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Tells it All - Namibian Sun

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    Ompumbwe yoomangestrata mOshakati Ompumbwe yoomangestrata mOshakati ILENI NANDJATO

    Ompumbwe yoomangestrata mompangulilo yaShakati, oya etitha eundulilo komeho lyiipotha, okuza muApilili nuumvo.

    Omunambelewa okuza mompangululo moka okwa lopotwa ta longo pehala lyamangestrata na ota undulile iipotha komeho okuza mompangulilo ya A na C omolwa ompumbwe yaapanguli.

    Oshakati oyi na oondunda dhokupangulila dhi li 4 ihe omu na owala aapanguli yatatu, na yaali owala ngashiingeyi taya longo.

    Omupanguli mompanguulilo ya A, Cynthia Matiti okwa thigi po iilonga muMaalitsa omanga omupanguli mompangulilo ya C e li mefudho.

    Onzo yimwe oya lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya omolwa omwaalu ogundji gwiipotha, oomangestrata mboka yaali ye li miilonga ngashiingeyi itaya mono ethimbo lyokuka kwatela komeho iipotha mompangulilo yaA oshowo mo C.

    “Aantu mboka ye na iipotha tayi pulakenwa mompangulilo ya A nenge mo C ohaya uhala pompangu esiku alihe, ya tegelela ngele aapanguli mboka yaali ye li po otaya mono ethimbo opo ya kwatele komeho iipotha yawo. Ngele shoka inashi ningwa nena okuza po 14:00 omunambelewa ohayi a ka undulile komeho iipotha mbyoka.”

    Shoka olundji ohashi uvutha nayi aakwashigwana mboka haye ya koompangu ihe ohaya uhala owala esiku alihe mpoka kaye na shoka taya ningi.

    “Ethimbo limwe aakwashigwana ohaya tameke taya ula omalaka aanambelewa yoompangulilo ngele oya uhala inaya kwathelwa.”

    Oshikondo shoompangulilo osha popi kutya otashi ka popya tango naangoka ta longo pehala lyomukomeho gwoompangulilo Harris Salionga omanga inashi yamukula.

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    LPM a popi kombinga yuumbanda welelo lyuukwiita moshilongo LPM a popi kombinga yuumbanda welelo lyuukwiita moshilongo JEMIMA BEUKES

    Ongundu yoLandless People’s Movement (LPM) oya limbililwa kutya Namibia otayi melelo lyuukwiita.

    Ongundu oya popi kutya pe na ompumbwe opo Iigwana yaHangana yi ninge omakonaakono omolwa aakwiita mboka ya tulwa mokati koshigwana nokukala taya patolola omahala gamwe po gaakwashigwana.

    Omupopiliko gwoLPM Utaara Mootu okwa popi kutya etokolo lyepangelo okutula aakwiita moshigwana shalandula etulo miilonga lyOperation Hornkranz oshowo Operation Kalahari Desert, olya pumbwa okukonaakonwa.

    Operation Hornkranz olya li epatololo lyomahala gaakwashigwana ndyoka lya ningwa pokati kaakwiita yoNamibian Defence Force (NDF) oshowo Opolisi yaNamibia, na olya tulwa miilonga muDesemba onga omukalo gwokuyanda iimbuluma nekanitho lyoomwenyo oshowo omaliko pethimbo lyiituthi yomatango omanene.

    Epatololo ndyoka olya landulwa ishewe kwaandyoka tali ithanwa Operation Kalahari Desert, ndyoka tali ningwa miitopolwa melongelokumwe noNDF, Opolisi yaNamibia, Opolisi yoshilando shaVenduka oshowo aanambelewa yomatembu.

    “Otwa pumbwa okupula kutya ngele NDF oshowo Opolisi otaya gamene tuu shili oomwenyo dhetu ngele oyo taya hwahwameke omiyonena. Gumwe ota feleke kutya omiyonena ndhoka otadhi ningwa moshigwana nokwiigwilililwa oshigwana nokonima otadhi ka kala oshinima shesiku kehe.”

    Aakwiita otaya nyenyetwa kutya otaya ponokele nokudhengagula aakwashigwana kohi yedhina kutya otaya kalekepo ompango nelandulathano.

    Okwa holoka oolopota dhaakwashigwana ya ponokela nokweehamekwa kaakwiita, mwakwatelwa olopota yomukiintu ngoka a dhengwa noonkondo mOvenduka, nokweetitha eehamekwe momutse, sha ningilwa pondunda yomanwino moshilando.

    Okwa holola woo okavidio komukwiita ta ponokele nomalaka omukiintu nokumuula kutya “I will f**k you up”.

    Omunongononi gwonkalo yopolotika, Ndumba Kamwanyah okwa popi kutya omapulo ngoka ga pumbwa okupulwa okutya ngele opolisi otayi ndopa okukondjitha iimbuluma.

    Okwiinekela woo kutya uumbanda waantu inawu pumbwa okwiidhimbikwa nokugandja oshiholelwa kutya Namibia okwa zi melelo lyopolisi pethimbo lyoomvula dhuukoloni.

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    LPM raises spectre of 'military state'LPM raises spectre of 'military state' The Landless People's Movement (LPM) is concerned that Namibia may be turning into a military state.

    It believes there is a need for the United Nations (UN) to investigate the “rogue” army that has been deployed in communities.

    LPM spokesperson Utaara Mootu said last week that government's decision to deploy its “rogue defence force” during Operation Hornkranz and its successor, Operation Kalahari Desert, should be interrogated.

    Operation Hornkranz was a joint operation between the police and Namibian Defence Force (NDF) that was launched last December to combat crime and the potential loss of lives and property during the festive season.

    It was followed by the launch of Operation Kalahari Desert, which will run in phases until the end of the year, and involves the police, the NDF, the City Police in Windhoek and customs officials.

    “We really need to question whether the NDF and police are really protecting our lives if they are perpetrating violence. One can speculate that this violence can translate into society, normalised, and will later be institutionalised,” Mootu said.

    The army has come under fire for allegedly attacking and brutalising civilians under the guise of keeping law and order.

    There have been several reports of attacks on civilians by soldiers, including that of a Windhoek woman who was savagely beaten to the extent that her skull was fractured at a bar in Katutura.

    A video clip also circulated on social media of a soldier attacking a man and telling a bystander that “I will f**k you up”.

    Political commentator Ndumba Kamwanyah said the question that needs to be asked is whether the police are failing to combat crime.

    He also believes that people's fears should not be dismissed, given the fact that Namibia comes from being a police state during the apartheid years.


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  • 05/21/19--16:00: I owe no one - Guibeb
  • I owe no one - GuibebI owe no one - GuibebAmbassador denies 80k euro debt Namibian ambassador to Germany Andreas Guibeb says reports about debt are 'mafia style fake news'. Namibian ambassador to Germany Andreas Guibeb has rejected a news report by German newspaper Bild that accused him of abusing his diplomatic status and running up debts of about 80 000 euro (N$1.2 million).

    According to Guibeb the media report was engineered to undermine reparation talks about the 1904-08 German genocide against the Nama and Ovaherero. He emphasised he owes no one a cent.

    Guibeb also rejected claims by the newspaper that a warrant of arrest had been issued for his failure to account for 34 500 euro that formed part of a research contract he had entered into with the Friedrich Schiller University in 2016 as the representative of an organisation called Friends of Namibia.

    In a statement issued on his Facebook page Guibeb made it clear the report was part of the journalist's “mafia style fake news” to blackmail diplomats to make ransom payments for frivolous claims that do not hold up in a court of law.

    “The Bild journalist was in receipt of my reply stating that neither the embassy of the Republic of Namibia nor the person of the ambassador will comment on confidential contracts between itself and its contracting parties in public,” Guibeb said.

    He added the embassy and the ambassador are not authorised to provide information on legal disputes between public and private parties.

    He said Bild too must respect the audio alteram partem rule, which states that all sides must be heard.

    “If they did, they would have seen the claim for what it is, a non-story fake news with a clear propaganda intent against maybe the reparations talks between the German and Namibian governments (sic).”

    Guibeb said Diskurs Communication offered public relations services to the embassy in 2016 to help promote investments and tourism to Namibia. Guibeb said he used his allowance to make four months of payments for the services.

    He issued a notice of termination when the representational allowance for diplomats was stopped by government for cost-cutting reasons, and when the executive director of the international relations ministry informed the embassy in 2016 that it could not take over the PR expenses.

    “That was and is the basis for the termination of the contract with Diskurs Communication, and the reason for the dispute and claim of Diskurs Communication, which seeks to enforce against the ambassador, personally, the claim for the additional payment, knowing that it could not succeed against the state.

    “The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party member lawyer and his clients (Diskurs) failed to obtain that in court, as the Berlin court dismissed their claim with costs... Their claim was that payments should have continued for three months after the notification, even if no work was done in that time,” Guibeb wrote on Facebook.


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    Agra launches weaner auction championshipsAgra launches weaner auction championships The 2019 Agra National Weaner Auction Championships was launched this month at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring.

    The championships aim to recognise and reward producers for good quality weaner calves.

    Regional manager for Agra Auctions Central, wHerman Lintvelt, described the competition as going from strength to strength despite the many challenges that farmers face.

    “In 2018 there were 261 lots countrywide, almost 50 more than the previous year, which is a good indication to us that the competition is still growing every year,” said Lintvelt.

    A total of 17 weaner calf auctions will be conducted this year, starting from 9 July in Outjo and ending on 17 September in Graal in the Hardap Region.

    Agra places great importance on fertility, growth ability, the capacity to produce meat and apply farming practices such as branding, dehorning and mass uniformity, which are the key aspects for the weaner competition judging criteria.

    As per the previous years, Agra will award prizes to winners in the categories of feedlot potential, veld potential and heifers with breeding potential.

    The judging for all the competitions will be done by Dawid Krause and his fellow Feedmaster team to ensure continuity and credibility. They will travel to all competition points to do the judging.

    Agra CEO Arnold Klein expressed appreciation to all the sponsors for this year's competitions. “Thank you to the main sponsors, Bank Windhoek, Sanlam, Santam and Feedmaster, as well as the co-sponsors Paratus Africa, Indongo Toyota and Hino Indongo, Bayer, MSD and Agribank. Without you, our sponsors, this competition would not have been possible,” said Klein.

    The total sponsorship for this year amounts to more than N$400 000, which will be used for various category winners at the weaner auctions as well as the awarding of the national champion towards the end of the year.

    The broad farming community from both communal and commercial areas will participate in these auctions. In addition, competitive buyers from Namibia and its neighbouring countries are expected to attend.


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  • 05/21/19--16:00: Good chance of weak El Niño
  • Good chance of weak El NiñoGood chance of weak El NiñoShould persist until end of year Again, there is a mixed bag for the next rainy season's forecasts, with El Niño remaining in circulation, albeit weak. Forecasts indicate that there is a 70% chance of weak El Niño conditions persisting until July this year.

    According to the latest Southern Africa Seasonal Update by the World Food Programme the region is currently seeing a fully-fledged weak El Niño, with both the atmosphere and ocean participating.

    It is expected that the El Niño will remain weak until the end of the year, which will mean two consecutive years of weak El Niño conditions.

    “Trends are similar to that of 2014, when despite weak signals, parts of the region experienced atypical dryness,” says the report.

    Both strong and moderate-to-weak El Niño events tend to dry southern Africa.

    According to the report the bulk of Namibia received 50% or less of average seasonal rainfall from October 2018 to March 2019.

    “Poor rainfall performance caused a significant delay in cultivation activities, and as grazing conditions deteriorated, farmers were advised to destock or cull their livestock.”

    With the exception of the north-eastern regions (Zambezi, Kavango West and Kavango East), poor to critical grazing conditions are being reported throughout the country, says the report.

    According to the report a total of 64 000 livestock losses were recorded in the country while a large number of livestock are reported to still be vulnerable.

    “In early May, Namibia declared a state of emergency on account of drought in all regions.”

    Affecting food security at household levels, the maize production in the communal areas was estimated to reduce by 79% compared to last season's harvest, and is predicted to be 78% below the average production levels.

    Total cereal production countrywide is expected to be approximately 71 400 tons for the 2018/19 crop season, representing a 53% reduction from the 2017/18 production.

    “The reduction is attributed largely to the general poor rainfall coverage.

    “Based on the national cereal balance sheet for the 2018/19 marketing year, Namibia is estimated to have a cereal shortfall of 150 800 tonnes, of which 123 300 tonnes was covered by commercial imports, leaving an uncovered deficit of 27 500 tonnes,” says the report.

    It further says that the food and non-alcoholic beverages inflation rate has been rapidly increasing over the past several months, nearly doubling from 3% in October 2018 to 5.8% in March 2019.

    “This increase in food prices raises concern for food security in the country.”


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    NSFAF to fund 19% of applicantsNSFAF to fund 19% of applicants The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) will only grant financial assistance to 19% of its new, eligible applicants during this academic year, due to a shortfall in its 2019/20 budget.

    In a media release the fund said it had received 24 739 applications for undergraduate financial assistance for the 2019 academic year, of which 15 087 applicants successfully met the minimum requirements and were eligible for funding.

    The fund will however only award financial assistance to 2 925 successful new applicants during this academic year due to a shortfall of N$641 million in its budget for the financial year 2019/20, it said.

    “Only 2 925 new applicants can be awarded at this stage due to a shortfall of N$641 million,” the statement said.

    The fund will also honour payments for continuing students to the amount of N$1.076 billion.

    NSFAF's budget allocation for the current financial year decreased by over N$300 million from the 2018/19 financial year to N$1.138 billion.

    The criteria that will be used to determine the successful 2 925 applicants will include the combined parental or own income, the academic performance of the applicant, priority fields of study and regional balance, the statement read.

    It further said that the higher education ministry, under which NSFAF operates, is currently in consultation with Treasury in an effort to secure additional funds to enable the fund to award funding to the remaining 81% of the successful, new applicants.

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  • 05/21/19--16:00: Woman gang-raped by four men
  • Woman gang-raped by four menWoman gang-raped by four men A 29-year-old woman has been gang-raped by four men in Wanaheda.

    According to the police the incident happened in a riverbed between Luxury Hill and Soweto.

    The four men allegedly overpowered the woman and took turns raping her. The victim is a resident of Hakahana. The police did not indicate exactly when the incident occurred.

    A 20-year-old man was arrested at the scene, while the three other suspects fled before the police arrived, but they are known.

    In a separate incident a suspect on Saturday allegedly threatened two women with a firearm and raped them in Wanaheda before fleeing the scene.

    According to the police the incident occurred at the Goreangab informal settlement.

    The two women are nieces and are 24 and 27 years old and the suspect is the ex-boyfriend of their friend. According to the police the suspect is only known as 'Oakley' and he is still on the run.

    In another incident on Thursday, a 16-year-old girl was ambushed and raped in Otjomuise while she was on her way home

    The suspect allegedly took her to his room, locked her inside and raped her. The suspect is only known 'Block Styn' and is still at large.

    Meanwhile, on Friday three teenagers were arrested in connection with raping a 20-year-old woman at Onakandjangi village in the Omuntele area of the Oshikoto Region.

    According to the police two of the suspects are aged 17 years old, while the third teen is 18.

    One of the suspects is the main culprit, while the other two assisted him in dragging the victim into a shack where the incident took place.

    In another incident a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped between 2016 and April 2019 at Onakandi village in the Iihongo area of the Oshikoto Region.

    According to the police these rapes took place at a house and in a mahangu field. The victim is a grade 8 leaner at the Oshiyagaya Primary School. The suspect is well-known but has not yet been arrested.

    Meanwhile, a 50-year-old man was stabbed to death on Sunday at Klein Aub by a 20-year-old suspect.

    It is alleged the suspect stabbed Hendrik Klaaste with a knife in his head at Farm Middle Post after a fight broke out between them. Klaaste was rushed to a local clinic but succumbed to his injuries upon arrival. It is unknown at this stage why the two were fighting.


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  • 05/21/19--16:00: Cases pile up at Oshakati
  • Cases pile up at OshakatiCases pile up at OshakatiJudiciary denies magistrate shortage A new magistrate will be assigned to the Oshakati Magistrate's Court before the end of July, the Judiciary has promised. A shortage of magistrates at the Oshakati Magistrate's Court has been blamed for the postponement of several cases since April.

    A clerk from the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court is reportedly acting as a magistrate and was postponing cases in Oshakati's A and C district courts.

    Oshakati district court has four courtrooms, but only three magistrates, with only two on duty recently.

    Court A magistrate Cynthia Matiti resigned in March, while Court C's magistrate was on leave.

    The deputy director of public relations in the Office of the Judiciary, Ockert Jansen, has denied allegations that there is a shortage of magistrates, despite confirming that a clerk has been appointed as an assistant magistrate.

    Jansen said the Oshakati court structure makes provision for one divisional magistrate, also known as the supervising magistrate, two regional court magistrates and one regional court magistrate that serves the Eenhana, Oshakati and Tsumeb circuit. He added that another regional court magistrate serves the circuit courts for Ondangwa, Outapi and Opuwo.

    He said the district court consists of four magistrates, of which three are principal magistrates and one an entry magistrate.

    “According to our HR records on the establishment of the Oshakati Magistrate's Court, I can confirm that the court is not understaffed in terms of magistrates, as alleged. As can be deduced from the above, all positions are filled except the entry magistrate position that was held by Matiti. The position of Matiti will be advertised together with positions for other stations and will be published later this week,” said Jansen.

    “In the case of last week when a clerk of the court did in fact postpone cases, it was due to the fact that one of the current magistrates was on leave, who has since returned to court.

    “Overall, as can be seen from the above, the Oshakati court only has one vacancy, and due to the fact that the magistracy has realised the urgent need to fill such a vacancy, it is scheduled to be advertised this week and will most probably be filled by the end of July, after all due processes for recruitment have been followed.”

    Jansen made it clear that in terms of Section 11 of the Magistrates Act of 2003, clerks of the court can be appointed as assistant magistrates in the absence of a magistrate, but with limited powers.

    He said the clerk was only appointed for the purposes of postponing cases, the granting of unopposed bail, the withdrawal of cases upon the request of the prosecution before pleading, the authorisation of warrants of arrest, executions to be held over 14 days and authorising accused persons to be held in custody.

    The clerk is also authorised to handle the estates of deceased persons in terms of the Policy and Procedure Manual for Magistrates, sign formal documents in respect of duties assigned to magistrates following deaths, solemnise marriages and approve applications for temporary liquor licenses.

    A source at the court told Namibian Sun that due to cases piling up, the two magistrates on duty do not have the time to attend to cases in the A and C courts.

    “People with cases that need to be heard in courts A and C have to spend the whole day at the court. They have to wait to see if the two available magistrates will get time to attend to their cases. If that does not happen, then only from 14:00 the clerk steps in to do the postponements,” the source said.

    This sometimes frustrates members of the public who arrive at court on time, only to spend hours there without doing anything.

    “Sometimes the public starts shouting at court officials if they stay long without being attended to.”


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  • 05/21/19--16:00: Fathers must step up
  • Fathers must step upFathers must step up Our lead story of yesterday, which highlighted the shame of absent fathers, sparked heated debate on social media. Most of the commentators sympathised with single mothers who continue to carry the responsibilities of raising their children alone. According to statistics, nearly half of Namibian households are run by single mothers. In most instances the fathers of these children are not involved in their lives, while in some cases non-resident parents - be it a mother or father - are equally involved in parental work and responsibilities. However, the issue here are the heartless men who have simply walked away from their parental responsibilities, as James Itana of Regain Trust decried in a recent interview with Namibian Sun. “The sad reality is that for mothers who come from lower economic status, the burden to take care of children is immense, considering the fact that they do not have the economic means to do so,” he said. While it is expected that some parents are likely to have more sporadic or unpredictable time periods with their children, it should be noted that both parents have a legal duty to maintain the child or children. It cannot be left just to the father or mother of the child. The absence of either parent affects children in different ways throughout the course of their lives and we have seen cases where children engage in toxic behaviour, including dropping out of school, which impacts their future in a big way. Emotional and other problems also become perennial companions of neglected kids. Although many factors contribute to father absenteeism, men must understand their powerful role of being a daddy, without this being exclusively about money. Absent fathers need to take responsibility for the children they have abandoned, including providing time, affirmation or care. It is their legal duty to do so. And as the old adage says: Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.

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    Katrina's corruption trial draws to a closeKatrina's corruption trial draws to a close Closing arguments in education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa's corruption trial were made in the High Court yesterday, with defence lawyer Sisa Namandje warning that “exaggerated rumours based on jealousy” can destroy lives.

    Namandje harked back to the liberation struggle, saying that many Swapo combatants had been wrongfully accused.

    He warned that if the court was not careful, his client also may be punished because of malicious rumours.

    State advocate Ed Marondedze, on the other hand, appealed to the court to find Hanse-Himarwa guilty as charged.

    He said it was not enough for an accused person to deny guilt without presenting sufficient evidence of innocence.

    Marondedze asked the court to ignore all other alternatives but corruption.

    He added that the State and the defence counsel had done everything they could to ensure that the minister had a fair trial.

    Hanse-Himarwa, who stands accused of corruptly using her position as Hardap governor for gratification, was implicated by State witnesses of having issued a directive to remove two Mass Housing beneficiaries -Regina Kuhlman and Piet Fransman - from the beneficiary list because of their political affiliation.

    They were replaced by Hanse-Himarwa's relatives Justine Gowases and Lorraine Hanse.

    Marondedze said all the evidence showed that Hanse-Himarwa had removed the names on the list in favour of her relatives.

    “She lied about it,” he said.

    Marondedze also emphasised that Hanse-Himarwa had the power to influence the housing project by virtue of her position as governor of the Hardap Region.

    He added that if she had not been the regional governor, the Mass Housing team would not have approached her and the court case would not have taken place.

    “Her personal assistant also told the court that they have a file of high-level retreats for the Mass Housing [project]. Retreats are where you have discussions,” he said.

    The prosecutor also questioned why Hanse-Himarwa, who said she took pride in the Mass Housing project, had failed to report the amendment of the beneficiary list to the CEO of the Mariental municipality.

    Namandje yesterday reminded the court that liberation stalwarts such as Aron Mushimba had been sentenced to death because people alleged that he was collaborating with the enemy.

    Namandje emphasised that the Namibian constitution puts a high premium on a fair trial.

    “This country went through a lot. Some Swapo combatants were killed because of jealousy and neighbours exaggerated that they collaborated with the enemy,” he said.

    Namibia had moved away from this culture, Namandje said.

    He further asked the court to take into consideration that there were striking similarities in the statements of all seven State witnesses, which he claimed indicated that the ACC was bent on incriminating his client.


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    Prisoner hid 'powdered milk' in his rectumPrisoner hid 'powdered milk' in his rectum A Windhoek prisoner is suing the ministry of safety and security and a police officer for N$250 000 in damages on the basis that he was unfairly arrested after prison-issued powdered milk was mistaken for cocaine.

    Bernardus Khariseb's lawsuit is based on a claim that he was unlawfully arrested without a warrant at the Windhoek prison on 4 February 2018. He was charged with possession of cocaine despite his explanations that the substance was powdered milk issued to him earlier that day to put in tea or coffee.

    Khariseb (39) further argues there was no reason to suspect him of being in possession of contraband.

    Khariseb said the drugs charge was withdrawn on 23 May after a forensic analysis found that the sample in his possession was “not cocaine”.

    He claims his arrest was “wrongful, unlawful and not justifiable under the circumstances”.

    The two defendants in the case, including a “Sergeant Geiriseb”, denied that an unlawful and unjust arrest took place.

    In a plea filed earlier this year, they stated that Khariseb had been caught with contraband hidden in his rectum.

    They did not dispute that the case was withdrawn due to lack of evidence in May 2018.

    They stated that Khariseb had acted suspiciously during a routine body search conducted by correctional service officers following his return from a court appearance in February.

    A subsequent X-ray detected “two bullet-like objects concealed and stuck in his rectum”.

    They said Khariseb was put in “isolated detention” for two or three days so that prison officials could closely monitor him and recover the objects.

    They noted that “bullet-shaped plastic wrapped objects” are a common way of smuggling contraband into prisons and that in this case, the packets were marked with an inscription in blue ink that read 'cocaine'.

    They further claimed that Khariseb had admitted the substance found in his body was cocaine.

    “Nothing was done arbitrarily, irrationally or in bad faith,” they stated in the plea.

    Further, they denied that the second defendant, “Sergeant Geiriseb” had conducted the body search. In fact, Khariseb was arrested by another constable from the drug law enforcement unit days after the initial search.

    On 16 May High Court Judge Hannelie Prinsloo ordered the parties to attend mediation proceedings on 26 June.

    Mkhululi Khupe is appearing on behalf of the State and the second defendant, while Khariseb is represented by Gert Appolus.


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  • 05/21/19--16:00: 'Pohamba was misled'
  • 'Pohamba was misled''Pohamba was misled'Electorate tired of unfulfilled promises in Kavango West A storm has erupted over the non-completion of government projects in poverty-stricken Kavango West, which says it feels neglected by central government. Kavango West regional council chairperson Joseph Sivaku Sikongo says former president Hifikepunye Pohamba was misled when he conducted a groundbreaking ceremony in 2014 for the much-anticipated Nkurenkuru district hospital, ahead of the general election that year.

    Not a single brick has been taken to site since that year and Sikongo is adamant that the ministry misled the former head of state.

    Sikongo said they still don't understand why the project has not kicked off.

    Sikongo added that whenever Pohamba visits Nkurenkuru, he always enquires about the district hospital's operations. They have had to inform him that nothing has materialised.

    “Even the former head of state Hifikepunye Pohamba was misled to come and do a groundbreaking here in Nkurenkuru for the district hospital,” Sikongo said.

    “I don't know what the ministry did by telling the former president to come and do the groundbreaking, but up to today, for five years now, nothing has been done. You who are sitting in parliament are just approving budgets of the line ministry. Here they even misled the head of state.”

    Sikongo left no stone unturned when he expressed his disappointment to the parliamentary standing committee on economics and public administration, led by Heather Sibungo, who visited Nkurenkuru this past Friday.

    The Kavango West regional council says it is facing increasing questions from residents about promises that were made by the government, and yet little or no progress has been made.

    Some planned capital projects have not kicked off and others are incomplete after being abandoned by contractors, with no explanations given.

    The regional council also feels neglected by central government, saying it does not understand why their projects are put on hold because of budget issues, while other regions are pushing ahead with their initiatives.

    Sikongo indicated they are tired of facing questions from the electorate about unfulfilled promises.

    Sikongo also pointed out that the much-publicised incomplete Nkurenkuru clinic, which was supposed to be operational about four years ago, is still not completed. He called on the health ministry to address the issue.

    He also lashed out about teacher houses at various schools being incomplete, and which have now been turned into ablution facilities by learners.

    Namibian Sun visited Kasivi Combined School where human waste was seen in the three incomplete teacher houses.

    Sikongo also spoke about the N$18 million that was budgeted for the construction of the Kavango West office park, saying the money was only enough for the bulk services and they are still waiting on the funds for the actual construction to commence.

    He said the regional council rents a premises while the governor operates from a rented house; something he said is not ideal for effective governance.

    “Comrades, in some regions there are projects which were approved a long time ago that are not affected by these budget issues. They are still continuing with them to complete them, but here when we start, we are always being told to stop and we stop,” Sikongo said.

    He urged the parliamentary committee to do follow-ups with the line ministries whose projects are not completed.

    “We understand you are here to rescue us, but if it's a situation about you asking us questions and we tell you and then the ministries will report to you that the projects will be finished (sic). There will come a day when you come to us and we tell you to go away,” he said.

    Regarding the issue of contractors abandoning projects, Kavango West police commander, Commissioner Josephat Abel, wanted to know whether there are any procedures that will allow the police to arrest the errant contractors.

    Sibungo said not much has changed in Kavango West since 2015, when she also visited the region.

    “Kavango West, which is a new region, we cannot have a new region which looks like this. It is still the same, just like when I visited it in 2015,” Sibungo said.

    She indicated that after observing the capital projects in the region, they will report back to parliament and hold the relevant ministries accountable, as they should explain why certain projects have not been implemented.

    Ministry response

    In a response issued by health executive director Ben Nangombe, the ministry said as per the roadmap to construct district hospitals at Nkurenkuru, Ondangwa and Khomas, a feasibility study for the construction of the Nkurenkuru district hospital has been finalised.

    “The ministry is compiling new standards and norms of hospitals and these are being used to re-modify the feasibility for the designated hospital to be responsive to the needs of a modern hospital. These standards are to do with patient flow, the outpatient department, casualty, the wards and other diagnostic services so that all district hospitals have a similar standard. Therefore, once this is finalised, full design will be commissioned,” the ministry said.

    It said further that in order to prepare the “Nkurenkuru hospital virgin site” for the construction the following has or is to be undertaken:

    · Bulk potable water. Two boreholes have been drilled on the hospital site and a request for advertisement on bulk reservoir tanks to supply the site was prepared for advertisement in 2016. However, due to the midterm budget review and fiscal consolidation of the budget in 2016 the project could not commence; and

    Bulk electricity services. The bulk electrical supply tender was also concluded in 2016. However, due to the midterm budget review and fiscal consolidation of the budget in 2016 the project could not commence.


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     Mexican billionaire buys Erindi Mexican billionaire buys Erindi
    Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères is set to buy the sought-after 71 000-hectare Erindi Game Reserve, subject to approval. According to a media release, Baillères is a highly respected Mexican business leader and philanthropist, who is the president of multi-national consortium the BAL Group. Baillères has experience with managing several wildlife protection ranches in different parts of the world. “The transaction is still subject to Namibian Competition Commission approval, and certain other contracting party-related suspensive conditions. All other governmental and regulatory approvals have been obtained and complied with in full.” Erindi has been on the market for quite some time, with a price tag of several billions of dollars.


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    No decision yet on first division streamsNo decision yet on first division streams The Fifa normalisation committee and Namibia Premier League (NPL) officials met yesterday to plot a way forward for the country's non-starting first division streams.

    The meeting, which was to decide whether first division football will be played during June and July - to allow for clubs to be promoted to the NPL - failed to produce an outcome.

    The first division streams have failed to kick off for months due to financial constraints. NPL CEO Herald Fulle confirmed the meeting, but said they are still waiting for a decision from the normalisation committee.

    “Yes, we did have a meeting with the normalisation committee yesterday but there is no outcome at the moment.

    “We are now waiting for the normalisation to respond on the things we spoke about,” Fulle said.

    In April an NPL and normalisation committee taskforce was appointed to find workable ways for relegations and promotions to take place.

    Fuelle said it was possible to start the first division streams during June and have them concluded before the start of the 2019/20 premier league season. The first division must consist of three streams, namely the Southern Stream First Division, Northwest Stream First Division and the North East Stream First Division.

    The southern stream must consist of 12 clubs or the number of sides agreed by the NFA.

    The regions forming the southern stream are Khomas, Omaheke, Hardap, //Karas and Erongo.

    The northwest stream must consist of 12 clubs or the number of clubs agreed by the NFA.

    The regions forming the northwest stream are Otjozondjupa, Kunene, Oshana and Omusati.

    The northeast stream is the only one allowed to have 13 clubs or the number of clubs agreed by the NFA. It comprises of the Oshikoto, Ohangwena, Kavango West, Kavango East and Zambezi regions.

    The normalisation committee could not be reached for comment yesterday.

    Jesse Jackson Kauraisa

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  • 05/22/19--16:00: Climbing a boxing Everest
  • Climbing a boxing EverestClimbing a boxing EverestHow Namibian boxers can finally get the better of American opponents US boxing manager and trainer Larry E Brown Sr says Namibian boxers can be more vicious and effective against American opponents if they change their fighting style. Namibia has a vast pool of talented boxers, but they falter when they meet American opposition.

    Larry E Brown Sr from the CW Boxing Club in Nebraska, who trained the likes of former world champion Julius 'Blue Machine' Indongo said Namibian boxers have the potential to improve if local coaches and boxers sincerely partner with their American counterparts.

    Brown said local boxers falter when there is a mix-up with training styles ahead of major fights with United States opposition.

    He added that just because boxers are used to one thing and do it well, this doesn't mean the outcome will be the same when they fight in the US.

    “In America boxers are trained very differently from the style used in Europe. We train you to fight an American fighter for a reason. Let's say I get a request to train a Namibian boxer in America. All the teams agree on the terms and eventually the boxer arrives and starts training in the American style versus the style he was taught back home.

    “For about eight weeks I teach him a new style, all of a sudden his Namibian trainer comes to the US to help out on 'certain things' and then just like that the boxer reverts back to his old way of fighting.

    “The local trainer holds the boxing mitt in their session and then the boxer falls into a slump. He simply throws everything he has learned from the US trainer out of the window,” Brown said.

    He added that the boxer then loses interest in what he was taught because he is comfortable with his old style and with his local trainer, causing him to lose at the end of the day.

    “Mind you, he has won most of his boxing matches in Africa and maybe two in Europe, but he has never fought in the US. Staying on the training course would have resulted in positives for the boxer,” Brown emphasised.

    The trainer further said that Namibia has a bright future in boxing, but boxers must change their European style of fighting. “Not to say that it's a bad thing, but they need to learn the American style while keeping their own unique style in the bag.

    “The art or sweet science of boxing is highly technical, with its subtle nuances and fluid movement. It's an art that takes years of practice under the right trainer and conditioning coaches,” Brown said. He added that boxing takes physical, mental and spiritual balance, wrapped up in a nutshell.

    “Boxing is discovering your own identity after you have mastered the necessary basic skills and developed your own style.

    '”It's like a game of chess. It's about strategising, and in America, that's what we teach, simply how to outsmart your opponent.

    “We encourage boxers to watch film after film of their opponent and other fighters, as well as to find the closest sparring partner who might have a similar fighting style to their upcoming opponent.

    “Remember, once you have mastered the American way of fighting, you can further diversify your own skills and style,” he added.

    Local input

    Local trainer Nicky Natangwe, from AC Boxing Gym, said as much as they want to send their boxers to America, this is a costly exercise.

    “We don't have a sponsor yet. Everything we do, we do it out of our pockets. We are also not promoters; we are just running a club so every boxer training with us can have a promoter.

    “In Namibia our boxers still need to make the sport a career. These guys have day-to-day jobs, unlike boxers in the US. Those guys in the US train day and night.”

    Natangwe stressed that in order to stand up and be counted as the best in the world, local trainers and promoters need to cooperate, “but now you have everyone pulling in different directions”.

    “When we have major championships coming up we need to be able to consult with one another, but this is not happening,” Natangwe said.

    He added that if they get sponsorship they can do more for local boxers, by calling in trainers from overseas to share their skills.

    “We really need finance because there are various types of training equipment we don't have here, even though we have incredibly talented guys,” Natangwe added.

    America is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to boxing, having produced the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Henry Armstrong, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Ray Robinson, with the current crop, including the likes of Terence Crawford, still setting the boxing world alight.


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  • 05/22/19--16:00: Hamilton mourns Lauda
  • Hamilton mourns LaudaHamilton mourns LaudaApproaches Monaco Grand Prix with heavy heart Niki Lauda, the non-executive chairman of Mercedes who passed away on Tuesday morning, was instrumental in Lewis Hamilton's career-defining move from McLaren to the Silver Arrows team. Barely 48 hours after the death of Niki Lauda, Lewis Hamilton will approach today's Monaco Grand Prix opening practice in sombre mood, as he aims for only his third victory in the classic Mediterranean street race.

    “My buddy, I'm struggling to believe you are gone,” said Hamilton in his social media posts on Tuesday. “I will miss our conversations, our laughs, the big hugs after winning races together.”

    The Briton, who has won four of his five world titles at Mercedes, added: “It's truly been an honour working alongside you over these past seven years. I wouldn't have been in this team if it wasn't for you.”

    Lauda's death, following long-term health problems, will cast a shadow across a racing occasion known for glamorous parties, fabulous boats and celebrity visitors, as major sponsors jockey for attention and deals.

    But it is unlikely to affect the on-track concentration of the drivers, especially at Mercedes where his passing will be most keenly felt, as Hamilton bids to add another Monaco win to those in 2008 and 2016, and register a triumphant tribute to the great three-time world champion Austrian.

    As always, Hamilton will face a determined challenge from his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and both the Ferrari and Red Bull teams with Max Verstappen, in fine form this year, looking a likely threat to the continuing supremacy of Mercedes.

    The Silver Arrows reeled off an unprecedented fifth consecutive season-opening one-two in Spain this month, with Hamilton's triumph lifting him back to the top of the drivers' championship.

    “It's a race that I've not really won much and I struggle with that each year,” said Hamilton.

    “I'm quick there, but it's very hit and miss, so I'm really hoping this year's on target because it's a great track to win at.”

    He added that he felt the team's greater understanding of the performance of their longer wheelbase cars would give them a better chance this year, a view backed by Bottas.

    “It's such a unique track, you need a really special car in terms of how it works mechanically, with all the warps and bumps and everything. I've actually never been on the podium there so it's something I really look forward to and something I will definitely focus on 100%,” he said. Many local residents of the Mediterranean principality will be keen to see Monegasque Charles Leclerc challenging for Ferrari, if he can edge clear of teammate and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel, but Red Bull's Verstappen is likely to be the major threat to Hamilton and Bottas.

    “It's a street circuit with a lot of history and it's not been the best one for me over the last few years, but hopefully it's time to turn this around,” said Verstappen, who has reeled off 10 top-four finishes in succession.

    His former teammate Daniel Ricciardo, now at Renault, won last year's race for Red Bull and his successor Pierre Gasly said he hopes his team has the performance to beat Ferrari and challenge Mercedes.

    “Ferrari is really strong in the straights, we know they have the best engine at the moment, but in the corners we seem to be a bit more competitive than they are. So in Monaco it suits the Red Bull car usually pretty well and we know it's all about qualifying.

    “It will be important to just manage the perfect lap on Saturday and I think we could have a chance to be in front of them,” Gasly said.

    His Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was also optimistic, but wary of Mercedes all-round domination so far this year.

    “Mercedes looked pretty mighty, particularly in the last sector in Spain, but we've always run well in Monaco, and Max is due a bit of redemption there,” he said.

    The opening two free practice sessions on one of Formula One's most demanding and unforgiving circuits are staged on Thursday rather than their usual Friday slot in the principality.


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    I will give it my all - NyambeI will give it my all - Nyambe Blackburn Rovers defender Ryan Nyambe says he will give his all when he lines up for the Brave Warriors in the upcoming 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) tournament in Egypt.

    In an interview with Nampa on Monday, the defender, who jetted into Namibia on Friday, said he has already met with national team coach Ricardo Mannetti, adding he could have chosen to play for England but the lure of Namibia was too big to resist.

    “I was born in Namibia and the opportunity to come home for any Namibian is too great to resist, hence I had to come. I am excited about being here,” Nyambe said.

    He said he has been thinking about playing for the Brave Warriors since he was 17 years old, but waited until he was at a stage to make a mature decision.

    Nyambe, who plays right-back or right centre-half, said he does not know much about Namibian football, but was excited when he attended the Standard Bank Top 8 final between Tigers and African Stars on Saturday.

    “I know a few players like Ronald Ketjijere; I have also been learning the national anthem as well, seeing that I left the country when I was very young. I have lived in England for most of my life, so I will have to learn more going forward,” he said.

    The player said he also believes if the current players pull together, they will go far, saying the underdog tag at Afcon will make it easy for the Brave Warriors to play without pressure.

    As for his meeting with Mannetti, Nyambe said the coach outlined his plans regarding where he is going to use him, as well as the preparations for the tournament.

    “He seems like a nice guy, I like him already. He made so much effort to get me to make up my mind to play for the Brave Warriors. He has been in constant touch with me and my mother, and for a manager to do that by himself proves he was interested in me,” Nyambe said.

    He also revealed he is busy applying for his Namibian passport, which he hopes to have by next week.

    The player said he will add a bit of English flair to the Namibian game and was hoping to watch a few videos of the team playing to get an idea of his teammates' style of play.

    The 2019 Afcon tournament is scheduled to take place in Egypt between 21 June and 19 July.



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    Omukiintu a kwatwa onkonga kaalumentu yaneOmukiintu a kwatwa onkonga kaalumentu yane Omukiintu gwoomvula 29 okwa kwatwa onkonga kaalumentu ye li ya ne sha ningilwa moWanahenda.

    Palopota yopolisi ndjoka ya pitithwa, oshiningwanima shoka osha ningilwa momulamba gu li pokati koLuxury Hill oshowo Soweto.

    Aalumentu mboka otaku lopotwa ya vulu oonkondo omukiintu ngoka noku mu longela omuyonena ngoka. Omukiintu okwa lopotwa kutya omukalimo gwomoHakahana, nopolisi inayi holola kutya oshiningwanima shoka osha ningwa uunake.

    Omulumentu gwoomvula 20 okwa tulilwa miipandeko pehala lyoshiningwanima omanga aafekelelwa yalwe yatatu ya yi ontuku ihe oyeshiwike kopolisi.

    Moshiningwanima sha yooloka mOlyomakaya, omufekelwa gumwe okwa lopotwa a ningile omatilitho nondjembo aakiintu yaali nokwe ya kwata onkonga na okwa yi ontuku okuza pehala lyoshiningwanima. Shoka osha ningilwa natango moWanahenda.

    Aakiintu mboka okwa hololwa kutya oya pambadhana yoomvula dhi li po 24 no 27, nomufekelwa okwa hololwa kutya ohonda nale ya kuume kawo. Palopota yopolisi, omufekelwa okushiwike owala nedhina 'Oakley' na ota kongwa natango kopolisi.

    Moshiningwanima shimwe sha yooloka omukakadhona koomvula 16 oka kwatwa onkonga piihwa momudhingoloko gwaTjomuise omanga a kali mondjila okuya kegumbo.

    Omufelekwa ngoka a tseyika nedhina 'Block Styn' okwe mu fala aniwa mondunda ye nokumukwata onkonga.

    Metitano aanyasha yatatu oya tulwa miipandeko shi na sha nekwatonkonga lyomukiintu gwoomvula 20 sha ningilwa momukunda Onakandjangi mOmuntele moshitopolwa shaShikoto.

    Oonakutulwa miipandeko oyoomvula dho 17 no 18.

    Omufelekwa gumwe oye a longo omuyonena ngoka omanga yakwawo yaali yemu yambidhidha mokunanena omukiintu ngoka mombashu moka mwa longelwa omuyonena ngoka.

    Moshiningwanima shimwe, okanona kokakadhona koomvula 14 oka kwatwa onkonga pokati komvula yo2016 no 2019 momukunda Onakandi momudhingoloko Iihongo moshitopolwa shaShikoto.

    Palopota yopolisi omakwatonkonga ngoka oga ningilwa mepya komufelekwa ngoka eshiwike ihe ina tulwa natango miipandeko. Okanona hoka ohaka hiti osikola poskola yopevi yedhina Oshiyagaya Primary School. Omulumentu gwoomvula 50 okwa tsuwa nombele sigo omeso moKlein Aub omufekelwa gwoomvula 20.

    Otaku hokololwa kutya omufekelwa okwa tsu momutse nombele Hendrik Klaaste moFarm Middle Post konima yolugodhi lwa tukuka pokati kawo.

    Klaaste okwa falwa meendelelo kokaklinika kopoppei ihe okwa hulitha.


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    Omuloka gwankundipala moshilongoOmuloka gwankundipala moshilongoOshigwana shaNamibia osha taalela onkalo odhigu yenota nondjala Omuloka gwankundipala moshitopolwa shaKhomas moshikakomvula shika twa zi, ogwa etitha oshikukuta moshilandopangelo nomidhingoloko dhopuushinda shoka kwa lopotwa kutya pandjokonona oshitiyali tashi dhidhilikwa moshitopolwa shoka konima yomvula yo 1913. Olopota ndjoka ya pitithwa koshikondo shoNamibia Meteorological Service (NMS) mUuministeli wIilonga oya holola kutya omuloka ngoka gwa dhidhilikwa moshilando ogwa etitha onkalo yoshikukuta ya faathana naandjoka ya li ya dhidhilikwa moshilando moka momvula yo 29/30, pahapu dhaSimon Dirkse gwoNMS.

    Oshiwike sha piti oshilando shaVenduka osha tseyitha omilandu dhekwatonawa lyomeya, ngoka kwa tegelelwa ga kwatwe nawa noopresenda dhi li po 15 omanga kuyele momwedhi nguka, Omupresidende Hage Geingob a tseyitha kutya onkalo yoshikukuta moshilongo oya ninga onkalo yopaulumomhumbwe.

    Olopota ndjoka ya pititha koNMS oya holola kutya omuloka gwa nkundipala ogwa dhidhilikwa konyala miitopolwa oyindji moshilongo.

    Iitopolwa mbyoka ongaashi uuzilo waZambezi, iitopolwa yimwe po miitopolwa iiyali yaKavango oshowo muumbugantu waNamibia.

    Iitopolwa ngaashi Erongo, Otjozondjupa oshowo Omaheke oya mono oopresenda 40 dhomuloka pauyelele mboka wa gandjwa kuDirkse.

    Omwaalu owala omushona gwaakwashigwana yomoofaalama muuninginino wErongo oshowo muuzilo waMaheke nondoolopa yaTjiwarongo ya mono omuloka gwoopresenda dhili po 70.

    Olopota oya tsikile kutya oshitopolwa shuuninginino waZambezi osha dhidhilikwa onkalo yoshikukuta ya faathana naandjoka ya dhidhilikwa moshitopolwa shoka oomvula 59 dha piti, momvula yo 1964/5 oshowo momvula yo 2002/3.

    Lwopokati mpoka oshitopolwa shuuzilo waZambezi osha mono omuloka gwoopreseda dhi li po 60 n0 80 pokati komwedhi Kotomba naApilili.

    Omidhingoloko dhimwe moshitopolwa shaKavango odha mono omuloka gu li nawa mwakwatelwa Mashare moka mwa dhidhilikwa omuloka gu li poopresenda 91, gwoomililita 513.

    Omudhingoloko ngoka ogwa landulwa koRuuga moka mwa lokwa komvula yoopresenda 65 yoomililita dha thika po 315.2. Rundu oshowo Ndonga-Linena omwa dhidhilikwa oopresenda 59 oshowo 47 dhomuloka.

    Omahala gamwe ga hupako oga mono omuloka gu li pevi lyoopresenda 45. Dirkse okwa popi kutya kwiikwatelelwa komauyelele ngoka ye na oshikukuta shika osho shimwe shomiikukuta iinene ya dhidhilikwa moshilongo na oshi li oshitiheyali mondjokonona kwa hololwa kutya moomvula ngaashi 1960/61 , 1997/98 1964/65 odha li dha dhidhilikwa oshikukuta oshinene miitopolwa yaKavango.

    Iitopolwa yonooli yoshilongo ngaashi Ohangwena, Oshana, Omusati oshowo Oshikoto okwa lopotwa ya dhidhilike owala omuloka gwetata lyetata muKotomba gwomvula ya piti oshowo Apilili gwonuumvo.

    Olopota yondjele gomeya moondama dhomoshilongo ndjoka ya pitithwa mOmaandaha oya holola kutya ondjele yomeya moondama onene ndatu ndhoka hadhi gandja omeya koshilandopangelo oyi li poopresenda 18.8 okuyeleka noopresenda 35.1.


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