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    Windhoek water restrictions still in placeWindhoek water restrictions still in place Despite the recent good rains and rising dam levels, Windhoek's water restrictions are still in place, because long-term water supply remains a critical concern.

    City of Windhoek spokesperson Lydia Amutenya says the municipality's 40% water savings target remains in place, in addition to water restrictions introduced last year.

    Over the past four weeks, water savings of 25%, 28%, 28% and 29% were achieved.

    The concern is that this is not necessarily an indication of consistent savings, as water consumption usually goes down after good rains, Amutenya says.

    “Although we have received significant rains thus far, we need to instil the culture of water saving in our community to avoid the critical situation of water scarcity in the future,” she emphasises.

    “The water scarcity has very little to do with the amount of water in the dams, and mostly with the capacity deficiency in the water supply system.”

    While dam levels drive the crisis, the capacity problem “drives the general water scarcity in the area,” she explains.

    As such, although dam levels have risen after the recent rainfall, “the water scarcity will remain and in fact intensify as the gap between the available supply capacity of the system and the ever-growing demand increases until government has upgraded the capacity of the existing supply system,” the municipality advised.

    With plans in place to achieve this, the estimated time in which these issues will be addressed is anywhere between six and eight years, which means that saving water will remain a crucial part of overcoming the supply gap.

    Amutenya says sustainable water supply to the central towns, including Windhoek, remains a long-term concern that needs long-term solutions.

    According to yesterday's dam bulletin, the Swakoppoort, Omatako and Von Bach dams are collectively 49.5% full.

    Swakoppoort is at 35.5%, Von Bach at 55.9% and Omatako at 62.9%. The other two central dams, Goreangab and Friedenau, are at 100.2% and 36.9% respectively.

    Under the water restrictions announced last year, Windhoek residents may only water trees, shrubs and perennials once every second week. The watering of lawns, annual flowers and vegetables is strictly prohibited. Cars may not be washed at home, and only certified carwashes may be used.

    No public parks and sports fields may be watered unless semi-purified water is used. Pool covers are mandatory and no further filling of private pools is allowed. No water features, fountains or decorative ponds are allowed to be filled at private, business or government premises.

    A full list of the restrictions can be found on the City of Windhoek website, under the Windhoek Drought Response Plan.


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    Lack of money hampers educationLack of money hampers educationFree schools remain a tall order The 2017/18 budget allocated to the education ministry is N$11.98 billion, down 2.8% from the previous year. Insufficient funding for free education and infrastructure, and a lack of qualified teachers, remain challenges in the education sector.

    The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture's assessment of its performance for the years 2015 and 2016, as reported in the 2017/18 mid-term expenditure framework documents, states that budget constraints continue to hamper efforts to provide free pre-primary, primary and secondary education as per cabinet decision.

    The 2017/18 budget allocated to the ministry is N$11.98 billion, down 2.8% compared to the N$12.323 billion budget allocated for 2016/17.

    In the accountability report the ministry states that the free education mandate was not budgeted for, leading to overspending totalling N$400 722 538 for the 2015/16 financial year.

    Meanwhile, demand for pre-primary education and pre-primary teachers continues to increase and insufficient classrooms are a challenge.

    “Shortages of physical facilities as well as dilapidated education institutions in most regions results in teaching being done in tents, storerooms and sheds,” the ministry states.

    The ministry warns that “quality education cannot be provided if a conducive environment is not created in terms of physical infrastructure at all levels [and] if the safety of learners and students at homes and schools is not secured.”

    According to the ministry gender-based violence is on the increase at schools and requires “stronger collaboration with community-level interventions and strengthening of life skills outreach programmes.”

    According to the ministry assessment, the demand for infrastructure has led to an increased development budget from N$590 million in 2015/16 to more than N$838 million in 2016/17. However, the ministry recognised that this is an area where public-private partnerships will be required, as the needs go beyond the financial capacity of the government.

    Other critical issues are unqualified and under-qualified teachers, “as well as the overall process of training, recruitment, deployment and retention of qualified teachers.”

    According to the ministry, the majority of unqualified and under-qualified teachers are employed in the early grades, including pre-primary education.

    In line with this, a programme for under-qualified and unqualified teachers, who teach pre-primary classes and grades one to three, designed in collaboration with the University of Namibia, had its first intake of 1 000 teachers in 2016.

    “The ministry has embarked on a six-year programme to upgrade the skills of under-and unqualified teachers, teaching in the junior primary levels, through outsourcing the upgrading programme to Unam,” the assessment states.

    The ministry also says that 51.8% of registered teachers enrolled in the English language proficiency programme during the 2015/16 period.

    The ministry currently employs more than 27 000 teachers in 1 779 schools and is responsible for the education of more than 707 000 children.

    A shortage of teacher housing, especially in rural areas, remains a challenge, particularly in terms of attracting qualified teachers to remote areas.

    Moreover, the ministry still experiences shortages of qualified teachers in critical subjects such as mathematics, science and information and communications technology.

    Librarians and archivists are also in critically short supply.

    A high turnover of facilitators in adult education programmes due to poor salaries and short contract periods continues to plague education programmes.

    In 2012, it was estimated that there were 1 723 schools, and more than 24 600 teachers in charge of 617 000 learners.

    A total of 752 237 adults and out-of-school learners have benefitted from adult education and basic literacy and post-literacy programmes to date. “The programme enrolment continues to grow at a rate of about 28 000 learners annually,” the ministry says.

    Namibia College of Open Learning enrolment rates for all programmes increased from 16 640 in 1979 to more than 40 000 in 2015.

    The College of the Arts provided accredited diploma courses to 745 students over the past year, while 1 851 students enrolled in the general tuition programme.


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    Four poachers killed since DecemberFour poachers killed since December Four suspected poachers have been shot dead, and three wounded, by anti-poaching officers since the end December.

    All these incidents occurred in the Bwabwata National Park where a task force comprised of the environment, defence and safety and security ministries have boots on the ground to combat poaching.

    In the latest incident, a suspected poacher was shot dead, two were wounded and another was arrested unharmed after a shootout in the Bwabwata National Park on Friday evening.

    According to Deputy Commissioner William Peter of the Elephant Anti-Poaching Unit in the Bwabwata National Park the incident occurred when members of the anti-poaching unit heard shots fired in the park and came across the suspected poachers in the Kongola area.

    “They found them and the poachers then started firing on the anti-poaching operatives,” he said.

    According to Peter the suspected poachers had two firearms which they used to shoot at the patrol. There were no casualties among the officers.

    The suspect who was uninjured was the only one who appeared in court yesterday. Musilwa Putsu (61) appeared before the Katima Mulilo Magistrate's Court and was denied bail.

    According to state prosecutor George Matali, Putsu was charged with three counts - entering a national park without permission, possession of firearms without a licence and possession of ammunition without a licence.

    He will appear in court again on 27 April.

    The details of the other suspects are not known yet.

    Peter appealed to the public to refrain from this type of unlawful activity.

    “We also appeal to the community to give information which may lead to the arrest of illegal hunters and those in possession of firearms and ammunition that are mostly used to commit these types of crimes against the regional and local environments.”

    In other recent incidents a suspected poacher was killed in a shootout with an anti-poaching unit in the Bwabwata National Park on 19 December. Three suspects managed to escape. They were armed with hunting rifles.

    Two more poachers were shot and killed on 28 December in the Bwabwata National Park while three others were arrested and one seriously injured.

    The alleged poachers were found in possession of an AK-47 assault rifle, 25 rounds of ammunition and a homemade silencer.

    The shootings came after environment minister Pohamba Shifeta announced that the police had been ordered to shoot suspected poachers in self-defence.

    “Poachers shooting at anti-poaching units will regret doing so if they ever survive the firepower of our well-trained special units,” he said.


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  • 03/13/17--15:00: Shape up or ship out
  • Shape up or ship outShape up or ship outSOEs now required to leverage State-owned enterprises will now have to use their assets as collateral when seeking additional funding. It seems that it is going to be business unusual for state-owned enterprises, which will now be required to leverage some of their assets should they require additional funding, signalling the end of bailouts for Air Namibia, NBC, the Roads Contractor Company and TransNamib, to name but a few.

    This is according to the minister of public enterprises, Leon Jooste, who spoke to Namibian Sun about bailouts of SOEs and what these institutions will now be required to do should they seek additional funding.

    “We have to cope with all these allocations and the state-owned enterprises will have to leverage off assets for additional funding where required. We will also be working closely with the SOEs to address immediate inefficiencies to counter the dependence on treasury,” he said in response to a query.

    Jooste used TransNamib as an example of an SOE that could be the first to undergo a leveraging exercise. “TransNamib sits on a substantial balance sheet with a great deal of fixed assets which can create significant room to leverage.”

    Addressing a question by the Institute of Public Policy Research on the possibility of privatising SOEs or their assets, Jooste said in November 2016: “Our legislation has an entire section dealing with the restructuring of SOEs that clearly explains the process to be followed. We are going to explore various options to 'leverage' our comprehensive SOEs assets. We are also developing an ownership policy which will guide our decision-making and include this particular element. We are investigating options to merge certain SOEs, absorb some into ministries and to list some SOEs on the Namibian Stock Exchange, while others may attract strategic partners.”

    TransNamib board chairperson Paul Smit has also announced that the rail operator will be leveraging its properties as it seeks to raise additional funding for operations.

    PSG equity analyst Eloise du Plessis was of the opinion that government should reduce allocations to SOEs. “While efforts are being made to cut unnecessary and unproductive expenditure, we would like to see a greater focus on cutting more current expenditures rather than capital expenditures, which are needed for economic development. In this regard, the government should reduce its transfers to SOEs.”

    Usual suspects Air Namibia and TransNamib were allocated N$480 million and N$220 million in the new national budget, state broadcaster NBC N$179 million and the Roads Contractor Company N$21 million for operational expenses, while TransNamib's allocation is for rail rehabilitation and the resuscitation of the transport sector.

    All in all, N$4.6 billion will be allocated to 32 SOEs and several agricultural unions. The National Housing Enterprise has not been allocated any funding in the current financial year.


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    Swanu president rejects pay hikeSwanu president rejects pay hike The president of Swanu says he will not accept any of the perks and salary increases that have been approved for politicians because they amount to self-enrichment while the country is facing economic difficulties.

    Usutuaije Maamberua yesterday said in a statement that if he received an increase he would regard it as “bribery and corruption”.

    He expressed shock over the perks and salaries for politicians and said there was no mention of that in the budget statement of the Ministry of Finance.

    “A salary increase amidst severe budget cuts, sluggish economic growth, severe drought, high unemployment rate, poor service delivery is insensitive and self-enriching, poor planning, immoral, politically incorrect, unsustainable, retrogressive and unpatriotic,” he said.

    Maamberua said as a member of parliament he would not accept a cent of this increase.

    He said he would make a formal request to the Government paymaster and the accounting officer of the National Assembly not to raise his salary.

    Maamberua called on all those benefiting from the increase to reject “this uninvited gesture.”

    “Should any cent of this increase find its way into my account I shall regard it as bribery and corruption and shall report it to the relevant authorities.”

    He added that Namibia had urgent needs such as free education, basic income grants, drought relief, vulnerable children, agricultural subsidies and renovation of hospitals that needed the money instead.

    “Can the president reverse this decision immediately?” he asked.

    President Hage Geingob last week approved a 6% salary increase for himself and fellow politicians, effective this month.

    The Presidency on Friday gazetted the salary increase, detailing how much politicians will earn.

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  • 03/13/17--15:00: BoN refuses to budge
  • BoN refuses to budgeBoN refuses to budgeCentral bank maintains position on SME Bank The suspended directors of the SME Bank have threatened legal action against the Bank of Namibia unless the central bank reinstates them. Despite a demand from lawyers representing the under-fire SME Bank board and management to have the Bank of Namibia reverse its decision to place the SME Bank under curatorship, the central bank remains unmoved.

    The Bank of Namibia was given until yesterday to reinstate the board led by cabinet secretary George Simataa.

    The board claimed through their lawyer, Sisa Namandje, that the central bank's decision to remove them from office about two weeks ago was unlawful.

    The board consists of Simataa, Milka Mungunda, Petrina Nakale, Ozias Bvute and Enock Kamushinda, who is also a minority shareholder in the bank.

    The bank's CEO, Tawanda Mumvuma, as well as two exco members, were also suspended pending an investigation by the Bank of Namibia.

    Yesterday, the central bank maintained its position regarding the SME Bank curatorship.

    “The action of the Bank of Namibia taken on 1 March remains in force at this stage,” the central bank's spokesperson, Kazembire Zemburuka, said in an email response.

    The SME Bank was placed under curatorship because of questionable investments in South African financial instruments.

    Between N$181 million and N$196 million is alleged to have been invested in South Africa. New Era last week reported that SME Bank funds were deposited into the Venda Building Society (VBS) Mutual Bank. Money was also placed in a cash management company called Mamepe Capital.

    The report claimed there were major withdrawals after the funds had been deposited into the accounts of the two South African institutions.

    The Bank of Namibia has appointed a new board as well as a chief executive officer in the interim. However, this is now being challenged by the suspended board.

    “Having considered the matter we have advised our client that your actions announced on 1 March 2017 are null and void and are fundamentally flawed, inter alia on the following grounds: You have no power to remove from office a director or officer in terms of section 56(2) of the Banking Institutions Act,” Namandje wrote to BoN governor Ipumbu Shiimi. According to Namandje, the Bank of Namibia further has no power to appoint an interim board or a chief executive officer.

    “In respect of your purported appointment of a purported interim board of directors, the Bank of Namibia has no power to do so except to make an order in terms of section 56(2)(a)(iv) to a banking institution (SME Bank Limited) to appoint a person as a director of a banking institution or for such a person to advise the banking institution in relation to the proper conduct of its business and to specify that the person so appointed shall be paid the remuneration by the banking institution.

    “Accordingly, should you have felt there was a need for a new director or directors to be appointed, your powers were and remain limited to requiring SME Bank Limited through an order in writing, addressed and delivered to SME Bank Limited, to appoint directors, not to make such an appointment yourself as you did,” the lawyer added.

    It was further claimed that SME Bank clients were either withdrawing their deposits from the commercial bank or contemplating withdrawals, which Namandje argued was detrimental to its day-to-day operations.

    “In view of the aforesaid we have been instructed to demand that you furnish us with an extract of the Bank of Namibia board meeting of 24 February 2017 in relation to this matter, and to revoke your unlawful decision of that day by close of business on Monday, 13 March 2017, failing which an urgent application, to be heard on 30 or 31 March 2017, shall be brought for interim relief pending judicial review, which application will be filed and served on 14 March 2017,” the firm said.

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    Omaruru drowning victim found near OkombaheOmaruru drowning victim found near Okombahe The remains of the 19-year-old, Lionel Tjipundi, who was swept away by the Turenda stream nearly two weeks ago, were found some 35km from Omaruru on Monday.
    He was swept away along with the 17-year-old Jenifer Kandukira on 4 March after the stream, a tributary to the Omaruru River, started flowing heavily following torrential rain the night before.
    The girl survived as she managed to grab onto a tree.
    Tjipundi was a Grade 12 learner at SI !Gobs Secondary School.
    Nampol crime investigations coordinator for Erongo Otillie Kashuupulwa told Nampa his remains were found by a livestock herder at Farm Etemba near Okombahe.
    Tjipundi’s uncle Daniel Nainda also confirmed the discovery after identifying his remains at the Omaruru Police Station.
    “If it was not for the gap between his teeth and a disfigured finger we would not have recognised him,” he said.
    Tjipundi’s family, community members and a team of divers from Walvis Bay consisting of members of the Namibian Special Reserve Forces, Private Crisis Emergency Response and local police officers spent 10 anxious days searching for his body.
    His remains were transferred to Walvis Bay for an autopsy.

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  • 03/14/17--15:00: There is still hope – Smit
  • There is still hope – SmitThere is still hope – Smit The Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) secretary-general, Joan Smit, says although it is sad that Durban will no longer host the 2022 Commonwealth Games, all hope is not lost for Africa hosting multi-sport events.

    The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) announced on Monday night that Durban had lost the rights to host the Games due to financial constraints.

    Speaking to Namibian Sun yesterday, Smit said: “I think it is really sad, not only for Durban but for Africa, but we are of the opinion that Africa is so ready to offer these big games and multi-sport games and not only specific sports.

    “Unfortunately it did not work out for Durban but we will never give up and we understand the financial constraints and we are sure that there is a very bright future for Africa in hosting multi-sport events in the very near future.”

    She added that the NNOC would continue to work with the national federations to make sure that the athletes are prepared, wherever the Games will be held.

    “This is a huge disappointment for us and for the whole African continent, but without the necessary government guarantees, we couldn't move on,” the Commonwealth Games Federation vice-president Gideon Sam told Reuters on Monday, adding that everybody was very excited to see the Commonwealth Games staged in Durban, which was very well equipped to host the event, but once the economics started to play a role, it became difficult.

    “We had hoped to make these Games for all of Africa, and so this is a very sad day for the whole continent,” he said.

    Durban was awarded the 2022 showpiece in September 2015, being the only candidate remaining after the Canadian city Edmonton withdrew.

    This has been an embarrassing U-turn for the SA government after assuring the Commonwealth Games Federation committee last year that they were fully committed to hosting the Games.

    The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) asked South Africa to fulfil contractual responsibilities by the end of November 2016.

    The deadline passed and the requirements were not met. The CGF was in the process of reviewing a subsequent submission by Durban, but it was clear that it would be unsatisfactory, due to absence of the necessary financial guarantees and contingency funds.

    South African sports minister Fikile Mbalula said early this month that it was unlikely that Durban would hold host the event.

    “We gave it our best but we can't go beyond. If the country says we don't have this money, we can't host it,” said Mbalula.

    “I don't want to raise your expectations and say everything looks good, it doesn't because we don't agree on the fundamentals and that is the operational budget,” he said.

    - additional reporting NAMPA/ANA


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    Namibians take sport for granted - mayorNamibians take sport for granted - mayorKazapua proud of Indongo The City of Windhoek will consider naming of some streets after sports heroes. Windhoek's mayor Muesse Kazapua says Namibia has often taken sport for granted.

    The mayor said this when boxing world champion Julius Indongo and some of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Academy officials paid him a visit at City Hall.

    “Sometimes we take sport for granted in this country without realising that sport is a very important tool for development.

    “The importance of sport is that it unites people and can produce more Namibian heroes.

    “Indongo has put the country on the map because of his performances and for that we want to see more people like him emerging,” Kazapua said.

    The mayor further assured Namibians that the City of Windhoek would be working harder on getting involved in sport activities.

    He also announced that his office was working to speed up the process of allocating plots for sport facilities. Among these plots are those applied for by the MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy and by football coach Colin Benjamin. They want to set up sport facilities for the benefit of Namibians.

    The mayor said the plots would be made available once all the necessary paperwork was sorted out.

    He also believes more streets should be named after local sports heroes.

    Boxing promoter Nestor Tobias thanked the mayor for making time to meet the world champion.

    “Thank you so much for your time and for what you have been doing for us.

    “It has not been easy to produce these stars because it took time and money to get to where we are.

    “One would like to thank companies like Telecom, NamPower and mostly MTC for making this journey possible,” Tobias said.

    Julius Indongo's next assignment will be against Scotland's Ricky Burns.

    The Namibian has put his IBF and IBO world titles on the line in an attempt to take the WBA world title from Burns.

    The super-fight will take place on 15 April at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland - a 10 000-seat venue expected to be crowded with Scottish and English fans. Britain's Sky Sports will broadcast the fight across the world.

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    Zambezi welcomes Galz and GoalsZambezi welcomes Galz and GoalsNFA to continue supporting women's football The launch of the Galz and Goals programme in the Zambezi Region was welcomed by many, including the mayor of Katima Mulilo. More than 500 girls are to benefit from the Namibia Football Association's Galz and Goals programme that has been expanded to the Zambezi Region

    The launch took place on Saturday at the Katima Mulilo Sport Complex. It attracted 568 girls and 42 volunteer coaches.

    The event was attended by the mayor of Katima Mulilo, Georgina Mwiya, Unicef deputy country representative Markus Betts, NFA first vice-president Naftal Ngalangi, Zambezi regional sport officer Ben Luponjani, NFA regional acting ahairman Morris Busundu, and representatives of the education and health ministries.

    Ngalangi spoke about the success of the Galz and Goals programme in recent years and welcomed its expansion to the Zambezi Region.

    “Galz and Goals has helped change many girls' lives and by being part of football teams and playing in the leagues, girls have become team players both on and off the field, they have developed a positive attitude towards their school work, and they have been motivated to pursue their dreams and keep away from risky behaviours,” he said. He added that the NFA acknowledged the importance of development programmes for young players as a way to reach out to young people. “We are committing to push harder every year through the Galz and Goals programme to achieve widespread awareness around HIV/Aids among adolescents, with the support of Unicef and SCORE Namibia,” he said.

    Mayor Georgina Mwiya welcomed the programme, saying she was humbled by an initiative aimed at educating and developing adolescent girls.

    She thanked Unicef for making it possible for the NFA to expand the programme to her town and eventually to the entire region.

    Mwiya also urged sports, education, health and local and regional government officials to support the initiative in order to fulfil the national Harambee Plan.

    The Galz and Goals coordinator in the Zambezi Region, Boston Likando, thanked the government and Unicef representatives for attending the event and interacting with the girls.


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  • 03/14/17--15:00: Athletes light up Oshakati
  • Athletes light up OshakatiAthletes light up Oshakati The second leg of the Coca-Cola Regional Club Challenge lived up to expectations by delivering mouth-watering competitions in all the events.

    There were several upsets, with Ernst Narib beating favourites Dantago Gurirab and Even Tjiviju in the 200m to add to his win in the 400m.

    In the women's sprints, Jolene Jacobs dethroned Globine Majova as the top athlete in the 200m for women.

    As always the women's 100m produced electric performances, with Globine Majova taking revenge and making up for her defeat in the 200m by beating Jolene Jacobs in a tightly contested race that required photo-finish analysis to determine the winner.

    In the men's 100m, Even Tjiviju made amends for the disappointment in the 200m with an excellent start and taking the lead from the start to beat Dantago Gurirab and Ismael Tjiramba.

    In the middle and long distances Lavinia Haitope dominated by winning both the 1500m and the 5000m, with Salmi Nduuviteko claiming the 800m and Desiree Kandovazu continuing her dominance of the 400m.

    In the men's middle and long distances the forces rivalry continued with the NDF dominating the 800m, while Nampol dominated the 1500m and 5000m.

    The next leg will be on 8 April in Swakopmund, before the action returns to Oshakati on 22 April.


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    Conte, Mourinho feud boils overConte, Mourinho feud boils overBlues beat United to reach Cup semis Chelsea were the better side on Monday night when they managed to beat Manchester United to reach the FA cup semi-finals. Antonio Conte slammed Manchester United's cynical attempts to intimidate Chelsea in his side's bitter FA Cup quarter-final win, but Jose Mourinho hit back at his rival by insisting he remains the Blues' best manager ever.

    Chelsea boss Conte was furious with United's aggressive approach after Ander Herrera was sent off for two fouls on Eden Hazard in Monday's 1-0 victory at Stamford Bridge.

    Marcos Rojo escaped a red card for a spiteful stamp on Hazard late in the second half at Stamford Bridge, but the United defender is likely to face a ban if the Football Association retrospectively looks at the offence.

    Conte was so wound up by the constant fouling he became embroiled in a touchline row with United boss Mourinho that ended with the rivals being separated by the fourth official.

    Asked what he made of United's tactics, Conte said: “My players want to play football, but for 25 minutes it was impossible.

    “I think only that Eden got a lot of kicks. I don't think I'm crazy. He started the match receiving kicks and he finished it receiving kicks.

    “This is the truth and I don't think one person can say this didn't happen. It's not football for me.

    “It could be United's tactic. Sometimes when you play against players with great talent you try to intimidate them.

    “The referee must try to protect these types of players because they can go out with a bad injury.”

    It was a chastening return to west London for former Chelsea boss Mourinho, who endured his old club's fans calling him “Judas” and chanting “you're not special anymore”.

    Mourinho responded to the jibes by holding up three fingers to the crowd to remind them how many Premier League titles he won in his two spells with Chelsea.

    And, determined to have the last word, Mourinho, sacked by the Blues last season, took the opportunity to remind Conte and Chelsea's supporters that they have a long way to go to match his achievements at the Bridge.

    “They can call me what they want. I'm a professional,” he said.

    “I feel responsibilities on Chelsea's bad Premier League last season, but when I left we were in the Champions League, winning the Champions League group.

    “Now they don't play in Europe. It's not my fault.

    “Until the moment they have a manager that wins four Premier Leagues, I am number one.

    “If a manager wins four I become number two. Until then, Judas is number one.”

    Although Conte and Mourinho didn't shake hands at full-time, the Italian insisted he had done nothing wrong in their touchline clash.

    “It was hard work for the fourth official but I controlled my emotions very well today,” Conte said.

    “It's normal for the manager to push his players. What happens outside the pitch is just a circus.”

    Conte saluted Hazard for refusing to be intimidated by United's bullying as N'Golo Kante's superb second-half winner gave the Premier League leaders a Wembley semi-final showdown with London rivals Tottenham next month.

    “For sure, he showed strong character. After the first 25 minutes, every player would have a fear of being kicked. It's very dangerous to receive a kick from the back,” he said.

    Inevitably, Mourinho refused to accept blame for his team's approach and turned the focus on referee Michael Oliver's decision to send off Herrera for what was one of the less vicious tackles on Hazard.

    “Herrera's second yellow card, compare that with (Marcus) Rashford going to attack the ball in a counter-attacking situation. He was fouled and the referee doesn't give a booking,” Mourinho said.

    “We all saw the game. We can all agree there was one match until Herrera saw the red card and another after that.

    “I thought we were going to win because everything was under control, then with 10 men it was very difficult for us.”


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    Jones suspicious of New Zealand praiseJones suspicious of New Zealand praise NAMPA/AFP

    Eddie Jones has likened the praise his England side have received from New Zealand coach Steve Hansen to the cautionary fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood being tricked by the wolf.

    Hansen congratulated the Six Nations champions after they had equalled the All Blacks' record of 18 successive Test wins with a 61-21 Calcutta Cup demolition of Scotland at Twickenham on Saturday.

    The All Blacks boss, who guided New Zealand to 2015 World Cup glory in England, told the BBC on Sunday: “It's great for rugby because we want competition and games that people want to watch and get excited by.

    “Eddie has come in and installed a want and a desire that probably hasn't been there before,” added Hansen, who said England were now producing rugby worthy of their talent.

    Jones's men will surpass New Zealand's record for most consecutive Test wins by a 'tier one' or leading rugby union if they beat Ireland in Dublin on Saturday - a match where victory would also see them complete back-to-back Grand Slams.

    England haven't played New Zealand during their unbeaten run and are not due to face them again until 2018 at the earliest.

    Jones has made it clear he wants England to dethrone the All Blacks by winning the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

    In the meantime, the Australian coach is determined any compliments from the New Zealand camp will not turn his head or that of anyone else in his England squad.

    “It's a bit like Red Riding Hood and the wolf when the wolf comes dressed up as the grandmother,” Jones said at England's Bagshot training base, southwest of London, on Monday.

    “You always have to be careful when All Black coaches compliment you, you always have to be careful.”

    England produced their best rugby of the Six Nations against Scotland, scoring seven tries with centre Jonathan Joseph crowning some impressively slick moves with a hat-trick as Scotland's defence was shredded time after time.

    But Jones said England had needed a “cleansing meeting” when they spent a few days training in Oxford to help them rediscover top form after they failed to hit the heights earlier in the tournament.

    “We had a bit of a cleansing meeting when we were in camp in Oxford,” Jones said. “Not that we felt we weren't doing what we needed to do, but we just felt we needed to reset our minds a little bit.

    “It was about accepting that we've been successful,” the former Australia and Japan coach added. “To me the English are quite reserved and they actually struggle quite a bit with success.

    “I know the perception from the Celts is that it's the opposite - they think the English are arrogant.

    “As an Australian I think the English are very polite and reserved. And they struggle to actually carry that success around.

    “What we said, and we had a great discussion, is that we have to acknowledge we've been successful and it's how much we want to be great now.”

    Jones is now excited by what's at stake for England at Lansdowne Road on Saturday.

    “How many opportunities in your life do you get to beat Ireland in Ireland to win back-to-back Grand Slams? It's almost a childhood dream as a rugby player,” Jones said.

    “The players realise they have a once in a lifetime opportunity here. History shows that winning back-to-back Grand Slams happens once every 27 years.

    “None of these players is going to be playing in 27 years so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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    Populist surge harms Olympic imagePopulist surge harms Olympic image The anti-establishment surge that led to Brexit and Donald Trump becoming US president has also affected bids to host the Olympic Games, British Olympic chief Hugh Robertson told AFP in an interview on Monday.

    There has been much debate about the health of the Olympics brand with just two bidders left in the race for the 2024 Summer Games - Paris and Los Angeles.

    Rome and Budapest dropped out due to a perceived lack of popular support to host them.

    Robertson, a former Conservative lawmaker who was sports minister in the lead-up to and during the 2012 London Games, said the present political mood did not see the Olympics in a favourable light.

    “All political cycles rise and fall and we are in a period where establishments are on the back foot,” the British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman told AFP.

    “You've seen that whether it be Brexit, Trump and also look at what is happening to a lesser extent in Germany and a greater extent in France, indeed right across Europe.

    “This won't last forever. There are establishments for good reasons. It's not because people want to club together and protect themselves as is commonly held to be the case at the moment.

    “Establishments are a means of doing politics, doing government and doing business that tends to work for people.

    “The sense at the moment is that it has broken down. I sense that at some point there will be a gravitation back to the establishment.”

    Robertson, who went on to become a Foreign Office minister before stepping down from his seat in 2015, says with the mood as it is he believes it would be wise for International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach and the members to allocate the 2024 and 2028 Games to Paris and Los Angeles when they convene in Lima in September.

    “There is a very strong argument, if members want it, to sit out this present mood by securing their future for as far forward as possible.

    “Also looking from the outside the attraction to the IOC to award two Olympics would be to give themselves commercial security and knowing what they are doing a decade out must be an extraordinarily attractive option.”

    Robertson, who said one of London's innate strengths was that they had an all-party binding agreement to first support the bid and then the delivery of the Games, said casting the Olympics as part of the establishment was wrong.

    “Voting against the Olympics as a tool of the establishment is a profoundly illogical thing to do,” said Roberston.

    “In amongst everything else that happens at an Olympics you can forget what an Olympics is which is at its core 28 world championships in 16/17 day period.”

    Robertson, who was ennobled for his part in the successful delivery and hosting of the Games, said it was time for the IOC to remind people that sport is the essential ingredient of the Games.

    “Probably part of the error in as much as an error has been made has been to lose sight of that (the sporting side) and if you brought it back to its DNA that it becomes a sports competition then it would be much more palatable.

    “You don't see too many people revolting against hosting a football World Cup in anything like the same way.

    “So getting it back to its core values is a big part of the solution.

    “Even if the IOC were to take my advice and wait for in that great modern phrase the caravan to move on (allocating the two Games at same time) it would be worth going through this process in stripping the Games back so it becomes just 16/17 days of sport.”


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     Omupresidende gwoSwanu  a tindi omagwedhelo kondjambi ye Omupresidende gwoSwanu a tindi omagwedhelo kondjambi ye Omupresidende gwongundu yoSwanu okwa popi kutya itaka taamba omagwedhelo ngoka taga pewa aanapolotika molwaashoka oga nuninwa okwiiyambapaleka omanga oshilongo sha taalela onkalo ondhigu yopaliko.

    Usutuaije Maamberua okwa pititha omukanda ngoka a holola kutya ngele okwa pewa omagwedhelo ngoka nena oteshi kutha ko kutya ombumbo nuulingilingi.

    Okwa holola onkume ye omolwa omagwedhelo gomauwanawa noondjambi dhaanapolotika ta popi kutya shoka inashi tseyithwa momutengenekwathaneko gwonuumvo, ngoka gwa pitithwa kOminista yEmona omasiku ga piti.

    “Egwedhelo lyoondjambi omanga taku ningwa omatetulo gelongitho lyiimaliwa miikondo ya yooloka moshilongo, onkalo yeliko ya nkundipala, oshikukuta, ondjele yokwaahena iilonga yi li pombanda, omayakulo ga nkundipla okuza kepangelo oshi li eiyambapaleko, oompangela dha nkundipala na kashi li mondjila,” Maamberua ta ti.

    Maamberua ngoka e li oshilyo shOmutumba gwoPaliamende okwa popi kutya itaka taamba egwedhelo lyasha kondjambi ye. Okwa popi kutya otaka ninga eindilo lyopambelewa kepangelo opo kaku gwedhelwe ondjambi ye.

    Maamberua okwa pula mboka taya mono omagwedhelo ngoka ya tinde nokulamba moompadhi dhe.

    “Ngele onda gwedhelwa nena otandi shi kutha ko kutya shoka ofuto yoombumbo nuulingilingi. Kashi li mondjila.”

    Okwa popi kutya Namibia oku na ompumbwe onene yelongo lyoshali, omagwedhelo gomakwatho haga pewa aakwashigwana mboka ye li mompumbwe kepangelo, oshikukuta, aanona taya lumbu moluhepo, omayambidhidho gaanafaalama oshowo ewapaleko nelongululo lyiipangelo, onkene iimaliwa oya pumbwa okulongithwa miinima mbyoka.

    “Omupresidende ita vulu okushunitha monima etokolo lye ndyoka meendelelo?” omunapolotika ngoka a pula.

    Presidende Hage Geingob oshiwike sha piti okwa zimine omagwedhelo gaanapopitika pamwe naye, goopresenda 6, taga yi miilonga omwedhi nguka.


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    Eyoka enene iha li ku adha nondhimbo - Roads Authority Eyoka enene iha li ku adha nondhimbo - Roads Authority Lutombi a tsu omuthindo kutya oopate ohadhi longululwa Sha landula oolopota kombinga yoopate ndhoka tadhi tekapo komeya monooli yoshilongo, Omukulubntu gwehangano lyoRoads Authority (RA) Conrad Lutombi, okwa ti kutya kaya li ya tegelela omuloka omunene.

    Ndhoka oohapu dhOmunambelewa Omukuluntu gwoRA, Conrad Lutombi pethimbo a talelepo ngoloneya gwaShana , Clemens Kashuupulwa oshiwike sha piti mOshakati pethimbo a popi kutya yonkalo yoopate dhoka dha yonagulwa po.

    Lutombi okwa popi kutya kaya li ya tegelela omvula ndjoka onene noonkondo, na okwa gandja oshiholelwa shonkundana ya pitithwa koshikundnaeki shoNamibian Sun kombinga yopate yEkamba-Onkani yonomola DR 3643 ndjoka ya tungwa kongushu yoomiliyona 65.

    “Ope na oonkalo ndhoka hadhi kala inaadhi tegelelwa ngaashi kwa holoka omvula onene ethimbo ndika , ihe oonkalo ndhoka opo tadhi kala naashoka osho hatu ithanene oondjila ndhoka kutya oondjila odhopashikandjo. Oondjila dhimwe odho pathimbo owala naashoka osho hashi etitha uuna dha gumwa konkalo yontumba nena ohatu tula miilonga omilandu dhimwe nashoka shi na okuningwa po,” Lutombi ta ti.

    Sho a yelitha onkalo yondjila yomamanya yoDR 3643 ndjoka ya tungwa po oomvula heyali dha piti, Lutombi okwa popi kutya oondjila dhomamanya odha pumbwa okulongululwa omathimbo nomathimbo.

    Kombinga yonkalo yesiloshisho lyoopate moshilongo ashihe, Lutombi okwa koleke kutya oopate odha pumbwa okukala tadhi talika omeho konima uuna dha manwa okutungwa.

    Lutombi okwa pulwa kutya oopate ohadhi longululwa nokuwapaleka lungapi, na okwa yamukula kutya ohaku talika kondjele yiihauto mbyoka hayi longithaa opate, monkalo yopate yaNkani okwa popi kutya ohayi silwa oshisho iikando itatu momwedhi, nonando omapopyo ngoka itaga tsu kumwe naangoka gaalongithindjilandjoka mboka ya popi kutya ondjila ndjoka inayi longwa muule woomwedhi 12 dha piti.

    Aalongithindjila oyendji oya popi kutya ondjila ndjoka ya longwa koshimaliwa shoomiliyona 65 oshi li ehepitho lyiimaliwa ihe Lutombi okwa popi kutya ondjila ndjoka oya longwa sha landula omakonaakono, oshowo onkalo yondjele yomeya ngoka ga ningwa.

    Kashuupulwa okwa lombwele Lutombi pamwe nosheendo she kombinga yopate dha yooloka dhoka dha yonagulwa po komeya moshitopolwa she, ongaashi opate ya-Okatana-Ongwediva ndjoka hayi longitha kaantu oyendji okuya kooskola nomandiki guundjolowele.


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  • 03/14/17--15:00: Aanona 5 ya si omeya
  • Aanona 5 ya si omeyaAanona 5 ya si omeya Opolisis oya lopota kutya aanona yatano oshowo omunyasha gumwe oya si omeya okutameka omwedhi gwa piti monooli yoshilongo.

    Yaali aanaskola mboka ya si omeya pethimbo yali taya yogo mondjila yawo yokuza koskola.

    Opolisi yaShana oya lopota iipotha yeso lyomeya itatu okutameka omwedhi gwa piti, konima nkene ondjele yomeya miishana ya londo pombanda.

    Iipotha iyali oya lopotwa mOndangwa omanga shimwe sha lopotwa mOshakati, shoCarlos Nzolantima, gwoomvula 9 omunaskola mondondo ontiyali mOshakati West Primary School a si omeya.

    Komanda gwopolisi yaShana , Komufala Rauha Amwele okwa lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya, Nzolantima okwa si omeya montopa yaKandjengedi mEtiyali omanga a li ta yogo omeya nayakwawo yalwe yane konima yootundi.

    “Aniwa okwa nhukile momeya nokusa omeya pethimbo ya li taya yogo pamwe nayakwawo. Yakwawo oya fadhukapo sho ya mono kutya ita zi ko kohi yomeya,” Amwele ta ti.

    Moshitopolwa shaMusati, okanona komvula omugoyi, Wilbard Ushona omunaskola poskola yUukwandongo Primary School okwa si omeya mEtitano omanga ya li taya yogo omeya nayakwawo konima yootundi. Omupopiliko gwopolisi yaMusati, Linekela Shikongo okwa popi kutya Ushona okwa si omeya momuthima nolutu lwe olwa monika owala esiku lya landula sho opolisi inayi shi pondola okumona olutu lwe esiku ndyoka. Shikongo okwa popi kutya okanona komimvo mbali, Paulus Dankie Croete, oka si omeya mokandambo omanga taya dhana nayakwawo momukunda Iishanaputa.

    “Otandi indile aavali naatekuli yaanona oya sile oshisho aanona. Inaya etha aanona yadhane omeya omanga yeli oyo ayeke,” Shikongo ta ti.

    Amwele okwa pula aanona opo kaya dhanene omeya nokuholela iinima mbyoka haya mono kootiivi, molwaashoka otaya tula oomwenyo dhawo moshiponga na okwa pula woo aavali naatekuli yaanona ya popye naanona kombinga yoshiponga shokudhanena omeya. Amwele okwa lombwele woo aavali ya kale taya taagulukitha aanona omeya. Moshitopolwa shaHangwena omwa lopotwa oshipotha shimwe sheso lyomeya mOmungwelume, sho omunamivo 24 omulumentu a si omeya omanga a kambadhala okutaaguluka oshana.


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    Angola ota ndopa mekondjitho lyomalariaAngola ota ndopa mekondjitho lyomalaria Iipotha yomalaria otayi londo pombanda Kamwi okwa pula woo opo uuministeli waNamibia opo wu landule omusindalangu gwehangano lyuundjolowele mUuyuni lyoWorld Health Organisation (WHO) kombinga yopombela opo ku yiwe moshipala omukithi nguka.

    Omasiku gapiti, Ominista Bernard Haufiku oya tseyitha kutya okwa lopotwa iipotha 7 003 yomukithi gwomalaria, momwedhi Januari naFebruali nonando okwa ningwa iikonga yopombela oshowo egandjo lyoonete dhoomwe miitopolwa mbyoka ya dhidhilikwa yi na iipotha yili pombanda.

    Sho a ningwa naye oonkundathana koshifokundaneki shoNamibian Sun, Kamwi ngoka a li e shi pondola okuya moshipala e yopombanda lyiipotha yomukuthi ngoka, pethimbo a li ominista yuundjolowele okwa popi kutya, omikalo dhoka tadhi longithwa kuNamibia mokukondjitha omukithi ngoka odha pumbwa okulongithwa woo kiilongo mbyoka yi li oongamba naNamibia nokugwanitha po woo omilandu dhehangano lyoWHO

    Kamwi okwa popi kutya etukuko lyomukithi gwomalaria ngashiingeyi oli li pombanda otali ulike kutya, kape na elongelo kumwe nomalelo gaAngola mekondjitho lyomukithi ngoka.

    Kamwi okwa tsikile kutya iitopolwa yaNamibia mbyoka yili oongamba naAngola oshowo Zambia oya lopotwa omwaalu omunene gwiipotha yomalaria oshowo omaso ga etithwa komukithi ngoka.

    Iitopolwa iyali yaKavango oya lopotwa iipotha 4 617, Ohangwena iipotha 1 184,omanga oZambezi mwa lopotwa iipotha yomalaria ya thika po -582 noshitopolwa shaMusati omwa lopotwa iipotha 237.

    “Onga omukalelipo gwoAfrica CDC champion no- E8 onda hala okupula oominista dhiilongo mbika iyali dhi longele kumwe. Minista gwetu ota kondjo shili mokuyambidhidha mbushe gwe miilonga gwaAngola. Onda hala okutsa omukumo omalelo gaAngola ga longele kumwe naminista gwetu opo owala iilongo mbyoka tayi vulu okuhulitha po omukithi womalaria mokati kaakwashigwana. Ngele itaya longele kumwe onkalo ndjoka otayi nayipala na otatu kanitha oomwenyo odhindji.”

    Minista nale okwa tsikile kutya Namibia oku na ekwatathano ewanawa naBotswana oshowo South Afrika naashoka osho sha etitha malaria a vule okukondololwa kiitopolwa mbyoka yili oongamba niilongo mbyoka iyali.

    Okwa popi kutya ethimbo a li ominista yuundjolowele, oopresenda 40 dhaapangwa yomukithi gwomalaria, aakwashigwana yaAngola na okwa pula elongelo kumwe lyomapangelo ngaka gaali mekondjitho lyomukithi, omupya omunene oominista adhihe dhuundjolowele moNamibia naAngola odha lundululwa.

    “Ekwatathano lyandje nOmundohotola José Vieira Dias Van-Dúnem olya li tali longo nawa. Onda Ii handi mu hiya opo e ye moNamibia,nokumu ndjandjukununa ooprograma dhetu dhomalaria, nangame onda kala woo ohandi yi koAngola. Omupya omunene sho nda thigi po uuministeli naye okwa dhigi po oshikindo shoka na inaku ningwa oshikonga shopombelaomvula ya piti. Ondi shi shi kutya omulanduli gwandje ota longo neitulemo opo a tule po ekwathano ewanawa nominista yuundjolowele yaAngola,” Kamwi tati.

    Nonando iipotha yomukithi ngoka otayi londo pombanda, Kamwi okwa popi kutya oku na einekelo momuti gwoDichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DTT) ngoka hagu longithwa mokudhipaga oomwe.

    Okwa popi kutya kape na omauyelele gopaunongononi mboka tawu popi kutya omuti ngoka ogu na uupyakadhi kaantu, ngaashi kutya ohagu etitha opolio nomaupyakadhi gamwe. Okwa popi kutya omuti ngoka ohagu vulu okukala uule woomwedhi 12 tagu longo uuna gwa pombelwa pehala lyontumba.

    Okwa gwedha po kutya omuti ngoka otagu yambidhidhwa woo kEhangano lyUundjolowele mUuyuni.

    Iigwana yoE8

    Kamwi okwa popi kutya ongundu yoE8 oya thikamapo miiilongo 8 mbyoka tayi lalakanene elongelo kumwe nenkondopeko lyoongamba mokukondjitha omalaria.

    Iilongo mbyoka oBotswana, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Angola, Mozambique naZambia.


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  • 03/14/17--15:00: FNB strengthens board
  • FNB strengthens boardFNB strengthens board Jantje Daun has joined the FNB Namibia Bank and Holdings boards as non-executive director from 1 March 2017.

    Daun is a chartered accountant with over 18 years of local and international experience. She currently works in the new Corporate Advisory Reform Unit under the Ministry of Public Enterprises with the mandate to improve corporate governance at public enterprises.

    Jantje expressed enthusiasm for the financial sector and said: “I look forward to contributing positively to the boards of directors of FNB Namibia and FNB Holdings. We are a diverse group of people and everyone has their strength with which we can assist in making FNB Namibia grow from strength to strength for the benefit of all stakeholders, and especially our customers.”


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    NTF's Maria Immanuel holds TradeTalk workshopsNTF's Maria Immanuel holds TradeTalk workshopsNTF's Maria Immanuel holds TradeTalk workshops The #TradeTalk initiative aims to bring information related to trade, investment and business opportunities to start-up entrepreneurs in Namibia. The #TradeTalk initiative is inspired by the interest shown by young Namibians to understand domestic trade, international trade and how the Namibian economy functions in general, especially from a policy environment perspective.

    Emerging entrepreneurs, especially the youth, are keen and ready to participate in the economy through innovative initiatives in the various economic sectors of the country.

    In most cases, these entrepreneurs have no access to relevant and timely information, especially relating to the country's national development initiatives.

    It is important for young and emerging entrepreneurs to understand the sectors prioritised for development by the government in order to accelerate development in the country.

    Policy interventions available in strategic sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and services will only be beneficial if understood well and utilised to create the intended impact and benefits to the economy.

    The #Tradetalk initiative provides a platform where I share economic information. Topical issues affecting the growth of emerging businesses are discussed and where possible answers are provided or initiatives are taken to address the issues.

    The first #TradeTalk1

    I hosted my first #Tradetalk on 11 March in Windhoek, where 32 young entrepreneurs participated. The #Tradetalk is provided for free, meaning there is no registration fee and I also give my time for free.

    Topics focused on at the first #tadetalk1 included an introduction to Namibia's trade dynamics and economic structure, issues related to how the private sector influences government policies, the Growth at Home strategy, manufacturing in the 21st century and available financing options.

    The outcome of the trade talk was that young entrepreneurs are absent during the formulation of national policies affecting the business environment in the country; that existing business associations have no platform to represent young entrepreneurs' interest in the economy; and also the membership fee for joining is hefty for start-ups, especially when there is no direct benefit to grow their nascent business initiatives.

    Present entrepreneurs then recommended that the formation of an association would be ideal to advocate for youth issues in the economy and also lobby the government for policy reforms suitable to their needs.

    The #Tradetalk1 formed a committee consisting of 16 members to spearhead the establishing of the 'Namibia Young Entrepreneurs Association'. The first phase is to conduct a survey among interested entrepreneurs to identify their needs and how they want the association to function.

    Young people from Keetmanshoop and Ongwediva have also shown interest in the initiative and are asking businesses and their regional institutions to support the initiative by making available resources that would allow me to host similar #Tradetalks in their region. Other regions can contact me at maria.immanuel@ntf.org.na or Immanuel.maria@gmail.com to host #tradetalks for them.


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