carried Eros Air’s chief corporate pilot Uwe Herbert, 63, accompanied by pilots Fritz Alpers, 41, and Ole Friede, 43. Alpers, holding an airline transport licence, was the designated examiner.

    All the licensing requirements of the pilot were met save for the rating of Alpers on the Cessna 425.

    “According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s records, the C425 ratings were valid only until 20 July 2015. Records indicate that the pilot’s last flight on a Cessna 425 was on 13 January 2015 and only an hour was recorded as pilot in charge,” the report stated.

    The aircraft left Eros Airport around 07:45 on 29 January 2016 for Hosea Kutako International Airport to perform go-around manoeuvres. The pilots requested from the air traffic control at Hosea Kutako a procedure for an instrument landing system approach. They were cleared and told to report back when at nine miles inbound. At this time, Alpers requested a VOR approach, which is a non-precision approach where the aircraft uses signals from radio beacons on the ground to receive their position and stay on course. In other words, it is flying without visuals and on instruments only. Alpers also requested an early right-hand turnout on final approach. That was granted too.

    In go-around manoeuvres training takes place for engine failures during take-off and landing, causing a go-around. When “engine out” manoeuvres are carried out, engine failure must be simulated on the aircraft.

    According to the findings of the investigation, that is exactly what the pilots did and at too low an altitude, the aircraft stalled and the pilots were not able to recover her, crashing into the ground.

    The aircraft was immediately engulfed in flames and all three pilots died.

    Several other problems were highlighted in the report.

    According to the directorate, the number of air traffic controllers on duty in the tower was not in accordance with regulations and although medically fit and correctly rated, the controller was under duress and pushed an old emergency button which was not operational, at the time of seeing the smoke plume. That delayed the despatching of the emergency services.

    It was also found that several modifications were made to the aircraft including avionics upgrades involving the conversion of the instrumentation from analogue to digital but none of these were included in the airworthiness file for the aircraft at the civil aviation authority.

    In its recommendations, the directorate suggests that simulating an engine failure during final approach is very risky and should possibly be restricted to either training in a simulator or at higher altitudes. It was recommended that the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority review the practice and procedures. Furthermore, it was recommended that flight examiners and/or instructors should attend conferences and workshops to share and devise corrective action plans to mitigate reoccurring safety deficiencies.

    Finally, it was found that Ole Friede, during earlier skills tests, under-performed on instrument flying. At the time it was recommended that Friede undergo an hour of simulator time monthly.

    The investigators found that “his licence was renewed twice in the consecutive years without proof of compliance of the recommendations”. The civil aviation authority was urged to take safety action to address the issue.

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    Time change irrelevant, says KatrinaTime change irrelevant, says KatrinaEducation is ‘comfortable’ with status quo School calendars and teaching hours are already adjusted to local conditions, says the education minister. CATHERINE SASMAN

    The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture says whether the Namibia Time Bill is passed or not, school activities will continue undisturbed.

    The ministry’s position was stated by Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa before the parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and security, which had been tasked to seek more views on the bill after the National Assembly could not reach consensus on it.

    The bill was tabled by the minister of home affairs and immigration, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, in February. It aims to do away with the twice-yearly time changes and set a standard time zone for winter and summer.

    Hanse-Himarwa told the hearing yesterday that the ministry had “acclimatised” to the time changes since the passing of the Namibia Time Act in 1994.

    She said the ministry was “comfortable” with the different time zones and had never expressed any discontent.

    “The fact of the matter is that time change has not been such an issue in education as much of the time considerations are made to the dynamics that exist on the ground. Whether we change time from winter to summer and vice versa, the point is that schools are guided to adjust time accordingly to suit their situations,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

    During winter, schools in towns adjust their starting time from 07:00 to 07:30. Rural schools are allowed to start at 08:00. Schools that have double shifts are advised to start at 07:00.

    In accordance with the Education Act of 2001 the minister is empowered to regulate the school calendar and hours of instruction.

    Hanse-Himarwa said the ministry had considered the situation in all regions, with particular focus on the safety of pupils commuting to school and back.

    The ministry had taken it upon itself to consult schools in all the regions about the bill, she told the committee.

    Kunene, Omusati and Ohangwena agreed with the reintroduction of a standard time zone as proposed by the bill. The reason for that was because most schools in those regions were in rural areas where learners must walk long distances.

    The Khomas Region, which serves as a consensus area, gave mixed feedback. Schools in the western part of Windhoek, as well as farm schools, were in support of time changes. They cited the long distances learners have to commute and the fact that many have to cross riverbeds or take taxis, while learners in farming areas are exposed to dangerous animals along the way.

    Schools in Windhoek’s eastern neighbourhoods preferred no time change because their pupils were mostly dropped off and picked up from school. These schools also considered how time changes affected their extramural activities and double teaching shifts.

    The Zambezi Region does not have time changes and schools there start an hour ahead of the rest of the country during winter.

    All other regions did not want the winter and summer times to be abolished because many have double shifts and any change would inconvenience the afternoon shift.


    Hanse-Himarwa was peeved at the home affairs ministry, which reported last week that the education ministry was one of many ministries that had not responded to requests for input on the Time Bill.

    She said it was not her ministry’s fault that the bill had not been passed by the National Assembly, but the failure of the home affairs ministry which had not consulted effectively.

    Hanse-Himarwa said the home affairs ministry’s consultation strategies were “flawed” because it simply wrote memos, emails and letters to ministries and other agencies and then sat back and expected responses.

    “If you want people to give their input then you must go down [to where they are] and not write letters and expect other people to do your job,” said Hanse-Himarwa.

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     Namibian cocaine smuggler caught in SA Namibian cocaine smuggler caught in SA
    A Namibian drug mule arrested for the possession of cocaine worth N$2 million has been denied bail in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court. Lena de Waal, who is facing charges of contravening the Drugs Trafficking Act, was arrested on Sunday at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. The drugs had been flown in from Brazil. The Hawks's Ndivhuwo Mulamu confirmed the case. The Hawks were following on information regarding a suspected drug mule who was reported to have boarded a flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the previous night,” said Mulamu. “A routine check was conducted at the check-in points and authorities recovered 5kg of cocaine with an estimated value of N$2 million concealed and wrapped in a foil inside the suspect’s luggage.” The case has been postponed to April 25 for a formal bail application.


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    Swazi man in large drug bust Swazi man in large drug bust In a second large scale dagga bust this week, NamPol last night arrested a 49-year-old man after they found him in possession of cannabis valued at close to N$300 000.
    The unnamed man will make his first court appearance in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, on charges of possession of illegal drugs and possible other charges.
    He was arrested in Khomasdal and Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi said the man is originally from Swaziland.
    The arrest comes only days after NamPol officer arrested a man on Tuesday, after he was found in possession of 312 cannabis parcels, plus one big block, valued at close to N$11 000.


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     Ex-cop jailed 30 years for murder Ex-cop jailed 30 years for murder A former police constable who shot and killed a club reveller in Khomasdal five years ago has been sentenced to an effective 30 years’ imprisonment.
    Justin Sunsu Simataa was further sentenced to 15 years for attempted murder, two years for malicious damage to property and one year for discharging a firearm in public place.
    Judge Nate Ndauendapo ordered that the prison terms on the last three offences run concurrently with the 30-year sentence for the murder of Firmino Fabrice Mael (25) on 26 October 2012.
    He ordered that the murder weapon be forfeited to the state and declared Simataa unfit to carry a firearm for 20 years after the completion of his prison term.
    The judge said Simataa had expressed regret about the murder, and also apologised for attempting to kill the deceased’s friend, Milikan Likando, on the same day.


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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Jones faces first test
  • Jones faces first testJones faces first test The SRS Windhoek Draught Welwitschias start their SuperSport Rugby Challenge campaign against the Hino Valke in Gauteng Province tomorrow.

    The game begins at 14:00 (15:00 South African time) at the Barnard Stadium in Kempton Park.

    The team has a new look and will be boosted by the experienced Welsh coach Lyn Jones, who will lead them in their first competitive game of the season.

    Jones, who is regarded as one of the best tactical coaches in the game, has been working on tactics.

    The match is likely to give the new coach an idea of what to expect from the South African rugby teams in the upcoming weeks.

    The fact that his players are the ultimate underdogs will allow them to play more freely though.

    Three-time world cup participant Eugene Jantjies will be wearing the armband, while Leneve Damens is the vice-captain of the team.

    Jantjies has proven to be a very talented scrumhalf and his experience will be vital for the Namibian team.

    The last time the two teams met, Valke defeated the Welwitschias 5-66 in South Africa before a 50-20 victory in the last game of the season in Windhoek.

    Line-up: David Philander, Lesley Klim, JC Greyling, Darryl de la Harpe, Gino Wilson, Theuns Kotzé, Eugene Jantjies (captain), Leneve Damens (vice-captain), Thomasau Forbes, Rohan Kitshoff, Max Katjijeko, Muniovita Kasiringua, AJ de Klerk, Shaun du Preez, Christo McNish.

    Replacements: Gerhard Lotter, Collen Smith, Mahepisa Tjeriko, Roderique Victor, Francois Wiese, Cameron Klassen, Aurelio Plato.


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  • 04/20/17--16:00: NFA plans awards
  • NFA plans awardsNFA plans awardsChange on the horizon Football administrators might be able to carry some accolades home at the end of the year. The Namibia Football Association (NFA) is planning to host an awards ceremony at the end of the football season, well-placed sources have revealed.

    Awards will apparently be given to the best football administrators, players, coaches and referees.

    It is believed that the idea is to motivate individuals involved in football.

    The winners will be rewarded with prize money and trophies for their good work during the year.

    However, the sources indicated that the association had not secured a sponsor for the awards yet.

    NFA president Frans Mbidi was reluctant to comment on the rumour.

    “It is very early to talk about these things at the moment, but all I can say is that we have a busy year ahead of us where we plan on introducing new stuff.

    “Football has to grow and that is why we do not want controversial reports that will taint the name of our association,” Mbidi said.

    “We do not want to scare away our sponsors or any potential sponsors by revealing things this early to the public,” he added.

    One of the things the NFA would focus on was the completion of the Omuthiya sports stadium in northern Namibia, he said.

    “We also want to have a successful NFA Debmarine Cup which is currently under way.

    “All these things are important for us because we want to show our sponsors that there is value for their money,” Mbidi said.


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    Junior archers hone their skillsJunior archers hone their skillsArchery team shows character Youthful archers from Namibia are making their presence felt in a tournament where 300 participants from 29 countries are participating. The junior archery team of Namibia is taking part in the European Youth Cup Marathon in Greece.

    This championship runs from 17-22 April and is the most prestigious competition on the youth-archery calendar.

    The Namibian team, consisting of three recurve and two compound archers, are making their presence felt in a tournament where 300 participants from 29 countries are participating.

    This event is the first leg of the European Youth Cup for the year and will be followed by the European Youth Championships in 2018, which will be the quota tournament for Europe for the Youth Olympics 2018.

    The team's coach, Frank Reddig, says they are performing well and showing a great display of sportsmanship despite their inexperience.

    He also says that the only way to cultivate world-class archers is with the right training and exposure.

    “We only have a small number of archers in Namibia so it is vital to see archery as a long-term investment that needs a lot of time and training.”

    Quinn Reddig, the only recurve girl in the team, shot her personal best on Tuesday with a total score of 609/720 on 60m. She finished the qualifying round in 17th position and went through the first eliminations to end up in the 1/16th elimination rounds that were expected to take place yesterday. There are 40 archers in her category.

    Her recurve teammates, CF Brandt and Morné Meyer, were up against 51 participants. Unfortunately they were eliminated in the 1/24 rounds and they ended 47th and 50th respectively.

    Compound archer Dirk de Bod proved to be a strong contender in his group of 16 archers and went through to the 1/8 elimination that was due to continue on Thursday.

    Dorian Esterhuizen, a junior compound archer, competed in a very strong group and was eliminated during the 1/24 eliminations with a nail-biting finale. He was ranked 20th of 22 archers.

    In the mixed cadet recurve event, CF Brand and Quinn Reddig fought hard to beat third-seeded Germany, and they held their ground till the very end, but bent the knee to Germany.


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    DHPS and BAS strengthen cooperationDHPS and BAS strengthen cooperation The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) and the Basketball Artists School (BAS) Foundation have joined hands to boost youth basketball development.

    BAS is an after-school programme that focuses on academic tutoring, life skills and basketball.

    Operating under the motto 'Education First, Basketball Second', the programme's main aim is to give children a head start through academic tutoring and involvement in basketball.

    The first joint project will offer a three-day basketball camp from 29 April till 1 May at DHPS. The camp is open to players from other schools too.

    “Boys and girls aged 11 to 18 years, whether they are beginners or advanced players, are welcome to the camp,” says Ramah Mumba, director of BAS.

    “We are very happy to cooperate with DHPS, as we have seen their progress and how serious they are about basketball. Basketball is growing all over the country and DHPS is a very important partner when it comes to development of young players.”

    Kristin Eichholz, principal of DHPS and a former basketball player in Germany, says basketball is a modern and international sport that unites players all over the world and encourages interaction between different cultures.

    “In a team of five players on the court everyone is important. The team is the star and this offers the young players the opportunity to grow both on and off the court,” she says.

    Eichholz is also happy that in the collaboration with BAS she can finally start the reconstruction of the DHPS Sports Hall.

    “In future the new hall in Church Street will bring together sports people from Windhoek, Namibia and the world to many basketball games and of course also for other sports codes.

    “We are proud and thankful for the cooperation with the BAS Foundation as they play a leading role in the training of coaches in Namibia and therefore also at DHPS. I am sure that basketball has a great future in Namibia and all of us at DHPS are happy to do our bit for this future.”

    Registration forms for the basketball camp are available on the DHPS and BAS websites or directly at the two schools.


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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Williams confirms pregnancy
  • Williams confirms pregnancyWilliams confirms pregnancyTennis star takes break Other women have left the tour to have children and returned at a high level, although none has done so at Williams's age. Tennis superstar Serena Williams is pregnant and taking maternity leave through the rest of 2017, her spokeswoman said on Wednesday in an announcement that upended a sport the 35-year-old athlete has dominated for the past decade.

    The confirmation came hours after Williams, due to regain to the number one world ranking next week, set off a day of frenzied speculation with a short-lived selfie posted on social media - posing for a photo in a yellow one-piece swimsuit on Snapchat with the caption: “20 weeks”.

    Williams deleted the photo shortly after it appeared and waited more than six hours to make any public comment, stoking debate among tennis fans about whether or not she was joking.

    “I'm happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall,” Los Angeles-based publicist Kelly Bush Novak said.

    Bush Novak told Reuters that Williams intended to sit out the remainder of the 2017 season and return next year.

    If Williams is indeed 20 weeks into her term, that would mean she was approximately two months pregnant when she captured her record 23rd Grand Slam tournament singles title at the Australian Open in January.

    Her victory over older sister Venus Williams broke a tie with Steffi Graf for the most Grand Slam singles championships in the sport's modern era. Serena Williams has not played since then, citing a knee injury.

    The United States Tennis Association wrote on Facebook: “Join us in congratulating the GOAT and her fiancé Alexis Ohanian on this incredible news!” referring to Williams with the acronym for “Greatest of All Time”.

    Kim Clijsters of Belgium retired and had a child before coming back at age 26 and winning three Grand Slam titles as a mother.

    Australians Evonne Goolagong and Margaret Court also won Grand Slam titles after having children.

    Former number one Victoria Azarenka of Belarus, 27, missed most of the 2016 season to have a baby and is expected to return to the tour this summer.

    For Williams, who commands nearly $29 million in salary and sponsorship earnings, becoming pregnant makes her all the more attractive to corporate sponsors, industry executives said.

    Williams is the oldest woman to win a Grand Slam singles title and still dominates the tour at an age when most players have retired.

    Williams, who has played professionally for two decades, first gained the number one ranking in 2002 and has held that spot for more than six years in total.

    Sister Venus, 36, has won seven Grand Slam singles titles.


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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Pedal power
  • Pedal powerPedal powerGrab a bike and get to work Research shows that using a bicycle to get to work is super beneficial for you (and the planet). Want to live longer? Reduce your risk of cancer? And heart disease? Then cycle to work, say scientists.

    The biggest study into the issue linked using two wheels with a halving of the risk of cancer and heart disease.

    The five-year study of 250 000 UK commuters also showed walking had some benefits over sitting on public transport or taking the car.

    The team in Glasgow said cycling took no willpower once it became part of the work routine - unlike going to the gym.

    The five-year study compared people who had an “active” commute with those who were mostly stationary.

    'Active commuters'

    Overall, 2 430 of those studied died, 3 748 were diagnosed with cancer and 1 110 had heart problems.

    But, during the course of the study, regular cycling cut the risk of death from any cause by 41%, the incidence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46%.

    The cyclists clocked an average of 14 km per week, but the further they cycled the greater the health boon.

    Walking cut the odds of developing heart disease but the benefit was mostly for people walking more than six miles per week.

    “This is really clear evidence that people who commute in an active way, particularly by cycling, were at lower risk,” Dr Jason Gill, one of the researchers, told the BBC News website.

    “You need to get to work every day so if you built cycling into the day it essentially takes willpower out of the equation.

    “What we really need to do is change our infrastructure to make it easier to cycle - we need bike lanes, to make it easier to put bikes on trains, showers at work.”

    People who combined cycling and public transport in their commute also showed health benefits.

    Out of breath

    The way the study, published in the British Medical Journal, was carried out means it is not possible to determine a clear cause and effect.

    However, the effect was still there even after adjusting the statistics to remove the effects of other potential explanations like smoking, diet or how heavy people are.

    It means the reason cycling cuts cancer risk cannot be down to weight loss in the study.

    Other explanations include cyclists being leaner (even if they are not weighing any less) and lower levels of inflammation in the body.

    Cycling is thought to be better than walking as the exercise is both longer and more intense.

    Clare Hyde from Cancer Research UK said: “This study helps to highlight the potential benefits of building activity into your everyday life.

    “You don't need to join a gym or run the marathon. Anything that gets you a bit hot and out of breath - whether it's cycling all or part way to work or doing some housework - can help make a difference.”

    But how good is cycling for our health, especially if we've not done that much exercise in a while?

    Or would we be fitter and indeed safer pumping some iron in the gym or splashing around in the pool? Take the number of calories burned: on the face of it, cycling is not off to a winning start.

    “If you compare intense running with intense cycling, you will burn more calories running, as you are shifting your body mass,” said Professor Jamie Timmons, from Loughborough University.

    “However, it is like comparing apples and oranges.”

    The problem with simply comparing calories is that it assumes anyone can just get up and decide to exercise without any consequence.

    Low impact

    Running may be better at shifting your body mass, but that body mass is also being thrust into the ground with every step, pounding your joints.

    Timmons says this is where cycling, as a low-impact sport, comes into its own, particularly when people are starting out.

    Around 70% of body weight goes through the saddle and handlebars instead of through your ankles. And to put it politely, the bigger you are, the more important that will be.

    “You will be able to do more intense cycling and avoid injuries, as you're not pounding into the ground,” said Timmons.

    Dr Simon Kemp, from the Faculty for Sport and Exercise Medicine, is the type of cyclist who does legs of the Tour de France and readily clocks up 100-mile rides.

    He says one of the advantages of cycling is that it offers more scope for improvement than other forms of exercise, such as swimming, which is “technically demanding to do it well”.

    “You can commute to work at 60% of your maximum heart rate, which is a relatively low-intensity activity, or at the top end you can do legs of the Tour de France.”

    Of course, any form of exercise has health benefits.

    But several studies have shown that cycling specifically does the trick.

    A study of 30 640 people living in Copenhagen showed that people who did not cycle to work were 39% more likely to die during the 15-year study.

    Cycling is one of the most appropriate types of physical activity for the majority of the population as it can be easily incorporated into daily life, can be carried out at different intensities and has few side-effects.

    Dr Kemp said: “There's very strong evidence for people with very low initial physical fitness that it can result in significant reductions in cardiovascular-disease mortality.”

    There have also been studies around reducing body fat, better sleep and lowering the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


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    Ooskola itadhi gumwa kelunduluko lyEthimbo moNamibiaOoskola itadhi gumwa kelunduluko lyEthimbo moNamibia Ndhika odha popiwa kominista yElongo, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa a tseyithile okomitiye tayi ithanwa parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and security, ndjoka yi na oshinakugwanithwa shoku konga omadhilaadhilo-iyuvo ga gwana kombinga yontotwaveta ndjoka.

    Ontotwaveta ndjoka oya tulwa poshitaaafula kOminista yOmatembu, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, muFebruali na oya nuninwa okukutha po onkalo yomathimbo gopaali ndjoka hayi longithwa kuNamibia.

    Hanse-Himarwa okwa lombwele okomitiye ndjoka kutya uuministeli owa kala tawu pangele iilongadhalwa yawo yoskola wiikwatelela komathimbo ngoka haga longithwa moshilongo konima nkene kwa tulwa miilonga Ompango yEthimbo lyaNamibia mo-1994.

    Minista okwa popi kutya elunduluko lyomathimbo inali kala unene omukundu kuuministeli.

    Pethimbo lyokufu ooskola mondoolopa ohadhi lundulula ootundi dhawo opo dhi kale tadhi tameke po 07:00 nenge 07:30 omanga ooskola dhomomikunda hadhi tameke po-08:00. Ooskola ndhoka dhina ootundi dhopaaali odha pewa omayele dhi tameke po-07:00.

    Ngaashi tashi uthwa kOmpango yElongo yomo- 2001 ominista yelongo oyi na oonkondo okuninga okalideli kooskola noowili dhootundi.

    Hanse-Himarwa okwa popi kutya yo ohaya tala koonkalo dhomiitopolwa ayihe na ohaya tala woo kegameno lyaanaskola okuya nokuza kooskola.

    Okwa tsikile kutya uuministeli owa gandja ompito kooskola miitopolwa ayihe opo dhi kundathane kombinga yontotwaveta ndjoka.

    Oshitopolwa shaKunene, Omusati nOhangwena oya zimine opo ku kale owala taku longithwa ethimbo limwe ngaashi ontotwaveta ndjoka tayi pula molwashoka ooskola odhindji miitopolwa moka aanaskola ohaya ende iinano iile okuya kooskola.

    Moshitopolwa shaKhomas ooskola dhimwe po oshowo mooskola dhomoofaalama otadhi yambidhidha elunduluko lyomathimbo. Oya gandja omatompelo kutya aanaskola yamwe ohaya ende iinano iile okuya kooskola nokutaaguluka omilamba omanga yamwe taya kwata ootaxi, omanga mboka yomooskola dhomoofaalama yeli moshiponga shiiyamakuti.

    Ooskola shimwe po odha popile opo omathimbo kaga lundululwe molwaashoka aanaskola ohaya falwa kooskola nokukatalwako kooskola.

    Oshitopolwa shaZambezi ihashi lundula ethimbo.

    Iitopolwa yimwe inayi hala omathimbo ga kuthwepo molwaashoka ohayi kala nootundi dhopaali naashoka otayi ka piyagameka iilonga yawo unene kootundi dhomutenya.

    Hanse-Himarwa okwa holola woo okuuva nayi omolwa omayamukulo ga gandjwa kuuministeli womatembu kutya ouuminiteli welongo owumwe womiikondo mbyoka inayi yamukula nokugandja omagwedhelepo kombinga yontotwaveta ndjoka.

    Okwa popi kutya kali shi epuko lyuuministeli wawo kutya ontotwaveta ndjoka inayi pitithwa Omutumba gwoPashigwana, ihe endopo lyuuministeli womatembu mboka inawu ya moonkundathana nawa.

    Hanse-Himarwa okwa popi kutya omakwatathano noonkundathana dhoka dha nuninwa ontotwaveta ndjoka, odha ningwa owala poombapila dha tumwa nooemails nuuministeli owa kala wa kuutumba wa tegelela omayamukulo.

    “Ngele owa hala omaiyuvo gaantu nena owu na okuya mpoka yeli ino shanga owala oombapila e to tegelele aantu ya longe iilonga yoye,” Hanse-Himarwa ta ti.


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    Muyongo ta nyenyetele epangelo lyaNamibiaMuyongo ta nyenyetele epangelo lyaNamibia Omupresidende gwoUnited Democratic Party (UDP), Mishake Muyongo, okwa popi kutya oontauki dhaCaprivi ndhoka dha tokola okugalukila koNamibia okuza moBotswana otadhi tula moshiponga emanguluko lyawo molwaashoka epangelo itali ka hulitha po iilonga yalyo yanyata mbyoka tali ningile aantu yoshitopolwa shaZambezi.

    Ominista yomatembu, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, pethimbo a ningi oshipopiwa kombinga yomutengenkwatheneko guuministeli we, okwa popi kutya uuministeli pamwe naakuthimbinga yalwe otaya pangele egalulilo kegumbo lyoontauki dha thika po-903 ndhoka dhili mokamba yoontauki yaDukwe moBotswana.

    Shoka osha landula omutumba gwa ningwa no 18th Tripartite Commission ngoka gwa ningilwa moKatima Mulilo muAguste gwomvula ya piti. Momutumba ngoka omwa kundathanwa oshizemo shompangu yoPombanda yaBotswana shoka sha yi moshipala etulo miilonga lyoInvocation Cessation Clause, ndjoka yali yi na okukala ya tulwa miilonga momasiku 31 gaDecemba mo-2015.

    Ontopolwa ndjoka oyali tayi pula opo Botswana ka pitike ontauki yaNamibia yi kale moshilongo moka okuya pehulilo lyo-2015 naambaka yaali ya pewa uukwaywa wuuntauki otawu pu ongushu omanga mboka ya pewa egameno lyopapolitika taya ka pitikwa ya kale moshilongo shoka ethimbo ele kashona.

    Iithana-Ivula okwa popi kutya omutumba ngoka ya ningi ogwa holola kutya oshindji natango osha pumbwa okuningwa.

    Minista okwa tsikile kutya nonando ongaaka oontauki odha uvanekelwa kutya otadhi vulu okugalukila moshilongo negameno lyawo otali kalekwa po oshowo otadhi ka kwathelwa opo dhi vule okushuna moshigwana.

    Iivula-Ithana okwa popi kutya oontauki otadhi ka kwathelwa mokumona omikanda dhomalweendo na otaku ka ningwa endiki lyokutaambako oontauki ndhoka moshitopolwa shaZambezi. Oshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 10 osha nuninwa oprogramma ndjoka.

    Nonando ongaaka Muyongo, ngoka e li muupongekwa moDenmark, momukanda ngoka a pititha okwa holola oonkambadhala dhaNamibia ndhoka ta ningi mokugalulila moshilongo oontaauki ndhoka kutya odha nuninwa owala okuyonagulapo oshitopolwa shaZambezi. Okwa popi kutya epangelo lyaNamibia nali tseye kutya aantu ayehe mboka ya yi muupongekwa okuza moshitopolwa shoka oyeli iilyo yoUDP na oya hala okumanguluka okatopolwa kawo okuza kuNamibia.

    Okwa popi kutya epangelo lyaNamibia nali hulithepo okupiyaganeka oontauki ndhoka dhi li moBotswana lyo tali hulitha po woo ehepeko lyiimaliwa yoshigwana mbyoka yali yi na okulomgithwa miinima yilwe.

    Ongundu yaMuyongo oya popi kutya epangelo lyaNamibia olya kutha ko okanhunhu kaCaprivi okupitila moNotice No. 117 Promulgation of Application of Laws to the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel Act yomoJuni gwo 1999, oomwedhi owala ooshona omanga inaku ningwa onkambadhala yokukutha ko oshitopolwa shoka.

    UDP oya popi kutya ekutheko lyoshitopolwa shoka olya ningwa inaku ningwa oonkundathana naakalimo yomoshitopolwa shoka, mboka ye wete kutya oshitopolwa kashi shi shaNamibia.

    Muyongo momushangwa gwe ngoka guli kohi yoshipalanyolo “Caprivi, the Occupied Land by Namibia” okwa popi kutya Iivula-Ithana pethimbo lyomitumba ndhoka dha ningwa noontauki dhaDukwi muApilili gwo-2014 oshowo muMay gwo 2015 ina yamukula omapulo kombinga yetulo miilonga lyompango ndjoka yomo-1999.

    Okwa popi kutya epangelo lyaNamibia olya tula mondjeedhililo shaali paveta AaCaprivi oyendji oshowo okupangula aantu mboka taya tamanekelwa iilonga yuukulo, moka aantu ya thika po-20 ya si omaso aniwa taga limbililike.

    Okwa lundile woo epangelo lyaBotswana kutya otali topola omauyelele gomeholamo goontauki nepangelo lyaNamibia naashoka oshili e yo pondje lyompango yegameno lyoontauki muuyuni.

    Catherine Sasman

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    Elongo lyondjila pokati koVenduka-Okahandja tali pula komehoElongo lyondjila pokati koVenduka-Okahandja tali pula komeho Ondjila otayi longwa miitopolwa ine Omunambelewa Omukuluntu-pitithi gwehangano lyoRoads Authority (RA) Conrad Lutombi okwa popi kutya oshitopolwa oshititatu shiilonga yondjila ndjoka tayi longwa pokati kaVenduka naKahandja osha manithwa.

    Lutombi okwa popi nokukoleka kutya oshimaliwa sha thika poobiliyona 2.5 otashi ka longithwa mokumanitha ondjila ndjoka yomalila gaali kombinga kehe tayi tungwa pokati koondoolopa ndhoka mbali.

    Omunambelewa ngoka okwa popi kutya emanitho lyoshitopolwa oshititatu shondjila ndjoka olya manithwa nuumvo momeedhi Malitsa.

    “Oshitopolwa shoka osha kwatelamo ondjila ndjoka ya za moBrakwater okuya komulonga gwaDobra na osha longwa nokuningwa oondjila dhomalila gaali ndjoka yi li oshinano shookilometa 10,” Lutombi ta ti.

    Oshitopolwa oshititatu shelongo lyondjila ndjoka osha longwa neyambidhidho lyiimaliwa ya thika pomiliyona 335, ya gandjwa kehangano lyoKreditanstallt fuer Wiederafbau (KfW) lyaGermany .

    Lutombi okwa popi kutya ondjila ndjoka otayi ka manithwa miitopolwa ine.

    Oshitopowa shotango osha manithwa nale na osha kwatela mo elongo lyondjila ndjoka ya za moUnam sigo okepandaanda lyaSam Nujoma nondjila ndjoka oya longwa kongushu yoshimaliwa sha thika poobiliyona 1.1.

    Oshitopolwa oshititatu osha kwatela mo etungo lyondjila okuza koBrakwater okuya komulonga gwaDobra. Oshitopolwa oshitine osha topolwa miitopplwa iyali A naB.

    Oshitopolwa shaA osha kwatelamo iilonga tayi tameke okuza pomulonga gwaDobra okuya komulonga gwaOmakunde omanga oshitopolwa shaB sha kwatelamo iilonga tayi tameke pomulonga gwaOmakunde okuya sigo pomatopokelo gondjila yaKahandja naTjiwarongo.

    Lutombi okwa popi kutya oya longitha oshimaliwa sha thika pobiliyona 1.4 mokulonga oshitopolwa shotango noshitopolwa oshitine otashi ka pula natango iimaliwa ya thika pobiliyona 1.

    Okwa popi kutya oshitopolwa oshitine B otashi ka pula omwaalu gwa fa ogundji kashona molwaashoka otaya ka longulula oontompa woo ndhoka tadhi adhika mondjila ndjoka, na otaya tengeneke kutya otaya ka longitha oshimaliwa sha thika poobiliyona 2.5.

    Oshitopolwa oshitine otashi ka longwa kehangano lya yooloka kwa tumbulwa kutya ehangano lyaItaly lyedhina CMC pamwe nehangano lyaNamibia lyedhina Otesa.

    Lutombi okwa yelitha kutya oshitopolwa oshititatu otashi ka pula oshimaliwa sha thika poomiliyona 300. Iilonga mbyoka otayi tameke okuza poBrakwater sigo opeinda lyopolisi ndyoka li li pokati kaVenduka naKahandja.

    Okwa popi kutya ondando yelongo lyoshitopolwa oshititatu oya yi pombanda sigo opoomiliyona 335 molwaashoka oya nanununamo elongo lyondjila ndjoka taya pitipo peinda lyopolisi. Okwa tsikile kutya ondjila ndjoka inayi manithwa pethimbo, nehangano ndyoka lya li tali longo ondjila olya pewa egeelo lyiifuta molwaashoka olya ndopa okugwanitha po iilonga pethimbo. Oshitopolwa shoka osha longwa kehangano lyoAveng Grinaker-LTA.

    Okwa popi kutya ondjila ndjoka otayi ka tulwa omathano gokutala ondapo nokusitha aahingi uunye opo ya hingilile.Ondjila pokati kaVenduka naKahandja otayi manithwa okuya pehulilo lyo-2019.

    Shona Ngava

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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Zambia looks to IMF
  • Zambia looks to IMFZambia looks to IMFEconomic growth the lowest since 1998 Zambia seeks an IMF deal of as much as US$1.6 billion this month, according to its finance minister. The copper producer is in no hurry to issue a Eurobond. Zambia plans to reach an aid deal for as much as US$1.6 billion with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the end of April, finance minister Felix Mutati said. Bond yields fell.

    “At the moment we know that we can get up to US$1.6 billion, if you ask me, I'd go for the maximum,” he said in an interview on Monday. “Hopefully the programme can be presented to the board sometime end of June, beginning of July.”

    The country has been talking about getting IMF aid since 2014, but resisted after two presidential elections since then made the required reforms politically unattractive. The country's fiscal deficit has risen, foreign-exchange reserves have declined, and economic growth is near the lowest since 1998, spurring the need for a programme with the fund.

    Zambia's debt has also been climbing, putting pressure on the treasury. External debt has increased to US$6.9 billion, said Mutati, who President Edgar Lungu appointed finance minister in September. That's more than double the level in 2012. Total government debt is about US$10 billion, which is “pretty high,” he said.

    Fiscal pressure

    “Although this development is concerning, we do not see the latest incident as delaying IMF discussions,” Irmgard Erasmus, an economist at South Africa-based NKC African Economics, said in an emailed response to questions.

    “Our baseline view is still that Zambia will agree to a programme of around US$1.3 billion as pressure on the fiscal position and balance of payments remains elevated.”

    The cabinet agreed that the government conclude negotiations with the IMF for a programme, information minister Kampamba Mulenga said last week. It considers a package as “necessary” for Zambia's economic recovery, she said.

    The government has sold US$3 billion in Eurobonds, the most recent being US$1.25 billion in 2015. It is “not in a hurry” to issue another, and won't do so this year, said Mutati.

    Yields on the country's three dollar bonds fell, with the rate on the US$1 billion of debt due in April 2024 declining 14 basis points, the most since 16 March, to 7.92% by 17:45 in Lusaka on Tuesday. The yield on the bond [that matures in 2022] dropped 13 basis points.

    Zambia still needs to clarify to the Washington-based lender how it will pay off about US$1.8 billion the government owes in arrears, Mutati said in his office. He spoke before flying to the U.S. to attend the IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings that begin today.

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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Aunty Nangy
  • Aunty NangyAunty Nangy Bleeding continuously

    Dear Aunty Nangy, I am a 17-year old girl and I have a problem with my periods. I have been menstruating non-stop for two months now. What can I do Aunty? Please help me.

    You must see a doctor as soon as possible because excessive bleeding can cause health problems. The most common cause of this problem is hormones and the doctor will help you to identify which hormones are causing problems. The bleeding must be stopped otherwise you will end up being anaemic.

    How do I tell my friend?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with my best friend who is 15 years old and dating a 20-year-old guy. This is bad. Please help me how to advise her.

    You are a friend indeed and people like you who worry about their friends are rare. I really understand how you feel about your very young friend who is already having a romantic relationship with a guy far older than her. You are a genuine friend. It is worrying that many young girls are indulging in sexual relationships and jeopardising their future. Your concern shows that you are a reasonable young girl and you must make your friend see things and life the way you do. Explain to your friend the importance of not losing focus and getting your priorities right. Tell her about the dangers of indulging in sex at an early age and the consequences such as contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV and falling pregnant. Ask her what she would do if this were the case and tell her to be careful.

    I love her

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I am a guy of 36. I have been dating a girl for four years now but I didn't tell her that I have a wife. She only found out this year. I love her and she loves me. What can I do? I don't want to lose her.

    You are just one of those men who are dishonest and cruel. You are a liar who has taken for a ride the woman you are in love with. You are a married man with a wife and children to look after and yet for four years you took these women for a ride. I am not your girlfriend and that your girlfriend found out is good because she now knows your true character. It is cruelty not only to your girlfriend but also to your wife. You may lose both if you are not careful. I am not the woman you have been cheating but if I was, I was definitely going to show you the red card. It is people like you who spread HIV and other sexually transmitted infections by your promiscuous behaviour while the country is spending millions of dollars to minimise the spread of these infections. My advice to you is to stick with your wife and let the other woman you have lied to go. You cannot have the best of both worlds.

    Does she love me?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I have a problem with my girlfriend. She always asks me to buy her a smart phone and other things but when I call her to come and sleep next to me she does not want to come. She says I am her one and only. Is this really true? Can you help me Aunty.

    The problem that I see with men especially these days is, they think buying a girlfriend is a guarantee or licence to sleep with her. The real challenge is, there is so much casual sex everywhere and it is high time that you men understand the true essence of being in love. Mr Man, buying your girlfriend a smart phone and all those other goodies is no key to open her legs for you unless the woman is a sex worker. True love is not conditional love. It is love that flows freely between two people genuinely in love. Probably this woman has read your mind and knows that after buying her the goodies you want her to pay back with sex. She is not a commercial sex worker and please get that clearly. She truly loves you and is keeping herself for you until the time is ripe and you have proved that your love is unconditional.

    What treats piles?

    Dear Auntie Nangy, I'm a 19-year-old girl and I have piles. What pills or cream can buy so that they can disappear? Please Aunty help me.

    My dear girl you don't need to worry anymore about piles. I know it is a painful condition but someone shared with me recently how to treat them permanently with a very simple and cheap method. Look for a castor oil plants and when you find them just pluck the top young and soft shoots. Gather a handful or more and put them in a container where you can crush them until they are a soft mash. Take a teaspoon of salt and mix with the crushed leaves. Form into a ball and push it up your rectum. Do this for seven days and they will never bother you again.

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  • 04/20/17--16:00: Make way for Karishma
  • Make way for Karishma Make way for Karishma Hot, new, eager and talented Rapper girl Karishma shares her story into the music industry and her latest work with tjil. She titled her project after her name which means ‘miracle’ because she believes it is indeed one. The 21-year-old rapper started her career in 2010 and has only sung to her own lyrics and songs. Karishma said she never wanted to depend on anyone to have her music out as it was her passion alone and since then, she made it her mission to be the best at it.” I was a gap in the industry because you hardly get female rappers that stick. Many come and go. So I made sure that I got my lyrical content straight for my music so I don’t become an ordinary artist,” she said.

    Black Karishma is her first project since coming onto the scene and she says she took long because she was looking for perfection. The mix tape has eight tracks which are all hers except for speeches and interludes. The first song is one that is close to her as she says it made her find her sound and purpose in the industry. “I don’t have a favourite song per se, but track five on the album titled ‘Oh Lord’ is the game-changer and I’m sure other hip hop fanatics will agree with me. What can I say, just get your copy and judge it yourself,” said Karishma. She has featured the Magogoes, Berney and Chester the House Prince. She is currently working on a hot project with Tulisan.

    The rapper said she will use the mix tape as a stepping stone into her mainstream career as she is currently an underground artist. She says she will have music videos coming soon. Being a new kid on the block Karishma says the rap industry has space for anyone to take the opportunity to make it better and she hopes to make a difference in Namibian music. “It’s all about being the best you can be. It’s a jungle out there so each man for himself and God for us all,” she said.

    The mix tape can be purchased through direct orders. Karishma’s fans can order Black Karishma on her social media accounts.

    June Shimuoshili

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