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  • 04/02/17--16:00: No fuel price change
  • No fuel price changeNo fuel price change Drivers can rejoice in the fact that they will not have to fork out a cent more for petrol or diesel this month.

    “The Ministry of Mines and Energy announces that fuel pump prices for April 2017 will remain unchanged,” said its minister, Obeth Kandjoze.

    The Basic Fuel Price Unit Rate Slate calculations for the past month recorded moderate over-recoveries on all the regulated petroleum products according to Kandjoze.

    “The over-recoveries recorded are sufficient to trigger a small decrease in local pump prices. However, the ministry resolved to keep pump prices unchanged in order to strengthen and stabilise the financial position of the National Energy Fund with regard to the Fuel Equalisation Levy account.”

    As a result, unleaded petroleum will remain unchanged at N$11, diesel 500 ppm at N$10.83 and diesel 50 ppm at N$10.88.


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    Opposition demands transparencyOpposition demands transparency Three opposition parties have demanded a financial report of government spending since 1990.

    At a press briefing last week, the three parties - National Democratic Party (NDP), Christian Democratic Voice (CDV) and Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) - demanded accountability and transparency.

    NDP leader Martin Lukato called on the Swapo-led government to step down and call fresh general elections in 2018 which would be supervised and monitored by the United Nations or any other independent body approved by all registered political parties and other stakeholders.

    “This will treat all registered political parties equally as the Swapo regime has failed the nation by misusing the Namibian resources which has caused the dilemma facing the country,” said Lukato.

    He also said if Namibia's mineral resources had been used wisely, Namibians would not be poor.

    “We have observed a lot of things going on and these include corruption, where millions and billions of Namibian dollars go missing or are being stolen from the coffers without recovery. Furthermore, the perpetrators of these crimes of corruption, theft and fraud are yet to be apprehended and brought to book,” Lukato said.

    Lukato also demanded that the law be amended to have a neutral and independent Speaker of the National Assembly and chairperson of the National Council.

    “Our slogan should be no oppression, no dictatorship, no corruption, no divide and rule, no one-party state and no imposed laws which can cause civil war in Namibia. Namibia is a wide country, a very rich country with a small population. Let's us promote democracy, transparency, rule of law and human rights,” Lukato said.


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  • 04/02/17--16:00: Get your paper in the south
  • Get your paper in the southGet your paper in the south Readers of Namibian Sun based in the south will no longer have to wait for their daily copies of their favourite newspaper following an announcement by Namibia Media Holdings that the newspaper will now be distributed to previously unserved towns.

    The Republikein and Allgemeine Zeitung will also be distributed in the south on a daily basis.

    “We have readers in far-flung areas of the country that need to be informed of daily news in their language. These communities have not previously been served,” said NMH's distribution manager, Ettiene Kotze.

    Readers can get their favourite newspapers at Karas Spar, Hanzell Trust Puma Service Station and Shoprite Usave at Karasburg.

    The newspapers will also be available at Kaap Agri at the Shell Service Station at Grünau, while the Engen One Stop service station at Noordoewer and the Noordoewer supermarket will serve the Noordoewer community.

    The three dailies will also be available at Aussenkehr for the first time and readers can grab their copies at the local Spar supermarket. “Now everyone in the country can have access to quality information on a daily basis,” said Kotze.


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    First Lady pledges her estateFirst Lady pledges her estate'One Economy Foundation will outlive me' First Lady Monica Geingos says at least half of her large estate will go towards the empowerment foundation that she founded. First Lady Monica Geingos plans to pledge half of her estate to the One Economy Foundation when she dies, and all of her estate if her children can sustain themselves after finishing university.

    She made the comment at a handover ceremony in Windhoek on Friday where the Chinese business community pledged to give N$600 000 to the One Economy Foundation.

    Speaking off the cuff, she said: “Fifty percent of my estate must go to the One Economy Foundation when I die. When my children finish university and can sustain themselves, 100% of my estate can go to the foundation. When I say I want the foundation to live beyond me I mean it.”

    Geingos said neither she nor the two other directors, Dawid Fourie and Kauna Ndilula, received a salary from the foundation.

    “Myself, Dawid Fourie and Kauna Ndilula have waived our rights to board fees. I will never benefit from what comes into the foundation, nor will the directors. I will never take a salary from the foundation. I am happy to open One Economy's books to anyone,” she said.

    She also spoke about the foundation's efficiency in distributing donor money. “Ninety-eight percent of what One Economy gets goes straight to the beneficiaries. I will work hard to ensure that it does not go below 95%.”

    According to Geingos, One Economy's governance structure rates as one of the best in the country.

    “We have a very strict governance framework developed by Schalk Walters. We have one of the top governance structures in the country.”

    The foundation planned to give collateral-free loans to small and medium enterprises run by women, said Geingos.

    “We are going to start giving collateral-free loans to women SMEs. There will also be a payment holiday. There will be 0% charges. No secret fees or charges on the loan.

    “We also want to give young people access to finance. We will charge 5% and if you are successful, you will get back 2% of the interest charged. We will only help people if we are sure it can get you out of poverty.”

    She warned, though, that the foundation was not a form of cheap financing and said that individuals would need to prove that they could not get access to funding elsewhere. “We will ask for a letter of rejection. We are not a form of cheap finance.”

    She conceded that a lot of work lay ahead in terms of ensuring the foundation was sustainable, but remained positive that its work would continue after her death.

    “Give us a chance. We are still not where we want to be in terms of funding. This will outlive me. The One Economy Foundation has to live beyond me.”

    Geingos had previously revealed that her wealth was between N$45 million and N$60 million. Her extended business web ranges from uranium exploration to retail, property, fishing, manufacturing and the media industry. She owns a house valued at N$7.5 million in Klein Windhoek. Her liabilities, of which a huge chunk is a home loan with First National Bank, total about N$3.9 million.


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    Protracted Skorpion negotiations concludedProtracted Skorpion negotiations concluded The protracted labour negotiations between Skorpion Zinc and the Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) were successfully concluded on Friday.

    The parties agreed on a two-year wage deal which will result in no salary increases for the 2017-2018 financial year, and an inflation-based increase for the 2018-2019 financial year.

    As a result, Skorpion will now lay off only 43 employees instead of the 278 it initially planned to retrench. Skorpion will retain 192 employees, who will be seconded to Basil Read Namibia, while 22 employees will be absorbed elsewhere in Skorpion.

    “The conclusion of this redundancy agreement is part of a Skorpion Zinc narrative which is premised on the extension of the life of mine. The project will create an additional 170 jobs through Basil Read. This has extended the life of mine for another three years, providing much-needed certainty for our employees and community,” said Skorpion Zinc general manager Irvin Simataa.

    MUN acting president Desley Somseb was very happy about the outcome of the negotiations. “A very important milestone has been reached and we have demonstrated that Namibia comes first. We have sacrificed salary increases for the next two years to allow the expansion process to continue. It brings a stable environment to our country.”

    Minister of mines and energy Obeth Kandjoze had described the negotiations as very challenging. “It was a very willing resolution that resolved to reach an agreement. The four and a half days of negotiating was very difficult,” he said.

    As part of the restructuring process, Skorpion Zinc general manager Irvin Simataa explained that Skorpion would have to mine a new ore body, which lay deeper than the one currently being mined. The existing ore body and current mine, Pit 103, is due to be depleted by June and Skorpion would need to start stripping away as much as 72 million tonnes of waste to access Pit 112 as soon as possible to reach the new ore body.

    “Our fleet is inappropriate to access Pit 112. There is definitely a need to restructure; the business decision has been taken. The urgency of the restructuring cannot be overemphasised. If we do not start in the next three months, the validity of this project will be in jeopardy and 1 500 people will definitely be jobless,” said Simataa.

    In an email sent to Skorpion Zinc staff members before news of the pending retrenchments broke, Simataa informed them of the imminent closure of the mine and the need to restructure.

    “To ensure business continuity and prevent mine closure by June 2017, the company's best alternative is to restructure and implement initiatives intended at extending the life of the mine. The best economic and most sensible alternative considered is the outsourcing of our mining operation to a third party with an adequate and appropriate heavy mining equipment and capability to mine large quantities of waste economically within the timeframe to prevent refinery and mine closure. This has become unavoidable. A total of 278 employees within the mining department will be affected,” said Simataa.


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    City defends 7de Laan evictionsCity defends 7de Laan evictions The City of Windhoek defended their decision to evict and demolish the 7de Laan shacks of at least 15 applicants in the Windhoek High Court on Friday, claiming they were preventing an attempt at aggressive, unlawful occupation of land.

    City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho stated in his affidavit that he had not needed a court order because “I am obliged by law to prevent the actual commission of an offence and since the illegal occupants, who I believe included the applicants, were in the process of erecting structures which were in any event incomplete, I was duty bound to stop their unlawful activity there and then.”

    His affidavit was submitted after 15 applicants brought an urgent application before High Court Judge Shafimana Ueitele last week, asking that the court order their eviction illegal.

    The case has attracted widespread public interest, and the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist group decided to assist the affected parties in bringing the case to court, including costs.

    Lawyers acting on behalf of the City told the judge that the frequency of illegal land occupation had increased in the past months and in order to prevent the erection of more illegal homes, the City had posted security guards at key locations and had compiled a list containing the names of 13 occupants who were already living in that particular area of 7de Laan.

    The affidavit of Benedictus Ngairorue, the legal advisor to the City of Windhoek, states that on 28 March at 04:00 a security guard became aware “that a rather sizeable number of people were descending on Erf 3162, 7de Laan, Otjomuise, with the intention of occupying the land.”

    He alerted the authorities, who responded by stopping the erection of shacks.

    Ngairorue said none of the 13 people who had been documented to live there previously were affected by the police operation.

    Kadhila Amoomo, one of the AR lawyers acting on behalf of the applicants, pointed out that one of the applicants, Alex Bering, was on the City's list and had signed up as one of the applicants who claimed his house was demolished.

    Thom Frans, the security guard who alerted City officials, testified in his brief affidavit that his job was to “ensure that no new illegal occupiers came to the land in question”.

    He told the court that on the morning in question “there were attempts by, among others, people who I believe included the applicants herein, who attempted to occupy the land in question…”

    Amoomo argued that all of the applicants had been living in the 7de Laan shacks for longer than the police alleged, some of them more than three years, including the first applicant, Christine Likuwa.

    He argued that photographs submitted by the City, showing what the City alleged were incomplete shacks, were not evidence that they were unoccupied.

    Amoomo also argued that the City had offered the applicants the return of the shack building material that was initially confiscated from the scene.

    He argued that if the applicants had committed an offence, why had the City offered to return their belongings. “It means there was no offence. It boggles the mind,” he argued.

    Thabang Phatella, arguing on behalf of the City, said the City's policies on illegal land occupation were clear and as such the City had taken steps to ensure they knew how many houses and people were at the site before 28 March.

    He said the City Police had not acted maliciously but were merely upholding the law.

    He explained that the City had offered to return the building materials, and not laid criminal charges, in an attempt to “extend an olive branch”, because the City was aware of the dire circumstances in which some of the city's most vulnerable residents had to survive.

    Judge Ueitele warned the lawyers for the applicants that he would base his decision on the facts of the case and not on the emotions surrounding the case.

    He postponed the case until 7 April for judgment.


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  • 04/02/17--16:00: Kandjii court cases continue
  • Kandjii court cases continueKandjii court cases continueGobabis poaching case postponed to May The five men accused of killing three rhinos on a farm near Gobabis in December remain behind bars. The poaching case against Gerson Kandjii (51) and four co-accused charged with killing rhinos on a Gobabis farm in December has been postponed to May. The five men remain in custody.

    Kandjii, a former Brave Warriors physiotherapist, made another appearance before the Gobabis Magistrate's Court on Friday on poaching charges, following three months behind bars after his arrest in late December.

    Magistrate Godwin Chidzande postponed the poaching case to 10 May for further police investigations and for legal aid feedback for the accused persons.

    David Stephanus (35), accused number 4, did not appear on Friday as he was appearing in the Dordabis periodical court on another case of armed robbery at the Dordabis post office which took place last year.

    Stephanus had initially indicated he would instruct a private lawyer to make a formal bail application, but this arrangement was cancelled after Stephanus changed lawyers late last week.

    The three other accused in the matter are Erwin Tjiteere (37), Domingo Justice Moma (32) Zee Shekumba (39), who was the last of the gang to be arrested in late January.

    Shekumba was employed at farm Khainas near Gobabis where the poaching took place. Three rhinos died from gunshot wounds inflicted by the poachers when they embarked on their mid-day hunting spree on 21 or 22 December.

    Two of the rhinos died immediately and the poachers managed to saw off their horns before fleeing the scene. The third rhino, a young, pregnant female, survived the initial assault but died from the serious injuries she sustained about a month later.

    A male rhino survived the attack.

    All five suspects are charged with the illegal hunting of specially protected game. If convicted, they could face a maximum jail term of 20 years, a fine of N$200 000, or both.

    Crime spree

    Kandjii, Moma, Tjiteere and Stephanus were all out on bail in previous cases of poaching, murder and robbery when they were arrested.

    In January, Kandjii was also charged with illegal possession of ammunition after the police had discovered 46 cartridges for a hunting rifle in his possession. That case was postponed to 12 April.

    Kandjii is linked with Moma and Tjiteere in a murder and robbery case dating back to the killing of Reinhardt Schmidt on the hunting farm Hoodia in the Kalkrand District in February 2015. They were released on N$5 000 bail in November 2015.

    The case is set to continue on 28 April in the Kalkrand periodical court at Mariental.

    During their last appearance on 6 March the case was postponed because a fourth co-accused, Stephanus Jansen, did not appear at court.

    Together with four others, including David Stephanus who is now in custody in Gobabis, Kandjii was also arrested in November 2014 for allegedly poaching critically endangered black rhinos in Etosha National Park.

    They were additionally charged with possession of a firearm without licence and unlawful possession of ammunition.

    Police at the time reported that they had seized thousands of dollars when the gang was arrested.

    They were released on N$20 000 bail in January 2015. That case will continue on 7 April at Okahao.


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    Five escape from Oshakati cellsFive escape from Oshakati cells Five awaiting-trial detainees escaped from the Oshakati police station holding cells in the Oshana Region at the weekend.

    The escapees were described as “very dangerous”.

    They were identified as Arsandri Wendelinus, accused of rape, Theodor Sebedeus, accused of murder, Lucas Simeon, who is facing charges of murder and rape, Johannes Haihambo, facing charges of robbery and assault, and Iipinge Gustav, also known as 'Tupac', who is accused of murder.

    The region's police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Thomas Aiyambo, said the five escaped after cutting open the roof of their cell.

    Aiyambo said the escape was discovered early Saturday morning. The time of the escape was yet to be determined.

    Aiyambo said the suspects might have fled to Omusati, Ohangwena or to Angola via Oshikango.

    He called on the public to inform the nearest police station if they have information about the whereabouts of the suspects. The public should not confront the suspects, as they are regarded as dangerous.


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  • 04/02/17--16:00: Another beached whale found
  • Another beached whale foundAnother beached whale foundMalnutrition appears to be the cause Marine biologists are worried about unexplained strandings by humpback whales and other sea animals in the last two months. It's been quite a busy few days for the Namibian Dolphin Project (NDP) in Walvis Bay and for Lüderitz Marine Research (LMR) crews.

    With four confirmed strandings (and counting) reported along the Namibian coastline and four possible strandings reported for the west coast of South Africa, something awfully wrong is going on at the moment.

    The emaciated state of the first humpback discovered at Paaltjies seemed to rule out the algal toxin hypothesis after some potentially toxic algal blooms were detected earlier this month off Lüderitz.

    “The high number of strandings of humpback whales over the past two months in Namibia at this time of year is very unusual. No clear cause is yet known,” said Dr Simon Elwen of the NDP.

    “We currently do not have any data yet from South Africa but the Namibian Dolphin Project is coordinating with colleagues in Lüderitz (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources) and South Africa (Department of Environmental Affairs) to ensure we collect all the data we can.”

    Elwen pointed out that a similar event occurred off the coasts of South America and Australia in 2010 and was thought to be associated primarily with malnutrition.

    He said the humpback whale population off West Africa was generally regarded as large and healthy and had been growing at between 7 and 10% per year.

    “This is likely to result in increased competition for food within and between species for resources, all of which are being affected at all levels of the ecosystem by human overfishing and climate-change effects.”

    In addition to the two dead humpback whales discovered at Paaltjies on 26 and 29 March, after the two had been discovered near Oranjemund earlier, reports were received of a dead Heaviside's dolphin and a dead leatherback turtle between Windpomp 14 and Swakopmund on 24 March.

    LMR also reported the successful rescue of an adult female Risso's dolphin in distress within the perimeters of the Lüderitz harbour on 28 March.

    According to Dr Jean Paul Roux, a marine biologist with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, the Risso's dolphin rescued in Lüderitz harbour appeared healthy. It is very rare to Namibian waters and the three-metre-long animal is capable of reaching a weight of 300 to 500 kg.

    “We didn't manage to find the dolphin but found the turtle. Our strandings network team also visited the site where the first humpback whale stranded at Paaltjies on 26 March and took a range of standard measures and samples for further analysis.

    The animal was a 15.3m-long male humpback whale. Unfortunately it was already well decomposed, suggesting it had died at sea several days earlier, but a skin sample was taken for inclusion in long-term databases and comparisons.

    “No cause of death or human interference was evident. The second animal was discovered in the same vicinity and is of smaller size,” commented Elwen.

    Leatherback turtles are endangered globally and very little is known of these elusive turtle giants in Namibia. Although in recent years whales have been recorded in all months of the year at some point, strandings at this time of year are usually rare.

    Humpback whales are the most common large whale species along the Namibian coast and are usually observed between June and October during their northward and southward migration from Southern Ocean feeding grounds to breeding grounds in the tropical waters of Angola and West Africa.

    “Some whales stay around on the west coast of southern Africa well into summer where they feed in the rich waters of the Benguela Ecosystem and this result in an additional summer peak in numbers.

    “The feeding whales have been known to form into 'supergroups' of ten to hundreds of animals and although summer feeding has been observed in Namibia no supergroups have been seen yet,” Elwen pointed out.

    The NDP advises people who come across a live stranded whale or dolphin not to touch the animal but to rather cover its body with a towel or blanket to prevent sunburn and keep the animal wet using fresh or saltwater.

    The blowholes on the top of the head, which are the animals' 'nostrils', should be kept uncovered. Noise should be kept to a minimum and crowds must be kept away from the animal.


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    Dagga, stolen goods found in car with copsDagga, stolen goods found in car with cops It is alleged that the Oshana police are dragging their feet in a matter in which two Ondangwa police officers were allegedly found in a car carrying dagga and stolen goods.

    Three occupants of a car stopped by a police patrol in Ondangwa last week were taken to the police station. The driver was arrested but the two passengers, said to be police officers, were let go.

    Namibian Sun was informed that the officers who made the arrest were ordered by senior officers to set the two free.

    Deputy Commissioner Hilja Haipumbu confirmed that there had been three people in the car and that the driver had been arrested, but she denied that the two passengers were police officers.

    “A vehicle with three occupants was found with stolen items and cannabis. This was done during a police patrol in Ondangwa. The stolen items, bedding and a microwave, belong to a local private clinic but were stolen in a housebreaking at Bon Vida flats. We only arrested the driver, while investigating the other two occupants,” Haipumbu said.

    However, while the police spokesman was addressing the media at the Ondangwa police station, the arrested driver confronted members of the police, saying that all the items found in his car belonged to the officers who were found with him.

    Asked why only the driver was arrested, Haipumbu said: “We are investigating the two passengers.”

    Haipumbu said the volume of dagga was 90 grams, with a street value of N$270. She said the suspect would appear before the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court.

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    390 unclaimed dead to be cremated390 unclaimed dead to be crematedMortuary crisis resolved at last A protracted crisis at the overcrowded police mortuary in Windhoek seems to have been resolved. Close to 400 unclaimed bodies from the state and police mortuaries will be cremated by the City of Windhoek at a cost of about N$165 000 in the coming months.

    The announcement marked the end of a drawn-out crisis that was described as “catastrophic” by a police official last year, when more than triple the number of bodies were stored in a cold-storage room designed to hold 24 bodies.

    Currently more than 120 unclaimed bodies are stored at the police mortuary.

    Dr Andreas Mwoombola, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Health, on Friday confirmed that the ministry had issued a purchase order for N$164 700 to cremate 390 bodies.

    It was confirmed over the weekend that the rest of the unclaimed bodies are from the Windhoek state mortuary.

    In a statement to Namibian Sun Mwoombola said the ministry had “offered to assist the Namibian Police with disposing of unclaimed bodies from the mortuary”.

    This follows an agreement from last year, when the health ministry confirmed it would cremate 76 of the unclaimed bodies at the police mortuary, which has not yet happened.

    Over the past year, the mortuary has reached out frequently to the public to encourage families to claim bodies, after the situation reached crisis proportions and autopsies were delayed on several occasions due to the body count at the mortuary.

    Staff complained about the health risks and the smell.

    The issue of unclaimed bodies came to a head last year, when police officials admitted that there was no budget to dispose of unclaimed bodies.

    At the time, they said they relied solely on assistance form the health ministry if members of the public did not claim the bodies of their relatives.

    In July brief talks were held with the attorney-general and the Ministry of Finance and a request for N$5 million was reportedly submitted to cover the costs of disposing of the bodies.

    In March, Dr Paul Ludik of the National Forensic Science Institute told Namibian Sun that the issue had been resolved and that the ministry of health was responsible for the remains if unclaimed for an indefinite period of time.

    The ministry denied that for the second time.

    On Friday, Mwoombola said the agreement to fund the cremation of the 390 bodies, including those from the police mortuary, was not permanent and that the way forward was yet to be determined.

    Mwoombola added that he could not comment on a meeting between the ministry of health and Ludik and other police officials because “there has been no meeting between the ministry, Dr Ludik and any other party on the matter”.


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    State wants share in lottery luckState wants share in lottery luck Government has set its sights on implementing a state lottery as one of the solutions to the nation's funding woes.

    Last week tourism minister Pohamba Shifeta tabled the Lottery Bill in the National Assembly, saying the proposed national lottery would contribute to the development activities of the country in areas such as poverty alleviation, education and sport.

    This essentially means that the government will receive a certain percentage of money collected from lotteries and gaming.

    During the State of the Nation Address last year, President Hage Geingob stated that the government was investigating the feasibility of establishing a state lottery as part of the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

    According to the authorities, a state lottery would not only contribute to poverty alleviation efforts, but would also supplement state revenue streams.

    The bill revises the existing Lotteries Act of 2002, which was mainly established to regulate and control lottery activities in the country.

    If parliament passes the proposed legislation, a Lotteries Board will be established to supervise and control benevolent lotteries in the country.

    “The government of Namibia acknowledges gambling as a 'social reality' and seeks to regulate, monitor and control the lottery industry in the interest of protecting society, but also to ensure that the profits from legal gambling through lotteries is used to support good causes,” said Shifeta. “Lotteries run for or by the governments are used as a source of funds to support public programmes such as infrastructure development, public safety, public health and education.”

    Shifeta was optimistic that a state lottery could be an effective and pro-poor source of revenue. In many countries, state lotteries are used to provide extra funding for various state programmes without increasing the tax burden.

    “The Harambee Prosperity Plan directs that revenue collected through the state lottery will, like the solidary wealth tax, be directed to poverty eradication activities under the supervision of the Special Tax Committee. It states further that winning proceeds will be paid directly in cash, as a compulsory investment in housing and pension, and a cash payment.”

    The proceeds of a state lottery would help fund social programmes as well as state revenue to support national development programmes.

    The proposed legislation makes provision for the Lotteries Board to run the state lottery on its own or through an operator who would be granted a licence. “In essence the Lotteries Board has to assure that the state lottery is run with all due propriety, that the interests of participants in the state lottery are protected, that the long-term sustainability of the state lottery is safeguarded, and subject to the above, the revenues allocated to good causes are as high as possible,” said Shifeta.

    According to Shifeta, the bill has taken into consideration possible challenges that may arise from lottery activities, such as the potential involvement of minors.

    “Sending a minor any document which advertises the lottery or bringing to the attention of a minor information about lotteries with a view to encourage the minor to participate is an offence and punishable,” he said.

    The legislation will also protect members of the public against schemes that can defraud them through fake competitions.

    The security and safety risks associated with publicly announcing lottery winners have also been identified as a challenge.

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    Learner drowns during school excursionLearner drowns during school excursion A learner at Windhoek’s St George's Diocesan College drowned in the Orange River yesterday while on a school tour. The police at Noordoewer have opened an inquest docket to investigate the death of 17-year-old Tunga Kakololo who drowned yesterday at around 17:30. “It is alleged that the deceased was on a school tour with teachers and learners. The deceased’s next of kin are informed. Police investigations continue,” Nampol said in a statement.

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     SA downgraded to junk status SA downgraded to junk status Ratings agency S&P has moved to downgrade South Africa to sub-investment grade today to reflect its view that the divisions in the ANC-led government have led to changes in the executive leadership.
    The decision follows a Cabinet reshuffle at midnight on Friday which claimed the jobs of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas.
    The rand reacted immediately to trade at R13.71/$. By 17:53 it changed hands at R13.67 to the greenback.
    S&P said the executive changes initiated by President Jacob Zuma have put at risk fiscal and growth outcomes.
    “We assess that contingent liabilities to the state are rising,” the global ratings agency said in a statement on Monday.

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  • 04/03/17--16:00: NPL begins with derby
  • NPL begins with derbyNPL begins with derbyTigers away from home The MTC Namibia Premier League fixtures have been announced. Orlando Pirates face arch-rivals Black Africa in the opening game of the Namibia Premier League season next month.

    The derby is expected to attract a large number of fans to the Independence Stadium after a long football drought.

    The standard of play probably won't be up to par, though, given that many of the players have not been in action for a very long time.

    Tigers also face a tough task when they travel to Otjiwarongo to meet Mighty Gunners.

    The club will be without their talisman Absalom Iimbondi, who is now playing professionally in Botswana.

    Coach Brian Isaacs faces a tough task as he tries to gather and prepare his players.

    The champions will be hoping to kick off their campaign with a win to put them in a good position for defending their title.

    Tigers spokesperson Hafeni Hiveluah said his club would hold a meeting on 7 April to get everything in order.

    “The executive committee of Tigers Sports Club is inviting all our esteemed supporters, members and all relevant stakeholders to a consultative meeting on Friday.

    “The meeting will take place at Mandume Ndemufayo Primary School in Windhoek.

    “The topic for discussion is Tigers FC's 90th anniversary planning and selection of an organising committee

    “The other topic on the agenda will be the preparation for the football season kicking off in May,” Hiveluah said. Hiveluah said his club's intended to successfully defend their league title.

    In other fixtures, African Stars will host Young Chiefs at the Independence Stadium on 13 May.

    Civics are pitted against Tsumeb's Chief Santos at the Independence Stadium in their first match of the season on 13 May.

    Tura Magic will travel to Rundu where they will play Rundu Chiefs on 13 May. Eleven Arrows will host Citizens FC, while Blue Waters take on Unam FC at Walvis Bay. Young African FC will make their debut against Life Fighters FC.

    All the clubs are expected to play double headers throughout the season. Many of the clubs have confirmed that they had begun with their preparations for the new season.

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  • 04/03/17--16:00: Pirates prepare for cup tie
  • Pirates prepare for cup tiePirates prepare for cup tie Orlando Pirates coach Woody Jacobs says his team is busy with intense preparations for the upcoming DebMarine Namibia Cup.

    Jacobs says the players have been idle for close to two years, something which has hurt him a lot as soccer is a great part of him.

    The coach says it will be difficult to get the players on form but it is a job he is looking forward to.

    The outspoken coach says the N$18 000 participating fee that each team received is the start of great things to come. “We did not have any money, now we do, so we need to grab what we received and make use of it.”

    However, he emphasises that he does not want to focus too much on the money but rather on getting his players prepared for the knockout tournament and comfortable with the new environment they will be playing in.

    In the past the premier league has been marred by personal clashes and infighting, something Jacob says should stop in order for everyone to progress.

    “Many things have happened in the past and with that players suffered a lot, but I am excited about the fact that the president intervened and showed the nation that soccer in this country will go on, so let us all focus on building the game we love.”

    Speaking about the fans, Jacobs says they have been starved of games for too long but it is up to them to invest in local clubs by buying club shirts and filling the stadiums on match day.

    “You have been crying for soccer, now come through and fill the empty chairs. Stop supporting European players and support local as well. We need you as much as you need us.”

    He also encourages rival teams to stand up and give potential sponsors a reason for giving their hard-earned money to their clubs.

    Clashes in DebMarine Namibia Cup will kick off on 22 and 23 April at Windhoek's Sam Nujoma Stadium and the Oscar Norich Stadium at Tsumeb.

    Each club from the Round of 32 will receive N$18 000 for preparations while the winners will walk away with N$500 000.

    Action at the Kuisebmond Stadium in Walvis Bay and the Mokati Stadium takes place on 29 April and again on 30 April at the latter venue.


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  • 04/03/17--16:00: United may focus on Europa
  • United may focus on EuropaUnited may focus on EuropaEverton next for Man United Manchester United squandered their chances of closing the gap between them and neighbours City after a poor display. Manchester United may field weakened teams in the league if a top-four finish seems beyond them in order to boost their chances of winning the Europa League, manager Jose Mourinho has said.

    United were held 0-0 by West Bromwich Albion at the weekend, leaving them five points adrift of fourth-placed Manchester City but with a game in hand. They host seventh-placed Everton today and travel to bottom club Sunderland on Sunday.

    United visit Belgian side Anderlecht in the first leg of their Europa League quarter-final on April 13 before hosting the return a week later.

    A top four Premier League place is needed for access to the Champions League but United could grab a place in Europe's elite club competition next season by winning the Europa League. “I just want to think that against Everton we are going to do what we tried to do (against West Brom), to try to play with our best team and try to win the match,” Mourinho told British media.

    “And after Everton we go to Sunderland with the same perspective ... then the Europa League comes and I don't know.

    “It's possible that you see me play in the Premier League with a team where I'm going to protect the players that I consider fundamental for the Europa League.”

    Manchester United has never won the Europa League or its predecessor, the UEFA Cup.


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    Elelo lyaVenduka lya popile ehanagulepo lyoombashuElelo lyaVenduka lya popile ehanagulepo lyoombashu Oonakuhanagulilwa po oombashu dhawo ya pula ekwatho lyompangu Omukomeho gwiilonga mOpolisi yaVenduka, Gerry Shikesho okwa popi momushangwa gwe gwopampangu kutya “Onda pewa oonkondo kompango opo ndi yande aakwashigwana yiikuthile yevi, mwa kwatelwa mboka ya ningi eindilo ndika lyompangu. Poompito mpoka oombashu inadhi manithwa natango okudhikwa, oshi li oshinakugwanithwa shandje ndiye moshipala emanitho lyadho.”

    Shikesho okwa popi ngaaka momukanda gwompangu, konima sho aantu omu-15 ya ningi eindilo lyompangu lyomeendelelo kOmupanguli Shafimana Ueitele taya pula opo ompangu yi indike elelo lyaVenduka li hanagulepo oombashu dhawo.

    Oshipotha shoka osha nana omaiyuvo goyendji, nehwahwameko lyoAffirmative Repositioning (AR) olya tokola okukwathela aantu mboka mokufala oshipotha shawo kompangu, oshowo iifuta yompangu.

    Aakalelipo yopaveta yelelo lyoshilando oya popi kutya, onkalo yaantu taya dhike oombashu dhawo kehe pamwe oya lundalala noonkondo, noshilando osha li sha tula osekuriti momudhingoloko gwa 7de Laan, nokushanga omadhina gaantu 13 mboka ya adhika ya tunga po nale oombashu dhawo. Momukanda gwompangu, Benedictus Ngairorue, omugandjimayele gwiikwaveta kelelo lyoshilando okwa popi kutya, momasiku 28 lyopotundi 04:00 sekuriti ngoka a pewa oshinakugwanitha shokukondolola ehala ndyoka okwa mono omwaalu gwaantu taya dhike oombashu dhawo momudhingoloko ngoka, na okwa tseyithile omalelo ngoka ga katuka oonkatu nokuya moshipala aakwashigwana mboka.

    Ngairorue okwa popi kutya ayehe mboka ya tula oombashu dhawo pehala ndyoka, kakele kaantu o-13 mboka ya kala po nale, oombashu dhawo odha kuthwa po.

    Kadhila Amoomo, gumwe gwomoohahende dhoAR, ngoka ta kalelepo aakwashigwana mboka okwa popi kutya gumwe gwomaakwashigwana mboka Alex Bering, okuli momusholondondo gwaantu mboka o-13, ihe egumbo lye olya hanagulwwa po.

    Thom Frans, sekuriti ngoka a yakeleko elelo lyoshilando, okwa gandja uumbangi kutya iilonga ye okukwashilipaleka kutya inaku tungwa we oombashu oompe pehala ndyoka.

    Amoomo okwa popi kutya ayehe mboka taya kongo ekwatho lyompangu oya kala aakalimo mo 7de Laan uule wethimbo ele li vulithe nopoomvula ndatu mwakwatelwa omuningi gweindilo gwotango, Christine Likuwa. Okwa tsu omuthindo kutya omathano ngoka ga pewa ompangu kelelo lyoshilando taga ulike kutya oombashu kadha li dha pwa okutungwa, kage na uumbangi kutya oombashu dhoka kadha li hadhi zi aantu.

    Amoomo okwa pula opo elelo lyoshilando li gandje iitungi yaakwashigwana mboka, mbyoka lya kutha po pethimbo lyahanagulapo oombashu dhaantu. Thabang Phatella, ngoka a kalela po elelo lyoshilando okwa popi kutya omilandu dhelelo kombinga yeikuthilo lyevi odha yela noshilando osha katuka oonkatu opo shi mone kutya aantu yangapi ya kala pehala ndyoka. Okwa popi kutya opolisi yoshilando inayi ihumbata nayi mokuhanagulapo oombashu dhaakwashigwana mboka, ihe otayi kalekepo owala ompango.

    Okwa tsikile kutya elelo otali ka shunitha iitungithi yaantu mbyoka lya kutha po, na olya tokola opo kali tulilemo iipotha aantu mboka.

    Omupanguli Ueitele okwa kunkilile aakalelipo yopaveta yoonakuninga eindilo kutya otaka ninga etokolo iikwatelela koshipotha shoshene ihe hako henda omolwa onkalo yoshipotha. Etokolo otali ka gandjwa momasiku ga7 Apilili.


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    Epangelo olya halako iipambu  okuza medhano lyomashinaEpangelo olya halako iipambu okuza medhano lyomashina Oshiwike sha piti, Ominista yomidhingoloko Pohamba Shifeta okwa tseyitha momutumba gwopashigwana ontotwaveta tayi ithanwa Lottery Bill, ta popi kutya omukalo ngoka otagu ka gandja eyambidhidho lyoshimaliwa kepangelo moonkambadhala dhokukandula po oluhepo, okuyambulapo elongo nomaudhano.

    Shoka osha hala okutya epangelo otali ka kala nokumona oopresenda dhontumba okuza miimaliwa ya gongela mokudhana omashina oshowo omaudhano gomadhigathano gaanelago.

    Pethimbo a ningi oshipopiwa she shopashigwana omvula ya piti, Omupresidende Hage Geingob okwa popi kutya, epangelo otali tala konkalo yokutula miilonga ompango ndjoka tayi pitika opo li mone ko oshitopolwa shiimaliwa okuza kiimaliwa mbyoka ya gongelwa mokudhana omashina, naashoka otashi ningwa onga oshitopolwa shoHarambee Prosperity Plan. Omalelo otaga popi kutya omukalo ngoka otagu ka kwathela okunkondopeka iiyemo yepangelo.

    Ontotwaveta ndjoka otayi ka e ta omalunduluko mompango yomo-2002 yoLotteries Act ndjoka yi li nale miilonga , na oya nuninwa owala okukondolola edhano lyomashina oshilongo.

    Ngele okabinete oka pititha nokuzimina ompango ndjoka, nena otaku ka tulwa miilonga olutu ndoka talu ka kondolola edhano lyomashina moshilongo oshowo omaudhano agehe goludhi ndoka. Shifeta okwa popile egongelo lyiimaliwa okuza medhano lyomashina ndyoka li li pampango, ta ti iimaliwa mbyoka otayi ka longitha mokuyambidhidha ooprograma dhepangelo, mokuyambulapo iikwaniipangithoyopashigwana, egameno lyoshilongo, uundjolowele oshowo elongo.

    Okwa popi kutya miilongo yimwe iimaliwa mbyoka hayi pewa epangelo okuza medhano lyomashina, ohayi longithwa mokukandula po oompumbwe dhepangelo, pwaahena okugwedhela iishoshela yepangelo, shoka hashi e ta omukundu kiiyemo yaakwashigwana. Ondungethaneko yoHarambee Prosperity Plan otayi holola kutya iiyemo mbyoka tayi ka likolwa momukalo ngoka otayi ka longithwa ngaashi haku longithwa iishoshela yiiyemo yaakengeli, na otayi ka kondololwa kolutu ndoka talu kala noshinakugwanithwa shokukwatela komeho egongelo lyiiyemo mbyoka. Shifeta okwa tsikile kutya ontotwaveta ndjoka otayi ka tala woo komikundu ndhoka tadhi vulu okuholoka okuza medhano lyomashina, ngaashi ekuthombinga lyaanona momaudhano ngoka, ndyoka itali pitikwa.“Okutuma okanona ombaapila ndjoka yi na uuyelele kombinga yedhano lyomashina nekuthombinga momaudhona kehe goludhi ndoka nenge okugandja uuyelele kokanona kombinga yedhano lyomashina otashi ka hwahwameka aanona ya kuthe ombinga momaudhano ngoka, naashoka oshi li oshimbuluma, tashi vulu okupangulitha omuntu.”

    Ompango otayi ka gamena woo aakwashigwana okuza kaakengeleli mboka taya ka kambadhala okukengelela oshigwana mokukutha ombinga momadhigathano giikengelela.


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    Omidhimba 390 tadhi ka fumbikwaOmidhimba 390 tadhi ka fumbikwa Efumbiko ndyoka otali ka pula oshimaliwa sha thika po-165 000 Konyala omidhimba dha thika po-400 mokila yomidhimba yepangelo oshowo mokila yopolisi yaVenduka, otadhi ka fumbikwa kelelo lyaVenduka moomwedhi twa taalela.

    Etseyitho ndyoka olya e ta pehulilo omukundu ngoka gwa ningwa ethimbo ele, sho omidhimba odhindji dha lumbu dha pungulwa mokila ndjoka ya pitikwa owala okupungula omidhimba 24.

    Monena omidhimba dha thika pe-120 odha pungulwa mokila yopolisi yaVenduka.

    Omundohotola, Andreas Mwoombola, ngoka e li omuashanga gwUuministeli wUundjolowele okwa koleke mEtitano lya piti kutya uuministeli otawu ka futa oshimaliwa sha thika po-N$164 700 mokufumbika omidhimba dha thika 390.

    Okwa popi kutya omidhimba dhimwe odhili mokila yomidhimba yepangelo.

    Mwoombola okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya, uuministeli owa tokola okugandja eyambidhidho kopolisi opo ku fumbikwe omidhimba ndhoka dha panga mokila yopolisi.

    Shoka osha landula etsokumwe ya ningwa omvula ya piti, sho uuministeli wa koleke kutya otawu ka fumbika omidhimba 76 okuza mokila yopolisi ihe shoka inashi ningwa.

    Muule woomvula dha piti, aaanambelewa mokila ndjoka oya kala taya tsu omukumo oshigwana opo shi kataleko omidhimba dhoonakusa yawo ya vule okufumbikwa, sho onkalo ndjoka ya piyagana nayi, nomakonaakono giiyetithi yoomaso oga li ga kalekwa manga omolwa omwaalu omunene gwomidhimba mokila ndjoka.

    Aaniilonga oya kala taya nyenyeta onkalo yuundjolowele inayi yogoka mokila oshowo ezimba ndyoka lya etithwa kendumbalo lyomidhimba mokila.

    MuJuli gwomvula ya piti, okwa ningwa omutumba nahahende-ndjai gwepangelo oshowo ominista yemona opo ku gandjwe oshimaliwa shoomiliyona 5, shi vule okufumbika oonakusa mboka.

    MuMarch, Dr Paul Ludik gwoNational Forensic Science Institute okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya uupyakadhi mboka owa kandulwa po nuuministeli wuundjolowele owo wuna oshinakugwanithwa shokufumbika omidhimba ndhoka inadhi kuthwa ko kaakwanezimo kokila.

    Uuministelo owa tindi oshinakugwanithwa shoka, iikando iyali.

    Metitano, Mwoombola okwa popi kutya etsokumwe ndyoka lya tulwa po opo uuministeli wu fumbike omidhimba dhoka itali kalelele.

    Mwoombola okwa gwedha po kutya ita vulu okupopya kombinga yomutumba ngoka gwa ningwa pokati kuuministeli wuundjolowele, Ludika oshowo aanambelewa yalwe yopolisi molwaashoka inaku ningwa omutumba gwa tya ngaaka.


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