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    Rude drivers delay fire brigadeRude drivers delay fire brigade The fire chief in Walvis Bay is frustrated by drivers who refuse to give way to fire trucks during emergencies.

    Dennis Basson told Nampa many drivers, especially taxi drivers, ignore his team every time they rush to fires in the Tutaleni informal settlement.

    “They obstruct our work; sometimes they show us the middle finger instead of giving right of way,” said Basson.

    Fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles have priority on public roads whenever their sirens are on.

    Refusing to give way to emergency vehicles is an offence and punishable with either a fine not exceeding N$10 000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years, or both.

    Basson''s comment follows yet another fire in Tutaleni last week. Sixteen shacks that accommodated 40 people were destroyed.

    That incident brought the total to 35 shacks gutted by fire this year.

    Most shacks are constructed with cardboard and plastic materials and built close to each other.

    “There is no way we can extinguish a shack fire on time; every time there is a fire we arrive when it already destroyed many structures,” he said, in reference to vehicles obstructing fire trucks.

    In the meantime, the municipality decided to invest N$3 million to construct a satellite fire station in Tutaleni early next year. Basson said this facility will be well equipped to ensure fires are extinguished on time.

    Some fires are caused by illegal electricity connections; unattended fires, lit candles, paraffin lamps in use; and exploding gas cylinders.


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  • 12/07/16--14:00: Biggest desert bash at coast
  • Biggest desert bash at coastBiggest desert bash at coast Selected from international array of locations Namibians will be able to enjoy a massive desert party on 24 and 25 December after Namibia was chosen as the ultimate destination for the international event. Namibia has been chosen to host the biggest desert bash at the coast during the December holidays that the country has ever seen.

    The Namibia International Beach and Cultural Festival will be a two-day event, on 24 and 25 December, and it promises to be packed with activities for everyone.

    The fun-filled festival will feature local and international musicians and DJs, play parks for children, a beach volleyball tournament, wine tasting, food stalls, a consumer expo and activities such as camel rides, quad biking, dolphin cruises, helicopter rides, and much more.

    The festival will be hosted by Flying Promotions, an international events management company that prides itself in contributing positively to the growth of the tourism sector through collaborating and interacting with people and organisations across the southern African region.

    The festival that is marketed both regionally and internationally will specifically focus on Namibia as a tourist destination of choice and is supported and endorsed by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

    The CEO of NTB Digu //Noabeb said that through events such as these the organisers aim to promote Southern African tourists'' attraction routes that culminate into international cultural festivals across the region.

    Noabeb said that the event organisers will be hosting similar events throughout the 15 countries that fall under the umbrella of the Regional Tourism Organisation of southern Africa- which is also a partner of the project.

    “We are excited about the fact that Namibia has been chosen as the destination for the holiday break. Our country not only offers a unique destination where the desert meets the ocean but the exciting opportunities for exploration and activities to suit the entire family.

    He said that this family orientated festival not only aims to promote Namibia as a tourist destination but will provide a platform for regional cultural exchanges.

    Bonventura Mbidzo from the NTB described the festival as a historical event saying that this will be the first time that this event will be hosted.

    “We pride ourselves that Namibia has been chosen to host this event and will make sure that it remains in the country in the future.”

    He stressed that Namibia has a peaceful atmosphere and the country has fantastic hospitality. “The organisers will not regret choosing Namibia.”

    According to Tumelo Lekolwane from Flying Promotions the 24th of the December will be promoted under #YouthInTourism and the day fill feature up tempo music featuring local and international artists. The activities will start at 09:00 with a free Zumba fitness class and conclude at 22:00.

    On 25 December the day is being promoted as #XmasinNamibia and it will be filled with family mid-tempo music.

    “Every Christmas the place to be is in Namibia. That is what we are selling,” said Lekolwane.

    The final line-up of artists will only be announced by next week.

    The activities at the festival will be divided in separate areas which include a music stage, with a bar area, where no under 18s will be allowed, a VIP section which will feature beach beds, couches and a cocktail bar, a smoke lounge and whiskey tasting area.

    There will also be a food court and wine tasting as well as a sport section and a fun park for the kids. Vendors that want to sell or market their products can also do so during the festival for free.

    According to Lekolwane another great feature that will be offered during the festival is that there will be bus shuttles running from Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to provide transport for festivalgoers.

    This is to make sure people are not drinking and driving and also to prevent the congestion of traffic on the roads. The organisers also said that they have partnered with Computicket Travel which showcases all hotels and accommodation establishments and added that a mobile app “Culture Route has been established which will also provide information on the festival. It also provides information on attractions in southern Africa.


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  • 12/07/16--14:00: Namibia excels at accidents
  • Namibia excels at accidentsNamibia excels at accidents Namibia is the best at car crashes, a new global map that has taken the internet by storm has revealed.

    The new map of the world divides information into nine categories. These include commodity, psychology, ecology, gastronomy, economy, nicety, humanity, technology and ''nasty''. Countries are known for only one thing, which falls in any of these categories.

    Namibia falls into the black or nasty category and is best known for its car crashes, according to the map.

    David McCandless has created this new map of the world based on information he gathered from the internet. His sources range from World Bank records to Guinness World Records.

    This is the second global map that has been released lately which highlights the dire state of car accidents in Namibia.

    Namibian Sun only last month reported that the continued spate of mass casualties coupled with horror crashes on Namibian roads had led to our country being slammed in a global report rating countries in terms of the risks they hold for travellers and tourists.

    The Travel Risk Map for 2017 ranked the most dangerous countries in the world on various aspects including medical risks, travel security and road safety. It is designed to alert travellers and tourists to the level of risk they face when visiting destinations worldwide.

    Meanwhile other interesting highlights of what other countries are best at, are that South Africa was ranked the best at death, Malaysia for rubber gloves and Pakistan was top for gay porn consumption. Australia is the best at data breaches and Lithuania for fast wi-fi, Norway has the best pizza eaters and Togo is the unhappiness hotspot of the world, according to map.

    Somalia is number one for female genital mutilation, while Peru is known for cocaine and Hungary for porn stars. According to the new map, Cuba is represented as a top country for doctors and if you thought most spam emails originated from Nigeria, think again. The country has made a name for itself for its scrabble players while the USA rules the world - of spam emailing. China has the most number of jailed journalists, while Turkey has censored Twitter.


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  • 12/07/16--14:00: 'Employ them by 28 Feb'
  • 'Employ them by 28 Feb''Employ them by 28 Feb' McHenry Venaani issues second ultimatum In the first of four promised unemployment marches, DTA leader McHenry Venaani has issued a deadline for the jobless fishermen to be employed. DTA President McHenry Venaani kicked off the first phase of a national march against unemployment with an emphasis on and in support of seafaring personnel, organised by his party on Wednesday in Walvis Bay.

    He reiterated a call made to government and the fishing sector earlier this year for an amicable solution to the impasse related to striking fishermen which has been dragging on for over a year now. He issued a 28 February ultimatum to government to ensure fired fishermen return to their posts.

    “It''s wrong that over 1 000 Namibian fishermen are left unemployed in the country of their birth and more than 30 000 of their relatives are suffering due to this. We know fishing companies employed temporary workers which are paid and earn less than those who are striking. Fishing companies should be awarded extended fishing quotas and catchment periods so that they are able to absorb dismissed fishermen without firing casual workers that were hired.”

    More than 300 striking fishermen and unemployed persons joined Venaani in the march to the offices of the labour ministry in Walvis Bay where a formal petition was handed over for the attention of the minister, Errki Nghimtina.

    The fishermen called on the minister to launch a wide-scale investigation and audit into labour practices in the fishing industry and to determine whether the industry corresponds with fair and acceptable working conditions as required by the Labour Act of 2007, the petition read.

    The minister was not present and the document was received by the chief arbitrator for the Erongo Region and head of administration Gertrude Usiku.

    The workers appealed to the minster to urgently intervene and enter into negotiations with relevant companies with the aim of ensuring the dismissed fishermen return to their jobs.

    The petition also calls for the fast-tracking of free vocational skills training and education provisions, as well as the introduction of permanent solutions which speak to the harsh economic and working conditions faced by fishermen. It also suggests that the National Planning Commission undertake a national skills mapping campaign to determine which skills are required by the labour market and to ensure that the education system is aligned to the needs of the market so that Namibian schools stop producing unemployable youth.

    Venaani announced that similar marches are also planned for Lüderitz, Oshakati and Rundu.

    “The fishing industry has for far too long been making profits amounting to millions of dollars for company owners.”

    According to Venaani more than 4 000 Spaniards are directly employed by the fishing sector. He said those other continents are benefiting from the Namibian fisheries resource while Namibians, who have toiled the seas and demanded better working conditions, are not being looked after satisfactorily.

    “Government does not want people to see there is a crisis and downplays the issue. The elite, which includes ministers, their wives and family members own fishing companies and are protecting their own stomachs.”

    He also lambasted the national broadcaster and said there appears to be a deliberate boycott, sabotage and interference to deny citizens information and an opportunity to be heard.

    “This is very disappointing. The national broadcaster survives on the taxes paid by citizens yet they are absent and apparently did not receive our invitation to cover this event.”


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  • 12/07/16--14:00: Amutse mum on investigation
  • Amutse mum on investigationAmutse mum on investigation While Modestus Amutse maintains his silence on matters of financial mismanagement and the accompanying investigation against the chief regional officer (CRO) and deputy director for finance, the Omusati Regional Council''s financial crisis appears to have deepened, as the council''s employees, have not received their 5% salary increment.

    At the beginning of November, Amutse the chairperson of the council told Namibian Sun that the investigation into the alleged mismanagement of funds by the suspended CRO Protasius Andowa, and deputy director of finance, Elizabeth Mutota has been concluded and the full council would meet on 18 November to discuss the outcome and pass a resolution.

    After the 18 November meeting, Amutse turned silent and is alleged to have instructed fellow councillors not to speak to the media. The council met again on Friday last week on the same issue.

    These meetings were conducted behind closed doors and only councillors and urban and rural development ministry officials were present.

    Council suspended Andowa and Mutota in September. The Public Service Commission endorsed this suspension last month and the council launched the investigation into the duo. According to Amutse, the urban and rural development ministry assigned a team of investigators headed by the ministry''s chief auditor.

    Amutse confirmed to Namibian Sun that the council has met twice to discuss the outcomes of this investigation, but he refuse to share what was deliberated.

    “I have no idea. It is not in our hands as politicians, it is in the hands of the administrator. I don''t know what is going on or how far they are with it. I hope once they complete their work they will inform me,” Amutse said.

    Financial crisis

    Sources are saying that when the head of investigation presented the report to the councillor on 18 November, there was evidence that Andowa had allegedly been operating without following the council''s budget. This mismanagement of council money apparently dates back to 2012.

    Currently employees of council have not received their 5% salary increments which were announced in April by the Namibia Public Workers Union affecting all public servants.

    Capital projects also came to a standstill as the council has no funds while the ministry refuses to allocate additional funds for the council.

    Namibian Sun has been reliably informed that Andowa and Mutota''s alleged mismanagement of funds came to light after they failed to explain how the council had spent N$12.3 million that it borrowed from the line ministry to finance projects.

    Amutse refuted all these allegations saying there are people within the council giving misleading information to the media.


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  • 12/07/16--14:00: ‘Swartbooi did not lie’
  • ‘Swartbooi did not lie’‘Swartbooi did not lie’Residents of southern Namibia support deputy minister President Hage Geingob’s demand for an apology by Bernadus Swartbooi has unleashed a flurry of responses from Namibians, save the deputy minister who is unreachable. JEMIMA BEUKES

    Deputy lands minister Bernadus Swartbooi has been completely off the radar after President Hage Geingob demanded that he apologise within 24 hours for saying that his minister, Utoni Nujoma, must be called to order for the manner in which he is handling the land resettlement process.

    Numerous attempts to get hold of the outspoken Swartbooi yesterday failed as his phone was unreachable.

    Swartbooi lashed out at Hoachanas over the weekend and demanded that Nujoma be ‘called to order’.

    Meanwhile reactions are streaming in following the president’s demand for an official apology.

    The chief of the Kai //Khaun clan at Hoachanas, Chief Simon Kooper, yesterday said Swartbooi could not apologise for speaking the truth.

    The outspoken Kooper also took issue with what he termed a “perception that only Aawambo people fought for the liberation of the country”.

    “We have kept quiet for a long time and just because we are part of Swapo does not mean we should remain quiet. The Namas also fought for this country. We contributed the same as those who went into exile,” he fumed.

    Kooper added that his people were elated when Swartbooi, a senior government official, spoke the “truth”.

    Meanwhile, Nama Genocide Technical Committee chairperson Ida Hoffmann says Geingob should have summoned both Swartbooi and Nujoma for a private meeting and then determined whether there is a need for an apology.

    “What does this mean now? Does this mean if no apology is issued Swartbooi is fired? I would see this as a very big injustice against Swartbooi,” she said.

    She further accused political leaders of ignoring the plight of Namibian minorities, but being constantly on the look-out for discrimination against other tribes.

    “When we, especially the Nama people, speak about the wrongs done against us, then we are labelled tribalists, but when we are mistreated then our political leaders are quiet,” said Hoffmann.


    Meanwhile, Nangof’s working group on land reform has called on the government to immediately suspend the entire resettlement programme until the second national land conference has taken place.

    According to Uhuru Dempers, convener of the working group, the land resettlement programme is generally perceived as corrupt, discriminatory and biased towards the powerful and elite at the expense of the landless, the poor and the indigenous communities who directly lost land during the colonial period.

    These recommendations came after a range of consultative meetings were held with communities from villages in the Hardap, //Karas and Omaheke regions.

    The communities argued that the resettlement programme was creating pools of apartheid-like reserves that are overcrowded, overgrazed and lack the basic infrastructure required for productive agriculture.

    They also lamented that the programme is not pro-poor and does not address poverty as stated in the national development agendas.

    The communities also complained that residents of settlements such as !Gochas, Aranos, Hoachanas, Stampriet, Kries, /Koës and Aroab have little or no access to communal land and are squeezed into the settlements by farms of absentee landlords and underutilised farms, while other farms are bought by tourism operators.

    “It is felt that government has done little to nothing to lift these communities out of poverty and landlessness, but has rather resettled people from other regions on the farms that are bought around these settlements, while ignoring the local landless people.

    “Government is allocating land to people who have no historical or cultural connection to the land, nor do they have any knowledge of the natural environment and habitat. This is done at the expense of those who have a direct connectedness with the land, leaving them destitute, landless and culturally poor,” the group said.

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    Murder accused cop back on the jobMurder accused cop back on the job ILENI NANDJATO

    Sergeant Bonifatius Shikolonya, 35, who was arrested in October on a charge of murdering his colleague with a broken bottle, is back at work.

    Shikolonya, a member of the Oshana police operations unit at Oshakati, returned to his duty station on Monday, 28 November, after he was released on bail.

    Shikolonya, who hails from Oshali, Ongenga in the Ohangwena Region, was arrested on the evening of 9 October in connection with the murder of his colleague, 26-year-old Constable Agus Rooinasie, at Oshakati.

    Shikolonya made his first court appearance before Magistrate Castro Simasiku on 11 October, but was denied bail and the matter was postponed to 15 November. He launched a formal bail application on 15 November and on 25 November he was granted N$2 000 bail, which he paid.

    This has confirmed by the Oshana regional commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele. “Yes, it is correct that he is out on bail and is back at work. We are waiting for his suspension letter from the inspector-general’s office so that we can suspend him. Since he is out on bail he has to return to work because we cannot be paying him his salary while he sits at home.”

    Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga would not comment on the matter and referred Namibian Sun to the chief spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi. He could not be reached.

    Shikolonya allegedly attacked Rooinasie with a broken bottle and stabbed him in the neck at the police residential units in Oshakati, after he returned from a night out on the evening of 9 October.

    Earlier on, Rooinasie’s girlfriend, Memory Geingos, who said she witnessed the attack, told Namibian Sun that Shikolonya just popped up in their room while they were sleeping and started confronting them with a beer bottle in his hand. This allegedly led to a quarrel between the two police officers. Apparently Rooinasie got up and started pushing Shikolonya outside.

    “While outside his bottle fell down and broke. He picked up a piece and stabbed my boyfriend in the neck. My boyfriend ran away, but he chased after him. My boyfriend fell and he stabbed my boyfriend in the back and chest. Follow colleagues separated them and called the ambulance. Rooinasie was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Oshakati State Hospital,” Geingos said.

    Both Rooinasie and Geingos are from Aminuis in the Omaheke Region.

    The commander for operations of the Oshana police, who was the acting regional commander at the time, Deputy Commissioner Karel Theron, told Namibian Sun that Shikolonya had been a police force member since 2011, while Rooinasie joined the service in 2010. Both were members of the regional operations unit.

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  • 12/07/16--14:00: Three missing in Etosha
  • Three missing in EtoshaThree missing in EtoshaDisappearances linked to poaching Suspected rhino and elephant poachers have gone missing in Etosha National Park after an alleged shootout with the anti-poaching unit of the Namibian police. CATHERINE SASMAN

    At least three Zimba and Himba men have reportedly disappeared in the Etosha National Park under mysterious circumstances and are feared dead, reports NamRights.

    Kakururua Tjonda (41), Uasindikirua ‘Muzeu’ Tjitaura (43) and Kambinde Mbuanda (38) disappeared in the park on or around 29 October.

    Sources told NamRights that the missing men were part of a group of at least seven poachers who had been involved in a shootout with members of the anti-poaching unit of the Namibian police in the western part of the game reserve.

    According to the sources at least four of the alleged poachers were shot dead and the three missing men ran into the bush.

    It is now believed that the three have died from thirst or were killed by wild animals, or both.

    “Relatives of the three men said they received a call from the men who sounded very weak and said they were dying from thirst. The call then went dead,” said NamRights’ executive director, Phil ya Nangoloh.

    He said the relatives believed the missing men were recruited at Opuwo by rhino horn and elephant tusk traffickers to poach in Etosha on their behalf.

    Relatives of the missing men told NamRights that the matter was reported to the police at Opuwo and there was an unsuccessful police search by air.

    The relatives, however, alleged that the Kunene regional commander, Brigadier James Nderura, and a certain Iyambo of the police at Opuwo were reluctant to assist in tracing the missing men.

    The relatives claimed that Nderura “and his men had something to hide”.

    They have also approached the office of Kunene governor Angelica Muharukua and OvaHerero paramount chief Vekuii Rukoro for assistance.

    Ya Nangoloh yesterday concurred with the relatives that the police were “hiding something” this matter.

    “They are either trying to cover up for the traffickers or the fact that some people had died in the shootout,” said Ya Nangoloh.

    He said it was a strange coincidence that this matter was now emerging after Chinese national Ye Zhiwei was caught with 18 rhino horns at Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg in late November after having slipped through Hosea Kutako International Airport although the rhino horns clearly showed on the scanners.

    Ya Nangoloh further claimed that Sergeant Pendapala Abraham Iitula, who was manning the scanner at the time when Zhiwei walked through with the rhino horns, had been transferred from Outjo to operate the scanning machine.

    “If this is true the question is who transferred Iitula to be at the Hosea International Airport just in time,” Ya Nangoloh surmised.

    He said he had phoned Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga on Tuesday about the matter and had made an appeal to the police chief that this matter be urgently and thoroughly be investigated.

    He said that Ndeitunga claimed that he was unaware of the case.

    Nderura’s cellphone remained unanswered yesterday and Ndeitunga also did not answer his phone.

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    GIPF is not bailing out governmentGIPF is not bailing out government CATHERINE SASMAN

    David Nuyoma, CEO of the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), has taken issue with by assertions made by investigative journalist John Grobler, who claimed that the fund was bailing out the government with at least N$8 billion.

    Grobler posted on Facebook that the Swapo-led government was “plundering” the GIPF “to keep the ship afloat because the local banks will no longer buy treasury bonds”.

    He said so far at least N$8 billion had been used to plug holes allegedly left by former minister of finance Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila.

    No so, said Nuyoma.

    Nuyoma said the GIPF had entered into an asset-swap agreement with the Bank of Namibia (BoN) and not a purchase of bonds as alluded to by Grobler.

    This meant that the GIPF received Namibian dollar-denominated bonds issued by BoN in exchange for South African bond assets in a book-entry transaction. The total value of the transactions amounted to N$8 billion.

    “GIPF was in no way worse off through this transaction. The transaction was done with the BoN and not with the government. We are pleased and proud that this arrangement had a positive impact on the Namibian foreign currency standing,” Nuyoma stressed.

    The GIPF explained that this transaction helped the BoN to reflect better reserves for the country.

    The general manager for investments at the GIPF, Conville Britz, said pension funds needed to invest their funds to be able to preserve capital and earn returns to meet their obligations.

    “Government bonds are among those assets that pension funds invest in. We have invested in Namibian government bonds in the past and will continue to do so in future. Investments like those are not excluded from a regulatory permit point of view. Money has thus not been released to ‘plug’ holes in government through this transaction,” said Britz.

    He said stakeholders could be assured that these investment decisions were not taken lightly or in an imprudent manner.

    “GIPF remains committed to guard and grow our member benefits,” Britz said.

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    All systems go for Desert DashAll systems go for Desert Dash Cyclist bet on success Nedbank Desert Dash organiser Leander Borg believes that fitness will be crucial in the race. The stage is set for the much-anticipated Nedbank desert cycling competition as brave cyclist kick-off of their long journey to from Windhoek to Swakopmund this afternoon.

    The competition will see young and old, men and women, show their mettle from the capital through the scorching Namib Desert.

    It will be a battle of who can peddle the fastest and who has the stamina, will and energy to complete the long and arduous journey.

    The event starts at 18:00 with route of a one kilometre around the Grove Mall before the real business begins.

    Official race organiser Leander Borg reassured the cyclists that everything is in place for the titanic cycling battle.

    “We have everything set for the Desert Dash and I can assure you that the route looks pretty good.

    “There are three ambulances on standby and all the safety officials are well equipped with everything they might need.

    “The only advice I can give is for the cyclists not to push hard too early since it is going to be a long journey,” Borg said.

    The FNB Vets team sponsor, FNB’s head of private clients Elize Smith, said the bank was proud of being associated with the team.

    “We are proud to be able to support this winning team and are confident that they will achieve podium placement

    “The team was at the top in the veterans’ category at Otjihavera and we know we are part of a victorious team,” she noted.

    Smith said sport development and support was one of the main focus areas of the FNB Namibia Foundation Holdings Trust.

    The team for the 2016 Desert Dash includes Stefan Bohlke, Eleanor Grassow, Hans du Toit and Ian Grassow.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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    Warrior’s promotion to end year in OutapiWarrior’s promotion to end year in Outapi The Warriors boxing promotion will be wrapping up their activities for the year with a tournament in Outapi next weekend.

    This was announced by the promotion’s chairperson Ludwig Haimbondi at a media briefing yesterday.

    Haihambo also announced the tournament’s sponsor, Embalangalya Investment owned by former Okalongo councillor John Hakaye.

    He said Embalangalya Investment is the sole sponsor with an open or blank cheque.

    “Embalangalya Investment is the main sponsors of the event but we will release further details later on.

    “It is an open cheque as Comrade Hakaye really wanted to make sure that this tournament takes place,” he said.

    He could however not reveal the value of the sponsorship, stating that the promotion will announce how much was spent by the sponsoring company at the end of the event.

    Haihambo mentioned that the fight will be sanctioned soon, “this is just a pre-conference but 99% of the things are in order and just a few technicalities that have to be worked on. But it will be sanctioned anytime today (yesterday).”

    A gala dinner will also be hosted on Saturday, 10 December in Outapi.

    The boxing tournament is slated for 17 December at Olufuko Cultural Centre in Outapi and has eight bouts on the card.

    The main fight will see a rematch between Kapena Naindjala and Valde Ndayambekwa rumble for the vacant Junior Welterweight National title.

    Naindjala who won the fight last year in Outapi has little words for his challenger Ndayambekwa, as he now wants to knock him out in the second round.

    Ndayambekwa however said, he has been training hard and cannot allow Naindjala to knock him out.

    “I have prepared well for this fight and I am ready for it but you know as a soldier when you are going to fight you do not show your enemy how many bullets you have. All I want is the spirit of winning.

    “He cannot tell me that he will knock me out, I have been training hard and I am not a punching bag,” he said.

    The Warriors promotion will announce the tickets price at a later stage.

    Full card:


    Saltiel Moses (Pro Debut) vs Mukwendje Johannes

    Junior Featherweight

    Fillipus nghitumbwa (Pro Debut) vs Gerson Vaeta


    Joshua Ndemunonga vs Julius Sheefeni


    Shafodino Simeon vs Rafel Iita

    Super Featherweight

    Lazarus Namalambo vs Niikoti Johannes


    Immanuel Andeleki vs Matheus Kandala


    Johannes Shitilitha vs Frans Kativa

    Junior Welterweight National title

    Kapena Naindjala vs Valde Ndayambwekwa


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    Infantino urges zero tolerance for child abuseInfantino urges zero tolerance for child abuse FIFA President Gianni Infantino has called for "zero tolerance" of child abuse in football and promised to look into ways the global governing body can do more to prevent it in the wake of the scandal sweeping the game in England.

    The English Football Association (FA) has launched a review into allegations of children being sexually abused at professional clubs, while British police are also investigating mounting accusations of paedophile activity.

    "It has to be taken seriously. There must be zero tolerance from that point of view, from a football perspective, but also from a criminal perspective as well," Infantino told reporters in Singapore on Thursday.

    "Those who have been guilty of abusing on children need to punished very seriously. They have to be out of football, which is without question, but also on the criminal side they need to be punished.

    "There are not many worse things in life, not in football life but in life generally, than child abuse."

    Infantino said that although child abuse was a scourge not limited to football, FIFA would not take the scandal lightly.

    "The Football Association is already, of course, looking into that matter and this is something that to be taken very seriously," Infantino added.

    "In football as well, we probably have to look into that with more care and more attention in order to prevent any potential child abuse in the future."


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  • 12/08/16--14:00: Nangolo faces another blow
  • Nangolo faces another blow Nangolo faces another blow Promoter optimistic Kinda Nangolo is hoping that his boxing event slated for next week will be sanctioned. Kinda Promotions’s Kinda Nangolo has revealed that he still awaits a decision from the Namibia Wrestling and Boxing Control Board to sanction his boxing event.

    WBA Pan-Africa junior middleweight champion Anthony Jaarman is scheduled to defend his title against South Africa’s Nkululeko Mhlongo next weekend.

    However, Nangolo disclosed yesterday that the fight had not been sanctioned with only one week to go.

    “I have submitted everything like I always use to do and that is why I expect the fight to be sanctioned soon.

    “We hope that an email stating that the fight has been sanctioned will come in on Friday.

    “There could be a possibility that the fight will not be sanctioned in time if the boxing board has an agenda,” Nangolo said.

    The fight was initially slated for last month, but did not take place after the Kinda Promotions failed to meet the sanctioning requirements.

    Jaarman holds a record of 15 fights, 13 wins, one loss and one draw, while his South African opponent has lost twice, drew ones and 14 victories to his 17 fights.

    “Jaarman is ready and has been training well despite the fact that there has been so much controversy surrounding his fight.

    “It will be very unfortunate if the fight does not take place for the second time,” Nangolo said.

    Namibian Sun understands that the board on Thursday allegedly gave Nangolo a letter containing some of the requirements needed for his bonanza to be sanctioned.

    Boxing Control Board officials could not be reached for comment before this newspaper went to print.


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  • 12/08/16--14:00: Aunty Nangy
  • Aunty NangyAunty Nangy Dear Aunty Nangy

    Please help me. I am a 20-year-old man and I really want to enjoy sex. My problem is that when it comes to sex I always release the sperm so quickly, in about nine seconds and I do not enjoy that moment. Please help Aunty, I really want to enjoy sex.

    My child, what you are suffering from is known as premature ejaculation. Many men, younger and older, suffer from this syndrome. It is not uncommon at all. You do not say how long you have been having sex but if it is a short time, then this is a condition that will eventually go away, as you become more ‘trained’ – so to speak. If you have been having sex for a few years, then you could have a medical problem and I suggest you get to a doctor as soon as possible. If you are in a relationship with a girl you trust, you can try to extend the foreplay by controlling the thrusting so that you do not ejaculate so quickly. This takes time and effort and lots of practice. I wish you luck and remember, always use a condom.

    Dear Aunty Nangy

    I am 20 and my boyfriend is 23. He loves me too much but he is too old for me? Please help me Aunty Nangy.

    Not at all! This is a good age gap – three years is wonderful. If someone is telling you he is too old for you, then who do they want you to date? Men mature far slower than girls and that is why we as women always look for someone a little older – not too much, just a little. So, if he is good to you and treats you well, you can count yourself blessed child. Enjoy your young love and flourish!

    Dear Aunty Nangy

    I am a 22-year-old young lady. I have the problem with my breasts – they are very long… am I normal? Another problem is that my periods have stopped. I donot know what is wrong with me… please Aunty assist me!

    Let us begin with your breasts. They come in all shapes and sizes… there are round ones, long ones, flat ones, wide ones and so on. Some point sideways and others down while others perk all the way up and others just face forward. There is nothing wrong with your breasts. However, if you do not like the way they look, you can always buy a nice push-up or padded bra to enhance the shape to round. These are not too expensive and are available everywhere. With regards your periods, you need to get to a doctor immediately. Do not delay my child. You could be pregnant there could be something else wrong. It is not always a serious problem but if left untreated, hormones can really mess up things later in life. Please have yourself checked out urgently.

    Dear Aunty Nangy

    I am 32 but I do not have a child.

    Do you have a husband? Or a boyfriend? Are you having regular sex? I assume it is unprotected because otherwise there is not a chance you will fall pregnant. I do not know why you want to have a child but you must remember, they are a big responsibility. In any case, it is my hope that you are married and trying for a baby. In that case, have yourself checked out by a doctor. Your ovulation cycle must be normal which means you must have monthly periods at regular intervals, roughly the same time. If not, you will struggle to fall pregnant. There could also be issues with your uterus so a doctor must look. If you are with one partner, the problem could also lie with his fertility so, both of you must go and see a doctor.

    Dear Aunty Nangy

    I have a boyfriend. He is 45 and I am 26. I love him so much, the problem is that he is married. Help me please!

    There is no way I can give you any advice. You need to leave him immediately and find someone who is available.

    Dear Aunty Nangy

    I am 14 years old and I am dating a guy who is 16. I want to break my virginity with him... what should I do Aunty?

    Child, please, listen to me. Do not do it. You are too young to understand what you are giving away. You should be learning and studying not thinking about having sex. Please find an elder in your community, or a teacher you trust to confide it. I am worried that you ask me such a question as to what you must do? You must study and be a good daughter. But I fear that even though I pray that you do not do it, you will. So I implore you child, use protection and be careful.

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    The Walvis Bay X-mas music festival not to be missedThe Walvis Bay X-mas music festival not to be missed Kelly Khumalo and Don Laka to perform in Walvis Bay The official countdown for the 2016 Christmas show that will feature local and international music sensations begins. If you find yourself at the coast this Christmas, then make sure not to miss the Walvis Bay Xmas music festival on 24 December.

    With a crazy line-up by local music giants like Gazza, T-Boss, Staika and Ou Stakes, international acts of legendary jazz artist Don Laka, songstress and TV personality Kelly Khumalo and Noma, the SA idols season 12 winner will also feature.

    The organisers said they want to take music back to the people. “There is a habit of organisers inviting international artists for events in Namibia, but they don''t pitch.

    “So we decided to bring Don Laka and Kelly Khumalo so you see them and know that they will be here on the day of the event.

    “We want to build public trust,” said the organiser, Knowledge Ipinge.

    He added that these kinds of festivals will become annual and every year there will be different artists - both local and international.

    The music festival is organised in such a manner that everyone will enjoy it as the line-up caters for young and old.

    Kelly Khumalo said it is her first time in Namibia and she looks forward to the festival.

    “This is my first time in Namibia and I look forward to the show. I don''t really know much about the Namibian music industry, but I hope to collaborate with a Namibian artist from this event,” she said.

    She added she looks forward to meeting her Namibian fans and getting to mingle with them.

    Don Laka will be vacationing in Namibian whilst also looking for music opportunities.

    “I have written a song titled Namibia on my album Poison and I am excited to perform it, come this Christmas,” he said.

    Tickets to the show are available at all Computicket for N$150 general access and N$500 for VIP.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Festive season playlist comes earlyFestive season playlist comes early Make December memorable with local beats A gift for a loved one or a gift for you – local music offers up a diverse platter of albums this Christmas. It''s time to stock up your Christmas playlist with local music of all genres and tunes, whether you are travelling long distances or simply at home with loved ones, there is a lekker local track to listen to with very mood. From gospel albums, house, hip hop to Kwaito. Here are some of the albums to look out for, their prices and where to find them.

    David - online

    For that good, good feel-good Christmas gospel vibes, Holy Nation Good Value by David is a must purchase! The whole concept is from the promise taught by Apostle Paul in the New Testament that we are bought with a price which is the blood of Jesus Christ. The album is available online only; there are no tangible copies yet as he wants to explore that market. There are ten tracks on the album including Good Life and Kingdom Show.

    Young T - N$150

    The third offering by Young T titled Becoming King is certainly a road tripper. He featured a couple of local artists including Newturn, Waka and Peya. Hit tracks like Namutenya and Fikulimwe are on the album including Young T''s favourite tracks Fly Away and Blood Love. The album can be found at Antonio''s Art, Panamo in Walvis Bay, Kapana Service Station in Ondangwa, Nalitungwe Lounge in Ongha, Mbwale''s Pub in Tsumeb and deliveries by contacting Young T.

    Hilifa94 - N$120

    Most Wanted takes the listener through a journey of musical progress, showing why he deserves to be recognised as the most wanted rapper in the industry. “I named the project ''Most Wanted'' because I believe that I''m a musical criminal. I want to drop something that leaves a mark, something that makes headlines. I want fans on the edges of their seats whenever I''m about to do something,” says Hilifa. The album can be found at Antonio''s art for N$120.

    Zox VDK - N$120

    The Album is called 21st Century (Nobody is gonna see me coming) it is made up of 15 tracks and its very rich in lyrics with a very sweet melody of township and pop beats, this album is one that one can dance to and relate to. It can cater for all ages but has a powerful message to the youth in general. You can get it at Antonio''s Art, Hakahana Service (salon), #6 market (Vambolokasie) or delivery 081 643 8833.

    Tunakie - N$120

    Efeinge Album was released in November. “The reason I say this album is very close to my heart is because I''m dedicating it to all women. Woman should be allowed to go work and hustle for themselves and their family; we also have the right to have some fun. Antonio Arts (WHK) Maggy Cosmetic (Grootfontein) 0811487733 Nangula - The Cool Bar (Omwandi) (Ondangwa) +264 81 206 7369 Maldini - Katoololi Bar +264 81 215 2749 (Oshakati) Amweenye +264 81 233 7533 (Swakopmund)

    Lize Ehlers - N$120

    Heal is a mixed-genre album focussing on House, Hip Hop and Reggae Pop. Message music remains Lize''s brand and it was applied again in her fourth album. Heal is N$120 @Antonio''s and at Take Note on Sam Nujoma Ave. “The title track sums up the entire album. It is meant to act as a friend and an answer or solution to a tough question. It is about reassurance, it is about possibility and it is about family.

    KK - N$120

    The album foundation is hip hop but it has a lot of different styles and sound to it.

    “As a human being I am aware that change is inevitable. We are all meant to grow and change from what we were when we were young. Get it at Antonio''s Art.

    Swart Baster - N$150

    Point of No Return is Swart Baster''s album under his own record label Naughty Crew. The 13-track album is of a mixed genre that includes features with Ouban, Kazlajaivas and Ras Sheehama. The album and all tracks on it are locally produced in Rundu. The album can be bought at Antonio''s Art in Windhoek, Young One''s music shop in Swakopmund, Rundu open market in Kavango and deliveries by contacting Swart Baster himself on social media.

    Oteya - N$100

    The Oteya Ondeya is the album that says goodbye to the Ethimbo album. The 13-track album includes tracks like Play with my heart, I''m gone, which speaks to victims of GBV. With this track, I hope to encourage those in such situations to come out of them, she said. The album is available at Mono Music shop in Windhoek and through deliveries by contacting her on social media.

    Lioness - N$120

    You will get songs such as back to basics that feature Skrypt and Kp Illest. There is a video out for it on YouTube and the song is produced by Gina Jeanz that speaks about being underestimated and exercising one''s ability. The song Bueno features Hilifa94 and speaks about recognition in the hip hop industry and being one of the greats.

    Tuliasan - N$99

    Tulisan released his first album titled Wisdom of a Fool with 14 tracks. “If its kwaito it will have a bumpy beat, it''s basically a feel-good and have-fun type of album,” he said. It reintroduces him from his youthful ventures as it shows how he has matured and is more aware of the music business. The album is available at Antonio''s Arts Windhoek, and Young One''s music shop in Swakopmund.

    Adora - N$99

    Adora decided to breakout of being known as a backup artist and going mainstream. One tune that goes with the festive season is the track titled Celebrate featuring Tulisan. The artists said they want to celebrate their achievements and hard work. Adora said this project aims to please her and grow her fan base. The album is available in Windhoek at Antonio''s Art and Young Ones music shop in Swakopmund for N$99. For further information regarding the album, contact Adora via her social media accounts.

    Rodney Seibeb - N$99

    Exciting and uplifting, these are the words gospel singer Rodney Seibeb describes his album. For one to have fun this festive session, one must definitely have the 11-track album. Unity is a track which Rodney says is his message to the Namibian nation. The Rodney Seibeb album can be found at Antonio''s Art in Windhoek and by contacting Rodney on 081 200 1734.

    Monique English - N$99

    This is the album you have been waiting for. Her Since 1994 is for everyone, all ages and size as it tackles issues that are experienced by all age groups. For the teens there are songs that speak of heartbreaks and peer pressure whilst the older age group can enjoy the tracks that speak of bliss. The album can be purchased at Hochland Spar for N$99 and Antonio''s Arts.

    Doris - N$99

    If you liked Kissing by Doris then you will surely love the songbird''s Selfish album. With 13 tracks on it including Vibe and Flirt, the Doris album is a must have for those R&B type of days this festive season. The album can be purchased at Antonio''s Art''s in Windhoek and Hochland Spar.

    Jaleel - N$100

    Ever Sins Eve is a great fusion between hip hop and R&B with a little dash of Afropop. Featuring songs like uptown down town with Oteya and LMPC, Jaleel has hit songs like Wella and Block Block on the Ever Sins Eve album. He has a very distinct sound and great control of his vocals which is visible in the album. It can be purchased at Mono music shop in Windhoek or by deliveries by contacting him on social media.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Honesty and hating, there’s difference? Honesty and hating, there’s difference? I don’t know if this is a fair question but I’ll ask anyway. I will probably also answer it by the end of the day. My question is how much does it cost to tell the truth? I’m asking so because I’ve noticed that in this era we live in once you say the truth you are described as a hater or someone who doesn’t understand a situation or just a plain enemy of progress. It seems like my generation and everyone prefers to be lied to. Where did we go wrong? I know that people back in the days used to appreciate criticism because my grandfather once told me that if you do something and everyone “loves” it or doesn’t mind fault in it, you didn’t do something right.

    This is a culture that is mostly practised in the entertainment industry. I swear if you suggest to an artist that they need more studio time because their music still needs to be polished to become perfect is like signing a death sentence. Like I care so much about you, I see the talent in you and how far they could go that is why I would say that but no. It’s plain hate. When I write a review of an event that was poorly organized it is even worse. Why is it hard for someone to understand that the lighting at their event wasn’t bright enough and I couldn’t take good pictures?

    At the end of the day people need to understand that there is a lot that can be learned from mistakes. I remember being smacked by my dad for not making my bed but how would I have known that it’s not ok to leave the bed unmade had he not told me? I just want people to understand that you can’t be mad at a journalist for writing what happened at your event that you planned with so much time and effort. It is the only way to grow. If fiev people are telling you that something you are doing is wrong then you need to look at yourself. And no, journalists don’t want to be celebrities. We are just doing our job. No more hating, let’s be honest and lets be real.

    Next time you bring me an album to review make sure you can handle the truth. The truth will piss you off yeah but it shall set you free.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Performances save Pumumu album launchPerformances save Pumumu album launchEven with fans being chased away didn’t stop Gazza from putting on the best performance alongside international singer Nyanda and local acts. The unveiling of GMP artists and Gazza album launch that was So whatever reason it is that you missed the Pumumu album launch, I will utter the same words Gazza used. You missed out on a lit show! The management could have done better with the organization most definitely but this even for them was a lesson. With maximum power given by every artist that performed one could only wish that the night could have lasted for 72 hours because it was that turnt.

    What was supposed to be the biggest night for GMP artists as they were going to be unveiled for the whole world to know and also the album launch for Gazza was cut short by unforeseen actions. The event was supposed to start at 14:00 but due to misunderstandings between the Unam management and GMP caused some fans to turn around and forget about the whole show and the show only picked up from 21:00. The fans that Gazza referred to as diehard fans because despite being told that the event was cancelled still stuck around were very upset that someone would try to ruin Gazza’s event. “They told us that the show was cancelled because GMP did not pay for something, we didn’t hear it from Gazza himself so we stayed. They are haters but GMP otayi kalele,” said an upset fan. Gazza was as heartbroken as his fans and said all of this was unfair. “God is at work. I now know who will die for GMP and just know that GMP will die for you too,” he said. Gazza said he didn’t understand where the album was going but after the events of Saturday everything made sense. “We are going to be a bit vulgar tonight. Everybody that was sent back by the security missed the f*ck out. Go and tell them that. Whether I perform for a f*cken full stadium or not I wouldn’t have seen a better launch for Pumumu,” said Gazza.

    Nyanda who flew in all the way from Miami loved the crowd and said she will definitely be back. “The crowd was very alive, they gave positive energy. I always give praise to God for everything and that’s why I kept saying God Bless during my performance. Singing with Gazza was the icing on the cake for me because it has been a long time in the making and fans will definitely love the song,” she said. Gazza said his new music makes him feel real.

    June Shimuoshili

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    Airlines profit drop coming Airlines profit drop coming Oil prices are biting into airline gains The International Air Transport Association says increasing fuel prices will bite into airline profits. Airlines will make less profit in 2016 than previously expected and profits will fall in 2017 with oil prices rising and demand slowing, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Thursday.

    IATA, representing some 265 airlines accounting for 83% of global air traffic, is now forecasting they will make a collective net profit of US$35.6 billion this year, against a previous forecast for US$39.4 billion. For 2017, it expects profit will fall to US$29.8 billion, breaking a streak of five years of profit growth.

    However, at a predicted 7.9%, the industry''s return on capital is also expected to exceed the cost of capital in 2017 for the third year in a row, a boost for investors in the sector.

    "The airlines are in a better shape to remain profitable while facing these challenges," IATA director-general Alexandre de Juniac said at a press briefing.


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    Country Club reports N$43m profitCountry Club reports N$43m profit Full refurbishment and solar power installation planned The Windhoek Country Club and Resort once again declared a profit and handed over a dividend cheque to government for a second year running. The Windhoek Country Club and Resort this week handed over a dividend cheque amounting to N$5 million to public enterprise minister Leon Jooste and environment minister Pohamba Shifeta. The Legacy-managed hotel reported a gross operating profit of N$43 million this week.

    Speaking at the handover, Country Club chairperson Sven Thieme said, “According to the latest annual research from World Travel and Tourism Council, Namibia was on the list of countries which are forecasted to be the highest economy with fastest contribution to gross domestic product from the tourism and travel sector between 2015 and 2025.

    “In light of this positive news, it gives me great pleasure to advise that the past financial year for the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino has been a challenging but satisfying one. When looking back at 2015/16 we can once again smile about overall satisfying and solid results.”

    Despite a large number of rooms being out of circulation, excellent highlights from a financial perspective which include the following facts and figures, were announced: Hotel turnover growth year on year was 4.26%; the food and beverages department increased their turnover by 8% and its operating profit were extremely strong at N$9.9million, Thieme said.

    He noted that profits generated from food and beverages was commendable, and praised the management for attending to funds prudently.

    “Room turnover year on year was static at N$32 million. The average room rate rose by 7% and occupancy remained flat with the previous year even though a full room refurbishment commenced during the year under review. Gaming turnover dropped slightly by 5% year on year and this can mainly be ascribed to the smoking laws in Namibia which prohibit smoking inside the venue, new competitors entering the gaming market and high inflation rates in 2015/16 which have led to a reduction in customer spending,” said Thieme.

    Overall turnover showed a slight drop of 1.2% year on year. Gross margins for the year were N$80 million. Gross operating profit for the year was N$43 million, slightly down on last year’s amount of N$44 million, mainly due to higher operational costs.

    It was also announced that a full refurbishment of the hotel was in the process of being completed. The refurbishment which started in April 2016 was expected to be completed in April 2017 at a cost a total cost of N$59.6 million. The project, Thieme said, was fully-funded out of the Country Club’s cash reserves. “More exciting news is the fact that we plan to do a full refurbishment on the casino toilets, casino bar, deli and entrance, and the Kokerboom restaurant during the current financial year at a planned capital cost of N$3million. Scheduled completion is also planned for April 2017.”

    Thieme announced that the Country Club planned to install solar panels on the rooftops at an approximate cost of N$4 million. The scheduled start date of the project is January/February 2017. “We expect the solar project to make a significant difference to our electricity consumption and are pleased to reveal that a fully Namibian-owned and registered company will be offered the tender for this project.” The 200 kilowatt plant will account for 20% of the entire Country Club’s energy needs he said.


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