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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Afcon's judgement day
  • Afcon's judgement dayAfcon's judgement dayTourney draw today The stage is set for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations draw which takes place in Cairo, Egypt, tonight. Namibia is ready to welcome the Afcon draw regardless of whom they will be pitted against in the competition, coach Ricardo Mannetti says.

    The draw will see 24 teams from across Africa being placed in groups of four teams for the Afcon tournament in June.

    Seven southern African countries are part of the draw and some are expected to be drawn in the same group.

    Namibia, South Africa, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zimbabwe, Madagascar and Tanzania are all in the draw in Cairo tonight.

    The Brave Warriors are likely to be drawn against some of the continent's biggest football powerhouses because they are in pot four in terms of their ranking.

    Coach Mannetti, who is in Cairo for the draw, commented: “We expect to be drawn in a tough group today because we are in pot four, but I am not worried about that.

    “You have to play against the best in order to be the best and we are ready for whatever comes our way.

    “The truth is, there is no easy team when it comes to the competition because all teams qualified by working hard.”

    The teams in pot four are Namibia, Benin, Mauritania, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania.

    The nations in the same pot will not be drawn against each other in the group stages, but will have to battle it out against the stronger teams.

    Namibia's Brave Warriors are likely to face the likes of Senegal, Tunisia and South Africa, or even host nation Egypt, in the group matches.

    The 24 teams are seeded into four pots based on their rankings. They will be drawn into six groups of four teams. Egypt will be seeded in Group A.

    The top two teams in each group, along with the four best third-placed teams, will advance to the round of 16.

    Pot one consists of Senegal, Tunisia, Ghana, Cameroon, Egypt and Ivory Coast.

    Pot two consists of Morocco, Nigeria, DR Congo, Mali, Guinea and Algeria.

    Pot three consists of Uganda, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau, Zimbabwe, Angola and Burundi.

    Cameroon are defending champions after winning the 2017 final against Egypt 2-1, courtesy of goals from Nikolas Nkoulou and Vincent Aboukabar.

    Only South Africa (1996), Congo (1968) and Zambia (2012) have been able to bring the trophy to southern Africa.

    There is, however, a strong feeling that southern African nations are on the rise.


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: 2019 Gold Cup cancelled
  • 2019 Gold Cup cancelled2019 Gold Cup cancelled Rugby Africa has released a statement to all African rugby unions notifying them of the cancellation of the 2019 Gold Cup tournament.

    This is because of the premature termination of the contract between Rugby Africa and Kwese Sports, which has left a huge gap in the 2019 budget.

    “In 2019, Rugby Africa must organise Olympic qualifiers for men and women for Tokyo 2020, as well as the first African qualifier tournament for the 2021 Women's Rugby World Cup,” the statement reads.

    “We regret to inform you that the 2019 Silver Cup and 2019 Gold Cup tournaments are cancelled.”

    Rugby Africa's executive committee said they were working with World Rugby to suggest other formats of 15-a-side competitions that would be financially viable in 2019 and would not jeopardise the future of Rugby Africa's competitions.

    “At the same time, we are working on a new Rugby World Cup qualifier model which needs to be sustainable, inclusive and attractive.

    “Unions will be consulted in this process with an aim to release the final fixtures for 2020 in October 2019.”

    The decision by Rugby Africa is expected to have an impact on programmes the national unions had planned.

    “World Rugby has considered many different approaches and although it was a hard call to make, we felt that this was the only viable option. We do look forward to working with you on an exciting project for 2020. We will come back to you shortly about possible other options for a men's fifteen-a-side competition in 2019, as well as the final dates and venues for the Olympic qualifiers,” the statement added.


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Meeks welcomes riders
  • Meeks welcomes ridersMeeks welcomes ridersAfrican MTB championships begin It will be dust and fast riding as cyclists from across Africa prepare for mountain-bike racing at the IJG Trails in Kleine Kuppe this weekend. Nedbank retail and business banking executive Richard Meeks yesterday welcomed riders from across Africa who will be competing at the Nedbank African MTB championships.

    The race starts today with riders from 12 African countries challenging each other for top prizes and a place at the 2020 Olympics.

    Registration and accreditation started on Wednesday and the track inspection was done yesterday. Speaking at the official opening, Meeks said: “I wish to officially welcome the cycling delegations from all over Africa to our country.

    “We have great appreciation for the trust of the Namibia Cycling Federation and the Confederation of African Cycling in allowing Nedbank Namibia the privilege of bringing the very best MTB cyclists to our shores.

    “We are immensely proud that Nedbank Namibia is able to back our cyclists at this championship.”

    Nedbank Namibia is sponsoring the event to the tune of N$400 000.

    Some of Namibia's favourites in the competition are Dieter Koen and Hugo Hahn (junior men), Xavier Papo (elite men), Cindy Rowland (junior women), Michelle Vorster (elite women) and Alex Miller (elite men).

    “I am ready to race and welcome the competition that is on display this weekend. I have trained hard and I am confident in my ability to have a good race,” Alex Miller said.


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    Sankwasa iikanyuna omalundilo ngoka ta ningilwaSankwasa iikanyuna omalundilo ngoka ta ningilwaA hala okuhupitha aniwa iimaliwa yepangelo Omupeha minista muuministeli wiilonga nomalweendo, James Sankwasa, okwa ekelehi omapopyo kutya okwa talelepo ehala lyohotela yepangelo mOkahandja oye awike momasiku 9 gaMaalitsa nokuya momananathano nehangano lyoADDI Investment Africa, ndyoka tali Sankwasa okwa popi kutya okwa yi pamwe nosheendo shaapangelo muuministeli opo a ka koleke yemwene kutya ope na uulingilingi wa longwa mopoloyeka ndjoka.

    Etalelepo ndyoka olya kwata mokavideo hoka ka topolelwa omapandja gomakwatathano gopainternet nokweetitha omaipulo kutya Sankwasa okwa li ta kambadhala okuya moshipala iilonga yehanagulepo lyetungo ndyoka molwaashoka oshiputudhilo shaMalaysian Limkokwing University of Creative Technology osha holola ohokwe, momatungo ngoka goku ga ninga po oshiputudhilo shawo.

    “Onda talelepo ehala ndyoka pamwe naaniilonga yoshikondo shuutekinika Mooka, Duaraan oshowo Du Plessis,” Sankwasa a yamukula momasiku (10 Apilili).

    Okwa popi kutya kwa konaakona okambaapila komafutilo okuza koADDI Investment Africa hoka ka li ke na okufutwa andola momasiku 27 gaFebruali omanga kape na iilonga ya sha yalongwa.

    “Sho aaniilonga ya uvu kutya minista oshowo omupeha minista otaya konaakona oshikumungu shoka oya yi kehala hoka nokweendelela ya tameke okuhanagulapo etungo ndyoka sha ningwa mehuliloshiwike,” Sankwasa a popi.

    Sankwasa okwa yelitha kutha ke na ohokwe yopaumwene mouniversiti ta gwedhwa po kutya Omukalelipo gwaNamibia koMalaysia, Anne Anne Namakau Mutelo, oye e ta po opoloyeka ndjoka uule woomvula hamano dha piti, omanga ina ninga nokuli omupeha minista koshikondo shiilonga.

    “Kanda li ndi na owino musho sigo osho uuministeli welongo lyopombanda wa shangele omukanda kuuministeli wiilonga tawu pula opo wu hiile po ehala ndyoka. Kandi na ohokwe yopaumwene moshikumungu shoka ihe ondi na owala ohokwe yelongo lyuutekinika maakwashigwana yaNamibia,” Sankwasa a popi.

    Sankwasa okwa popi kutya ina tsakanena natango nAaMalaysia mboka ooyene yoshiputudhilo shoka nonando otaku popiwa kutya okwa talelepo ehala ndyoka naanangeshefa mboka.

    Okwa ekelehi woo omapopyo guukwamuhoko ngoka ga ningwa komunambelewa omukomeho gwoADDI Investment, John John 'Trapattoni' Sylvanus.

    “Sho ngame nomukalelipo gwaNamibia koMalaysia twa za moshitopolwa shimwe itashi ti otu na ohokwe yopaumwene. Otashi ti kutya ngele aatiligane yaali nenge aapopi yelaka lyOshimbulu yaali nenge aapopi yelaka lyOshiwambo yaali otaya kutha ombinga mopoloyeka ye yambulepo nena oye na mo ohokwe yopaumwene ?” Sankwasa a popi.

    Okwa tsikile kutya Sylvanus, Hilokwa oshowo Akubets mboka ya kutha ombinga mehanagulepo lyetungo ndyoka ayehe Aawambo na taya popi kutya oshi li muuwanawa woshigwana ihe ngele aantu ya za moshitopolwa shaZambezi nena otaku ti wa oye na ohokwe yopaumwene.

    Omukalelipo gwaNamibia koMalaysia, Mutelo okwa shangele ombaapila ominista yiilonga, John Mutorwa muDesemba gwo 2018 mokwa e mu tseyithile kombinga yetalelipo ndyoka lya ningwa kosheendo shaanambelewa yoshiputudhilo shoka, netalelepo lyawo mEgumbo lyEpangelo momasiku 29 gaNovemba 2018.

    Okwa popi kutya AaMalaysia mboka oya kala uule woomvula hamano taya kongo ehala mpoka taya tula oshiputudhilo shawo na okwa pula omatungo ngoka geli mOkahandja ihaga longithwa opo ga wapalekwe kaanangeshefa mboka yo ye ga hiile okuza kepangelo.

    Sankwasa momasiku 24 Januari okwa shangele Mutorwa omukanda, ta gandja omagwedhelepo geyambulepo lyehala ndyoka lya kala ihali longithwa uule woomvula dha thika po 15.

    Momukanda gwe, Sankwasa okwa popi kutya omatungo gohotela yomOkahandja oga halika koshiputudhilo shoLimkokwing University, na osha holola ohokwe okuhiila omatungo ngoka. Okwa shangele kuuministeli welongo lyopombanda nomadheulo, Mutelo oshowo uuministeli wiilonga.

    Sankswasa okwa popi kutya ye pamwe naanambelewa yalwe yatatu muuministeli wiilonga oya talelepo etungo ndyoka momasiku 21 gaJanuari na oya mono kutya etungo oli li monkalo yanayipala na otali ka pula oshimaliwa oshindji noonkondo okulongululwa.

    Okwa popi kutya epangelo lyaMalaysia olya holola ohokwe momatungo ngoka na olya hala okuhiilapo etungo ndyoka, na okwa gandja egwedhelepo opo etungo li hiilithwepo.

    Uuministeli wemona muJuni gwomvula ya piti okwa pitika eteyo po lyetungo ndyoka na owa gandja omagwedhelepo opo uuministeli wu tunge po oombelewa nenge ehala lyomalukalwa.

    Uuministeli owa gwedha po natango kutya aapunguli mboka oye na ohokwe yelongelokumwe nepangelo na oya gandja omaindilo gawo opo ya vule okulongitha ehala ndyoka.

    Sho a pulwa kutya omolwashike a hala okukaleka ehanagulepo lyehala ndyoka, Sankwasa okwa yamukula kutya AaMalaysia oya holola nale ohokwe yawo okulongulula ehala ndyoka nenge okuli teya po palongitho lyiimaliwa yawo yene onkene otashi ka hupitha iimaliwa yepangelo.


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    Irimari taka tala keyambulepo lyaanyasha oshitopolwa sheIrimari taka tala keyambulepo lyaanyasha oshitopolwa she Ngoloneya omupe gwoshitopolwa shaShana, Elia Irimari, okwa popi kutya okwiitulamo mokulongela oshigwana shaNamibia omanga taka longa nuudhiginini meyambulepo lyeliko, ekwato nawa lyomidhingoloko, oompangela dhomidhingoloko moshitopolwa, eyambulepo lyaanyasha nuuntu oshowo lyomithigululwakalo, neliko lyuunamapya.

    Irimari okwa pula eyambidhidho okuza kookansela ayehe moshitopolwa she opo ya vule okuyambulapo eliko lyoshitopolwa nokugandja emanguluko lyopaliko kaakalimo.

    Ngoloneya okwa popi ngaaka pethimbo lyomutumba gwotango ngoka a ningi nookansela moshitopolwa oshowo elelo lyoshitopolwa, ta popi kutya okwa hala okunkondopeka elongelokumwe lyepangelo nomahangano gopaumwene ndyoka lya nuninwa okuyambulapo aanangeshefa aashona naamboka yopokati.

    Kansela nale gwoshikandjohogololo shaNdangwa Urban okwa tseyithile aaniilonga pamwe naye nale kutya ombelewa yaNgoloneya oyiikalekela oshimaliwa sha thika pooN$550 000 shoka sha nuninwa oprograma yoenterprises development moshitopolwa.

    Okwa popi kutya iikandjohogololo ayihe moshitopolwa otayi ka pewa oshimaliwa sha thika pooN$50 000 shoka sha nuninwa oprograma ndjoka.

    Omwedhi gwapiti, Omupresidende, Hage Geingob okwa ulike, Irimari, ngoka e li omulongiskola keithano opo a ninge ngoloneya gwoshitopowa shaShana, ta pingenepo ngoloneya nale Clemens Kashuupulwa, ngoka uulikwa a ninge omukalelipo gwaNamibia koRussian Federation.

    Okwa popi kutya oshitopolwa osha taalela omikundu odhindji ngaashi okwaahena iilonga unene mokati kaanyasha, oluhepo ndoka italu hulu, omwaka pokati kaathigona naakengeli, okwaahathike pamwe paliko oshowo ekoko lyeliko tali ende kashona.


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    Businessman denied bail in rhino poaching caseBusinessman denied bail in rhino poaching case The bail application of businessman Petrus Shihepo Shimuningeni who was arrested in February this year for alleged rhino poaching, was turned down in the Outjo Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

    Shimuningeni and his four co-accused, aged 25, 26, 27 and 32, appeared before Magistrate Peingondjabi Shipo who denied bail because it is not in the public interest or the interest of the administration of justice for bail to be granted.

    Bail was also denied because investigations into the case have not yet been completed and due to the strength of the case.

    Shipo postponed the case to 6 May this year.

    It is alleged that 35-year-old Shimuningeni along with his four co-accused in December 2018 killed a white rhino cow valued at more than N$500 000, and an adult black rhino bull valued at N$800 000 in a private game farm near the Etosha National Park.

    During his public hearing, prosecutor Johannes Kalipi informed the court Shimuningeni is suspected to have funded the rhino poaching syndicate. He said if granted bail, the possibility of Shimuningeni committing the same crime is very high.

    “The rhino's carcasses were found at a time when they were about to decompose inside the game farm with their horns removed,” he said.

    He added that a hunting rifle, 17 live bullets and N$7 000 suspected to have been proceeds of the crime were found during the police investigations and confiscated.

    Kalipi further told the court the accused has a strong influence in his community, which he allegedly uses to persuade mostly unemployed men to get involved in committing the crime.

    The accused so far has three cases related to rhino poaching pending against him, he said.

    Shimuningeni is represented by private lawyer Maria Amupolo, who argued that her client's businesses have suffered losses since his arrest on 10 February 2019 and his family is deprived of their breadwinner.

    Shimuningeni is remanded in custody at the Outjo police holding cells along with his four accused.


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    National budget worries SwanuNational budget worries Swanu Swanu has received the national budget tabled last week with mixed feelings saying there are undoubtedly good intentions but the party believes that there is no concrete indication of how the budget will address the country's burning socio-economic challenges.

    Swanu president Tangeni Iijambo is convinced that Namibia needs to rethink its approach towards development based on research, innovation and a commitment to achieve social and economic justice.

    He also said that the inequalities of opportunity in education, income, health, employment and housing, amongst others, are rampant and deserve redress.

    “Being aware of our country's socio-economic conditions as well as the harsh, if not unpredictable climatic conditions, we ought to have been prepared for dealing with challenging circumstances, including the need to harvest every drop of water that falls on our soil,” Iijambo said.

    He said government must explain which capital projects it envisages to re-ignite socio-economic development, adding that not all infrastructure investments automatically have positive spin-offs.

    According to him the budget should systematically ensure that its allocations support the greatest possible developmental impact and that meeting the basic needs of the population needs to be the central focus of all government's interventions, and this should be based on informed research. Iijambo also strongly advocates for more support for local entrepreneurs and that imports must be reduced.

    “It is high time that we consume what we produce and produce what we need or want to consume. The national budget should direct developments along those lines. Each imported item is enriching another economy while devaluing our own. Our young people need jobs, they are the majority of the population and they are the ones hardest hit by unemployment. The entire population is hungry for job creation,” he said.

    Iijambo also pointed out that there a visible mismatch between the budget allocation and the experiences of the Namibian youth.

    “The youth is marginalised in terms of affirmative action, and entry into the labour market due to the requirement of work experience and other hurdles. There needs to be a concrete intervention to create a large number of additional jobs in both the public and private sectors,” he said.


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    Sankwasa denies Malaysian connectionSankwasa denies Malaysian connectionClaims he investigated possible fraud The deputy minister of works says his only interest is the training of Namibians. The deputy minister of works and transport, James Sankwasa, has denied having any personal interest in stopping the demolition of an old hotel at Okahandja.

    Video footage of a site visit by Sankwasa on 9 March was circulated on social media, prompting an allegation that Sankwasa was trying to halt the demolition job because a Malaysian university wanted to use the building for a campus.

    Sankwasa responded yesterday that he was accompanied by a technical team from the ministry to verify claims of possible fraud in the project. “I visited the site with technical staff Mooka, Duaraan and Du Plessis,” Sankwasa said. He said he had investigated an invoice for payment to the contractor, ADDI Investment Africa, which was submitted on 27 February although no work had been done yet.

    “When the staff members heard that the [works] minister and deputy were now investigating the possible fraud they quickly went to the site and started demolishing and we had to verify whether it was true that demolition was done over the weekend,” Sankwasa said.

    No personal interest

    Sankwasa said he had no personal interest in the university venture, pointing out that the Namibian high commissioner to Malaysia, Anne Anne Namakau Mutelo, had first introduced the project six years ago, long before he became deputy minister of works.

    “I had no knowledge of it until the minister of higher education wrote to the works [ministry] requesting the lease of the said land. I have no personal interest but my strong interest is in the technical education of the Namibian people,” Sankwasa said.

    Sankwasa said he had never met any of the Malaysians involved with the university project, rejecting claims that he had visited the Okahandja site with them previously.

    He also took exception to a suggestion of tribal conspiracy made by ADDI Investment's executive director, John John 'Trapattoni' Sylvanus.

    “The fact that the high commissioner and I are from the same region does not in any way make it a personal interest. Are we saying every time two white English- or Afrikaans-speaking people or two or more Oshiwambo-speaking [people] are involved in a development project it is personal interest?” Sankwasa said.


    High commissioner Mutelo wrote a letter to works minister John Mutorwa in December 2018, in which she informed him of the university delegation's visit to State House on 29 November last year.

    She said the Malaysians had tried in vain for six years to find a venue for their intended university and suggested that relevant line ministries identify unused buildings at Okahandja that could be renovated and rented from the government.

    Mutorwa made a note on this letter for the attention of executive director Willem Goeiemann, reading: “Not sure to what extent is the MWT involved in this matter?”

    On 24 January Sankwasa wrote a letter to Mutorwa in which he made recommendations for the development of the old Okahandja Hotel, which had been in disuse for at least 15 years. Sankwasa wrote that Limkokwing University of Creative Technology was interested in leasing the property. He wrote that the ministry of higher education, training and innovation, as well as the works ministry, supported this project.

    Sankswasa wrote that he and three administrative staff members from the works ministry had visited the site on 21 January to inspect the condition of the building, which they found to be in a dilapidated state requiring extensive and prohibitively expensive renovation.

    The Ministry of Finance authorised the demolition of the building in June last year and recommended that the works ministry build offices or housing on the property.

    Alternatively, the finance ministry recommended that investors interested in a public-private partnership should submit proposals for the use of the property. Asked why he wanted to stop the demolition last month, Sankwasa answered the Malaysians had indicated willingness to renovate or demolish the structure at their own cost, which would have saved the government money.


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Tressor talks Nostalgia
  • Tressor talks NostalgiaTressor talks NostalgiaReviving the glory of African pop music Using an old-school African music feel as a conduit to travel back in time. Tressor, a Congolese-born artist based in South Africa released his third studio album earlier this year. He described Nostalgia as a re-imagination of his childhood through music. “I wanted to let people know how I grew up and the music that inspired me when I was young,” said Tressor.

    With Nostalgia, Tressor mentioned that he dipped and dabbled into the iconic 80s disco music from all facets of the world through some of his inspirations, including the late Hugh Masekela, Khadjah Nin and Papa Wemba, just to mention a few. “This music is a definition of my musical roots and my own interpretation of it. It is my nod to music and it will be able to take people back into the sounds I grew up listening to. I always try to swim upstream when it comes to my craft,” he said, adding that the African sound is vast and it does not have to sound a certain way all the time.

    He told tjil that he prides himself in the fact that he stays true to the arts and he is able to create what he feels. The next single lifted off Nostalgia is Sondela which features Msaki and it drops today. “We are struggling to pick singles from the album because we have so many choices. I am just glad the album is packed with different singles for different markets. It is doing well in southern Africa, Nigeria, Europe and Japan,” shared Tressor. He also took some of the current leading music shapers in Africa along with him to produce world-class collaborations, creating sounds of the world on his global cuisine that he is serving the world. Nostalgia features The Soil, Sauti Sol, Mafikizolo, AKA, Kwesta, Msaki and Lokua Kanza. In other news, another Universal Music Africa artist DJ Mshega spoke to tjil about his latest single How Do You Feel, which features Zion from Liquideep. DJ Mshega describes the single as one of the most special records he has made. “I have always wanted to work with Zion even before I started making music. I made the beat with Zion in mind and I am glad how the final song came together,” said DJ Mshega. DJ Mshega announced that he is working on his next body of work which feature Lady Zamar and DJ Tira and it is scheduled for release mid-year.


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    Namibia's crème de la crèmeNamibia's crème de la crèmeMinsozi is ready for Miss Glam World in India Namibia's Miss Glam World contestant shares her excitement and expectations for the esteemed beauty contest. Namibian beauty queen Minsozi Kompeli will leave for India on Thursday 18 April to represent Namibia at Miss Glam World. Miss Glam World is an international beauty pageant in search of talented women worldwide to bring them together to learn from each other and be taught about women empowerment.

    Kompeli is a model from Pageant Girls represented by Bobby Kaandjosa and has taken part in numerous beauty pageants before. “I won Miss Khomas High in 2007, Miss High School in 2010, Miss First Year of the then Polytechnic of Namibia in 2011, Miss Swapo Youth League in 2014 and I was Miss Republic of Namibia 2018 runner-up, and now I am off to take part in Miss Glam World,” said Kompeli.

    She describes herself as a beautiful woman inside and out, confident, bubbly and goal-driven.

    The model shared that she was selected by Bobby Kaandjosa to represent Namibia, an opportunity she is grateful for. She mentioned that she looks forward to representing Namibia with honour and pride.

    “There are about 60 countries taking part in this competition and I do not want to let my country down so I am going to do the best I can,” she promised.

    Kompeli told tjil that she is super excited to be taking part in this beauty pageant and hopes to gain international experience and exposure.

    “Most importantly I look forward to learning and uniting with other models from other countries,” she said.

    The beauty queen added that she is grateful for the overwhelming support she has received ever since announcing that she is the chosen model to represent Namibia at this year's Miss Glam World.

    “The support has been amazing. I am glad to know that I have my country's support. It is so motivating.

    “The High Commission of India in Windhoek sponsored me with a free visa and linked me with Namibians in India to come and support me… that is how big the support has been,” she added. Sharing her future plans, Kompeli said that she is a cartoon artist and would like to publish her own books one day. However, for now she said, her focus is on completing her post graduate studies in human resources at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. “I am doing my Honours and that takes up much of my time, but I am not complaining because I value education so much,” she said.

    She also revealed that she is going to be launching her own modelling academy to groom young girls passionate about modelling. “You cannot model forever so in a few years' time I really want to give back to my community by mentoring girls,” she said.

    She further stated that starting a modelling agency is important for her because modelling has done so much for her confidence and has provided her with so many opportunities.

    “I never really used to believe in myself and I attribute my confidence to modelling. I know there are girls who feel the same so having an agency will give me a platform to impact such girls.”


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Killing the World Wide Web
  • Killing the World Wide WebKilling the World Wide WebJaleel signs to an international publishing house Don't tell him anything about limitations; he doesn't want to hear that. Just watch, listen and learn. Ever since releasing his first musical offering Dreams to Reality in 2013, singer Jaleel has been a force to be reckoned with. Fast forward to 2019 and the award-winning artist announced to tjil that he just signed management and publishing deals with music manager Claude Schmidt and Gema Publishing House, respectively.

    Gema Publishing House is a government-mandated collecting society and performance rights organisation based in Germany, with administrative offices in Berlin and Munich. Gema represents the usage rights stemming from authors for the musical works of composers, lyricists, and publishers who are members in the organisation.

    Outlining his new deals, the singer said a music publishing deal is an agreement between an artist and publishing company. The company can claim your work, in exchange for promoting it. “On the other hand, a management deal is a contract you sign with an individual who sees the vision of your music and someone you can have a close working relationship with,” said Jaleel, adding that a music manager is also someone that would sit down and build you as a package and who you split a certain percentage with from the gigs they would get you.

    On what these contracts mean for his career, Jaleel mentioned that he now has the right support he needs to expose his music to the global market. He revealed that when he signed the publishing deal, the contract stated his music would be registered and published the whole of Europe, United States of America (USA), Japan and Africa. “In the contract we changed the usual template so it now says Gema Publishing/Nascam because I am a Namibian artist first and foremost.”

    “A lot of artists want to do it independently; I get that, but who would have thought that I would get the opportunity to sign a management and publishing deal with an international agency,” he posited.

    He mentioned that throughout his career, his parents never fully accepted his idea of pursuing a music career, but with these advancements they are beginning to render their support. “I left for Europe last year and came back with all these options and it was something convincing for them.

    “On a personal level these agreements mean a lot to me because I now totally have the support of my family. Going out there without your family support is not easy so I am grateful I now have the actual backbone in the form of my family's blessings,” he said.

    Jaleel admitted that these career advancements come with pressure. But he maintains that it is subtly a good thing because he works under pressure. He said that never expecting these opportunities and getting them now motivates him to work harder. “I am under pressure but at the same time grateful and that is why I am going to be dropping a lot of music starting with In Tune, an EP I am currently working on,” he announced.

    He also announced that he will be going to Europe for a month in August with pupils from Waldorf school. “What adds to the blessing of meeting with my management is that I will again be a part of Waldorf's Hit the Beat tour in Europe. This year's tour will be special because it is jubilee tour for Waldorf schools around the world,” he shared. Jaleel works closely with pupils at Waldorf giving them vocal and writing lessons.

    His mission now is to help develop and sustain the genre of R&B in Namibia and share with the world what Namibia has to offer as far as R&B is concerned. “I want this genre to be big to a point where we can have R&B concerts and I believe I am doing my part.”

    “I am currently the highest streamed artist in Namibia on sound cloud with 71 000 streams. That's a win for the R&B community,” he said.


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: NACN buoys Hozala
  • NACN buoys HozalaNACN buoys HozalaTaking theatre plays to the streets Hozala Marketing and Events has received funds from the National Arts Council of Namibia (NACN) to introduce and implement a dance theatre production called Man in the Mirror. This 90-minute dance theatre production will highlight the deteriorating relationship between parents and children and, more holistically looks at creating discussion between children and their parents. The performances will be staged at the following popular outdoor venues: Otjomuise Pub, 8ste Laan Bus Stop, Okuryangava Stop and Shop, Hakahana Usave and Groot Aub. “These dance theatre performances are free of charge and are geared towards entertainment which will include dances by the Hozala's finest, and an informative theatre production,” said Mervin Claasen, Hozala marketing specialist.

    Hozala Marketing and Events is a vibrant marketing company that believes in advertising through the use of interactive and interpersonal techniques.

    “However, we at Hozala Marketing and Events are of the opinion that a more interpersonal, interactive and direct communication approach touches the hearts and minds of an audience.”

    This kind of approach creates a memorable moment with the audience and becomes part of the narrative at their respective homes.


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Flashing into a new era
  • Flashing into a new eraFlashing into a new era Let me balance you like Sunny Boy back in the day and get straight to the point. I love art and entertainment. Okay, now that the obvious has been stated, let's move on shall we?

    Since taking over tjil a few weeks ago I have been met with praise – yet also criticism. I have been met with pride – yet also concern. It is no secret that careers in entertainment are looked down upon by many. It is an African situation. The simple fact is that I am here to put in the work. I cannot pretend to have the answers all of the time, I am not omniscient but I am committed to you, entertainment. I am real enough to know that I have worked hard for you. I get worried when people in the industry do not get along over petty things because that delays progress. I hurt when you get raped by ignorant corporate companies, fake promoters, liars and toxic artists. I am just like every other music fan, we are in it for the love of the game like Jazzy Jeff.

    What I set out to do in the beginning, and shall continue to do, is serve you with passion and dedication. The preservation, promotion and development of entertainment are rooted at the heart of my efforts.

    Namibian music is no longer growing, it has grown. The music that has been coming out in recent years is really hot! Kp Illest, Gazza, Sally, Kalux, Adora, Exit, King Tee Dee, Young T, Jaleel, BlvcBoxx Entertainment crew, Lioness and LMPC. I cannot mention all of them but I am sure that you agree with me. I have also noticed that Namibian radio stations are now dominated with Namibian music; I hope that it only gets better from here on. When people think of Namibia they generally think of its breathtaking scenery, laid back atmosphere and find it to be one of the most relaxing holiday destinations. All these are facts, yes, but it's much more than just that. Entertainment is happening here too.

    The music culture has the ability to enhance the quality of life for a society. Music can bring about personal enjoyment, intellectual stimulation while simultaneously providing public involvement. Not only can it bring a community together, it can also promote economic growth. I personally believe that having a society with established form of art and culture can bring in the most talented and brightest labour force. Look at how many economic opportunities platforms like Kasi Vibe create every year and it helps that this event happens about four times per year. Music festivals and well-defined expos are vital part of today's economy and I am glad that the youth of Namibia are exploiting these avenues. As a country, it is important to support local artists because, without local citizen support, the art they make would stop to make the impact it could make. When you support the Namibian artist community, you are supporting all of our respective creative freedom. Once artists are able to express themselves creatively and freely, beautiful music is made that can be admired by Namibia and the world.

    In this edition we shine light on the genre of R&B and bring you other exciting entertainment news.


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    Ngandu Festival: Kavango is hotNgandu Festival: Kavango is hotAvailing a platform to artists and entrepreneurs Celebrating music, art, food and sport on a bigger pedestal. What do you think when you see an image of a crocodile? We are guessing you probably think of the mighty Kavango River or the brand Lacoste, right? But what if a music festival could become synonymous with an image of a crocodile? Ngandu Events is on a quest to make this a reality with the first Ngandu Festival slated for Friday, 20 April at Rundu Sports Stadium.

    Desperately in need of a committed art community to put their landscape on the larger map, Ngandu Events' Hafeni Namwira told tjil that the festival's focus is on providing a platform for Namibian artists and entrepreneurs. “We want to give a platform to Namibians with priority on Kavango East and West businesses and artists from all art forms to promote, sell and grow their products and service offerings,” said Namwira.

    The festival's exciting line-up includes TKB, MIG, Tate Buti, Joac Nongava, Jeiyo, Dope Society, House Boyz and many more. Speaking on how the line-up was chosen, Namwira mentioned that apart from wanting a diverse line-up, artists were picked based on professionalism and a reputable track record.

    “Most importantly artists whose art resonates with everything the Ngandu Festival hopes to achieve were selected. Also, Kavango artists are given priority as we'd like to celebrate and grow them through the festival,” said Namwira.

    Namwira mentioned that the Ngandu Festival is an event you can't miss because they aren't just putting up a sound system, bringing artists and exhibitors and calling it a festival. He added that they have gone above and beyond to create something that tantalises in every sense. “We aren't just putting together an event; we are creating an experience, the ultimate Kavango experience. The music, food, sport, people and businesses will expose the best that the two regions have to offer plus it's for a good cause.”

    Namwira shared that they are also looking at entrusting all the planning, controlling and execution of the event to the Kavango youth through an intern mentorship empowerment programme. “Additionally, a percentage of the proceeds from the event will be given to a charity organisation which we will do with the help of the community by giving them the opportunity to help us make a selection.”

    The festival is open to all age groups and will have a kiddies section for all children to enjoy for free.

    “However, we strongly advise that kids should be under the supervision of adults at all times,” cautioned Namwira.

    Tickets are available at all Pick n Pay stores nationwide and via Webtickets.


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    What went wrong? One night with my ex is comingWhat went wrong? One night with my ex is coming Tortured by a life of unanswered questions?

    It's been over for a while but these scorned and heartbroken lovers still need answers.

    They spend their nights thinking about the one who got away. Sometimes, taking one step back creates an atmosphere for introspection and growth and One night with my ex is about people who are desperate for romantic closure. These lonely singles need their mysteries of lost love resolved. On Friday, 19 April 2019, 1Magic brings viewers a reality show that allows people to dissect what went wrong in their past relationships, handing them a final opportunity for closure, forgiveness or vindication.

    The reunion with the long-lost ex plays out in a single night in an apartment setting, in the hopes of leaving the experience feeling better than when they entered it. But, bringing former lovers together can be tricky and could result in turmoil for some. Each episode features two couples who attempt to resolve their differences by dissecting matters ranging from infidelity, deceit, jealousy or an absolute lack of ambition.

    The aim is to get answers and in turn get healing. Could this result in some couples reigniting the fire of love and getting back together?

    “One night with my ex is a reality show about ordinary people in search for closure. It's about love, disappointment, heartache and second chances.

    We believe it will resonate with all our viewers, but for different reasons,” says Reneilwe Sema, director of local entertainment channels at M-Net.

    One night with my ex is produced by Rapid Blue and the first season will be on our screens for 13 instalments. It will air every Friday at 19:00 on 1Magic (DStv channel 103).


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: R&B is my language
  • R&B is my languageR&B is my languageIt’s only the beginning Contributing immensely to the growth of R&B with baroque melodic hits, tjil caught up with Y'Cliff to share what he's got next. To be audible is key and to be able to musically express your emotions is impressive. With sex, love and heartbreak as his selling points, singer Y'Cliff may just become a truly dominant force in the R&B space judging by his growing melodic catalogue. With co-signs from some of Namibia's biggest musicians, Y'Cliff is out to capitalise on his investments and create classic pieces of music that he maintains will live forever.

    He describes R&B as the medium that singers use to voice their thoughts with adorned words and a music genre that is the closest thing to love. “R&B is my love language. Sometimes, it takes my breath away. It is about love and heartbreak. We all need it because it is a part of people's daily lives and that is why I am glad to be a part of it.

    “When people listen to my music, I want them to feel what I felt when I wrote my music. I get to touch people's hearts,” said Y'Cliff.

    In an effort to feed his followers with snippets of what to expect for his debut album, Y'Cliff on Tuesday this week released another strong single titled Namibian Queen. “Namibian Queen is a song I did on Tuesday to honour Namibian queens and of course, the love of my life,” shared Y'Cliff.

    He mentioned that the approach with each song on his forthcoming album is different. For him, it depends on the mood and emotions he wants it to evoke. Y'Cliff revealed that everything he has released thus far is based on personal experiences and it thus, means a lot to him. “My forthcoming album is based on a love story where most of it was in my head and the other half of the story was what I wanted it to be like,” he said.

    Y'Cliff started out as a cover artist on YouTube about three years ago. He maintains that doing covers was great but he wanted to tell his own stories which led to where he is now, a fully fledged singer. With songs like Love You All night which transparently describes making love in a detailed way, the singer maintains he is old enough for such content and stressed that there is a need for such musical content in Namibia. “My style is influenced by so many different artists. I'm talking from R&B to soul, pop and a bit of rock. I'm mostly inspired by songwriters,” said Y'Cliff. He mentioned DSVN, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Al Greene, Smokey Robinson, Beyonce and Kehlani as just some of the few artists he draws inspiration from.

    To a certain extent the internet really gave birth to him musically as social media seems to be the promised land for discovering new artists. To many it seems like he just popped out of nowhere, but it couldn't have been that easy.

    “It wasn't easy at all. It might seem like I popped out of nowhere but trust me the come-up was tough.”

    He admitted that as much as the reception to his music is positive, it equally feels like he still needs to work harder to get his music more exposure, that which it deserves. The singer also does not let setbacks stop him from celebrating every achievement whether it's big or small. “I received over 7 000 views for my debut single which is a tremendous achievement, and I only have my supporters to thank for sticking with me ever since the day I posted my first cover on YouTube,” said Y'Cliff.

    Since the spotlight shone on him, he has worked with some established artists and performed on some notable stages. Asked how the transition from a cover artist on YouTube to actually recording with recording artists feels like, Y'Cliff said he does not know where he got the courage to approach artists like Skrypt and Lioness, but he is grateful for the collaborations. “I think my dedication and desire to want to be great also made it easy for them to say yes.”

    “I recently had a single listening party for my new single Namibian Queen; the attendance was better than I expected and they both performed with me which made it extra special,” he added.

    He confirmed that his debut single is almost done. “You can expect it to drop towards the end of this year,” said Y'Cliff. His focus now is on completing his body of work, however, he said that his fans can look forward to more performances and hopefully his own concert. He believes R&B in Namibia is in a great place but with the country's support it can be better. “We can take it across the borders. I truly believe we have the potential to do so.”


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  • 04/11/19--16:00: Less money for parks upkeep
  • Less money for parks upkeepLess money for parks upkeepNamibia's year-end tourist arrivals down The money allocated to the ministry is unlikely to address concerns raised about the maintenance of the fences around the Etosha National Park. The budget allocated to the environment and tourism ministry for the 2019/20 financial year has increased slightly to N$461 million from the N$400 million that it was allocated during the previous financial year.

    Of the amount allocated for this financial year a total of N$396.3 million is for the operational budget and N$92.4 million is for the development budget.

    According to the Estimates of Revenue, Income and Expenditure for April 2019 to March 2022, the Wildlife and National Parks Division under the ministry will be allocated a total amount N$195.4 million. This is an increase from the N$178.4 million which was allocated to the division in the last financial year.

    The document states that only 828 of the 1 488 fulltime positions in the division are currently filled, however it seems that there will be no appointments as there is only funding for the current 828 employees during this financial year.

    Furthermore, money allocated for maintenance expenses under this division has been cut from N$1.5 million in the 2018/19 financial year to a mere N$400 000 this financial year.

    The Scientific Services Division has been allocated total of N$26.15 million, which is a slight increase from the N$26.14 million it received the previous financial year.

    Meanwhile, money allocated to the Tourism and Gaming Division for this financial year has been cut from the N$21.9 million it received during the previous financial year to N$19.6 million for this year.

    According to the Accountability Report for 2017/18, a total amount of N$34 million has been collected through gaming revenue exceeding the target of N$21 million. It is important to note that this revenue is collected only from the registered gambling houses and can thus grow exceptionally if all gambling houses are registered.

    Under this division, subsidies totalling N$4.5 million will be allocated towards SOEs. The Zambezi Waterfront will be allocated a subsidy of N$500 000, which is an increase from the N$250 000 subsidy it received last year.

    The Namibian Tourism Board will be allocated an amount of N$4 million, cutting back from the N$5 million it was subsidised last year.

    The Accountability Report says that a total number of 1.6 million visitors of which 1.5 million are tourists have arrived in Namibia.

    “A target of 1.8 million tourists has not been achieved due to the reason that NTB has not been receiving adequate funding and they have not been implementing all the provisions of the National Tourism Growth Strategy as directed. This has direct impact on the ability of destination Namibia to increase the growth of tourist arrivals.”

    Furthermore, the Environmental Affairs Division will be allocated an amount of N$31.9 million in comparison to the N$22.3 million it was allocated last year. A subsidy of N$14 million will be allocated to the Environmental Investment Fund this financial year. The fund was allocated a subsidy of N$4.5 million during the previous financial year.

    The Directorate of Planning and Technical Services will be allocated a total amount of N$100.6 million, increasing its budget allocation from N$74.2 million from the previous financial year.

    For the purchasing of land and intangible assets under this division no money has been allocated, while last year N$1 million was set aside.


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    Women's peace centre for NamibiaWomen's peace centre for Namibia Namibia intends to establish a Women's Peace Centre which will focus on national, regional and international conflict resolution.

    It will also focus on conflict management activities, including mediation and negotiations.

    This was said by international relations minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah at the Women, Peace and Security Focal Point Network meeting that took place this week in Windhoek.

    The meeting took place under the theme, 'Women, Peace and Security (WPS): Towards Full Participation', with the sub-theme 'Mainstreaming the WPS Agenda in Regional Economic Communities'. Nandi-Ndaitwah said there should be institutions and structures in place to ensure the seamless implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in order to match the desired results of increased participation of women in peace processes.

    Therefore, Namibia will be establishing the centre. She said the centre will further focus on capacity building by providing workshops and pre-deployment training for peacekeepers, while contributing to the maintenance of peace in general.

    “In this regard we call on the international community and our developing partners to support the establishment of the centre,” said Nandi-Ndaitwah.

    She further said that Namibia, as a member of SADC, will continue to ensure that women play a greater role in peacekeeping operations.

    According to her Namibian police officers, correctional officers and military officers are currently deployed in three peacekeeping missions, among which Namibia has continued deploying qualified female officers.

    These are the African Union/United Nations hybrid operation for Darfur, the United Nations mission in South Sudan and the United Nations Interim Security Force in Abyei, Sudan.

    In December last year Namibia achieved the Department of Peacekeeping Operation's target of 15% for women participating in peacekeeping missions.

    On January 15 officers including three women were deployed to the UN-AU hybrid operation in Darfur.

    “We encourage all police and troop-contributing member states to strive to achieve this minimum target.”

    According to her the 2018 report to the UN secretary-general on Women, Peace and Security noted the increase in the number of women deployed as contingent commanders as well as the fact that several missions have female police and military peacekeeper networks and military and police gender advisors.

    “Despite this, the representation of women among military troops and police officers remains unacceptably low at 4% and 10% respectively.”

    Nandi-Ndaitwah said the report also issued a stern warning that these numbers are at risk of further decreasing in the coming years through the imminent downsizing of several peacekeeping missions.

    She said that while recognising the important roles women play in peace-making, peacekeeping and peace building, mechanisms should be broadened and measures thought of to prevent conflicts and war by completely disarming and silencing guns.


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    Air Namibia board promises major changesAir Namibia board promises major changes The newly appointed Air Namibia board says it realises that “robust” short-and long-term changes are needed to turn around the troubled airline.

    After recent announcements of leadership changes and interim arrangements at Air Namibia, the board issued a statement clarifying the next steps that will be taken.

    “We realise that there is steady interest in the future of the national airline. And rightly so, as Air Namibia is one of Namibia's once-beloved jewels that we would all love to see sparkling again as a symbol of our national pride,” said board chair Dee Sauls-Deckenbrock.

    The board has appointed interim leaders from within the company and has held talks with the government about its turnaround plans.

    Xavier Masule is the new interim CEO, focusing on the day-to-day business. Masule holds a B. Comm (Accounting) and an MBA degree. He has over 19 years of aviation industry experience and is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an aviation management professional.

    The board appointed Ingrid Cupido to serve as the airline's statutory senior accountable manager (SAM), responsible for aviation regulatory compliance.

    The board said Cupido is a seasoned legal professional in the aviation sector and was nominated for accreditation by the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

    “We have also appointed Wimpie van Vuuren as acting general manager: commercial services. Van Vuuren has more than 26 years of commercial experience in the aviation industry, both locally and internationally, and previously successfully ran the Air Namibia Frankfurt station,” said the board.

    The board said it recognised that safety, stability and business continuity were non-negotiable.

    “Therefore, these interim arrangements have been made in order to allow incumbent post holders to focus on fixing the core operations in their respective posts, as well as to enable management to prioritise their efforts to address and improve performance in critical performance areas.”


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    Namcor to fly solo on fuel storage facilityNamcor to fly solo on fuel storage facilityClaims tender process will delay implementation of the project The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia will not look for a strategic partner to help run the strategic fuel-storage facility in Walvis Bay for now. The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) says it will have to manage the strategic fuel-storage facility on its own for now, as the tendering process to find a partner would delay the project.

    “We are re-evaluating our initial position to appoint a technical expert or to run the facility ourselves. This is because a public procurement exercise is a process that can take up to two years,” said Namcor spokesperson Utaara Hoveka.

    The facility was a government project, he pointed out.

    “We expect the facility to be officially handed over to Namcor in May. Remember that the government [through the] ministry of mines and energy owns the facility. Namcor will run and manage it on behalf of the government,” he said.

    Namcor initially intended to invite bids from prospective partners before mid-year.

    “We will not directly run the facility but will appoint a technical partner that will run the facility for about three years on our behalf,” Hoveka had said earlier.

    At the end of that period, Hoveka said, Namcor might choose to let another company manage the facility, or manage it themselves.

    Benefits accruing

    The facility was initially estimated to cost the government N$900 million, but the construction costs shot up to N$5.6 billion.

    Against this backdrop, Namibian Sun asked Hoveka where the immediate benefits would come from, given the high costs incurred.

    “At the moment the country runs on an extremely limited capacity. This is risky, especially during high seasons in the oil market, taking into consideration that Namibia does not yet produce a drop of oil. It is also risky in the case of any unforeseen eventualities, either in South Africa or the oil-producing countries,” Hoveka responded.

    He added that the facility would make it possible for Namcor to import liquefied petroleum gas or liquefied natural gas - a first for Namibia.

    “Namcor will further host other oil companies, thereby generating money through throughput fees related to the jetty and pipeline. Namcor will also no longer incur huge storage costs or a lack of storage in the town of Walvis Bay,” Hoveka said at the time.

    The facility will store 70 million litres of petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and paraffin.


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