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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Helao Nafidi ta tembudha etoto lye lyiiyagayaHelao Nafidi ta tembudha etoto lye lyiiyagaya Elelo lyondoolopa yaHelao Nafidi otali pangele okutembudha etoto lyawo lyiiyagaya konima sho aakwashigwana ya nyenyeta omolwa olwithi ndoka halu zi mehala ndyoka uuna taku hwikwa iiyagaya.

    Mayola gwondoolopa ndjoka, Eliaser Nghipangelwa, okwa popi kutya elelo olya tokola okutembudha etoto ndyoka opo ya kandule po uupyakadhi mboka.Okwa popi kutya elelo olya li hali hwikile iiyagaya ketoto ndyoka ihe olya hulitha po omukalo ngoka konima sho aakwashigwana ya tameke okunyenyeta. Etoto ndyoka otali adhika mOmafo netoto epe otaku pangelwa tali kala mEngela.

    Gumwe gwomaakwashigwana mboka ya gumwa, Ndahafa Natanael okwa popi kutya olwithi olwa ninga uupyakadhi ngashiingeyi.

    “Ihatu kotha we nawa omolwa olwithi ndoka, na otu na uutile kutya otalu vulu okutweetela omikithi,” Natanael a popi.

    Nghipangelwa okwa holola woo okuuva nayi kwe omolwa aakwashigwana mboka inaya hala okuthiga po ehala mpoka elelo lya hala okutula ngashiingeyi etoto.

    Okwa popi kutya elelo itali vulu okutula po etoto ngele aakwashigwana inaya hala okuza po pehala mpoka, ta tsikile kutya elelo natango otali tsikile nokuuvitha ko aakwashigwana mboka.


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    Gandjeni evi kaakwashigwana - SwanuGandjeni evi kaakwashigwana - Swanu Swanu okwa gandja omagwedhelepo opo epangelo lyaNamibia li gandje uumwene wevi lyaayehe kaakwashigwana mboka yeli pomavi shi li paveta.

    Ongundu oya gandja omagwedhelepo ngoka kokomisi yomapulaapulo kombinga yuuthiga wevi, ndjoka tayi ningi iigongi yoshigwana moshitopolwa sha/Khomas.

    Ongundu ndjoka oya popi kutya omagwedhelepo gawo otaga endele pamwe nontopolwa onti 10 yEkotampango lyaNamibia ndjoka tayi gandja egameno kuumwene wevi lyopaumwene nolyaakwashigwana.

    Ongundu oya pula natango ku tulwe miilonga ompango moPaliamende ndjoka tayi ka longithwa mokukwatela komeho omukalo gwepulo lyevi lyuuthiga.

    Omagwedhelepo gwongundu yoSwanu ngoka ga shainwa komupresidende gwongundu ndjoka, Tangeni Iijambo, oga pula epangelo lyaNamibia ndyoka lya kutha ko elelo okuza kepangelo lyuukoloni lyaSouth Africa opo li ye moonkundathana dhomeendelelo nIigwana yaHangana kombinga yiifuta yomutumba gwa nuninwa egandjo neungaungo lyoshikumungu shoka shevi lyuuthiga.

    Oya gandja woo omayele getotepo lyokomisi yomuhanga kombinga yiiyemo meungaungo nevi lyuuthiga tayi kwatelwa komeho kuNamibia, Germany oshowo South Africa, nepulo lyuuthemba wevi lyuuthiga nali ningwe kwaamboka ya kuthwa omavi gawo pokati komvula yo 1884 sigo 1990.

    Ongundu oya pula woo omulandu gwedhiminathanopo gwopashigwana, ngoka ya popi kutya ogwa ningwa owala kuSwapo miikundaneki muMei gwo 1989.

    Iilyo yElelo lyoAfrikaner Traditional Authority, tayi kwatelwa komeho kuChief Edward Afrikaner, oya popi kutya kala taya lumbu pevi yeli hiila okuza koBondelswarts okuza omvula yo1978.

    Elelo olya popi kutya kali na evi lyawo oyene noonkambadhala okuya moonkundathana nepangelo lyaNamibia inadhi pondola sha.

    Elelo otali pula opo oohecta dhevi dhi li po 400 000 moshitopolwa sha /Khomas Region dhi pewe elelo ndyoka.

    Elelo olya popi natango kutya Erindi otali adhika mevi lyawo lyuuthiga.

    Erindi olya thikama po moofaalama dhi li heyali na olya kala momake gwehangano lyoBrigadoon (Pty) Ltd, nangashiingeyi otali landithwa po.

    Mboka oya popi kutya ngashiingeyi kaye na evi ndyoka taya vulu okupopya kutya olyawo molwaashoka evi lyawo olya ningwa po evi lyopaumwene, na olya gamenwa kEkotampango lyoshilongo, lya nuninwa oohandimwe aakengeli.

    Mboka natango oya pula oshihongwathano shomutotipo gwoVenduka, Jonker Afrikaner, shi tulwe pehala tali ka hogololwa kelelo, na oya hala iipongolo yaJonker mboka ya fumbikwa aniwa moJonkersgrab, pondje yaVenduka.

    Oya hala woo oondjila nomapandanda ngoka ga lukilwa Jan Jonker ga lukuluwe nokuningwa Jan Jonker Afrikaner.


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    Campaign against child abductions comingCampaign against child abductions coming The recent brutal rape and kidnapping of a five-year-old girl from her pre-primary school in Khomasdal has spurred a non-profit organisation into action to create awareness at different schools about child abductions.

    The MAD Charity (Make a Difference Namibia) says that the brutal kidnapping of the five-year-old girl, the tragic abduction and murder of Cheryl Uyaha Avihe in 2018, and the kidnapping of a nine-year-old in Swakopmund in 2011 are some of the many shocking and disturbing accounts of child abductions experienced in Namibia over the past decade. “Child abduction has also been catapulted to the fore of concerns for urban communities, childcare professionals and the media. To what extent is the fear of 'stranger danger' socially constructed?” asks the organisation.

    According to the non-profit, every year about 50 children are abducted by a stranger.

    “In some cases the child is sexually assaulted and, on rare occasions, murdered. Public attention will inevitably focus on these tragic cases. But the police record over 200 attempted abductions by a stranger each year. Even unsuccessful abductions are deeply disturbing to communities, parents and children alike.”

    The organisation points out that Namibia's constitution states that every child has the right to be protected from maltreatment, neglect, abuse or degradation.

    “It is mandatory for all Namibians to play their role in protecting children and creating a safe and secure environment for them. But recent statistics state that one in three children in the country fall victim to physical, sexual or emotional abuse before their 18th birthday.”

    It is for this reason that the MAD Charity is taking the initiative to raise awareness of the rights of children, and to ensure the safety, well-being, care and protection of children, through the theme 'Tricky People, Safe Stranger prevention and awareness campaign'.

    The campaign will kick off on 14 September with a parade through the city and during the week, awareness creating campaigns will be held at different schools in Windhoek.

    The organisation is therefore inviting 14 primary schools, different government departments and local stakeholders, to participate and stand together against the abuse of children and come out in their numbers on 14 September.

    The event will start with a colourful 5km parade around Windhoek, condemning the abuse and abduction of children. This will be followed by an event comprised of poetry and drama from students, portraying their fears, and calling on everybody to play their part to protect them. In conclusion stakeholders will take a pledge to protect children, by planting their handprints on a declaration cloth.

    For more information, contact Cynthia Witbeen at 081 700 0117.


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    Engen fuels N$1m drought reliefEngen fuels N$1m drought relief Engen has handed over N$1 million to the Dare to Care Fund to support Namibia's farmers who have been ravaged by a seven-year drought. The fund now has N$8.4 million.

    Engen announced in early June that it would contribute to the Fund five cents for every litre of petrol purchased from an Engen service station in Namibia from 1 June to 31 August.

    The money raised over the three months will be used to help subsidise fodder. The latest donation from July fuel sales follows N$850 000 that was donated for June, bringing the total given by the fuel company to N$1.85 million.

    “At the outset we stated that our target is to raise N$3 million to help the country's commercial and subsistence farmers in this hour of extreme need. With one month to go I am confident we will reach our target,” said Christian Li, Engen's managing director in Namibia.

    Dare to Care was established in the year 2000 by members of the agricultural sector to assist victims of veld fires. Since then it has broadened its assistance to include victims of floods and farm attacks.

    The agricultural sector, including the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union (NECFU), Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), and private-sector companies, this year joined hands under the Dare to Care umbrella and set an ambitious target to collect N$10 million with the aim to support drought-stricken farmers. Thus far the Fund has collected a massive N$8.4 million.

    The initiative aims to subsidise feed costs in order to help farmers to fatten livestock for the market while maintaining their core breeding herds.

    An important aspect of the assistance is not to donate feed to farmers, but to make sure feeds are more affordable through subsidising.

    “I remain hopeful that the joint efforts of numerous Namibian stakeholders in this time of need will achieve a substantial measure of success in assisting our farmers in this difficult time. As Engen we are humbled to play a small role,” added Li.


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    Give communal land to communitiesGive communal land to communitiesErindi lost to Afrikaner tribe A proposal has been made that preference to ancestral land claims be given to communities that have lost land. Swanu has recommended that the Namibian government give up its ownership of communal land in favour of the traditional communities legally occupying the land.

    The party made this submission to the commission of inquiry into ancestral land rights and restitution that is currently conducting public hearings in the Khomas Region.

    In its submission, Swanu states that its recommendation on community ownership is feasible given the fact that the government has already embarked on the process of registering 20 hectares in respect of community land rights.

    It states that its recommendation complies with Article 10 of the Namibian constitution, which provides for the protection of both private and community title deeds.

    The party further recommends that an Act of parliament on ancestral land rights be promulgated to guide the process of ancestral land claims and restitution.

    Moreover, it recommends that preference be given to claimants who have direct and substantial interest in the land in question, and not all previously disadvantaged persons.

    Swanu's submission, signed by its president Tangeni Iijambo, recommends that the Namibian government, as a successor state to South African colonial rule, must enter “urgent discussions” with the United Nations, which has a direct responsibility towards Namibia, to convene a “funding conference on restitution”.

    It proposes the establishment of a joint commission on ancestral land funding, comprised of Namibia, Germany and South Africa, to shoulder financial responsibility emanating from land dispossessions.

    Swanu further proposes that claims of ancestral land rights be made in respect of land dispossessions that occurred from 1884 to 1990, and not merely the pre-colonial period.

    It also demands a policy of national reconciliation, which it says has so far only been a “Swapo press release” made in May 1989.

    'No place of our own'

    Members of the council of the Afrikaner Traditional Authority, led by Chief Edward Afrikaner, told the commission that they have been living on land borrowed from the Bondelswarts since 1978.

    “We have no place of our own,” the authority says in its submission, adding that several attempts have been made by previous leaders to engage the Namibian government on the issue, but that nothing has so far been forthcoming.

    The authority recommends that 400 000 hectares in the Khomas Region be given to the Afrikaner authority.

    The authority claims that modern-day Erindi is situated on the ancestral land of the Afrikaner clan. Erindi is made up of seven farms that were consolidated under the juristic entity, Brigadoon (Pty) Ltd, and is now for sale.

    “Today, the Afrikaners cannot claim any land they call their own, as our ancestral land is called private land and dominantly protected by the [Namibian] constitution for the elite few and the rich,” the authority states in its submission.

    The authority also recommends that a monument of Jonker Afrikaner, founder of Windhoek, be erected at a suitable place to be determined by the traditional authority.

    It seeks assistance with the identification of the remains of the person identified as “Jonker” who was purportedly buried at Jonkersgrab, west of Windhoek.

    Equally, it recommends that all roads and avenues named after Jan Jonker be renamed to Jan Jonker Afrikaner.


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    Stoney Mubiana honoured at NAMAsStoney Mubiana honoured at NAMAsLifetime Achiever's Award 2019 Zambezi Region's pride and musical powerhouse, Stoney Mubiana, remains one of the region's, and arguably nationally too, most celebrated artists to date as far as creativity and conscious music is concerned. One of Namibia's fathers of music and versatile musical architects at the stroke of independence, the Mama Waka singer was a popular performer in the live music circuit, with a rare talent, at the time.

    Katima Mulilo's own pride was one of the first artist from the region to combine traditional music with modern instrumentation, blending Kizomba and African beats. He became renowned for publishing backtracks for local adverts. Then determined, Mubiana was always ready to hit the music scene with his African rhythm and disco music.

    He rubbed shoulders with continental heavyweights and secured nominations in the Africa Song Competition with his song Mama WaKa. He made music for Africa and the world.

    “In a country like ours with many cultural groups, you have to play a variety of music in order to satisfy the different tastes,” Mubiana said.

    Mubiana, who during his time encouraged women to join the music industry, was one of the trailblazers who was determined to push Namibian music and grow the industry, which was still in its infancy.

    The burning passion for music that lived in him led to him quitting his job to allow him to further his knowledge of music. In 1990, he moved to Windhoek where he studied composition and music theory and also mastered the art of the keyboard.

    Stoney Mubiana later became the Senior Music Librarian at the NBC and a member of the board of directors for Namibia Society of Composer and Authors of Music (Nascam).

    His contribution to the Namibian music industry remains instrumental and he has made an invaluable mark on the industry that helped ignite and set local music and talent on a growth route.

    Stoney Mubiana passed on in 2003.


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    Waka delivers on Bigger than MyselfWaka delivers on Bigger than MyselfA review of Waka's latest offering Waka's new album caught a lot of people by surprise. It is one of the few albums on the market getting love without the usual pre-hype. A lot of credit has to be given to Waka for the kind of subject matter he tackles, throughout the album. The production on the album is soulful and mellow. It was produced by S2, Sean Blizzy, Swai, Saint, Thommy and God Son, who contributed to the album with diverse sounds.

    The 14-track album features Tate Buti, Top Cheri, Dion from PDK, Exit, TKB and Sunny Boy. I listened to this body of work about three times, as I have the habit of not giving albums a one-listen review. Saying Waka is good at the type of music he makes is an understatement. But truth be told his success as a musician beyond house music, Afro-pop and kwaito eclipses his skill as a commercial artist; I hope this album propels him in the mainstream spotlight.

    The album opens with an up-tempo beat song Kashona featuring Tate Buti. A nice way of setting the tone for the album, it is a strange collaboration but the song was well executed.

    My favourite track has to be Molinga, a song that narrates the struggles that taxi drivers go through on a daily basis to make ends meet. It is a taxi anthem that if promoted well has the potential of becoming a street anthem.

    Going Home featuring Top Cheri was the lead single for this album, the video to this album is on YouTube. I cannot say much about it because you have probably stumbled upon on it already.

    Other notable songs to look forward to on this album include Omutima, Ninga Man, Wedding Vows and WakaSunny. Not a lot can be said to discredit the album, however I do believe the track sequencing could have been done better. There are slow tempo songs that are followed by up-tempo songs and it can be a little confusing as to why it was done that way.

    Rating: 3/5


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: Merging fashion with culture
  • Merging fashion with cultureMerging fashion with culture Fashion designer, visual artist and founder of Couture By Kim (CBK), Kim Matheus, is working on her new collection, Safari Line. The collection is inspired by the Aawambo culture and history; tjil caught up with the designer to find out more about this collection.

    tjil (t): Explain the name CBK… it sounds like one of those names that has a crazy or deep story behind it?

    Kim Matheus (KM): CBK is only used for the branding as it is easy to be recognised and remembered. The business is registered as Kim Matheus Boutique CC. I chose CBK because all the products are designed by me and I am the founder as well as the fashion designer of the clothes.

    (t): Where is the inspiration for the designs drawn from?

    (KM): Being passionate and surrounding myself with a tourism and fashion environment drew me to this brilliant idea. Tourism for me means art and everything else sold and made is ultimately art. I love creating and this made me look at the gap we have in the tourism industry of clothing. Most of the safari clothes are provided from South Africa. They speak Africa yes, but do they scream Namibia? Except for the leather shoes and bags. So that is where my inspiration comes from.

    (t): You are about to launch your Safari Line, share with us more about this collection?

    (KM): CBK is busy with a unisex CBK Safari Line inspired by the Aawambo culture and history. The Odelela material will be used to create the line in many ways by also using the dye for the Odelela fabric in a safari colour palette.

    This collection will be the type that many people can purchase as souvenirs and a reminder of visiting Namibia, as well for fashion and travel inspiration.


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    Adorning Namibian events in styleAdorning Namibian events in styleSetting the standard high dB Audio Namibia – providing excellent sound, light, set and stage services. Established in 2004 by David Benade and Manuel Jacobs, dB Audio Namibia offers technical management services of live event productions. tjil caught up with Ernst Steynberg, the company's communications manager, to share how the firm is contributing to improving the standard of live events in Namibia through their services.

    Steynberg mentioned that it has been a very gradual process for dB Audio Namibia to get where they are today. “When we started, the live events industry was in its infancy.

    “We are fortunate to have grown together with the industry over the years as clients for corporate events, and audiences for entertainment events, started wanting more and better, in line with international standards and expectations,” said Steynberg.

    dB Audio Namibia believes in long-term sustainability. He added that their purpose is to be an environment where anyone with a passion for the technical events industry can have the opportunity to develop themselves, to earn a living and shape a future and in doing so, serve their clients with excellence.

    When asked what are some of the events they have worked on so far that have been the highlight of dB Audio Namibia - in terms of stage design, lighting and sound - Steynberg said that there are so many as they support various types of events and it is hard to compare the highlights of a conference with a concert, for example.

    “But from just these two examples, recent highlights would be Gazza'sMilli concert last weekend and the Economic Summit – which we are proud to have contributed to successfully,” said Steynberg.

    On the inspiration for their designs, Steynberg said that it is a collaborative process, adding that their clients' ideas determine the overall direction which their internal design team then takes further into computer-aided designs and engineering drawings.

    “We brainstorm and conceptualise together while considering practical implications such as budgets, timelines and most importantly, health and safety considerations.”

    dB Audio Namibia also runs an internship programme for individuals with an interest in their line of work.

    The Talent Attraction Programme was started when the company realised thatmany young people do not know about careers available in the technical live events industry. “In fact, many do not even realise that such an industry exists; everyone thinks all we do is sound and that everyone at dB Audio Namibia is a DJ.

    The reality is that someone interested in information technology (IT) has great possibilities in technical live events or lighting; someone studying architecture, can also design stages, not only houses,” he said.

    Anyone interested in pursuing this, is welcome to register their expression of interest dB Audio Namibia's website at www.dbaudio.com.na/working-with-us

    “We can sadly not accommodate everyone who shows an interest, but often we find just the right fit for somebody and then we gladly take them on board.”


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: Mabuza drops debut album
  • Mabuza drops debut albumMabuza drops debut albumFrom backup singer to fully fledged musician Sharp as a needle and on a mission to turn the music game on its head, we let Mabuza tell you himself what he's got next. Mabuza recently released his first album titled Survival of the Fittest on various digital stores. In an interview with tjil, Mabuza real name, Fillemon Stephanus Hafeni, shared that it took him about six years to finally release the album. “I used to be a backup dancer and singer for the Gazza Music Production (GMP) stable, more specifically Blacksheep. After my stint at GMP all I wanted was to release an album because I wanted to perhaps prove a point.

    “Even though I felt the urge to drop the album a long time ago, I was also disciplined and patient enough to only drop the album when the time was right,” said Mabuza.

    He shared that sonically, his inspiration comes from the likes of Brown Dash, Mandoza, TKzee, Arthur Mafokate and Tropies. “On the album I fused kwaito with the Afro-nation sound and the result was Survival of the Fittest. Pure kwaito does not sell anymore like it used to, so I had to find a way to make music that was going to be appealing to the masses.”

    The mixing and mastering of the album was done by Andrew on the Beat, but he also worked with DJ K-Boz, Stika Zwan, Shakes, Skindo and Allie. He added that he was very specific with the producers that he chose to work with.

    “I needed to work with producers who were going to give me the sound I was looking for. If you listen to the album, you will notice that it sounds different from a lot of music that is out now,” he said.

    Speaking on what he wants to achieve with this body of work, Mabuza said that he wants to export his music outside the country. In the effort to do this, he mentioned that he is going to take his music videos to continental music channels like Trace Africa, Channel O and MTV Base Africa.

    “I have an agent in Nigeria who has helped me get some of my music play listed on Warri FM, in Warri State, Nigeria.

    “I am also going to take a different approach when submitting my music videos to different channels. It is difficult for a Namibian to be play-listed on these channels so instead of submitting these videos via email, I want to actually visit these media houses,” said Mabuza.

    He announced that hard copies will be available by the end of August. The first batch will be distributed by himself and his team. “We are also planning to have an album launch soon. People should just keep an eye on my social media for the announcement of the album launch date,” he shared.


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: Representing Namibia
  • Representing NamibiaRepresenting Namibia Miss Namibia 2019 top 30 finalist Lineekela Hashiyana is set to represent Namibia at the fifth edition of the Miss Heritage Global pageant in Accra, Ghana.

    The event is scheduled to take place from 10 to 20 August under the theme 'Year of Return'.

    Hashiyana will be the fifth Namibian model to participate in the pageant, following Miss Namibia 2017 second runner-up Tessia Mutwemezi who represented Namibia at the last edition of the pageant in 2017.

    Miss Heritage Global is an international event that brings together cultural ambassadors from around the world to share their culture, learn and experience a new culture through the host country. It was founded in 2013 and it helps promote the preservation of global heritage and to create an environment of culture sharing to inspire tolerance for one another as more communities around the world become more culturally diverse.

    This year 55 contestants from around the world will be spending 10 days in Ghana visiting the sites that shape Ghana's heritage and culture. The contestants will visit Cape Coast and the Ashanti kingdom. Through various activities around Accra, the models will get to interact and experience Ghana's culture through food, fashion, music and art.

    “I can't wait to share my culture with the globe. I am both excited and honoured to represent Namibia.

    “The previous Miss Heritage Namibia queens have done a remarkable job so I have big shoes to fill but I am ready and will do my best,” said Hashiyana.

    Hashiyana is represented by Pageant Girls by Bobby K, the official national directors of the pageant in Namibia. Hashiyana is expected to jet off to Ghana today.


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: Fresh and popping
  • Fresh and poppingFresh and poppingLatest singles making waves Music is being released at a rapid pace these days and this is why tjil introduced this Fresh and Popping segment that lets you know what is popping in the streets, online and on the airwaves. These are some of the songs you should consider adding to your playlist. Elegant Freestyle - King Elegant

    Dubbed as the Wiz Kid of Namibia, King Elegant released visuals to this song about four weeks ago and impressed many music fans.

    The fact that King Elegant has been punishing instrumentals the way he has in the past few years, and somehow managed to go mostly unnoticed by the mainstream eye, only meant that when everyone caught on it had to be a situation. The short video was received with praise by many including industry heavyweights King Tee Dee and Kp Illest.

    All We Can - Sunny Boy

    This jam is lifted from his latest album Uuyelele and features George Nderura.

    The music video was premiered on NBC's Whatagwan last week. It is party song that blends Hikwa and Oviritje. If you still do not have this song on your playlist consider adding it, Sunny Boy has another summer anthem.

    Hakusembe - TKB ft Maszanga

    Released earlier this week on various digital platforms, Hakusembe is one of 2019's unexpected collaborations that makes perfect sense.

    If you are one of those people who go on about how music was at its peak when authentic Namibian sounds ran things back in the day, this song is for you. The manner in which the trio TKB delivers their lyrics is refreshing (or is it nostalgic?) and the feature give the song some good needed range and cultural diversity.

    Amen - Fire16 ft Saundra Dei

    The video to this song was released two weeks ago on YouTube. This is by far Fire16's best and most diverse work.

    Though his lyrical ability has never faltered, in the past he could've been accused of leaning more to one side of the hip-hop sonic spectrum than others, but with this single he delivers a contemporary song without compromising his subject matter all.

    The video allows one to take in all its elements without losing attention. “The video was shot in two different countries and we used technology to cross borders.

    “Saundra Dei is based in Baltimore, Maryland in the US. It was an interesting process,” said Fire16.


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: Have the right team
  • Have the right teamHave the right team Times have changed, unlike in the past when a lot of artists wanted to sign to record labels, new artists now prefer being independent. There is nothing wrong with preferring the latter, but having a structure to handle the administrative work is important for any artist.

    As many artists start to develop and grow, they should consider forming a team around them to help with those administrative and logistical aspects of their career that have evolved to become totally necessary to succeed in the music industry in this day and age.

    This piece will highlight the team members every artist is supposed to have. I am aware that having a big team is costly, especially for upcoming musicians, hence some artists resort to doing everything by themselves. Again, there is nothing wrong with that but having a team that handles various aspects of your brand also demonstrates a sense of professionalism.

    The first team member, an artist is supposed to have is a music manager. Your manager should be your right hand. This person should be able to understand your vision to a point where they are able to negotiate deals as well as build your brand on your behalf. When choosing one, I would advise that you select one who knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. This person should be the first building block in your team. This person should also be the one who has pre-existing relationships with publications, music promoters and other stakeholders in the music scene.

    Another person you should have on your team is a publicist, because how are fans going to learn about your music if they never come across your name? That is where publicists come in. A publicist should have a good relationship with photographers and videographers so that they can help create promotional content on your behalf.

    If you have the means to have a personal photographer, hire one. We live in a world where a lot of things are spontaneous and having someone on standby to document your events benefits your brand. Moreover, another team member that an artist is supposed to have in their circle is a mentor. A mentor may not necessarily be with you all the time or part of your entourage but it is good to have someone to go to for advice and mentoring.

    In this edition, we bring different entertainment features and news stories, including what transpired at the Gazza Milli Concert, a feature on dB Audio Namibia, and more. Artists rebranding seems to be the trend in Namibia and the latest artist to rebrand is our cover star Samuele Ndodji, formerly known as Quondja. tjil got an opportunity to sit down with him and find out what motivated this decision. This and more this week. Until next time it is goodbye for now.


    @MichaelMKAY on Twitter

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    Bitcoin scam uses King Tee Dee's nameBitcoin scam uses King Tee Dee's nameNew scam uncovered Various scams have been circulating over the past couple of months using well-known Namibian personalities. Recently, Martin Morocky, popularly known by his stage name King Tee Dee, has fallen victim to such a scam.

    It has been alleged that King Tee Dee appeared on a local television broadcaster announcing a loophole, which claims to transform anyone into a millionaire within three-to-four months. It further uses his brand to call on anyone to join a new cryptocurrency auto-trading programme called Bitcoin Code.

    The reports further demonstrate how to become a member and make money overnight, misleading many by using King Tee Dee's brand.

    King Tee Dee recently denied his involvement or association with Bitcoin Code and cautioned all of his supporters to refrain from engaging with the scam. “We would like to make it clear that this link and any allegations on this subject are totally unfounded. We at Mshasho, are committed to conducting business in a responsible and transparent manner, and I take these allegations very seriously. “Thus, we will try to inform as many people as possible to be aware of money-making scams which have robbed many,” said King Tee Dee.

    Members of the public are urged to report information to the police to ensure that fraudsters are stopped immediately. Any announcements and messages from King Tee Dee will only be communicated through verified social media accounts, as well as his official public relations agency. Any other sources are part of a scam.

    In other news, King Tee Dee is nominated at the 6th Annual African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in Dallas, Texas in the best Best Rap Category. “Please help me win it by voting and posting it on all your social media platforms. Thanks in advance,” said King Tee Dee.

    AFRIMMA is the sole award ceremony in the diaspora that caters to all music genres including but not limited to Afrobeats, Assiko, Bongo, Decale, Funana, Genge, Highlife, Hiplife, Kwaito, Lingala and Soukous.


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    Gazza Milli Concert – how it went down!Gazza Milli Concert – how it went down! As the official celebration for reaching a million views on YouTube with his hit-song Chelete, Gazza in partnership with Windhoek Draught, hosted the Gazza Milli Concert at Sam Nujoma Stadium last Saturday.

    Definitely one of the biggest music concerts hosted in the country, thousands of music fans flocked to Katutura to celebrate Gazza along with a superb line-up of other Namibian musicians, as well as artists from other African countries. Although international acts held it down, it was definitely the artists from Namibia who seemed to make the crowd give the biggest roar. Gates opened at 10:00 and performances kicked off at around 14:00 with the hip-hop group MIG opening the show. Haf, Che Ulenga and NSK were the hosts of the concert, who all did a spectacular job keeping the crowd entertained in between sets. Sunny Boy's set was nostalgic; the Hikwa pioneer got the crowd screaming the lyrics to the classic Koko. Kp Illest jumped on a while after Sunny Boy and blew the crowd away, performing his hit track Okay Okay.

    Other performers included Matongo Family, Teqla, King Tee Dee, Lioness, Emtee, B-Red, Proffessor, Oteya, Jeiyo, Ngai, Blvc Boxxx and more. Closing the show was Gazza himself. He had an electric performance filled with killer dance moves to rock the fans as they kept on chanting his name. He roped in King Tee Dee at some point and the two performed their old songs together, a defining moment for Namibian music.

    In an open letter thanking Namibia for supporting him Gazza shared that he is aware that this level of support is not new, saying that Namibians from all walks of life have carried him on their shoulders for many years. “I remain immensely grateful for the support, the prayers and the encouragement my people continue to give me.

    “I looked out and over the Sam Nujoma Stadium and watched as thousands of Namibians came out to support me in pushing boundaries and bringing my vision to life,” said Gazza.


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    The redemptive power of musicThe redemptive power of musicQuondja rebrands to Samuele Ngodji It takes courage to re-evaluate your identity and decide to completely change it. A change that comes solely from a natural evolution is considered a good one, even though many might be against it.

    You know it is real when you even sacrifice social treasures and stature because of it. With that being said Samuele Ngodji, formerly known as Quondja, is an ideal example of this - because of his history in the music scene.

    After closely watching the moves he has been making, tjil decided to hit him up to talk about his evolution from the known past to the unpredictable 'right now', as well as his forthcoming album. He recently released his single titled Omfenu featuring DJ Tengu. “Omfenu is lifted from my next album due for release in September.

    We are just busy doing final touches to the album, so I decided to give the people a taste of what to expect,” he said.

    On what he has been up to, the musician said he has been exploring different avenues in the business world. He added that he also felt the need to change his crowd and surround himself with people who can grow him spiritually. “I have not been quiet, not every move is reported on in the mainstream media or shared on social media.

    “I am constantly seeking wisdom and seeing how I can impact people's lives. I believe I have touched people's lives through the music I released under the name Quondja; I am starting a new chapter now, hence my rebrand,” said Samuele Ngodji.

    He mentioned that it feels good to be back in the limelight again doing what he loves, which is entertaining people. “I have released about nine albums, most of those albums were packed with conscious songs. Unlike Quondja, Samuele Ngodji is more fun.

    “My new album and first album under the name Samuele Ngodji is a predominantly dance album. I am happy, blessed and focused and all these things translate into my music,” he added.

    He announced that he has partnered up with On Fleek Media Group to market and promote his brand. Samuele Ngodji acknowledges that having a team responsible for a brand's public relations is important. “On Fleek Media Group is exposing my music and information about what I am doing. They are making sure Samuele Ngodji's music is heard all over the country.

    “The relationship I have with On Fleek Media Group is beyond monetary gain. We are two brands working together for a common goal. They want to see me win and vice versa.”

    On what keeps him grounded, Samuele Ngodji shared that his eagerness to learn, being patient and the will to always better himself and his craft are some of the elements he attributes to his humility. “I am a wisdom seeker, and wisdom is everywhere. I read a lot and I am very observant. I believe these traits contribute immensely to my personality.”

    He pointed out founding president Sam Nujoma, Frank Fredericks, Harry Simon and Knowledge Katti as some of the public figures whose stories inspire him. “These people have managed to put Namibia on the map through fields like politics, sports and entrepreneurship and have impacted lives in our community. I believe I can also do the same through art. The name may change but the goal to export Namibia's arts and culture remains,” said Samuele Ngodji.

    He said that he is happy with how his single has been received by his fans and promised that his forthcoming project will reveal what the new chapter of his life is all about.

    “I performed at the Gazza Milli Concert last weekend; the reception I received from the crowd gives me confidence to share with them the new music I have been working on,” he said.

    Summing up the conversation with tjil, Samuele Ngodji encouraged his fans to not be afraid to embrace change and further called on them to be grateful and enjoy life. “Taking time off to reflect on your journey and just acknowledge your achievement is what this album is going to be about.

    “Let us not be caught up in life's struggles that we neglect to see the beauty of life,” he said.


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  • 08/08/19--16:00: RFA considers toll roads
  • RFA considers toll roadsRFA considers toll roadsLess fortunate now pay more The parastatal says a user-pay system means that users do not pay for the maintenance of roads they do not use. The Road Fund Administration (RFA) wants to investigate the viability of tolling Namibian roads as a potential additional revenue stream to the Road User Charging System (RUCS) that collects funds for the maintenance and rehabilitation of national roads in urban and rural settings.

    At the start of this month, the RFA put out a tender calling for the determination of the road network or sections thereof for tolling and the 'toll' infrastructure to be provided.

    The proposed study is further to determine toll fees, including toll revenue forecasted over a five-, 10-, 20-, and 30-year horizon, and collection mechanisms to be employed, as well as a legal framework in respect of introducing tolling in Namibia.

    RFA CEO Ali Ipinge said the Fund is currently only looking into the feasibility of tolling.

    The last study done on this was in 2008, and it found that tolling of any Namibian road was “not feasible” because the country then did not have the proportionate daily traffic volumes to justify tolling.

    Since then the Namibian vehicle population has increased from 196 000 registered vehicles to 370 000, which Ipinge said “might be sufficient to build a business case for tolling”.

    “But at this stage we do not know, and hence we are investigating the feasibility of tolls,” Ipinge said.

    He said the current road user charges fee structure is not equitable.

    “As vehicles become more fuel efficient, road users pay less per kilometre of road travelled. However, lower income groups are still stuck with fuel inefficient cars resulting in them paying more per kilometre of road travelled. This disparity has simply become too large to ignore and sadly, the lower income road users end up subsidising road maintenance for the wealthier road user,” Ipinge said.

    To that end, he said, the RFA is seeking a road user charging methodology that is fair and transparent to all road users and “socially just for the less fortunate”.

    Government pays for the development of new roads, while the RFA collects funds through its RUCS for the maintenance and preservation of national roads.

    Ipinge said by moving towards a “user-pay” principle - a method he said is more popular worldwide - road users will not pay for the maintenance of roads they do not use.

    “The RFA aims to strike a balance between road user charges and vehicle running costs,” he said.

    Ipinge said as road user charges increase, road quality improves and vehicle maintenance costs fall.

    At this “intersection”, he said, road user charges, vehicle maintenance costs, and overall transport costs are minimised for the road user.

    “We do not believe that Namibia is at this sweet spot and therefore we are pursuing new and innovative ways to get there. Thereby ensuring value for money for the road users and creating a conducive environment for the advancement of the government's logistic hub development agenda,” Ipinge said.


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    Mushrooming of churches irks Eenhana residentsMushrooming of churches irks Eenhana residents Government is considering a law to address the concern of mushrooming of churches in the country, the constitutional advisor in the Presidency, Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi has said.

    Zaamwani-Kamwi made these remarks on Wednesday during President Hage Geingob's town hall meeting at Eenhana in the Ohangwena Region.

    She was giving feedback on the questions raised on the matter during the 2015 town hall meetings and also during the town hall meetings at Omuthiya and Ongwediva last month and Monday, respectively.

    Secretary of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA), Peter Mbome during the meeting Wednesday noted that traditional authorities are also concerned about mushrooming of emerging churches.

    “Some of these churches are sowing seeds of disunity in their practices. Our humble request to you, Your Excellency, is that Namibia must clear up religious organisation before the country has a full-blown crisis, dare we say a threat to our national security,” he said. He also proposed that the government establishes a regulatory body for churches.

    Zaamwani-Kamwi pointed out that churches need to be registered with the Ministry of Trade, Industrialisation and SME Development, as well as with the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN).

    She echoed justice minister, Sacky Shanghala, who told the town hall meeting at Ongwediva on Monday that a draft bill on the regulation of churches is yet to be discussed with stakeholders and in parliament.

    In the absence of a law regulating churches, Shanghala said, religious activities are not regulated in Namibia at the moment.

    However, he noted that churches are regulated in some other countries.


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    Mushelenga intervenes in Omuthiya standoffMushelenga intervenes in Omuthiya standoff Urban and rural development minister Peya Mushelenga has given the Omuthiya town council two weeks to motivate their decision not to renew the employment contract of town CEO Samuel Mbango.

    Mbango has taken the council to the labour court for unfair treatment.

    The council is said to be divided, with some councillors in favour of and others against Mbango's reappointment.

    During a council meeting on 3 June, the councillors resolved not to renew Mbango's contract.

    “Four councillors - mayor Katrina Uusiku and her deputy Heskiel Nanyeni, management committee chairperson Beata Nashongo and committee member Enos Shipahu - all voted against Mbango and they gave us the reason that he is not wanted by the residents,” said a source.

    In a letter dated 2 August, Mushelenga urged the councillors to provide him with a detailed report on their decision before 19 August.

    Mayor Uusiku could not be reached for comment as she did not answer her cellphone.

    Mbango, who has been at the helm of the institution since the town council was established, confirmed that his contract was expiring at the end of this month and would not be renewed.

    He said he had reported the matter to Mushelenga as well as the labour commissioner, but declined to give any further information.

    It has been reported that Mbango's letter to Mushelenga on 10 June listed alleged irregularities by the top four councillors – Uusiku, Nanyeni, Nashongo and Shipahu - whom he accused of leasing plots to themselves without ministerial approval.

    A source in the council said Mbango's matter was heard by the labour court at Ondangwa this week and was postponed to next month.

    “Mayor Uusiku and chairperson of the management committee, Beata Nashongo, were there representing the council and they requested for the matter to be postponed to next month to provide the court with all the details,” the source said.

    “By law, the CEO was supposed to be given three months' notice that his contract would not be renewed, but he was given only two months.

    He was supposed to be given his letter in May, but in this case it was given to him on 10 June,” the source added.


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    Woman accuses police of tortureWoman accuses police of tortureClaims she was shocked, beaten A woman is suing the police and the government for alleged torture during questioning in connection with a robbery in 2017. A Windhoek woman has filed a N$100 000 lawsuit against the government and the police line ministry for the trauma and shock she allegedly suffered when she was questioned in connection with a robbery.

    Penehafo Naholo claims that she was unlawfully detained, electrocuted and beaten by police officers before being released without charge on 8 November 2017.

    Naholo's lawsuit was filed in February this year by the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC).

    According to her she was first taken to the Katutura police station and then transferred by four police officers to the Serious Crime Unit, where she was allegedly subjected to “unconventional methods of questioning” in regard to a robbery and the whereabouts of an alleged boyfriend.

    “The officer/s then proceeded to step on [Naholo's] face seven consecutive times, and attached a metal instrument on her handcuffs which conducted electrical shocks through her body while continuing the physical assault on [Naholo], calling her a thief when she did not cry (sic),” the court documents read. After the beatings and electrocutions, her hands were re-cuffed in front of her body, she claims.

    She was then “without any further questions and or explanations dropped off where the police officers initially picked her up.”

    Her particulars of claim state that as a result of the questioning and assaults, she suffered injuries to her face and left hand.

    “Naholo was arrested and detained without being informed of the reasons for her arrest and detention. She was released without being charged,” the court papers state.

    The papers further argue that the police officers involved in her arrest and detention failed in their duty as officers of the law in several aspects.

    Among the violations and failures on their part, was their failure to protect Naholo against any threat and attack on her bodily integrity, failure to protect her against insults or derogatory remarks, and failure to refrain from subjecting her to physical and emotional harm.

    The police officers' conduct violated her constitutional right to human dignity, her legal team argues.

    She is asking that the court award her damages of N$100 000 and the cost of the suit.

    The safety and security ministry and the government of Namibia, as the defendants, have denied the claims, only admitting that Naholo was arrested and her phone confiscated and that four police officers were involved.

    “The rest of the allegations are denied in totality and [Naholo] is put to proof thereof,” their plea states.

    The defendants further plead that her arrest was lawful, and they deny she was taken to the Serious Crime Unit, stating that she was taken to the Windhoek police station.

    They also deny that she was subjected to unconventional methods of questioning and that she was “lawfully handcuffed with her hands in front.” They are asking the court to dismiss the case with costs.

    Sharen Zenda of the LAC is acting on behalf of Naholo, while the defendants are represented by government attorney Nelson Mutorwa.

    High Court Judge Hannelie Prinsloo is presiding. The matter was postponed to 19 September.


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